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1e Downtime rules

2023.03.25 06:01 hamadryus 1e Downtime rules

My players received lands for rendering services to the lord of a kingdom. One of them wants to rent his land to farmers to make money. He will have is house on the the land but won't be taking part in the farm activities. He will only make money from the land rent.
How should I rule this.
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2023.03.25 06:01 Educational_Low_3314 Am I in the wrong?

So at a young age I got pregnant at 17. I planned on moving out of my parents house time & time again but every time they begged me not to because we live in low income housing and I lower their rent & because I have kids we have a bigger unit so we have “extra rooms” (supposed to be my kids room) So here’s the problem for 1. My brother also lives here with his kids and both of us pay $400 in “rent” each. 2. They moved my abuser (other sibling) in about a week ago and I have no say because its their house. 3. I am the only one who cleans the house and provides groceries. Why am I upset you may ask? Because our bills all together including utilities is $600 a month and my brother and I give them $800!!! So they’re pocketing an extra $200 each month. I stopped paying rent when i found out and a few weeks after they gave me 30 days to move. 😂 ohh and did I mention my abuser is not obligated to pay bills at all and my parents are currently providing for it and its kid. Their washer & dryer broke a while ago because it was like 10 years old so they made my brother & I chip on a new one $300 each & every time i do laundry they get snippy and say oh we all have to do laundry etc. i told them I’m not comfortable doing laundry there anymore & I’ll be going to a laundry mat & they literally were happy about it. Also i have foodstamps but since i live with them its in their name and they spend almost all of it though they don’t qualify because they refuse to work. And they tell me not to take any jobs that make more than minimum wage because we will get less foodstamps and i will have to pay the difference in rent as well. 🙃🙃 so i am left to figure out how i am going to pay the bill and food and everything so might as well not even have food stamps. and So yea im a little pissed. But in good news my kids father & I just bought a house so in a few weeks all of this wont matter. I haven’t even told them I’m moving so it’ll be as much of a surprise as them moving my abuser in was! I just don’t know if i will be keeping in contact with my parents ever again tbh.
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2023.03.25 05:58 R0B10Z3R The Doppelgänger

I was a college student at Yale. I work as a part time in nearby Macdonalds. I live together with my girlfriend near the collage and me and her split the rent. We can afford rent sometimes. I study in Law Firm while she study doctoring. Nothing was new for us. Just a typical lifestyle. One day I saw my girlfriend in ragged clothes sitting below the old bridge. I was confused why she was there. I got closer to check but a car passed by and she disappeared. I thought I was hallucinating since I didn't get much sleep last night because I had sleep paralysis. For about a week everything was fine. But then one night I got one of my sleep paralysis. It was typical for me so I thought nothing of it. But then I saw someone with a kitchen knife coming out of the kitchen. I thought it was hallucinating. However it looked exactly like my girlfriend. And I saw it furiously stabbed my girlfriend sleeping near me. Blood spilled everywhere but I can't move. I was frightened. And then it looked at me. Dead in the eyes. It made a creepy smile and knocked me out with a baseball bat. That's all I remembered. When I woke up my girlfriend was fine. No blood nor anything. I thought it was a dream. But then after I ate my breakfast I saw a little bit of blood on our bed sheet. I asked her and she nervously said her period started. I was confused since her period was over 2 weeks ago. But I was late so I rushed to my lecture. When I got back home she acted weird. She acted happy, then she acted concerned. I thought her period was making changing her emotions. 2 Weeks later, I have more nightmares. Everyday I wake up sweating from all the nightmares. But dreams aren't real so I didn't think much of it. One day she said her mom is sick so she had to go to her mom's house for a week. I was tired to I said fine and she left. That night however I realized her mom is dead for a year now. I thought she was cheating on me with an another guy. I was furious and called her. She picked up and said "You realized didn't you, it's your time to die" with the voice from the devil himself. I was confused. I thought she is pulling a prank on me. That night however, it was a rough night. I heard banging on my door and with a creepy voice it said "Open the door, honey. I'm back" I didn't opened the door since I read too much horror book that I don't want to be the victim. I closed all the curtains and covered the door with the wardrobe. I peeked through the window and saw my girlfriend with ragged clothes just like I saw her below the bridge. Her eyes were red, she had a creepy grin. Then I noticed something dripping on me. I looked up and I saw a letter written in blood saying "Time to die". The door opened with a bang. The wardrobe fell and I saw her. She was holding a rusted pipe. I ran out of my apartment into the hall. I knocked on my neighbor's door. It opened and I saw my girlfriend's mom. She was holding a kitchen knife with her devil grin. I ran out of the house. I saw a car rushing towards me. I thought I was dead. Everything was over. I got hit by the car. Then I immediately woke up. I was fine on my bed. My girlfriend wasn't there. I thought it was all over my but then I looked at the mirror. She was back with her ragged clothes but her eyes. They were red. They are coming out of her eye sockets. She grabbed me. I screamed for help. While she was grabbing me I couldn't move. But out of sheer luck my friend came in. She disappeared. I friend asked what happened. I just said I stubbed my toe. That night, I became the victim of the Doppelgänger. I wrote this before I over bleed and die. If you see me, kill it. I'm not me......
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2023.03.25 05:51 cmonman1993 Landlord neighbor is now an illegal Airbnb. I confronted about noise and trash and he is threatening to sue me for harassment.

My neighbor turned his house into an airbnb. The house is almost touching my house and we can hear all the noise from the parties that the guests throw sometimes.
So far, there have been guests who have shown up to our door thinking it was their airbnb, and another time when my driveway was blocked in by guests. For each of the times I texted the neighbor letting them know about this and they never responded.
One night the guests lit up fireworks and made a mess outside the neighborhood. I asked him to clean it when I saw him the next day and he got very defensive and told me to get out of his face or he will sue me for harassment.
I think he is also breaking the law. He never informed me that the house was being turned into an airbnb. He also is not technically allowed to do so due to the HOA but apparently he is close to the president of the HOA so no action is taken? I contacted them many times and they just ghosted me.
In his listing, he does not have a picture of the short term rental permit (which I think is also the law?). He is also renting out his entire house without living in a part of it. I don’t know if that’s legal or not.
Honestly, I just want a little bit of peace at home. Is there any way I can complain about him? I saw an airbnb nashville complaints site, but for that, I am required to state my name and also I have to agree to testify against him. He is very erratic, and knows where I live so I don’t want to risk him knowing that I am ratting him out. Is there anything else I could do?
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2023.03.25 05:41 comfortspace1 🥳Comfy Single Room With Window🥳Renovated House with Great Maintanance👕 💰at Koi Tropika

🥳Comfy Single Room With Window🥳Renovated House with Great Maintanance👕 💰at Koi Tropika
Lee 60133914903
Room Detail:
Address : Koi Tropika Condominium Jalan Puchong, Batu 13 1/2, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Special Perks - Once a Week Cleaner For Common Area ( Included ) - TIme 100Mbps with Full Coverage Mesh Technology ( Included ) - Common Area Electricity ( Included ) - Each Room Have Individual Meter For Electricity Usage
Room Fully Furnished with - Fan - AC - Mattress - Bed Frame - Table - Chair - Wardrobe - Warm Light For Better Sleep
Facility : - Gym - Swimming Pool - BBQ Pit - Washing Machine - Water Dispencer
Note: - This House Have 3 Toilet, 6 Rooms at 1400 Sqf - Only Light Cooking Allowed - Only Rent 1 Person
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2023.03.25 05:41 josiesjumpers White Wedding Bounce House for rent Greenville, SC - Josie’s Jumpers

If you're looking for a White Wedding Bounce House for Rent Greenville, SC , Josie's Jumpers is the perfect place for you! We have a wide selection of bounce houses, tables, chairs, and more to make your event a success. You can enjoy it at your wedding party with our collocation. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service, and our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to book your event.
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Room Detail:
✨ AREA BERDEKATAN :- 🚊 7-10 min LRT Puchong Prima/ Puchong Perdana 🏪 TESCO EXTRA, AEON Big, IOI Mall, Sunway Pyramid 🎓 MAHSA University, Taylor's 🚗 Bdr Puteri, Uptown, Puchong Perdana/ Prima
✨KEMUDAHAN DISEDIAKAN :- 📍 Peti sejuk 🧼 Mesin basuh 🧑🏻‍🍳 Dapur 🪑 Sofa, meja makan & kerusi 👮🏼 Guarded 24 hours CCTV . .

Berminat? Sila book slot untuk appointment sekarang! 😍🥰😉

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2023.03.25 05:21 Fuelfemme Access rights when moving out.

We are in the process of moving out of our rental home after receiving an N12 form a month ago. We were blindsided by this, as we’ve been here for 7 years, without any problems whatsoever. They want to move their adult daughter into our house, because she can’t afford her rent in Ottawa. This young lady had a house built for her by her dad, because she didn’t like this one. Which is why it was empty when we moved in. Well she didn’t like living in her new house, so she moved to Ottawa and they sold it. And here we are 7 years later. Now, they were gracious enough to give us 10 weeks to get out. So by the end of April. I’m telling this story because, I got an email today from my landlord. Their daughter is coming home on April first, and wants to come in and look around the house to see what she needs to buy. They want to know what time works for me. I DO NOT want them in my house. First, I am So furious with them for pulling this in the middle of winter, and to toss out 3 good tenants for 1 spoiled one. This has completely uprooted our lives. We have to move to another town, pay twice the rent we’ve been paying, and I’ll have to find another job to be able to pay for it. My question is, do I have to let them in? What can they do if I refuse? The entire house is being cleaned after we leave, and there’s no damage to be fixed. I just don’t want them going through my space. Sorry for the long post.
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2023.03.25 05:17 az053110 Seeking advice on how to help family with part time childcare

Hi everyone, currently using a throwaway. I am a frequent lurker on this sub & have gotten so many great tips and suggestions from other parents. I am currently in a predicament and looking for some advice on how to proceed… Sorry in advance for all of the abbreviations and the extremely long novel; there is a LOT of context behind the current situation that I’d like for you all to consider!
So SIL— my husband’s older sister but I consider her my own sister and am very close to her— was recently let go from her full time remote position. She has found a new full time job, this time in person, that is M-F 8:30-5 and starts relatively soon. She has 2 children: niece 1F, and nephew 10M.
Since both she and and her husband (BIL) would be working full time, naturally the question of childcare came up for the days both would be working. She informed me that her MIL (BIL’s mother, who lives 1 hour away) would be meeting SIL approx. halfway to do a drop off and watch niece for the full shift, then do the same thing for pick up… This is a lot of driving/gas/time spent for everyone involved (and they have tried doing the full commute before so I know how hard it is, even split in half).
I currently stay at home with my only daughter 2F. This was always the plan with my husband until my daughter is old enough to go to pre-k/kindergarten. He makes a decent income to cover all of our bills and have a little bit left in the bank after too.
I have offered to watch niece part time at 1-2 days max per week, split between the MIL watching niece 1-2 days per week that both parents are working. (Please note that SIL did not ask me directly; I have offered to watch her as I feel bad for everyone and really do not want her to spend so much time in a car seat shuttling from place to place every week… I also know SIL has a slightly strained relationship with her MIL so I am trying my best to alleviate some of the stress on SIL shoulders as well since they clash on a lot of different things [especially respecting boundaries and SIL wishes]. And SIL has offered to pay me a fair rate as well, I would not do all this for free.)
The main question is, what is the fair price for this service? It would be 1-2 full days of childcare. According to her, a local daycare is asking $450 per week in the area which seems like a lot but I am not well versed on numbers or hours/unsure if it is in home or a typical daycare center or not… The biggest difference is that I know the level of care I will provide, as her aunt, is infinitely much better over a daycare… I would be providing her plenty of one on one time, meaningful play, home cooked food & snacks, and she gets a perk of spending quality time with my toddler as well.
Logistically I would be watching niece from what looks like between 8-5:30 or so. Luckily she is a pretty easy baby and is not too fussy or difficult (unlike my feral toddler lol). I would also be responsible for nephew (10M) for a short amount of time once he comes home from school, until one of his parents gets home. He is a mostly independent kid.
There are sooooo many factors overall but the main thing is that I do not want this to strain our current relationship as we do have different parenting styles plus she is returning to work out of necessity and I want to respect that, not to mention the financial aspect of it all also.
(The backstory is SIL, her husband, and 2 kids moved in with us to save money to pay off their debts and save for a house. They originally moved in with MIL living 1 hour away from the city last summer, commuting to the city for work/appointments 2 hours a day… That was not feasible long term with 2 kids, especially in our winter climate, and so my husband and I offered for them to move into our house that we had just bought, with us. They have 2 rooms out of the 3 and we share all other spaces, without charging them rent. We did this knowing they would do the same for us, if the roles were reversed. They moved in with us last August right before nephew started school & claimed to only need to stay with us 15 months or so optimistically, to do all of the paying off/saving… I do not know the current timeline or where they stand right now.)
The question of finances is hard as I am not sure what a decent wage is for this type of situation, and inflation has not helped at all… My husband and I have a joint account. We do still have a few small amounts we need to pay off and since inflation is kicking us in the ass as well, I’d ideally LOVE to be able to have my own source income to contribute as I do not have the time or ability to work part time or remote currently… We currently pay our mortgage in full. As I have stated before, we do not currently charge them any rent. They split other utilities such as groceries, internet, power, water, etc pretty much 50/50 each month. As the SAHM I do majority of the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, bills maintenance, etc and everyone chips in where they can and alternates occasionally.
With this new job, they will both be in a slightly better financial spot than us, as my husband’s decent income goes towards the 3 of us plus mortgage and half of bills. I suppose I have a few questions:
  1. What is a fair rate to charge per hour or day? I do not want to undervalue my worth as I know I will take care of both children as best as I can, but also do not want to overcharge as that would mean they wouldn’t save as much per month/live with us longer (which I know no one wants, we all want them to get a house and I know we all want our own space lol).
  2. How do I ensure that I am not being taken advantage of? What should I ask for in return, as I would be taking care of 2 children while the other adults work full time? My loss of time & freedom are mostly at risk here, since I originally only agreed to stay at home with my one & only toddler and she is starting to get to the independent age now, unlike my niece who is still learning how to walk and such. (I am also unsure of our own future, but we are most likely OAD unless our situation or fortune changes drastically.)
If anyone has any advice on all of this please let me know— literally anything is welcome at this point.
Thank you all in advance and sorry again for the long novel. 🙂
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2023.03.25 05:07 courthillrooms Master Room at KL Sentral, KL City Centre

Master Room at KL Sentral, KL City Centre
Court 60149419710
Room Detail:
Location: Hotel Signature KL Sentral !
  • All Room Attach PRIVATE Bathroom 🚽
  • Co Living Hotel Room For Rent
Few Requirements & Promotions: ✓Prefer 1-year tenancy ✓Immediately move in ! ✓Zero Deposit / One Month Deposit
Walking distance can be arrive: 🚶1 Min Walking distance to Nu Sentral 🚶2 Min Walking distance to KL Sentral 🚉 3 Min to Lrt KL Sentral Kelana Jaya can switch to Masjid Jamek and also can arrive to TBS Station 🚍 🏢 5 Mins Walking distance to Little India 🚶12 Min to Kota Raya 🚶12 Min to Petaling Street 🚶18 Min to Bukit Bintang
🌹 Fully Furnished 🌹 Weekly Cleaning Service 🌹 Maintenance Support
House Amenities 📶 WiFi 👚 Washing Machine 🍃 Dryer 🚿 Water Heater ❄ Air Cond 💧 Water Dispenser 🍲 Fridge
Interested PM us NOW!!
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2023.03.25 04:50 Conscious-Service890 Microphone gear + equipment

Hi, I had a couple questions about affordable microphones. I’ve been playing bass and singing with 2 bands for a couple of months now at rehearsal spaces where you rent by the hour and equipment is provided. I want to start having my own collection at home for my own practice. What kind of affordable gear do I need if I want to practice vocals? Is a mixer necessary? And if so what is an affordable one? Also do I need two speakers or just one small one if it’s for a small basement room in my house. Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.25 04:49 Conscious-Service890 Microphone gear plus equipment

Hi, I had a couple questions about affordable microphones. I’ve been playing bass and singing with 2 bands for a couple of months now at rehearsal spaces where you rent by the hour and equipment is provided. I want to start having my own collection at home for my own practice. What kind of affordable gear do I need if I want to practice vocals? Is a mixer necessary? And if so what is an affordable one? Also do I need two speakers or just one small one if it’s for a small basement room in my house. Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.25 04:47 bbqroast Inside the radical plan to build ‘the new state house’ and change renting forever - interesting article on a private (retirement savings fund) developer in New Zealand

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2023.03.25 04:46 Chrissharper [Tenant US-CA]If your landlord wants to transfer/sell you the house you're renting and still paying a mortgage on how does this work?

So I think they’re having buyers remorse there’s to much to fix etc they bought it 3 months ago ( the same amount of time I’ve been renting it) how is the process? What would I need to pay? And what can be done in this situation? The bank, loan etc
What do I need if I decided to go with it I. The future?
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2023.03.25 04:42 kimpressive Sketchy behavior with people knocking on our door

I purchased a house in Portland earlier this year and within the last week it has been a target of an apartment listing scam. Over the past couple days two people have knocked on the door looking for someone trying to rent them a room in the house. On top of this just a few hours ago a man knocked on the door and quickly asked if we were selling our car. After the “no” he went back to his car parked across the street. We called the police because it felt like he was scoping out our house and the officer that came to the door hadn’t seen this type of activity before. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this targeting. It feels like the recent listing may have put us in the crosshairs?
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2023.03.25 04:38 Mylan2011 Vacate order during divorce

In California
The judge ordered my ex husband to vacate the family residence but he refused. The house was confirmed as my separate property. Mortgage is in my name only. What are things I can do to make him move out? He wants to force it into foreclosure since he knows financially I cannot handle mortgage and paying rent on a separate apartment, where I now live with the kids. Also, I can’t sell it bc he won’t allow showing. Thanks for any input
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2023.03.25 04:36 Sierra0259 Cities to live in Philippines

Hello guys
I’m here to ask about Philippines cities to live for some months
I’m actually a nomad traveler and I want live it in Philippines, In 2024 I will go there and want to know which cities are good for living as a foreign (I’m Mexico/American, white guy) I don’t want a popular city as Manila ( I really want to feel the real Philippine experience) but a safe one too, i was thinking in Quezon City, also I want to know about the rent price of a normal house or apartment with all service included, I will visit it with my cousin
Also I want to know about advertising, tips and things to do and learns, I’m specially interesting in cooking, meet people (maybe even find a girl), take photos of beauty but unknown places, cultural things, and know the general personality of people from Philippines I’m writing travel journals with all experiences where I go so I’m very excited of write the Philippine book
With all that, thank you guys and wish the best to all, who saw and respond this;)
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2023.03.25 04:35 MzBHaive Landlord does own his home/ hasn’t been paying his mortgage, ughh

Hey all, good evening, short-long story. My husband and I have been renting our first place since March 2021. The home is residential w the landlord live by on the first floor and another tenant living on the second, we’re obviously living in the Basement. It was our only affordable spot at the time. All was good until January when the we saw a strange note stuck to our entrance. Took it down and showed it to the landlord because it look homemade and incoherent. It stated something along the lines of “you must leave my property January 10th.” It looked comical and we showed it to the landlord.
He proceeded to tell us not to worry about it, it’s just his nephew “who thinks he owns the house” etc. February came and we got another note, stupidly believing our landlord we ignored it and gave it to him. Now March, we see a third note on the door, saying we’re summoned to court because the owner wants us out. We again show him. He says it’s nothing. One Friday earlier this month the upstairs neighbor knocks out little window and states we have court on the 14th. She proceeds to tell me that “he hasn’t been paying the mortgage and his nephew is a co-signer on the mortgage and the nephew is coming to claim the house”! Panicked, I alert my husband and we discuss it.
We decided to talk to him one last time, to see if this is something it not. He lies, says it’s not important, says we don’t need to go to court, his lawyer is taking car if it. We obviously didn’t feel comfortable with that so I make my way to court and lo and behold, the court appoint lawyer says to stop paying rent, he doesn’t own his property and the nephew is suing so that all tenants and my “landlord” will leave his property. I am heartbroken, this man has been playing with my family and lying to our faces.
I inform my husband , who becomes upset understandably, but we start looking. Slowly but surely we will find a place, a legal place this time. My question is; how do we respectfully tell him to eat sand when he comes to request rent next weekend? We’re going to be out before the 15th.
Thanks for reading, sorry for any errors.
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2023.03.25 04:27 Background-Tart907 It's difficult to be a nice person after experiencing shitty landlords and roommates

I live on disability benefit and minimum wage, and I've had to put up with crazy roommates and landlords who lived with me.
One roommate kept asking for closing the door without causing noise, but she slammed the door after I said no to give toilet paper. Another roommate brought her boyfriend into the house almost every day even though there were only females in the basement.
The first landlord I met didn't fix my doorknob until I moved out after 3 months for living there. The third landlord asked me to buy her bedding supplies after I left stain on hers. I bought bedding supplied three times until she was satisfied with products. She also asked me to pay for the installation fee and new appliance fee of the built-in microwave even though there was no clear link between me and the broken microwave. She also asked me to pay for 2 days' stay after I told her that I wanted to move out on 2nd day of the month. The fourth landlord didn't even try to clean the laundry machine even though it was filthy inside. Also, nobody was willing to give rent receipt for the annual tax report even though I didn't share the kitchen and washroom with many of them.
Whenever I move to a new property for room to rent, I tend to imagine the worst scenarios. When there is tension between me and the landlord/roommate, I try to leave a conversation in writing. I even installed the application to record phone call conversation. The current landlord even looked at me like I was really crazy after I sent her two confirmation messages in English and my native language. However, she posted an ad saying that the room would be available starting April 30 even though I had said that I wanted to move out on May 1.
I'm getting crazier and meaner than I've ever been before. This is a price for poverty. I think It's better to be crazy than be naive.
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2023.03.25 04:23 bhagen26 College student moving into town from California

I am a single (29/M) moving into El Paso from California (as title suggests), and here are some facts as to what I will do: I will be enrolling into EPCC with Teachers Certification, and later transfer to University of Texas El Paso Campus I will be coming in between late September and early October
Here are some questions: How far in advance should I look for housing and jobs to do, and should I start now (in late March) or wait a bit (until when)? Since I am expatriated currently, should I wait to get my DL until I come in, or get it now while overseas? Which sites or resources should I use when looking for housing, and what to look out for, so I do not get scammed? I will most likely seek room-mates to help out with the rent prices, which type of listing should I look for? What district is ideal for college students, and for someone who is coming into town for the first time?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 04:20 Ecstatic_Public_6561 Advice on my roommates money situation

I’m F21 and I’ve been living with my roommate F20 for almost a year- our lease is up in July. We aren’t renewing with each other because she wants to move back home and be rent free. Although she does not like change and wouldn’t quit her job that’s over an hours drive one way from her moms house. (Her words not mine)
Since living with her I’ve noticed we have pretty different personalities. Id say I’m not really the procrastinating type. If the dishes need to be done for example I just go ahead and do them because if I tell myself I’ll do it in like 30 minutes I’ll think about it for 30 minutes until I finally do it. She on the other hand will say “oh I’ll do the dishes at 8pm”. 8:02 comes around. “Oh no! Guess I have to wait until 8:30.”
She didn’t really partake in helping me look for apartments even tho she desperately wanted to move out. She didn’t help set up any of the billing accounts. Therefore they’re all in my name. Which I don’t mind I take pride in knowing I always pay my bills on time and I’ve never missed a bill. The issue lies in where I have to get money for her portion. We used to work together we’re in the dental field so pretty much (as far as I know) we all get paid on the same schedule at least me and her do. Our payday was today (Friday) and our WiFi is due on the 27th that’s a Monday.
Now my bank doesn’t process money transfers on weekends. So I asked her Thursday to please send me her 30$ for the WiFi so I can pay it on time. She’s like “oh I’ll send it Sunday” I really don’t see the difference between her sending it Friday or Sunday because it’s all coming out of the same paycheck. And she has a tendency to go home on the weekends spend all her money and come up short on her end. I tell her I need her to send it Friday, because my bank doesn’t process that stuff on weekends- besides it’s Apple Cash it says it takes 1-3 days I always assume it’ll be 3 days because you can’t count your chickens before they hatch. And she then counters that with sending it Saturday. With all the times I’ve used Apple Cash I have never had money go into or leave my account on the weekend (it’s a credit union).
I’m really at a loss here because when she does this I end up having to use my own money to pay for it all until her portions comes in which sometimes means I can’t pay for the rest of my necessities. It’s not just 30$ either, she’s done this with her 960$ rent portion and I’ve had to borrow money (cash for a cashiers check) from my mom waiting for her money to clear my account so we aren’t charged for a late fee.
I’ve spoken to her several times about this with it going no where and I just want to know if I’m over reacting and need to chill or how else to go about getting her to see my point of view.
Thank you for reading sorry for the wall of text!
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2023.03.25 04:20 throwaway86874376589 Not on the lease but I pay rent. BF is giving me until Sunday to be out. I need a few more days to make arrangements, he’s refusing.

This is a bit of a complicated situation, but I’ve been living with my (30F) boyfriend (33M) for about two years in Dallas, TX. In January, we moved into a house (renting), his name is on the lease and I am not but I have written agreement from him, the amount I’m expected to pay him each month and the financial statements. Over the course of less than 24 hours things have gone extremely sour. He demanded I move all of my things by Sunday. I said I’ll need until Wednesday so I can start making arrangements which I don’t think is unreasonable but he refused. Now he’s trying every tactic in the book, threatening to disclose very personal matters to my parents directly, threatening to go to social media, threatening me with what his lawyer is supposedly saying, but I’m sure that’s an intimidation measure as I haven’t seen any direct communication and with the police. Now he’s moved on to verbal abuse in person and text. I feel that 4-5 days notice is more than appropriate. What are my rights?
Not sure if this is relevant but he’s here on a visa and he has a record of domestic violence with a former girlfriend a few years prior in this in this county.
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