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2023.06.08 23:52 VexedWombat Is there anything I'm missing? (Newbie!)

I have recently broken down 2 very neglected tanks and I've combined them into a single tank ready for some shrimp!
I've tried keeping neocaradinas before but I've have never ever had any luck no matter how hard I've tried and how careful I've been! My main problem I believe was failed moults, one time at least was due to planaria and or hydra....
The tank has been sat with its plants and snail inhabitants and is all ready for a small delivery of shrimp who will hopefully form the basis of a new attempt at a colony.
In trying to reduce the chances of mistakes like last time, I've come to you for any final advice I'm missing.
My tank is 20l ish, cycled, lightly planted at the moment with something that survived against all odds (medium broad leaves, stiff stems, very mature so quite large, slow growing and appears to be OK in low light conditions!), 2 Indian almond leaves and a bunch of bogwood that's also nice and tank matured! No algae on the glass due to cleaning but all tank items and plants were only lightly rinsed so have plenty of goodness on them. Inhabitants at the moment, a few assassin snails who also survived..... I've also already chucked some BacterAE in to keep things going in there and I have plans for more plants.
I've ordered some cuttlefish bones to help with the calcium problems but could I do more to help potential moult issues? I've struggled to find products in the UK suitable for this purpose. I worry that the problems I've had previously were that the combination of the leaves and bogwood sapped all the goodness out of my supposedly hard water! Water is treated and heated to roughly 22°c depending on external temperatures.
If you've read this far, thank you very much! Please be gentle.....
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2023.06.08 23:52 Far-Philosopher-3768 I'm so over her!

Not actually sure she was a MIL as her son and I were dating for maybe 6 months, however she's the paternal grandmother of my child, so I usually just refer to her as an ex-mil... Also I'm not in the US so if words are spelt differently that's why.
Main characters: Yzma - ex-MIL. Me - mother of child. SMIL - Son of MIL
I (F28 now) had a child coming up 5 years ago, and I've been NC for at least the last 4 with her despite messages from her all the time. Lets go back 5 years and get up to speed. SMIL and I were dating for maybe 6 months. I later found out that he was taking my BC in order to get me pregnant so that he would avoid incarceration and that backfired very quickly.
Moving on to Yzma. She's very much a yes lady. Everyone in her life says yes to her! Our first interaction, she asked SMIL in front of me if he's sure that it's mine. I'd never met this lady before and I had a feeling from that moment I was doomed. She then forced a relationship, and I did my best to accommodate that because I'm very much a people pleaser, and wanted to get along. There were many times throughout my pregnancy that she breached court orders and would be in contact with him while she was with me, and was passing on messages to me. She wanted a say in child's name, she demanded to be in the room and told all of her side of the family who could and couldn't message me to meet my son when he was born. I was in the hospital a week before I was due as I had a crazy pain at the top of my belly (later found out was my gallbladder and later needed to be removed), now I'm *just* about to have bloods drawn, and Yzma chose THAT moment to ask the Dr if he knew what he was doing, and then mentioned that she has some (in NZ) Class A prescription medication that will help, so just send her home and I'll give her pain relief.
From that moment, I knew she wasn't going to be in the room when I gave birth. For context - I was contracting regularly for 5 days prior to birth and it was hella traumatic for me so I had 11 people (4 of which were family, the rest were medical professionals) Scarily, the moment that my son was born I got a text from her asking if everything's okay because she hasn't heard from me for a couple days. To me, she may not have been physically there, however somehow the Spidey senses were tingling. My mum took my phone home with her that night, so I could just have a day with my brand new kiddo and I... Mum and my Aunty called Yzma, let her know how it all went and Yzma kicked off. How could I not invite her, I took that moment away from her and how could I not let her be there for the birth of HER grandson and my mum was there. My mum explained how traumatic, the amount of people who were there and why and she didn't care. It was all about me taking that away from her. As a compromise, as much as I didn't want too, I agreed to let her take us home from the hospital.
The day of going home: I had announced on good ol'Facebook that my son was here. He's good, I'm struggling with recovery so please respect space etc. Little did I know, this was going to BACKFIRE when Yzma turned up. My best friend, lets call her Tina, was visiting her godson when Yzma arrived and the first thing she said was "How dare you announce the birth of my grandson on Facebook, I haven't had a chance to tell my family or SMIL and I've been getting congratulations all morning". I mentioned "that as we're having this conversation SMIL was in court for a relationship domestic issue, and I mentioned that she knew yesterday, so had time to tell her family". Tina could see that I was getting quite upset so suggested that we go for a walk and check on discharge papers to give Yzma time to meet my son. Came back, and she had undressed him and changed his outfit to something I didn't pack, as well as adding booties, beanie and mittens. Now in New Zealand, July is winter, however in the 20 minutes ride back from the hospital, we went down the motorway (100kms in NZ) with a 3 day old as well as me who's recovering from 5 day labour. We get back to my house and my child is BRIGHT RED because he's a hot baby and was overheating. Mum ripped everything off him and his temperature came down quickly.
First 6 months of my sons life: Yzma came over once or twice a week to see him or "was in the neighbourhood so stopped in", and when I mentioned that I wanna pause her visiting for a bit because my family want to meet him she wasn't happy, posted on Facebook that "her visits have been paused until (my name) has decided otherwise so her family can meet child. Also don't message her trying to meet my grandson because that's not okay without my say so". When they were reinstated (idk if that's the right word), I set some boundaries due to court orders around the safety of my child and asked she respect them. When she didn't and I mentioned it 10+ times, I ended those visits. She later had her lawyer email me about getting visitation, and threatened government departments involvement should I not let her have my son overnight one day a weekend as well as one day through the week. I got a lawyer, and she said to send through their parenting order as we would happily go to court for this. Motion was removed and not followed through.
Now: Yzma has been messaging me about how it's been almost 5 years, and my son deserves to know her and her family (and don't get me wrong, I also agree to a point), however there's been so many boundaries broken, gaslighting, emotional manipulation for her and at the sake of my mental health. I'm taking my son on holiday for his birthday and we're visiting friends/family and we're going to be 20/30 minutes away and she's guilt tripping me into visiting her. Yes my son is at an age where he can tell me if he's uncomfortable, however she's also an extremely materialistic person and I know that she will just buy my son stuff to keep him there for her benefit and I don't know if I have the mental or emotional capacity to deal with her.
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2023.06.08 23:52 soupymew i have my surgery date

as the title says, its November 8th, i got the call today. i informed my dad about it since thats who i live with and he’d be taking me, but when i did he told me to “stop dictating over him” and that “i was never there for him with his breast cancer surgery” .. i was 9 years old.
fun fact, he is NOT supportive of my transition at all and is very anti-trans. i’m going on 2 months on T this month, he doesn’t know and i’m scared by the time surgery comes he’ll find out i’m on T and kick me out, because it’s inevitable. my voice will drop and everything by then.
my insurance (also my dads) covered my surgery 100% and i’m scared my dad will call them and take me off so then i wont get top surgery. he thinks i’m just getting a breast reduction because thats been talked about for years. he’ll find out that its top surgery instead of a reduction after he finds out about T.
i’m not sure what to do, i’m going to try my hardest to reach out to friends because i have no family thats supportive. my dad also informed me if its top surgery then i’ll have to “hire an aid” because he won’t take care of me.
nonetheless i am very excited about this and i’ve been waiting since i was 13, i just really hope until then and during recovery i’ll be ok.
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2023.06.08 23:51 NatureBoyRyan Watching the series kinda for the first time

So back in the day my buddy and I used to watch the Venture Bros episodes when they came out. Always enjoyed it, but I only watched the first 3 seasons back then. Fast forward to now, I’m on Ep 1 of season 5. It’s got me hooked like it did back then again. I’m binging and watching whenever I have free time. Trying to get caught up to you guys lol. I started from the beginning on my “rewatch” and the new to me episodes have been excellent. Pretty much it, Go Team Venture!
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2023.06.08 23:51 M77100 Daily Song Discussion #54: "Fragments of Time"

This is the eleventh track from Daft Punk's fourth album ''Random Access Memories'' What are your thoughts regarding this song? How do you think it compares to the rest of the discography? How would you rate it out of 10? (decimals allowed)
SUGGESTED SCALE:1-4: Not good. Regularly skip.5: It’s okay, but I might have to be in the right mood to listen to it.6: Slightly better than average. I won’t skip it, but I wouldn’t choose to put it on.7: This is a good song. I enjoy it quite a bit.8-9: Really enjoyable songs. I rank them pretty high overall.10: Masterpiece, magnum opus, or similar terminology.
Google Sheet with all of the data thus far
Results of the Ratings:
  1. Give Life Back to Music: 8.93
  2. The Game of Love: 7.19
  3. Giorgio by Moroder: 9.64
  4. Within: 8.34
  5. Instant Crush: 8.91
  6. Lose Yourself to Dance: 7.22
  7. Touch: 9.78
  8. Get Lucky: 9.09
  9. Beyond: 9.08
  10. Motherboard: 9.40
  11. Fragments of Time:
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2023.06.08 23:51 Baculum-Deos Need to decide between Active or Reserves/Guard

I’m a cadet in the rotc program looking at commissioning around this time next year and I just wanted to hear from people that are actually in it as to what component I should branch into. My mind is made up about 80% to go reserves but I wanted to solidify that because I’m still having some reservations.
I joined rotc primarily for the college scholarship and benefits I would receive after my time in service, as well as being able to do cool shit sometimes.
I’ve come to find that I enjoy the army most in bursts. Doing extended training exercises that last over a month like basic camp or advanced camp just make me burn out in a way and not look forward to active duty.
I also have an amazing girlfriend of many years that I plan on marrying some day and do not like the thought of having to move around constantly or spending extended periods of time away from her.
I also plan on branching in either a logistics branch or AG.
What are some pros/cons of going straight into reserves? Is there any reason I should consider guard/active duty over reserves? Does reserves sound like the best fit for me?
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2023.06.08 23:51 nophrase6387 Stuck in limbo

I'm in the middle of stims for my first egg retrieval. When I started stims 12 days ago, the ER was tentatively scheduled for today. I took this whole week off work to preemptively support my mental health and give myself a little extra time to recover.
The ER was pushed back to Saturday, then today it was pushed again to Monday/Tuesday of next week. So now I took a pointless week off work and will need to fit an egg retrieval into my work schedule. My birthday was earlier this week and I put off celebrating til this weekend when I could drink again, but now I'm putting off celebrating for another week.
It's only a few days in the grand scheme of things, but infertility is just one big game of purgatory and I'm exhausted. This baby had better be real goddamn cute.
Any tips for the stuck in limbo feeling? Or first-time-egg-retrieval jitters? Or a get-these-friggin-eggs-out-of-my-body dance?
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2023.06.08 23:51 MissFrijole 6 days from my period and idk if my emotions are legitimate or from PMS

I have had some complicated issues with my husband over the last few weeks and it involves me being insecure/jealous of a female friend he has. He is also a binge drinker (usually on the weekends). The drinking problem has been a constant issue for the length of our marriage.
After 11 years, I feel like I have reached my breaking point. My husband is narcissistic and whenever I voice a grievance or something I don't like, he manages to gaslight me or make it about him and how he feels miserable. It's hard to explain. I'm trying to keep this short.
Today, he told me he was meeting up with his female friend, who is an ex-coworker. I immediately felt upset. I never said I was ok with him hanging out with her, especially when he lied about an event they both went together a couple months ago. But I told him I wasn't going to stop him or make him stop being friends. Reverse psychology bullshit. He was guilting me about it. I know he would still secretly text her and probably see her at work since their jobs are near each other.
But I am feeling some very heavy emotions and feel like I should leave him. It's not the first time. I feel like I'm going crazy. He insists he never did anything wrong and he's a "good husband." I used to rationalize it and agree. Most of the time, he is a good guy. But he ignores and dismissed me whenever I bring up topics he doesn't like.
I'm sad and he makes it about him.
He never admits to a drinking problem. He calls himself a "lush." He said he's not attracted to his friend, but I saw some pictures on his phone that make me believe otherwise.
Idk if I'm blowing everything out of proportion or if I am justified to feel the way I do. I just feel fed up.
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2023.06.08 23:51 WorkingIngenuity9605 Should I switch from Data Science to Accounting?

TLDR: I, like many others, am not happy with my new career. I worked 1 year as a Data Scientist and gained near zero experience. I’ve grown to heavily dislike the tech/IT field. I can’t keep up with the skills and technologies. I am not technical enough nor do I care to keep up. I’ve contemplated going back to school for accounting. Should I make the switch to accounting and get out of tech/IT roles?
This post is partly a rant. I know my dilemma is not unique. I’ve read plenty of other Reddit posts and comments about career dissatisfaction and career indecision. I still feel lost, hopeless, and empty about my career path and it aggravates my anxiety and depression, which is not an uncommon experience. I also know I’m still young and I’m only at the start of my journey, but not knowing makes me scared.
I earned my Math degree in early 2022. My first job was supposed to be a Data Scienctist role, but I did nothing Data Science related. I was at a very well-known government contracting firm. My managers only cared that I find billable work. They placed me on a software development team to keep me afloat- it was not a good fit. In between taking Udemy courses (to up my data science skills) and applying internally for roles to be turned down, I lost my enthusiasm/interest in data science.
Currently, I’m a contractor for a Cyber Security team. A friend of the family said their team needed help for a few months and they could use my data skills. At the moment I feel like an imposter. I know nothing about IT or cybersecurity. As I learn more about cybersecurity and its processes, the more I learn that I don’t care for this. I am definitely underqualified knowledge-wise. I could go back to school for cybersecurity, but I have not a lick of interest in this field. Also, using Excel is not really data science.
What really rubs me wrong, is that no one takes the time to really train and mentor anymore. Everyone expects you to hit the ground running these days. I feel like work gets thrown at me, then my supervisors run off to their meetings all day. Part of it is my fault, I hesitate to ask questions because I really don’t know what to ask. When I do ask questions (I make sure I have questions ready for scheduled meetings), I get roundabout answers from my supervisors. I never had these issues during my research internships or when I slinging donuts and coffee.
I feel discouraged to continue to work. It’s affecting my current productivity because I rather procrastinate and do the bare minimum to get by. I never had this issue when I served coffee and donuts for minimum wage.
I took a bunch of career aptitude tests- one of the results I am interested in is accounting. I would have to go back to school and I am open to it. My local community college has a 51-credit financial accounting certificate program for bachelor's degree holders. The program is supposed to prepare me for the CPA exams.
How would I even start my career switch? What are entry-level roles in accounting? Should I even bother? Should I just stick to data science/analysis? I just don’t want to make a mistake and waste my time.
I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.
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2023.06.08 23:51 loqi0238 Absolutely nobody saw this coming.

Absolutely nobody saw this coming.
If your newly released game becomes jammed with traffic at the same time each day, you know, when people are getting out of work, maybe you could set up more servers? I know you have the money to do it. But screw me, right?
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2023.06.08 23:50 HippieStarTraveler Heard this was a cool place to hang!!

What’s up everyone. Just checking out the space!!! Peace and Love
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2023.06.08 23:50 Fantastic_Froyo_ My fiancés parents keep getting more passive aggressive towards me

First of all, I apologize for my post being so long. I didn’t want to leave anything out and this has been on my mind so I might’ve started to rant a bit. This is also my first time on Reddit so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
For days I've been feeling super down about this subject. It's not the first time they have made me feel this way but it hasn't affected me this bad or for this long until now. I love my fiancés family as if they were my own and everyone has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel loved except for his parents. His grandparents are the sweetest people I have ever met and I absolutely adore them. I don't have a relationship with either of my grandparents so it feels like I finally have grandparents of my own and that means a lot to me. His uncle and aunts also make me feel welcomed even though one of his aunts is a bit shy and doesn't talk much. They all talk to me kindly and treat me like an equal - not just like the girl that happens to be dating their nephew or grandson. As for his parents, I have only felt accepted by them once and that was way over a year or two ago. Ever since, however, I feel like they get more and more distant from me and their attitude towards me seems to be getting worse. I'm so tired of their constant disrespect towards me and their passive aggressiveness that they know they can get away with because "they're older and I'm not their family so there's nothing I can do about it". I still try to show them respect not only because I'm the one dating their son, but because I was raised to respect my elders. At first, they would just ignore me when my fiancé left the room, then they started ignoring me in front of him but occasionally talking to me when my fiancé was able to bring me into the conversation, now, it feels like I'm not even in the room and when they decide to finally talk to me it either has to do with me explaining what something is (typically a Mexican dish), or to say something very passive aggressive. If my own fiancé even tries to bring me into the conversation, they just completely ignore the effort and keep avoiding me until they find some passive aggressive comment to direct towards me. I just feel like a bother when I'm around them. I feel guilty for being in their presence when I have done nothing to them. I try to always be respectful around them and I wish I knew what made them act this way towards me. Part of me thinks that they blame me for my fiancé not visiting them or speaking to them as often, however, when we started dating he was still in college with no job so he was able to visit them more often. Now, he has graduated college and has a full time job where he works 40+ hours a week and gets off late so even I get to only spend time with him a few hours a day before we go to sleep. He used to go to church every Sunday but now he works on Sundays and can't drive over an hour to go to church with them. It's not my fault that he can't visit them as often but I feel like they somehow blame me since he has slowly started seeing them less since he started dating me. Other than visiting them less since dating me, I have done nothing to upset them since I have shown them nothing but respect and have apologized to them if I did something wrong. The first (and to my knowledge, only time) I have made them upset was the first year we started dating when they invited me on a beach trip and I forgot to say goodbye (I was still living with my parents at the time and anyone with Hispanic parents know that if you still live under their roof you have to follow their rules and they wanted me back home earlier than expected). A few minutes after the incident I remembered I had forgotten to say goodbye and called my fiancé's mom to apologize and thank her for bringing me with them but later that day she told my fiancé how she was upset at me despite me calling her back immediately to apologize. This happened over three years ago and they were nice to me after that incident so I doubt that's what this is about. I'm also a very shy person who doesn't open up to people very easily, so I also wonder if me being so quiet is what turns them away from me. I don't think this justifies them being so passive aggressive towards me, but I have to keep this as an option just in case. Just to clarify, me being shy doesn't mean I completely ignore them and don't try to talk to them, it just means I still talk to them very formally (unlike the more casual way I talk to the rest of their family members) because they talk to me differently and more formally than everyone else in his family. I'm just matching their tone y'know.I feel like I'm getting a bit sidetracked but overall this bothers me so much because I feel so drained after seeing them. I sit there taking their attitude and there's nothing I can do about it because I don't want to be disrespectful or escalate things. It's so belittling and I broke down after having lunch with them in front of my fiancé because of it. He's stood up for me before but it makes his mom get very defensive over it. All he can do now is apologize for his parent's behavior but it doesn't stop them from making me feel this way. I don't want him to get involved because I feel like it would encourage the thought that I'm turning him against them. I see how much my parents love my fiancé and I wish his parents viewed me that same way. He's just as quiet and formal with my parents as I am with his but they absolutely adore him and ask about him when I'm on the phone with them. My dad even has a picture of us as his wallpaper and that makes me so happy. I want my relationship with his parents to improve but I feel like if I confront them or have my fiancé confront them about this they'll just get offended and make the situation worse. What should I do to confront them about this without offending them?
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2023.06.08 23:50 Special_Coconut4 Timeline for things @ IVF Clinic

Is anyone else’s clinic constantly doing this? Or should we switch clinics?
Everything in my clinic seems to take FOREVER. It’s one doc and she runs two clinics. We thought it would be nice to go there rather than a large clinic, but it’s not. My consult was in February. April: 3 weeks of bc to get on schedule May: stim cycle and testing
We then waited 3 weeks to find out the PGT testing results and have a follow up with my RE. I had to call the office to schedule this phone call ahead of time, because they have the tendency to wait until the thing happens before scheduling (eg. If it was up to them, our results would come in, then they’d call us to schedule - which would then be another couple of weeks because my doctor is so busy). She said we could move ahead with an FET. Her NP would send a message early next week about “getting me on track” (more bc even though my periods are every 28 days) and ~3 week hormonal med cycle.
I then get a message from billing (we’ve never gotten one before) and she essentially says “great, you’re able to move forward with scheduling your FET cycle once you pay your balances. We’re submitting them to insurance and it can take 30-45 days to process.”
Uh….couldn’t they have been processing my insurance this entire time? My ER surgery was mid-May, almost a month ago. Why are they waiting to take the next step when these things can happen simultaneously? It is unbelievingly frustrating, I’m running out of time (I work at a school and would need to do the FET before August), and it’s stressful AF.
Is anyone else’s clinic constantly not thinking ahead like this? Should we switch clinics?
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2023.06.08 23:50 SavannahInChicago Mom says one thing, then says another. So frustrated.

I am so frustrated and hope this is okay to post here.
My mom has been helping me out the last few months to afford food and help me get to work. I was very hesitant to take any money from her. She went back to work after retiring and I really did not want her to have to think about supporting me.
I honestly am making as much as I can in my job and I will not get a raise going elsewhere. I am in school, but that takes time. I have a hard time with my mental health during school and I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. So picking up shifts is hard for me. The help she is giving me is very helpful.
That being said, she had to talk me into it and this is where I am frustrated. She has had two long talks with me about how she is completely fine financially and she wants to help me and do not worry about her. She finally made me feel better about taking money and help from her.
I broke my toe a few days ago and cannot walk far on it, so I took an Uber to and from my ultrasound appointment which I needed to confirmed the autoimmune disease and rule out cancer. I thought it would be okay until she texted me that she is broke and not to take an Uber over $12 again. The Uber was $30 because I had to travel from my neighborhood to downtown Chicago for the appointment.
I am just so frustrated. I don't want to make her broke. I don't want to take all the money out of her bank account. But she made is seem like she was fine no matter what. Now I feel like I don't want to take any money from her at all. But I also know that if I refuse money in the future she will make a big deal about it again.
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2023.06.08 23:50 Charles-Headlee Ordered P10M Mag From Cheaper Than Dirt

Bottom Line Up Front, Cheaper Than Dirt is bad, but is anyone else as bad?
So looking for a third mag to try a P10M in a match at the end of the month, only place I can find that has them in stock in the US was CTD. I had been getting their (physical printed) junk mail and emails for years, so I assumed I'd bought something and had a non-negative experience. Found out yesterday that shortly after placing the order, a "dry run" charge to the CC was made to look like an apple purchase - these are quite common and used to validate the stolen CC info is valid. Within a few hours multiple three figure purchases were made from Ebay, Wish, and Temu of all places. The credit card company caught the first one after the fake Apple charge and texted my wife, and we got everything rolled back. Current assache is changing out the credit card number on all recurring payments.
I put some time into Google and found that I probably should not have been surprised about this experience with CTD. This brought up a question in my mind: Are there any other ecommerce shooting outlets as bad as CTD? I know there are some legit looking CZ-* fakes, and the CZ-Parts thing in EU that is legit but looks sketchy. Anything as prominent as CTD yet as bad in terms of customer experience?
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2023.06.08 23:50 Personal_Engine_3872 manifesting in time crunch with urgent situation

Hi everyone! I am not new into Neville’s teachings and I even manifested big changes in time crunch before and I have a good belief about I get everything I want in urgent situations.
But this one is scaring me: I need to find a new house before 20th of June, and housing market is awful: way too expensive that it is almost impossible for a student like me to live on her own, houses around my desired area are old and I seriously need to find a house that I can live alone, is very cheap and beautiful & new inside and out. Otherwise I have to live with people I don’t know and under unwanted circumstances.
Maybe I am scared because even though I manifested big things before I have never become this spesific, anyone lived through something similar and successfully manifested their new home?
I might need some guidance
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2023.06.08 23:49 fat_mad_old Is my eight year old daughter old enough to know she's gay?

My eight year old has a crush on her best friend - a girl. She just told me she's known she's different to the other girls in her class for a year.
I want to be absolutely 100% clear that I am perfectly fine with whatever her sexual orientation is. Sadly she's worked out that my in-laws might not be, from the way they've discussed the subject in the past. She's also worked out that she can't tell other people in school, as she told one girl who reacted badly.
I told her that over time, her feelings might change - but that whatever she feels, my love for her will always stay the same.
However - is it too early to be seeking support? She told me she feels that "nobody sees it as normal" and I'd really like to find her a group of other children to hang out with where being gay IS normal. But she's eight. I don't want to commit her to anything if it's too early to really tell...?
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2023.06.08 23:49 CrazyNeedleworker8 What reasons would a man touch a woman's face?

Some context, I met this guy years ago. His company is a vendor and my company is the client. We were attracted to each other but timing was never right.
As of late, we've had more opportunities to see each other at events and we found out that we have a lot of common interests.
One night we went out for drinks as a group. Had an amazing time. As I was leaving, I found him outside the bar so I tapped his arm to say goodbye. He turned to me, gently cupped my cheek/jawline and asked if I was feeling okay and how I was getting home. The whole thing felt very intimate.
Uhh, correct me if I'm wrong but we are colleagues and yes the attraction is there but I didn't expect him to do that and was slightly taken aback.
The texted me later that night asking if I got home safely. The next morning he texts again asking to see me again soon.
What kind of signal is he sending? How do I know if he's just being friendly or actually wants more?
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2023.06.08 23:49 Strange_Poetry_4589 I need help navigating these scenarios.

Hi, this is my first post, and I am a first time parent trying to navigate gentle parenting with my twin toddlers that are 22 months old.
We have just recently entered the tantrum stage in the last month, and I have been reading about gentle parenting since they were born, but now I’m really trying to apply it to difficult scenarios, and I’m struggling.
  1. My son has recently started hitting me and pulling my hair when he is upset. I tell him that I’m not going to let him hit me, and I set him down. I even model gentle hands. I know it will take repeated instances of this before it finally sinks in, but what do I do in situations where I can’t set him down. For example, if we are in a public place or if I need to change his diaper? The hitting and kicking is especially bad during diaper changes.
Also, I’m trying to work on teaching them to pick up their toys. My son will gladly help me pick up the toys, but then he will dump them all out just before we finish. I’m sure this is normal behavior for his age, but I’m unsure of how I should stop this?
Thanks in advice for any guidance you can provide.
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2023.06.08 23:49 22Trees23Windows Run Around From the Doctors

Hey guys! You all have been so supportive as I've asked questions about pursuing a possible AS diagnosis, and I'm wondering your opinions on whether I should get a second opinion.
My PCP noticed high WBC, ESR, & CRP and referred me to hematology who were helpful in so far as they ruled out cancer. They did finally determine (with the help of my really awesome PCP who found out I was positive for HLA B27) that there was probably an underlying autoimmune thing going on, as that can apparently cause WBC to go up or down depending on the situation.
PCP referred to Rheumatology, who ordered X-rays and a bunch of blood tests to rule out chronic infections like cat scratch fever, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and such. The X rays showed straightening of the lower spine and neck, which he said could be from wear and tear, and my ESR was only slightly elevated this time. WBC and everything else still pretty elevated. He said because WBC is high, he knows it is not autoimmune related. He read off the reasons his medical book said lymphocytes could be high and #3 was autoimmune disease, but he said "but it's not that since your WBC is high". I'm pretty sure lymphocytes are part of WBC?! He said because of this I have to go back to the Hematologist, but the Hematologist says I have to see the Rheumatologist. Grrr!
He also said that my symptoms don't match because I have plantar fasciitis, and joint pain in my knees, elbows, fingers, neck, low back, and upper tush area (sacroiliac?) and AS doesn't have pain anywhere but the back. He also said AS pain and fatigue doesn't come and go in flares like I have, that it's constant and worsening only. However, my symptoms are very similar to what my family with it have.
So here's my conundrum - the PCP seems frustrated that I'm not getting answers from anyone, and on Wednesday I'm going in to talk about next steps. Should I ask to see another Rheum? I'm feeling a lot better following a flare that lasted all fall and winter this past year, and it was such a rollercoaster going to these different specialists and being treated like I was wasting their time, that I'd rather just enjoy life right now and not worry about it. I do have pain daily but it's so much better now.
My only concern with holding off is that my mom has a complete hunchback (her head is mostly in front of her shoulders) that's really bad and I just don't want to end up like that. Otherwise if the PCP doesn't think that's a possibility maybe I can hold off? What would you do if you didn't know whether you have it, but have some symptoms, but not bad enough at the moment to be desperate for some kind of relief anymore, and were getting the run around from unhelpful specialists? Thanks in advance for all your help yet again! Much love to you guys!!
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2023.06.08 23:49 Perfect_Ability_1190 He’s back from Everest! Considering the news out of RedSwan, abrdn and TOKO, it’s very timely that Rob discusses the use of Hedera in traditional finance in tomorrow’s Shark Bites segment of the HbarWeeklyUpdate.

He’s back from Everest! Considering the news out of RedSwan, abrdn and TOKO, it’s very timely that Rob discusses the use of Hedera in traditional finance in tomorrow’s Shark Bites segment of the HbarWeeklyUpdate. submitted by Perfect_Ability_1190 to Hedera [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 23:49 AdDistinct763 Need help transitioning from pads to outdoor potty training.

Need help transitioning from pads to outdoor potty training.
My girl Lily is a little over a year old. She was pad trained as a puppy and seems to have no interest going outside to “make”. I’ve been working with her for a few weeks, taking her out around the time that she normally has to go, but she comes right back in and uses the pad. I’ve tried taking a pad outside, which also doesn’t spark her interest. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. I just keep telling myself that we can do this.
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