Shaderoom ig

wheres YNW Shaderoom?

2023.02.23 21:55 LilSlav01 wheres YNW Shaderoom?

YNW Shaderoom was lit ig page with hella info, even Melly's mom followed it. But now that page is gone. Who smoke them out do you all know?
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2022.10.24 12:07 meurtrir "An Obscene Amount of Rojean" - YungSweetRo Megathread

Please keep all comments/posts about the Ro/Travis/Kylie situation to this thread.
Screenshots can be posted seperately and the first post will be added here (please report reposts so that they can be removed). Any other text posts about this will be removed for the time being.
Remember the community guidelines - we don't care what "side" you're on, whether you believe the deep dives or not, or whether your milkmans cousins cat personally knows that Ro has been shagging Travis since 1935 - if you post anything that contains bodyshaming, doxxing, speculating about mental health/or that someone needs to be "locked up", it will be removed. There are human beings involved - don't be that guy.
That includes being civil to your fellow posters. If you see any rule breaking comments, report them or send us a modmail, so we can get eyes on things quicker. May flower walls from Jeff Leatham magically appear in your living room <3
......also this is my first time running a megathread so if I do something wrong pls don't eat me
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2022.09.22 19:46 Far-Relationship6217 jade on TSR again🙈🙈😹how do yall think she’s handling it?

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2022.09.20 20:30 ridingonmirrors G Herbo announces double album Survivor's Remorse. Side A (Survivor's Side) out October 7; Side B (Remorse Side) out October 10. Tracklist features guest appearances from Future, Gunna, Young Thug, Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine and more.

Album cover
via RapCaviar's IG
Pre-save link
Side A (Survivor's Side)
  1. FWM (feat. Yosohn)
  2. Flashbacks (feat. Jeremih)
  3. Aye (feat. Offset)
  4. Blues (feat. Future)
  5. Shaderoom
  6. 4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6
  7. Real Rap (feat. Benny the Butcher)
  8. Paid
  9. Shordie (feat. Gunna)
  10. After That
  11. Outside Looking In
  12. Survivor's Outro
Side B (Remorse Side)
  1. Sleepless Nights
  2. History
  3. Change (Gun Shots)
  4. Me, Myself & I (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)
  5. Breathe Slow (feat. Young Thug)
  6. No Guts, No Glory
  7. Machines (feat. Conway the Machine)
  8. Torn
  9. It's Something in Me
  10. Him
  11. All That (feat. Kodak Black)
  12. Remorse Outro
  13. Letter to Juice (Bonus Track)
Side A release date: October 7, 2022
Side B release date: October 10, 2022
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2022.08.18 01:29 Foreverpaid32 It’s funny when AD and Trell would say they were popping before no jumper because AD were literally those niggas with verified ig’s who would comment under popping blog pages to stay relevant. AD used to be under every saycheese post and sassy Trell would do that on the shaderoom

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2022.06.04 09:16 Nxggawut How y’all feel about rappers getting lipos & Fake Abs in 2022?

I just seen this post on Shaderoom about Bandman Kevo posting about getting lipo and fake abs. & I remembered Joe talking about Drake getting fake abs in passing on the podcast. I didn’t care at first but I want to hear y’all thoughts on this trend. ICYMI streets saying Gucci Mane, Moneybagg Yo, Kevin Gates, Drake & now Bandman have all gotten plastic surgery. Rappers now wanna be IG baddies? “Celebrity don’t mean integrity, you fool” 😭😂😂
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2022.05.24 21:36 mouseinsuits The front page of the internet

u/Capital_Bet7348 came with a burning question yesterday: how many PR plants are in the other Sub? I'm here with my Martini and bedazzled tinfoil hat, please join me for a ride. Do not forget your own tinfoil hat and plz be kind I'm not u/ibeendrakin (btw we miss you).
The discrediting vs Reality
Months ago when some of us raised the question of infiltration I remember being laughed at because ''ReDdiT iSn'T sPeCiAL, yOu'rE dElirIOUS''. Anyone who knows a bit about social media understands the power of Reddit as it receives as much monthly traffic as twt and holds influence just as any other big sm platform.
I reckon we know very well celebs have insane amounts of bots following them and commenting on their posts. I haven't checked IG in over two years so let me know if I'm wrong but, almost all I see commented on their posts are LB lb lb LB lb LB demands. Outside of gossip pages and the ‘murican shaderoom, IG for the kardashians doesn’t give much space for opinions to be exchanged, or a community to engage with. This problem highlights the obsession with popularity on social media and the lack of community engagement.
Twitter is a cosmos on its own. We see the girls use twt rather often, ''clapping back'' at peeps or responding shit like that. Twt holds power to a level we can all agree on. All within the limits of 280 characters.
I've tried to lay a foundation of where Reddit perches on the social media web compared to spaces we are used to see the kardashians. Discrediting the sub's role in the dashian social media web is naive imo. However, to remain factual and from my knowledge the only concrete proof of outside monitoring is:
> > > Khloe's photogate: We all know by now the first photogate post was removed after the mods were contacted/instructed to do so. By who? To which mods? It remains arcane.
I initially believed there were two reasons but after verifying I believe khloegate is the only concrete proof. I remember a user receiving a PR package and thought they were contacted from here but it was actually from twt.
Suspicious Behaviours
Let’s bring on the speculation and theory. I do not want to antagonize users by giving names solely because I could be wrong. Except foodgg. That person is either obsessed with the Klan or… yknow. *eats green olive from the martini* So I will try to summarize the general sus behaviours tickling my tinfoil hat.
I can't bother talking about this topic anymore. Except for one or two active mods, the gestapo on the mothership is obvious with their biases and lack of transparency. I reckon they go in tides between chill/ full on police. Their behaviours raises questions, they go unanswered and it only makes them sus even if they could be simple stans.
The mothership grew insanly, from 30k to now 70k since Khloegate. But the surge in pricy awards occured for the past month, coincidentally with the growth of the snark sub. I'm not tying any dots here. As I told you, I do not want to give names but a great number of very active stans have been created last month. Those gifts were only given to praising posts within seconds. Three paid gifts on a post with zero comments? Ok. Ofc when people laughed at that they started to scatter the gifts a bit more but it's still pretty obvious where the paid awards go to.

Ze theories
With my leftover neurons of the day I tried to lay out a foundation and we're finally at ze theory!! The mothership is 100% part of the brand's SEO strategy. Twitter is, IG is, YT is, Reddit is too. Simple. The reasons to add Reddit into the mix is not only because of the platform's popularity but also because: we are the perfect focus group. Major marketing strategies constantly use reddit: I'm thinking of Toyota, Audi, The Economist, Red Bull but mostly the AMAs with Crusty Musk, Obama, Betty White, Madonna, Bill Gates, AOC etc. It only makes sense to have reddit part of the SEO strat. We aren't bots, we don't beg LB, we aren't restricted by characters. We are so diverse. The mothership is an excellent focus group. The overarching aims of a SEO strat are to:
  1. Control image
  2. Add value
Now, is the old ship run or infiltrated by PR? straps tinfoil hat Bitch idk!!
  1. Mods
Only one or two, maaaaaybe three active mods come off as genuine users. The rest of the active mods are sus af. If they are low-level SM managers, I would conclude the infiltration reached the controlling stage. Hence, the ''running'' theory's probability. I personally do not believe the mothership is *run* by PR because…. The majority still questions/criticises the Klan. Some stan mods police comments and posts regarding blackfishing, photoshopping, plastic surgery.. Topics the klan dodges or lies about.
  1. Users
Since the sub is most def part of the SEO strat, there would be ''insider'' users. We already know who has multiple alt accounts and are active 24/7. I still give them the benefit of the doubt and think they're just extra stans? Except some share pieces of information and have oddly specific knowledge we don't. My theory is that there are also a few insider users who are working for the PR machine. Again, they have managers to keep their IG comments clean-ish, the same can easily be done here too. Except we rock the tinfoil hats bebeh!!
I do not believe they meet up on zoom and gossip about it. I don't believe they keep up with a strategy together. I believe they have an overarching objective to control image and add value. Well in the kardashian case it's more to not lose further value.
I theorise none of them are interns and think there are three groups/types:
  1. Tracy and Dogfood type people = Mods and/or users. The leech ride or dies on payroll. People who don't really have… a job outside the klan. Yknow?
  2. Inner circle/them = users. If they use finstas, watch David Dobrich on yt, scroll through tiktok and twt & respond to peeps, what makes you think they're not here, on the front page of the internet? You're telling me you can't visualise Khloe lurking here? Or Tracy? Or Scott lol? Or Mason?! (Hi Mason!! Keep being you, stay precious!)
  3. Staff/SEO Managers = Mods and/or users. Whatever strat/mechanism is used to monitor IG with comment restriction and deletion of unwanted comments, it is the same for Reddit. It sounds pretty banal to me tbh.
Counter- Argument
Conclusion: We've witnessed the scraping of Khloe-photogate, the sending of PR package to users, the policing over discussions regarding surgery and blackfishing… The history of brands/groups infiltrating other subs to shill and misinform. So, are we over-reacting? Salty? Borderline Kanons?!? Reddit in itself is a motivated audience with a lot of power. Wall Street Bets, GameStop, US Congress stock trade ban discourse, the US workers finally catching up on socialist reform ideas, the aunties helping with pregnancy terminations are the greatest proofs from these last two years alone. The discussions about the Klan here and on the mothership are so interesting! Not drown in the sea of bot-filled IG, not restricted by characters on twt. My theory is that we are used for information collection, to track conscientiousness, to dilute topics ''damaging'' to the brand, and overall cos we're fkn hilarious. We might rock the tinfoil hats sometimes, but in most instances, we make gripping points. Both are great to read while passing time on the glam chair, just saying.
Bonus thought:
WHY are news outlets never picking up on the bigger issues the sub raises awareness to? Kris' goddamn church for fuck's sake!!! How we witnessed Kylie being groomed on TV and morph her body to fit her predator's wants?!? How Kendall not being able to cut a fkn cucumber is a perfect meme to entertain us instead of making us question the lie about her not attending her mum's BD lying she was in Miami when in reality she was a the Astrodeath concert? How Kim stole money, scammed peeps with crypto and associates herself with Jeffrey MFKN Epstein's lawyer?! How they use private jets inside the same city?!! Get on that Buzzfeed. For fuck's sake.
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2022.01.10 23:56 itsallrelative1 Simon/Falynn/Porsha IG mess

Ummmmm ok. I’ve been on IG and the shade room is posting mad screenshots between Simon & Falynn, and Falynn’s new man. PHEW CHILE. This is a WHOLE. MESS.
Anybody else seen the screenshots?? Two posts from today lol. I cannnnnnot with this situation. Like it is messier than the messiest mess I’ve ever seen.
Let’s talk about it.
Edit: sorry guys, I don’t know how to attach screenshots!!! The shaderoom handle is @theshaderoom also… if anybody wants to teach me how to attach screenshots I won’t be mad haha!
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2021.07.19 03:43 wavyboyd Go To The Shaderoom Page On IG And Tag Yourrage So He Can React To It can't post it cause of DMCA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2021.06.29 14:56 Low_Seaworthiness_47 theshaderoom

what are you guys honest thoughts on the shaderoom ig page always wanted to know?
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2021.02.02 02:23 kyran9741 That nigga ace jus made the shaderoom because a ig thot posted they dms 🤣

Bitches be clout chasin boa
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2020.05.13 17:01 ibarfedinthepool More followers than Trump on IG now - overtaken Shaderoom, bhadBhabie, Jimmy Fallon, Logan Paul, Diddy, Offset & Future in the Last week - approaching Meek

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