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2019.09.01 04:27 newaccountoldwashack The places is for cool liscene plates

For cool and interesting liscense plates you drive by.

2023.03.21 03:05 carmackie Chronic sleep deprivation

Hi everyone, I'm new to this subreddit, so my apologies if this question has been asked many times already. I'm wondering if I should see my doctor for my chronic sleep deprivation that occurred from a past job.
I worked for USPS for several years, and my usual schedule was during nighttime hours (1 AM to 9 AM). I have kids and all the normal responsibilities in my home, so there were at least 5 years in a row that lead to the sleep deprivation. I know the last year I worked, I was lucky to get 4 hours in one day, and even then, it was broken up. I eventually quit because I couldn't keep up with the physicality of the job and the lack of sleep.
Sometimes I feel like it irreparably caused mental damage, like I struggle to sleep without medication, I wake up at any noise, and my mood and stress levels are awful. It feels like I'm losing my mind sometimes. Is this worth getting extra help, like a sleep study or a mental health expert? Or will it eventually repair itself as I get back to a normal schedule?
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2023.03.21 03:05 BobbyBoucherProdigy Marketing Agencies... How do you staff your business??

I am stuck on trying to scale my marketing agency with either hiring people in house, utilizing virtual assistants, or hiring sub contractors for projects. And I have been stuck on this for MONTHS.
Here's the departments that I am ASSUMING I need to build my agency up to over a $1,000,000+ a year.
  1. Sales
  2. Design (Web + Graphic)
  3. Content (Videographer + Photographer + Editing)
  4. Paid Marketing Specialist (Facebook, Google, Hulu, & More!)
  5. Social media management / Organic traffic (SEO, blog, etc.)
  6. Account Management / Support
  7. Leadership
It's sooooooo hard to wrap my head around this because there are literally companies that ONLY do web design or ONLY do paid advertising. But when I try that approach I run into other "subcontractor" companies not fulfilling their side of things or the client not being able to fulfill these things. It feels like it would be so much easier to offer an all-in-one solution.
But I'm also curious how much capacity someone in these positions could have?? Could 1 paid on staff web designer be able to handle everything needed for 10+ companies (just for example).
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2023.03.21 03:05 TomasTTEngin What will go broke in Australia?

As rates rise and economies turn down, you sometimes learn about the arcane and weird parts of the financial system; things that aren't the big 4, aren't listed, weren't quite on regulator's radar, via spectacular AFR page 1 stories about big bakruptices
IN America, it turns out to have been mid-sized banks that were at risk. Here I think our banking sector is pretty well regulated. But there's an enormous undergrowth of financial firms beneath the canopy of the big 4 banks: credit and debt and investment markets of all kinds.
What will turn out to have been under-regulated do you think? What quirky, high-growth financial firm of the last decade, quietly operating in a b2b space, or crypto space, or d-grade commercial property space, with a maserati driving ceo, will go broke spectacularly and turn out to have a balance sheet of billions, a sprinkling of fraud and some high-profile creditors?
THis is one way tighter monetary policy squeezes the economy, I guess putting a bit of fear into financial interrelations so people are less likely to extend trade credit or become an unsecured lender to dubious businesses...
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2023.03.21 03:05 AutoModerator [Get] AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy Download Course on Genkicourses.com

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  • Library #1: How To Sell With Content
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2023.03.21 03:05 frugal33 Is this normal?? ADVICE NEEDED

I have been exclusively pumping for thr first 4 months of life. I recently decided to start breastfeeding instead of only pumping. Baby has been latching and appears to get milk, only issue is it takes forever.
My baby will eat for 1.5 hours of 2 hours per feeding when breastfeeding. I love feeding this way, but it is a bit discouraging to know it will take this long.
Any tips or advice?
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2023.03.21 03:04 willisbestdorito help understanding mod schedules. (some mods don't include schedules other than code T_T)

how do I know when & where to find NPCs through this?

Strings\\schedules\\Jasper:marriage_Ca1\"/1200 Custom_EastScarpe 68 21 1 \"Strings\\schedules\\Jasper:marriage_Ca2\"/1800 Saloon 36 20 1/2200 BusStop -1 23 3
(not the mod I need help with, using as example)
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2023.03.21 03:04 astrolight-999 Climbing as Jungle

What should I look for when looking to improve as a jungler? What kinds of champions/what should I be playing that allows me to focus on non-champion factors most or carry games most often?
I took a long break from the game and came back more seriously this season. Already climbed back up Gold 4, currently sitting in Gold 3. The last few metas have been simpler since I've just had to pick Rammus, but with the recent changes and looking at the current highest winrates, I'm not sure what exactly to pick. I'm an ex-Ekko OTP but I feel he's not able to survive right now. Any recommendations for how I should pick my champion pool/what champions I should specifically consider would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I've been watching pro play for a while now and I'd like to learn how to play around my teammates when trying to control space? I understand objective pressure is important, but that it eventually evolves into zone control and spatial pressure, but I'm not sure how to do that/use that knowledge when I don't always have as willing teammates.
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2023.03.21 03:04 Jenny-LPInformation Global Radio Frequency over Glass Market Analysis (2023-2029)

Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) is a type of passive optical networking that proposes to transport RF signals that are now transported over copper (principally over hybrid fiber and coax cable), over a Passive Optical Network.
LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Radio Frequency over Glass Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Radio Frequency over Glass sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Radio Frequency over Glass sales for 2023 through 2029. With Radio Frequency over Glass sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Radio Frequency over Glass industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Radio Frequency over Glass landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Radio Frequency over Glass portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms’ unique position in an accelerating global Radio Frequency over Glass market.
This Insight Report evaluates the key market trends, drivers, and affecting factors shaping the global outlook for Radio Frequency over Glass and breaks down the forecast by type, by application, geography, and market size to highlight emerging pockets of opportunity. With a transparent methodology based on hundreds of bottom-up qualitative and quantitative market inputs, this study forecast offers a highly nuanced view of the current state and future trajectory in the global Radio Frequency over Glass.
The global Radio Frequency over Glass market size is projected to grow from US$ 246.1 million in 2022 to US$ 418.7 million in 2029; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2023 to 2029.
Arris (CommScope) was the global greatest company in Global Radio Frequency over Glass industry, with the market Share of 22% , followed by Adtran, Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN), Teleste, WISI, Maxcom, Lootom, PCT International, Bktel, EMCORE Corporation, Hangzhou Premlink Tech, Accelink Technologies (WTD), Lindsay Broadband Inc.Europe is the largest Radio Frequency over Glass market with about 30% market share. North America is follower, accounting for about 28% market share.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Radio Frequency over Glass market by product type, application, key players and key regions and countries.
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Radio Frequency over Glass market?
What factors are driving Radio Frequency over Glass market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Radio Frequency over Glass market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Radio Frequency over Glass break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
Request Sample Report and Full Report TOC:
Strategic Points Covered in TOC:
Chapter 1: Scope of Radio Frequency over Glass, Research Methodology, etc.
Chapter 2: Executive Summary, global Radio Frequency over Glass market size (sales and revenue) and CAGR, Radio Frequency over Glass market size by region, by type, by application, historical data from 2017 to 2023, and forecast to 2029.
Chapter 3: Radio Frequency over Glass sales, revenue, average price, global market share, and industry ranking by company, 2017-2023
Chapter 4: Global Radio Frequency over Glass sales and revenue by region and by country. Country specific data and market value analysis for the U.S., Canada, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.
Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8: Americas, APAC, Europe, Middle East & Africa, sales segment by country, by type, and type.
Chapter 9: Analysis of the current market trends, market forecast, opportunities and economic trends that are affecting the future marketplace
Chapter 10: Manufacturing cost structure analysis
Chapter 11: Sales channel, distributors, and customers
Chapter 12: Global Radio Frequency over Glass market size forecast by region, by country, by type, and application.
Chapter 13: the key raw materials and key suppliers, and industry chain of Radio Frequency over Glass.
Chapter 14: Research Findings and Conclusion
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
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Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
Website: https://www.lpinformationdata.com
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2023.03.21 03:04 jolla92126 Crackles/Rales - How Serious?

My husband
Last week Tuesday (3/14) he had a tickle in his throat and I could hear a little something in his voice. Home Covid test was Negative.
Wednesday he got a little worse, sneezing a lot and coughing (neither wet nor dry, just regular).
Thursday morning, definitely a wet cough. Home Covid test negative. Went on his daily walk. Napped after the walk before lunch, after lunch, and went to bed earlier than normal. Friday and Saturday were pretty similar.
Sunday the wet cough got worse, more rattling and crackling. Like the other days, walk and naps and early bed.
Today (Monday) the crackling is way worse, mostly on the exhale. The fatigue is worse too; no walk, pretty much slept all day.
He had a teledoc appointment and was prescribed benzonatate pills and albuterol inhaler.
We have a home pulse ox thingy and he's reading 92% to 94%.
I'm worried that it's just treating the symptoms, not the cause. And of course I Googled it and none of the causes seemed like it will go away on its own.
Should he be pushing for some tests? An in-person visit? Wait and see?
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2023.03.21 03:04 justanothergroupie I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out if I’m on the right career path; should I pursue a masters in psychology? Also, I’m not sure if this is possible but determing the nature of a traumatic event between age 0-7 that I know happened but can’t remember.

I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out if I’m on the right career path; should I pursue a masters in psychology? Also, I’m not sure if this is possible but determing the nature of a traumatic event between age 0-7 that I know happened but can’t remember. submitted by justanothergroupie to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 03:04 ledlamp89 [OWOP Bot#pixel-art] from Narisa Onowa Official#4601: Here it is: Itreita as of today

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2023.03.21 03:04 postduskcontinent Ender 3 upgraded main board. Need help with cr touch

I upgraded my main board from the original ender 3 main board to the ender 4.2.7 silent main board and i want to install the cr touch, but i dont know which firmware to get. all the ones that i tried with the ender 3 firmware update for the 4.2.7 don't seem to be working.
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2023.03.21 03:04 Xiaoleung4 I SWEAR IF SOMEONE SAYS 1,A,1!

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2023.03.21 03:04 Thesgnl Uber Diablo spawned from a seal in Chaos Sanctuary?

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2023.03.21 03:04 AutoModerator [Get] Walter Peters – Small Account Big Profits with Upsell

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2023.03.21 03:04 TJ_Detweiler_101 Be Brave Wallabee

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2023.03.21 03:04 TheOneGothGuy 20th-26th stream scedule!

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2023.03.21 03:04 absoooo Unquit You (Firecracker: Part 3) (Official Node Discussion Thread)

Unquit You (Firecracker: Part 3) (Official Node Discussion Thread)
This is the permanent discussion thread for Unquit You (Firecracker: Part 3).
Node: UNQUIT YOU (YouTube)
Subnodes: [tba]
Crosslinked Nodes: [tba]
For discussion of Firecracker in general, plus use this thread (will be added and linked soon).
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2023.03.21 03:03 coliveira81 Looking for a magical unicorn here....

Looking for a magical unicorn here....
Need a replacement Bus Bar for a Bryant B40-40 panel, it's a stretch but thought I would try....
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2023.03.21 03:03 perfes [USA-NH] [H] Aero 15x, Defective 34gk950f-b, Razer Kraken Ultimate, Corsair HS35, Naga Trinity, MX518, Adventura SH 120R II Camera Carrying Bag, QCK vector mousepad, Sunpak tripods, [W] paypal, local cash

All items are OBO
Will lower price for bundled items
If there is a box in the picture, the item will come with it

Product Description Price
Aero 15x Used for around 3 years, nothing is wrong with it. It has a 8750h, 1070 max-q, 16gbs ram, 1tb ex950, ax200 upgraded from old wifi card. Battery seems to still be very good on it from battery report. There is no original box with it, will include power brick and mini displayport cable. Don't know how to price it so OBO. $600 obo?
Defective LG34gk950f-b Used for around 3 years then one day had scanlines. Not super noticeable when content is playing but with a blank background it is. Just seeing if someone wants to try to fix this or fine with scanlines. Have the box it came with, will include power brick, usb hub cable, display port. $80 local cash
Razer Kraken Ultimate Barely used $45 shipped OBO
Corsair HS35 Stereo Barely used $30 shipped
Lowepro - Adventura SH 120R II Camera Carrying Bag $15
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus Flexible Tripod $10
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus 5858D 58" Tripod $20
1 QCK vector Would like it to be bought with another item $5
Naga Trinity Barely used $55 shipped OBO
BNIB MX518 BNIB $25 shipped OBO
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2023.03.21 03:03 plantwisethechick I hate sometimes that I don’t know where to set normal boundaries because the default people understand isn’t my brain

I hate sometimes that I don’t know where to set normal boundaries because the default people understand isn’t my brain submitted by plantwisethechick to autism [link] [comments]