is EZContacts a reliable site to buy glasses?

2022.09.30 15:01 dxddycliffo is EZContacts a reliable site to buy glasses?

also designeroptics? they both have the same exact frames I have currently at a decent price (the leg broke) so I was hoping to buy em from there, and once they arrive take em to lenscrafters to switch the lenses. if anyone has bought from either of them before please let me know your experience?
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2022.07.01 18:04 RoundSound1 I need critique and feedback on a newly designed homepage

Design went live last week, at
what do you think about it?
we tried to be modern in the design, and at the same time tell our potential customers of the services we provide,
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2021.11.26 17:36 alexdemen DesignerOptics Black Friday Coupon Code

Here is the DesignerOptics Black Friday Coupon Code
Best deals, reddit coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.08.12 06:10 dancinfashionista legit?

Has anyone purchased sunglasses from I’m wanting to buy a pair of Gucci sunglasses as they’re half the price of normal retail.
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2021.01.22 20:49 PlatinumRooster Best Purchase Process For Frames And Lenses?

I'll try and make this short.
I've recently done pretty well for myself and I'm finally in a position to not only get new glasses, but the frames I'd like as well.
I'm no stranger to online shopping and the pitfalls of price-matching, deep-diving SKUs to find the cheapest legitimate price, and the risks of counterfeit/cheap versions of anything.
That said, whenever I enter a realm of product that I don't shop for often, I still like to ask questions. Additionally, despite being relatively well-off now, I'm no slouch for bargain-hunting. Who doesn't like to pinch a penny here and there when it comes to purchases over $100, especially when its RX?
Anyway, as I'm shopping online, I'm coming across multiple websites with... mixed reviews; places like EZContacts or DesignerOptical, etc.
A majority of their bad reviews are people completely clueless to holiday shipping delays, and that's generally to be expected, however, there is a sprinkle here and there of people doubting the legitimacy of the frames received (talking Gucci, Versace, and the like).
On top of that is the question of the quality of lenses. I was never aware that you could purchase a frame and get lenses CUSTOM FITTED to said frame. Personally, I don't even see how that's possible, but that's just me.
To the point...
I'm looking to get prescription sunglasses in this style:
And normal RX in either of these styles:
In terms of scoring a good deal, I'm not sure what my best avenue is, and on top of that, the lens game is really confusing.
To be clear, I don't have insurance, and I don't plan on getting it anytime soon, so I'm willing to forego the benefit of discounts in that regard.
Just from a pure-cash perspective, what is my best shopping method here?
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2020.07.24 22:37 cadaverousbones Is DesignerOptics Legit?

I found the same Tom Ford frames that my eye doctor has for half the price on designeroptics but not sure if they are a legit and trustworthy site to order from?
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2020.07.18 19:02 Chazzyphant July Purchase thread: with reviews/pics if you can!

I just got this Madewell embroidered chambray chore coat yesterday. 40% additional off sale. It's gorgeous.
This Eileen Fisher shirt dress whenever EF does printed items I'm all in, since she so seldom does prints or patterns.
Super obsessed with the color "bramble" from EF.
They had their additional 30% off sale PLUS I get my employee discount. I grabbed quite a few items during that sale!
Bramble crinkle boxy jacket
Bramble flex tencel ponte blazer
Bramble sandwashed tencel pant
Bramble flex tencel ponte pant
also from sale
This textured EF blouse
This is a bit of a weird case, but I bought this, and it was too low cut and just didn't fit right, so I placed it to a consignment store well, it didn't sell, so I got it back. I've lost weight and now it fits better! I placed it with my alterations person to add some snaps at the bodice and I'm thrilled I get a super pretty dress back!
I am really into this ambedusty peach/terracotta color lately and got this maxi cardigan from Steinmart of all places. It's Free People!
This Eileen Fisher boiled wool lantern dress my second of that type. I love that silhouette and fabric.
Got these slouchy silk EF pants at Nordstrom Rack they're a size too big and need altering but the price was so right!
Got this swing blouse from Zara sale
Got this knit sweater from Zara sale
These Noblu lantern pants from Poshmark which are fine. They are heavy jersey so they're going to have to be lounge pants only, womp womp.
This J. Jill embroidered blouse second hand. LOVE.
This Eileen Fisher two piece blouse, it's beautiful in person
After realizing a lantern silhouette is my best look, I splurged on a couple pieces including this EF metallic lantern skirt
The funny thing about that is, years ago, I wasn't into Eileen Fisher but I was a thrift flipper and would grab any EF item I saw and clean it, steam it and list it on eBay. I found that metallic skirt in my size in a thrift store and even considered keeping it but at the time I was like "eh....I can make more money selling it" which I did.
This Vera Wang Simply Vera shift dress
Took a chance on this WToo sample dress for $12, was too small
This Free People slip
These Crown Vintage mules, secondhand
These Birks, Nordstrom Rack
These super fun sparkle shoes, Buffalo Exchange
These Anne Klein pumps, from Steinmart
These Lele Sadoughi earrings, very pretty in person they were sale on sale. My only complaint is that the silvery part of the resin mix is very flashy and shiny and looks like metallic paint pen but that doesn't detract from the overall look of the earrings, which are delightful.
These Alice and Olivia sunglasses they're high quality and I love the shape, but that picture is misleading. They are navy blue with a hint of tortoise (which is VERY annoying because I already have a pair almost just like that!) The Penny sunglasses, which I paid $75 dollars for after falling deeply in love with (that purchase was like a year ago, FYI)
This lovely Calvin Klein gown as a backup wedding dress for VERY cheap. It's more shimmery/sparkly than it appears in the pictures and I don't love that about it, so it's on backup status right now and since it doesn't scream wedding, I can wear it to other events or resell it.
Got this for a backup to the backup it's adorable in person be frank, a little cheap looking. I LOVE the way the chiffon overlay lets the sequins twinkle through and I LOVE the satin lapel low back. But overall, again, a backup.
Ordered these Ophelia mules from Cole Haan for wedding shoes but also they are just so gorgeous I might use them for any formal event...if we ever get to leave the house again!
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2020.01.31 20:22 FawcettMajors DesignerOptics and FramesDirect

Never purchased anything glasses related online. They both have the frame I want and both cost within $20 of each other. LensCrafters wants double what these places are charging. Decided to get local lenses put in, so this is only about frame. Are these two places really selling the exact same authentic frame as LensCrafters? They both have told me the frames come direct from the manufacturer. Can I believe them

Edited to add: I went with FramesDirect after speaking to them over the phone. Turns out they are owned by Luxottica and sell the same exact frame I chose based off trying on/getting measured at LensCrafters. Woohoo! BTW, I know Luxottica isn't the greatest because of their "monopoly" of the eyewear industry but, that's not a battle I was willing to address cause I wanted this damn frame! LOL
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2019.04.22 02:15 tgyankees97 Are Designer Optics or FramesDirect real? Or do they just sell knockoffs?

I really love the Burberry BE3095 glasses ( ) but $285 is a little steep for me. DesignerOptics and FramesDirect have the same pair for around $150. Has anybody ever ordered from them?
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2019.02.21 22:22 extranakisses Where to find glasses like these?

Unfortunately these are discontinued, but it seems like a common enough design.
I'm hoping to find similar designs to those glasses that also sit wide on the face, like
Sorry if this isn't the right subreddit!
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2018.12.18 05:39 usadesigneroptics Kate Spade Frames –

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2018.06.22 12:56 ordereyeglasses best place to buy glasses online

Designer Optics Shop all brands for Man Women and kids. Sunglasses, Eyeglasses we carry Ray Ban. Prada. Gucci. Versace. And so on.
best place to buy glasses online
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2016.02.15 11:03 goke89 Where can I find authentic Cazal Legends prescription frames?

So far I found designeroptics. Its about $150 cheaper than coolframes. Any other suggestions?
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2015.12.17 23:05 first-z Buying designer frames online as well as lenses - need help. Thanks!!

I tried to dig in this sub to answer my questions but I couldn't find them I have a lens prescription and I want to a specific burberry frame (burberry 1268) that I found at lenscrafters. I have a prescription from costco and I want to order online because lens crafter is too expensive.
1) are the online retailers reputable for authentic frames as well as quality lenses 2) anyone know about or any other site recommendations? 3) does insurance help out at all? 4) do you guys recommend anti-reflective coating? I had it before and it peeled off really bad
thanks everyone!!!
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2014.12.20 00:14 poisonsmoke Has anyone tried designer optics?

I found a frame I like in the store and found it for much cheaper online. Has anyone used this site before? If so what was your experience?
Edit: it's
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