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2023.03.25 05:40 shinyklefkey Takasugi Shinsaku Post-CBC 2023 Profile


Illustrator: TAKOLEGS Voice actor: Kakihara Tetsuya
A maverick and Meiji Restoration patriot who gallantly entered the scene in Chōshū at the end of the Edo period.
He was a disciple of Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin. Together with Kusaka Genzui, Yoshida Toshimaro and Irie Kuichi, he was known as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Shōka Sonjuku, showing great promise for his future.
At first glance, he appears to be a calm, intellectual gentle-looking man, but in actuality, he has a wild temperament and is a troublemaker who is willing to do anything as long as he finds it amusing. At any rate, he is a free-spirited one-man-show of a president who acts independently of other people.

Profile 1 (Bond 1)

Height/Weight: 177 cm / 63 kg Source: Historical fact Region: Japan Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male
"I, Takasugi Shinsaku, shall lead you all to victory!"

Profile 2 (Bond 2)

He was born into the Takasugi clan, a prestigious family that had served the Mōri clan for generations since the Sengoku era.
At first he attended Meirinkan, a feudal domain school, but he found their practices of allowing only samurai to attend, stiff formal lessons, among numerous other niceties, so utterly archaic that he enrolled into Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin, a previous top student at Meirinkan.
Unlike Meirinkan, Takasugi found Shōka Sonjuku, or rather Shōin's classes, stupidly interesting, and he quickly rose to prominence as Shōin's disciple. He also went to Edo to study abroad, but his teacher, Yoshida Shōin, was captured and executed due to the Ansei Purge. This is when Takasugi began to openly speak of overthrowing the Shogunate.
Following these events, Takasugi joined a delegation under the Shogunate and studied in Shanghai. Witnessing the threat posed by the Western powers, he grew even more concerned about the future of Japan and overthrowing the Shogunate.
After returning to Japan, he joined the Sonnō Jōi movement and mingled with samurai from various clans in Edo and Kyoto. But even amongst these samurai, Takasugi was an exceptionally unconventional man who committed a numerous amount of radical acts such as setting the British legation on fire.
The Chōshū domain tried to keep Takasugi obedient by offering him a position, but he immediately turned it down. He continued to act nonsensically, ranting that he would fool around for a decade and shave his head. He also stated he would go somewhere far away, but he ended up playing his shamisen and composing songs in his hometown.
Chōshū bombarded the Americans, French and Dutch in Shimonoseki, and promptly got pummeled by them. Frightened by the outcome, Chōshū entrusted Takasugi with defending Shimonoseki. As a result, Takasugi established the "Kiheitai", a modernized militia not bound by social status. However, following some disputes, he was soon dismissed as the leader of the Kiheitai. "Damn clansmen, always complaining over the littlest things."
Anyhow, this and that happened, and Chōshū became the enemy of the imperial government after the Hamaguri Rebellion, continuing to be bombarded by the combined naval forces of four nations in Shimonoseki. "It's over now!" they thought, but for some unfathomable reason the Chōshū clan once again asked Takasugi, who was in prison at the time, to negotiate a peace agreement. However, Takasugi was only too eager to sabotage this peace conference, and so he developed an Ultra C plan to force the Shogunate to pay the reparations instead. At the meeting, Takasugi put on a show by suddenly reciting the Kojiki and even pretending not to hear about the concession of Hikoshima.
While all of this was going on, the First Chōshū expedition was approaching, and a faction of the Chōshū clan loyal to the Shogunate emerged to try to accept the Shogunate's demands. Takasugi was so enraged by this that he commanded a unit with a miniscule number of men at Kōzanji. As reckless as his decision was to command a unit, Takasugi and his men in a state of heightened frenzy, marched into Hagi and wiped out the faction loyal to the Shogunate. Hence the Chōshū were now unified in its policy to overthrow the Shogunate. The Second Chōshū expedition by the Shogunate was commenced in response to this act. Everyone believed that Chōshū was now done for, but Chōshū, perhaps having had a taste of success, decided to appoint Takasugi as their naval commander. Takasugi then took command of the navy and won a great victory against the Shogunate fleet. This battle's victory undermined the authority of the Shogunate, which in turn contributed to the Meiji Restoration.
However, Takasugi, who had been afflicted by illness, died of pulmonary tuberculosis without ever seeing imperial rule fully restored.
"Ah, I was just getting to the best part, too."

Profile 3 (Bond 3)

Takasugi may have a lithe frame, but he has fully mastered Yagyū Shinkage-ryū. Surprised?
Well, that alone seemed too run-of-the-mill for the likes of him, so he developed a mysterious and strange sword technique that combines a specially made Molotov cocktail and Shinkage-ryū. It's fun to swing around.
During normal combat, he wields his homemade Molotov cocktails and shamisen blades, and on top of that he even summons and manipulates a miniature prototype model called Prototype Arahabaki, demonstrating his reckless fighting style. If anything, my style's more like a Rider than an Archer. But I'm not the kind of guy to fit a stereotype, just something else to appreciate about me.
This combat style was derived from events in the Restoration City Saitama singularity, but due to the nature of his peculiar Noble Phantasm and dramatic fate, it became engraved into Takasugi's Spirit Origin.

Profile 4 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 4)

Unprecedented Child Prodigy: A An unfinished masterpiece. A phrase coined by a specific someone regarding Takasugi, who raced across the end of the Edo period like a glittering star.
Armament Restoration: B Innovate. Modifying the armaments of one's own army into the latest equipment of that era. A skill derived from the Kiheitai, who overwhelmed the Shogunate forces with the latest equipment and daring tactics.
My Japanese Spirit Will Live Forever: A A line from his teacher Yoshida Shōin's death poem. It makes it possible for Takasugi to rise up against adverse circumstances to escape death in the nick of time. This is an unprecedented skill composition, possessing Guts despite his Weak Constitution.
Weak Constitution: - Weak Constitution was originally a demerit skill, but it has transformed into the Japanese Spirit skill mentioned above after accepting the words and spirit of his teacher.
What's up with this "Weak Constitution" skill bullying its user, save this kind of crap for the Shinsengumi's Manslayer-or-whatever-the-name-was.

Profile 5 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

Super Restoration - Kiheitai Rank: B+ Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm Range: 1-30 Maximum targets: 300
Chōkyū Ishin - Kiheitai. A Noble Phantasm sublimated from an anecdote about the army created by Takasugi. This is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that strengthens its allies by endowing them with the necessary skills and equipment according to the war’s situation. It is a difficult Noble Phantasm to use, as it requires managing the finer details such as determining the enemy’s weaknesses, selecting the necessary equipment, and adjusting one’s skills. Essentially, it is a supporting Noble Phantasm that enhances its allies.
In its fully unleashed version, in other words the ace up his sleeve, it is possible for Takasugi to summon the strongest army he can imagine and utilize it temporarily.
Due to the effects of the Noble Phantasm described above, it is possible to summon or select a large number of soldiers with Servant-class combat power with the best equipment, skills and abilities needed to suit the battlefield, as well as operate and strengthen said soldiers as a unit. However, once unleashed, it is a self-destructive Noble Phantasm that rapidly wears down Takasugi’s Spirit Origin and places a tremendous burden on him, so its operational time is short and it becomes difficult to activate again.
Incidentally, the equipment and weapons to be enhanced will become the latest armaments available in that era, so its effects may vary. For example, the Stone Age will summon stone axes, and the early modern era will summon bombers, thus making this a romantic Noble Phantasm that you never know will be strong or weak.

Profile 6 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, it’s not like I was planning to go that far for the sake of my nation or for the sake of other people. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to stand boring things. I have zero motivation to do anything other than what catches my interest, and my body won’t even move an inch. Personally, if something doesn’t interest me, that thing becomes evil in itself. That’s right, if it’s fun, then it’s just.
I don’t know whether this truth exists in this world or not, but it’s worth acknowledging it as the sole truth, that’s for certain. Stuff that’s boring or uninteresting aren’t usually considered good things anyways.
Simple, huh? Oh, I’m not trying to get you to agree with me or anything like that. To begin with, I don’t care what people say about me, or whether they think I’m insane. If everything in this world is boring, then it’s this world that is wrong. All I have to do is destroy everything that’s boring and make it interesting.
─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, ultimately as long as humans live a humorous life, that’s more than enough. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished or not, it’s about how you live your life.
That’s right, live a humorous life. Live.

Bond CE

After Waking Up Late In The Morning
"Well, I suppose it's about time I get up."
Long ago, back when the youth worried about the state of their nation and rose up in times of turmoil to save it, there was a man who succumbed to death without having achieved his dream.
Well, that in itself wasn't unusual in particular. Back then, everyone was in a hurry to live, while scrambling to be the first to die. Although he would have liked to go a bit more on a rampage first.
The man awakens once again, not knowing whether his wish has been fulfilled or if fate is playing tricks on him. And now together with the youth of the new era, he faces not only a crisis in Japan, but a plight for humanity’s very survival.
Hahahahaha! Excellent, if I were to go on a business trip, of course it would be for a desperate situation of this magnitude with no way out whatsoever. The more powerful the enemy and the more difficult the obstacles, the more interesting it becomes. You think so too, right? Indeed, this obstinate man will stand up again and again. Guided by a strange destiny, leading a strange army into a strange battle.
His eyes gleamed just like that time back when he knocked on a certain door that day.
“This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms flutter away, carried by the winds of my hometown. At last, I follow my teacher’s shadow in Noyamagoku.”
“Well, I’ll be off then, Sensei.”
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2023.03.25 05:17 LocalElf Why do I (21f) only get approached by other women?

Ok, basically, I (21f) have never been approached by a guy my own age. I live in a small town and tend to dress in a more alternative/ gothic style - I understand my look isnt for everyone however women seem to have no problem approaching me? I get compliments from women of all ages about my outfit, hair and makeup - which I love of course, but does this mean I'm unattractive? Are they just trying to be nice to me becuase they feel bad? It's the same on instagram as well - even though I rarely post I will get the occasional dm and it will always be from another girl. I asked my male friend and he said "girls are superficial and will compliment anything" and that as a girl I need to just go up and talk to men and it'll be easy. What are your thoughts on this? If it helps I'm: 5 foot and 97 pounds (not intimidating in the slightest), very introverted and quiet, and overall average looking (IMO). What can I do about this? Why do men seem so disinterested in me?
Thank you for reading :)
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2023.03.25 05:12 Busy_Theme961 Japanese style Hair cut saloons in Chennai

Hello Makkale, Looking for a hair cut saloon where they can do Japanese style hair cuts for men. I like the Japanese style ( close to mushroom cut) and would like to get it in Chennai.
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2023.03.25 04:50 slipply What would you call this style tank top? Bonus points for links to mens Large brands!🥹 thanks!

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2023.03.25 04:31 Righteous_Fury224 Yesterday’s Hero – Book 2 – Signs and Portents – Chapter 4 - I like the Way You Move – Part 8

2181 – 09:17, Wednesday, January 17th –Agora of the Asari People- Serrice City - Thessia – Parnithia System
"It's done," said Nari in a faint croaking voice as she took a few shaky steps back from her magnum opus – a mural that depicted horror yet hope in the image.
"Easy there Nari," said Sam'nelea gently as she caught the exhausted artist in her arms. Mayises and Miretse rushed up and helped Sam'nelea carry Nari to a chair, giving her a bottle of energy drink so the exhausted artist could at least rehydrate.
"So it is finished Colonel T'goos?," asked Matriarch Seucsha T'sola as she called from behind the barrier that shielded the work from viewing.
"Yes Matriarch. Please, come and see Nari's masterpiece," replied Sam'nelea as she held Nari's head so that the shattered artist could drink.
Mayises was holding the bottle for Nari who swallowed greedily at the nourishing refreshing liquid. She had worked almost 18 hours a day on the mural, only stopping to rest when Sam'nelea forced her to. Even then it was barely enough yet Nari found an inner strength that Sam'nelea and her commandos could but only admire at the artists determination to complete this work.
Matriarch Seucsha T'sola of Serrice had also deployed her commandos to guard Nari and her work. The Serricean matriarch had seen the images of the horror under Fortress T'reaphia and was physically sick afterwards. Nothing like this had ever been seen on Thessia… ever. Asari had a dark side, that was undisputable but this… this was pure evil.
"Dear goddess!" she gasped as she and her senior officers came around the corner and saw the mural. There was cries of shock, anger, revulsion, despair and sadness from all when they saw what Nari had painted. Nari had also carved in bright red sandstone that sat above the mural, the High Thessian pictograms for the words: NEVER FORGET!
Sam'nelea surveyed the artwork with a studious glance. She could see that Nari had been heavily influenced by human art, so very obviously in this case as Nari's mural was a homage to both Picassos "Guernica" and Munch's "The Scream" but balanced by Van Gogh's "Starry Night" for the idea that hope still existed.
Sam'nelea had seen those artworks herself on Earth and was deeply moved by them and appreciated what Nari had incorporated into her mural.
Duncan's influence was evident for those who knew the friendship between the artist and the man who lived twice. The Commando officer was aware of that he had been showing Nari the best of human art.
"What a lurid, emotive, extremely confronting work," murmured Matriarch T'sola as she stared at it awestruck. A tear of empathy had trickled down her flawless lavender cheek. "This will be a testament as long as the Agora of the People stands." Her officers nodded in assent, too moved to speak themselves. "Did you see it, Sam?" she asked quietly.
"No matriarch and I thank all the deities and the universe that I didn't. I saw some of the footage that my matriarch displayed to all of you. That was enough. Even now, the Acolytes and house troopers who were there are still undergoing mental therapy for the trauma they were exposed to."
"And your War Artist? Will she be whole again?" the matriarch inquired with compassion for Nari in her eyes.
"I believe, no… I know she will be fine. Nari is one of the strongest Asari I have met. Her mental drive and fortitude allowed her to produce this masterwork in just over ten days. She barely slept and only rested, ate and drank when I forced her too. Look, she has passed out from exhaustion," said Sam'nelea with a sad resonate tone with deep sympathy in her eyes for her new friend. "She is a true hero of the Asari People matriarch. Not one of valour and great deeds of action, but of her strength of spirit and her artist talent. Let that be known in Serrice."
The Serricean matriarch nodded in total agreement.
"Her work will last for all time. Go home Sam. You, Nari and your commandos have done enough. I will post guards here on permanent duty. Fiahnni can send some across to be part of the guard who protect this… lesson to us all. We will invite other matriarchs to send their house troops to become a part of the detachment. I will house and feed them all. This will be a sacred duty, separate from being guards here at the Agora. This will be our privilege and duty to all the Asari people."
Matriarch Seucsha T'sola nodded once more to herself, knowing that only just over half of the republics would contribute troops to this force. The others like the Armali would prevaricate and dither, ultimately sending nothing which in all honestly, she was fine with. Less in the end for her to pay for and more glory to those that did contribute.
"As you command matriarch and thank you for all you support and aid. It is greatly appreciated." Sam'nelea gestured to her commando lieutenants and bring Nari's sleeping form with them. "I need to see my daughters and husband," she said tiredly.
Matriarch T'sola gave the Colonel at questioning look.
"I must ask Sam… what is it like being loved by a human male? I truly wish to know as I am considering my…options for a new partner."
Sam'nelea paused for a moment and thought about how to respond.
"Matriarch… I cannot answer that with any real ease in such a short space of time. All I can say is that Phillipe completes me. I met him almost twenty years ago and have never found a more loving, wonderful soul to share my life with and have daughters by. I wish Tevura's blessing upon you if you truly wish to find love with a man. It is challenging as you would understand yet… so rewarding as well once you have melded and know beyond any doubt that he is yours and you are his. I love him with every fibre of my being. We are one. Now… I should go," she said with a sigh as thoughts of her beloved husband threatened to engulf her.
"Be at peace Sam and Athame bless you," replied Matriarch T'sola with a soft smile as she considered Sam'nelea's words very carefully.
Sam'nelea, along with Dr Hethy and a few hundred others were some of the originals who bonded with humans. They were not the first but still, those individuals who in 2161, formed a coterie of Asari which became bonded to humans that year, changing Asari society forever. She vaguely recalled that one of her own junior clerical diplomats based at the Citadel bonded with a famous human male artist yet she couldn't recall their names off hand. No matter, the unions that worked were true examples of love crossing cultural and species lines. Fiahnni was right, Humanity and Asari would be one people in the end.
Seucsha signalled to her senior officers and Acolytes, that they take over from the departing T'daari forces. She also began considering her options of looking for a potential consort from the pool of humanity. The matriarch needed someone she could confide in, who would hold and love her in the dark of the night. She felt too lonely these days and taking an Acolyte to her bed had lost its allure as it was just sex for sex's sake, nothing more. Seucsha needed companionship more than ever after seeing Nari's work. The matriarch made up her mind, she would find her Siame in humanity.
Maybe a young man like the musical Maestro Matriarch Jami Sibeyr had found with her young human Siame? she considered.
Seucsha decided that she needed to speak with the Maestro to gain more insight. She concluded that a young man would last the time with her for her remaining years, they would grow old together which was a great comfort to her as the thought of outliving another bondmate would be too much for her to bare. The matriarch mused to herself that she might even have another daughter with him. They could at least try, after all Benezia T'Soni had her little Liara only eighty or so years ago. That had been the subject of much gossip within the conclave of matriarchs.
She turned away and began humming the maestro's beautifully soaring piece to herself. "A Love Song for Humanity" which was universally recognised as one of the greatest pieces of Asari music which had been created in generations. Now she began to see why, as she reflected upon what she had observed of Fiahnni's daughters and their relationship with Duncan Larkin.
Pity he was taken, she thought to herself as she left the building to board her waiting air-transporter, he would have made an excellent bondmate and consort.
The gull wing doors of her vehicle closed and as she was whisked away into the busy sky. She sat back into the plush soft leather seats and began opening the Matchmaking site, "Blue to Hue" on her datapad.
What charmed her the most, making her laugh and dispelling the awful visions of the horror that Nari had depicted, was that a classic human song started playing as soon as the Extranet site opened up on her data pad. She knew of this song and smiled widely in approval.
Queen's "Somebody to Love" was a perfect complement for the matchmaking site.
The 894 year old matriarch now began examining the hundreds of thousands of hopeful men who had listed themselves and had been ever so carefully screened as potential bondmates to Asari by the managers of the matchmaking site.
She had time and options and she was now looking forwards to Fiahnni's daughter's fashion show.
So much fun to be had!
2181 – Friday - January 19 – 19:30 – Lyriania's Memorial Amphitheatre – Dassus City
Lileah'sah peeked out from behind the huge gauze stage curtain, over the massive crowd that had filled the amphitheatre with pride and amazement.
"I still can't believe it," she said quietly to Duncan as they observed the full venue from the wings of the stage.
He held her in front of him, his arms wrapping over hers, around her waist and linking over her belly comfortably. She loved that. Turning her head, she laid her left cheek against his chest so as not to poke him with the tendrils of her crest. It was the only thing she thought that humans had as a minor physical advantage over Asari, they had no crest at the back of their heads that could get in the way of things.
"Believe it my love. Our terrific Tre'mete has done it. Tonight is going to make her a legend. She deserves this."
Lileah'sah turned in his arms and looked up at him with a hint of self-doubt in her eyes.
"I know. Although a part of me feels shame Duncan. I should have done this decades ago for her yet I didn't. I was a selfish, self-centred, spoilt stupid maiden, too wrapped up in her own Varen-shit to do the right thing by the one who had always loved me for who I was. Tre'mete only ever wanted me to love her. You did this for her, not me," she said with a heavy sigh and laid her head back on his chest once more.
Duncan cuddled her tenderly.
"Hey there sweetness, you have helped our crazy mad amazing seamstress and bondmate. You have been her tower of strength through this. You have been at her side all the way, helping her with the business side of things. She couldn't have done this without you. Yes I have been the catalyst that brought this into existence but you my magnificent, musical healer, you were the one who made it all happen. Tre' would have been lost without your family connections. No one would have taken her seriously if not for you going to all those meetings with her. Now she is on the cusp of her triumph and we will celebrate like never before. Look, all our family are here, all our friends too. Tre'mete has worked herself hard and I think it was a stroke of genius that she got everyone in the crew, plus our friends children to be models for her garments tonight."
"Again you are correct my dearest darling man. Their Aretḗ is going to only soar after tonight. And Chianay and Elanini… goddess… I would never have thought that my beloved cousins would be fashion models," she giggled lightly.
It had taken the trio plus Chianay and Ray a lot of diligent work to finally persuade the shy, bookish Intelligence Analyst to model some of Tre'mete's clothing tonight. Elanini would be modelling the more demure and reserved lines of garments that Tre'mete had designed, clothing suited for Asari of Elanini's demeanour. The normally quiet Asari was now abuzz with excitement and nervous energy. Ray spoke to her in her aural bud.
"Remember Ela', you are beautiful, powerful and strong. All eyes will be on you but you will see none as you will be bathed in glorious light. Consider this a simple walk in the sunshine wearing fine clothing that your cousin has made for you."
"Thank you Ray. I am glad you are with me. I couldn't have done this without you."
"You are my family Ela' and my friend and I will do anything for you," said Ray humbly and meant every word.
Elanini blew a gentle kiss to one of the security cameras, knowing that Ray was watching her like a guardian angel. Chianay hugged her younger sister in a sign of affectionate support.
The AI along with Luenthvi were the masters behind the curtain, controlling all aspects of the upcoming show. Luenthvi was in the control room supervising the sound and lighting engineers and technicians in conjunction with Ray. Both Asari and AI had planned everything down to the last detail with Tre'mete, leaving nothing to chance. She got the two minute signal.
"Alright everyone, game faces on, it's showtime!" she said in a quiet yet commanding voice.
The Asari engineers and technicians nodded and began their final prechecks of all the systems.
A few minutes earlier, Fiahnni, Aenthiah and Raquelia, the family and close friends had been the last to enter the amphitheatre. A soaring glorious composition of human music rang out as the trio of Asari gracefully made their way through the building. Fiahnni had fallen in love with Händel's "Messiah" recently and shamelessly appropriated various pieces from the opera for herself. Her people loved it.
Jonah, Lomu, Di'naka and Nyanyzia flanked the Grand Matriarch, Fiahnni and Aenthiah. All the bodyguards resplendent in gleaming ceremonial yet fully functional battle armour.
Drokk led them all.
The Battlemaster's face was a picture of serenity as he quietly basked in the triumph of his clan. Krogan were ascendant, well at least in the republic of Dassus and only his clan but details, details he thought to himself with a gleeful inner smile. It was a start he mused to himself.
A storm of applause went up for the Grand Matriarch and Fiahnni, with people rising to their seats and cheering. They all knew what had happened two weeks prior; that the T'daari had shielded the people of Dassus from harm, had struck back at their hated enemies and triumphed, liberating the republic of Ulee from tyranny and returned it back to the rule of the people, by the people for the people. These were deeds worthy of song and celebration.
Fiahnni and Raquelia waved and smiled to their people who roared back with approval.
Behind them walked Kash'shara and Tito with Mirey and Hiroko by their sides. The rest of the family followed including Chianay and Elanini's mother, Sister Shaellei T'daari as well as other lesser relatives of the clan. Behind them came the human families as well as the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, with the senior Acolytes and staff of House T'daari bringing up the end of the procession.
There was a mild degree of puzzlement in the crowd as they wondered amongst themselves where Lileah'sah and Duncan were and why they were not walking with the first family of Dassus? The reason, only known to the immediate family, was that Duncan had insisted that the couple didn't as he wanted the family to receive the ovation, not him. Also Lileah'sah and he were to open the show with some words of welcome to the audience.
Lileah'sah, while wanting him to be cheered, understood. In many ways such public ovations actually embarrassed Duncan. He almost hated them and avoided them as much as he could. It was enough for him to have done good for no acknowledgement as he followed the teachings of Marcus Aurelias in that fashion as best he could.
"We ought to do good to others as simply as a horse runs, or a bee makes honey, or a vine bears grapes season after season without thinking of the grapes it has borne." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book Five
Lileah'sah now embraced that maxim for herself. Tre'mete was still on her journey in this regard yet Duncan and herself knew their bondmate would get there soon enough.
Everyone now settled in their seats and the murmuring of the crowd died down.
The lights dimmed down to nothing, blackness engulfing the massive space with only the safety lights running along the stairways visible.
"It's time love," whispered Duncan as he took her left hand in his right. She nodded, gave his hand a squeeze and led him out.
They followed the faint light trail out onto the stage and made their way to their mark.
The spotlights came on a few seconds later, bathing the couple in a soft warm glow rather than a harsh bright white light.
"Good eve to you all, distinguished matriarchs, Justicars, honoured guests and gentle beings and welcome one and all. Tonight you are going to witness a watershed moment in Asari society. Tre'mete Lira, my best friend, my darling lover, my bond and soul mate has been inspired to follow her dream by my other magnificent bond and soul mate, Duncan Larkin. He has given her the wings in which she now will soar with. I present to you all, the first ever collection from Saucy Secrets. Thank you."
Lileah'sah bowed her head while Duncan just nodded briefly to the applause from the audience.
The lights dimmed again as the couple left the stage and went back to the wings.
The stage had been configured to be a massive runway, twenty meters in length and four meters wide, running into the heart of the audience. Lights appeared around the edge of the stage as the main gauze curtain rose.
The raising curtain revealed a full traditional thirty three member Asari orchestra, standing ready behind their ancient traditional Gal'lungael percussion instruments and drums.
Smoke machines expelled their scented, fragrant contents into the air and tiny particles of glitter fell from the domed ceiling, creating a myriad of sparkling motes of light that dazzled the senses.
The music started.
A resoundingly massive explosive thunderclap initially startled the audience was immediately followed by an ancient time-honoured piece of Asari ageless battle music which opened the show.
The drumming and rhythmical percussion started, the Asari musicians all acting in perfect harmony as they expertly pounded out the ancient song on their traditional instruments and drums. Blue Biotic auras flared up from the Asari musicians as they merged their fields with the instruments, creating intricate resonating cascades of interweaving harmonics.
The Asari orchestra then chanted out the archaic words, lifted together in glorious song:
"We are here, We are alive, We exist, We are One!".
All Asari knew this piece as it was timeless, a musical racial memory that reached back into their mists of their distant past, passed down from mother to daughter, generation to generation, yay unto the very first Asari who could remember who she was.
It was burned into the very DNA and souls of the Asari people.
All the Asari in the amphitheatre instinctively sang at the top of their voices, joining in the ancient song unconsciously. The Asari joyously sang out loudly and passionately, feeling the moment and its significance upon them.
This was the ultimate signifier of change, of death and rebirth, the end of old things, the dying of the light and the dawn of the beginning of new ideas.
The future is always born in conflict and pain. Change is inevitable.
Tre'mete was creating a massive statement to her people, the times were indeed "a changing".
The song concluded with a finale crescendo that resonated hugely within the amphitheatre.
As soon as the piece had finished, the spectators thundered out with massive approval, standing, cheering, clapping and shouting as this had not been performed in living memory to a live audience. And not a single garment had been displayed yet.
The lights dimmed once more and the audience settled back into their seats, all abuzz now as this was not your usual fashion show. This was art.
A new, more modern composition of Asari music began, starting softly yet building up, swelling with intensity and passion.
The lights focused on the stage and out strode a supremely confident Olivia McAlpine, dressed impeccably in an amazing ensemble that shouted style, elegance, charm and suitability for a young teenage maiden Asari.
Olivia was followed by her faithful companion Zara Wattling then Eliza Percy and finally Sam'nelea's daughters Gabriella and Triana Aguilar. All the Asari teenagers beamed their dazzling smiles to the roar of approval of the crowd as they strode down the runway. Already Asari matrons in the audience and those watching live began to place orders for these clothes for their young daughters as the garments looked so lovely yet sturdy and comfortable, perfect for a growing young Asari.
The teens paraded down the runway, stepping in time to the soaring music. Each stopped at the end, striking a series of poses before sauntering back to the stage as though it was just another day walking in the park.
The music shifted into a more militaristic themed tune.
Tre'mete had asked her comrades from the Perihelion if they would model for her. All stepped forward without a moment of hesitation.
Led proudly by Captain Eshess, the elite crew marched out to the deafening hailing of the audience. New ceremonial parade uniforms for the Dassus Navy were on display and by the goddess they looked good was the consensus. Tre'mete came up with this herself as she knew that military contracts were always a big money earner. She would win it on merit, not her family connections. Tre'mete knew that her fellow commandos and Navy personnel would clamour for these new uniforms.
The crew all marched casually, with smiles all alight on their beautiful faces, waving to the cheering crowd. They looked magnificent as they filed down the runway.
As the last crew member departed the stage, new music followed the last piece.
Stepping into the light came Icilea and Heretonia, hand in hand with Pania Paewai and Emily Percy, Human and Turian together, an unmistakable symbol of the end of the enmity and the beginning of deep and enduring friendship between the species.
A huge roar of approval went up from everyone in the amphitheatre. A masterstroke of galactical political genius by Tre'mete and the T'daari family. An emblem of harmony and reconciliation which would hopefully resonate beyond Thessia.
The Turian females wore long elegant blue and silver gowns that perfectly suited their body structure and morphology while the young human women were clothed in similar Thessian Glitterwing black silk ball gowns, yet theirs were cut with plunging necklines and slit just enough on one side to reveal their shapely, long legs much to the salacious delight of all the Asari watching.
The four graceful beings made their way down the runway, gently waving and smiling to the audience who lustily cheered them on. Orders from the hundreds of thousands of Turian females who had made their home on Thessia began flowing in as well as the tens of thousands of human women watching who were also Thessian citizens, both species bonded to Asari.
Tre'mete, who was watching from the wings, saw on her data pad the stream of tens of thousands of orders which were flooding Saucy Secret's Extranet site.
She, Ray and Duncan had planned for this. Ray had networks of extra server farms to handle the deluge of incoming traffic. If they hadn't have done this, the whole site would have crashed leaving tens of thousands of potential customers angry and upset.
The brawny commando felt her bondmates gather her in their arms and she sighed with a blissful exhalation. This was what she had always dreamed of; her creations being something that people wanted to buy. And the love of her bondmates surrounding her was mana from the heavens.
Tre'mete had made it.
"I will always love you Tre'mete," said Duncan in her aural canal on her right side while Lileah'sah had to briefly ignite her lifting field to rise a few inches to be on the level of Tre'mete's left side aural canal.
"You will always be my heart Tre' my love," she whispered as they both embraced the muscular Asari.
Tre'mete closed her eyes and held back her tears of pure joy as she couldn't afford to have her make up ruined by streaks of tears.
"We are One," was all she could say back to them. Her bondmates lightly kissed her cheeks then laced their arms around Tre'mete's waist, the triad standing together, loving, indivisible and resolute, watching the show they had planned together over the past few weeks unfold.
The Turians and human females made their way back to the stage as the music switched into something that almost no one in the amphitheatre had ever heard before.
A driving electronic tune that had an incredible melody and kick ass back beat.
Olivia walked back out onto the runway after her and her companions had quickly changed, leading them once more, her confident radiant smile beaming for all to see. The Asari teenagers danced up the runway, skipping and twirling to this thumping surging electronica track. The audience took up the beat and started clapping in time with it. Many were inspired to stand up to dance to the music. Soon almost all in the amphitheatre were dancing.
The teens were dressed in chic and classy tunics and pants, each in a different arrangement and colour. Again, Asari mothers with young daughters nodded with approval and clicked the order button on their Omnitools and data pads. This was exactly what young Asari needed. The style was fashionable, and multi-purpose as it could be for formal occasions or everyday wear.
The music was replaced by a banging piece of electro-swing that made everyone's open eyes wide as this tune just rocked.
The Perihelion crew then sauntered out, dancing merrily to the music while the teens were still dancing out the front. Tre'mete had chosen to emulate classic human styles in the line up and had dressed her crew mates in garments that were inspired by 1920's fashions. Light silk knee length Flapper dresses with dozens of thin tassels scintillatingly shimmered and shined gloriously as the crew sashayed down the runway. Her choice of style and music massively gingered up the already excited crowd.
This wasn't art anymore, this was an EVENT!
Asari worldwide got their first taste of electro-swing music, loving the infectious melody and driving danceable beats as they watched the crew and the teens now Jive and Lindy Hop with each other on the stage. The Asari on the stage and runway used their biotics and lifted one another as they spun and twirled in time to the incredible rhythm.
The crowd went wild with cheering and tried to follow this phenomenal new style of dancing. Maidens globally and beyond into the Asari colonies, opened up Human Extranet pages, madly searching for lessons and examples on how to dance like this.
Olivia led her companions back through the dancing crew, waving to the cheers of the crowd.
Aenthiah watched her ward, her heart nearly bursting with pride. She sat with her own daughter, holding her hand, both of them totally transfixed by the sensational spectacle unfolding before them.
"Mother, she is incredible," said Lysila into Aenthiah's aural canal over the noise of the crowd and music. The Asari was most impressed with Matriarch Ruto's granddaughter and had recently heard the dramatic story of how Olivia and her two friends had defeated six commandos in hand to hand combat thanks to the training given by her mother to the teenagers.
"As are you my most precious child," responded Aenthiah with love in her eyes.
The Justicar was thrilled that Lysila had excepted her invitation to attend the show. That Lysila came at all was a minor miracle as she often avoided meeting her mother, the galactically famous Justicar, as she was completely against violence in all its forms although she did approve of Olivia's act of self-defence and understood what Aenthiah had committed herself to. She reached out and took Aenthiah's hand in hers and gently squeezed. A stone melted in the Justicar's heart as mother and daughter sat and enjoyed the amazing event together.
The lights dimmed once more and a new style of music began. A thumping base line with a loud high hat four four drum beat. The lights came back on.
Icilea, Heretonia, Emily and Pania strutted back onto the stage, this time dressed in very revealing underwear. The audience gasps them roared out their approval as they now examined what the four females were wearing. Saucy Secrets was now a legend in fashion as Tre'mete knew exactly what would suit humans and Turian females.
The four females had sultry, saucy wiggle in their hips as the seductively wandered down the runway. The crowd now heard a growly human voice begin to speak over the music as the four danced in a semi erotic fashion. The lights seemed to dim as the man continued to speak.
"There's so many things I like about you,
I just don't know where to begin,
I like the way you, look at me with those beautiful eyes,
I like the way you, act all surprised,
I like the way you, sing along,
I like the way you, always get it wrong,
I like the way you, clap your hands,
I like the way you, love to dance,
I like the way you, put your hands up in the air,
I like the way you, shake your hair,
I like the way you, like to touch,
I like the way you, stare so much,
But most of all...
Most of all..."
The music built to a rising crescendo, then the beat dropped and out stepped Chianay and Elanini.
I like the way you move...
[Songwriters: Christopher James Karyotakis / Dylan Burns]
The crowd went mental as the gorgeously stunning sisters strode and strutted down the stage together, the epitome of Asari beauty on glorious display. Never before had a consort deigned to be a fashion model yet this was perfection.
Once the initial sensation had passed the audience focused on what the sisters were wearing.
Mouths were covered in shock and eyes widened hilarious amazement as they could clearly see on the enormous video screens which clearly displayed what Chianay and Elanini had on.
The pair were wearing a well cut lacey silk bra that had a pair of Blue hands printed on the front of the cups, seemingly holding the breasts within.
It was the underwear though that nearly caused a riot.
Both were wearing the panties that Duncan had come up with.
Stunning high cut panties cut in a thong style, both silvery white in colour, covered in lots of little ice-cream cones with the logo printed boldly on the front in High Thessian saying,
"It's not going to lick itself!"
Laughter, incredulous screaming, raucous cheering and furious applause erupted from the crowd.
Lysila sat stunned, wide eyed while Aenthiah just smirked to herself as she knew what the crowning moment of the show would be as she had regularly melded with Duncan, both of them sharing their thoughts and experiences. She knew how his incredibly cheeky and mischievous mind worked. And she knew Tre'mete would have nearly wet herself laughing when he told her of this idea.
The Justicar glanced across to her left and saw her faithful Acolyte Saendi howling with laughter as were other members of the T'daari family. Raquelia was gently shaking her head but had a huge smile on her face. Fiahnni was cackling like a lunatic. Kash'shara was totally gobsmacked while Tito had fallen off his chair laughing in hysterics. Mirey and Hiroko were shrieking in convulsive giggles. The human families with their Asari partners that were now a part of the house of T'daari were howling with merriment at the audacity that Duncan and Tre'mete had gone with. Even Drokk and Fiahnni's bodyguards couldn't contain themselves. Aenthiah was heartened to see Nari and Lyessrae creased up laughing together at the ridiculously funny panties. She was especially amused to see Chianay and Elanini's mother, Sister Shaellei, guffawing loudly at the sight of her daughters wearing such lurid underwear.
The biggest joke in Asari history was an astoundingly enormous success.
Always make 'em laugh… thought Duncan as he hugged Tre'mete tightly while the trio watched from the wings.
The teenagers and crew came out, this time dressed in a combination of swimwear and casual attire, all now dancing to the ecstatic adulation of the audience who were all up and grooving away to the fantastic music being played.
The BodyRocker's song finally finished and all the models on stage turned and started to clap to welcome the true star of the show, Tre'mete.
Daft Punk's "One More Time" classic track started playing as Tre'mete, walked out leading her bondmates with her. A furious storm of applause and biotic Asari salutes resonated throughout the space.
There was no need for the audience to give a standing ovation as the entire amphitheatre were already on their feet dancing.
Tre'mete, radiant with a smile of quiet triumph, stepped forward letting go of her bondmates hands, took her bow and waved to the adulation of the crowd.
She had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Tre'mete turned and took her bondmates hands in hers and led them in bowing again to the audience and those watching from beyond. She could not have done this without them. Tre'mete shone with a biotic glow of pure happiness.
Saucy Secrets was a sensational stellar success.
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2023.03.25 04:21 Real_Fucking_Anxious Looking for hair

Half up, half down style. Preferably straight or wavy and relatively short. Like the kind of length that’s considered short on women and long on men. Maxis match and base game compatible.
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2023.03.25 04:14 Bright-Time3773 Look max post about color analysis, make up archetype, facial features, shapes and colors

So recently I've been researching about things like color and shape psychology, kibbe, casting, face reading and of course color analysis. Whether you like it or not, what color you wear gives a vibe to others unconciously. This is going to be a post about look maxing or simply choosing what vibes you would prefer to give off of rather than forever be kind of a victim of how you look. This post can also help you with choosing make up looks that are more suitable for you. So this post is going to be divided into three parts: Color analysis, how shapes play a role, and what your make up archetype might be.
Color Analysis: So I have noticed that each season gives a vibe. Let's start by talking about the basics of season analysis. There is value level, hue, chroma. Hue being warm vs cool, value being whether you are light or dark, and chroma being the overall contrast level whether you are soft and have more grey in your coloring or bright.
I'm also going to touch on how to apply all of this to people of color so hold on.
This is what I've noticed in general when I followed the general pattern:
Low contrast, being light, and cool undertones - almost exhibit some sort of purity and exhibit a need to be protected almost. On the contrary, this is usually used to depict the ice blonde stereotype in movies (summer)
Warm + Low contrast + Light -Exhibit being fun and cheerful, (think blonde stereotype), down for anything, light sex appeal (eg blake lively) -The whole tik tok trend of being the light feminine is exemplified by this -think spring
Warm + Low contrast + Dark = Hot, sexualized, sultry, calm, cozy, probably a little more mature than the above, maybe serene, maybe a little bit more introverted but very approachable. (, jessica alba, maybe nina dobrev in her looks in vampire diaries) -so think autumn
Warm + Low contrast in general whether light or dark exhibits a tendency to go with the flow and overall "easy" and these women are usually portrayed in hot girl next door roles.
This is because when it comes to warm colors: red signals danger but passion, yellow signals cheerfulness and lively hood and it's next to red in temperature, and brown signals sensuality and earthiness.
Low contrast looks typically signal a lower ability to discern and warm colors typically signal being inviting as you know it's usually warmer seasons where things grow. So in general, hair color stereotypes are actually more likely to be seasonal stereotypes. One of the coolest colors in nature is also the rarest which is blue. This is why warm low contrast tend to seem easy, more basic, but will appeal to more types of people and you'll see casting follow these basic rules.
The key here is to add that color to your overall appearance (eye, hair or skin). This can be added through bronzer or blush etc.
Warm + High contrast seems just as friendly but a little more practical, sensual and mature.
Lastly high contrast + Cool usually gives off femme fatale yet intimidating vibes. Very powerful but might scare off people. Think megan fox.
Anyway, another thing to note is contrast is more than your coloring, it's the contours of your face, how angular your face is, and how much forward projection it has. Some girls have more angular features with more forward projection. Some girls features take up more space and some girls features take up less space.
I want to touch on shapes. Disney usually uses shapes to make their characters give off certain vibes. Circles tend to give off peaceful, friendlier and emotional vibes. Squares seem to represent sturdiness and stability and may point to the masculine principle. Triangles are used by disney to indicate evil characters or to reframe it, more craftier and interesting characters.. Ovals seem to be like circles but seem like it gives off more serene, ethereal, wise vibes. And if anyone's been around the circle that talks about kibbe body types (although this particular style isn't in kibbe), you'd know that ovals or the S curve seem to imperative to the ethereal look.
This also means that if you want to give off a certain type of vibe, it might be a good idea of incorporating these shapes into your overall looks might be helpful.
This is why it's so important to not follow trends and use and do what's best for yourself.
Which brings me to my next topic: Make up Archetypes:
Anyway, I'm going to leave this video right here for anyone that wants to take this quiz. She has two scales to decide upon what would make your make up archetype. Neotony and overall roundness of your features.
Why is this important: It is important on deciding whether simple make up styles, light make up styles, or more sultrier looks will suit you. Also, more neotony your face has, the more lighter hair colors will suit you. She uses visual weight to define neotony.
Neotony/Low Visual weight: rounded face + shorter midface + smaller eyes + lower nose bridge (flatter face) + wider nose, smaller mouth
Rounded features : rounded features, rounded eyes (doe eyes),lower nose bridge/less angular nose, round eye brows, thick rounded lips.
At the other end of the spectrum/axis, are the opposite of what I explained.
High visual weight: angular face + longer midface + bigger eyes + higher nose bridge/more projected nose bridge + narrower nose + wider mouth
Angular features : angular features with more shadows, contures to the face + siren almond/narrow eyes + higher nose bridge/more forward projected nose bridge + angulahigh arched eye brows + thin lips
These are the spectrums. This is exactly why blonde hair washes some people out but makes other people beautiful (those with lower visual weight/neotonous features look great with blonde hair). This is also why a lot of make up and smokey eye make up just look bad on some people as does thick eye brows.
This is also what some people call high trust vs low trust features. Also, another thing to keep in mind when trying to curate your style, what some men find appealing is not what most men find appealing, and what women find appealing is different from what men find appealing. It is very important to curate your style for YOURSELF but I'd like to high light this point for those that are trying to be attractive for a certain type of gaze. Women typically love striking, high contrast, complex, low trust, higher visual weight looks which are still appealing to men but that doesn't minimize the strength of the alternative as well.
To sum it up on average: high contrast, striking, low trust features, mature looks are irresistable to some men, and considered top tier by women. But many men find this look very intimidating.
Low contrast, younger, fresher, lighter looks, lower visual weight are usually considered low maintenance by women but preferred by the common man
These are just my observations.
Now for darker ethnicities. The same rules applies for the most part but for caucaisan women, usually hair plays a huge role when it comes to color analysis, here the focus should switch to mostly your skin tone because that is what is most noticeable. Somethings are more in relation to others. For example, I doubt you'll find a colored women that is truly a summer. But amongst that ethnicity, it is pretty obvious to say the difference between a winter with higher contrast in relation to ethnicity and a summer with lower contrast.
So for example, a POC with cool undertones will never be as low contrasted as a white girl who is a summer but that doesn't mean summer colors won't look good on them and that doesn't mean they won't give summer vibes. But the main focus should be skin tone here. And added clothing colors, make up colors and hair colors should be added to compliment their skin tone.
For example, a POC with a reddish undertone will exhibit a similar vibes as a true autumn white woman. Angularity and softness of the features should also be taken into consideration and can point to contrast levels in relation to their respective ethnicities. Eg a black woman with very soft features and a cool undertone might look very summer-esque so in this case, lighter make up styles might look better on her
This is a good channel about color analysis for people of color.
This might also help for woman of color when it comes to color analysis. SO what to really take into consideration is features + skin tone for color analysis of woman of color.
She's absolutely right in this quiz when she sums up the seasonal beauties as :
Summer: Bright, approachable and cute
Spring: Elegant, gentle and fresh
Autumn: calm, mature and gorgeous
Winter: Cool, striking and gorgeous
Anyway, this is my two cents. I hope you enjoy this post. This post isn't intended to be the be all or end all and I can be wrong. It's just my observations and the conclusions I've come to and it's something I'd like to share.
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2023.03.25 04:01 duellingislands 5:51 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 395th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's culture subject is the traditional satchel known as the Tabivka, known for its incredible intricacy! + Discussion + Charities

5:51 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 395th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's culture subject is the traditional satchel known as the Tabivka, known for its incredible intricacy! + Discussion + Charities

🇺🇦 Слава Україні! 🇺🇦

Another entry in our series on Traditional Fashions of Ukraine! Previous entries here:
Vyshyvanka (Embroidered Shirt) Vinok (Flower Crown) Cheres (Talisman Belt) Korali Necklaces Oseledets (Kozak Haircut)

Tabivka: Art That Hangs From Your Shoulder

A glorious antique example from the Ivan Honchar museum in Kyiv.
Before Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Burberry there was... the Tabivka!
Okay, okay, it's not really a handbag per se.
Today we will talk about Hutsul (Ukrainian mountain folk) fashions again. I think the last time we posted about traditional Ukrainian clothing was all the way back in June! And though the topic of our conversation is a shoulder bag, you will not leave unimpressed because nothing that Hutsuls do is simple. :)
Antique photo of Hutsuls wearing Tabivka.
The Tabivka is an ornamented leather satchel, worn by men on a decorated shoulder strap. It’s rugged and practical, but in reality it is a work of art.
(Left) A Tabivka with a pretty deer motif I found in a museum in Lviv (Right) A badass \"winged wheel\" design
The word itself is a direct descendant from the word Tobola which is a Ruthenian word (a language thought to be incredibly close to that spoken by the Kyivan Rus, aka Old Ukrainian) that simply means satchel. The word has even deeper roots that mean any kind of bag that is dedicated to carrying the most important items, like money (hryvnia - a measure of weight of silver or gold, in a rhombus shape).

A Rugged Opulence

Details of the rugged stitching of the Honchar handbag from above.
Ancient Tabivkas were rectangular in shape. Later their shape changed to a semicircle, and the decorative ornamentation took the form of semicircles with the main emphasis being on the center. Yet one thing remained unchanged - the entire surface of the bag is decorated with bulging circles. Sometimes these circles would be made with leather embossing, some with metal overlays, others are completely inlaid with metal buttons or studs. Sometimes they were made with coins! Regardless of how the decorations were made, the bag had to be swanky, symmetrical and elegant above all else! I do not know how the Hutsuls pulled these off, but they did!
Details from the strap of the Honchar handbag from above.

Never Out of Style

Yuriy Porokh's workshop. He works from antiques that are over a century old to create new pieces.
The making of such a high-effort bag is time-consuming and requires a ton of hard-earned skill, but luckily the art of making Tabivka in the Carpathian mountains is still alive today. Most examples you can buy today, in order to make them a bit more affordable, have fewer decorations. I would love to have one, and hope one day I will get one!
Yuriy Porokh in his workshop.
One of the artists that is keeping this tradition alive is Yuriy Porokh. In Porokh’s workshop you can find not only Tabivkas - he is also quite renowned for making Cheres, the belt we wrote about here. And he’s actually the artist who crafted the belt that was worn by “Kalush Orchestra” during the 2022 Eurovision song contest. I will put an interview with the artist (in Ukrainian) in the comments.
This kind of leatherwork is incredibly time-consuming and intricate. Recently Yuriy was commissioned to create the Cheres belt that was worn by a member of Kalush Orchestra during their 2022 Eurovision win.
According to Yuriy, it takes about a month to make one product, depending on the complexity of the work. But he still finds time to help the Ukrainian army by sewing first-aid kits, tourniquets, and weapon covers.
The 395th day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.

One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.25 03:58 SpiritCrafty346 Is switching from boxers to briefs the most comfortable choice long term?

Hey guys, mid-30s guy here, found that the last year or so that my normal boxers aren't comfortable, boxer briefs are a bit better, but I'm constantly adjusting, causing discomfort, and they don't feel comfortable, either.
Is going back to regular briefs the better choice to be comfortable? (Other men in my family go on and on about how much better they are.)
If so, are there brands (or other styles to consider) that you recommend?
Thanks, guys!
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2023.03.25 03:40 portgasmilk Monkey d. Luffy life and journey

Monkey d. Luffy life and journey
Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist of the popular manga and anime series "One Piece". He is a young pirate and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, who are on a journey to find the legendary One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King. Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, which gave him the ability to stretch his body like rubber. He is known for his cheerful, carefree and determined personality, and his desire to make friends and protect them at all costs. He also has a strong sense of justice and a willingness to stand up against powerful enemies, making him a charismatic and respected figure in the world of One Piece.
his past:
he had a unique and tragic past. He was born in the East Blue and grew up in a small village called Foosha, where he was raised by his grandfather, Garp. Garp was a Marine Vice Admiral, and he frequently visited Luffy to train him to become a Marine.Luffy's childhood dream was to become a pirate and find the legendary treasure, One Piece. He was inspired by his idol, Red-Haired Shanks, who once saved him from a group of bandits at the cost of his left arm.When Luffy was seven years old, he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, a Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to stretch his body like rubber but left him unable to swim. This made him an outcast among the other children in his village.One day, Luffy overheard a group of pirates talking about a treasure map, and he told them that he wanted to be a pirate. The pirates laughed and threw him into the ocean, but he was saved by Shanks and his crew.
One day, Garp sent Luffy to Dadan to take care of him. She is a tough and resilient woman who is the leader of the bandit group that took care of Luffy during his childhood. Dadan is also the adoptive mother of Luffy's older brother, Portgas D. Ace. then luffy met ace and sabo and become brothers by drinking sake.
Luffy and Ace are brothers, both having been adopted by Monkey D. Garp, a powerful marine and Luffy's grandfather. Ace was initially part of the Whitebeard Pirates but later became a captain of his own crew, the Spade Pirates. Ace and Luffy shared a close bond, with Ace always looking out for his younger brother and Luffy admiring Ace's strength and sense of justice.Sabo, on the other hand, was a boy from a noble family in the Goa Kingdom. The three of them were all dreamers and talked about their aspirations to become pirates and explore the world. However, Sabo's family disapproved of his friendship with Ace and Luffy and arranged for him to be sent away to study and eventually inherit the family fortune.
starting his journey:
In the East Blue, Luffy starts his journey by leaving his home in the peaceful Foosha Village, where he grew up with his grandfather, Garp, and his brothers, Ace and sabo. He sets out to find the legendary One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King. Along the way, he encounters a diverse cast of characters and forms his own crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.Luffy's first encounter in the East Blue is with a pirate named Alvida, whom he defeats with the help of Coby, a young cabin boy he frees from her captivity. He then meets Zoro, a skilled swordsman, who joins his crew after Luffy saves him from execution.Luffy first meets Usopp in the Syrup Village arc. Usopp is a young boy who lives in the village and is known for telling tall tales and creating elaborate pranks. Luffy and his crew, consisting of Zoro and Nami at the time, arrive in the village and quickly become involved in a conflict between Usopp's friend. Usopp joins the crew on their journey after they defeat kuroo pirates. They travel to the floating restaurant Baratie, where they meet Sanji, a chef, who also joins the crew.Luffy and his crew then head to Nami's hometown, Cocoyasi Village, where they help her defeat the tyrannical Arlong and his crew of fish-men. Nami eventually joins the crew as their navigator.Next, they head to Drum Island, where they meet Tony Tony Chopper, a reindeer with the ability to transform into a human, who also joins the crew.Luffy and his crew then head to Alabasta, where they help Princess Vivi stop a rebellion and defeat the evil Shichibukai, Crocodile. In the process, they also meet Nico Robin, a former member of Crocodile's organization, who eventually joins the crew.Throughout his journey in the East Blue, Luffy demonstrates his unwavering determination, sense of justice, and loyalty to his friends. He also develops his abilities as a Devil Fruit user, mastering his Gum-Gum Fruit powers and learning to use them creatively in battle.
skypeia saga:
The Straw Hat Pirates reach the island of Jaya, which is known for its strong winds and severe weather. While there, they meet the Bellamy Pirates, who insult and attack them, leading to a confrontation between Luffy and Bellamy.The Straw Hats learn about the existence of the Sky Island, which are rumored to be located above the clouds.Luffy and his crew become embroiled in the conflict between the Skypieans and the Shandians and eventually uncover the truth about the history of the island and the existence of powerful weapons known as the "Poneglyphs."The Straw Hats also face off against the god-like ruler of Skypiea, Eneru, who has been using his powers to maintain his rule over the island. Ultimately, Luffy defeats Eneru and saves Skypiea from his tyrannical rule.
water 7 saga:
The Straw Hats arrive at Water 7, a city built on water, to repair their ship, the Going Merry. While there, they meet a young shipwright named Franky and get involved in a conflict between the Franky Family, a group of ship dismantlers, and the Galley-La Company, a group of ship builders.However, the real conflict arises when it is revealed that Nico Robin has been kidnapped by the World Government and is being held at their secret base on the island of Enies Lobby. The Straw Hats set sail to rescue her, but encounter several obstacles along the way, including the CP9 agents, who have the power of the "Rokushiki" technique, a powerful martial art style.After a series of intense battles, the Straw Hats finally make it to Enies Lobby and engage in a final showdown with the CP9 agents. In the end, the Straw Hats emerge victorious and are able to rescue Nico Robin also luffy defeated the strongest CP9 member lucci by using his new form gear 2To use it, Luffy increases the blood flow in his body, which makes his heart pump faster and his muscles stronger. This allows him to move faster, hit harder, and react more quickly in battle.When Luffy activates Gear 2, his body becomes coated in a red aura, and he gains a noticeable increase in speed and power. He can also use his rubber body to propel himself at high speeds, allowing him to deliver devastating attacks. . The arc concludes with the crew bidding farewell to their allies at Water 7 and setting sail towards their next adventure.
thriller bark saga:
The Straw Hat Pirates arrive on an island called Thriller Bark, which is a massive ship that is the size of an entire island. They meet Brook, who joins the crew in their adventure. The island is ruled by Gecko Moria, a Shichibukai, who has the power to extract shadows from people and put them into zombies.Luffy and his crew face off against Moria and his army of zombies. They also meet some old enemies, including Bartholomew Kuma, who is working for the World Government. During the arc, Luffy demonstrates his Gear Second and Gear Third techniques, which he had learned during the Water 7 saga. The arc ends with the Straw Hat Pirates defeating Moria and escaping from Thriller Bark.
summit war saga:
At the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats meet with various other pirates and begin to learn more about the challenges that await them in the New World. However, their peaceful journey is interrupted when they encounter the Celestial Dragons, who are the descendants of the original founders of the World Government and considered to be above the law. Luffy punches one of the Celestial Dragons, Saint Charloss, after he attempts to take an enslaved mermaid, Camie, as his property. This act sparks a chain of events that leads to the Straw Hat Pirates being declared enemies of the World Government and the Marines.
At the end of the Sabaody Arc, the Straw Hat crew was separated by the actions of the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma. Kuma used his abilities to send each of the Straw Hats to different parts of the world, with Luffy being sent to Amazon Lily, an island inhabited entirely by women.There, Luffy learned that his brother had been captured and was scheduled to be executed at Marineford. Luffy immediately set off to rescue his brother, leading into the next saga of the series, the Marineford War.
In the Impel Down arc, Luffy travels to the infamous underwater prison Impel Down to rescue his brother Ace, who has been captured and is scheduled for execution by the World Government. Luffy is joined by several of his allies, including the former Warlord of the Sea Jimbei and the pirate Emporio Ivankov, as they navigate the dangers of the prison and its various levels.
In the Marineford arc, Luffy and his allies travel to Marineford, the headquarters of the Marine forces, to rescue Ace from his execution. The Whitebeard Pirates, led by the legendary pirate Edward Newgate, join forces with Luffy and his allies to take on the entire Marine force, including the powerful Admiral Akainu. sadly ace was killed in front of Luffy's eyes.The loss of his brother had a devastating effect on Luffy, who went into a deep depression and was unable to move on for some time. It was a turning point for him, as he realized that the world was much bigger and more dangerous than he had previously thought, and that he needed to become stronger to protect his friends and achieve his goals. The experience also reinforced Luffy's determination to become the Pirate King, as he vowed to overcome any obstacle in his way and avenge Ace's death.
In order to become stronger and be able to protect his crew in the New World, Luffy trained with Silvers Rayleigh for 2 years, the former first mate of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.During this time, Luffy learned several new techniques such as Gear Fourth, which combines his Haki with the rubber properties of his Devil Fruit to give him enhanced strength, speed, and agility. He also learned to use Haki, a type of energy that can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, and is particularly effective against Devil Fruit users.
fish man island saga:
After the events of Marineford, Luffy and his crew undergo a two-year timeskip during which they train to become stronger. When they reunite, they return to Sabaody Archipelago and discover that the place has changed since their last visit.
The Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Fishman Island, where they are greeted by the royal family and the island's inhabitants. However, they soon learn that the island is under threat from the New Fishman Pirates, a group of fishmen who seek to overthrow the human race and establish fishmen supremacy.The Straw Hats team up with the royal family and their allies, including the former Warlord of the Sea Jimbei, to defeat the New Fishman Pirates and save Fishman Island. Along the way, they face many challenges and battles, including confronting the Fishman Island's ancient weapon, the Sea Kings, and facing off against the New Fishman Pirates' leader, Hody Jones.
dresrosa saga:
The Straw Hat Pirates, along with their new ally, the samurai Kin'emon, arrive at Punk Hazard. However, they soon discover that the island has been turned into a laboratory by the evil scientist Caesar Clown, who is experimenting on children with dangerous drugs.The arc is filled with action and intrigue as the Straw Hats, along with their new ally Trafalgar Law, must battle Caesar Clown and his minions to save the children and stop the dangerous experiments.
In the Dressrosa arc, Luffy and his crew arrive on the island of Dressrosa, where they discover the corrupt ruler, Donquixote Doflamingo, is controlling the citizens with his puppet government. Luffy and his allies join forces to take down Doflamingo and free the people of Dressrosa from his tyranny. During the arc, Luffy develops new abilities such as Gear Fourth and learns more about the history of the world and the connection between the Donquixote family and the ancient kingdom. also he met his brother sabo it was later revealed that he didn't die but he had survived and become a member of the Revolutionary Army. The arc concludes with Luffy and his crew escaping Dressrosa and preparing to continue their journey to find the One Piece.
four emperors saga:
Upon arriving at Zou, the Straw Hat crew discovers that the island has been devastated by the forces of the pirate Jack, who is working for the notorious Emperor Kaido. They also meet a new ally, the mink tribe, who are anthropomorphic animal people that live on the island. The Straw Hats team up with the minks to fight back against Jack and his forces.
In the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji is forced to marry Pudding as part of a political alliance arranged by his family, the Vinsmokes. When Luffy and his crew find out about this, they set out to rescue Sanji. They eventually arrive at Whole Cake Island, where they face many challenges and battles against Big Mom's forces.Luffy manages to locate Sanji, who has been locked up in his family's castle, and they have an emotional reunion. However, Sanji feels conflicted about leaving his family and worries about the safety of his friends. In the end, Luffy convinces Sanji to join his crew again and they escape from Whole Cake Island together, Luffy faced off against Charlotte Katakuri, the strongest of Big Mom's Sweet Commanders, in a fight that lasted for several episodes. Luffy, however, managed to improve his observation haki during the fight and eventually gained the ability to see slightly into the future as well. The two fought a brutal battle, with Luffy eventually coming out on top after managing to land a blow on Katakuri and defeating him. In the end, Luffy and his crew successfully rescue Sanji and escape from Big Mom's territory.
Luffy's adventure in the Wano Country begins with the crew arriving at Wano Country's port of Udon, which is under the control of the Beast Pirates. Luffy, disguised as a prisoner, infiltrates the prison and becomes involved in the prison rebellion. Along with Hyogoro, an old yakuza boss, Luffy helps rally the prisoners to fight against the Beast Pirates.After escaping the prison with the help of Raizo, one of the samurai of Wano, Luffy and his allies make their way to the main battlefield at Onigashima. Luffy faces off against Kaido, the leader of the Beast Pirates, in a brutal battle that ultimately ends in defeat for Luffy.Despite the loss, Luffy continues to fight alongside his allies in the ongoing war against the Beast Pirates and their allies, including the shogun of Wano and his army. Along the way, Luffy develops new abilities, such as Gear Fourth: Snakeman and Gear Fourth: Boundman, and reunites with his old ally Law.The story in Wano is still ongoing in the One Piece anime.
Luffy is considered one of the most popular and beloved anime characters of all time. There are several reasons why Luffy is considered the best by many fans:
Personality: Luffy's cheerful and determined personality makes him instantly likable.
He is always optimistic and has a strong sense of justice.
He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them.
Growth: Luffy started as a carefree and naive boy, but he has grown a lot throughout the series.
He has faced many challenges and struggles and has become stronger and more mature as a result.
Abilities: Luffy has a unique and powerful ability called the "Gomu Gomu no Mi," which allows him to stretch his body like rubber.
He has also developed several powerful fighting techniques, such as Gear Second and Gear Fourth.
Leadership: Luffy is a natural leader and has a way of inspiring and motivating those around him.
He has built a loyal crew of friends who follow him into even the most dangerous situations.
Overall, Luffy's personality, growth, abilities, and leadership make him a well-rounded and compelling character that fans can't help but root for.
I just want to say that he is an incredible character and have brought so much joy and inspiration into my life. his determination, bravery, and loyalty to his friends are truly admirable qualities. his kindness and compassion towards others, even towards those who have wronged him, is a testament to his pure heart and shows that true strength comes from within.
lets end this with his smile ❤❤
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2023.03.25 03:25 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-6-8: Lingering Scarlet Fear

A blink of an eye passed, moments after the object was thrown across the room by Efena over to Mystia. Sumireko and the others were stunned by what had occurred; some were perplexed, while others were concerned.
What they saw was Mystia being tightly embraced by Satsujin, in a position where Satsujin could act as a shield, a protector for the Night Sparrow. The object had dug deep into his back, injecting firmly well into him. But the object in question was strange. It wasn’t some kind of special bullet that Efena had prepared, nor was it a blade of any kind. It was a syringe filled with an unusual blue liquid that slowly seeped into Satsujin until it was completely drained.
Satsujin felt a pulse of energy course through him, as if a jolt of electricity had zipped from the top of his head to the ends of his toes. He felt a surge of immense power surging through him, only for it to dissipate and vanish, nothing more than a flickering light that had lost its spark. But other than that, he felt fine.
"Mystia…" He said, looking at the girl’s face. "Are you alright?"
"Satsujin…" Mystia looked at his face, seeing the genuine, reassuring smile he gave her, letting her know everything was alright. "You…took the hit for me."
"Yeah…I did." Satsujin said. "Because I wouldn’t want to witness the one I love get hurt." He said.
Within his subconscious, Satsuki was weeping with tears of joy, as though she were watching a soap opera. Satsugrim, on the other hand, did nothing but facepalm as hard as he could.
"Satsujin… You’re… You’re so brave… You’re so heroic. You’re so…Gullible." Mystia’s voice suddenly changed to a dark and scary one.
"W…What?" Satsujin was confused. The way Mystia said that word, it was as though she were now a different person. But that can’t be true, right? He sensed nothing wrong from her, nothing! There’s no way she’s a fake; he would know!
But he was soon to be proven wrong. Mystia’s form slowly began to change. Her hair which was short and pink began to grow long and messy, reaching down to her hips. Her skin turned pale and chiseled like a porcelain doll. Her clothes which were white and brown, decorated with ornaments, turned into a long plain white dress.
"You’re not Mystia…" Satsujin said, backing away from the transforming figure. "Who are you?" He asked.
"Who am I?" The figure said. "Satsujin, have you forgotten what I look like? How shameful of you. I’m Efena. The Goddess of Fear." Efena said, now revealing her true form.
"B-But how!? I thought you were controlling Yukari! You can’t be in two places at once!" Satsujin shouted.
Over by where Yukari was, a root that had been implanted in her neck shriveled up and detached from her, likely due to the force of the impact that she received. Her eyes and form slowly reverted back to normal, as she blinked around, confused about what was going on. But everything clicked when she saw Sumireko and the others.
Sumireko and Suika looked back, seeing Yukari struggling to move. "Wait, if that’s Efena over there. Then that’s Yukari." Sumireko said.
"No…No!!!" She attempted to say something, but her voice was hoarse. She tried to get up, but her legs buckled when she moved. It was as though she were a newborn taking their first steps. "Everyone…Run…Run!!!"
Everyone was even more confused, while Efena laughed. "My roots can do more than grab onto people or spread my fear mist. I can also inject them into the back of their necks and control them for a short period of time. Though I can’t do it on anyone, only those who have succumbed to their fears…Oh, did I forgot to mention I can shapeshift into other beings?"
Of all the moments that Satsujin could be feeling anger, this was one of them. He was furious, a fiery volcano erupting in an explosive manner. To think he'd be duped so easily by someone he hadn't expected. He was heartbroken, knowing it wasn’t Mystia he saved.
"I…Will…Crush you!!!" He shouted, holding his hand out and preparing to unleash a spell card. "Song Sign: Violent String!"

But nothing happened.
"What?" Satsujin was now more confused than before. He tried again. "Song Sign: Violent String!!!" But again, nothing, not even a single bullet was casted. "Why is it not working? Violent String! Violent String!!! Violent String!!!!!"
Efena simply smiled, while her roots began to form around her and Satsujin. Slowly they moved to wrap around his legs, throwing him to the ground. He hit the floor hard, nearly banging his head had he not covered his face first. He didn’t even notice the roots surrounding him. And thinking about it now, he can’t sense anything whatsoever. He was completely blind.
Efena began to laugh, watching Satsujin struggle like an infant, trying to pull himself out of the roots. He wanted to use his intangibility, but even that wouldn’t work. He can't use his echolocation, turn intangible, or even cast magic. He was powerless.
"What’s going on!? Why can’t I use my abilities!?" He said.
The others realized what was going on, and they quickly tried to go over and help him.
"Satsujin!!!" Rumia shouted. "What’s happening right-"
Suddenly, the roots in the room began to spray out their mist, hitting everyone that was inside, including Satsujin. They all tried to avoid inhaling it, holding their breaths, but they couldn’t keep it up forever.
"Ack! That smells terrible!" Rumia said, wiping the mist away from her face. "Satsujin… What is going on?"
She opened her eyes. But she didn’t find herself in the Scarlet Devil Mansion… But instead, she was in a dark forest, where she was met with a woman she was all too familiar with. Donning a fox mask on her face, wearing the traditional clothes of Hakurei, and wielding the honorable gohei that was primarily used for extortions and exterminations.
"N…No…No, it can’t be real… No…Nonono…No…G…Get away…" Rumia said, backing away. "Get away…Get away I’m sorry!!!"
Rumia witnessed her fears come to life. Cirno on the other hand was experiencing something different. She saw the sight of her beloved friends dead on the ground, their weapons broken and shattered, even Letty, the woman she looked up to was nothing more than a corpse.
"E…Everyone…Reisen…Big Sis…Letty." Cirno said.
And as she looked up, she saw a figure floating above the clouds, the full moon embraced behind her, and a single wing that spread wider than their entire body, while a long blade rested in their hand.
"Cirno and the others will be victorious in their fight, managing to defeat the one-winged angel with no casualties." The person said in a cold yet calculating voice.
"You…You killed them…You killed them all… SAGUME!!!!!!!!!!" Cirno screamed with a mix of anger and fear.
The others were experiencing similar fates. Suika had found herself alone again, trapped in her own gourd with no way out. Sumireko was trapped inside a box that was slowly filled with cockroaches. Meiling watched everyone in her family die thanks to the one person who caused it all. Ko witnessed her mother being crushed to death over and over again. Mary simply turned into a rusty blade, worthless in all the ways a blade could be, and forever forgotten as a result.
Satsujin could hear everyone screaming or yelling in fear, while the laughter of Efena played out. "D-Damn you!!! How…How did you do this? How did you take away my powers!?" He demanded.
"Oh? That’s simple." Efena said. "I used a special kind of serum made by a highly intelligent acquaintance of mine. You probably don’t know him, but he’s known by the name Prof. Altalune. He has a very unique ability that was very helpful in dealing with people such as you, the Goddess of Hell, and even the Hakurei Shrine Maiden."
"And what is that!?" Satsujin demanded.
"The ability to disable other abilities."
The way she said it made him realize the gravity of his situation. He can't do anything because his abilities aren't working. He’s nothing more than a regular being.
"I wonder, now that your pesky mental defenses are lowered, that means you should be susceptible to my mist again." Efena giggled. "Only one way to find out…"
She approached Satsujin, imitating a blown kiss while spraying one of her roots directly in his face. He coughed, almost gagging from the intense smell of the mist.
Within his subconscious, his eyes gazed upon a sight that was to behold. He was standing in the middle of the streets of Japan, late at night, with the cold wind blowing by him. He looked at his surroundings, and they were familiar, very familiar.
"This…This is the place that I-"
He stepped back, only to feel a presence behind him. He turned around, looking up to greet the face of a man he swore was dead.
His father was dressed in the same fancy suit, smoking a cigar and laughing so hard it sent chills down his spine.
"Hehehe. Run all you want, boy. But you can never truly escape your past." The man said.
Satsujin, for what seemed like forever, was afraid again. His eyes darted around the place, looking at the buildings and the streetlamps. He saw men and women of various shapes and sizes, all of them wearing identical outfits while holding weapons ranging from bats to switchblades. He walked back, but felt another presence yet again.
He turned around and was greeted by a mature and beautiful woman. She wore a silky dress that showed her shoulders well. Her hair was styled up to make herself look as rich as rich could be, while in one of her hands she held a wine glass that swirled round and round with little effort on her part.
"Mother…You’re also-"
"Don’t talk to me." His mother said.
Satsujin was interrupted by the swiping of her hand, her claws tearing through his skin like paper. He was knocked to the ground, his cheek bleeding. The pain was enough for him to start tearing up, but both his parents were the least of his problems.
When he looked to his right, he saw his brother kneeling on the ground, a bag over his head, and one of the taller guys standing above him, holding a mallet primarily used for pounding mochi. His brother struggled to move because his arms and legs were bound with ropes.
"No…No, what are you doing to him?" Satsujin asked. "Let him go. Please, let him go! He’s done nothing wrong!"
His father let out a laugh, while his mother took a small sip of wine, looking at the man with the mallet and spoke,
"Do your thing already." She said.
"No! NO!!!" Satsujin shouted, he tried to get up but his body was weak. He could only watch as the man lifted the mallet up into the sky, casting a shadow in the moonlight. His father's laughter filled his ears as he screamed in desperation at the sight of him.
Before the mallet could strike, Satsujin was suddenly pulled out of the nightmare by Satsuki and Satsugrim. The gateway to the sequence tried to pull him back using root-like hands, but Satsuki used her bat to crush them into nothing but paste.
"Augh! Gross!" Satsuki said. "I’ll need to clean Ruthless later after all of this."
Satsujin breathed heavily, but began to slow down when he realized he was back in his own subconscious, where it was safe. He looked up, seeing Satsugrim holding a hand out to help him up. He gladly took that hand and stood back up.
"Thanks for pulling me out. I didn’t think that-"
And then Satsugrim punched him across the face, knocking him down.
"Satsugrim!" Satsuki shouted.
"You… Fucking idiot!" Satsugrim shouted. He reached back down to pull Satsujin back using his shirt, forcing Satsujin to stare right into his half-broken mask. "Not only did you ignore my advice, not run away when you should’ve run, and willingly surrender, but now we can’t even use our abilities because of your inept behavior. And for what exactly!?"
Satsujin looked back at Satsugrim, still feeling afraid due to the mist. He could see the level of anger his more negative variant showed, and he can’t help but feel he was right.
"I just...wanted to protect someone," said Satsujin.
"Oh, of course." Satsugrim said in a harsh tone. He shoved Satsujin away from him as he tried to keep his balance. "I guess it was worth giving up all of our powers and skills so you could save the woman who lured all of us into a trap… You’re more incompetent than her right now."
Satsujin wanted to argue, fight back, say something to make his variant shut up. But he can't because he has nothing to say to demonstrate that what he did was worthwhile. He led everyone into a trap, got them all captured, and when they were close to victory, he screwed up in the end.
"Okay, fine. You’re right." Satsujin said. "I fucked up. Is that all you want to hear?"
"Oh wow, you’re actually admitting it." Satsugrim felt a little surprised. "But it’s too late now, Satsujin. We can’t go back after this."
"Well what do you expect me to do then? It’s not my fault that you and everyone else expect me to be perfect."
"Guys, c’mon already!" Satsuki shouted. "What happened to no fighting/bickering? We need to think of a solution that could help us get out of this situation."
"Oh, you got any bright ideas, Miss ‘Swing and a Hit’? Because I am all… all… all…" Satsugrim's tone changed from sarcastic to fearful. Satsuki and Satsujin were puzzled as they both wondered what caused his mannerisms to change.
"Huh? What is it now? Why did you get so quiet?" Satsuki asked.
Satsugrim’s hand was shakily raised to point forward behind Satsuki. Both she and Satsujin turned around to look at where Satsugrim was pointing. And they both turned baffled.
They saw a figure walk towards them, wearing a classy black suit normally worn at formal events. Their hair was well-combed and styled in a fancy manner. He had both of his hands in his pockets, strolling towards the three while a trail of a purple, glitchy essence trailed behind him on the ground. He wore a purple-oni mask on his face, covering up his identity, but as soon as everyone saw him, he took out one of his hands and removed the mask.
Everyone was shocked when they saw who it was. He had the same face as Satsujin, with the exception that there were no scars around his eyes, and instead of red and blue heterochromatic eyes, they were both a vibrant shade of purple.
"No…No. No no no no no nononononononononononono." Satsugrim said in a panicked tone. "We got to move. Now… NOW!!!" He grabbed both Satsuki and Satsujin, pulling them as he tried to make them move.
"Hey! What is going on!? Who is that guy?" Satsujin said.
"He’s the reason I don’t have my eyes! We can’t stay here! We gotta move now!!!" Satsugrim said.
"What? I'm not going to flee like you, Grim!" Satsuki said, yanking her arm away from Satsugrim. "If he's a threat, then we should deal with him!"
"Wait! No!!!" Satsugrim said.
But Satsuki didn’t listen. She ran right over to the purple-eyed man with her baseball bat. She got close enough to where she could swing it right at him, intending to bash his brains out. However-
She fell to the ground, dropping her bat, and lay there, blood seeping out from the bullet wound she received from the man’s gun, which he had in his other pocket.
"Satsuki!" Satsujin said. "We gotta help her!!!" He tried to pull away from Satsugrim.
"Again with this shit!? The last time you helped someone we lost our powers, we gotta move!"
"I don’t care! I can’t leave her! You can if you want!"
"I can’t! You’re supposed to be the main host! If you fall, then he gets to take back control!"
"Who even is he!?"
The man who had been standing far away from them suddenly appeared in front of them, a casual smile on his face and his eyes glaring down at both variants of Satsujin. Both of them froze in terror, their legs paralyzed by terror. In a desperate attempt, Satsugrim threw Satsujin away from him with as much strength as he could, then proceeded to pull out his severed blade to attack the threat. But the threat blocked the attack using the hilt of his gun, putting in little effort to hold him back.
"Grim! What are you-"
"Just fucking go already!" Satsugrim shouted.
Those words were apparently enough for Satsujin to finally understand the situation. He turned around and began to run as quickly as he could while Satsugrim held back the menace for as long as possible. He ran as far as he could, running for what felt like miles, yet never seemingly running out of breath.
"Damn it Grim! The one time you decide to not act so cowardly." Satsujin told himself. "What do I even do now? I can’t use my abilities, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go."
A bullet shot him in the leg. He fell to the ground, wincing from the immense pain he was feeling.
"Auuugh!!! It hurts!!! Why does it hurt so much!?" Satsujin yelled. He figured he could try and pull out the bullet from his leg, but he didn’t know how he could do that. Instead he watched the figure who he believed he ran away from now walking towards him, dragging behind Satsuki and Satsugrim using what looked to be strings made of the same essence that trailed behind him.
He crawled away, trying to get back up, but he shot his other leg in response, making it so he could no longer run. Satsujin yelled in pain, desperate for a way out.
"W-wait!!! Please… Why are you doing this?" Satsujin said. "Aren’t you supposed to be me or something? We’re supposed to work together!"
The figure continued to remain silent. He walked up to Satsujin, pulling him up with ease, and forced him to make eye contact. Satsujin remained terrified of the person, knowing he could not do anything.
"Who…are you even?" He asked.
And finally, the figure spoke.
"...I’m you… Or rather, you’re me… Dai Kensei."
And then it happened. Satsujin felt a flourish of corruption energy flow right into him. He started to scream sporadically, both internally and externally.
Back in the real world, Satsujin was glitching out, his body twitching and writhing like someone who had a seizure. His screams filled up the room, his form changing to become more and more unrecognizable as if he were a sprite in a game that had been horribly altered to be nothing like how it should look.
And then, it stopped. Satsujin’s form changed back to how he was before he became a vengeful spirit, back into being a full-blooded human, as he collapsed to the ground, his eyes no longer red and blue, not even a bright pink and purple, or even blue and red. They were completely white, lacking any color whatsoever.
Efena was a little shocked at first, seeing Satsujin react in such a way. But her shock turned to laughter, laughter that became more hysterical in a matter of seconds. She laughed as though she truly believed she had won.
"HAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAA!!! Oh…Inco. To think you had planned this far… I knew you wouldn’t let someone like him be." She said, wiping away tears from her face. "You always…always find a way."
Reaching in her dress, she pulled out PB’s deactivated form that she got from Ko, smiling with bliss. "Now all we need is the cube and die and then-"
Her moment was interrupted when she felt a bullet hit her, albeit a weak one. She looked over, seeing Yukari having regained some of her strength now, as she stood up with a look of frustration and hatred, struggling to move but having enough energy to act if she needed to.
"Oh, yes. I forgot about you for a moment. You’re still regaining your energy though, so you’re not going to be much of a threat, are you?" Efena said.
Yukari stepped forward, waddling back and forth while breathing wearily. She didn’t say anything, instead only focused on walking towards the Goddess of Fear. But a root she didn’t see caused her to trip over, falling to the ground. She struggled to push herself back up while Efena continued to laugh.
"Look at you, trying to stand up like a newborn deer. Maybe I should spray you with some of my mist to help." Efena relocated some of her roots to Yukari's position. But before she could spray out more of her mist, she was sucker-punched hard across the face.
Yukari blinked. One second Efena was standing all triumphant and stoic, the next a blinding light zipped right at her and struck the woman across the face. She stumbled but kept her feet on the ground. Efena checked her face, feeling the lingering pain of a punch left on her.
"What?" She said. She then checked her other hand, realizing that PB was gone. "Wait… Where’s the plate!?"
Just then, a blinding light reappeared in the room, erasing the darkness. A figure stood in between Yukari and Efena, shrouded in light. The Goddess of Fear’s eyes widened, filled with mixed emotions of fear and anger, seeing the figure holding PB in their hands.
"...You…It’s you…" Efena said.
"...Who are you?" Yukari said with a raspy voice.
The figure looked back at Yukari, "Can you still use your powers right now?"
Yukari was confused by their request. She had regained some of her energy so she should be able to open up a gap. "I should, but why do you ask?"
As if right on cue, the room started to shake, tremendously. It was as though something was shaking the entire mansion, affecting Yukari, Efena, and also the figure shrouded in light.
Deep beneath the mansion, Demise was somewhere close to where the basement was located, using his powers to affect the surrounding rock and dirt by creating vibrations equivalent to that of high-magnitude earthquakes. He hummed to himself, wondering how long it would take for the mansion to collapse. Because while the mansion can handle many types of weather and disasters, a magnitude-10 earthquake is not one of them.
The mansion began to crack, the pillars that supported it began to break and collapse, rooms shattered, and debris fell. It was only a matter of time before the entire mansion was demolished. Efena, attempting to avoid getting hit, had a chunk of the ceiling collapse on top of her, knocking her out easily.
"W-w-what is going on?" Yukari said, trying not to be thrown to the ground.
"Crap!!! Crap! crap! crap!" The figure of light said. "Quick! Make one of those gaps and help me get everyone out to safety! Now!!!"
Yukari listened to the person, and they mustered the energy needed to make a small gap that was big enough for one person to enter at a time. The figure then moved to grab everyone one by one, moving fast, but not too fast over towards the gap and threw them in. Sumireko, Rumia, Cirno, Ko, Gummy, Shanghai, Mary, Satsujin, Suika, and Meiling were all carried into the portal. It was an easy task due to them all being entranced by the effects of the Fear Mist. They also tossed PB through the gap portal.
Once everyone was sent to safety, Yukari moved to enter herself. But was struck on the head however, and passed out immediately.
"Oh no." The figure said, watching the gap slowly close. They knew they had to go help, reaching over to Yukari so they could bring her over to the gap before it was too late. But before they could even touch her, their wristwatch began to beep loudly.
"What!? No, are you kidding me!?" The figure said with both shock and annoyance. "How is saving her going to distort the timeline!?"
They wanted to complain and ignore the warning. But with their knowledge of how the space-time continuum worked, they could not take that risk. Instead, they were forced to flee, zipping out of the mansion at light speed moments before it completely collapsed with Yukari, Efena, and whoever else had resided inside.
The Scarlet Devil Mansion, home to people of various ethnicities and origins, a place where they could spend their peaceful days like family…Was now nothing but wreckage.
To be continued in ACT 2-7: Dwell Blind Upon the Siren's Song
On a scale of 1-5 Backstabs, how would you rate this?
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2023.03.25 03:22 Kadxnnn 2 Months Loc’d! (First style: Barrel Twists)

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2023.03.25 03:22 Blursed-Penguin No Rest for the Wicked 20



In keeping with the long-standing tradition of militaries around the world to never actually finish doing anything, the end of the initial invasion of Omen was declared on that day. Not the end of hostilities, nor of combat, nor even of major combat operations. The end of the initial invasion. The backs of their forces on-world had been broken, but they were far from done fighting.

Darren wasn’t too enthused.

The order to scramble came just as he finished unloading crates of supplies from the newest freighter into the system. Sighing, he grabbed his rifle and ran for the hangar deck of the Bunker Hill, donning his armor on the way. The Dark Sparrow sat fueling on the deck, about half of the platoon already aboard. Once on himself, Darren learned the circumstances of what had happened.

A number of servicemen had gone rogue while on duty in Omen’s capital, holing up in a building and detonating a canister of chlorine gas. Dozens of civilians were already dead, and they had warded off all attempts by military police to apprehend them.

“Brainwashed?” Darren turned to Pavlov.

“Yeah, definitely.” Pavlov said, consulting a flash card containing the signs of Poslushi neuroforming. It had been noticed that the brainwashed had an eerie calm about them, but were otherwise hard to detect, being nearly identical to their prior selves. Darren wondered when the government would stop panicking about national security and declassify the whole thing about brainwashing.

The helicopter lifted off the ground and started the somewhat short flight towards the capital, apparently named High Unlerin. It was already visible on the horizon; for a major city, it wasn’t very large. Then, Darren saw that it actually blended into the surrounding forest, concrete and metal fading into lumber and dirt roads. The city center was built in the flowy, vibrant style of the Poslushi; the previous had probably been demolished to make room. However, the Poslushi were far more regular in their construction than the Ovinis, making the Rangers’ jobs easier.

Poslushi cities were built in a honeycomb style, which made them horrendous for automobile traffic but otherwise efficient for saving space. It made sense, considering the Poslushi had no wheeled vehicles, using nimble, legged machines in the place of cars. Each city “block” was its own building, constructed in a rough spire shape, sometimes with a statue or similar art piece to top the towers.

This particular one was bright blue, with a structure composed of multiple parts that stretched upward and melded together like wisps of flame. However, it was partially obscured at the ground level by a cloud of sickly yellow-green gas, and a multitude of dark, limp forms lay strewn about. The whole block had been cordoned off, with barriers and hazard-suited guards abound.

“Jesus. Why would they kill their own citizens?” Pavlov mused, gazing down at the numerous corpses below.

“My best guess is scorched earth or maybe trying to induce some sort of terrorism to make our jobs harder.” Simmons proposed, shrugging.

“Well, it isn’t anything we can’t solve with a little bit of elbow grease and judicious application of firepower. Nothing like 8.5mm to dissuade the bad guys, eh?” Sparrow remarked.

“Nothing indeed.” Darren said. The helicopter hovered over the building, its doors sliding open and the lights on the roof flashing green.

“Go, go, go!” Pavlov barked, donning his gas mask and leaping from the Dark Sparrow. The rest followed shortly after, Darren’s heart leaping into his throat before his jetpack kicked on and sent him gently drifting into the asphalt. The gas mask was hot and not well-ventilated, but it was better than the water in his lungs turning to hydrochloric acid and dissolving him from the inside out. At least it wasn’t VX or some equally-terrible nerve agent.

Darren loaded and primed his rifle, finding the rest of his platoon and regrouping. Once gathered, they split up into their combat teams, spreading out to cover all entrances to the building. Darren, Pavlov, and Simmons went to the south doors, while two six-man teams breached the other, more heavily-trapped entrances. Darren ran his hands over the door, checking for anything that could indicate a trap or mine. Nothing.

Cringing, he mustered his courage and ripped the door open, expecting the entrance to explode. It didn’t, somehow. Darren leaned over, rifle brandished–

Thwip. A bullet whizzed past Darren’s head, the shot sounding a fraction of a second later. Yelping, Darren ducked back behind the doorframe as Pavlov discharged a shot from his grenade launcher. The shell exploded in a burst of light and sound, and Darren entered shortly afterward, setting his sights upon the blinded shooter and firing twice. The soldier staggered back, then collapsed. Darren methodically advanced down the hallway, keeping an eye to each side in case someone emerged from there.

This place was quiet. Too quiet. Their intel showed that there were at least a dozen rogue men in this building, but where were the gunshots as the other two teams encountered their own enemies? Surely they wouldn’t guard one entrance and abandon the others?

“Hey, there’s a note.” Pavlov said, stooping down to grab a small, lightly-bloodstained piece of paper from the ground next to the corpse. Darren kept an eye out as he started to read.

To the esteemed units of the United States Armed Forces, or whomever else may find this,

My name is Sgt. Philip Halloway, and I am most likely dead. I am alone within this building; it has been arranged for the numbers to be bungled to increase the urgency of your response. I have chosen to hasten my exit from this world by firing a warning shot; if I had intended to hit you, you would not be reading this. Don’t worry about me. I’ve nothing left to lose anyways, and I’ve chosen this task for myself.

The events of the last few years, namely the Contact Wars and the recent outbreak of hostilities with the Poslushi, have left many embittered, including me. You may know us as the Mankind Defense Home Guard, or the MDHG for simplicity’s sake. You will most likely hear more from us in the coming time.

“The hell does that mean?” Pavlov squinted at the text.

“Go on, keep going.” Darren urged him.

First things first, we do not believe that humankind holds any special place in the cosmos, that we are any form of “master race,” or the like. For that, contact any of the dozens of nationalist, jingoist, or downright neo-Nazi groups out there, to which you will find us far preferable. However, that is not to say that we do not believe the alien to be an existential threat to our way of life and/or survival as a species. Like any threat, they are to be neutralized with efficiency and without sentimentality, up to and including the great taboo of genocide, should it become unfortunately necessary.

This unsavory act was an important step in the preparation of mankind for a thousand more crimes like this, done so that no greater atrocity need be committed. Think of this as sowing salt in the fields of war. One day, you’ll thank us for our insight when your children walk the stars freely and without fear, and violence is an evil long forgotten.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: Check my chest. No secret keeps forever.

Darren inspected the vest of the dead soldier, the blood-drenched graphene augmented with a strange pouch not present on the standard-issue model. Inside was… oh, no.

A tiny webcam, a little red light on its side blinking, probably still broadcasting. And it had heard Halloway’s entire speech. Darren picked it up and clicked a button on its backside twice to switch it off. Then, he activated his radio.

“Platoon, we might want to relay this to command. Looks like we just participated in one hell of a publicity stunt.”

“Director Hoover? We’ve got a Colonel Jasper here to talk to you. It seems important.”

“Send him in.” the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency spoke into the phone. The door to his office creaked open and a hulking soldier entered, in his old dress blues, his chest festooned with medals of all kinds. He had an imperious, authoritative air about him, but it was not something the head of the most feared intelligence organization in the world would let sway him.

“Director Hoover.” Colonel Jasper saluted.

“Colonel, you mind telling us precisely what your underling was doing gassing a number of civilians on Omen? You’re lucky we found you before the Hague did.”

“The perpetrator undertook this action on his own and with no intervention from us, even if we were mentioned. We don’t control what people do in their downtime.” Jasper shrugged.

“Well, you should, if they’re going to do this. We’ve been trying to establish good relations with the populace and your little maverick’s just set us back severely. You had better hope he acted alone, or your group’s going on the list we use for terrorists. And you don’t want to be on that list, no matter how tough you think you are.”

“If you’re trying to intimidate me, it won’t work.” Jasper said, narrowing his eyes and leaning over the desk. “I’ve fought in the Anathema Encounter, what makes you think I’ll–”

You will not mention that incident!” the Director shouted, slamming his palms on the desk and standing up. Supposedly, Director Hoover was one of the foremost “agents of regime correction” in the service before his appointment, and Jasper could see the killer in him as he postured himself almost predatorily. Then, he collected himself and spoke with measured calm.

“It’s bad enough that you know about Anathema. Do what you must, if you believe that you can rally the people to your cause. But the moment we find any evidence that you ordered this, you’re going away for a long time. And if you so much as say a word about Anathema to anyone, you’ll be in a blacksite before the week’s out. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Jasper sighed. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now leave. Next time, I’m not going to be nice.”

Hell on Earth wasn’t a really accurate way to describe war. War was a lot worse. In Hell, things were uniformly terrible, and no one was there without cause. In war, things got better just long enough to leave one complacent when they got worse, and it was filled with people caught inside by plain bad luck.

These notions were unknown to the United States Air Force. From so high up and so far away, war was impersonal. You didn’t have to look the man you shot in the eye. No scream of terror, no keening of anguish could carry twenty kilometers into the air, after all.

The bomber squadron was near-serene as it shot over the landscape of Omen. The only sound was the consistent whine of jet engines and the occasional peal of thunder from storms that appeared on the horizon in a flash and vanished as quickly as they came. The blackness of space was readily visible above.

The remainders of the Poslushi garrison had long since seen the settlements of the planet as a lost cause, retiring to the hamlets of the forests to continue the fight. It was a shame; many of the airmen had been looking forward to a tropical paradise to vacation in.

The pilot of the B-60 in the lead turned to the weapons systems officer. “Get ready to drop the payload.” the WSO nodded, tapping a set of buttons on his control console. In the bomb bay, the electric fuses of the dozen bombs activated simultaneously. All the while, the bomber shrieked towards its target at Mach 6.

Three hundred kilometers out, the squadron dispersed, each bomber flying to its own target. There was no longer any worry of enemy interception to be had; the brave pilots of the Bunker Hill had all but annihilated the already small air forces of the garrison.

A minute later, they were within two hundred kilometers. Hypersonic aircraft were, true to their name, rather fast.

“Drop our speed and pop open the bomb bay.” the navigator ordered. Rapidly, the aircraft descended to Mach 3, the great doors in the plane’s belly sliding open. If they opened the bay doors while at cruising speed, the immense change in air resistance could tear the bomber apart. Still, it was moving fast, far too quick for the manually-aimed Poslushi air defenses to track.

“Three… two… drop.” the pilot counted. Nodding, the WSO pressed a button and the payload began falling from the plane at regular intervals. One bomb every two seconds, a dozen bombs total, leaving a trail of falling bombs twenty-four kilometers long. The payload plummeted towards the ground for a few short seconds, and then the tiny explosive charges in the casings detonated, blowing the bombs apart and leaving in their place a whirlwind of swirling, falling papers. Written in the language of the Ovinis, they were a warning, telling any civilians in the area to vacate immediately before the worst happened.

It was no empty threat. Twenty-four hours later, they would repeat this route with a far different payload. The Poslushi would also do well to heed their words, because this time they would be carrying napalm bombs, and a lot more than twelve of them.

War was not hell. It was far worse. However, mankind knew how to make war seem like hell, more literally than not in some cases.

(AN: Forgot to celebrate #10, so let's celebrate #20! Woo! Anyways, I don't exactly like war, as you can see. However, it makes exploring the consequences of a fictional war quite interesting. Just wait until things really start to escalate!

Love 'ya!)
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2023.03.25 03:15 CrunchyKurls I couldn't pass up the sale

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2023.03.25 02:47 JRGTheConlanger CADR 8: Co-owners

It's time for Cake at Stake!


Eliminated contestants, whichever one of you got the most votes will rejoin on Sapphire's team, whose members are impatiently waiting over there

The prize for rejoining is a single saltine

You all got at lease 2 votes

Yay! ^w^

With 2 votes are Pail, KB and Key. None of you come back

Oh no

*zip zip zip*

It's down to Chance or Wonder rejoining. They're tied at 3 votes each, so we need a tie breaker

*rolls a die* Odd rolled, so Chance is the last person to be sent back to the VB


The VB seems LARGER now

We recently enlarged the VB, so it has 30 slots instead of just 6

Anyway, welcome back to CADR, Wonder!

>w< Yay! New team!

You are the final 18, and that means something CRUCIAL

We are entering a NEW STAGE in the battle!

Sky, do you realize that your team is about half the size of Sapphire's team?

Yes, why?

We'll rearrange into 3 teams of 6. The first step is that your team has to ditch two members

Guys, who can we do without?

OwO meow?

Well FB doesn't contribute much to us, and frankly neither did I. Come over, FB!


Sky, Boltie, Enby, PS, SSP and UB, choose your name

Easy, we're the Clowder

As for my team, you'll split in two, and co-own your clong's further development

Who's on my alliance now?

Me of course .w.

Can I also join?

Sure you can, 10B


We'll also take FB, and the two mechanical minds; Alarmy and AV

Now decide on team captains

I'm still the captain for my team. What about you guys?

I guess I'm a captain now

Alright, time for you both to name yourselves

Sapphire, 10B, Alarmy, AV, FB and Luckie, choose your name

Since we've kept the mechanical mind contestants, I think our team name should be Mechanical Minds! Sounds alright?

It's MORE than alright!

Then that's your team name. Cosmos, Lock, Roomba, Soap, Sticker and Wonder, choose your name

Ooh! Ooh! I wanna be the Mechanical Minds too!

Roomba, NO! The others are ALREADY the Mechanical minds! We have to be SOMETHING ELSE!

Then your team is Something Else


Let's go over our current teams:


This also marks the start of the BFDI style team switching antics

In this stage, there's still only two clongs, with the Minds and the Elses sharing their lang's development between them

Each team only has six lines of dev time each, and each team's additions will be compared among themselves to determine the ranks at the end of each episode

We get it, let's just move onto clonging!

For this episode, the order teams will go is Something Else, The Clowder, Mechanical Minds

For future episodes, the ranks of the previous episode will just be inverted to get the turn order of the next one

Anyway, clonging begins in 3, 2, 1, GO!

So we're two teams co-owning our still unnamed clong

I guess we'll dev the case affixes first

O^O We have cases?

[15] LOCK

NOM: -n * ABS: -m * ERG: -r CON: -k GEN: -s DAT: -t LOC: -l ABL: -p INS: -y COM: -ñ TOP: -w VOC: -h * The Nominative is only marked on Inanimate nouns, and the Absolutive is only marked on Animate nouns Animate nouns in the Nominative and Inanimate nouns in the Absolutive both lack case suffixes, i.e. they take -Ø 

Ok, nice

It's up to the Mechanical Minds to pick up the tab from here

[12] ENBY
Where were we again?

[11] PS
I presume it's time for us to gloss the diatribe ourselves

First gloss the pronouns present, then apply those single phoneme particles, and some other finer wording tweaks

[9] SKY
A sprinkle of vocab we need, and...

AF -obviously AP -appeal FI -to finish FO -viewer IP -episode KI -1P KN -to gross out NI -to read ON -understand OT -ordinal number marker PA -by PFNP -BFLP SI -3P ST -to start TN -try 




[8] UB

[7] SSP
UwU *purr*

As Cosmos's team said, we now flesh out the verb affixes... OH GOD, NOT THE THE VERB AFFIXES! NO!!

[5] 10B
Easy .w.

1P..: -m* 2P..: -s 3P..: -y* 12P.: -n 13P.: -k 23P.: -t 123P: -l * 1P is default for the subject slot and 3P for the object slot, so in those cases, suffix -Ø instead IMPR: -h PERF: -ë INDC: -Ø SUBJ: -ñ CAUS: -w ACT: -Ø PAS: -p ANP: -r 

[4] AV
Then we shove all of those affixes into our gloss of the diatribe?

Yes, OF COURSE that's our next step!

m-r NEG understand-h appeal-k BFLP

first-r episode-r read-ë-ñ-n start-y-ë try-h-ñ disgust-y-h-ñ viewer-m Ø-y

obvious-ë m-Ø NEG read-ë

[2] FB
Now our clong is FINALLY starting to ACTUALLY take shape!

Yeah, I agree!

And time's up

Ok, I find it hard to believe myself that the Clowder already finished Hyper Feline. Does that mean they win?

Yeah, I guess they DO win after all of that effort put in over the last half-a-dozen episodes. Who should give the final rank verdict?

You do it


The Clowder, you're team number winner, you'll be receiving a new member next episode

Mechanical Minds, you're team number middle, you neither win nor lose

And that means Something Else falls into last place, they are today's losers

Ugh, [@]

Don't get me wrong, what your team did wasn't bad at all, it's just not as impressive by comparison, thus your team being up for elimination

Ok, fine!
submitted by JRGTheConlanger to ObjectShows [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:45 H_V_Hart [In Progress] [70k] [Historical Fantasy] Working title: Jack be Nimble

Looking to swap about 50k words / 15 chapters with someone, preferably in a similar genre or tense use to compare and contrast styles. I write in the omniscient first person, present tense.
Looking for pacing feedback / keeping readers' interest. Also looking for title feedback; my friend said my working title is "too cheesy."
Here's a sample:
“Be safe, mijo.”
A woman stands on her tiptoes to take down her son’s metal helmet.
The boy manages a soft smile as he leans lower so she can better reach him, a pack slung across his back and tall rifle at attention just behind his shoulder.
“I will, Mama,” he replies.
The woman forces a smile in return as she holds her son’s helmet against her chest, her eyes flitting to the barrel of the gun, to the canister carrying the issued gas mask. When her breath catches on the worry building in her throat, she looks away, instead focusing on the grays of her boy’s German uniform looking rather brown under the flickering candlelight. She reaches up to smooth his wild curls of hair before placing a kiss to his forehead. Her baby is dressed for war.
Though the boy’s springtime green eyes remain on his mother’s face, trying to remember every detail—the way her lips curl into a tearful smile, how her waves of her dark hair are streaked with gray, her brown eyes bent with worry—his arms demand his focus. Even a moment of passing weakness and he’d run to wrap himself around her, feeling all the security and warmth in the world as she embraced him in return.
But he can’t do that. He can’t be that. Not anymore.
He isn’t a child anymore, he keeps telling himself. He’s a soldier. And a soldier can’t need that, because a soldier can’t have that. Not when the guns start firing and the men start yelling. There will be no mothers on the battlefield to kiss his forehead and tend to his wounds and that’s something he needs to get used to.
The woman draws away, taking one long look at what has become of her baby. He’s so… grown—a spitting image of his father, uniform and all. She only prays her son won’t meet the same fate as him.
He can’t. He mustn’t.
She takes in a much needed deep breath, not letting a drop slip from her eyes as she places an arm around the younger boy clinging to her side.
“Give your brother a hug, Friedrich,” she whispers to her second son, a soft hand urging him forward.
The smaller of the boys finds it hard to move.
First Papa, now Hugo, he thinks.
Hugo can see it in his brother’s eyes, the way they hold onto the precipice of tears like water roiling behind a dam. Though he’s dressed for war, he kneels down to his little brother’s level, the metal canteen of his supply pack clinking as he moves, offering open arms and a small smile.
The younger boy’s lips curl into a pout, his face contorting as his levees break open, pouring down his pink cheeks. He throws himself into his brother’s arms, his loud sobs muffled by the fabric of the uniform.
Three long years, the war’s been going on.
It just isn’t fair.
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2023.03.25 02:00 FreestyleFootwear Men's Casual Shoe Styles - The Big Six

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2023.03.25 01:19 sodomy 35 [M4F] Georgetown/Washington DC/Surrounding areas - Dominant Social Chameleon ISO stimuli

An author's note: Please read this post in it's entirety before you message me, I've added a follow up to answer most of the basic questions I've been asked over the last 3 years since I started posting my AD.
All my previous iterations were mostly about what role I could fulfill; and while this mostly still is true, walking amongst the elites the last week has opened my eyes... I'm looking for a complacent trophy to put on full display. Arriving to this city I already had a deep... Passion for power, governance; and just over all domination -- Washington DC fulfills my lust, and thirst for both political power, and monetary gain. Now I want, not need an adequate toy to share this experience with. Before I was playing conservatively; not anymore,
I've allowed my ego to rampant and on auto-pilot; thus far everything is according to design.
I'm as amoral as they come; I will eviscerate my way to the top of the governmental, and corporate ladder(s). I'm a retired hacker that has realized my full potential is being squandered away, so I'll begin to kick in the doors of 3 letter agencies until recruit me; or I die trying.
I've come to the conclusion that you need to make an impression with these sort of things, so I'm going to just let my words flow freely. So here we go:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175, could stand to lose a few lbs to get my abs back.
Eyes: Brown eyes.
Hair: Long curly brown hair (think Slash Rose's illegitimate son.)
Race: White.
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban.)
Languages: Spanish, English, Sign-language.
Profession: Network Engineer in NW DC.
Religion: Agnostic.
A little about me:
I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh did I mention that I'm a sadist, and that I'm utterly insane?
I've been called a silver tongued devil; Quick witted, charismatic, with just the right amount of sarcasm.
Hobbies: Not being bored, it's a lot harder than it sounds. I enjoy learning/conversing about The Universe/space, science, and technology. I was quite nomadic in my 20s, having visited two different countries, lived in over 17 states, visited over 38.
Music: I'm more of a rhythm of the beat type of person vs. lyrics, but generally I've found myself to enjoy electronica. Definitely like a lot 80s synth pop, but again, this is just the preference, not really against the rest of the genres.
Shows: Billions, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Board Walk Empire, Billions, Rome, Deadwood, Halt and Catch Fire, The Sopranos, South Park, Mad Men, Dexter,
Movies: Beetlejuice, Brain Scan, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,
"What are you looking for?"
Well I can encompass a Master, a Dominant, or a Daddy, so it's really what can I provide for you?1
"How is such a thing possible?" Antisocial Personality Disorder (3.4 for those interested.)
"Why was it necessary to mention that?" To give credence as to how I can, and have been all aspects of Dominance.
"Monogamy or polyamory?" Favoritism towards polyamory, but seeing as it's rare to find multiple partners that allow me to explore my more sadistic side without tension, and/or drama, I'd go with monogamy if the individual allowed me to be depraved.
Preference in the following order: Slave, submissive, little (I will explain further below.)
Kinks: Sadism, TPE, CNC, bondage, degradation, humiliation, knife play, rope play, rape/abduction play, choking, impact play, spanking, hair pulling (I think you get the idea by now, there are still far more, here's a more comprehensive list.)
Experience: 15+ years.

So about that whole preference thing, as I am on the ASPD spectrum I'm capable of fulfilling whatever role(s) are required of me to get what I want. So let me explain further, I'm openly telling you far ahead of time that I lack emotions and empathy, with the hopes that me giving you the illusion of whatever it is you require, will be met with reciprocation of the kinks we can agree upon. This is where the waters get muddied for little's, I can definitely treat you like the princess you want to be, without all the douche-baggery you'll deal with as people tugging at your heart strings. Plenty of people around here pretend to be Daddies and will leave you absolutely heartbroken. Tired of games? Tired of bullshit? Well here's someone willing to give you all the care, attention, and affection you desire without any hassles.
"Why would you want to be a Daddy Dom given your lack of emotions, and empathy?"
I am a social chameleon. I've been perfecting my art for the majority of my life, I like the challenge. I like to learn people and, give them what they want with the idea that I get what I want in the end, it's called a social transaction. I know what respect is, and I believe I need to write a little about this. Once we've discussed clear limits, and terms, they shall not be crossed, it's counter productive for me to lose my play thing(s). I can be fiercely territorial of all my possessions, that includes the individual(s) I'm involved with, what is mine will be protected, whether you're a slave, a submissive, or a little.If you want someone to completely treat you like trash, I'm more than willingly to oblige, if you need a savior and a protector, well I can do that too. I'm able to encompass what is required; a means to an end.
"What are you looking for in a submissive?" I'd like it to extend outside of the bedroom, but if it doesn't, whatever, I'm not going to repeat myself, so hopefully you've read this in it's entirety.
"What are you looking for in a slave?" Mostly aesthetics, and objectification. Of course I'd expect loyalty, servitude, and there's a plethora more, but I don't feel I need to be too descriptive on this part.
Now that I've written a fucking novel about myself, let's get to you....
Age: I prefer them younger (18+) , but have dated women as old as 45; generally if I find you attractive, I won't care.
Height: the shorter the better, but I've dated women taller than myself, not a deal breaker.
Weight: I'd like someone on the smaller side, a few extra pounds will be acceptable, but no one overweight please, just not my thing.
I will list things below in order of preference, not necessarily a disqualifier. (This is only opinion, not a rating system.)
Race: White, but as long as I'm attracted I won't care, I don't discriminate.
Ethnicity: N/A read above.
Language(s): The more the merrier, accents are a huge plus, whether a southern drawl, or other.
Religion: I'm completely open to allowing you to practice whatever you'd like, just don't expect me to participate; I can be respectful of your beliefs, as long as you're respectful of mine, I am a man of science, The Universe is my religion (so to speak.)
Eyes: Blue, green, hazel, brown (If you have Heterochromia iridum you move to the front of the line, I like mutations.)
Hair: The longer the better, no preference as to style, as for color: I prefer true blondes, redheads, dirty blondes, and then brown.
Tattoos: Sure, whatever, as long as it's not overwhelming or flat out tacky, in this day in age it's harder to find someone with none, so as the trend follows above.
Piercings: Depends, some people can pull off septum piercings, but I personally dislike them, so if it compliments your facial features, sure why not. But there is definitely a breaking point where it becomes overwhelming and you just look like Hellraiser.
Education: Strong preference towards educated women, this does not necessarily mean academics, open to all.
Profession: No preference, but I do tend to like women in psychology (I have my reasons.)
Personality: If I have to learn "your" pronouns, or apologize for my "white male privilege" you can fuck right off; I don't care about politics.
Children: Strong preference in favor of not having them, unless we never intend to meet, or you don't expect a level of commitment from me to them, then I don't readily care, non-factor. To explain a tad bit, it isn't that I can't, I just would rather not raise children, I have too many plans in life that children would derail, maybe later.
If you're interested in communicating further, I prefer talking on these platforms and in this order: Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit Chat\, Skype, Kik,* open to other forms of contact.
\Reddit Chat isn't the same thing as their mailing system, just an FYI.*
Go ahead and shoot me a message, I'm waiting.

An update:
Well just to filter some things out, since I get this so many times... I will not be putting a big editorial process to this update(I say this now, after already re-reading, and editing a minimum of 5 times; I'm a slave to my own perfectionism,) so if you mostly have questions about me, ASPD, and things of the like, read this before you message me.

While I absolute love to talk about myself because I'm just such a narcissistic-hedonist, I also do get bored of repeating myself, even if it is a new person. As such read everything in it's entirety before you message me, as I'm going to entertain less, and less messages about me, and not what I'm seeking, I'd rather focus on only replying to potential partners, and absolutely nothing else, that being said if anything I have not covered in this update, or post still burns an answer from you, by all means message me.

"Were you formally diagnosed?"
I get asked about this A LOT, I'm not going to go into very many details, suffice it to say, yes, but it's been labeled as a misdiagnosis, all you need to know is I score high, and I do the things you'd expect, the pyromania, the violence that is actually associated at early age, the works, I'm not comfortable giving you more beyond that, and I will not be entertaining questions about my personal life, maybe a partner could ask me those questions, but I'm not letting you in my head, that's my game, not the other way around :).
Please do your own research beyond this point, it's borderline laziness how often I keep getting asked about this.

"Why are you so open about it(ASPD)?"
Isn't it obvious? A lot of you can't fathom why someone with ASPD would just openly come out, and admit to people, well I guess I really should've brushed up on this when I first made my post, or at least go into a far more descriptive detail than I had originally, so here goes:

If I'm ever to lead a sort of a long term relationship based on trust, and honesty, just how in the HELL do you expect me to explain this to you ever so casually? It's best to show your cards in the beginning, this is my own baggage, or some form there of.

There's two reasons I'm choosing to do this online, and vehemently under anonymity; 99% of you will be irrelevant to me, 99% of you will never meet me, it's just that simple, ergo why wouldn't I just preface my entire description as such, and as brutally honest as possible? Secondly I do not want a partner whom I need to continue to wear a mask for, I want to be me, the real me, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What I find the most is women that fetishize the entire ordeal, that's all fine and dandy, but it does show just a lack of understanding about what APSD is as a whole, and to be perfectly blunt, you're wasting my time, I don't need to feed into your lonely thrill romance you spun in your head from watching true crime dramas. More often than not, this what happens, spare us the role-playing, I'm just not that bored.

One clear distinction I'd like to make, so I can stop getting asked about it, we DO have empathy, it's just not how YOU experience empathy. Think of a light switch, by default most of the population's is on, ours is off by default, and furthermore we have the ability to turn it on, and off. Yes, it is that simple, yes we use it for manipulation, now stop asking me about this, it's boring to repeat this.

Boredom, rage. This is what I'm capable of in the dark, empathy off. I'm constantly seeking stimuli, if you notice by actually looking through my posts, I've moved a ton of times, and always national parks... New atmosphere, new adventures, new dangers, you know, the shit that gets your heart pumping, adrenaline. This is my favorite drug, this is the high I constantly chase to kill the boredom. Rage is just self explanatory, my defaults are animalistic.
I am fully capable of experiencing all emotions, it's just for the most part, because I don't want do, I don't allow myself to.

For the longest time I told myself who cares if I burn bridges in my wake, I'm building a highway in its place. Mostly still true, and I absolutely use it on a daily basis for survival, I must stress, and emphasize survival, here is why; I'm human, like the rest of you, what do you do on a daily basis, if not find means, and ways to survive, and entertain yourself? I know no other way other than to use people to my advantage, I minimize the damage where I can, and move about my daily existence, guilt, and worry free about doing any wrong, an argument could be made that we all use each other in some weight, or capacity, and that's good enough for me.

I'm sure by now you're probably wondering what the hell any of that has to do with anything, it's simple if the point flew over your head, again. I'm tired of manipulating people, using them, abusing them, discarding them, I didn't grow a conscious I'm not "growing" as a person, but much more likely, I'm just bored of the routine, or the process, which has become the symphony of my life.

I by no means ever want to experience this love you all chase like Alice clumsily falling down the rabbit hole. I've seen it so much in my life it's downright pathetic, and I actually feel bad for those of you that have such strong emotions, see empaths. You're slaves to these emotions, you let people use and manipulate you, you've been hurt, and had your heart ripped from your chest, and it feels like you no longer have purpose, lacking direction, and meaning in life. I merely know this from generally observing humans for most of my natural born life. I'm more than happy to remain the way I have always been, and never wish to experience emotions in the way you do, I find it to be an advantage, one I can apply to more important things in life, like the pursuit of knowledge.

I hope the psych nerds will now stop asking me these questions, I've paid my dues.

My preferences, are just that, a list of my preferences, at no point in any of my writing did I say I was prejudice between one thing, or that I show favoritism. I merely made a chart listing some of the attributes that I myself, personally find to be significant to me, but that isn't to say, or detract from other things. It's the equivalent of asking me if I prefer Metallica, or Megadeth; well I'm going to say I prefer one over the other, but I enjoy both, and the genre as a whole, the genre being women in this case. I enjoy women for my own personal entertainment, and amusement -- which makes it all the more hilarious to me when I get called a misogynist.
so please spare me all your comments, and messages telling me that it's so "intimidating", if my post intimidates you, what can I really even begin to say about that? It doesn't sound like we'd be compatible, or much less you'd be able to accept me as a person, in any case this is a personal issue.

"You Need Help!"
I know what the help is, they just remind you repeatedly that your actions have consequences, they do not prescribe a medication for this, just therapy, and I know enough already to check myself, it really is that easy.
"To My Adoring Fans"
You call me an edge-lord, cringe, and a wide range of inane insults, that truly don't phase me, since I get a lot of these messages, I thought I'd give you my rebuttal; just so you know I sleep naked so that anyone that doesn't like me, can kiss my ass - feel free to visit anytime!
P.S.S: I now operate, function, and walk amongst the elite of the nation; I see my kind everywhere, this is what Rome must of felt like in it's heyday; Cicero you clever bastard... I bid you all adieu -- and depart with this:
{"Το σύμπαν είναι αλλαγή. η ζωή μας είναι αυτό που την κάνουν οι σκέψεις μας.";}
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2023.03.25 00:37 G0merPyle 34TF4F demisexual transbian in Charlotte NC looking for friends or more

I'm a turbo nerd, and introvert, been on HRT since last August (already feeling much better about myself but I have so far to go still), and I have a big dumb gay heart. I have a ton of hobbies (cars, motorcycles, anime, sci-fi, synthwave, heavy metal, model building, etc) and love picking up new ones. My style is somewhere between pastel goth and librarian (I have some recent pictures on my profile if you want to see what I look like), I don't think I'm all that passable but last time I used the men's room I got kicked out, so I must be doing something right.
I'm looking for someone to hang out with, not all that interested in long distance, ideally someone within a few hours so there's a chance we could meet up at some point (so like NC, SC, GA, and VA area). I don't drink or smoke but don't have a problem if you do. I'm strictly monogamous, I've been in poly relationships before and they sucked, I'm not up for trying again. Also I'm demisexual, meaning I am not at all interested in emotionless sex, if you're looking for a hookup you'll probably be disappointed. I need to build an emotional connection first before I'd be interested. But then again when I fall for someone I fall hard and fast (does this count as an innuendo?) so maybe it all balances out.
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2023.03.25 00:35 G0merPyle 34 [TF4F] demisexual transbian in Charlotte NC looking for friends or more

I'm a turbo nerd, and introvert, been on HRT since last August (already feeling much better about myself but I have so far to go still), and I have a big dumb gay heart. I have a ton of hobbies (cars, motorcycles, anime, sci-fi, synthwave, heavy metal, model building, etc) and love picking up new ones. My style is somewhere between pastel goth and librarian (I have some recent pictures on my profile if you want to see what I look like), I don't think I'm all that passable but last time I used the men's room I got kicked out, so I must be doing something right.
I'm looking for someone to hang out with, not all that interested in long distance, ideally someone within a few hours so there's a chance we could meet up at some point (so like NC, SC, GA, and VA area). I don't drink or smoke but don't have a problem if you do. I'm strictly monogamous, I've been in poly relationships before and they sucked, I'm not up for trying again. Also I'm demisexual, meaning I am not at all interested in emotionless sex, if you're looking for a hookup you'll probably be disappointed. I need to build an emotional connection first before I'd be interested. But then again when I fall for someone I fall hard and fast (does this count as an innuendo?) so maybe it all balances out.
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2023.03.25 00:33 G0merPyle 34 [TF4TF] demisexual transbian in Charlotte NC, looking for friends or more

I'm a turbo nerd, and introvert, been on HRT since last August (already feeling much better about myself but I have so far to go still), and I have a big dumb gay heart. I have a ton of hobbies (cars, motorcycles, anime, sci-fi, synthwave, heavy metal, model building, etc) and love picking up new ones. My style is somewhere between pastel goth and librarian (I have some recent pictures on my profile if you want to see what I look like), I don't think I'm all that passable but last time I used the men's room I got kicked out, so I must be doing something right.
I'm looking for someone to hang out with, not all that interested in long distance, ideally someone within a few hours so there's a chance we could meet up at some point (so like NC, SC, GA, and VA area). I don't drink or smoke but don't have a problem if you do. I'm strictly monogamous, I've been in poly relationships before and they sucked, I'm not up for trying again. Also I'm demisexual, meaning I am not at all interested in emotionless sex, if you're looking for a hookup you'll probably be disappointed. I need to build an emotional connection first before I'd be interested. But then again when I fall for someone I fall hard and fast (does this count as an innuendo?) so maybe it all balances out.
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2023.03.25 00:31 TwoWheelMountaineer Short lengths?

Is lulu discontinuing 9in pace breaks? The shorts seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Is this the new style? Pretty soon the mens and women’s will be the same.
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