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2023.06.04 07:11 sonicpolarvortex I didn't like Spider Verse 2

Some of you saw it, some of you plan on seeing it and decided to read my spoiler-filled post. If you're the latter, are you sure you wanna spoil it to yourself now?

Let's get right in shall we. The first hour is a shit show. I've never seen so much virtue signalling jam packed into an intro than I have here. A lot of people have been desensitized and it shows. Wokeness is just movie makers calling the audience morons for eating it up. Pregnant superhero boss chick has no business being in the battle field. And my God, don't get me started on the wheelchair basketball court, and the other shit which I won't mention cuz it's a long list of in-your-face political correctness which once again, shows me that movie makers are now taunting the audience and openly laughing at us for eating up this shit.

That crap aside, the pacing was slow as hell. It does NOT take an entire hour to show me that Miles and his family have a rocky relationship. That could have been covered in 20 minutes tops. The other 40 could and should have been about the new villain and Miguel, among other shit. Gwen's story with her father was stupid, it could have been resolved if they had better communication. It felt so forced that the two were incompetent enough to not know how to talk to each other and explain things. The rift between them was so forced and bad. She could have just dropped a "But I never killed Peter, here's what really happened" at any minute, but instead she just didn't. Pretty much the first hour is just this: Woke crap, Miles mad at parents, Gwen mad at dad, joke supervillain intro.

Moving on to the next hour, this is where things start improving. I loved when they showed Tobey, Andrew, Spectacular, 60s Spiderman, Insomniac Spiderman, etc. It was nice. Seeing uncle Ben's 2 live action death scenes side by side was a treat. I liked that they mixed in the Venom supermarket lady, and different art styles like Lego or whatever. Those were nice. But then they crushed my hopes like Kingpin did to Spiderman. Let's start by the first issue: Flanderization. Peter B Parker is a joke of what he was in the first film. And then there's the castration issue which again is being ignored by people because they don't notice it anymore despite being so obvious. Miles' father is a good little boy when he's with his wife, who just disrespects him and overpowers any decision he makes. Peter B Parker got a spoonful of that crap from Pregnant Hero. It's so in-your-face that it just ruins the immersion. And goddamn, the generic multiverse plot has been done a thousand times. Even the "save one guy or save everyone" scenario, the "good guy had a bad time now he's stubborn and harsh", the "we can change destiny" plot, I mean come on. Generic as hell.

Then there's the power scaling issue. Miles in the first movie was hinted at being stronger than Blond Peter Parker since he was able to get up from Kingpin's hit that KILLED the original Spiderman. Miles wasn't simply a Spiderman with cooler powers, he was a stronger more immature version of Spiderman. That's what it was in the first movie. Then in this movie he's nerfed to the ground. Struggling to lift a bus, getting sucker punched by his evil twin who doesn't have powers, having trouble fighting with others, etc. Especially that sucker punch, where spider sense? I won't buy "his guard is down" as an excuse because spider sense is designed for said moments. And getting hurt by that prowler punch? Really? And not being able to break free from being tied on that punching bag? Is that the same guy from the first movie? Miles felt less brave than the first movie, ironically he tells his mom he's not afraid of anything. Then I opened google and saw that all 3 previous directors were changed, and now it all made sense. Compared to the first movie, this is just a knockoff.

The animation and art were beautiful, I'll give them that. But this movie isn't that good. It ain't bad, it's just subpar and disappointing. The references and nostalgia carried for a bit but then meh. If you made it this far, let me know how wrong or right my opinion is. I wanna read your comments. If you haven't seen the movie, do as you like but honestly I want a refund lmao.
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2023.06.04 07:09 savagemike213 "Responsible Spending: Lessons from a Birthday Party and National Debt"

Imagine it's your birthday, and you receive a generous amount of money from your father to throw a party. Excited and caught up in the moment, you and your friends indulge in extravagant spending, ordering excessive amounts of food and drinks. However, you soon find yourselves running out of cash, and none of your friends can contribute as they assumed you would cover all the expenses. In a state of panic, you call your father, hoping he will bail you out with more money. Unfortunately, he refuses, reminding you that he had already provided enough for a reasonable celebration.
This unfortunate situation teaches us a valuable lesson about responsible spending, not just for individuals but also for organizations and even nations. It draws parallels to the United States, a global superpower, which, despite its economic prowess, has found itself in a precarious debt situation due to overspending.
The United States, often referred to as the "big daddy" who prints dollars, plays a significant role in world affairs, whether diplomatically, militarily, or economically. However, it too has fallen into the trap of overspending, neglecting the consequences of its actions. Loopholes in their financial management have contributed to this predicament. One such loophole is excessive military spending on operations abroad, like the lengthy presence in Afghanistan, which yielded little in return except for a massive drain on resources over 20 years.
Furthermore, investing substantial amounts of money in influencing the culture of densely populated countries like India has proven to be a costly endeavor. These examples illustrate how overspending without considering long-term returns on investment can lead to financial hardship and the need to rely on others.
To address this issue, it is crucial for both individuals and nations to adopt responsible spending habits. This means carefully evaluating expenditures, considering the potential benefits and risks. It involves avoiding unnecessary or excessive spending on ventures that do not yield tangible returns or align with long-term goals.
By learning from the situation the United States finds itself in, we understand that even the wealthiest entities can run out of money if spending is not done consciously. It serves as a reminder that fiscal responsibility is paramount for sustainability and maintaining a position of strength.
In conclusion, the birthday analogy offers an important lesson about responsible spending. Whether it's an individual throwing a party or a superpower managing its finances, overspending without careful consideration can lead to dire consequences. By heeding this lesson, we can avoid unnecessary financial burdens and ensure a secure and prosperous future.
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2023.06.04 07:00 FedBillBot H.R.2733 - Department of Veterans Affa...

H.R.2733 - Department of Veterans Affa...

H.R.2733 - Department of Veterans Affa...

To require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to require the employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive training developed by the Inspector General of the Department on reporting wrongdoing to, responding to requests from, and cooperating with the Office of Inspector General of the Department, and for other purposes.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Lauren Underwood (D), IL-14
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 3




House committee - 2023-04-28 Referred to the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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2023.06.04 06:34 Elysium94 Restructuring the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase by phase, as to present a slightly more faithful and tonally consistent adaptation of the source material (Phase 1)

Restructuring the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase by phase, as to present a slightly more faithful and tonally consistent adaptation of the source material (Phase 1)
Phase 1
Hey, everybody!
Last summer, I started a revision of past Marvel film properties, reimagining them as installments of the MCU. From Sony to Fox. From Spider-Man to X-Men, and more,
Now, following up said revisions, I figured I'd take a crack at examining the MCU itself, one phase at a time. I think it's safe to say Marvel's juggernaut of a film franchise is one of the most impactful film projects of all time.
But there are, in many ways, improvements that could be made. More faithful takes on the source material, perhaps a character arc or two that could be fleshed out, or a potential story left untapped.
Before you begin, go ahead and catch up on previous posts.
With that out of the way, let's proceed!
Iron Man - 2008
As Jon Favreau's Iron Man is still one of my favorite of the whole MCU, and a masterful debut for Tony Stark, there isn't much I'd change about this one.
Minus just a couple of things, what with the pre-existing films that came before:
  • A reference to the Baxter Building in New York, and the city's general habit of attracting superheroes.
    • In reference to both Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four.
  • Agent Coulson, having made his debut in the Spider-Man series, already has plenty of experience with superhumans and mutants.
The Incredible Hulk - 2008
In my opinion, a woefully underrated entry in the MCU that treats the character of Bruce Banner with far more dignity than any other outside of The Avengers.
However, there are definitely some things I'd tweak. Including some plot threads touched on in the 2003 Hulk film (essentially, picture the two films mixed into one).
For starters, the opening titles are preceded by this unfortunately deleted scene.
Now on the Bruce Banner side of things:
  • Bruce's traumatic childhood is touched upon, with Bruce making mention of his abusive father Brian.
  • A plot thread (which spans much of his time in the MCU) begins which builds the Hulk as a dissociative side of Bruce's own personality.
    • A persona he created as a child, an 'imaginary friend' of sorts who was strong when he was weak, brave when he was too afraid, etc.
  • Bruce denying his own aggressive feelings and repressing them allowed the Hulk personality to emerge in the first place.
Regarding Samuel Sterns:
  • Sterns has moments of enthusiasm regarding Gamma radiation and is affable towards Bruce and Betty Ross, but is overall more composed and detached.
  • Sterns is taken away in the end by General Ross, catatonic but showing signs of his own Gamma-induced mutation.
General Thaddeus Ross and Betty Ross both receive some more character development, both in their attitudes and relationships with Bruce Banner:
  • Ross worked with Brian Banner in the past, and appreciated his genius until learning of his abuse of his child Bruce (and murder of his wife).
    • Ross would meet Bruce again years later on working for the Gamma-radiation super soldier project, and feared he may one day follow in his father's footsteps.
    • In an argument right before the climax in Harlem, Bruce calls out Ross's poor judgment regarding his father and him, and says the general has one thing in common with Brian; his blind ambition and lack of compassion regarding his own child.
  • Betty's history as Bruce's coworker, as well as girlfriend, is not only emphasized but would carry her character forward in the MCU.
    • Meaning yes, she'd come back.
Finally, the nature of the super-soldier formula and the creation of the Abomination is elaborated upon:
  • Emil Blonsky's degradation and turning on Ross is foreshadowed by an argument in which Ross notices the soldier growing erratic and aggressive.
    • Ross discovers the variant his people created is flawed, but keeps it from Blonsky.
  • At the crucial moment which triggers his transformation, Sterns tells Blonsky the formula in his system is "unstable", angering Blonsky.
Finally, as the film's ending wasn't really followed up on, what we get is instead a more esoteric and trippy sequence in which Bruce faces the Hulk in the landscape of his own mind.
Foreshadowing a struggle for control, and the eventual merging of their personalities.
Iron Man 2 - 2010
The main trajectory of this film and dissection of Tony Stark's impulsive, self-destructive nature remains much as we saw in the original film.
But with a good deal more focus.
For starters, the tone, one much more serious and straightforward:
  • Less time devoted to sitcom-esque banter with Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko.
  • Tony's alcoholism rears its ugly head more than once.
  • Less "wow she's so hot" moments regarding Natasha Romanoff.
The inclusion of Natasha Romanoff is mostly as we saw, save for:
  • Less gratuitous eye-candy.
  • Tony's flirtatious interactions with Nat are decidedly one-sided, and simply another instance of him spiraling out of control.
Finally, on the subject of the villain, Ivan Vanko:
  • Heralding back to the original comic books, Vanko is reimagined as the "Crimson Dynamo".
    • His father, Anton, had planned to created an armored super soldiers bearing blood-red armor for the Soviet Union before he was sent into exile.
    • While he carries energized whips as part of his arsenal, Vanko also includes a menagerie of other weapons in his titanic armored suit.
The film concludes much as we got, save for a brief sequence of Tony attending an AA meeting before his last talk with Nick Fury.
Thor - 2011
Once again I find myself thinking this one's incredibly underrated.
  • And, in my opinion, still the best Thor film.
    • Yes, better than Ragnarok (I'll get to that one eventually, I think it's good but nothing spectacular).
The little improvements I'd make here and there to this cosmic Shakespearean family drama are as follows.
Loki's point of betrayal against Thor is made just a little clearer:
  • Talks with Thor, the Warriors Three and then finally Thor again in the climax establish that while Loki does love Thor, he's not only resentful and envious but genuinely afraid of his big brother at times.
    • Afraid, specifically, of a hotheaded and violent warmonger who acts before he thinks; ironically what Loki himself will one day become.
  • Loki's dialogue in the final battle is a little more specific on his issues.
    • "You still don't understand, do you? Growing up, I never wanted the throne. I only ever wanted to be your equal. And if this is the only way, then so be it!"
Odin's morally grey character is pointed out more than once:
  • Odin admits to Loki that long ago, he was very much like him and Thor; reckless and arrogant, and leading with his heart more than his head.
  • Odin telling Loki "no" on the Bifrost is expanded on, further driving Loki to his attempted suicide.
    • "You tried to murder your brother. You betrayed him, betrayed all of us... No, Loki. I didn't want this."
The film's ending includes one bitter moment in which Thor says that, while Odin did what he thought was best, he's a far better king than he was a father. And Odin sadly agrees.
Captain America: The First Avenger - 2011
The origin of the first Avenger proceeds as we saw it, overall. But given the complex and often dark nature of Steve Rogers's world, perhaps some tonal and character changes are in order.
For starters, let's take a look at the portrayal of World War II:
  • The presentation of the war could be drawn out, delving into more of the horrific and violent nature of the conflict.
  • Steve Rogers's experiences can be shown hardening him, shaping him into the idealistic-yet-worldly man we see in the MCU going forward.
  • More down-and-dirty, grisly action sequences are warranted, as this is the most deadly conflict in human history.
    • Including a more "super" portrayal of what a super soldier can do, keeping in line with later MCU films.
Next up, the organization HYDRA and its evil activities:
  • While HYDRA's status as an ancient cult that has ambitions beyond the Third Reich and Axis is perfectly fair, it's important that its commitment to the Reich and its evil activities isn't shied away from, but rather put on display.
    • Torture
    • Mass murder
    • Human experimentation
  • HYDRA are Nazis, and it's pointless to try and differentiate them.
  • Dr. Arnim Zola, while seemingly pathetic and weak, could display a ruthless streak once or twice which hints that he might not be so harmless after all...
This overall point regarding HYDRA leads to Johann Schmidt/Red Skull:
  • As with HYDRA, it's important to display that while Schmidt is a man who wants to advance himself above all others, he's still a Nazi and eagerly complicit in the party's many atrocities.
The ending of the film I'd leave very much as is, it's probably one of the most pitch perfect in the whole MCU for how bittersweet it is.
The Avengers - 2012
Overall, a very well-crafted movie with a solid story, great chemistry between the leads and a thrilling set-up for what's to come.
Though, with the benefit of hindsight, there are additions and alterations I'd make.
For starters, let's go ahead and include good ol' Hank Pym as a leading coordinator of the Avengers Initiative:
  • Pym is his old, grouchy self as we know him, wary of S.H.I.E.L.D. and bearing a grudge against the Stark family, but committed to defending the world as best he can.
  • Janet Van Dyne is missing, as we got in the MCU, but appears in an old film reel Pym watches with Steve Rogers in his spare time.
    • Incidentally, Rogers as an old-world figure with a simpler view of things is the Avenger with whom Pym gets along with the most.
  • Pym is a recovering drinker, like Tony, and begrudgingly connects with him over lost loved ones and past destructive habits.
Addressing other heroes, let's cover some cringeworthy stuff with Black Widow in light of director Joss Whedon's... less than proud legacy:
  • As with Iron Man 2, cut down on the gratuitous fanservice and treat the character just a bit more seriously.
  • More heavily foreshadow her as an enhanced soldier in her own right, hinting at not only the Black Widow program but also history to be revealed in both her film and The Winter Soldier.
Bruce Banner and the Hulk continue their complicated dynamic from their solo movie:
  • Bruce is established as having formed something of an understanding of the Hulk, not controlling his other side but being able to "aim it" when transformations occur.
    • The one exception being his incident on the carrier, said transformation coming by surprise.
  • By the end, he is able to let go of his fear and allow the change to come when it needs to.
    • Though the act of transformation does still take a toll afterwards.
On the villains' side, we can expect same old Loki, but with one minor change:
  • That being a canon engagement in the theory that possessing the Mind Stone made Loki more susceptible to Thanos's manipulations.
    • His mistakes are his own, at the end of the day, but indulging in the dangerous use of the Mind Stone in his scepter acts like a drug and feeds Loki's more malicious impulses; the more he does with it, the worse he gets.
  • Even after the scepter is taken from him, the damage is done and Loki is left with serious emotional/mental/physical scars from his time serving Thanos.
The final battle in New York features cameos from pre-existing Marvel characters, featured in previous rewrites:
  • Peter Parker, fresh out of graduate school, saving some bystanders and old J. Jonah from collateral damage.
  • Reed Richards, activating a defensive grid around the Baxter Building and guiding nearby people to safety in its walls.
The film ends with the same cliffhanger of Thanos planning his endgame. But his lair has one distinct change to it.
That being a mural of the cosmic entities of the Marvel universe.
Entropy, Infinity, Eternity...
...and Death.
That does it for this installment.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time, have a look at other rewrites of mine.
Catch you later!
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2023.06.04 06:03 obitachihasuminaruto Some references of ancient Indian culture in Nintendo games

Chozo, from Metroid

"The Chozo (鳥人族, Chōjinzoku?, Bird-Person Race) were an ancient, mysterious and highly advanced species of sage-like avian sapients that inhabited several planets in the cosmos, including Zebes, Elysia, SR388, Tallon IV, ZDR, and possibly others. Although the eventual fate of the race as a whole is unknown, countless ruins and technological wonders are littered throughout the many planets they once inhabited. The Chozo are also responsible for the creation of both the Metroids and Mother Brain; these both later posed a threat to galactic civilization, though they were both originally created for peaceful reasons.
The Chozo culture seemed to have been a peaceful one for the most part, prizing knowledge in all its forms. They were explorers in every sense of the word, simultaneously seeking scientific and technological advancement alongside primal shamanistic wisdom. This balance between technology and spiritualism seemed to be another defining trait of the Chozo culture." -,speak%20of%20a%20clouded%20future.
Idi Chozha Empire ni chusi inspire ayyaremo anipistundi. They also conquered many lands outside the subcontinent in SEA, and ancient India was the most advanced civilization of it's time.

The ancient Zonai from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
I've been playing ToTK for the past 3 weeks and every time I hear a mention of a technologically advanced ancient civilisation, my chest goes up in pride for our country. While a lot of parallels were drawn between the Aztecs and the Zonai, I think they also share a similarity with ancient India in that they were highly advanced in technology and spiritualism.

Some thoughts

Meerandaru em anukuntunnaru bondhas? Meeku kuda inka vere references kanipinchaya? I feel that a lot of Japanese creators and artists have high regard for ancient Indian culture, but they hesitate to openly show it; why I think this is because they subtly hint at a lot of references in many shows and games, but don't say it's Indian. Even the kabaddi anime was heavily "white-washed" and tried not to be Indian as much as they can. Ee madhya RRR popularity peragadam tho Japanese vallu konchem accepting ayyaru India gurinchi. I hope that increases in the future! Sorry if the flair isn't appropriate, I thought it was most accurate.
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2023.06.04 06:02 Cold_Presentation182 Guo Wengui's Election Meddling Crimes Revealed - "Trump-Ukraine scandal" Investigation Deepens

On April 28, federal investigative law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at the Manhattan apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, and seized cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. The move is said to be aimed at advancing the criminal investigation into Giuliani's involvement in the Ukraine case.
Giuliani is suspected of wrongdoing and violating the Lobbying Act by his alleged series of actions against Ukraine. He was previously exposed for pressuring Ukrainian officials to charge Biden and his son Hunter in the corruption case against Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings as a way to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.
The New York Times argues that while the warrant is not a clear charge of wrongdoing against Giuliani, it indicates that the investigation has entered a new phase. The "three hard drives" rumored to contain evidence of Hunter's misconduct were repeatedly mentioned in related reports.
The reference to the "three hard drives" first originated with Guo Wengui, a wealthy exiled businessman. In late September of last year, Guo Wengui claimed to be in possession of explosive information about presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, including evidence of Biden's secret dealings in China and Ukraine and sex tapes with scenes of sexual abuse.
In the week leading up to the U.S. election, Guo Wengui's media outlets GTV and G-news began wildly circulating videos and photos of Hunter using drugs and having sex with several women, with the intent of influencing Biden to gain votes by portraying him as a money-grubbing, immoral person.
Guo's actions were interpreted as a gesture of goodwill and "defection" to former President Trump. He also worked with former White House strategic adviser Bannon to train "whistle blowers" like Yan Limeng to help Trump's new China strategy. Unfortunately, Trump was not re-elected in the election, which made Guo "lose his wife and his army".
The Wall Street Journal reports that the FBI is investigating Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman living in exile in the United States, regarding the funding of his U.S. media activities and his cooperation with Bannon. If the investigation confirms that Guo interfered in the U.S. election by illegal means, he could be sent to immigration court for a decision on deportation.
According to the bill passed by the U.S. Congress, unlawful interference with voting activities in violation of the U.S. Constitution, state constitutions and other U.S. laws, as well as any activity that threatens the national security or public safety of the United States, may constitute grounds for deportation by the Executive Branch. An alien subject to deportation may leave the country on his or her own, or ICE may compel his or her departure by coercive measures such as arrest, detention, and escort.
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2023.06.04 06:00 raiderxx Thank you, Tik-Tok

I'll preface this by saying, I am in no way a fan of Tik Tok. I don't use it. But. Credit where credit us due. I appreciate the unrequested wing man.
Way back probably ten or so years ago, I finally started watching The Clone Wars. I had seen the 2008 movie in theaters and had since written it off as probably just as bad as what I had seen that opening day. Like many others, once I started watching it, I understood how great it was. I'd mention it to my wife, who I'd argue is a bigger than your average person fan, but not "I need to consume all media and understand every reference for everything" fan. That's fine. Not even my wife is perfect. :)
She is also fairly hard headed. If I try to push something too hard, she will just push back even harder. Even after the season 7 finale, and me explaining how INCREDIBLE the final arc is, how great Ahsoka's story is, how, there is a reason why there are quite a few people who consider her to be their favorite character. Nope. "I'm not watching a kid's show."
Cut to twoish months ago. We had watched all of the Disney live action shows. And i think her opinion generally was that of most fans: really enjoys Mando, Kenobi was fine but could have been better, she wasn't a huge fan of Book of Boba except the Tuscan Raider parts, and REALLY enjoyed Andor. Anyways, the Ahsoka show is starting to rear its head. Release info, trailer, and she starts getting BOMBARDED by tik toks about Ahsoka. And, she was REALLY into them. Algorithm doing its thing I guess. Shed constantly be asking me questions about her.
So finally, after nearly a decade of suggesting, begging to watch it with her, SHE asks if we could watch some episodes, "just to know some of her backstory". That turned into us watching 90% of the show! I'll admit, I did skip some episodes, especially from the first two seasons. I also skipped the movie. I just wasn't going to risk her getting put off by the episodes that are weak right away. I HAD to hook her.
And I did! She would constantly turn to me and go "this is NOT a kids show!!" "Nope" id answer. We ended up binging the entire season 7 yesterday and this evening and she just turned to me and said "that was REALLY good."
So, thanks, Tik Tok. I literally wasnt able to do it without you! Tomorrow evening we start Rebels. She is so excited. I'd been telling her about Hera and Zeb (and noted his cameo in Mando) and everyone else but she now wants to know all about them before Ahsoka comes out! She wants more of what happens to Rex and Ahsoka and Bo etc. I honestly never thought id be watching some of my favorite SW content with my wife. I was happy just enjoying the live action stuff with her!
Sorry for the ramble, I'm just so happy. May the force be with you!
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2023.06.04 06:00 FedBillBot H.R.2200 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2200 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2200 - To provide for a limitation...

To provide for a limitation on availability of funds for US Department of Agriculture, Office of the Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment for fiscal year 2024.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Andy Biggs (R), AZ-5
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 5




House committee - 2023-04-28 Referred to the Subcommittee on Conservation, Research, and Biotechnology.

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2023.06.04 05:49 BenefitOfTheDoubt_01 CMV: It's time zombie shows/movies incorporate characters making plausible decisions.

Movie and show producers should go in a new direction and start making zombie shows with characters that are punished (by dying or w/e) when they make stupid decisions as well as allow peoples actions and dialogue to be more natural.
I'm not saying people act "realistic" (it's zombies ffs) but I AM saying I want to see people do plasabile things. That means not everyone will do the same thing. Smart people die on accident, sometimes dumb people get lucky but on average, people that make smart decision live and that's what I want to see.
I know I'm not the only one that yells at the characters in shows like the walking dead when time after time the script is written such that people do the opposite of what the average person would do.
I'd like to see these shows get away from the tropes that are forced just for immediate drama. Always falling at just the right time, the bad guy always stops just in the right place, lessons/experiences are never learned from, etc.
As a reference, I think a show based on the book series "Day by Day Armageddon" would be a great adaptation.
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2023.06.04 05:31 qwas12357 Personality factors that predict BPD

The diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is predicated upon the notion that those who suffer from it have aspects of their personalities which are problematic, self-defeating and dysfunctional so, in the first instance, it is useful to explain what is meant by personality.
In fact, there are several theories which attempt to describe what personality is rather than one, definitive theory and one of the best-known theories is called the five-factor model of personality.
The 5 factor model of personality proposes that personality comprises 5 main factors/traits/characteristics, represented by the acronym OCEAN.
These 5 factors are shown and elucidated upon below :
Openness To Experience (inventive/curious versus consistent / cautious). Conscientiousness (efficient/organized versus easy-going / careless). Extraversion (outgoing/energetic versus solitary/reserved). Agreeableness (friendly/compassionate versus challenging/detached). Stability/Neuroticism (sensitive/nervous versus secure/confident).
Because, as already stated, a diagnosis of BPD is based on the idea that aspects of the diagnosed person's personality are disturbed we would expect there to be some relationship between this model of personality and the personalities of those suffering from BPD.
In relation to this, researchers have posed the question: to what degree can a diagnosis of BPD be predicted from a description of a person's personality based upon the 5-factor model?
One study (Distel et al., 2009) that sought to answer this question, involving over 10,000 participants in total, found that, in terms of the 5-factor model, the traits that best predicted BPD were :
High Neuroticism combined with Low Conscientiousness
Another study (Kendler et al., 2011) came up with similar results, finding that the three factors which correlated most highly with BPD were :
High Neuroticism Low Conscientiousness Low Agreeableness
A third study (Terr, 1991) found that individuals who had suffered significant childhood trauma (extremely common among BPD sufferers) scored more highly than controls on :
Neuroticism Openness to new experience.
Research carried out by Gutierrez et al. (2000) suggested that seven fundamental aspects of personality that, when they become disturbed, dysfunctional and maladaptive (e.g. due to childhood trauma), make up the foundations on which personality disorders may develop. (though, of course, to be diagnosed with any one particular personality disorder not all seven aspects of personality need to be functionally impaired. However, which of the seven aspects are impaired, and in which combinations, will contribute to the determination of the particular personality disorder).
Antagonism Compulsivity Detachment Disinhibition Negative affect Psychoticism Submissiveness
The above is of particular interest as there is a growing feeling within certain sectors of the medical profession that, rather than labelling people with potentially stigmatizing labels (such as borderline personality disorder) it may be better from a patient's point for the therapist to describe his/her difficulties with reference to the above seven personality aspects. This also has the benefit of providing the patient with specific personality traits and behaviours that s/he may benefit from working on and giving him/her greater insight into the source of his/her difficulties.
Studies suggest there is a genetic component that contributes to an individual's chances of developing BPD during adulthood. This, in turn, suggests (but does not prove) that certain behavioural aspects/traits of BPD may well have been adaptive for our ancestors (i.e. helped them to cope with their environment, to survive, and, ultimately, therefore, to reproduce in certain situations). Let's look at examples of why this may have been the case.
One aspect of personality pathology can be social avoidance e.g socially avoidant personality disorder and BPD (during phases of withdrawal) This trait could have helped our ancestors survive if they lived in an environment in which there existed many dangerous strangers.
Many individuals suffering from BPD are highly impulsive. If a person is impulsive, it means s/he tends to react very quickly to an array of stimuli. Thus, in environments in which danger could suddenly come out of nowhere (like being unexpectedly attacked by a predator), lighting fast reactions would help to increase the individual's chances of survival.
One main symptom of BPD is a propensity to fly into intense rages and become (usually verbally) aggressive. Again, for our ancestors, aggression helped them to survive and reproduce. Indeed, violence was necessary as there was no police force to protect people and food and resources could sometimes only be gained by the means of fighting. Even during the last century, anthropologists studied a tribe of very violent hunter-gatherers and found that those who had committed homicide lived longer and reproduced more than less violent members of the tribe.
It stands to reason that individuals who both inherit traits relevant to BPD AND grow up in a dysfunctional environment (constituting a ''double-whammy) are at especially increased risk of developing BPD compared to both those who inherit similar traits but experience a stable and loving childhood and those who do not inherit BPD-related traits but experience a traumatic and stressful childhood.
It follows, of course, that if a parent has BPD, the child is at significantly increased risk of developing BPD him/herself as s/he may both inherit predisposing personality traits and grow up in a harmful environment.
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2023.06.04 05:26 wiensif [FOR HIRE] I draw anime style illustration and character design

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2023.06.04 05:24 wiensif [FOR HIRE] I draw anime style illustration and character design

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2023.06.04 05:23 l0_0 What to do when your natural self drives others away?

24M here. I used to be quite socially awkward and fearful of interaction with others. Since my freshman year of college really, this has improved and I think my social skills are actually quite good now. I can pick up on things and generally feel comfortable in social situations. I have no friends right now though. It seems as though I’m not meant to; my natural being causes others to isolate me.
Something that still hasn’t changed since I was a young teenager, is that my natural personality is off-putting to others. It’s obvious and consistent. It’s unfortunate because I like who I am and genuinely enjoy my humor and who I am. But others don’t.
Once I become “myself” around others I’ve built some rapport with by just acting like a normal person, they distance themselves immediately. Like, during that conversation. Then when I’m myself from the get go, the same happens. I’m sure others that have been in this situation recognize how obvious it is. People can’t hide that they’re just very put off by you. And others don’t bother hiding it at all. In group settings, ostracizing comments or actions made towards you are viewed positively by everyone else, as though you’re a monster but you don’t know it and everyone else does. So your exclusion is a good thing for everyone else.
Another example. I gave up being with someone in the past and accepted that being alone is ok and honestly I like my solitude. But the other day, I figured “why not give it another go”. Load up an app. Match with someone (who “liked” me first), they have something edgy in their profile bio so I reference it. They reply positively. I make a sarcastic joke about it. And boom. Within a minute they’re gone.
And I can’t help but laugh. At this point it’s just funny. Because if it isn’t funny, it’s just really depressing. The amount of evidence that has been presented to me regarding how quickly others hold contempt for me (when I am being myself) is unbelievably large. So unbelievably large, it has become hilarious. I convince myself that it’s not the case, so I try again and immediately get met with another situation that contributes to the evidence and I just laugh at myself for thinking I should try again.
I’ve isolated in the past to avoid these feelings, but more importantly to avoid bringing the negative feelings upon others by just existing naturally. And EVERY time I pull myself out of it and start believing in myself again, I immediately get put back in my place.
Morally I’m an antinatalist. But even if I wasn’t, I don’t think it would matter. People just don’t like me. And when I say me, I mean my authentic self. I have good enough social skills to superficially mask as a person people at least don’t mind. At first anyway. That masking can only go so far. But once a hint of my genuine personality comes out. Well. You know the rest.
I could speak for over 24 hours about all the examples I have in my life of this. My best friends from middle school became the one’s ostracizing me in high school. Any close friends I’ve had have ghosted me or we’ve lost touch. There’s something wrong with my natural being (according to others anyway). But boy…that’s just me. More and more I feel like an unintentional villain or something. By no means do I mean to be one. But that’s just who I am, so I will get treated as such and will just have to live with it.
Advice? I’ve already reached the point of acceptance. I did so as a teen. Ive talked to psychiatrists and therapists. My outlook on life and my personality since my teenage years have evolved and changed immensely. Yet these reactions from others have remained static. I accept that this may be how my life is. But I’d like it to not be, so if you have advice, I’m here to hear it. Thanks :)
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2023.06.04 05:05 LastResortFriend The Birth of a Stand Alone Complex

We've seen the Gmerica DD. We're excited. But I'm so much more jacked now because a realization hit me like a freight train.
Apes were a precursor. The main goal was never to create a central group of people in the know, IE apes, to take on market corruption. It was to manifest a true Stand Alone Complex to do it. The hidden Black Swan.
So what the hell is that?
The term "Stand Alone Complex" originates from the anime and manga series "Ghost in the Shell" created by Masamune Shirow. In the series, a Stand Alone Complex (SAC) refers to a social phenomenon that occurs in a networked society.
In the context of the story, a Stand Alone Complex emerges when a large number of individuals or groups begin to exhibit similar behaviors, beliefs, or actions, seemingly independent of any central coordination or organization. These individuals or groups act based on their own interpretations or perceptions of an event, without direct communication or influence from a central authority. Despite lacking a single source or leader, the Stand Alone Complex displays a collective behavior that mimics a centralized organization.
The name "Stand Alone Complex" is derived from the idea that these groups appear to be self-sustaining and "stand alone" without external control, even though they are actually interconnected through shared information and ideas. They can spread rapidly through networks, influencing and inspiring others to join in the same behavior or belief.
A Stand Alone Complex is not merely about multiple copies of a behavior, object, view, etc., existing without an original. It is more about the emergence of a collective phenomenon or behavior that appears to be independent and self-sustaining, even though it lacks a central source or coordination. The phenomenon arises from the actions and interpretations of individuals or groups within a networked society.
In a Stand Alone Complex, individuals or groups observe a certain behavior, object, view, or event and independently adopt and propagate it based on their own interpretations and perceptions. These individuals are not necessarily copying a single original, but rather creating their own versions of the behavior or belief.
The Stand Alone Complex is characterized by a network effect, where the behavior or belief spreads rapidly and influences others to adopt it. It is not about isolated copies existing without an original, but rather the collective manifestation of similar behaviors or beliefs emerging from decentralized sources.
A bit wordy but I had ChatGPT help me explain it fully and the description matches what I know a SAC to be.
Do you not see it now? Edwin's Gmerica DD represents the perfect event to kick off a truly large scale SAC. Apes were first and our shouting has spread the base ideas far and wide over the world.
There is no stopping it. Too late. The Streisand effect is, will, and has been fueling and accelerating the birth of this wondrous phenomenon. Just one more sneeze level event and it crowns. With the advent of decentralization Stand Alone Complexes are now able to rise up when a centralized authority acts out.
Personally I think it's why everyone who seems to be in the know is so unnaturally Zen. It's why I've seen rabid bulldog investigator apes go Zen and quiet with a smile on their face. They all have this idea in mind but outside of the anime nobody seems to have articulated it very well.
All of this is just my prediction: Stand Alone Complexes are no longer fictional. A Stand Alone Complex larger than just us will take on the market and we're all going to make it. But maybe I'm just crazy.
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2023.06.04 05:00 FedBillBot H.R.2907 - Let Doctors Provide Reprodu...

H.R.2907 - Let Doctors Provide Reprodu...

H.R.2907 - Let Doctors Provide Reprodu...

To ensure the right to provide reproductive health care services, and for other purposes.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Kim Schrier (D), WA-8
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 3




House floor - 2023-04-26 Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

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2023.06.04 04:57 Nickidoo Just had a meltdown cuz of art, just need to vent

Will leave some details out here, tryna move on asap but i still wanna talk abt it So theres this person in my school who i more or less look up to, they are a bit younger than me, a grade above me, more open than me, more confident in their abilities than me, better at socializing and generally do everything i wish i would do (going to cosplay conventions, getting hired for art etc), i don’t know to what extend our struggles are akin, i know they have adhd but apart from that no idea, and we occasionally talk. Last week i was sitting in the library and they came up to sit next to me for some company and cuz they needed a place to do their work, which i ofc wasnt opposed to. I was drawing something and we talked and got to the topic of art, they talked abt the industry standart and some other art stuff but mainly what stuck with me the most was them calling me a bad artist because i dont/rarely use references for poses. It didnt occur to me right away but that really hurt, But i am relatively rarely affected by other peoples words. We talked a bit more until they had to leave. The whole convo, including that part, stuck with me throughout these past 2 weeks to the point where i fell back into a rabbit hole of youtube turorials on random art stuff, which i havent watched in ages as i am generally pretty pleased with how my creations look. And then that added onto the stress, seeing how good all of these people were and how consistent their art was and how pretty the colors were is something i could “never” achieve. I realized that in the middle of an artwork and shut off my tablet, took my pillow and some paper and shut myself off into the bathroom to tear up the paper and scream into the pillow. I dont know my stance on this person anymore, they arent aware of the effect their comment had on me. Their accomplishments are still pretty admirable but i dont know if i ever want to speak to them again, i partially also sorta did because everyone in my friendgroup kinda dislikes them, and i didn’t want to add to that. This was a much needed reminder for me that its okay to struggle, its okay to be happy with your accomplishments even if they arent ‘perfect’. Dont compare yourself to others.
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2023.06.04 04:52 wiensif [FOR HIRE] I draw anime style illustration and character design.

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2023.06.04 04:50 4THOT There's a reason for the United States to be involved in Ukraine beyond "muh military industrial complex" that I hope Steven burns into Cenks skull.

Specifically in reference to their recent video about sending F16s to Ukraine:
One consistently braindead take that the left constantly imply with regard to the war in Ukraine, but never outright state, is that there's no good reason for the United States to be involved with Ukraine. The implication is that the "military industrial complex" is pulling the strings to line the pockets of politicians or it's "warmongering".
There is an extremely good reason that it is in everyone's best interest that Ukraine, at the very least, make Russia suffer. Nuclear proliferation cannot be the only method of ensuring sovereign borders.
Ukraine agreed to give up its weapons to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in exchange for guarantees of Ukrainian territory from Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, known as the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances.
As more actors have access to nuclear weapons the more likely there is an unresolvable conflict, miscommunication, or terrorist action that results in the activation of a nuclear weapon. International relations currently are at a balanced equilibrium where no nuclear power wants to use nuclear weapons, small nations do not have much incentive for nuclear weapons, and the nuclear super powers collaborate to thwart nuclear proliferation.
If Russia is unopposed then it means, with nuclear weapons, imperialism is acceptable, and if you have nuclear weapons you will be safe from imperialism. If this becomes the new international norm then nuclear proliferation and its consequences become inevitable.
Regardless of the United States' military industrial complex, Germany, Poland, France, Britain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Italy are supporting Ukraine in this war because Russia must pay a steep price for such a flagrant invasion to prevent a future where nuclear deterrence is the only real form of international security.
Anyways, fuck the Young Turks.
Additional reading:;jsessionid=8B1AA04E144C1C8B953485B7917AC28E?sequence=1
Perun video:
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2023.06.04 04:17 aasswwddd I faced weird behaviour when SQL Query uses project variable to reference a database file. What could possibly happen?

I have a profile that saves clipboard content to a database.
``` Profile: monitor Event: Clipboard Changed [ Output Variables:* Ignore Set By Tasker:Off ] Application: Not Bitwarden State: Variable Value [ %Clipboard_reserver !Set ]
Enter Task: Store Clip 2 Settings: Run Both Together 
the task is long but here's the action that insert the data.
``` A66: SQL Query [ Mode: Raw File: %db_file_path Query: INSERT INTO %sql_query_table (%sql_query_column())
 VALUES (%sql_query_values(+, )) ON CONFLICT (%sql_query_on_conflict) DO UPDATE SET %sql_query_excluded(+, ) Variable Array: %aaa Use Global Namespace: On ] 
%db_file_path is /storage/emulated/0/TaskeFiles/My DB/Clipboard_Manager.db and stored as project variable.
The profile logs everything just fine but there are a rare occasion whre the task throws an error on that action.
It says "clip_history" table doesn't exist.
``` Action: 'SQL Query' (step 66)
Task: 'Store Clip 2'
Profile: 'monitor'
no such table: clip_history (code 1 SQLITE_ERROR): , while compiling: INSERT INTO
sleep ${wait}s
termux-toast ""$wait""", "%cl_html_text", "wait=""%par1""
sleep ${wait}s
termux-toast ""$wait"" #48", "wait=""%par1""
sleep ${wait}s
termux-toast ""$wait""", "{
""date_time"":""Jun 04, 2023 08.00"",
}", "Jun 04, 2023 08.00", "1685840427", "Infinity", "%cl_image_uri", "%cl_uri", "%cl_extras", "%cl_mimetypes", "48")
length=excluded.length (Error Code: 1) ```
What's weird is that the table does exist and most of the time it doesn't throw on that action either.
I tried to copy the text again and it gets inserted to the database just fine.
wait="%par1" sleep ${wait}s termux-toast "$wait"
I assume that Tasker somehow refers to another %db_file_path from another project. I have multiple different projects that has %db_file_path as project variable.
However I couldn't confirm this since the error message doesn't have the database path.
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2023.06.04 04:00 FedBillBot H.R.2247 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2247 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2247 - To provide for a limitation...

To provide for a limitation on availability of funds for US Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service for fiscal year 2024.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Andy Biggs (R), AZ-5
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 5




House committee - 2023-04-28 Referred to the Subcommittee on Conservation, Research, and Biotechnology.

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2023.06.04 03:58 nqminhuit Please Help! My game crashed when use grapple

In my last playthrough, the game crash very often, usually when my soldier killed an enemy, then I uninstalled the game from steam, delete everything in folder "...\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen", then fresh installed (with all DLCs enabled) I also have a bout 110 mods. Then I started new campaign, the game was running fine, only 1 crash when all my soldier on overwatch and shot enemy reinforcement pod. But that was just 1 time, suddenly when my soldier started to wear "Wrait suit" and use grapple on high ground, the game crashed. It's not constant crash, only sometimes, but it crashes often. Besides fresh install, I also did some other methods:
Here is the 2 logs crashed when use grapple:
[5804.57] Log: X2TacticalGameRuleset_3 TurnPhase_UnitActions: Available Actions [5806.53] Warning: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for Plot_CTY_Vehicle_Plaza.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.XComWeapon_216.SkeletalMeshComponent_2819 with skeletalmesh FX_Weapons_Shared.Weapon_Dummy [5809.88] Log: Crash Detected: Dumping C:\Users\mimi\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\Binaries\Win64\..\..\XComGame\Logs\XCom-DESKTOP-4LRAAKT-CL469133-2023.06.04-08.31.58-Crash\XCom-DESKTOP-4LRAAKT-CL469133-2023.06.04-08.31.58_Minidump.dmp [5809.88] Log: Crash: GettingNameData [5809.88] Log: Suspending Threads [5809.89] Log: Writing Minidmp [5811.92] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array [5811.92] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Data [5811.92] Log: Dumping name table: (3965528) [5811.92] Log: Dumping name table: 0xa1aa4000 (3965528) [5811.92] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Blocks [5811.93] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array [5811.93] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array Data [5811.93] Log: Crash: Saving Objects [5817.36] Log: Waking Threads [5820.63] Log: Crash: appSendCrashTelemetry [5823.96] Log: CRASH: Copying Log 
here the second log:
[1525.84] Log: X2TacticalGameRuleset_0 TurnPhase_UnitActions: Available Actions [1527.56] Warning: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for Plot_WLD_GP_Forge_01.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.XComWeapon_72.SkeletalMeshComponent_728 with skeletalmesh FX_Weapons_Shared.Weapon_Dummy [1531.02] Log: Crash Detected: Dumping C:\Users\mimi\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\Binaries\Win64\..\..\XComGame\Logs\XCom-DESKTOP-4LRAAKT-CL469133-2023.06.03-16.17.18-Crash\XCom-DESKTOP-4LRAAKT-CL469133-2023.06.03-16.17.18_Minidump.dmp [1531.02] Log: Crash: GettingNameData [1531.02] Log: Suspending Threads [1531.06] Log: Writing Minidmp [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Data [1532.07] Log: Dumping name table: (3625920) [1532.07] Log: Dumping name table: 0x63bec000 (3625920) [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Names Array Blocks [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Objects Array Data [1532.07] Log: Crash: Saving Objects [1536.78] Log: Waking Threads [1539.90] Log: Crash: appSendCrashTelemetry [1541.28] Log: CRASH: Copying Log 
And here is my mod list:
[WotC] Gotcha Again (N:A) NieR:Automata - 2B's, A2's, and Kaine's Hair & Head Gear [WOTC] [WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire (and other abilities) Evac All - WotC Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things) Ashley Williams Squadmate (WOTC) X2WOTCCommunityHighlander v1.24.0 SECTION 9: MOTOKO PACK [WOTC] [WOTC] Celatid Alien WOTC - Configurable Headshots (WOTC) UI Mod for Defense/Mobility/Psi [WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors WOTC Female Hair Pack (N:A) NieR:Automata - 2B's and Kaine's Outfits [WOTC] WOTC Female Clothing Pack [WOTC] Alien Hunters Armor Customization [WOTC] Advent Field Training FacesOfXcom (MK 11) MORTAL KOMBAT 11: Skarlet's Kold War Outfit [WOTC] [WOTC] Hand to Hand Abilities [WOTC] Archon's Visual Diversity WOTC Head Pack (WOTC) Revival Protocol Charges Fix [WOTC] Improved Weapon Upgrade UI [WOTC] Loot Post Mover [WOTC] Reliable Ever Vigilant No Forced Anarchy [WOTC] Show All Class Counts [WOTC] Passive Icons Core Collection Edition Vindictus Female Hairstyles Re:DUX [WOTC] [WOTC] R.A.G.E. Armor Tech Fix [WOTC] Iridar's Template Master - Core [WOTC] YAF1 Autopsy Required Extension [WOTC] Unrestricted Customization Redux [WOTC] Alien Hunters Community Highlander v1.24.0 WOTC Calendar Pose Pack (N:A) NieR:Automata - 10E - The Violinist's Outfit [WOTC] WOTC Female Clothing Pack 2.0 (DOA6) DEAD OR ALIVE 6 - Honoka's Outfits [WOTC] [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists Redux [WOTC] Dude, Where's My Loot? (CFHD) CROSSFIRE HD – Female Cosmetic Pack [WOTC] [Legends] Angel Outfit (RE4R) RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE: Ada's Gear [WOTC] Blackmarket Usage [WotC] Mod Config Menu Add Part Names Yet Another F1 Smooth Scrolling [WOTC] Fixed Sniper Hotkeys Visibility Condition Bandaid For Rapid Fire And Friends [WOTC] Less Overwatch Lock Ups! [WotC] Weapon Fixes [WOTC] Core Collection Meta Mod [WotC] Revival Protocol Fixes [WOTC] Community Promotion Screen Remove Weapon Upgrades Maps by Vozati [WotC Edition] [WotC] Instant Loot Stop Wasting My Time - WotC Show ability cooldown WotC: "Increase Combat Intelligence" for everyone SQUID BE GONE! Instant Avenger Menus - WotC Post Process Status Effects [WOTC] Better Armory Item Stats [WOTC] Extended Personnel Info Redux [WOTC] Waterfowl's Map Pack [WOTC] Unit Flag Extended Beam Grenade Launcher Suit Upgrading [WOTC] Failsafe Hacking PCS [WOTC] Iridar's Perk Pack [WOTC][LWOTC] Iridar's Bounty Hunter Class [WOTC] Noah's Revolver Scientist Staff Slots: WotC Edition Pause Scanning [WOTC] Starting Staff - WotC + Vanilla Elerium Core Crafting [WOTC] Better Repeater Fixed WotC TheAxeMod Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix [WOTC] [TLP] Configurable TLP Weapon Upgrades Reward Decks Refresher Remove Missing Mods for WotC [WOTC] Supreme Focus [WOTC] Tactical UI Kill Counter Redux Confirm Free Reload - WotC [WOTC] Jet Packs WOTC Flawless [WOTC] More Target Icons 2020 [WOTC] Points of Interest Recycler Reward Deck Builder Let There Be POIs Asari Adepts [WOTC] Increase Pod Size By Force Level [WOTC] Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs) More Breakthroughs [WOTC] Multiple Sitreps 2.0: Guaranteed & Categories Quickdraw Fix WotC Microstim Implants WotC Vest Slot [WOTC] Dress for Success WotC_BloodRayne_Char_Rayne WotC_RyanReos_Char_BladedancerMerc WotC_RyanReos_Char_DarkElfBlader WotC_RyanReos_Char_PrimroseEgypt MyTweaks TLP: Unlocker [WOTC] Civilians Revamped 
Could anyone show me how to debug this one? Please any helps would be very much appreciated!
p/s: not only grapple, it seems to relate to other skills with the grapple like Skirmisher's Justice/Wrath.
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2023.06.04 03:25 ChronoisCross1999 Ideas for the Three Story Paths for Gen 10 for an Australian Based Region

So a couple of weeks ago I posted my ideas for hypothetical starters for the next generation of Pokemon based in an Australian region, and since then I've been thinking about what the story for such a region could entail. I really liked the concept of having three separate story paths that eventually converge at the end that Scarlet and Violet introduced, but I feel that each of the three paths had their own shortcomings that could be improved on in a future entry like generation 10, assuming it still keeps the open-world style.
I've decided to explain these three story paths in three different sections of this post, as well as having two additional sections at the beginning explaining both the plot synopsis of the game as well as the central gameplay mechanic of the region. I've also decided to mix up what types ended up in each equivalent story path so that there were no repeats from Gen 9. So without further ado, here are my ideas of what the three story path structure from Scarlet and Violet could look like in an Australian based region.

Part 1: Starters
Plot Synopsis:
Unlike most other Pokemon games, the main protagonist is not a child embarking on their first journey to become the Pokemon Champion. Instead, the player takes control of a 16 year old teenager who is moving to Auborn (Aussie based region's name) from Galar along with their mother, having already participated in the Champion Cup and coming close to beating the champion in that region. Because of Auborn's strict laws on importing foreign Pokemon due to a rise of unexpected new evolutions that first occurred when various foreign Pokemon first set foot in the region due to Auborn having an innate connection with the Dream World, the player was unable to bring their previous team along with them to the region, forcing them to essentially start their journey over from scratch.
Upon arriving in the region, the player, along with their mother, head to the Auborn Association of Rangers' Headquarters, an organization that specializes in studying and catching the various wild Pokemon of the Auborn region. They meet up with the leader of the organization, who is based off the crocodile hunter, but essentially plays the role of the professor of the region. He gives the player the option of picking either Crocodino, Lamblast, or Splatypus as their starter, and the player's mother picks the starter that is strong against them, leaving the final starter in the professor's care.
The Auborn Association of Rangers' Headquarters will be the central base of operations for the region, functioning similar to the Academy in generation 9. Here, the player can take training courses to learn more about catching Pokemon, the lore of the region, and the history of Pokemon battling in the Auborn region.
After the player is finished with the introductions, they are encouraged to explore every corner of the Auborn region in whatever order they wish, but they will be tasked with three main objectives: take the eight endurance trials to raise the max level of Pokemon that can be used in battle on their trainers' license, go on ranger expeditions in the five National Parks of Auborn to study the local wildlife, and investigate the five traditional shrines of the Dream Guardians to deal with the reports of an evil team attempting to vandalize the sacred homes of these creatures.
Auborn-The name of this region is a combination of Australia and Melbourne, one of the most populated cities in the country. When said out loud, it also sounds like "awe-born" which refers to the fact that this is the region that is most closely related to the dream world first established back in Gen 5.
Central Gameplay Mechanic: Astral Ascension
In the Auborn region, Pokemon have the ability to draw power from the dream world and temporarily realize their full innate potential in battle by achieving a state known as Astral Ascension. Gameplay-wise, this mechanic is similar to Terastalization, as it allows one Pokemon in the party per battle to enter their Astral form, which allows them to transform into whatever their Astral type is. However, unlike Terastalization, this state will only last for three turns before the Pokemon reverts back to normal. A Pokemon's Astral type can be changed at every Pokemon Center by using ten Astral shards of any given type to craft an Astral orb of that type that can be used on a certain Pokemon to give it the desired Astral type.
Additionally, the Pokemon's ability will swap over to its Astral ability, which is typically just whatever ability is going unused for Pokemon that can have 2 possible abilities. The terminology for abilities has changed slightly for Pokemon who can have 3 possible abilities. A Pokemon's ability when it isn't in its Astral form is called its Standard Ability, its Astral Ability can only be used temporarily for three turns in battle while it's in its Astral form, and its Hidden Ability is whatever ability is going unused. A Pokemon's abilities can be freely swapped around by using an Ability Capsule.
One last change from Terastalization is the STAB bonus that is achieved when a Pokemon is in its Astral form. In Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon who had terastalized would keep the STAB bonus from their original types in addition to whatever type they terastalized into. For Astral Ascension, I've decided to make it so that for the three turns that they are in their Astral form, the Pokemon will only gain the STAB boost from their Astral type to balance out the fact that they can now make use of multiple abilities in battle. In addition, Pokemon who ascend into an Astral type that matches one of their original types will now only get a 1.75 boost to moves of that type's base power rather than a 2x boost.
Unlike in Scarlet and Violet, Astral Ascension wouldn't be available from near the beginning of the game. Instead, players will gradually unlock the ability for their Pokemon to attain Astral Ascension by completing the three story paths and defeating all 18 type specialists to incentivize heading towards a certain challenge earlier based on the player's team composition and so that they can't make use of their entire party's other abilities from the get-go.
I think that these changes would help to make Pokemon battles more interesting without being too overpowered, and would help make the main campaign more exciting by gradually allowing the player to unlock the true potential of their Pokemon over the course of the game. It would also lead to interesting situations like with the Pokemon Krookodile. Since its abilities would swap around when using Astral Ascension, players would now have to think about whether they want to have Intimidate as their base ability while only potentially having Moxie for three turns or essentially forgoing Intimidate entirely in favour of Moxie, since Intimidate wouldn't activate upon entering its Astral Form. I think it would make players think more about what role each Pokemon could bring to the team and devising strategies based on that rather than just focusing on type effectiveness, which would have the potential of adding multiple layers of strategy that weren't initially there with Terastalization.
Path 1: License to Victory
This path would mirror the gym challenge path from Scarlet and Violet, but with a twist. Since Pokemon battling is considered to be a dangerous activity in the Auborn region, trainers are required to obtain a license to battle with Pokemon in a graduated-licensing system through the endurance trials. This will introduce a level-scaling system to the game, where players will only be able to have Pokemon in their party that are below or equal to the level that the next gym leader's ace is at. Any Pokemon caught in the wild that are higher than the max level on the player's current license will be forced into the PC until they beat enough gym leaders to be able to use them in battle. If a Pokemon in the player's party reaches the level cap, the EXP that they gain will be turned into Bonus EXP, which won't be earned until the player obtains their next badge, kind of like how Shadow Pokemon worked in Colosseum and XD.
While the gym leaders could be fought in any order, since the first leader fought will always start at level 20, there would naturally be certain leaders that would be tougher to face, like a dragon trainer having single stage dragons at the start with a higher base stat total than the Flying-type leader's Pokemon. I would imagine the level curve would go something like this:
0 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 20. First gym leader has three Pokemon, with their ace at level 20. Recommended first gym leader is Flying type.
1 Badge-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 25. Second gym leader has three Pokemon with their ace at level 25. Recommended second gym leader is Poison type.
2 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 30. Third gym leader has four Pokemon with their ace at level 30. Recommended third gym leader is Fairy type.
3 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 35. Fourth gym leader has four Pokemon with their ace at level 35. Recommended fourth gym leader is Fire type.
4 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 40. Fifth gym leader has five Pokemon, with their ace at level 40. Recommended fifth gym leader is Dark type.
5 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 45. Sixth gym leader has five Pokemon, with their ace at level 45. Recommended sixth gym leader is Fighting type.
6 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 50. Seventh gym leader has six Pokemon, with their ace at Level 50. Recommended seventh gym leader is Steel type.
7 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to level 55. Eighth gym leader has six Pokemon, with their ace at Level 55. Recommended final gym leader is Dragon type.
8 Badges-Pokemon in party can be trained up to any level. Elite Four is in the postgame, and have six Pokemon each, with their aces at level 70. Their types are Normal, Electric, Fairy, and Psychic, filling out every remaining unused elite four type except for Grass. Upon defeating the elite four, it's revealed that the player's mom actually defeated them prior, and they have to face off against their mother in a final battle. Her ace is at level 75, and her team has diverse typing.
These changes, along with the introduction of Astral Ascension, would make endurance trials that much more challenging. Now, the fire-type leader could use Astral Ascension on a bulky Grass-type to turn into a Fire-type for three turns to take advantage of an ability like Chlorophyll or Solar Power before reverting back into a Grass-type to perfectly counter all of Fire's weaknesses, adding an element of tension to the fights where players would want to knock out the opponent's Pokemon as soon as possible before they could potentially hit back and counter their entire team with a different, unexpected type. It's situations like this that would add a ton of variety to the endurance trial system, which is what the gym challenge desperately needs after nine generations of feeling kind of samey.
Path 2: Ranger Expeditions
Replacing the Team Star Route from Scarlet and Violet, this path focuses more on catching Pokemon and crafting certain things for the ranger scout of that particular area. Taking the 10 wonders of the region concept from Scarlet and Violet a step further, the five national parks that the player will visit over the course of this story route are five of the ten wonders of the Auborn region, with the other five being explored in the third story route. These national parks will be filled with Pokemon and tourists alike, making these areas just as bustling as the cities housing the endurance challenges.
This route would play out similarly to the missions in Legends Arceus, and I would imagine Pokemon catching would work basically the same as it did in that game as well. Players would be tasked with catching a variety of Pokemon within the biome to study features such as size differences, move variety, and gender differences between different species of Pokemon, as well as what their dropped materials can be crafted into. These parks would be based in a Grass-type outback area, Water-type beach resort area, Rock-type mountain area, Ground-type desert area, and Ice-type Snowfield area to maximize the type diversity of Pokemon being studied.
I won't go as in depth with this story path or the next one since this post has already gone on long enough, but I feel like having a campaign more in line with Legends Arceus focused on catching would be more interesting, at least gameplay wise compared to how Team Star Bases played out where if you had the type advantage it felt like it was basically just tap auto-battle to win until the real boss fight came out.
Path 3: Dream Guardian Investigation
The final section will be the most brief one, since it will essentially be a mixture of the Titan Pokemon path from Scarlet and Violet and the Totem Pokemon challenges from Sun and Moon. I feel like the concept of having these super strong Pokemon that you can find in the wild like with Titan Pokemon is just so interesting that you could have a similar system in Gen 10 without too many changes and it would be fine.
There are five ancient shrines dedicated to the "Dream Guardians" scattered across the region, and each of them are considered to be five of the ten wonders of the Auborn region. These are legendary Pokemon that were said to roam the land in ancient times long before the first humans were born in the region, where the connection between the Dream World and the Pokemon World was even stronger than today. However, due to the nefarious actions of the Ghost-type Team Spectre, the five ancient shrines are being corrupted by the Successor Pokemon to the Dream Guardians (equivalent to Totem Pokemon), and the player must work together with the locals who worship the Dream Guardians to heal their successors before their ancestral homes are destroyed for good.
Unlike the other two paths, the missions in this route must be completed in a specific order to unravel the story of these legendary Pokemon in a linear fashion. The original Dream Guardians each share a primary type with their successors. The progression for this route would go as follows:
Bug Primary Type Successor-Level 20
Electric Primary Type Successor-Level 30
Normal Primary Type Successor-Level 40
Psychic Primary Type Successor-Level 50
Ghost Primary Type Successor + Team Spectre Leader-Level 60
I admittedly didn't go as in depth with this story path as I could've, but I think this general template would work to create an interesting story and an intimidating evil team.
And there you have it. I didn't come up with a final story segment like Scarlet and Violet had, but I hope this gave a good enough idea on how I would imagine an Australian based region could play out for Gen 10. I also have ideas for 29 different evolutions for old Pokemon for the Auborn region if anyone would be interested in seeing posts about that in the future. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!
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