Hair salon in barton creek mall

Wellington Haircuts

2012.07.20 00:33 Wellington Haircuts

Wondering where to get a haircut in Wellington, NZ? You're not alone! Fucken heaps of other people are, too!

2023.06.08 22:38 txblueeyes I find it absolutely hilarious that she uses word wise on her kindle (and admitted to it on the podcast) when all she reads is colleen hoover. I can’t think of any word in a colleen hoover book that a 20 something year old girl shouldn’t know the definition to. She’s a full blown idiot.

I find it absolutely hilarious that she uses word wise on her kindle (and admitted to it on the podcast) when all she reads is colleen hoover. I can’t think of any word in a colleen hoover book that a 20 something year old girl shouldn’t know the definition to. She’s a full blown idiot. submitted by txblueeyes to allisarose [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 22:33 tastystarbits If I go to a barbershop as a woman, will I get judgy/dirty looks from everyone in there?

this is an anxiety post. i know the law is on my side but im not talking about legalities.
for all intents and purposes i am a woman, but i consider myself pretty butch. i usually cut my own hair but sometimes i dont want to. i wont turn it into a rant, but i have had very little success at normal salons or super clips or whatever.
will i be laughed out? will i be taken in reluctantly but theyll be seething on the inside? will they all think im a filthy queer?
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2023.06.08 21:57 atnhuiopwvvdgj I know it's stupid to say you're "nOt liKe OtHer gIrlS" but I do feel like I AM not like other girls in a very derogatory way

Growing up, I (22F) remember finding more and more ways I differed from a lot of the other girls around me.
I have always been averse to shaving, it always feels like a chore and my skin is sensitive so I get razor bumps and irritation pretty regularly. All the other hair removal services cost more money than I'm bothered to spend on something I am overall very frustrated by as body hair has nothing to do with actual cleanliness.
While most of my friends took to tampons and thongs quickly to minimize the sight of underwear and not walk around wearing a "diaper," I genuinely could never get into either. I've always HATED the feeling of thongs. I genuinely never understood what made panty lines a big deal and this made me feel pretty alienated. Tampon insertion was always very painful for me to the point where I avoided them at all costs.
I did wear makeup a lot growing up. It was mainly to cover my acne, which also made me very insecure as I internalized the idea of clear skin being a key to being attractive early on. At some point during high school I got tired of spending extra time and money doing makeup every day so I decided to just start going bare face. I definitely felt unattractive doing this as most girls around me stuck to doing daily makeup.
I never really learned how to do a lot of hair styling so I've always worn my hair in a few pretty basic styles and it's looked the same pretty much my whole life besides one shoulder length chop and some minimal experimentation with darker colors and highlights. I've never been to a salon since they are so so so expensive.
To this day, I mainly go out bare faced with minimally styled hair. I don't feel that great about it cause I know I could look 10x better with makeup and a hairstyle with effort put in each day. I just can't bring myself to get up an hour+ earlier, spend more money, and break my skin out even worse to achieve these results.
I've also had a lot of social experiences that have led me to feel alienated and insecure.
I've never been in a relationship and I never really received attention from guys growing up. I had one guy that knowingly had a crush on me and he displayed very alarming behavior so I just avoided the hell out of him. Even now I only really get attention from guys that clearly don't have good intentions. I'm not really happy single but I'd rather stay this way than entertain guys that will not respect me or may end up hurting me.
A lot of my friends and other girls around me have been attracted to the much older "dad" types and I've never been that way. Idk maybe I've just seen too much creep behavior but older men just rub me the wrong way a lot. I've only ever been attracted to guys my age or a little older. It's made me feel weird when everyone's agreeing over this dad looking guy being attractive and I'm just like ??
Another thing that's also made me feel insecure has been when friends have told me about all the free stuff they get from guys in public. I don't think I've ever just gotten free stuff at shops/restaurants or anything like that but it seems to happen to them pretty frequently. I mean, I've had guys offer to pay for dinner on dates but never just randomly like that.
Now these things are definitely all pretty small individually but when taken altogether, I've come to feel pretty insecure about my femininity. I know that I should just "be myself" and "do what I'm comfortable with" but I feel like I'm looked at as weird and/or undesirable as a lot of these are things standardly associated with femininity/hygiene/attractiveness.
I've come to feel like the odd one out with so many of these things and it sucks cause it's just How I Am. I've always felt different from a lot of girls around me and I don't feel like it's been a rejection of femininity or girls cause I've always hung around girls and pretty much exclusively have had girl friends. I don't make a huge deal of not having any feminine traits or anything like that. I just feel Different in a really bad way.
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2023.06.08 21:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read Secret Inside My Head - Chapter 5 - MangaPuma

The intelligent Hong Danwoo who also is an introvert, has a secret that’s also a problem… He’s unable to get a haircut! But that isn’t the only issue… He’s broke. So, in search of a job, Danwoo finds himself at a small hair salon where he meets a remarkably attractive hairstylist, Kwon Tae-han. A fateful occurrence unfolds when Dan-woo can't help but feel an intense sensation from Tae-Han’s skillf ... Read Secret Inside My Head - Chapter 5 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.08 20:25 harrier1215 Wife is starting a business, funding is difficult

My wife is an experienced Hair Professional making really good money and already managing her current salon she works at. Long story short but getting out of there is vital and she is more than ready to have her own salon.
What I'm finding is difficult in getting a business loan for this as the salon when it starts needs capital but won't have business history.

Personal loans are an option but a lot say they can't be used for business and I wonder if doing so would break the law which I absolutely do not want to do.

Unfortunately as a business that requires a physical space to serve customers we need capital right away and just don't have enough personal money to pay for the startup costs all at once.

She has her heart set on doing this, we have found a great space and had money lined up until economic stuff made them back out. I really want to be supportive and helpful without doing something reckless. Any advice?
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2023.06.08 19:24 BandicootValuable484 How to go from black to orange with minimal damage?

How to go from black to orange with minimal damage?
Hi, I’ve been dying my hair at home with Ion permanent crème hair color for about a year now. Before that, my hair was bleached & dyed at home to be neon orange. My natural hair color is a neutral brown and I’ve always taken good care of it so even after three rounds of bleach and then dying to get it orange, it was healthy and I didn’t need to cut any length off.
I’ve included a picture of what my hair looks like now and the sort of colors I’d like to achieve. My issue is that I’d like to maintain as much length as possible. I know bleaching is a damaging process no matter what and I’m fine with cutting off a few inches. I’m also willing to go to a salon and get my hair professionally lightened (although I’d prefer doing it at home).
If anyone has done this before, how much length should I be prepared to lose? And how feasible would it be to strip the color from my hair & bleach it at home? I’d be happy to achieve the darker orange color in the first pic I attached. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 18:50 fsgfoeva Stream #8 Full Summary

This one was quite long. TLDR: first look at gacha, 6th class (blitz lancer) in august, breakdown of monetization and prices, breakdown of upcoming content for july and august.

Stream 8 overview

Official Launch Time (14:14)

The Japanese service will be available on June 14th 12:00 JST. The Regnas Store will be open after a 3 hour maintenance, or earlier, if no problems are found.

Preregistration Campaigns (15:47)

Preregistration is still ongoing on the official site. Additional rewards (alongside the dyes) were added; 10x happy firecrackers and increased rewards for the Start Dash Login Bonus.
The 10,000 retweet milestone for the Feste battle imagine, given to all players, was reached in 23 minutes. The giveaway for the gaming PC and Webmoney, and the lottery for Amazon gift cards, are ongoing until the day before launch.
Predownload has been made available through the Bandai Namco Launcher on June 6th. You can make a character ahead of time on the Benchmark Software, but not through the predownloaded official client.

Start Dash Campaign (21:03)

Six promotional campaigns starting on launch day. Details will be on the website on launch day.

1. Rookie Adventurer Curriculum (22:22)

June 14 to August 16

Start Dash Login Bonus

Daily rewards for logging in, up to 10 days. The regular Login Bonus is per-account, but this event Start Dash Login Bonus is per-character.
  1. Luno 10,000 30,000
  2. Battle Imagine Feste (a) set x1 (from retweet campaign)
  3. Gacha ticket x1 x3
  4. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  5. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  6. Resource selection box x5
  7. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  8. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  9. GC x1000 x2000
  10. Land Fox Tail selection box x1

Start Dash Bonus Quests (24:45)

Clear quests to get rewards.

Limited-time season point increase! (27:00)

Gain increased amount of season points (for use with the season pass).

2. Team Formation Campaign (28:32)

June 14 to July 12 Create a Team (guild) and level it up to Rank 2. All members are rewarded a Gem Ring (crimson) and Ability Plugs.

3. Connect-Coupon Support Campaign (29:57)

June 14 to July 12 Get rewards based on how many Connect Coupons you distribute. Players whose coupons are used 10+ are entered into a raffle where 100 winners will get 500 Free Rose Orbs.
A Connect Coupon is a discount code you can give to other players. They can be generated in the Regnas Store (top right) after reaching Adv. Rank 1 and clearing at least 1 daily quest. One code can be generated per account. They last for 14 days and cannot be used on yourself. Items where the coupon can be used will be indicated with a blue hexagon icon.
Player A can distribute a Connect Coupon to Players B, C, etc., which can use it for discounts in the Rose Orb Store. Player B can only use Player A's coupon code once. Player A will get BP Points based on how many people use their coupon code--they can only see they how many times it's been used, not who used it or what they bought.
BP Points can be used at the BP Point Store for various items.

4. Screenshot Contest Round 1 (34:07)

June 14 to July 12 A bulletin board for posting screenshots will be up on the site. Rules regarding image size, editing, and allowed content will be announced later.

5. Grand Opening Payment Campaign (36:32)

June 14 to July 12

Total Spending Presents (36:39)

Bonus Rose Orbs w/ Webmoney (37:17)

When buying Rose Orbs with Webmoney, there's a 1 in 10 chance to get 10% extra orbs for free.

Follow on Twitter (37:34)

Follow BLUE PROTOCOL on twitter and retweet the specific tweet for a chance to win a 5000 yen Webmoney card (100 winners).

6. Network Cafe Campaign (37:51)

June 14 to July 12 Play at partnered Net Cafes for extra rewards! N Coins can be exchanged for gacha tickets, beauty salon tickets, special outfits and more.
  1. For every 20 minutes played at a net cafe, get 20 N coins 26 N coins during the event period (1.3x normal)
  2. Get 1.3x increased EXP from clearing dungeons and defeating overworld enemies
  3. Enemy drop rates increased by 1.3x (excluding treasure chests)

Monetization (40:37)

Rose Orbs have Paid and Free versions, and can be used for Season Passes; and Gacha and the Rose Orb Store inside of the Regnas Store. The Regnas Store also includes Rose Orb Purchase, BP Points store, and Season Store.
Rose Orbs have a limited duration; they will expire on the 5th month (starting from the month of purchase) on the last day at 23:59. Expired Rose Orbs will be automatically deleted.

Rose Orb Prices (41:04)

Limited deals (once per account; purchase restriction will be reset once the sale period ends)
Payment methods:

Rose Orb Store contents (42:05)

Some items shown to have the "Can use Connect Coupon" icon. Others were not shown so there may be more items you can use the coupon on.


Grand Opening Pack M/F (500 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon
Beginners Pack (110 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Once per character


Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs) Cunning Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs)


Land Fox mount - Midnight (450 orbs)


Twin tail extensions (100 orbs) *matches your current hair color Lily Earrings (55 orbs) Oval Glasses (100 orbs) Solitaire Ring (55 orbs)


Einrain stamp set (55 orbs)


Too Easy (90 orbs) Mocking (90 orbs)


Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Rewards Plus ticket x1 (20 orbs) - 3 per day Dye-remover (20 orbs) Character name change ticket x1 (240 orbs) - 1 per month Happy Firecracker - Blue x10 (20 orbs) Normal Salon Course ticket x2 (145 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Normal Salon Course ticket x1 (90 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Type-change Salon Course ticket (220 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon

Gacha (45:40)

One gacha ticket is consumed per spin. Tickets can be acquired through clearing content, season pass, etc. 1 ticket: 50 Rose Orbs 11 tickets: 500 Rose Orbs


Outfit gacha is separated by M/F.
Rates are on the website and in-game. The types above are rewarded from S rank capsule. It's possible to get duplicates. Opening an S rank capsule will reward the entire outfit, not just a piece of the outfit.

10-spin gift (49:46)

Spinning a gacha banner 10 times will reward the following:

Duplicates (51:37)

If you obtain a duplicate item from gacha, you can do 3 things with it:
  1. Mail it to another character on your account
  2. Mail it to a friend
  3. Exchange it for BP Points


Items that cannot be mailed can not be sent. Items can be mailed within 7 days of obtaining the item (timer shown in-game). Sending letters cannot be undone. Items claimed from mail cannot be sent again. You can only send to people you have been friends with for 14 days.

BP Points Exhange (53:04)

The BP Points Exchange can be accessed through the Regnas Store. Items that cannot be exchanged are marked, and items become un-exchangable if equipped.

BP Points Store contents (55:11)

Contains selection boxes for the outfits and mounts in the above Gacha banners. Contains Feste (b) Battle Imagine recipes and Idea (material). Contains Gas Mask, Fairy Wing - Aqua, Extension Type 1, Land Fox Tail accessory.
Explanation of Feste (b) Battle Imagine (55:46)

Season Pass (57:53)

Season 1: June 14 ~ Aug 13 23:59. A season is 50~60 days long. Clear the indicated quests to get Season Points, which are used to rank up your pass level and claim rank rewards (will automatically rank up to a certain point). After reaching a certain rank, you can also spend Season Points at the Season Point Store.
Ranks can also be purchased with Rose Orbs: 30 orbs per rank. Specific rank rewards can be checked in-game or on the site.

Free: Basic Plan

Maxes at rank 60. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 40 battle imagine Einrain (a). Rewards include an outfit.

Paid: Advanced & Royal Plan

Maxes at rank 100. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 50 battle imagine Einrain (b). Advanced costs 180 Rose Orbs. Royal costs 550 Rose Orbs and grants an extra 25 ranks to start. Both of these add additional quests to get points. Rewards include an emote.
After maxing one of these passes, you geet the Next Season Paid Plan Discount, which discounts the next season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. So if you buy the Advanced Pass once and max it out each time, you won't have to pay for another pass.

Other rewards

Not mentioned which pass they are in:

Season Store (1:05:19)

A store where you can spend Season Points. Contains outfits, accessories, crafting guaranteed great success tickets, healing aroma G1, luno, etc. (some have purchase limits).

Update Roadmap #2 (1:06:28)

They remade the roadmap image, slightly offseting the Season timelines since they can start/end in the middle of the month. Players were confused before as to why Season 1 started 2 weeks after launch, so this was fixed for clarification.

Raids (1:07:48)

Raid entry is on a schedule. The default raid Void's Island is always available, while a second, harder raid will be swapped out with a different one each update. Monday ~ Friday between 14:00~15:00, 18:00~19:00, and 22:00~23:00. Saturday & Sunday between 8:00~9:00, 12:00~13:00, 16:00~17:00, 20:00~21:00, next day 1:00~2:00.

Time Attack/Score Attack (1:08:54)

Solo dungeons with leaderboards, separated by class. These dungeons will rotate game mode and map every 2 weeks, starting with Time Attack (map X) at launch, then Score Attack (map Y) on week 3, and then Time Attack (map Z) on week 5, etc. There's a schedule of the maps and their dates at 1:12:44.

Time Attack (Dragon Claw Valley)

Based on your clear time, there are one-time rewards:
Additionally, there are ranking rewards. Rankings are displayed on the Leaderboards in towns.
Titles and Crowns are time-limited. They will be rewarded when the TA period ends, and will last until the next TA period ends--for 4 weeks.
Something else mentioned about Champion--the person with the most crowns? at 1:12:20 but not sure what they mean.

Next 2 months of updates (1:14:53)

A specific breakdown of what's coming up. Not many images since they aren't final, and these may change before they are released.
August (1:21:39)

Announcements (1:23:44)

Partnership with 4gamer, a Japanese game news site, where there will be interviews, articles, game guides, and perhaps other community content.
You will need to set a PIN in-game starting on the second login, to secure your account. It's entered by mouse so be careful not to stream it.
Play by the rules and respect other players.
Next stream is planned to be #9 in early July.

Post-stream gameplay showcase (1:51:03)

They showed some never-before-seen stuff, like Score Attack (2:04:15) and Evergreen Desert (including Salamzart Oasis) after a short intermission. The rest of the stream is unscripted, and they show off things like new enemies, weapon skins, outfits, emotes, accessories, and Einrain battle imagines. Photo mode can now pause skills as well, which was earlier stated to not be supported, although the effects won't pause (1:54:03).
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2023.06.08 18:29 keozushi Curious how much cleaning and the arrival time of other commission pay groomers

Sorry In advance for the long post!
I’m in Massachusetts, and a w2 worker for info
So I work at a private salon, and me and my coworkers feel as though we are being taken advantage of. We have other issues with our boss, but recently we have been recognizing just how much cleaning we do. We get there a half hour before our first dogs to set up the tubs and get ready, and are often there after our last dogs for another 30 minutes to an hour sometimes even longer. We also occasionally have “meetings” which are after work or on a day off which we are expected to come in on, and since we are commission, we don’t get any pay for these. Recently we had one that I was never even informed of, about our cleaning. My boss went over every single thing that we have to do, which is like three full lists and then we have weekly deep cleaning we have to do as well, and showed how each thing she didn’t think we were doing good enough. It was things like she would find a little tuft of hair in the tub corner after, or a little hair on the shampoo bottles, which I feel is not fair to us. She also goes in the back on the days she is there at the end of the day and checks the whole lists before we are allowed to leave. Now, on top of all this, the other day she informed us that there will now be a point system for clocking in. If we are late 3 minutes that will be a -3 for the day and if we are early 3 minutes the next day it will be a +3 and our week score for those days would be zero. If we are late four minutes every day we would have a score of -80 or so and if that number at the end of the month is more than double the days we work, which is usually 18-20 days or so as we work 10 hour shifts, then she is going to schedule us for 80 minutes of extra cleaning, to “motivate” us to be on time for work. I’m pretty angry at this, as I usually get there around 8:35 which is about 5 minutes late and even after setting up, still have an extra 10 minutes of waiting around for my first dog. I’m thinking of quitting as I was already pretty burnt out, and now just absolutely dread the idea of going there
TLDR: I’m curious how much cleaning and what time other commission workers get to work as me and my coworkers feel as though we are in a bad situation.
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2023.06.08 17:55 dollhousepro Gain informative knowledge on hair product branding

Gain informative knowledge on hair product branding
Branding plays a crucial role in the success of hair products. A strong and well-defined brand can help differentiate products from competitors, create customer loyalty, and communicate key attributes and benefits to the target market. Determine what sets your hair product branding apart from others in the market. Identify its unique features, benefits, or ingredients that make it special. Highlighting these unique aspects will help position your brand effectively. You can now get a professional, creative and instant hair care logo right here on Doll House.
Share the inspiration behind your product and your brand's mission that make your brand relatable and authentic. Create a positive and memorable brand experience for your customers with us. We make an effort to help salon owners and stylists ensure they are using diverse, sustainable and ethical salon brand hair products that aren't only great for their salon but also for the planet. Choose us as a partner to help make your hair care line. See how we can help you start your new brand.
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2023.06.08 17:31 482jobs Qualified Hairdresser Job In Australia With Visa Sponsorship

Job description
RHODES HAIR & SPA HAWTHORN ARE NOW HIRING!!! Rhodes Hair & Spa is looking for a passionate, fully qualified Principal Stylist to join our salon located on Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn, Melbourne. • $60k-$70k per annum + super • Instant clientele • Flexible working hours to suit your circumstances • Long term secure role • Fun and friendly work environment • Sponsorship opportunities (after a trial period) are available for candidates currently in Australia or overseas looking to move to Australia for work
About Us We are an Aveda Lifestyle salon/spa that has been operating for over 25 years in Hawthorn where clients can relax and experience the Aveda brand in its entirety. We are naturally focused, and our stylists and spa therapists embody a passionate, creative and fun team attitude. Hours: • Full time role 38 hours per week, can be across 4 or 5 days – we love work/life balance!)
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2023.06.08 17:07 Darromear Dresden Files has fantastic side characters

Can we just recognize how well Jim Butcher writes and develops side characters? Each one has a distinct personality that doesn't feel flat, and clear growth and development.
I could go on. Just mad props to Butcher.
EDIT: Oh, and Ramirez the VIRGIN. I literally doubled over laughing when I got THAT revelation.
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2023.06.08 16:45 Nightfury_107 Somebody called me out for being a femboy in public!

Ughh, I'm so embarressed! Don't know how I'm going to manage school next week.
I was crouched down, looking at the hair removal products in the mall today, when I heard someone shout "femboy over here!" Behin me
I got up, turning around to look; and there were three of the boys from my school all laughing and grinning at me - before ducking out of sight. I don't know how I'm going to face them on Monday, fuuuck!!
I'm both totally red-faced embarressed, and also a little happy someone noticed... but of all people WHY THEM???
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2023.06.08 16:24 bimboslaggins Is booth rental a good idea for me?

Hey guys, I’m primarily a hairstylist, not a barber, but there are no subs for hairstylists that are active so I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m moving out of state soon, and I was offered a job by a salon that does booth rental. The owner says she’ll put me on 50/50 commission until I build a clientele, but that I should have no problem building one bcs its a college town and a busy area.
I’ve been really successful working commission, found all my clients myself, etc. My current boss charges way under market value for womens’ hair ($35 per cut, $150 for highlights, $65/hr for creative color), and I only make 40% commission so I think I could make even more at pretty much any other salon.
My dilemma is that my partner and I found an apartment thats ~1490/mo not including utilities, and I want to be confident I’ll be able to make rent. I have a buffer of about 10k saved up to help out until I get on my feet. The booth rent is $250/wk or $1000/mo. Based on your own experiences booth renting, do you think $1800 in rent for both the apartment and the booth per month is doable? I’ve only worked customer service up until now, so I can’t even imagine raking in that amount of money in a month but I know lots of stylists make that and way more.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 15:26 Leading_Ad9066 Did I see the Boggy Creek Creature?

It's hard to believe in big hairy monsters. Megafauna can't exist without lots of breeding grounds and large populations, but I actually saw a big hairy thing when driving over Boggy Creek.
I saw the sign as I drove over the river and then turned my head to look at the water. There I saw a person in silhouette who looked like a tall, burly man with hair everywhere. Normally I would think it was just a dude, but the hair was intense. Even in the shade that covered him, I could tell he looked like someone wearing a chewbacca costume or something.
Again, I don't believe the Boggy Creek Creature can be real, but if enough people saw what I saw, I can imagine a legend growing.
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2023.06.08 14:49 level11hair The Best Women’s Haircut in Winnipeg Salon?

Level 11 Hair, is one of the top Winnipeg salons in the city. They offer a wide range of stylish and trendy hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a party, wedding, or special event. read more...
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2023.06.08 14:46 jinxeddit Curly hair salon recommendations

I have naturally curly/wavy, frizzy hair. In my experience most salons in Thailand don’t know how to deal with this type of hair except for suggesting I have it straightened, but I don’t want to lose my curls :/ Any salon recommendations in Bangkok or Korat are appreciated.
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2023.06.08 14:35 colorlatinomilano123 Is It Worth Buying Salon Professional Hair Color Products? A Closer Look at the Best Professional Hair Color Products for Latino Skin in Crestwood, IL

When it comes to hair color, many people turn to professional salons for expert advice and top-quality products. However, with the availability of various hair color products on the market, it's natural to question whether investing in salon professional hair color products is truly worth it. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of using the best professional hair color products, particularly for those with Latino skin, in the vibrant city of Crestwood, IL. Read More..
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2023.06.08 12:11 dubaifreezone0 Top D3 Business Setup Service Provider in Dubai

Dubai Design District (D3) is an exclusive development in Dubai that caters to the design community, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well-established luxury, fashion, and design brands. As a member of Dubai Holding and part of the TECOM Group, D3 offers tailored solutions for companies looking to establish their presence. The TECOM Group Free Zone business park is divided into three phases, with the completion of 11 office buildings in the initial phase back in 2015.
D3 boasts a range of facilities, including hospitality, residential, office, and retail spaces. Spanning a waterfront stretch of 1.8km, it will feature hotels, retail outlets, a multi-use outdoor area, and various food and beverage establishments. Situated adjacent to Business Bay and in close proximity to Mohammed Bin Rashid City, the Dubai Design District is strategically located behind Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, next to the Dubai Creek.
Our business service provider specializes in facilitating the process of establishing your D3 Company Setup, offering expertise and guidance every step of the way.
D3 offers three types of company formations:
  1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)
A Free Zone LLC is established as a distinct legal entity, with shareholders that can be individuals or corporate entities.
The minimum capital requirement for Free Zone incorporation is AED 50,000, depending on the nature of the business.
FZ-LLC license types:
Characteristics of FZ-LLC:
  1. Freelance Permit
This permit allows individuals to operate as freelance professionals and conduct business using their birth name.
  1. Branch of a Company
A branch of a UAE or foreign company is not a separate legal entity from its parent company. It manages operations inherent to the parent business. There is no share capital requirement for a branch company.
Branch company license types:
Characteristics of a Branch company:
We are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful company setup in D3.
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2023.06.08 11:56 abbyhaliti5 Unraveling the Tale of the Best Balayage in NYC

Unraveling the Tale of the Best Balayage in NYC
Every city has its own signature. Paris is synonymous with fashion, London is distinguished for its sophisticated teas, and Rome is renowned for its love affair with pizza. When it comes to New York City, however, its claim to fame goes beyond Broadway, Wall Street, and towering skyscrapers. New York is an undisputed pioneer in the world of hair trends. And in the midst of the Big Apple’s sea of salons, the "Best Balayage in NYC" title has sparked a city-wide duel amongst some of the finest hair colorists.
The Balayage Buzz
Balayage, a French word meaning "to sweep" or "to paint," is a hair coloring technique that creates a seamless, sun-kissed look. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage is less systematic and more artistic, allowing for a natural, gradual transition of colors. And in New York City, the search for Balayage in NYC has become a quest for locals and tourists alike.
NYC's Color-Struck Symphony
There's no shortage of salons claiming to offer the "Best Balayage in New York," but only a few have truly mastered the art. These trendsetting establishments provide:
• Customized Color: The color palette is handpicked to complement your complexion and style.
• Unique Technique: Hair colorists paint freehand, ensuring each strand is perfectly sun-kissed.
• Elite Expertise: Years of experience and up-to-date training to execute the technique flawlessly.

Unveiling the "Best Balayage in NYC"
So where does one find Balayage in New York? While the city is bursting with talent, a few hair havens have risen to the top:
1. Fifth Avenue Mane Attraction: Known for its celebrity clientele, this upscale salon offers a highly personalized balayage experience. Their sought-after colorists are renowned for tailoring a color palette to match your unique style and complexion.
2. Soho Strands Studio: Soho Strands is where creativity meets craftsmanship. The expert stylists are known for creating daringly unique yet sophisticated balayage results. They have won accolades for their out-of-the-box approach to color and design.
3. Greenwich Glamour: Nestled in the heart of the West Village, Greenwich Glamour combines traditional techniques with modern color trends. Their eco-friendly approach and use of natural hair products make them a favorite for those seeking Balayage in a sustainable way.
The Quest for the "Best Balayage in New York"
With the multitude of top-tier options, the search for Balayage in New York can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But, fear not, because part of the fun is in the journey! Each salon visit promises a unique experience that may just help you stumble upon that diamond in the rough.
So, whether you're an NYC local or a visiting trendsetter, embarking on the quest for balayage is a must. It's an opportunity to explore the city's hair coloring genius while potentially unveiling a new you. Balayage in New York is more than just a service—it's a chance to partake in the city's vibrant beauty culture, a thrilling experience that will leave you feeling as radiant as your newly transformed locks.
You can talk to Abby about the process, methods, etc at
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2023.06.08 11:53 Sure-Beautiful-4433 THE BABY SITTER AND CLOWN

i saw a flier by a hair salon he flier read "now hiring a babysitter 60 dollars an hour"
with a phone number at the bottom
i was desperate trying to save up for a car so i decided to take it 60 dollars an hour is very good
i think as i take out my phone and dial the number
it sounded like a woman
yes hello i saw your flier i would like to apply please
i said
oh of course come to 67 north avenue (fake address)
she replied
shortly after i walked to her house they greet me happily and told me they will be going out till 3 am
the father said
no problem! i said joyfully thinkingg it was a nice and simple job oh how wrong i was
the parents took off in their car leaving me with baby tyler
his mother told me his bedtime ws 8:00 pm
i nodded
it was 5:30 at the time we decided to watch a nice comedy on the tv
until it was bedtime
i took baby tyler to his bed
and the parents set up.cameras in the corer of his room
i took the tablet and went on the camera i saw him sleeping and oddly a life sized clown statue
i called the parents and told them they havent told me thay had a clown statue in his room!
what? we dont?
my blood runs cold i look at the camera to see the clown statue was looking at his bed was now looking at me through the camera thats when the camera lost connection
i called the police before hearing a scream followed by a honking noise i
i realise there is a man dressed like a clown hiding in plain sight on the news ……
(10 upvotes and ill do a part 2)
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2023.06.08 11:50 SinfulAbsorption Weatherproof Pavement Signs Printing in London

Weatherproof Pavement Signs Printing in London
Offering years of experience in developing and printing durable, weatherproof, and attractive advertising signs on pavement and pavement panels. We provide high-quality products with these services to our customer’s preferences. Our pavement signage is a cost-effective option for outdoor advertising.

Types of Pavement Signs

A-Frame Sign
Restaurants, hair salons, spas, coffee centres or trade shows display your service detail in a concise format on a frame sign. A frame advertising board can go a long way.
The A frame sign is not just a display board. You can creatively present the service menu, product list or activity at a conference so that the audience feels the urge to join you. It's another way to promote your business.
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Folding Swing Sign
Are you looking for a budget-friendly folding swing sign in the UK? Look nowhere when Print Britannia is here.
At us, you can get foldable swing signs at an affordable price range. The signs are suitable to print on both sides. So, you can print the same or different design on each side. We are providing swinging pavement signs which are not only a trendy advertising tool but also convenient for outdoor premises.
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Classic Swing Sign
Print Britannia introduces double-sided swing signs at the best rate in the UK. Ever since the launch of this product, It has grown in popularity in shops and stores.
Shop owners like beauty salons, spa centres, coffee shops, restaurants, makeup stores, stationeries and many others are fond of swinger pavement signs. They believe it complements the shop interior and attracts consumers to stop by.
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Swingmaster Pavement Sign Printing
Pavement sign printing is a popular advertising tool for service-oriented stores. Street food vans, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, spas and saloons and any service-oriented businesses are fond of pavement sign printing.
Not only business companies, seminars, trade shows, and conferences are also embracing pavement sign printing to direct the audience towards the program. It's also used to highlight the main details of the program to give the audience a brief idea.
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2023.06.08 11:15 novemberlicht Is it ok to use products with protein and olaplex?

I started using Olaplex a year ago and I‘m really happy as it‘s working for my hair. I got a few in-salon olaplex treatments too. But now I‘d like to try another shampoo/conditioner that contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed rice protein. Should I be worried about possible side effects?
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