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2023.06.04 04:57 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's & Women's Singles Round 4 Day 1 🐢

Splitting the matches into the daily schedule this round, Monday's matches will go up tomorrow (hopefully this lets me get this stuff up before play finishes for the day). Women's and men's matches are below :

WTA Singles :

Pavlyuchenkova vs Mertens :

After an extended stretch of middling results, Pavlyuchenkova appears to be back in form. She’s been taking the long route to the finish line, requiring third sets in the last two rounds, but wins against Samsonova and Potapova are really high quality stuff. She’ll have a chance at another great win in the next round against Elise Mertens, who is collecting her own Pokedex of big names. Mertens beating Osorio in two was a good sign, but continuing her dominance against Pegula puts her near the peak of her performance results-wise. Generally, I’d like Mertens against Pavlyuchenkova, but I’m not sure how much weight to put into the Pegula win. Jessica really wasn’t at her best, and it seemed like she was fighting off the ball rather than directing it. Pegula hits a very flat ball so if she’s struggling with her timing on clay things can go bad quickly. Mertens played solid but I felt like it was a team effort with Pegula playing poorly to complement Mertens’ play.
Pavlyuchenkova has a more traditional swing production and hits the ball very hard. Mertens is faster, but Pavs has a way of keeping the ball out of her opponent’s strike zone and her weight of shot can be effective against someone like Mertens who is more about skill and accuracy than power. There’s really no way this won’t be close. I’m cheering for Mertens but I think Pavlyuchenkova has gotten through higher quality matches thus far and she might be slightly more experienced at this level. Pavlyuchenkova in 3.

Muchova vs Avanesyan :

This round, I guess unsurprisingly, contains a lot of very solid baseliners. I expected Begu to get to a third set against Muchova, but it was evident early that Muchova’s speed around the court was going to play a major difference. There have been a few matches in the past round where lateral speed (or slight lack thereof) was the deciding factor (Hurkacz/Varillas, Fritz/Cerundolo, Tauson/Avanesyan) and that was the case here. For Muchova, this is a very welcome run at a major event. She’s had some huge almost-results at majors, and her results have suffered a bit afterwards. Here is another chance to make the quarterfinals, and she’s a pretty heavy favorite. But is she?
Avanesyan seemed outmatched early in her match against Tauson, and Clara was able to hit through her a good portion of the time. Avanesyan had trouble defending her serve, and plan B went into effect. Luckily for her, outlasting Tauson worked. Elina dug in and Tauson started to force the issue, making dropshot errors and sending forehands long. The third set was competitive but Tauson’s narrative about her legs being tired had become fairly public, and she was forcing the issue an awful lot. It’s possible, but it’s really tough to come up with a whole set of offense on slow clay. Avanesyan dug in, and to her credit there was a good 30 minute stretch where she actually didn’t miss the court. The result was pressure on Tauson’s serve, and they traded a number of breaks until ultimately Avanesyan got through.
Muchova having proper stamina means she can win where Tauson ran out of gas. I think it’ll be a lot tougher than the -400 pricetag indicates though. Avanesyan has a heavy forehand, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that she barely missed a shot in her last set of tennis. Working against her is the 12 hours she’s spent on court this week, and Muchova possessing a lot of variety in her offense. It’s just a tough opponent to play for the first time, but given what we’ve seen from Elena so far she’s likely to play her best. Muchova in two, with the second set likely being the closer one.

Svitolina vs Kasatkina :

Svitolina played Blinkova a week ago in the finals of Strasbourg. The odds were even for both. It was a blowout. They played again in the third round, which Svitolina coming in at -340. This time, she barely won in a marathon 3-setter. The quick turnaround runback on tour produces some of the wildest deviations in pricing and results, but it seems like Blinkova’s familiarity with Svitolina’s patterns allowed her to make adjustments. She was a bit more aggressive, and seemed to be a half-step ahead of Svitolina during rallies. The question for Svitolina here is how much she has left. Elina is 6-0 against Kasatkina, although none of the matches are within the last 3 seasons. That type of dominance is due to their similarity. Svitolina and Kasatkina are both extremely consistent, and win from making it clear to their opponent that they’re not going to end the rally. Forcing the issue is tough against them because they have great speed and good defensive skill. The big difference is Svitolina hits the ball very hard, and Kasatkina gets through with finesse.
Kasatkina is nearing her best level this week and that makes her a favorite in this matchup for one of the first times ever. She had a very easy match in the third, since Peyton Stearns made a number of errors and seemed to get rattled by the occasion and the scoreboard. She’ll be the fresher player since Svitolina is coming off a title run, but overcoming a player who has always beaten you, and who has an easier time scoring points during neutral rallies can be really difficult. Svitolina’s serve isn’t likely to score a ton of points here, but it’s stronger than Kasatkina’s. This is a bit like the Gauff/Andreeva match to me because I’m a bit more excited to see it play out than I am confident that I know what’s going to happen. Svitolina is Gauff in this one, a bit faster, bringing more power, but not as technically sound with her groundstrokes. Kasatkina is Andreeva, tremendous skill and consistency, but it’ll be hard to end rallies. If Kasatkina wins, I expect it to be in straight sets. Svitolina in 3 is what I’m expecting though.

Stephens vs Sabalenka :

I thought Rakhimova might give Sabelenka a little trouble, but my worry that her old form might return is unfounded, like most worries. Rakhimova went up an early break, but Sabalenka is crushing the ball this week and the slow courts are giving her plenty of time to set up. Having a huge serve is a big boost in this next match, because Stephens is also thriving in these conditions. Sloane doesn’t really play with a sense of urgency, but she’s such a good athlete that she’s able to run down most shots. Putintseva extended rallies and was really effective at working multiple shots and remaining patient until she could employ a dropshot, but overall Stephens was having success while doing less. When she gave up a short ball or was out of position, it felt like Putintseva was under immense pressure to try to end the rally right there. When the same opportunities came for Stephens, she was able to just hit heavy forehands and usually wound up well inside the baseline on the next shot if the ball came back at all. It’s a benefit she won’t have in this matchup, and I’m having a hard time imagining her winning this match.
Stephens’ defensive ability and power will let her play even against Sabalenka in a lot of rallies, but a lot of the points she created against Putintseva won’t be here in this one. Sabalenka having power doesn’t make her any better technically than Putintseva, but it means she doesn’t have to focus as much on depth on these returns. Stephens should be competitive but I think she’ll lose by a break in each set. Sabalenka in 2.

ATP Singles :

Khachanov vs Sonego :

This is going to be really good. Generally, Rublev is regarded as a better player than Khachanov. He has had higher rankings, more titles, and his game is more flashy since his groundstrokes are huge and his noises are notorious. Here though, Khachanov is likely a tougher test for Sonego. Sonego was going uphill against Rublev, but he was the player getting more benefit out of his serve. Rublev earning his points is fine, but against a server it can create some pressure over time. Khachanov’s delivery is at least as good as Sonego’s, so it comes down to which player is more solid from the baseline. For me, that’s Khachanov. He has a better backhand, and his forehand is a bit more about arm & muscle than technique but he hits with a heavy Western grip that works well on clay. Sonego is much more efficient in the frontcourt and his dropshots are tremendous, but he’s going to need a mercurial performance here to win.
These two have split matches on clay, with Khachanov winning the most recent one. They’re obviously not the same players they were in 2019, but both have made similar amounts of improvement so I think there’s a good chance that the Rome 3-setter is a decent data point. Since Kokkinakis was able to win a set and be competitive in the others, I expect that Sonego’s similar serve/forehand combination can make inroads. Khachanov doesn’t deviate from plan A, and periods where his opponent redlines are acceptable to him and his team. I think Sonego will win a set or two, but the quantity of offense he’ll need to come up with against Khachanov may see him come up a bit short. Rublev has bigger groundstrokes, but his lateral movement is poor compared to Khachanov so I think defense beats offense here. Khachanov in 4-5.

Djokovic vs Varillas :

Djokovic needs to be careful here. Varillas has appeared completely overmatched in every single match in this tournament, and that seems to be when he strikes. Hurkacz was ahead early and looking solid, but I didn’t think it would last. Varillas was putting a lot of returns in play, and Hurkacz makes a lot of rally ball errors on his backhand. I’d say he’s up there with Madison Keys for casual swings that sail long. It’s good to remember that most guys his height can’t even come close to his baseline prowess, but for Varillas the slight inability to escape baseline rallies meant he got worn down as the match went on. Varillas moves the ball extremely well and rarely misses. The 3/5 format seems to really suit him, and having better results as majors is a really good thing for a young player on tour. I can guarantee that he’ll be down in the scoreline again against Djokovic. Can he come back?
No. For ADF fans, this was the best chance for him to beat Novak at a major. He played the match of a lifetime, and he didn’t win a set. The best quality matches on tour seem to negate the server’s advantage, and this was no different. Djokovic and ADF combined for 12 breaks across 3 sets, 3 sets which included a 6-2 blowout and still took 3 and a half hours. This was great tennis, and ADF acquitted himself well, but what was clear in this match is that it is extremely difficult to score on Djokovic. Most of the breaks and momentum shifts occurred at changes of ends. The south (if you’re watching TV) side of court Philippe-Chatrier seems to be way more worn at the baseline, and Djokovic and ADF both struggled a bit there in the slightly windy conditions. Something to keep an eye on if you’re betting as there are break markets I suppose.
Varillas is going to treat fans to a gutsy performance, but he’s been winning thus far by outlasting his opponents, and he’s not going to be able to do that here. Add in that those heroic performances mean he’s played 15 sets of tennis already, and he’s likely going to display a lot of heart but quietly be ready to accept the loss also. This is a great moment for an extremely deserving player, but Novak’s level thus far tells me only Musetti/Alcaraz can really compete with him. Djokovic in 3

Alcaraz vs Musetti :

If you have Alcaraz futures, this is going to be a tough sweat. So far this tournament, Alcaraz has looked ridiculous good. I won’t disparage the hard work pros put in, but when you see guys like Alcaraz the mind goes to how good everyone could be if they all took their training to the next level. He has natural gifts of course, and speed can’t be taught, but Carlos has been training harder and playing harder than everyone else on tour for a good 2-3 years now, and it makes it really hard to catch up. You can elevate your game to compete with him, but it becomes the Nadal question of how long you can stay at that level, and what the mental effect is of watching them pull away as you choose between going to a more conservative approach (likely the right choice but equally likely to be a losing effort longterm) or continuing to exert and losing to your own errors. Shapovalov gave us a great show, but his red-line game almost appears to be a fun treat for Alcaraz to play against. The slow conditions are really good for Alcaraz, because he has the ability to generate his own pace and the ultra slippery courts (dry conditions) mean that dynamic movement is a big key.
When I’m done gushing about Alcaraz, there is somehow a legit contender waiting. Lorenzo Musetti flies under the radar for big chunks of the season, but here he is one of the few people who can win the title. His defense is tremendous. He is extremely quick around the court and has great skill and depth on his gets. The part that really gives him a chance here is that he has the ability to infuse power at any time. Alcaraz is a rhythm player, and seeing difference paces leads him into the one aspect of his game (besides the serve) that is still less than optimal at times, decision-making. He is suffering a little bit from success lately, and the bailout dropshot or ornate volley/winner for the crowd is entering his game a bit. Carlos is good enough to get away with it, and he is actually good enough at tennis that he still makes a big percentage of these attempts. So wild that occasional highlight reel shots is considered a leak, but it’s hard to find them with Alcaraz so you take what you can get. Criticizing shot selection almost feels a bit absurd here, because pretty much every player from the Spanish federation has exceptional decision-making on the court.
That paragraph was supposed to be about Musetti, so I’ll try again. Musetti rolled Cam Norrie in round 3, and he won the previous meeting against Alcaraz, a three set thriller in Rome. Alcaraz has made improvements, but Musetti should still be able to hang. Physically he’s there. He has a good enough serve, he has enough power, and his one-hand backhand presents an interesting challenge for Alcaraz because most one-handers on the tour aren’t that good at this stage; it’s a shot Carlos doesn’t get to train against much. The slow courts and balls mean both players will have a hard time hitting past the other, and that means we’re going to get treated to what I expect to be the best match of the tournament thus far. I don’t think Alcaraz can win this in straight sets, but Musetti has taken losses this year on clay and Alcaraz has pretty much solved every single problem that has presented itself. Alcaraz in 4-5. If he can win this in straights just hand him the trophy.

Ofner vs Tsitsipas :

Sebastian Ofner is in the top 100. This has been a long long long time coming. If you look at the best performers on the Challenger tour for the past few years, his name is at the top of the list. The other guys like Stricker, Bergs, Sachko, etc have gotten their shots on tour though, while Ofner has mostly grinded away. He’s currently ranked 70 in the live rankings though, which means direct entry into Wimbledon and the USO. Ofner is at his best on clay, but he has a big serve and a great work ethic so there’s a good chance he can rack up more points in the North American hardcourt swing. Ofner will have a tough time continuing his run here, as Tsitsipas is playing great tennis. He’s also fresh after a fairly simple match against Diego Schwartzman. Diego battled as usual, but his lack of a serve meant that Tsitsipas was never really in danger. Ofner presents a tougher challenge since he has a great serve, but he got past Fognini through determination and being the slightly more consistent player. Against Tsitsipas, he’s outgunned in the serving and stamina department, and Tsitsipas has a heavier forehand also. It’s no knock on Ofner, but all his specialties here are eclipsed. This section of the draw is shaping up for this to be one of the best majors in a long long time. Tsitsipas in 3-4.
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2023.06.04 04:57 purpleitch Near adult fantasy/romance

Fantasy romance about a modified American world split between two magical countries where magic is drawn from physical sites, and the protagonist is an heir to a cruel mother (abusive, etc etc). I believe the protagonist has a brother, but I can’t remember if they’re twins or just close in age?
I remember pretty clearly that there was a diplomatic situation going on for the first chapter or so, and that character is killed and the protagonist ends up getting kidnapped across the country.
It might be a full-on adult novel, but some of the elements in the book that I can remember make me unsure so I put “near adult.”
Any tips y’all have would be greatly appreciated 😊
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2023.06.04 04:56 Joker_Says Di2 front derailleur

Hi All,
Just upgraded my 2019 Emonda sl to 12 speed di2. I have everything sorted except the front derailleur. For the life of me, I can’t work out the angle. When I try to tighten it to the hanger it distorts the angle I was trying to lock in. I’ve tried just about everything with no luck. Unfortunately, it’s so far off that the di2 adjustments won’t come anywhere near solving the issues.
Anyone have issues like this with the trek front derailleur and di2?
I might cave and take it to the shop, but I built this up from the frame in 2019 and enjoy doing my own wrenching!
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2023.06.04 04:55 seththepotate Regarding Left-Handedness in VR

I have a question for any other lefties here, when you switch controls to "left-handed" do you want the controls swapped? (E.g. move on the right joystick as opposed to the default left). Because I absolutely do not want that but nearly every indie game that I've tried that has the option switches the controls with no other option to keep them as the default.
Is this just me? I grew up playing with a standard controller and am used to the left stick being move and right being turn and I'm trying to find out if anyone else feels this way.
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2023.06.04 04:55 LoadNo6353 Maintain campus cleanliness Reject Yan Limon for Perelman Medical College

Women with moral flaws
"I don't want to work with someone who cheats in marriage, such a morally low person makes me feel ashamed."
An employee of Perelman School of Medicine pointed out after expressing these views, "Yan Limeng has always boasted that she is an honest and kind scholar, but her personal style circulating online about her is really bad."
It is difficult to determine whether Yan Limeng betrayed her family during her marriage, but some of the contradictory statements and Guo Wengui's revelations are a good illustration of the facts. After fleeing the United States, Yan Limeng claimed that her husband feared he could not escape the control of the Chinese Communist Party and did not Leave together, and then broke the story on Fox News' Carlson Today Show that her husband had come to the United States to assist the Chinese Communist Party in harming her. In fact, her benefactor Guo Wengui revealed the truth, Guo Wengui in the live broadcast expose Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) there are unbearable personal life style.
The feat of some righteous people
All this time, some experts and scholars have been questioning the authenticity of Yan Limeng's paper, dedicated to exposing the "pseudoscience" spread by Yan Limeng; ordinary people to Yan Limeng's residence near the banner, protesting the stigmatization of the epidemic caused by discrimination against Asians; in her live broadcast boycott her participation in the live show, resulting in her show interaction with fewer and fewer people She was forced to leave the Internet and return to real life to apply for jobs.
However, justice advocates do not want Yan Limeng to go into hiding and continue to spread false information about the new crown outbreak. Guo Wengui found out Yan Limeng's current address: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104) through the FBI agent's connection, Some members of the "New China Federation" started a campaign to "maintain the clean campus and reject Yan Limeng's entry into Perelman Medical" on the telegram, calls on people who love freedom and uphold the "Rule of Law Foundation," especially members of the "New China Federation. On March 21, Yan Limeng's address near the banner to protest Yan Limeng false new crown theory, reveal Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) affair, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine campus to protect the clean land.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Far-Entertainment252 25 [M4F]

Looking for someone in USA pref near Arkansas area. Hoping to find Miss right, someone who will complete me and help me be a better man. Someone who is in it for the long haul and is reasonably dating for marraige/wants a kid or two. I am a pretty open book, especially if I end up liking you.
If you play video games its a plus. A huge advantage if you can beat me 😍
I some of my hobbies are video ganes, fishing, swimming, and watching movies/shows.
If you think you are Miss right dont be afraid to hmu on here or SC which is jjrobb98. Remeber you dont have to be perfect just perfect for me. 🤗
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2023.06.04 04:54 42790193 Debilitating anxiety for days after bat exposure. Can someone please help me understand how/why I’m not going to die and leave my baby alone? Messaged my doctors with no response yet.

30 female 200lbs 18 weeks pregnant No relevant daily medications
Situation: woke up at 4am with a bat behind my curtain. Near my head, but behind the thick black out curtain attempting to get back out the window. We stupidly released it. I didn’t not feel any bites, but I guess sometimes you don’t.
Tuesday night: went to the ER and received immunoglobulin in both legs (one leg got two injections) and my left arm. Got the first vaccine dosage of vaccine in right arm. Went day 3 for second vaccine in right arm.
Thursday night: woke up in the middle of the night and I have two bumps close to one another on my hip. Instantly panic thinking this could be a bat bite. I also was cleaning my freshly set up pool, they could be bug bites I guess.
This sends me into a bigger spiral because i know if there is a bite, the immunoglobulin directly into and around the wound. Apparently this can cause it to fail?
I sent a message to my doctor asking about this, no response yet. I’ve had two RNs tell me the treatment will still be effective on the off chance it’s a bat bite because the injections are systemic.
Is this true?
1 out of 15 bats in my county tested positive for rabies last year.
On top of normal pregnancy hormones, I am beyond anxiety ridden over this. I’m not sleeping. Appetite is decreased. I’m reading my situation is one of the most common reasons PEP fail, though it does seem those instances have bites far more severe than my potential bite.
I understand I’ve posted in the past couple days. Im just really struggling.
Thank you
Here’s the mark in question after I scratched it. Probably scratched the top of the skin off too.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Disastrous_Life_9360 What should I do?

I went to a visit today with my son andits in the west end and it was hot out I took a bus then I had to walk a bit I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and my doctor recommended that I not be in the heat that long but I wanted to see my son. I brought a large water bottle so I wouldn't dehydrate and I paced my self so I wouldn't overheat. I will admit that I was swaying a little bit because I was a little warm and I should have taken a break on the way there. My ex's mother decided not to help me sit down but told me "don't act like that you're fine, I your not gonna pass out. I was pregnant 3 times so I know how it feels to be pregnant in the summer" so I just continued walking towards the bench at the park near their house. I tried showing my son an ultrasound of his baby brother but before I could get it out of my bag my ex's mother told me "don't do that until the baby is actually here" all I wanted was to show my 3 year old a picture of his brother and she made me feel bad for it. Once we sat down my son told us that he doesn't want to be at the park so we moved the visit th their front porch. During the remainder of my visit my son told me that he doesn't like me, he wouldn't give me a hug goodbye and he stayed inside most of the time.
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2023.06.04 04:54 princessxkay Not Quite

Dim the lights, Tick tock, tick tock. The evening fights with the pounding of my heart against my chest.
Sipping tea, trying to ease the locusts of my mind.
Empty. Not my cup, but my stare. I glare into oblivion hoping to become it.
Eyes burn and so I blink. The pinks of my fingertips remind me I’m still here.
I’m still near the hours of tossing and turning, of freezing or burning. But only near, not quite there.
The roaring of the night keeps me. The song of the wind lulls me.
Not quite there, tick tock, tick tock.
Shivers and sweat, the companies of rest evade but persuade me.
Such a beauty in the night, please don’t leave with no goodbye.
Tick tock, tick tock. Not quite…
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2023.06.04 04:53 No_Combination_8778 Am I just in deep denial??

Is this even possible?
I tried to keep it short sorry it’s so complex. d-day was nearly 5 months ago where he finally confessed when I gave him the polygraph ultimatum. 10 months of concealed porn and drug use, denial, gaslighting, manipulating me to believe I’m crazy and falsely accusing him. He also searched up brothels at one point when we had an argument but swears he never contacted any and never intended to do it. The polygraph confirmed he was honest about that and everything else. He claims that when he was searching up brothels, he was reliving his past in that moment, where his ex abused and cheated on him everyday with no remorse or plans to stop, while he stayed and gave her everything, but I don’t understand how he could re live that when I have never been even remotely like his ex, and it was just an argument about him working too much and burning himself out, later discovering he was shooting up at work almost daily, but he claims he was re living what she did to him and wanted me to feel his pain of being cheated on, even though he could never actually follow through?? It makes no sense… He maintains that despite me constantly telling him why porn is unacceptable in a relationship and cheating in my eyes, and the immense pain it would cause me, and him telling me he agreed and stopped as soon as we got together because it “wasn’t a big deal to stop and he had no need for it”, that he genuinely didn’t understand why it was wrong and didn’t see it as cheating, and didn’t know it would hurt me so much.
The crazier thing to try and believe is that the minute he got caught, it all clicked and his “denial” was gone, that he felt all the suppressed guilt and has found his true morals again and that they are in line with mine. He claims he’s had no urges for porn or drugs after just 2 therapy sessions two weeks after d day, where he discovered the root cause. Claims he is genuinely disgusted by it and that the guilt eats him alive everyday. Has gone above and beyond to show me I’m loved, given me his net worth to show me he is serious, is willing to do any more polygraph tests that I may require to trust him, happily let me install monitoring software, opened up about his shame to my family and his own, and his friends, proposed to me, selflessly serves me everyday, is patient and understanding with my triggers, cries constantly when he sees me in pain, can’t eat or sleep most days, writes me lengthy letters of remorse constantly, I couldn’t ask for any more improvements, only that I could believe it all. Is this even scientifically possible? To have such an absolute wake up call with no looking back? I feel delusional every time I let myself be happy with him and believe it…. And even if it is, how can I believe that he truly loved me when he was putting me through all that? Really just hoping anyone else has had a similar story that wasn’t too good to be true, to help me have a little faith. I have been looking for a good therapist but none seem to specialise in trauma (based in Sydney,NSW) or have 6 month waiting lists minimum. I feel broken, hopeless and defeated. Can it ever get better ? I love this man more than I can explain, I just want hope that the pain will one day stop…
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2023.06.04 04:52 NaughtySeer The shrooms told me to quit my 6 figure job to date my direct manager. Is that insane?

So I might still have a bit of a high, still seeing rainbows from the light of my computer but I felt that moment of clarity where I cried my eyes out already so maybe I am thinking clearly.
So I have a 6 figure job as a programmer for a top medical school. Have worked there for 5 years. The job is stable and people there treat me well. I am female, 34, still single but seeing someone. It's only been like 4 dates though and though the guy is nice I am kind of forcing myself to date him because I'm already 34 and trying not to be too picky (I didn't actively think that but the shrooms made me aware I was subconsciously thinking that).
Meanwhile I have been struggling with lots of childhood trauma since I had abusive Chinese parents who beat me when I was growing up and they always told me I was worthless and stuff. Those memories have been plaguing me really bad lately. There is this repeated scene where my dad would hit me for crying, so I would cover my mouth with my hands to force myself not to cry, but there is still a whimper coming from my nose so he would hit me for that, and so I cover my nose too until I can't breathe and I am choking. I have REPEATED visions of that. Then for 6 months after college, I couldn't find a job right away because I graduated during the recession with a humanities degree and my mom put me under house arrest until one day I couldn't stand it anymore, I went out in the rain for a walk until the police brought me home 7 hours later. Since then she has tried to become a better person, reinvented herself, blah blah blah, and I feel like I HAVE to accept her now because she has apologized and tried to change.
Since then I've learned a highly valuable tech skillset. I worked very hard and used each job as a stepping stone until the next job until I was making 6 figures. Saved my money by tolerating awful Craigslist roommates until I bought my own home. But now that I've achieved all those tangible goals I've gotten depressed again, cried 8 hours in one day 2 weeks ago, lots of negativity over my parents.
I've heard shrooms would help me with my depression and I've taken very small, careful doses before (400 mg max) but this time I did a full gram because I read that you need a large dose for it to improve your depression.
I decided to do so at the beach because the beach is a happy place so I wanted the happiness of the beach to beam through the unhappiness of the depression I have so I don't have a bad trip. The guy I've been dating said there is this great dog park he likes to go to so we went there. I set up a tent.
I offered him some of my mushrooms, but he only took 200 mg. I took 1 gram. Soon the beach started feeling sickeningly bright so I crawled into my tent. Felt like I saw those Indian-style patterns in my tent fabric even though it's a solid blue tent.
Then my little blonde poodle mix's hair started turning rainbow-y from the light. The guy I have been dating decided to walk his dog and they disappeared from view.
And then I saw my manager's head poke out from the side-view of the tent, and he said "Do you wish I were here instead?" and my heart said yes.
So now let's back up. 5 years ago I had a job interview for my current position. It was a Zoom meeting and we didn't even have our webcams on, but I was instantly attracted to my manager because of both how smart he was and how assertive he was. When we actually met in person for the second interview he was also a lot more handsome than what I expected. For my first 6 months working there I couldn't even look him in the eyes because of how attracted I was to him. But I told myself it was a crush and I would get over it. We never said anything inappropriate to each other, but I sense the tension. Like, once I couldn't get something to fit together -- I think it was a pen clip or something small like that -- and he started putting it together and trying with a lot of intensity to help me, and the office gossip made a snide remark that he was acting like a boyfriend trying to please a girl.
Anyway, 2 years later, COVID hit, and now we work remotely and aren't even in the same office. We are supposed to meet once a week to talk about my work and half of those meetings are even rescheduled because other stuff comes up. But I noticed some unusual things, like we both got fluffy blonde dogs that look near identical during the pandemic despite never saying anything about wanting dogs like that. And a few days ago I mentioned buying a lemon tree for my home and he said it was funny because he was just looking online for lemon trees the same week. We never talked about those things to each other before because it's inappropriate to talk about stuff like that at work. I always think with my head, never my heart.
When I took the shrooms, I expected it to help me deal with the depression with my parents. Was I supposed to just feel better and feel at one with the universe or something? Instead, the shrooms closed a lid on that. It didn't give a SHIT about my parents! It just showed me my manager, poking his head over the side of my tent and asking me if I wanted him to be there. And my heart said yes. And it was so fucking clear.
And now I am asking myself, what's the point of having a secure, 6 figure job if I'm depressed? I already own my own home. But the sane part of me is saying, "wtf, what are you thinking, quitting a 6 figure job and then telling your direct manager you like him? This is insane and came out of nowhere! And what about this new guy you've been dating and trying hard to make yourself like? Give him a chance!"
But I was bawling on the drive home. I don't know. Still trying to process. I went into the shroom trip thinking it would explore my relationship with my parents and it just said "fuck that let's show you that you have a crush on your direct manager."
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2023.06.04 04:49 rosieposie230 How do I survive taking my toddler anywhere?

So I thought I hit the tantrums stage quite awhile ago but I’m realizing I was very wrong lol. My son just turned 2 and he’s my first. This kid can SCREAM 😭 I used to love taking him places because he would be so entertained just being out of the house. NOW IS A DIFFERENT STORY. Today I went to two stores and he lost it so many times. I usually don’t get that embarrassed but I did this time he was just so loud. My mom kept saying I need to get him a tablet but my husband and I would like to avoid that. Although I admit it sounds appealing. What do you guys do to survive this? He just wants to run away when I put him down and won’t hold my hand or stay anywhere near me if it were his choice. And he kicks and screams in my arms or the cart. I can’t chase him when I have errands to run. HELP ME LOL
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2023.06.04 04:48 Xavier_XIII Dead motherboard full of shorts, mosfet driver replacement?

Dead motherboard full of shorts, mosfet driver replacement?
I have a broken motherboard (fans go full speed, no beeps, no display) with many shorts around the chipset and CPU area. I think I was able to trace the short back to one chip near the top of the board, as it seems to be getting abnormally hot, 45 ish degrees Celsius. It appears to be the power mosfet driver (if I am wrong in assuming this, please correct me). I would like to know if I have traced the shot correctly and if this chip is even replaceable, since I have heard these have board specific firmware on them (I could be wrong here as well). Chip in question is in the pics, if you have any insight, thanks for letting me know.
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2023.06.04 04:48 newtodetroitmichigan What's wrong with Mound road?

It is just perpetually under construction. What are they doing to it? I moved to Michigan two years ago and every road near me seems to constantly be under construction, but Mound past 13 mile is the worst.
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2023.06.04 04:48 toripeppermusic Selling car with finance but still owe

hello everyone!
wondering if anyone has any insights into selling a car with finance but still owe $$
i have a 2013 bmw, 90,000kms, still great condition etc, but i got it on finance 2 years ago for $29k. just had a look at what they're worth now and it's only about 16k. i still have 22k remaining, so if somehow i could manage to actually sell it for 16k id still have a loan of 6k remaining.
now its not a necessity to sell by all means, but i am definitely over the high cost of anything euro car related hahaha. just had to replace my original battery and it cost me damn near $600
i can get novated lease at work (fifo, 125k per year) or i would just finance another car (a normal car haha. and i dont want to pay outright)
how the heck would i go about this if i was to make this decision?
im not super savvy with numbers etc so feel free to dumb it down for me if anyone has any suggestions!
thankyou so much
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2023.06.04 04:48 RareRandomRedditor Really guys, sometimes I hate you (just a bit). Currently there is a tweet in hot that can very easily be proven to be misleading (potentially purposefully, considering how far off it is). Just check stuff for yourself. Here, I did it for you.

Really guys, sometimes I hate you (just a bit). Currently there is a tweet in hot that can very easily be proven to be misleading (potentially purposefully, considering how far off it is). Just check stuff for yourself. Here, I did it for you. submitted by RareRandomRedditor to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:47 Sinnagangsta Need advice

Hey all, I’m going into my sophomore year this August and I have mixed feelings about MSU.
I’m an out of state student (pretty far, like 10 hours). I came to MSU ‘alone’, not knowing anyone. I’m the only one from my high school class, and actually my whole high school.
My freshman year I had a lot of mixed feelings. I went random with my roommate. He was cool, but we didn’t really become friends. We got along, but never actually hung out. The first few weeks I really tried to make as many friends as possible, especially with the people on my floor. The normal stuff thay happens the first week or so, meeting everyone, adding people on snap, etc. But I never really made any friends out of it. I hit people up but they never seemed like they wanted to be friends. I was cool with everyone on my floor, and would say what’s up whenever I saw people, but they all kind of made their own friend groups and I just didn’t make it into any of them.
I got a job thru MSU in November, which I really enjoy. Everyone I work with is awesome and it’s really chill. But none of them are actually “friends” that I hang out with outside of work. This has been the thing that really helped me make it through the year. It helped me take my mind off things, although sometimes I probably should have been doing school work/studying instead of working, but it helped with the stress I was feeling.
As for the academics part, I really like the program for my major (CJ), although I hate the gen eds that I have to take. That is pretty much the main reason I came to MSU.
I have a few friends, but not nearly as many as I feel like I should by this point. It seems like everyone else has it all figured out. I’m not sure if it’s just because a lot of these kids are from Michigan (which has also been kind of frustrating meeting people and most are from Michigan), which is to be expected, but it just seems like everyone already knows each other.
The second semester was definitely a lot better than the first; I did meet a few more friends and finally have a kind of ‘friend group’, but I still feel kind of lonely? I don’t know if that’s the right word but it’s kind of how I feel.
I’ve given some thought of joining a frat, but ultimately decided not to. I’m not in any clubs which I know you can make friends from, so i think I’m going to try to join at least one this year.
Last year pretty much consisted of class, work, and going to the gym.
Going into this upcoming year (sophomore), I had a lot better feeling. I was going to room with one of my friends I had met from classes, we had pretty much all the same classes scheduled, we have a lot of the same hobbies, I was looking forward to kind of a ‘fresh start’. The feeling of knowing my roommate, having someone to hang out with and have a similar schedule with. But, he told me he is probably transferring schools. It’s not for sure yet, but if he does, now I will most likely get put with a random, and in my mind that just puts me back at square one, almost like a repeat of last year.
As for the school itself, I like it. I love the big campus. It’s beautiful. Although the winters do suck, and MSU parking sucks (I got way to many tickets last year). There are definitely some aspects I don’t completely love, but overall, it’s not a problem with the school itself.
I know this was pretty long, I just felt like I needed to let this all out. If you’ve read this far, thank you and I would appreciate your advice.
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2023.06.04 04:47 princessofstuff I have nostalgia for MGMT even though I don't have nostalgia for MGMT

Okay, weird title, I know.
Oracular Spectacular came out when I was in 7th grade. I obviously knew "The Big Three" since they were played literally everywhere. At the time, I was more into alt/screamo/metal. You would catch me at Warped Tour any day over more "mainstream" festivals like ACL or Hangout (dude Hangout Fest in 2017 was one of the best weekends of my life. For real seventh grade me didn't know shit.)
I didn't get really into MGMT until the pandemic. I watched that one Middle 8 video about how Kids, TTP, and Electric Feel were basically made as memes. I thought their story was super interesting, so I went and gave their stuff an honest listen.
And wow.
"Congratulations" is a near-flawless album. "MGMT" basically makes me cry every time I listen to any of the songs. One of my really good friends showed me the music video for "When You Die," and it recreated exactly how I'd felt during my absolute worst trips. I've been working on this cartoon (not for kids) for a while and have some possible avenues for getting a pilot made. If they won't let me use licensed music because it's "too expensive," I'm just gonna pay my own damn money to have "When You Die" in there because every time I listen to it, I envision a pivotal scene in my story.
Whenever I listen to the self-titled album, I'm filled with this immense sadness. I think about when I was suicidal, in-and-out of the psych hospital, ready to die--yet I just couldn't succeed in my attempts (not for lack of trying, though.) I'm experience this weird longing for days I never had. This childhood I always wanted--the "Alien Days," I guess. It feels like each one of their songs resonates with some period of my life, some aspect of depression or regret, highs only created from lows, enlightenment and burnout.
Reading Andrew's lyrics, I realize that a lot of the things I've been writing about and trying to put into words for years, he somehow has. It's astonishing. MGMT has inspired me more than any other artist has in the last few years.
At this point, I would pay any amount of money to see them live just once. I really hope I get to one day. I'm so sad I slept on them for so long.
Anyways--new to the subreddit. Just sharing.
TL;DR: MGMT is based and if I ever saw them live I'd probably cry and piss myself.
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2023.06.04 04:45 oldmilwaukeebeer The Downstream Showdown, surprising results.

The Downstream Showdown, surprising results.
I did some real world testing on 4 different downstream injectors, and am still trying to wrap my head around the results. I will be redoing these tests at a later date with more accurate measuring tools so I can really nail down the numbers.

The setup:

8 gpm machine, 1/2" hose between pump, unloader, injector, reel, and first 50' of hose on reel is 1/2", then 200' of 3/8" hose to the gun. I did all these tests with the m5 twist nozzle. All the hose was laid out in the grass to reduce loss in coiled hose. I also tested each injector on an additional 180' of hose, so 430' total.

The contenders:

  • GP Hi-draw 2.3 mm
  • GP Hi-draw 2.3 mm with check valve
  • Envirospec Super Suds Sucker (I cant remember the orifice number)
  • PW-Gadgets Gold Standard .083"

The notes:

  • I pulled from the 1 gallon jug for about 15 seconds, then refilled the jug before starting the test, this way when the trigger was pulled there was already "soap" in the line. (I've never seen anyone do this in a video, but it takes 10-13 seconds for the soap to hit my gun, and I wanted to be as accurate as possible.
  • I used a 1 gallon milk jug to pull from and a 25 gallon tank to spray in to; the tank had numbers (5, 10, 15...) but no lines, so the total was just my best guess, I will use a graduated jug next go round for the most accurate results. Take these numbers as a rough guide (with a grain of salt possibly) until more testing is done.
  • Tests were done at a buddies house with super low flow, so we did a lot of waiting on water between tests, I would have liked to do multiples of each to get an average (and verify) but we just didn't have the time.
  • All of these injectors were giving me about 400 psi with the m5 twist

The results:

  • GP stock setup, 250 ft: 1:43 draw time, 12:1 draw, 7.7% draw percent. Max SH .96%
  • 430 ft: no draw
  • GP check valve, 250 ft: 2:00 draw time, 15:1 draw, 6.25% draw percent. Max SH .78%
  • 430 ft: no draw
  • Super Sucker 250 ft: 2:10 draw time, 16:1 draw, 5.9% draw percent. Max SH .74%
  • 430 ft: 4:15 draw time, 32:1 draw, 3% draw percent. Max SH .375%
  • Gold Standard 250 ft: 2:30 draw time, 18:1 draw, 5.2% draw percent. Max SH .65%
  • 430 ft: 4:40 draw time, 34:1 draw, 2.9% draw percent. Max SH .36%

The takeaways:

  • First thing, these numbers are LOW. Unbelievably low, but they all work. I've used the Super Sucker with 400' of hose and pulled bleach strong enough to clean mold and algae, that's less than 1/2% SH, but it WORKS. I used the Gold Standard yesterday morning on a pretty dirty stucco house and it worked. I used the Gold Standard right after these tests were done, with a less than 50:50 mix and it STILL WORKED. So, my biggest takeaway is, anyone saying you need 1-2% (myself included) to clean a house, is just apparently wrong when ~.3-.4% has worked. I'm truly astonished at these numbers.
  • Second, I really need to do these tests multiple times, I expected the draw rate to go up as I swapped injectors but the opposite happened, with the GP pulling the most. I've seen too many other accounts that say different to truly believe this is all accurate. But, we did the tests and wrote everything down as we went. I encourage others to run tests on their injectors and post results.
  • Last, the Gold Standard is a really well made injector. I dogged on the creator when he first posted it here, mostly for bringing a product to market before any sort of marketing had been worked out. The product is good, and I've talked to him a bit... real smart guy with a lot of cool things coming down the pipeline. The fact the GS is pulling at basically the same rate as the super sucker on long runs of hose, paired with its near fault proof design, is a sell for me.

The follow up:

  • Next step is to redo all these tests a few times each, with a barrel that's marked at least every gallon, if not half gallon.
  • Next round of tests will include a GP Hi-draw 2.1, I'll swap the Super Sucker restricting cone for the next size down, and swap the .083 cone in the Gold Standard for the .070 that was also included. That's a lot of testing.
*If anyone sees errors in my math, please call them out, I'm having a hard time believing it myself.
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2023.06.04 04:45 Dramatic-Animal3958 25 [M4F] Lunch - Around Manila

Anyone free today? 🙂 Lunch & Snacks, kwentuhan around Manila lang sana.Much better if near Ubelt ka. Okay with student or working.
LF: Female, around my age
Lets exchange pic na rin
G? DM me
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2023.06.04 04:43 hammnbubbly Nothing to say other than I’m so tired of having to repeat myself, asking if I’ve repeated myself, then still get treated like I’m just there to grade everything regardless of quality or when it was submitted.

All I hear from admin is “be rigorous” and “set boundaries as part of classroom management.” I do those and I’m then questioned why I’m being so hard on the kids. I’ve posted about this before, but I give a two week extension for just about every assignment. As long as I have it within two weeks after it was due, I’ll still give partial credit. Most of the work I give is just an extension of the day’s work (for example: an exit ticket where kids simply respond to questions based on the day’s activity such as guided notes). Most of the time, all they have to do is make an attempt and I’ll give them credit. I reward points for effort while I scaffold material and hold off on really holding students accountable for major assessments.
Even with my extension on classwork/“homework,” and even when I’m simply grading on effort, I still have so many students who do NOTHING. So, once they have a grade below a 65-70, I email home with a list of what’s outstanding and can still be submitted. Some parents write back with basic placating responses and some don’t respond at all. Then, the kids come to me and ask for extra credit with a dash of attitude because I won’t accept their work that’s now way past two weeks late. Then, parents complain to administrators who then ask me whether or not kids know the policy (they do - I’ve told them about it, reminded them about it, and it’s posted EVERYWHERE), ask if I’ve reminded them, then make it seem as if it’s my fault that the kids’ grades suck.
We’ve been told to hold them accountable, but I’m seeing that that is all just lip service. The #1 goal for administrators (in my experience) is to not hear from parents. As long as they don’t hear from parents, they don’t care what goes on. Not paid nearly enough to do everything the job requires, as well as deal with lazy kids, even lazier parents, and administrators who play mind games.
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2023.06.04 04:42 ImPlayboiCarti Non metal songs with slam inspired breakdowns?

Hello all, I have a very niche request and I’m hoping you guys could help me out.
Basically, I’m looking for non metal songs that have weird metal/slam breakdowns in them. (Not including any of the core genres or any heavy music genres in general)
Here are two examples. The “breakdowns” are near the end of each of these songs. Hopefully, these songs get the idea across.
800 db Cloud by 100 gecs:
Arachnotronicore by Ozigiri:
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