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2023.06.08 23:13 eveeohoh My bf (35m) refuses to let me (34f) decorate our home

My boyfriend (35m) is an interior designer and started renovating a space with the intention of turning it into an Airbnb. Since it was his space and project, I (35f) didn’t say much regarding the design and look of the space. Since I travel a lot for work, I also wasn’t around much to have a say. Suddenly, now that he’s half way through renovating, he told me that this will actually be our new apartment together. I was fine with that decision as it is a nice space, but since it started as his project, there’s not an ounce of me or my personality in the design.
My bf is extremely minimalistic and does not like any colors or textures that aren’t black or white. I prefer some pops of colors and although I’m not into tons of decor, I like certain aspects to feel more homey like having big fluffy towels and some plants. Although the space is luxurious, it feels more like a model showroom than a home to me. There’s also certain elements of the home that I find uncomfortable, like not having any rugs or bath mats. I have asked many times if we could include some things in the home that would make it more comfortable for me, such as some colors or having a bath mat. He refuses to let me have anything that I want or would make me happy in the space. He got upset at me the other day for using a towel I liked instead of the ones he bought for the space (which also don’t happen to be big enough to cover my upper and bottom half together), because the color mine “didn’t fit his design concept”. I bought a small plant for my desk the other day and he was so annoyed when he saw it that he ignored me the entire evening. Today, I saw he hid my plant so that he “wouldn’t have to see it”. He says that my wants make him feel uncomfortable in his own home and that allowing me to have a plant will mean opening a gateway into a plethora of decorations all over the house. He said it also reflects on him poorly if his colleagues were to see it, as it would look ugly and have different design concepts.
I have tried asking him for compromises, like picking out a plant together that works for the space and choosing a vase that matches the vibe, or getting me a towel that covers my entire body in the color that matches the design. He shuts down any conversation I initiate about it and just says he “doesn’t want that in the space” but when I talk about moving out, he gets sad and says he made this space for us to live in and that I’m throwing all his work in his face and being ungrateful for his sacrifices.
I love him but this is just the latest in a long battle we’ve had with him refusing to live with me. I live in another city for work and am moving back to my city in a few months to be with him, but he won’t get an apartment with me because he doesn’t want to give out money when he has a space we can live in. I’ve expressed many times how a home needs to be a compromise and I should also be able to feel comfortable where I live and he says he’s trying to be better but continues this pattern of behavior. At this point I’m leaning towards leaving him. I just feel like he doesn’t make room for me in his living situation and I feel like a guest in a place he says is “our” home. I also don’t like that he hides my things bc they’re not “aesthetically pleasing” to him.
Is there any chance of saving this relationship? How can I get him to understand that this isn’t normal behavior regardless of working in design?
TLDR: interior designer bf won’t let me have a single item in the house he thinks doesn’t match his design concept, which also includes things like house plants, towels, bath mats and rugs.
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2023.06.08 23:13 g-Rex_a_saurus_rex Trying to find an iPad game that has a red bird in a green plane as its icon

I have been suffering in trying to find an old iPad game that I used to have and I came here to get some help. This is as much as I can describe it:it was a 1-2 player game, it has 2D Side-scroller, the icon was a red bird in a green plane, it had multiple levels the first one being a green field with a robot boss at the end, all the music I remember from there was made by Kevin Macleod & the game was made before 2014. If anyone knows this game please let me know.
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2023.06.08 23:13 Successful-Fox-7971 I feel like my brother doesn't always care about me as much as I care about him.

I (28f) live with my brother (29M) because rent is so expensive where we live. I love my brother dearly, he is the only real family I have and I would honestly say he's my best friend, but I'm sure like most siblings we have our issues.
About a year ago my brother got offered a job as a paralegal, it was a huge thing for him after being a property manager for 3+ years and he really wanted to go, however our apartment at the time was dependent on him maintaining that management position. So, he worked it out where his workplace would let me take over as manager (I was the assistant at the time) and we could keep the unit. Now I never wanted to be manager, I have a lot of health and mental health issues and was actually seeking getting on disability because I have been told It is not healthy or safe for me to maintain regular work. But I didn't want to hold my brother back, and if I had said no he would have refused the better job as a paralegal, so I accepted and took over the role as Manager.
Cut to only about 6 months later and we lose the apartment anyways because my Brother could not clean up after his damn cats (He has 4) and so we got kicked out, but I maintained my job. A job I never wanted, hated in fact, and the fact we where evicted is on my record, not his, even though it was his animals that caused the damage, even after I told him to take care of it.
I cannot go on Disability now because I know for a fact it would not be enough to cover our new rent or utilities, and after the Plague a couple of years ago, we are both deep in debt. So I've stayed at this job, looking for others, in a city that does not want to pay jack for hard work.
Today I had an interview at one of the biggest companies in town, that has an amazing reputation, and is a lot closer to home, it went really well and I am in a position now that as long as the per-screening goes well, I am guaranteed a new job. I am so happy, I cannot even begin to describe it. My role as Manager has hurt my health, both physical and mental, so bad that for the last year I have been consistently thinking of taking my own life, I've never told anyone this before because I can't afford the help I need to deal with it, and I don't want to put my issues on my brother when he is dealing with his own shit, (He was in a car accident last month and has his own health/mental health issues) Either way the interview took longer than expected because I had to fill out some paperwork, and my brother was waiting. Now I know that normally you don't mess with your phone in an interview, it's rude and looks unprofessional, but I know I should have told my bro (I don't have a license due to weird circumstances but am working on getting it, so he drives me). Either way I came out and told him the good news and he went off on me, complaining about how long it took, how I should have informed him (I know I should have and I apologized) and then complained about how his ear infection was hurting.
I hate seeing my brother in pain, and I did apologize profusely, but he kept at it and didn't let up and I've been having a lot of conflicting feelings. I feel bad for taking too long and not texting him, but at the same time I fear that if I had pulled out my phone during this interview I could have been seen as unprofessional and lost the job, and I need this job. I don't think I would be as upset if this was the first time he's done something like this.
Throughout our adult lives I have always tried to accommodate him, in the old apartment I handled most utilities, the cooking, majority of the cleaning, and in the new place I still cover half the rent, all of the utilities, and have been the only one to do any cleaning. He had promised to take over the cooking, but he hasn't, and once again his cats are leaving massive messes he won't clean up. And with the job, I only took over so that we would not lose an apartment and he could pursue something better, we lost the unit anyways, and now that I get to move on to something better for me and I get yelled at because an interview went longer than I had expected. I feel terrible that I had inconvenienced him so badly, but I also want to be happy about this amazing opportunity that I finally got, after working for a terrible, abusive company that makes me feel worthless.
Add this to the fact that when we lost the old apartment he never took responsibility and threatened to leave me behind and move to another state, and I'm exhausted. I just want to be happy for myself for a few minutes and take care of myself instead of worrying about him. I love him, I'll always love him, but I do think living together is not good for either of us. As long as I take care of him he'll never learn to take care of himself, and as long as I am reliant on him for company and things like rides, I'll never be independent.
The more I think on it and look back, the more I recognize more of this behavior. When he's sick or hurt he is incapable of doing anything and I'm always looking after him, making him food, taking care of his cats, etc when he needs help. When I'm sick or hurt, even when I was dealing with kidney stones, when I'd lay down to rest he'd come knocking on my door to cook dinner or do the dishes. I ask him to let my dog out, which just involves opening the door so she can run in the yard, and he won't do that unless I remind him. I don't think he does any of this maliciously, but it hurts, and I feel like my opinions and words about it never really sink in with him.
Sorry for the rant, but this today really hurt me and I kind of wanted to get it off my chest, specifically not to people in my friend group, and in part because I find a lot of reddit replies to be sort of funny and might make me smile. Oh, and this is my first ever post.

Thank you
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2023.06.08 23:13 southasianthrowaway Unsure about what therapy I need and where to find it

Hi everyone, I'm a 29 year old single guy in NYC experiencing a lot of mental health issues as I go about dating. I come from a very sexually conservative upbringing and was strongly discouraged from dating in my youth from my family. Partly as a result of that, I have:
Given all this, I was wondering what kind of therapy you guys would suggest I go through, and where I could find a therapist that has experience working with single men whose circumstances are similar to mine? I have not been able to find one that is accepting new clients from a quick google search. Do services like betterhelp or zencare work well for men in my situation? If anyone has any direct recommendations for therapists I can see, that would help too.
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2023.06.08 23:13 TheGhostOfJoeyRamone Me and My Big Mouth

I was walking to the bus in the city my friends live after a visit tonight. When I get to the end of the street there’s a couple - young - arguing loudly. She’s shouting at him to leave her alone and go away. He’s going on about how can she leave him there and how’s he going to get home. It was heated. He followed behind her shouting and she continued to beg him to leave her alone. They get to her car and she gets in but he puts himself physically between her and the car door so he can’t shut it. I watched this all take place and vacillated between whether this was a mind my business situation or was she a fellow woman who needed help. I kept watching and it went on for a bit until he started to get physical with her. Without even thinking I shouted to him to leave her alone or I’d call the police. He shouts “what?!” and I say she clearly want you to leave her alone. Shut her door and let her go or I’m going to call the police.
I am an American who has lived in the South of England for 22 years. I point this out because the creep focused all of his attention on me and launched into a verbal attack wherein I was called a stupid fucking American, a douchebag, a speccy twat, a stupid American cunt, etc. I pulled my phone out at this point and dialled 999. While I’m on the phone he’s shouting at me that I’m stupid and it’s not 911, on and on with the insults.
It took so long for them to connect me to the police that the guy had lots of time to continue the abuse and then the girl feebly says “just leave it”. While he continued to shout abuse at me she relented and he got in the car and they pulled off. Regrettably, I didn’t get the reg. When the police finally answered they were gone. I stayed on the phone and explained what I’d seen and that I had no registration and I felt terrible because now I was just wasting their time. The woman I spoke to was lovely and understanding.
By now my heart is pounding and I’m shaking and I absolutely let that wretched little man get to me. The thing is, I was exactly where that young woman was 40 years ago. My ex-husband abused me physically, financially, and mentally. In fact, his verbal attacks were very similar to what this guy had just done.
I got involved because nobody did it for me. I would scream for help and I was ignored because people were minding their own business. I don’t know if I did the right thing. I was so hot in the moment and my brain shut down so my verbal skills were seriously limited.
I don’t know if I did the right thing. I mean, she let him in the car and drove away with him but at the same time, he took his focus off her and instead went all in on me so I guess it diffused the situation for the moment. In the end I don’t feel like I helped anybody and on top of that I let that guy get to me. I allowed him to make me feel like a stupid piece of shit.
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2023.06.08 23:13 jango739 Started phtography at the beginning of the year and here we are.

Started phtography at the beginning of the year and here we are.
So i started with the Nikon F with a waistlevel finder that i found at a thrift shop near me for like $80. The Nikon zoomtouch 800 and the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 i found at my local Goodwills for a steal. The Minolta Autopak 8-D6 i got at a vintage market with a 50D and 500T film for $80 since the guy said it didn't work, turns out the terminals on the battery holder were corroded but i cleaned it up. I have used both Nikon's. The Minolta's are the newest additions and we will see how they turn out.
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2023.06.08 23:13 PoorLifeChoices811 Does deck rng take a backseat if you play too good with it?

I feel like this a stupid question to ask but I’m genuinely asking, so please don’t be rude about the answer. It’s something I’ve been noticing as of late.
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, and it’s only recently that I’ve finally been unlocking all the cards I need for certain decks to work. The most recent being Modok. I bought him with tokens three days ago to complete my hela deck, and boy did he work. He jumped me up damn near 40 ranks in one day. But it’s been two days since, and I haven’t gained anymore ranks. I’ve been dropping since then.
I’ve noticed that the cards I need to pull, get pulled really late, or not at all. 90% of why I’m losing is because of this. 5% being the locations screwing me over. And the last 5% being the players simply being better than me.
Is the game purposely screwing me over because I did so good with him previously? Or is it just a skill issue now? I’ve been noticing this every season for the last few seasons every time I unlock a big new card. I’m definitely not mad about this though, it’s still extremely early in the season, and it’s only been three days since I bought modok. I just want to know if it’s true or not
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2023.06.08 23:12 yerica i need a new name!

hey there!! i’ve spent most of my life hating my name (jerica). my dad named me and my mom begrudgingly went with it. it’s not a bad name, it just feels icky on the ears for me. not just because i spent years being a problem child and hearing it with a tone of annoyance. ever since i was young i tried to change my name or go by my middle name. all of my siblings have names that end with “-uh” as well.
name genres i like: kind of folksy, cozy, nature, or literary-feeling names
names i like: opal (easily my number one), clementine, ophelia, gemma, ruby (this one is alright)
names i don’t like: anything starting with a j, most common 90’s names, anything over 6-8 letters (clementine was my only exception), anything too…. Utah sounding.
about me: i’m a mom! i’ve got two kids, i’m in my 20’s. i love reading, gardening, slow living. i work in finance currently and i’m just fairly normal. medium blonde curly hair in a shag, sweaters and Birkenstocks type of gal. my nickname is bubby or stubby from my kids and husband.
additional to note: my last name starts with a B and the middle name isn’t much of a concern.
thanks friends!
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2023.06.08 23:12 ArbiterBalls Apartment charging for damaged blinds when they were going to replace regardless

Upon move out at end of lease, the apartment complex sends me a checklist of things its going to charge me for if they are damaged. One of which is window blinds. Ive been in this apartment for 5 years, multiple sets of blinds are broken, chipped, nonworking etc. Theyre cheap to begin with. The thing is, ALL vacant units in the last 5 years recieved upgraded, nicer model blinds different from what came standard 5 years ago. The only reason mine didnt is because my unit has been lived in during this renovation period.
How do I combat them charging me $50 a damaged blind set when theyre going to replace them all with newer models regardless?
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2023.06.08 23:11 billybob70164 I(M22) and fiancé(f23) are having problems with my family

To start off with, you need some background info. Growing up, I was very different from my family. I was there opposite in many ways and I think they still see me as a lazy little boy because I didn’t like physical stuff and sports growing up but my siblings did, especially my brother. I (M) am 22 freaking years old, a point my family brings up often but they don’t treat me like it. I met my fiancé (f23) in high school and our relationship grew from there. A few years later, we go to different colleges. She goes to a cheaper but very good college. I got to a college my family recommended but was very expensive. I go for two years and both years I try for the PTA program but don’t make it each time. I figure since twice is probably enough, I decided to switch colleges and majors. I choose to go to my fiancés college because a) it’s cheaper than $8,000 for a semester and b) my fiancé is there. At first, my family is very against it. My father calls me a “dumbass” for wanted to transfer and I try to them that one of my reason is for saving money. Anyway, I eventually transfer there and become a biology major and it’s great. My family saves money, I even get some money back from my tuitions and grants.
Well, two years later my fiancé graduates, but I don’t. After she graduates, she immediately starts looking for a job. She can’t find any except for a small, family owned business. She looks into it and the pay isn’t very good and there are hardly any benefits to go with it. We can’t stay up there for much longer because I didn’t have a job either for the summer (because I was a student worker). Eventually, my family offers us their outdoor kitchen and it’s a shithole. But we clean it up and make it our little shithole and it’s not great but that’s ok. Anyway, after we move, we both start looking for jobs because my fiancé and I decided that I should take a break from college for a bit and try to get a job so I can save money. So I start looking for jobs. Fiancé gets a job at the parish library as IT, because that was apart of her degree. But I can’t find one. I applied to many places and none of them responded back to me. Well I apply for the library too. I don’t get a full time position but according to my family, they aren’t charging us rent for the outdoor kitchen but they did say that if I don’t get a job, they would kick us out. Well I get the library job but it’s not good enough. They bring up “we aren’t charging you rent, but you need to make the most money you can”.
Well dad has a friend that works in an internet and cabel company as a manager. Dad sente up the interview and I go to get him out my ass. Well I get hired and it’s physical work, great. I decided I would give it a chance and I honestly tried. I gave it about a month. Well in that month, the guy who’s friends with my dad, let’s call him Grain, calls my dad and tells him that I take awhile climbing up the ladder (and please keep in mind that o have hardly ever climbed ladders before). Well dad calls me when I’m on my way home and says “what’s going on with the ladder?” and I’m like “what do you mean?” That’s when I find out Grain called him. I tell dad that I’m fine. Well, a little later, I have to give my work truck to someone else so that they can have a truck to use and I go with them to observe them. Since im not driving, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem if I played on my phone. Well, yesterday I was with a guy(Chad) and we had just finished our last job when another worker(Jay) was pulling in behind us. Jay asked Chad want the problem was at the customers house and Chad told him. Well Jay had come to work on a mode just a little further down so he continues on. Well Chad and I get back in the truck and Chad follows Jay and parks by him. Chad grabs none of his tools, doesn’t even say anything when he gets out the truck. And Jay is still on the ground, setting up his ladder to climb the poll. I stay in the truck because I figured they were just talking. I was keeping an eye on them just in case so I could get out and help if they needed it but nope. Chad gets back in the truck not five mine later and we leave. We head back to the office and as I’m putting my stuff up, Grain say he wants to go talk in his office. I finish and go meet him.
Apparently Chad and Jay told him that I didn’t get out the truck and stayed there to play on my phone. I guess that was a mistake on my part but oh well I guess. Anyway, I tell Grain my side of the story and his words were “it’s ok, there’s no hard feelings” he then ask me if I like my job and I tell him that it’s not really for me but it’s ok. It’s something I could do for a bit, but not something I want my end profession to be. He says ok and that’s that or so I thought. Well, Grain tells dad what happened because they are best buddies and dad freaking lays into me. Telling me how I’m lazy, how I have a pussy, how if he hears that I’m on my phone again he’s going to break it. Now dad wants me to apologize to Grain because apparently he’s the only reason I haven’t been fired even though there is another guy that wants to take my place (even thought there are only 4 techs, including me, covering 1,000 people) and that Grains supervisor wants me gone. According to dad, if I quit or get fired, he kicks us to the curb.
So idfk what to do here. I talked it over with my fiancé and she thinks that I shouldn’t apologize but that I should acknowledge that I made a mistake. But I’m sure that if I don’t apologize, Grain gonna go crying back to dad and then I’m get it.
Any advice is helpful. Thank you.
I know that it’s a lot but I wanted it to be known what the whole situation is. I don’t know what I should do with my family.
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2023.06.08 23:11 IPokeStars 32 [M4F] #Chicago - It's been awhile...

I recently got out of a 10+ year relationship (with the last 2 years being...uneventful) and before I even think about getting back into the dating world, I'd like to explore, have a some fun and make some new friends!
Unfortunately, I can't currently host. I'm also only available on the weekends, unless you stay up past 1am when I get off work during the week lol
Me: white, 5'8, 190 (somewhat chubby/Dad-bodish), bald, beard, glasses and some tattoos.
You: Laid back personality that's easy to get along with, disease free, able to either host or fine with getting a room or even open to car play. Either end of the age gap is fine with me!
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2023.06.08 23:11 Patrickcvest [Help] Adding a remote to a recliner. "Footrest down" function doesn't work.

Hello everyone! I am looking for some help adding a remote to a motorized recliner. The controls for the motors are on the side of the chair [0] and my mom wants a remote installed. I ordered a remote, which was originally a 5-pin generic chair remote, [found here and in picture 1] and I cut off the end [2] and terminated the remote with a 6-pin dupont [1 Note: the housing has been remoted prior to the picture] end to match the connector on the inside of the chair. [3] Everything seems to work perfectly except that one button the remote doesn't work. Specifically, the footrest down button does not work. I can change the order of the wires in the dupont housing - hence why the wires are loose in the picture - to move, for instance, the footrest control to the top buttons on the remote or even swap the directions the buttons move the motors.
My issue is that when I move the wires around, the result is the same. No matter the button arrangement, the button that is wired to the footrest down function will not function. The controls on the side of the chair still function as intended. I think this rules out a hardware failure in the remote. I have tested the wire with a multimeter for continuity but beyond that I am lost for troubleshooting.
Does anyone have any ideas?
P.S. Mods, this is my first time posting. If I am not formatting this correctly, please let me know.
The button controls on the side of the chair
The remote the wires that I have terminated.
The factory end of the remote that I ordered.
The factory connector that plugs into the back of the control panel in image 0.
The bottom of the PCB inside the remote.
The top of the PCB inside the remote.
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2023.06.08 23:11 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 707

Capes and Conundrums
“... I think we have some glitches in the programming.” Pavel remarks as the drone opponents for lower level events start... well they’re either straight up malfunctioning and thrashing around, or they’re breakdancing. Badly.
Either way it’s bad.
“God damnit, and here I was trying to make them do the macarena.” The Drone programmer mutters. “God damn, making a program that simulates a person’s sense of balance is a bitch and a half, even if ninety eight percent is just copy and paste bullshit. It’s the god damn code spackle between them that’s fucking everything up, and that’s if there isn’t god damn copy degradation with my copy and paste routine.”
“We done?” Pavel asks.
“Maybe in another hour... but your shift ends in half an hour. You can go. Your replacement will be here long before I’m ready with this. Defragging new code and running the test programs takes at least an hour and a half with this program.”
“Can’t you trim it down or something?” Pavel asks and the programmer downright slams his laptop closed.
“Trim it down? Oh gosh golly gee! Why didn’t I think of that.”
“Okay, I’m sorry I...”
“Wow! Do you have any other incredible insights to offer!? Like turning off the gravity so you don’t fall.”
“I get it, I’m sorry...”
“Or maybe make it so people just aren’t allowed to miss when shooting a gun! Then everyone can be a sniper!”
“I get it, shut up or I’ll show you some fucking sniper.” Pavel says and he turns to stalk out of the testing room.
“Oh no you don’t. You clearly don’t know how god damned hard coding is so you’re going to spend the rest of your shift with me as I code even if it accomplishes nothing at all, Nothing At All. NOTHING AT ALL!!”
“Good god man! What crawled up your cockpipe!?”
“Idiot jocks who don’t know what they’re talking about!” The programmer snaps back as he opens up his laptop again and quickly gets back to work.
Pavel’s response to things is to loom annoyingly over him. It takes about three minutes before the programmer slams the back of his head into Pavel’s stomach.
“Gentlemen I am very disappointed. I understand that there are differences between soldiers and tensions between species. But I am unwilling to tolerate friendly on friendly attack.” Admiral Hynala states. “Now, before I hear about how the situation devolved into... this...”
He gestures to the two scuffed up men with visible bruises and markings.
“I am going to detail the disciplinary actions I’m going to take.” He states and both of them look concerned. They should be.
“I don’t care who started it. I don’t care about the circumstances. You two are both Undaunted, you two are both part of the same armed force and need to work together. So from this moment onwards you are doing all your work together. No if’s, and’s or buts. For the next two months you two are paired up on all patrols, guard duty and further duties besides. So congratulations Sniper Zeman you now have a spotter. Electronic Warfare Specialist Blake? You now have a bodyguard. You also now have hunchmen Misters Deadshot and Anarchy.”
“But sir!” Blake protest.
“No! I will not have my men attacking each other! A friendly brawl is expected, even encouraged! But you two destroyed Undaunted property in that pointless, stupid fight and I will not have it!” Admiral Hynala states and both men wince a little.
“Now that we have determined your punishment. You will tell me what happened.” Admiral Hynala states before pulling out a coin and flipping it. Specialist Blake. You will begin. In your own words, how did this fight start.”
“It started because a meathead opened his fat mouth and wrote checks his ass couldn’t cash.” Blake mutters.
“Really?” Admiral Hynala’s tone is so dry it actually seems to be sucking the moisture out of the air.
“Sir... there are innumerable difficult and delicate procedures in order to properly code and program. It is not an easy thing to do. When he suggested I start trimming code, he displayed an absolutely stupefying ignorance of just how much work and review goes into coding to begin with and downright insulted me.” Blake states. “It’s like suggesting you get everything done by just stamping your name on things at random.”
“Specialist Blake. Do you know what the correct course of action when someone insults you as a result of their own ignorance?”
“You ignore it. Their ignorance has already proven that the insult comes from a place of weakness. It is fundamentally proof that they don’t know what they’re talking about and are best ignored and if not ignored, humoured.”
“Yes sir.”
“Now, Sniper Zeman. I would like your recount of events.” Admiral Hynala orders.
“The whole shift leading up to it or just the incident in question sir?”
“Both and in that order.”
“Well sir, my shift was to provide protection if things went off and assist in the testing of more advanced villain drones. During it I noticed Specialist Blake growing more frustrated as he tried many, many different algorithms and programs to try and get smoother and more effective movements into the drones. He tried numerous things from combat attempts to dance moves and just got more and more frustrated. I don’t even fully remember the conversation in question. It was nothing but small talk and he suddenly loses all his patience. This was directly after he told me I could leave and then he reverses that choice and tells me I can stay.”
“Which is when you did something.”
“Yes, he told me to stay so I stood obnoxiously close and this of course provoked a reaction. Sir... I apologize for my part in this affair and provoking an already incensed man.”
“I know you have a date with Miss Ripfang, it is on hold until this meeting is done and attempting to simply appease me will make me hold you longer. We are dealing with this issue and that is that.” Admiral Hynala states.
“Yes sir.” Pavel says.
“Now, these actions are not acceptable and your modified schedules will be sent to you both shortly. If I hear of any further fights between you two there will be a day of payment docked and you will both be in front of me again. I don’t want to have to take money and privileges from my soldiers, but I will if I have to. You gentlemen are Undaunted. You are not the best of the best, you are better. No matter what challenge you face you are better. Act like it.”
“Sir, yes sir.”
“Dismissed. You both are off duty for the remainder of the day without pay.”
“Yes sir.”
“Sir, I’m nowhere near finished the program.”
“Let it sit Specialist. It’s not a bomb in need of defusal.”
“But Sir!”
“No buts. You let emotion control you. You’re off duty for the remainder of the day.”
“Yes sir...”
Both men are then sent from the office with a slight jerk of the Admiral’s head and leave. Pavel heaves a huge sigh of annoyance and disgust before rubbing at his nose and then just leaving the area without speaking to Blake who clenches and unclenches his fists in rage.
Pavel rushes through the ship and only takes the time to grab a proper jacket before rushing out tot he landing bay and leaping out.
The hot and ash tinged air of Skathac is welcome as it makes it feel like the earlier events are an entire world away. He sucks in a deep breath and lest out a wordless bellow to both vent his frustration and warn any Sonir to clear a path, an Unduanted is coming.
He conjured a flat pane barrier and slams his feet into it to redirect his momentum. There’s a bit too much sideways movement so he bleeds it off with a spin and keeps going.
His boot comes down on the head of a gargoyle and he launches himself along, grabbing the corner of a building and swinging hard to keep moving. His eyes narrow as he focuses and he’s suddenly down the street and coming up on another corner to grab and swing around.
More focus as he begins to descend and he bounces off the canopy above a cafe and translates the momentum to the side to flip to the ground.
“Pavel! You... I was worried that... what happened?” Dot Ripfang asks him and he sighs. It looks like she’s been waiting for a while under the canopy and that’s on him. That’s on him and his getting into a fight.
“Some drama with the other Undaunted. Nothing to be worried about, although my schedule is abotu to be shaken up.”
“Oh! That’s not good, are you in trouble?” She asks and he winces a bit.
“A little. I got into a small fight with another soldier and a few things got broken in the process. So of course the Admiral’s response is to pair us up for the next two months. We’re either going to kill each other or settle our issues.”
“And what is the issue.”
“That’s the stupid part. There isn’t one. He was just getting frustrated and the small talk I was using to pass the time set him off. A stupid little mistake but now we’re both in trouble.” Pavel says with a shrug. “Sometimes things happen, you just disagree or say something that’s the particular sensitive subject of the poor bastard and it sets them off. Of course since you’re fine you think that them going off the handle is stupid so you respond in your own way, which makes it worse and back and forth until you’re throwing hands. It happens. The boss knows it happens but he has to punish anyways.”
“Oh... I see...”
“Anyways, that’s more than enough about my issues. What’s going on with you. You sounded like things were pretty important when you set up this meeting today. Is something going wrong?”
“It... well... you know my family is just on vacation to Skathac right?” Dot asks and Pavel nods.
“Is it coming to an end?” He asks and she nods herself this time.
“Yes and... well... I just don’t know how we’re going to make this work at a distance. We’re... I mean... this isn’t some runaway romance and we’re not trying to just force it so... I mean...”
“It’s alright to break it off. There’s no shame in that.” Pavel says. “Better to date around and find out you’re not mixing that well then to force along a relationship that isn’t working. Especially at long range.”
“Really? But I’ve heard so many stories about humans being so intent on making things work! I’ve browsed a few... Oh dear... it’s because of me isn’t it?”
“No it’s not. It’s that humans are different. There’s no big spark between us despite actually liking each other, that’s fine. A friendship is a valuable thing. Even if it’s not a grand one.”
“Oh... well... We’re going home tomorrow and I was wondering how to say goodbye. We haven’t really gotten anywhere but we’ve been trying to make it work and... I just don’t know.”
“Not what you expected?”
“No. Not at all.”
“Not bad I hope.”
“No, it hasn’t been bad. It’s just not what I expected.” She admits and he shrugs.
“Well, that’s not a bad thing then. I’m not really sure what else to say. I’m sorry we don’t have more time to make this work, but we apparently don’t. If you’re not broken up about this, then I have even less reason to be. We tried, it didn’t work. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“But there should be! A big cavation with excitement and a whirlwind romance is what’s in all the movies and stories and... and...”
“And that’s because there are few stories about things just being normal and fine. It’s too boring to put into video format.” Pavel says.
“It just doesn’t feel right though. I should want this more, we should be really trying harder and... I don’t know, it shouldn’t be hard to want someone!”
“... Let’s put it to the test.” Pavel says and she gives him an odd look. “Let’s kiss, if there’s anything other than pheromones we’ll keep trying. If it’s just pheromones though, we break it off as friends. Okay?”
Dot considers it for a few moments before nodding and then reaching over the table to pick him up by the shirt. There’s a hesitation in her movements as she rises up and pulls him up to her. Then her lips met his and the tongues meet as well and... they both just go still as things go from weird to very awkward.
She sets him down gently with a sigh. “The heat’s there but that’s just... I mean... I want it. But it’s... its IT I want... not...”
“Not me. That’s fine. We’re not clicking, that’s okay.” Pavel says before gesturing back to the table. “My friend, would you care to join me for a meal?”
“I’d like that.” She says softly.

First Last
PS: Ye Gods I have not been sleeping well with the smoke. It's also making me go through more meltdowns than average. I'm taking a nap after posting this then putting down the author's comment. Sorry for it being late.
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2023.06.08 23:11 Ok_Director3051 im losing the one thing i had left

not really a throwaway but i don’t use this acc often and just needed someone to hear me.
in the past 10 months, my girlfriend and i have had the most steady decline in our relationship i’ve ever had. we were so happy a year ago this time. it’s been a long journey with splitting, coping with my episodes, and navigating through hard situations together.
it won’t get better. it hasn’t. my bpd has been a demon inhabiting my body for years and it won’t get better. no matter what i do or try, everyday ends with a meltdown over something in regards to my gf. some days it’s mild, we can end the day on a good note. some days it’s awful and the entire day is scrapped.
i can’t cope with everyday human activities. i can’t be left alone for more than 10 minutes without having a meltdown. i’ve been crying uncontrollably for hours because she went to sleep, after i kept her up arguing about it for an hour and a half.
my bpd is awful. it’s only getting worse. i’m so angry with her everyday for everything. i’ve been trying my hardest to treat her better than i used to, and i have made progress. but now, i’ve started resorting to pushing her away and isolating myself. my once petulant bpd has now become more quiet.
we don’t talk anymore. i’m so drained, when we text i can’t bring myself to actually have a conversation, it’s just dry talk.
during my episodes, when i lash out, she gets really mean and escalates everything. she didn’t use to do that. we used to be able to communicate effectively and fix the problem. but now, it’s awful.
i don’t want my relationship to end. but i want to stop feeling so much pain over someone who i’m supposed to be happy with. i love her and i don’t want to break up. but i’m not seeing any other options due to the dark place our relationship has gone to.
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2023.06.08 23:11 ILikeEggsSometimes 25M Looking for a genuine friendship

Hi there, looking for someone to be friends with that I can genuinely say I feel a connection between us. Someone that I'm pretty much always excited to chat with or spend time with when ever I have free time. It's always nice to have someone to look forward to telling something interesting that happened to you. Stuff I do often is gaming online (PC), going to the gym, and watching stuff on Netflix. I'm open to trying something new if we end up getting along. Anyway, send me a message if interested. US Only please
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2023.06.08 23:11 Spunkymonkeyy Was told I’m lowkey love bombing?

Disclosure I talk to guys sometimes weeks/months before we actually hang so it’s not like it’s a one day time-span.
Soooooo I’ll talk to guys on apps to make sure we’re compatible personality wise as well. Lowkey talking shit to each other. Like I’ll call someone a fat bitch if they’re obviously slim or muscular.
So yeah we talk for a while so I know I like them. When they come over apparently I love bomb though? I kinda give them a boyfriend experience after about an hour of distance. Includes lots of cuddles, kisses on their face, making them laugh, watching a movie, more jokingly shit talking, some lowkey domination where they’re like 😳🥵. And they always get extremely comfortable with me and end up liking me. Is this love bombing?? I thought this was just a regular date and me being myself?? One of my girlfriends said that’s love bombing and I said no it’s different, that’s just my personality. Thoughts? Am I wrong?
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2023.06.08 23:11 Zealousideal-Set3058 What have your experiences been like getting to know someone long distance for the first time? Any advice? I (28F) and he(32M)

I met a guy through OLD whom I’ve been talking with for nearly 3 months now. I 28F and he 32M. We both made our intentions clear from the beginning that we’re both looking for a relationship. The thing is we met while I was travelling but didn’t get the chance to meet up cause I only had a day left in town and a packed schedule. So we’ve kept in touch until my next visit in his town which will be end of August essentially. so far we’ve been texting and having video chats. It’s been good. I just want some honest opinion on this. I feel like the “talking stage” is a little long and I’m a bit worried about it dissipating. I’ve thought about perhaps seeing him sooner, then coming back for august but it’s a 6 hour flight so it’s different than if I could just drive. The reason I’m in town later is cause my sister moved there recently and is having a baby shower; other than that I’m not ever in that area since I don’t have any other friends there. I just think objectively it would be better to meet in person to get a better feel for each-other before we decide to date. I’m starting to really like him- his personality is attractive and he’s intelligent, has a great job and life outside of work, easy to talk to. Seems like a solid man. he’s been consistent in his communication, and we text often but not always everyday - which we both think is reasonable.
My question is: to anyone who’s gotten to know someone long distance, what has your experience been like and how did it turn out? any advice you would give? Things I should keep in mind?
Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.06.08 23:11 shjrsgn257 A person who use to be in my life is using my personal information to pay their bills and I’m not sure what to do.

This might be long so I apologize in advance. Also English is my second language, please bare with me.
When I was in high school, I met a guy who is now my toxic crazy ex boyfriend. I was with him on and off for about 3.5 years. In 2019-2020 I ended up temporarily moving with him to a home he claimed was going to be ours. However, we shared the home with my exboyfriends then uncle (was or still might be best friends with his dad; I encountered him around 2021 when he told me that he isn’t as close to them anymore which is why I don’t know what he is to my ex boyfriends family) and his two step children. When I moved in, I ended up putting my name on some of the bills in order to work on my credit. Fast forward to 2020, I dump my ex and move out. I was under the impression that my name would be cut from all documents related to the home.
Now it is 2023, I have found the love of my life and I am married to him. We are trying to get our first apartment, and we achieved in doing so. We move in tomorrow, and are now trying to make sure we have all utilities and everything squared away. I decided to call our assigned utility company to attempt to put my name on the bill, but when I called something unexpected happened. I got told that I already have an account with them and that I owe them money! I asked them more questions and found out that it’s been going since 2019, was never cancelled, and that the account hasn’t been payed in months. I found where it was from and confirmed that it was from the house I use to live at in 2019-2020 when I was with my crazy ex.
I’m upset about this. This person is using my information on this account for their bills, I’ve never gotten a call or email about any of this either. My husband and I are going to go to the home and try to talk to my ex boyfriends uncle to see what’s going on. But it is still a very unexpected and upsetting event to be in. Im not sure what will happen or what else to do apart from trying to talk to this person.
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I 27F am married to 26M , for almost 7 years . I recently found out he has been “cheating” on me the whole marriage . I say “cheating” because from what I know and saw it has all been online/ text / calls and never physically. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child . Since finding out about the cheating I have been diagnosed with depression and the Dr are worried. I don’t want to take away him seeing this child be born , but I also for my sanity and to be in a “happy” relaxed place during labor I kind of don’t want him there . Should I suck it up and let him or stand my ground and not .
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2023.06.08 23:10 samuelS1099 [WTS] Reate Exo-m Zircuti, Protech Whiskers, Kizer Deviant Friday Club, Ranier Knives Fastpak, AD20.5 Parts, I5T Timascus

Hey yall, hope all is well. Looking to recoupe some funds and sell of stuff i dont use anymore. Everything but the Fastpak and the AD20.5 Parts will come with all the goodies from the manufacturer.

Reate Exo-M Zircuti Tanto. SV: $420 Bought 2 of these and like the zircuti pattern of the other one better. BNIB been opened 2 times. Once when i got it, once to take pictures.
Protech Whiskers. SV: $150 Had this one for years and love it but it doesnt get carried anymore. Used to see lots of pocket time and has a few light scratches on the handle and clip, dings on the back of the knife from falling in between the seat and center console. Has a brand new coil spring and is in great working order. Will come with an extra coil spring since Protech sent 2 of them!
Kizer Deviant Friday Club. SV: $140 Bought this new from Kizer when it came out. Such a cool knife but it never saw any real pocket time. In like new condition, some wear around the edges
Ranier Knives Fastpak. SV: $100 Bought this around and carried it for a few years. Great little fixed blade but it hasn't been carried much in the past 2 years. Could use a sharpening and a new set of paracord. Ill be happy to cut off my cord of you don't want it.
Demko Ad20.5 parts. SV: $80 Well i was trying to build a second AD20.5 from spare parts but that didnt work out. After trying to reach Demko knives for 6 WEEKS asking to buy a lock, they wont sell one to me. Kinda crappy customer service if im being honest.
Olight I5T Timascus. SV: $200 Bought it off the swap a few months ago and never carried it. In like new condition!
Only thing I would trade for right now would be a CRK small inkosi Insingo blade.
Thanks for looking
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2023.06.08 23:10 Caffeine-Detective1 Question for Therapist: is it true you can't lie?

So during a session I was expressing my therapist the fear that my old therapist (which was a very toxic one) could have lied to me about a certain subject. My therapist, who had always agreed about how harmful she was towards me with her practice, explained me that usually therapist are told not to lie to the patience. They can whithold information for a while, if they think that they could be too much during a certain session. But never they have to lie. The problem with my old therapist was indeed the opposite: she shared too much about herself and other patience. So at the end I agreed ahe probably did not lie about that information. But is this thing about not to lie true?
NOTE: I am in good therms with my therapist, my feelings were validated and the whole session was good. I don't feel invalidated pr anything, i am just trying to understand how therapy works
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2023.06.08 23:10 ExtremeEmotional1290 my (24F) boyfriend (26M) smiled crack and lied about it.

Hello, not really sure to start this. But unfortunately the title is true. Let me give some of our background before continuing. I (24F) have been with my boyfriend (26M) for 4 years. We’ve been living together for 3 of those 4 years.
I grew up with drug addicted parents who would drive high, abuse my sibling & I, steal pills from hospitals, & they traumatized me to no end. Im very vocal about the trauma it has caused me. I have diagnosed borderline personality disorder & CPTSD. Thankfully, my parents are sober & happy now. But regardless, my partner is VERY AWARE of how I feel about drugs & alcohol. Now for my boyfriend, his father is a deadbeat drug addict & diagnosed narcissist. His mother is a very caring woman. She’s actually come to our house before to calm my boyfriend down during one of his drunken rampages. She is incredibly sweet.
So,all of that aside, a week or two ago my partner came home from his POS “friends” MOTHERS house. He was sweating, he stunk, he looked like he’d done thirty lines of coke. Which I was already pissed about. I confront him immediately. He lies to me and says he just “drank some beers.” I refused to believe him. I stayed up until 3am crying. He didn’t care.
Flash forward to last night, when he randomly tells me he “doesn’t like me anymore” & I started drinking beer almost immediately after he said that to cope, so I’ll admit I was quite drunk during all of this. Anyways, he then tells me that I “don’t love him.” And he is “unsure if I’m the one for him.” Obviously I lose it, I run out to my car & lock the doors and start punching myself & screaming. After the sheer hell he has put me through, while I stuck by his side loyal as all hell, I still can’t fathom that he’s uncertain if I’m the one for him. He then follows me, tries to get into my car & when i don’t let him he goes back inside. I calm down after about 15-20 minutes of pure insanity & I walk into the house & basically run into the spare bedroom with my beers, still crying. He starts banging on the locked door & begging me to open it. So I do. He starts saying all this bullshit about how he’s “so sorry & doesn’t know why he is the way he is, and he’s disgusted with himself.” I refused to feed into his BS & told him to get mental help. He then starts fake crying like literally no tears….. incredibly disturbing to witness… but anyways he’s begging me to forgive him & bla bla bla. So to avoid my night turning to shit I pretend to forgive him and things got good. We were listening to music and talking about him getting help. Then, he gets comfortable again & tells me “that night a few weeks ago, when you asked me what I was on & I lied, I actually smoked crack.” I INSTANTLY flip out & start sobbing & having a panic attack to the point I can’t even breathe at all. I eventually get it together & demand he tells me who offered him fucking crack. He tells me it’s his two douchebag friends who I’ve hated since day 1. So, stupid and drunk me goes & messages these two assholes & tells them I’m going to ruin their lives. I even said I wished they would come over so I can run them over with my car. (To be honest, I don’t really regret this part too much. I’ve always known they are bad news & im kinda glad I told them to get fucked. aha.) And my boyfriend finds out I messaged them & loses it on me. He tells me I’m untrustworthy, which is super funny because all I did was message the people that literally did the crack with him…. It’s not like they don’t know. Lmfao. But I don’t really know where to go from here. I’ve been medicated, in therapy & happy for almost 6 months straight. Like the happiest I’ve ever been. Today all day at work I was distracted & just not myself. I feel empty, and sad. I feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. Feel free to leave advice in the comments, or any uplifting quotes or suggestions for me.
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