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/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Please submit links to how-to pages and videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing pieces you made for us to admire, or help you finish.

2023.03.25 05:56 ObviousGazelle Ultimate bug out vehicle: What's your preference for this? Cheap gas sipper with maximum range, 4x4, SUV, station wagon???

There are many routes you can go. I am mechanically inclined to a great extreme and I'm looking at building a custom land Rover discovery, just for a daily but also set up for overlanding with deep forwarding capabilities from a snorkel and some other prep. Planning on installing the safari rack, 4 sided lighting, and at least a 10/11/12 meter radio set but preferably an old all channel shortwave capable unit. Possibly digital like an SDR unit for listening at least. Then I plan on getting a small RV camper like the ones with a van front end and overhang above the cab and having it the main set up that can be pre positioned in a secluded spot when SHTF. As for the specs, it's an 02 land Rover discovery with 120,000 that's perfect inside and out, with the artic package (heated wire in window and mirror glass). I'm putting a Chevy 6.0 LS in it with some aftermarket mods, making about 450hp so plenty of grunt to tow an extra large load if need be. All the creature comforts on board and you can find these trucks CHEAP and easy to fix. One of the last capable and upgradeable 4x4's. It helps I used to work for Land Rover dealerships.
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2023.03.25 05:55 Legal_Fortune_4261 My baby’s father just passed away

I found out my baby’s father passed away today. He was a in a car crash and the car ended up catching on fire. Investigators said he was driving very fast and was maybe under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he was found at 3am today. I can’t help but feel so much regret, him and I have always had a rocky relationship. He wasn’t the best person to me, he abused me a lot, emotionally, verbally and physically. Even though I’m completely distraught and for our daughter (she’s 2 years old)I also felt liberated. I felt like I was a prisoner to him for the past three years and now I feel free. Yeah I feel so fucking sad, terrible, angry, and I’m pretty sure I’m still shock but I do feel a sense of relief. Should I feel bad for feeling that way?
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2023.03.25 05:54 BurgerBro4242 [Cageland] LOE SEC HANDBOOK PAGE VAC TIME

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2023.03.25 05:53 throwra-INGFIL AITA for not telling my girlfriend's f23 dad that I'm m22 not actually gay?

I grew up in a single mom household. My dad left after my youngest sister was born for a young woman 1/2 his age. I have 4 sisters. I'm the only male. Two older two younger. When I met my future girlfriend, I was in middle school. Ages at the time old to young
sisters 18f,16f,6f, and 4f.
I'm 13
gf is 13
My mom worked all the time, and I usually spent all my time with my sisters and taking care of them. This led me to be comfortable around women and engage in "girl talk" and other girly things.
In middle school, I became friends with about 8 different girls, with me being the only guy in the group. This was the way until high school. We would hang out both in and outside of school. they would invite me to houses and birthdays. None of the other parents cared. The first time I went over to my now girlfriend's house, one of our friends joked about me being "like their gay best friend and is ine if the girls." They all knew I wasn't, but her dad just assumed I was gay. He never let any guys stay over or for the night. But i was the exception. Because I wasn't in to girls.
Fast forward to high school, and I am still 100% straight and started dating my GF. He let me stay the night we had fun under the covers often.
Her parents went through a divorce, and her dad moved 2 hours away. By this time, her mom loves me and knows we are dating.
Well, last month, I decided to ask for permission from her family to ask for her had in marriage. It was important to my GF. Her mom said yes. But her dad got angry.
He said I had lied to him, and he was disappointed in me/us for not telling him. He just assumed we were best friends. I don't do PDA when he is around out of respect. No one has ever said I wasn't into women he just assumed because I'm "more intuned to my feminine side." We don't post anything on social media about romance. The signs were always there he just didn't see it. And we didn't draw it out for him. In the end, he said if it made (GF) happy then he wouldn't stop us. (Is that a yes?) He still won't look me in the eye or talk directly to me.
TLDR; GFs dad thought I was gay but was just raised surrounded by girls. Got mad we lied to him even though no one said I was gay.
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2023.03.25 05:51 ooohfauxfox Does anyone else feel like they're faking it?

I'm pretty sure I'm currently in the midst of an exacerbation, given my sudden, extreme fatigue and difficulty walking for the past 4 days. Yet I feel like I can't trust myself, like I'm just not trying hard enough to walk correctly, or that I'm just depressed and don't know it, and that's why I want to do nothing but sleep all the time.
I'm sure that being accused of being a hypochondriac by many people or being called lazy for my chronic fatigue prior to my diagnosis creates this distrust in myself. Or maybe how my dad said I was "faking it" the last time I had a flair and the doctor helped me get back to the car because of the severe clonus I was experiencing. But I can't shake this feeling that I'm making this up or overexaggerating my symptoms.
I can't be the only one out there who feels like this, right?
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2023.03.25 05:51 alexiacat25 3DS games with beginner- to intermediate-level Japanese for immersion?

As the Nintendo 3ds eshop is closing soon on the 27th, I am making my final round of purchases on it. I have a Japanese 3ds and am looking for game suggestions, and I figured this is a great opportunity to get some Japanese content with which I can be immersed in the language. What are some good (and preferably cheap) games I can get from the eShop? I already bought Monster Hunter Stories while it was on sale, and for some reason my US region cartridge of Yoshi's New Island plays in Japanese on the console (it is homebrewed), so I already have those two options, as well as my Pokemon games as most of these play in multiple languages. Will probably be buying Rune Factory 4 on cartridge some time in the future as well (I am a fan of the series).
TL;DR: What are some good games on the Japanese 3DS eShop besides Yoshi's New Island, Monster Hunter Stories, Rune Factory 4, and Pokemon games, that I can play for immersion in the language, but might not be too difficult to understand such as containing tons of kanji? (Recommendations containing loads of Kanji are welcome too I guess!)
*My Japanese 3ds is the Old model so games like Xenoblade that only run on the New ones won't work.
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2023.03.25 05:50 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 In Just 6 Weeks, We’ll Show You How To Grow And Scale Your Pay Per Lead Agency

What You Get in The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0:

Week 1 – Lay The Foundations and Get Started

First and foremost, we’ll go over your goals for The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint as well as some general housekeeping.
Please don’t skip the housekeeping! It includes important information about the Mastermind community as well as the weekly Q&A calls.
We’ll also go over some “ground rules” for course participation. If you follow these guidelines, you should have no problems.

Week 2 – Landing a Client and Know Thy Customer

This week is all about selling and understanding your niche/offer.
It’s time to get to know your niche and its target audience inside and out. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Building your agency website
  • LinkedIn and Facebook organic outreach
  • Direct mail outreach
  • Paid advertising
  • Cold email
  • Closing the deal and how to get paid
  • Knowing your offer
  • Customer Avatars and Empathy Maps
  • How to gather and assess the market

Week 3 – Building Your Lead Generation Funnels

This week will focus on three major topics:

  • Hooks
  • Funnels
  • Lead delivery
Week three also delves into copywriting. As previously stated, this includes writing hooks and longer-form content such as advertorials. Here’s a complete list of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Lead gen versus 1-2-1 selling
  • Different ways to generate leads with Unbounce
  • Spitballing and figuring out your hooks
  • Building a quiz
  • GTM basics and HotJar
  • Our different funnels – dummy car finance campaign
  • How to embed a LeadsHook quiz and pull through data to a results page
  • Writing an advertorial
  • Lead capture and lead distribution
  • Privacy Policies, cookies and GDPR
  • Unbounce tips and tricks
  • Data validation

Week 4 – Paid Advertising and Getting Started

It’s now time to start running ads, generating leads, and making money.
In this module, we’ll cover:

  • Where to start
  • Tracking
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Twitter ads

Week 5 – Advanced Lead Generation

This week will be more difficult. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along easily.

Week 6 – Growing Your Agency

This is the course’s final module, and it teaches you how to scale your agency.
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2023.03.25 05:49 Yogurt-Chicken Why tho??

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2023.03.25 05:48 abginapril Not sure if I should buy a new mobo or try to flash my bios a bunch (budget build)

I have a ryzen 1600x, gtx 3070, 750w psu, 4x8gb ddr4 3200 cl16, and an ab350 pro4 asrock mobo. I'm also super poor atm.
There was a sale recently for a bundled 5600x and 2x8gb ddr4 and a game, which I bought for C$250. The 5600x has a lower tdp than the 1600x so it's fine power-wise, but I've mixed feelings over whether I should upg the mobo or not.
The cheapest mobo (I think) that fit my reqs (lots of usb, sata, 1 nvme, 5xxx compat oob) was Asus' B550 Plus at C$180 after tax. I expect I'll be able to sell the game for ~$30, the ram for $40, and there's listings for my old mobo at $100-120 on ebay, so probably like $75 after fees if it even goes for that much. I'd probably try to sell it local. With that in mind, I'm not sure if I should flash the bios because the directions make it seem like I have to flash sequentially in order (it's v3.4 atm) and it's just really confusing.
User will not able to flash previous BIOS once upgrading to this BIOS version.
This worries me too like if I mess up while upgrading, I won't be able to downgrade to something that works? But if it works then I don't have to fork out $180 for a new board... but then again if I sell all the stuff I don't need it's maybe $40-60 for a new board? So I'm not sure it's worth the risk of trying to flash it and brick it.
If I flash it myself, would the order be: 3.4, "all in 1 amd driver", 5.4, 5.8, 7.0, 7.4, swap cpu to 5600x, L8? Unsure if "ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven, Summit or Bristol Ridge CPU is being used on your system" means it won't work entirely, or will work but crappily? Bc I don't think I can swap the 5600x in until 7.4 but it starts giving that warning at 6.0.
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2023.03.25 05:47 susie_slightly_boozy How do you validate rental contract with Avis?

I’ve recently signed up for Avis locality program and I did my 2nd rental via their App/portal. I rented standard SUV with ALI and no CDW.
When I was picking up a car, they offered me to chose between two cars and didn’t say anything else and just told me I’m good to go.
2 days later I got a notification from my Credit Cars about new charge made by Avis. I called Avis and office desk said that it was an up-sale charge because they gave me a next tier car. I argued that no one told me anything about up-sale at the time of pick up and they promised to refund it when I return the car.
Now, I’m looking at the rental contract on the Avis app and it says I’ve declined ALI (liability insurance). I found my original reservation statement where I was charged money for ALI. I’m gonna call them tomorrow and argue about that as well.
But, what should have I done to avoid this bullshit? The guy at the front desk didn’t show me any agreement nor asked to sign anything because I rented via Avis App and everything was prepaid.
Is Avis known for its shady practices? Should I switch to another car rental company?
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2023.03.25 05:46 sweetbuttah Thyroidectomy

Hi everyone, I’ve had TED for about 4 months and have every symptoms under the Sun. The onset was very rapid. I’m having a total thyroidectomy for Graves’ disease at the end of April and I was wondering, did anyone get relief from TED symptoms after they got their thyroid removed?
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2023.03.25 05:46 Scary_Worldliness_25 Help!! 2015 Ford Taurus SEL. No power to engine and code P0305

Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need help. I have 2015 Ford Taurus SEL (it is a push to start idk if that matters) with just under 136K on it. A week ago I went to start my car, all the lights came and the radio (battery is a year old) but no power to my engine. I go to start it again, same thing happens. I try one more time, but this time I press the gas while starting, the car finally started. I took it for a drive, it seemed to be running fine. I park the car and turn it off for a little while, I go to start it again, it started without help but was obviously struggling to do so. While I was driving back home my check engine light came on. The next morning, I started my car and it started with no problem, I drove to work without issue and the check engine light went off. All weekend my car was fine. Until Monday, it was struggling to start and stay on unless I pressed the gas, it started having a very rough idle and very shaky while at slow speeds (under 45 MPH) 5 minutes into driving the check engine light came back on. Luckily I work next to a diesel mechanic, he was nice enough to hook up my car, gave me the codes and some idea of what the problem could be. I got code P0305. The mechanic said it might be a spark plug or coil. My regular mechanic couldn’t take my car for another week so I called different local shop that is suppose to be better than the one I go to. I tell the lady that answered what code I’m getting and it might to a spark plug or coil but I don’t know for sure, could they look at it? They tell me to drop it off Friday. I drop my car off today, they call me around 2pm with the first of many red flags. One she was in such a rush because she was leaving for the day that I could barely ask a question. She said my car is all set…. I was shocked since they didn’t call before doing any repairs, letting me the issues they found or give an estimate for the repairs. I’ve never had this happen before. She said they changed ONE spark plug, a coil and turned off the check engine light. I was confused and slightly annoyed, usually you’d change all the spark plugs at once, now when another one goes out I need to pay 130$ in labor cost. She also told me some gasket is starting to leak, not bad yet but I should start thinking about replacing it. I tried asking some questions but got told my mechanic would answer that when I got there. I asked for the total for the repairs made today, she didn’t have a total…She had to call me back, she calls back the total is 300$ (A little much for one spark plug and a coil I was expecting all my spark plugs to be changed for that price since I was quoted less than that from my regular mechanic if the spark plugs were the issue, but I let it go, because there are different shops.) I also asked why they only changed one spark plug changed. she was getting annoyed by my questions but told me the mechanic said the gaps weren’t bad on the other ones. I get to the shop at 2:30, the mechanic who worked on my car had also left for the day and the mechanic ringing me out legitimately couldn’t answer a single question I asked. I should have pushed harder for answers! I start my car and it still didn’t seem to have the normal amount of power but the idle was fine. I thought about going back in and saying something wasn’t right but I told myself I was being paranoid. I get home park my car for an hour, go to leave and the car doesn’t start again unless I press the gas!!!!!!! No check engine light yet but I haven’t drove it after the bad start up. I honestly don’t think they even looked at my car and just changed the parts out that I said might be the issue. That is not what I asked for! I’m certain they didn’t drive my car to check it out, I realized when I got back in my car I didn’t need to adjust my seat, I’m 4’11 there’s no way they drove my car without adjusting anything and they would have felt my engine is clearly not getting enough power until you press the gas. So I have few questions, obviously the spark plug and coil wasn’t the issue, so what could be causing the lack of power to my engine? My next question is what can I do about this shop charging me but not fixing the problem? I’m calling Monday to complain but now I don’t have the money to pay for the repair that I need to actually fix my car. I’m a single mom 300$ is a lot of money to be out of. Sorry for the long post. I’m very upset and just want to know what’s wrong with my car.
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2023.03.25 05:45 zRaiz3r Having crashes when leaving interiors

Crash Logs
Skyrim SSE v1.6.640
CrashLoggerSSE v1-8-0-0 Feb 1 2023 00:20:05

Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FF6EBE4E187 SkyrimSE.exe+110E187 lock inc dword ptr [rax+0x08]

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home v10.0.22621 CPU: GenuineIntel 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700F GPU #1: Nvidia GA106 \[GeForce RTX 3060 Lite Hash Rate\] GPU #2: Microsoft Basic Render Driver PHYSICAL MEMORY: 14.07 GB/31.86 GB 

\[ 0\] 0x7FF6EBE4E187 SkyrimSE.exe+110E187 -> 90352+0x27 lock inc dword ptr \[rax+0x08\] \[ 1\] 0x7FF6EBE9A9B0 SkyrimSE.exe+115A9B0 -> 91672+0x40 mov eax, \[rdi+0x04\] \[ 2\] 0x7FF6EBE9C275 SkyrimSE.exe+115C275 -> 91717+0x305 inc edi \[ 3\] 0x7FF6EBE9BADC SkyrimSE.exe+115BADC -> 91713+0x24C mov rcx, rsi \[ 4\] 0x7FF6EB1F27A6 SkyrimSE.exe+04B27A6 -> 31483+0xA6 movzx esi, al \[ 5\] 0x7FF6EBE507E8 SkyrimSE.exe+11107E8 -> 90396+0x128 movzx esi, al \[ 6\] 0x7FF6EBE8B858 SkyrimSE.exe+114B858 -> 91414+0x148 cmp byte ptr \[rdi+0x88\], 0x00 \[ 7\] 0x7FF6EB9B594B SkyrimSE.exe+0C7594B -> 69617+0xCB cmp \[rbx+0x08\], r14b \[ 8\] 0x7FF6EB9B5A76 SkyrimSE.exe+0C75A76 -> 69620+0x16 mov rcx, rbx \[ 9\] 0x7FF821A926BD KERNEL32.DLL+00126BD \[10\] 0x7FF8233CA9F8 ntdll.dll+005A9F8 

RAX 0x4000000007 (size\_t) \[274877906951\] RCX 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] RDX 0x22C82BE6E58 (TESTopicInfo\*) File: "Skyrim.esm" Flags: 0x00000009 kDestructible kInitialized FormID: 0x000E30E0 FormType: Info (76) RBX 0x22CE282BCB0 (void\*) RSP 0xBB7E2FF7B0 (void\*) RBP 0xBB7E2FF920 (void\*) RSI 0x22CE282AC80 (void\*) RDI 0x22C82BE6E58 (TESTopicInfo\*) File: "Skyrim.esm" Flags: 0x00000009 kDestructible kInitialized FormID: 0x000E30E0 FormType: Info (76) R8 0x4A (size\_t) \[74\] R9 0x38 (size\_t) \[56\] R10 0x80 (size\_t) \[128\] R11 0x22CC5DEB448 (void\*) R12 0x701 (size\_t) \[1793\] R13 0x7FF6EC35A2B8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+161A2B8 mov eax, 0xF6EC1B5F) R14 0xBB7E2FFA78 (BSPathBuilder\*) R15 0x22C82BE6E58 (TESTopicInfo\*) File: "Skyrim.esm" Flags: 0x00000009 kDestructible kInitialized FormID: 0x000E30E0 FormType: Info (76) 

\[RSP+0 \] 0xFFFFFFFF00000000 (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744069414584320 int: -4294967296\] \[RSP+8 \] 0xC72DBC2A00000038 (size\_t) \[uint: 14352334476074287160 int: -4094409597635264456\] \[RSP+10 \] 0x7FF600000070 (size\_t) \[140694538682480\] \[RSP+18 \] 0x7FF6EC35A2B8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+161A2B8 mov eax, 0xF6EC1B5F) \[RSP+20 \] 0x22CE282BCB0 (void\*) \[RSP+28 \] 0x7FF6EBE9A9B0 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+115A9B0 mov eax, \[rdi+0x04\]) \[RSP+30 \] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+38 \] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+40 \] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+48 \] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+50 \] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+58 \] 0x38 (size\_t) \[56\] \[RSP+60 \] 0x48 (size\_t) \[72\] \[RSP+68 \] 0x7FF6EBE9C275 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+115C275 inc edi) \[RSP+70 \] 0x22CE282BCB0 (void\*) \[RSP+78 \] 0x7FF6EC456E30 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+1716E30 rol ch, 0x1E) \[RSP+80 \] 0x22C82BC2BB8 (PathingDoor\*) \[RSP+88 \] 0xBB7E2FF830 (void\*) \[RSP+90 \] 0x22C88EAE958 (void\*) \[RSP+98 \] 0x22C82B201F8 (void\*) \[RSP+A0 \] 0xBB7E2FF860 (void\*) \[RSP+A8 \] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+B0 \] 0x22D79282FF0 (ScrapHeap\*) \[RSP+B8 \] 0x22DD0530CB0 (void\*) \[RSP+C0 \] 0x22C00000080 (size\_t) \[2388001816704\] \[RSP+C8 \] 0x7FF60000005A (size\_t) \[140694538682458\] \[RSP+D0 \] 0x22D79282FF0 (ScrapHeap\*) \[RSP+D8 \] 0x22DD05310C0 (void\*) \[RSP+E0 \] 0xBB00000080 (size\_t) \[803158884480\] \[RSP+E8 \] 0x22D00000059 (size\_t) \[2392296783961\] \[RSP+F0 \] 0x22C82CB0510 (PathingLockData\*) \[RSP+F8 \] 0x7FF6EC35A2B8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+161A2B8 mov eax, 0xF6EC1B5F) \[RSP+100\] 0x22C88F189A8 (void\*) \[RSP+108\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+110\] 0xC72DBC2A46B5B78B (size\_t) \[uint: 14352334477260601227 int: -4094409596448950389\] \[RSP+118\] 0x7FF6C10413CD (size\_t) \[140697776952269\] \[RSP+120\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+128\] 0x22C87C5D518 (void\*) \[RSP+130\] 0x22C884C7050 (PathingCell\*) \[RSP+138\] 0x22C0000FFFF (size\_t) \[2388001882111\] \[RSP+140\] 0xC3B4331CC37A57B2 (size\_t) \[uint: 14101952531835541426 int: -4344791541874010190\] \[RSP+148\] 0x7FF637000000 (size\_t) \[140695461429248\] \[RSP+150\] 0x22C82BD75A8 (void\*) \[RSP+158\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+160\] 0x22C88BDFF38 (PathingCell\*) \[RSP+168\] 0x22C0001FFFF (size\_t) \[2388001947647\] \[RSP+170\] 0x22C88EAE958 (void\*) \[RSP+178\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+180\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+188\] 0x7FF6EB1D8FD3 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+0498FD3 mov rcx, rax) \[RSP+190\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+198\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1C0\] 0xA5E9A03C (size\_t) \[2783551548\] \[RSP+1C8\] 0x7FF6EBE9B724 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+115B724 add rsp, 0x38) \[RSP+1D0\] 0x22D79282920 (void\*) \[RSP+1D8\] 0x22C82BD75A8 (void\*) \[RSP+1E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+1E8\] 0x768 (size\_t) \[1896\] \[RSP+1F0\] 0x22C88EAE958 (void\*) \[RSP+1F8\] 0xBB7E2FFA78 (BSPathBuilder\*) \[RSP+200\] 0x22C82B201F8 (void\*) \[RSP+208\] 0x7FF6EBE9BADC (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+115BADC mov rcx, rsi) \[RSP+210\] 0x1 (size\_t) \[1\] \[RSP+218\] 0x4E (size\_t) \[78\] \[RSP+220\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+228\] 0x22C82CB0510 (PathingLockData\*) \[RSP+230\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+238\] 0x7FF6EC6280F8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+18E80F8 xor dh, al) \[RSP+240\] 0x4280000043340000 (size\_t) \[4791830004649689088\] \[RSP+248\] 0xBBFF7FFFFF (size\_t) \[807445463039\] \[RSP+250\] 0x7FF6EC6280F8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+18E80F8 xor dh, al) \[RSP+258\] 0x4280000043340000 (size\_t) \[4791830004649689088\] \[RSP+260\] 0xBBFF7FFFFF (size\_t) \[807445463039\] \[RSP+268\] 0x22D79282920 (void\*) \[RSP+270\] 0x22C89440FF0 (void\*) \[RSP+278\] 0xBB7E2FFAE0 (void\*) \[RSP+280\] 0x768 (size\_t) \[1896\] \[RSP+288\] 0xFFFFFFFF (size\_t) \[4294967295\] \[RSP+290\] 0x22C89440FF0 (void\*) \[RSP+298\] 0x7FF6EB1F27A6 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+04B27A6 movzx esi, al) \[RSP+2A0\] 0xBB0000004E (size\_t) \[803158884430\] \[RSP+2A8\] 0x22C88EAE900 (PathingRequest\*) \[RSP+2B0\] 0x22D79282920 (void\*) \[RSP+2B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+2C0\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+2C8\] 0x7FF6EC62E108 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+18EE108 ) \[RSP+2D0\] 0x22C88EAE900 (PathingRequest\*) \[RSP+2D8\] 0x22C88F189A0 (void\*) \[RSP+2E0\] 0x22D79282FF0 (ScrapHeap\*) \[RSP+2E8\] 0x7FF6EB985400 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+0C45400 fwait) \[RSP+2F0\] 0x22C89440FF8 (void\*) \[RSP+2F8\] 0x7FF6EDCE8C98 (AutoRegisterPathBuilderFactory\*) \[RSP+300\] 0xFFFFFF00 (size\_t) \[4294967040\] \[RSP+308\] 0x7FF6EBE507E8 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+11107E8 movzx esi, al) \[RSP+310\] 0x4E (size\_t) \[78\] \[RSP+318\] 0x22C88EAE900 (PathingRequest\*) \[RSP+320\] 0xBB7E2FFAE0 (void\*) \[RSP+328\] 0x22C88EAE900 (PathingRequest\*) \[RSP+330\] 0x22C88F189A0 (void\*) \[RSP+338\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+340\] 0x22D79283088 (char\*) "N" \[RSP+348\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+350\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+358\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+360\] 0x22C89440FC0 (PathingTaskData\*) \[RSP+368\] 0xFFFFFFFF (size\_t) \[4294967295\] \[RSP+370\] 0xBB7E2FFBB9 (void\*) \[RSP+378\] 0x7FF6EBE8B858 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+114B858 cmp byte ptr \[rdi+0x88\], 0x00) \[RSP+380\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+388\] 0x22C20C75C5E (size\_t) \[2388551752798\] \[RSP+390\] 0x22CDBB6F090 (void\*) \[RSP+398\] 0x22C0000004E (size\_t) \[2388001816654\] \[RSP+3A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+3A8\] 0x22C88F19130 (void\*) \[RSP+3B0\] 0x22C00000000 (size\_t) \[2388001816576\] \[RSP+3B8\] 0x7FF8233C5193 (void\* -> ntdll.dll+0055193 mov ebx, eax) \[RSP+3C0\] 0x22CD78F3830 (void\*) \[RSP+3C8\] 0x7FF820AC9C2E (void\* -> KERNELBASE.dll+0039C2E nop \[rax+rax\*1\], eax) \[RSP+3D0\] 0x2 (size\_t) \[2\] \[RSP+3D8\] 0x7FF6EDE072B0 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+30C72B0 ) \[RSP+3E0\] 0x1 (size\_t) \[1\] \[RSP+3E8\] 0x7FF820ADA0CD (void\* -> KERNELBASE.dll+004A0CD nop \[rax+rax\*1\], eax) \[RSP+3F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+3F8\] 0x22D79283088 (char\*) "N" \[RSP+400\] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (size\_t) \[uint: 18446744073709551614 int: -2\] \[RSP+408\] 0x22C00000001 (size\_t) \[2388001816577\] \[RSP+410\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+418\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+420\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+428\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+430\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+438\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+440\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+448\] 0x22C8153E140 (BSWin32TaskletGroupData\*) \[RSP+450\] 0x7FF6EDDEB600 (BSWin32TaskletManager\*) \[RSP+458\] 0x22C89440FC0 (PathingTaskData\*) \[RSP+460\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+468\] 0x7FF6EB9B594B (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+0C7594B cmp \[rbx+0x08\], r14b) \[RSP+470\] 0x22C8936C200 (void\*) \[RSP+478\] 0x22C00000002 (size\_t) \[2388001816578\] \[RSP+480\] 0x22C88F189A0 (void\*) \[RSP+488\] 0x7FF6EDDEB600 (BSWin32TaskletManager\*) \[RSP+490\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+498\] 0x7FF6EB9B5A76 (void\* -> SkyrimSE.exe+0C75A76 mov rcx, rbx) \[RSP+4A0\] 0x7FF6EDDEB600 (BSWin32TaskletManager\*) \[RSP+4A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4C8\] 0x7FF821A926BD (void\* -> KERNEL32.DLL+00126BD mov ecx, eax) \[RSP+4D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+4F8\] 0x7FF8233CA9F8 (void\* -> ntdll.dll+005A9F8 jmp 0x00007FF8233CAA19) \[RSP+500\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+508\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+510\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+518\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+520\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+528\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+530\] 0x7CBAC59C00000000 (size\_t) \[8987713280176816128\] \[RSP+538\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+540\] 0x4F0FFFFFB30 (size\_t) \[5433133628208\] \[RSP+548\] 0x7FF820BE5D20 (void\* -> KERNELBASE.dll+0155D20 mov \[rsp+0x10\], rbx) \[RSP+550\] 0xBB7E2FE8C0 (void\*) \[RSP+558\] 0xC0498BC00007FF85 (size\_t) \[uint: 13855759385332547461 int: -4590984688377004155\] \[RSP+560\] 0x7FF85C0498BC (size\_t) \[140704672422076\] \[RSP+568\] 0xBB7E2FE8C0 (void\*) \[RSP+570\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+578\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+580\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+588\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+590\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+598\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+5F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+600\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+608\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+610\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+618\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+620\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+628\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+630\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+638\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+640\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+648\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+650\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+658\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+660\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+668\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+670\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+678\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+680\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+688\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+690\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+698\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+6F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+700\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+708\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+710\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+718\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+720\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+728\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+730\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+738\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+740\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+748\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+750\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+758\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+760\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+768\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+770\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+778\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+780\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+788\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+790\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+798\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+7F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+800\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+808\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+810\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+818\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+820\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+828\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+830\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+838\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+840\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] \[RSP+848\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[0\] 

XINPUT1\_3.dll 0x000000400000 steam\_api64.dll 0x000056B40000 X3DAudio1\_7.dll 0x000056B80000 d3d11.dll 0x000180000000 SkyrimSE.exe 0x7FF6EAD40000 PriorityMod.dll 0x7FF800480000 webio.dll 0x7FF801D90000 MSVCP140.dll 0x7FF806A40000 VCRUNTIME140.dll 0x7FF808660000 Secur32.dll 0x7FF808BB0000 winmmbase.dll 0x7FF808F80000 VCRUNTIME140\_1.dll 0x7FF8090A0000 dbgcore.DLL 0x7FF8093A0000 nvwgf2umx.dll 0x7FF80A690000 fastprox.dll 0x7FF80FEF0000 Windows.UI.dll 0x7FF810BF0000 SrtCrashFix64.dll 0x7FF810E50000 inputhost.dll 0x7FF8110F0000 AUDIOSES.DLL 0x7FF8124F0000 rasadhlp.dll 0x7FF812810000 MessageBus.dll 0x7FF8131B0000 symamsi.dll 0x7FF815880000 WINMM.dll 0x7FF815930000 MSVCP140\_ATOMIC\_WAIT.dll 0x7FF815CE0000 dbghelp.dll 0x7FF8163E0000 amsi.dll 0x7FF8167D0000 wbemsvc.dll 0x7FF8167F0000 nvldumdx.dll 0x7FF8168C0000 OneCoreUAPCommonProxyStub.dll 0x7FF816AB0000 MMDevApi.dll 0x7FF8180B0000 wbemcomn.dll 0x7FF818350000 wbemprox.dll 0x7FF8188C0000 drvstore.dll 0x7FF818C10000 cryptnet.dll 0x7FF818E00000 fwpuclnt.dll 0x7FF8191D0000 dhcpcsvc.DLL 0x7FF81A080000 CoreUIComponents.dll 0x7FF81A0A0000 dhcpcsvc6.DLL 0x7FF81A410000 WINHTTP.dll 0x7FF81A750000 avrt.dll 0x7FF81A920000 VERSION.dll 0x7FF81A930000 directxdatabasehelper.dll 0x7FF81AAD0000 DINPUT8.dll 0x7FF81AE90000 D3DCOMPILER\_47.dll 0x7FF81C150000 WindowsCodecs.dll 0x7FF81C540000 d3d11.dll 0x7FF81C960000 dcomp.dll 0x7FF81D190000 CoreMessaging.dll 0x7FF81D810000 msdmo.dll 0x7FF81DB10000 apphelp.dll 0x7FF81DBE0000 WINNSI.DLL 0x7FF81DD80000 uxtheme.dll 0x7FF81DD90000 dxcore.dll 0x7FF81DEB0000 dxgi.dll 0x7FF81DEF0000 dwmapi.dll 0x7FF81E020000 resourcepolicyclient.dll 0x7FF81E360000 wintypes.dll 0x7FF81E680000 0x7FF81E7C0000 HID.DLL 0x7FF81F090000 IPHLPAPI.DLL 0x7FF81F2E0000 DNSAPI.dll 0x7FF81F350000 schannel.DLL 0x7FF81F6E0000 rsaenh.dll 0x7FF81F7E0000 kernel.appcore.dll 0x7FF81F880000 UMPDC.dll 0x7FF81F8A0000 powrprof.dll 0x7FF81F8C0000 ntmarta.dll 0x7FF81F910000 SSPICLI.DLL 0x7FF81FB40000 MSWSOCK.dll 0x7FF81FD60000 USERENV.dll 0x7FF81FE60000 CRYPTSP.dll 0x7FF81FFC0000 CRYPTBASE.DLL 0x7FF81FFE0000 wldp.dll 0x7FF820070000 NTASN1.dll 0x7FF8200F0000 ncrypt.dll 0x7FF820130000 bcrypt.dll 0x7FF820160000 devobj.dll 0x7FF820450000 CFGMGR32.dll 0x7FF8204A0000 msasn1.dll 0x7FF8204F0000 DPAPI.DLL 0x7FF820510000 profapi.dll 0x7FF8206E0000 bcryptPrimitives.dll 0x7FF8207B0000 CRYPT32.dll 0x7FF8208F0000 win32u.dll 0x7FF820A60000 KERNELBASE.dll 0x7FF820A90000 msvcp\_win.dll 0x7FF820E30000 ucrtbase.dll 0x7FF820ED0000 gdi32full.dll 0x7FF820FF0000 WINTRUST.DLL 0x7FF821110000 SHELL32.dll 0x7FF821180000 SHCORE.dll 0x7FF821970000 KERNEL32.DLL 0x7FF821A80000 clbcatq.dll 0x7FF821B50000 msvcrt.dll 0x7FF821C10000 SETUPAPI.dll 0x7FF821CC0000 sechost.dll 0x7FF822140000 PSAPI.DLL 0x7FF822240000 USER32.dll 0x7FF822250000 shlwapi.dll 0x7FF822400000 NSI.dll 0x7FF822460000 WS2\_32.dll 0x7FF822630000 OLEAUT32.dll 0x7FF8226B0000 ole32.dll 0x7FF822790000 ADVAPI32.dll 0x7FF822930000 GDI32.dll 0x7FF8229E0000 MSCTF.dll 0x7FF822B90000 IMM32.DLL 0x7FF822D70000 imagehlp.dll 0x7FF822E60000 combase.dll 0x7FF822E80000 RPCRT4.dll 0x7FF823210000 ntdll.dll 0x7FF823370000 d3dcompiler\_46e.dll 0x7FFF81D70000 gameoverlayrenderer64.dll 0x7FFF82130000 SmoothCam.dll 0x7FFF822C0000 skee64.dll 0x7FFF82430000 Precision.dll 0x7FFF83010000 po3\_SpellPerkItemDistributor.dll 0x7FFF83190000 steamclient64.dll 0x7FFF832C0000 PapyrusUtil.dll 0x7FFF8E5B0000 CrashLogger.dll 0x7FFF8E720000 BehaviorDataInjector.dll 0x7FFF8E9E0000 D3DCOMPILER\_43.dll 0x7FFF8EB40000 AnimationMotionRevolution.dll 0x7FFF90040000 d3dx9\_42.dll 0x7FFF903C0000 tier0\_s64.dll 0x7FFF90860000 skse64\_1\_6\_640.dll 0x7FFF90C50000 TrueHUD.dll 0x7FFF91220000 po3\_Tweaks.dll 0x7FFF9EF70000 SSEDisplayTweaks.dll 0x7FFFA0A50000 XAudio2\_7.dll 0x7FFFA0BA0000 nvspcap64.dll 0x7FFFC53E0000 MCMHelper.dll 0x7FFFC78A0000 vstdlib\_s64.dll 0x7FFFCB800000 ENBHelperSE.dll 0x7FFFD0A90000 ResampleDmo.DLL 0x7FFFE4720000 DSOUND.DLL 0x7FFFE47E0000 ncryptsslp.dll 0x7FFFEA450000 SSMT\_Fix.dll 0x7FFFEAB10000 DynamicAnimationReplacer.dll 0x7FFFEB0E0000 AlternateConversationCamera.dll 0x7FFFF2B00000 d3dx11\_43.dll 0x7FFFFA710000 bink2w64.dll 0x7FFFFA7C0000 textinputframework.dll 0x7FFFFD1A0000 OneCoreCommonProxyStub.dll 0x7FFFFED10000 

AlternateConversationCamera.dll AnimationMotionRevolution.dll BehaviorDataInjector.dll v0.1.3 CrashLogger.dll v1.8 DynamicAnimationReplacer.dll v1.1.3 ENBHelperSE.dll v2.2 MCMHelper.dll v1.4 PapyrusUtil.dll po3\_SpellPerkItemDistributor.dll v6.0.3.1 po3\_Tweaks.dll v1.7.5.1 Precision.dll v1.1.8 PriorityMod.dll skee64.dll SmoothCam.dll SrtCrashFix64.dll SSEDisplayTweaks.dll v0.5.12 SSMT\_Fix.dll v1.0.2 TrueHUD.dll v1.1.8 

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2023.03.25 05:44 Easy-Fail8041 Hey Folks! Wondering if there’s anyone going to anime riverside. Id so! Send me a dm would love to discuss more about maybe getting some things signed. Thanks again!

Hey Folks! Wondering if there’s anyone going to anime riverside. Id so! Send me a dm would love to discuss more about maybe getting some things signed. Thanks again! submitted by Easy-Fail8041 to funkopop [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 05:44 No-Tomorrow8686 I'm not okay

I've never been good at expressing myself or how I feel due to the stigma and outlandish nature and severity of some of my issues. But in the short 19 years I've been alive, I've never told anyone the things I've done, or the things others have done to me in an attempt to take them to my grave. But seeing as I outlived the life expectancy I imagined, I figured typing it out would allow me to let go of it and feel better because I feel horrible. So, without further stalling, I think I'll just hop into it, starting at the beginning.
When I was little, I lived a life similar to what I'm accustomed to now. Alone and fairly lonely, the few friends I had were due to being more well-adjusted or, at the very least, less fucked up. In addition, one of my friends was the child of my mother's best friend, and we were about the same age. The earliest memory I have is when I was 4 years old and something I can't remember happened. I was upset about something, and my mom left me in the room to cry while she went and played with my friend. While this situation has little relevance today, I think it's a good example of the catalyst that drove my behavior all through my life to what it is now, mainly my relationship with my mom, along with others we'll get to later.
My mother was not the nicest to me, and as I grew older, I would learn how much of an understatement that was. So skip forward a couple of years due to my memory and the irrelevancy of them to the story. Basically, I was a normal-ish kid with a few friends here and there who occasionally got in trouble, for which I almost always got my ass kicked, but who didn't? Jumping back in at around 9 years old, I was in the third grade, probably my favorite year in school due to having met my best friends and getting along with most other kids. The abuse had already taken hold at this age; I was already pretty apathetic to most feelings and never smiled. It was so noticeable that when I finally did smile, a girl at lunch pointed it out like she had seen a unicorn. But I wasn't depressed; I was just angry and didn't know how to express myself.
As a result, I got into more trouble, some of it BS, some of it not, such as my music teacher sending me to the principal for mouthing curse words while quietly talking to myself. In my defense, I wasn't talking about her; I was all the way in the back and didn't know the ambiguous individual could read lips. In fifth grade, I had a female teacher and her assistant whom I disliked because the teacher, in my opinion, was a dick and her assistant would constantly misinterpret what I said as if I were speaking Japanese. She asked me for a paper, and it being a round table, I didn't want to bend all the way across the table to slide her the paper. So I slid the paper gently across the table, and, as anticlimactic as it sounds, the paper slowly made its way to her, and she did not even attempt to grab it or stop it. Instead, she let it fall on the floor and claimed I "threw" it at her. I got sent to my homie at this point, the principal (she wasn't my biggest fan either).
These two incidents led to some of the worst ass beatings I've received at this point in my life. I would later come home to my mom, who is about 2.5 times bigger and stronger than me, and she was furious. I was punched in my chest and thrown into a stool on the ground, followed by a merciless beating with a belt, and left alone to stare at a wall, wallowing in my sadness. I think I could have handled the physical abuse, but the most damaging was the mental and verbal abuse. I would be forced to strip down to my t-shirt and underwear and stand at the door for hours. while she faked phone calls to my relatives, telling them to come get me and that I'd be leaving, before telling me to go sit down. I was constantly threatened with my life if I didn't comply, told I was a worthless "father less individual", etc. I would yell and scream so loudly that apparently our neighbors could hear it, which led to DCFS being called.
How it was explained to me was that the lady next door was crazy (even though we knew her kid, who was like 2 years younger and went to the same school), and the DCFS agent would take me away to a horrible place, a foster home. My mother told me that if that were the case, I wouldn't be placed with my other family members; nope, straight to the government. She came in my room a week before the agent to "warn" me of the dangers I might face if I snitched on her. She made me watch an hour-long documentary about people who were abused by the staff of foster homes, drilling into my head that if I ended up there, the other kids would pick on me and steal from me. That the staff would repeatedly molest (she had a weird thing with this one; I was asked about it every other day if "someone was playing with my butt" completely unprompted from 3rd to 6th grade) me and my toe would be eaten by mice as she claimed happened to my cousin (apparently he needed his toe graphed back on but I never confirmed this with him).
All of this terrified me, so when the time came to nut up or shut up, my nuts retracted back upstairs, and I most definitely shut up big time. Unable to process my emotions, they started manifesting in anger, which led to me being excluded from certain events at school like the outdoor fun day. I had to stay inside while everyone else played. The principal told me that she was going easy on me, and had she been following the rules, I'd have been expelled from elementary school already (I did get suspended though). When it came time to visit the middle school near the end of the year, I had to beg them to let me go because apparently my reputation preceded me, and the middle school principal knew who I was and asked me not to come because of my behavior. My mother had an overwhelming amount of control over my life and others that I would only learn about when I was older (she was responsible for me being in the same class as my best friend 3rd through 5th grade and making sure they served food I would eat on an out-of-state field trip so I wouldn't starve). (It's not really negative, but it sets the tone for how it would soon turn negative.)
Sixth grade rolled around, but this time I got to stay with my great-grandmother in the south. The entire time away from my mother and I improved significantly; I made a lot more friends (probably because of southern hospitality) and overall had a good time (trust me, it was an oddly cool school with equally cool teachers) except for a couple other issues that came with living with my grandma. I returned the next year to mom and a new middle school. All that progress from earlier, yeah, went straight out the window almost immediately. My anger had subsided, and what was left developed into a deep depression and resentment for people, my mom included. I thought people were worthless, making friends useless, so I went out of my way to avoid most people for the longest time. Until I succumbed to my social urges and made a few friends by avoiding the lunch room and eating in one of the science classes with some kids I had other classes with. During this time, I was reluctantly in "therapy" (I had been there since elementary, just talking to social workers, but nothing came of it until now).
Trouble would always seem to follow me; anytime a message was relayed from the school to mom, it almost guaranteed an ass beating. I would seemingly get in trouble for nothing, and my teachers would unknowingly be sending me on my way down death row to meet the executioner. Once I got in trouble for "throwing" another paper. I didn't realize we needed it and put it in the recycling, but the teacher saw it and told me to keep it, so I put it under my seat, and it fell through the bars of my chair basket while I wasn't looking, and she was mad at me for it. I also told my math teacher to "stop harassing me" because every 5 minutes she was hounding me about completing some work I had no intention of doing. That mistake was damn near fatal because, for some reason, I wasn't allowed to feel harassed, and telling my teacher that was apparently way out of pocket. I should also mention I had good grades up until I eventually began failing them.
All of this leads to more violent abuse. I was shoved into a wall, which hurt my arm so bad I needed an ice pack (and had to lie to the nurse about why I needed it). The next day, I was repeatedly hit with a broom, picked up by my collar, and slammed into walls before being thrown on the ground. The physical pain would subside in hours, but because what was done and said to me never left, I would almost always be left to sit and stare alone with my thoughts, and because of this, my mental state would degrade rapidly. Nothing else could bring me to tears like the pain of the person responsible for your entire life, who was supposed to love you unconditionally, constantly tormenting you. Her words would pierce and sting, while the same thing said to me by anyone else would roll off me like water off a duck's back.
Unable to escape the constant beratement, and depending on the severity, this would send me into suicidal spirals, and when I hit emotional rock bottom and couldn't feel any worse about myself, it was the only thing I looked forward to and all I thought about for months. When people asked me, "NT (Me), what are you going to be when you grow up?" or "NT, you're getting older. Have you thought about what you're going to do when you reach x (usually 18+) years old?" I had no idea, no answer. In my mind, living to be older than 16 seemed impossible. They were right when they said time would fly by. Back at school, the stress was getting to me. During a random game of Uno, I broke down and expressed some of my feelings, along with the fact that I was almost getting my ass beat with random objects on a weekly basis.
This ultimately led to no improvements in my life, just more people in my business. The process of them trying to help was akin to getting a law passed, full of procedures and red tape they had to follow because there was no physical evidence—I had no cuts, bruises, or wounds they could see. All they had to go on was the testimony of an emotionally disturbed preteen. They recommended I be placed in a mental hospital. I stayed after school while they called my dad to pick me up, and the car ride was silent until we arrived at the hospital. He asked, "Do you want to go in?" I said, "Yeah," and he couldn't figure out why he said I had it easy as a child. Because all I had to worry about was school and I had no bills to pay, I shouldn't have any reason to kill myself. I was essentially overreacting to him. So we went home.
Because I'm about to enter the next arc of my story. I'll share some extra fun facts that aren't directly related to the story, but I'd be remiss if I didn't. Our principal told us we had too many students for what the building was originally intended for. One day, while walking up the narrow stairs in between a crowd of kids rushing for their lockers, I was knocked over and trampled. I had at least two feet up my ass, one in my back, and one on top of my head, and I couldn't get up because no one could see me. Not long after, a teacher had to stop them from walking up the stairs so I could get up. When I got to my locker, the person whose locker was next to mine casually mentioned the trampling, and to be honest, it had only happened 30 seconds before, so I was pretty blown when she said that (I looked at her like, yeah, ambiguous individual, that was me y'all were just stepping on) and I told her, "Yeah, that was me." But let's not forget the time two of my classmates were fucking around playfighting and threw each other in such a way that the dude kicked me in the face. I sat in the same spot on the wall while waiting for my teacher, and, believe it or not, lightning does strike twice, because they were fucking around again and kicked me in the face in nearly the same way. This was an advisory class we had only once a week, and to make a long story even longer, I learned not to sit next to that wall anymore.
I began high school at the age of 14 and remained largely unchanged during this time. I still couldn't talk to anyone and dealt with the stress of going home to my mom, which significantly impacted how I behaved and how my grades would turn out at first. I had almost all A's before spiraling downward; at that point, I stopped caring what others thought of me and did whatever I could to make myself feel better. I would sleep in hallways on the floor, skip class, and do little to no work. I couldn't concentrate and wasn't worried about the consequences of my decisions until I graduated. The food in my house would run short, and my mom always told me if I ate it all before she went back to the grocery store, she wouldn't buy any more. I started skipping meals and eating less per meal to stretch the food we had, and at times I couldn't move without being doubled over in pain.
I was confined to my room almost constantly. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere but school, a couple of nearby restaurants, and back home. I couldn't leave my house if I wanted to hang out with friends (if only I had any) because I had to be in her presence at all times. I hypothesized about going to hang out with a female friend and was told I wouldn't be allowed to without her following behind us (I was 17 when I asked). If I wanted to hang out with a male friend, they had to go through a background check of sorts (it was easier to get a gun card than to get some friends I could hang with). I had to get their parents' phone numbers so she could talk to them, and then she would decide whether or not I could go, which wasn't even a guarantee. Imagine you're in school, and a kid who wants to be friends with you tells you they need your parents to talk to each other and give their permission. That's embarrassing. I would imagine I'd be laughed at and made fun of, or they wouldn't go through all the trouble for someone who was already known as an incredibly strange individual, so most of the time I never tried out of fear of this.
I had no way to cope surrounded by people, and knowing what some of them might think of me, I would put my head down for weeks in every class because at this point I was genuinely terrified of people. I had developed selective mutism and would not talk to 98 percent of students and about 80 to 90 percent of staff; when I did, it was in short, vague sentences and almost only when spoken to. Up until I was 15, the abuse continued the same as before, but as I got older, it became more Physical I had mostly stopped getting hit with belts, and when I did get hit, it was in the arm and chest, with the occasional hit in the mouth. I'd be backed into a corner while my mother yelled the most vile and hurtful things at me. I was told I ruined her life and that I kept her from having a life. If I ever lost my keys, I would immediately be in trouble, but if I lied about it, that was even worse. My mom worked from home before it was cool to work from home, so she was almost constantly home. If I had lied about having my keys, I would have been locked out of the house for hours until she finished working, rain or shine; snowing and cold; hot and humid; it didn't matter. But that mostly stopped when the damage it did to me became apparent, and I had a psychotic episode.
My mother was upset with me for some reason and was yelling loudly about how worthless I was, that she wished I was never born, and so on. (At this point, I was the most miserable I'd been in a long time. My mental state was comparable to the fragility of a ceramic plate: solid, sturdy, and functional. Just pray to God you don't drop it if you'd like it to remain intact.) I became late because I had misplaced my hat, but when I told her I had it in my pocket, she said, "Let me see it then; why is it not on your head? Put it on!" So I began looking for my hat in my bookbag, and when I found it, she snatched it from my grasp and smacked me on the head with it. I felt something click inside me, like a light switch being turned on. Without warning, I began having a psychotic breakdown. I put my hands on my head and started screaming as loud as I could uncontrollably, "I can't take it! I can't take it anymore," repeatedly while frantically shuffling like a chicken with its head cut off in front of my mom. I had no control over my actions, and my mother stopped me and pulled my hands off my head, but I wouldn't stop screaming, and she had to calm me down in order for me to stop. It was terrifying for the both of us because I think it was the first time she had ever seen anything like that, and it was the first time I ever did anything like that. The feeling was terrifying almost indescribable the closest comparison I could make is to the tea cup scene from get out. I felt like I got yanked out my body while simultaneously remaining in there like my soul was trapped behind my eyes and all I could do is watch.
After that experience, my mother began to soften her stance toward me, and the big 19 began, so I had virtual classes for about two years that I never finished, but I persevered and eventually graduated (while failing a significant number of classes), and when I did, I was enrolled in an alternative school. When I was eighteen, me and my mom got into an argument because I didn't want to go back to school. It was boring and sad because there were only two or three kids in my class, and we did elementary school work all day. There were no phones, we had to wear uniforms, and free time was scarce. The only slightly good part was that we worked a couple hours a day and they paid us. But it was only four dollars an hour, and we worked two hours each day unless you were in the special work program, which meant you worked two extra hours after school. With the long cab ride there, I'd get home around 5:30 to 6:00 every day, only to wake up at 8 a.m. and do it all over again. But we agreed that if I found a job before school resumed, I wouldn't have to go. I had a week and a half to do it.
I applied everywhere and even made it all the way through orientation at one place, but I was in a factory doing 12 hour shifts and about 4 miles from my house, so I turned it down because I was scared and had to be realistic because walking multiple miles through areas I'd never been to daily was just too much for me. I was told I had to leave if I wasn't working or going to school, and I couldn't stay the night. I was kicked out after calling my grandparents, who said I could stay with them. I packed two weeks worth of clothes and walked over there. The first few weeks were weird, but I finally saw the light at the end of the world's darkest and longest tunnel. For the first time in years, I knew what it was like to not be abused and verbally assaulted on a daily basis. But, unfortunately, I was beyond repair, at least on my own. I searched for a job and tried to enroll in college, but I was never taught or allowed to do that growing up. I was raised indoors and was never taught the skills needed to survive outside. I still didn't know how to talk to people, and I was terrified of them. I would have panic attacks a couple times a month and rely on others to feed and clothe me. I was wearing the same two weeks worth of clothes for several months until my great-grandmother sent me more.
Around this time I started smoking weed, and it was amazing how those first times getting high were the best and made me forget all about my problems and truly relax. But I didn't know what I was getting into and developed an exponentially growing habit. I started taking fake Xanax and getting slumped while I went about my day high as a kite. Just to forget about the majority of what I did the following day. The only reason my Xan problem didn't get out of hand was that I kept losing all of the pills after a few times, so I stopped buying them. But it was too late when I exhausted the small amount I had and began withdrawing. Let me tell you, like anyone else who has dealt with Xan withdrawals will tell you, they are not to be played with; hell isn't even a good enough comparison. It's something I truly wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. (My mom excluded.) I had severe paranoia, extreme agitation, a splitting headache that wouldn't quit, and panic attacks frequently (plus a strong urge to KMS as well, which is normal at this point). But I was lucky: Xanax is the only drug that can kill you by going cold turkey, and if your body became physically dependent, you were more than likely to have multiple seizures coming your way.
My replacement for Xanax was fake Mallinckrodt pills, aka dirty 30s, blues, perc 30s, or whatever name you used or knew they were synonymous with fentanyl or worse. (Believe me when I say they most definitely make things worse than fent) I'm confident I got worse because they didn't test positive for fent, which means its something the test couldn't detect. I turned full junkie and was smoking them off foil before I was 19. I overdosed twice going to sleep, and I was never confident if I was going to wake up. The opioid withdrawals are 100x easier than the Xans, and I was smoking drugs stronger than fentanyl. I quit those, and not too long after, I was taking fake ecstasy pills and Molly capsules, which, aside from the slight stimulant psychosis and vomiting, were probably my favorites. They let me experience happiness for the first time and gave me the ability to communicate and interact with other people. It felt like I'd been missing something my entire life.
Now I'm 19 on the cusp of being a broke "adult" with no real skills, aspirations, or anything positive going for him. This year I discovered while in high school I was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ODD, social anxiety disorder, and antisocial personality disorder, all while attending school, and nobody ever told me or hinted at it to me in the slightest at all. I guess they just wanted me to cruise through life ignorant and struggling. I'm constantly reminded of how much of a burden I am because I can't do much more than take care of myself. I hide it somewhat well due to my lifelong fear of being mistaken for insane, but it takes an enormous amount of effort to even get out of bed and make something to eat. In order to keep the invasive thoughts and feelings away, I have to keep myself entertained and amused all day or else the feelings come rushing back. I honestly hate my life. I have little to look forward to and regret my almost entire life due to me ruining any chance at fun I had growing up because of how I behaved. I can barely leave my house, and if I go anywhere beyond a couple of blocks, I have panic attacks and get extreme anxiety that effects me physically. I feel my ability to comprehend and understand things slowing down. It's harder to focus and pay attention, and I feel almost like an alien when I'm around other people.
Recently, I had a phone call with my mom and had a panic attack (we haven't spoken in 2 years since I was put out). It was just like old times, when she was mad at me about a misunderstanding and was yelling and screaming about how I don't care that I'm wasting her money. (she bought my phone as a gift on a payment plan when I turned 18) As an adult I felt extremely disrespected by the things she said so before my mental health suffered anymore I hung up mid sentence and blocked her. The next day my phone was bricked and completely unusable, as it was technically not paid for, so somebody had to get me a new phone. Today I feel extremely hopeless towards any chance of repairing my life. I don't know what to do and I wish I did. I wish I could shake this dead man walking feeling I've got. Throughout the day, life doesn't even feel real at times. I feel as though if I keep hanging in there, eventually someone's going to find me hanging from somewhere. I don't know how my relatives do it. I could never imagine being their age. This isn't everything that's ever happened to me (I know it's hard to believe), but I feel I've described my story as concisely as possible in a semi-chronological order. Anything else would just be extra or I'd be repeating myself. With all that being said, my think noodle is hurting, and I think (clearly I do too much of this) I need to find it some dopamine. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this fully because, as God knows, I can't tell a living soul who knows me this. Night. -NT
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2023.03.25 05:43 Charlottethevet Birth story- graduated 21st March - Positive but warning: a little drama (PPH)

As I sit here feeding our second baby in the middle in the middle of the night I decided to write our birth story.
I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions consistently for 4 days by the time I went into actual labour. I knew things had changed around 1pm on Monday when I went to the toilet and found a lot of pink tinged mucus after urinating. Suddenly the BH contractions seemed to be getting closer together and weren't starting to feel like a practice anymore. I was getting painful surges every 4 minutes, which by 2.30 became every 2 minutes. We headed to the hospital- 3 cm dilated. Due to having an underlying medical condition, the plan had been to get an early epidural to ensure that should I need an emergancy section etc, I wouldn't have to be put under general anaesthetic. My midwife (UK based) was excellent. She listened and followed my wishes to the T. The drs tried to fobb us off for another 4 hours but I said no and insisted the plan be followed. The epidural was placed and we settled in for the evening. It only worked on one side initially but after a top up and turning from side to side, we were once again good to go.
At around 1am I started feeling some pressure and asked midwife to check baby's location. She was literally on her way out! The gloves went on and after another 2 contractions and 4 rounds of pushing, she was born. Our little girl. 8 pounds 9 ounces (3.9kg) only slightly smaller than her brother at 3.98kg or 8 pounds 11 oz, two years earlier.
As the midwife delivered the placenta she noticed some bleeding. I had a secondndegree tear so she said it was likely a bleeder located there and clamped a vessel. It didn't stop. She got the Dr who confirmed it was coming from higher up. initially he thought my cervix was grazed and he packed my vagina. After 20 mins, the pack was removed but the bleeding was only getting worse. He realised I'd torn my cervix and by this point I'd lost a liter of blood. I began to get very frightened, but the surgeon was so reassuring. He crouched by my head and said "Do you see anyone running about and hanging blood?Do you hear any alarms? is anyone else looking scared? No. We have got this. You're going to be just fine- I'll have you sorted right away. Please don't worry." I felt immediately calmer and was so thankful he took the time to reassure me.
We rushed to theatre, my epidural was topped up to a spinal and I was strapped onto the operating table and titled so that my head was hanging towards the floor as they got to work at the other end. Cervix was sutured up, fluids given, packing placed and I was put on 24 hours bed rest in the high dependency unit.
I was absolutely off my face on medication for a few hours (pethidine etc given during the theatre trip!) and my reccomendation would be to ask for an anti emetic in that situation- I felt it helped me greatly throughout that part of the experience, as the medication began to make me feel horrible - especially the medication given to help reduce bleeding - it started to dry heave as soon as it entered my body. Once the zofran kicked in - I was much much happier.
After 24 hours the packing was removed and the bleeding didn't start up again. We transferred to the general post partum ward and were discharged late on the 22nd March.
Although some elements of my experience were frightening- overall I feel very positive about my experience.The people who needed to listened to me, the whole team on the floor moved swiftly and kindly to correct the issue post partum. We were treated with respect and care throughout...and best of all - we have our lovely new baby girl, Evelyn Elizabeth to join us and her big brother on our journey through life.
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2023.03.25 05:43 trineleader The Tale of Llamathrust

The Tale of Llamathrust
Reposting with an edit to remove something that broke the rules! My apologies!
Take two!
Hi Reddit! So something really awesome happened yesterday.
If anyone is a pound surfer they may have noticed that there was a Gnorbu named “LlamaThrust” who had been in the pound for a while. He showed up enough that people were starting to recognize him.
Llamathrust's name origin (I mean, we assume.)
This was like the millionth time me and others had seen LlamaThrust and…seeing everyone talk about him and joking he was the “pound god” (he truly was) I was like…okay, screw it. I’m on this earth to have fun and this guy obviously needs a home.
Only 94np for a Llamathrust? A steal. A bargain.
So I adopted the little guy and brought him home. Everyone was rejoicing, I was brushing his hair with the Gnorbu brush I had just gotten him…and then I had another idea spurred on by people’s suggestions. We had been talking about all the cool colors to paint him and I was like…Toy, We have to paint him Toy. It’s just perfect somehow. A pinata with the wonderfully comical name of “Llamathrust?” It’s like a celebration personified.
However, Toy Paintbrushes are like 9million. And I am not rich (lmao)
But people really wanted to see Llamathrust all prettied up. Encouraged by everyone I changed my shop description to have the monetary goal funded, people donated tons of junk items for me to price in my shop to go towards his new look.
Just a portion of the sales, I have them all recorded in a note document!
In under a hour we had raised over 3 million out of the 9 million we needed to paint Llamathrust. I literally cried. Like I know some people may think it’s silly but in hard times like our current days, community is so important. And seeing everyone just happy to paint a silly little boy like LlamaThrust touched my heart like a ton.
I’m gonna be trying to make him a nice little pet lookup (if anyone knows coding reach out to me please lol) that has his story on it + has all the screenshots of the donations people sent. I'll be updating if we reach our goal. :">
So thanks everyone and I hope this story of the community’s love towards one goofy little Gnorbu in the pound makes your day better. <3
Also, enjoy this anthemn of Llamathrust one of the Discord members made.
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2023.03.25 05:42 fdgfbxf Watch John Wick: Chapter 4 Online for Free On Reddit

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2023.03.25 05:42 Winter-Milk-7227 Watch Scream 6 Online Free on 123movies & Reddit

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Is Scream 6on Disney Plus?

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Is Scream 6on HBO Max?

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Is Scream 6on Peacock?

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Is Scream 6on Paramount Plus?

Scream 6is not on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus has two subscription options: the basic version ad-supported Paramount+ Essential service costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month. costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month (INSAALLAH)
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2023.03.25 05:41 tonyantonio What I think of Magic Spoon?

What I think of Magic Spoon? submitted by tonyantonio to AdamRagusea [link] [comments]


Short Bio: Medicare-Info's website is a #1 Trusted Website which Provides Medicare information's,
LIST OF MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS Medicare is a Medicare Government National Health Insurance which is a program in the United States, which began in the year 1965 Under the SSA – Social Security Administration and now administered by the CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It mainly provides Health Insurance for Americans aged 65 or older, but it is also available for some younger People who are with Disability (SSA) – Status as determined by the SSA, Which Including People with End Stage Renal Disease and (ALS) - Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis. In the year 2018, According to the year 2019, Medicare Trustees Reports that Medicare provided Health insurance for over 59.9 million individuals in the US, more than 52 million people who are aged 65 and older and about 8 million Younger People. Which reported according to annual Medicare Trustees Reports and research by the Government’s MEDPAC Group, Medicare will cover about half of the Amount which is spent on Healthcare Expense of those who are enrolled, Enrollees almost covers most of the remaining costs by taking additional private insurance and or by joining a Public Medicare Part C or Medicare Part D Medicare Health Plan. In the Year 2020, US Federal Government Spending on Medicare was $776.2 Billion. No matter which of those two options the beneficiaries choose—or if they choose to do nothing, beneficiaries also have other healthcare-related costs. These additional costs can include deductibles and co-pays; the costs of uncovered services—such as for long-term custodial, dental, hearing, and vision care; the cost of annual physical exams (for those not on Part C health plans that include physicals); and the costs related to basic Medicare's lifetime and per-incident limits. Medicare is funded by a combination of a specific payroll tax, beneficiary premiums, surtaxes from beneficiaries, co-pays and deductibles, and general U.S. Treasury revenue.
Parts of Medicare: Medicare part A Medicare Part B Medicare Part C Medicare Part D
Medicare Part A covers - hospital inpatient, formally admitted only, skilled nursing only after being formally admitted to a hospital for three days and not for custodial care), home health care, and hospice services.
Medicare Part B covers outpatient services including some providers' services while inpatient at a hospital, outpatient hospital charges, most provider office visits even if the office is "in a hospital", durable medical equipment, and most professionally administered prescription drugs.
Medicare Part C is an alternative called Managed Medicare or Medicare Advantage, which allows patients to choose health plans with at least the same service coverage as Parts A and B (and most often more), often the benefits of Part D, and always an annual out-of-pocket expense limit which A and B lack. A beneficiary must enroll in Parts A and B first before signing up for Part C
Medicare Part D covers mostly self-administered prescription drugs. For More information visit our Website - MEDICAREINFOS.COM
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2023.03.25 05:40 shinyklefkey Takasugi Shinsaku Post-CBC 2023 Profile


Illustrator: TAKOLEGS Voice actor: Kakihara Tetsuya
A maverick and Meiji Restoration patriot who gallantly entered the scene in Chōshū at the end of the Edo period.
He was a disciple of Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin. Together with Kusaka Genzui, Yoshida Toshimaro and Irie Kuichi, he was known as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Shōka Sonjuku, showing great promise for his future.
At first glance, he appears to be a calm, intellectual gentle-looking man, but in actuality, he has a wild temperament and is a troublemaker who is willing to do anything as long as he finds it amusing. At any rate, he is a free-spirited one-man-show of a president who acts independently of other people.

Profile 1 (Bond 1)

Height/Weight: 177 cm / 63 kg Source: Historical fact Region: Japan Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male
"I, Takasugi Shinsaku, shall lead you all to victory!"

Profile 2 (Bond 2)

He was born into the Takasugi clan, a prestigious family that had served the Mōri clan for generations since the Sengoku era.
At first he attended Meirinkan, a feudal domain school, but he found their practices of allowing only samurai to attend, stiff formal lessons, among numerous other niceties, so utterly archaic that he enrolled into Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin, a previous top student at Meirinkan.
Unlike Meirinkan, Takasugi found Shōka Sonjuku, or rather Shōin's classes, stupidly interesting, and he quickly rose to prominence as Shōin's disciple. He also went to Edo to study abroad, but his teacher, Yoshida Shōin, was captured and executed due to the Ansei Purge. This is when Takasugi began to openly speak of overthrowing the Shogunate.
Following these events, Takasugi joined a delegation under the Shogunate and studied in Shanghai. Witnessing the threat posed by the Western powers, he grew even more concerned about the future of Japan and overthrowing the Shogunate.
After returning to Japan, he joined the Sonnō Jōi movement and mingled with samurai from various clans in Edo and Kyoto. But even amongst these samurai, Takasugi was an exceptionally unconventional man who committed a numerous amount of radical acts such as setting the British legation on fire.
The Chōshū domain tried to keep Takasugi obedient by offering him a position, but he immediately turned it down. He continued to act nonsensically, ranting that he would fool around for a decade and shave his head. He also stated he would go somewhere far away, but he ended up playing his shamisen and composing songs in his hometown.
Chōshū bombarded the Americans, French and Dutch in Shimonoseki, and promptly got pummeled by them. Frightened by the outcome, Chōshū entrusted Takasugi with defending Shimonoseki. As a result, Takasugi established the "Kiheitai", a modernized militia not bound by social status. However, following some disputes, he was soon dismissed as the leader of the Kiheitai. "Damn clansmen, always complaining over the littlest things."
Anyhow, this and that happened, and Chōshū became the enemy of the imperial government after the Hamaguri Rebellion, continuing to be bombarded by the combined naval forces of four nations in Shimonoseki. "It's over now!" they thought, but for some unfathomable reason the Chōshū clan once again asked Takasugi, who was in prison at the time, to negotiate a peace agreement. However, Takasugi was only too eager to sabotage this peace conference, and so he developed an Ultra C plan to force the Shogunate to pay the reparations instead. At the meeting, Takasugi put on a show by suddenly reciting the Kojiki and even pretending not to hear about the concession of Hikoshima.
While all of this was going on, the First Chōshū expedition was approaching, and a faction of the Chōshū clan loyal to the Shogunate emerged to try to accept the Shogunate's demands. Takasugi was so enraged by this that he commanded a unit with a miniscule number of men at Kōzanji. As reckless as his decision was to command a unit, Takasugi and his men in a state of heightened frenzy, marched into Hagi and wiped out the faction loyal to the Shogunate. Hence the Chōshū were now unified in its policy to overthrow the Shogunate. The Second Chōshū expedition by the Shogunate was commenced in response to this act. Everyone believed that Chōshū was now done for, but Chōshū, perhaps having had a taste of success, decided to appoint Takasugi as their naval commander. Takasugi then took command of the navy and won a great victory against the Shogunate fleet. This battle's victory undermined the authority of the Shogunate, which in turn contributed to the Meiji Restoration.
However, Takasugi, who had been afflicted by illness, died of pulmonary tuberculosis without ever seeing imperial rule fully restored.
"Ah, I was just getting to the best part, too."

Profile 3 (Bond 3)

Takasugi may have a lithe frame, but he has fully mastered Yagyū Shinkage-ryū. Surprised?
Well, that alone seemed too run-of-the-mill for the likes of him, so he developed a mysterious and strange sword technique that combines a specially made Molotov cocktail and Shinkage-ryū. It's fun to swing around.
During normal combat, he wields his homemade Molotov cocktails and shamisen blades, and on top of that he even summons and manipulates a miniature prototype model called Prototype Arahabaki, demonstrating his reckless fighting style. If anything, my style's more like a Rider than an Archer. But I'm not the kind of guy to fit a stereotype, just something else to appreciate about me.
This combat style was derived from events in the Restoration City Saitama singularity, but due to the nature of his peculiar Noble Phantasm and dramatic fate, it became engraved into Takasugi's Spirit Origin.

Profile 4 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 4)

Unprecedented Child Prodigy: A An unfinished masterpiece. A phrase coined by a specific someone regarding Takasugi, who raced across the end of the Edo period like a glittering star.
Armament Restoration: B Innovate. Modifying the armaments of one's own army into the latest equipment of that era. A skill derived from the Kiheitai, who overwhelmed the Shogunate forces with the latest equipment and daring tactics.
My Japanese Spirit Will Live Forever: A A line from his teacher Yoshida Shōin's death poem. It makes it possible for Takasugi to rise up against adverse circumstances to escape death in the nick of time. This is an unprecedented skill composition, possessing Guts despite his Weak Constitution.
Weak Constitution: - Weak Constitution was originally a demerit skill, but it has transformed into the Japanese Spirit skill mentioned above after accepting the words and spirit of his teacher.
What's up with this "Weak Constitution" skill bullying its user, save this kind of crap for the Shinsengumi's Manslayer-or-whatever-the-name-was.

Profile 5 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

Super Restoration - Kiheitai Rank: B+ Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm Range: 1-30 Maximum targets: 300
Chōkyū Ishin - Kiheitai. A Noble Phantasm sublimated from an anecdote about the army created by Takasugi. This is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that strengthens its allies by endowing them with the necessary skills and equipment according to the war’s situation. It is a difficult Noble Phantasm to use, as it requires managing the finer details such as determining the enemy’s weaknesses, selecting the necessary equipment, and adjusting one’s skills. Essentially, it is a supporting Noble Phantasm that enhances its allies.
In its fully unleashed version, in other words the ace up his sleeve, it is possible for Takasugi to summon the strongest army he can imagine and utilize it temporarily.
Due to the effects of the Noble Phantasm described above, it is possible to summon or select a large number of soldiers with Servant-class combat power with the best equipment, skills and abilities needed to suit the battlefield, as well as operate and strengthen said soldiers as a unit. However, once unleashed, it is a self-destructive Noble Phantasm that rapidly wears down Takasugi’s Spirit Origin and places a tremendous burden on him, so its operational time is short and it becomes difficult to activate again.
Incidentally, the equipment and weapons to be enhanced will become the latest armaments available in that era, so its effects may vary. For example, the Stone Age will summon stone axes, and the early modern era will summon bombers, thus making this a romantic Noble Phantasm that you never know will be strong or weak.

Profile 6 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, it’s not like I was planning to go that far for the sake of my nation or for the sake of other people. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to stand boring things. I have zero motivation to do anything other than what catches my interest, and my body won’t even move an inch. Personally, if something doesn’t interest me, that thing becomes evil in itself. That’s right, if it’s fun, then it’s just.
I don’t know whether this truth exists in this world or not, but it’s worth acknowledging it as the sole truth, that’s for certain. Stuff that’s boring or uninteresting aren’t usually considered good things anyways.
Simple, huh? Oh, I’m not trying to get you to agree with me or anything like that. To begin with, I don’t care what people say about me, or whether they think I’m insane. If everything in this world is boring, then it’s this world that is wrong. All I have to do is destroy everything that’s boring and make it interesting.
─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, ultimately as long as humans live a humorous life, that’s more than enough. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished or not, it’s about how you live your life.
That’s right, live a humorous life. Live.

Bond CE

After Waking Up Late In The Morning
"Well, I suppose it's about time I get up."
Long ago, back when the youth worried about the state of their nation and rose up in times of turmoil to save it, there was a man who succumbed to death without having achieved his dream.
Well, that in itself wasn't unusual in particular. Back then, everyone was in a hurry to live, while scrambling to be the first to die. Although he would have liked to go a bit more on a rampage first.
The man awakens once again, not knowing whether his wish has been fulfilled or if fate is playing tricks on him. And now together with the youth of the new era, he faces not only a crisis in Japan, but a plight for humanity’s very survival.
Hahahahaha! Excellent, if I were to go on a business trip, of course it would be for a desperate situation of this magnitude with no way out whatsoever. The more powerful the enemy and the more difficult the obstacles, the more interesting it becomes. You think so too, right? Indeed, this obstinate man will stand up again and again. Guided by a strange destiny, leading a strange army into a strange battle.
His eyes gleamed just like that time back when he knocked on a certain door that day.
“This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms flutter away, carried by the winds of my hometown. At last, I follow my teacher’s shadow in Noyamagoku.”
“Well, I’ll be off then, Sensei.”
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