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2023.06.08 23:23 Affectionate-Ad2081 The Case for Tim Duncan as the GOAT

I know what you're thinking: no way; there's no chance Tim Duncan is the GOAT. He's not even the best player of his generation you might say. You're thinking there's no way Tim Duncan belongs in the same category as MJ or LeBron. If you believe this, there are three things that you'll probably bring up as I make this argument.
  1. The Second Act: If you're the kind of person who rates players through spreadsheets, his career in the 2010s is statistically underwhelming.
  2. The Peak: You might say that Duncan never had a real peak where he was the most dominant player in the league on a daily basis, like Shaq.
  3. Greg Popovich: Duncan has always had Pop, arguably the greatest coach of all time in his corner.
I hear you, and I will address these later on in this post. First, let me address Duncan's stats and accolades.
Duncan's notable accolades from his NBA career are as follows:
Duncan's 5 championships are more than Larry Bird or Wilt Chamberlain, his 15 All-Defensive selections are the most of anybody ever, his 15 All Star appearances are tied for 3rd all time, he has as many regular season MVP's as Kobe and Shaq combined and only MJ has more Finals MVP's.
Don't forget about his college accomplishments though, because remember: Duncan came out of Wake Forest after four years despite people like Jerry West who said he could have been the number one overall pick had he left after his sophomore year.
Duncan's accolades form his collegiate years:
These NBA and collegiate snapshots of his basketball career, should be enough to have him at the table of the GOAT conversation. You're not convinced yet, let's dig into some more numbers.
Here's where Duncan ranks all-time on some of the major statistical categories across his NBA career:
These career totals, admittedly, are substantially less impressive than other players at his position, like Kevin Garnett (19th in points, 9th in rebounds, 18th in blocks, 18th in steals, 55th in assists), Karl Malone (3rd in points, 7th in rebounds, 70th in blocks, 12th in steals, 61st in assists) or Dirk Nowitzki (6th in points, 26th in rebounds, 53rd in blocks, 94th in steals, 155th in assists). And that's because you can't judge Tim Duncan's numbers like you can with most players. Imagine in 15 years if somebody said to you that Russell Westbrook was better than Steph Curry, citing how many PTS, AST, and REB Westbrook had. You'd laugh right? Because you know that numbers do not always tell the full story. It is impossible and irresponsible to discuss a player's ranking without mentioning the stats that exists, but by measuring players purely by their basketball reference page, you're leaving out context and the story in which those numbers were achieved. That context is what makes those numbers meaningful.
Such is the case with Tim Duncan, whose success and greatness transcends a box score. You can't judge Tim Duncan with numbers alone. The fact of the matter is, that if you ran a team and if you could pick from any NBA player that ever played the game, and your goal is to win, you would pick Tim Duncan.
Offensively, Duncan was dominant for his first ten years in the NBA. From '98 to '08, he averaged 21.6/11.8/3.1 while playing on one of the slowest teams in the league. In that span, the Spurs never ranked in the top half of the league for PACE. Adjusting his stats for PACE and looking at his stats per 100 possessions (31.2/17.1/4.5 with 3.5 BLK at 50.8 FG%), you're looking at a big man who was every bit as productive as any other offensive player in the league at the time.
You already know about his skillset. He was, after all, The Big Fundamental. He could pass out of double teams, face up and break down the defense with surprising agility, consistently knock down shots from the elbows, and torch any big man in the league with his array of moves in the post and suddenly imposing physicality. He could masterfully run a PnR with any guard with working limbs. And, of course, he had his signature bank shot, one of the most consistent and reliable shots of all time along with Kareem's Sky Hook and Dirk's fadeaway. Those skills never deteriorated throughout his career, except perhaps his last year.
This is where I want to attack the 2nd idea that his second act was unexceptional. His scoring numbers dipped in last 8 years, where he never averaged over 20 PPG. But, as the Spurs offense became more collaborative and free-flowing, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili shouldered more of that scoring burden as Duncan aged. Duncan's shot attempts fell, though he remained efficient. His skills hadn't waned; the Spurs just didn't need him to score 28 points every night. He retained his role as alpha dog during this stretch and contributed in other facets of the game. He could pick his spots, put his teammates in position to succeed, and save himself undue punishment and wear until is was needed. That's why in 2013, at the age of 36, he became the oldest player ever named to First Team All-NBA.
Duncan was never a prolific scorer, even in his prime. His game was never predicated on gawdy point totals like Malone or Dirk. With a different offense, he took fewer shots, and with fewer shots, he scored fewer points. In his last eight years, he remained a tremendous rebounder, was the go-to guy in crunch time, and the best defender, maybe ever. And this is what hurt his stats: the lack of flashy numbers for defense outside of blocks and steals. It's so hard to measure how much a drive was cut off because of his presence or a shot that was altered because of his contention. There are some metrics that attempt to measure this, like DRTG, Defensive Win Shares, and Defensive +/- , and while it is an inexact science, these measures do a fairly good job at assessing a player's impact on defense. Duncan's ranking in those metrics is unmatched:
"Duncan guarded centers and power forwards (sometimes even small forwards) with equal success. And as the NBA became more and more of a high pick-and-roll game, Duncan accepted the extra responsibility of getting involved at the perimeter, while never abandoning basket responsibility. Nobody was better than Duncan at being both an advance guard and the final fortress."
FiveThirtyEight published this article in 2016, where analyst Neil Paine calculated career WAR values that took into consideration defense and offense, and Tim Duncan led the WAR rankings, by a mile:
  1. Tim Duncan: 109.2
  2. KG: 96.2
  3. Karl Malone: 95.4
  4. David Robinson: 89.3
  5. Hakeem: 85.9
  6. LeBron: 82.8
  7. Kareem: 78
  8. Larry Bird: 74.2
  9. Shaq: 73
  10. Pippen: 72.7
What does all of this mean? It means that Duncan was a tremendous offensive player, despite the lack of volume, and one of if not the greatest defenders of all time. In short, his value as a two-way player is virtually unmatched in the last 50 years of NBA basketball.
Enough with the numbers. I want to talk about Duncan when it mattered the most: the playoffs. You can look at any numbers, read any article, or talk to any fan who paid attention to the game at the time, and you'll come to the same conclusion: Tim Duncan was a killer in the playoffs. All of his most memorable performances came in the postseason, and more often than not, came in crucial games when his team needed him most. From his near quadruple double in 2003 to close out the Nets and earn his 2nd championship to his 25 point first half against the Heat in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals ten years later, there was never a moment too big for Duncan. Here are his playoff numbers, significantly higher in almost every category than he his in the regular season:
His '99 championship run was phenomenal, where he tore through a young Kevin Garnett, the newly assembled Kobe-Shaq Lakers, Rasheed Wallace's Trailblazers, and the Patrick Ewing-less 8-seed Knicks on his way to being named the second youngest Finals MVP ever. His 2002 campaign was incredibly underrated, as he carried one of the worst teams of his career to 60 wins and outplayed Shaq before being beat by the two-time champs. His 2003 season was his best season, and we'll get to that in a second. Just know that his running mate, David Robinson, averaged 8.5 PTS and 8 REB in the regular season and that Duncan's 5.9 win shares in that playoff run remain the most of anybody in a single postseason.
In the mid-to-late 2000s, Duncan's Spurs remained a fixture in the playoffs against competition like Dirk's Mavs, Nash's Suns, and Kobe's Lakers. He repaid them with two more titles in '05 and '07. He also gave us one of the clutch shots of his career in Game 1 against the Suns in 2008 with this 3 point game-tying three pointer in OT.
Like I said earlier, in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, at age 36, playing against Wade, Bosh, and apex LeBron on the road, Duncan put up 25 points in the first half. It would have gone down as an all-time series clinching performance had it not been for Ray Allen's iconic game-tying 3-pointer. Looking for revenge in the 2014 Finals, Duncan set the tone in Game 1 with the classic 21/10 game, while shooting 9/10 from the field. As his final playoff hurrah in 2015, trying to defend the title at the ripe age of 38 in Game 7 of a first round series against the Clippers, Duncan reached all the way back and put up 27/11, sinking crucial free throws to tie it, before Chris Paul hit a clutch, game-winning shot near the buzzer.
The same Tim Duncan giving the business to a 22-year-old Kevin Garnett, was the same Tim Duncan taking a 26-year-old DeAndre Jordan to school. Duncan was ready to win championships from the day he entered the league to the day he left. And I think that is why his peak is used against him as an argument for GOAT status. The fact that his championship window lasted his entire 19-year NBA career and that his teams were always somewhere between 50 and 60 wins meant that it's hard for any one of his seasons to stand out from the rest. And for some unfathomable reason, being consistently great is less of an accomplishment than being great for short stints.
Like I said, his 2003 season was his best, after leading his team to 60 wins and his 2nd consecutive MVP, Duncan eviscerated everything in his path as he tore through the playoffs. He upended the Suns, ended the Lakers 3-year reign as champions, and outdueled Dirk before absolutely torching the Nets in the finals. By the time he was holding the trophy, it was clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Duncan was the league's best, most complete player.
Now, I'd be lying if I said that Duncan's peak was higher than Shaq's. But I also wouldn't feel comfortable saying that the difference between the two is great enough for me to lose sleep over. To me, the truth is that Shaq was so much more of a spectacle. To watch peak Shaq was an experience unlike anything else. To see someone of his size and stature move so powerfully and fluidly is still something of a miracle. To see Duncan at the peak of his powers was a lot like seeing him seven or eight years later. He was just a little faster, a bit stronger, and a touch quicker in his prime. But do aesthetics denote superiority? I'd say, no. And though Shaq in his prime was certainly a more dominant offensive player, there was never a time where he could match Duncan's abilities as a defender, leader, or teammate. The two are the antithesis of each other. Shaq loves fame; Duncan loathes it. Shaq would sometimes show up to training camp out of shape, often battle with his co-stars and finished his career having played for six different teams. Duncan took great care of his body, cemented himself as the cornerstone of his franchise, and is one of the most celebrated teammates in NBA history. Shaq left a little on the table. You can never say the same thing about Duncan. Shaq cared a little too much about what everyone thought of him, while Duncan couldn't have cared less.
Let's tackle the third criticism: that he always had Pop. To me, Pop is the greatest coach of all time, but he would be the first one to tell you that he wouldn't be here without Tim Duncan.
For one, Duncan can play any style of basketball, in any era. You want to go slow school, old-pace, dump it off to the big man down low, let him bang and be solid on defense? Titles. Remove the hand-checking and illegal defenses, increase scoring and start moving toward the perimeter? Titles. The league goes small ball, the pace explodes and shooting and ball movement is more important than anything? The largest margin of victory in NBA finals history.
Secondly, he can play with any team. Honestly, has any superstar done more with less? Jordan had Pippen his entire run and Rodman for the last half. Bird had McHale and Parish. Wilt had West and Hal Grier. Russell had Cousy, Jones, and Havlicek. Magic had Kareem and vice-versa. Kobe had Shaq and vice-versa. And LeBron has had Wade, Kyrie, and AD. Duncan's best teammates? Old David Robinson, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, who combined for 5 Third Team All NBA appearances and 4 Second Team appearances during their time with Duncan. Parker and Ginobili are long shots for the HOF, and even though Robinson's in the HOF, he wasn't playing at a HOF level alongside Duncan.
Third, and most importantly, Duncan forged the culture of the Spurs. Pop was essential in acquiring players and reinforcing the culture that Tim wanted, but Duncan was truly the most vital component. The NBA is a star-driven league and finding a great player who hasn't gotten a coach fired is like finding a good Star Wars movie: they're few and far between. Not only did Duncan not get Pop fired, he let Pop coach him harder than any superstar ever. If Tim had ever thought to himself, "you know what I don't feel like getting my chops roasted in front of the whole team today because I didn't box out well in practice" he could have gone right to RC Buford, and Pop would have been gone - end of story. But Tim understood what Pop was about, and trusted him enough to be mentored in an unprecedented way. He set the example for his teammates, that no one is immune to criticism and that it's expected of everyone to leave their egos at the door.
In 2017, the Spurs SB Nation blog, Pounding the Rock, spoke to Sam Walker, author of "The Captain Class," a book which examines winning culture in team sports, from field hockey to rugby. In an exchange, Walker said this:
"[T]he book's main conclusion is that the only one factor that must be present in order to maintain greatness over a long period of time is the presence of a particular kind of selfless, relentless, independent-minded, publicity-averse, emotionally composed captain with strong communication skills. And that's Tim Duncan. Duncan was a pure example of the species."
I love Pop, but I have to believe that Duncan was the catalyst that powered Pop to be what he is now. This isn't Belichick-Brady where you wonder who made who. Pop is the greatest coach of all time, because of Tim Duncan. If you want to take credit away from Duncan by saying he played for the best teams, you might be right, but only because he made them the best team. He gave up touches, let other guys hold the torch, put everyone around him in the best position to succeed, and he enjoyed it when they did.
When I said earlier that the thing that hurt Duncan's stats more than anything was a lack of defensive numbers, I lied. The thing that hurt Duncan's stats more than anything was the fact that he never gave a shit about stats or awards. Ever. He wanted his teams to succeed and he wanted to win. That's it. Just read about how his teammates talk about him:
"The best PF ever! Thanks for the memories old man. A great player and teammate."
- Lamarcus Aldridge
"Sometimes all you NEED to say is THANK YOU....To the BEST EXAMPLE of a Leader, Brother, Friend."
- Bruce Brown
"Even tho I knew it was coming, I'm still moved by the news. What a HUGE honor to have played with [Duncan] for 14 seasons!
- Manu Ginobili
I don't think there is a more beloved teammate than Tim Duncan. In the words of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, "...his understated selflessness made him the ultimate teammate." Duncan was always the big brother. Correcting his teammates when they made mistakes and throwing his arms around their shoulders when things didn't go their way. He led in the most effective way possible, not with tweeting, bombastic words, or showy halftime speeches, but by example.
Of all the end-of-career farewell wishes, the one from his former teammate, Brent "Bones" Barry stuck out to me the most. He quoted Mark Twain, saying "'To be good is noble, but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble'; for your brilliance TD, I am grateful. For your skills as a player I am in awe. And for your friendship I am honored."
Milwaukee Bucks coach and former Spurs Assistant, Mike Budenholzer said to ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz in 2016: "The magnitude of that, the number of people in this league who have enjoyed opportunity or found fortunate spots in the league, you can trace it back to this one guy -- to the way Timmy played ball and the way he conducted himself. The 'culture' is Timmy."
The NBA is a league of superstars and dynasties - from Russell to Jordan, from Wilt to LeBron. We'll remember its history through its champions, and in the history of North American sports, no team has been as good for as long as the Spurs. San Antonio's success is completely unprecedented in the world of basketball. Aside from his lockout shortened sophomore season, Duncan won 50 or more games and qualified for the playoffs in every season of his NBA career. He finished his career with a win percentage of 71%, the highest of anyone, in any sport, ever. The Spurs run of success started in 1997, the year they drafted Duncan. Since then, he was the cornerstone, the engine of the franchise that has perpetually defined what winning culture looks like - in and outside of basketball.
And so I say again, if you could pick any NBA player from any era of basketball and your goal was to win, you would pick Tim Duncan. His abilities as a basketball player are what made him a superstar. But his consistency, willingness to be coached, love and support of his teammates, and humility are the things that make him transcendent.
I'll let Pop have the last word. This is what he said to the press after Duncan announced his retirement:
"Everybody always talks about who they'd like to eat dinner with, if you had one night and you could go to dinner or lunch with someone. Some people say Mother Teresa, Jesus, the Dalai Lama...I could honestly tell you, my dinner would be with Timmy. He is the most real, consistent, true person I've ever met in my life."
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2023.06.08 23:21 yyj_paddler NIMBY voices are amplified at our council meetings and it favors certain voices over others

I was reading this article from 10 months ago, where Colwood council unanimously rejected a 142-unit apartment building. and it’s been bugging me, so I decided to write a giant wall of text and share that with all of you.
Specifically what stood out to me in this article was what one of Colwood’s councilors, Cynthia Day, said about the decision to reject the apartment:
“I would love to support a project like this that has less blasting and more land preserved, but I’m in a hard spot because this plan is not sitting well with our community. It’s not my job to convince the public to accept this plan, that’s your job,” Coun. Cynthia Day said.
If Colwood council was basing their decision on who showed up to their public hearing, then they were very likely biased to favor NIMBY viewpoints over those of the general public.
How many people in Colwood do you think Cynthia heard from? How many of you reading this show up to public hearings? The problem is it’s mostly people who don't like developments near them who show up to hearings, and every infill development has at least some people who don't like it. So it’s problematic when councilors see the feedback from those people as representing the general public.
The Canada-British Columbia Expert Panel on the Future of Housing Supply and Affordability report "Opening doors: unlocking housing supply for affordability" (published in 2021 in response to our housing crisis) identified this as a problem, saying:
“An important aspect of governance is the land-use planning process, which offers citizens opportunities to provide input on new development based on both real and perceived impacts. We believe that democratic processes are important, but that overreliance on public hearings to make land-use decisions tends to favor certain voices over others. This can result in perceptions of majority opposition to new development, especially when the citizens most motivated and available to participate in the process generally oppose the development plans.
“This opposition puts political pressure on the elected officials in charge of reviewing the proposals. Its influence strengthens further as those who support or stand to benefit from new housing supply often do not attend public hearings to voice their views and priorities. Such proceedings contribute to a land-use planning system that prevents new housing supply in two ways: first, by restricting or impeding growth as a consequence of lengthy, uncertain and costly processes; and second, by allowing anti-development interests to apply disproportionate political pressure on decision makers.
The report also said, in the section titled “NIMBYism”, that:
… there are invariably vocal groups of residents—particularly neighbourhood associations—that can make it politically difficult for local governments to implement such changes. It is important to note that opponents to development, including but not limited to neighbourhood associations, may not be representative of the broader population. For instance, research has found that in Vancouver and Toronto, members of neighbour associations are more likely to be white, older, more educated, homeowners, who have lived in their homes for longer and hold different policy priorities than the general population. To make inroads toward fairer, more representative discussions on land use and the way our neighbourhoods evolve, it is therefore important to make sure that all voices and interests are able to shape how our cities grow.
Councilors are supposed to lead, not just do whatever a small group of people who happen to show up to a particular hearing tell them to do. So, yes, it is your job to convince the public and to LEAD, Cynthia!
This is just one example of what’s happening in basically every city.
I also remember not too long ago Saanich council voted to send an apartment building to an (optional) public hearing . At that meeting, “council was swayed Monday night by the concerns of neighbours, who said the building proposed by Abstract Developments would be too large and out of character for the neighbourhood.” Saanich councilor Colin Plant justified his vote saying (in response to the NIMBY pressure at the meeting) “it’s very clear tonight, the public has an interest in having a public hearing.”
That seems like a pretty biased view of what the “public interest” is right now and it seems pretty out of touch with the housing crisis we are facing.
In light of the recent housing announcements I felt it was a good time to bring this issue up. We need more people aware of this and pushing our councilors to not forget that their interests should be represented too.
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2023.06.08 23:21 PainfulSuccess What's the difference between the BASE and XFCE version ?

Nearly complete linux newbie here. I just wanna try it because I have a crappy system that cannot run on Windows efficiently (1.1ghz celeron cpu and 4gb ram), and Void Linux looks really neat for what I need (a lighweight and bloatfree linux distro for browsing, and some text editing). Heck, I might even run my gaming rig on it at some point.
My question is the following : What is the difference between BASE and XFCE ? Is it the desktop environement ? If so, what does BASE uses ? Is there a difference in performance between the two versions ?
Also I have another question : What is that XBPS package manager thing ? Does it works a similar way to apt-get, where I can look out online for programs and download them right away ? Or better, is there a "store" where I can install applications like LibreOffice, Moosync, or Nicotine, Firefox or Steam ?
Sorry if I look like a lazy person who hasn't searched for anything ! I really tried but I just couldn't find any kind of guide or FAQ on the VoidLinux website or elsewhere, and the documentation is way too complicated for me.
And thanks in advance for your help :)
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2023.06.08 23:20 coaxialgamer Age of last growth spurt: effect on hib growth?

title edit: effect on hip growth/tilt
The conventional wisdom I've heard so far is that feminizing HRT will create hip growth/tilt as long as those bones are not yet fused, with that typically occurring around 25 y/o. I'm currently 23 and probably won't start HRT until 24 (or very nearly so), so I'm not expecting too much in that regard.
That being said, I've also heard that there's still a lot of variance because of genetics, with some people seeing no change in this regard despite being well under 25, and some seeing changes despite being over that age. Genetic lottery basically.
That being said, I was wondering if there's a known link between the actual age at which one's hip fuse and the age of their last growth spurt.
I was always a tall kid, towering over pretty much every one of my friends well into high-school. However, my height hasn't changed a bit since I was 15, and as I entered later adolescence basically all my friends flew way past me height-wise. Currently I'm at a comfortable 6ft1in (186cm).
Could this early stop to my height growth be an indication that my hips are already fused? Or is it totally unrelated? I know it's luck of the draw here but I was wondering if there was a known link between the two.
As an aside, does the type of HRT medication (namely the AA) have an effect on this?
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2023.06.08 23:18 fastercheif If you are planning on quitting Starbucks make sure you use all your PTO before quitting

I used to work at a Starbucks location in Arizona. Now I was told by a friend that the PTO policy in Arizona is that companies are supposed to pay out your remaining PTO when you quit. I have a screenshot of my PTO on the employee website which says I had 5 hours. Now I know its not much but I am barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck and that could pay a phone bill or some groceries. So naturally when I quit I inquired about it. Starbucks customer service number told me that Starbucks policy is unless you used PTO while still employed it doesn't get paid out. What a cheap company. They only give you 5 hours. They never let you have more than 25 hours a week. And they screw you out of your pto on the way out.
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2023.06.08 23:18 PBroti Giant Contend 3 as a first road bike?

I've only ever biked hybrids and I'm not looking to spend more than $1200 right now. I am looking to triathalon sooner or later. There's a $500 used Giant Contend 3 for sale near me. Unless it's massively uncomfortable, I figure I just go with that for now. I've been wanting to bike for a while so I figure the sooner I start the better. Or should I be more patient and shop around?
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2023.06.08 23:18 semondude I haven’t seen other person leveling up near me at all or world pvp

What are some areas I can go to where people are actually playing ?
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2023.06.08 23:18 SuzieQ198921 I just need to vent.

For years, I’ve been told that I have ridiculous expectations of my SD. I’ve been with her dad since she was 6. We moved in together when she was 9. We lived together for a year before I kicked them out. There were many reasons, but one of them was that SD was making up lies about the everyone and ended up making up a lie about me. Now, it was a stupid lie, but SO’s reaction to it and my fear of further, more serious lies led me to kick them out. Two years after, they move back in. I totally NACHO, but, sometimes, I wonder if by me NOT saying something is just enabling a really bad outcome.
SD refuses to do anything herself. Well, I will take that back… she is finally brushing her own hair and showering herself (her Dad DID insist on that on her last birthday). Now, I have been NACHOing for so long, that it just dawned on me the other day when her father was cutting up her steak for her and cutting her corn off the cob because she just got braces…. That all those years ago, when I was TRYING to say something about it, and now these past years that I just NACHO… these years have flown by. This kid doesn’t do her own laundry, doesn’t do chores, won’t use a knife to cut up her own food, won’t even help bring groceries in and put them away…. It’s not a big deal during the school year, but during the summer, we have her a lot more. She won’t even pack her own bags to get her stuff ready to go back to her mom’s house. Her mom does her laundry, so my SO just picks up her dirty clothes and puts them in a bag. When he was cutting up her steak the other day, he asked her to put the tv trays up in the living room and we’d just eat in there. She automatically says, “I don’t know how.” I took the dogs out potty, came back in, and she had a TV tray just laying on the floor and again said, “I don’t know how.” So, I showed her how to do it… then it dawned on me that she has a portable desk just like a tv tray and has no problem putting THAT up. SO brings her her plate of food, which she is picky that every single piece of fat be removed. SO sometimes gets snippy with me because I refuse to help him cut her food up. She also is just an inch taller than me (around 5 foot tall) and weighs near 300lbs. Every year, at her annual doctor’s appointment, the doctor mandates her mom to take her to a dietitian… there have been threats to call CPS by the doctor. So, she goes twice, neither parent agree on or stick with a diet, so it all goes out the window within a month.
SD will be FOURTEEN in a few months. Yes, you read that right.
What really grinds at me is that my sister is this exact same way at 22 years old. She doesn’t have her license and “can’t” even work a can opener. She refuses to bring her luggage in herself when she stays with me on spring and fall breaks from college. Yet, she’s on a class trip to Greece right now and has no problem with her luggage. Her excuse for anything is, “I don’t know how,” or, “it’s too heavy,” or “I’ll drop it.” My SO talks so much about my sister and all this, but he’s raising his kid the exact same way.
My parents divorced when my sister was 2. She had a very different upbringing than I did… like, worlds different! The excuse my parents and my SO give for these behaviors is, “well, she does so well in school. She’s a good kid. She’ll eventually learn.”
All I can say is, these “kids” will not be living in MY household when they can’t even hold a job. My mom WILL eventually kick my sister out. Maybe my SD’s mom will let her live there for forever, idk. I can NACHO all I want, but sometimes, this just bugs me.
Thanks for the vent!
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2023.06.08 23:17 Reward-Spare Vetements Tee (i like Kanye btw)

Vetements Tee (i like Kanye btw)
The shirt is copped from vetements shop but it’s not cheap 50$ but It was a must have for me 😭😂
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2023.06.08 23:16 grenille I'm so tired of the cheapness

I want to like Airbnbs so much, but most of the ones I've stayed in lately are houses that have been furnished with the bare minimum of the cheapest possible Amazon furniture. Horrible bed in a box mattresses on flimsy wobbly frames, no furniture in the bedrooms except a cheap nightstand. The cheapest, thinnest microfiber garbage bedding. The minimum of repairs done to keep the places looking good for pictures. It's driving me away from staying at Airbnbs and sending me back to hotels. Can someone explain the reasoning behind purchasing the crappiest possible furnishings? These are not cheap listings!
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2023.06.08 23:16 Proud-Masterpiece-13 How long does it take to fix a tower?

The tower near my house has been down for more than five days. My family and I are using white SIMs from T-Mobile. I have called customer service multiple times to report the issue, and each time they assure me it will be fixed tomorrow. Despite my requests, none of the representatives are willing to provide a case number. Apparently, the new system they use no longer assigns case numbers. I recall hearing that T-Mobile turned off Sprint towers when the merger began, which happened years ago. The tower near my house used to be a Sprint tower, but it was never turned off. Now, all of a sudden, it's not working. We haven't experienced any storms or other disruptions in our area. I'm concerned that they might have decided to turn it off, but I'm not certain. Do you know of any way to get in touch with an engineer at Boost or anyone who can shed light on what's going on?
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2023.06.08 23:15 yoneb Good base game but lacking a lot.

So I'm currently level 87 and had a blast playing but now as the hype is slowing down I'm realizing this game is missing so very important things, things that were present in D3 and are not now which are starting to make the game a little tedious.
Dungeons: Dungeons being the current endgame content that will be the majority of the time played on the game are very lackluster. For starters running to a new dungeon after each one is very infuriating now after doing it for only a few days, granted I've played a lot more than the average player. But still, if you want to farm more than 3 dungeons it becomes very noticeable the time wasted running between. I don't see the problem with the shrine for GRs in D3 or the map device in POE so why does it seem like we have taken a step backward?
Now more about the dungeons themselves, why have we moved from kill progression to these mini-quests? GR in D3 was perfectly fine IMO, grouping packs together into a large group and bursting it was so fun compared to the constant backtracking in the current dungeon system (even worse when playing solo and not in a group). The density in these dungeons is also very poor in most instances and leaves a lot to wish for. My most recent dungeon (renegades retreat) was a kill 3 elites then boss dungeon and it was literally 3 mins of running, 3 elites, and then boss kill.
Tier dungeons feel absolutely pointless other than leveling glyphs. There is no point in doing tier with mobs higher level than you, they are just slower and don't offer enough player or glyph xp to make them anywhere near worth farming. I've done up to 45 and would much rather do 30s for speed.
Tier 32 Dungeon:
Renown: The renown system in this game is awful, power systems should never be locked behind a collection base system imo, especially when it could potentially have to be completed every 3 months for a new season. I was able to complete all 5 zones to get the 4 paragon points and this took me quite a while. Even with the help of my friends, doing dungeon splits to clear the dungeons a lot quicker it has still taken a lot of time probably close to 9-10 hours. It took me 2 hours alone to collect all the Lilith alters, even while looking at a second screen with a map of them on.
After clearing the full map and completing the zones I was amazed to find that when going on an alt all that had carried over were the rewards for the renown and the 5 major cities' waypoints, the rest of the map was greyed out, could only see dungeons that were shown because of the tree of whispers. This immediately made me not want to progress any alts. I think they need to revisit renown and the map for alts after completing it all on one character.
Gold and materials: There are a lot of materials in this game and half of them I don't even know what they are used for. The only material that I am in constant need of is gold. Unlike in D3 gold is very hard to come by. Unless you are returning to town after every dungeon, which only increases the time it takes to farm dungeons, then it takes a very long time to save gold when you spend over a million to reroll a weapon after a few rerolls. Why is gold no longer a reward for tier dungeons and the high the tier the more you get?
XP: why is it that a world tier 4 Bind burrow's dungeon gives me 700k for a full dungeon that takes me 2-3 mins to clear, but a tier 35+ gives me 850k that I can clear in the same amount of time? In what world does this xp gain make sense? It's more efficient to farm world tier 4 with level 70 mobs than level 90 mobs in tier dungeons, I just don't get how the xp scaling works in this game.

Overall the game feels like it has been a lot more casual player oriented, made for people who only might have an hour or two to play and to make them feel like they have experienced a lot in that time. And for the people who do play a lot more than the casual we now have to suffer with the repetitiveness of some of the systems that are now in the game.
However, with all of this said I am hopeful for this game and think with a few changes to systems that the game will have some longevity to it and I am hoping the first season will bring that.
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2023.06.08 23:15 Historical_Love7860 What should I do?

Hello everyone.
I am an engineer working in a company. I have almost two years with the same company. I was inducted as an intern and later was absorbed in .I started with very low salary (for that area) since I was a fresh graduate at that point and I had no backup offers I went with it. Now, I am the only senior in the team and the new inductees are getting 20k more than me. I am not being narcissistic here.. but I take up a lot of responsibilities and freshers are getting paid more. In fact, I am the lowest paid engineer in the team.
A few weeks ago, all of us got a hike.. But I am still not near the others. Many people are leaving from the Company. I want to .. But in this job market , it’s kinda tough to get a new job and my Visa situation will not let me live jobless for many days. Recently , one of my colleagues in a different location left the company and I am now being asked to take up their responsibility as well. Should I ask my Manager to give me a salary hike again or take me in to fill the position that the other person left? Will it be a wrong time to ask since the company itself is going through a lot. But I was also getting scammed for 2 years atleast. I thought everyone is getting around the same amount but looks like I am the only one.
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2023.06.08 23:15 gcourbet Questions for building army

Hi all. My son and I are just getting into the game. A local shop was closing so I snagged a 9th Elite box for cheap. My son is super into the Space Marines which left me with Necrons and they are growing on me. I know that the 10th stuff is just dropping but looking for ideas to what to add next. My local shop often has players play smaller 500 pt games, so im looking to see what to add to bump up to 500, and then to 1000 and on. I get that things will be changing so feel free to use the old pt systems just for units sake discussion. I should add I have 1 Overlord, 3 Scarab, 10 Warriors and 3 Skorpekh Destroyers, thats what was in the box.
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2023.06.08 23:14 Feshior Canyon spectral 125 al 6 or neuron 6

Hello, I have been looking for a full suspension bike mostly for trails and mountains. I'm choosing between these two models, but I can't decide which to buy. The Spectral 125 al 6 seems appealing to me, especially its enduro geometry. I'm relatively new to trails, but I live near mountains, so long climbs and descents are usuall for my place. The price of those bikes is identical. Can you please give me some cons and pros of buying each of those bikes? Thank you for help!
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2023.06.08 23:14 HeavensRoyalty Major update picture breakdown

Major update picture breakdown
Whatever that is said in this post is simply theories and ideas I had fun coming up with granted the genesis of my ideas did stem from Japanese mythological orgins because of the information we're given in this picture. I hope yall will enjoy the ride in about to bring you on (: 
As you can see from the beautiful photo that com2us has graciously provided the community, we can see significant clues regarding the theme of this picture and maybe update.
If you don't mind taking a look at the picture we have been given, you can see a beautiful entity with a Cresent moon on their forehead which makes me think that this entity is the goddess tsukiyomi (now all of you saying that tsukiyomi is a guy, please relax, we live in a day in age where king author was turned into a female in anime (fate stay series) so anything goes).
So why do I think she is tsukiyomi? Well tsukiyomi is the Moon god in Japanese mythology and the entity that we see in the picture is covered in darkness with a Cresent moon on her forehead, furthermore after seeing this beautiful entity I also noticed that near her breasts you can see what looks to be 2 moons overlapping one another which further confirms her being the goddess Tsukiyomi and because of this realization, I took deeper look at the picture and found more evidence that catered to my Hypothesis that the theme of this major update derives from Japanese mythology, to further Illustrate my hypothesis now that we're done putting a name on our beautiful Princess Tsukiyomi I'd like everyone to take a look at the background of Tsukiyomi.
As you can see behind the entity Tsukiyomi, there's a blinding bright light and I believe this symbolizes the celestial goddess amaterasu. Amaterasu is the sun goddess in Japanese mythology as well as the sister of Tsukiyomi.
Now I'd like to bring everyone's attention to the 2 overlapping moons I mentioned earlier, you can visibly see what looks to be lightning circumjacent to the moon which symbolizes Susano the storm God in Japanese mythology which is also the 3rd sibling of Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu.
It can't be a Coincidence that such strong representations of the Shinto gods in Japanese mythology are all in one picture.
I personally think it's pretty awesome as to what it could mean well who knows, maybe it could mean 3 different dungeons or 3 big different implementations in the game, maybe it's just 1 since com2us are really emphasizing The goddess Tsukiyomi but whatever com2us has in store for us I'm truly liking forward to it and I really believe it's okay to look forward to something with sincerity so we can feel 100% of the happiness of it works out (:
This may not have been what anyone expected but I sincerely hope the community enjoyed this post, have a beautiful day.
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2023.06.08 23:13 rufusmaru ISO an Accountability Buddy

Hello anyone!
I am looking for an accountability buddy (or buddies).
It has *finally* come to my attention that I, in fact, am not reliable for at-home-working. I have been working at home for a while, but now that my full schedule is online, I am in severe need of accountability.
I am looking for a buddy or small group of buddies (because optimistically biased always) who want/would benefit from the following:
About me:
I am a graduate student, working on my phd (woo but also whoa who let me get this far without executive control?), so my "work" is about 50% research/writing/reading, 40% "work work" (whatever I am assigned that gives me my living stipend through my program), and 10% classwork. Currently, my "work work" is entirely online, making me 100% online until the fall. This is obviously a problem lol.
Some actual fun stuff about me: I am queer (happy pride month everyone), have three pets (2 cats, 1 dog), I like tattoos and have some, and my hobbies include various art projects I rarely finish and questioning my careeeducation decisions (this is a joke but also is actually how I spend a decent amount of time so..). I really enjoy games of the board and video varieties, though I tend not to play much except stardew valley rn (which, imo, would make a great "fun" meetup). I currently live alone, which isn't ideal because I am also in a newish city (moved during COVID) and don't have a ton of friends or even peers.
Other info that could be relevant:

Thanks anyone who even glanced at this post, as I know it's a fucking wall-full lol. I hope there is another at-home-ADHDer who could use this still, other than me. If it sounds like something you'd like to do, even if there's something you're hesitant about, let me know! It's all just words right now, we can adjust whatever we need to.
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2023.06.08 23:13 kebusebu Is there still any fix for the game crashing while retaining the music in the background?

For some time me and my girlfriend have experienced an unfortunate bug, where the game "crashes" by closing the game window, and returning to the desktop (we play on Epic Games Launcher), while retaining the music in the background, and the app active in the task manager. This just happens randomly during any show, and just now my girlfriend had this happen in almost all of the shows we played this evening.
Is there a known fix for this, or any news if this would get patched out in the near future?
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2023.06.08 23:13 jango739 Started phtography at the beginning of the year and here we are.

Started phtography at the beginning of the year and here we are.
So i started with the Nikon F with a waistlevel finder that i found at a thrift shop near me for like $80. The Nikon zoomtouch 800 and the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 i found at my local Goodwills for a steal. The Minolta Autopak 8-D6 i got at a vintage market with a 50D and 500T film for $80 since the guy said it didn't work, turns out the terminals on the battery holder were corroded but i cleaned it up. I have used both Nikon's. The Minolta's are the newest additions and we will see how they turn out.
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2023.06.08 23:13 PoorLifeChoices811 Does deck rng take a backseat if you play too good with it?

I feel like this a stupid question to ask but I’m genuinely asking, so please don’t be rude about the answer. It’s something I’ve been noticing as of late.
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, and it’s only recently that I’ve finally been unlocking all the cards I need for certain decks to work. The most recent being Modok. I bought him with tokens three days ago to complete my hela deck, and boy did he work. He jumped me up damn near 40 ranks in one day. But it’s been two days since, and I haven’t gained anymore ranks. I’ve been dropping since then.
I’ve noticed that the cards I need to pull, get pulled really late, or not at all. 90% of why I’m losing is because of this. 5% being the locations screwing me over. And the last 5% being the players simply being better than me.
Is the game purposely screwing me over because I did so good with him previously? Or is it just a skill issue now? I’ve been noticing this every season for the last few seasons every time I unlock a big new card. I’m definitely not mad about this though, it’s still extremely early in the season, and it’s only been three days since I bought modok. I just want to know if it’s true or not
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2023.06.08 23:12 ArbiterBalls Apartment charging for damaged blinds when they were going to replace regardless

Upon move out at end of lease, the apartment complex sends me a checklist of things its going to charge me for if they are damaged. One of which is window blinds. Ive been in this apartment for 5 years, multiple sets of blinds are broken, chipped, nonworking etc. Theyre cheap to begin with. The thing is, ALL vacant units in the last 5 years recieved upgraded, nicer model blinds different from what came standard 5 years ago. The only reason mine didnt is because my unit has been lived in during this renovation period.
How do I combat them charging me $50 a damaged blind set when theyre going to replace them all with newer models regardless?
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2023.06.08 23:11 randosaxon17 23M4A looking for fun

Looking for anyone near or in Haskell for fun f/m/couple etc can just hang out as well as hookup would love to make some friends/fwb or even a relationship (if close to me in age)
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