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Religious Fruitcake

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religiousfruitcake is about the absurd, fringe elements of organized religion: the institutions and individuals who act in ways any normal person (religious or otherwise) would cringe at. (subreddit twitter handle: @rreligiousfrui1)

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Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG video game series for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series XS developed & published by Paradox Interactive. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, the steppes and Tibet. Can you achieve fame and fortune for your noble family, or will your names be forgotten to history?

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Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

2023.06.09 00:51 HatanaMarketing Product Spotlight: Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro

Product Spotlight: Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro
Greetings JackerySolarPower! In today's product spotlight, we're delving into the impressive capabilities of the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro, a top-tier portable power solution that's perfect for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation.
Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro
The Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro is a powerhouse boasting a colossal capacity of 3024Wh and a massive 3000W power output. This level of performance makes it suitable for powering a wide range of appliances, from lights and mobile phones to refrigerators and coffee machines​.
One of the stand-out features of this generator is its ultra-fast charging. It can be fully solar charged in just 3-4 hours, wall charged in 2.4 hours, and even has the option for car charging​​. This quick charging, combined with its substantial capacity, means you can rely on the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro to keep your devices powered up for an extended period.
Safety is a top priority for Jackery. The Solar Generator 3000 Pro incorporates an industry-leading Battery Management System (BMS) that offers 12 layers of protection against issues such as short circuits and overvoltages. It also features a pure sine wave inverter that ensures stable power output to safeguard your appliances​.
The Solar Generator 3000 Pro is not just about power; it's also about convenience. It features a smart, portable design with a pull rod and double wheels for easy maneuverability. Plus, it's 30% lighter and smaller than similar products of the same capacity, making it an excellent choice for those who need a portable power solution​​.
One unique aspect of the Solar Generator 3000 Pro is its ability to adjust its output power according to its remaining battery level when operating in cold temperatures between -10 to -20°C. This intelligent power management ensures efficient operation, even in less-than-ideal conditions​​.
Finally, Jackery stands by their product with a superb 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your purchase. If you encounter any quality issues, Jackery's customer support is ready and willing to help you out​​.
In summary, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro offers a potent combination of large capacity, fast charging, robust safety features, and practical design. It's a versatile power solution that can cater to a wide range of needs, making it an excellent investment whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, an RV traveler, or someone who just wants to be prepared for power outages​​.
Stay powered up with the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro!
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2023.06.09 00:51 MisurAA What is going on with Path Exploration?

I'm not understanding the issue here. I'm trying to look at what users are doing once they come to the website. I have a segment for all email users. I pick my starting point... But then it looks like it is just going in an endless loop for the most part. How come? I wish I could post a screenshot of what I am seeing. But basically it is this.
Starting point -> Page A (496) Step+1 -> Page B (285) Step+2 -> Page A (184) Step+3 -> Page B (130) Step+4 -> Page A (55) Step+5 -> Page B (24)
Starts on the main page, then goes to another page, then back to main page, then back to the other page, then back to the main page. The numbers added are event count.
What is the issue here? Any ideas?

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2023.06.09 00:50 makesyoudownvote Why are we overcomplicating every product? (Am I taking crazy pills)

So for a bit of background I am an engineer. I am actually the kind of person who does overcomplicate designs all the time and tries to jam too many features in. I find I really have to push myself not to. My house is overloaded with needless home automations that often end up more trouble than they are worth, so I have gotten pretty good at spotting when this is happening.
Recently I have seen consumer products on the whole change for what in my opinion is objectively worse, and whenever I talk to people about it I get vague marketing language but it's clear either these people have never done a real side by side comparison, or somehow I am missing something that people just can't seem to show me. Here are three examples.
  1. Car Trunks/Boots It seems especially in luxury cars every car now comes with an automatic push key trunk. WHY!?! I might understand for a very small subset of people with shoulder injuries that can't lift their arms above their heads, but otherwise this offers absolutely no convenience and is one of the most common parts to fail on cars. Auto manufacturers clearly know this because they have all sorts of exceptions in their warranties for this part. Even without the motor, cars before could still automatically open simply through the pneumatics alone, it would work a lot faster too and considering nearly every person is capable of pulling at least a significant fraction of their body weight down it really doesn't add any convenience to have to push a button and wait for the trunk to close slowly.
  2. Spinner (4 wheel) suitcases instead of the older 2 wheel design. Again WHY? You objectively use less muscle to pull a two wheel suitcase in one direction than fighting to keep it from going every direction when pulling it. Sure you can't strafe, the bag itself has to pivot on its too wheels, but other than that it's basically objectively better. When you put it upright it doesn't roll away like the 4 wheels can. You save a few extra inches of packing space, and despite what people think, it's actually easier to roll it up and down aisles as it follows you in one direction instead of shimmying any direction (this last point though is somewhat debatable). It's to the point now when I just replaced my luggage I ended up returning 6 bags because all I could find was 4 wheel spinners. The one I finally found had several negative reviews because people felt like they were getting ripped off because it only had 2 wheels. Am I taking crazy pills?
  3. Wine Keys/waiter corkscrews with the double hinge design. Now this one I am going to say is the one I am most likely wrong about. From a physics standpoint I definitely understand why the double hinge design could be better (though if you study the offset piston design of motors you might see how the opposite could be true) but the hinges pinch, it's another moving part to break, and you can't feel the cork begin to separate the way you can on a single hinge design. I have less broken cork experiences than just about everyone else I know who spend fortunes on rabbits, or other forms of corkscrew, but I feel like I have virtually no control with those things, and the hinges often end up pinching my skin or slipping and cutting something. I understand there may be a place for the double hinge designs, the more complicated rabbits (which I will admit are a rather elegant design) and even electric wine openers, but getting the original design wine key is next to impossible to find and when you finally do, somehow they are more expensive than the more complicated ones. You have them only in the $10-20 price point or the $100-500 price point where as the double hinge ones are at every price point.
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2023.06.09 00:50 Milkywayrox24 Induction at 37 vs 38 weeks

I feel like a terrible mom for this, so any advice would be great. Sorry ahead of time for the long post.
I am currently 34+5 weeks and I am READY for this baby to be out. I have been having fainting spells during this pregnancy, so my dr had me start monitoring my glucose at 23 weeks which resulted in me being put back on metformin (needed it to get pregnant with PCOS). They were considering me borderline gestational at this point. At 27 weeks, they officially diagnosed me with gestational even though I passed the 1 hour due to baby being over 90th percentile and due to my readings. I was put on 2.5 mg of glyburide and referred to the MFM for twice weekly monitoring. I have responded great to the glyburide and my sugars been mostly perfect since. However, the baby is still over 90th percentile on both of the growth scans I’ve had since then and my weekly BPPs have confirmed that I have mild polyhydramnios.
For the last month, I have been miserable due to my size. I’ve only gained 15 lbs and I am not a large person, but my dr confirmed that my belly is already measuring like I’m full term. This has caused daily false labor contractions and overall pain. I’ve been sent to the hospital twice at 33 and 33+5 weeks for possible preterm labor, which were only contractions that did not cause my cervix to progress. I was told that I have an irritable uterus due to my size. My Dr agreed to inducing at 38 weeks, but the nurse mentioned yesterday that 37 weeks could be a possibility due to the medical need for it. I rationally know that 37 weeks is kind of early and that there are concerns, but I am so ready to be done and I can’t get it out of my mind. I will say that my first was born at 37+4 weeks due to my water breaking and he had hypoglycemia and jaundice.
Would I be a terrible mom if I pushed to be induced at 37 weeks? I worry that he won’t be ready, but I am utterly miserable and in so much pain.
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2023.06.09 00:50 chubbs069 Rapid taper has me bad- Will I eventually stabilize and feel fine? Or do I jump?

Let me preface by saying my taper doesn’t have a deadline. Ideally I’d like to stabilize at my current dose, only because the jump will be much much easier.
Started at 20gpd for a few years. I essentially dropped down for 3gpd over 4 days, and have been taking 3gpd at night for 3 days. I’ve felt pretty poor most days, but the nightly 3g dose helps me sleep.
Is it safe to say I am not stabilized at my nightly 3g dose, considering I don’t feel well during the day?
If so, will I eventually reach a point where I am stabilized and feel fine during the day and night?
If I’ll eventually stabilize and feel relatively fine, then I’ll totally stay at 3gpd, considering the jump from that will be easy.
But…If Im experiencing some type of intermittent-dose withdrawal that won’t ever go away due to the nightly dose, I might as well jump now.
Basically what Im asking is will sticking at 3gpd eventually get me to a point where Im not sick (unless I don’t take the 3g)?
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2023.06.09 00:48 Salty_Worldliness_96 Tough but not impossible

5’2 here in my mid 30s. Throughout my life I’ve always been the shortest guy in school, friend groups, etc. Everyone in my immediate family is also short (parents and siblings).
I’m successful professionally and have a confident attitude in the workplace - fortunately never felt judged by my height in that setting. Coworkers that later became friends have even pointed out that I “behave like I’m 6 feet tall” and “never saw my height”… whatever that means.
Finding a partner on the other hand has always been a different story. Even as a fairly good looking, smart and successful man, my height (or lack of confidence when interacting with women because of it) has led to a life of consistently feeling or being rejected by the opposite sex - my height has definitely cut me off from even being considered as a suitable partner on many occasions.
I was never able to date in high school or college. I wasn’t particularly popular but still had good group of friends, good looking, friendly, played in a rock band, etc. I excelled academically and as any young man my hormones drove me to pursue multiple love interests. Nothing ever materialized except during my last year of undergraduate studies - I dated the same woman for almost 5 yrs (she was 4’11… and had borderline personality disorder, so really rocky relationship that I stuck with because I didn’t want to struggle again finding a partner).
After this relationship I was single again for 5 + yrs (during which I was actively seeking to meet women - mostly through dating websites because I had moved to a different state for graduate studies). I was constantly struggling with not being taken seriously because of my height, frustrated seeing women’s profiles saying “do not contact me unless taller than 5’10-6 feet”, or not getting replies (even being laughed at) when disclosing my height. I try not to harbor any resentment towards women who rejected me based on such a superficial trait - especially since I probably did the same, but it definitely did hurt and left a big impression on me.
I am now married (my wife is 5’6 and doesn’t care about my height at all) and have a little one (destined to be a short king as well haha). The road is tough and definitely more difficult for us short men compared to average height or tall men but not impossible.
Now that I’m a father I keep thinking on how to approach my son as he realizes he is much shorter than his peers. What would I have wanted to hear my father tell me? What would have helped me feel more confident?
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2023.06.09 00:48 No_Cartographer1396 Looking into recent model year Foresters, Outbacks, or CX-5s

Hi All,
I’m looking into testimonials for the models listed above although I am open to suggestions.
Here is some context:
I have a young child and am currently trying for another, I also have a large dog who occasionally needs to ride in the trunk. Because of these factors, I think a small SUV is the way to go.
I currently drive a 2010 highlander with high mileage and I would like to get something a little newer.
My priorities are as follows:
  1. Cost of ownership - (insurance, depreciation, gas, etc) Note: I can do my own repairs and maintenance
  2. Reliability - I can deal with an O2 sensor going bad or a minor oil leak, etc; by reliability I mean I don’t want to get stranded. I need a rock solid drivetrain.
  3. Comfort - I routinely take 6hr+ road trips at least twice per month but sometimes more (bonus points for extra range)
Bonus points if the factory stereo system is easily upgraded.
What do you all think? Should I consider other vehicles entirely?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 00:48 Fearless-Knee2008 Boston Public School Spending Breakdown for Next Year

Hey everyone! I’m a BU undergrad working on a project to inform Boston residents about our local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Boston City Council meetings. This week there was no city council meeting, and instead there were many budget meetings about the City's budget for the next financial year (FY24). I took a deep look into the spending for the Boston Public Schools, (BPS) one of the biggest parts of spending for the city, breaking everything down. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on Boston government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Boston. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
While these are just large figure, nit picky spending stuff like which school gets the funding is done by the department, so if you're really interested, be sure to contact the BPS system and the superintendent!
Boston City Council Ways & Means Committee Meeting:
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
Attendance: All Present
$1.45 billion for Boston Public Schools (BPS) (FY24).
New Investments:
Increased Funding:
Various Specifically Outlined Spending:
2023 Boston City Council Elections
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2023.06.09 00:48 Fearless-Knee2008 Breakdown of Boston Public School Budget for FY24

Hey everyone! I’m a BU undergrad working on a project to inform Boston residents about our local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Boston City Council meetings. This week there was no city council meeting, and instead there were many budget meetings about the City's budget for the next financial year (FY24). I took a deep look into the spending for the Boston Public Schools, (BPS) one of the biggest parts of spending for the city, breaking everything down. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on Boston government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Boston. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
While these are just large figure, nit picky spending stuff like which school gets the funding is done by the department, so if you're really interested, be sure to contact the BPS system and the superintendent!
Boston City Council Ways & Means Committee Meeting:
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
Attendance: All Present
$1.45 billion for Boston Public Schools (BPS) (FY24).
New Investments:
Increased Funding:
Various Specifically Outlined Spending:
2023 Boston City Council Elections
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2023.06.09 00:47 pompom6 Powder brow touch up on minimal hair

Powder brow touch up on minimal hair
As a child, I had full eyebrows (1980s born)
And then the late 90s, early 2000s trend of almost no eyebrows arrived, and I took that to heart. I basically killed the root.
I’ve been getting my eyebrows tattooed over the last 20 years. I think the first time I had it done was in 2005, thankfully even back then they were already using pigment. But the techniques were not as refined as today.
I distinctly remember the lady basically digging for oil. I bled a lot the first time. And even crazier was I drew my own eyebrow, and then she just tattooed it. No eyebrow mapping or any of that sort.
I essentially had them tattooed like the second picture !!!
Over the years, I’ve gone to different artists, and Chicago, in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. I basically have to have them touched up every five years or so because they do fade with the sun.
The third picture is what they looked like faded. I had this touchup and color correction done in 2019 by the very talented, Ms. Amber Red in Las Vegas.
Fourth picture is two weeks ago .
Bottom picture is today. Fully healed. I’ll have to have a couple of sections touched up in another month or so.
If you have eyebrows, for all that is good in this world , do not touch them. !! don’t even think of getting them microbladed just to make them look fuller. Eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil is so much easier.
But I am glad that the services exist now because it would be such a pain to have to draw them on every day. I have maybe 4-5 hairs on each eyebrow.
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2023.06.09 00:47 HeadOfSpectre One Year Later

I know you’re supposed to bring flowers, but Mom wasn’t really into flowers, so I brought wine instead. It seemed more her speed.

The cemetery was empty when I got there. I mean, the graves were still there and the bodies were presumably all in the proper places, but I didn’t see any living people around, which was really just fine by me.

I approached Mom’s grave quietly, and noted that someone had already brought a bouquet of flowers there. Probably my sister. I knew she’d been planning to visit today and I might have said I was busy today just to avoid going at the same time that she did. It wasn’t anything personal, I just preferred to grieve in my own way, and she might not have approved of what my way would look like. Hell, I was only about 85% sure that Mom would have approved of what I was going to do, but I took those odds anyways. Hopefully if she was watching me from somewhere, she’d at least appreciate the sentiment.

I sat down beside the headstone and let out a tired sigh, before reading the name on it.

Alexis Valentine
January 3rd 1970 - June 9th, 2022

“Hey Mom, how’s it going?” I asked, before reaching into my bag for the bottle of red wine I’d brought. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a cheap merlot. She wouldn’t have wanted me to waste anything too fancy on her, if she couldn’t enjoy it herself.
“Party favor,” I explained, as if she’d asked. “Kinda seemed like what you’d want. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong. I dunno…”

I set the bottle down by her headstone, before leaning up against the headstone across from hers. I had a feeling that the owner really wouldn’t mind.
“Been one hell of a year you missed,” I said. “I killed my boss with an axe, got disemboweled, went to Greece with some vampires, pissed off a religious cult, got served as the meal at a cannibal restaurant and facilitated the collapse of what I’m pretty sure was a small nation, using a Flower Plague that God didn’t make and can’t kill… yeah. Hell of a year…”

I sighed and reached for the wine bottle, before pulling the cork and taking a sip.
“I know that my original plan was to quit this whole monster hunting gig but… I don’t know. I tried. I really did, I tried! But without it, I don’t really know what else to do. I used to just do all of this because I figured that nobody really gave a shit about me, I figured that I might as well try and do some good before I eventually got my dumb ass killed. Now though… now I’ve actually got people I give a shit about. Deanna… or, Brie, I guess… she’s started going by Brie again. Something about honoring the family or something? I don’t fucking know. She’s been going through some shit, since you died. I mean, she’s been weirdly clingy with me lately, and I’m not saying I’m not grateful to have her around, I am! It’s just… odd.

And it’s weird calling her Brie again! I mean, when she was a kid, you two used to have screaming matches over her wanting to go by Deanna. Now she’s going back to Brie I just… I don’t get it, man… I don’t. But she’s back in my life at least and it just… it feels good. And she’s not the only one I’ve got now, there’s other people. Friends… um… girls… lotta girls, actually… but they’re people I care about. People I don't want to lose and people who I know don't want to lose me. I figured that’d be enough to make me rethink this whole batshit insane monster hunting thing but no. It’s like… I just can’t really stop. Even when I tried to get out, I didn’t really get out. Soon as someone said: ‘Hey Nina, we’re hunting a werewolf, want in?’ I was literally right fucking there! Like, I didn’t even hesitate! They barely even needed to ask! It’s like… when I’m not doing this job, I’m still thinking about it. And honestly, it's gotten to the point where I can't help but find it a little worrying. I mean... the things I do on a daily basis, the things I just shrug off... it's fucked up! No sane, rational person woud do these things. But I do them. I guess part of it is because I still know that I’m doing something good… hell, with the change in management, I’m more sure of that than I’ve ever been before. And the money is still pretty good. But the violence of it… I dunno… it’s not the violence of it that scares me, it’s how little it bothers me. I can go out there, run over some fucking vampires and sleep like a baby and that worries me! Hell, there was that whole thing with that ‘small nation’. There were actual people fighting to protect that place and I just… yeah, the people who I was fighting were real pieces of shit. But they were still people…”

I paused, realizing that I’d been rambling to myself and took another sip of wine. I didn’t really like the taste of it, but I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to have a drink with Mom on the anniversary of her death.

“It’s hard to talk to Brie about any of this,” I admitted. “I don’t even know how to bring it up with the girls that I’m seeing. The only person I’ve really mentioned it to is my therapist and well… I dunno, that doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I still feel like I’m keeping a secret and I don’t like it.”

I sighed before resting against the headstone behind me.
“If you were still here, I’d probably be worried about telling you too…” I said under my breath, before changing the subject.

“You’d probably like some of the girls I’ve met though. No guys… I tried but like… I think my luck with guys is just as bad as Deanna… Brie’s… I mean, nobody died and got their corpse displayed in reisin. But like, the ones I did go out with were just as shitty as usual. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess. Anyways, there’s this one co-worker I’ve got. Justice… I mean… she’s great. And I know that if I really wanted to, then maybe she’d be open to… I don’t know, something a little more serious. Problem is, I don’t really know if I’m up for that yet. Like… emotionally. She’s really sweet and everything, and she’s smart as fuck but I just… I don’t know, I know she could do better. I mean… you get what I’m saying, right Mom? There’s a fucking reason we didn’t talk and I know that the reason was me…”

I started to take another sip of wine before deciding against it.
“I know that I’m too much like Dad. I get angry, I drink too much, I barely have my shit together…”

Ah yes, and here came the ‘pleasant memories of Dad’ portion of my melancholic reminiscing.

I had no pleasant memories of my Dad.

Portion over.

And really, why should I have had pleasant memories of my Dad? He was a deadbeat who liked to get drunk. When he got drunk, he got angry and when he got angry he liked to take it out on my sister and me. Mostly me, since whenever he tried that shit on my Deanna (or I guess Brie now?) I generally got in the way. Y’know I actually tried fighting back once, when I was nine. Pulled a kitchen knife on him and everything. It didn’t do much to slow him down. He actually just got angrier… but I remember that when he was coming toward me that night, I was one hundred percent ready to fucking kill him… I didn’t even come remotely close. But afterward, he had this scar on his arm that never really healed.

There we go! There’s one pleasant memory of my Dad! The time I stabbed him!

Yeah… my family dynamic was very healthy.

“I don’t know if I’d even be any good in a relationship,” I said, more to myself than Mom at this pont. “I mean, really I’d just be holding her back! She’s smart! She’s got potential! I just run over werewolves professionally! And then there’s the other girls… Audrey… oh man, she’s really something. She hunts fucking Aliens! Fucking. Aliens. Man, how cool is that? But I don’t know if we’d really work together either. Romantically speaking, I mean. We get along alright but we’re also very different people and I kinda get the vibe that she doesn’t really know what she wants right now either. I don’t know… I feel like it would be a bad idea for both of us at this point. Then there’s Autumn and… I don’t know, she’s a pretty good friend but anything outside of that feels more like a casual thing. It’s a fun casual thing, but like… casual. Autumn’s got her shit together and I get the feeling I’m more of a booty call for when she’s in town, which is fine by me! But like… I dunno if there’s a future in that. And don’t even get me started on Mia. That was definitely more of a casual thing! It was nice… but it was casual. And she was leaning hard on trying to get me together with Justice back when we were in Greece, which was nice, but also… well. I already said my piece on Justice.”

It occurred to me that talking about my messed up love life with my Mom’s grave might be weird, but it’s not like anyone was around to judge me. Not that I saw, anyways.

“I don’t know… I feel like I haven’t entirely figured out what I want yet,” I said. “My therapist said we all figure this shit out at our own pace, and I guess I could be doing worse but like… I feel like I just do things, and deal with whatever happens as it happens. I don’t know if I really feel like I’m doing anything all that meaningful. I’m just like, existing. Drifting from moment to moment. I’m not unhappy but like… I feel like I could be happier?”

I looked over at the grave as if I was expecting an answer, although Mom didn’t reply, because she died a year ago.

I sighed again before taking a halfhearted sip of the wine.

“I’d probably be happier if you were still here…” I murmured, “We’d probably still be at each others throats but… you’d at least be there. And you’d probably have something to say about all of this, even if I didn’t like what it was… and whatever you’d say… it probably would’ve been at least partially right. Or something, I don’t know…”

I went quiet, still staring at the headstone.
“I miss you…”

Still no reply, obviously.

After a while, I got up. I poured some of the wine onto the base of the headstone and left the rest of the bottle with her.
“I should go… but I’ll see you around, I guess. Have fun in heaven, or wherever you are… I love you.”

I felt like I should say more but, I didn’t really know what else to say. So, I left.

I’d just gotten into my Jeep when I got a call from Milo.
I was admittedly a little peeved about it, since this was supposed to be my day off, but I didn’t really want to give the old man too much shit since if he was calling me on my day off, something indescribably horrible had probably happened.

“Hey, boss. What’s going on?” I asked as I answered the phone, at least making an effort to sound professional.
“Afternoon, Valentine. Sorry to bother you, but something’s come up.”
“Yeah, I figured,” I replied. “Let me guess, something indescribably horrible is happening? Just tell me who’s dead and if you need me to gather the dragon balls on the way over,”

On the other end, I could almost hear Milo stifling a laugh.
“Not currently, no. But I do need you to come in for a bit, if you’ve got the time.”
“Yeah, I’ve got the time,” I replied. “What’s this about?”
“Let’s just say that’s not something I’m allowed to discuss over the phone right now,” Milo replied. “Tell you what, I’m grabbing a drink down at The Lucky Bird. Why don’t you head over there?”

The Lucky Bird? I knew the place, it was a bar just down the street from my apartment.
“That’s an odd place for a meetup,” I noted, a little suspiciously.
“Well, I might get in trouble for saying this much, but this isn’t really a work call,” Milo said.
“So that’s a no on the dragon balls, then?”
“Be seeing you soon, Valentine,” Milo said, before hanging up.
With that, I put the Jeep in gear and left the cemetery behind.

The Lucky Duck was a pretty old bar, but I liked it. They had cheap booze, and anything out of their deep fryer tasted like a gift from heaven itself.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall they were located in, I noticed a lot of other familiar cars parked out front. My sister's Volkswagen, Justice’s SUV, and a familiar black Dodge Challenger that looked suspiciously like the one that Audrey drove. I paused, staring at the cars, before looking back over at the bar. There was probably a joke to be made here, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I walked in through the door, not entirely sure what to expect, but the moment I saw Justice, Milo and the others at one of the tables I felt… I don’t actually know what I felt.

Justice noticed me first and waved at me, before getting up.
“Hey, you made it!” She said.
“Yeah… um, what exactly is this?” I asked, still a little confused as to what exactly was going on.
“Well, since it’s been one year since your Mom passed, and I know how hard those anniversaries can be… so I figured we could just go out, have some food, have some drinks, you know. Have a nice night out so you guys aren’t alone today.”

Yeah… I didn’t know how to react to that, and while I stood there trying to process the fact that a bunch of my friends had just decided to try and make today a little less miserable, I noticed Milo getting up to join us.

“Sorry for the sudden call, Justice said it was supposed to be a surprise,” He said.
“I mean, it’s not really a surprise. I just… you and Brie mean a lot to me. I wanted to do something for you, that’s all!” She said.
I was still at a loss for words. I genuinely didn’t remember the last time anyone had done something that… nice, for me. And it was hard to fully process that. All I could really do was look at Milo and Justice, before pulling them both into a hug.

“Thank you,” I said quietly, although those words were way too small to express exactly what I wanted to say to them. I looked over at the table, to see my sister and Autumn talking excitedly about something. Audrey was sitting beside them, listening contentedly, and Justice put an arm around me to lead me to the table with them.

“Come on, your drinks are on me!” She said. Audrey noticed me coming and pulled out a chair beside her, and Justice took the other chair beside me. I traded a look with Brie as I sat down.
“You took your time,” She said, cracking a smile and half teasing.
“Yeah, I was actually just at the cemetery,” I replied. “Saw the flowers you left, they were nice.”
“I couldn’t really think of anything better,” She admitted sheepishly, “I know flowers weren’t really her thing, but… I didn’t really know what else to bring.”

“I gave her wine.” I said.
“You just left wine on Mom’s grave?”
I shrugged.
“I couldn’t really think of anything better,” I replied.

Brie raised an eyebrow at me, before shaking her head and deciding that wine was about as good as flowers. Someone poured me a glass of beer from the pitcher on the table, but before I could take a sip, Brie said something else.

“Well, since we’re all here… does anyone mind if I do a toast?” She asked. She raised her glass, and everyone else at the table did the same.
“To Mom…” Brie said, “Raising me and Nina wasn’t always pretty. Both of us were sorta a pain in the ass… mostly Nina. But she did her best.”
“She did her best,” I quietly agreed.
We clinked our glasses together and had our drink.

We talked and reminisced through the night, telling stories about Mom, about work, and about family. And as I sat there, looking at the people around me, I felt… I felt content.

I missed Mom more than anything that day, but looking at everyone who’d come out just so Brie and I wouldn’t be alone was just…

It was…

I still don’t have the words for it.
And I don’t think I ever will.
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2023.06.09 00:47 decnop Condemnation Build

Just spent a lot of time(Diablo is Down anyway) trying to make the perfect Condemnation Build:
I considered using a few others uniques(Like the other Dagger), but in the end didn't seemed worth it.
Grasp of Shadow and Cowl of the Nameless are honestly replaceable, not that important. There are a lot of good aspects to fit in this build, and i mean it. I had to do a serious cutting to fit. But, if you have it, i believe to be the best option.
The idea is simples: Like the poison build, you want always to put all mobs together and then full combo then. Combo Would be:
Note: pre stack Combo
Note2: Always make sure you have 3 Combo point before each Flurry
Cold imbuement
Smoke Granade
Shadow imbuement
Shadow Clone Jutsu
... (until you clean all mobs)

Can't think of a better Rogue Build(on theory at least). Please be free to give me some opnion/feedback, even if you think it sucks.
Will test it out as soon as the game is back. Only piece i miss is the Helmet.

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2023.06.09 00:47 PointMadeBasketball Point Made: Dynasty Big Board 1.0 (Points Leagues) What do you think? Who is too high? Who is too low? Let us know!

Point Made: Dynasty Big Board 1.0 (Points Leagues) What do you think? Who is too high? Who is too low? Let us know! submitted by PointMadeBasketball to fantasybball [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 00:46 adustiel Help with taking good screenshots

Madlads! Help! So I've been uploading glams to EC for a bit cause why not, but I've noticed that the images people take of their cat girls and such are far better than mine. I figure the main issue is I absolutely nothing about lighting, even far less about any other editing/picturing things one should probably know about.
Anyways, the point is I think my pictures suck. I've been messing with the lighting on my own and now they aren't as gloomy but still suck, just a little less. I wanted to know if there are any tips to either do or learn to do something like this.
Also I've noticed that on some images people put up the blur is a lot better than that available on gpose, or so it seems to me. Are people filtering the images afterwards, using illicit means or am I simply a dumb dumb at bluring in-game? Gpose was hard to wrap my head around at first.
Any and all responses will be appreciated, thank you very much. You may now respond or carry on with your day o/
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2023.06.09 00:46 pandasloth69 I’ve already got a prediction for the plot of Spider-Man 2.

I’ve already got a prediction for the plot of Spider-Man 2.
Repost from the Spider-Man PS4 subreddit.
After playing through both 2018 and Miles Morales multiple time, keeping up with the trailers, and a healthy hint of “that would be cool”, I think for the most part I have a solid idea what’s gonna happen. 1. Peter is going to discover the symbiote relatively early into the game, with Kraven being the villain of the first part. This way we don’t wait too long for gameplay with it. 2. Harry will be a major side character obviously, with his role during the first half as Peter’s friend. We’ll gain a connection to him, but also see how the symbiote damages Pete’s attitude and relationship with his friends. Harry will become jaded from this after not seeing him for so long. 3. Eddie Brock will be introduced at some point in the story as a mid tier side character, but obviously won’t inherit the symbiote (yet). 4. Gwen will also be introduced into the story, but as a friend to Peter, not a lover. 5. Yuri appearing as Wraith is a solid bet, although at one point I can’t say. I could see good story arcs coming from both before and after Peter dumps the symbiote. Personally though, I think seeing her own destructive rage after he dumps it will give him more perspective on how he appeared to others. 6. Lizard boss fight is a solid chance, Connors being hunted by Kraven leads me to believe it’s The Lizard he’s after initially. Would be a good first act boss, and possibly give Pete some anguish to take out on Kraven. 7. Harry probably discovers Pete is Spider-Man, and starts to become jealous, being a cripple on some weak legs, seeing his friend be the complete opposite would definitely bring some bitter feelings. 8. Kraven is the boss for the halfway mark or close to it, with Pete beating him in an inch of his life. I don’t think he’ll kill him, but Miles will definitely snap from Pete’s wild behavior, trying to stop him, and we’ll get a Spider-Man vs Spider-Man fight. Miles using venom to remove the symbiote. “Ohmygawd what have I done” moment for Pete. 9. Peter develops the spider arms we’ve seen in the first trailer as a replacement for the symbiote. This way from a gameplay perspective we still retain some of the feeling of it. 10. Harry bonds with the symbiote, both feeling rejected by Peter, and becomes Venom. The game shifts to an even darker tone. He’s killing people. 11. SOMEBODY is dying because of Venom, and either Peter, Miles, or both will have to deal with it without giving into that inherent rage. Will show growth since the first half of the game. 12. Norman is going to be aware of Harry’s transformation and will employ some sort of task force or group of enemies to try and catch Venom. 13. Depending on how they balance switching between the characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a portion of the game where Peter quits being Spider-Man and Miles handles duties alone for a bit. “I can’t do this on my own!” moment. Possibly around when Venom is born, him showing up randomly will be much scarier if Miles is basically on the run until Peter mans up again. 14. Black Cat shenanigans will mess with Peter and MJ’s relationship, but they’re either staying together, or breaking up for good. We’re not getting a rehash of the first game. 15. Venom is going to run the show once he arrives, doubtful there will be attention split between multiple villains like the first game. 16. Peter and Miles work together to defeat Venom, Peter tries to save Harry but it’s not going and Harry dies. Maybe from the symbiote being removed, maybe a sacrifice, he’s dying. 17. Norman loses his shit and will be Green Goblin in the third game. Guarantee it, this is probably the plot point I’m most sure of. These next few are MUCH more in the air (in my opinion).
If Peter doesn’t quit being Spider-Man during this game, he will at the end. Eddie Brock comes across the symbiote, but becomes a lethal protector, we’re getting a Venom spinoff! He’s filling in for Peter (I doubt we’d get a new city). Mysterio challenges to replace Screwball.
What are you thoughts? Is this RemindMe! Worthy? Maybe I’m full of shit? Maybe I just got fired from Insomniac? Would love to know what the community thinks of my theories!
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2023.06.09 00:46 Own_Dot_4496 Should I go to HR? My team lead is bullying me

I am currently in a bad work situation. I am trying to figure out the next steps I should take to try to prevent someone else from going though what I have gone through. I am trying to get off the program I am currently on.
My team lead who is in charge of me from a technical work stand point, has made the work environment really bad for myself. He is a stereotypical engineer that has no emotional intelligence or social skills. I don't think he is a genuinely bad guy but I think he lacks understanding.. I will also add, that I don't have many things of actual evidence besides me writing it down and putting a time stamp on it. A lot of the discussions that are in here were in person. Also worth mentioning I can't record audio at my work. Here are some issues that I've faced with him and I'm not sure if it is worthy of going to HR or not.
  1. After I told him a statement along the lines of, "Hey if you see my performance go down, can you let me know? My ADHD meds are being switched up and I would like to know if you see any decline so I can be aware and pick it up." After talking with him, on multiple different occasions he has made references to his ADHD and how he has "cured" himself by doing what society expects of him and how I should learn to do the same. Along with this, he has made some creepy/weird comments on my ADHD.
  2. During a discussion with him, as a person who is higher in the company than myself he has said, "You are too much of a perfectionist and too anxious to be good at your job." The discussion with him, was me trying to understand what his expectations are of me. I am trying to get promoted, and im trying to get clear expectations so I can have evidence when that time comes to back my case. Also with this, he has been on the program for 5 months now, I have asked for expectations since he joined the program. He has been unable to give me anything that is clear.
  3. He tries to "educate" me on how other people perceive things and their feelings.
  4. During one week, the team didn't have much work to do at all. He told the team to continue to read the same two document they have been reading for the past day. They are not long document maybe 10-15 pages total. I personally have receipts of asking him for more work to do during this time. After this time period passed he has heavily implied that it was the teams fault for now being behind on work.
  5. He doesn't understand each person has their own weaknesses and strengths. He lacks the understanding of individuality. He explicitly said He wants me to have a brain that can catalog information and he can ask me a question on something obscure and I can give him an answer in a moments notice. I don't have the best memory that's why I take notes, he wants me to give him the answer off the top of my head. I told him I don't think that is realistic for myself but I will try to learn as much as I can and help. He said well why can't you just teach yourself how to?
  6. He has also tried to help me on how sarcasm works in front of the whole team. I asked one day if the comment he made was sarcastic and he said "no it wasn't." The next day during a meeting with the whole team he then said "hey pay attention that was a sarcastic comment" in front of everyone.
  7. He regularly cuts me off while I am talking to add what he is thinking. Usually he then takes over the conversation and doesn't give me any room to speak.
  8. As my team lead, he doesn't give me the space as a entry level engineer to ask any questions. I'll send him a message on teams and his response is put it on my calendar. His calendar is blocked off for at least a day, so I am unable to get simple answers from him in a timely manner
More information for reference, I don't think I can go to HR for these but to give a good picture of the situation:
  1. He reschedules meetings that he has with me constantly without any communication as to why. For one of the meetings it was supposed to be in person. He canceled at 9pm the night before with no communication at all for me to even see when I logged on in the morning. This makes me feel like he thinks his time is more valuable than my own.
  2. He constantly contradicts himself so it is hard to figure out what he wants done
  3. He will take over my meetings that I send out invites for when im trying to get information from other people. I am not able to lead my meeting to get the information I need to do my job. So it causes extra work for me to get my job done.
  4. He asks me to schedule meetings for him as if I am his assistant (which im not, im an engineer).
  5. He tells me how much work something should be, even though I am the person closest to it and im actively working on said task. I am not giving outrageous estimates, they are reasonable lengths of time.
  6. He doesn't listen well to female co-workers. He will ask me questions and I will defer to my coworkers who are female that have more expertise than I do. When they answer his question, he will then continue to talk to me about what they just said
Some actions I have taken to rectify the situation:
  1. More direct communication with my lead asking for expectations. I realized that I felt like my feet were being stepped on, so I reached out to have clarity on what is my role and what is his. He was unable to provide any expectations.
  2. Offering to help him with anything he needs and trying to show him I am working with him and not against him.
  3. Being overly nice and polite with him to try to remedy the rift that was happening from getting my toes stepped on.
  4. I learned how to say yes even though I think he is wrong. I will do as he asks since he is my lead at the end of the day and if it comes back as something I shouldn't have done. I could point back to the communication we had
There is probably more but this is all I can think of since I didn't write these actions down. I don't want to be told im overreacting, so if that is your comment please go away.
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2023.06.09 00:45 KableKarter How do I (19F) help my boyfriend (20M) with his depression?

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 and a half months, we met at college towards the end of the semester and ever since we've become inseparable. I love him with all of my heart, he is absolutely amazing, so kind and handsome and funny and just everything you'd ever want in a partner. We both struggle with anxiety and depression, though he takes medication for his depression. We have had a lovely and healthy relationship, and still do currently, but every once in a while he goes through incredibly bad depressive cycles. I'm always there to support him and talk him through things, as he means the world to me and I just want to be there for him. Since summer has begun, he's been working non-stop at his job (sometimes 50 hours a week, even though it's supposed to be part-time). We haven't been able to see eachother as much as we'd like, but we both understand that we have jobs and other duties over the summer and try to work out times to visit when we can (it's important to add he lives around an hour and a half from me). The last couple of days or so, I could tell his depression had flared up a bit but I tried to keep positive thoughts and give advice and loving words whenever he'd need them, whether that be phone calls, texts, or even while he visited me over the weekend. Last night, I called him because he started sending messages such as "I just want to be normal, I just want to be happy" and "I can't even think straight, I don't know how I feel". I tried to talk things over, get him to explain what he was feeling and calm him down but he was being very quiet (which isn't uncommon as he gets this way when upset). Eventually, he told me that everyday, all he thinks about is "what if I just klled myself" and I was shocked. I knew he'd struggled for a long time, but he'd never told me before he's thought of suicide, nor the fact it's an everyday thought in his head. Of course I tried to stay calm, but I couldn't help but cry. He said that the mundane activities of life in-between the fun things, like being with me, just don't make him want to keep going, and that regardless of what the future holds he just can't shake the feeling of wanting to die. I recommend starting therapy and he agreed he needs to, as well as needs to take other steps to feeling better, but I just don't know if he really will. What hurts the most is the fact that I know depression is a complex thing and nothing I, or his family/friends, say or do will change his ideas on suc*de. He said that he'd never actually do it, that it's simply an idea, but I don't know if this is 100% true. What can I do Reddit, I'm so lost and scared and hurt. I've cried all night and day, I love this man so much. We've both talked about wanting to move in together within the year and getting married one day and I want that future with him. I just want him to be okay but all of this is triggering my own anxiety and depression and I don't know if I'm strong enough. I would never want to leave him, but now everytime I think about him or see his picture it makes me tear up. I myself have dealt with similar thoughts last year, but hearing this from him has brought it all back up and caused my own emotions to become a mess. Please, any advice helps, I just want to help him anyway possible.
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2023.06.09 00:44 Thecableboii Gimme a break with the A.I. narrative.

This just smells like teen spirit. It’s so obnoxiously obvious that I’m getting angrier by the minute.
I’m a believer, don’t get me wrong. But ALL OF A SUDDEN, oh what a coincidence, the same year where AI gets somewhat relevant, all these stories pop up about these crafts and their origins having to do with AI.
This is so embarrassingly stupid, I don’t even know how to address it. I mean, really?
No doubt, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening right now. And I’m hoping it’ll lead to more profound findings. But holy shit, all this AI stuff is just a reflection of what we’re going through as a society right now. If this was legit, it would’ve surfaced at ANY other point in our history. Not at the exact time we started thinking about AI.
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2023.06.09 00:44 ohnanabanana02 is my psychiatrist a red flag?

asian female, 5'4", 110lbs, history of severe anxiety, just taking quetiapine and no other medical issues
so i have been seeing this psychiatrist for a few months now due to ofc, personal, family, and heartbreak issues. i havent returned for 2 months bc i think im finally doing okay. but for sometime now, it seems like i have relapsed and i badly need to go back bc its already interfering with my day to day life. and yesterday, i guess i have reached the peak and i cant seem to take it anymore. the problem is, i contacted her office and was told that she's out of the country and will be back by june 14. i mean, its no problem with me cause she's human. but is it kind of a red flag that she doesnt have a reliever or some other psychs that could take her patients in while she's away? i also tried to message her thru messenger as its on her calling card that u can chat with her directly if u badly need online consultation but sadly, she hasnt replied either. whats even hard abt psych appointments is that u have to wait for days for a spot to open up. and btw, im trying to contact her bc i need to have my prescriptions refilled so that i would be able to sleep. but im not getting any response. hence why i am contacting her. and i was told that her office is not sure if by june 14, she has an available spot for consultation. i really cant wait that long. perhaps, i migh be dead by then lol
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2023.06.09 00:44 SaltyHorror_Cat117 Found him

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2023.06.09 00:44 omgwowthanks Was really happy to finish last season in GC1, but RL tracker showing I finished last season as C3?

I finished the season just inside GC1 with 5/10 wins. But my RL tracker seems to be ignoring my final few wins of the seasons and is saying I finished the season as C3 div 4. Anyone know why? Is this the same for anyone else? Is it likely to correct itself at some point?
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2023.06.09 00:44 PointMadeBasketball Point Made: Dynasty Big Board 1.0 (Points leagues) what do you think, who is too high, who is too low?

Point Made: Dynasty Big Board 1.0 (Points leagues) what do you think, who is too high, who is too low? submitted by PointMadeBasketball to dynastybb [link] [comments]