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Why is my 4MB Pico showing up as 1.4MB in Thonny?

2023.03.25 05:33 Eal12333 Why is my 4MB Pico showing up as 1.4MB in Thonny?

I have a Waveshare RP2040-plus board, which is basically nearly exactly like the original Pico with a few changes. Most importantly for me, it has 4MB of flash instead of the original 2MB on the Pi Pico. I need this little bit of extra storage for a project which requires storing some images.
For what ever reason though, Thonny says it only has 1.4MB of storage, which I can see from Youtube, is the exact same amount of reported storage that shows up for the normal 2MB Pico.
I've tried searching but there's little info out there on this specific board. Even the official Waveshare page for this board just links to all the normal Pico documentation, and does not have any special info or drivers for this device, other than a schematic for the board itself.
I'm really hoping someone just knows whats going on here, haha. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 05:31 Due_Reflection_2049 Now Hiring Repo Men for the Pounding Banks and Dealers are Going to Feel Soon!

Hello my fellow Regards,
The perfect storm has been brewing for some time now and I believe CarMageddon is finally upon us. I will keep it short and sweet so both smooth and wrinkled brains alike can profit off my DD.
TLDR: 1st, for you Smooth Brains who wont spend the time to read through the Images and Links provided, you need to buy puts on most your Public Car Dealers and your heavy auto lenders in the middle of April as we rally.

Thesis: Used Car Value are going to plumet, leaving both Banks and US Car Dealers holding some hefty losses in Q2,Q3,Q4.

Why?: No secret to anyone who has thought about buying a car the last year but Inflation has had an Inverse effect on Automobiles, especially Used ones, until now. March of 2021 there was a fire at the semiconductor factory in Taiwan, this caused huge shortages of new cars, thus increasing the price of used. Prices on New and Used cars increased much more dramatically due to nearly free money, caused by all the QE and lots of "Regards" buying depreciating assets way over value. It was kind of crazy, 10k+ over sticker and 30+% more for the same used car that they could have bought for that much less just a couple months prior. This irrational exuberance bubbled out of control and greedy banks handed out loans left and right at crazy multiples to help assist the US in the "Great Reopening". This helped Public and Private Franchise Dealers alike make record profits and their stocks have been soaring at ATH since. All the while, these Dealers and Banks have all but guaranteed their avg customer a fate of negative equity and or a likely visit from the REPO MAN.

How did this happen?: You see my friends, here in America we are truly "Regarded". When we want something, especially something that we know is bad for us, we sell ourselves on why its ok. Sure, its a terrible financial decision but the bank is ok with lending me the money for it, so it cant be that bad right?... It's kind of like 0 DTE options, its completely regarded, but the bank is ok with me doing it. LOL
I digress... Well now everything is about to change. Cars are starting to fill back up on the new car lots and for the dealers who still don't have any New cars, that's a bigger problem for their earnings. Used car prices have spiked this month do to seasonal buying for tax time and if demand doesn't tick up this tax season, well then these Auto Dealers just bought their largest liability(used cars) at the top. Basically car dealers are doing what most you regards did in Nov-Dec 2021 before everything came crashing down. I figure, with the soaring delinquency's and revised used car SAAR, we are about to see a huge drop in used car prices, dealers profits and a huge increase in banks losses do to this economic hurricane the FED, Bankers and QE/QT has created.

When is all this going to happen?: I think it will all come to a head in the next 30-60 days. Why am I so confident prices will drop? I'm glad you asked, check out the graphs and links provided, its pretty clear CarMageddon is upon us.

How am I going to play this?: On the next rally we get I am going to short the top auto lenders in the attached links. I have already opened multiple positions on Public car dealers and am doing so by actually shorting the stock because premium on puts are regarded. As far at the REPO MEN go, I am long RECOVERY EQUIPMENT COMPANY'S, I have already started accumulating one but its market cap is too low to be mentioned as of right now.

Best of luck to all you regards, hope you make a bunch of money on this trade. As always boys and girls, this is a casino and this post is absolutely not financial advice. Cheers my fellow "Regards", its MILLER time!
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2023.03.25 05:31 ryanrust1981 I (41m) is living with my girlfriend (42f). Since moving in with her I am not trusting her completely.

Since we started living together, I noticed she is always near her phone. Even though we have agreed to full access to our phones, I feel like she is hiding texts and calls.
One time, I came into the bathroom and she didn’t notice her friend text her what appeared to be a dick pic. She jumped to her phone and denied instantly and has denied it since.
And this has been a constant issue with us. She demands loyalty from me but she I feel she is hiding messages. What should I do because I feel like she is lying and it leaves me feeling insecure and like I’m being played.
I had my fun in life and I am ready to settle down but I don’t know if she is the right person to settle down with. What should I do?
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2023.03.25 05:30 codemonkeyseeanddo (WELS) I feel like my school/high school was a dumping ground for "heretics" (not quite left yet)

I have been reading all of the chatter about the schools and my experiences were completely different.
I went to Minnesota schools, if it makes a difference the grade school I was able to read any book I wanted for book reports. I read Science Fiction primarily, nobody seemed to care when I wrote reports on a Roger Zelazny book. I read pretty much anything I wanted.
Yeah, I had all the "right" answers in religion class, but I also was inquisitive.
High School: I had a pastor lead religion class and OPENLY QUESTION (not jokingly, he meant it) the rules surrounding women voting in the church. Granted, it's not a big leap forwards, but nobody talks about it.
Most of the trash experiences I just didn't see.
Granted, I'm male, so I'm not going to see the absolute worst stuff, but I didn't see the antisemitism (even when I mentioned my great great grandma Israel), I didn't see black students treated badly, perhaps a bit too enthusiastic in welcoming them, but I didn't see any overt racism.
There was a sex scandal at the high school but it was years after I left. (2008, I left in 99). Inexcusable, of course, and I only found out recently...
Regardless, I feel somewhat of a need to leave WELS, but I hesitate to leave Christianity as a whole, or even Lutheran teachings.
My mental illness nearly killed me and only my faith prevented me from... making a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
I don't (quite) take the bible as literal truth, but it has value that I still see.
I have read extensively on evolution, the Big Bang, etc. I "get it" but I still think faith has value. I just can't forge the right path forwards.
I believe in Christ, as he is taught by WELS. In the sacraments the same way, I know MLS is an option and they seem welcoming. I just.... I'm not there... ?yet?... if that's OK?
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2023.03.25 05:30 onlythedarkone 36 [M4F] Downey, CA - Any Asian Women Want a Latino Loner For A Boyfriend?

I'm J. I haven't dated in a long time. I don't have many friends. I spend a lot of time alone. I'm essentially a loner.
This is me:
I'm looking for an Asian girlfriend under 30 near Downey.
About me: I'm a CSULB junior. Got a busted heart. Pretty kind and sweet. Passionate. A writer wanting to get back into acting. Geek. Patient.
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2023.03.25 05:29 SekiSix Creepy incel is hitting on me, but i like it. How can i proceed safely?

Hello I am 20F, I’m a college student, and ever since I worked on a little project with a guy in my class (Theo) he’s been hitting on me in pretty creepy ways. Rubbing my thigh, I’m pretty sure he sniffed my hair a time or two, and once when we were in the library, I got up to get a drink of water and I saw him drop his wallet near my seat, and he sniffed it when he bent down to pick it up. Yep.
He’s kind of a chubby asian guy, I think he’s a freshman so a year or so younger than me, he’s pretty greasy, not great hygiene, I’m sure he’s totally the kind of guy with like a waifu body pillow and 500 anime dolls in his dorm lmao.
Here’s the thing; I have a big time four letter r-word fetish, and something about this whole thing really excites me. I’ve led guys on at frat parties before and had some encounters that were red-hot for me, but let’s just say, the other guy(s) 100% thought it was non-consensual.
The end goal here is that I want this guy to take me by force. I don’t want him to know that I want it, and I want him to think he’s…you know…committing the r-word on me. But I also don’t want to die lmao. If the answer is “this comes with the territory, deal with it” I’d accept that. I’ve just never done something like this before.
I want to implicitly encourage his delusions without him actually having any justifiable ground for thinking I’d want it. Ideally we go back to his dorm under purely platonic conditions and he takes advantage or something. I have no idea where to post this, I know I’m a real freak, trust me I always have been, but this is just something I want. I’ve lost trusted friends when I’ve told them about this fetish/fantasy I like to pursue, so before you yell at me or call me a horrible person just know I’ve heard it all before. If there’s somewhere else better to post this, let me know and I’ll matriculate there.
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2023.03.25 05:29 Little_Brilliant6905 MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES 😭😭!! Can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!

Alright well, I just opened my 14th US rejection😭😭..... I applied to many schools in the US this year including safeties like Drexel, Tufts, Colgate, Colby, etc. all the way to reaches like MIT, JHU, IVIES, DUKE, and Stanford. I have a solid 1550+ SAT Score,4 GPA UW, and extra-ordinary extracurriculars ( or so my counselor had said) with numerous national and International awards.
ALSO I have already been accepted to the very very best universities in the UK, Australia, and Canada but when it comes to the US I did apply for substantial Financial Aid. Outside the US I got accepted nearly EVERYWHERE I applied including multiple T20's but LITERALLY, all my US options so far have REJECTED ME... I am in a state of complete RUINS right now as I depended on a good uni in the US to give me financial aid.
Day by Day my hopes are going down, I was very confident about Ivies back a month ago but now I am panicking. What is your opinion? Is there even a slight hope for something good this IVY Day for me?? What went wrong?? (Was it just the financial aid or something else too). WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!😭😭😭😭
(International High School Senior Student)
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2023.03.25 05:28 CoachOk5594 Range near me for long range?

I'm in Wayne county. Are there any ranges in Wayne or surrounding counties. That go out to 400 yards or more? The longest I found was in Clyde and it went to 300 yards.
I'd be willing to do a little bit of driving.
Thanks fellas
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2023.03.25 05:26 Superb-Appearance-18 Should I text me ex 3 months before she gets married?

In Nov 2016 I met this girl through a groups of friends. Our group had some really fun parties and game nights. Those are fond memories. She was dating this guy at the time. But a few months into the new year she broke up with him and we started hanging out one on one very soon after. I think it was obvious to everyone in our group that we had a crush on eachother even when she was dating the other guy. It's impossible to explain through text but we really vibed. We were both in grad school. At the end of that spring she graduated and moved ~3 hours away for a job. I was getting my PhD and had 2-3 years left (what sucks even more is that around that time I was becoming disinterested in my studies by I continued anyways). We travelled to each other a few times after her move. Then at the end of that June I went on vacation with my family, and when I came back things started to crumble. The distance just messed everything up.
The memories are fuzzy. But I think she felt that I didn't give her enough attention when I wasn't physically with her. I do tend to unintentionally neglect people when I'm not physically near them. Then I think once I felt the relationship slipping I convinced myself that the distance probably isn't realistic. But neither of us definitively said, "I want to break up with you" or something of that sort.
I don't think either of us really new what happened. Sometimes you just hit an awkward snag and the relationship doesn't recover. I have gone on dates here and there since then. But I haven't been in a serious relationship since then. We would text once or twice a year, amicably. We had an extended text convo around Christmas 2019, I think. Dare I say, it actually felt slightly flirty at one point. We even both said something along the lines of "Sometimes I wonder how you're doing" and she mentioned how she was fed up with dating. Then sometime in the following spring she texted me out of the blue with a Death Cab song. We both bonded over Death Cab and we intended to see them in August of the summer we broke up.
A week ago I found out that she (32) is getting married at the end of June. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I cried. All these years later and I cried. Should I have quit my Phd that I was no longer passionate about anyway and move with her and wing it for a job? Maybe I wouldn't have a well-paying job like I do now, but maybe I would be happier? The most recent text we exchanged was last October for her birthday. She thanked me and then I asked how she was. She didn't respond. In hindsight I could conclude it was because she was engaged at that point. But to be honest I also know that tends to be her texting habit. Some people put the phone down and forget it. Of course wishful thinking has me more convinced of the latter.
I feel the need to text her now. But not to convince her to call off the wedding or anything crazy like that. I need to know how she remembers things. And also to establish if she's ok with continuing to talk even though she is marrying someone else (I would have to tell her I found out about her wedding though). I'm 31, which isn't that old, but I can feel time flying by and I am starting to fear that I missed an opportunity. It is heartbreaking to think that we won't have conversations like we did when we were dating ever again.
PS: Regarding the parenthetical statement, I'm thinking of initiating the convo with a half-truth. It might backfire if I tell her that I found out she is getting married because it might seem stalkerish. Instead I want to tell her that I recently moved (new beginnings yada yada) and it caused me to reflect on the past. Also, I was thinking of texting her during the workday b/c I don't want her being around her SO when she reads it.
PPS: A really personal but very probably important detail. We actually never had sex. 3 reasons:
  1. For some reason my younger self was convinced that girls want to wait a stupid amount of time (like months) before having sex in a serious relationship. I've done this in other past relationships and the older I get the more stupid I realize it was.
  2. She told me that she prostituted herself to support her and her son. She was a single mother of a 5 year old and I guess was feeling financial pressure. I felt like this was probably emotionally damaging to her, and like the former reason, I felt like waiting would be best.
  3. I think I was desensitized from watching porn. At that time I had watched porn/masturbated probably almost everyday of my life since early high school. Forcing myself to be honest here, this is probably the biggest contributor.
I never told her these reasons. I think she was under the impression that I was just prude. Idk, it might be way too emotional to bring up those up now. But then again, life is too short to not tell people how you feel?
TL;DR Please read the whole thing, but basically: I dated a girl 6 years ago, things seemed to end prematurely due to distance, she is getting married soon, should I contact her and talk about the way things ended?
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2023.03.25 05:24 farmingmetaphors Tell me about your temple’s liturgy and what you chant at home

In my practice I recite the following in Sanskrit:
I’m wondering what else I should add to this. Maybe a stotra or something.
Near me is a temple in the tradition of Acāriya Chah. I haven’t had a chance to see how pūja is conducted there, only dharma talks where there is the standard homage to the Buddha. I assume it is more or less similar to other Theravādin temples’ liturgy. I’m thinking of incorporating stuff from their liturgy into my daily practice.
What do you chant at your temple and what do you recite as a part of your practice? Are these much different?
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2023.03.25 05:24 Seigest Pipe in my building bust. Am I getting screwed?

A pipe burst in my building a few days back. It one of those big hughrises. The pipe was a big one, rivers in the hallways and water raining from my ceilings. No communication from property manament during the whole ordeal. This is kind of common though the unit I'm renting got hit a little harder then usual this time. Luckily none of my stuff was damaged just walls and ceilings needed to be ripped out.
I got the usual cover their ass response from the building devopers as the units here are new and under warranty. As a renter I feel like they are screwing me pretty bad.
Ontop of all the usual renovation noise keeping me from some much needed sleep I Currently I have 2 industrial blowers and and a huge dehumidifier about 4 feet from my bed. These where installed without explanation. They make about 84 decibels of noise. I needed to ask about 4 differnt people before some insurance guy explained. These will be running for 3 days straight. Im working jobs from home so had to canell metting because of the noise. I've been told I will need to wear earplugs to avoid noise damage. Also we lost elevators. It can take 30 to 40 min to leave or return to my unit.
I eventually received a tone deaf email with "we know this is hard but bear with us" from property managment. And one from my landlords local handlers which was just a copy pasta of the other one.
Developers and insurance guys came to my door on nearly 10 differnt occasions mostly during dinner and usually just needing pictures of the fans. Apprently this situation gives them permission to just enter my home wherever they want. And they are not at all polite about it.
Does anyone know what my rights are here? The foreign investors who own the place will probably get a nice payout but what do I get for this? Sleep deprivation, hearing damage and a massive hydro bill?
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2023.03.25 05:21 Fuelfemme Access rights when moving out.

We are in the process of moving out of our rental home after receiving an N12 form a month ago. We were blindsided by this, as we’ve been here for 7 years, without any problems whatsoever. They want to move their adult daughter into our house, because she can’t afford her rent in Ottawa. This young lady had a house built for her by her dad, because she didn’t like this one. Which is why it was empty when we moved in. Well she didn’t like living in her new house, so she moved to Ottawa and they sold it. And here we are 7 years later. Now, they were gracious enough to give us 10 weeks to get out. So by the end of April. I’m telling this story because, I got an email today from my landlord. Their daughter is coming home on April first, and wants to come in and look around the house to see what she needs to buy. They want to know what time works for me. I DO NOT want them in my house. First, I am So furious with them for pulling this in the middle of winter, and to toss out 3 good tenants for 1 spoiled one. This has completely uprooted our lives. We have to move to another town, pay twice the rent we’ve been paying, and I’ll have to find another job to be able to pay for it. My question is, do I have to let them in? What can they do if I refuse? The entire house is being cleaned after we leave, and there’s no damage to be fixed. I just don’t want them going through my space. Sorry for the long post.
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2023.03.25 05:20 Dr_Prolapsefister_MD Keeping composure during boring lanes

Mid-plat elo so not super high.
I just played a game as a melee top against a Kayle who just soaked exp and farmed under turret for nearly half an hour. It was mind-numbingly boring. She would never ever leave the lane except to TP back, so if I went to roam she'd push in with a ward. She ended up 0-0 at 31 mins.
The lane went well and I had a lead on CS, but that's not what this post is about. I need advice on the mental aspect of doing absolutely nothing but last hitting for 30 straight minutes, with the odd herald rotation. It was so uninteractive and boring that it made me want to ALT+F4 even though our team had the lead.
I know these lanes are few and far between, but how do you guys deal with this? I'd even say that it frustrates me significantly more than being smacked. At least I'm doing something.
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2023.03.25 05:20 throwaway747262839 I just found out the Nursing home my Grandfather died in, most likely threw out the pillow I made for him. I finally broke.

Sorry for possible weird formatting, I'm on mobile and I haven't used Reddit in a few months.
My (14 Enby) Grandfather (Mid-late 60's) unfortunately passed away on March 7th of this year. I didn't find out until the next day, but even then I only cried for maybe a half hour at most.
Of course I was sad, but I almost felt numb? I'm not sure, whenever I try to remember the last two weeks, its a blur. But today, god, it's like it's finally hitting me.
A few years back, I was just starting to learn how to sew properly. I was absolutely horrendous, but I was having fun. I remember that I saw this fabric, it was a dark green fabric with deer's and trees on it on believe. My grandfather loved that kind of thing, so I decided I'd make him a gift, a pillow.
It was actually god awful, it was uneven, filled with the cotton you'd find in stuffed toys, and had a big bulk of thread on one side since I couldn't get it to close well. Still, I was quite proud of it. It was my first proper sewing project, after all. I showed it to my mom, who then gladly gave it to my grandfather. When he came to visit (back when he could still drive), he was incredibly thankful for it. He flaunted it to anyone and everyone, he loved it so much.
I finally saw him about 4 days before he passed, and his state was absolutely heartbreaking. I finally realized why no one ever allowed me to see him, it looked like every breath he took was painful. But, I was nearly brought to tears when I saw that he had the pillow I made him with him. He was laying on it, he still cherished it, even when he had lost majority of his abilities. I don't know how I didn't break down right then and there.
Today, my mom brought back his ashes. I had no idea what to do, so I cracked a few jokes. It's so strange, seeing a man who I hugged just two weeks ago, reduced to inside a small box. I couldn't bring myself to open it. I finally asked my mom about that pillow I made him, since I desperately wanted it. She was incredibly apologetic, saying that nobody had visited that room since he passed, and that they most likely threw that pillow out.
I can't stop my tears as I wrote this. How dare they, how dare they even have the opportunity to throw that out. That pillow meant so much to him, to us. It was one of the last things I ever got to give him, before he was sent to the nursing home. I miss him so fucking much, and all I want right now is that shitty pillow I made when I was 10.
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2023.03.25 05:17 Odd_Union_966 24 [M4F] #Atlanta, GA (Single) Friendship and Connection

Hello I'm John living near the ATL looking for an older woman for connection. Someone to go out with whether it be dinner, a hike, or whatever activity you would like to do together. I'm an African American male, curly hair and fit with no preference for the woman. Looking for someone to share conversation and activities with that will lead to something more.
My hobbies are photography, sports, gardening, music cooking and hiking to name a few. I do travel to Atlanta often but I do live in Central Georgia. Travel isn't too much of an issue for me. If you are interested send me a message will be glad to meet someone new.
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2023.03.25 05:13 Mysterious-Pirate160 SUPERSTITIONS IN THE USSR

The content in this document describes various superstitious beliefs prevalent in the USSR, such as the belief that a black cat crossing one's path brings misfortune, or that sweeping the floor on the day of a loved one's departure can sweep away their spirit. The beliefs range from lucky charms, like finding a horseshoe, to omens of death, like the forget-me-nots not opening up on Ivanov's day. The article concludes that these superstitions are still part of daily life in the USSR, despite the government's attempts to eradicate them. Be aware some of these contents are hilarious. Lulz
🐱 If a black cat crosses someone's path, it is believed that misfortune will happen.
🐇 If a rabbit crosses someone's path, it is considered a bad omen.
🔄 After encountering a black cat or rabbit, it is necessary to turn around three times on the same spot and then proceed on one's way.
🔢 The number 13 is considered an unlucky number.
📅 Monday is considered a bad day and it is not recommended to undertake a long trip on this day.
🧹 It is believed that sweeping the floor on the day when someone from the household or circle of close friends departs on a trip would sweep away their spirit.
🦗 If a cricket appears in the house, it means that residents will be evicted or driven out of their house.
🐕 If a dog howls near the house, it means that it smells or senses either a fire or a corpse.
🚶‍♂️ If a person is in a bad mood, it is believed that they stopped on their right foot as they got out of bed, so it is best to stop on the left foot first in getting out of bed.
🕯️ It is recommended to cross oneself and say a prayer during nearby lightning and clap of thunder, thereby cleansing the soul before the Almighty.
🌱 On Trinity (a religious holiday), in the villages a small birch tree is stuck into the ground before the house so that in case God comes there will be one place for him to sit in the shade.
💀 In a house where there is a corpse, the mirrors are covered, and a watch is kept at the coffin of a dead person at night, allegedly to protect the spirit, which on the 40th day will rise to heaven.
💰 If the palm of one's hand itches, it means they will receive money, and if their eyelid itches during the daytime, the left eyelid means good luck, and the right eyelid means bad luck.
📍 When someone finds a needle, if the sharp end lies away from them, that is considered good, and if it is toward them, it is bad. If they find a horseshoe, the open end lying toward them is good, and the open end lying away from them is bad.
🔥 When a wood fire is burning in a fireplace, if sparks fly off, it means that a guest will arrive.
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2023.03.25 05:13 Dry_Cryptographer347 Just paid over 5$ for a medium fry at McDonald's

I know -- inflation, but wtf. The fries weren't for me or I would've just said nvm. Location was near Champlain, if that means anything.
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2023.03.25 05:11 Lollaticketspls Where can a guy get some late nite brew (no bars)

Sometimes google will LIE to me (smh) and tell me a liquor store is open when it isn’t, so I have decided to come to all of you
What liquor stores on/ near campus are open past 11?
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2023.03.25 05:05 Not_A_Genki Whenever I’m reloading while crouching near an object, my character smh canceled the reload animation and climbed onto it.. and it got me killed so many times 🥲 (You have to fix this, devs!)

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2023.03.25 05:05 Secret-Marzipan7807 The greatest lupe verse ?

In your opinion whats the greatest lupe verse ever ?
For me it has to be the 1st verse on failure . That whole thing is ridiculous every line is damn near a quadruple entendre.
Anyways so what lupe verse yall consider the greatest ?
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2023.03.25 05:04 clmmgmt -20% discount on first month rental. Fully furnished Single Room at Bandar Sri Sendayan, Sendayan

-20% discount on first month rental. Fully furnished Single Room at Bandar Sri Sendayan, Sendayan
rachel 60142349006
Room Detail:
Ready to move in!!! Single Fully furnished room Near Tech Valley and S2 RM450/month
-Available now -Suitable for working adult -Light cooking is allowed -Fully furnished room with fan, lights, bed, mattress, table, chair and wardrobe -Approx 2-3mins driving to Matrix international school, D’tempat clubhouse, shops, cafe, clinic, restaurants and more… -Approx 8-10mins to S2, Mydin S2, Jusco, Seremban highway
BONUS *Utilities included(water, electric) *Free High Speed Internet *Cleaning service in common areas provided
Merdeka Promotion *20% off on first month rental* T&C applied Limited time period only. For first come first serve basis.
Whatsapp now
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2023.03.25 05:03 Xetarius Outdated Information on Classes Everywhere

I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone talk about this before, but I have been so annoyed and stressed recently due to all of the outdated information everywhere when it comes to classes. I can’t seem to find one place with consistent information. I’ve been trying to do research for minors (Music and Physical Anthropology) as well as my Gen Eds and major electives, and none of the information lines up with what classes are still available.
Literally half or more of the electives listed for the Physical Anthropology minor don’t exist anymore, the music department does not seem to give consistent information regarding what classes are available to minors and what semesters those classes are, the New Gen Ed program literally has established, advertised themes that don’t have a single class that apply to them yet (I particularly want to do Origins and Evolution but that’s one of them), and the Math/Science elective options for CSE have incorrect credit hours and contains classes that don’t exist anymore. It makes finding classes that fit multiple requirements or meet my interests nearly impossible. CSE is especially concerning because their sample schedule has us taking 16-18 credit hours a semester while also assuming we can take the least amount of classes possible for the elective and Gen Ed requirements. The fact that advisors are so overworked that they miss half of my emails makes it even worse.
That all being said, am I alone on this? I’ve searched around a ton, and I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this when it’s been such a difficult roadblock for me. Let me know what you all think. I wish there was a way to improve this.
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