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2023.03.25 05:09 KrazzeeKane Symphonia - Help with Restriction Based Titles

Hello all,
I am planning on doing my first ever full 100% run through of Tales of Symphonia (GC version). I have found a very useful online text guide that has detailed steps for ensuring I don't miss anything useful and get 100% completion, and according to the guide this can be done in a minimum of 3 playthroughs if you are smart and follow the steps, and plan out the restriction based titles.
However, the one thing it doesn't mention is a game plan for getting the said difficult "Restriction based titles", by which I mean the following 5 titles:
These do not sound easy, and I am unsure of how to tackle these. I wanted to see if any veterans here had any advice for how and when would be best to tackle these titles, and which ones I could do together in the same playthrough. My current plan was to try for:
Does this seem like the most optimal way to plan out these titles, or does anyone who has beaten ToS and earned all these titles have any advice for what they did to earn them? I want to do as few playthroughs as possible lol. Also this is the Gamecube version, not the latest version with any DLC.
Looking forward to any advice from you Symphonia veterans, thanks for your time!
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2023.03.25 05:08 tyronpiteauvl Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download

Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download
Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download (10.30 GB)
What You Get?
PTS has transformed the accounts of countless traders, taking them from literally burning money with failed strategies (aka gambling), to mastering money management and technical analysis.
“After trying several educational options, I have found that LiveTraders provides a clear and personal approach to trading success. After taking Professional Trading Strategies my break even trading became profitable almost immediately.” – Brandon R.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Candle Sticks & Trends
Chapter 3: Essential Patterns
Chapter 4: Pattern Boosters
Chapter 5: Gaps
Chapter 6: Super Plays
Chapter 7: Order Entry
Chapter 8: Money Management
Chapter 9: Trade Management
Chapter 10: The Business of Trading
Chapter 11: Psychology
Chapter 12: Pre-Market & Early Charts
Chapter 13: Putting It All Together
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2023.03.25 05:07 I-Sack-QBs Sub suddenly stopped hitting as hard

So my subs, 2 12” Kicker Comp R’s (1,000 rms) paired with my Kicker 1200.1 suddenly stopped hitting hard. My stereo and everything else works the same, but the subs max out at about 16 volume now, when before I would casually play them around 24 and they’d hit super hard. I cut and reconnected all my connections from the amp and still no luck. Anyone know what might have gone wrong?
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2023.03.25 05:07 Bright-Time3773 Am I not interested, bored easily or do I have an avoidant attachment style

I started talking to some random guy from snapchat who randomly added me. He told me he loved me within 2 phone calls. Our phone calls never end and he never stops disscussing how pretty I am. He even offered his house to me. I don't talk to him for one night. And he starts leaving apologies and messages and I wake up to around 10 messages. I haven't indicated at all that I want to be with him. I message back again today and then he calls me and I immediately turn off my phone.
I'm unsure if I have a avoidant attachment style or a man like this turns me off. I don't know how to properly reject him either.
The last guy I liked told me he thought I wasn't interested in him. I don't know how to attach to people normally.
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2023.03.25 05:07 ThirstTrapGodTony Help with C corp S corp taxes.

I have two businesses officially filed in Texas.
A dog kennel and an online storefront company for arbitrage and wholesale.
I'm currently filling form 1120 for each of them and it's giving me lots of trouble, this is the first year I'm filing taxes for a corporation let alone two (I opened both these businesses in 2022.)
Although I'd like any kind of advice, I'm short on money to hire a tax filer and I really would like to learn how to do this myself until I can comfortably afford a tax filer.
What are some good deductions that I can do for my storefront? Are all of these things tax deductible?: 1) Business meals 2) Legal fees 3) Training & Education Expense 4) License & Fee Expense 5) Gas & Auto Expense 6) Computer Equipment Expense 7) Foreign Independent contract worker Expenses (I have w8 Bens collected.) 8) Shipping Expenses 9) Costs of goods sold
If anyone here could provide some insight or help me out through this free forum I'd appreciate it.
Video guides or otherwise would be very much appreciated but I've researched as much as I could video tutorial wise and I'm still very much confused, especially when it comes to the stock shareholders.
My businesses are filed through zenbusiness as LLCs, when they were filed I am not sure if they were automatically assumed as s corps or C corps. I also do not know how to tax elect them as C corps if I wish to do so.
From what I've watched, read, and learned, whenever a company LLC is filed as a c corp there should also be a value for stocks accounted for. I would be holding all of those stocks and I'm also unsure of where to find the value of the companys stocks when it was formed.
For the sake of this first text post being short, i'll stop here with questions and just see who replies. Maybe I can find some answers through you guys and ask any more if I can find someone who knows here.
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2023.03.25 05:07 Gimme_Donuts_pls TTC for 15 months and counting...

My husband and I are both 24, and healthy to our knowledge. We have 2 children that we easily conceived. I tried hormonal birth control for the first time after having my youngest child May 2021-October 2021 and just decided it wasn’t worth it because my husband and I wanted more children. I really thought I would conceive easily but it’s been really hard emotionally getting so many negative tests every month. My husband and I practice the deed every 2-3 days, I feel like my body may not be ovulating for us to be trying so frequently for so long and no positive? I also have never seen a positive on ovulation test strips. My periods are fairly regular but I have missed 2 periods within the past year. Could my body still be affected by my birth control use in 2021? I’m open to any and all advice at this point.
I know I’m beyond blessed to even have 2 children but I’m just heartbroken and seeking advice. Also, I’m new to Reddit and this is my first post and it’s so vulnerable (kinda nervous, lol).
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2023.03.25 05:07 SmAll_boi7 Stole a FoF and met the most chill pirates I’ve seen.

Hello pirates, scallywags, and swashbucklers alike. Have a seat, sip some grog, and sit back as I take 5 minutes out of your day and tell you a tale of deception and friendship.
I had awakened in the Ancient Spire outpost, having spent my past fortune on grog and funny hats, and readied myself for a hopefully fortune-filled day. Spotting a red skeleton cloud in the distance, I set off to the Fort of Fortune to claim some other poor fools chests and gems.
As I sailed the seas, I spotted the enemy on the horizon, a Galleon already at the fort. Excellent, the work has already been done for me! The first notable thing is my poor hiding and approach with my Sloop, and while swimming towards the Fort I knew they would be expecting me. Or would they? As I was within earshot of the Galleon crew, I had a wonderful realization. This crew was made of 2 hotmic players, a silent one, and someone using text chat. Perfect.
With this ragtag team scoped out, I offered an alliance to them, swimming around the island, looking for kegs in case things go wrong. These hotmic players, however, didn't realize I could hear them. The two started bickering, one of them wanting the alliance and the other wanting to kill me. The one who wanted to kill spotted me and tried to snipe me, to which I returned 2 flintlock shots and killed him. They seemed to forget about me and continued the fort. They were on the Ashen Lord, and the crew lost me in the smokescreen. I used the smoke to get into a tower and grab a keg, placing it on the lower deck of their galleon.
Being cheeky, I taunted them and after that, in an impulse decision, detonated the keg and died. They had completed the fort, so I sailed my boat over as a distraction. With a ram and sword lunge, the fools though I was in the water by their boat, while I was on the island. In the brief period of time I had, I grabbed the Chest of Fortune and placed it in a tower. The rest of the loot was untouched, so they probably didn't even know about the chest. All I had to do was wait for them to leave, and then sail back and grab my plunder.
Chilling in a bay, I scanned the map and had a terrifying realization. A Reaper had just joined the server, and was heading towards the fort. I sailed back, and by the time I was there, the Galleon was already sunk, by the duo sloop reapers. Thinking I was all clear to just sit for a bit, make some quick talk, and then sell my chest, the Reapers let me join an alliance, seemingly like a sloop-to-sloop bro alliance. The Reapers hadn't found the chest, or so I thought, and with the Galleon on the horizon, they went to sell while I quickly sunk (and i'll admit, taunted them) and went back to the fort to see a missing chest.
But thankfully, right as I climbed into the tower, I got the message my teammates sold the chest. Heading to the hideout, the Galleon was on the horizon again. I made it to the hideout after setting off some fireworks to taunt the Galleon again and we sunk them in a storm. After we sold everything, the Reapers let me into the hideout. Now, scallywags/pirates/swashbucklers, I hadn't kept up with SoT for a while, and was only level 39 in Reapers and a measly 5 in the Servants, so getting into the hideout to see what I was working towards was huge. Claiming my allegiance to Flameheart and with another 50,000 coins in my pocket, I would say it was a good day on the seas.
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2023.03.25 05:06 stock_holders I bought 2 bitcoins but everyone is mad at me

My father actually stopped speaking to me because I decided to use the money to buy 2 bitcoins. I realized that people do not want you to be successful in life. Friends have stopped talking to me when they found out from a mutual friend I had told (just one to confine in). They all tell me “you just threw all your money away”.
Little does everyone know, bitcoin is the future. I think I made the best decision of my life. Bought it when the price was at 22k
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2023.03.25 05:06 NookApk TUF A17

My CPU speed drops when I turn on turbo mode in Armoury Crate, I lock clock speed at 3175 MHz, but clock speed drops to 0.38 MHz and then returns to 3175 MHz in a few seconds. I can't play any games cuz they are always stuttering every minute.
SPEC Ryzen 7 5800h RTX 3060 32GB DDR4 3200MHz 1 TB SSD PCIe M.2 200W AC Adapter All Drivers up to date BIOS lastest
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2023.03.25 05:06 ThePurestBoi (x-post from r/manga) Is an an anime less interesting to you after you have already read the manga?

So I really wanna read jujutsu kaisen rn but I'm watching the anime with friends right now. And we only watch 2 episodes a week cause Friday is the only day we can get together. However I want more.
I've heard great things about the anime but I wanna read the manga. Does reading the manga ahead make an anime less interesting to you?
I love anime and wanna watch all the long running shonens but the manga is attracting me.
I wanna experience both but I feel like one would ruin the other for me. Or that I would be bored experiencing the story a second time.
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2023.03.25 05:06 SuperMichieeee New servers instead of server merge?

New servers instead of server merge?
Tof is adding new servers instead of working on deducting it via server merge?
I know they're probably looking forward to new players since it looks like they're pumping events and marketing budgets in an attempt to gather newbie players. But wouldn't it be better if tof will just ask the newbies to go to servers that needed that population?
Can someone rational explain things to me? I'd like to be wrong in this totally.
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2023.03.25 05:06 Artistic_Reaction218 My EB has too much energy!

Hello! I have an amazing english bulldog that had turned 1 y/o just a couple of weeks ago. But I have 2 question/issues about her, and I'd like to hear some of your opinions.
I'm kinda having trouble with her behavior. She's very energetic for an EB. I do think she will get calmer as the years goes by, but I wonder if it is normal that an EB has that much energy like her? LOL
FYI, she walks everyday for like 30 minutes (or 2 thousand steps, as I count on my phone), and we also play tug of war and fetch with her at our home. But it never seems enough. And as me and bf works from home, sometimes the constant asking for attention is a problem.
The other issue is her barking in the car. She seems to dislike being stuck on traffic. When the car is moving, she is ok. But when we arrive at the same place where usually the traffic stucks, even if there's none in the day, I think she remembers it, and starts to bark. Very loud. In our ears. LOL again
Also she gets up and rests her paws on our shoulders, passenger and driver (usually my bf is driving), and she is quite heavy to put back in place (don't worry, she has all the appropriate gear to be in the car, but our car is small so she can get to the middle of ours seats, you know?)
Anyway, I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong, if there's something some of you know that could make my dog be more calm and more aware of her weight. :)
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2023.03.25 05:06 VIInnit Aspect Ratio for Sony a7iv

hey all, i recently got a sony a7iv and wanted to know what aspect ratio should i use if i want to post to instagram? currently i have it on 3:2, but was wondering do should i try a different one or crop afterwards? are there any specific apps i should use for cropping?
i am shooting RAW and wide currently fwiw. thank you in advance!
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2023.03.25 05:06 cain1107 Is that phyrexian oil in the sudden spoiling card art?

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2023.03.25 05:06 beanbag300 Pain under right side of jaw when smiling

M20 5’6 130 lbs, cannabis smoker(occasionally), non drinker,
For about two months I’ve had a weird feeling under the right side of my jaw. Whenever I smile, I feel a dull sensation under my jaw. I suspect it’s something underneath my tongue area since whenever I feel around with my finger, there’s a hard string or tendon or something there. It’s directly underneath my jaw bone.
When I first noticed it, I had these symptoms: -slight fever -sore throat
Also, I still have my wisdom teeth.
Here’s some info that may or may not be connected to it: -2 years ago I started having twitching all over body, fatigue on one side, random zapping sensations all over body(including the back of my mouth). I also had a headache for over a week. These symptoms come and go over the course of months. I havnt had these symptoms in over a year.
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2023.03.25 05:05 Otherwise-Ease-5623 I think My team is done

I think My team is done
Rate the teams and any suggestions
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2023.03.25 05:05 Nickjar789 [PC][2000s] Educational Math Game given out at grade school

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Top-down, 2D, adventure, educational
Estimated year of release: I would say early to mid 2000s, since I remember playing the game in grade school as early as 2007.
Graphics/art style: I’d say a cross between Donkey Kong Country and early 2000s flash games, especially those from Popcap, like Bejeweled and Zuma. The environments and characters had detailed shading that gave everything depth, but I believe it was all 2D sprite renderings. The only environment I remember is a tropical jungle with a Mayan-like pyramid you enter and explore. The tone was generally upbeat, as to be expected from a kids game.
Notable characters: The only characters I remember are these humanoid creatures that act as NPCs and the player character. I remember you could pick the skin color from most colors of the rainbow. The faces actually looked a lot like Flik from the Disney movie A Bug’s Life, but I don’t remember if they were bugs or just generic humanoid creatures. I’m pretty sure they wore regular human clothes.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Gameplay consisted of exploring environments and talking to NPCs, and solving math problems to open up the next areas and get gems. When starting the game you choose a grade level from Kindergarten to 6th grade, and the math problems were pretty simple (simple operations and fractions). I especially remember there were large gems to collect as the main collectible, that looked a lot like the diamonds from Bejeweled, but they came in a range of colors other than blue.
Other details: I went to public school in Northeastern Ohio, and in grade school around 2007-2009 every year the school would have a small math program where we could either choose a packet of math problems, or a CD of this game to take home and play. I would imagine an outside company developed the game and was paid by the school, but I have no idea if it was a local developer or a larger one.
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2023.03.25 05:05 bukooohuskyyyyy Find manga

I was scrolling tiktok and found a slideshow about a manga that I liked. Out of nowhere the app crashes.
The things I remember about the manga is that it's about a couple who's love has gotten cold. They have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for 2 years. But suddenly changed. The husband compliments the wife's skin. The next panels show the wife preparing the husband's favorite meal and when the husband arrives, he brings home flowers and sake.
This is all I can remember. Please help me
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2023.03.25 05:05 Garrisp1984 What if Kyle Reese lied to us?

I know a bunch of people like to debate about who John's actual father is in the Terminator franchise, but what if we've been lied to by Kyle.
So my theory goes like this, John Connor is not nor was he ever the actual leader of the resistance, but Kyle was. Let's say that the two did know one another and John was dead. Kyle is using John's name as a distraction so Skynet isn't focused on himself.
In the future Skynet has been defeated and only went back in time as a hail mary to save itself. If John isn't consequential to Kyle leading the resistance then the future is safe. Because the future is saved Kyle isn't needed in his future and decides to follow the Terminator into the past to prevent Skynet from existing at all. He still needs to maintain the charade until the Terminator is defeated so that it doesn't alter its directives. Kyle shacking up with Sarah is irrelevant to the future, if anything it just leads to Sarah preparing a resistance force in advance as opposed to desperation. The other benefit of this is that if Sarah is terminated nothing changes, but if the events play out like in the films, then Skynet is creating a self fulfilling prophecy where it is responsible for creating its intended target and never becomes aware of its true destroyer.
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2023.03.25 05:05 Morirr_r How do i care for a grieving rat?

My rats(Teeny) sister died a few days ago and she hasnt been eating. Shes been sleeping all the time and hides in the corner of her cage, and i dont know what to do. She wont clean herself, play or anything.
Im getting 2 more rats in a week but im worried she might get an illness before then. What do i do?
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2023.03.25 05:05 zyear927 What are some rules you put in place in franchise mode to make it more enjoyable?

My friends and I are in year 15 of franchise. After every few seasons we look for ways to give us a bigger challenge or balance the game in some way so it's harder for us to build a team of aliens and dominate the league (we still do but it's more challenging). This has been our longest franchise yet and these rules are one of the main reasons we've gotten has far as we have. Adjusting sliders can only do so much.
What are some rules you've tried out that kept it fresh?
Here's some of ours:
Every team in real life has weaknesses. Building a roster of all 99's and superstars gets boring REAL FAST. This helps with that
These rules made teambuilding and playing the CPU (and other users) more challenging. Let me know some of yours and feel free to try these. The game isn't good but this has made it more tolerable.
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2023.03.25 05:05 Gracie357 Setting Boundaries

Hoping I'm not wrong in thinking this still qualifies as a standalone post with the recent update. I did a quick search of existing posts and didn't quite find what I was looking for. After our daughter was born, we agreed my husband would stay home with her while I continued working. I truly love what I do and could not be a stay at home mom because 1) Mentally I just would not be able to handle it 2) My work is a part of my identity just like being a mom is one facet of my identity. I am insanely fortunate to work at a company that values work-life balance, but I am the instigator who crosses that line constantly. My daughter is about 18 months now so we have a lot more interaction but she also loves independent play and sometimes just wants to do her own thing. The problem is that one of the most common places my brain goes when I have this downtime is to work - projects I want to work on, new processes or routines to put in place, developmental programs, etc. For those who love work maybe just a bit too much, how do you help yourself checkout? Or, am I working myself up about nothing? I'm just constantly worried she's going to feel like I'm checked out as she grows up and understands more because I get so excited when I have an idea or go down a mental rabbit hole trying to problem solve something. If she asks for my attention back, I of course am happy to oblige as I'm with her on my off time; I just worry it's detrimental for her to have to ask for it back at all. Any shared experiences, insight, tips, etc. are greatly appreciated.
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