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Takasugi Shinsuke Post-CBC 2023 Profile

2023.03.25 05:34 shinyklefkey Takasugi Shinsuke Post-CBC 2023 Profile


Illustrator: TAKOLEGS Voice actor: Kakihara Tetsuya
A maverick and Meiji Restoration patriot who gallantly entered the scene in Chōshū at the end of the Edo period.
He was a disciple of Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin. Together with Kusaka Genzui, Yoshida Toshimaro and Irie Kuichi, he was known as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Shōka Sonjuku, showing great promise for his future.
At first glance, he appears to be a calm, intellectual gentle-looking man, but in actuality, he has a wild temperament and is a troublemaker who is willing to do anything as long as he finds it amusing. At any rate, he is a free-spirited one-man-show of a president who acts independently of other people.

Profile 1 (Bond 1)

Height/Weight: 177 cm / 63 kg Source: Historical fact Region: Japan Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male
"I, Takasugi Shinsaku, shall lead you all to victory!"

Profile 2 (Bond 2)

He was born into the Takasugi clan, a prestigious family that had served the Mōri clan for generations since the Sengoku era.
At first he attended Meirinkan, a feudal domain school, but he found their practices of allowing only samurai to attend, stiff formal lessons, among numerous other niceties, so utterly archaic that he enrolled into Shōka Sonjuku, an academy presided over by Yoshida Shōin, a previous top student at Meirinkan.
Unlike Meirinkan, Takasugi found Shōka Sonjuku, or rather Shōin's classes, stupidly interesting, and he quickly rose to prominence as Shōin's disciple. He also went to Edo to study abroad, but his teacher, Yoshida Shōin, was captured and executed due to the Ansei Purge. This is when Takasugi began to openly speak of overthrowing the Shogunate.
Following these events, Takasugi joined a delegation under the Shogunate and studied in Shanghai. Witnessing the threat posed by the Western powers, he grew even more concerned about the future of Japan and overthrowing the Shogunate.
After returning to Japan, he joined the Sonnō Jōi movement and mingled with samurai from various clans in Edo and Kyoto. But even amongst these samurai, Takasugi was an exceptionally unconventional man who committed a numerous amount of radical acts such as setting the British legation on fire.
The Chōshū domain tried to keep Takasugi obedient by offering him a position, but he immediately turned it down. He continued to act nonsensically, ranting that he would fool around for a decade and shave his head. He also stated he would go somewhere far away, but he ended up playing his shamisen and composing songs in his hometown.
Chōshū bombarded the Americans, French and Dutch in Shimonoseki, and promptly got pummeled by them. Frightened by the outcome, Chōshū entrusted Takasugi with defending Shimonoseki. As a result, Takasugi established the "Kiheitai", a modernized militia not bound by social status. However, following some disputes, he was soon dismissed as the leader of the Kiheitai. "Damn clansmen, always complaining over the littlest things."
Anyhow, this and that happened, and Chōshū became the enemy of the imperial government after the Hamaguri Rebellion, continuing to be bombarded by the combined naval forces of four nations in Shimonoseki. "It's over now!" they thought, but for some unfathomable reason the Chōshū clan once again asked Takasugi, who was in prison at the time, to negotiate a peace agreement. However, Takasugi was only too eager to sabotage this peace conference, and so he developed an Ultra C plan to force the Shogunate to pay the reparations instead. At the meeting, Takasugi put on a show by suddenly reciting the Kojiki and even pretending not to hear about the concession of Hikoshima.
While all of this was going on, the First Chōshū expedition was approaching, and a faction of the Chōshū clan loyal to the Shogunate emerged to try to accept the Shogunate's demands. Takasugi was so enraged by this that he commanded a unit with a miniscule number of men at Kōzanji. As reckless as his decision was to command a unit, Takasugi and his men in a state of heightened frenzy, marched into Hagi and wiped out the faction loyal to the Shogunate. Hence the Chōshū were now unified in its policy to overthrow the Shogunate. The Second Chōshū expedition by the Shogunate was commenced in response to this act. Everyone believed that Chōshū was now done for, but Chōshū, perhaps having had a taste of success, decided to appoint Takasugi as their naval commander. Takasugi then took command of the navy and won a great victory against the Shogunate fleet. This battle's victory undermined the authority of the Shogunate, which in turn contributed to the Meiji Restoration.
However, Takasugi, who had been afflicted by illness, died of pulmonary tuberculosis without ever seeing imperial rule fully restored.
"Ah, I was just getting to the best part, too."

Profile 3 (Bond 3)

Takasugi may have a lithe frame, but he has fully mastered Yagyuu Shinkage-ryū. Surprised?
Well, that alone seemed too run-of-the-mill for the likes of him, so he developed a mysterious and strange sword technique that combines a specially made Molotov cocktail and Shinkage-ryū. It's fun to swing around.
During normal combat, he wields his homemade Molotov cocktails and shamisen blades, and on top of that he even summons and manipulates a miniature prototype model called Prototype Arahabaki, demonstrating his reckless fighting style. If anything, my style's more like a Rider than an Archer. But I'm not the kind of guy to fit a stereotype, just something else to appreciate about me.
This combat style was derived from events in the Restoration City Saitama singularity, but due to the nature of his peculiar Noble Phantasm and dramatic fate, it became engraved into Takasugi's Spirit Origin.

Profile 4 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 4)

Unprecedented Child Prodigy: A An unfinished masterpiece. A phrase coined by a specific someone regarding Takasugi, who raced across the end of the Edo period like a glittering star.
Armament Restoration: B Innovate. Modifying the armaments of one's own army into the latest equipment of that era. A skill derived from the Kiheitai, who overwhelmed the Shogunate forces with the latest equipment and daring tactics.
My Japanese Spirit Will Live Forever: A A line from his teacher Yoshida Shōin's death poem. It makes it possible for Takasugi to rise up against adverse circumstances to escape death in the nick of time. This is an unprecedented skill composition, possessing Guts despite his Weak Constitution.
Weak Constitution: - Weak Constitution was originally a demerit skill, but it has transformed into the Japanese Spirit skill mentioned above after accepting the words and spirit of his teacher.
What's up with this "Weak Constitution" skill bullying its user, save this kind of crap for the Shinsengumi's Manslayer-or-whatever-the-name-was.

Profile 5 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

Super Restoration - Kiheitai Rank: B+ Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm Range: 1-30 Maximum targets: 300
Chōkyū Ishin - Kiheitai. A Noble Phantasm sublimated from an anecdote about the army created by Takasugi. This is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that strengthens its allies by endowing them with the necessary skills and equipment according to the war’s situation. It is a difficult Noble Phantasm to use, as it requires managing the finer details such as determining the enemy’s weaknesses, selecting the necessary equipment, and adjusting one’s skills. Essentially, it is a supporting Noble Phantasm that enhances its allies.
In its fully unleashed version, in other words the ace up his sleeve, it is possible for Takasugi to summon the strongest army he can imagine and utilize it temporarily.
Due to the effects of the Noble Phantasm described above, it is possible to summon or select a large number of soldiers with Servant-class combat power with the best equipment, skills and abilities needed to suit the battlefield, as well as operate and strengthen said soldiers as a unit. However, once unleashed, it is a self-destructive Noble Phantasm that rapidly wears down Takasugi’s Spirit Origin and places a tremendous burden on him, so its operational time is short and it becomes difficult to activate again.
Incidentally, the equipment and weapons to be enhanced will become the latest armaments available in that era, so its effects may vary. For example, the Stone Age will summon stone axes, and the early modern era will summon bombers, thus making this a romantic Noble Phantasm that you never know will be strong or weak.

Profile 6 (Clear CBC 2023 and Bond 5)

─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, it’s not like I was planning to go that far for the sake of my nation or for the sake of other people. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to stand boring things. I have zero motivation to do anything other than what catches my interest, and my body won’t even move an inch. Personally, if something doesn’t interest me, that thing becomes evil in itself. That’s right, if it’s fun, then it’s just.
I don’t know whether this truth exists in this world or not, but it’s worth acknowledging it as the sole truth, that’s for certain. Stuff that’s boring or uninteresting aren’t usually considered good things anyways.
Simple, huh? Oh, I’m not trying to get you to agree with me or anything like that. To begin with, I don’t care what people say about me, or whether they think I’m insane. If everything in this world is boring, then it’s this world that is wrong. All I have to do is destroy everything that’s boring and make it interesting.
─── Live interestingly in this uninteresting world.
I mean, ultimately as long as humans live a humorous life, that’s more than enough. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished or not, it’s about how you live your life.
That’s right, live a humorous life. Live.

Bond CE

After Waking Up Late In The Morning
"Well, I suppose it's about time I get up."
Long ago, back when the youth worried about the state of their nation and rose up in times of turmoil to save it, there was a man who succumbed to death without having achieved his dream.
Well, that in itself wasn't unusual in particular. Back then, everyone was in a hurry to live, while scrambling to be the first to die. Although he would have liked to go a bit more on a rampage first.
The man awakens once again, not knowing whether his wish has been fulfilled or if fate is playing tricks on him. And now together with the youth of the new era, he faces not only a crisis in Japan, but a plight for humanity’s very survival.
Hahahahaha! Excellent, if I were to go on a business trip, of course it would be for a desperate situation of this magnitude with no way out whatsoever. The more powerful the enemy and the more difficult the obstacles, the more interesting it becomes. You think so too, right? Indeed, this obstinate man will stand up again and again. Guided by a strange destiny, leading a strange army into a strange battle.
His eyes gleamed just like that time back when he knocked on a certain door that day.
“This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms flutter away, carried by the winds of my hometown. At last, I follow my teacher’s shadow in Noyamagoku.”
“Well, I’ll be off then, Sensei.”
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2023.03.25 05:33 SuccessfulTeaching27 I'm sorry for everything

I'm sorry for my misery, i deserve the mental dread and the loneliness. I'm sorry for not having any friend. I'm sorry for trying. I'm sorry for not conforming. I'm sorry for being a deadbeat. I'm sorry for being uterly useless a waste of oxygen. I'm sorry for being on death door for years. I'm sorry for fearing being manipulated and controlled. I'm sorry for being too coward to kill myself. I'm sorry for hating everyone. I'm sorry i couldn't fix anything. I'm sorry for existing. It's not over it never even began.
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2023.03.25 05:32 Sea_Animator_2514 Help Shutdown Online Pill-Mills?

This is a bill/ruling proposed by the DEA to limit online-clinics prescribing of controlled substances without an in-person medical exam.
As we've all seen, during recent times, no doubt boosted by lax Covid-era laws, there has been a proliferation of online clinics that anyone with internet can access. They usually have a fancy designer webpage and promises of streamlining your care, and bypassing the need for traditional money-costing, time-wasting brick-and-mortar doctor visits. Many of them have popped up recently, started by internet entrepreneurs, hiring, no doubt, many midlevel's, with a distant 'medical director' that you will never hear from, probably addressed in Florida.
Many of them are testosterone or Adderall-selling clinics. They seek the opportunity to diagnose anyone who comes to them with the aforementioned conditions, in order to facilitate a subscribing customer. The goal is to get the customers started on a prescription plan (bypassing insurance), like "$250 a month all meds covered". Their intake questions are obviously designed to elicit positive review of systems, such as "Do you wish you had the energy and libido of an 18-year-old?" or "Fat and can't gain muscle?" "If so! then you can benefit from getting on testosterone injections and an Adderall prescription!"
I'm primary care and have had many new patients coming in for 'refills', and they say they're diagnosed with ADHD and low-T, but when asked for medical records or who their previous doctors are, they shut down and become defensive. I check PDMP, and bam, some random Florida compounding pharmacy has mailed them testosterone powder from a random APP, always in Florida or Texas.
I've fought long and hard for my medical training and license, and I sure as hell don't want to squander it by sitting behind a screen, direct messaging 'customers' and Rxing massive quantities of testosterone, benzos and Adderall because that's what my boss is expecting. If I dare to practice medical judgment and restraint, I'd be replaced with the next expendable APP who knows that 'you do what the customer asks!'
Not that these diagnoses don't exist, or people do not suffer from them, but essentially, this turns medicine into more of a shopping-experience by internet savvy patients. Just go online, fill a form, answer some leading questions, pay good $$$, and bam your controlled substances are mailed to your door!
I'm not against proper medical treatment of these conditions, for those who really have them. These online clinics have turned these medical conditions into a bargain-sale, no wonder we're having an Adderall shortage, eh? They can't truly monitor the patients' condition. They usually start medicines to help cover side effects caused by the initial prescription. For example, you'll see a perfectly healthy young man who's on testosterone, an estrogen-blocker, a fertility medicine, a hair-loss pill, a prostate pill, two blood pressure medicines. His ferritin is so low because due to erythrocytosis from the roids, he's donated blood 24 times in the last 12 months!
Seems like the DEA thinks the same thing and is looking to mitigate the runaway, frivolous, for-profit prescribing of controlled substances, that have taken off due to these clinics. Essentially, they're requiring so that the initial prescription must be to a patient that is in-person, that the provider can talk to and touch. (for controlled substances)
I think this is reasonable, there are a lot you can miss by talking to patients via instant-messaging, such as vital signs, exam findings, and the subtilties and nuances.
They're looking for comments from anyone, providers, patients, laypersons, anyone who's interested. If you have an opinion about this, why not go over to DEA and make a comment?

Federal Register :: Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances When the Practitioner and the Patient Have Not Had a Prior In-Person Medical Evaluation
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2023.03.25 05:28 Tj20931 Ad-Ad Fruit (Kōkoku Kōkoku no Mi)

Name: Ad-Ad Fruit
Ability: The Ad-Ad Fruit (Kōkoku Kōkoku no Mi) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate advertisements around them. Making the user a Salesman Human.
Appearance: The Ad-Ad Fruit is a white head-sized fruit that has a long pointed nose-like protrusion that sticks out from the large amount of foliage from under the fruit that covers the whole fruit. Sticking out from the top of the foliage is a black stem that comes out of the top of the fruit, the stem form into a ‘G’ shape and then curls flatly similar to dots on both ends of the stem, strangely enough the stem’s coloration switches from black to bright red once.
In-Depth Description: Upon consumption the user is granted the ability to create and manipulate advertisements of any type and through any medium. Through coming into physical contact with an advert, the user is able to completely change the appearance of that advertisement and make it one of their [Ads]. Once that happens, the user is capable of remotely seeing through any of their [Ads] and allowing the user to see the current [wants and needs] of whoever is looking at the advertisement as well as communicate through them; and in-real time the user is able remotely change it’s contents to further appeal to the customer who might take the offer. If the customer were to take the offer on the advertisement through either verbal confirmation, signed documentation, or willingly shaking the user’s hand to officialize the [[DEAL]]. Depending on the few situations after a [[DEAL]] is made will the [true power] of the Ad-Ad Fruit take effect.
After striking a [[DEAL]] with a customer, the user must be able to deliver their end of the [[DEAL]] before being capable of receiving the customer’s payment. If the user is unable to fulfil their end of the bargain, then the [[DEAL]] will be immediately voided and any payment made by the customer will be returned in full back to them. But if the user possesses the [“intended product”], then the deal will proceed as normal with the customer receiving the product while the user receives the agreed form of [payment] while in person or through the [Ad] acting as a gateway for both [product] and [payment]. As to more favour the user, they are able to [[SCAM]] the customer so long as they don’t ask for the user to inspect the [product], sign the [“required”] documentation without reading it, or unconditionally accept the [[DEAL]]. While the user has to meet their end of the [[DEAL]], the quality and condition of the [“intended product”] does not need to meet such requirements as long as it looks like the [“intended product”] or it fulfils the purpose of [“intended product”]. The rules of both of these conditions are incredibly loose in interpretation, allowing the user to exchange a bad copy/bootleg of the [“intended product”] so long as it meets either requirements.
However, in the event that the customer does not possess the required payment either during the immediate [[DEALmaking]] or they fail to meet the steps of alternative paying methods, the user is then able to invoke special string-like green wires that rain down upon the [InDEBT Consumer] and attach themselves into their body from behind them. These [[Silly Strings]] are completely invisible to those who either aren’t indebted to the user or to a customer who hasn’t noticed anything, but if the user were to tell someone how this particular facet of the fruit works, then they will have the capacity to see these green wires. Once someone becomes a [InDEBT Consumer] the user is capable of slowly but surely manipulating them into doing what they want, with the more [[Silly Strings]] embedded into their body, the more overall control and sway the user has over them. So long as one green wire remains, the user will always know where the [InDEBT Consumer] is located. Just having a few green wires attached to you will make one susceptible to the user’s [“sweet words”] and [[Sales Pitches]], as well as being more blind to such actions of the user, to then end up with more [[Silly Strings]] attached onto their body. With a certain amount of green wires, the user is then capable of influencing a [InDEBT Consumer]’s actions through sleight hand movements and or verbal commands, after a few green wires after that stage, they will begin to become more reliant and gullible to such [“endearing encouragement”] from the user.
With enough [[Silly Strings]] attached onto a [InDEBT Consumer], their minds will become fully oblivious to any [“bad publicity”] of the user and do just about any of the user’s whims and bidding. However if a [InDEBT Consumer] were to become too indebted to the user and possess far to many [[Silly Strings]], then their mind will automatically start to deteriorate to the point of insanity, and become potentially become too unstable for the user to verbally manipulate them. When at such a stage, a [InDEBT Consumer] will fully acknowledge the existence of the [[Silly Strings]]. But just like all other [InDEBT Consumers], they themselves are unable to cut their own [[Silly Strings]], requiring the help of [“non-consumers”] to cut these green wires.
Back onto the [Ads] part of the devil fruit, the overall range the user has depends on the amount of [Ads] of any kind relative to each other. With the user’s pseudo-omniscience ranging far and wide as long as an [Ad] is in the relative range of another [Ad]. If a chain of [Ads] are all in relative range of each other and the user is at least in the radius range of one of the [Ads] making up the chain. Then the user will have complete and perfect vision through all of them. If the user is not in range of a mass of [Ads] then the viewing quality from them will begin to lessen. But if there are enough [Ads] in relative range from each other, then that will generally improve the user’s pseudo-omniscience. However the user themselves also possesses an effective range themselves, with the more in range the user and [Ad] are to each other the stronger the connection. The user’s range is able to be widened and increased with the more [[DEALS]] they make, which in turn slowly increases the range of the [Ads]. An individual [Ad] can have their own connectivity increased with the more customers they draw in and the amount of [[DEALS]] the user makes through that specific [Ad].
Now onto the last facet of the devil fruit, the user is capable of manifesting [Ads] from technological mediums such as [Pop-ups], [3D Models], [PNG/JPGs], and [Videos] into the real-world. Taking the same form as viewed on a Computer or Phone and appearing out of them into the real-world, where the user can telepathically move them around, enlarge them, shrink them, and stretch them. Whilst manifested they are very incredibly durable and can withstand any elemental attack as if it were all the same, however by tapping the close button the top right of these digital [Ads] will make them disappear. They function just like regular [Ads] of the physical world, possessing a relative range and can allow the user to see through them.
Weaknesses: The Ad-Ad Fruit is a devil fruit that is not inherently combat-based, requiring a lot of preparation before the devil fruit can be used in such a sense. As on its own it does leave the user with many options besides the primary facets of the devil fruit’s powers. While people who are obvious to the green wires or people who have green wires attached to them but don’t notice the effect they cause are completely unable to see these green wires attached to them and seemingly originate from the sky above. Non-affected people who have been informed by the user themselves of the green wires or have figured out themselves are capable of snipping the green wires. While the user can turn normal advertisable media into their own, allowing for further use of their devil fruit abilities, despite becoming more sturdy in terms of not flying in the wind if a gust came, they will all still possess the same durability and weaknesses as their normal counterparts.
The main demographic for the user are usually run of the mill people, people who aren’t observant enough to pick up the pieces of very slight things that happen to them. Such as the feeling of something latching onto them, their body doing something on their own, or feeling a certain way toward something all of a sudden. All manifested technology ads are the ads usable form combat, however they are at the same time the easiest to deal with. Just by hitting the top right “X” button to close the floating window. Most importantly, the user of the fruit must be somewhat capable of being a sales(wo)man or be willing to learn as a minimum to use this fruit at all or just be able to lie very well to people without feeling guilty.
Combative Info: The Ad-Ad Fruit in its entirety is not inherently for combative use, however it is capable of such use. Through coming into contact with any technological medium that adverts can be placed in, the user can make such ads manifest in the real-world. The windows from computer-like mediums are very durable, easily withstanding multiple cannon fire without such much as a crack. And are also capable of cutting someone by spinning it to further increase the windows cutting power. 3D polygon models act similar to props then anything that the user can telekinetically throw, if it so happened to be an animated model, then once manifested it will repeat its actions in a loop. The user is capable of raising the volume and brightness of video pop-ups to both blind and deafen opponents.
While the user ensnares more people in debt as well as deepening their staggering debt to the user for not doing their end of the deal. The user can forcibly take control of the user’s green wires and puppeteer them into fighting, operating in a similar fashion to Doflamingo’s Parasite technique. And the user is able to detach green wires from nearby indebted customers and manipulate to wrap around or attack the unaffected opponent while at the same time not attaching any debt onto them. However this not only allows the unaffected person to see the green wires, but also be able to cut them while they are in physical contact, even if they manage to snap a green wire, then that wire will not be reattached to their original indebted recipient. But can still be used by the user to attack opponents, but they can still be re-used for their intended purpose on another or an upcoming [InDEBT Consumer].
Non-Combative Info: Despite the absurdly greedy uses of the Ad-Ad Fruit, it is still an incredibly useful devil fruit for normal commercial uses or really any other form of normal trading uses. The user can easily create high-quality advertisements of any kind for any purpose on any advertisable medium. Being able to create a fully fledged security system by viewing through any and all [ads].
[Advertise]: The user physically touches a medium used for advertisement and transforms it into whatever form of marketable advertisement the user can imagine. When used on things such as paper or signs, the user erases whatever was written/printed on them before printing whatever they could think of. When used on a technological device, the user is simply able to instantly create pop-up ads and video advertisements. So long as it was possible on the chosen medium.
[[Silly Strings]]: The user summons special string-like green wires from the sky onto the backs of a [InDEBT Consumer]. The more wires attached onto the back of a victim, the more susceptible they are to any of the user’s manipulations. The wires themselves become more durable and stronger the further the number of th deals the user makes, but will decrease the more deals get broken. While general training with them will make the base strength of the wires more stronger.
[Manifested Windows]: The user focuses their [Ad-Ad Fruit] power on an advertisement off a technological screen. This causes the advertisement shown on the screen to begin to distort before literally coming out of the screen and assuming itself a 3d form. These manifested windows can be used in various ways from offence to defence. These 3d advertisements can be interacted with like advertisements the user creates. But the user is able to revert any of these manifests into 2d shapes and place them around like normal handout adverts, minimising them so that they maximise when someone is near, or make them float toward the nearest person and harass them.
Once the user of the Ad-Ad Fruit awakens, catching up their body and mind to the levels of their own ability. The standard abilities given when first consumed are significantly increased beyond what they were before, the proverbial range of advertisements are increased, the strength and durability of [[Silly Strings]] improved, the intricacies of the [InDEBT Consumer]’s body that can be manipulated are heightened, and much more. The former weakness of the devil fruit where the user needed a pre-established advertisement or materials to use their devil fruit has been lifted to an extent*****. Now all the user needs to do to create an advertisement is to simply make a sales pitch of any kind, with the more grandeur the pitch, the stronger the advertisement. The user can even now conjure pop-up tabs and digital lettering in thin air to help begin a sales pitch, or enhance their own speechcraft. They can even be used in combat if the user desires, though they are not as potent as physical advertisements or manifested tabs.
However that is only half of the entire awakening, the other half focuses on the conceptual power of the devil fruit and what the user can exactly turn into an “Advertisement”. While in the pre-awakening state, the user is only able to bargain for and sell physical objects and beings. Now the user is able to wrap their [[Silly Strings]] on more intangible [products] such as a person’s soul, in turn granting complete control over an individual, or perhaps something that has yet to exist like a person’s first born. Or even something tied to their very being like their devil fruit ability, though [WARNING: ANY ATTEMPT FOR THE USER OF AD-AD FRUIT TO ABSORB INTO THE POWER OF ANOTHER DEVIL FRUIT USER THAT HAD [“willingly”] SOLD THEIR DEVIL FRUIT POWER TO THEM WILL SUFFER FROM SPONTANEOUS EXPLOSION OF THEIR ENTIRE BODY. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS\.]*
Lastly while the user is able to wrap their [[Silly Strings]] on more intangible [products], the user is now capable of extending what they can exactly turn into advertisement. Following more in line with a standard paramecia awakening, but in a thematic way, any land the user comes into [“ownership”] of and becomes their [“property”]. The wielder of the Ad-Ad Fruit is able to freely change and manipulate everything within and connected to the user’s square feet of land into advertisements. While the user is unable to manipulate the environment in the same way as other paramecia users due to the less malleable nature of advertisements. The esoteric nature of advertisements and how exactly the user can portray their power because of how broad an advertisement can be makes up for the lack of traditional control over their transformed land. But there is a singular weakness to this facet of the Ad-Ad Fruit, which is that if the deed or proof of documentation (and if there isn't any, one is automatically created every time the user assumes control of a lone land.) is destroyed or damaged, then the affected environment will either be completely reverted back or parts of it will instead.
Awakened Techniques:
[Deal with the Devil]: The user creates a [specil] one time only [DEAL], however compared to the normal advertisements the user creates, this one is created with the intention of the user trading for something not entirely physical but something that has value to a specific customer. This [DEAL] is more one on one than any other advertisement deal. Requiring the soon to be customer to either sign on the dotted line of a document to finalise the dealmaking, or by [“willingly”] shaking the user’s hand.
[Ad Infinitum]: The user proceeds to make a literal one time only [DEAL] like no other to whom but the Ad-Ad Fruit itself, arranging a [DEAL] that will allow the user to gain a significant amount of power by absorbing all existing goods received through every [DEAL] the user has ever made. In turn however, once the user has finished with what they had intended to do with the power, parts of their own individuality is exchanged by the Ad-Ad Fruit itself with one perfectly lined with the devil fruit’s function. That of being a Salesman and their job of making deals. However once done, they themselves will be ensnared by [[Silly Strings]] with them even knowing, and secretly manipulating them into performing and doing things that allows them to make more deals and benefit them.
P/N: I had created this fruit around the beginning of 2022, but never got around to actually starting anything. But then around the time Spamton Sweepstakes started I then, randomly out of nowhere, thought of the entire concept for the devil fruit.
I will say that I gave up at the end with the awakening moves, due to not feeling the best. But I just wanted to get this devil fruit over and done with. Any of the moves are up for interpretation.
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2023.03.25 05:26 mango_magoo3 My cat Stumpy shenanigans

I got no cat advice but maybe a story about my fat cat will make you laugh My cat Stumpy is a fat football shaped cat and his arse looks Iike he crapped so hard part of his tail exploded. I tells him he getting big but he pays me no mind, and vet just put him on a diet few months ago (16 pounds currently) He's been cranky as sin and rattles his bowl at me n the whole nine yards. Some time ago when I went to work I left the coat closet open by mistake. This is where the food bag is, and he will wait by the closet when its food time. Now I was tired early morning and I must have only left it open a sliver no bigger than vouple hairs. This thing manages to open it anyways, even though before this he would get confuses when bathroom door closed. I comes home there is dry food all over the floor, vomit, and he is sleeping on the floor. I says STUMPY YOU DOUGHEAD YOU'LL BE STOGGED UP FOR DAYS! WHat has you done! Gone was a couple months a food and made a mess everywhere. I was rotted, I tried to be talking in my best angry voice but fat arse knew he was cute and just purred and burped. So this week I use the big dog food plastic container. Apparently he is a genius at finding his way into food. Dont even get me started on the turkey incident at me moms.
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2023.03.25 05:24 DrMcNuggett [M4F] longterm fantasy RP

Hey hey!! Hope whoever reads this is having a great day so far! So I posted a few days back about jumping back into rp'ing after a few tears absent, and already I'm feeling back in the saddle like I never left.
So here I am again looking for a longtime partner for a fantasy style storyline. Very open-ended, very flexible, just something in the realm of...oh you know, dragons, magic, mages, orcs and goblins, dryads and elves, that sort of thing!
I love hearing other people's ideas, so please don't be afraid to bring anything and everything to the table if you've anything on your mind as well. And really this is just something I've been itching for off the top, we don't have to just do fantasy; if there's anything else you wanted to do or twist in, please just bring it up!
I've got an open door, shoot me a message if you're interested. Also, forgot to add at the top, I'm 23 and I'm only looking for 18+ partners. I'm much more active on discord too, so please be willing to hop over there if this sounds up your alley!
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2023.03.25 05:22 BoolinHours I took a pill that gives you endless nightmares.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt anything. My life has become a constant drudgery, even special events have become dull. My son’s fourteenth birthday was a few weeks ago, but it could’ve happened yesterday, or the month before, it’s all been melding into one. I still remember though; I remember being in that moment, and I can tell you the exact details of what occurred, who was there, but I can’t for the life of me remember how it meant to me. I was simply a presence, a bystander. I think my son was happy, I hope he was.
The tasks in my life that were once a burden have become noise to me. In a way I suppose that’s a good thing. I can work my ass off all day, get treated like a dog, and I would be none the wiser. I’m not exactly sure when this happened, I used to hate my job. I guess somewhere along the way I got lobotomized in my sleep. That would explain it. At least I can provide for my son this way.
He reminds me of myself in more ways that I’d like to admit. He’s a pleasure seeker, and the friends that he’s made push these hedonistic tendencies. On his birthday he came back home absolutely plastered, and I should’ve been furious, but it didn’t affect me at. Hell I even offered him another drink. At his age I sought the same type of stimulus, the same type that I yearn for today, so in a way I am living vicariously through him. He’s a good kid though, he’s on this path but he’s not anchored to it. He refused the drink and went to bed. As a father what I did was not good, but as bystander I wish he took it. I wish he prolonged his euphoria. I wish I could see him live.
They’ve been advertising this new medication all over TV. It’s a pill that gives you constant nightmares when you sleep. It’s been all over the news actually. Some people are up in arms about, and for some folks it’s a godsend, folks like me. In my mind this seems like the stimulus I have been craving for so long, but I can’t stop thinking about my son. What happened on his birthday was a moment of weakness. I couldn’t let him know I stooped so low to get a high. Seeking the pleasures in life is one thing, but seeking fear is another. The road my son is on mirrors my own, and I don’t want him to become nullified in the same way. But at this point, he’s becoming a young man before my eyes, and I am indifferent. I need to feel something, I need to be present, not a presence.
After meeting with my doctor, I received the prescription, 30 pills for 30 days. She sternly informed me of the side effects, about how easy it is to overdose, but like all other stimuli in life, it became white noise. But at last, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could finally feel again, and I couldn’t wait to fall asleep. I waited until the lights in my son’s room went off, and after I saw that he had fallen asleep, I could begin. I sat upright on my bed and pulled out the prescription bottle from my drawer. I took another look, scanned it up and down, maybe even considering a reason not to take it. On the label was a warning sign
“Do not take two doses within a 12-hour period”.
“Good to know” I thought to myself, and I popped open the bottle, took a gulp from my glass of water, and closed my eyes.
Thirty minutes passes, and then an hour, and no effect. Worthless scam. My eyes blasted open, but when I tried to get up, my limbs were numb. I tried closing my eyes again…nothing. I tried breathing and I realized I was suffocating; I couldn’t move any part of my body whatsoever. The sweat from my forehead rolled into my open eye. I couldn’t move, but I could experience pain. As the asphyxiation engulfed me, my bedroom became blurry.
“This is it" I thought, I am about to die.
With each passing second my vision faded until finally, as I imagined would be the last moment of my life, the pain stopped. I could breathe again, and sure enough I rose from my prone position and stood up. I look around, everything is in its normal place. I take a deep breath in relief. Now that the worst was over, I got up to examine the pill bottle. The warning was no longer in English, but instead covered in strange markings.
Suddenly I was dragged down by an unbelievable force through my bedroom floor into a black abyss. There was an extremely loud sound that sounded like deep breathing and I felt as if something was watching my descent. At an instant I fell on a sandy bottom. I looked around, but it was so dark that I could only see at an arms reach. I trudged through the sand, stepping on what felt like organic material occasionally. At last, I reached a metal industrial door, like one you’d see in large freezer. On it was some type of text or message, I squinted my eyes attempting to read it. It was in that same language on the pill bottle. My eyes wander down and I notice a door handle. My heart is beating faster than when I was dying. I smile and reach for it.
My eyes tear open as if they were glued. I’m back in my room, I can breathe. I realized that I forgot to turn off my Saturday alarm. I exhale in a sense of relief when I noticed something wet underneath me. Damn I pissed my bed… Understandably, I jumped up and exclaimed upon realization. I hear footsteps coming sprinting towards my room. My son opens the door and sees me in my current state.
“Dad are you ok?”, my son said.
“Oh, yeah…I’m fine, just had a bad dream”
My son notices my soaked trousers and bed sheets.
“Are you…feeling alright?” he says.
My cheeks become bright red.
“Oh um…I just…”
My darting eyes reach the half empty water glass.
“Yeah I just spilled a bit when I was taking my medicine”
My heart froze. I didn’t hide the bottle last night. My son’s eyes meandered to the pill bottle on my dresser, and then back to mine. After what seemed like an eternity, my son perked a smile.
“I think you’re just getting old Dad”.
With that he laughed and rolled his eyes while closing the door. Silence at last. I began to laugh quietly to myself. I couldn’t believe it, but I finally felt something again. I could feel the warm embrace of the sunshine seeping through the blinds of my window.
I walk into the kitchen to find my son cooking breakfast. The sweet scent of the bacon permeates my olfactory senses. I take a moment to listen. I hear the low hum of the air conditioner, the upbeat banter of daytime television, and even ever so faintly, the songs of birds outside. I find myself grinning ear to ear. My son places a plate consisting of tater tots, eggs, and bacon in front of me.
“Someone’s chipper today”, he says.
I smile at him.
“Yeah…yeah I’m feeling good”.
My son leans against a wall and tosses a tater tot into his mouth.
“Maybe it wasn’t such a bad dream after all”, he says.
I snag a tater tot off my plate and do the same.
“Honestly I don’t remember what it was about”.
I felt at peace…or at least it appeared so. I took a bite of my breakfast, but with each chew the flavor began dissipating. I squint, the sunshine has become dull and bright. My hand begins to tremble as I feel an object in pajama pocket. I feel a compulsion to reach down. I slowly retrieve the object from my pocket. My eyes widen and my heart begins to race…it’s the prescription bottle, and the English text is replaced once again with a foreign language. I gawk at it sitting in the palm of my hand, and my lips start to form a smile.
I snap out of it and stuff the bottle back into my pocket. My son is standing behind the kitchen counter.
“Do you want any more bacon before I put it away?”.
“Uh…no thank you, I’m alright for now”
My son stares at me with a charged look.
“All right…” he says.
I quickly regain my composure.
“Son, do you have any plans tonight?”
“Yeah I think Devin’s having some people over tonight…unless you wanted to do something?”
I feign a smile.
“No, no, have fun with your friends!”
“All…right, cool…” my son says.
I jump.
“But maybe we can do something tomorrow?”
My son ponders for a moment.
“I was actually gonna go to Luka’s basketball game tomorrow. A bunch of my friends wanna support him, ya know?…”
He sees a hint of sadness in my eyes.
“But after we could figure something out!” he exclaims.
I smile.
“Yes…that sounds great!”
My son nods and walks out the kitchen door. My hand is still trembling. I look down to see that I had been gripping the bottle the whole time. I check the door; I think he’s gone. I pull the bottle out and examine it, the text has returned to normal. I exhale, I felt safe again.
I hear the door slam closed followed my son’s car screeching out the driveway. He asked if he could spend the night at Devin’s and I complied. It’s seven o’clock in the evening…perfect. I purchased a plastic mattress cover to avoid last night’s mishap, so I put it on the bed, strip naked and sit the mattress. There is a part of me that feels a slight embarrassment at my current situation, but honestly, I’ve been caught doing worse. I also purchased a water-resistant blanket, so I’m not a complete degenerate.
I pull the bottle out from the drawer. The label’s in English…great. I purposefully put the bottle into the drawer and hide it under some of the junk in there, and for good measure, I set my alarm for five in the morning, just in case my son came home early. I pop a pill into my mouth and swallow.
Immediately I am pulled down into the abyss. Darkness has now overcome my entire vision. I am moving extremely fast, much faster than last time. I swear I even feel my ears popping from the change in pressure. BAM!
I slam into the sandy bottom once more. I take a few moments to catch my breath when I notice a light in the distance. It shines an iridescent purple color, unlike I had ever seen. Immediately my feet began trudging towards it, almost automatically. I carefully amble over what seems like a sea of organic matter. I have no inclination of what exactly I’m walking on, but it is consumed most of the sand from before. As I approach the light, I see what I had been drawn to…the door from last night.
Although the door appeared the same as the night prior, it felt…different. I would even say it felt familiar…safe…welcoming. Before I could even think, my hand rose and grasped its handle. It’s difficult to explain, but it reminded me so much of her. I was grinning ear to ear once more. I began to twist the handle, and as I did so the iridescent light that guided me here shined brighter and brighter, once again bathing me in a warm embrace. I peer forward, filled with the most excitement in years, as I’m about to pull the door open.
“Mom! Dad!”
I stop. I look around for the source of the outcry.
“Mom! Dad! Help me! Please!
It’s my son.
Without a second thought I let go of the handle and begin sprinting towards him.
I face plant into the ground. Something has snagged my ankle. The iridescent light has become bright enough to illuminate the ground and…oh my goodness. Around me are what seems like thousands and decrepit bodies, all trying to claw their way out of the sand. I look down at my ankle and see a man gripping me. He has a look of desperation in his eye. I promptly kick him in the face and run off.
“Mom! Dad!”
I’m getting closer.
“Mom! Dad!”
I’m almost there.
I can see him! But he’s being engulfed by the bodies and sand below. I sprint as fast as I can when…
I scream and flail on my bed. I take a few moments to catch my breath. I glance at the source of the noise…my alarm clock. It reads 5:00 AM. It’s morning. The sun has not fully risen yet, but the warm embrace still reaches me. I glance over at the water glass and pill bottle on top of my dresser. I exhale in relief, it’s over… I throw some clothes and head to the restroom. Fortunately, I didn’t have an accident last night, so there’s no evidence there. And thankfully I made sure to hide the pill bottle last night as well.
I sprint back into my room to find the pill bottle on top of my dresser. I try to calm myself down. I must’ve forgotten again. It’s 5 am, there’s no way he’s home. He wouldn’t do that, he’s better than me. I take a deep breath and un-tense my body. Yeah, everything’s ok…
I jump at the pill bottle and count its contents.
With every number my heart races.
My heart sinks. I burst out of my bedroom and sprint to my son’s room. I slam open the door, and my fears realized. He is lying unconscious on his bed. I check his pulse, he’s alive, but his heart rate is slow, and he’s ice cold to the touch. I panic, looking for anything to help. His slow breaths act as a ticking clock as I search for a solution. I grab a phone and begin to dial 911 when I notice something. Silence.
I rush over to my son’s side. He’s stopped breathing…but his heart is still beating, then I notice something more. All along my son’s chest and arms appear to markings materializing beneath his skin, the same markings on the pill bottle. With no other options, there’s only one action I could take to save my son. I sprint back into my room, grab a pill and swallow it.
What feels like an eternity passes, but I cannot fall asleep. I try taking other sleeping pills, I try asphyxiation, I even try knocking myself out with blunt force. But to no avail, I’m trapped here in the conscious world while my son is fading away. My emotions overcome me.
“Why isn’t it working!”
“I thought you wanted to experience true fear?” a deep voice bellowed out.
I did, whatever was talking to me was right. I wanted to feel something, fear, sadness…anything. But now I’m overcome with only one emotion…rage.
“Release my son!”
“Release my son right now, I command you!”
I look around the room and spot the pill bottle.
“What if I made you a deal?”
“…Go on” the voice boomed.
“If I swallow every pill in this bottle, would you let go of my son?”.
“But he’s so fresh and ripe…what do you have to offer?”.
“I don’t…I don’t know…nothing!”
Without thinking I grab the pill bottle and swallow the lot. I collapse onto the floor and begin sobbing. I’ve done it, my son has done nothing wrong and has paid the price for my wrongdoings. But wait, I refuse to live on without him. Even if his fate is sealed, I will live on every day from now living to the fullest, in his memory. If he can’t be here to experience what life has to offer, I’ll experience it twice fold!
“Deal” the voice bellowed out.
At once I began my descent into the void, seemingly at the speed of light, but even then, I saw something ascending out of the darkness. Although my fate had been sealed, my son’s is safe. So here I find myself in a sea of now millions of the damned, smiling ear to ear.
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2023.03.25 05:20 djinnerate AITA for blocking a friend and my mother.

I 27(M) just failed a really important exam to gain a license in the field I wish to work in. This is the second time I've failed it and was incredibly angry and heart broken. I put everything I had into practicing and preparing after the first failure. But I failed anyway due to a similar mistake.
One of my best friend (28f) also took and passed the exam on her first attempt and I'm happy for her. But after failing for a second Time I didn't want to talk to her or anyone. She came over hoping to celebrate me passing. However I told her hey I'm not in a good mood can you just give me the day through the door because if I'm honest I'm happy she passed but just looking at her or thinking about her in that moment made me angry, sad and disappointed in myself. She kept calling and texting so I blocked her and just left and went over to my parents.
Before Going over I shot them text explaining why i was coming over and just wanted to just be alone in one of the offices if I could. My pops was chill let me in asked if I wanted a drink and I said yes. He left me a glass and bottle and left me to it. My mother kept trying to check on me. I asked her as nicely as I could 3 times to just let me have some time and I know she's worried ( as im not a drinker and alcholism run in the family)but I need time to process. She just kept pestering me. So I after a couple drink in just couldn't take it and got up and left while she was trying to talk to me. I was half a bottle deep so driving wasn't an option so I just walked with no real plan. Mom starts blowing up my phone so I block her to.
After a while I finally gain some semblance of calm and my older sister calls me because my friend and mom are both freaking out because they haven't heard from me and we're talking to each other. My sister said she know I'm pissed about the test but I was an ass for just blocking them and running off. I get where she coming from but am I the ass hole for repeatedly asking for space and then blocking my friend and mom and walking out on them.
Tldr: failed a test friend and mom wouldn't leave me alone. Blocked them both and walked out on them both.
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2023.03.25 05:20 crash_kas Obsessive controlling neighbor

I’m at my wits end with my AH neighbor. We moved into our house 3 years ago and aside from a neighbor losing her shit and trying to break into our backyard with a hammer (different neighbor) everything has been very respectful. We are on good terms with everyone in our neighborhood, except one house.
I could get into all the details, but I’m not sure anyone will want to read that diary of accounts. So, the shortened but exhaustive version is this:
They only started to lodge complaints about us in August. Shocker: it’s because they were preoccupied in bullying a different neighbor for 2 years. They were all nuisance complaints that couldn’t be proven or weren’t even about us (should have been and eventually were recorded to a different neighbor). In total they must have complained no less than 12 times in 7 months. We have been trying to make contact with them for 5 of those months. Periodically going over and knocking on the door. I genuinely wanted to get to the bottom of this. I can’t be expected to live with this bs keyboard warrior crap for decades. It was so aggravating knowing they’ve been hiding behind the door! Well last night the guy finally responded over the flippin camera doorbell and he said “you’re trespassing! I’m calling the sheriff!” And my response was “I just want to talk. If we can’t talk now then just tell me a convenient time that works for you.” Radio silence.
We waited for the sheriff department. The responding deputy was an officer my husband and I had met before so it was friendly. We talked for an hour about how sick of this AH the sheriff department is. His department has been out more than 100 times in just the last 2 years for his bs calls on the entire neighborhood. Everything from a dog barking to teenage girls playing basketball too loud.
So, I have learned that 1 neighbor has a no contact order against AH, 7 have had the sheriff department called on them 1 or more times and/or had 1 or more complaints or abatements filed against them by his lies and over exaggeration of otherwise a very normal neighborhood.
This man and his wife genuinely have multiple screws loose with how obsessed they are. They have literally pointed cameras into our backyards. I know there’s power in our numbers. I’m just not sure what legal foot we have to stand on. Which is a project for next week.
Anyone dealt with a situation like this before? What did you do?
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2023.03.25 05:19 Halasham Gauntlet[Campaign 1]

Be me: Kol-Jha, Koldemar Sorcerer
Be not me: DM; Silit, Kobold Rogue; Levi/The Replacement, Suli Warpriest; Vira Noral Vitalist; Velius Sylph, Druid; Spoon, Changeling Fighter;
After slaying the minor army of undead we complete the ritual and now to find the source...
There's one location left on the map; The Ruins.
Time to put a stop to all this undeath.
Arriving to the ruins Levi mentions they're less ruinous than they were before.
Kol mentions that a necromancer might be interested in having their undead refurbish the place.
DM calls for Perception...
Flickering flames from down the hallway but vision is reduced...
SomeA thing rumbling and wind whirring comes from down the hall...
Silit crouches and disappears from view Skyrim style
She sneaks on up and peeks around a corner...
She sees animate piles of rocks shambling about and dust devils milling about apparently of their own volition.
There's some kind of barrier blocking the door on the far side.
Knowledge(Planes)... and she fails the check.
She brings the info back and Kol manages a Nat1 IDing one type and not much better on the other.
Between the whole party we kinda know what the rocks are and know for sure the dust devils are air elementals.
We cast our buffs and Initiative is rolled.
Vira managed to roll -1 on Initiative...
Levi charges in! Or not as DM is claiming a corner of the room's wall is preventing a charge...
A little geometry later and he's got his charge.
Silit's turn. She takes aim and fires a bolt at one of the air elementals... critical miss. Weapon jammed, no attack next turn.
Velius... decides to start summoning a Crocodile.
The Earth elementals try and fail to strike Levi
Kol throws Jolt trying to zap one of the elementals... don't know if it did anything.
Vira's turn. She tries to steal HP... and fails.
The elementals try to attack Levi and fail
Levi's turn! He empowers his blades with elemental power and attacks the Earth Elementals.
Silit... can't attack but can move. They reposition for a good position.
Velius! His croc appears! They toss a mudball... and it misses.
The croc! Also misses.
The Earth Elementals hit Levi
Kol moves up and misses throwing another Jolt.
Vira steps into melee to steal health.
Air elementals... wiff.
Levi slays the first air elemental!
Silit misses.
Velius & Croc. The Croc chomps on an air elemental... or not, miss.
Velius moves up and stabs... missing.
Kol moves into melee and confirms a crit with his Tail Attachment... too bad they're immune.
Vira fails again to steal health.
Levi manages a single hit against one of the Earth Elementals.
Silit's turn... miss
Velius stabs the air elemental and the croc finishes it off.
Velius repositions to give Levi flanking
The Earth elementals crit Levi! Crit table: 'Chest struck, heart punctured by ribs, immediate death'
Well damn, none of us have revives.
The other manages to hit Velius
Kol throws Jolt and steps up to provide flanking.
Vira steps up... and wiffs.
V&C the croc moves up and chomps then Velius finishes it off.
The final Earth Elemental hits Vira
Kol wiffs.
Vira... manages to steal HP from it!
Velius kills the last earth elemental and the barrier falls.
And the next fight begins immediately: Two large fire elementals!
Proper disclosure: Mood thoroughly soured by this point.
Kols turn as we kept init order. Hit.
Vira steals more HP.
The elementals slay the croc.
Silit takes aim... and misses.
Velius summons a geyser to douse the fire elementals
Kol fails to connect w a Jolt
Vira also misses.
An elemental misses trying to hit Kol
The other provokes AoO from Kol & Vira
Kol misses, Vira hits... and it sets her clothes on fire.
Silit makes a break past the fire elementals to get good aim on them.
They manage to set Silit on fire.
Velius casts create water, dousing Silit.
Kol connects a Jolt to the first elemental.
Vira... is still on fire but she manages to steal it's HP
The gyser douses them again.
The elemental strikes Velius and sets them on fire too...
Silit manages a hit against them... would've been a crit if these weren't elementals.
Velius' turn. Creative spellwork douses both Velius and Vira with Create Water
Kol provokes two AoOs and laughs them both off... however he should've spent more time aiming and less time laughing as he misses.
Vira slays one and steals 5 more HP for us.
Footsteps behind us... somebody has entered the ruin.
The fire elemental's slams continue to bounce off Kols unbreakable defenses.
Silit fails to connect with another bolt.
Velius throws mudball... and hits blinding the elemental.
Kol connects with Jolt
Vira follows up stealing HP for the party
The footfalls come closer, somebody jogging up on us from behind.
An animate suit of armor... wielding a giant spoon in both hands.
It strikes the elemental slaying it.
All of us but Vira press onward to continue the dungeon delving...
Vira tries to talk to Spoon. Spoon replies with writing then runs off after the party.
Silit leads the way deeper in...
The finds a few elementals... and they spot her.
Kol steps up to defend her... and cast Light because it's dark in here and the healer can't see.
The elementals move up to engage Kol and all miss
Vira's turn. She stumbles forward in the dark trying to get to the light.
Spoon charges into battle... and misses.
More XP joins the fray.
Silit 5ft steps back and fires a crossbow bolt at some of the encroaching hoard of elementals.
Velius joins the fray and stabs at one... and sets himself on fire again.
Kol steps back and Jolts
The elementals advance and try to kill Spoon
Vira leeches more HP from the enemy.
The elemental fair to hit Kol again.
Silit nails one through the melee.
Velius throws their burning spear at an earth elemental
Kol has a new toy... and decided he can spare one casting: Lightning Bolt
Slay one Earth Elemental, seriously wound a second, and zap a fire pretty good too
The Earth Elementals manage to wound Spoon.
Spoon rolls a crit-fail. ree
Silit puts an elemental down.
Velius grabs his backup spear and stabs at the fire elemental.
Kol throws Jolt provoking 2 AoOs. He hits and the elementals decide to try and focus Kol
Vira steals more HP slaying one.
Spoon steps up and cleaves! Dissipating a fire elemental.
Velius fumbles but keeps their footing.
The elementals continue their onslaught with Spoon taking another big hit.
Vira goes to steal more HP
Spoon gets a strike in.
The elementals ineffectually bounce off Kols invulnerable defenses.
Silit gets a crit-miss... they stumble but manage to not fall on their face
Velius stabs... miss.
Kol tries to tail-strike and his tail-attachment breaks on a crit-miss.
The elementals manage to wound Spoon again.
Vira slays the fire elemental stealing the last of it's HP
Silit keeps on pumping bolts into elementals, racking up another kill
Velius' turn. They reposition to get flanking and strike true.
Kol Jolts in melee costing them their AoOs.
The remaining two decide to focus Velius wounding them.
Vira rips more HP keeping us all nice and healthy
Spoon drops his spoon. Crit-miss, and picking up his weapon he takes the AoOs Kol usually laughs off, taking serious damage.
Silit runs past and attacks the Obelisk in the room.
Velius takes a look at the Obelisk and they believe it to be a summoning system that'll refresh the room
Kol steps away to look at the Obelisk...
Spoon gets hit by the elementals again.
Vira slays another elemental and redistributes it's HP
Spoon reduces the Earth elemental to rubble
Silit readies an action to counter a summoned elemental
Velius... walks up and pokes the Obelisk with their spear.
Kol throws Jolt and chips the Obelisk
Vira tries siphoning HP
Spoon's spoon does nothing to it.
Silit's turn... can't hurt this thing, she's on overwatch for elementals
Velius burns a FlameBlade scroll...
Kol Shocking Grasps the Obelisk and takes a decent amount of HP off of it.
The Obelisk summons a new elemental and Silit nails a bolt into it.
Spoon strikes the new elemental then twists his ankle falling flat on his face trying to follow through to the Obelisk
Silit reposition for a clear line of fire and hits the elemental again.
Kol wiffs his Shocking Grasp and crit-fails.
Vira rips more HP off the new elemental
Spoon cleaves cutting more HP off the elemental but does nothing to the Obelisk.
Silit continues to lob bolts at the elemental
Velius slashes with his Flameblade
Kol connects with his Shocking Grasp.
Spoon PAs and... no damage on the Obelisk
More SP tax on Kol trying to kill the Obelisk
Kobold overwatch from Silit
Velius FBs the Obelisk
Kol loses balance but keeps his charge of Shocking Touch
Spoon & Vira join Silit on overwatch.
Velius slashes it
Kol is just regaining balance.
Party overwatch continues.
Velius slashes it again.
Kol connects with his Shocking Touch finally
The Obelisk summons more playthings for us.
The plaything dodges Spoon, then gets nailed by Silit, and finally gets HP drained by Vira
Velius taps the Obelisk for more fire damage
Kol pumps another Shocking Touch into the Obelisk slivering it.
The elemental hits spoon, wounding him.
Spoon hits it back, slaying it.
Velius and Kol finish it off with a Jolt and Flameblade
Session called, after midnight

Previous Session
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2023.03.25 05:18 SaltyKoopa Cammy player really struggling in Bronze

I recently decided to pick up SFV again and have been playing Cammy but I'm really getting my ass kicked in bronze and I'm not sure what to do. I feel like my problem stems from a couple issues and despite me working on them specifically, I'm not making any progress.
  1. The first is execution. I'm not talking long 5 hit combos. I'm talking a simple cr.MP xx Spiral Arrow. I come from Strive where the entire move is a cancel window, and hit confirms can be done way easier. It's really frustrating to have people do something dumb like an EX DP and then not be able to punish it because I flubbed the inputs. This is pretty much the only thing I'm practicing in training mode in between matches, but it's not consistent at all. Pretty much all of my damage is single hits or lucky mashes.
  2. How does Cammy get in? I feel like I spend more time playing at st.MK range than I ever do up close. I sometimes use spin knuckle to "skip" neutral, but even then I usually don't get more than a quick 50/50 between a strike throw because there's not really any way for me to keep pushing pressure. Speaking of which...
  3. How does Cammy reset pressure? In Strive I can use Gio's dash and spiral arrow to constantly go back in and threaten throws, and I have a safe on block ender too. With cammy it feels like I have to hit confirm and if I'm wrong my turn is over. It just isn't making sense to me.
I hope these questions aren't too vague, but it feels like I conceptually understand exactly what I need to be doing, but I cannot mechanically do any of it. Trying not to get frustrated but it's rough. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.25 05:15 thecindy_ gym crush

I (23F) started going to the gym again, I always run into the same group of people because I always go at the same time. My group is mostly men in his late 30s and older and some girls my age as well as older ladies. I get along pretty well with the ladies. But there is this one guy I always see, he is between 25-28, he is kind of cute. Two weeks ago I noticed him looking in my direction many times. Since that day, we make eye contact (not excessively, I try not to look at him no matter how much I want to). We've only spoken once, we were alternating a machine, that’s it. He also always looks when I finish and I am grabbing my bag, putting my jacket back on to leave and sanitizing my hands. And I notice him searching me with his eyes if I arrive before him( I think, maybe I am overthinking this a lot) but he never smiles at me (I haven’t seen him smile or speak to anyone else to be fair).
Today we were using the same machine again and when I finished my rep, he placed his towel over the machine before using it… is he grossed out by me? Lol! That was very weird, I am not a heavy sweat, so, no clue what that was about.
He's cute, I haven’t made my mind about whether I should approach him or not, what do you guys think? Am I being crazy or is there a chance there’s some interest there? Is he disgusted by me?
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2023.03.25 05:13 kbxads Castle in El Salvadorado

The Bitcoin City in sunny El Salvador will be the prequel to the real Bitcoin City moon base. This is an excellent exercise in writing and imagination. It's fun to mull about your second favorite dream, the first being settling in Moscow. Inevitably, Russia will make BTC THE legal tender and start demanding BTC only for Oil/Gas/Grain/Neon, etc. But till then, or even alongside, settling on Bitcoin Beach would be akin to heaven too.
I have not yet moved to ES but I have thought about it countless times. The 3 BTC limit earlier (which must be like 5 BTC right now) is something that many people can afford, not just the 1%. Maybe 20% of people in the world can do this if they really want. $100k is not that big of an amount. Even poor people in India have houses that cost this much. I'm solo mining and maybe I will hit 6.15 BTC if the fates are kind, or maybe I will get enough fiat to buy enough to move to ES and live a good life.
I suppose moving will not be ridden with bureaucracy like in the usual 'western' countries. And everything, the basic necessities, like water, electricity, internet, roads, cleanliness, hospitals and schools will be available. One thing that scares people about ES is MS13 and other Hispanic gangs, and El Presidente is taking tough actions against this only negative of ES. So everything seems to be in order.
You just take a toothbrush and memorize your seed phrase, buy a one-way ticket to ES and that's it. You reach, invest 3-5 BTC in a local business that employs at least 3-5 people and buy whatever is affordable in Bitcoin City or Bitcoin Beach or anywhere you like in ES.
With Bitcoin, even If another El Presidente wanted to devalue the currency and steal the people's resources (like the Roman Emperors after Ceaser started doing), it won't be possible. Hopefully, no price fixing beyond the essentials would be done. Nothing could possibly go wrong, other than the big bully next door. But with a defense pact with either Russia and/or China, that problem can be taken care of.
From the pictures I have seen, Bitcoin Beach looks just like Goa, it is even on the same latitude. There are water bodies, lakes rivers, highlands, plains, and a vast coastline, it's perfect. A huge highway can be built on the coastal plains from ES to Oaxaca and this could be the neo-riviera of the world. The possibilities are endless.
Bitcoin City can be the model for future global city-states. As it is, people the world over are congregating in cities so much so that certain cities have more power than the entire states they are in. It must have electric vehicles. It should not be over-capitalistic and combine the best of capitalism and communism in a fine balance. Essential industries, defense, space research, hospital, and schools must be state-owned. Specialized sectors can be private. It must be a utopia. A Bitopia.
It is a blank slate on which things can be built in a planned way. All other big cities in the world suffer from centuries of mismanaged haphazard development. It is a chance for a new life, away from the woke culture and political oppression, it is the new New World. El Presidente has a big task on his hand - how to correctly build the promised land. More power to him.
It must make cannabis legal, the drug problem will automatically get solved. Those who want to destroy their minds and bodies with chemical drugs should be allowed to do so in a secure facility away from the population on some mountain. Give them as much as they want and let them remove themselves from humanity.
It must be a beacon of hope for the intelligent people of the world, but most of all, it must be a beacon of hope for the impoverished people of South America. No longer should they need to go wash dishes in a fast food restaurant in racist USA. They are a proud people of ancient civilizations, where is all their Aztec gold? Who took it? No matter, Bitcoin is the new gold, and if all goes well, ES will be swimming in bitcoins.
And it can change Bitcoin mining forever too if a fund of 100 billion dollars can be created, to give to a manufacturer who will build and distribute 1 billion home miners of bitcoin, which gives a capacity 10 times the total mining power in the world right now and completely changes the bitcoin game. A box powered in almost every urban home of the world. A small electricity bill is added which is the cost of a few bulbs. ES will need to plot out a parcel of land called The Bitcoin Country which will be land sold by Govt. to a billionaire/fund/crowdfund. That country will be built with only bitcoin businesses, no chemical food grown by farmers, no GMO, no pharma, only mushrooms weed ayrurved shamans, etc. and only natural Healthcare, with fruits vegetables poultry fishing also grown there itself a self-sufficient bitcoin Country of a million people, like The Island 2.0.
Basically, 100 billion will be the cost of a factory, workers, technicians, chips raw material, and courier of 1 billion USB devices and hubs. So if a person who can do that, deliver that, other than 100 billion dollars, what else could such a person want? Imagine if Elon Mush does this instead of buying Twitter and basically changing the world economic system within 6 months. How many billionaires are there in the world? There are 56 million millionaires. There will be 1 million plots of land for sale in bitcoin, and whoever scores a bitcoin block, which is a lottery that happens every 10 minutes, gets a free plot of land too. Since this network of solo home miners outpaces the power of everyone else 10 to 1, every 9 out of 10 bitcoins every 10 minutes will be owned by one of these homes. That means even at the current discount prices they are worth over 150k dollars instantly and can afford the high cost of land in a financially sovereign country which will be costly for companies and businesses Whoever does this will actually spend nothing and in fact, the Box factory will make huge profits as people will buy 2 more on top of the 1 free box they get to multiply their monthly income which will be used for paying for internet, shopping, TV Netflix, Amazon, etc. Basically making all monthly payments free for people for like the cost-of-a-good-dinner extra electricity bill every month. If 1 single company tried to pay for this much power for a big facility in one place, it would be a very huge number and the electricity will be too costly. But when distributed across the globe in every urban home, it will actually stabilize the electricity grid and create a new power to digital money network, something like what Nikola Tesla imagined.
When the world is suffering from an energy crisis, ES has rightly chosen to harness limitless clean natural high-intensity Volcanic Energy. It beats everything else including nuclear if the right harnessing technology is applied. South America is a vast untapped resource, an ancient land that had ancient civilizations predating even the Indian and Chinese civilizations. And the neighborhood has had some good immigrants since WW2, let's not forget, unlike the USA which got the English and the French. It may soon turn out that Mexico will indeed build the wall and Americans will pay for it.
Profile pic and socials:
Lightning: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) / [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.25 05:12 Virtual_Cell_4698 Sorry for the long post

So I just got back into fallout 4 on xbox and started a playthrough to see if my son would like and and he loves it This led to the following story and questions I've been running around the commonwealth got up to level 18 went to pick kellogs house diamond city came up short went to fort hagen and there's plywood over the door so before I go get nick out of the vault I wanted to do a few things this is where I'm currently at on Xbox is there a way to change the name on loadout so I can save game change name to son name save I load my name he load his and go our separate ways he play how he wants?to get to lol 18 I collect the holotags from distress signal all way to bunker survivor and shot feral ghouls outside of station but havnt spoken to the palidin( I don't want to cause I know he's a synth so I want to try to avoid contact if possible till I have proof) I've helped villages but haven't spoken to Garvey so he still standing in museum because of that I've been avoiding the castle so what happens if I put a hazmat suit on and go straight to Virgil I'm trying to get into the instute with no help is that possible ?
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2023.03.25 05:07 Callmeavatar How much do interviews count vs the application/recs themselves?

My final decision is coming up next week and I’m a little stressed.
I feel like my interview went well, but also feel like it could go either way. I know that the app and recs got me in the door but they also asked me and all other candidates for additional writing samples after the interview for when they review. I think the extra writing sample was good as well.
Is the interview the final say in the matter? I had an amazing time with the students and my graduate student mentor the whole visit day, and the interview went a little over an hour at the tail end of a very long day. I feel like my application was strong as it got me the interview, but I’m still a little nervous that a single hour interview after interstate travel the night before and a full day of really good (yet draining) social interaction might ruin the whole thing.
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2023.03.25 05:01 Harbinger_51 I do a job for the government none of you know about. You should.

It was a beautiful day in the fall, and though being in the middle of nowhere in Ohio isn’t exactly my ideal setting for an assignment, it could have been worse. Opening my windows, listening to music, and getting a good whiff of country air is a nice contrast to being cooped up in cities like I’m used to. The sight of brown stalks of corn populating the miles of fields along the road was welcome, as was the cool and clean smell of the air. It’s a good thing these jobs don’t involve much interaction with people. Unfortunately, some level of interaction is inevitable.

On my way to this one, I got a speeding ticket from a cop at some little local department. Though I was, in fact, speeding, I got the feeling that he also didn’t so much like seeing a fed in his neck of the woods. The local police aren’t a fan of us, so I’ve come to learn. They tend to get suspicious of us, thinking we’re up to some top-secret mission behind their backs. I guess they would be right.

I kept driving down the gravel road until the navigation let me know my destination was coming up on the right. Turning down the radio as I approached, I glanced toward the empty fields and the woods that met them beyond. I then turned into the long dirt driveway leading to our civilians’ house and garage.

I rolled up and parked with my trunk facing the porch. Stepping out, I got another whiff of the fresh country air and looked at the area of operations that lay before me. I was surprised at the amount of land and space that I had at my disposal. Space is good for these jobs. Additionally, I was informed that there weren’t any neighbors close enough to worry about. I couldn’t have asked for a better setting.

After stretching and letting out a light sigh, I decided it was time to get to work. I pulled the keychain out of my pocket and unlocked the front door. It seemed like a nice enough place. It was certainly nothing worth complaining about given the conditions of houses I’ve faced in my previous assignments. I went back outside to my massive, government-issued vehicle and opened the trunk.

I pulled the first couple of duffel bags worth of equipment out and brought them inside. The kitchen was as good a place as any to set up. After making five or six trips of dragging heavy bags and boxes of my junk into the house, I went back outside to open the garage. Thank God we were able to catch this case early and the civilians were able to make it out in time. It also meant I got room in the garage to park this thing. All that remained in the truck was the large metallic box, but I wasn’t going to need that until later.

I shut the trunk and pulled my vehicle into the garage, closing it on my way out. I stepped back into the house where I changed from my suit to my gear. Wearing the suit all day annoys me but I suppose the higher-ups want us to look like good, “friendly” feds to the public. The public has no idea the kind of monsters we are.

I unpacked box after box of equipment and weapons. I loaded up my Glock 17 with its extended 30-round magazine just as I did with my standard .556 rifle. I checked the laser sights on both. All good. Next was my favorite, the.338 with the best scope you could ever ask for. It sure is nice having a virtually infinite budget. Perks of working for the US federal government I suppose. The final firearm I brought was my personal .357 magnum revolver that I kept holstered on my chest. I figure it’s never a bad idea to have one more gun, just in case. Maybe I should have brought more on this one. If things got too close, I always had my hunting knife. I sharpened it that morning before heading out.

The next few hours consisted of me going out into the woods near the house in various places and setting up dozens of my little cameras equipped with motion sensors. They were there to give me an idea of the location of anything that got brave enough to get close to the fields that surrounded the house, I would be able to know about anything that was coming to me. I didn’t take too much caution in setting them up. Things never get interesting until nightfall.

I returned to the house where I turned on my laptop and assured that all the cameras were connected and working. I could see every single one of them from there and would know if anything so much as moved. I then got situated on a chair by the kitchen table, where I opened the window and set up my .338 rifle to watch the fields with.

I suppose it would be worth mentioning why I’m out here, setting up fancy equipment in the woods and loading up an arsenal of guns while I’m alone in a farmhouse that isn’t mine. Let’s back it up.

March 1st, 2017, 3:33 am, Iowa

Dispatch gets a call from a local farmer. He claims to be looking at a figure standing still at the edge of a treeline on his property. The description given by the farmer was that of a man of average stature and build, clothed in a loose black or grey shirt and trousers and a large-brimmed hat.

The farmer tells dispatch that he had awoken abruptly roughly an hour earlier, unspecified as to why. He spotted the figure outside his kitchen window soon after. The figure had been standing near the edge of a row of trees. It was facing the house and hadn’t moved a muscle since the farmer noticed him. The farmer quickly retrieved his rifle and walked out onto his lawn, proceeding to brandish his firearm and tell the trespasser that this property was his and to leave immediately. The farmer, seeing that the man remained unthreatened by his warning and display of a firearm, retreaded back into his home to retrieve his phone and call 9-1-1 as he continued to watch the figure from his porch.

During this call, the farmer’s voice was noticeably nervous and frightened. The desperate tone and quivering speech continued to worsen as he went on explaining the situation to dispatch. Dispatch instructed the farmer to remain where he stood and not to approach the trespasser. Dispatch reassured the farmer that the police were on their way. A few quiet and uneventful minutes passed. Then, without warning, the farmer let out a horrified scream through the phone. The call was disconnected seconds later.

The police began their over 40-minute drive to the residence. Halfway to their arrival, multiple new calls were coming to dispatch from the farmer’s neighbors. They reported seeing a large stack of smoke coming from the farmer’s home, and the closest reported seeing the house on fire.

By the time police arrived, the house had burned to the ground. The fire department arrived shortly after but oddly enough, the fire had completely subsided. What remained was the charred crumbs of what was once a house. The firefighters that arrived on site were bewildered by how quickly the fire must have burned the house. There was no explanation they could fathom.

The police searched the nearby fields and woods for the farmer and alleged trespasser to no avail, however, their search was quickly called back upon the findings of the firefighters in the house. The man’s charred bones were found beneath the rubble but not as they should have been. It became clear after further investigation that the man’s limbs were ripped from his body before it was incinerated at an impossible speed. 4 .308 bullet casings were found where the porch of the house used to be. The rifle was found just outside of the house, unscathed despite its proximity to such a violent fire. Forensics confirmed that the rifle had fired these casings but the bullets themselves were never found.

This was the first, but far from the last.

October 28th, 2017, 11:07 pm, Montana

Dispatch gets a call from a rancher who spotted a woman in an old-fashioned black and white dress and wearing a linen cap. The rancher claimed the woman was standing amongst his cattle and not moving. The rancher expressed no panic or concern for his safety over the phone, but rather a concern for the woman in the field. The rancher also noted that his cattle kept their distance around the woman.

An ambulance arrived at 11:29. Paramedics found no trace of the alleged woman. They walked to the entrance of the rancher’s house and discovered his door to be unlocked and open. After calling for the rancher and getting no response, they stepped inside to be greeted by the corpse of the rancher, hanging from a noose in his stairwell. The man had no history of mental illness and none of his relatives or acquaintances had any reason to believe he was suicidal. Additionally, an autopsy report concluded that both arms were broken in multiple places as well as every finger as if they had been crumpled together by a great force. He could not have tied the noose himself.

November 29th, 2018, 2:06 am, Wisconsin

Dispatch gets a call from another farmer. He had spotted a woman in an old black and white dress and linen cap. The woman had been standing in the long driveway from the road to his house, lit by the lamp that covered it. She stood motionless in the cold, windy, and heavily snowing weather. The farmer and his wife were later found under a collapsed wall of their crumpled house with stones placed on top. They had been placed in a seemingly orderly fashion until there was enough weight to crush their bones.

This happens to be the first incident we have on record with photo evidence. A trail cam owned by the farmer and his wife a few acres away from the house caught a picture the night of the incident. It caught a picture of the woman exactly as the farmer had described. Black and white dress, white linen camp. It looked as though she had stepped through time from hundreds of years before and placed like a mannequin in front of the camera.

May 30th, 2019, Minnesota

September 3rd, 2019, Nebraska

January 4th, 2020, South Dakota

I could go on but the point is that these incidents have been happening more and more frequently and they aren’t stopping. We do know what they are, or at least what they’re supposed to represent to us.

Every single one of these “people” lived in North America during the witch trials. We don’t believe they were the ones who were executed. We believe they were the ones who made the accusations, the ones who got their neighbors killed, the ones who carried out the executions and now they’re back to kill again.

Luckily, my department picked up on these patterns early on and designated a team to deal with them. There are a few hundred of us. I am in the dark about what everyone does exactly. I haven’t met many but I do know that some find potential incidents, some investigate, some deal with the cover-up and handling the publicity, and then, of course, there are the ones you send in to eradicate the problem. That’s where I come in.

I am here to hunt them down, to put them back in their graves so it would seem. Sometimes I get here before they’ve claimed a victim, sometimes after. But their reign of terror comes to an end with me. They’ve never gotten away from me, and I have never failed an assignment. I didn’t plan on this night being any different.

A beep sounded from my laptop screen as an outline from one of the cameras lit up, indicating that the motion sensor detected movement. It had been quiet since I set it up, there was not even the slightest sign of wildlife. No deer, no squirrels, nothing. I leaned forward and intently examined the camera that had been triggered. There was nothing to see. Another sensor triggered. Again, the camera showed nothing. My eyes darted from camera to camera, looking for motion. Another camera triggered, though all that I caught sight of was a shaking tree branch. There was no wind today. Another. This time I saw it. A dog-looking figure darted across the camera in only a few frames, but I knew it was no dog.

I turned my attention from the cameras to the field in front of me, where the movement had come from. I got behind my rifle and looked down the scope to the treeline in the distance. My heart began to pound in my chest at an intense tempo.

I could feel the adrenaline kicking in while I scanned the edge of the field for movement. All that greeted me was the orange glint of the setting sun on the treeline and the tiny shadows of the little stumps of corn stalks in the otherwise empty field. It was silent. Not even a wind accompanied me this evening, though I can’t complain. It’s better for shooting.

For a few minutes, I continued to run my scope along the treeline, occasionally getting a peek with my own eyes. It was during one of these peeks when I noticed a color out of place, in between a couple of trees on the other side of the field—some sort of black-and-white spec that was there not a second before. I lowered my head down, back behind the scope, and centered it. As I steadied the scope, a man-like figure standing at the edge of the field came into focus.

It wore black, tattered rags of clothing that hung loosely on its rigid frame. It stood still, stiff as a board. Its eyes were fixed on something ahead of it. It took me a moment to realize it was focused on me. It didn’t move a muscle, not even blinking as it stared.

I came to my senses and prepared to do my job. I flipped the safety off of my rifle and centered my crosshairs on its chest. I began to breathe deeply, my finger on the trigger, ready to pull but I didn’t take the shot, not yet. I saw it start to move.

Even with the distance between us, my scope made the picture of this figure clear as day. The movement came from only one part of its body; its mouth. First, its crusty lips detached from one another and the mouth began to open. Steadily, it opened more, and more all the while the rest of its body and head remained fixed. Its jaw sank to what should have been all the more it could, but it didn’t stop. It fell further, dipping down below its chest, its skin like a stretched rubber band waiting to snap, though it didn’t, it kept stretching.

Still stiff as a board, the man-like thing remained with its eyes locked on me while its mouth sat open, impossibly wide. It stood still with its hanging jaw for a moment, a moment I shouldn’t have given it. Now I knew I had my target. I began to apply pressure to the trigger before I was stopped, shaken by a force.

A scream, like a choir of souls in despair being dragged off to hell, with the power of a thousand horns sounding the start of a medieval battle rung through the fields. Its volume caused flocks of birds in the nearby trees to fly away in a panic, its bass shuddered through my chest and left me too hypnotized to pull the trigger. I’ll never get used to hearing one of them scream.

“Here we go”

I muttered to myself, the only thought I could conjure from my brain at the moment.

Closing its mouth, it leaped forward and reached for the ground in front of it with its hands fixed like claws. As soon as they met the ground, the feet followed and planted themselves quickly so that it could boost itself forward once again. It had begun its terrible charge. All the while, its face remained fixed on me, rotting teeth exposed and clenched in rage. The speed at which it rushed across the empty field would make a deer running for its life look lazy in comparison, but I was the prey here.

Though my heart began to race at the sight of this abomination barreling toward me, this anomaly of hatred and hunger bound to flesh, I remained calm. I began to steady my breathing, taking control of each breath, in and out.

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale.


The crack of the shot rang out through the dimming sky and the field before me, my response to its enraged scream. I remained fixed on the target, observing the spatter of blood as it shot from its back. It began to scream again, this time rapidly and desperate in tone. I quickly moved the bolt and chambered the next round, accompanied by the soft ring of the brass bouncing on the floorboards under my chair.

Although I managed to land a clean shot to the chest, it didn’t do much. It kept running, keeping on at its same speed. Though now it changed its direction and was running adjacent to my position in the house. It was trying to flank me. It wanted to find a way around my line of sight. I couldn’t let it.

Again, I took control of my breathing. Slowly, I drifted my rifle on the bipod until the creature came back into view. Its limbs pounded at the ground with speed and power as it propelled itself across the field. I’ll never get used to seeing one run either.

Starting behind it, I continued to move the scope, just fast enough to begin gaining on him, just fast enough to let the crosshairs catch up. Inhale. Exhale. The crosshairs slowly began to overtake it. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze.

I chambered the next round quickly. This shot brought him to the ground, but it didn’t keep him there. After a short tumble, it rose and began to run again, this time back towards the woods it came from. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze.

The third shot grazed its back. Frustrated, I chambered another round and took aim, but it was far too late. Before I could even begin to line up my fourth shot, it had taken one final leap from the field back into the treeline it came from.

I let out a sigh and hung my head in disappointment. I knew what I had to do next but I sure as hell didn’t want to. The last flickers of sunlight shone through the open window and lit my .338 rifle as I reloaded the magazine. I sat and stared blankly at the screen in front of me, hoping a camera would pick up some sort of movement that could clue me into wherever it ran off to. Knowing my luck, I shouldn’t have expected it to.

After coming to terms with reality, I stood up and grabbed my .556, slinging it around my body and letting it hang in front of me. I aimed it down, looking through its sight and testing its laser again before checking the chamber. Good to go. Next, I adjusted the night vision set to my head before picking up my .338 and heading for the door. As I stepped outside, I let out another sigh, this one of stress. Hunting these things at night, on their own turf is never as fun, nor as easy as finishing them quickly from a distance but what choice did I have? I just wanted to get it over with.

I flipped down my goggles and switched them on, illuminating the dark field in green and white. I began my long walk across. It took me longer than expected. The speed of that monstrosity caused me to underestimate the size of the field. Each step I took was slow and quiet. I didn’t want the crunch of my feet meeting the dirt and remnants of corn stalks to disturb my hearing. If that thing made a noise, I needed to hear it. If only I could have quieted my incessant heavy, nervous breathing too.

I was not even halfway to the treeline when I reached the first pool of blood, where I had shot it for the second time, and it decided to retreat. Bits of flesh were scattered about the ground, but I didn’t care to stop and look. Instead, I focussed on the blood I could see that led back into the woods.

Any experienced hunter has had to track a deer or two. It can be very frustrating. The trail isn’t always so clear, and you never know how far it has gotten. In my case, I knew this thing was still alive, and it was angry.

I continued my walk, splitting my attention between the blood trail on the ground and the treeline in front of me, scanning for movement and listening. If I was lucky enough, it would have gotten bold and tried to take me down in the field. Unfortunately, I’m not so lucky. Silently, I followed the trail until it met the woods. I stopped walking and calmed myself.

I didn’t want to go past those damn trees, but there was no avoiding it. I had a job to do. I extended the bipod of my .338 and lowered it to the ground before raising the stock of my other rifle to my shoulder. I took a deep breath and resumed my walk, now even slower and more cautious. At least now my heavy breathing would be drowned out by the sound of snapping twigs beneath my feet.

Immediately upon entering the woods, I spotted the next sight of blood. It came from a tree branch, its leaves covered in the dripping crimson liquid. I walked up to observe, only to notice more blood on the branch above that one. And the next. I noticed the pattern and followed each branch up, one by one, each with its leaves covered in blood. Suddenly a mass moved on top of the tree next to the one I was looking up at.

I swung my rifle up, pointing above me at the top of the trees. The mass turned and into view came two glowing eyes, like white lights in my night vision. It opened its mouth again to let out another deafening scream but I raised my rifle and took aim. Its scream was cut short by a bang from my barrel and the thud of the rounds meeting flesh. I was only able to squeeze half a dozen rounds off before it leaped away, to the tops of the neighboring trees.

I kept shooting as it jumped from one tree to another, though within seconds it was out of my line of sight. I charged through the woods after it and watched it leap impossible distances, shaking trees so hard I thought some might snap. All the while I kept trying and failing, to line up a clean shot. The ones I did manage to squeeze off were either misses or ineffective.

Even at the full-on sprint that I managed to sustain for a good few minutes, I was barely able to keep up. I almost abandoned the chase entirely before I saw an opportunity. There was a clearing ahead. A trail. The distance across was far too wide for it to jump. It took a sharp right once it realized this and began jumping from tree to tree along the trail. I rushed into the opening before kneeling to line up a shot. I followed it with my sights, tracking the timing of each leap, and letting t it land and leap once more before it settled on a new tree. I shot off two more rounds as it braced to leap again.

They were perfectly placed and its body tumbled in the air and crashed violently to the ground. Having lined up my sight, I squeezed the trigger again to hear the absence of a gunshot, replaced by the click of the firing pin in the empty chamber. I screamed curses at myself as I quickly exchanged magazines. By the time I looked up, the body was already gone.

I got to my feet and continued down the trail at a jog-like pace with my rifle at the ready. I was beginning to get frustrated more than anything. I’ve put dozens of these things in the ground before, I didn’t understand why was I having such a hard time with this one. As I approached a curve in the trail, I slowed my pace and brought the stock of my rifle back to my shoulder. I approached the curve from the outside of the trail, trying to get a clear view of what was beyond when my head violently snapped to the left.

My vision went suddenly dark and it took me a few moments to realize that I wasn't dead, nor was I unconscious. Something hit my night vision goggles and knocked them clear off of my head, breaking the mount they sat on. My eyes were only beginning to adapt to the dark when another object came flying towards my head, narrowly missing as it whistled forcefully past my ear. It was a rock, around the size of a football. I couldn’t help but glance behind me in astonishment at the object that had nearly decapitated me before turning my attention back to what threw it.

Sure enough, there it was. Standing behind the trees at the corner of the path. I let my anger take control and began to fire rapidly at its torso. My disregard for accuracy hardly mattered at this range. Regrettably, it meant I was now closer than I would have liked and it began to charge. I landed shot after shot. Blood spurted from its back and painted the tree branches and leaves that it passed as it barreled toward me.

Again, my magazine went empty. Instead of bothering to reload a new one, I quickly drew my Glock and continued my rapid fire on the beast. It broke into the clearing and fell to all fours before it leaped forward and ran as it had done in the field. It closed the distance between us in seconds.

A hand clenched around my throat and I was lifted off of the ground like a feather. It kept running, past the edge of the clearing and carrying me into the woods. I continued to pepper it at point-blank range with my pistol. Between shots, I could hear its hysterical laughter directed at my futile efforts. Its face smiled with a look of sadistic insanity.

I continued shooting until my magazine went dry and I was stuck with an empty gun. With nothing else I could do, I began to beat its face with the empty pistol. This seemed to piss it off. It violently threw me through the air. I felt my body snap dozens of branches before I met the ground and rolled uncontrollably.

Recovering quickly, I grasped the rifle still slung around me and replaced the empty magazine with a new one. It was mere feet away from me when I started to fire. I got a few shots off before it grabbed my arm. This time I whipped the barrel of my rifle up, clubbing it hard across the face. It let out a short, irritated scream. I thrust my barrel at the top of its head, knocking it back as it emitted another angry grunt. It reached up with its left arm and tried to grab the barrel before half of its fingers were blown off by my next shot. It recoiled its arm in pain before swinging it back at me.

Upon contact, my rifle flew out of my hands and the sling came undone from my body as it was thrown far into the woods behind me. I attempted to retreat before he grabbed me with his right hand, and what remained of his left around my neck. Again, I was picked up and it carried me, this time only a short distance to a tree. My back cracked as I was slammed into the bark.

It looked up at me and smiled again.

“We killed our sinners, we brought justice to our land. We brought justice for God”

I ignored its foul speech, lifting an arm and hooking it across the face with a firm punch. It had no effect.

“You are all sinners, and you will die for your sins as they did”

Again, I struggled and pummeled its face with everything I could muster but it still did nothing.

“Now go and burn in the lake of fire”

It shouted, before laughing with a dozen sadistic voices all coming from its mouth.

It opened its mouth and its jaw was once again stretched to what should be an impossible level. It lowered me until I was level with it. It moved its open mouth toward my head, shaking with rage. Its teeth now inches from my face. Its breath, foul. With my left arm, I drew my knife, slashing it across the chest before plunging it into its neck. I hooked a punch with my right arm that finally caused it to stumble. It wound up its own punch and let it loose. I narrowly escaped, ducking out of the way before its fist met the tree and went right through, splitting it in half before the wood tumbled to the ground.

I took this opportunity to draw my .357. He recovered from its punch and faced me, pulling the knife from its neck and letting blood spurt and gush. It stared me down as it slowly approached, ready to deliver its finishing blow.

Its head was shaking now, harder than ever in anger, its mouth hung open to half its capacity where it showed its rows of rotting human teeth. I raised my revolver and attempted to steady my sights but I was too shaky. I quickly collected myself. Inhale. Exhale. The front sight became level with the rear. Squeeze.

The recoil caused the gun to rise enough for me to get a look at the damage. I clipped its mouth, in the corner of its jaw. It hung open, with one side detached completely. It wailed in pain as it gargled its blood and crumbled to the ground. I aimed again, cocking the hammer. Squeeze. With the second round, I detached its jaw completely.

“Let’s see you bite me now, fucker”

I painfully muttered with anger. It dropped my knife and was now laying flat on its back, breathing heavily. I approached, cocking the revolver again as I did. It reached out with its mangled hand but I kicked it away before placing my barrel to its skull. Squeeze. And then silence.

After dragging the body back to the field, I spent the next few hours retrieving my lost and damaged equipment, as well as tediously finding every one of my cameras. I then retrieved my vehicle and drove it to the edge of the field. There was just one more thing to do.

I opened my trunk and pulled out the metallic box. I don’t understand why they make these things so goddamn heavy. I opened it and placed the corpse inside before securing the extremely heavy-duty lock. Next was the hole. It wasn’t easy digging after I had been roughed up and tossed around by an undead religious maniac with superhuman strength, but at least this was the last thing I had to do.

I finished digging the hole, placed the metal casket inside, and covered it up. From there, I collected my equipment, packed it up, and took off. Supposedly there’s a cleanup crew that comes in after we’re done with these missions and destroys any bizarre evidence.

I suspect they take the body as well. Where do they take it? What do they do with it? I have no clue but I’ve been strictly reminded to not ask questions on the matter and to just stick to doing my job. Still, I always find myself wondering.

What I have even more questions about is why these things exist in the first place. What the hell is going on? Why them? Why now? Has this been going on for longer than I know? Am I being lied to? What happens next, in the future, if this keeps going on? It’s only been getting worse. They’ve only been popping up more and more frequently. When does it end? Does it end?

I have more questions than I do answers but what I can tell you is that this problem isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s only going to get worse. There are only going to be more of them, not less. The death toll will only continue to rise. People are going to find out sooner or later. It might as well be now. Maybe we will stop them. Maybe this will all come to an end one day, or maybe we are the ones who are all going to meet our end. Either way, I’ll be there to see it.
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2023.03.25 04:56 Quohck [TOMT] [Guys a fake boyfriend, then get hit by a semitruck]

The movie starts by a high-school or college age kid knocks on the door of a mansion. The guy that knocked was taking out his girlfriend, and the dad opened the door. The Dad says something like "you play a sport right?" And the man said he did figureskating, which made the dad suspicious. He leaves with the girl, and when they enter the car, it turns out the man was not the actual boyfriend, and he might've been gay. The real boyfriend was in the backseat. Now, I'm fuzzy on the details, but the couple see a guy dying or being killed, and when there driving in a van, they kind of start thinking the other person was responsible for killing the guy. The fake boyfriend exited the van in the road from the backdoor, but he got ran over by a semitruck, then we see his remaining body stuck to the truck.
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2023.03.25 04:54 jawsjawwad Looking for a roommate from April - August (Off Campus Apartment!)

Hey all!
Anyone looking for a room in West Philly right next to saunders park/UC townhomes/40th and Market on the L starting from April - Aug? (perf for SummeFall non-coop students!) It's also right next to a community garden! (Sloan Community Garden)
It's a really nice big (biggest in the apartment) L shaped room that can fit a queen size bed, a drawer, a desk w a bunch of walking space and has a double door closet that turns on a light when you open the door inside of it. (fancy schmancy)
It's in a 3 bed 2 bath apartment w me and my roommate (we are both bangladeshi so brown girlies- where my fems of color at!) so you get your own bathroom WOOT WOOT! There's also a balcony in the back where we could set up a table to drink at and bask in sunlight. My terfy racist white roommate (she/her) vacated the premises (W landlord) and the other roommate (she/her) is an ally (she's cishet but I'm def not lol trans bi), so qtpoc welcome and encouraged!
All we ask is that you aren't racist, toxic masculinist, or center yourself - we can go over our shared weekly house duties/roommate rules as well since our old roommate was simply abysmal about respecting either. (We call it the Commonwealth of Urgirlypops) We love to cook things and have a crazy cool spice and pan set up and the living room is huge if you like to cook, do pillow forts / sprawl out and draw, etc.
We'd love to meet you prior and show the house off too.
The cost would be 665 for that room, electric ranges from 50-65/person (entire house is running on electric and landlord does, and wifi is 30/person (~745-760 tops total so bigger, cheaper, and more livable than Drexel housing). First month, last month, and security deposit are due at time of signing lease w us so that would be 1995.
Please dm me if you're interested! I'll leave my cell as well because more likely to see that than reddit cuz... not much on there tbh: (347)-837-7677
I'll show photos and videos when we speak! - Momo (they/she)
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2023.03.25 04:54 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Contractors 14.13 - Pour one out for the fallen

First, Previous


Jethriss giggled and tried to line the pitcher up with her mug up for a refill, but was having a hard time. She'd put down more than her fair share of the local ale, which Meatball had dubbed "Good" for some reason, even though it was only "okay", and she was struggling a little bit. Actually, she was drunk off her ass. "The boys", as she thought of them, had spent days hiding in the woods, then spent all of yesterday assaulting and then securing and scouring the last stronghold of the Grekthitch Cartel. Then they spent most of today asleep, and now they were all at the bar partying as hard as they possibly could to blow off the steam. Rosco, sitting to her right in the booth against the back wall, noticed her struggle and took the pitcher away and filled her mug all the way up to the top.
"You ass!" she giggled.
He grinned "I expect you to work too!"
"Every time that ship flies in atmosphere I end up with work! It's a spaceship, not an aircraft."
"Oh, boo hoo!"
Jethriss worked her beak into the mug and slurped and spilled enough beer out to safely pick it up, and listened to Meatball loudly telling about the time they'd raided some cartel growing operation and how Wiggles had ended up literally biting a skink's head off because he couldn't reload fast enough, and not realizing he'd done it unti the head fell out of his mouth and landed on his feet. When the laughter subsided Wiggles added that he'd had to ride back to their compound in the cargo bed of a truck, in the rain, because he'd ended up so dirty, then recounted a fight in this very bar where Meatball had gently slapped an awrok unconscious, and then made up a hilarious and ludicrous story about how afterward Meatball had received vigorous sexual gratification from the same awrok. Meatball had just grinned and explained that he'd only done so out of desperation, since Wiggles had never been a satisfying lover in the first place. There were more drunken guffaws, then Gratorf and Attrull recounted the time they'd had to track down and apprehend a peasant admirer who had managed to infiltrate the harem of their previous employer, the Lady Elissa of House Ganthul. The mention of her name caused much jeering, the bitch had nearly gotten the boys killed, but the story was hilarious. Attrull had to go undercover as a new concubine to find the guy, and had nearly been roped into fucking his boss (who of course, was too self-centered to recognize a member of her own security detail), and had ended up causing a near stamped right in her pleasure chamber when he tased the imposter before he could violate the Lady.
They drank and smoked, told stories and laughed. Skeethrow told about how he'd joined Rosco's group. Years ago, not long after Jethriss had joined Rosco, he'd been in a pirate crew and they'd booked passage on a bulk freighter, intending to hijack it. Well, things kicked off and they were making a move to secure engineering, and they got into a firefight with what they thought was security. Turns out, it was another group of pirates that Rosco had fallen in with who were also planning to hijack the ship! By the time both sides realized what was going on, it was just Skeethrow and two other members of his team left, and while everyone was reloading he heard this human yell out "Hey! You fellas want a job? We just had a few positions open up!"
This was followed by cheers and a toast to Rosco, who laughed, then Rex told a story about the time they'd been janissaries for the Gunchow Combine, and one of the nobles who had singled their regiment out for a suicide mission had mysteriously found himself hospitalized with severe food poising and missed a key planning meeting because someone (he said, pointing his mug at Rosco) had managed to somehow contaminate his food with fecal matter.
The table roared with laughter. Normally when the Gallowglasses got this rambunctious the bar tended to empty out a little, not that the owner minded given that they drank more than enough to compensate, but it stayed busy tonight. Jethriss didn't really pay much heed to the group of skinks that had walked in and stayed by the bar up front, other than the fact that Rosco seemed to be paying more than passing attention to them.
She opened her beak to tell the story about the time Rex had to up act like a Orrick chieftan's pet in order to steal his treasure horde, but it turned into a surprised squawk when Rosco put his hand on top of her head and harshly jammed her under the table.
The sound of gunfire and bullet impacts filled the air. Some of the impacts sounded... wet.
The table flipped as the Gallowglasses jumped up and... she didn't know what they were doing. She wasn't much use in interpersonal violence, she was no coward, she was just a pilot. She stayed on the floor, curled up in a ball, as the seconds dragged by and the shooting subsided. She remembered she had a concealed pistol and drew it, before looking around the edge of the table.
Meatball and Thriktikt had picked up rifles from somewhere and were shooting out of a nearby window into the street, Charge was in the doorway firing a pistol while his left arm dangled, damaged.
Wiggles was crawling toward the door, dragging a leg that bent the wrong way behind him, and added his own pistol fire once he got there.
Keelath was sitting against a wall, applying a tourniquet to his leg. He was covered in blood.
Trilth and Trakkow were holding a third skink down and doing... something first aid related while he thrashed and screamed.
Rex was yelling into his radio. Jethriss couldn't understand his words.
Gratorf was lying on his back, bulging eyes staring at the ceiling. She ran over to him and rolled him over to bandage the wound that had produced a small puddle of blood under his head, and his scrambled brains fell out as his skull fell apart. She turned her head and vomited.
She saw a skink bandaging a nasty scalp wound on Frank Tippery, and Robert Johnson walking between fallen skinks, shooting some of them in the head.
Rosco was on his knees, his right forearm broken open halfway down from the elbow, chewed meat and jagged bone poking out and leaking blood, right hand flopping as he tried to use it to put a meatpatch on Skeethrow's chest. He was yelling, telling Skeethrow not to go anywhere. Skeethrow's face and head were covered in the blood that poured and sprayed from his mouth with every cough, ragged chunks of pink mixed in with the red. She pulled a tourniquet out of her cargo pocket and walked over in a daze. Skeethrow spasmed again and went still, she hadn't noticed his strained gurgling breath against the background din until it stopped. Rosco howled and shoved a broken stool under Skeethrow's feet, and tried to start chest compressions but his broken arm confounded him. He shoved Jethriss away when she tried to slip the tourniquet over his arm, until eventually Rex got done on the radio and between the two of them got the thing on and the old rooster's bleeding stopped.
The gunfire in the bar had stopped, but elsewhere in the city, fighting was still raging.
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2023.03.25 04:50 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 29

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one
Allah settled into a corner of the room, resting against a wall at a crouch. Li pulled out a sheet of shiny black cloth from her pocket, flapping it to unfurl the short, shawl length thing. She set it on the desk and the cloth lit up--a duplicate of the interface she had used in Star dancer’s CNC--to form a keyboard. The human danced her fingers over the glowing surface, lists and glyphs changing, growing, being replaced by new symbols.
Several times the lights flickered ominously. Once they went out completely for a span of seven times seven times three and six heartbeats, the room suffused by the glow of the sticks, the monitor and Li’s keyboard cloth.
Allah lowered her head in thought. Why would the other defenders abandon them? Abandon Li? She had said, before, that “the tempo of the war had changed” when the bullies attacked…dirt? The bullies seemed to attack anything. What was so special about this particular dirt?
It had to have been important. Irreplaceable even. Allah suspected the war must not be going as well as Li’s performance last night had appeared.
She wanted to ask but more importantly she did not want to interrupt. Li remained focused on the screen and her keyboard until Allah had lost all track of time. It was only after the human stood, stretched and yawned that Li took notice of the U’knock.
“What’re you doing?” she asked.
“Waiting,” Allah said simply. And what else could she do? She had barely managed to make broth, and that with help. Allah had considered returning to the mess hall to clean the dishes and dispose of the trash left from their meal but…she did not trust the hole in the wall to provide enough water to clean them, nor did she know where to find a well, wash rags, or the refuse heap. Was the outpost like Star dancer? She did not remember seeing a bucket in the walls to whoosh away such work.
“That won’t do,” Li chastised, turning to stride out the door. The lights flickered again and Li returned to the desk, grabbing her glowing stick.
“Demeter?” Li called as Allah rose from her crouch and picked up her own stick to follow, “Do you have any V-REHs in storage?”
“T-t-t-t-t-this facility hhhhhhhhas a fully stoc-c-c-cked classroom,” the machine replied. Whatever Li had been focused on, heeling Demeter speak was not an apparent priority.
“Show me,” Li ordered.
"P-p-please follow the indicated-d-d-d-d-d-” Demeter hiccuped, clicked and was silent. A blue light flickered on and off on the floor. Li followed.
They reached the great hall again, and Allah was almost surprised to hear the sound of robots still busy tearing apart other machines. More, in place of the planters there now sat the squat carts from the holoimage at the quorum. Tanks, Li had called them. They were bare, skeletal husks now, but the treads and wheels were in place. Three humanoid robots were pushing a large many tubed box into the machine's center.
“How many of these will we need to make?” Allah asked as she passed another husk of metal.
“We’ll keep producing until the siege ends,” Li answered, “but I’d like to have at least one thousand per continent. And at least a hundred mass drivers for orbital bombardment deterrence.”
“Those are the larger ones,” Allah guessed, “the wide ones that will crush Umati’clam’s buildings?
Li nodded. “The same,” she pointed up. In the dim scattered light Allah could see the open center of the spire was no longer so open. Highlighted by the glow of sparks were the skeletons of metal birds. She could not be certain but these forms looked larger than the arrows that had assaulted the bully vessel. “But those bad boys,” Li continued, “will be able to take the fight to em.
“Nachtkrapp class assault fighters,” Li explained. The flickering blue light led them out of the garage and down another door filled corridor. “With quad mounted rail guns and hardpoints that can load up to four Hawking/Golubev B-903 ship killer missiles.
“Buster missiles,” Allah said uncertainly. Li nodded. “These birds--these Nachtkrapps--are much larger than the arrows from before. Why did Demeter not use such weapons last night?”
Li stopped in the dark hallway, turning to reappraise her friend. “You catch on quick,” the human complimented Allah. She turned, resuming their journey. “Two reasons. First, Nachtkrapp designs are only about thirty years old so Demeter didn’t know how to make them before we uploaded thermopylae. They’re not bleeding edge tech but they’re proven and tough. The assault drones you saw last night are in-atmosphere interceptors. Not much bigger than busters themselves.”
“You said there were two reasons,” Allah pressed as she was led into another room filled with tables. These were much smaller than the mess hall benches, a single chair and monitor for each. They were arranged in a circle around the room, facing inward. Li strode to a closet in the corner.
“Gravity weapons have a…life cycle. They need to either be used within a couple years or recycled. Buster missiles are expensive to maintain. So there was no foreseeable reason for Demeter to waste resources on making and maintaining a fleet of drones that could carry them.”
“Until now,” Allah concluded. “But I still do not understand. Why did the bullies come here? We have nothing of value to offer.”
Li stopped digging through the closet, returning to the ring of tables. She set three helmets on one of the tiny tables, then glanced around the room. She walked to another closet, retrieving a pitcher and a plate. Allah watched as Li set the plate in the center of the room, took the pitcher to a waist high box and pressed a button. Water spouted from the top of the box and Li used it to fill the pitcher.
She returned to the center of the room, tapping a button on the edge of the plate with her foot. Allah could feel the air begin to hum.
“Here,” Li handed the pitcher of water next to Allah. “Pour this over the Vibro plate. Don’t worry; it won’t spill as long as the plate is on."
Allah did as instructed, and the water began to shimmer. It hovered three paw’s spans above the surface of the strange plate. Allah bent, sniffing at the floating pool.
“Now,” while Allah had been pouring the water, Li had made a tiny toy out of paper. It was pointed like her ship, but not. It looked like some strange raft, “place this under the water with the flat side pointed up.”
As Allah moved her paw under the water, she felt a force shaking her. She drew her paw away.
“It won’t hurt you,” Li promised. "We used to do this in primary school. It’s a science experiment. For children.”
Cautiously, Allah crouched and slid her paw under the floating water.
“Make sure the boat touches the water before you take your hand away.”
Allah did so and the boat floated upside down on the water.
"This is using vibrational force to counteract gravity. It is not true anti-gravity but it lets you see what I’m trying to describe next."
“It floats upside down though,” Allah pointed to the toy boat as it bobbed on the underside of the pool, upside down. “It defies the gravity."
“Not entirely,” Li answered, “this is more a case of bending the rules."
“What,” Allah asked, “is gravity?”
“It's a fundamental force of physics,” Li explained, holding up a hand at Allah’s question. “We’ll get to physics another time. Every object, including you and me, has gravity. It allows objects to pull one another closer together. It’s what holds you to the ground and,” she dug into a pocket, pulling a round coin shaped object free. She dropped the coin onto the ground, “what causes objects to fall to the ground when released."
“It is not magic then,” Allah gestured to the boat.
“Depending on your level of technological achievement,” Li shrugged, “that's debatable. The point is that normal gravity pulls objects together. The larger the object, the greater that pull. Generally speaking, I’m not getting into mass today.
“But,” she continued, “let us suppose you had a way to harness gravity, “ she bent and manipulated a dial on the plate. “If you could force the gravity of a giant object into a single point,” the pool of water began to shift and change, the upside down boat rocking violently in the sudden storm. Slowly, as Li pressed other buttons and turned dials, the tone of the plate changed, and the pool of water with it. It began to swirl, becoming a tiny typhoon. “Something that is creating a strong gravity well--like this planet--you could “dip” from that well using a special bucket,” the boat was now spinning rapidly faster up the inside of the typhoon, “and take some of that gravity to use for your own means.
“This is how we first learned to control gravity,” Li finished as the boat flew up from the top of the typhoon. “Large objects create it, and we exploit it. It's how we created the slingshot drive. We could use gravity because its pull is infinite, and reaches beyond all the known universe.
“But if it reaches so far,” Allah asked, “why do not all objects pull themselves together?”
“They may,” Li answered, “eventually,” she waved a hand in defeat. “The tech heads would be able to explain this much better than I can. But,” she handed Allah the paper boat, “the important thing is to understand that gravity pulls everything together by its nature, and the closer you are to a large object, the more powerful its effect becomes.
“Now,” she set the pitcher under the typhoon and tapped another button with her foot. The water--most of it--sloshed inside. “This is where things get a little weird. When we first created sling drives we used gravitational pull and massive amounts of power to pull us to neighboring stars, and from there to other stars, and others. But as my species learned more about gravity, we realized we could…” She trailed off. “I am not a gravity mechanic, and we start getting into infinite universe theory, supersymmetry, string theory and you’re barely ready for quantum mechanics,” the human shrugged, “but it was explained to me when I was…younger that it is like reversing the polarity of a magnet. To create an anti-gravitational well inside of an existing gravity well.”
“What is a magnet?” Allah asked.
“Another force of attraction, like gravity, only stronger than gravity, but with much shorter range. But magnets can both pull and repel. So can gravity…Once you learn how.
“And that is part of why the,” Li grinned again. Allah was getting used to the expression, “Bullies attacked here. Your planet has an easily exploitable gravity well and all the resources they could ever want. Well, most. And the swarmers are what my people call a ‘competitive species’. They don’t seek cooperation and destroy any sapient species they find to avoid the chance of competition later.
“That's the main reason why they attacked your planet. Its what’s called the Smorgasbord Doctrine. Once a species learns to control gravity, it becomes more energy and time efficient to use that control to harvest larger astral bodies than to chase down multiple smaller ones. They could have parked over or in one of your gas giants like Star dancer is now and gotten most of the same minerals, water and materials but…there is a third reason. They came here for something ‘special’.”
“What?” Allah asked. What could her planet still have to offer that the bullies could possibly prize?
Li looked at Allah appraisingly, “Complex proteins and carbohydrates remain energy intensive to synthesize or store for long periods of time.”
Allah’s face remained blank as the tiny star behind her ear translated the strange words into U’knock. “Meat and plant matter,” it said.
Li put it more plainly still.
“They came here to harvest you…”
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2023.03.25 04:49 yossiyehudi Question about Hunnic/Rouran admixture (in comments)

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2023.03.25 04:48 bleedingwriter Odd behavior for new cats?

Every new cat I've had has been pretty social. Never really hid at all.
We got this bonded pair at the shelter after our last two passed away. We live in an apartment building so I think that has to do with it.
One took about 3 days and he's pretty much roaming (he's 5). The other she comes out at night snuggles and sleeps with us keeps doing head bonks, but in the morning she immediately runs to under the bed and hides there.
Originally they only had access to the office now they have full rain. Left the doors open so they could decide when to come out of their own accord.
Is that normal for her to be out and sleeping with us at night but hide all day? I work from home so I'm there all day.
Also she's constipated so I'm not sure if she's eating that much. Bought some pumpkin treats and she came out for those so hopefully it helps.
Not used to shy cats sorry lol. Just not seeing them use the litter much or not eating makes me nervous cause of what happened with my last two and I'm probably over thinking it. I know it can take 3 weeks to adjust and I'm probably just being paranoid
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