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2015.06.11 03:28 MikeFromLunch Some faces are made for punching.

For those faces and people you just want to hit.

2023.06.09 01:01 i-fart-butterflies SA Makes me not want to go anywhere alone

I started developing social anxiety around the time that I developed idiopathic scoliosis in my preteens. It’s very severe. I’ve had it treated, but it didn’t work. With most people, you can’t tell they have it, but you can with me. Since I had spinal fusion, I move really stiffly and I walk funny. Everybody notices and points it out. I’m told that I come off as extremely confident, almost cocky Because people often expressed that they feel like I need to be taken down a peg And all my flaws pointed out in glaring detail but I’m actually really self-conscious And hyper aware of every single one. To be honest, most days, I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror.
When I have someone with me, usually people don’t bother me. I blend in a lot more easily. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends in the immediate area. The closest person I know is 30 minutes away. It’s not like I can just call them to go with me to the grocery store or something. When I’m alone is when I can feel their eyes on me and definitely not in a nice way.
It doesn’t matter whether I’m in a place that is suspicious to be alone or not. I could be on the bus on my commute to work, out getting my mail, shopping, or just out on the biking trail, and everybody fucking looks at me. I hate leaving the house for any reason unless I have somebody with me. I know that’s pathetic for somebody in his late 20s but I hate all these people looking at me. It makes me hate going to work, and On my days off, I don’t like leaving the house. Even interacting with my roommates in the common area. When I have to leave my room to cook makes me so nervous I feel like vomiting.
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2023.06.09 00:56 NickM406 Struggling in my [28M] 1yr 7mo relationship with [31M]

Where to begin? This is going to be long.
My partner and I have been together for 1 year 7 months. He moved into my house 3 months ago. I am really struggling and can't seem to make up my mind if I should end it and kick him out.
We've had a number of big fights over time that stem from concerns that I bring up, and in the end he pretty much thinks that I'm the problem. Slight background on me: in my previous relationship, my partner cheated with 14 other people (that I'm aware of), so I do have trust issues that I work on in therapy.
[Concern 1] Infidelity
VERY early into our relationship, I made the mistake of going through his phone and found a number of red flags (at least they are to me). The largest concern of mine being that he was still consistently visiting a website called Doublelist (basically Craigslist for sex). I confronted him about it and we had a huge fight. He ended up telling me he deleted the account. Fast forward to just a week and a half ago, I saw that same website was in my routers DNS logs (I'm in IT and monitor my network). I confronted him about it again, and brought up the fact that he told me he deleted his account, and he got irate. He stated that "If this ever came up again, he was going to leave" but apparently changed his mind. His alleged reason for visiting the site is that he "likes to look around when he's having doubts about us and then after a couple minutes realizes I'm enough for him". I told him that I'd never "go shopping" for other people when in a committed relationship.
On top of this, I know he hasn't been truthful about some people he communicates with. I know they have a past yet he denies it.
[Concern 2] Taking Advantage
When he moved in we decided that he'd pay for utilities. One evening recently I said "Hey, just so you know, I sent you a couple Venmo requests for last months utilities", as he has notifications turned off. He got mad immediately and said "Well it's not like you need it, it'll have to wait". He did end up paying, but that was the first time I felt like I was being taken advantage of.
A few days after that, I had gone to the grocery store and purchased food for both of us, gave him the receipt, and asked for him to calculate and send me his share. This still hasn't happened, even with a reminder.
A couple months ago, he "asked" out of the blue "Please look into adding me to your health insurance". I said that it would only be possible if we were in a domestic partnership (not available in our state anymore) or married. He said that we should get into a domestic partnership, which I said we can't.
[Concern 3] Emotional Manipulation & Availability
Every time that I would like to have a discussion about my concerns, things that are bothering me, or anything related to emotions, he responds in a way that makes it feel like I, and only I, am the problem. Here's an example of a recent exchange:
Him: Consistent negativity or foul moods affect me whether you mean to or not. So much of what I do is beginning to be mentally associated with negative feelings. This needs to be addressed. Me: Let's talk when you're done with work. Him: What is there to discuss? Me: How I'm feeling Him: We just had a long discussion. I don't want to keep having the same discussion. I'm sorry. Me: It's not the same discussion. If you don't want to listen to what I am struggling with, then that's a problem. Him: If it's anything to do with anything I am doing I am not interested in exploring it.
This exchange is what really set things off. Since then, he's been hiding in rooms and I've barely seen him. It's been 5 days. Finally, the other day, he came out when I was sitting outside and started saying things like "I think we can work through this, I love you" etc.
This is NOT the first time something like this has come up. Additional things he's said to me recently that are red flags:

There's more, but this is already long as hell, so...
I know there are always things I can work on to be a better partner. That's part of life. However, I am concerned I am being emotionally manipulated and taken advantage of financially.
I'm really at a loss here lately. I'm not sure WHY it's so difficult for me to decide whether to keep trying to end it, but it's really making day-to-day life unbearable.
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2023.06.09 00:52 SteakDangerous8286 AITA for canceling all of my stepkids’ tickets for our family vacation…but my Husband and I are still going??

Apologies in advance for the format…using my phone.
Buckle in, it’s gonna be a long ride!! My (F48) husband Randall (50) have been together for 14 years. Randall has four children- two sons Kyle (26), Alex (24) and two daughters Savannah (21) and Cassandra (20). It’s important that y’all know, as we get into this, that the oldest and the youngest are not his, biologically, but he’s raised them as if they were. When Randall and I first got together, three of his children were in elementary school, and the oldest was in middle school. They really didn’t take to me at first as they wanted their parents to be together like any child would. I completely understood, and I gave them plenty of time to spend with their father, when we were with them. I’d busy myself with shopping or visiting my own family. Eventually, we bonded and began spending time together. I’d do birthdays and holidays BIG for them and got to where we to go and do things on our own when my husband had to work… and he’s always worked a lot. Here’s my issue. Over the last several years now, they’ve adopted this sense of entitlement towards us, but mainly their father. When we go into town to visit (we live 5 hours away), they’ll rarely make the effort to spend any time with us so we typically end up doing things on our own and then coming back home. Lately, we are of the mindset that we shouldn’t have to drop everything and come to them every time anymore. Especially, when we know that most times, they’re not gonna show up. And they’re adults. If they want to see us, they can make a trip to where we live. These days, their phone calls consist of asking for money for gas, groceries, to hang out with friends, or to help fund their trips with their mom. Randall used to send money for everything they would ask for, but has now begun to say no, and to really put his foot down. He’s told them that they need to work for the things that they want and that everything is not always going to be handed to them. Any time he says no or that we can’t help right now it’s the silent treatment for weeks and sometimes months. We’re coming to the part where I’m questioning myself and my decision to cancel their vacation. Early fall 2022, Kyle told us that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. We didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. And he doesn’t think he wants Randall to be part of the baby’s life because he isn’t Kyle’s biological father. WTF?! This man raised this boy from eight months old, and did everything that a father should do but he’s not good enough to be grandpa?! But he said he’d let us know. So we proceeded through birthdays and the holidays and ,of course, I went all out as per usual. Now, right after the new year I received a phone call from Kyle asking me if Dad and I could help fund their baby shower. It would go towards food, decorations, and the venue. I said yes. And I went ahead and sent him the money and he told me that in a week or so, he’d give me all the details of the baby shower and to expect the invitation in the mail. About an hour later, Randall calls me and says that Kyle called and asked him if we could help fund their baby shower. And Randall sent him money too. Randall was furious that he took us both for money but he left it alone and we didn’t hear from any of the kids after that. Mid-March comes along and we’re visiting with my Husband’s family when his SIL asked why we didn’t go to the baby shower the previous weekend. Umm… because we didn’t know about it! We were stunned to say the least. Then, his SIL dropped another bomb on us. The baby was born the day before the shower. Come to find out, all four kids and their mother agreed to not invite us to the baby shower, or to even let us know that the baby was born. They needed just the money. To say that I was LIVID would be an understatement. I sent Kyle a message a couple of days later and told him that, it’s one thing to not invite us to the shower, but to not let us know about the baby was heartbreaking. I told him that I hoped they’d had a great time and that they were gifted everything that they needed. I congratulated him on the birth of his son and that i hope he’s healthy and adored. My Husband sent a similar message. We’ve yet to hear back from him and we’re headed into mid-June. So, after a conversation between myself and my husband, and the fact that I paid for the entire trip, on my own, we decided to cancel their tickets for what was supposed to be our family vacation. I got a partial refund for some of the reservations that I had made but that’s okay. I’ll take the loss. Last week we got a call from the other three asking what dates they needed to plan for and what they should pack. And let them know that I canceled their tickets so they didn’t need to worry about it after all. They were angry and had some choice words. I honestly feel like it’s the best decision we could’ve made. But am I the AH??
TLDR: My stepkids are disrespectful. Especially to their father. I canceled their part of our family vacation. AITA??
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2023.06.09 00:48 BrianArmstro Will my Medicaid coverage drop off automatically?

Have been irresponsible with reporting my income and new private insurance to Medicaid with my new job. I’ve had major imposter syndrome at my new job and was fearful that if I were to get fired I’d be stuck without healthcare again so I wanted to keep my Medicaid as a backup option.
My pharmacy still has my Medicaid as my primary insurance and there hasn’t been any problems with getting my prescriptions thus far. However, I haven’t re-applied for Medicaid so I’m not sure as to why I haven’t received anything in the mail about my coverage being dropped?
I did go to an urgent care the other day who also still had my Medicaid as my primary insurance and I got a letter in the mail a few days ago that Medicaid won’t be paying for the visit since I haven’t done my proof of having no private insurance.
I feel like I should come clean and say that my income has increased but I’m worried that I’m going to owe for all of my past visits up to this point
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2023.06.09 00:44 snackerooryan Is APE hard locked to $1.60 or something?

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2023.06.09 00:32 SeaTomcat Not sure which one was the genius…

Not sure which one was the genius…
Don’t know who parked first. Knocked on the apt building mail/package room - driver there game me the 🤷🏽‍♂️. When the post office driver came out, he didn’t move the van right away - had to honk at him… 🤦🏽‍♂️
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2023.06.09 00:22 DepthInternational99 aeRy

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2023.06.09 00:19 stinker1 Successful Recovery

I deleted all my posts from about 4 months ago. I ended up throwing away all of my stuff and have not watched porn in about 6 months. Just stopped by here to update. I also deleted stuff from the various websites I used to get attention from. Got a girlfriend and had to get over PIED and now having healthy regular sex a couple times a week. The only thing left is my old e-mail and this Reddit account.
Just wanted to let you guys know that there is hope with enough time separated from the addiction. I think deleting all of the online stuff helped a lot. I have probably gone to attempt to login or recover accounts like 2-3 times within the first couple of months. I haven't really done that recently. I did view a couple of pictures in my email that would have instantly turned me on in the past - but I didn't get hard for it.
Everything about it having to do with a lack of self-esteem is true. I've built myself up quite a bit and I value myself so much more now. If possible - and I know this is hard. But getting a girl to focus on is nice. Triggers in the past involved being alone or nothing to do for the day. Well now - I always have something to do or to improve. They say not to make someone else your top priority - and you shouldn't, but I think it's better to do that than engage with the fetish.
If you are actually gay that's fine. But I had the same cycle as most. If you feel sick or disgusted afterwards - you aren't gay. You aren't a woman. If you know that disgusted feeling that I'm talking about - you just know. It's unrealistic and you already know that you will never pull it off anyway. You won't find love in the fetish or fulfillment. You engage with it because you hate yourself.
Anyway best of luck and I'm sure I'll delete this at some point too.
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2023.06.09 00:19 WarriorSquirrelz I missed my chance

I (24f) have never had any luck with dating. Social anxiety always fucks me over and in combination with RBF I just apparently look unapproachable. I'm honestly sick of being single and I'm in a place where I'm ready to start dating. Been talking to a few guys on Bumble just to dip my feet in the water. But I never got the hang of flirting.
But wouldn't you know it, when I came back into my office after lunch, there was an electrician working on the lights. And I noticed he was hella cute. But I wasn't going to really say much to him other than "hi! Let me get out of your way" because well, the man has a job to do. I'm not going to distract him! He's on a ladder and could fall for God's sake.
Well one of my coworkers stops by and we have a pretty good friendship where we kinda act goofy together. She had said something that reminded me that I had to check the office mailbox before a certain time and I went "oh shoot! Hang on, I gotta check the mail! Be right back!". Well my coworker in a sarcastic tone says , "hey why don't you go check the mail?" And I replied "well, I think maybe I should just go check the mail instead" dumb shit like that back and forth. And I grab the mail box key and my coworker walks away. But Mr Electrician Hottie kinda just smirks and looks over at me and says "hey, maybe you should check the mail" AND WINKS AT ME. I died a little bit inside but played it cool and said "heh, you know, THAT is a great idea! I think I'll do that" and I walk off to do it, because I seriously needed to get it by a specific time to get a package to my boss before she left for the day. But that WINK. I had a little pep in my step going to that mailbox. That was possibly the most attractive wink I've ever seen. And somehow, I just wanted to flirt with this man. All shyness just disappeared. I'm determined. I'm gonna flirt a little and maybe get this man's number.
Anyways, 2 minutes later, I'm back at my desk, he's still up on the ladder, get gets the light working again and I said something about him now being in the spotlight.
He gets down, gathers up some of the trash from the pieces he swapped out, and said "hey I'm almost done, but I forgot something out in the truck. I'll be right back"
So I smile and replied "Is that a threat?" Ya know, kinda coy. And he just laughed and said "well it can be." And walked out with his work partner.
I'm thinking I'm doing well here. The vibes are good so far. Haven't really gotten to talk to him a lot since I really just got back from lunch and he was already mostly done. But progress! I've got him laughing and winking at me!
I can see him walking to the truck from the lobby windows and it's only been like 2 seconds since I just made him chuckle and he has a huge ass grin on his face. He grabs the last part from the truck, his partner says something and gets in the truck, and he gets a big ol smile again as he's walking back inside. I'm thinking"THIS IS IT. I'VE GOT THIS". He does his thing to finish up and he starts to leave. As he walks passed me, I smile and suddenly have NO idea what to say. Like COME ON SAY SOMETHING. He just smiles and says goodbye and I smile back and just tell him to have a good day.
WHAT THE FUCK. WHY DID I FREEZE UP THEN? I COULD HAVE BEEN LIKE "it was nice talking to you" batted my eyes or some shit and then asked for his number. BUT NO. I FUCKED IT UP.
I text my best friend like "oh fuck my life I finally flirted and still fucked up." She tells me to go back outside to the work truck and talk to him since I mentioned that it had been 10 minutes and he was still out there. But I couldn't. All my social anxiety came back and I doubted myself and whether or not he wasn't actually flirting with me. Looking back on it now a few hours like, of course he was! The wink goddammit! And by the time I thought, yeah I should go out there, my boss came around and I couldn't just up and go to the parking lot. I feel like that would be unprofessional of me and also, what am I going to say to explain why I went out? "Oh I wanted to flirt?" Nah. Thats not gonna fly.
So I know the company he works for, but not his name. I don't have the work invoice so I can't check that. And what the fuck am I gonna do? Call his work and ask for his name? What kinda creepy stalker shit would that be?
Anyways, now I'm kicking myself and stalking this company's FB page to see if they have ever posted employee pictures with names. And again, what would I even do with that info that wouldn'take me seem totally crazy? He didn't tell me his name, so how would I even explain how I got it?
I know it's stupid. It was very light flirting. But I felt some type of way about it. There was some chemistry there. I kinda was hoping the whole time that he was parked out there that he would come back in and just be like "hey wanna go out sometime?" But that did not happen. So now I'm going to go lay in bed, watch YouTube videos, and come to terms with the fact that I fucked up my chance.
Fuck my life. Would should I do? Anything at this point? Or cut my losses and try again 10 years from now when I get another chance? Because seriously, this never happens to me. I never get to flirt.
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2023.06.08 23:50 BoatRound2897 I hate my mother and wonder if she is a sociopath

When I was 12 she made me lie to the police after calling them on my father so that they would release him.
She would shoplift from stores to get me Pokémon cards as a kid even though we were middle class and could afford them.
She would force me to do piano/ math at university levels at 9 years old for 5+ hours a day. When I got things wrong/ didn't want to she would hit me, smash my Legos/ video games, spit on me, tell me I would be homeless if I didn't. Even when I won the national champion she did not stop.
When I became a teenager and started to protect myself, she would yell at me for 3-4 hours in a row and spit at me when she wasn't able to hit me.
One time she tried to smash something of mine and I grabbed her hand when I was 15-16, she would remind me for years how that made her thumb hurt and I need to be more careful.
She would often tell me growing up that she was angry at the site of me. She would then complain when I locked myself in my room.
She would force me to be around "popular" kids who bullied me because she wanted to be like their families.
She would constantly compare me to other kids, when she was angry and I locked me door she would talk passive aggressively very loud from the living room for hours saying terrible things about me, that I was a failure, I had no right to dress well or be happy.
She would regularly tell me how black people and the homeless were inferior. She saw people who got divorces, people who went to therapy as inferior.
She would constantly ask me if I thought my little brother was smart or not, as if his worth as a human was based on that.
She made me break up with the first girl I really loved because of her race.
I may be terminally ill and for the past 2 years she would try to convince me I wasn't sick. Remind me to graduate university and admitted she was jealous of other families and wished she/ I was like them.
She over the years tampered with my medication and mail, took out mortgages and loans under my name, and lied to the police when I finally contacted them as an adult. I didn't have the heart to press charges.
Saddest part is she constantly begs me to come back home whenever I leave. When I tell her the things she did gave me severe PTSD and hurt me she denied them. It took talking to the parents of my friend for her to back down due down and even then it was from peer pressure more than remorse.
My dad and her brother (my uncle) both told me she cannot feel remorse and pretty much told me to stop trying.
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2023.06.08 23:22 AdSilver2537 New neighbor looking through my mail and moving property lines

My new neighbors just bought the lot next to my home. First thing they do after clearing the trees on their property is move my property line marker over about 10 feet into my property. They then came up to ask me where the line was after moving it. They said they “estimated” the size of their lot and then moved the marker accordingly because they didn’t think the property line was straight. Keep in mind this is a wooded area with no surveyor involved so I’m not sure how they figured that.
Afterwards they told me that if I saw them on my security footage waiving at the camera above my one of many “no trespassing” signs a few days earlier, it was just her checking MY MAIL and packages to make sure none of her mail was delivered to me. I was not home and never met that woman before in my life. We have completely separate mailing addresses too. I’m more upset about the trespassing and mail than the property line because I wasn’t home and it feels like a serious invasion of my privacy.
I’m considering having a deputy formally trespass them from my property that way I can pursue legal action if this happens again. However that sort of feels like an overreaction, and being on bad terms with neighbors sucks. What should I do?
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2023.06.08 23:18 RainbowFrog420 I stepped out of my comfort zone!

I am making bracelets to try to hand out at pride and I took one to my mail-person today because I saw they were wearing a rainbow shirt. Doesn’t sound like much but I have intense social anxiety and was completely agoraphobic for a year because of Covid so I’m really proud of myself and wanted to share. Happy pride!
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2023.06.08 23:02 AI0 AutoModerator performed action `removecomment`

Target User: u/WrongdoerMedical2929
URL: /Twittecomments/13x7liu/june_2023_rtwitter_mega_open_thread_fojng3hzm/
Suspended without further notice
Hi! I got suspended some time ago for no apparent reason at all. I have appealed and the mail came back stating no reason as of why I got permanently suspended.
I appealed again and it said Twitter can suspend accounts without further notice.
What does this mean? Why won’t they tell me?
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2023.06.08 22:57 Keta47 macOS impressions after 2 months

Hi everyone !
I was just jotting down some thoughts for myself after getting a macbook, and using it for about two months. Since I already have written it, I thought that other people might also find it useful. They are my personal observations, and some of them might not apply to you (like the availability programming software, or something else), or they might have a different importance for you.
For reference, I'm using a M1 Macbook Pro 16" with 1TB of ram and macOS Ventura 13.4.
Trying to exclude the hardware differences and things common to both laptops with Windows and macOS (such as portability of a laptop, common software, etc) - focusing on just the operating systems.
macOS advantages
Windows advantages
My personal opinion is that macOS gets many little things right and provides a more quality of life features for general use. The software is a lot more polished, with less crashes, and the whole operating system is better automatically managed.
However, although the advantages are greater in numbers, I feel like the advantages from Windows have bigger weight IF THEY APPLY TO YOU (how useful is 1 second saved from doing task X faster when the software required for work doesn’t work, or when Apple drops support for your laptop after 6-7 years no matter how many money you spent to “future proof” it?). If neither of these two are problems for you, then you only remain with advantages !
In any case, if I got anything wrong please let me know, I'm curious to learn. Or, if you have some thoughts of your own, please share!
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2023.06.08 22:51 PairResponsible452 Help: How do I help my 7 year old son cope when he's with his dad??

For background: My ex and I were together 15 years. I filed for divorce 3.5 years ago and we're still on temporary custody orders and have made little to no progress. I didn't realize I was in a toxic relationship until after my son was born, but I stayed - had another kid - and then finally had the strength to leave when he had an affair with their nanny. I've learned a lot, like BIFF and JADE, but I don't know how to help my kids.
I've recently noticed my seven year old lying to his dad. For example, his dad signed him up for an activity on the only two days I have them the full day. I wasn't informed of the activity until the day before and my son was recovering from a cold and didn't want to go. He begged me not to take him, so I didn't. He asked if we could go to the beach instead. I had my son send an audio message to his dad, because I knew he wouldn't believe that our son didn't want to go and would say I just didn't want to take him. I'd be under no obligation to take him, but if my son wanted to go, I'd happily put my feelings aside about his dad sneakily signing him up for an activity without my knowledge or consent on my time and take him. Immediately after he listened to the message, he called and asked my boy why he didn't want to go. He kept saying he just didn't want to. Eventually, I took the phone away and said we're not going. The next day the kids are with their dad, I get an e-mail saying, "XX said he wanted to go to the activity, but you made him go to the beach instead."
Either their dad was lying or my boy lied to his dad. I gently asked my son and he said he lied to his dad. "It's easier, mom. He is trying to make me say I want to go to the activity, but I don't want to."
At first I thought - ok, no problem. I'll take the hit. It's not the first time his dad thought i'd done something like that. It doesn't matter what he thinks. I know the truth and my son knows the truth. But when I woke up this morning, I thought maybe I wasn't doing my boy any favors. Maybe he can learn now how to handle disagreements with his dad. When we were married, I did the same thing - for the sake of ease - say what my ex wanted to hear. It helped in the short term, but really mucked things up in the long-term and I'm still coming to terms with how I let that happen for so long.
I have my boy in therapy and I've asked her how to handle it, but I also wanted to ask you. People who have been raised by a toxic parent(s). How do I help shield my children from the emotional abuse they've already been subjected to and will likely continue to experience???
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2023.06.08 22:37 Thin_Lawfulness4801 FED-Ex trying to get people mad at work

FED-Ex trying to get people mad at work
He put the package on my swing on the enclosed porch..definitely a plus to living in a small town I suppose 🤣😎🤩 (Should be a pair of mocha 1’s)
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2023.06.08 21:54 lurking0110101 Etsy for the win

Etsy for the win
Just got this in the mail today and wanted to share. Quick shipping (FL to NY), so soft, perfection for the Pittsburgh show. Etsy merch is my go-to when people are having poor merch experiences at shows (don’t forget to iron your decals for safety). I totally plan to buy at least a t-shirt when I go but I’m excited to have a great quality sure-thing that’s a bit more subtle and stylish (and also I love a small business). I don’t know if this is allowed, but I’d love to see what other people have bought on Etsy or elsewhere that’s TS themed :)
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Target User: u/WrongdoerMedical2929
URL: /Twittecomments/144j2gy/suspended_without_further_notice/
Title: Suspended without further notice
Hi! I got suspended some time ago for no apparent reason at all. I have appealed and the mail came back stating no reason as of why I got permanently suspended.
I appealed again and it said Twitter can suspend accounts without further notice.
What does this mean? Why won’t they tell me?
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2023.06.08 21:45 Spectral42 I think I met a Skinwalker. I’m afraid I won’t make it out of this.

Before I dive into everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks I want to get a couple of things out of the way. I moved to this town four months ago because of a job offer: I was supposed to start working with a construction company. Second, I am not going to give you my last name. But I will tell you my first name, it's Tom. I am telling you all this, just in case. Ya know?
Anyway, I moved here four months ago. At first, the job offer seemed too good to be true. I was promised an apartment, full benefits, and grocery delivery twice a month. I was told the town was small, and honestly, it is! I am not used to living in a place like this. I mean, I saw the stars for the first time in my life the day I got to my new apartment.
The apartment itself is nice, I have two bedrooms and a good-sized bathroom. I have no complaints about any of the accommodations. Two weeks into moving here I was told that I would be starting at the end of the month. My boss told me that rent would be covered and gave me a list of things I needed for my first day.
As the end of the month came around I decided to go out and buy a new pair of work boots. I figured this would give me a good chance to get a look around town and maybe meet some people. I was mostly right.
The store was only a couple of blocks from my apartment building so instead of taking my truck I decided to walk. The town is cozy, ya know? Like everyone seems normal. Everything felt like it came out of a classic American novel though. So anyway, I went and got my boots and on the way home I decided to stop at a store and pick up the local newspaper.
When I got home and sat on my couch to crack open the newspaper, I could tell something was off right away. The story on the front page read “New Mayor Elected” and right below that, “Strange Lights in the Sky.” By itself, those two things would not raise red flags, but the pictures looked off. It’s hard for me to put into words but the photo of the new mayor looked both old and new. I scanned the page for a date and couldn’t find one. I figured that maybe something went wrong with the printing or something. After I gave the front page a good read I put the paper down and went to bed.
For two days I stayed home to make sure I was well rested. At this point, I had not purchased a tv yet and decided to jump on the opportunity and read more. On my way to pick up new boots, I noticed the town library and thought why not? I could get a couple of books and a new paper. The library itself is beautiful. The wood looks well maintained and the giant stone lions on either side of the staircase were extremely cool to look at the first time I saw them.
Heading into this library was just like walking into any other library. I don’t know what I was expecting. The outside was cool so I thought the inside would be more done up. As I walked through the aisle and scanned the books I could feel the hairs on my arms stand up. It was a weird feeling, something I had not experienced before this: It was almost like I was scared for no reason. As I pulled a book off of the shelf and read the cover I was extremely puzzled, for reference I was standing in the history section. The book read, “To Mars and Back. How America pioneered space travel.” It sounded more like a science fiction book to me, and there were a lot of other books like this. “They live among us, humanity's first contact with God.” or “The secret history of the Roman empire.” As I went through and examined more books I started to notice little scratches on the bookcase. They looked like tally marks. I followed them down the shelf until I found some writing. “Turn back” and “Go home” were scribbled on the shelf. I quickly stood up and clenched the book I was holding.
As I turned around I took one last look at the book in my hands before heading off to speak with a librarian. As I approached the counter I swear to god the woman behind the counter took my breath away. She was so beautiful, but it didn’t seem natural. I could feel the hairs on the back of my head stand up as I got closer to the desk. I decided to put the book down and leave. There was something inside of me, screaming at me to not speak to the woman. As I headed out of the building and walked down the staircase I noticed my hands were shaking. I was confused because technically, nothing happened.
I never bought a paper that day. Instead, I went home and went to sleep. Technically it was midafternoon, I had no idea why I was tired in the first place.
When I woke up the next day and went to check the mail, I found a rolled-up newspaper at my front door. I shit you not I have been getting a newspaper every day since that day. At first, I was interested in reading them, but the more I read the more I didn’t want to read. At the end of the month, I was waiting for a call from my boss, but the call never came. I tried to call him but his phone was disconnected.
As the next month rolled around I kept getting the newspapers. I stopped receiving normal mail, and I stopped wanting to live in this damn apartment. Two weeks into the new month I decided to call it quits and move back. I was not getting this job and my time here had been nothing but uncomfortable. So I packed my bags and stormed outside to climb into my truck. I was planning on leaving that day however, my tiers had been slashed.
I did what anyone would do, right? I called the damn police. They came promptly and once again I was met with the same feelings as when I saw the librarian. These men did not look real. Every inch of their faces looked…fake. I mean yes they were people but there was not a hair out of place. They were perfectly symmetrical in every way. The whole time I was filling out the police report my hands were shaking. My body was so tense I thought I was going to fall over on the spot. Once the situation was handled I ran back to my apartment. I was skipping steps as I went back upstairs. I felt like I could not get upstairs fast enough.
A couple of hours later I heard pounding at my door. I can’t stress this enough, the pounding scared the shit out of me. “WHO IS IT?!” I screamed. “Please! I need help!” A woman called back to me. I went to my front door, I wish I could tell you I did not hesitate but I did. I eventually opened the door for the women. She was an absolute mess, her makeup was running down her face and she was wearing pajamas. It will sound fucked up but I was so happy to see this woman, her crying gave me comfort. She did not look like the others, she looked real and natural. I asked her what happened and she told me her daughter had gone missing. I asked her if she called the police and she told me no. She said she wouldn’t, she told me her daughter wouldn't go to them either. I asked her what her daughter's name is, she told me her name is Zoey. We talked for what felt like hours before I told her I would keep my eyes open. She thanked me and went back to her apartment in tears.
As I closed and locked my door I went to the pile of newspapers and opened the most recent one. I wanted to see if there was any mention of Zoey in the paper. The front page read, “Local man found dead outside of his home. No suspects.” below that there was another heading, “Local girl missing.” I checked for a name but it wasn’t Zoey. They are the same age though. As I scanned the paper I heard a scream come from down the hallway. I stood up quickly and rushed to my door, this time without hesitation I ripped it open and looked down the hallway. And that’s where I saw…it. One of the cops except it wasn’t a man. He had tight skin, he almost looked like a walking skeleton. His eyes were bulging out of his head, and his arms were larger. “Sir…” The thing said to me. I quickly turned and slammed the door shut. I locked all four locks and put the kitchen table up against the door. I haven’t left this apartment since. I did call my ex, she said she would come and get me but I don’t know how long I will be waiting.
If this is fear, I have had enough. I can’t sleep and I am too scared to eat. It feels like my heart might explode like my whole perception of reality has changed.
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2023.06.08 21:37 WinLite10 7840HS / 2.8K, 16:10, 100% RGB 120Hz Display screen / 16 GB LPDDR5-6400Mhz / 1 TB SSD / 499 EUROS !!!!!!

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2023.06.08 21:28 thefiction24 Anyone know a source to spam my house with anti smoking adverts?

I quote about 3.5 years ago. Family still smokes… the fucking house. Sure, with a fan in the window…but it’s a tiny apartment and I’m at my wits end.
I have tried every manner of convincing them and they’re extremely defensive about the habit.
I’m being petty now, but I’m wondering if I can sign up for some anti-smoking spam to be mailed to my house? I want them to see pics of black lungs and decrepit teeth whenever they get the mail. I’m so sick of the secondhand smoke. It’s so easy to take 50 fucking steps outside but they won’t. I guess I’m the idiot still living here.
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2023.06.08 21:27 TA-PettyPackageThief AITA for letting a porch pirate steal upstairs neighbor’s “expensive” packages?

I (24M) live in a duplex. Been here for the last 5 years. My building has a single front door that both apartments use, that enters into a small foyer with stairs about 4ft away or so that lead up to the apartment upstairs. When I moved in, I had friendly, slightly older neighbors (I’ll call Jack and Jill) that didn’t cause any issues, were relatively quiet and when packages were delivered for me; Jack would bring them inside, place them in the foyer and I started doing the same for them. Never had any issues with that and they would thank me and I thanked them.
Unfortunately, in February of 2022; Jill passed away. Jack moved out 9 months later. January 2023, new neighbor (NN) moved in. She’s around 40ish in age, I guess. She’s relatively quiet, doesn’t cause issues, I’ve barely had a conversation outside of a greeting in the evening when I come home from work. She’s got a lovely Golden Retriever which occasionally barks but meh; it’s a dog, dogs bark. No real big issues with her.
I continued to do what I did for Jack and Jill with deliveries; bringing her boxes inside, leaving them in the foyer for her. She never returned the gesture, which is fine since I’ve started ordering less and less; she never said anything about it until about the month of April. I go out to get the mail and see four packages; two fairly large ones and two smaller ones, all addressed to her and pick the two large ones up, carrying them inside when she comes down the stairs with two other women. She asks what I was doing and I tell them that I was just bringing them inside. She says that they were on their way down to get them, so I hand over the two I had while one of the ladies retrieves the other two. I turn, head back inside my apartment and as they’re going back upstairs, NN says “I Can’t believe he tried to steal these. I should call the cops.” with the other two agreeing. I wanted to go tell her that again, I wasn’t stealing anything but decided to let it go.
Fast forward to yesterday, I’m off work and watching tv when at 2:36p.m., I see UPS pull up. The driver puts two packages on the porch. I go check the mail and the boxes are for NN. I leave them on the porch, go back inside and end up falling asleep watching t.v. Around 4p.m; I’m awakened by NN knocking. I opened the door and she asks if I have her packages. I say no, I don’t have them. NN says the app shows that they were delivered this afternoon. I said I saw them on the porch earlier but left them alone. NN got upset at me, said since one of the boxes had something expensive in it and since I was home; I could’ve bought them inside the foyer like I’ve done before. I told her that I didn’t want to be accused of being a thief again. She called me an AH, repeated that one of the packages had expensive stuff inside and then stomped upstairs, slamming her door.
So AITA for not bringing her deliveries inside and leaving them to be porch pirated?
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