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2023.03.25 03:49 Internal_Branch_6463 Skyrim SE modded crashing around white run.

Can someone help my game still crashing and freezing this time at whiterun as I approach the gaint the 3 companion fight. My load order is as follow
Climates of Tamriel
Lanterns of skyrim
Cutting room floor
Verdant a skyrim grass plug-in
Birds of skyrim
Birds and flocks
Wet and cold
I need food water and sleep
I need extend
Wildcat combat of skyrim
Cloaks of skyrim
Darker brotherhood
The paarthurax dilemma
Stones of barenziah quest marker
Crimson nirnroot markers
Return to helgan
True storms SE
Realistic water two
Realistic water two I need patch
Bigger trees
Kyne's grass
Skyrim flora overhaul Hd
Tamriel reload grass
Voluptuous grasses high density
Fos forest of skyrim
Landscape fixes for grass
Perk points and more gold for bounty quest
50 put more perk points
Even better quest objectives
EBQO The Paarthurax dilemma patch
Gildergreen regrown
Dark brotherhood the new dawn expansion
Immersive citizen
Immersive wenches
Immersive wenches Immersive citizen patch
Immersive patrols
Populate roads and paths
Diverse dragons
Diverse guards of skyrim ( must keep)
Rich merchants ( must keep or something similar)
Immersive college of winterhood npcs( not active)
Realistic conversation
People are strangers (must keep)
Amazing follow tweaks (must keep)
Rxkx22's followers
Sea of spirits
Gaint snake
Beast skeletons
The kids are alright renewal
The kids are alright renewal wild child
Enhanced blood textures
A quality world map vivid
Enhanced night sky
Skyhud vanilla preset
Divine skins and bodies
Cloaks and capes
Winter is coming ( must keep)
Open face guard helmets (like to keep)
Are Metallica (like to keep and try)
Wearable lanterns
Weightless ingredients and postion(like to keep)
Weightless crafting items ( like to keep)
Weightless dragon bones (must keep)
Face mask of skyrim (like to keep)
Belt fastend quivers ( like to keep)
Unique uniques( must keep if possible)
Royal armory ( like to keep)
VioLens a kill move ( must keep)
Kissing immersive lover comfornt
Sneak tools (love to keep)
Serana dialog add ons
GKB waves
Immersive hold boardes
Wear multiple rings
Marriage mod to have and to hold
Use thos blankets
Young lovers expanded voices
Guild leader perks
Ancient roads and ruined deluxe
Shish15's HD rework roads
The brotherhood of old
World encounters overhaul
Skyrim reputation( turn off tonight 3-24-23)
Double beds are for two
Talkative dragons
Realistic waterfall sounds
Guard dialigue overhaul (must keep)
Cross chopper( must keep)
Marry me seranA ( like to keep)
Lilly female courier replacement
Get no more dead followers and merchants ( like to keep both)
Undiscovered skyrim
Bandleader bags and pouches
Sounds of skyrim
Unique region names
Relationship dialog overhaul ( like to keep)
Rdo after patch (like to keep)
Room crf ussep patch ( like to keep)
Bug fixes and more
Bug fixes and more crf patch
Magical college of winterhold
Simply darker night (must keep)
My home is your home
Hearthfire Multiple adoptions
Populated skyrim civil war
Run for your lives ( must keep)
Opening scene overhaul ( must keep)
That my LO am hoping some can help me fix I may have found the problem I hope anyway. Plz help I just want to play modded skyrim and all that stable not freezing or crashing. Thank you guys for your help
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2023.03.24 17:06 Love_Tech Does this look good?? Will be paying property taxes and insurance by myself

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2023.03.24 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Fri, Mar 24 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Violent French Pension Protests Erupt as 1M Demonstrate
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Iceland recognizes Holodomor as genocide against Ukrainian people
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Greece Uncovers Russian Spy Operating Under ‘Deep Cover’
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Rioter charged in Pelosi laptop theft sentenced to prison
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Afroman sued by law enforcement officers who raided his home
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Manhattan DA rejects GOP demand for info on Trump case
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Overturning Roe v Wade likely led to an increase in distress in women. The loss of abortion rights that followed the overturning of the infamous Roe v Wade case was associated with a 10% increase in the prevalence of mental distress in women in the US. N=83,000 women
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CBD Was Efficient In Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain
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Scientists Finally Manipulate Quantum Light, Fulfilling Einstein's 107-Year-Old Dream
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The Universe is a hologram: Stephen Hawking's final theory, explained by his closest collaborator
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1967, ATS-III pictures of the Earth.
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The rumors are true: SpaceX's Starlink V2 Minis appear to be in some kind of trouble, with Elon saying some of the 21 units in low Earth orbit may have to be deorbited and the others tested.
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FDA gives 2nd safety nod to cultivated meat, produced without slaughtering animals
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Microsoft Research: GPT-4 exhibits "sparks of artificial general intelligence (AGI)"
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ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”!
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If you could place any object on the surface of Mars, purely to confuse NASA scientists, what would it be?
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Which actor do you despise so much that you won't watch a movie with them in it?
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Which city are you NOT going to visit ever again and why?
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TIL: Tracy Chapman sued Nicki Minaj for copyright infringement. According to the complaint, Chapman repeatedly refused to give Minaj permission to sample one of her songs, but Minaj did it anyway. Minaj settled and agreed to pay Chapman $450K.
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TIL Jethro Tull's album Thick as a Brick was created as satire, a jab at the 10+ minute songs from prog rock bands at the time. It's now considered one of the best prog-rock albums of all time.
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TIL: James Blunt gave Weird Al Yankovic permission to parody his single "You're Beautiful." But after Yankovic recorded "You're Pitiful," Blunt's record label refused to let it be commercially released. Yankovic didn't include it on his album. Instead, he released it as a free digital download.
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Percentage of US 12th graders who ever dated, have a driver's license, work for pay, had tried alcohol. 1976 to 2014. (Twenge & Park 2019)
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[OC] Biggest self reported ancestry in each US state.
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[OC] Residential property prices in Germany decline for the first time since 2010
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Is it normal to let water boil over the sides when cooking pasta?
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My 84 year old grandpa is craving to eat crappie but he can't find a place to obtain it locally. Are there any places online where we can buy some crappie?
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Date night dinner ideas!
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[homemade] shrimp poboys
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[Homemade] Avocado and eggs toast
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[homemade] hostess cupcakes
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Official Poster for 'BIG SHARK' Directed By Tommy Wiseau
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Blockbuster Video Goes Live With Mysterious Website
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Official Discussion - John Wick: Chapter 4 [SPOILERS]
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Kitty, Me, Oil on Linen, 2023
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What Will You Be?, me, watercolor and ink, 2023
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MKW, Me, Cast Resin, 2023
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Michael Reaves, TV, Prose and Comics Writer, Dead at 72
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‘Good Omens’ Season 2 Casts Ty Tennant and Peter Davison
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'Saturday Night Live' Editors Unanimously Ratify First-Ever Contract
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Note I got from a refiller of the wending machine during my work
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A torii gate in an abandoned tunnel in Kani City, Gifu prefecture.
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Nasa's “Man on the Moon” photo was named the most famous image of all time
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Zoomied her outfit off
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My scene "Way home" V2.0
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Fresh shavings dance
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Each of these three rows is a wave function which satisfies the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for a harmonic oscillator.
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The eclipse of April 8, 2024 from the perspective of the Moon. From
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This company has emergency hours for 23.5 hours
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MRI of my butt
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Found the infamous blinker fluid at the parts store today.
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TikTok CEO grilled on alleged ties with the CCP after his opening statement at the US Congress
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After wrapping their 4th performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, band members from Bonobo heard someone rehearsing on the hall's enormous 9,999-pipe organ at 1am. They convinced her to join in for their last performance and wrote her part in secret. The audience was not informed.
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Mr Roger’s “Robert F Kennedy’s Death Special Episode”. Shows how Mr Rogers wasn’t afraid of answering the questions he knew kids have.
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Today a zebra escaped a zoo in Korea and this happened
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Well, this face swap worked out better than expected
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Mobile game ads are evolving
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Long Live the King
Comments Link
Pest Control Expert defends the usefulness of Possums
Comments Link
My bf adopted an elderly kitty from a shelter for his new place. I think he likes it here (OC)
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2023.03.24 15:41 kayenano The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer: Chapter 1

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Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.
Tags: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Copious Ohohohohos.

Chapter 1: To Cut A Shortcake
The orchard within the Royal Villa was my home within a home. Undaunted by the tall shadows cast by the walls, the blossoming apple trees and flowering shrubs sung a song of springtime as they gently woke me from my afternoon nap.
Rising from the grass, I cast open a bleary eye against the scattered sunlight filtering in between the tree leaves above me. Then, with a wipe of my hand, I noted the dampness by the side of my lips and quietly groaned.
That I'd fallen asleep in the open was already a dereliction of form. That I'd done so while drooling was unforgivable. Were a maid to see me in such an unfettered state, the shame would dog me long after I'd fired them.
Fortunately, there wasn't a soul to spy my indiscretion. Although that wasn't to say that nobody was in the villa or in the grounds. Servants, guests and guards were always abound. Usually by each other.
And that's how I enjoyed it.
Indeed, there was nobody around me.
As the fifth in the line of succession, it wasn't necessary to have attendants herding my every step during a busy day of diplomacy. My role was to attend the necessary public gatherings while making as little fuss as possible.
The intrigue behind closed doors was not mine to either witness or partake in, and as a result, I was broadly left to pursue the creative endeavours that a girl of my age was expected to demonstrate profuseness in.
Knitting. Gardening. Tea making. Painting. Poetry. Dancing.
Why, it was a terribly dull state of affairs.
To be so far removed from the comings and goings of my father's court while my own brothers and sisters advanced our family's cause in the dizzying light of public approval.
And that's why—
“Heh heheheh heheh ...”
That's why I jumped in joy.
Hopping on the spot like an excitable rabbit, I leapt for the clouds as I realised I'd woken up from a nap and still didn't have anywhere I needed to be.
It was marvellous! An entire day spared from the drudgery of court politics! An entire day where I wasn't subjected to the stench of old hags! No longer did I need to pretend I couldn't see the sly nods traded in the corners and the pouches of crowns being passed beneath the tables!
And that meant a day where I, Juliette Contzen, 3rd Princess to the Kingdom of Tirea, was free to indulge in the scholarly pursuits.
I peeked around.
Then, I quickly stepped across the roots of the apple tree, leaned down, and pulled out a book from the shrubs residing at the base.
A bright red cover met my smile.
Opening it, I made a childish squeal as the leaf being used as a bookmark fell down and I saw how much of the book I still had left to enjoy.
Indeed, this book that was carefully and painstakingly hidden among the dirt and twigs was no treatise on history. Nor was it a recipe book for the decade's most delectable dishes in the world of haute cuisine.
It was … an adventure romance title.
A Court Lady's Indiscretion, Vol. III.
Immediately, I wiped the side of my lips as my etiquette failed me once again.
It was a wanton piece of literature that I had to order by courier and with a hefty bribe for discretion. But it was worth it. Written by an author claiming to be a noble-born lady, it details the truly shameless account of a romantic rendezvous with a castle guardsman.
Of course, I knew it to be a fabrication. There was no highborn lady on this side of the continent who would jeopardise their standing due to an infatuation with a common soldier. Such a thing was purely in the realm of fairytales, whereas the world was built on ambition as unbending as cold iron.
Yet even so, should even the slightest possibility exist …
Why, it would be truly scandalous!
Again, I wiped my face with the back of my hand.
However, my own personal indiscretion by reading this title wasn't ready to begin. There was a need for sustenance in order to fuel my reading session. And luckily for me, I happened to be surrounded by highly nutritious food.
Looking up, I spied a perfectly ripe apple dangling from the lowest branch. And then I reached up for the strawberry shortcake hiding just past it.
Smiling at how my day was proceeding, I went on my tip-toes and swiped, hopeful that my height had increased by several inches since I'd earlier tossed the shortcake among the branches.
“Uff … hrghh … hnnghh!!”
It hadn't.
Admitting defeat, I instead unsheathed the sword all members of the royal household kept by their sides.
Mine was merely ceremonial, of course. It was simply part of my dress. I was neither trained, nor expected to use a weapon. Should any situation arise, the guards could be relied on to protect me.
Why, there should be no issue if it was used as a cake prodder, right … ?
Hugging the book to my chest, I reached up and gently tapped at the side of the branch with the face of the sword.
The shortcake dropped with ease. As it fell, I angled my sword—
And allowed the nutritious snack to fall across the edge of the blade, cleanly slicing itself into two finger-sized pieces.
Such was the keenness of the sword's edge, that the shortcake could barely be seen to split. Only when I caught it in my hand did it separate. Two perfectly golden slices topped with cream and half a strawberry each revealed themselves to me. And now I knew it was fated to be a good day.
“Hm hm hm hm hmm ♫.”
Yes, it was a very good day.
That is, until I heard the sound of hearty clapping.
“Not bad. One strike, eh? Your enemy never saw it coming.”
Immediately flinging both the book and the shortcake slices into the shrub, I twisted around and held up my sword. If I could, I would've thrown myself in there as well. And probably also the person who saw me.
Wiping away the childish joy from my face, I threw on my most dignified scowl and corrected my posture towards the man who was now holding up his hands.
I didn't lower my blade.
An unknown man in roughspun travelling attire and the start of an unkempt beard. Clearly a hooligan. And sneaking up on a princess in the midst of her studies! Why, that was at least three capital crimes! This was cause for nothing less than immediate execution. Or at least several knocks around the head, specifically the bit which held memories.
“This area of the grounds is private,” I said. “Name yourself. You're not a retainer. What are you doing here?”
The man held up his hands slightly higher. And yet his act of docility neither matched his easy smile, nor the way he was casually admiring the blade pointed towards his direction as if it were a display piece.
“Woah there, let me confess first before you start putting holes in me.”
I immediately looked at which part of his body seemed most susceptible to being stabbed. His smile faltered slightly.
“What I mean to say is, I'm not used to finding my way around mansions. Caban Oxwell's the name. I'm acting as liaison with the Adventurer's Guild. I was told the steward was in the gardens?”
I maintained my scowl as I assessed the truthfulness of his claim.
It was enough to make the man hesitate. His now uncertain smile almost completely fell off his face before I decided he was at least scruffy enough to look the part of an adventurer, although from what I knew, they were little more than hired vagrants.
“This isn't the gardens,” I said, lowering my sword, but not sheathing it. “It's the orchard. Return past the wooden gate and follow the path up the steps. You cannot miss the garden.”
“Right, right. Got it.”
The man nodded. Only now lowering his hands, he retreated a few steps and turned around.
And then kept turning, until he was facing me again.
“So, out of curiosity, do all the noble ladies here need to have swords on them? Or just the ones who regularly fight off falling pieces of cake?”
The abject humiliation almost caused my arm to shake.
As I thought up a passable excuse, I defaulted to keeping my scowl in place.
It was the one expression my parents had drilled in me to maintain when in public, since it was apparently better than looking bored and haggled. And I was exceptional at it. I didn't have many praiseworthy achievements, but maintaining a scowl for a family record of 336 consecutive hours including sleep was one of them.
The man looked uncertainly at me as I willed my brain to spin faster.
And then I thought up a wonderful solution.
“Oh … Ohhhhoho! What in heavens are you referring to? What sword? What cake?”
“H-Huh? The sword in your hand? The cake you threw in the ...”
“There is no sword and no cake. I declare this as a member of royalty.”
The man looked at me in utter confusion. I smiled victoriously inside.
That's right … when unable to answer a question, simply stamp the unyielding boot of authority instead!
This man was a self-confessed wayfarer and a clear commoner. Why should a princess need to explain her royal functions? Whether it be napping in the grass or slicing cake, every action I took was a calculated decision in service to the realm.
“Royalty … ?”
The man looked puzzled. After a moment, he clicked his fingers.
“Aha! Then … you must be ... uh ...”
“Princess Juliette.”
“Princess Juliette! Of course, I should have known. Your breathtaking mastery of singing is known far and wide across the continent!”
I winced. My singing certainly was breathtaking. My mother once said that if I ever sung in a foreign land, it would be taken as a declaration of war.
However, if he was complimenting my humming, then perhaps it'd grown proficient enough to no longer shatter glass … ?
“T-Thank you … but I rarely subject the public to my singing voice. In truth, I'm afraid I have little confidence in it.”
“Oh. In that case, yeah. To be honest, I only came here because I thought an animal was dy—”
I opened my mouth, ready to shout for the guards to arrest this heinous criminal at once.
And then I felt the drop of rain hitting my forehead.
Terror seized me. I looked up at the sky, then marvelled and cursed in equal measure at how the few clouds to have inhabited the sky now seized this moment to choose a new far greyer colour to adopt.
Again, another rain drop struck me. It was light and refreshing. And that's how it lured the innocent into not immediately dashing for cover.
A sudden onset of spring rain was common in this country. It came and went like the tides. And while I would normally still make for shelter, that would mean abandoning my most cherished possessions for the damp and mud.
“Yes, well, um, will that be all?” I discreetly stepped towards the shrub where the book and shortcake was hidden, hoping this would also signal the end of our impromptu conversation. “If so, Sir Oddwell—”
“Oxwell. And I'm no knight.”
“Very well, Mr. Oddwell. My time is very precious and I have matters of statecraft to attend to. Do you require any additional directions or … ?”
The man gave me a strangely pained smile. Understandable. A chance meeting with a princess was undoubtedly any commoner's foremost dream. But I would not sacrifice my precious volume or second lunch to entertain his happiness.
“Hm? Well, sure. Don't suppose you could tell me where the bathroom is around here? I've been kinda dying to go since ten minutes ago ...”
T-This man!
What was he saying to a princess?! And the lack of tact! Just leave!
“There … There are public bathrooms in the guest quarters. You will have to return where you came, then find the clay roofed building adjacent to the portcullis.”
“Got it, thanks.”
“Excellent, then I'll just—”
“By the way, uh, why have you drawn your sword again?”
It was just as the man said.
I'd drawn my sword again. But it wasn't to shoo away this highly talkative man, who likely had no inkling of the number of etiquette laws he was breaking by maintaining this conversation.
No, it was for a far more important function.
Umbrella duty.
With a flick of my wrist, I batted away the next raindrop that had beelined its way towards the shrub. And then the next. And then the next after.
As I bemoaned the contemptuous state of our kingdom's weather, I looked towards the man, whose eyes had strangely widened.
“It is, um, improper for my dress to become wet.”
His abrupt, almost shocked response caught me by surprise. I paused for a moment in thought, before realising that as a wayfarer, he likely took both mud and rain in his stride.
“I cannot allow the rain to seep into my dress,” I kindly explained, even if this wasn't the primary calamity I was avoiding. “It would be unsightly. A princess cannot wander the grounds with their sodden garments clinging to their skin.”
Yes … just like an adventurer.
Although the rain had only been falling for mere moments, already I noted the clear dampness where the rain was falling across his shoulders and hair. And yet he seemed either oblivious or careless to it … even as some of it landed in his open mouth.
“With … With that?”
He looked plainly towards the direction of my sword, held over my head as I swished away the hastening raindrops.
“Yes? I currently lack an umbrella.”
“An umbrella? You're using your sword as an umbrella to… to cut away the rain?”
“... I'm just preventing my dress from becoming wet?”
I looked at this man in confusion. Far from my simple answer stating what should have been plainly obvious, he instead viewed me with ever widening eyes.
This … This right here. This is precisely why I never spoke with commoners. That and the fact that the guards usually did a much finer job at keeping them at a distance. How was I supposed to explain an action as simple as protecting myself from the rain in easier to understand terms? Perhaps I should use hand gestures? Pictograms? Chest beatings?
Or could it be …
Ah-hah! I see now!
“Oh, of course. I see now the sword by your side. I apologise, I did not take you as a swordsman. As you say, you are certainly no knight.”
I smiled kindly, embarrassed I did not spot the real issue at hand sooner.
He must have been rendered speechless by the sword I was holding onto.
“Yes, this is the fabled rapier, Starlight Grace. One of the treasures of the kingdom, originally forged for my great-great-grandmother from ore claimed to have been carried from the stars. Sadly, the truth is that it's assuredly terrestrial in make. Even so, it radiates a splendid light, wouldn't you say?”
Of course, even if he didn't know the tale, he would still be able to appreciate my sword. It must be shocking to suddenly see such a storied blade being utilised before his eyes. I was remiss to not take such a consideration into account before wielding it.
I suppose that the charitable action to undertake was to demonstrate its luminous qualities. He certainly wasn't touching it.
Knowing I now had an audience, I swung more than necessary, sweeping a line of rain away in a crescent. A sparkling trail was left in its wake.
“A wondrous sword, isn't it? Of course, I understand your wish to hold it, but I must decline. This is a royal heirloom, and cannot be handled like a public curiosity.”
“N-No, Princess … That's not what … How are … Where did you learn to do that?”
“Excuse me?”
The man continued staring at my sword, even as I was forced to quicken my strikes to fling away each and every raindrop.
In truth, I didn't know how to answer. The light was certainly impressive. But it was purely a function of the blade's meticulous craftsmanship, and also a dose of magic. I could hardly take credit for it. All I was doing was swinging the thing.
“I'm afraid I don't know? It's a natural effect of using this sword.”
“... I see. So the sword and wielder are one.”
I offered a querying tilt of my head. What I received back was a stiffening of shoulders and a straightening of the back, much like a guard jumping to their feet after being caught dozing by the inner gate.
“I apologise, Princess Juliette. It appears that I've been more than impolite. I've been impudent. Yet if I may be ruder still, may I inquire as to your swordsmanship grade?”
“Excuse me?”
I was so stunned that I allowed my hand to falter for a moment. I quietly groaned inside as my eyes glanced to the hint of bright red peeking beneath the leaves, then set my sword back to work on ensuring it remained bright red.
“Yes … which grade are you?”
“I have no grade,” I said simply, believing well and truly that this man didn't possess a single marble behind his eyes. “Why should I need one?”
I'm a princess, for heaven's sake!
In what world would I be graded for my swordsmanship? Furthermore, what would that achieve? It was one thing to be chided by my tutors at courtly etiquette. To be yelled at by the master-at-arms for failing to beat up a straw dummy was quite another.
“I see … so you are above such things. Truly remarkable.”
“W-Well, in a manner of speaking?”
I responded uncertainly to this strange man. More and more, I was wondering whether I needed to call the guards or the physician. Particularly to his lack of tact.
As I busied myself with shooing away the rapidly pelting spring rain, the man continued to ogle both me and my sword without any indication that he intended to excuse himself. The sheer blindness to social cues would never have occurred with any dignitary. Or indeed, anyone with eyes.
“Hiee! Y-Yes?! What is it now?”
All of a sudden, the man let out a loud exclamation and bashed his fist against his chest. I jumped in fright, then despaired at the thought I truly had to communicate via chest bumping.
“Please, Princess! If you've yet to receive a grade, I ask … no, I beg you! Allow me the opportunity to do so! Let me grade you!”
“Grade me?!”
The man nodded. The man's expression was creased with unyielding seriousness. He paid no heed to the rain dripping down the front of his hair. It was as though the fire in his eyes burned away the wet and cold.
“Yes, Princess! Though a mere adventurer, I have some small renown with a sword! Please allow me the honour of grading your ability! It is, frankly, inexcusable it hasn't been done already!”
The man's hand went to the sword hilt by his side.
My mouth fell open.
If a guard saw such an action being taken towards me, he would be hauled away in chains. And if he was lucky, still with his head on.
Even conscious of my mouth being open wide, I lacked the capacity to correct myself. Aside from my sword still dutifully whacking the falling rain away, I was paralysed by the audacity of the request.
“Sir Oddwell—”
“Oxwell. And I'm no knight.”
“Whoever. I cannot even consider entertaining this request. Not only is there nothing to grade, but such a thing would be utterly against all codes of conduct. Even bearing in mind your common station, it's inexcusable that—”
To my absolute shock, this grown man promptly dropped to both knees. A squishing noise sounded as his well-travelled clothes came into contact with the damp grass.
“I beg you this favour! Order me gone, kick me out or arrest me! But first, allow me to test the strength of your sword!”
I looked at him in horror.
Once, I'd had a young nobleman propose marriage by prostrating himself before a shocked hall. Another time, I'd had an entire tray of wine spill on me by a blundering maid. Neither events fazed me half as much as the sight of a professional ruffian with unkempt hair begging me to undertake a swordsmanship exam.
“Th-That's not necessary! Please stand! It's unbefitting of you to beg in such a way! You … You must do so using one knee, maximum!”
The man was unrepentant. He maintained his unsightly pose, causing my soul to wince with each passing moment.
“Princess, my request!”
I let out a small groan. Especially as the spring rain now chose to peter out as swiftly as it'd come. That, I suppose, was a message from above.
“I … I could consider it … if the process is brief … very brief … and you depart immediately … how would you grade me … ?”
“The only way there is, Princess!”
The man immediately jumped to his feet. I looked on in horror as his palm nestled around the top of his hilt. He gave a fiery smile that matched the vigour in his eyes.
“With a test of steel.”

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Salutations, commoners! Thank you for reading the start of my new fantasy series! I began posting it on RoyalRoad a few weeks ago and will now be posting three times a day until /HFY has caught up. Afterwards, new updates will be posted simultaneously. If you've enjoyed the start of Juliette's quest to stave off poverty and maintain her high standards of living, then feel free to binge everything I've written so far! I also have a Discord you can find me on.
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2023.03.24 07:15 ProfessionalGuess251 Blank Dialogue boxes and corrupt savegames

I've encountered a couple of issues in this load order that have me puzzled. My dialogue boxes are now showing up blank without any text. The order issue is that I'm constantly getting corrupted savegames both of the fake variety and the real ones too. Any insight into what might be doing it is greatly appreciated.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Enhanced Landscapes.esp
Lux - Resources.esp
Lux Via.esp
Sailable Ship.esm
Gray Fox Cowl.esm
Lux - Master plugin.esm
Smooth Weapon.esm
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Immersive Wenches.esp
EVE - Barrels with Physics VR.esp
ELFX - Exteriors.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Lux Via - Brighter lighting patch.esp
Lux Via - plugin.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Hand Placed Enemies.esp
SoS - The Wilds.esp
Embers XD.esp
Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim - Merged.esp
Lux Via - Whiterun Market patch.esp
Sea of Spirits.esp
TES Blackmoor.esp
Tes Arena NorthKeep.esp
Tes Pagran Village.esp
Skyrim Dreams & Nightmares(Personalized Music plugin).esp
New Falmer Statue fixes.esp
Tes Arena Nimalten.esp
Lore Friendly Entheogens.esp
Morning Fogs SSE.esp
Unmarked Locations Pack.esp
Tes Vernim Wood.esp
TES Arena Amol.esp
True Thane.esp
TES DunstadGrove.esp
Wyvern Parish.esp
3DNPC TKAA Patch.esp
Helgen Reborn TKAA Patch.esp
Jebbalon's Feeding Predators.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
The Miracle of Flight.esp
[Predator] Ancient Robes.esp
COR_TheEyesOfBeauty_Compability Patch.esp
COR_Improved_Eyes_Skyrim_Compability Patch.esp
COR_Brows_Compatibility Patch.esp
COR - Teeth Patch SSE.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
Embers XD - Fire Magick Add-On.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim - Serana.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim - Vamp.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Nord Tribal Armor.esp
Veydosebrom Regions.esp
EmbersXD-Campfire Patch.esp
Book 'Em.esp
(SGC) SkySA.esp
Disable Turn Animation.esp
Smooth Animation.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
Fast Sprinting 10%.esp
VioLens SE.esp
Cinematic Sprint.esp
Mord Sith Cara.esp
Red Samurai.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Samus.esp
Cloaks&Capes SMP.esp
Rings of Power.esp
Breton Apparel - Imperial Renaissance.esp
Clothes Pack 4 by DonEb14n.esp
DX Pornstar SE.esp
[Zynx] Sexy Transparent Swimsuits.esp
Veil Recoloring.esp
[Vera]Cat Woman Suit.esp
Skyrim Tropical Style Suit (UNPB Standalone).esp
Tes Granite Hall.esp
TKAA Wild Child.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
Merta Assassin Armor.esp
Convenient Horses Special Edition Patch.esp
Followers Stay Close.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Sand Snake Sisters.esp
Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
Merta Black Rose Armor.esp
Immersive Diseases.esp
Purchaseable Store-Display-Items.esp
Simply Rest Anywhere.esp
At Your Own Pace - Main Quest.esp
Sexy Female Bandits.esp
Spaghetti's Cities - AIO.esp
Snowberry Lodge.esp
Reich Corigate.esp
Solitude Skyway SE.esp
bonfires of skyrim.esp
Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE - Falx Carius.esp
Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE - Penitus Pants.esp
DIbella's Blessing.esp
Toccata as Elisif.esp
Seraphim - PrettyCourier.esp
Race Compatibility Dialogue - Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
GR123 Knights Templar.esp
Recorder Follower Base.esp
Horses Gone Wild.esp
Haem Projects Basalt.esp
notice board.esp
ForgottenCity TKAA Patch.esp
Convenient Horses.esp
Kinky Inn.esp
Lux Via - Riverwood covered bridge patch.esp
Lux Via - Enhanced Landscape patch.esp
magic of the magna-ge.esp
Landscape For Grass mods - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
Harem 2 AIO Armored.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Sotteta Huntress Armor.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Elvira.esp
Sparky Dog Follower.esp
JVBlack's Griffin.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX Exteriors.esp
LOI - Loads Of Ingots.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
MHIYH - BedPatchPackageFac.esp
DVLaSS Skyrim Underside.esp
Sidequests of Skyrim.esp
Book Of Shadows.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
MMX452 Alternate Starts.esp
Alternate Start -- New Beginnings.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp
Lux - Water for ENB patch.esp
Lux - CC Fish patch.esp
Lux - Embers XD patch.esp
Lux - Live Another Life patch.esp
Lux - USSEP patch.esp
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2023.03.24 02:45 k_throwaway2023 I've been using Ketamine therapy, here's how it started and my experiences so far

I’ve been using ketamine therapeutically since last spring and I’ve been thinking about writing down my experience with it for a while. In the last few weeks I’ve seen increased interest in psychedelic treatments, especially with a second clinic in the city using it.
Getting a few things out of the way- I am not a mental health or medical professional, these are my personal experiences and opinions with ketamine therapy. I am using a throw away account and there are some details leading up to the therapy that I’m skipping over for personal reasons.
I don’t think I can adequately describe the treatment and how it works, but this is a good video going over what ketamine therapy is and how it can help
I have had issues with depression for most of my life but it had gotten to a point where I was noticeably deteriorating and my current medications were no longer working. I had been in contact with Access 24/7 and have spoken to someone there on 2 separate occasions, one of which was to surrender some old medication I was no longer using (under threat of a wellness check). I had gotten a referral for therapy through AHS and had a referral to see a psychiatrist.
Therapy sessions through AHS were 3-4 weeks apart and the psychiatrist recommended I only needed Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Afterwards I was discussing this with my doctor because I felt like I needed more help and couldn’t do this on my own. My family doctor recommended I contact Envision Mindcare about their Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy (TMS) to help with treatment resistant depression.
Envision Mindcare is a private clinic and requires a physician referral, that can be found online. My experience was after they received my referral it was discussed internally if I would be a good fit for the clinic. I made it through the initial screening and I was contacted about receiving an intake/assessment at the clinic. The fee for the appointment was $200.
At the appointment I talked with a psychiatric nurse/psychologist about my history, what brought me to the clinic, and what I was looking for. I noticed they offer ketamine therapy and asked about it. At the end of the appointment I was told I was a candidate for either TMS or ketamine and would have an appointment with a psychiatrist for further assessment.
At my appointment with the psychiatrist we talked in a little more detail about my history, what brought me to the clinic, and what I hoped to get out of it. The psychiatrist agreed I would be a good candidate for either TMS or ketamine, but recommended ketamine for me and told me about what to expect leading up to the first therapy session. My psychiatric appointments at the clinic are covered by AHS.
They only offer intranasal ketamine therapy at the clinic. I was contacted by a compounding pharmacy in the city about preparing my prescription. There are commercial medications available but they can cost up to $1,500 if I remember correctly. The cost for my first prescription was around $150 and should last 4-6 weeks depending on dosage and frequency. There was a courier cost also with the prescription; because of the potential side effects and potential for misuse, I am only ever in possion of the ketamine nasal spray at the clinic. The cost of my last bottle was around $170 due to a higher dosage. If you have drug coverage, ask the pharmacist how to claim it because there was a special form I needed for fill out.
Before my first session I also had to submit a drug screening to the clinic because of the potential for abuse.
Since my job also has the ability to drug test me, I informed my manager (who was very supportive) about the treatment and got a doctor’s note saying I would be fit for duty the day after treatment. The note cost $80
Before each session I have to fill out a survey on a tablet at the clinic. I log on with a unique number and answer questions about my current state of mind. These are recorded and used to track progress.
Afterwards a ketamine therapist will call me and take me to a room. I’ll sit down, blow my nose, get comfortable, and have my blood pressure read. There is chance of a blood pressure spike at the beginning of the treatment and my blood pressure is monitored throughout most of the session. There will be some candy next to the chair, because if the ketamine drips down the back of my throat, it tastes intensely bitter and unpleasent. Then if the bottle is primed, I’ll begin spraying one shot in each nostril with a one minute break between sprays until I reach the required dosage for that session. The higher dosages will knock me out for around 60 minutes before I start to Greg’s in my faculties. I usually stay in the room for 90-120 minutes or until I am ready to leave.
My first session was a small dosage (60 mg) to see how I would react and each session would increase until I reached the recommended dosage. My schedule was 2x a week for 5 weeks, then once a week, then once every two weeks, and I am now going once every 3 weeks. I was told to not expect to feel the full benefits until I was in the +120 mg dosages. My highest recommended dosage was 180 mg. The cost of each session is $200.
What to expect- the first few sessions were uneventful. I remained conscious throughout and was a little nauseated by the end. The higher dosages brought different experiences but I’ve been able to just lay back and relax. Afterwards I feel slightly dizzy and uncoordinated, I’ve described it as feeling a little hung over.
Ketamine is a dissociative hallucinogen and I’m not sure how to describe its effects, so I’m copying this piece I found
Taking ketamine can make you feel:
During my sessions, I have experienced all of them at some point. Some sessions I may not experience any of them, but the clinic has reminded me to not focus on the impact of the drug, because the real benefits start after the treatment.
I have also had several medication reviews to adjust my other prescriptions and talk about my progress since I started the therapy.
Why ketamine over TMS? I have treatment resistant depression and during my assessment I remember talking about a non-imminent threat of self harm and ketamine works fast and is very good at suppressing those thoughts and urges and making it hard to focus on them if they do pop up.
From what I have been able to find, studies have found the success rate of ketamine therapy to be 60-75%. It has not been easy or cheap to use ketamine therapy and it’s not right for everyone, but I am in a better place than when I started it last year.
Personal Notes:
  • Don’t eat or drink too much before the appointment, I’ve found it better to go in hungry rather than full.
  • Do not drive after your session, you will be impaired. One of the survey questions is if you have arranged transportation from the clinic
  • There is a question about an increase in diarrhea or constipation in the survey. It's important to answer honestly if there is a change, because it could be a symptom of a serious, but reversible, risk of a liver complication. A blood test is required to confirm if this is an issue..
  • During my session, I just lay back and listen to music. I use the time to just relax for a little bit.
  • I take the LRT to the clinic and I’ve found it easier to walk from Corona Station instead of Government Center
  • If you have benefits/insurance, talk to the clinic about how you can use it to even partially cover the cost of treatment
  • I have found it very beneficial to have counseling in addition to ketamine. The ketamine alone can’t fix the other problems that brought me to the clinic in the first place. Therapy is expensive and can be hard to find, but here a few resources I have found Drop-in Single Session Counselling. It’s free resource with multiple locations throughout the city Momentum Councelling offers free group sessions, some virtual and some in person. If you attend a virtual session you will need a camera and either headphones or a private space during the session.
  • Access 24/7 780-424-2424. They have moved to the Edmonton Community Hub North- 13211 Fort Road NW
  • I’ve found EMDR therapy has helped me. I’ve been going to ShiftGrit Psychology and found the addition of EMDR very helpful in trying to process some things.
  • I currently reading Emotional Agility by Susan David and I’ve found it informative and helpful. Next on the list is The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions by Christopher Germer
  • Nutrition is very important. I always feel better when I’m eating a more balanced diet and fewer refined and processed foods.
  • I also feel much better and more energized after some moderate exercise
  • I don’t do this enough, but mindfulness and guided meditation helps to calm me and focus my thoughts.
  • If you're lucky enough to have a doctor, a physical can also help identify problems, like abnormal hormone levels.
  • I try to stay away from supplements so I can avoid complications and identify if my medications are working for me, with one exception. One thing that I have found immensely helpful is taking a magnesium supplement. In my research, the algorithm recommended this video and I thought it would be a simple and measurable way to improve my mood. I discussed it with my psychiatrist and they said it would be fine to try out. Since I started taking the magnesium, I’ve found I have a greater distress tolerance even with one pill a day.
  • I’ve found Dr Tracy Marks videos to be immensely helpful. Her videos touch on diagnosis, behavior, diet, exercise, and different forms of therapy.
  • I have asked and Envision Mindacre will be offering psilocybin treatments as soon as they can, possibly within the next 2 months. I have been told that this would be an all day treatment and require fewer sessions than the ketamine but I don’t know what the cost will be. I am unaware about any other psychedelic therapies that might be offered in the future.
  • The treatment isn’t easy to start
  • It’s expensive
  • It’s not the best treatment option for everyone
  • It’s time intensive
  • But it can be very effective at what it does and it's had a positive impact for me
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2023.03.23 05:05 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 182 Part 2- Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art!
Just because you’re transported to another world, doesn’t mean you’ll escape from your pain.
Abused by her parents, thirteen-year-old Frances only wants to be safe and for her life not to hurt so much. And when she and her class are transported to the magical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the self-titled Demon King, Frances is presented with a golden opportunity. If she succeeds, Frances will have the home she never had. If she fails, Frances will be summoned back to the home she escaped.
Yet, despite her newfound magic and friends, Frances finds that trauma is not so easily lost. She is dogged by her abuse and its physical and invisible scars. Not only does she have to learn magic, she has to survive the nightmares of her past, and wrestle with her feelings of doubt and self-loathing.
If she can heal from her trauma, though, she might be able to defeat the Demon King and maybe, just maybe, she can find a home for herself.
Teaser: Hattie finds out about blessings and curses, whilst Janize and Leila have a... development
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 182 part 1] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 183=>]( ]
The Fractured Song Index
Discord Channel Just let me know when you arrive in the server that you’re a Patreon so you can access your special channel.
It was taxing being so close to Queen Janize and not being able to do anything about it. Elizabeth had to admit to herself that she had at some points, wondered about just wringing the woman’s neck. However, there was no way to do so.
If Elizabeth had one word to describe Queen Janize, it was that the woman was intriguing. As one of the maids directly attending Janize, she was mostly standing nearby, fetching pen and paper and drinks. The woman was rarely alone, usually accompanied by multiple servants, guards, and Leila. She also attended meetings directly with Earl Darius that Elizabeth coudn’t attend, and would often have private meetings with her Otherworlder shadow.
Ayax, however, using a nifty spell that Frances had invented to eavesdrop in magically unprotected rooms, could actually listen in on the queen.
It was in one of these conversations that Elizabeth and Ayax were quietly discussing in their rooms with Martin and Ginger attending through mirror.
“So you are now certain she’s working against Darius?” Elizabeth mused.
Ayax pursed her lips and nodded once. “I believe so. She definitely doesn’t tell Leila everything, but I am more inclined to think she’s preparing countermeasures against the Earl. Not that that changes anything. I think we need to kill them both.”
Elizabeth blinked. “But she’s pregnant, Ayax.”
Her lips twisted in a grimace, Ginger sighed. “I don’t like it either, Liz, but I get what Ayax is saying. If Queen Forowena’s cannot bear children, Janize’s child will become a threat to whoever succeeds King Jerome. It might be better to kill a traitor and rebel than kill her child.”
Martin coughed officiously, his eyes narrowed. “I personally don’t really see the difference, and I doubt most would. Both are very unenviable options.” The knight drummed his fingers on the table. “This is going to sound off topic, but what’s the mood in the castle?”
Ayax glanced at Elizabeth, who frowned in thought. “Downcast. They aren’t willing to surrender, but since the Erlenberg navy has cut off all sea resupply, they’re rationing food.More importantly, Ayax just told me that it doesn’t sound like the city is going to be relieved anytime soon.”
Martin blinked. “Really? I thought the traditionalists still had remaining troops?”
Shaking her head, Ayax’s tail swayed back and forth. “From what I heard these are their last remaining troops. We’ve dealt too many defeats to them, destroyed too many of their castles, killed or captured too many of their mages. They’re waiting for us to make a mistake, but they don’t think we are going to make one. We can conceivably just hold our siege here until we starve them until starvation.”
“Of course, that’s not really an option. Too many things can go wrong with such a long siege,” said Elizabeth, recalling a lesson from Igraine. She wondered how was her mentor doing.
It was then that Elizabeth and Ayax noticed that Martin and Ginger were exchanging grim looks their lips pressed into thin lines.
“It’s no longer an option,” said Ginger. “A little over a week ago, Timur found out that Thorgoth is training six dragons, the children of Telkandra. He learned this from the eldest of Telkandra’s children who had fled her siblings. However, while trying to get this dragon and Goldilora away, Timur was captured by Thorgoth’s forces.”
Martin, noticing Ayax and Ginger’s widening eyes, piped up in a firm tone. “Frances is heading with Morgan and Hattie to rescue him and I think they have a chance of succeeding, but the fact remains that we now know why Thorgoth was so passive. He was amassing his forces to perform a final attack with dragon support. We cannot maintain a prolonged siege and so I have an idea.”
Ginger scratched her head, trying her best not to scowl. “I hate it, but I think it works. Liz, Ayax, can you meet with Janize in private and offer her terms of surrender?”
Elizabeth blinked. Ayax’s jaw dropped open. “I thought you wanted to kill her, Ginger?”
“I do, but I…” Ginger closed her eyes and rested her forehead against her clasped hands. “Look, as much as I want the bitch dead, you all spent a long time pulling me out of the shitty place I was in. I feel like if I ask you to do something so cold-blooded, even if it is the ‘practical’ and ‘logical’ decision, it would mean all of us would be going to that place. I don’t want that.”
“Are you sure about this? I agree with you, but I have…strong feelings about preserving life, especially unborn life,” said Elizabeth, her eyes focused on Martin.
The knight sat up straighter and gave a short nod. “I am sure that we need to at least offer Queen Janize terms. If she refuses then so be it, but if she agrees, then we must explore that option.”
“And how are you going to convince King Jerome and Queen Forowena this?” Ayax asked, arching an eyebrow.
Ginger allowed herself a smirk. “Leave that to us. You and Liz think of a way to offer the following terms without getting caught. We need to send a clear message.”
Elizabeth crossed her arms. “What are the terms you plan to offer?”
Her arm wrapped firmly around Janize’s waist, Leila guided the queen to her bedchambers. “Come on, let me carry you at least once.”
The queen hid her smile with her hand as she let herself be guided. With her servants dismissed, it was now alright to play coy with Leila. “Are you sure you’re strong enough for two, Otherworlder?”
Janize blinked when Leila leaned in, pulling her close. The Otherworlder gently stepped in. Her eyes wide, the queen found herself starting to lay back onto the younger woman’s arms.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” drawled Leila.
Her heart pounding, Janize held onto Leila, wearing her smirk like a shield. “I expect you to carry me to my bed, Leila,” she rasped.
“Well then…” Leila dipped one arm underneath Janize’s legs. The queen held her breath as she was lifted into the air. The younger woman’s grip was incredibly gentle and steady even as Leila fumbled with the door.
Janize opened the door with her gloved hand. “Allow me.”
“Thank you.” Leila kicked the door open and sashayed herself and Janize into her bedchambers. The queen watched the Otherworlder through half-lidded eyes, revelling in how Leila’s eyes were glued to her.
“Are you already undressing me with your eyes?” Leila giggled.
Janize arched an eyebrow. “Unless my eyes are magic, I don’t think—Ah, you mean it metaphorically. I was thinking you should take my dress off.”
“Oh? You would like to be at my mercy…” Leila’s voice trailed off . Janize felt ice seep into her heart when Leila’s grip tightened around her. Her dark brown eyes now stared at something on their bed.
Their bed? Oh dear. She was really growing rather fond of Leila wasn’t she?
Janize took a deep breath and reached up to touch Leila’s cheek. “What’s wrong?”
The Otherworlder carefully set the queen down. Once she did, Leila gripped the hilt of her long dagger. Janize had to turn around before she saw what had killed the mood.
“Hm, rather menacing isn’t it?” Janize muttered. She narrowed her eyes at the dagger planted point first into her mattress. “There appears to be a note attached to it. Can you be a dear and get that, Leila?”
“Yes, but give me a moment. Can you stand back?” Janize swept behind her protector, who drew her wand and muttered several spells. They made the dagger, bed, and even the sheets glow. After several different spells, the Otherworlder finally went forward, yanked the dagger from the bed and unrolled the letter.
Janize peaked over Leila’s shoulder, not hard to do considering she was what Leila had called her, a few “inches” taller.
To Queen-Claimant Janize of Erisdale,
We, Sir Martin of Conthwaite, Ginger of Conthwaite, Ayax “The Blackgale” Windwhistler, and Lady Elizabeth Hae-won Kim, would like you to know that we could have killed you and Leila as you slept, but circumstances compel us to offer you terms.
King Thorgoth of Alavaria has recruited purple dragons to his cause. You know what he intends to do with them. In the interest of ending this civil war that has taken so many lives, we request on behalf of King Jerome and Queen Forowena that you surrender under the following offer, conditional to their Majesties final approval:
  1. Your life and that of your unborn child is guaranteed
  2. Presuming that your child lives to their majority, they will be first in line to the throne of Erisdale, not to be superceded by any adoption or newborn children.
  3. You are to be confined for life on Greyrock Island with a hundred retainers you may choose
  4. Earl Darius and the other nobles who supported you are to submit to a trial by the high court for war crimes. All but his life is guaranteed, along with a steady income, but their lands and wealth will be confiscated from their persons, but not necessarily from their families and children
If you wish to discuss with us further, have a courier send a message out to the siege lines under a flag of truce.
Leila murmured the contents of the letter to herself. A snarl warped her lips. “What a load of bullshit. Are you done, Your Majesty? If so, let me burn it.”
A gloved hand held Leila’s wrist, whilst another set of hands plucked the letter from the Otherworlder’s grasp. Janize stepped away, pacing across ther room, and studying the letter intently.
Leila stared at the queen. “Janize, what are you doing?”
Janize tapped her hand with one finger but continued to study the letter. “Shh. Silencing spells on my room please.”
Leila spluttered, shook her head and started to cast several privacy spells to block out any eavesdroppers. She then sent a burst of magic toward the smoldering fireplace and levitated into the rising flames.
“Alright, now can you explain what’s got you so rattled.”
“I am perfectly calm my dear.”
“Bullshit. You’re rattled and you have no reason to be. They can’t possibly be telling the truth. I mean, dragons?” Leila rolled her eyes. “And why would they offer to save the life of your child?”
Janize did not look up from the letter. “It is precisely because the information is so unbelievable that I am somewhat concerned.”
Leila threw her hands up into the air. “And I thought you said you weren’t rattled.”
“I am afraid that I lied.” The queen hissed those words through gritted teeth. Taking a short breath, she turned to face the Otherworlder. “Leila dear, I quite enjoy your company, but I think you should take your leave.”
Blinking, the Otherworlder grimaced. “You don’t trust me.”
Janize fingers tightened around the letter. “I need to be alone. Truly alone.”
Her arms crossed, Leila gave the queen what could only be described as a flat stare. “I say that’s a horrible idea given that they can get into your bedchambers without anybody noticing.”
Janize opened her mouth to retort, but quickly closed it. Her lips a thin line, she closed her eyes.
“Leila. You make a good point and so you should stay here. That being said, you ought to know your place.”
Leila looked up at the ceiling and exhaled. Her breath almost spitting out between her clenched teeth. “I know my place, Your Majesty.”
“You have a very strange way of showing it.” Janize narrowed her eyes at the younger woman, studying her posture. She’d gotten to know Leila quite well. Her stiff, crossed-arm posture was a way of holding herself in check when she was frustrated about something.
After a long moment where Leila just gazed at the ceiling, she suddenly shivered and wiped her eyes.
Janize blinked. She tried to keep her expression serene, but the Otherworlder started to sniffle. Before her eyes, Leila’s stiff pose crumpled. She buried her tear-stricken face in her right hand, whilst she gripped her shirt with the other.
“Leila? What is going on? Are you alright?”
“No. I’m definitely not alright. I’m very, very fucked up, okay? I’m probably more of a freak than Frances.” The Otherworlder wiped her eyes with the back of her arm. “But I know my place. Oh, I know my place. I’m your disposable fuckbuddy. Your dumb hunk of muscle with boobs for you to squeeze. I know you are going to kill me once the war is over and after you’ve dealt with Darius. I also don’t care, so long as you do so after the Demon King is dead.”
Janize blinked, her mouth trying to form words, excuses, anything to try to deny what Leila was saying. “Excuse me? When have I—”
“Don’t lie to me. Please, don’t lie to me anymore.” Leila sniffled, and shook her head. “I mean, I don’t care if you do. Hurt me all you’d like. Use me as you wish. Just…promise me that you’ll get rid of me after Thorgoth dies. I don’t want to go back to Earth.”
“But if you die in Durannon after Thorgoth dies then correct me if I’m wrong, but the spell that returns you to ‘Earth’ won’t be active because you would have chosen to stay in Durannon. That means you’ll…” Janize’s voice trailed off. The letter slipping out of her grasp, she reached for Leila, but the Otherworlder stepped back. “Leila dear, you cannot be serious.”
Leila’s laugh was without mirth. It rang in the room softly, and yet it shook the queen’s hands like the howl of a wounded animal. “I am. You don’t need to pretend anymore, Your Majesty. I know you aren’t really lying to Earl Darius about getting rid of me. I’d have outlived my usefulness to you after he’s gone. Besides, you have the pick of the kingdom once you win the war. Why would you choose me?”
Janize briefly pinched the bridge of her nose. “Why would you be alright with being disposed of, Leila? You’re a fighter, and a tough young woman. I’ve never known you to give up like this. Why fight for me when you think I’ll get rid of you?” Despite her attempt to control her tone, the queen could hear her voice rise in pitch.
Leila’s shoulders fell, and she bit her lip. Swallowing, the Otherworlder croaked, “I love you. I love how you smile. I love how you lie to those around you and play them for fools. I love how you stand so tall despite the chaos around you. I love how you play your cards—your schemes—so close to your chest. I love your ruthlessness, your pitiless glower and just…everything about you.”
The queen, her jaw agape, stared at the Otherworlder and the desperate smile on her lips. Janize pinched herself with her long nails, drawing a red mark on her knuckle, and found that she was still awake. “Even when I hurt you? Even when you think I am going to have you killed?”
Leila coughed into her fist, and nodded. “Yeah. I mean, it hurt when I figured it out. But it’s what I deserve and what would happen to me anyway if I went back to Earth. At least you let me be me and made me happy. At least you pretended to be my friend and lover.”
“Pretended? You’re alright with—” Janize shook her head. “Leila, what happened on ‘Earth?’ I know your parents were horrible. I know they just buried you with schoolwork, activities, and never let you choose what you wanted to do. That does not explain why you want to die rather than go back!”
Leila shrugged helplessly, her eyes glancing off to the side. “I mean, it’s a pretty stupid explanation.”
“Enlighten me. I will decide whether it’s stupid or not.”
The Otherworlder bowed her head. “It’s nothing like say Frances’s reason. I mean, fuck, her parents wanted her dead or near dead. I could see the bruises.” Leila smiled again, without mirth, not even bothering to wipe her tear-filled eyes. “My parents just told me that I needed to be better, to try harder, and to let nothing stand in my way. They drilled it into me, until they started to just ignore me for my little brother. I tried even harder. I tried so hard I didn’t even care who I hurt. But then they stopped talking to me no matter how hard I tried. Eventually they started to be afraid of what I had become. I’m a monster, Your Majesty.” Leila looked up at Janize. Her gaze was dead. A broken, unnerving smile was glued across her tear-stained cheeks. “If…if you’d like to run screaming. You can do that. I’m used to it.”
Janize stared at the young woman. Frozen, one foot forward, the queen allowed her trembling hands to drop to her sides.
Suddenly, the woman picked up her skirts and marched up to the Otherworlder. Before Leila could step away, Janize threw her arms around the Otherworlder and pulled her into an embrace.
“Don’t run. Don’t run. Your queen demands you hear her out first!” Janize hissed, burying her face in Leila’s neck.
“Okay but why are you—” Leila blinked. Something warm, and wet was dripping on her neck. “Janize? I don’t—”
“You were not entirely wrong. I was planning on getting rid of you at first.” Janize loosened her embrace, her hands moving to cup Leila’s cheeks. Slowly, she pulled the Otherworlder to face her. They were so close, their noses were rubbing against each other. They were so close that Janize knew that Leila could see the tears that were filling her eyes. “It just appears that despite my best efforts, Leila, I have grown very very fond of you, in spite of your flaws.”
“You don’t mean—but that’s impossible—” Janize leaned forward, capturing her lover’s lips. She left Leila speechless, jaw agape, fresh tears in her eyes.
“It has already happened, my dear Leila. Is not a healthy relationship by any measure, but I do find myself enamoured with you and it has become my desire at this moment to spend my life with you.” Janize smiled, watching as the young woman in front of her splutter, blink and then just cry. Leila sobbed, leaning into her as she broke down. She cried so hard, for so long that Janize had to guide her love to the bed they shared, where the Otherworlder cried some more.
“Why?” Leila finally croaked, as her head lay on Janize’s lap, whilst the queen gently stroked her hair.
Janize pursed her lips. “I’m not entirely sure why to be honest. I suppose I can say that you make me feel…alive. You rouse my anger, my passion, and my ambition. You don’t bullshit me, which makes it quite easy to talk to you. You make me think, question, laugh…and feel. When I’m with you, I feel like I can be me.”
Leila blinked, her cheeks coloring. “Oh. I’m…I’m glad.” She gave the queen a small, shy smile. Janize mirrored it, relief filling her heart as she continued to stroke the young woman’s hair.
“So tell me now, Leila my dear. Do you know your place?” Janize asked, leaning down to poke her lover on the nose.
Leila beamed. “I do, Janize.”
Janize grimaced as she caressed Leila’s cheek with her bare hand. She’d long ago pulled her gloves off. “Then listen carefully because you’re not going to like what you hear next. I think we ought to accept the Lightning Battalion’s offer, but we might not be able to do so safely.”
Leila frowned, but continued to lay on the queen’s lap. “Alright, but why? And why do you believe this isn’t one of their sneaky tricks?”
“Two reasons. One, we’ve lost this civil war. Two, I think they’re telling the truth, though, not the whole truth.”
Leila sat up, gently brushing Janize’s hand off her cheek, as she shuffled to sit next to the queen. Her scarred fingers intermingled with Janize’s slender, perfectly manicured ones. “But wait, that’s preposterous. I mean, dragons? And then there’s exile. Why would you be willing to go to this Greyrock Island?”
Janize chuckled, hiding her wide grin with one hand as Leila frowned. “Greyrock Island actually has a very nice palace. It’s the private getaway of the Erisdalian Royal Family. It was built by an overindulgent Erisdalian Queen to stow away her lovers and while isolated, the island is self-sufficient. We won’t be able to escape, but considering that they could have had me executed for disobeying my father’s will, it’s not a bad option.”
Mouth forming an ‘o,’ Leila took a breath. “Wait, so you believe them?”
“Yes, they have been quite upfront without being blatantly obvious. They’ve offered to let my child be heir. This means that the rumor I’ve been hearing from our remaining spies is probably true. Earl Forowena must be infertile. And even if this rumor is false, the fact that they are willing to even entertain the idea of allowing my child on the Erisdalian throne is significant. They badly want to negotiate, even when they have significant advantages. Something must have changed and what else could it be but them finding out Thorgoth has dragons? If they knew about the dragons from the start, or lied about it, they wouldn’t want to end the siege with such a significant concession after taking so many casualties and time to set it up. It could be a delaying tactic but we are the ones being besieged, not them.”
“But we haven’t lost the war yet. We—” Leila’s voice trailed off. Janize’s smile had quite suddenly faded. “You know something that neither Darius nor I knows, or that we’re unwilling to admit.”
Janize drew herself up, her free hand placed on top of her growing stomach. “Not quite. You see, as queen, I have the most complete picture of what our faction knows. It’s a picture I hold very close to my chest and while someone can deduce it, or mislead me, I believe what I have analzed of the strategic situation is correct.” The queen closed her eyes. “As you know, we were planning to muster an army in the east to try to relieve the siege. You also know that that attempt has been unsuccessful and we’ve been forced to wait this out. It’s a losing strategy already. The greater problem, though, is that it doesn’t really matter if we win or if we lose this siege. If we win, which is likely to be in a battle against well-trained and disciplined troops led by veteran commanders, we’ll lose a significant amount of our remaining offensive power. They will lose combat power as well, but given the record of the Lightning Battalion, there is a good chance we’ll have nothing left even if we do hurt them. At that point, King Jerome and Queen Forowena can march in with their forces and destroy us. Sure the war will be prolongued, but by how much?”
Leila frowned. “But if we win the siege, we’ll have bought time to recruit and train another army.”
Janize shook her head. “And I’m afraid that that’s no longer an option. Erisdale City itself was a significant supplier of our tax revenue which we used to fund our army. It’s been under siege for months at this point. The city’s commercial potential has been indelibly damaged and even if the damage from the siege is repaired and the city returns to normal, Erlenberg has shown that they have secured the northeastern sea from Thorgoth’s Alavaria enough so that their fleet can now raid and blockade us with impunity. Add the fact that our war chest is now well and truly exhausted, well, I’m scrambling to maintain the troops we have on the field.” The queen glanced at the Otherworlder with a wry smile. “And that’s not considering the fact that if Thorgoth does have dragons, after he deals with his rebellion and the Reformists, we’d be next, and as I’ve just told you, we are far weaker than the Reformists right now.”
Leila’s eyes widened. “Shit.”
The queen nodded, bowing her head. “It pains me to admit, but a great deal of fault for this war and its outcome rests on my shoulders. I…I gravely miscalculated years ago when I aligned myself firmly in Earl Darius’s camp. I thought it was the obvious choice. Alavaria was maniacally anti-human from what we heard from Archmage Star. We needed to present a strong anti-Alavari front after the war with Lapanteria and Darius was a popular and established noble with significant support and resources.”
“But he was an asshole.”
Janize sighed and rested her head on the younger woman’s shoulder. “Leila, I must admit that I can be quite the bitch as well. It galls me to admit it, but my prejudices against the Alavari clouded my judgement. It made me more willing to condone Earl Darius’s actions when all they did was unite the Reformers against us and turn away potential Alavari allies. Then when my father changed his mind about the succession and was assassinated by Alavaria, I let my bitterness to him, and my hatred of Alavaria take over.”
Leila frowned. “But what would we have gained by allying with those monsters?”
The queen looked up at Leila, arching one thin eyebrow, her grey eyes hammering the Otherworlder with the flattest stare. After a moment, Leila winced and turned away. Janize held her glare for another second before giggling. “Monsters they may be. They are certainly not human. Yet they are not beasts to be put down. No, the fact that the Lightning Battalion has worked as well as it has, the fact that I hear stories all the time of Athelda-Aoun whispered in my halls, those have shown me that perhaps my prejudice was greatly misplaced. They are clearly capable of all the traits we associate with humanity.”
Leila pursed her lips and the furrow on her brow deepened. “Oh. That’s actually a very good point.”
“Coming around to my point of view now, Leila?” Janize asked, smirking just a little. Leila’s only response was to close her eyes and pull back from the queen. Her lips were pressed thin, she coiled the fingers on both her hands together. Her smirk fading, Janize gently reached over to caress her woman’s cheek. “Leila my love? What is wrong?”
Her eyes opening, Leila flashed the queen a brief smile. “You…you could stand to call me that more often. I’m fine. Not really alright, but fine. I was just thinking if I thought about it the way you did, would Jessica and I still be friends?”
Janize cupped Leila’s face in her hands. “Maybe, but then you wouldn’t have me.” Before the younger woman could respond, the queen pressed her lips against Leila’s.
When they finally parted, Leila was smiling and Janize, well she was smirking with smug satisfaction.
“I love you so much,” whispered Leila. At Janize’s wink, Leila couldn’t help but giggle. “So what do we do now? Earl Darius would never surrender, as would several of his supporting nobles. He’s lost a daughter already and that was to Martin and Ginger’s forces.”
“I’m afraid I’m still considering that.” Poking Leila’s nose with a finger, Janize dropped her tone, allowing her words to drop out as sultrily as she could. “Do you perhaps have any ideas how we can confer with the Lightning Battalion? I am still wondering what our counter-offer should be, but we need to find a way to meet with them first.”
Leila, cheeks reddening, coughed officiously. “Um, it would be easier to pass something onto the spies who planted the dagger. I…I might have a few ideas.”
Janize walked her hand up Leila’s arm and across her collarbone. “Well I’d love to hear them, but you know what, let’s leave that for a later time. I think we’ve interrupted what we set out to do tonight long enough.”
There was a quiet cough. Janize stared at Leila, as the Otherworlder’s eyes widened. Both of their mouths had been still.
“In that case, let me interrupt you for the last time.” A tall, slender form rolled out from underneath the bed and stood up. Ayax, in light mail armor, crossed her arms, her staff in one hand, and a magic card in another. Idly she tucked the card into her pocket. “I don’t use these cards as often, but a nice quieting spell is very useful to have on hand. And before you ask, I heard everything.”
Leila, hand shooting to her dagger, sprang to her feet. She didn’t charge at the troll, but put herself between Ayax and Janize. “Blackgale.”
Smirking, Ayax dipped her head. “Leila.”
“Does Frances know about this?” Leila narrowed her eyes at the troll, hating just at how amused she looked.
“No, but you tend to be the last thing on her mind these days. Now if we are done here, magic mirror call tomorrow at noon? Just cast it on myself or one of my friends. We’ll be waiting.”
Janize, sitting very still and straight, cut in before Leila could answer. “An excellent idea, Lady Windwhistler. Will my brother be attending?”
Ayax waltzed to the window and opened the shutters. “In good time, Queen Janize. I would advise you to be diplomatic and we’ll treat you fairly. After all…” The troll faced the pair. Her smirk gone, her fierce black eyes glaring at the queen. “I could have killed all three of you right then and there.”
Janize nodded, not quite able to hide her scowl. Leila glanced at her, lips pursed with worry and in that moment, Ayax leapt through the window. Scrambling after her, Leila poked her head out to find the troll had vanished into another open window above them.
“Shit. Fuck I’m so sorry—Janize?” Leila’s eyes widened. Janize was breathing faster and faster, her hand covering her mouth. The Otherworlder raced over, embracing the queen. Slowly she ran a hand through her hair again and again, trying to calm the woman down. “You’re safe. You’re alright.”
Janize shut her eyes, rubbing her belly with both hands. “I’m fine. I just need a moment. Amura and Rathon. I…she could have killed me, killed us three.”
Leila groaned, kissing Janize’s forehead. “I’m sorry. I should have been more thorough.”
The queen waved her hand. “Think nothing of it. What's done is done and…it does seem that they do not have the stomach for cold blooded murder. At least we know how to talk to them.” Janize exhaled slowly. “I believe, I need some of your magical hands to relax me. The massage oils are in the bedside drawer.”
Leila blinked. “You’re still in the mood—”
Janize fixed her love with a gimlet glare, tempered only by a hungry grin. “I have had quite enough interruptions today, Leila. I am practically craving your touch dear.”
Leila giggled weakly and rolled off their bed. “Yes ma’am!”
Author's Note: One of the few regrets I have for Fractured is that I have too many side characters and want to flesh out their stories too much. Aiya, still I did find this fun to write. What did you all think?
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2023.03.21 16:10 Otherwise_Trade7304 Preciso de opiniões

Preciso de opiniões
Dando um pouco de contexto, eu estou aplicando a algumas vagas de Javinha a um tempo sem ter qualquer tipo de resposta ou pessoas visualizando candidatura, eu tinha visto em algum lugar que usam um programa para dar sort nos resumes e já descartar alguns de cara nisso e no meu copium eu cheguei a conclusão que poderia ser o caso, eu estou usando o resume default do europass e tava na dúvida se realmente possa ser a culpa do padrão ou seja "skill issue" e eu preciso "git gud".
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2023.03.19 18:34 benjo9991 u/benjo9991's Courier Page & Feedback Thread

Welcome to my courier page!
Services offered
Platform: Playstation
PSN: SeismicAss * Note: My PSN has only letters. No numbers, spaces, or special characters.
Discord: Ben G.#0768
Contact: Reddit or Discord Expresstron Bot
Characters: Main Level 467, mule 1 level 104, mule 2 level 52, mule 3 level 8
Other information
I will confirm the details of each trade beforehand and record all trades.
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2023.03.19 16:05 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Tennis recap for the week of March 12 - March 18

Sunday, March 12 - Saturday, March 18


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642 77 comments Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner played an absolute classic at the 2022 US Open
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28 0 comments The very first Sincaraz


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250 39 comments [Jose Morgado] Matteo Berrettini, Diego Schwartzman and Gael Monfils will play the Phoenix Challenger next week. A first ever challenger 175.
140 37 comments Miami update: OUT: Djokovic, Korda/IN: Galan, Kudla
95 7 comments Nishikori training on clay. Hope to see him back on tour soon!
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73 18 comments Indian Wells sets single day attendance record


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43 21 comments Miami wild cards revealed (in addition to Thiem and Raducanu)
31 14 comments Italian Tennis Federation is planning to: apply to have the ATP Finals in Italy for another 5 years, apply to host the Davis Cup Finals in Italy, apply to host the NEXT Gen Finals for another 5 years, apply to host the Next Gen WTA Finals(if it will be created) and wants an ATP 500 tournament
30 13 comments Stan reacts to the handshake conversation
13 1 comments New coach for Elina Svitolina: Raemon Sluiter
12 1 comments Bianca Andreescu vs Iga Swiatek-Indian Wells Round of 32- match review


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1,913 37 comments A crucial match statistic
975 184 comments Indian Wells Men Singles Quarterfinals
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426 91 comments After Murray’s efforts this year I analysed data from every single ATP match since 2000 to see if there is a trend.
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995 329 comments Tough one for Iga Swiatek
336 49 comments Coco Gauff on Iga Swiatek: “She’s doing really well but no one looks at her like some impossible goal. She’s just a tennis player. I’m not trying to downplay her, she's beaten me a lot of times... You can't look at it I guess in a far way because you want that to be you one day”
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695 LadyDisdain555 said Sometimes I wonder how the umpires keep a straight face in these situations.
529 johnreese421 said No-filter Medvedev is one crazy dude hahahahaa.... for me, nothing will ever beat the "you want to play in the dirt like a dog ? i dont judge".....hahahaha
382 LonelySouls14 said This is a good mentality to have, and no one should clown her for saying it instead of keeping it to herself. It's a mentality all of the top players, including Iga, possess. No player is unbeatable. ...
337 Cully10 said Anyone who has ever seen me hit a backhand knows that I invented the topspin dropshot years ago. The difference is that when Murray hits the shot it’s a good thing.
296 Reddiajjk2o2i1o said Medvedev comes up with the best quotes. One of the funniest players on tour.

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2023.03.18 00:00 PretendYouGotNoMoney Claremont City Councilmember Jed Leano joins 3-way race for Pasadena-based state Assembly seat against Felicia Williams, and Phlunte Riddle
Claremont City Councilmember Jed Leano announced his candidacy for the 41st State Assembly seat to be left open in 2024 with longtime incumbent Assemblyman Chris Holden terming out.
The seat represents a district that stretches from Pasadena on the west to where Claremont in L.A. County meets the eastward border with San Bernardino County.
Leano was elected to the council in 2018, and in 2021 became Claremont’s second Filipino mayor. He chairs the San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust Board and the Tri-City Mental Health Board, which partnered with the Claremont Police Department in 2021 to create a team of psychiatric first responders.
“I’m running for State Assembly on a proven track record of leadership and delivering on issues that matter most to San Gabriel Valley families – homeownership, solving homelessness, good schools, and creating opportunity now and for the next generation,” Leano said in an announcement video. “As Mayor during the pandemic, I fought for small business owners, renters, home owners, and seniors during this time of crisis.”
Leano has been an immigration attorney in Pasadena for nearly two decades, litigating deportation cases on behalf of people seeking refugee protection. He said mental health issues and affordable housing would be priorities should he win the seat.
Leano joins Pasadena City Council member Felicia Williams and former Pasadena Police Lt. Dr. Phlunté Riddle as contenders for the seat, which is anchored by the City of Roses and encompasses San Gabriel Mountain and foothills communities.
According to state election filing records, the Jed Leano for Assembly 2024 committee received $5,000 from Lynn Priddy, president of the online nonprofit institution Claremont Lincoln University.
“Too many Californians live on the edge. People are working harder than ever, but can barely keep up – let alone get ahead,” Leano said in his announcement. “Wages have hardly risen as prices skyrocket, especially rents. It’s hard to pursue the American Dream when you’re struggling to keep a roof over your head.”
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2023.03.17 20:37 MasterLetterOfBooks Three Mobile plunging student credit score into dissarray and forcing payments for a returned product they lost the tracking information for

TLDR: I returned a mobile router I bought on a trial basis with Three Mobile in accordance with their grace period terms. Now the billing company claim the returns company (both outsourced by Three and separate entities) haven't received the return and so the billing company have been charging me for the last 5 months and passed my account onto credit agencies, it has been wrecking my credit score (- 150 points since this started) . They want me to contact the post office to find the tracking number for them because the returns company is a separate entity and so the billing company can't get hold of the tracking info to show that I sent it. They say the only way for me to solve the situation is: 1) Find the information for the prepaid shipping label that they sent me to return the item so i can prove i sent it,(2) pay monthly and continue the service and pay an early upgrade fee (£100-£300) to receive a replacement router and sim, or pay the early exit fee for the contract which is £450. Please if you have any experience on insight please read the rest of this post and let me know what i can do.
The full situation is this:
In October 2022, I purchased a 4G wireless router for £15/month with the intention of trialling the service within the grace period and returning the router if the coverage was rubbish. I am a student and intended to use it as a low cost option in my student accomodation, however, in order to sign up for it, the delivery address had to match the billing address. So the address on file was my parents address which i dont often visit. I ordered the router and picked it up on a biannual visit. Inevitably, the coverage was shocking in my student accomodation and i immediately called to inform them i wanted to cancel the service and return the router. I told them the situation regarding the usage address and the address on file and they said they would send it to my student address. They told me they had cancelled the contract and will let me know when they receive the router and be in touch if there were any issues. After about a month, i hadn't received the prepaid returns label which i thought was strange but not worth chasing up because i know from experience how crippingly inefficient these companies are in the uk. However, my parents had received a notice from three asking for unpaid balances on my account. I called up and explained the situation, after a discussion they said they put my account on hold and resent the returns packaging. The same situation occurred with the returns package not arriving, however, this time i was contacted by a credit recovery agency asking me to repay the debt on my account as three had transferred the unpaid bills to debt collection. Needless to say i was fuming but to avoid wrecking my credit score i paid the balance and got back in touch. They finally sorted it out, apologised(didnt suggest a refund), and sent the packaging to my university address. I returned the router within days but didn't get a receipt as the post office informed me that the information would be available online (i thought this was odd btw). That was in january. Fast forward to the last few days, the same has happened, i have been contacted by credit agencies and three billing department asking for unpaid balances. The call centre, that have been calling me non stop and asking to verify info( i declined to provide because in my eyes the account was closed and this was just a classic indian call centre scam from a back door data leak or something) Turns out i was very wrong. They are claiming the separate returns company (which Three pay to handle their returns (outsourced)) have not received the return according to the records provided so there is a balance on my account. I paid the balance a couple days ago just to avoid it going to CRS again whilst i sort this out. I asked them to please check the tracking attached to the prepaid labels they had sent me to find out what has happened. They said, since they are not the same company, they cannot access the information for the returns so instead, i must find the tracking information from the postage label i used almost 3 months ago and didn't get a receipt for. The man from the call centre suggested i have to contact royal mail or go to the post office, and ask them to look for my proof of postage and find it to prove i have posted the item. Now, i am no expert, but in what way does the burden of keeping track of customer return tracking information lie with me? If they were using a private courier, how would it be any different, just because they have used royal mail by choice, why is it my responsiblity to chase up customer return information that they have lost track of. The biggest problem i have is that the only other resolution methods are to pay the early exit fee of the contract (£450+) or to keep paying monthly for the service and pay an early upgrade fee to get the router back!!! This router, in perspective, is a pos huawei 4G router that costs no more than £100 retail and can't cost Three more than £15. I seriously need some help here, my credit score has tanked 150 points since this ordeal started and i dont have the financial ability to keep paying for this. Please help I would be eternally grateful!
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2023.03.17 03:28 tjk911 JournalismJobs posted the week of 10 March, 2023

title company url
Sports Editor West Hawaii Today
Membership Manager Voice Media Group
Tired of furloughs or being paid part-time for full-time work? Eclipse Media
Education Lab Editor The Post and Courier
Entry Level Community Reporter Port City Daily
Digital Content Producer Rapid Broadcasting
Editor in Chief 340B Report
Reporter—Prescription Drug Pricing Policy 340B Report
Reporter The Kerrville Daily Times
Social Media Strategist/Senior Social Media Strategist, Digital Advocacy Center for American Progress
Cyber Intelligence Researcher / Writer / Presenter Acreto
Staff Reporter, Media and Misinformation NewsGuard
Senior Reporter - Intellectual Property Courts Law360
Senior Reporter - Mergers & Acquisitions MLex
Pinellas Beaches News + Politics Reporter The Gabber Newspaper
Editorial Assistant National Defense Industrial Association
Editor and Reporter Hoosier Media Group, LLC
Fresno Bee Senior Editor Fresno Bee
Modesto Bee Senior Editor Modesto Bee
Equity Reporter Modesto Bee
WyoSports Assistant EditoWriter Adams Publishing Group
Digital Fellow Democracy Now! Productions
Managing Editor World Politics Review
Reporter Columbia-Greene Media Corp.
Copy Editor / Page Designer Grants Pass Daily Courier
Bangor Correspondent Maine Public Broadcasting
Digital Content Producer The Morning Call
Content Strategist The Messenger
Social Media Manager The Messenger
Reporter The Astorian
General Assignment ReporteContent Curator The Messenger
Platform Strategist The Messenger
Visual EditoLead Visual Curator The Messenger
Visual Journalist The Messenger
Seeking enterprising reporter Central Maine Newspapers
Contributing Writer, Part-time (Remote) Mondato LLC
NewswriteNewscast Producer, KABC-TV ABC7 LOS ANGELES
General Assignment Reporter The Journal Gazette
Reporter Ontario Argus Observer
General Assignment Reporter Messenger-Inquirer
Managing Editor T3 Sixty, LLC
Managing Editor The Aspen Times
Editor Ballantine Communications, Inc.
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Statehouse Reporter LNP News/Lancasteronline
REPORTER, General Assignment with Health Focus
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2023.03.16 17:45 operaticBoner OP-ED: On Higgins and his credentials

OP-ED: On Higgins and his credentials
When first looking into Elliott Higgins and his credentials, a few items stood out:
  1. an executive position with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic
  2. a conducting position with the Cleveland Opera
  3. a horn position with the Santa Fe Opera
  4. a conducting position in Albuquerque
  5. a doctorate degree
Based on my own experience - -
- - I was skeptical of Mr. Higgins' credentials from the start.
After doing some research, I continue to believe that Higgins exaggerated (and in some cases, fabricated) his qualifications.

Fort Wayne Philharmonic

In some biographies, Mr. Higgins claimed to have held an executive position with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. I believe that this claim is false.

Cleveland Opera

In an obituary from the Santa Fe New Mexican:
An accomplished conductor, he directed the Cleveland Opera, the International Horn Concert in Avignon, France, and the Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra.
I believe that his claim to have directed the Cleveland Opera is false.

Santa Fe Opera

Elliott’s return to New Mexico encompassed conducting the Albuquerque Philharmonic, playing for six years with the Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, and the annual Hornswoggle workshop for horn players.
The manner in which this passage is written suggests that Mr. Higgins may have performed consistently over six years with the Santa Fe Opera. Higgins was not a full-time member of the horn section; he was - at best - an occasional substitute or extra musician.
I suspect that his claim of employment in Santa Fe was exaggerated.

Albuquerque Philharmonic

At one time, two orchestras in Albuquerque had similar names: one was a professional group, the other was an amateur group. I suspect that Mr. Higgins exaggerated his conducting position with the amateur group to a.) perhaps make it appear more prestigious, and b.) perhaps conflate/confuse it with the professional group in the minds of others.
Publicity photo, date unknown.

Doctorate degree

In a 2013 master class at New Mexico Tech, Mr. Higgins is attributed with a doctorate degree. I believe that his claim of holding a doctorate degree is false. No records have been found (yet) of Mr. Higgins holding any degrees whatsoever.
There is a transcript of some kind in the UNM Archives that might offer a clue.
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2023.03.16 13:14 greyfalcon333 🔱

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2023.03.14 06:49 thestoreys Features and Advantages of a Visitor Management System for Apartments

Features and Advantages of a Visitor Management System for Apartments
An apartment visitor management system is a software platform designed to manage and track visitors to an apartment complex. The system typically involves digital tools to streamline the visitor check-in process, enhance security and ensure regulatory compliance. The real estate builder of luxurious 4/5 BHK flats in Ahmedabad such as “The Storeys” pays higher attention to such systems within an apartment to make their buyers feel satisfied and much more comfortable. Therefore, if you are looking for luxurious homes in Ahmedabad that offer comfort with security, then you must visit “The Storeys” and check out our layout plans. Despite the prevalence of advanced technology in our daily lives, many buildings still use outdated guest management solutions such as sign-in sheets or visitor kiosks. However, a modern visitor management system can streamline the process, enhance security, and ensure regulatory compliance. After reading this detailed buyer’s guide, you might be interested in investing in a more up-to-date visitor management solution.

Features of having a Rich Visitor Management System

  • Pre-Book Visitors: The pre-booking feature of a visitor management system enables visitors and guests to register their attendance prior to arriving at an on-site event or conference hosted by an organization. This functionality significantly reduces the check-in time from one to two minutes to just a few seconds, making it highly beneficial for organizations that frequently host such events. Looking for spacious and luxurious 4/5 BHK flats in Ahmedabad? If yes, why wait, do visit “The Storeys” and unlock your luxury dream living.
  • Tailor Check-In Procedures to Your Needs: The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) resulted in a change in data collection procedures to ensure the relevance of information requests. To address this issue, modern Visitor Management solutions offer flexible check-in procedures for different types of visitors, including interviewees, guests, and couriers. For example, during check-in, couriers may need to provide their company name, full name, delivery reference, and contact details, and sign any necessary NDAs.
  • Sign Digital Forms: The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has not only changed how data is captured, but it has also had a significant impact on how European businesses protect their data and implement procedures to prevent data breaches. To mitigate potential data breaches, large enterprises have replaced traditional visitor recording and file storage methods with digital solutions. This has totally changed the lives of the people and helped them to feel secure even when they are out of the house for so long.
  • Customize the Identification Badges for Guests: The printing of personalized ID badges is the final stage of the visitor check-in process using a Visitor Management system. With a modern visitor management solution, ID badges can be printed within seconds, regardless of whether the visitor pre-registered or checked-in on-site. Moreover, with Access Control integrations, ID badges can be scanned at control points, providing authorized access to designated areas. In Ahmedabad, builders of luxurious residential projects pay greater attention to such things to attract a large pool of buyers.

Advantages of having an effective visitor management system

  • Data Compliance: A Visitor Management system helps with data compliance in several ways. First, it enables organizations to capture visitor data accurately and securely, providing a clear audit trail. This data can be used to meet regulatory requirements, such as those set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Second, the system ensures that visitors provide all necessary information before gaining access to a site or event, reducing the risk of incomplete or inaccurate data being collected.
  • Better Visibility: A Visitor Management system provides better visibility into the movement of visitors within a facility. The system captures visitor data, including their entry and exit times, which can be used to generate reports on visitor activity. These reports provide insight into visitor traffic patterns, peak visit times, and which areas of the facility are most frequently visited. Luxurious 4 BHK flats at “The Storeys” offer the best security services and our 4 BHK flats can also be converted into 5 BHK flats as they are so spacious and offer a lifetime golf view.
  • Promises greater safety: A Visitor Management system promises greater safety and security for a facility in several ways. First, the system captures visitor data and creates a record of all visitor activity, including entry and exit times. This data can be used to identify who is on-site at any given time and can be helpful in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, with the ability to print personalized ID badges, a Visitor Management system can provide a visual identifier for visitors, making it easier to identify who is authorized to be on-site and who is not.
  • Offers Good Brand Perception: A modern Visitor Management system can offer a good brand perception for an organization in several ways. First, it can create a positive first impression for visitors. By providing a streamlined and efficient check-in process, visitors are more likely to feel welcomed and valued by the organization. Moreover, the Visitor Management system can be customized to reflect the organization’s branding and style, including colours, logos, and messaging. This helps to reinforce the organization’s brand image and create a cohesive experience for visitors.
Looking for a luxurious and spacious residential project in Ahmedabad? Look no further than The Storeys! Our 4/5 BHK flats offer the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, with spacious layouts and top-of-the-line amenities. From stunning views to state-of-the-art facilities, our residential project has everything you need to live in style. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of luxury in one of Ahmedabad’s most sought-after locations. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover your dream home at The Storeys!
The blog originally posted here:
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2023.03.13 22:04 CaptainTyingKnots82 How would I go about finding information about a previous Distinguished Service Cross awardee?

Tasker came down from higher to submit distinguished veterans for recognition at an upcoming ceremony. Nobody is submitting anything, which sucks, so wanted to pick some dudes out from the unit in WW2 to get honored. Our Medal of Honor guys get a ton of attention, so I found some DSC awardees from WW2. But other than the fact that they were awarded the DSC, I can’t find shit on these guys. No obit, no write up, not even a newspaper clipping. Is there somewhere that keeps these kind of records? Some army or VA kept repository for this? Or literally anything?
Thanks in advance, I’ll take a small fry and a frosty.
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2023.03.12 21:45 a1courierservice Importance of Choosing the Best Courier Service for Your Business in Los Angeles

Importance of Choosing the Best Courier Service for Your Business in Los Angeles
Selecting the right courier service can have a significant impact on your business's success. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best courier service in Los Angeles. However, making the right choice is crucial as it affects your customers' satisfaction and can directly impact your result. So here are a few tips to choose a good courier service in Los Angeles.

Tips to Choose a good courier service in Los Angeles


One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a courier service is reliability. You want to ensure that your package arrives on time and in good condition. A reliable courier service will have a track record of delivering packages promptly and efficiently. Look for a company that has a well-established reputation in the Courier Service Los Angeles industry.
Customer Service is Key
Another critical aspect to consider is the level of customer service provided by the courier service. You want to choose a company that has responsive and friendly customer support to handle any issues that may arise during the delivery process. Excellent communication is essential in building trust and ensuring that your customers' needs are met.
Pricing Matters
Pricing is also a critical factor when selecting a courier service. It's important to choose a company that offers competitive rates while still providing quality service. Be sure to compare the pricing and services offered by different Courier Service Los Angeles companies to make an informed decision.
Security is Essential
Finally, it's essential to consider the security of your packages. Choose a courier service that offers insurance coverage and package tracking to protect your valuable items during the shipping process. You want to work with a company that priorities the safety and security of your packages.
End note
Choosing the right Courier Service in Los Angeles is crucial for the success of your business. Factors such as reliability, customer service, pricing, and security should be taken into consideration when selecting a courier service provider. With the right courier service, you can enhance your business's reputation, build trust with your customers, and increase your profitability.
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2023.03.11 17:16 Coy9ine What’s next for Alex Murdaugh? Convicted murderer faces mountain of charges, lawsuits

What’s next for Alex Murdaugh? Convicted murderer faces mountain of charges, lawsuits

By Jocelyn Grzeszczak - Post & Courier - 3/10/23
Alex Murdaugh walks into the courthouse during his sentencing at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro on Friday, March 3, 2023, after he was found guilty on all four counts. Andrew J. WhitakeThe Post and CouriePool
Minutes before sentencing disgraced ex-attorney Alex Murdaugh to consecutive life terms for murdering his wife and son, Judge Clifton Newman paused. He wanted to discuss scheduling Murdaugh’s roughly 100 pending criminal charges.
“There are other victims whose cases deserve to be heard,” he said from the bench March 3.
Murdaugh’s double-murder trial, which lasted a lengthy six weeks inside the Colleton County Courthouse, gave authorities and curious onlookers alike insight into the bevy of legal matters which still loom over the former Hampton trial lawyer and part-time, volunteer prosecutor. Murdaugh confessed to a buffet of misconduct stretching the better part of a decade as he took the witness stand in his own defense.
Murdaugh’s downfall, as epic as it was swift, has captured international attention in the 17 months since his first arrest on charges he had orchestrated his own death in an insurance fraud scheme.
State prosecutors have slapped Murdaugh with nearly two dozen indictments totaling around 100 charges. They have accused the man, whose last name once rang synonymous with “law” in the Lowcountry, of theft, money laundering and drug trafficking. The cases ensnare at least five of his associates, from Murdaugh’s alleged drug dealer to his former banker.
A pile of civil lawsuits mirror many of the criminal indictments, which continued as recently as Dec. 15 when prosecutors charged Murdaugh with tax evasion for failing to report the $6.9 million he earned through illegal acts.
Back-to-back life sentences in the killings of 22-year-old Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie, 52, all but guarantee Alex Murdaugh will spend the rest of his years behind bars. But the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, tasked with prosecuting the remaining cases, is prepared to pursue every charge brought against Murdaugh and his associates.
“We believe that every victim of his crimes deserves their day in court,” Attorney General Alan Wilson told The Post and Courier on March 10.
The question of when, however, remains unclear.

Financial crimes

As presiding judge over state grand jury cases, Newman is assigned to oversee 19 indictments the investigative body has brought against Murdaugh since November 2021.
The roughly 100 charges accuse him, in part, of scheming to defraud legal clients, his law firm and others who trusted him out of a staggering $8,789,447 over the course of a decade.
The Attorney General’s Office isn’t sure yet how many separate trials will come out of the indictments. Each “body of conduct” toward a victim constitutes its own case, Wilson said. He added evidence has been turned over in all of the cases and it’s now a matter of scheduling.
Murdaugh defense attorney Jim Griffin said, realistically, no criminal proceedings involving his client will happen before July. His co-counsel, Dick Harpootlian, is a state senator from Columbia. As such, Harpootlian is protected from court appearances during the legislative session — a right he waived for Murdaugh’s double-murder trial.
Alex Murdaugh gives testimony in his murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023. Grace Beahm Alford/Staff
Murdaugh, 54, has not entered a plea in connection with any of the 99 charges, though he readily admitted to prosecutors Feb. 23 that he had been stealing money “for years.”
A state statute bars prosecutors from using Murdaugh’s testimony against him in future criminal cases, unless he is indicted for perjury. But Creighton Waters, the state grand jury’s chief prosecutor, still used the opportunity at trial to walk Murdaugh through many of the financial charges.
Waters asked the ex-lawyer what, if anything, he remembered from each case, and whether Murdaugh could recall moments when he looked his clients in their eyes and lied.
Murdaugh admitted to stealing money in at least 10 cases Waters named — including pilfering millions from settlement funds awarded to the family’s late housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, who died from injuries she received after reportedly tripping and falling at the Murdaughs’ home in 2018.
But he seemed to shy away from addressing specifics, preferring instead to repeat broad-brushed phrases and statements.
“The details that you’re asking me for — I can’t tell you,” Murdaugh said. “But what I can tell you is that in all these financial situations, I stole money that was not my money. I misled people that I shouldn’t have misled and I did wrong.”

Murdaugh’s alleged accomplices

Several rounds of indictments also charge five Murdaugh associates with related crimes. None of the cases have been scheduled, and the defendants have not yet entered their pleas.
Curtis “Eddie” Smith, Murdaugh’s reputed drug dealer, faces 12 charges stemming from an alleged years-long scheme to help the ex-attorney move mounds of ill-gotten cash and drugs.
Russell Laffitte, former chief executive of Hampton-based Palmetto State Bank, is charged with 21 crimes accusing him of helping Murdaugh steal from his legal clients and law firm.
Laffitte was convicted in November on six federal charges, including bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. The indictment is similar to the three he faces from the state grand jury.
Wilson said his office has no intention of dropping the state charges.
Columbia attorney Mark Moore is leading Laffitte’s new defense team, which will represent him in both the federal and state cases.
Cory Fleming, a Beaufort trial attorney and close friend of Murdaugh, faces two grand jury indictments totaling 23 charges. Prosecutors say he helped Murdaugh steal more than $3 million from Satterfield’s wrongful death settlements.
Jerry Rivers and Spencer Roberts, two unemployed Walterboro men, were each handed indictments accusing them of receiving Murdaugh’s laundered money as part of an illicit narcotics pipeline. Murdaugh has said he was in the throes of a decades-long opioid habit when he committed his financial crimes.
Wilson was reluctant to discuss specifics of how prosecutors would approach the remaining cases, but said it’s certainly possible Murdaugh’s alleged accomplices will be tried alongside him in cases where the victims and allegations overlap.

Roadside shooting

A Hampton County grand jury on Nov. 4, 2021, indicted Murdaugh and Smith on three and five charges, respectively. They stemmed from a roadside shooting just two months prior.
In a taped interview publicly played for the first time during his double-murder trial, Murdaugh confessed to State Law Enforcement Division agents that he’d asked Smith on Sept. 4, 2021, to fatally shoot him.
Murdaugh had been forced to resign from his law firm the day before over allegations he’d stolen money. He told investigators he thought it would be “easier on my family for me to be dead.”
He said he’d hoped staging his death to look like a homicide would allow his remaining son, Buster, to collect on a hefty life insurance policy.
Wilson declined to comment on whether prosecutors are trying to reach a plea deal with Murdaugh on any of the pending cases: “I can’t comment on conversations that we’re having with his attorneys on those other charges.”
No trial has been set in the roadside shooting case. Smith, who has denied the allegations, remains jailed in Lexington County, records show.

Boat crash lawsuit

Prosecutors’ theory for why Murdaugh brutally gunned down his wife and son hinged in large part on a deadly boat crash.
Investigators had charged Paul Murdaugh with drunkenly driving the family’s boat into a Beaufort County bridge piling in February 2019, ejecting several passengers into chilly waters and killing 19-year-old Mallory Beach.
Her mother, Renee Beach, filed a wrongful death lawsuit the following month on behalf of her daughter’s estate.
It would eventually name as defendants Alex Murdaugh, his wife and their two sons, as well as the owner of Parker’s Kitchen convenience store, where the youngest Murdaugh allegedly made an underage purchase of alcohol the night of the boat crash.
The four surviving passengers also each filed their own lawsuits against the Murdaughs and Parker’s chain.
Prosecutors say Murdaugh felt immense pressure from the Beach lawsuit, which threatened to expose his shaky finances and mountain of theft.
The case, initially set to go to trial in October 2022, was delayed due to Murdaugh’s preparations for the double-murder trial. In the time since, Murdaugh’s surviving son Buster and the estate of his late wife have been dismissed from the case after settlements were reached. Mark Tinsley, an attorney for the Beach family, said a new trial date has been set for Aug. 14 on the remaining claims.
Attorneys representing the surviving passengers in the other lawsuits have previously told The Post and Courier the direction and outcome of those cases will likely depend on the Beach lawsuit’s resolution.
Murdaugh and his associates face at least seven additional civil claims stemming from a decade of alleged misconduct.
Murdaugh’s former law firm is suing him over allegations he stole untold sums from clients and colleagues. Two of his former law partners — one of whom is his older brother, Randy — are suing Murdaugh over unpaid loans. (Murdaugh signed confessions in November 2021, though the judgements remain pending in Hampton County.)
And at least three of his clients, along with one insurance company, also filed lawsuits against Murdaugh, many of which echo the state grand jury indictments. The complaints — all of which remain pending — detail schemes in which Murdaugh secretly negotiated hefty settlements on their behalf and then directed the money to his own accounts, stealing what they never knew they had.

The road ahead

Wilson said he hasn’t had the chance to sit down and talk with prosecutors about their strategy for trying the pending criminal cases. They haven’t discussed any sort of timeline, either — other than that they plan to move quickly.
Attorney general Alan Wilson celebrates after Alex Murdaugh was found guilty on all four counts at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Andrew J. WhitakeThe Post and CouriePool
His office is still celebrating a conviction secured the week prior in perhaps South Carolina’s most highly anticipated trial within the last century. Prosecutors were settling back into the office, returning to their families and getting into the routine of their daily lives after a six-week hiatus.
“We’re drinking from firehoses,” Wilson said.
Murdaugh, for his part, will continue communicating with his lawyers from the Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center in Columbia, where he is currently jailed.
Their current focus is on overturning his double-murder conviction. Murdaugh’s attorneys on March 9 filed a notice to appeal.
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2023.03.11 03:07 Righteous_Fury224 Yesterday's Hero – Book 2 – Signs and Portents – Chapter 4 - I like the Way You Move – Part 3

2181 – 11:29, Thursday, January 7th – Piares Orbital Shipyards - High orbit – Piares - Parnithia System
The framework of an imposing, partially built starship hung silently in the enormous construction cradle against the backdrop of the blackness of space.
So far the creation of the massive starship known as Ark Leusinia, which was named after a kingdom of wealth and learning in asari mythology, was proceeding as planned.
Matriarch Nuara gazed out of the window at the magnificent sight. She was inwardly relieved and thankful that Jian Garson had somehow secured enough funding for The Initiative to continue. She turned back to address her fellow matriarchs in the meeting room of the construction hub.
"Good day to you my fellow explorers and dreamers. I am ever so grateful that you have all found the time to come here and see what has been achieved thus far. I realise that our efforts in this venture have not been well received on Thessia lately. Often we have been the target of ridicule, derision, mockery and sometimes outright bigotry in that some senior matriarchs see our efforts as being nothing more than a "human boondoggle" as we were recently labelled. I asked you all to come here so as to see the progress that we have made with you own eyes. And now that financial backing has been fully secured, I am supremely confident that the Ark Leusinia will be ready by 2184 and will join the Hyperion for launch sometime in late 2185. Our quest to finally explore our neighbouring galaxy is almost within our grasp!"
The gathered matriarchs tapped the table with their hands as a sign of support. One raised her hand in order to ask a question.
"Matriarch Nuara, do you have an approximation as to the numbers of colonists this Ark can carry?" asked Matriarch Jinada Vala of Serrice.
"Yes I do. I would draw your attention to the data-pack that will now be appearing on your pads. Each of the proposed five Arks will carry twenty thousand colonists. The flagship, The Nexus, will transport approximately forty thousand or so colonists. The Nexus will be the hub of our new colonies within the Andromeda galaxy, similar to the Citadel."
The matriarchs all were now reading the data read outs on the massive ship known as The Nexus.
"I would add that The Nexus should be considered as more of a mobile space station then a starship. Once it has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy, it will act as a docking station for the other five Arks as well as a central administrative hub that will co-ordinate colony policy and trade," added Nuara.
Another matriarch indicated she wished to speak.
"I have to say that while all this is impressive, I am a little sceptical as to the reason we are doing this at all. In addition, why are we helping construct an Ark for the Quarians?" Matriarch Nyxor Shashi asked pointedly. "Surely the edicts of the Galactic Council exclude them for this venture?"
"Actually no. The Quarians, as you are probably aware, have the longest record of living aboard starships. Their Ark, the Keelah Si'yah will be captained by Qetsi'Olam vas Keelah Si'yah and her first officer will be Commander Senna'Nir vas Keelah Si'yah. This particular Ark is designed to carry many of the minor galactic races like our friends the Hanar and the Drell, the Elcor and Volus. So as such, we see them as being an integral and necessary part of the Initiative. All these races are able to purchase their passage or provide barter in exchange for the trip. From what I understand the Galactic Council, and specifically Councillor Tevos, are indifferent to the Quarians being involved in the project. I suspect they are secretly glad to see a number of the Quarians leaving the galaxy, sad though that is."
Matriarch Nyxor nodded with agreement.
"This is all well and good but I have to ask, why did you ask us all to come here Nuara? It can't be for financial reasons as you informed us that the project is now fully funded," inquired Matriarch Nasolla Edavius from the republic of Nartin.
"You are correct dearest friend Nasolla. The reason I asked you all hear is that you are all influential voices within your respective republics. You are also committed and dedicated Siarists. You all heard the uplifting and inspirational speech made by Captain Duncan Larkin some two weeks ago. His message was not just to us Asari who are followers of Siarism, but to all sapient life – We Are One!"
All the matriarchs gathered repeated the refrain. Nuara continued,
"I have asked for his public support however it appears, sadly, he is unavailable at this juncture. So I turn to you, my oldest and most trusted friends, to lend your voices to help turn the tide of public opinion to being more favourable towards the Initiative. We have the funding yet the people are hesitant. Also the older, more entrenched and conservative matriarchs like Hodemei and M'quarhie are openly critical of the venture. So far they have been dismissive and guardedly hostile to the project. I believe that if they could, they would shut us down."
"What about Matriarch T'daari? Surely she could be of help?" questioned Matriarch Jinada Vala of Serrice.
"She too is unable to give us support… publicly. As everyone knows, the past few days on Thessia have been…. dramatic if that's an appropriate description of events? The republic of Dassus has been a quiet supporter of the Initiative, in that their shipyards have been working with us in the construction of the Leusinia. Matriarch T'daari has her reasons to stay back from this. I think that she has her own plans as she has made it clear that she intends to build new warships for her fleet and as well, begin colonisation of the newly discovered garden world out past the Niacal marches known as Latika's World. Thus I do not believe that she and her republic are able to be in a position to lend us much in the way of public support yet that also means they won't hinder us either."
All the assembled matriarchs nodded in agreement.
"In a way I am somewhat glad to hear that she has no real interest in being directly involved. She has become extremely powerful since her return from her expedition. Her son, Captain Larkin, is also a lightning rod of controversy. Perhaps it is best we stay out of the T'daari's way and carry on quietly," noted Matriarch Jinada cautiously.
There was a murmur of agreement from the gathered matriarchs.
"That is probably the wise course of action although I confess that I would like to meet Captain Larkin as he seems so… interesting," smirked Nuara.
There was another and slightly louder murmur of agreement with wry knowing smiles.
"I think we all would like to "meet him" Nuara," joked Nyxor with a faintly salacious grin. Her fellow matriarchs chuckled in concordance.
"Ahem… moving on then… it is our hope that all Arks and The Nexus be completed by 2184, with final fit outs and shakedown cruises scheduled for 2185. The plan will be that the fleet will launch over a period of a few months and not as a whole just in case there are… issues along the way," announced Nuara beginning the tone back down to a sober level.
"Prudent although a little presumptive if I may say so. If the first arrival is alone and encounters… issues, they will have no back up at all." Matriarch Lidassmea Sederia of Attena who had been silent up till now. "This piece meal approach concerns me. There is safety in numbers Nuara."
"I know, I know yet this is the way we are going to do this. The Nexus will blaze the trail and the other Arks will follow. It has been agreed at the highest level that this is the way in which we will set off," replied Nuara with a hint of reluctance. The matriarchs had a dubious look on their faces as this was not the Asari way.
"Perhaps we shouldn't focus on this aspect nor highlight it. We need all the positive energy we can get in order to recruit the crew, specialists, huntresses and commandos as well as colonists for the Leusinia. They need to be supremely confident that the mission will be a success," Jinada stated with emphasis on the confidence. No one would voluntarily step forward if there were doubts about the safety of the mission. Asari were courageous but cautious as well.
"We will also be recruiting and crewing the human ship Hyperion with a small number of our people as well as a large number to be both crew and colonists on The Nexus. I will be going with The Nexus," declared Nuara. That got her another round of table taps as a show of support. She smiled at her friends, grateful that she had their support. Queuing up the next data point, she started speaking once more,
"And now we will move onto discussing the Pathfinder program…"
2181 – 19:42, Saturday, January 9th – T'daari Estate – Dassus - Thessia - Parnithia System
"I'm worried about Nari," announced Lyessrae to her friends as she looked up from her dinner.
"We all are," replied Lileah'sah sympathetically.
"She is working so hard on that mural, almost constantly. And she's refusing to stop. She says that we are not allowed to view it until it is finished," added Lyessrae in a mournful voice. "What is worse is that she is not even here but in Serrice in the Agora."
Nari had demanded that she immediately paint the mural to show the horror she encountered so that it may be displayed in the Peoples Hall in Serrice for all to see for all time.
Fiahnni entirely agreed and sent Nari with Sam'nelea and two platoons of commandos to be her escort and deter any interference of her work. Sam'nelea had strict instructions that if anyone tried to stop Nari, she was to use violence with extreme prejudice as well as to safeguard Nari at all costs.
"I understand you miss her, we all do Lyessrae. Yet what she is doing is not just important to her but to all Asari and beyond," said Duncan as he leaned across from his chair and gave her a hug. "I only learned the other day as to what vileness was beneath the fortress. What she is doing will make all those lives taken have a voice. Their murders will be for all to see. Sam is looking after her. You know she will make sure Nari eats, gets some rest and is undisturbed. The quicker she gets this out of her soul, the sooner she will be home and we can all look after her as she will need it."
Lyessrae nodded in understanding with a long sigh and shrugged in mournful acceptance. The master chef was also grateful that Chianay and Elanini had prepared dinner tonight as she was so tired from working in the manor's kitchens and in addition, she hadn't been sleeping well since Nari had left a few days ago.
Everyone seated around the large dining table nodded in consensus. Tonight Chianay and Elanini had chosen to prepare the evening meal for all who lived with the trio. Uschari and Mi'niley and Tre'mete were somewhat surprised that Chianay could actually cook as she was a versatile chef when she choose to be. Her younger sister was also an adept hand in the kitchen. Lileah'sah, being younger than her cousins, always knew they were good cooks as they had looked after her when she was very young.
Aenthiah and Saendi were away for the time being as they, with the Order, were busily hunting down all those who were accessories to the crimes perpetrated by House T'reaphia.
"Can someone pass the potatoes please?" asked Joseph as he had finished his first serve of roast beef and vegetables and was still hungry. Chianay and Elanini had made a roast beef dinner for everyone as it was just easier to prepare, safe for Joseph to eat and all enjoyed it now that they had gained a taste for the meal since Christmas.
"Here you go darling," said Uschari as she handed Joseph the plate of crispy roast potatoes.
"Thanks love," he smiled back to her.
Mi'niley picked up the roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and chili and served herself then Joseph before passing it to Uschari who was still hungry herself.
"Anyone want any more Horseradish?" asked Duncan with a cheeky grin as he waved the small jar in the air.
"Dude…" Joseph rolled his eyes at the bad joke then helped himself to more roast beef.
"Sorry Joe, just couldn't resist it. How are things going anyway?"
"The herd has settled in. I think tomorrow we will be getting the first shipment of supplies like fresh hay bales, oats and grains, saddlery, bridles and such," announced Mi'niley as Joseph had his mouth full of food.
"And how is… Silver?" asked Duncan with a barely restrained grin.
Joseph shook his head, swallowed and sighed.
"I will forever curse Matriarch T'reaphia when she named the stallion… Silver," he muttered darkly.
"Aw come on Joe… you know you want to say the words. It's a real shame you weren't in the Rangers…"
Duncan had to quickly duck aside as Mi'niley used her biotics to throw a bread roll at his head. Everyone else, including Joseph laughed at the sudden food missile attack.
"Hey! Don't waste food Min," chided Duncan with a smirk as he reached down to get the roll.
"Stop teasing my exhausted Siame and your best friend Duncan!" falsely huffed Mi'niley with a pretend frown. "I haven't seen you down at the stables helping with the herd at all!" She folded her arms, this time with a real accusatory look.
"And that's because I'm making us all money," he replied with a small smile.
All eyes suddenly were upon Duncan.
"Seriously?" said Uschari in a small hopeful voice. She, along with everyone in the crew of the Perihelion plus thousands of others were hugely invested in Rainbows Connection Hedge Fund.
He nodded with a faint dry smile, then continued calmly,
"The other day I made our first play. I've analysed a whole lot of companies and have bought into a number who will be good long term returning investments and shorted about half a dozen more as they are well deserving of a financial shellacking since they've been cooking their books, making the profit estimates look way better than their actual returns. Two of them instantly tanked once I made the plays earlier yesterday. Our return to Rainbows Connection was roughly one hundred and fifty two million credits. The bonus is that I have now taken over those companies since their share price went through the floor, fired the CEO and board plus senior management, given a pay rise to the staff and I expect that they will be turning a profit within four months."
Duncan leaned back in his chair, took a sip of his vintage Penfolds Grange Cabinet Sauvignon, savouring the leathery dry tannins and rich punchy robust fruitiness of the wine.
A stunned silence filled the air.
Uschari dropped her fork onto her plate with a clatter, her mouth wide open and incredulity writ large across her pretty face.
Joseph sat gobsmacked as did Mi'niley. Tre'mete and Lileah'sah couldn't be more proud of Duncan and just had the biggest grins on their faces. Chianay and Elanini smiled widely as they knew what was going on.
"You're serious aren't you?" Mi'niley said in a small voice.
"Yep. As serious as a heart attack Min. The two companies we made a killing on were well overpriced as stocks and I'm surprised that no one had spotted the play as of yet. It helps that Ray saw it too. Got to give credit to our friendly electronic over-boss," he said with a wink to the security camera and raised his wine glass in toasting his synergised partner.
Ray appeared in the dining room, dressed as The Courier from Fallout: New Vegas.
"Thank you. It's about time I got some credit for all the work I do. Now if there's nothing else, I'm about to head off to the Big Empty to experience the wackiness that awaits therein." Ray looked great in its LA Riot Gear Armour, hefting the Gobi Desert Sniper Rifle in its right arm.
"Nope old sport, have a blast there. Just watch out for the Lobotomites!" called out Duncan.
"Ha! That'll be nothing new, I deal with them all the time here anyway!" Ray snarked with a teasing grin.
Chianay was still fascinated that there was a real AI living with them. She had been "read in" to the T'daari's biggest secret and was totally fine with it as she knew the incredible advantages that Ray had given to her family.
Uschari, Mi'niley and Joseph had finally worked it out a week ago and were totally fine with Ray. Lyessrae was at first a little hesitant but trusted Duncan completely and she now knew that Ray was her and Nari's friend, she was content. Nari, when she was informed, was excited and wanted to know Ray's thoughts on art. She and Ray had a few talks about creativity and art much to her delight.
"Yippie Ki-yay campers!" Ray said to them all with a grin then vanished back to the Mojave Desert.
"I will never understand why Ray loves your old games so much Duncan?' said Lileah'sah with a wondering look on her face. She shrugged and continued to eat her dinner.
"It's because it's a limited experience for Ray and Ray likes the challenge of not knowing what's coming plus they really love shaping the unfolding story with their choices," he replied helping himself to another few slices of beef and a Yorkshire pudding with some gravy. He brandished the jar of Horseradish at Mi'niley with an evil grin. She snorted a laugh.
Tre'mete nodded in agreement with her beloved as she had watched Ray's adventures on Duncan's laptop occasionally, laughing aloud and being drawn into the sprawling adventures.
"I'm going to play those games one day," she declared as she accepted the plate of sliced beef from Duncan and took a few more slices for herself.
"Go for it babe. I suspect that Ray, once it's finished playing with them, is going to thoroughly overhaul the games graphics, interface, even install a VI to conduct the games characters conversations and interactions. It's going to be another revenue stream for us."
Again everyone stared at Duncan, even his bondmates.
"You what?" said Lileah'sah in utter surprise with her mouth half full.
"We're going to launch a gaming hub on the Extranet in conjunction with the streaming site of all the entertainment we have. I'm going to pinch the name from an old science fiction story, we're going to call it The Oasis as it will be a safe place recreation, relaxation and restoration. People can pay for a day pass, a month pass or a yearly subscription to access The Oasis. It will be cheap so as to encourage engagement. We will not be harvesting peoples data. I'm going to make that abundantly clear to our subscribers. We just need the necessary details and that's it. I think we will be ready to go live in a few weeks, maybe even in time for my birthday?" he said hopefully.
"Goddess spank me silly Duncan! If you and Ray are going to do that... you are going to make billions!" gasped Elanini. "The market for online gaming is huge and Ray has shown me some of the classic games you brought with you. Asari will flock in droves to play them. And hosting everything on one site… that's genius." She had to take a swig of her wine to settle herself.
"Not only that, since my darling Tre'mete's fashion show debut is only ten days away, we are also going to host Saucy Secrets on The Oasis, allowing customers to use their virtual avatars to try on the garments before purchasing them. Or even buy online clothing for their avatars."
Tre'mete was just all smiles. Duncan had asked her earlier if she was interested in this business idea. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, hugging him hard and nodded as she knew he was giving her yet another bite of the pie by widening her reach to a greater audience.
"My wonderful man is going to make us richer beyond the dreams of avarice. Growing up poor, I always had dreams about being rich. Bonding to my sweetest Lily gave me security. Duncan is giving me everything. And he is giving everything to you all as well," said Tre'mete proudly as she took his right hand in hers and squeezed it.
"I am a river to my people," he said quietly, smiling at all those he cared for and loved.
"A river? More like a flash flood Duncan," Joseph laughed.
All joined in with the laughter.
The rest of dinner was full of excited conversation.
Lyessrae was no longer melancholy. Duncan had lifted her spirits and she knew with iron clad certainty that she and Nari were blessed by Tevura and Athame and the universe as a whole. She and her bondmate were secure and safe.
Besides, there was apple crumble and custard for dessert to look forwards to so it was all good.
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