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2023.06.04 05:28 Careful_Quantity_671 M1 Pro 512GB base model or M2 Pro base model? Does the SSD issue matter ?

I am a Windows user. I like to move to a Mac book for the first time. I can offer only m1 pro or m2 pro base models in 14-inch. I like to buy a new m2 base model. But now I doubting about the SSD slow issue in the m2 pro base model. I can't upgrade 1TB or any. I hope to buy this for a long run about 4 years. I am a software engineering student. Sometimes I'm doing video and photo editing too. Does this SSD issue matter? and also does it matters in the long run? Please give me your advice to me about what to buy!
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2023.06.04 05:27 richpeoplearenice calm amidst hysteria

One common trait of primary psychopaths is calm under conditions that the general public believes should make everyone hysterical.
I am not a primary psychopath, though my parents both were. I do, however, exhibit many primary-psychopathic traits.
I am including some personal anecdotes, slightly colorful to be sure, to encourage discussion.
Primary psychopaths are basically anhedonic, mistrustful, and often apathetic. Their sensation-seeking, rule-breaking, attention-seeking, paraphilias, criminal versatility, etc. stem largely from just being bored and depressed.
That attitude is not lost on others and repels them even when masked, leading to attention-seeking tantrums. Two friends who were firestarters as children grew up to set themselves on fire for the same reason: boredom and numbness.
Primary psychopaths are characterized by enlarged striata, visible on MRI, which leads to increased need for stimulation, and by the Warrior Gene. Warriors are routinely called upon not only to take lives but to sacrifice their own.
Intelligence is essential in any great warrior, so it makes sense that a warrior caste would be suspicious, bored and indifferent (callous), and more interested in ends than means (duplicity, lying, manipulation, ruthlessness): if you enjoy life, how will you take pleasure in being a shadow on the battlefield, knowing that you may not survive the engagement?
If a normal person is threatened by Medicaid fraudsters, he will probably just take the medical care and hope the goons won't hurt him. In such a situation, I knew their goal was life insurance, not Medicaid fraud, so I tried to kill myself in ways that would have killed most people (drowning in extremely polluted water marked as a drowning risk due to strong currents, then drank my own urine for 3 days while stopping antibiotics midcourse, hoping to develop a superbug to thank my friends and neighbors) but barely hurt me: I am the son of an unrelentingly brutal special forces commander, who raped his own soldiers, castrated Blacks for sport, prided himself on devising new methods of killing with his bare hands, and lamented the unscrupulousness of people selected to provide information under torture). He and my mother -- a pedophile, castration fetishist, FGM fetishist, rape fetishist, trafficker (cocaine, children, slaves), arranger of murders for hire, money launderer, and money other interests -- and was jubilant as I thought of fucked up and conceived me, which
They took out a life insurance policy, circumcised me instead of reassigning me at birth as indicated, and waited for me to die.
His second wife, who did her family of guards at GULAG in Siberia proud by getting a promotion to surveil rich people and push them out windows, , stalked me for years, then decided to castrate and enslave me. I wish I had been reassigned at birth, but being 40-year-old nutless Lurch just doesn't seem like fun.
I refused slavery, so she robbed my friends to make me disappear in GULAG ( State psych). I let her friends know, so they demanded the money from the life insurance policy. Failing that, extirpation of everyone who robbed my friends. It'll happen.
Instead of killing myself, it may be advantageous to move somewhere other than a kleptopsychocracy. I have earned respect from homicidal psychopaths for staying cool when beaten bloody.
I have some classic primary psychopathic traits. For instance, I was struck by a speeding Jeep when celebrating my 26th birthday and Thanksgiving in 2010..
I was strolling across 3rd Avenue and paused to let the speeding Jeep, two blocks ahead of the other traffic, go by, figuring I would then just stroll to he curb.
My best friend at the time had a fight-or-flight reaction and risked his life to pull me into the path of the Jeep, himself falling down and being grazed in the process.
I was slammed directly in my left side, then grew giddy as I bounced of the hood, then the windshield, then the roof, which gave me a really beautifully blurred view of the white Christmas lights on the trees. I thought of the 1995 season finale of Law and Order, in which Claire Kincaid, played by Jill Hennessy (a then-famous Cover Girl model), was distracted by her conversation with her boss, Jack McCoy (played by Sam Waterston), and was killed in a driver's side crash. The lights in that episode were just like what I was seeing. How the hell did the producers know how it should look? I thought of asking a childhood acquaintance whose dad worked on the show to tell his dad, then lamented they would never know because I would be dead. I hit the pavement, landing on my back. The tires touched my left hip. I thought having crushed c&b in the middle of 3rd Avenue would be really gross, so I was relieved when the Jeep didn't run over me. I wiggled my toes and figured everything would be a stupid formality, which was true.
My friend stood over me, screaming. His hair looked so thick, he looked so beautiful, and so... bothered... I was thinking of how unfair it was that my birthday was being ruined by ordinary people with their procedures.
I was lying in the middle of 3rd Avenue, staring up at this amazing specimen, only for him to scream hysterically instead of helping me up so we could continue celebrating a the nearest motel.
They would inevitably call an ambulance and blame me for waiting for the speeding Jeep to pass, which indeed happened. Then tragedy struck: the ambulance crew had the unmitigated gall to tell me not to sit up and take off my shirt.
That was a vintage Brooks Brothers navy blue Golden Fleece tennis shirt. I was scarred for life as they cut the shirt, the scissors moving menacingly toward my face, just to remind me that I would be a miserable failure (true, but not because of the shirt).
I had struck my head on the pavement and could not urinate. I stayed on a Foley catheter for a while and walked out of the hospital the evening.
My only injuries were bruising, a scrape on my right hand, and a hairline fracture, barely perceptible on x-ray, in my lumbar spine.
My mother insisted I have physical therapy. I pointed out that there was nothing to do but wait for my body to heal. I knew she just wanted to play the hysterical mother, worried about her adult son who didn't know how to cross the street by himself. Yup...
When my mother was dying, I was livid that people were upset: I was the person closest to her. If I don't mind, how dare they encroach on my indifference?! I remarked around that time, quite sincerely and incessantly, that people who mourn the dead should be killed: not only for coveting the dead but for pretending to they feel sorry for the dead instead of admitting they feel sorry for themselves.
I really enjoyed exposing my crooked family to my former friends they robbed: they fucked up their payment plan and now they and their American friends, to whom they spread around my friends' money, cannot be saved.
I really hope they really, really spread it around, because then there will be mass casualties. If good Russians won't starve Europe, can they at least liquidate New York? It's like blowing up Syria: someone has to do it.
It would really work out well for me: I live in New York and my life sucks, so that way I shouldn't have to keep sleeping and metabolizing and would die knowing that the people I see every miserable day would never make trouble again. I could just die instead of making more decisions.
I always regretted not having killed my parents before I turned 12. Mommy got away scot free, but Daddy and his nearest and dearest fucked themselves.
I actually asked if I could help out with the torture, but no one needs me for anything. I'm always ready to roll up my sleeves to help a friend. If you can't kill your family, how are you supposed to kill strangers?
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2023.06.04 05:27 RealSand5589 My son is angry at me because of conception.

46 year old mom to 16M. I got pregnant from a hook-up. It was my fault, as I didn't thought about asking him to wear a condom. I am not proud of this and if I could turn back in time, I'd do it differently.
The only time I saw his father was on that night. I choose not to look for him because it was a shot in the dark. I didn't had the resources to look for him.
I still choose to raise him. My family welcomed him with opened arms and helped me take care of him. I never dated again after this and focused on doing my best in raising him.
A few weeks ago, after some questions he had made about the issue, I've decided it was time to sit down with him and explain to him what happened. He had a very bad reaction.
He was extremely angry, which I understand. I would be too. I told him I was sorry. However, he said somethings that really punched me in the gut. Namely, he said he was ashamed to be my son and said that what I did is something a prostitute does. Then he told me that our relationship was done.
The tension has already died down, but I can see he is still very angry at me. We don't have the same intimacy anymore and we don't talk to each other in the same way. He avoids me when at home.
I know that I should have been more responsable at the time and that I should have tried to look for his father. But inspite of that, I've always tried my best to own up to my actions and I love him deeply. I'm afraid he'll never forgive me now.
How do I fix our relationship?
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2023.06.04 05:27 breaking-atom Do you think epilepsy will ever be added to the game?

I used to be a big fan of Warriors, it was a comfort series as I've often read a lot of serious books and just needed a mental break every once in a while. But after I saw how the writing team dealt with Shadowsight's epilepsy, I stopped reading the books and being a major fan. As an epileptic, it bothered me with how terribly it was portrayed.
Based on what I've seen on the Discord posts, it seems like this game wants to take the concept of Warriors and make it better and more inclusive. And I've seen that the game has made great strides. I was wondering if anyone thinks epilepsy (not seizures triggered by disease or something) might enter the game as well. I mean, the cats get wasting disease and chronic migraines. It wouldn't be too different.
I'm just wondering what people think about this idea and if it could be implemented. I don't think the creators should be pressured into adding it, it's their game. I just think this could be an interesting discussion.
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2023.06.04 05:27 Fool_growth Deals best kept

Many magic systems have a facially transactional model of upfront costs: in order to achieve X output (magic), I need to give up Y input (blood, etc.). Spirits is now not necessarily a magic-making machine but instead a debt grantor, and the mage is a grantee.
For my magic system, I wanted to use a different model, flipping it from an upfront cost to a delayed cost: I can achieve X output now, but I will need to give up Y later. To be more accurate and explain, in my universe, the planet is a sentient consciousness, and everything in and on it is a different aspect or expression of its existence. This includes humans too, and other races as well, putting that aside. Magic is going into debt with spirits, but what the spirits want is not concrete like what people want; they have wants, needs, and personalities. What one fire spirit wants is not necessarily what another fire spirit wants, and due to this very nature, studying magic becomes more about understanding the other party so you can both come to an agreement that's mutually beneficial.
A lot of magic is reaching out and getting them to take stock and pay attention, with rituals and spells being akin to pitches or terms of a contract with reciprocity on both sides. Spirits breaking Deals come with just as much consequence as a person breaking a deal, and the punishment is equal to that of what was agreed upon. However, if for some reason you figure out how to keep delaying what you owe, eventually it will come if the deal isn't fulfilled to the letter, hence why being specific is important as well. Spirits are sometimes ephemeral; they know just as much as people do about someone that they know, or, to be more accurate, they only know what you say.and do on the very surface level and will not be able to read your heart, your soul, your intentions, and all that. With this said, it is also important to note that while spirits are not holy omniscient, they do talk to one and are careful about who they make deals with.
Essentially, karma exists in this universe, but it's more centered around keeping your word, not in a you can't lie sort of way, but more in a are you someone who makes good on their deals specifically, not always pertaining tomagic, more so what sort of person you are in this universe." A good rule of thumb is that your deals are best kept, with anyone can learn magic if they have the right knowledge, more specifically access to certain types of spirits and spirits of different calibers, so you'll have access to your local spirits of darkness, With there being many different approaches to doing magic and calling spirits, you might not necessarily have access to a greater power that embodies a different or stronger aspect of the dark with spirits not giving or allowing access to magic they deem worthy or not fit as magic can and will just not work or backfire ironically if the spirits think they're being tricked, swindled, or conned, however this generally depends on the spirits and Spirits in one area might let you do magic where others might not, but as I've said, spirits are humans, to use the broadest meaning of that word, and are capable of making mistakes and bad judgment calls.
There are probably a lot of things I missed, but this is it. What do you guys think? Any suggestions I know not many people are going to read this, but I wanted to give it a good old college try.
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2023.06.04 05:27 JJA1234567 Wifi card help.

So I am putting together my first gaming pc and need some help. In my part's list I have have a asrock pg lighting x670e motherboard. This board is great for the price it just does not have wifi or Bluetooth. I looked on their website an found they recommended some basic intel wireless m.2 card. I found it on amazon it just does not come with antennas. Do I need the antenna? What should I do?
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2023.06.04 05:27 Ashleymychell My (25F) & husband (27M) cut off our mutual friend (29M) bc if his seemingly npd gf (29M)

Should I reach out again??
My (25F) husband (27M) & I have a mutual friend (29M). This mutual friend has been involved in an off & on relationship with his partner who has cheated on him multiple times, laughed in his face about it, never apologized, etc. they have recent gotten back together and we do not see this mutual friend as much. We have tried inviting him and his partner out multiple times, always met with an excuse or barrier. Our friend does not seem as happy to be in this relationship again. For example, not being in a good mood, visually depressed looking, experiencing stomach issues, not doing things he enjoys doing (riding motorcycle, working on cars, going out), and not being responsive to messages and phone calls.
In December, we went out for a trivia night at dinner. Our friend’s partner called us assholes, stating that we had negative body language towards her. I did not agree with her that we acted that way towards her, but still apologized several months later when I saw her next (I do not have her added on any social medias nor have her phone number). I had told our mutual friend it was unfair that he is ignoring us, due to his partner. His response was to “just give it time” & I told him that it was unfair to us to wait on the sidelines to be friends again because his partner disapproves, for no true reason. He replied with, “it’s not fair to me either”.
A couple weeks ago, we went golfing and I told our friend & his partner that I would pay for their dinner & would love for them to come to an escape room with us. I tried to make small talk with her only to be met with one worded answers. Our mutual friend thanked me three different times for buying them dinner, his partner did not thank me at all. The next day, I mentioned to our friend that his partner did not thank me at all for dinner, as I thought this was kind of rude given how hard I have tried to make her feel welcomed & amend issues. He had relayed to my husband & I that she said, “what do they want me to do, get on my knees and thank them?”
It definitely appears to me that there is some sort of emotional/manipulation/abuse cycle going on. We relayed to him that we love & support him, but will not continue this rollercoaster of friendship. At this point, my husband & I have cut ties with this mutual friend because he is continuing to allow & enable her behavior. My husband sent a long text message to which this mutual friend didn’t reply. Should we let this friendship die or try another tactic?
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2023.06.04 05:27 Robert_Larsson Naronapride a new gut-restricted 5-HT4 agonist for the treatment of Constipation and Gastroparesis

Naronapride a new gut-restricted 5-HT4 agonist for the treatment of Constipation and Gastroparesis
Fortunately it looks like the 5-HT4 agonist Naronapride by Renexxion is still in development for a range of GI conditions. I have been following this very loosely as I didn't see much activity from the company but now it definitely looks like things have started to move. Currently there is a Phase 2 trial (NCT05621811) going on in 320 patients suffering from gastroparesis. The pipeline reveals several motility indications and the company mentions constipation as well as IBS-C for future indications. The main reason for this is likely that Prucalopride is already approved for IBS-C, however the safety profile has caused issues and still does. A major problem with the serotonin targeting drugs are the off-target effects on the heart. Another 5-HT4 agonist named Tegaserod suffered similar issues and was taken off the market for good. Renexxion however received a waiver from the FDA in 2016 as Naronapride is essentially non-absorbable with the company stating following:
Naronapride has been studied in 11 clinical studies and more than 1000 subjects to date. In these studies, naronapride has been well-tolerated with a safety profile that did not differ from the placebo-treated patients. Importantly, with naronapride no cardiovascular effects, including no effects on heart rate, blood pressure or ECG parameters, have been observed in clinical studies.
Source: https://www.rnexltd.ie/renexxion-announces-opening-of-investigational-new-drug-ind-application-for-naronapride-for-the-treatment-of-gastrointestinal-dysmotility-in-cystic-fibrosis-patients.html
The safety profile is an argument for the drug in itself and it may also allow for dose extensions for severe IBS-C patients. This could also be valuable and shows why gut-restriction is a simple strategy to enhance the value of a new therapeutics targeting GI conditions.
How do 5-HT4 agonists work?
ELI5: Activating the serotonin receptor 4 leads to increased contractions of the intestines and thereby enhanced peristalsis. This pushes food faster through the lumen and aids patients suffering from constipation and defecation issues.
Video on the 5-HT4 mechanism: https://youtu.be/6Zr_mIgZio4
Pharmacology of serotonin: what a clinician should know: https://gut.bmj.com/content/53/10/1520
Source: Pharmacology of serotonin: what a clinician should know (2003)
As this mechanism of action has been widely employed already it de-risks the development of Naronapride and may hold decent potential for many constipated patients out there, who have been unable to try existing therapeutic options due to safety concerns. Motility issues are hard to solve and Naronapride probably won't be the drug that revolutionizes the treatment of IBS-C either. It may however unlock the potential of 5-HT4 agonists for a broader patient population and do much good that way. Hopefully Renexxion will be able to bring the drug to market for many conditions and give us as much data as possible to confirm its efficacy and safety.
Have a nice day and take care everyone!
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2023.06.04 05:27 TranzLand Just got involuntarily admitted and I'm super scared.

So basically my therapist told me to go to the ER and tell them everything I was experiencing (hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, mania, depression) to them and I just got served papers saying I'm involuntarily admitted. Im a transwoman and a drug addict in recovery and they are already treating me kinda not great at the nice hospital I checked into so I can only imagine what its gonna be like if they send me to a rough ward. Ive been hospitalized before but never involuntarily and I'm terrified. I'm in NYC too so the thought of going Gracie Square again or Bellevue (never been) is terrifying. Does anyone have any tips, advice, or words of support?
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2023.06.04 05:27 RedditCarrot69 How are solid objects of a single material made?

I see videos on YouTube of DIY engineers building awesome things, but they always have these super high-end expensive machines that cut away at metal or drill lines in wood with a mechanical arm. This is cool for niche engineering, but on an industrial, mass-produced manufacturer scale, how are these things made? No car door is built by spinning a drill with a robotic arm and carving a shape out of a sheet of metal. Are they melted and cast? That doesn't feel like a very affordable solution, especially for cheap metal products coming from low income countries. What about other materials, like the specific plastic on a keyboard? Does a machine have to be built to make the product, or is there just one machine for a material that can be adapted for the needs at hand? What about small things like screws? I hope this wasn't too confusing, my tl;dr is that engineering specialized parts using 3d-print esq tools seem very expensive and unnecessary, and I'm wondering how companies can build such well made and put together things using cheap machinery. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 05:27 Techbaby-625 Why is Google Maps the only broken app on my phone?

I have an LG android phone. Specifically, an LM-G710TM. In the past few weeks, the Google Maps app has completely stopped working for me. Opening the app only brings up the logo. And when I try to open the app's page in the Play Store, it loads a "Something went wrong. Try again" screen.
All the other apps on my phone seem to work fine. Restarting the phone doesn't resolve the problem. Neither does force quitting the app in its settings page. Any idea what's going on here?
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2023.06.04 05:26 piejam Question about the story (possible spoiler)

So are we immortal after being tricked into drinking that potion in the third world? What's up with that? I sorta skipped through the text but no character ever bought it up again and it seems kinda important
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2023.06.04 05:26 g4rnetz Seriously. Why can't women just exist without getting comments like this..

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2023.06.04 05:26 DangerDay88 The Ring

No, not that ring.
For a slight amount of context, I used to be engaged. Due to a string of circumstances that fell apart back in February. I'm not going to go into detail because that's really not the thought behind this post.
Sometimes I miss wearing the ring. At first I thought it was because I just love that ring, it's beautiful. Because I know I don't miss the person and I don't miss the relationship. But I was thinking about it today and I don't think it's just because it's pretty.
I think maybe it has something to do with that being the only box I've ever really fit into, one of the only societal norms I fell into.
Most of the time I really don't care if I do or don't fit in. I'm very used to not fitting in and just doing what I want. But for a second, I did fit into that box. Society has so many boxes that we're supposed to fit into and so much of the time I don't follow those paths. I mean being a straight white female is it's own box but I have no control over those things.
So in some weird way I think I kind of miss following a well beaten path. But instead, I'm out in the bush, making my own path. Again. That's been my whole life both literally and figuratively. Sometimes it's just exhausting. It's not like I'm alone, I have friends and family and people who love me even though I'm completely ridiculous.
What's funny is quite a few of my friends told me they never saw me getting married, that hearing I was engaged surprised them because they never thought anyone would be able to ground me. Which is funny because I've thought that before too, that there isn't a man out there that could pull me down from the atmosphere and put my feet on the ground. Time will tell on that one.
This thought has no real conclusion, it's just that. A thought.
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2023.06.04 05:26 gvkoooohh X01 Cassette acting up.

I have a 10-50t xo1 cassette paired with a x01 derailluer that are both 2 years old now but have not seen significant use by any means. The bike will shift 1 through 12 perfect and will backpedal on gears 1-5 no issue. With gears 6 though 12 it has instant problems when trying to backpedal. Right away when you backpedal in any of those gears you will hear the chain trying to jump and if you keep backpedaling it falls down to the bottom of the cassette. Does anyone know why it would to this or had similar issues? Could the cassette be worn out? I checked the chain stretch and it's still in good condition
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2023.06.04 05:25 AceBlackTheFirst Graph Tool Wavelet Custom EQ?

Hi all,
I'm trying to make custom EQ using graph tools like Equalizer APO, squig.link, and Crinacles.
Exporting goes well, but when I try to import the txt file I made into Wavelet, it says "failed to import".
What is going wrong?
I tried copying the content of the text file, make a new one on PC, paste etc. No dice.
Is it possible there are too many bands?
The Equalizer APO I'm using on PC has 13 bands. So I make a 13 band EQ in the graph tools too.
I tried naming the files in different ways, no dice.
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2023.06.04 05:25 iswearwhenitalk Im very concern about my friend

My friend, Jayden from West midlands, i’ve been hanging up with him a lot recently and he open up about him being britain savior of the white race. He keeps telling me about a guy named Travis Harris and how he is giving him instructions on how to make england white again, im scared of my arab friends on the uk i don’t know what does that means please what should i do
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2023.06.04 05:25 ZetaZetaComics If you had to decide, would you pick a practical suit over a cgi asset? Any price references would be appreciated.

A project needs an alien/creature for close-ups and medium shots. It features prominently in the film as it is not a horror piece where the creature hides a lot. Would a practical suit like the ones used for "Predator" work better here in your opinions, or would most studios go the CGI route? The team has a small budget, but they want the creature to smile, wink, and do a lot of facial expressions and even talk, so an animatronic solution is what they are thinking of. They have access to Maya, Nuke, etc, but they want to limit the amount of post work and do as much in-camera as possible.
Does anyone have experience with a suit like that, and can you point to reasons to do this OR why not to do this? They are still in pre-production and want to plan this out way in advance as it is the only real asset they plan to spend on for the production. Would it be cheaper to make a digital asset when you tally up animation and all other costs?
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2023.06.04 05:25 Due-Seaworthiness552 Moderate Polyhydramnios

At my 28 wk appt I was measuring about 6 weeks ahead and was having decreased feeling of fetal movement. I was sent for an US to check baby’s growth and an NST. Baby looked fantastic on both, but I was diagnosed with mild Polyhydramnios (with an AFI of 28) and told bubs was in breech position.
This week I had a repeat US and he’s still looking great on the US. I’m 32 weeks and he’s in the 47th percentile for size. My fluid levels increased and now my AFI is 31.7 putting me in the moderate category. I passed my GD screening and they don’t know a reason for my poly.
I’ll have another scan next week and am waiting to see an MFM doc. My regular OB didn’t really have a lot of answers for me as she said the specialist would.
Does anyone have experience with this? Would you share your story with me to give me an idea of what to expect for delivery/postpartum?
This is my third successful pregnancy and I have never been so uncomfortable and in pain with 8 weeks left. My belly feels like it’s going to rip apart.
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2023.06.04 05:25 SuzukiGrignard Lost Several Friends Due to the Actions of One PC - Advice Needed!

I am a 5e DM in need of serious help with a problematic player character. Dungeons and dragons is a wonderful hobby and even a way of life. Its more than nerds its a community anyways here's my problem:
My (9/10) players consist of my friends J (5/10), S (7/10), B (8/10) and H (male). They play a druid, fighter, bard, and 3.5e duskblade, respectively. Their characters' names are F, N, S, and K, respectively. And they all really like meta-humor, to the point where it clashes with my vision and tone for the adventure and ends up causing some serious issues.
I set them in a town that has frequently been raided by a marauding band of gnolls, and ive made it very clear to them in their interactions with numerous npcs that the gnolls were last seen making camp in a nearby dungeon, and that a large sum of riches will be rewarded to anyone who removes this looming scourge from the township's periphery. My players discuss pursuing the obvious intended quest, but then S decides she has a funnier idea.
So S has N procure dice from gamblers in the town, in addition to paper and quills, and the PCs hunker down in the tavern to undertake the overplayed trope of, you guessed it, playing DnD within DnD.
The dungeon master, N, begins their campaign in a castle. F plays a rogue, S plays a barbarian, and K plays a wizard. Their characters' names are G, V, and T respectively. The plot is that there are monsters in the castle and thats it. And instantly the three start taking everything incredibly seriously, slaying goblins and hanging on every word of N's absent storyline. It makes sense for F, but S and K have pretty good int scores so they really shouldn't be invested in that kind of drivel.
I am obviously infuriated. I send one gnoll, let's call him C, into the tavern to break up their bullshit and get them invested in the real plot, threatening to drink their blood and shit on their skeletons in my most gravelly register. The goal is to piss them off enough to get them to head to my dungeon instead. But the party's party needs a healer, so S casts charm person and C fails the save, so fine, guess he's their pal now. C plays a cleric named Z.
So I'm their heal monkey while the goblin castle campaign plays out. An emmisary of the goblins threatens to drink our blood, real original, so i try to befriend him, but i roll a nat 1 for C for Z and it doesn't go anywhere. And then, at my lowest point, i realize what i have to do to get back at these players. Between encounters, Z empties out the castle study of papers, quills, and dice, and convinces the rest of the group to start a DnD adventure in the courtyard.
"My adventure will be about a town under attack by gnolls" says Z.
"Sounds mid, i'll DM." says T.
I flip H off but N's mad her campaign's about to be derailed, so I concede. G plays a ranger named B, V plays a warlock named U, and Z plays a paladin named F. T being a wizard wants us at epic level, and puts us in a cavern full of really obtuse puzzles and traps.
B and F start checking for exits while U the warlock just sits around meditating for a while, V refusing to roll anything for some reason. Eventually B asks him, "Hey, you want to help or something?"
And U says "We are deep enough now."
Everybody's confused, F is like "What are you talking about?"
And U keeps talking with his eyes closed. "We are deep enough at last, the third circle. The pit of sand wells up with water. In these deepest recesses I have found the power to attain freedom, to ascend."
And then U eldritch blasts B and F, wins the fight, just wiping the party for no reason. And then suddenly he's not there in the cavern any more, he's standing next to T in the castle courtyard. And U kills T and G and V and Z, and then he ascends again and kills F and N and S and K and C in the tavern, and then he ascends again and kills J and S and B and H. He spares me as a witness to his power before breaking my window and flying out into the night. So theres the players all dead in my living room, and the gnoll plot completely unresolved.
I honestly don't know what to do about this warlock. Does anyone have experience dealing with a problematic player character like this?
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2023.06.04 05:25 m0131 Bf dumped me in a parking lot the day before our big camping trip

Bf dumped me in a parking lot right before our camping trip
My ex (27M) ended things with me (24F) 2 weeks ago. We were together for 6 months (longest relationship I’ve had so it meant more to me than it should have). I’m definitely feeling better than I did right when it happened but I still find myself getting in slumps from time to time where I just feel sad and don’t have motivation.
I can’t really say that I was blindsided by the breakup considering he was so cold towards me throughout the last month of our relationship. It was incredibly hurtful but I just played it off as him being super busy/stressed with work as it’s peak season for making lots of money in his industry right now. We were supposed to go on a camping trip with his friends for the long weekend and he made me believe that I was going throughout the week. We were texting as normal and I shared a check list (including a $200 sleeping bag that I bought for it) with him to make sure I had everything and he simply replied with a “can we talk” message. Then he showed up at my apartment and he told me he wasn’t ready for our relationship cause he didn’t have the same feelings that he did in the beginning (this was all in a public parking lot btw lol)
And I mean, fair enough. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy for realizing that either me or the relationship is not what he wants right now but I thought the way he went about it was disrespectful considering I thought we had something a bit more meaningful than that.
So yeah, I just took the L and wished him well. I didn’t cry or fight for him which I think he was kind of surprised by since he knew I was upset/insecure about him pulling away. I swear the whole breakup lasted 2 minutes but I didn’t even know what else to say since he was so certain that it was best to just end things.
I haven’t spoken to him since, just blocked him on everything. I’m hurt because he love bombed the shit out of me, literally told me he wasn’t going anywhere and then just said fuck it and dipped.
I know it’s for the best but I think it’s just the potential of him that I’m sad about. I really liked his family and was excited to be a part of their adventures too. Especially since I just moved here like 7 months ago not really knowing anyone. I hate that I’m going into the first summer here with a broken heart.
Can anyone relate to thinking you’ve finally found someone different only to have them show their true colours eventually? I genuinely thought that he had a secure attachment style for the longest time until I realized that he’s incredibly avoidant. How did you learn to move on? How did you learn to trust people again when you put yourself back out there? How do I get out of this slump and redeem my summer? Lol
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2023.06.04 05:25 -Charmer What does “concrete” mean in “concrete enjoyment shared with others”?

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