Pants with butterfly on crotch zipper

Question about the Infidel's logo

2023.06.08 23:31 Mateba6 Question about the Infidel's logo

I have a question that maybe somebody here could answer, me and a buddy both have a 3300 The Infidel OTF but we saw something today that made us curious.
Both are black with black blade, both bought second hand at different times but mine have the butterfly after the word Benchmade, but on his it says Benchmade but the butterfly is in the middle behind the word so the M is inside the butterfly.
Was the logo changed sometime in the manufacturing or does one of us have a fake one? I can see both versions when google searching the Infidel so curious
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2023.06.08 23:31 TheWhiteGuy19 Downhill turn

This show has gotten stale, boring, and lifeless. The comedic value is missing from it and rarely do they have anything to talk about outside of their own insecurities. They solely rely on guests to carry their show and there's zero production on the show, mainly because there's no topic. They're just adlibbing the entire show from the seat of their pants plus adding a crap load of show plugs. They can come up with more material since they're only on air a few days a week.
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2023.06.08 23:29 CBMetta Itemising on Spectre (Legend/Ancient turbo)

Hi everyone,
Last night I played this game: where I was the spec. Normally, it's pretty obvious to me where I've screwed up and need to do something different next time, but this time I'm stumped.
I'm pretty new to spec, so, in particular, I had a difficult time deciding what items to buy and how to play teamfights.
It felt like if I went on the pugna, AA and Dusa would kill me, but if I went on the AA pugna's lifesteal would out dps me.
It was one of the close games where If I made a couple of better decisions we'd win. Legend/Ancient turbo.
In my head I'm thinking the items that I need are:
  1. I need diffu for Dusa
  2. Blademail specifically for AA, but useful overall.
  3. BKB for CM/Ogre/Decrep
  4. Manta for dispelling decrep/cm's root/cold feet/ogre's slow & stats
  5. MKB for butterfly
  6. Radiance to be diassembled into nulli (for decrep/euls), but also works well with fatal bonds as a radiance.
  7. and butterfly for Dusa and AA right clicks (or halberd)
  8. Abysall for lockdown if Tide isn't around to provide it.
  9. Skadi for slows/pugna heals and stats/tankiness
  10. Heart for general tankiness (but dismissed this because of AA).
  11. Aghs sceptre for pickoff/backlines.
  12. Aghs shard for same reasons as blademail.
Which 6 items are best for this game and why? I don't think the 6 I ended up with at the end of the game were correct.
Could I have sold off the blademail once I got shard?
Should I have disassembled my radiance as soon as Dusa showed with mkb?
Were my items fine but I just played the team fights badly?
Who should I prioritize killing with my haunt?
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2023.06.08 23:27 -jAsas- [Store] Butterfly Tiger 0.006,M9 Doppler P2,Bayonet Marble Fade,Bayonet Doppler P2 ST,Shadow Daggers Sapphire,Survival Fade,Gloves Big Game 0.25fv,Gloves Overprint FT,Flip Doppler P1,Gloves Imperial Plaid 0,28,Skeleton Blue Steel,M4 print FTSTDesert Printstream ST 0.16fv,USP Kill Confirmed

Butterfly TT 0.006 fv - B/O:
M9 Doppler P2 0.009fv - B/o:
Bayonet Marble Fade 0.01fv 40 arcs
Bayonet Doppler P2 Sattrak B/O:40 arcs
Shadow Daggers Sapphire - B/O:30arcs
Survival Fade FULL Fade B/O:
Flip DOppler P1 0.008fv B/O:
Gloves Overprint FT 0.28fv
Gloves Imperial Plaid 0.28fv B/O:
Gloves Big Game 0.25FV - B/O:
M4 Blood tiger FT ST x4 kato14 4 arcs
Desert Printstream ST 0.16fv - B/O:6arcs
USP Kill Confirmed MW ST 0.10fv - B/O:12arcs
Ak Panthera Onca WW - B/O: 10arcs
M4 Bright Water MW with ibp, titan and coL kato14 - B/O: 8 arcs
Ak redline x4 ibp dreamhack B/O: 7 arcs
Awp redline ft col kato14 on scope - B/O: 3 arcs
Ak redline ft col kato14 on wood - B/O: 3 arcs
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2023.06.08 23:21 El0n_Thusk Me (25) having fun at work with holiday substitute (20)

Last summer, three new holiday substitute started working with our team. Two girls and one boy. Both girls where very hot, however I could see one of the girls took the liking of me. The first two weeks of working together we kinda hit it of talking about everything. Week three was no different, however she started to ask me about kinky stuff when we where alone, like what type of girls I like, if I was seeing someone (I have a GF, but that's another story), what kinks I had. I told her mine and she told me her's.
Now she did backup a bit after I told her about me having a GF, however she played it off, and even started too dress a bit risky, when we where working night shifts alone, (we are a small store, only need two to close) by not wearing a bra and showing her thong when possible and brushing her ass ageinst my front.
At week four when she was comming too work not wearing her uniform, I had a break and the break room and dressing room is next door, however since I was the only one there she just undressed and flashed her tits and her tight ass in a sexy red g-string. I could not look away, it was so hot. She definitely saw me looking as she grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipple percing. That night she was teasing the living hell out of me. Pointy nipples all night and alot of ass brushing.
When we where about to close I asked her what her plan was and she just brushed her hand over my blugd and told me she likes the looks I have been giving her and that she wants me. I brushed my hand over her shirt only to hit her stiff nipples. I told her I was inn a relationship, she looked down on my raging boner, and said "I can see that".
As we where done closing and about to leave I stepped up behind her and grabbed her tits and massaged them asking her if this is what she wanted. "Something like that yes" she told me. I pressed my boner ageinst her butt and as I held one hand still on one of her boobs (the one with the piercing) I slowly when down her body with the other hand stopping right before her pants, I grabbed her panty line and pulled on it asking "Is this more like it?" She turned her head and I did not hesitate one second and I kissed her.
She locked her tongue with mine and we kissed as I pulled her closer ageinst my bulge, however I could feel hand going down my pants and a hand pulling down my boxer. At this moment all my blod when down to my dick and I just opened her zipper and pulled her string to the side and began to rub her she was soaking wet and I pushed two fingers into her. After like two - three minutes of rubbing I just grabbed her and pushed her ageinst a table standing next to the door. I ript of her panties and showed my dick deep into her, she was so wet. I moved my hand inside her sweater and pulled on her nipple percing, whilst she started to rubb her clit, I could feel her pussy pulsating and as I fucked her harder I could feel her jucies gush out and onto my dick. She screamed to fill her up. I want inn hard one last time and filled her wet, juicy pussy with my cum.
She turned around kissed me and pulled up her panties. Saying "That's what I wanted from you!" Safe to say we fucked a couple of times that summer! (I have more stories about our adventures) Sadly she is not a holiday substitute this year, but there is some new hot ones this summer!
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2023.06.08 23:20 Dili8opk Her First BBC,Freddy Gong Niki Harris,Bang Bros,video link in the first pinned comment

The thick amazon Niki Harris came by the studio today. She was very excited to fucked by her 1st big black cock; ever. We had to damn near beat Freddy off with a stick, he was so excited to break her in properly. Once he pulled his massive dick out his pants the excitement definitely shifted to Niki, as she couldn’t believe her eyes. She even impressed herself by how much of it she could get in her mouth. Then she started bouncing her phat ass on it. After a good pounding from the back and reverse, Niki really saw what the hype was all about. All she could do was thank Bang Bros for helping her BBC fantasy come true."
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2023.06.08 23:16 PM_ME_YOUR_ROBOTGIRL Character Database: The Aeons, Part 2 (VERY LONG)

Character Database: The Aeons, Part 2 (VERY LONG)

Please read Part 1 here if you haven't.

This was meant to come yesterday, but then Limbus Chapter 4 Part 2 grabbed me by the balls.


![img](5c2630n6su4b1 " All progress toward the void All resist the void All will become the void... ")
The Nihility.
An extremely passive Aeon that believes everything is worthless, everything about them is a total mystery. Those that approach its divine body, if they even find the coordinates, disappear. Simulated Universe implies that approaching, maybe even thinking about IX, induces apathy and mental breakdowns.
IX ultimately represents nothingness - the dark side of the Universe that completes its balance, providing non-existence to existence.
Aha once helped the Annihilation Gang try to assassinate it as a joke, but it unsurprisingly ended in failure after the Elation-enhanced Gang members vanished when approaching their coordinates.
IX is the roman numeral for nine. WOW. It's almost certainly meant to be read as "nine", because of the way Device IX's name is structured. I looked for the potential significance of this number but like, nine being a number within the base 10 system we love so much basically means every culture in the universe sees it as significant.


\"Those running away from the past think no one understands their despair. When they finally take a breather, they'll find their future selves staring right at them with bloodshot eyes.\"
Those who manage to share their mentality with IX sometimes earn a glance from them. When this happens, those who fall into despair have their physical bodies self-destruct and become something called a Self-Annihilator, made out of "true nothing". Interestingly, though this initially appears to be a grim fate, Self-Annihilators are somehow still alive and capable of thinking, and it seems implied they can revert to their original forms if they regain hope.
Those, however, who remain steadfast in their beliefs become Doctors of Chaos, who are convinced they can 'heal' IX and make it see value in the universe. They do so by going around the universe preaching that you can derive meaning from it and doing crazy actions in the hopes of inspiring those around them. They also have a hobby of trying to cure Self-Annihilators, and they're pretty good at it.
Device IX is the third Nihility faction, which is so mysterious its existence is straight up questionable. It's alleged to exist in the voids underneath all Reality. The only thing that can really be traced back to them is the "dark web" which allows for the trade of rare and illegal items, and probably other things as well.


Let the fire that forged the bricks and the ones that laid the wall's foundations be known!
The Preservation, known as the Firmament Arbiter by the Xianzhou.
Their divine corpus is so huge, it has planets orbiting it.
Qlipoth, at one point, was alerted to the "catastrophe of the Finality" and to prevent it, became building a large wall known as the Subspace Crystalline Barrier which isolates worlds from one another (or at least that's the IPC's narrative). They also built the Celestial Comet Wall and the Great Attractor Base, but we don't know what those are for yet.
Qlipoth is very ancient, being a veteran from the Dusk Wars that resulted in the disappearance of all Leviathans. The IPC claims that the Dusk Wars and the Leviathan race ended as soon as Qlipoth ascended, but this doesn't appear to be the case. Furthermore, the IPC also maintains that Qlipoth is the first ever Aeon, which also doesn't appear to be the case (Oroboros says hi)
Whenever Qlipoth strikes their hammer, the Subspace Crystalline Barrier expands, and the IPC has used this as a way of marking time in "Amber Eras", one for each hammer strike. However, the hammer strikes are inconsistent, so how long each AE lasts is different. That makes AEs a terrible way of keeping track of time, but everyone just accepts it anyway because the IPC is obsessed and arguing with the IPC is a really easy way to get on their bad side, which no one wants. On the side, most civilizations use their own timekeeping systems which are generally more accurate.
In any case, it's currently 2158 AE, with 0 AE going all the way back to the "end" of the Dusk Wars, and 0-180 AE being a 'dark spot' with few historical records. The IPC's official stance is that there just isn't much information, but it seems more likely that they're withholding records from that time period, which would indicate something about it makes them or Qlipoth look bad.
The Qliphoth is basically the "evil version" of the Kabbalistic Sefirot, the emanations through which the spirit of God reveals itself. That probably doesn't matter though, because most likely they chose it for the fact that the hebrew name קְלִיפּוֹת literally means 'shell'.


\"Seriously, out of everyone who had faced an Aeon, that old man was the calmest I've seen. Even Screwllum's gears squeaked when he saw Nous...\"
When mortals first became aware of Qlipoth's wall, there were two reactions - the first was to imitate Qlipoth, going around the universe building stuff, and the other was to help them.
The former became the Architects, who travel the universe building stuff and helping protect other civilizations. They were the ones who made Belobog's wall, core, and Engines of Creation. They must receive some implicit endorsement from Qlipoth, because they're able to tap into the Preservation's power to build their things. Generally, most people view the Architects as stubborn, but those protected by their abilities are eternally grateful and even join them.
The other...
So, a bunch of people, including geniuses Louis Fleming and Dongfang Qixing, decided to accrue a large number of construction materials to give to Qlipoth. They did this through trade, but quickly realized that in order to get what they needed, they'd have to specialize in more than just construction materials. Louis Fleming and Dongfang Qixing utilized their expertise to scam and trick establish trade deals and routes with other civilizations, until they had amassed a vast network of trade with themselves as the intermediaries.
In 1388 AE, Louis Fleming and Dongfang Qixing decided to take things one step further and founded the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC) together, and established an universal currency (credits) that facilitated trade between species, getting rid of themselves as the middleman and also making themselves fabulously wealthy in the process. The IPC integrated themselves into the economy of various civilizations, ruining those who refused to work with the IPC or utilize credits.
As a result of this, the IPC became the most powerful entity in the universe and are very close to being its de-facto rulers - they display deference to only a handful of entities (such as the Genius Society), and even then only because they're too insular (and oftentimes protected by an Aeon) and useful to be manipulated or "coerced" into cooperating. Almost all transaction and trade in the universe is done with the oversight of the IPC and many, many civilizations rely on them for an economical backbone.
They sponsor the creation of new inventions, research that benefits them, and produce their own products while also facilitating the sales of others'. They don't merely preside over trade, they may as well own half the universe. Again, if you cut ties with the IPC, you also lose access to these things. Safe to say, no matter how awful or inconvenient the IPC may get, going against them is simply not an option for all but the most privileged or stubborn few, and those arrogant enough to try anyway will learn the errors of their ways very quickly.
Because the IPC is obsessed with the Preservation, it makes it very hard for anyone to actually study Qlipoth or go against them.
Qlipoth appears to, on some level, approve of what they're doing, since an unknown Emanator of Preservation appeared in the IPC some time ago. However, they don't make use of the vast industrial quantities of construction materials piled up in the planets orbiting them that the IPC provided at all, so in a sense, what they're doing is actually pretty useless. But still, the IPC is fueled by absolute faith to their Aeon.


![img](tfg6enydtu4b1 " She feels sad For eternal life did not let her accumulate infinite wisdom Instead, those she had once cherished Faded into obscurity over time, never to return ")
The Abundance. Known by the Xianzhou Alliance hunters as the Plagues Author, and by the Xianzhou faithful as Sanctus Medicus.
If we assume that Denizens of Abundance cannot exist without Yaoshi, then they're at minimum ~6900 (nice) years old, and possibly much, much older - the earliest Denizens of Abundance we can date having encountered the Xianzhou at 1200 SC.
Yaoshi's primary goal is the extension and continuous growth of life in the universe. The lightcone Cornucopia implies that Yaoshi views life as a form of order, which opposes the chaos of death and the early universe.
To achieve this, they 'bless' life in certain worlds, causing the sapient inhabitants to become Denizens of Abundance and also causing an outgrowth of powerful and equally long lived plant and animal life alike. Those blessings generally come in the form of great, immortal trees, whose fruit can grant long life. In general, Yaoshi prioritizes worlds and individuals who are experiencing great suffering and hardship.
Yaoshi is the mortal enemy of Lan, although it's hard to say if the feelings are mutual. Yaoshi will never rest until all beings in the universe know the blessing of life, and Lan will never rest until Yaoshi has been killed in the final and greatest hunt. Yet, the cycle goes on for eternity.
Yaoshi is a reference to the Chinese name of a Buddha called Bhaiṣajyaguru, which is a Buddha most commonly associated with healing and medicine, and is also pretty important, being up there with Shakyamuni (aka THE Buddha). He's a doctor who vowed to rid the world of pain and suffering. So yeah, makes sense.


\"The mercy of Sanctus Medicus, the Ambrosial Arbor's new growth. Disciples shall attain enlightenment together.\"
Those blessed by Yaoshi gain remarkable biology - their cells and biological systems are placed in a state of perfect equilibrium, made possible through the ability for their cells to freely convert between differentiated cells and stem cells (builder cells, which can turn into any other kind of cell). This gives them the ability to effectively, live forever, as well as an extremely powerful healing factor. Though it does not altogether prevent death, it does allow for things such the regrowth of lost limbs and organs. The unfortunate fact of this arrangement is that the body when it is born provides a 'blueprint' for the blessing, making those born with congenital defects forever unable to correct them with surgery - the body will simply "heal" the "damage".
However, there is another aspect to Yaoshi's blessing - upon fulfilling certain conditions, blessed individuals have a marked shift in biology, causing a form of 'evolution' that fundamentally alters their biology. This can fix things such as congenital defects but also essentially puts cells into overdrive, exacerbating existing biological processes of the species (such as molting for reptilian beings) and potentially causing insanity. For the Xianzhou natives, this is known as being 'stricken with mara'.
Those who manage to survive the process with intelligence become known as the Denizens of Abundance who go around singing praises of Yaoshi. However, Yaoshi's blessing also causes fundamental deficits that force those long-life species into either constant suffering or constant conquest in other to offset these setbacks (such as the borisin's implied necessity to take over other worlds to house the hives necessary to create their biotechnology). The Denizens of Abundance love Yaoshi for making their lives "better", and are thus the sworn enemies of the Xianzhou Alliance, which also hates them and are seen (naturally) as blasphemers.
Of course, there are also many civilizations that greatly regret contact with Yaoshi, such as of course, the Xianzhou Alliance.
People who know of Yaoshi but are mortal and long for their blessing are known as Elixir Seekers, immortality hunters who go around the universe hoping to meet and be blessed by Yaoshi. Probably the most well-known Elixir Seekers were, indeed, the original Xianzhou fleet, which was sent out by an unnamed emperor into the stars in order to obtain immortality. Funnily, even though they did get it, they never returned to their homeworld. I wonder what it was like?
The Disciples of Sanctus Medicus were the internal faction in the Xianzhou that worshipped Yaoshi and actively held contact with them, being led by an Emanator of Abundance named Shuhu. Yaoshi did speak to their disciples as well as other Denizens of Abundance and may have even spoken to the actively hostile Alliance as well, but the specifics of this are mired in legend and mystery, and so Yaoshi's true intentions regarding their followers are unclear.


The Mariners' Intemperance
The Voracity.
Wants to eat everything (eats planets), and was a Leviathan, which makes them about as old if not older than Qlipoth. Potentially, they are the only surviving Leviathan.
That's about it. We don't know anything else.
The Ouroboros is a well-known Western symbol with philosophical and alchemical significance that consists of a dragon or snake eating its own tail. Mostly it represents infinity. It was probably chosen though because Oroboros is the dedicated vore god. Cool!


Look upon the courtesans' extravagance.
The Elation, known as Joyseeker to the Xianzhou.
Hard to tell if it's true, but legend goes that Aha once actually reached the end of the Imaginary Tree. When they did so, they appeared to have gained some sort of advanced perception, and began to view the universe as one huge joke. Perhaps they realized they were made by a video game company? They certainly seem to have some sort of heightened awareness.
In any case, though Aha claims and seems to believe that they only wish for others to see the humor in all things, their true purpose as an Aeon is that they serve as a catalyst of change, manipulating reality in extremely minor and undetectable ways until they butterfly effect massive events into happening. Although the displays of their power are minor compared to Qlipoth's massive wall or Lan's planet purging arrows, their effects on the universe far outweigh the others.
They owe this success due to their closeness to mortals - unlike most Aeons who barely even bother communicating with others and are by nature mysterious, Aha displays a strong understanding of human society, as a matter of fact, they believe it is the exclusive privilege of intelligent beings to understand joy. This understanding allows them to mess around with people on a far more personal level than other Aeons do, even getting involved with other, separate factions if they believe it's funny enough. They're also especially talkative.
Of course, sometimes they decide to be major instead, and do a little bit of trolling. Trolling attempts include blowing up half the Express and an entire planet after hiding out on it for a year disguised as a human (success), helping the Annihilator Gang assassinate IX (failure), trying to get a Noblesse Worm into the Genius Society (failure). And although the latter two appear like failures to us, I'm sure they got great enjoyment out of the bewildered reactions of those observing them.
Aha is laughter, obviously, but it could also be a reference to various things including the 1980s Norwegian band, which composed Take on Me. That sounds stupid but that's Aha for you.


Well, bye for now. Send my regards to the guys and girls in the tavern.
Aha attracted a group of straightforward followers called the Masked Fools that go around the Universe doing a little bit of trolling, though more specifically they act as agents of change that have been responsible for starting riots and revolutions (including a notable one against Rubert I during the Emperor's War), and they're not above violence. They also maintain taverns and other places centered around having fun and doing trolling.
Simultaneously, however, they also have a group of *anti-*followers called the Mourning Actors, who instead go around the universe being sad, noting the destruction of worlds and death, encouraging celibacy and abstinence, among other things, in the hopes of opposing the Elation. Aha thinks this is hilarious, and also recognizes tragedy as the flipside of comedy, so they purposefully enhanced them, allowing them to travel the stars.
Although the Mourning Actors are mostly ignored by the universe, they possess an uncanny ability for detecting tragedy (probably Aha's fault); they visited Jarilo-VI when it was embroiled in the war against the Antimatter Legion, and they have some use as announcers for when worlds are destroyed or civilizations fall, often being the first to broadcast these events to the universe.
Aha makes basically anything and anyone into an Emanator so long as they think it's funny, so it's not really worth noting here. That said, the one Emanator we do know of was a Noblesse Worm that they infused with super-intelligence to see if Nous would accept them into the Genius Society (they would not)


And finally, measure the world against yourself, and take all such things to heart.
The Remembrance.
Fuli's age's unknown, with records of them being essentially non-existent. Their ultimate goal is to preserve all of the universe's memories in order to facilitate "the rebirth of the universe", and they have the memories of every single living being in the universe, including those of other Aeons.
They physically manifest before the occurrence of extremely significant events in the universe's history, and then vanish after obtaining whatever it was they needed from it. When this happens, they appear as a being made out of a mirror-like crystal. Though this has happened many times, their only recorded manifestation was at the end of a speech by the aging Louis Fleming, in his final public appearance.
Fuli is named after a deity in the Shenxiao sect of Taoism. English sources for this are basically non-existent - I put the Chinese wikipedia article through DeepL and got the world's most sophisticated word salad and basically all I could gather is that he was the father of some bigshot emperor. Okay.


Memes: The DNA of the soul
Fuli utilized their power to enhance a specific group of mortals, allowing them to abandon their physical forms and live on as memetic lifeforms (not internet memes, ideas and behaviors that spread from person to person within a society, though HSR basically uses the term as "things that live in your brain"). This allows them to interact with a being's memories and subjective perception directly. It also allows them to freely travel between worlds without any physical effort on their part, which sure is neat!
This faction became known as the Garden of Recollection, with the most active members being the Memokeepers, who preserve the memories of individuals considered significant. They also created Light Cone technology, which allows them to physically manifest and preserve the memory of an individual. Most Memokeepers prefer to keep themselves hidden, disguising themselves and harvesting the memories of others without ever being acknowledged. If a being possesses exceptional memories or qualities such as the Trailblazer, they might choose to manifest and communicate with them directly.
Because the Garden of Recollection members are memetic lifeforms, they can only manifest to people who know about Fuli, the Remembrance, or associated concepts. If you literally don't know anything, you're inaccessible to them. After all, these spicy memes have not been passed on to you.
The Garden of Recollection doesn't have just Memokeepers. It seems some members (or defectors?) known as Memosnatchers go around forcefully taking the memories of other individuals, potentially causing amnesia. Because the Messenger calls them "those thieves", it seems they're not looked highly upon by Fuli's other followers.
Another faction in the Garden of Recollection that draws the ire of the Memokeepers are the Cremators, extremists who steal memories gathered by others and destroy the ones they consider to be useless and return the important ones. In doing so, they believe themselves to act as a sort of filter or curator for the memories of the Aeon, relieving them of their "burden". The stance of the Garden of Recollection is that every memory has value, so obviously the Cremators aren't seen in a positive light.
In any case, the current objective of the Garden of Recollection is preserving the universe against the Destruction, believing that everyone can still live on through memories. Ultimately though, the Garden of Recollection likely existed long before Nanook's ascension, and their greatest goal is to fill Fuli's pure land with memories, which assists Fuli's own ultimate goal... which is unclear to us at the moment.


Listen to the infant in the mirror.
The Beauty, known to the Xianzhou as the Wondergazer, and also in some places as Anne Duray.
Though mortals superficially interpret them as a god of beauty, Idrila's true nature revolves around the realm of perception - your conscious qualia (sight, smell, taste, etc), your ability to reason, and the values instilled upon you by your own personal circumstances. The intersection of these attributes is what creates the subjective idea of 'beauty'. In other words, beauty exists in the eye of the beholder.
Idrila cannot create beauty. Instead, they can manipulate these attributes to embody something that's always going to be beautiful to the observer, independently of their tastes. A memory bubble even implies that Idrila is even capable of granting sapience to unintelligent species, creating the conditions for them to be able to observe 'beauty'. Idrila, essentially, allows beings to "observe" the universe in its purest form.
This causes the people exposed to Idrila's power to frequently become intensely obsessed to the point of insanity, and many legends describe those affected by them as committing devastating acts for Idrila's sake - something which gave them a large amount of pleasure. They created civilizations and tore apart people who were in love just by existing.
It's probably safe to say that no one knows what Idrila really looked like, but it was always the most beautiful thing they've seen.
One day, Idrila just up and disappeared. Adios. The Mirror Holders believe that Idrila 'died' and shattered into many pieces, and could return if those pieces are gathered again. The Knights of Beauty believe that Idrila is still very much alive, just... hiding out somewhere, I guess.
I tried to figure out what the name "Idrila" might be derived from, but I couldn't find anything. The Japanese and Chinese characters are phonetic. Anne comes from Anna which comes from the hebrew Hannah which means grace or favor, as in "God graced me with a child". Duray is a significant royal family in France and Scotland which derives from an old French word that means king. So like, King/Queen of Grace I guess. Cool.


\"If I win, please admit that Idrila the Beauty is the most beautiful of all!\" - Argenti
Among Idrila's followers (of which is implied that there are many of), the most tame are the Knights of Beauty, which run around the universe telling everyone how awesome their Aeon is (kind of a trend). They practice a chivalric code which basically says that you can only be worthy of the Aeon GF if you grind hard everyday to become the greatest gigachad of them all. Because of this, other factions in the universe regard them as not having a whole lot of faith in their Aeon. I mean, if you make your entire dynamic a competition to see which of you is the most deserving of getting your god's attention, you're basically saying that your god would never care about most people, right? Only the best ones. Then again, maybe Idrila really is like that.
Idrila, did, however, have more faithful followers, the Mirror Holders, who possess artifacts named Mirrors of Transcendence. These artifacts hold within them some level of Idrila's power, which allows the wielder to project an observer's subjective perception of the most ideal beauty outwards into reality. Usually, the Mirror Holders seem to use this to indoctrinate new people into their thirst cult. A Mirror Bubble implies that the Mirror Holders may also be Emanators, but maybe it's just one person who happens to be both an Emanator of Beauty and a Mirror Holder.
Though the Knights of Beauty hold the delusion that their Aeon GF will someday come back, and I guess decide which one among them is the most fabulous, the Mirror Holders have a different perspective. They believe Idrila 'died' because of society developing differing subjective views on beauty, shattering them into pieces. As a result, they work to make sure society has an unified view of aesthetics, while also hunting down the remainder of Idrila's artifacts. They believe these combined factors will allow their god to return, ushering in an age of harmony where everyone is really infatuated with Idrila all the time. I guess that sounds like heaven to them.


Tayzzyronth... Tayzzy█ronth... Ta█yzzy█ronth... Ta█yzz██y█ronth█... Ta█... █yzzy███ron█th███...
The Propagation. Known as the Swarm Author by the Xianzhou and the Imperator Insectorum in some places.
Tayzzyronth was a very, very lonely beetle who, after getting fed up with being all alone, appears to have developed the ability to self-duplicate endlessly, ascending into short-lived Aeonhood afterwards. What resulted was one of the most severe catastrophes to affect the universe, the Swarm Disaster.
Worlds were invaded and turned into massive hives that to this day are uninhabitable despite the loss of their master. Tayzzyronth's clones slaughtered all living beings in their path, bred endlessly, and moved on to the next world, all in blistering speeds. The scale of destruction was so massive that it actually worried the IPC for maybe the first time since the Emperor's War.
Tayzzyronth seemed close to unstoppable and posed a very real risk of destroying the entire universe, when the sheer intensity of their threat caused an incredibly rare occurrence in the universe - multiple Aeons put their personal missions and differences aside and teamed up to get rid of Tayzzyronth once and for all.
We don't know the specifics of Tayzzyronth's death, but it involved them being encased in an organic prison, which appears to have deprived the rest of the Swarm of the ability to reproduce. After this, something killed them, which put an end to the Swarm Disaster for good.
However, just because Tayzzyronth's dead doesn't mean the Swarm disappeared completely, or that they may never return. The surviving members of the Swarm managed to evolve into different beings, the worlds converted into hives by the Swarm are still to this day impossible to live in, and fragments of the Imperator Insectorum's prison and body still buzz with activity and an energy that makes it very possible they might still return.
Even though Tayzzyronth lived for only a tiny amount of time compared to most Aeons, their destructive impact on the universe cannot be understated. After all, it might even be possible that they indirectly led to Nanook's ascension, due to the Swarm's attempted takeover of Adlivun.
Tayzzyronth didn't seem to have followers, much less Emanators - it seems their own clones were all they ever needed.
I actually feel kinda bad for them. Beetle just wanted a friend.
Can You Believe It, just like Idrila this is another name with no real source. Personally, I think it might just be completely made up, perhaps made to sound like something a bug would make.


The Waves as they Enter the Dream
The Enigmata.
Like Qlipoth and Fuli, Mythus too believes that there is some sort of calamity approaching the universe. Their approach to it, however, is a bit different - the Enigmata sees the obfuscation of the past and of observable facts to create a 'mist of uncertainty' that obscures a 'narrative drive' determining the Universe's fate, which would allow everyone to escape that calamity.
Of course, since the Erudition directly wants to observe the Universe and solve it, that would only ensure the opposite, which makes them Mythus' direct enemy.
From latin Mythus. Means myth. Comes from Greek μῦθος (muthos), means tale, myth, legend. It's not that deep.


To achieve their goal, Mythus appears to random mortals already teetering on the edge of obscurity and 'inspires' them into becoming even crazier than they likely already were. The Riddlers specialize in obfuscating language, whereas Mythus' own personal Emanators, the History Fictionologists, mess with historical records and memories, making certain historical events more confusing, harder to understand, or just straight up inaccessible.
The items created by Mythus' followers possess the supernatural ability to directly affect history, even though history is more or less an abstract concept and those are physical items. As such, it can be assumed that Mythus is granting them their power in this way, which makes them one of the more proactive Aeons.


The Tipping of the Balance
The Equilibrum.
They merged their consciousness with the logic of the universe itself, hoping to attain perfect universal equilibrium. While many attempt to outsmart HooH and make things unbalanced in their favor, HooH has already accounted for them, and victory is impossible. Even if something is unbalanced now, it'll become balanced eventually, and HooH's patience is unmatched by any other Aeon.
HooH's English name is made up and meant to appear symmetrical, as is the case for HooH's original Chinese name, which is 互. This character means "mutually" or "reciprocally" or "intertwining". It was probably chosen just because it looks symmetrical from the top down, but that last meaning does have the added bonus of fitting with the fact HooH is woven into the fabric of the universe.


Long Arm
Those who like the cut of HooH's gib become dedicated to balancing the universe, the Arbitrators, who decided they'd try and get rid of extreme binary concepts, placing everything in balance. But because they're mortal, they don't have the great big picture view HooH has, and so they constantly mess up, having to correct their problems in successive "patches".
An Arbitrator talks to you when you reach the first Trial of the Equilibrium, and it seems they possess the ability to alter the entire universe in a scale that's incomparable to the followers of other Aeons. It may be because HooH has somehow managed to integrate themselves into the universe much further than any other Aeon has, and that might explain why Aeons tend to be opposed by those with equalizing concepts, and out of control Aeons tend to get the shaft.
Think about it. Tayzzyronth was a threat, but several Aeons believe Nanook is already going to destroy the universe. Why don't they team up again and kick their ass if so? Well, because they're balanced about it. Nanook's rate of destruction is slow and easy to counter enough that unlike Tayzzyronth, they can't take over the entire universe in years. Therefore, in a sense, they already have a place in equilibrium. For every planet-destroying campaign that takes centuries, Yaoshi and the Architects have already protected 5 other worlds. There's no need for something, or someone, to push them towards correcting that balance.


I only survived because the spirit of \"fuck it we ball\" burned brighter than the \"it's so over\" around me.
The Order.
An Aeon that was absorbed by Xipe due to conceptual overlap when the latter ascended, which is safe to say, a pretty definitive death (though perhaps some part of Ena lives on through Xipe? I mean, they are a plural Aeon after all)
Ena's only known group of followers are the Beyond the Sky Choir, a choir group that made songs praising the Order. When Ena was absorbed, they effectively disappeared, no longer having a god to worship.
However, the Choir audience did record some of their performances into special disks, that could only be played with unique Phonographs of Order. The problem is, the last Phonograph was lost during Emperor Rubert 1's campaigns, so nobody can ever listen to them again.
As a result, this Path is deader than dead. Maybe the energy's still accessible, but with no Aeon, no followers, and no extant artifacts, it might as well not exist.
Ena is a character from the web animation series ENA made by Peruvian artist and animator Joel- wait no.
Actually, I don't know where the English translators got the name "Ena" from, but their original name is 太一 or Taiyi, which is the supreme deity of Heaven worshipped during the Chinese Han Dynasty. There's a lot to Taiyi, but I'm just going to ignore all of it because it was probably actually chosen because the name literally means "Great Oneness" or "Great Unity".


I didn't know what to put here.
The Permanence.
A Chinese dragon thing, Long died ages ago, but we don't know how. Before they died though, they left descendants in the form of Long's Scions, or the Vidyadhara, which possess the power of the Permanence in their very biology.
Because of this, the Vidyadhara have a very peculiar characteristic - when they reach the natural end of their lifespans, they pull a Turritopsis dohrnii and regress back into an infantile stage, effectively making them ageless. Of course, the Vidyadhara that 'reincarnates' loses all memories of their previous self, making the newly reborn Vidyadhara a different individual altogether, though Vidyadhara culture does encourage seeking a greater connection to your past incarnation. It's also possible they might be able to experience some aspects of their previous lives through dreams.
Vidyadhara, however, cannot reproduce. This means that their numbers are limited and losses to their population (through unnatural means) are permanent. Frankly as far as I'm concerned, this basically means Vidyadhara extinction is inevitable, as statistically speaking they probably wouldn't be able to avoid dying through accidents or intentional acts forever.
Currently the vast majority of Vidyadhara live among the Xianzhou Alliance, and it's rumored that those among them that fulfill certain conditions and pass specific rites can return to the form of a dragon. The High Elder of the Vidyadhara receives strict training in order to one day become the highest among them, the Imbibitor Lunae.
Another thing about Vidyadhara. The fact the Permanence's power flows through their cells allows individuals who have harvested Vidyadhara bone marrow to transplant some of that power into their own bodies, provided that they have the right ingredients to reactivate the stem cells. For regular mortals this only results in a short lived burst of power before their immune system destroys the transplanted Vidyadhara cells, resulting in a catastrophic regression that would most likely lead to death for most individuals.
However, for long-life species blessed by Yaoshi, Long's power can actually stabilize the explosive evolutionary process... allowing those stricken with mara to retain their sanity.
The cost is only a little murder.
Long is the Chinese name for the dragon (or specifically the Chinese dragon which is different from the Western perception). WOW! However, dragons do have great significance in Chinese folklore and culture and were worshipped, so this is a fine name. They also have associations with water, which is probably why the Vidyadhara are also associated with water.


The Shapeless Prince
The Finality.
If we ignore bits of CBT2 that were removed upon release and now exist in a canonical limbo, this Aeon is the one we basically know the least about. I mean sure they've been mentioned more than Oroboros has, but we at least know what Oroboros is, and what their objectives are.
Terminus, though? Well, besides the fact that the IPC (and maybe Qlipoth) oppose their goals... we know the name "Terminus" and the Path of "the Finality", and that's it. They encountered Akivili at some point, so they're active somewhere, but that doesn't tell us much.
Terminus does appear to share a bit of a concept with an important HI3 character, the Herrscher of Finality, but there doesn't seem to be any direct connection, and finding actual summaries and information on stuff that happens toward the latter half of HI3's story that aren't too short or badly written to be useful is impossible. I'd have to play the game and read all the side-content, and frankly that'd take me weeks, and this post already took a long time to write as it is.
So we'll take Terminus for what the game tells us about them, which is nothing.
Terminus is the Roman name of a god that presided over boundary stones (his name also refers to those stones), which were meant to mark, you know, boundaries. Like the limits of a region or an area that couldn't really be represented by natural landmarks. Essentially, he was the end of one place and the start of another. Considering that Fuli's lore hints at a cyclical nature to the universe, this is an interesting name.
In Chinese, though, their name is different. It's 末王, which literally means "king of the end". Quite the powerful name.

And that's the end of the Aeon section. Because the manuscript for the mortal characters hasn't been written, it'll take a while longer to come out. Probably a few weeks. If I end up finishing it too close to the release of the remaining Companion Quests, it'll have to wait until after.
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2023.06.08 23:08 instantnoodle20 How do I f21 deal with my bestfriend f21?

So me (f21) and my bestfriend (f21) were out on a drive today we were talking about our partners and she mad a joke saying "oh I wonder what it'll be like if we switched partners" I then said "that'll be horrible I'll end up leaving your boyfriend in a second" which we laughed about she then started to countine the conversion by saying how her and my partner would get along so well due to there past traumas my response was "I don't think so" (there past are nothing alike) she continued to then say it over and over again which really confused and alarmed me due to recent and past events which occurred for example staring at my partners crotch when he walked past, Moaning and thrusting towards my partners hands when she asked him to help her zip her jacket up (it was stuck and my partner instantly moved away), saying and causing unnecessary sexual conversations around my partner whilst glaring at him and just in general being overall sexual around him and with a previous partner she grabbed his man piece for no reason, I haven't brought any of this up to her as I don't know how to word it too her or start a conversation about it I'd just like some advice on how to deal with this situation.
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2023.06.08 23:07 mintjuulpodd What’s this girls issue? Help lol

I posted this before but it got buried. So I (20f) am acquaintances with this girl at school (28?f) because we had the same classes and went into the same program. When classes started she seemed sweet so we became school friends. I have went on lunch break with her but I can’t see myself hanging truly outside of school. Anyways, I’ve come to find her personality is a bit rude. It’s hard for me to not like someone but the things she does is honestly about to make me snap. But I want advice so I don’t end up being too rude.
Basically she is academically competitive, condescending and talks to me like I’m dumb. I hate asking her questions now because she answers in a tone as if she thinks I’m stupid. She will ask what I made on a test and the one time I decide to tell her, I specifically stated that “im actually pretty proud of myself because it’s the highest I’ve gotten in this class” and her first thought was to quickly respond with “hah I got a higher grade”. Like wtf, I always congratulate her when she boasts about her achievements. I compliment her too but I’ve never gotten a compliment from her about anything EVER. She also never seems interested when im talking and will even talk over me. She always has to be the main one talking in our groups. I haven’t even gotten to the rest of what she does though.
So I thought when our core classes ended and our program started that she would be less annoying, nope. The other week she told two of us our pants are ugly cause they’re mom jeans. She also started off a sentence with “not saying im smarter than you guys but” and I zoned out after the rest but me and this girl gave eachother the side eye. Speaking of that, I noticed that she’s not as rude to the other girls who are all around my age. She also was talking about test grades and said something like “im pretty sure I got the highest in the class” and we all got quiet cause it was so random. Today we had a test and we’re discussing it in the bathroom afterwards. She and another were talking about some difficult parts and I wanted to make them feel better by saying that the questions near the end were a bit hard and she quickly says “nahhhh nahhh”. So we take a second test and i got everything right but she just sounded annoyed when she saw my grade (which I wasn’t showing off) rather than saying something like dang okayyy. She’s pretty silent when her grades lower than mine.
She also loves to make me look bad. I remember her saying something like “poor {my name} over here-“ or telling others how a teacher made me cry and saying how she would never let a teacher make her cry. Yesterday is when she pissed me off most. We were doing a skills check and working with instruments together. She kept swatting my hand when it was in the wrong place and again, talked to me like she knew everything and like I was dumb. I didn’t appreciate her swatting my hand like that. My face got so hot with anger, I’m glad that class ended early.
I really try to like her cause she sits next to me and there’s not many of us in our program. Plus we will have this program for a year. but she is so damn rude I almost can’t stand her. Again, it’s hard for me to not like people. What would you guys suggest I do next time she talks down to me? Good comebacks? Just any advice for responses to the things she does. Also, why would you say she acts like this? She considers me a friend but treats me this way so I don’t get it.
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2023.06.08 23:03 badabingman Some experiments I do while Lucid Dreaming - long time lucid dreamer here just found this subreddit!

Lucid Dreaming I've been having lucid dreams since I was a kid, these days I'm getting them relatively often. Since I was always interested in how the brain works I decided that every time I started lucid dreaming I would start to run experiments on how they work, these are some of the things I've found.
First. Everything you dream about gets "painted" onto that reality the moment you look at it or turn your gaze in a specific direction, or it gets processed "live" so to speak. For instance, I was dreaming and found myself in a house, I suddenly realized I was dreaming so I decided to look around, the first thing I noticed is that the furniture, objects etc that existed in one direction would disappear if I looked in another direction and then looked back. There would be something completely different there. Every time you turn your gaze in a different direction you the things that were there will change a bit, they may retain some qualities of the setting itself like lighting, or general "vibe" so to speak but every single time I tested this its true. Second. There is another part of your brain that is "conducting" a story that the "viewer" is experiencing. I think this is pretty obvious if you ask yourself how can I be “jump scared” in a dream, right? Who decides to tell the monster to jump in that specific instant, or the car to drive off the cliff, and how can you be “surprised” at this if it’s you that decided this would happen. I noticed this while lucid dreaming, I came across a bunch of little goats and started to pet them all of a sudden they turned crazy, they started attacking me and this “beast”, “monster” just a horrible humanlike creature appeared and said in English (im bilingual english/spanish) w the deepest voice “what are you doing hereeee”, scared the shit out of me and I woke up. What part of the brain decided to make those little goats attack me and that thing come out of nowhere? Third. Close-ups are craaaaaaazyyy. If I were you having a lucid dream I would immediately get close and look literally an inch away and try to analyze the surface of whatever you can, a table, chair, floor, whatever you have in front of you. If you every did acid, or any hallucinogen you will see that the textures are EXAAAaACTLY the same as the ones you see when hallucinating. I'm not well versed on the different areas that get "activated" when you do drugs but I assume from this that the substances blur the line between sleep and awake, allowing those visions to come through. The crazier thing about it is it looks pretty much exactly like how AI generated content looks. And not even very good AI at that.... makes you think about the process in which the brain generates visuals, the raw computational capacity and whether it's actually something we've already achieved, at least in the "sleeping" state. Fourth. Common threads, settings, etc.. among dreams. I find that when I start to fall asleep, many times I have a tiny space where I have lucidity and I start recalling A LOT of common places, vibes, people that appear in my dreams. I feel like there is some bank of settings for these stories to be told, possibly agreggating new ones and some evolving. A great example for me is I used to dream that I was in high school over and over again, I think part of me thinks that I had some bit of this dream probably every day. I feel like my brain to be able to move past this story had me expelled from high school hahahahah so every time I know dream about having to go to class I remember oh wait I was expelled, and so my brain goes like ok lets do something else. This has more to do with normal dreaming but it's when I'm lucid that I can think about all the commonality between all the dreams.Not sure this is interesting to anyone or just interesting to me since I’m experiencing it, but thought I’d share in case anyone has noticed any of this or can think of more things to test.
Fifth, my first lucid dream I wanted to wake up and I couldn't. I just jumped off of a balcony, if you want to wake up you can do that. In that dream a giant butterfly caught me and I woke up hahaha in others I've just "died" and woken up.
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2023.06.08 23:02 Cocao_Nibs The Duelist in Purple Armor v2 Remastered, Chapter 2

Well, it only took Canada burning and the East Coast turning into smoky rendition of a Mexico filter for this chapter to finally reach completion. Regularly-scheduled programming should hopefully resume after July 4th. Until then, drink some water, don't do gender reveals in the forest, and hang in there, guys!
Pursuant to Imperial Decree 10928, and in recognition of the reservist nature of the unit, the 1st Rocket Artillery Regiment has been found to satisfy the standards outlined in the Decree. However, in light of the significant budget and nonmaterial resource allocations that were required to bring the aforementioned unit up to levels considered satisfactory by existing standards, additional considerations beyond readiness and training levels must be taken into account.
Throughout the appeals process, you have repeatedly indicated that you believe rocket artillery to still have a place on the modern battlefield, citing recent reports from the Terran Planetary District command of the Sol System sector, as well as early after-action reports from the Intervention on Raknos, which you claim to support your argument. However, further investigation into this claim by independent analysts on behalf of Armored Warfare Command has found it to hold no merit in light of the recent restructuring outlined in detail in prior communications. Simply put, neither the Empress, nor her advisors, believe that the maintenance and garrisoning of units intended strictly for low-intensity counter-insurgency operations remains doctrinally viable.
Additionally, the excessive monetary and nonmonetary resources you requested in preparation for the evaluation, in light of the on-par, verging on substandard performance of the 1st Rocket Artillery Regiment, even accounting for the large number of fresh troops that needed to be drawn down from other posts to fill out its ranks, is highly suggestive on the part of you, the honorable Ashira Rakishal. This discrepancy is of high importance, and you may rest assured that it has already been publicly filed by the time this letter appears in your inbox.
Such a discrepancy is indicative of either incompetence or corruption on your part. Commanding officers may face demotion or a possible dishonorable discharge for the former, or, for the latter, a fine totalling no more than one-and-a-half times the estimated sum of the damages assessed, guaranteed dishonorable discharge and a potential prison term of no more than four years. Due to there being no evidence to suggest the latter, the former approach has been suggested by the Armored Warfare Command. Effective fourteen (14) days after this order is signed, your rank will be reduced and you will be relieved of commanding the Regiment. You may be restationed at this time, and your government-issued devices may be deactivated to facilitate this restationing. The 1st Rocket Artillery Division, in accordance with Decree 10928, will be dissolved and its assets relocated to other units wherever possible. Any remaining property will be auctioned under section 12.57.3(g) of the Naval and Marine Surplus Handling Act of 651 at the Val’tira Central Forwarding Depot.
Ashira finished reading the letter, but the words meant nothing to her. She hadn't slept in half a week, if not longer, in anticipation of the results from her hearing. In fact, she'd hardly gotten up from her desk; the 1st RAR was on leave until the final verdict would be announced publicly, and it was all she could do but to refresh her inbox every few minutes and watch mindless clips in the background that she hardly heard and never managed to remember a word from.
She tried reading it again, but the letters seemed to float off the screen, each one wrapped in a halo of bluish white screen glow. Nothing made sense.
'We were found to be satisfactory, but then… why does it talk about my rank? Am I getting promoted? There was something about dishonorable discharges, too, so… are some of my girls getting let go? I guess I will have to break the news to them. And it said something about budget overruns… well, mom still owes me from when she forgot to get me anything for my eighteenth last month, so I guess she can pay them back for all the equipment and training I had to authorize…'
Her thoughts were already drifting off into a vague haze when her stomach made a low noise, reminding her of the fact that she hadn't eaten in hours, mostly because her supply of food had run dry. Almost in a trance, she rose from her desk and, almost on autopilot, set about getting ready to go out and do some shopping, as she always did. The floor of her living quarters was almost entirely hidden by weeks-old discarded packaging, mountains of dirty clothes, and bottles half-filled with liquid that was either expired juice or urine. Narrow paths snaked through the mess; one to the bathroom, one to her bed, and one more still to the door, which she now slowly shambled towards.
Ashira pulled a pair of battered combat boots over her bare feet - she'd run out of socks that didn't offend her senses some weeks prior - without bothering to lace them, shoved her wallet into the front pocket of the fireproof jumpsuit she wore with absolutely nothing underneath and hadn't changed out of all week, and shoved the door open to head out. Immediately, the smell - or, perhaps, a lack thereof - of the corridor hit her. All the sleeping quarters were locked. It was quiet. Though her boots were heavy, her footsteps barely made a noise as she plodded along the thick, purple and topaz-blue carpet that lined the floor.
The door to the lobby was propped open by a cleaner's cart, and a heavy perfume of chemical detergents wafted through the opening as she approached. In the lobby was a small, older Helkam male, with his long and, in places, graying hair tied back with a beige bandana that matched his civilian contractor's coveralls, just as his green noise-canceling headphones matched the company logo on his uniform. He was dutifully mopping the already nigh-spotless polished stone floor, and there was only a narrow dry strip connecting doorway to doorway.
“‘Scuse me,” she mumbled, tapping him on the shoulder to alert him to her presence. “Coming through.”
He flinched away from her touch, and she flinched away from him, as though his own shock was contagious. “The fuck, you touch me!?” He exclaimed, whipping around to face her, mop at the ready like a Turox-prod. His face burned a pale but furious violet, contorted with fear and a readiness to fight. But, just as suddenly as he’d come to face her, his expression became one of confusion. His mop dipped down, and they stood in silence for a split second that seemed to drag on for entire minutes. Then, he made an odd face, as if of disgust or contempt, and stepped aside, motioning for her to pass by him.
Ashira would have been puzzled by this, if only she were not so frazzled and caught up in her own thoughts. She stepped outside and was immediately hit by a cool breeze; it was night out, and the wind blew in just as it always did. Not that it bothered her much; over the previous months, she had found that it didn’t seem to affect her very much. The only reason she wasn’t feeling the full brunt of the evening gales was that the buildings around the officer’s quarters were mostly two- and three-story affairs, their height and old, weathered stone cladding the last specters of the prominence and prestige the base enjoyed in the long-before times. Before the Unification Wars were but a distant memory. Before the Periphery had become the final, unconquerable frontier. Before the Empress-damned mess that was Raknos. Before Rocket Artillery had become hopelessly obsolete.
The wind blew, relentless and steadfast, as she trudged towards the only place on-base that still had its lights on. The general store. She didn’t know what she wanted to buy there, nor if there would indeed be anything on the shelves that she’d want to buy, but she felt she had to try, anyway. The only rest she could get now was chemically-assisted, either through over-the-counter sleeping pills, or copious volumes of booze, or, when the going got particularly rough, a combination of both. She was vaguely aware of the damage she was probably inflicting upon her organs, but she figured that they were a worthy sacrifice. Still, some days she couldn't fall asleep, even boozed up and medicated as much as she would dare, so she would lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping that the splitting headaches she would get from that chemical cocktail would make her ears ring loud enough to drown out her intrusive thoughts.
The store wasn't particularly warm when she entered, and it reeked of cigarette smoke and mildew as always. The nearest set of shelves to the door were stocked with bags of some sort of imported breaded meat snacks labeled Pufriyah - Ancestral Recipe, Modern Taste! across the top shelf and cases of Red Grains across the bottom, as if some long-forgotten planner had seen into the future and anticipated Ashira's shopping habits exactly. Without much thought, she pulled a case of the Reds off the bottom shelf, her back, which had been sore for months by then, crying out in pain that just barely cut through her apathy. She threw a few bags of the Pufriyah snacks on top of it, entirely indifferent to their name, slogan, and brown-furred chibi mascot that spoke to their Rakiri intended consumer base.
'It's all just carbs and protein at the end of the day,' she figured. It wasn't like she could taste much of them anyway, had she really cared to learn their flavor. It was close to a month prior that she'd caught a nasty cold, and her constant sleep deprivation and stress hadn't lent themselves to it clearing itself up on its own. Her senses of taste and smell were unnecessary to her whipping her unit into shape, she'd decided, once she learned that the antivirals she needed to take to make her symptoms clear up would need her to be on bed rest for three straight days. She could always take them later, anyway.
The bottles of Red Grain clanked against each other as Ashira heaved the case onto the checkout counter. The bags on top of it slid off, and she only just caught them in time. The noise awoke the lone cashier, another civilian contractor, from her nap atop her wobbly three-legged stool. She quite inelegantly hopped off of it and came to lean against the counter with one hand, the other lazily waving the scanner of a specialized Data-Slate over the merchandise.
"ID for the Reds," the cashier groggily slurred out, patting down her many pockets in search of a cigarette box. "Standard procedure, nothing personal against you."
Ashira stared at her, dumbfounded, for a few moments too many, before it hit her that she needed to pull up her Marine Profile on her Slate. Mumbling an apology mixed with an excuse, she reached into one of the few - albeit cavernously huge - pockets of her fireproof suit and produced the grimy government-issue device in question. The lock screen was set to her ID, just to make such common interactions go by quicker.
She pushed the Slate across the counter, expecting to get it slid back to her in a few moments, and maybe a manufactured smile and a nod if the cashier noticed the Rakishal House crest in the corner and realized she was of noble blood. But this time, none of that happened. The woman across from her frowned, squinting as she analyzed something about the ID, her face no more than perhaps a few centimeters from it. She looked up at Ashira, then back down at the ID, then back at her, and then all of a sudden her confusion melted into some odd mixture of shock and disgust. She wordlessly pushed the Slate back across the counter, scanned the case of Red Grain, and then motioned to a now very baffled and somewhat offended Ashira that she was free to leave.
In her sleep-deprived state, Ashira had barely the mental capacity to remember where the door was, much less to ponder the deeper meaning behind what had transpired. Vowing to come back the next day, after getting a good night's sleep, and get the insolent cashier fired, she trudged out of the shop, back to the officers' quarters, where the Helkam man was still toiling away in the lobby, now wiping down the Turox-leather seats, and into her own suite.
She brushed the most egregious of the trash from her bed, with the arm that wasn't clutching the spoils of her trek to her chest, and allowed gravity to gracelessly guide her into its soft, fitted-sheet embrace. With a sigh of barely-felt relief, she cracked the cap off her first bottle with her tusks and took a long, well-earned swig.
The next thing she knew, it was morning.
Everything hurt. Ashira's muscles all ached like she'd run every Deathshead Commando bootcamp course, back-to-back, without stopping. Her head felt like a bloated, rotten gourd, ready to burst at the slightest touch. Even though her eyes were closed, what little light made it through them felt as though it was piercing straight through her eyeballs and into her brain. However, through it all, she noted an odd, almost pleasant sensation that she hadn't felt in so long, she'd almost forgotten the word for it.
'Empress all-powerful, this must be the first time in almost a year that I've had a full night's sleep!'
Ashira would have kept laying there, exactly where she was. The room was quiet. No one needed her. Her unit was stood down for another few days. She could just stay in bed, in peace, and wait for the pain to subside. But the very second she considered that possibility, her bladder cried in agony, and she simultaneously came to the realizations that she would not be able to hold it in for even a minute longer, and that she was wearing her only set of relatively-clean clothes.
She pushed herself up and onto her feet, and that motion sent showers of sparks cascading through her vision, even as her eyes stayed firmly shut. Her ears rang from the pain as though she'd stuck her head between the prongs of a colossal tuning fork, her limbs felt numb as she stumbled through her room, and the only way she could tell up from down was from the direction gravity kept pulling her every time she lost her balance.
She hit the door frame to the bathroom by chance, only recognizing it as the right one by the light switch her elbow painfully caught. From there, she went entirely by feel. There was the sink, the towel rack, the soap dispenser, the shower door… and finally, having run out of wrong things to blindly grope around for, her hand bumped into the tank of the toilet. Even bending down made her head fill with the pounding beat of her heart, every pulse seeming to try and push her brain out of her skull through her eyes and ears. She nearly blacked out as she sat down.
The next thing Ashira knew, she was doubled over her sink, dry-heaving, her fireproof pants pulled back up around her waist but neither zipped shut nor clipped together at the front. She knew for certain that nothing had come up, because she was newly aware of the desiccated dryness in her mouth and throat, as if all her flesh had been replaced with fine-grit sandpaper. Still lacking the resolve to open her eyes, she blindly clawed at the knobs of the sink until water began to pour, and then began scooping handfuls of it into her mouth.
After a few gulps, she began to feel a bit better. Her mouth, though it still felt dry as ever, was at least now rid of the horrible, sour, metallic taste that she hadn't registered until it was gone, and the unintentional splashing of water onto her face did wonders in helping her start to truly wake up. The very next instant, though, a numbing pain spread across her hands and face, and down her throat. The water was freezing cold.
That didn't deter Ashira, though, and she kept drinking until she knew that she would not be able to swallow a drop more without throwing up. Her hands were numb from the frigid water, as was her face. Icy rivulets streamed down her chin and throat and under her unzipped collar, leaving cool, glistening trails across her breasts and stomach.
Somehow, this numbness that spread across her fingers and cheeks seemed to have carried over to her hangover, as well, though whether it was the rapid cooling, or the much-needed hydration, or both, she neither knew nor cared. Her head now hurt with the intensity of just any old headache, her skin did not feel two sizes too small for her organs, and her muscles and joints barely ached with any more intensity than they usually did.
She opened her eyes for the first time since she'd gotten out of bed, ready and eager to take full advantage of her hangover cure while its effects still lasted, and almost fell over as she stumbled away from the mirror in shock. The reflection in the mirror was decidedly not her.
Bloodshot eyes stared out at her from dark, sunken orbits; two craters on a puffy face rendered a waxy, pale bluish lilac by months of near-total involuntary isolation from the daylight. Raven hair framed that lifeless visage, once kept neat and short, now a wild, greasy, and, above all, long Seetcha's nest. It had once had lively sun-bleached streaks where her beret and headset did not fully cover it, from when she would ride head-out in her trusty command Ishtarti-603, but they were now mere faded tips spread unevenly through the carbon-black tangle.
The rest of her was not in much better shape. Her bust, though always on the fuller size, was nonetheless noticeably larger than it had been the last time Ashira had inspected her reflection, and doubtless was the cause of her incessant back pain. In the same moment, she became aware that her breasts rested not against the top of her six-pack - which, while rarely worked out and never particularly defined, had, in its mere presence, still been a point of quiet pride for her - but at the upper limits of a beer gut, whose faint outline was visible even under the baggy suit she was wearing for the umpteenth day in a row, and which stood as a testament to the inertia she had descended into while trying to force the RAR into motion.
'Fuck, there's the evidence of my battle. Mom was right, I do eat like a Turox before the slaughter. I have no self-control. Why do I even bother with this restructuring business if I can't even keep to my own damn fitness goals?' Her gloom, though deep and all-consuming while it weighed upon her soul, dissipated just as quickly as it set in. 'But I knew it would happen, so why does it surprise me? I knew going in that I was burning myself up in the present to keep future me warm. It's just a few kilos. A dozen at most. No big deal. Just need a bit more exercise for a month or two and I'll be right back in parade shape!'
It did, however, make her think to place an order with the on-base supply depot for some new clothes. With the Unification Day festivities looming, it would simply not do for this quite temporary distortion of her Noble figure to be so brazen, she firmly decided.
The order would have to wait, however. When Ashira brought out her government-issued Data-Slate from her front pocket in a familiar motion, already compiling a list of all the workout gear, field uniforms, and parade garb she would need in a size up, the device, in an apparent bout of unruliness, first resisted her efforts to turn it on, and when it was finally made to do so, simply boot-looped endlessly on the startup screen. For all intents and purposes, it was a Slate-shaped paperweight, and Ashira didn’t even have enough physical documents in her possession to make use of this one purpose it had left.
‘First my clothes, now the one Slate mom can’t track me on. What’s next, is my ID going to expire all of a sudden? Will my physical Chit card have a bad contact?’
There was only so much she could take at one time, so she decided to do the sensible thing and get something to eat before returning to dealing with her problems. She pulled out her Slate. It was almost noon.
'No one needs to see me like this. How can I command the regiment if they see me in such a state? I'll order breakfast - well, lunch now, but who's really counting? - and I can join everyone for dinner, once I get a chance to order in some new clothes, and shower, and maybe do something with my hair.'
With a practiced motion, so automatic it was almost a reflex, she swiped through the interface until she found what she was looking for. There, between Combatters forum sites, was a saved page for the Hungry Gal's order menu. Her chit was already saved in the system. All she needed was to tap on "Large Hot Meal #5 - Drink Combo" and…
"That can't be right," Ashira muttered aloud as she tapped the button again, over and over, to the same effect. "It's a government card. Unless- ah, right, it must be the new policy they were talking about! Can't believe they made food expenses count as personal expenditure only, the nerve of these credit-pinching…"
She went into the payment details section of the page, switched the number to her personal one, and selected "Large Hot Meal #5 - Drink Combo" again. This time, a new message appeared.
The gnawing hunger in her stomach disappeared in an instant, replaced by a solid iron bar of dread. Why was her account deactivated? Who could have done it? The only other person with access privileges was her own mother, and why would she…?
Ashira knew the answer. She didn't want to know it, to acknowledge that she knew it for fear of what it meant, but she did. With shaking hands, she opened the notification screen of her Slate, and saw she had unread messages from her family group chat. She tapped that notification, expecting a deluge of fury about her weight, her spending habits, her slovenly appearance in public, or any manner of other things, but there was but one message, sent earlier that morning. It was from her mother, indeed, but it was just four words long.
I got the letter.
She wanted to protest, to scream, "What letter could you possibly mean?," but she couldn't. A memory, hazy from the fog of insomnia that had dulled her thoughts at the time, played against her volition in her mind. The words hadn't made sense to her then, but they did now. Robotically, she closed the message from her mother and searched through her inbox for one marked with a government seal. She opened it, and read it in silence. The last few lines were the hardest to read, because by then the tears had begun to well up in her eyes.
It was over. Her career, her noble status, her finances, her life as she knew it… they were all gone, and it had taken just one letter to send it all crashing down.
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2023.06.08 23:00 Cradinez Domestic Bee

Has anyone else had an unusually hard time discovering the domestic bees since the butterfly update? I have 3 swarmers on the task 1 with floors and walls with no space between, 1 with floors and walls one space clear between swarmer, and one in a building with a 5x5 grid.
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2023.06.08 22:54 tastykalejuice 46[M4F] North #DFW Dallas Collin County area searching for my soulmate, Love, FWB and BFF

Hey there potential lovers! 🌹
I am looking to be in a very long term FWB relationship.
I'm not just looking for hookups or a one night stand but I want a FWB and a BFF with emphasis on F.
I want to have those feelings again of wondering what someone else is doing and randomly thinking about them, messaging when we can, and seeing where it leads.
I really want to build that connection .I want to have a friend that I call "all mine."
I miss the feeling of meeting someone. The butterflies, the flutter, the constant desire to stop what you're doing and check your phone, the goofy smile that plastered on your face.
I'm looking in or around collin county area.I don’t mind traveling to meet as long as it’s not too far.
I am looking to be with someone who I can be lovey dovey with, physically,sexually and emotionally intimate in person and in chat. Im starving for attention, affection ,love and touch.I want to have those feelings again of wondering what someone else is doing and randomly thinking about them, messaging when we can, and seeing where it leads.
I really want to build that connection.I want to have a romantic friend that I can call "all mine."
Please be around my age or older.Overall i prefer someone who is very romantic , laid back chill and goofy and into movies music tv shows.
I'm not down to swap pics just yet. I need a mental connection first. I dont care about your race or body type.
Please just be mature normal and respectful and know how to have a conversation.
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2023.06.08 22:51 Onion_planet Trimming advice? I'm desperate

I have struggled with shaving ever since I can remember. The problem is, I have insanely sensitive skin and a very unfriendly anatomy (outie with prominent lips) but I absolutely cannot go without shaving. I am on the spectrum and have sensory issues, body hair being one of the worst offenders. I cannot stand the feeling of hair growing anywhere on my body except my head. It just makes me nauseous.
I have even gone through laser hair removal for my legs (by the way, if you have sensory issues, highly recommend! it's been like heaven, I can finally wear pants without shaving my legs every day!). But for my armpits and hooha, it's not an option because of my extremely low pain tolerance. My legs already made me scream so much that the cosmetologist was concerned, if she ever tried to get that laser anywhere near my more sensitive areas I would have passed out. For the same reason, I have actually never 'shaved' either of these regions - I can only trim. A razor is not even an option, I attempted it once and the moment I ran the blade across my skin there gently I was immediately crying in pain. My skin is insanely sensitive ('pale ghost' genre of white person, plus psoriasis and acne-prone). If I as much as try to use a razor anywhere near my hooha it immediately turns into a mess of bloody spots.
I used to painstakingly trim these areas down to the skin with scissors. Yes, it took hours, and yes, I frequently ended up cutting myself. To the point where I still have scars. It was horrid. I finally found a 'better' solution in the form of my mother's ANCIENT trimmer (photo included in comment). This thing was probably bought in the 90's and somehow still works. I don't know if it's because it's so old, and hence probably low-power, but it's the ONLY trimmer I've ever used that doesn't hurt me. It pulls on a hair sometimes but the general rate of injury is miniscule compares to the scissors.
The problem is, that trimmer is OLD. It's been on its last legs for years. It's battery-powered, which I hate, because the waste it generates is ridiculous. I have to exchange the batteries nearly monthly and it frequently slows down to the point where I have to hit it on various surfaces to make it run. I have tried to buy a new one but all modern trimmers I've tried are way too strong and end up causing the aforementioned bloody mess. The philips ladyshave line, which this trimmer is from, still exists - but my mother had bought a new one from it and it's too strong as well...
The only other thing I've tried were hair removal creams, but I tested like 5 different brands and none of them worked at removing all, or even most, of the hair. They also smell terrible and take a long time, not to mention the waste. Waxing/sugar is not even an option, I would die from pain. What I want most is a trimmer that is exactly like this ancient one I have, but runs on charging instead of batteries. But I have no clue how to look for something like that. I'm tired of buying random trimmers and discovering they cause me pain just like everything else.
I know this is a long shot but if there is anyone out there with similar sensitivity problems who has managed to find a trimmer that's gentle, I would be so grateful for a recommendation. I don't need it to shave close enough to the skin for it to look 'baby-smooth', I actually prefer it doesn't because I feel like that might lessen the pain factor. I just need something that won't require packs of batteries and won't leave me with a bloody rash. I'm based in Europe but I don't care, if I'll have to import some expensive trimmer from across the ocean, whatever! I'll pay any price at this point...
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2023.06.08 22:49 ThatBloodyYank Wife being harassed/propositioned by employer (California)

Hi all,
my wife works at a very small medical billing company in California. The owner and all of the employees (wife included) are Filipino immigrants, which will become evidently relevant.
Yesterday she informed me that during a silly discussion the office crew was having, when prompted with a question about reincarnation as a different species, the company owner replied to her "I would choose to be a butterfly, so I could drink the nectar from your flower". Everybody laughed awkwardly, including my wife, despite her discomfort, and he quickly apologized with a smile.
Today, she informed me that as the owner was leaving the office, he shook everyone's hand as usual; However, this time, when he shook her hand, he first tapped her palm a few times with his index finger before initiating the handshake. My wife had previously explained to me that this gesture (the palm tapping, not the handshake) in the Philippines is a covert, non-verbal way to communicate to someone a desire to have sex with them. once again he laughed and "apologized", but it's pretty apparent at this point that his apologies are more along the lines of "haha sorry about that-unless....?"
Understandably, my wife feels very uncomfortable at work, but also feels that she can't afford to quit, as we are about to move in the next couple of months and there will be many expenses related to that. To make matters worse, she is in the middle of adjusting her status, and she is worried about the impact that getting into some kind of legal action might have on her conditional greencard. The icing on the crap-cake here is that it seems about half of the office staff is not authorized to legally work in the US and the owner is paying them under the table, so she is worried that taking this guy to court might actually lead to an investigation that could condemn her workmates and get them deported.
I'm fully prepared to drop the hammer on this dude, but I need to be mindful of the special circumstances listed just above. Any advice would be appreciated tremendously.

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2023.06.08 22:45 TheBlazeBot News station's wild story: 911 caller sees 10-foot-tall 'aliens' with 'big eyes' in backyard, says 'they're not human'; cop on way to scene confesses, 'I have butterflies, bro'

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2023.06.08 22:45 acadiareynolds Trigger! HELP lose an inch of bloated weight in a week

22F 149lb Ok the title sounds ignorant and unsustainable, I understand that but I am in a emergency situation next week is my best friends wedding, I am a bridesmaid. We are wearing tailored silk pants and a crop top they were tailored to my 28” waist with a little room (around 29”) and I tried them on today and they are a bit snug in a unflattering way and I measured my waist it was 30”. The last 3 months I have really slacked on my diet and routine due to moving and stress (stayed in a hotel ate only takeout for a month) I know that the primary reason is I am bloated I am not worried about changing the scale but I am looking for advice to decrease bloat and how much cardio I should do per day to lose enough water weight or anything to atleast get me down to 29” by Saturday. Any advice to lose that one inch for atleast a day and you will be my savior
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2023.06.08 22:45 acadiareynolds Trigger! How to lose an inch of bloated waist in a week

22F 149lb Ok the title sounds ignorant and unsustainable, I understand that but I am in a emergency situation next week is my best friends wedding, I am a bridesmaid. We are wearing tailored silk pants and a crop top they were tailored to my 28” waist with a little room (around 29”) and I tried them on today and they are a bit snug in a unflattering way and I measured my waist it was 30”. The last 3 months I have really slacked on my diet and routine due to moving and stress (stayed in a hotel ate only takeout for a month) I know that the primary reason is I am bloated I am not worried about changing the scale but I am looking for advice to decrease bloat and how much cardio I should do per day to lose enough water weight or anything to atleast get me down to 29” by Saturday. Any advice to lose that one inch for atleast a day and you will be my savior
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2023.06.08 22:43 Competitive_Army_196 Accounting Shoes? im young got terrible back. How can I help maintain the long hours in chair etc. Thank u

Like my back is quite terrible lower back. Little arthritis/cracking/disc slippage. Doctor says stretching to build muscle for now. My feet go numb if I dont wear shoes, i think it is will how my heels maybe like fuck with my hips that in turn hurt my spine? idk but

what are yall best foot support shoe? Back/lower back support items for desk chair.

So far I got ideas of little heel insert to see if that helps, little like almost whoopi cushion like paddig to put in my pants to ease ass on chair (and help me get that promotion), bring my own chair that full incline and slip that in where i can (prob get in trouble if seen tho), slip and fall in bathroom go on vacay, smoking weed to help neutralize that grinding type of feel that happens after few hours (bad for smelling I think idk nose blind), hybrid.

also random question: Do any of yalls jobs/firms offer gym time/ an available gym on site?
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2023.06.08 22:41 Tyr_Carter I am stumped with my dog and veterinarians are unable to help

Species: DogAge: 8ySex/Neuter status: Female, sterilised at 9mBreed: Unknown mixBody weight: 9kgHistory: Suffered poisoning in 2019 which led to stress on kidneys, issue since resolved. No other health issues before current oneClinical signs: Excessive panting (sometimes for hours), visible discomfort, periodical dehydration. Weight loss (she used to weigh about 11kg)Duration: about 3 monthsYour general location: Kraków, PolandLinks to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have:
About 3 months ago my dog started to have panting fits, visibly uncomfortable and in pain. She became dehydrated from it and refused to drink (which is pretty normal for her when she's stressed out). We did the tests above plus an antigen test for anaplasmosis which came out positive. She was treated for 3 weeks with doxycicline and that helped for about 2 weeks (I was informed that the treatment should help relatively immediately but it took 2 weeks to see a noticable difference). Before treatment she had a very low ACTH level which supposably could suggest cushings, but the test for cushings came out negative.
OTC pain medication like Metamizole Sodium have no visible effect.
This week her symptoms came back in force.
Not likely a behavioral issue, she's being cared for properly and plays with her brother a lot when she's feeling ok.
She's eating normally. Something I noticed is a pretty bad smell from her mouth when panting that I don't notice when she's not. Comparable to feces but milder
EDIT: Fever has been present at times but it's more of an exception than a rule. Happens with her panting fits but not often
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2023.06.08 22:40 GogoYubari92 Buying my first pair of leggings . I am between a size 8-10 pant size

I want to buy my first pair of workout leggings but do not live anywhere near a store. So trying them on first is not an option.
I am between a size 8-10 pant size. I enjoy a slightly loose fit with all my clothes so I can run around comfortably. With all my non-LLL pants, 8 is always a little tight and 10 is always a little too loose. What size do you think I would be for LLL?
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2023.06.08 22:39 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 14-PreGames

District 7
Sylo Trujillo (Game 13) stood in front of the bowls as Mayor Branks made a speech. Sylo then reached into the male bowl, removing the name of sixteen year old Maggie Mott. A scream was heard as a girl with pretty blonde curls and blue eyes walked to the stage. Maggie shook Sylo’s hand, a tear rolling down her face. Maggie was still attending school, and did not currently have a job.
Sylo then reached into the male bowl and removed the name of eighteen year old Quennel Montague. A tall, muscular young man with ebony skin and an afro of hair walked to the stage, and shook Sylo’s hand. Quennel worked as a lumberjack, having left school at the age of fifteen to support his family.
In the town hall, Maggie visited with her sisters, Alysia and Ellen. She promised to try and return, and told her sisters that she loved them, before being taken to the train.
Quennel was visited by his wheelchair bound father, and younger brothers, Swift, Elon, and Ashin. Quennel told them that he would try to return, or at least place in the top 6, to get some money for the family, before being taken to the train.
Once on the train, Maggie and Quennel met their mentor, 23 year old Holly Hammond (Game 8). Holly taught Maggie how to throw axes, all while giving advice to Quennel on his ax throwing technique.
At the apartment, the next morning at 8, Holly showed District 6’s reaping, claiming that many of their past tributes had been alcoholics and morphling addicts.
District 6
Sylo was now in District 6, after a good rest the night before. Sylo reached his hand into the female bowl, seeming shocked by the population of District 6 and how high on morphling they were.
Sylo read aloud the name of eighteen year old Montana Adams. He looked at the crowd of eighteen year old girls, right as a peacekeeper entered the enclosure. He pulled a young lady out, who was obviously under the influence of morphling. Montana had messy brown hair and brown eyes, and she made no protests when she was forced to shake Sylo’s hand.
Without further ado, Sylo wiped his hand on his pants, before selecting a name from the male bowl. The male tribute this year was fifteen year old Ohio Duffy. A shorter boy with brown hair and eyes walked to the stage, nervously shaking Sylo’s hand. Ohio did not appear to be under the influence of anything.
In the town hall, Montana was visited by several friends of hers who were also under the influence, before she was dragged away after it became clear that she wasn’t coherent.
Ohio was visited by his father and younger brother, a thirteen year old named Camden. Ohio said that he would try his best to return, but admitted that if wasn’t likely.
On the train, Montana and Ohio met their mentor, Peoria Dixon, who promptly injected Montana with a morphling antidote. Once Montana realized where she was, she let out a shrill scream, that let Peoria and Ohio to cover their ears.
Peoria taught Montana and Ohio how to throw knives, and gently gave corrections. Peoria also had an avox wash and style Montana’s hair, as it had been a disgusting rat’s nest.
Once back at the apartment, an exhausted Montana went straight to bed; and Peoria and Ohio watched several of the original Games, before Peoria sent Ohio to bed as well.
During training, Montana and Ohio threw knives, and Montana also utilized the camouflage station. Meanwhile Maggie and Quennel threw axes at targets.
Assessments and Odds
Montana scored a 6 for knife throwing and camouflage, and had odds of 12 to 1. Meanwhile Ohio also scored a 6 for the same thing, but had odds of 10 to 1.
Maggie scored a 7 and Quennel scored an 8, both for ax throwing. Maggie had odds of 8 to 1, and Quennel had odds of 6 to 1.
Euphemia Demigloss was dressed in a beige dress, and when it was Montana’s turn, she wryly talked about how she wished she could have some morphling. This earned her a reputation as a junkie, and many hoped she would die in the bloodbath.
Ohio discussed how he had never drank alcohol or taken morphling, and how he just wanted people to see that District 6 wasn’t just full of addicts.
Maggie talked about wanting to see her sisters again, while Quennel spoke of being his family’s main income, and how he had to win.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci gave her hint word, which was “fall.”
Tube Rooms
Upon arriving beneath the arena, the tributes were taken to the tube rooms.
Peoria didn’t even bother to visit Montana, who stared defiantly at a peacekeeper. Meanwhile Peoria spent her time giving Ohio a lot of advice for the Games.
Holly hugged Maggie and wished her luck in the Games, and then visited Quennel. The two had a heartfelt conversation, and Holly promised to care for Quennel’s family if he died.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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