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House M.D.

2009.11.08 22:08 rmas House M.D.

House, an acerbic infectious disease specialist, solves medical puzzles with the help of a team of young diagnosticians. Flawless instincts and unconventional thinking help earn House great respect, despite his brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies.

2015.07.05 20:05 obeseclown /r/AyyMD: more than just dank memes™

We are a satirical PC hardware community dedicated to proving that AMD is clearly the better choice. Everyone is welcome, including non-AMD fanboys. Don't want to burn your house down with Novideo GPUs or Shintel CPUs? Then AyyMD is the right place for you! From dank memes to mocking silly Nvidiots, we have it all.

2008.07.21 03:00 [I ♥ ⌂ ♫] Reddit House Share and discover house music

A place for House Music.

2023.06.04 07:26 SubhamoyDas1 Which game made you realise that gaming is more than just playing for entertainment and something way more special?

Like for me, I used to play games like Vcop2, House of the dead, Roadrash, GTA etc but when I played and finished Assassin's Creed 2 for the first time in 2012, I realised that gaming is so much more than what people think. The combination of beautiful story, great graphics and gameplay had got me.
It was then I realised what gaming meant to me. I am sure you guys must be having similar stories, do share them!
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2023.06.04 07:26 marine-28005 The big bad beast [Pt.2] [Werewolf X Child Listener] [M4A/F4A] [Caring VA] [Child listener] [Taking care of you] [New life] [“I’m an expert at hugging ”]

After what you thought was a dream, you woke up in a nice, warm bed, hugging a little cat plushie. When you leave the house, there’s a big forest surrounding you, and lots of new people. There are so many things you are not used to here, and that makes you and the beast feel a little bit… off.
Remember, you can change pronouns as you like, use this for any platform, even monetize if wanted. Just remember to give me credits, please.
(School is killing me, but I'm back :D... And you thought we were going to be wholesome all the time? Ha, yeah, sure...)
Remember to go to the sunlight at least 5 minutes per day and keep hydrated. Me and my cat sends virtual hugs. Bye bye.
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2023.06.04 07:26 Good-Survey6629 When socks gets an upgrade

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2023.06.04 07:25 Aconversationcactus2 29 [M4F] - Disabled Dude Looking For A Chill Gal To Hang With During Oblivion Access Festival

I'm not a native Austinite but I will be in town for Oblivion Access fest June 13-18th, and I'm looking for someone cool to hangout with at the show's. I have the full festival pass or whatever you call it, so I'm gonna be at pretty much every show. I'm a disabled dude with a mild case of cerebral palsy, so I don't get much of a chance to get out of the house and be social, so I figured why not just shoot my shot and see what happens? I'm not looking to fuck, I'm not even especially interested in a date, but I'm open if things go that way. Mainly just want someone I can chill with.
I'm a part time research assistant at a psychology lab, I have a master's degree in philosophy and a B.A. in Psychology, I like to read and listen to music and go to the (very occasional) concert. I'm hyped as hell for the festival, big fan of a lot of the acts in the lineup, probably most hyped to see a reunited yellow swans (big noise music fan.)
I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but if you're interested send some orange and say hello! Let's live a little and see where things go.
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2023.06.04 07:25 Kittens_dont_care Would you be embarrassed?

Would you be embarrassed?
Always trying to help others, times are tough for most people right now including myself. I found a post on Kijiji and decided I would volunteer my hand at making a 15 year old boys birthday cake. I have made cakes in the past but due to a recent move I couldn’t find my decorating tips so just free handed with a sandwich bag. Would you feel embarrassed to give this? How would you feel on the receiving end? TIA
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2023.06.04 07:25 River1stick No up front tip, no trip

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2023.06.04 07:25 PM_ME_YOUR_N00DS_PLS Would the government renting out properties below market value decrease rental prices?

Lets say the government develops lots of housing, and then rents out these housing at below market prices in an effort to drive down rental prices from private owners. Would this theoretically work/be more effective than rental price caps?

Lets say they rent out lots of houses for $250-300/week with tenants changing every 4-6 months.
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2023.06.04 07:25 Branson567 Thoughts on Heavy Metal?

Thoughts on Heavy Metal?
Did acid with my friends in college. When we made it back to the house still faced, our sober friend showed up, put this one and left. Haven’t been able to watch it since.
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2023.06.04 07:25 AutoModerator FIA Formula 3 Championship: Barcelona - Feature Race Discussion

FIA Formula 3 Spanish Grand Prix - Feature Race

F1FS Wiki: FIA Formula 3 Guide 2023 Drivers & Teams 2023 Calendar

Session Times

Friday-Sunday times are in CEST (UTC+2:00)
  • Practice: Fri 02 Jun 2023, 09:55 (UTC+2)
  • Qualifying: Fri 02 Jun 2023, 15:00 (UTC+2)
  • Sprint Race: Sat 03 Jun 2023, 10:30 (UTC+2)
  • Feature Race: Sun 04 Jun 2023, 09:55 (UTC+2)
You can convert the session times to your local time via
A full time table of the weekend's events can be found here: Link

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Montmeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Circuit Diagram
Length: 4.657 km (2.894 miles)
Turns: 14
  • Sprint Race: 21 Laps - 97.797 km
  • Feature Race: 25 Laps - 116.425 km


2022 Pole Time: 1:33.516 ( Roman Stanek, Trident)
2022 Fastest Lap:
  • Sprint Race: 1:36.788 ( Jak Crawford, PREMA Racing)
  • Feature Race: 1:37.030 ( Victor Martins, ART Grand Prix)
2022 Winner:
  • Sprint Race: David Vidales, Campos Racing
  • Feature Race: Victor Martins, ART Grand Prix


2023 Pole Time: 1:27.587 ( Josep María Martí, Campos Racing)
2023 Fastest Lap:
  • Sprint Race: 1:32.054 ( Zak O'Sullivan PREMA Racing)
  • Feature Race:
2023 Winner:
  • Sprint Race: Zak O'Sullivan PREMA Racing
  • Feature Race:

Provisional Starting Grid

Pos No. Driver Team Time Gap
1 #23 J. Martí Campos Racing 1:27.587 -
2 #27 T. Barnard Jenzer Motorsport 1:27.837 0.250
3 #10 F. Colapinto MP Motorsport 1:27.864 0.277
4 #2 D. Beganovic PREMA Racing 1:27.930 0.343
5 #1 P. Aron PREMA Racing 1:27.934 0.347
6 #5 G. Bortoleto Trident 1:28.005 0.418
7 #14 S. Montoya Hitech Pulse-Eight 1:28.072 0.485
8 #11 M. Boya MP Motorsport 1:28.082 0.495
9 #4 L. Fornaroli Trident 1:28.087 0.500
10 #8 G. Saucy ART Grand Prix 1:28.105 0.518
11 #16 L. Browning Hitech Pulse-Eight 1:28.141 0.554
12 #3 Z. O'Sullivan PREMA Racing 1:28.189 0.602
13 #6 O. Goethe Trident 1:28.198 0.611
14 #26 N. Bedrin Jenzer Motorsport 1:28.256 0.669
15 #25 H. Barter Campos Racing 1:28.324 0.737
16 #24 C. Mansell Campos Racing 1:28.324 0.737
17 #12 J. Edgar MP Motorsport 1:28.486 0.899
18 #15 G. Minì Hitech Pulse-Eight 1:28.524 0.937
19 #9 N. Tsolov ART Grand Prix 1:28.612 1.025
20 #17 C. Collet Van Amersfoort Racing 1:28.624 1.037
21 #7 K. Frederick ART Grand Prix 1:28.847 1.260
22 #19 T. Smith Van Amersfoort Racing 1:28.874 1.287
23 #20 O. Gray Rodin Carlin 1:28.909 1.322
24 #18 R. Villagómez Van Amersfoort Racing 1:29.018 1.431
25 #28 A. García Jenzer Motorsport 1:29.230 1.643
26 #31 P. Wisnicki PHM Racing by Charouz 1:29.365 1.778
27 #29 S. Floersch PHM Racing by Charouz 1:29.488 1.901
28 #30 R. Faria PHM Racing by Charouz 1:29.601 2.014
29 #22 I. Cohen Rodin Carlin 1:29.617 2.030
30 #21 H. Yeany Rodin Carlin 1:29.716 2.129

Live Timing & Streaming

The FIA Formula 3 series has its own official Live Timing services.
  • Live Timing: Here.
  • List of Broadcasting Channels: Here

F1FS Guide

New to FIA Formula 3? You can watch our dedicated video guide that introduces the series HERE!


For up to date information regarding this series, follow these Twitter accounts:


We have a Discord server for the subreddit, check it out here: Link

On-Demand Race Replays

You can access previous races of this series here: 2022 FIA Formula 3 Championship Race Replays

Top 5

Drivers' Championship
Pos. Change Driver Points
1 - Gabriel Bortoleto 80
2 - Gabriele Mini 56
3 - Gregoire Saucy 47
4 - Dino Beganovic 46
5 - Paul Aron 44
Teams' Championship
Pos. Change Team Points
1 - Trident 139
2 - PREMA Racing 127
3 - Hitech Pulse-Eight 111
4 - ART Grand Prix 54
5 - Campos Racing 44
Full championship standings here: Link
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2023.06.04 07:24 imnotinthough 45 [m4f] UK/online. Save me from my Fleshlight!

It's plenty of fun, but just not quite the same, you know?
Straight off the bat, although I'll freely admit to wanting some healthy naughtiness at some point in time, that's not entirely what this is about. I'm separated from my wife and living alone, away from my kids. I'm trying to build my life back up from rock bottom, and it's a lonely place. I don't have any friends where I'm living, outside of colleagues, so I'm just trying to put myself out there a bit more in a vain attempt to make a connection with someone.
In a perfect world, ideally this person would be made of flesh and blood (i.e real!), busty, curvy in the right places, with good legs. That's the dream anyway, but if you don't happen to be Jessica Rabbit then still keep reading!
Redheads go to the top of the list. If you happen to enjoy sharing pics of lingerie, stockings, and heels, well, that is an immediate win.
Let's share our day, get to know each other, and have some adult fun times. I'm in need of a human touch. It's been far too long.
There's more about me in my profile, but anything you'd like to know just ask. Essentially though, I'm 5'5 (yes, I know. I'm short), hairy chest on a maintained Dad-bod. Gainfully employed, fully house-trained, can hold my own in most conversations, and have a few things I enjoy. I'm mostly an open book, and certainly not shy.
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2023.06.04 07:24 SexyPinkTardis Using a cane properly!

I feel like mobility aids have been brought up in this subreddit a lot, so I just wanted to put this out there.
Do not use your cane like Doctor House! Using a cane improperly, or not knowing how to use one while starting, and hobbling with your cane can actually make it more difficult to walk and can cause injury. Which is why I wanted to make this post, after discovering my own grandmother doesn’t know how to use a cane properly, and it was causing her pain.
First set your cane height. You want the top of your cane to come up to your wrist when standing in a relaxed position. When you buy a cane (if you haven’t already), measure to make sure that the adjustments will fit in that range. If you are on the shorter side, you might need to do some DIY hacksawing on commercially available canes. Using a cane that it too high will give you wrist pain (heck properly used ones can too, which is why looking at ergonomic options is something I recommend). Too low will probably result in back pain.
Next walk with your cane. If you have a bum leg, or one that needs extra support that day, hold your cane in the opposite hand. Now take a step, extending both your cane, and your opposite side leg at the same time. Your cane will now mirror that leg as you walk. Practice this with both hands if you’re mainly using a cane for stability, and assuming it’s not ergonomic (hand specific). If you have some hypermobility, focus on keeping your wrist in line with your forearm as you extend your arm, and then not hyperextending your wrist as your body moves past your cane.
If you’re new to this, practice before you leave the house. Have a wall nearby to help you as you practice walking and working the muscles you’ll be using.
As you use your cane more, consider if you need a different grip or style cane due to pain or convenience. There are plenty of styles (rounded handle, foam handle, strong arm, four legged, foldable, chair included, replaceable tips, ergonomic, walking stick) to look at, but if you’re new to this I’d recommend your standard medical cane (7 shaped) with a foam handle, or a foldable one if you travel—since these are usually the cheapest and most available.
I would also recommend looking at different cane tips, since there are the standard ones, then there are also ones with larger bases (in several styles) for more stability, and there are even some mildly rounded ones for better floor grip.
If a cane doesn’t work for you, consider a different mobility aid. Need more support? Try forearm crutches (You use them almost the exact same way as a cane but now you have one for each leg), or a rollator (especially if you need more support and often need to sit), or a wheelchair (obviously wouldn’t recommend immediately if you’re still in the process of trying out a cane, but you get my point).
Ok now with this information, go out into the world and slay all the ableist chumps with your new weapon! Decorate your cane if you want, and make it yours!
I really hope this helps someone, as I think it was information I needed when I started with mobility aids. I didn’t even know there was a proper way to use a cane when I bought one.
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2023.06.04 07:24 SnooPeppers5809 Question about acting preparation.

Hey Mind Controllers, I’ve been a meditator for years and have switched over to practicing Silva for a few months.
I act for a living- and I am curious about how I can use Silva to help my work.
Specifically, I want to visualize the past circumstances of my characters so that I have the memories of my past living within. The issue becomes the amount of detail, I want to live in an imaginary world on stage and on screen. Example- Say I come home, That house has a past to me, my wife an I have past memories together, the coffee cup I use has a history, the clothing I wear has a history, the place I put my keys, where I kick off my shoes, what I do when I get home and why. The circumstances of the situation at hand, basically a relationship to everything that is discussed and not discussed. Relationship to the situation.
I usually do a pretty good job of not having to act and just be, but I feel that an Oscar is a step away if I can just believe these things all together between action and cut.
Unfortunately While trying this I have to pull myself out to read my notes as a reminder of what is next to create a memory of.
Has anyone attempted anything like this and do you think there is a more efficient way?
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2023.06.04 07:24 No-Let-8207 I have that itch 😭

All week I have been looking for this very specific book so I can reread it. I can’t remember if it’s a hockey romance or what but I know it’s a college romance.
So basically the girl is in a house with a bunch of other people and they really don’t like this guy that she has started seeing. He picks her up at said house and when they walk out the the car and start being a cuddly knowing they are watching he goes into kiss i think and she says something along the lines of “no they are watching” and he says something along the lines of “let them watch” and it was super cute. Anyway I digress, they are like an astrology project to do together and so he takes her out into some random field.
Yea that’s all I can remember. Sorry if this didn’t make sense. Mind you I haven’t read this book in, I think, a year and I’ve just had the nag recently to reread it but I can’t for the life of me figure out which book it was. I hope someone can help. 😭
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2023.06.04 07:24 Slight_Ad_5507 If you are buying a new house in community, will pumping station next to your house cause a lot of noise or bad odor ? Will it affect the resale value of house?

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2023.06.04 07:23 akynzeo Review of 8 Death and Floral Scents

Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to purchasing/trying indie fragrances; I came across Death and Floral while browsing social media and was super intrigued. I purchased a handful of samples along with some 5ml rollerballs. Again I'm not very experienced with fragrances, but here's my very basic review of the ones that I've tried so far :)
Capitalist Figs - Black figs, blackened honey wine, and swirling black sugar on a bed of black patchouli
I feel like capitalist figs was one of the stronger fragrances that I purchased. Opening the tester bottle I immediately got hit with strong wave a patchouli followed by a general sweetness (I'm guessing the black sugar?) I didn't get any notes of fig unfortunately, mostly just patchouli. I don't think this fragrance is for me, but I would really enjoy smelling it on someone else. Rating: 3.5/5
Doomsday - Overdried dead grass, cool menthol tea, black currant, sage, dried acorns, tobacco.
Really interesting scent! I would imagine this as a great fall fragrance; it reminds me of walking through the woods on a really cool, crisp, fall morning. Dried grass, acorns, and crunchy leaves were the first things I picked up on when smelling. I picked up in a little bit of tobacco, but I did not smell any menthol tea. Rating: 4/5
Electric Feel (May 2023 SOTM) - A blend of different electricity accords; hot wires, neon signs, tv static fuzz, the electricity that rumbles inside a thunderstorm.
I'm gonna be honest, I don't really know how to describe this one. I guess my best describing words would be intense, spicy, a little acrid..? My friend said it smelled like warm plastic or kinda like the hot air that comes off an old CRT television or playstation. It's not entirely unpleasant to smell, but just really interesting. Rating: ???/5
Freshly Dead (July 2022 SOTM) - Lavender, rosemary, mint, apples, carrot seeds, fresh tomato.
I was really excited for this fragrance. I'm not sure if it's just the way the fragrance reacts with my skin, but the scent of Freshly Dead is SO faint when I apply it. I feel like 10-15 minutes after application the scent is almost entirely gone. Although very faint, It's super light and refreshing. Fresh, crisp apple followed by mint and light lavender were the first notes I picked up on. It quickly dries down into a slightly savory/vegetal note, which I'm presuming is either the carrot seed or tomato. I love the scent, I just wish it worked with my skin/were formulated to be stronger. Rating: 3.5/5
Somedays in Oz - Fresh garden mint, wall-climbing ivy, spicy juniper, orris butter.
This was another scent that was beautiful but very quiet and subtle. The application did not last very long on my skin, maybe about 15-20 minutes. I found it to be a refreshing mixture of primarily mint followed by other green/floral notes (I presume what I'm mostly smelling is the wall-climbing ivy...?) My one friend loved this scent, and said that this is exactly what she would imagine the land of Oz to smell like, and I agree! Rating: 3.5/5
The Deadly Poppy Field - Green and watery flowers, soaked earth, lily-of-the-valley, slightly sweet red poppies, the sweet lingering of a memory.
I loved this scent; I was looking for something green/herbal/earthy and she delivered! This reminds me of wet, fresh cut grass in the summer heat; planting fresh flowers and being covered in damp soil. Intensely green and earthy, and I loved it! Rating: 5/5
The End is Here - Vanilla coke, bourbon, fleeing animals, the musk of an infinite black void.
I picked this one up simply because of the description. What does fleeing animals and the musk of a black void smell like? The first things I picked up on were presumably the vanilla coke and musk note. It's very pleasant, warm, and inviting. I applied this one before I went to work and got multiple compliments from my coworkers. Additionally, one rollerball application to a few pulse points lasted a good 5-6ish hours on my skin. I really enjoy this one and will re-purchase once this rollerball is finished. Rating: 4/5
The People You Love Become Ghosts Inside You - *Heavenly musk, lingering funeral flowers, cold scent of vanilla in an empty corridor, handprints on a foggy window (*Notice: ‘The people you love become ghosts inside you‘ is a heavy atmospheric that has been reported to cause feelings of intense emotion and is sometimes unpleasant in its vulnerability. Not for the faint-hearted!)
WOW! This has to be one of the most unique/complex fragrances that I have ever smelled. Lingering scents of an old church, funeral parlor, maybe an old uninhabited house...? I don't know how Death and Floral can get these descriptions so accurate. Floral notes but they're not fresh, more leaning towards dried/withering flowers. I've never smelled vanilla used like this before. It truly is cold (almost medicinal...?) combined with the musk and floral notes. Reminds me of cold linoleum/tile floors, cobwebs, dusty books, dimly lit rooms, etc. Rating: 5/5
Overall I had a ton of fun testing/smelling these fragrances! I will be purchasing more in the future; excited to see what comes next!
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2023.06.04 07:23 No-Gate8181 My mom still drinks after her accident.

Earlier in the year my mom had gone out with my stepdad and had a little bit too much to drink, later at night my sister had received a phone call from my stepdad saying that my mom was driving and she was drunk (they had taken separate cars so she was driving alone). When we called our mom no one was picking up the phone and I knew that something bad had happened, when we called again a stranger answered the phone. They said she had been in an accident, they told us where they were and my sister and I got there. It's a very difficult accident to explain, but my mom didn't have any injuries whatsoever. My mom was so lucky that she didn't take the highway because she would dead, the next day when she woke up she promised my sister and I that she wouldn't drink again. My mom still drinks in the house where it's safe, but it makes me uncomfortable seeing that she is drinking the thing that could've killed her that day. I dont want to talk to her about it because I act like it doesn't bother me, bit it does. it also bothers me that roughly two days after the incident my stepdad bought her alcohol, and the only reason why I know this is because I heard the bottle of Champagne open in the room. I kinda hate her for it and i hate that my stepdad still buys it for her.
BTW: The night of the incident my stepdad was drunk too and I always see him sneaking around alcohol in the house, I act like i dont see it, but I do, my sister also doesn't live with us anymore so I dont rly have any support ( not like id tell her anyways). And the way the accident happened is a crazy story, my mom was driving locally and I presume she fell asleep on the steering wheel and she ended up hitting a tree, I think she was driving really slow because the car wastnt too damaged, as of the strangers that answered the phone, they apparently saw the car and went to check it out and thats when they found her.
Hopefully all this makes sense, if you guys want more info then just lmk.
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2023.06.04 07:22 Independent-Eye-4126 Trauma dumping or not?

I went over to my friends house and she gave me some of her pj pants to change into so I can get comfortable. I had to change back into my regular pants because my parents were already picking me up. I took a good 45 seconds changing my pants, my friend laughed and said that I was fast with changing my pants, I laughed and said yeah I’m used to it cause my aunt used to rush me in the dressing rooms so I’m used to it. Im not sure if this was trauma dumping or not..
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2023.06.04 07:22 _post_nut_clarity What is this concrete pad?

Moved into a house and have no clue what this pad was for. This is in the backyard. Not sure if relevant, but this home had an in-ground pool at one point.
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2023.06.04 07:22 zombiePe Requesting for porter referral code

Hi good people of hyderabad,
I would be using Porter's house shifting services. I can get up to 15% off by entering a Packer and Mover discount code.
If you have this code, it would be great if you can share this with me!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 07:21 Faded_and_crumpled Shopping in Japan - Collected Notes

Shopping in Japan - Collected Notes
I recently went to Japan. What do you do with a few spare days, in a country that is awash with amazing denim and has an amazing public transport system? You go nuts, all over the place.
I benefited greatly from discussions in this forum and elsewhere. Here is a consolidated list of my notes for the next travellenutcase.

New Denim

You can find a list of denim stores here:
Here is my map of places of interest: Note the list is as of May 2023, it is not continually updated.
Shops in Japan typically open late (10 or 11am or even later) and close late (7pm or later). Some are closed on random weekdays, so check opening hours on Google Maps before going. Some, but not all, shops offer tax-free shopping. You get 10% off, but you must be able to show all the items you bought on the way out of the country, so plan accordingly.
It is common to take off your shoes before entering the change room. Some places will ask you to try on t-shirts without taking off your t-shirt. Some shoe shops will give you a pair of socks to put on before you try shoes (so wearing your skin-tight jeans might be problematic ;)
If you visit multiple stores, you will see lots of things you want. You need to be strong and pace yourself, but you also need to keep track of your finds. After a while, it all becomes a delightful indigo-infused blur. I took pictures of the 'maybe' items, including with the tag showing the style, size and price, to be able to go back if I decided to buy it.

Raw Denim in Tokyo

PBJ, The Flat Head, Edwin, Fullcount, Studio D'Artisan and Japan Blue are all in the Harajuku area and you can visit them on foot in one afternoon.
Hinoya and Amerikaya are in the Ameyoko district of Ueno, a delightful rabbit warren of small shops built under the rail lines. I found 2 more denim shops in the maze which I cannot remember the names of anymore. Go in and have fun, and don't be afraid to ask.
Jelado, Warehouse and Evisu the Tokyo are relatively close to each other in the Ebisu area. I enjoyed Evisu - the seagull paint is not my style, but the store had a good stock of lovely denim, not a drop of paint in sight (they can add paint on request).
Evisu, minus paint

Special Note on Iron Heart

The Iron Heart Tokyo store is on the outskirts of Tokyo, nearly 2 hours by train (and train, and bus, and walk) from the centre of Tokyo. Their Osaka store is also in the suburbs, but a comparative stone throw from the centre, about 30 min by train.
I visited the Osaka store and I loved it. The store is quite small, but they had good stock levels. I spent 1.5 hours there, and way more money than I would care to admit. I will definitely make the pilgrimage to the Tokyo store next time I'm there. Is it obvious? I am a fan.
Iron Heart Osaka

Special Note on Socks - An Unexpected Pleasure

I visited many shops and tried on many jeans, looking for that perfect pair. And one pair was my limit. So, as a consolation prize for myself and the shop attendant whose time I just wasted, I bought socks in most stores. They are all made in Japan, of excellent quality, and nice and thick, perfect for boots.
As a result, I now have a collection of The Flat Head, Fullcount, Evisu, Iron Hear and Redwing (I know, I know, but you see the connection) socks to last me until the next trip.
Socks, socks everywhere!

Second Hand Shopping

Japan has an amazing re-use culture, and their second hand shops are a delight to visit. They also have an obsession with American/vintage/military clothing that reminds me of the obsession some of us, me included, have with Japanese clothing. Independent vintage shops in inner-city areas of major cities (Harajuku in Tokyo, the centre of Kyoto, etc) tend to stock imported clothes, so you will find racks of used Levis and Wrangler, army surplus, and mainstream designer brands.
To find more locally-made clothes, including raw denim, I resorted to visiting used clothing shops in the suburbs.
Kindal and 2nd Street are 2 chains of second hand clothing that have shops in many cities.
There is a group of ' Off' shops: Mode Off specialises in clothing. Some (but not all) Book Off shops have clothing, especially if they are called Book Off Plus. Off House and Hard Off might also have clothing. Look at in-store pictures on Google Maps to see if they have clothes.
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2023.06.04 07:21 ConsciousGarage9250 One week later..

So this time last week was when I took a bottle and a half of the zazas silvers and destroyed my life as I know it. I usually would dose the reds that way but bought silvers as they were out of reds. I had no idea what the phenibut would do to me. I blacked out and when I came to family members and cops where in my house and I became very aggressive and breaking shit.afyer the cops left my wife was gonna leave so I decided I would jump in my truck and leave first... Well I went out at some point doing 80 to 90 mph they say and flipped my truck 8 times untill I hit a pine tree 15 ft up in the air not wearing a seatbelt...walked away with a broken nose and two black eyes. I've been battling this for almost a year been cought by my wife several times. Just been stuck in the tia cycle. So when I was released from the hospital I went back to our destroyed home and played there detoxing for four days with zero sleep until a cop served me with a court date for a restraining order from my wife... At this point I have moved in with my business partner and his family and am trying to rebuild. My wife told me she was filing for divorce today. Which is day 7 no tia. I'm past the physical stuff besides pain from the wreck... But mentally I am totally broken and still not sleeping. Anyone reading this please stop taking this shit now before you end up like this.
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2023.06.04 07:21 MakingCoffeeMyself Do you think she really does all the things on her list in one day?

It feels like so much. Alone vacuum (the hole house I guess) clean backyard, dust and wash windows would be things I would never all put in one day.
I mean you probably could, but when would you have time for the family?
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