Wayfair pop up canopy

It stopped at 85

2023.06.04 05:01 TinySolid8386 It stopped at 85

Took the test this afternoon. It stopped at 85 questions and I got the good pop up.
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2023.06.04 05:00 BlindLDTBlind Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:

Summary of the Holden, MO investigation site:
(475) BIGFOOT! AMERICA'S CREEK DEVIL Bigfoot in Missouri, new activity with Carol Episode 221 - YouTube
Please listen to the entire episode before reading, so it makes sense...
797 SW 1101 Road Holden, MO
Here is my summary:
The site where she was living is basically a giant trash heap of old cars, mowers, junk, and a trailer that looks like it was in a war zone in Nigeria. There is so much stuff stacked up everywhere you can barely see the woods behind it. However, the place is very eerie. There are fences to the north and behind the trailer clearly smashed down with game trails of raw dirt going back into the woods. It looks like the damage from 4-wheelers but there are no tire tracks. To me it does look like something big and heavy has smashed the fences and is traveling through the trails. They are about 3 feet wide and have zero plant growth on the trails.
The woods behind the house are very thick. It's a great place to hide.
I met the neighbor to the west. She calls herself "Chaquita" (Cha-kee-ta) and seems to be part black, part Hispanic. She is a very odd person. When I first met her she was very friendly, but her demeanor changes very quickly and starts acting out things, showing signs of histrionic disorders, and contradicting herself. She told me that when she saw me driving by slowly, she thought that she should "call 911 and get my tag number". I drive a fairly new truck and had my windows down to wave at people. She seemed paranoid, and schizophrenia affected to some degree. She told me that for about 7 months out of the year she sleeps on the front open porch. I thought that was odd, given the potential for mosquitos from the Carol Johnson trash heap across the road, about 500 feet away. I asked her about any "bigfoot" activity and she said "oh you mean Yeti?". I asked her if she had seen anything and she laughed hysterically and said "oh my God no. None ever".
I don't find "Chaquita" credible whatsoever. She's bat shit crazy and paranoid. She was mowing the lawn when I met her, which Carol had a lot to say about her "mowing".
I drove into town and went by Carol's house. She was outside watering her plants on the back porch. I pulled up and said "hello Carol" and it really caught her off guard. I told her that I knew Tom from Creek Devil and she said ok, and asked me to park and come speak with her.
The conversation with Carol was odd, but interesting. She is very coherent, aware, sensible and logical. Most people would think that because of her story that she is completely delusional and has totally lost it. I don't find that, but I do wonder if she is the only one seeing the creatures like she does. She goes back and forth a bit on her mother and whether she had seen them or not. At times she tells me about her mother seeing them, and then later says her mother questions the existence of them. To Carol's credit, her mother suffered from dementia in her later years, so that might explain it.
One thing that is odd, but might be explained by the effects of PTSD, is that she is still seeing the creatures at her new home in Holden, MO inside of town. It's right off the main road, highway 58 (her address is 711 South Pine). It's in a residential section backing up to some commercial properties a few blocks away. She is convinced that the creatures are coming in through an area heavily wooded by a baseball field, and that they only come on nights when it's raining outside. She cannot explain how she knows this, she just "does". There was a red flag that popped up when I asked her if the investigation team with Creek Devil had seen anything out at the property, she shrugged her shoulders and motioned like she didn't know. I told her that Tom from Creek Devil told me that the team had seen something on the property and she looked utterly shocked, her eyes popping out of her head. This was a major red flag because she should have been "blank faced" as if "of course they did" nodding her head. Maybe I am reading her wrong, but I don't think so. That was the one thing that stood out to me that maybe she knew that she's been making this all up. Like I said before, maybe she's the only one seeing them. Maybe not. Her emotions seem very real, that is for certain. Carol's story is very consistent. Her dates of times and events are very accurate.
When I told Carol I met "Chaquita", she just kind of sighed and mumbled "oh yeah..."
Carol said that Chaquita mows the yard incessantly. She will be out mowing all day, and into the night. She said sometimes she's still mowing at 11 pm at night, in the dark. I believe this, and confirms my theories on Chaquita's mania, paranoia, whatever. Carol said that it was her that was attacked by the BF and tried to eat her intestines, according to the official Carol story on Creek Devil, episode 221. Carol looked confused when I told her that Chaquita says that nothing is going on out there.
Carol went on to becoming very unstable and emotionally distraught and described seeing a "dogman" type creature out there. Large, black and with a snout, teeth. Also, that her and her mother have seen on two different occasions a red orb about the size of a basketball floating down the highway. It followed her car north on 1101 Rd. for a while. Another odd one was when the riding mower ran out of gas, they left it overnight in the field south of the trailer. In the morning she said it was flipped over and pushed near the pond.
In conclusion, I'm left with more questions than answers. This feels like the time when I mixed real butter with "I can't believe it's not butter", and I was left confused, wondering what to believe. ???
I don't know....
Is something going on out there? Yes, I think so. Is Carol nuts? I don't think so. Is she and her mother the only ones seeing anything? Maybe. There is a neighbor to the south whose father claims to have seen them, and they have calves and pigs go missing. I spoke with them on the phone a few days ago. Can they all be crazy? Probably not.
I have an interview coming up with another guy that lives about 2 miles from the Carol site. He claims to have seen one run across the road in the area.

Follow up:
The other day I got a threatening phone call warning me about "staying away from there", and I better "watch out". This was from some hillbilly idiot from Texarkana area. I told him what to go do, and it wasn't pleasant.
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2023.06.04 04:58 PigsFly465 Three pop-ups before I'm allowed to play the game I paid $20 for?

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2023.06.04 04:58 Old-Push-9035 can we please fix this issue blizzard.

Anyone else on rogue going from location to location at hedgehog like speeds and then all of a sudden when the location pops up on screen the movement buff for dark orbs goes away even tho u have a full 5 stack?
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2023.06.04 04:57 BMWnoMoney Suggestion: Player Owned Shops

While standing in banks or grand exchange areas show a right click "Shop Player's Name" option. Then a window pops up with items they have stored in their shop for sale and the asking price for each item visible. The GP used to purchase their shop items will be stored in their shop they can retrieve it on their end.
Wouldn't that be fun? Like a side-hustle and new alternative to GE and one on one trading.
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2023.06.04 04:56 RetroDax SSD Troubles

An alert will pop up saying that there is a problem with this drive and that it needs to be scanned and fixed but when I do that I'm told there's nothing wrong. Whenever it happens while I'm playing Elden Ring it just makes the game close out completely. I have no idea what's wrong and could use some help. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 04:56 CoronaC86 How long until harvest time?

How long until harvest time?
First grow, ghost train auto in turbodirt. 81 days since popping, recommend harvest time is 75-80 days. Haven't been able to get a clear close up of the trichromes yet. How long until I should harvest?
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2023.06.04 04:55 WingedEagle1896 Why does every tv fanbase end up somewhat skylar white-ing their female lead character?

between the analysis videos that keep popping up about how terrible Shiv is, to the various comments online targeting shiv specifically for being awful, as if the the others aren't terrible/equally backstabbers like her, it feels like yet another example of how it's always the female characters that get criticized more than the others for being shit while the guys don't.
granted this sub isn't completely like that, but this sub unfortunately isn't the only succession fanbase.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Professional-Mall-99 Boyfriend is stuck on what to do

Boyfriend is stuck on what to do
Checked on Google and nothing is popping up so taking it to Reddit
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2023.06.04 04:53 SnooPaintings3687 Anyone know who “2EEZY” is?

Anyone know who “2EEZY” is?
This guys music has popped up on my tiktok and been sent to me from a few different accounts. Any idea on who he is?
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2023.06.04 04:53 Aggressive_Mix_9156 Stasis SMG Exotic Idea

This was just a fun Stasis Exotic SMG idea I had that could be incorporated in a Stasis focused season. This isn't meant to be taken too seriously and might be abit too op.
Gun is modelled after a PP-19 Bizon and will have 64 rounds in the magazine with the magazine basically just being a tube of Stasis liquid.
Exotic Name: Glaciis
Exotic Perk: Glacial Momentum
Glacial Momentum: Every 8th shot fired releases a slowing stasis burst. If the majority of shots landed are precision hits, the burst is amplified and grants a short Stasis overshield. If an enemy is already slowed from the first burst, subsequent bursts freeze them. Each time an enemy is slowed, it builds up charge. Charge accumulation increases diminishingly based on the number of enemies frozen.
When enough charge is accumulated, allows the swap to alternate firing mode. In hip-fire mode, unleash a short and wide spray of stasis crystals, freezing all enemies caught in its path. While aiming down sights (ADS), fire a slower, concentrated stasis bullet with heightened damage. However, in alt-firing mode, gun has higher recoil and user has decreased mobility but a slight increase in resilience.
This was just a fun thought I had because as an avid stasis user who hates using trace rifles, this idea popped in my head. I tried introducing some trade offs such as the SMG requiring to be in a closer range compared to Ager's and reduced mobility in alt-firing mode.
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2023.06.04 04:51 That0nePuncake PSA: S2 Soundtracks

Just a PSA that Season Two’s soundtrack was released on Apple Music and Spotify recently!! I’ve been checking religiously and noticed the album popped up today; I figured I’d spread the good news for anyone that didn’t know!!
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2023.06.04 04:44 Tacocatufotofu Why AGI isn’t necessary for significant job disruption

So consider this. While there’s plenty of discussion about how AGI could be the end of all things, I’d like to argue that we already don’t need it to cause severe changes in the economy and job market.
Forget about LLM accuracy, hallucinations, or quality of responses. For the first time, we have a way of interacting with a computer in vague, non standard ways…and it pretty much is able to decipher our intent.
Pair up even an LLM half as good at ChatGPT, and develop it to execute premade functions or scripts from a catalog pertaining to any field of work, and you get a computer interface able to execute tasks where the user requires zero training.
Honestly think about that a bit. Zero training. Sure, at some point real AI will pop up and shoot us in the head with lasers, but honestly, with what we have today is enough to create systems that can turn a single person into the productivity of 5 or more.
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2023.06.04 04:43 dentaro16 [Fixed] 2023 Sierra Denali: Parking Assist Temporarily Unavailable

Just leaving this here if someone runs into it. Had this message pop up and then the switch would be off and just say "Park Assist Off" every time I pressed the button. Never came on.
I wiped down the sensors in the back, nothin. So wiped the front sensors too and thought to just open and close the tailgate.
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2023.06.04 04:42 Tassiejohn [bedrock] nintendo switch will not show connect to server list

Hi All I have been playing with this for a couple of hours. I cannot get the connect to a server box to pop up. It always goes straight through to the featured server that I have clicked on. When I am scrolling through the featured server list, all of the youtube videos show one saying "join to open server list". I don't get this? any suggestions?
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2023.06.04 04:41 Zlpv7672 Danganronpa: Despair Disaster Ep 4- Part 2

< Ep 4- Part 1
Based on the fourth round of the elimination contest
Spoiler tag only for basic character spoilers
[Team Looming Lions]
Kaito: Alright Lions we're winning this one again today, right?
Nekomaru: Absolutely! Of course I'm not sure which of us will be performing.
Kokichi: Well, Kaito's a bumbling moron so he's out.
Kaito: Hey, what the heck man! I mean sure being the Ultimate Astronaut isn't that impressive for a show but so is your talent.
Kokichi: So true Kaito! Glad to hear you didn't refute the fact of you being a moron though. Nee hee hee.
Kaito: Why you little-
Angie: Calm down, Tyler. Atua has foreseen what will lead us to victory. I shall take the lead and create a beautiful masterpiece in the name of Atua.
Mondo: Okay, so Angie's doing art. What are the rest of us supposed to do to perform along side?
Mahiru: I could take some action shots of her work. Though I'm not sure how impressive of a performance it will be.
Hajime: Your ability to take perfect photos is still impressive in its own right, Mahiru.
Mahiru: Hajime…
Celeste: So it's decided. Angie and Courtney will be performing with some artistic photography
Angie: Nyahahahah, wonderful though if we're doing artistic pictures, would it help to provide something more visual. Body models for example?
Mahiru: Absolutely not! These boys don't get to see anything like that. Speaking of which, how about you boys pitch in on the performance?
Celeste: Well, we've already established Max and Tyler are out. How about you, Trent. You could hit some tennis balls to add to the action shots.
Ryoma: Sorry, but I've sworn off using my talent ever again.
Celeste: Oh really, then how about a threat. Perform with the girls, or when we lose we'll vote you off immediately!
Ryoma: Go ahead, like this competition means anything to me anyways. This is merely just prolonging my time out of prison.
Chihiro: Stop it. Both of you. Celeste, I think it's clear Ryoma won't do it. Of course, I won't be much help either. Not without some kind of computer to work with.
Mondo: If I had a bike, I could do some tricks around Angie while she makes her art.
Nekomaru: Alright then I guess it's up to me. I'll be the manager to keep the show going and make sure we do it PERFECT!!!
Kirumi: If you need me, I could also be your assistant for the performance and clean up afterwards.
Mahiru: Then let's get started. Time to make something at least mostly coherent.
[Team Ominous Octopi]
Maki: So, who wants to volunteer for this talent show?
Korekiyo: I believe it's pretty obvious that Kaede and Ibuki should perform as a musical duo.
Ibuki: You got it! Izzy and Sky-ede here are gonna rock this camp!
Kaede: Sure, but that's only two. We need a third.
Chiaki: If I had a big screen and a console, I could play video games with you playing the music to it. Too bad they don't have any of that here.
Akane: I could do some flips over you two.
Taka: Too dangerous. Plus we don't want any of you to get hurt.
Maki: Then I guess killing someone to music is out, huh?
Taka: Absolutely!!!
Maki: I was kidding anyway.
Kaede: Haha, wow Maki, never seen that side of you before.
Maki: Don't push it. What about you, Shuichi?
Shuichi: Well, unlike Kyoko I'm not even that talented a detective, but I'm not certain how you'd perform that talent.
Korekiyo: I could give an archaeological lesson with a pleasant backing track by these wonderfully talented ladies.
Maki: No way, after that stunt you pulled with Kaede, I don't trust you alone with her again even with Ibuki there.
Ibuki: How about DJ do the robot to our music. Ha ha, get it!
Keebo: Hey, that's robophobic to assume I could do such a stereotypical dance.
Akane: Well can you?
Keebo: No, I can't dance, however I could sing with them if you'd like?
Kaede: NO!
Shuichi: No way!
Maki: Not happening.
Korekiyo: Oh please, anything but that.
Keebo: Wha….fine.
[Team Nasty Narwhals]
Junko: So let's see talent…talent…which one of you losers has the best talent.
Sakura: I think it has less to do with best talent and more to do with talents that can perform with each other.
Sayaka: If that's the case, I'll volunteer to sing for this talent competition. You guys can make the show more exciting with your talents.
Tsumugi: I like that. I could make a costume for your performance though I'm not sure how much is that me performing with you.
Junko: Besides Beth, if anyone's going to make Ella fashionable it should be me.
Toko: We get it, we have costumes down b-b-but that still not get any closer to who's performing.
Miu: Well it's obvious the moody writer and clumsy nurse shouldn't perform.
Toko: Not like I wanted to in the first place.
Mikan: I'd probably just get hurt either way and embarrass our team.
Junko: Then how about the boys then?
Rantaro: Well, I'm not even sure what my talent is but I could try singing with Sayaka if you need me to.
Gonta: Rodney could bring bug friends on stage to perform with Ella.
Miu: Guess that leaves you and me, baby gangster.
Fuyuhiko: Like I'd do anything with you and what about B and Himiko?
Miu: Washboard chest is too mopey to do anything, and I still have no idea what Big B's deal is.
[They look over at him, but Imposter merely shrugs]
Miu: Besides you should be grateful that I'm offering my genius for the performance.
Sayaka: Okay Miu, what can you do to help my performance?
Miu: Well I'm glad you asked Pop Princess. Behold first up I have a fantastic voice amplifier perfect for singing into.
Sayaka: Oh wow, that actually might be helpful. I'm surprised you came up with something so normal.
Miu: Of course it was originally meant those wild nights when you want your moans and cries to really shake the bed. Hoo Yeah!
Tsumugi: And there it is.
Sayaka: Okay but with me singing, what will you be doing during the show?
Miu: Why adding a little flair to the show. Get ready for your outfit to practically explode for the audience. [Points an invention at Sayaka] Literally I might add.
Sayaka: W-wait, what are you-Agh! [Miu shoots the machine and Sayaka is enveloped in a flash of light] Ugh…why does it feel cooler……. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!
Tsumugi: Quickly cover her up!
Sakura: You boys didn't see anything, right?!
Fuyuhiko[Blushed smirk]: Uh…no not all.
Gonta: Rodney shall not look at the indecency for he is gentleman.
Miu: See, what'd I tell you. Quite the show stopper really! Be glad you didn't go commando today.
Tsumugi: Miu, how is Sayaka supposed to perform when she's left in her underwear?
Miu: Well, four eyes, I thought this is where you'd throw her into a different outfit like the Ultimate Cosplayer you claim to be.
Tsumugi: It's not like I can dress her in an instant. She'll still be seen.
Miu: Well that's for you to work out then dip[bleep]. I merely just provided the genius with my inventions.
Sakura: It's alright, Sayaka. Let's just think this idea through.
Sayaka: I don't want her inventions near me ever again!
Miu: Pfft, your loss then.
Sakura: I really, and I mean really hate to admit it....but Miu might've had something going there with her idea. The act of changing Sayaka's outfits while she's performing would be an impressive display. If only there was a way she wouldn't be seen during the swap.
[Team Looming Lions]
Nekomaru: Alright, Angie so how this is going to go is I throw tools to you and you work your artistic magic.
Mahiru: And I'll make sure to capture it all on film.
Angie: Absolutely, I shall let Atua guide me.
Celeste: Please dear, enough about Atua this time. Just perform your own talent.
Angie: Oh, but Atua is the one who blessed me with this talent so every work must always be an offering to him. Remember that Lightning and Courtney.
Mahiru: Sure gotcha…
Mahiru: I don't want to disrespect Angie's beliefs but relying on her God for everything even just a simple talent show may be a little much. But it's fine we have this performance in the bag. Chris is going to be blown away by my photography skills.
[Team Ominous Octopi]
Makoto: So run it by me again why I'm playing with Kaede.
Nagito: I'm not sure I'm cut out for play the bass guitar either.
Korekiyo: Well Kaede and Ibuki are going to teach you two the routine and with your luck you'll each learn it and play a beautiful duet.
Makoto: I'm not sure that's what being an Ultimate Lucky Student will help with.
Akane: No time to worry about it now we've got two hours left. Besides when we rely on both of you we win…well at least we don't lose.
Miu: Hey Cockoctpi, quit hogging the stage. Some of us have a performance to practice.
Korekiyo: Sorry, but we were here first. You'll just have to wait your turn. Whenever that will be, kehehehe.
Junko: Look, I understand that you need all the practice to not suck complete balls, but right now we need an empty stage, so Sayaka's not seen in her underwear too much.
Sayaka: Junko?!
Makoto: W-w-what? Sayaka's going to be performing in her underwear?
Junko: Oopsie, did I let that slip. My bad!
Tsumugi: It's more we need to work out how a quick change would work on stage, but uh she might still be seen in her underwear while rehearsing.
Sayaka: Will you all please stop talking about my underwear!
Akane: A quick change performance, huh? Good luck, even when I was wearing the skimpiest outfits for gymnastics, it still took a good thirty seconds to change.
Shuichi: Sounds like you'd need a miracle to not be seen then.
Sakura: Wait…a miracle…or magic. I'll be right back.
Miu: What's gotten into the orge?
Junko: Nevermind all that, we still need a stage to perform on.
Maki: Well then you're going to have to get through me, so unless you want to die, I say go practice over on the side of the camp like the Lions.
Junko: ………Fine Miss Assassin, you win. But I won't forget this. Come on team we're leaving. [Narwhals follow her reluctantly]
Kaede: Thanks for that, Maki. Okay Makoto, let's just try a simple scale.
Ibuki: And Harold, how about we try an A-chord.
Hiyoko: Hey, what's the big idea hogging the stage?!
Korekiyo: Here we go again.
Sonia: If it wouldn't be much trouble friends, we'd like to use the stage to practice our act.
Keebo: Is Hiyoko going to dance in her underwear too?
Hiyoko: Ew, gross! What are you saying you perverted robot!
Keebo: Sorry, I just assumed that was how all the girls were performing these days.
Maki: Ignore him, like we told the Narwhals, we were here first.
Byakuya: While I commend your fighting spirit, just know that no matter how much practice you do, you'll never be able to force talent onto those two.
Hiyoko: Yeah besides, we at least have our routine planned out and everyone with actual talent who's going to perform.
Korekiyo: Really, and what would that be?
Leon: Like we're going to tell you guys. Just give us the stage so we can practice already. We need to use the wood backdrop of the stage anyway.
Akane: If that's all it is then-HIYAH! [she breaks the backdrop in half and tosses it to Kazuichi] There, practice with your backdrop somewhere else.
Kazuichi: Seriously…well fine. Let's go Rhinos.
[Cut to Himiko sitting by herself. Sakura approaches]
Sakura: Mind if I sit down with you?
Himiko: Nyeh sure…I'm guessing they called you over to make me help them.
Sakura: Actually, I came over of my own volition. But I am curious if you'd like to help. Sayaka could really use your expertise in magic.
Himiko: Yeah I get it, you just want to use me for my talent but when I'm no longer useful you'll just vote me off the team. Just like how they treated Tenko.
Sakura: I understand why you're upset. It seems the Octopi weren't committed to understanding Tenko; she was a person you comfortably called a friend. Why couldn't anyone else do the same?
[Himiko doesn't respond but gently nods]
Sakura: Well, I'm not forcing you to do anything. I'm just trying to understand your feelings. In the end, it's your decision whether you want to be part of the team or not and I'll respect that decision.
[Himiko still doesn't respond but gives a side glance to Sakura]
Sakura: However, if you do decide to participate, we could honestly use your magical talent to save Sayaka from embarrassment. I've seen your shows, you have a knack for misdirection. It would help to provide misdirection when Miu attempts the wardrobe change. But of course, that's if you decide to help.
[Himiko looks forward again still in silence]
Sakura: Well, that's all I came over here for. I'll be getting back to making sure Miu doesn't embarrass the rest of the team. I hope you feel better, Himiko.
[Himiko quietly watches Sakura get up and leave, before looking forward again in deep thought]
Himiko: Nyeh, Tenko always believed in my magic but she believed in me as a person too. How can I guarantee the others see me as a person and not just the magician girl. Maybe I really can't…nyeh.
Junko: Well look what the Princess dragged in. You Rhinos got kicked off the stage too huh?
Hiyoko: Beat it, you skank. We're trying to rehearse and we've wasted enough time as it is.
Junko: Hey, I'm just trying to empathize with a fellow team. Those Octopi jerks shooed us away too. If only there was some way to get back at them. [Stares down Mukuro]
Sonia: Sorry Junko, but we need to practice right now, so no more distractions.
Junko: Fine fine, guess we should probably step away then. Don't want Sayaka's underwear to be a distraction.
Kazuichi: Wait, Sayaka's going to be singing in her underwear?
Sayaka: Stop telling everyone that!
Mahiru: Hey, would you other teams keep it down.
Nekomaru: Yeah, Angie needs complete concentration to work!
Sayaka: Ugh, let's just give up already there's no way Miu's invention is going to work without me being utterly embarrassed.
Miu: It could if you could change faster.
Tsumugi: And how do you suppose we do that. Hide her from plain sight everytime you shoot her.
Himiko: Sounds like you could use a little magic then.
Rantaro: Hey, Himiko's back. You feeling better?
Junko: Oh Staci, I knew you wouldn't let your team down.
Himiko: Nyeh…I didn't really want to do it for you but I'd feel awfully ashamed if I could've helped and didn't. So what's going on?
Miu: Well Shimplette, Pop Princess here is going to be zapped by my clothes cannon. It'll make it easier to change into a new outfit, but she's worried about everyone seeing her pink little panties.
Himiko: So you need a distraction to allow you time to change, huh? Okay, I can do that, just follow my lead.
Sayaka: Oh Himiko thank you so much, you're a lifesaver!
Kazuichi: Great you have your act figured out; now can we please have some room to practice?
Kazuichi: It took a little bit of creative thinking but with Hiyoko, Gundham and Mukuro we finally had an idea. Mukuro is going to throw knives around Hiyoko's dance while Gundham's hamsters do some tricks on the knives that get stuck in the backdrop. Pretty brilliant, right. I bet Miss Sonia thinks so!
Kazuichi: Hiyoko, are you ready to begin?
Hiyoko: I was born ready, dummy. This is my talent after all. [She begins dancing]
Kazuichi: Okay Mukuro, now aim carefully as not to hit Hiyoko and strike the backdrop with the knives.
Mukuro: Sure, no problem. [Starts throwing knives around Hiyoko]
Hiyoko: Eeee! [She jumps a little every time a knife whizzes past her, stabbing into the backdrop making little platforms]
Kazuichi: Alright Gundham, you're up!
Gundham: Hmph, while this may be a mockery of your power, for the good of our team do not disappoint me my Dark Devas of Destruction! To the left San-D. The right Maga-Z. Jum-P, the high one. And of course Cham-P, harness all your power and get to the low one there. [They each take a knife pedestal] Now switch it up! [They begin leaping from knife to knife timing it to Hiyoko's dance]
Kazuichi: Yes, this is working. Now Mukuro, just a few more knives to bring home the finale. Just aim true; you've got this.
Mukuro: Aim true, right…
Mukuro: I'm supposed to play dirty, right? I've never been more confident in my accuracy…and yet.
Hiyoko: Just throw it already, my dance is almost over.
Mukuro: *deep breath* [she eyes a slit through the backdrop and sees Kaede and Makoto at the piano] HIYAH!!!
[The knife speeds past Hiyoko and she feels the motion] Hiyoko: Hey, watch where you're throwing you clumsy-
Sonia: Oh no, Octopi, watch out!
Ibuki: Harold, come on, it's just a simple pluck and strum like this.
Nagito: Like this [strums his bass guitar. Immediately a string breaks near the top and whips Makoto in the arm]
Makoto: Agh! [He falls from the piano bench in pain] What the heck was that for?!
[As he falls, the knife flies passed and ricochets off the piano]
Kaede: Woah! What the? Makoto, look out!
[The knife comes flying back towards the Rhinos]
Peko: I got this. [She take out her sword and deflects the knife away]
Yasuhiro: Watch where you're throwing that thing, you could've hurt someone.
Mukuro: Apologies, it must have hit a weak part of the backdrop. I'll be more careful nex-
Peko: Uh oh…
Mahiru: My….my….my camera!!! [The knife finally came to a stop lodging itself directly into her camera lens]
Nekomaru: HEEEEYYY!!! What happened over here?
Mondo: Yeah, what the [bleep] did you just do?
Mukuro: Oh crap…
Kazuichi: L-listen it was an accident, alright. We just had a mishap with the knife throws.
Kaito: You took out one of our performers!
Mukuro: I deeply apologize. It won't happen again.
Byakuya: You're right it won't because you're sitting this one out now.
Mukuro: What?
Aoi: Byakuya, please it was an accident. Besides, we need her for this.
Byakuya: Do we? Every time we rely on this incompetent soldier we either come in last place or second to last place. You're clearly putting too much faith in her. I don't care if we are in the same class, she's only become a detriment to the team even more than the little loudmouth.
Hiyoko: Hey!
[Mukuro looks over to Junko who simply gives a dismissive smirk]
Sonia: Byakuya, we don't need to be so harsh. Maybe Mukuro just needs a little break, if we just-
Mukuro: No, it's fine. If you don't want me anymore, I won't try to help you guys. See you later.
Byakuya: Finally, the girl gets the memo.
Sonia: Mukuro please, you don't have to do this.
Leon: Well, that's just great, so now who do you expect to perform for our team?
Byakuya: Figure it out yourself, and stop relying on one person to solve all your problems. I bet the swordswoman could do just as well. She hasn't been pulling her weight that much.
Yasuhiro: Dude, you can't just call her fat like that!
Byakuya: How about it, Pekoyama? Knives are just like mini swords, right?
Peko: If this is really how you want this competition to go, I'll give it a shot.
Aoi: But just know if we lose, we're blaming you for this, Byakuya.
Byakuya: Typical peasants. Putting all your actions into your emotions rather than your logic.
Sonia: Byakuya, that is enough. Even I, as a woman of nobility, know this is not how you should treat your friends!
Byakuya: So the Princess finally has a backbone.
Sonia: That's right, and I intend to use it and not let my friends be bullied around by you.
Kazuichi: You tell him Miss Sonia!
Byakuya: Fine then bring back the soldier girl but you better hurry because your time is up.
Leon: What do you mean?
[Loudspeaker feedback]
Chris: Attention all campers. Your three hours of preparation are over! Please join us at the stage. Narwhals you're up first.
Peko: Looks like he's right. It's fine, I'll do my best. Just know we're not afraid of you.
Byakuya: The feelings are mutual.
Sonia: Ooh, that Byakuya. First driving away Mukuro then thinking he can just boss us around. If I weren't trying to be so proper I'd call him a…call him… a [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] with a [bleep] [bleep] in his [bleep] [be-
To be continued
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2023.06.04 04:41 crocs_r_valid_shoes Got age-restricted email and notification but when I go to check, I'm not actually age restricted?

Hello, I got an email and a notification that my new upload was age-restricted, but, when I go to take a look at the video restrictions, it says "none", and I can also watch it while I'm not signed in (which is something you cant do if a video is age-restricted) when I click on the notification in the YouTube studio and click "review content" it just shows a pop up menu that says "Review not available" but I never received a notification or an email that my video was un-age restricted, is this a bug? is it still age restricted? do you just not get any notice if a video was un-age restricted? Any advice would be great
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2023.06.04 04:40 Rutabaga_Recent Hi any ideas what’s going on with my Samsung plasma tv model number PN63A650T1F ? It has a black box area with colors that pops up every now and then . Thanks I’m advance for any help

Hi any ideas what’s going on with my Samsung plasma tv model number PN63A650T1F ? It has a black box area with colors that pops up every now and then . Thanks I’m advance for any help submitted by Rutabaga_Recent to TVRepair [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:39 super_luigi_you MVM Medic Shield

ok this is so stupid but the medic's shield upgrade has to be broken because no matter what button i bind it to it just straight up doesn't pop. but heres the thing: it DOES still function but only after i taunt. what the fuck
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2023.06.04 04:38 lionthunder89 An Unlimited Love Retrospective, part 10: Whatchu Thinkin'

Part 1 (Black Summer) with song tiers explained at the bottom
Part 2 (Here Ever After)
Part 3 (Aquatic Mouth Dance)
Part 4 (Not The One)
Part 5 (Poster Child)
Part 6 (The Great Apes)
Part 7 (It's Only Natural)
Part 8 (She's A Lover)
Part 9 (These Are The Ways)
Another of the best songs of the album. Whatchu Thinkin’ sounds like it could’ve come straight off Stadium Arcadium, as it leans heavily into the rock direction of RHCP’s sound, managing to capture the essence of both SA and UL’s moods simultaneously. Flea’s bass pounds hard, almost sounding like bongos as he pops the strings in an infectiously funky pattern, Chad keeping perfect time with it as always. John’s guitar provides an amazingly resonant chorus riff in the form of echoing arpeggiated chords. The ending solo rivals the one on Wet Sand in terms of raw, melancholy emotion, sounding like a tortured soul crying out in despair. But despite beauty of the instrumentals, the true MVP of this song is Anthony, whose vocals ride up and down on Flea’s bass line like an expert parkourist, and rock back and forth “over and over again” over John’s chords with some of the most desperately emotional sounding tones on the whole album. All four chilis are at the top of their game here, but Anthony’s the one who makes this song.
Despite the frivolous-sounding title, Whatchu Thinkin’ is one of the deepest songs of UL in terms of subject matter. It follows in the footsteps of American Ghost Dance and Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky as a lament over the mistreatment of Native Americans throughout history, making it the only song on UL with a clear socio-political message. Both in terms of the imagery the music evokes and the message, this song is DARK. The minimal instrumentation on the verses feels like a blackness, punctuated by deep, blood-red hues. Yet its melodies are still oddly happy-sounding, and the chorus is a straight-up banger, giving the whole thing a deeply sarcastic tone. Anthony’s lyrics sound like a nervous wreck of a native trying to reason with people who have no interest in pitching a fair deal with him. I never would have expected a song called Whatchu Thinkin’ to hit so hard both lyrically and musically, but it works and it stands opposite of It’s Only Natural as the best song of the latter part of the album.
Favorite Verse Lyric: “In the Black Hills you could find it all/blood runs thick like from a waterfall”
Mental Music Video: A surreal neon light show depicting a lone native american in a dark landscape, all in red light. He witnesses the coming of the settlers, the slaughtering of the buffalo and his people, the forced relocation of the tribes, and the desecration of the land as the trees are felled and buildings are erected. The ending solo plays over the image of the statue of a sioux chief, weeping from his eyes golden coins that pour out as though from a slot machine over the desolation.
Rating: S-Tier
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2023.06.04 04:37 camheying Reviewing FL Tip!

I assume many of you are like me in the fact that you take a copious amount of time to review FL's, which can really affect study schedules. In regards to this issue, I have found that using the Jack Westin solutions are a life saver. They have each FL question covered which comes with a decent explanation of the question stem, passage material, and other potential answers.
I was not aware of this whenever I first started to take my FL's and it has saved me a significant amount of time when it comes to reviewing each section. In addition to this, it has really helped me to focus on information that I was not aware of previously. To find each one, I usually just google something along the lines of, "AAMC FL# C/P Jack Westin Solutions", and it usually pops up.
The AAMC explanations are dreadful and do not provide you with nearly as much help as these solutions do, which can increase the total amount of time you spend reviewing. For those who were not aware of this, I hope this helps! It has been significantly helpful for me and I hope it can be for you as well.
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2023.06.04 04:36 Legal_Wasabi69 I fapped to corpses of holocaust victims 😈

Finally my time to shine.
I was pretty young, maybe like 8, 9, 10, something like that. Too young to be able to ejaculate but old enough to get a "funny feeling" in my penis and want to play around with it to no result sometimes.
One night I wandered out of my room and my parents were watching something in the living room. It was in black and white and there seemed to be a bunch of naked people walking around and then the naked people were in a big pile. At this point my parents realized I was there and yelled at me to go back to my room and what was on TV wasn't for kids.
I thought it was some kind of porn, it wasn't the first time I've caught them watching something like Cinemax or something I wasn't supposed to see. That image popped up a lot in my early fruitless wiener rubbing sessions. Naked people in a big pile, yeah.
Many years later I saw the footage and recognized it as parts of it had been burned into my younger mind. Unfortunately it was part of a holocaust documentary and the naked people had been killed and put into a big naked pile to be dumped into a mass grave.
TL;DR: fapped to corpses of holocaust victims
Edit: I'm pretty sure this was the footage. In my defense it was on a normal sized CRT TV across the room and I only glimpsed it for a few seconds probably.
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