2011 mitsubishi lancer front bumper

97 SR5 Brake Booster/Brake Booster Check Valve

2023.06.09 00:40 YouMightBe-R-worded 97 SR5 Brake Booster/Brake Booster Check Valve

So my brake pedal began to intermittently get extremely stiff to the point that the car would barely stop. It would happen once or twice every 90 miles driven, and continued like that for 3 days.
Now the brake pedal is rock hard (pause) and doesn’t really budge at all, however the brakes still function if you put all of your might into it.
For obvious reasons I’ve stopped driving it.
I scoured the forums and it’s either A) a failed brake booster or B) failed brake booster check valve. I’ll start with the cheaper route and am hoping it’s the check valve.
I bought the check valve (part # 44730-60060) ($51.90) and check valve seal/grommet (part # 90480-24015) ($3.61) from Toyota dealer that happened to have both parts in stock.
Yes, there’s brake fluid and all of the hose connections are solid. I don’t have the means to check for a vacuum leak, but will go that route if this doesn’t work because I would rather not drop $300+ for a new booster if I don’t have to and I have time to wait. Also I think it’s more likely that it’s the check valve since everything was OEM when I bought it last year with 290k miles and the check valve is long overdue to fail.
I’m posting this ahead of time in case anyone in the future has a similar issue and wants to try troubleshooting themselves. I will provide updates when the parts come in, should be by next Friday.
PS: I’m not naturally mechanically inclined but I bought this puppy because I wanted something fun and durable to learn to do car stuff myself. I’ve already replaced the alternator, completely replaced the front end, replaced a leaking sun roof, and put together a front bumper on my own which feels pretty cool. Also YouTube is a beautiful thing.
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2023.06.09 00:40 TotalRare7646 Front bumper hood gap

Front bumper hood gap
I spent a couple of hours getting cooked by the Florida sun making bumper & hood adjustments to mitigate the gap. It was bothering me so much lol.
What do you think? Within acceptable limits now?
I adjusted hood latches, headlight bolts, and added washers to help raise the bumper gaps on the left and right. It's not perfect but I think I got it close this time.
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2023.06.08 23:58 KnoxRanger Repair cost for Q4 ‘21 SRM3 front bumper, driver headlight, & driver front qtr panel?

Repair cost for Q4 ‘21 SRM3 front bumper, driver headlight, & driver front qtr panel?
Just hoping to understand what I’m in for and if my radar sensors are going to be taken away.
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2023.06.08 23:34 PrettyElectricSheep Need help streamlining my resume for Hospitality/Hotel/F&B jobs


Hi there! Thank you in advance for reading this.
I currently have 10+ years of experience in F&B/Hospitality and am looking for jobs in management, sales, event operations, hospitality.
I have lived in the same city for awhile so many jobs I've gotten in the past were based on references or prior work relationships, so my resume building skills are weak.
Right now my resume feels too "wordy", so I'm looking for some help making my resume stand out and get across the extent of my previous experience. Also wondering which skill sets I should focus on/any tips on numbers that I could pull from previous jobs to demonstrate tangible successes.
Any input is greatly greatly appreciated, thank you reddit!
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2023.06.08 23:07 askanOG Good Advice comes from good experieces

Don't you hate it when heavy traffic from an event comes to a complete standstill. The biggest cause of the worst traffic lock is selfish aggressive drivers disregarding traffic laws, showing no courtesy, concerned for themselves only. If you play sports like that, disregarding the test of the team, putting yourself first, braking the rules, what happens. Us corn fed country boys would have a team meeting with them that would ensure they would begin to follow the rules, work as a team,and stop being a self centered LOSER On the road in heavy traffic be courtious.. obey the lights and don't block the intersections.look ahead and see what you can do to help other cars flow smoothly. Work all merging intersections correctly. Just like a 4 way stop everyone gets a turn. And people if the traffic light are out its a 4 way stop car goes east as the apposite goes west. 2 cars if 2 lanes then the 2 left turn can turn, then N and south lanes 1 car per lane the their left turns. R turn can be made with a posing L turn because everyone is turning into their correct lane. The biggest dumbasses out there are the ones that wait until the last possible foot to merge from lane closing to open lane because he is the same prick that won't let him merge riding the bumper of the car in front. If your at the grocery store and 20 people are in line for open register and you decide your too good to wait in line with those looser who politely comply and wait so you run your cart to the front of the line push the nice old lady out of the way that's been in line 10 minutes, push yourself to a register and make e eryone else wait longer for you because you are superior and don't need to wait. Now consider after making a selfish move in front of everybody like that the see your race, sex, if your in a car for the rich or poor. Now not only do people see you as a stupid self centered superior asshole your the 4th white male with money (and I just put those out randomly) that's done that so not only are you making the traffic situation worse your creating hate for your people causing prejudice etc. And when it's all said and done your actions to put yourself first creating hate prejudice and roadrage did not get you home sooner at all. It cost increased insurance premiums, increased pollution higher Healthcare costs and added 12 minutes to youtlr trip home. Not to mention judgement from God
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2023.06.08 22:57 sindlass ILPT Request: Reporting Car Damage to Insurance for least amount out of pocket?

A few months ago I was involved in a small collision where a homeless person ran out in the middle of the highway. The first few cars slammed their brakes and I was the last in the line. I didn’t catch it in time and tapped the car ahead of me.
The car ahead had a small dent in the rear bumper, and my car got a few cracks in the front bumper. The car ahead pulled over but no one else did. She was actually apologizing, and said she knows I wasn’t at fault. She would claim it as a hit and run, as no other cars stayed. I walked off and counted my blessings.
I now want to get my car body damage fixed. I have decent car insurance, this is in the US. How should I report the damage for the least amount out of pocket?
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2023.06.08 22:37 jtrtj Anyone know a body shop in Denver, CO area?

I just discovered I have a wicked collection of scratches and gashes on my driver side front bumper corner. I'm guessing it happened in a parking garage or while I was parallel parked somewhere. Who ever caused the damage did not leave a note. Wondering if anyone has had a good experience with any body shops in the Denver area?
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2023.06.08 22:23 Livid_Cattle_4830 Anyone Know what front bumper this is?

Anyone Know what front bumper this is?
It’s for bk1
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2023.06.08 22:21 Solerien I'm considering buying a 2023 S60 Recharge Ultimate edition. I have some questions about PILOT ASSIST.

My current car is a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Autopilot and FSD. I want to compare Autopilot to PILOT ASSIST. I mostly drive in Los Angeles and Orange County in California.
  1. One of my biggest with Autopilot problems is the Lane Centering (aka Auto-Steer); cars in the lane next to me sometimes decide to drive on the lane markings and every time I turn the steering wheel slightly to the left or right to get away from them the "Auto-Steer" turns off and I have to re-engage it to get my car to stay in its lane automatically. Would PILOT ASSIST turn off if I turned the steering wheel to adjust my position in my lane?
  2. My Tesla's Autopilot will not turn on in all situations. For example if I'm waiting on a freeway on-ramp it will not turn on because it can't clearly see the lane markings. Will PILOT ASSIST turn on in all situations?
  3. Tesla has a lot of annoying sounds when you make any maneuvers it disagrees with, these are a huge distraction. Does PILOT ASSIST have loud distracting alerts every time you do something like going through a large intersection where there are no cars in front of you?
  4. Does PILOT ASSIST steer the car at low speeds, like in 3 mph bumper to bumper Los Angeles traffic?
  5. Does PILOT ASSIST randomly turn itself off?
  6. On my Tesla when it asks me to apply steering pressure to show I'm still driving usually it takes a bit of turning to get it to recognize my turning and if I turn too hard Auto-Steer will disengage. Although, instead of turning I can also turn the column key on my steering wheel to show I'm paying attention. Does PILOT ASSIST require a lot of turning pressure to register that I'm paying attention, and can I use the volume key instead of turning the wheel?
  7. Can PILOT ASSIST stop for red lights and Stop signs?
  8. Tesla's Autopilot stops for green lights, red lights, and stop signs. Does PILOT ASSIST stop for green lights?
  9. When I signal to change lanes will a camera show me the lane next to me, Honda and Tesla have this feature.
  10. Can PILOT ASSIST change lanes for me or do I have to change lanes manually?
  11. Will PILOT ASSIST alert me when my exit is coming up and recommend I change lanes? Can it detect which lanes I'm driving in and alert me to which lanes I should be driving in so I don't miss my exit?
  12. Unrelated to PILOT ASSIST, how is the ride comfort, temperature control, and road noise on the S60? My Tesla has horrible suspension, I can feel every little hole in road and the car will swing me around whenever I make a turn. Also, road noise and wind noise are horrible, I can't even listen to music because all I hear is my tires riding on the asphalt. Tesla also isn't well insulated and if it's hot outside I'll have to put the A/C on full blast to stay cool, if it's cold outside I will freeze my butt off even with the heater on full blast.
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2023.06.08 21:47 cliffman1992 Honest Review (multi-car customer)

I would like to start by saying this is an honest review. I was an extremely loyal Carvana customer and the first to defend Carvana from anyone saying how bad they were. I have purchased 2 cars from Carvana over the past 5 years. I am going to provide an honest review of both experiences because I want to outline exactly how much the customer experience has degraded in my personal opinion.
If you finish reading this and have any questions, please feel free to AMA about my experiences.

1st Vehicle Experience (2019) 5 Stars, amazing experience
I purchased a 2018 Ford Fusion. This vehicle arrived as advertised, all exterior markings were clearly listed on the site and I could find no issues on the exterior that weren't marked. They delayed my shipping which I was perturbed about as I had paid good money for shipping. When the car arrived, the driver had a gift card he gave me for some restaurants which I thought was an amazing gesture. The driver unloaded my vehicle and scrapped the front and back bumpers off the ground because the car was low and the ground uneven. I was assured this would be fixed. I got the car home and realized there was dog hair all through the back seat. I contacted Carvana about both issues. They sent me $250 to get the car cleaned and footed the entire bill for repairs (almost $2000) to get it fully repaired. This earned my loyalty to their brand and decided I'd buy cars from Carvana in the future.
TL;DR; Amazing experience, driver was incredibly respectful and Carvana fixed every complaint I had and I felt actually went above and beyond to ensure I was happy including a swag bag.

2nd Vehicle Experience (2023) 1 Star at best, awful experience lost a customer
I purchased a 2021 Chevy Silverado RST 6 1/2 FT bed with DFM from their site. There were a few usual delays during purchasing nothing major. Delivery day comes. I receive a text from the driver with a 15-minute time frame for their arrival. Wait a full hour before texting the number, I get a response when the driver pulls into the parking lot 1 hour and 10 minutes after the arrival time they gave me. I'm out of their market so this involved me sitting in a parking lot for a full hour. No apologies, just a joke about how they needed to stop for an energy drink. I ignore it, shit happens... they unload the vehicle and I take it for a test drive. Everything seems fine, I sign for the vehicle and drive it home. At this point, I have a few parts waiting for the truck including a bed cover which oddly does not fit. I start doing some decoding of the VIN number and realize the truck is actually a 5 3/4 FT bed. I also notice there are some deep gouges in the paint that weren't marked (one side had no scratches at all marked) and there's also a dent in the tailgate. At this point, I'm a bit nervous but I've had good experiences in the past so I assume it'll all work out. I open a complaint about the bed, I wait to hear back. They offer me a $100 check which I feel honestly is a slap in the face. I ask to have the shipping fees waived as this clearly wasn't my fault and would like to return the truck. They refuse. At this point, I'm either out around $1200 ($190 to get it to my state, $520 to get it to me, and $520 to get it back for the return) or I take the $100 and just forget about it. I ask to have a manager call me. They assure me a manager will call in 24 hours as now it is getting close to my 7-day return window and I am pretty displeased. A manager never called me and today I finally just accepted this is my truck now and took the $100 as I didn't want to lose $1200 out of pocket.
As a side note, the truck was listed with DFM but does not have DFM. Another feature they miss annotated but I've decided contacting them about it is not worth the extra $100 as each time has been a significant hassle. I had seen this feature was missing and actually didn't want it anyway so it worked.
So now I move on to the next issue the gouges in the paint and the dent that weren't disclosed. I take pictures and submit a claim request through their website. The pictures are sent to their insurance company. In about 3 hours I am informed that these scratches while not disclosed anywhere are "normal wear" and are being refused to be covered.
TL;DR; The delivery driver was extremely disrespectful. The customer support has mocked me and belittled my problems. They sold me a truck with a 5 3/4 FT bed as a 6 1/2 FT bed that has multiple scratches and a dent they had no pictures of and did not disclose in any way. Their solution was to offer me $100 dollars and refused to allow me to send the truck back without losing money.

Safe to say I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Carvana. It's a shame really, they're usually cheaper than dealers around here and in the past have shown amazing customer response. However, the customer experience is horrible now. An online retailer that can't get the simple facts correct or mark obvious imperfections while refusing to work with the customer in any way does not deserve anyones business.

EDIT: Corrected information about when I saw they mis marked the DFM feature.
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2023.06.08 21:43 BeanJuju New Primed Parts

New to the community, thinking about wrapping my '18 fk7.
I have a few initial questions.
I am replacing the front and back bumper covers with new/primed parts. Can I throw on a coat of clear to make it easier to wrap? I've heard wrapping primed parts is difficult and risky. Thoughts?
supplies that help wrap solo?
who/where should I look for information and supplies/vinyl?
Any additional tips and places to look for information would be helpful.
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2023.06.08 21:37 No_Issue1661 Looks like injora just dropped a bunch of new parts for us

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2023.06.08 20:30 khoafraelich789 2023 Ford F-150 price and specs

2023 Ford F-150 price and specs

The locally remanufactured Ford F-150 is priced from $106,950 before on-road costs. It'll arrive in the third quarter of 2023

Orders for the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado-rivalling Ford F-150 pickup have now opened ahead of first arrivals in the third quarter of this year.

The F-150 range starts at $106,950 before on-road costs for the XLT SWB in Australia, and extends to $140,945 before on-roads for the Lariat LWB.

The first batch of vehicles set to be remanufactured from left- to right-hand drive is now on a boat to Australia from Dearborn, Michigan.

The F-150 will be remanufactured to right-hand drive by RMA Automotive at a facility in Mickleham, Victoria – unlike the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado, which are imported (by Ateco and GMSV, respectively) and remanufactured in right-hand drive by Walkinshaw in Clayton, Victoria.

Two trim levels will be offered in the F-150 locally, both of which can be had in either short- (3683mm) or long-wheelbase (3987mm) guise. Regardless of which length you opt for, the F-150 will feature a two-row crew cab in Australia.

Unlike its American pickup rivals with their V8 engines, the F-150 will be powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The EcoBoost engine makes 298kW of power and 678Nm of torque, sent to all four wheels through a four-wheel drive system

With a braked towing capacity of 4500kg, the F-150 matches the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 when it comes to claimed heavy hauling ability.

The car will be backed by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, and will be sold and serviced through the Ford Australia dealer network.

Ford Australia is aware of the F-150 Hybrid, Raptor, V8, and electric Lightning options. It hasn’t ruled out bringing them Down Under, but only once the remanufacturing process is established and demand for the EcoBoost has been proven.

2023 Ford F-150 XLT SWB: $106,950
2023 Ford F-150 XLT LWB: $107,945
2023 Ford F-150 Lariat SWB: $139,950
2023 Ford F-150 Lariat LWB: $140,945

The entire 2023 Ford F-150 range is powered by a 3.5-litre ‘EcoBoost’ twin-turbo V6 petrol engine producing 298kW of power and 678Nm of torque.

This is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission with drive sent through a four-wheel drive system.

The XLT variants have a part-time four-wheel drive system with 2H, 4H, and 4L modes, whereas the Lariat variants have a full-time four-wheel drive system with a 4A mode.

This V6 EcoBoost petrol engine uses a pair of injectors per cylinder along with twin-intercooled turbochargers that’s claimed to minimise lag.

Ford Australia hasn’t detailed fuel economy figures for the local F-150 range.

In the US the F-150 variants with the 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 and engine idle stop-start are claimed to consume 20 miles per gallon (mpg) according to EPA combined cycle testing. This equates to 11.8L/100km.

It’s unclear at this stage if the remanufactured, right-hand drive F-150s sold locally will have engine idle stop-start, nor what the fuel tank size will be. In the US it’s available with either a 98L tank as standard and a 136L long-range tank as an option.

The 2023 Ford F-150 range is available exclusive in four-door Crew Cab guise with either a short-wheelbase (SWB) or long-wheelbase (LWB) body styles.

The F-150 SWB has a wheelbase of 3683mm with a 1676mm styleside tub, whereas the F-150 LWB has a 304mm longer wheelbase at 3987mm long with a 1981mm styleside tub.

All F-150 models have a braked towing capacity of 4500kg. Payload capacities remain unclear at this point.

Servicing and Warranty
The Ford F-150 is backed by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty like the rest of the Australian lineup.

Ford Australia hasn’t detailed service intervals or pricing as of yet.

The Ford F-150 hasn’t been tested by Australian crash testing authority ANCAP yet, so for now it remains unrated.

In the US the F-150 was awarded a five-star safety rating according to testing conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The 2023 Ford F-150 comes standard with the following safety features:

Six airbags
Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
Blind-spot monitoring with trailer tow coverage
Rear cross-traffic alert
Lane-keep assist
Driver alert system
Cruise control
Rear-view camera
Reversing sensors
Ford Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist
The Lariat adds:

Intersection assist
Lane centring
Evasive steering assist
Adaptive cruise control with stop/go
Speed sign recognition
Surround-view camera
Front parking sensors

Standard Equipment
The 2023 Ford F-150 XLT comes standard with the following features:

20-inch machined faced alloy wheels
Two-bar style grille with chrome surround and black accents
Chrome front and rear bumpers
Black platform side steps
Tailgate with flexible step and work surface
Spray-in bedliner
Boxlink cargo management locking cleats
Underbody skidplates
8.0-inch digital instrument cluster
8.0-inch SYNC4 touchscreen infotainment system
Satellite navigation
Seven-speaker sound system
FordPass connect
Dual-zone climate control
Foldout office workspace
Column-mounted gear selector
Cloth upholstery
12-way power-adjustable driver’s seat
10-way power-adjustable front passenger’s seat
Power-adjustable foot pedals

The Lariat adds:

Premium mesh insert grille with chrome surround
Chrome mirror scalps, door handles, belt mouldings, tow hooks, and side steps
LED headlights
LED front fog lights
LED tail lights
Powered twin-panel moonroof
Power release and close tailgate
Power sliding rear window
12.0-inch digital instrument cluster
12.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system
18-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system
Wireless phone charger
Console-mounted gear shifter
Leather-accented upholstery
Heated and cooled front seats
Heated rear outboard rear seats
Driver seat memory
12-way power-adjustable front seats
Power-adjustable foot pedals with memory
Adaptive cruise control with stop/go
Lane centring
Evasive steering assist
Speed sign recognition
Surround-view camera
Front parking sensors

The 2023 Ford F-150 range is available with the following exterior paint colours:

Oxford White
Agate Black
Iconic Silver
Antimatter Blue
Carbonised Grey
Rapid Red
All paint colours besides Oxford White is considered prestige paint which costs extra. Ford Australia hasn’t detailed how much this costs at this stage.

Source: carexpert
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2023.06.08 20:08 Ozuna2001 Should I buy a g35x sedan, they want 2,500$

The vehicle has no back bumper, no right side mirror, 300k miles, needs new ball bearings on right front wheel, broken a/c, and runs rough. Should I offer anything to them ? Or should I pass
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2023.06.08 20:07 watisobamaslastname Did i have a manic episode?

22 (m) and i think i’m almost certain that i had a manic episode the past couple months the more i think about my past actions throughout that course of time. So going back to November of last year to early February of this year i was at a all time low in my life, i was depressed due to unemployment, having submitted application after application, endlessly tailoring my resume and looking up new information online on how to get hired felt like all of that effort did not matter since no employer would accept me. I barely did anything with myself and hardly took any care of myself. Sometimes would eat junk food and lock myself in my room alone in the dark while watching meaningless youtube videos as a cope.
Eventually, early February i was finally able to get hired, i got a job and felt alleviated. I didn’t have to worry anymore and could finally feel like i could function as a human being again. I felt better, but i maybe i wasn’t. I was in a relationship at the time, even after i got the job i’m starting to think maybe i wasn’t as better as i thought i was? A few days later my gf at the time noticed i wasn’t as affectionate anymore, she even told me. But for some reason i didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t stop because i just intentionally wanted to, i just i don’t know. I then slowly started to hyper focus on my goal at the time which was the gym. I even told myself and her that this is what is going to be me my main focus. To such an extreme extent now that i think of it, I ate everything according to my caloric goal to a point where she thought i developed a eating disorder, I weighed pretty much every ingredient, I started weighing myself everyday, I flexed in front of the mirror shirtless in inconvenient places like my work place bathroom, public bathrooms, home bathroom and even at the gym in the big mirror area where people kind of do their alternate workouts away from all the machines and equipment. I looked at myself way too often. I would flex every little opportunity that i had and felt such a high sense of self. Even sometimes when my gf would be talking to me i’d be looking at myself in the mirror. Sometimes id make food and didn’t want to share because it would mean i wouldn’t be hitting my daily calorie goal. I basically did everything i could towards this goal of mine even if it meant cutting off every other aspect in my life.
I also got easily irritated by any little thing, things that don’t even make sense for me to get so outraged. Then i did risky behaviors that when i look back at i think there’s just no way that i could’ve actually done that, everything i did throughout this past time period feels like a bad dream. I’m not saying that to take responsibility off my chest for what i did, but it just sounds so unlike me to the point where i feel like this can’t be the real me. I know myself better than anyone else. It’s weird. I also had trouble sleeping most of the time, I knew i had to get good sleep so i could make progress towards my fitness goal. I started taking melatonin which i had never taken before and some days it helped some days it wouldn’t. I didn’t go nights without sleeping tho. I just found it harder to fall asleep when i went to bed. I also wasn’t listening to anything my gf would say, she would tell me time and time again to my face how upset she was in the relationship and i wouldn’t listen. I reflect on my behavior and think there’s just no way i could’ve been like that, i know how much i love her and how much i know it would’ve immediately affected me to hear that the first time from her. But i just didn’t listen.
I did risky things like cheat, i still can’t believe i did cheat. I know that i did, but it’s like i have trouble accepting that i ever cheated on someone because i know how truly loving i am i know how i would’ve never done that to someone. Especially since my dad cheated on my mom years ago. I know myself to be way better than that. There was even this one time where my at the time gf told me that i wanted to have sex with the sliding door open from the balcony, that i told her that it was fine if other people would hear us in my words i said to “ give them a show “ and honestly i almost had forgotten i said that, its kinda scary thinking that i did because it sounds so unlike me it sounds so dark of me. I also remember this one time i was driving late at night on the HOV lane by myself, all of a sudden this from behind me this car speeds out of nowhere getting closer and closer to me, I guess he didn’t like how i wasn’t going as fast for his liking so he went around me just to brake check me, he constantly did that and i kept giving him the attention he wanted. It got so dangerous, at one point he turned off his lights for a few seconds. Usually i would feel more so road rage because of something like that but I felt more so a thrill from this. I kept blinking my high beams at him, at one point he was easily a couple of inches from touching my front bumper. Eventually he sped off when i got off on my exit, once that happened i started laughing to myself, thinking what had just happened was funny. The more i think about it the more i feel like i had a manic episode. I talked to my therapist yesterday about this possibility and he said we would have to further explore what happened. When my own close friend tells me himself “ you were the last person i would’ve thought would do some shit like that “ it shocks me that i acted so out of character my friends don’t even recognize me anymore. Everyone around tells me that i acted like a whole other person. It just sounds like it makes so much sense what i experienced was a manic episode.
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2023.06.08 19:47 jmelara97 [Question] Want to get some of your guys opinions on some damage that occurred to my car

[Question] Want to get some of your guys opinions on some damage that occurred to my car
Was traveling home on the freeway and was on the freeway and the car in the lane next to me hit a tire in the road then the tire came and hit my car.
TLDR: I want to know how severe this is, I got an estimate from a body shop and the cost is $2900, they said I need to replace the following: front bumper, bumper air duct, fender splash shield.
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2023.06.08 19:28 Dulcineea93 Challenge 75 Jag xjr-15

1991 Jaguar Sport XJR-15 - S2 994

Weight 843 kg
Balance 51%
HP 1185
Torque 841 nm
Top Speed 445.5 kph
Share Code 262 470 934,
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Engine Racing V12
Drivetrain Stock
Aspiration Twin Turbo
Body Kit N/A
Intake Race
Fuel System Race
Ignition Race
Exhaust Race
Valves Race
Displacement Race
Pistons Race
Twin Turbo Race Anti-lag
Supercharger Stock
Intercooler Race
Oil Cooling Stock
Flywheel Race
Platform And Handling
Brakes Race
Springs Race
Front Arb Race
Rear Arb Race
Weight Reduction Race
Clutch Race
Transmission Sport
Driveline Race
Differential Race
Tires And Rims
Compound Slick
Tire Width Front 275 mm, Rear 345 mm
Rim Style Sport Speedline corse f1
Rim Size Front 17 in, Rear 17 in
Track Width Front Third, Rear Third
Profile Size Front Stock, Rear Stock
Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper Forza Wing
Rear Bumper N/A
Rear Wing Forza Wing
Side Skirts N/A
Hood N/A


Tires bar psi
Front 1.90 27.6
Rear 1.90 27.6
Gears Ratio
Final Drive 2.72
Alignment Camber Toe Caster
Front -0.7° 0.1° 7.0°
Rear -0.4° 0.0°
Front 18.0
Rear 49.5
Springs kgf/mm lbs/in n/mm
Front 72.5 406.0 711.0
Rear 106.5 596.4 1044.4
Ride Height cm in
Front 14.5 5.7
Rear 14.5 5.7
Damping Rebound Bump
Front 13.0 5.5
Rear 17.0 6.5
Aero kgf lb
Front 75.0 165.3
Rear 260.0 573.2
Brakes %
Balance 53%
Pressure 100%
Differential Accel Decel
Rear 48% 18%
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2023.06.08 19:07 garblewarblemarble Suzuki SX4 vs Mitsubishi ASX, Peugeot 3008 hybrid

Updated from this post:
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2023.06.08 19:05 FALSEundo My 95 sedan M43B16

My 95 sedan M43B16
I have the car since i was 16, (18 now got my license) My dad made 30+k kms with it and it has been very reliable I have the stock 15' rims with oem covers for winter For the summer i have a set of style 32 on 17' I plan to install m front bumper, paint the side skirts, the grill suport and rear bumper Maybe some new emblems and kidneys Also the interior needs some love, the headliner, door faces and the steering wheel is worn out
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2023.06.08 18:55 9bnnames_ofacat Wow more fun stuff coming out now

Wow more fun stuff coming out now
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2023.06.08 18:53 Existing-Procedure 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer No A/C on Passenger Side

Driver side blows as cold as the day I bought it. Passenger side blows, but it’s just air - not conditioned. There’s no “passenger” temp control like on newer vehicles, so it couldn’t be that. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.08 18:23 Cultural_Scallion532 Finding a body shop

Hey all. I'm looking for a body shop in our area that does good work. I need to have the front bumper, hood and roof repainted due to stone and bird shit damage that has burned through the paint.
I'm highly budget conscious, but willing to do what is right for the car. Please see my profile for pictures of the car on question.
Also if you only speak dutch, spreek ik ook gewoon Nederlands!
Bedankt allemaal!
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