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2023.03.25 04:36 a_lexus97 Suggestions for MASSIVE time series data set?

TLDR: What would you use in place of glmer for a 148600 row 14 variable data set with levels of >4000?? Run time of >6hrs
I'm a grad student assigned to mentor an undergrad through their thesis under my PI. We are trying to do some stats on bird distribution across the urban gradient over time. To give a quick summary: y= #birds spotted, x= urban category, year, relative count (co variate to account for increased use of ebird over time). Theres a handful of random effects and we're using family=poisson. This model has been running on my desktop PC for 6 hours. Is there a better way that I am missing?
Correct me if I'm wrong but a gam is not for factor data and I am unaware of other large data set analysis.
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2023.03.25 04:29 sparrowlingrun Another strange new person lost with a story

Hi there,
I created this account specifically to say hello to all of you here. I'm not sure where to begin, so to just cut to the chase, I'm hoping somewhere out there might be able to point me in some sort of usable direction. I'd like to preface by saying I have absolutely taken the time to read and go through the pinned post and found it helpful, thank you.

To dive in and cut a lot of the fat away, I have had dreams about the dead since I was a small child. In the beginning they came on the day or shortly after they had passed. Then the long-dead started coming by either to chat or tell me something that later became true. More recently I have now begun having dreams about people before they pass- as if part of themself has already broken off and begun the journey out and beyond. So far those two times ended up being self-negligent or suicidal deaths- one I tried to prevent but could not find the person until it was too late, the other was of someone I knew *of* but did not know personally and I was surprised to hear about the passing. I have also shown up suddenly at funerals for acquaintances I had no idea had died- that was a bit of a shock.
Recently, after finally starting to talk about these things with one of my parents, I have found out that they, too, experienced strange things but in the form of active waking premonitions which they have since suppressed. I was told a story then about a great grandparent who was visited by their mother the night she died only to wake up in the morning and get the news. This same great grandparent, when my parent went to them for help, simply told them this all ran in the family and said nothing more about it. Not too long ago I discovered another family member who described experiencing things that were identical to my parent, and that their parent may also have it.
So far, barring my great grandparent, I am the only one who interacts with the dead. I used to get premonitions when I was younger but not anymore.
I lived in Japan for some time for unrelated reasons but while there learned a bit more about Shinto and Buddhism, although Shinto has become so commercialized in Japan and women so drastically pushed out of their roles by men that it rings a bit hollow these days in practice, even though the shrines and spaces are no less peacefully still and heavy.
To try and work out the what and the whys of what's been going on, I engaged with occult circles online to talk this or that thing out as things arose but nothing seemed to quite fit. A tone shift happened when, on a whim of a search, I found some old Korean ceremonial bells being sold off from some ex american soldier who had apparently picked them up during the war in the '50s. I can't say how or why, but those bells didn't want to be where they were, so I haggled and got them no contest and took them home. After doing a little research I found out that, in Korea at least, one of the ways shamans get given their great big neon sign that they've been picked out for shamanism is when they are called by the tools of a former shaman and can find where they are and, traditionally, dig them up from the ground. I did not dig the bells from the ground- it felt more like a rescue operation- but they are, for now, comfortably mine and it seems almost unusual that they are.
I am not Korean, and am more familiar with Japanese practices since living there for some years. But I put in the effort to pick up a few books and see what I could learn. I told myself I was doing it to better understand the object I had found, and a lot of what I read about was simultaneously familiar and entirely new, but learning about things like strange accidents (I have had a few), blocked success (my parent has apparently sworn off their abilities for years and years, and has not had a single break in their career for over 25 years and every marriage has failed despite them being a solid enough person), sudden incurable illnesses (I have had one for the past almost five years now) seemed to click into place in my brain. And now, too, I have begun to hit my own inexplicable blockages despite tremendous efforts.
After doing quite a bit of family history digging and paper trail following I have discovered a few things- my great grandparent comes from the same general area as the Star Carr site, and on the other side of my family, should one dig back far enough, there is a smattering of known shamans and seers, especially coming out of Central Asia, which was a major surprise.
To sum up this summary of the situation, these things are going on and I have no way to direct nor interact with them properly. Every attempt I have made to try and get some clue from ancestors, or anyone really, seems to get shut down. I currently only have western divination methods at my disposal and the message every time is essentially "Wrong, wrong, doing it wrong, we hate this, denied". I feel stuck in that, despite whatever there is that's being passed down in my family, the framework that would have supported it is either 1. gone and obliterated (thanks, rome), or 2. I am so culturally removed at this point that if I were to pivot to what's buried in the other side of my family yet still survives today, it would likely be culturally inappropriate or simply impossible for me to learn it.
So where do I go? The ancestors are there, clearly, and whatever has followed my family through the ages is there, but the context, everything else is either gone or unreachable. And yet, the spirits don't care. I feel like they're hamming down my door. No, the door is already broken and on the floor and they're still hammering on it, but I have no idea what a hammer even is so how can I begin to fix it and invite them into the house properly?
That is, ultimately, my question to you all today. And if anyone knows a good direction I can be pointed in, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time, and for reading what has become a long essay- I had counted on it being shorter.
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2023.03.25 04:27 DrFreethink 27 [F4M] Chandler, AZ/Arizona Could you be my life partner? Vietnamese

I'm looking for someone to call a life partner.
Someone who could be there for me in emergencies (like when there is a bug or if there is a medical accident).

- agnostic (born into Vietnamese Buddhism though),
- Vietnamese, and
- 5'5'' at 150lbs.

I LOVE the following musical artists.
Pop punk
Alternative rock

Buffets make me excited in a way MapleStory and basketball once did to me.
These days, I watch Alina McLeod, WIRED, doctors, and sports topics on YouTube.
Favorite entertainment includes Spongebob, House, MD, Avatar the Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Treasure Planet, She's the Man, Take the Lead, Gattaca, The Count of Monte Cristo, What I Like About You, Samurai Champloo, Studio Ghibli, Naruto, and Bleach.
I really enjoyed playing violin (second violin) in Orchestra growing up, and I've taken Tennis Academy and Soccer Academy (wow, Cristiano Ronaldo landed such a great contract at his age!).

Reddit and/or Discord is preferred for sharing music and chatting.
Feel free to check my post history.
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2023.03.25 02:22 Tempest-Toast [REQUEST] Revenge Movies/Shows

I just finished watching The Glory. I'd like to watch more revenge shows and movies. Preferably, the kind where the character waits and plans for years to execute their revenge, like Count of Monte Cristo.
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2023.03.25 02:18 ButterflyTiff Seeing updates -

So for the most part my posts and comments have been few. I will be at my current qualifying employer 10 years in January (2014-present PSLF submitted last fall). Worked at a previous qualifying employer for almost 4 months the year before (9/2013-12/2013 PSLF NOT yet submitted, I need to ask them) and another for 6 months (2/2012-7/2012 - PSLF submitted).
I had comments to Betsy about how she thought they might handle the IDR when it comes to long term deferments and forbearances - mine are extensive and I was looking not only at loans taken out in 1996 for IDR qualification of the 20/25 year mark - but also PSLF, whichever came first.
Yesterday I logged in to check which date I had certified to, everything looked the same.
This evening I checked on a hunch and the same? Not so much. I looked at my PSLF tracker and my "payment counts" was the same, but when I clicked "ineligible payments", my number was only 26 - which would be 13 for each loan (unsub and sub direct loans). And only 1/2014-3/2014 are on there.
Seemed strange.
Checked "eligible payments" and where usually it is really short - now it has a few "employment not certified" for the months since I last submitted a form, and A LOT of "Qualifying - Special Waiver" & "Qualifying". There are still a bunch that say "Employment not verified" for dates I know they have on the current form for my current employer, and months I know I am not going to be able to verify since I was not at a qualifying employer, but, it looks like they are doing work in there.
I went back to "Payment Counts" and under each loan clicked "Show Payment Summary" and when expanded the numbers are completely different than they were!
Shows my eligible payments as 173, my qualifying payments as 63 and Needs Employment Certification as 110. My ineligible, if I can provide certification, is only 13.
Next week I am going to try to get a certification for the job I had for 4 months, and then update my current employer once I have that. Could be if that was submitted I would have reached my 120 this month. I am a little excited just knowing it may happen soonish.
The movement alone is promising.
I hope this gives others hope that I see these adjustments in my account.
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2023.03.24 23:43 prince-white (Recommendation fic) Hang on to your seat folks, because this one is a doozy. This is a Modern Naruto / AU fic, with a Naruto / Sasuke pairing. Yes, yes, I know, that will make some of you down vote the post on principle, but just read the rest before you do anything.

Title: The Demilitarized Zone. Author: michelerene Word count: 112.010 words. Status: Complete. Published: Jan 18, 2008 Last updated: May 31, 2008
Summary: Itachi Uchiha has always had a sadistic streak when it came to his little brother. Now the perfect opportunity has presented itself and he just can’t let it go by. He does love him after all. SasuNaru
Okay, so as a general rule, I'm not a fan of modern AU fics, with Naruto characters but a lack of chakra, ninjutsu or anything that makes Naruto, Naruto, you know? The fic I'm recommending however, is well worth reading. It's got humor and it got wonderful sarcasm and it's funny.
Now, the first thing you've got to pay attention to, is that this fic is from 2008. That means it was written (and finished) before most of the cliché's were, well, cliché. It's also very well written with very few grammar or spelling mistakes. And I'm kind of nitpicky when it comes to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
(Fun fact: Naruto shipunden started on februari 15th, 2007)
So anyway, the first thing that drew my attention was the title. I hadn't even noticed that it was a modern AU fic, until the end of the second chapter. But even though it isn't hiding that it's a slash fic, it's also very well written. I know I've said that multiple times already, but it's the truth.
Now, I've only begun to read chapter eight, so I'm roughly halfway through the story. Now, as far as I can tell, they aren't going to dive into bed together and the 'details' are kept mostly to ones imagination. (so far.)
In any case, that's it, really. Give this story a try and don't dismiss it because of the pairing.
This is the first time I'm recommending a fic, did I did everything I'm supposed to do?
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2023.03.24 22:04 Key-Piece-3206 Sports Betting Arbitrage Guide

Originally posted in lunchmoney


This is a common sports betting method that goes over how you can make $500 per day, risk-free by capitalizing on mispricing in the sports betting market. Although legalization only happened recently, sports betting around the world has seen a significant amount of new sportsbooks starting up every year. This, along with the complexity of adjusting to the supply and demand of bettors means that sportsbooks often have very mispriced odds.
This creates a significant opportunity for people to bet on both possible outcomes of an event and guarantee themselves a profit! Before I show you more, check out my other guide here, which goes over how to make $5,000 - $10,000 risk-free by signing up for new user bonuses with various regulated sportsbooks!
*This guide assumes you know the basics of sports betting. If you do not, please follow this link to find a quick online guide

What is Arbitrage Betting


How to Find Arbitrage Opportunities

How to Avoid Account Limits

By arbing, you guarantee a profit for yourself, which guarantees a loss for the sportsbooks, something they are not very fond of. It is important that you read the T&Cs of each sportsbook because many will put certain clauses that target arbers and other undesirable customers.
If you are playing only on regulated sportsbooks in your country, you should never have any problem withdrawing your money unless you do something very wrong. Remember, arbing is legal so this alone will not warrant the sportsbooks to hold your funds.
Below are some tips to stay off the radar of your sportsbook for as long as possible:
1. Round Bets to a Reasonable Number:
2. Don’t Deposit/Withdraw Frequently:
3. Stick to Main Markets if you are in it for the Long Haul:
4. Don’t Make Repeated Bets:
5. Bet Only on Major Leagues:
6. Deposit/Withdraw to One Bank Account:
7. Never Cover Bets on the same Sportsbook
By doing all this, you will most likely fly under the radar for a significant amount of time and if you are consistently betting each day, you can make thousands of dollars. For reference, I made almost $20,000 from arbing and about $5,000 from sign-up bonuses and I wish I had this guide when I started!

Tips to Maximize Earnings

1. Keep an Optimal Amount of Funds in Sportsbooks with the Most Arb Opportunities
2. Take Advantage of Boosts
3. Place your First Bet on the Sportsbook that is Heavily Mispriced


Feel free to comment and ask questions below! Also, let me know if you want me to do any other betting guides!
*This document is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial / investment advice. Please read the T&Cs of each book to make sure you are complicit with their rules and your local regulators' laws. This guide is not intended for real money betting and it is only intended for adults. If you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER
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2023.03.24 21:53 yalayebog 24 [F4M] UK/Anywhere - Tell me about it

Hello I'm a 24 year old woman from London who works in education. I've been pretty bored this week, it's been pretty uneventful.
I guess I'm posting this thread because I'd like to meet a nice charming man for something potentially romantic, and see where that goes. I'm up for voice chatting and perhaps playing some valheim or astroneers together.
Interests wise I am a big film fan and enjoy watching shows and the occasional anime also. Right now I've just been watching The Last of Us which is great even though I've not played the video game. I've also binged the new season of Shadow and Bone on Netflix. I caught up with the latest part of the Attack on Titan finale too. Film wise I recently watched Babylon which I didn't really rate and I kinda wish Margot Robbie would go behind the camera again and make something like I Tonya again. Sort of the same feelings towards Elizabeth Olsen that she'd pack in the marvel stuff and make another Ingrid Goes West.
I like to read a lot. I just finished reading Crime and Punishment. Recently also read The Count of Monte Cristo, The Sun Also Rises, and Catch 22. At the moment I'm reading Call Me By Your Name. After that I'll probably read The Urth of the New Sun.
I love nature and going for long walks, spotting wildlife. I also like to cook. Mostly Italian, asian and British stuff. I know it's pretty basic but a spaghetti bolognese with a ton of mushrooms is my goto comfort dish. This week I made a pasta bake with penne, mozzarella and mushrooms.
I've been playing Valheim, Terraria, and Astroneers with friends recently and that's been pretty fun. I'd be up for playing Valheim and Astroneers with someone.
I'm interested in fitness and have been going to the gym for a bit now.
Send me a message and tell me about yourself please in a way that at least has your age and where you live in it
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2023.03.24 21:42 Citrus_Spiked Tribunal, what should I do?

I'm in Northern Ireland and recently lost my mandatory reconsideration for PIP. I was awarded initially 11 points for daily living however I believe I'm entitled to the enhanced rates of both due to a combination of how ADHD, autism, IBS, suspected epilepsy (JME), depression, anxiety and restless legs syndrome affect me.
There's 2 main points I'm disputing - I think I should have gotten 4-8 points for preparing food as it's too dangerous for me to prepare and cook food by myself due to the sudden, without warning nature of my seizures (myoclonic ones) - which happen around 12 times a day (last time I counted was July 2022 and they've noticeably gotten worse, in frequency and intensity).
The second point is the planning and following a journey part as i need someone familiar with my seizures to be with me at all times whenever I leave the house. Especially as there's large areas without a footpath and only road where I live so the risk of having a seizure and hitting my head on the road or onto oncoming traffic is very real.
The problem is I haven't been formally diagnosed, I've been waiting on an EEG since July 2022 and the only evidence I've submitted so far is a summary letter saying I'm under investigation for epilepsy (JME) and of course my written report. What else can I give in to help my tribunal in this case and should I seek external help? Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far
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2023.03.24 21:24 yupitsmeeee89 The count of monte cristo-worth reading?

I loved the movie since I was little but just realized I never read the book-I’m 33 now. Think I’ll enjoy it?
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2023.03.24 21:23 itsjustmoneyhoney CDMX Report! Finally, Sorry guys took a bit!

Mexico city CDMX trip EDC
I’ll start by apologizing for this taking so long to get posted. I appreciate everyone that’s dm’d me, I’ve replied to 30 plus dms and impressed with the variety of requests. Feel free to reach out. All in all I fucked 6 girls on this trip with potential for many more.
I am traveling to CDMX again April 21-23. If anyone would like to join, let me know ASAP by message or chat. I am bilingual so it makes things easier. No, I will not share a room with you, don’t be weird. I’m getting a fucking nice suite at a nice hotel.
Anyways, my Mexico City CDMX trip finally came and went. I actually ended up taking my daughter (23) to EDC and she had her own place so wasnt too bad but it did create a few close calls lol! It all worked out in the end and I couldn't be happier. We are doing Vegas EDC this year and I'm planning some wiiild shit there. For now I want to share some insight on CDMX, it's scene for hobbying and why the misinformation out there.
First I'll review categorically along with approaches that worked or didn't. If I post a price, please assume that is covered full service and no extras.
Some advice that is decent to follow anywhere you go;
Taxi drivers know everything. Kind of, but they are a great source of cheap intel. Its ok to be casual and ask where are the ladies at, donde estan las mujeres. That should trigger some information sharing, write it down. Map your shit out before running off so you don’t have to be the guy walking around with phone in hand. My first cab driver from the airport, I ended up getting an offer to do a full tour for an evening with wait time at the hourly hotels or girls places. This is generally not my cup of tea. He said 8 hours as many girls as I could do at roughly 600-1000 pesos per girl plus cost of hotel and he would charge me 1500 for all the driving, waiting, and security. Not a bad deal, in fact an excellent deal. I trust him and will be reaching out to him for my next trip when I need a private driver. I want to hit up a strip club that I ran from on this trip (super sketchy one but full of the hottest women I’ve ever seen) but want someone waiting for me outside that I can count on. Don’t trust all cabbies, just this one haha Wear a fucking condom or get a vasectomy. It fucking irresponsible and mega shitty move to be risking getting these girls pregnant.
This shit is temporary. Mongering days are coming to a close, maybe not a complete close but its going to dry up big time. I am writing an article for discussion on this topic and hopefully the mods will be homies and support the discussion. The SR scene is killing us. These girls would much rather charge a guy $500+ a week from the middle of a latin american village just to send pics and video clips. Yes, guys pay this shit. It's literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard of and its getting worse, very quickly. Internet availability and high wages are to blame as well as the asshats willing to spend money like this.
I'm doing summaries and advice here for reference my story experience will be a separate post:
-Hotels vs AirBnb -Online dating apps: Tinder, Bumble and Insta -Agency girls -Street girls -Strip club/table dance places
-Hotels and AirBnBs:
I ended up staying at 2 different hotels but did plenty of research. The word on most of the internet is that hotels don’t allow guest and neither do AirBnbs. Digging deeper and reaching out to locals and other guys who have personally visited, this turned out to be complete bullshit. For the most part, most hotels allow double occupancy with no issue. This means when you reserve your room book for 2 adults. If you book your room for single occupancy then expect a charge for an additional guest. Don’t argue, just pay it, it’s fair. If you use an agency or independent girl with any sort of experience, they all 100% know the drill and have no issue checking in. The Hilton brought the girls up and walked them to my door. No issues whatsoever! Give the doorman a tip if they bring girls to your room. Great touch by hotel staff. Other hotel I stayed at just cared that you had the occupancy and weren’t noisy. This was a local hotel in Zona Rosa.
For AirBnBs I heard the same thing but stricter in policies not allowing guest. When I asked around and messaged with a few locals and even AirBnB owners, the answer was a staunch absolutely no guests for the most part. Very few said guests were ok but they needed to check in at the front with ID and are subject to the owner. That’s not cool. Unless you confirm first that guests are allowed, then it just doesn’t seem worth it.
-Online dating apps: Tinder, Bumble and Insta:
Definitely cast a big net here but also dont settle. Be clear but vague enough that you may hookup with girls genuinely looking for a hookup and not $. There are definitely working girls here but they are mixed in with these fucking annoying ass Insta/snap sluts that just want followers. Society here is very women empowered and liberal which I think is the reason for women being more open to hookup.
A few days before the trip I stocked up my tinder and bumble profiles so I could add travel and boosts (pro-tip: apparantly girls can see the travel so make sure to turn off travel when arriving wherever you go.) I found out that girls do not like to see travel, my thought is they feel like its mainly time wasters. Regardless it was frustrating, I was getting hits but these girls are all super vague about what they offer if anything and they just spit out their Instagram which is just fucking annoying. 99% of them are just building up their instas so fuck that. If they are too hot dont bother adding, its likely a waste of time and if youre like me you didn’t come here to stare at your phone. . Another issue in particular with bumble is that out of the 40 ish replies i got on bumble in 2 days, only 3 were women and the rest were non-binary, men, or very masc trans (think 5pm shadow). On my very last day in CDMX after my flight delay which put me in Zona Rosa, I ended up fucking one girl from Tinder and getting a pornstar blowjob from another. It was fucking crazy to think my dick was in one chick and one hour and one shower later in another. Just like old days when I was way better looking and a dj on tour. Both were decently attractive and one was an attorney. Girl #2 even gave me a ride to the airport! No charge for these two chicks, they were just dtf with a gringo.
-Agency Girls
Now here is where shit gets crazy. The variety is unreal. 1,500 can get you a pretty cute girl but 3,000 will get you a 8 and 4-5000 can get you a 9-10. Yes, I fucking said a 10. I’m sure whoever is reading this is like 10’s exist as much as unicorns that shit skittles. It’s a fucking fact that I’ll bet a trip on. The 10’s I saw were in a club, a dangerous one that I don’t plan on ever stepping foot in again without the right friends. More on that later. Now as far as agencies go, there’s a fucking million of em. Google em and youll see its limitless. Do they all work, pretty much. Just watch the country code and make sure it’s the right place. Don’t ever ever pay a deposit. Order a girl about 3 hours in advance at the most but it seems 1.5 hours is perfect. (Prices are for CFS and CBJ) for 1 hour. Just like the couple dozen guys that have already DM’d me and gotten hooked up with the agencies I’ve used, feel free to reach out. Message or Chat. I’m probably going to regret that but what goes around comes around. Now, to the guys who I have given contacts to and were dicks or just wasted time because you weren’t close to your trip, trust me I already heard about you. There’s no need to be an asshole or waste peoples time. These people are doing their jobs and if you are a dick, then not only do we all look like shit, I lose my own contacts so please don’t be that guy.
Keep in mind when ordering girls to your hotel, let the front desk know ahead of time. Also, give the front desk person a tip and the doorman/guard if they bring the girl to you. It’s safe to assume that the girl will know how to check in with her id, this is really typical. Don’t make it weird. Hilton was fantastic, they even brought 2 girls up to my room without any qualms my room was double occupancy only.
-Street Girls
No intention of using these but I was given a few locations and offered a private tour by said taxi driver. I want to see this but not partake. Trying to keep my shit nice and clean. Most likely I will have the driver just give me a driving tour through the area and hot spots and I’ll document it for some of you crazy fucks.
-Strip Clubs
Got more money than you know what do with? Don’t mind life/death risk? Well then come on down to your local CDMX strip club. We got guns, blow, gangsters, and guys in suits with walkie talkie.
Well shit, I wish I had better advice here. First strip club in the plaza reforma area about a block east from the Hilton reforma was ok but I wouldn’t recommend for first timers. At the very least I hope you speak Spanish. These girls and waiters will drain your wallet and are happy to charge your cards. Negotiate negotiate negotiate. If you pay their price, you lost. I eneded up taking a girl to my hotel and paying her house fee. Fucked all night and morning. Definitely going to call her when I go back. Absolutely great girl! Drinks were expensive as fuck, 400-500 pesos and the bottles were in the 5000 range. Girls will ask you to buy drinks and waiters will push them on you. If you are trying to bring a girl home, as the girl if they do “salidas”. This means outs. Typically girls will have to pay a fee so they can collect their tips for the night. I think I paid the house 1500 since it was 3 am and they were only open for 3 more hours.
Now for my shitty strip club experience. I’m not going to mention the name because this place was shady as shit. I wasn’t even intending going but the recruiter was a cab driver and drove me there. The guys working there were absolutely dangerous as fuck but the problem I have is the girls were foooooooking hot. Jesus H Christ I’ve never seen this before. Probably saw 15 girls with more most likely in the private rooms and all were 9’s or 10’s. Yeah this is no joke. I was with a buddy that was tits up drunk and I am seriously considering going back as long as I have a good bro to watch eachothers backs. This is obviously thinking with my small head but don’t hate, 9s and 10s. No joke. Russian girls, Asian girls, Brazilian girls and more. It was fucking weird. Then again maybe it was the GHB they probably put in my drink (no joke, 100% we were drugged) so good thing I sipped on half a beer. Waiters were delivering nicely cut lines to tables and even had blow on the menu. Yes the printed and professionally laminated menu.

Thanks for reading everyone!
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