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NGU Idle

2018.02.05 03:46 NGU Idle

For all the fans of making numbers go up.

2022.06.04 17:14 raistlin212 Godsbane Idle Game

An idle game taking inspiration from ITRTG, NGU, PoE and more. Now in free open Beta on Steam

2020.11.21 03:48 dpny_nyc NGU Industries the much anticipated sequel/spinoff to Critically-Renowned NGU Idle


2023.05.24 21:26 poliwhirl_sil Idle games

Hi everyone
I spend some time on public transport every day
During that time i like to play idle/incremental games on a tablet tring to reach 100% (i don't want to play "active" games and i can't play anything that requires good specs)
i did 100% in the following
Castle clicker, Clicker heroes, Holiday city Reloaded, Leaf blower revolution, Realm grinder
Now i'm playing NGU idle but i'd like to have a second game running with it
Can you suggest me some (possibly free) games where i don't have to click too much?
thank you and good like with your 100%!
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2023.05.18 17:27 Peyeceratops Am I blind? This is a very minor issue, but my magic wandoos are 1E+017 faster than my energy wandoos despite no multiplier differences.

Am I blind? This is a very minor issue, but my magic wandoos are 1E+017 faster than my energy wandoos despite no multiplier differences. submitted by Peyeceratops to nguidle [link] [comments]

2023.05.12 23:59 Bobbitibob Discord server created for coordinating the incremental game wiki!

Ok, so this is mainly focused on making guides due to the complexity and it's a little complicated:

Games will be subdivided into the following categories:
1: Cookie Clicker-likes - These games have growth similar to Cookie Clicker, where it is a linear growth. Building A produces 1 money, building B produces 10 money, building C produces 100 money etc. Examples include Cookie Clicker, Realm Grinder and Wizard Idle
2: Civ builders - These games are (often) complex resource management games, where the player is building and progressing a civilization and/or settlement. Examples include Kittens Game, Evolve and A Dark Room.
3: Idling to Rule the Gods-likes - These games are where the player trains skills of the character to battle bosses. The player can also battle weaker enemies as an alternate source to boost character growth. Examples include Idling to Rule the Gods, NGU idle and Wizard and Minion idle.
4: Antimatter Dimensions-likes - These games focus on polynomial approximating exponential growth. I.E, building A produces 1 money, building B produces 1 building A, building C produces 1 building B, etc. Example include Antimatter Dimensions, Derivative Clicker and FE0000000.
5: Jacorbian-likes - These are perhaps the most difficult to explain. These games are often a very fast paced hybrid between Antimatter Dimensions-likes and Cookie Clicker, more based on multiple types of growth and boost systems rather than one. They often have much fewer time walls. Notable examples include Distance Incremental, Incremental Mass Rewritten and Really Grass Cutting Incremental.
6: Looplikes - These are games which often has a forced prestige after a certain amount of time and the player must extend this forced prestige and boost their character by skills (in a way, like itrtg-likes). Notable examples include Groundhog Life, Progress Knight and Increlution.
7: TMT mods - These are games which are built on The Modding Tree game engine. They are almost always Jacorbian-likes.
8: Miscellaneous games - Games which don't fit in the previous categories.

Each category has its own channel. Pinned on each channel is a directory of threads for each game that fits in the particular sub-genre. Each thread will contain two google docs:
1: Info dumps - These are a place meant to collect information, general optimisation tips and partial guides for the game. For example, pins in another discord server with hints how to progress on the game. Anyone can edit these and organisation of the document whilst useful should not be a priority.
2: Guide drafts - Using the info dumps, these pull all the information about the games into a single coherent guide. Since organisation is important here, the only people who are allowed to edit the document should be people actively working on them. However, anyone can add comments to make suggestions to the people making the guide. The guide drafts should make it very clear which parts are out of date if any.
Once a guide draft is complete, mostly up to date and generally agreed upon by the community (of the game, not the wiki!) then it may be entered on the Incremental Games wiki.

As well as for guides, these threads can be used more generally to coordinate making pages of the wiki. The reason why I focused it on guides is due to the complexity.
As well as dealing with guides, this wiki will of cause be for general coordination. Also, this is the first time I ever made a public discord server, so it's very likely I did something wrong.
If you want to be discord mod, just ask!
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2023.04.20 03:12 repentingphoenix Idle Wizard

Haven't seen this game posted here in a while. just wanted to remind everyone as it's still getting frequent updates. Plays a little like realm grinder meats orb of creation meats NGU. Feels like there's a lot of content and unlocking of mechanics as I've been playing the past two days. If you're looking for something new I recommend checking it out as it's free on steam.
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2023.04.12 03:28 VenturaBoulevard I showed NGU Idle to 2 friends

and they were rolling with laughter when I showed them the Bosses I was fighting.
Reading the Boss Fights are my favorite part
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2023.04.01 06:11 RSracks Question about ngu idle item sets

Can I delete an item once its level 100 even if i can't get the rest of the set yet, for example the tuba of time, its in a set collection where I won't be able to complete for a long whilst due to the rest of the items unlocked at later levels. So can I delete the tuba of time and still get the set bonus later on in time or do I need it in the inventory
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2023.03.18 07:57 sb_828 Am I playing this game wrong??

Am I playing this game wrong??
Ive been playing for about a week or so now, and every guide I've read says to do 30-1h long rebirths instead of longer ones. The problem is if I do that, Il be losing a LOT of number.
I usually do 24 hour rebirths, rn i'm 10 hours in and even if I rebirth now il lose number.
Should I keep playing how I am to gain number or switch to 1 hour runs?(currently on my way to unlock autokill for the second titan)
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2023.03.15 22:26 RivaTNT2M64 Wishlist for next update of NGU Idle [if it ever happens and 4G wants to wrap up loose ends?]

What would jump to the top of your list?
> More tiers in Daily Spin [to fill out the last 2 reward boxes, says my OCD-esque brain]. Perhaps R3 potions?
> Daily Spin 'Consumables Jackpot' should include R3 potions, Regular Black Pens etc.
> Rewards added to Sadistic Challenges for - No Augs, 100 level, Laser Sword, No NGU, No TM
> Link Money Pit EXP reward to player level?
> Another 36 Inventory slots to fill page 7?
> Option to sell Seeds for some consumable, after all Ygg options are maxed?

Something I haven't thought of?
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2023.03.15 16:51 mido9 Why I love DodecaDragons and think it's the ideal incremental game

Hi I played a bunch of dodecadragons and got to the endgame and I love it every step of the way, here's (I think) why liked it:
Too many idle games basically want you to play for weeks and weeks and unlock a new shiny thing every week or even month(hello NGU idle) and it makes me lose interest, while I got to the current end of dodecadragons(Pre-Void Magic) in a reasonable 50 hours of fun, it's more like Crank or Universal Paperclips in that you can clear it and have a fun time in a week or so.
Seriously, upgrades in this game are enormous, getting an upgrade in this game is like 100x or 50x or even ^50.
Even just a basic example, you get an upgrade in the midgame which takes knowledge, a hard to get resource, and says it boosts your uranium gain and says right now it's at ^1. You think it's gonna be like ^1.2 or ^1.5, it goes up to ^5.00 to ^9.00, then ^13.00, it goes to the moon.
Another example, there's an upgrade you can buy(Blue Sigil Upgrade 2) and it says it's at x1.0 increase to platinum. You think it's gonna be x1.5 or x2, nah it goes to x1e15, and at this point of the game your platinum is probably maybe 1e10, it goes wild and starts unlocking and raising and adding and giving more upgrades and it
This is every upgrade in the game, if it says "boosted", it probably means it's adding like ten zeroes, the average upgrade in this game gives more benefit than the whole prestige tree in other games.
I've played Endless Stairwell(another Demonin game) and it's the same, you think the upgrade that gives you more Cocoa Honey(Prestige resource) would give you +10% or +20% and you buy it 5 times, nah, it gives you +8000000% and it's a 1 of 1 upgrade, it always keeps you hooked for the next thing.
You get fire, play with it a while, then you get platinum and play with it a while, then you get magic and you play with it a while, and so on and it never feels like you're hardstuck on any of them, there's like about 12 mechanics in the game or so? For 40 hours of gameplay that's a new mechanic every 4 hours almost, it always feels fresh.
They also boost each other, you get fire and it boosts miners, you get magic and it boosts fire, you get platinum and it boosts fire and gold, you get gold and it boosts miners and fire, and etc etc, it's a big dance of A boosts B boosts C boosts D forever and it makes even one upgrade have ripple effects where you unlock a bunch of stuff.
After you unlock what's after fire, you get an "Automatically buy max fire upgrades" button. After you get a lot of magic, you get a "get 100% of potential magic without resetting" button. After you get the ability to spend time with your dragon for a while, you get an automatic ability to spend time with your dragon, and so on, it makes it so your attention is on the new feature, not on everything.
That's sorta it, make the length reasonable, make the upgrades meaningful, introduce mechanics often, and don't be too repetitive.
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2023.03.11 05:49 Kuzon64 I...I beat the game

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2023.03.04 08:23 Jegred meme [NGU IDLE]
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2023.03.04 05:18 sayo_love Hi, I posted a giant NGU Idle Guide google doc that was over 130 pages long. Now I made it into a website so it's easier to navigate.

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2023.02.27 06:14 Seth-Wyatt I used a 72 hour candy and it reset all my data to where it looks like it was about 3 days ago plus just completely reset some of it but then gave me 3 days of offline time for everything... Any idea if this is fixable or if I just lost it all

I used a 72 hour candy and it reset all my data to where it looks like it was about 3 days ago plus just completely reset some of it but then gave me 3 days of offline time for everything... Any idea if this is fixable or if I just lost it all submitted by Seth-Wyatt to IdleSkilling [link] [comments]

2023.02.27 04:30 Seth-Wyatt How do I have negative anvil points?

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2023.02.26 04:17 lyfemetre PC Games List

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2023.02.26 01:04 VenturaBoulevard I can beat IT HUNGERS V1 on Autokill! What should I toss?

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2023.01.31 00:55 Caspian__C Best Software for Developing Incremental Games?

Hi, my name is Caspian. I would like to make my own incremental game, the only problem is, I don't know where to start. I don't know which software would be best for my purposes, and I also don't know what programming language I should use. I am aiming to create a text based (ish) game similar to something like Increlution, NGU Idle, or Orb of Creation. I just don't know where to start. Would anyone be willing to offer guidance?
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2023.01.28 10:19 Panda_CoKG #300: NGU IDLE - this one was 2.5 years in the making

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2023.01.13 23:12 FrontPristine4147 What's up with Antimatter Dimensions

First of all, this is not a post which aims to discredit AD. I know it's well beloved by the community. I'm just curious as to why.
AD lovers, I'd like to hear your opinion here. I've seen the game recommended times and times again, and I cannot get myself to like it. Seeing the numerous posts following the update, I've begun a second playthrough, trying to understand the appeal. I've reached the Infinity Dimension, which I believe is still really early in the game.
The thing is, I don't really have much to do. I feel bored. It's quite slow, and the progress doesn't feel that satisfying to me. The gameplay seems to remain the same ?
So I guess here's my question, what is it that you like about the game ? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, perhaps this is just not my kind of game. I've loved NGU, Trimps and the likes, I guess those are different types of idle games ?
Again, not here to say it's bad. Just curious about what gets you hooked with it.
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2023.01.13 02:18 Hot-Bus6908 what your favorite incremental says about you

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2022.12.18 19:36 OldManOnFire I defeated Walderp blind!

I'm blind. NGU Idle is one of the few games I can still play on my laptop. I use a screen reader, a software program that reads aloud any text I hover over with my mouse. It's slow and annoying but it's all I can do.
Walderp has been a roadblock for me for months. When he says "Walderp says hit me with a piercing attack" I have to have my mouse in the right place to hear it, I have to wait until the screen reader gets to the end of the sentence to know what to do, then I have to try to find the piercing attack button by listening to the software and click on it before time is up.
It's really hard to do. I considered sending a save file to a sighted player and letting them beat the final Walderp fight for me but I just didn't feel right about that.
Yesterday I decided to do another Laser Sword challenge. After running the game overnight I woke up to discover my optimal ITOPOD level was the highest it's ever been so I decided "Why not?" and went after Walderp again.
Got him on the second try!
As a blind player who navigates using text to speech software to figure out where the mouse is, this is a win. And unlocking Wandoos XL for the first time felt great!
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2022.12.16 02:57 MarshyMadness Ideas / Basic Mechanics

Hello! I am working on a new incremental game and while it is very basic atm I want to add to it and see where it goes. Right now you click a button an a number goes up. There is a upgrade for Amount gained per click and a button for amount gained per ten seconds. I will take suggestions and build this game around community ideas and concepts. I'd love to have something similar to Melvor but it will be you, the community who help me build. What sort of idle game should it be? My original idea was like a bug squisher game where you get bigger and better bugs and better tools but I'm open to all ideas. Thank you if you've read this far and I look forward to your input!
Important Considerations
- Android or PC or both? Start with android UI and then build for PC later
- Main gameplay mechanics, such as upgrade type. Should it work with a list like cookie clicker or zero idle or should it be something more along the lines of Melvor or even NGU Idle
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