Thrift stores in circleville ohio


2021.05.10 08:59 rustycheerios ThriftPaintings

A place to post art you find in flea markets, thrift, or secondhand stores.

2021.10.28 04:55 MegaDoft thriftstorecirclejerk

For all the weird things that we find in thrift stores

2017.11.05 07:59 Thrift Store Mauls

ThriftStoreMauls is for posting photos of ridiculously overpriced crap found in thrift stores and other resale shops.

2023.03.25 04:57 searayman 3/24/2023 Update: You can now copy and duplicate a pack you already have

3/24/2023 Update: You can now copy and duplicate a pack you already have
Just pushed a new update out this evening which is already live in the Android app store and should be live in the iOS store in the next coming days.
Added the ability to duplicate a pack. This makes it easy if you have 80-90% of the same items in one pack vs another. This will especially help through hikers who have slight changes in equipment for different section of the PCT or AT.

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2023.03.25 04:56 MyDogAteMyCactus Chronicles Simultaneously Installed And Not Installed

I want to play bo3 with my friend, who only has chronicles, but my chronicles is apparently not installed, despite me installing Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles Edition. The CoD store says I have purchased Chronicles, the PlayStation store says its installed, but i cannot play any of the maps included in Chronicles.
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2023.03.25 04:56 ledbudywasee When will Google Giggles be released?

TikTok is about to be banned, so I’m thinking of using Google Giggles since I heard about it from TikTok.
I can’t find it in the App Store, when will it be released?
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2023.03.25 04:55 SNARK63 School desk for sale at a thrift store in an Amish and Mennonite community. “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”

School desk for sale at a thrift store in an Amish and Mennonite community. “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” submitted by SNARK63 to interesting [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 04:54 Internal_Ad1169 [WTS/WTT] FDE BCM Upper 11.5 ELW BFH, 16 inch M&P Sport Upper, Modlite PL350, G43 Eotech, Surefire 3 Prong, M640U, HS510C, M70 Yugo Stock

PayPal Friends & Family No Notes
$660 🚢 11.5 Factory BCM ELW BFH Upper Complete, includes bcm qd mount, FDE Vert BCM Grip, S&W handle & toolcraft No logo Nickel boron BCG, Professional cerakote, 1500 rounds, not beat, can include 3 prong SF for extra
$450 FIRM 🚢 Eotech G43, lightly salted, body has few imperfections, no box, bought it and immediately wanted a g33 for block okay build, trade towards g33 (last few imgur photos)
$250 🚢 Surefire Scout Pro m640u Tan/FDE, very light sat, comes in a different light box, comes with both pic and mlok mount 2x surefire batteries, KE2-B head, paperwork, clicky, got in a bundle and let me know if price is off, unfamiliar with these lights
$230 FIRM 🚢 Modlite PL350 PLHv2 head no battery or charger, carbon and build up on PLHv2 head shown in photo, 1913 and uni, plus box and all pad switches
$225 FIRM 🚢 Holosun HS510C red, medium salt, glass is nice, comes with everything original it seems, unfamiliar with these, got it with an upper I got in
$225 🚢 16 inch, Smith Wesson M&P sport upper with no fsp, light salt, stored away, stripped
$140 FIRM or $100 w/ BCM upper 🚢 SF3P 1/2x38 223/556 Catch & Release, amazing condition, little salt if even, got a 4 prong so ya..
$125 FIRM 🚢 BCM MCMR-10 inch, comes with everything it’s supposed to and even with extra Magpul mlok to pic mount rail and BCM wrench
$75 🚢 Fixed M70 Yugo triangle stock with hardware
$70 or $60 w/ BCM upper 🚢 modbutton fde 4’ light salt
$60 FIRM 🚢 20 round Straight Pmag (NO BAN STATES), low salt
$50 🚢 Olight PL-2 Valkyrie, gunmetal not rechargeable, no batteries included
Eotech G33, Tangodown FDE Stubby
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2023.03.25 04:54 Maleficent-Metal8029 What's the most unique item you've ever bought at a thrift store and why did you buy it?

Have you ever had a random act of kindness happen to you that made a big impact?
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2023.03.25 04:54 Lukeyjukey Will there be a 50th anniversary vinyl of the new remaster?

I’ve been too a few record stores in my area and I’ve only found the 2016 Remaster, and the new live album. I checked online and I can only find the 2016 remaster for dark side available online as well.
Do you guys happen to know if/when they’ll be printing that vinyl??
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2023.03.25 04:52 AutoModerator [SHARE COURSE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Full Updated Course

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2023.03.25 04:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator for 25 USD
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2023.03.25 04:52 RareStorm4049 Flipkart Coupons: Upto 90% Off Promo Code April 2023

Flipkart Coupons: Upto 90% Off Promo Code April 2023

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2023.03.25 04:51 Sjbkicker39 Anyone At All Know Who Nikolai The Artists Is? Or Their Full Name?!

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2023.03.25 04:51 random-anon-red Worth getting the Buzzworthy Bumblebee redeco of B-127 or should I just get the SS-100 Bumblebee?

I saw SS-100 Bumblebee once at a local department store but skipped it. Now I can't find it anywhere in retail or secondary market. But I found BWB's redeco of B-127 for a decent price and it's the other most recent Bumblebee. I do like B127's cybertronian car mode much better though. Should I just wait for SS-100 to show up again or get B127?
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2023.03.25 04:50 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 29

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one
Allah settled into a corner of the room, resting against a wall at a crouch. Li pulled out a sheet of shiny black cloth from her pocket, flapping it to unfurl the short, shawl length thing. She set it on the desk and the cloth lit up--a duplicate of the interface she had used in Star dancer’s CNC--to form a keyboard. The human danced her fingers over the glowing surface, lists and glyphs changing, growing, being replaced by new symbols.
Several times the lights flickered ominously. Once they went out completely for a span of seven times seven times three and six heartbeats, the room suffused by the glow of the sticks, the monitor and Li’s keyboard cloth.
Allah lowered her head in thought. Why would the other defenders abandon them? Abandon Li? She had said, before, that “the tempo of the war had changed” when the bullies attacked…dirt? The bullies seemed to attack anything. What was so special about this particular dirt?
It had to have been important. Irreplaceable even. Allah suspected the war must not be going as well as Li’s performance last night had appeared.
She wanted to ask but more importantly she did not want to interrupt. Li remained focused on the screen and her keyboard until Allah had lost all track of time. It was only after the human stood, stretched and yawned that Li took notice of the U’knock.
“What’re you doing?” she asked.
“Waiting,” Allah said simply. And what else could she do? She had barely managed to make broth, and that with help. Allah had considered returning to the mess hall to clean the dishes and dispose of the trash left from their meal but…she did not trust the hole in the wall to provide enough water to clean them, nor did she know where to find a well, wash rags, or the refuse heap. Was the outpost like Star dancer? She did not remember seeing a bucket in the walls to whoosh away such work.
“That won’t do,” Li chastised, turning to stride out the door. The lights flickered again and Li returned to the desk, grabbing her glowing stick.
“Demeter?” Li called as Allah rose from her crouch and picked up her own stick to follow, “Do you have any V-REHs in storage?”
“T-t-t-t-t-this facility hhhhhhhhas a fully stoc-c-c-cked classroom,” the machine replied. Whatever Li had been focused on, heeling Demeter speak was not an apparent priority.
“Show me,” Li ordered.
"P-p-please follow the indicated-d-d-d-d-d-” Demeter hiccuped, clicked and was silent. A blue light flickered on and off on the floor. Li followed.
They reached the great hall again, and Allah was almost surprised to hear the sound of robots still busy tearing apart other machines. More, in place of the planters there now sat the squat carts from the holoimage at the quorum. Tanks, Li had called them. They were bare, skeletal husks now, but the treads and wheels were in place. Three humanoid robots were pushing a large many tubed box into the machine's center.
“How many of these will we need to make?” Allah asked as she passed another husk of metal.
“We’ll keep producing until the siege ends,” Li answered, “but I’d like to have at least one thousand per continent. And at least a hundred mass drivers for orbital bombardment deterrence.”
“Those are the larger ones,” Allah guessed, “the wide ones that will crush Umati’clam’s buildings?
Li nodded. “The same,” she pointed up. In the dim scattered light Allah could see the open center of the spire was no longer so open. Highlighted by the glow of sparks were the skeletons of metal birds. She could not be certain but these forms looked larger than the arrows that had assaulted the bully vessel. “But those bad boys,” Li continued, “will be able to take the fight to em.
“Nachtkrapp class assault fighters,” Li explained. The flickering blue light led them out of the garage and down another door filled corridor. “With quad mounted rail guns and hardpoints that can load up to four Hawking/Golubev B-903 ship killer missiles.
“Buster missiles,” Allah said uncertainly. Li nodded. “These birds--these Nachtkrapps--are much larger than the arrows from before. Why did Demeter not use such weapons last night?”
Li stopped in the dark hallway, turning to reappraise her friend. “You catch on quick,” the human complimented Allah. She turned, resuming their journey. “Two reasons. First, Nachtkrapp designs are only about thirty years old so Demeter didn’t know how to make them before we uploaded thermopylae. They’re not bleeding edge tech but they’re proven and tough. The assault drones you saw last night are in-atmosphere interceptors. Not much bigger than busters themselves.”
“You said there were two reasons,” Allah pressed as she was led into another room filled with tables. These were much smaller than the mess hall benches, a single chair and monitor for each. They were arranged in a circle around the room, facing inward. Li strode to a closet in the corner.
“Gravity weapons have a…life cycle. They need to either be used within a couple years or recycled. Buster missiles are expensive to maintain. So there was no foreseeable reason for Demeter to waste resources on making and maintaining a fleet of drones that could carry them.”
“Until now,” Allah concluded. “But I still do not understand. Why did the bullies come here? We have nothing of value to offer.”
Li stopped digging through the closet, returning to the ring of tables. She set three helmets on one of the tiny tables, then glanced around the room. She walked to another closet, retrieving a pitcher and a plate. Allah watched as Li set the plate in the center of the room, took the pitcher to a waist high box and pressed a button. Water spouted from the top of the box and Li used it to fill the pitcher.
She returned to the center of the room, tapping a button on the edge of the plate with her foot. Allah could feel the air begin to hum.
“Here,” Li handed the pitcher of water next to Allah. “Pour this over the Vibro plate. Don’t worry; it won’t spill as long as the plate is on."
Allah I did as instructed, and the water began to shimmer. It hovered three paw’s spans above the surface of the strange plate. Allah bent, sniffing at the floating pool.
“Now,” while Allah had been pouring the water, Li had made a tiny toy out of paper. It was pointed like her ship, but not. It looked like some strange raft, “place this under the water with the flat side pointed up.”
As Allah moved her paw under the water, she felt a force shaking her. She drew her paw away.
“It won’t hurt you,” Li promised. "We used to do this in primary school. It’s a science experiment. For children.”
Cautiously, Allah crouched and slid her paw under the floating water.
“Make sure the boat touches the water before you take your hand away.”
Allah did so and the boat floated upside down on the water.
"This is using vibrational force to counteract gravity. It is not true anti-gravity but it lets you see what I’m trying to describe next."
“It floats upside down though,” Allah pointed to the toy boat as it bobbed on the underside of the pool, upside down. “It defies the gravity."
“Not entirely,” Li answered, “this is more a case of bending the rules."
“What,” Allah asked, “is gravity?”
“It's a fundamental force of physics,” Li explained, holding up a hand at Allah’s question. “We’ll get to physics another time. Every object, including you and me, has gravity. It allows objects to pull one another closer together. It’s what holds you to the ground and,” she dug into a pocket, pulling a round coin shaped object free. She dropped the coin onto the ground, “what causes objects to fall to the ground when released."
“It is not magic then,” Allah gestured to the boat.
“Depending on your level of technological achievement,” Li shrugged, “that's debatable. The point is that normal gravity pulls objects together. The larger the object, the greater that pull. Generally speaking, I’m not getting into mass today.
“But,” she continued, “let us suppose you had a way to harness gravity, “ she bent and manipulated a dial on the plate. “If you could force the gravity of a giant object into a single point,” the pool of water began to shift and change, the upside down boat rocking violently in the sudden storm. Slowly, as Li pressed other buttons and turned dials, the tone of the plate changed, and the pool of water with it. It began to swirl, becoming a tiny typhoon. “Something that is creating a strong gravity well--like this planet--you could “dip” from that well using a special bucket,” the boat was now spinning rapidly faster up the inside of the typhoon, “and take some of that gravity to use for your own means.
“This is how we first learned to control gravity,” Li finished as the boat flew up from the top of the typhoon. “Large objects create it, and we exploit it. It's how we created the slingshot drive. We could use gravity because its pull is infinite, and reaches beyond all the known universe.
“But if it reaches so far,” Allah asked, “why do not all objects pull themselves together?”
“They may,” Li answered, “eventually,” she waved a hand in defeat. “The tech heads would be able to explain this much better than I can. But,” she handed Allah the paper boat, “the important thing is to understand that gravity pulls everything together by its nature, and the closer you are to a large object, the more powerful its effect becomes.
“Now,” she set the pitcher under the typhoon and tapped another button with her foot. The water--most of it--sloshed inside. “This is where things get a little weird. When we first created sling drives we used gravitational pull and massive amounts of power to pull us to neighboring stars, and from there to other stars, and others. But as my species learned more about gravity, we realized we could…” She trailed off. “I am not a gravity mechanic, and we start getting into infinite universe theory, supersymmetry, string theory and you’re barely ready for quantum mechanics,” the human shrugged, “but it was explained to me when I was…younger that it is like reversing the polarity of a magnet. To create an anti-gravitational well inside of an existing gravity well.”
“What is a magnet?” Allah asked.
“Another force of attraction, like gravity, only stronger than gravity, but with much shorter range. But magnets can both pull and repel. So can gravity…Once you learn how.
“And that is part of why the,” Li grinned again. Allah was getting used to the expression, “Bullies attacked here. Your planet has an easily exploitable gravity well and all the resources they could ever want. Well, most. And the swarmers are what my people call a ‘competitive species’. They don’t seek cooperation and destroy any sapient species they find to avoid the chance of competition later.
“That's the main reason why they attacked your planet. Its what’s called the Smorgasbord Doctrine. Once a species learns to control gravity, it becomes more energy and time efficient to use that control to harvest larger astral bodies than to chase down multiple smaller ones. They could have parked over or in one of your gas giants like Star dancer is now and gotten most of the same minerals, water and materials but…there is a third reason. They came here for something ‘special’.”
“What?” Allah asked. What could her planet still have to offer that the bullies could possibly prize?
Li looked at Allah appraisingly, “Complex proteins and carbohydrates remain energy intensive to synthesize or store for long periods of time.”
Allah’s face remained blank as the tiny star behind her ear translated the strange words into U’knock. “Meat and plant matter,” it said.
Li put it more plainly still.
“They came here to harvest you…”
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2023.03.25 04:49 bangarang_84 [US-GA-30104] [FS] Clank! collection - Base Game, Mummy's Curse, Gold & Silk, and much more [W] $150

Clank! base game Clank! The Mummy's Curse Clank! Sunken Treasures Expansion Clank! Expeditions: Gold & Silk Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords Clank! Acquisitions Incorporated: The C Team Pack Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated: Upper Management pack
Also includes the characters from the Clank! Legacy game with colored base ring (which can be placed on any character). All Cards sleeved. Cards stored in Deck Pro boxes.
Everything is stored in the Clank! Legacy box, but Clank! Legacy game is not included (only the characters as mentioned above).
Shipping will likely be a beast.
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2023.03.25 04:49 wompywompwom favorite white chocolate brands?

I used to use the Walmart allergy free one, but I haven’t been able to find it in stores for a couple months now. So, does anyone have any recommendations for brands that make good vegan white chocolate?
I live in the U.S (California) btw & I’m fine with ordering things online!
Much thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 04:47 Charming-Yak7161 About 2 years ago I want to a flea Market over an Ohio. And there was a guy that was selling custom rings, where you can put out any meaning or word you want and I ask can you put HPJ? And he said yes and made it for me. And now I got this ring because Justice is my favorite character in the game.

About 2 years ago I want to a flea Market over an Ohio. And there was a guy that was selling custom rings, where you can put out any meaning or word you want and I ask can you put HPJ? And he said yes and made it for me. And now I got this ring because Justice is my favorite character in the game. submitted by Charming-Yak7161 to Helltaker [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 04:47 Substantial-View-998 23 M4F M4MF Willowbrook area 420 friendly

Hmu let get together have some fun nd smoke give eachother head make it a one time thing or make it into a FWB thing pic in profile you'll enjoy the chocolate bar I got in store for you, singles married milfs cum to me 💋
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2023.03.25 04:47 DoodleFlare AVerMedia GL310/LGP Lite - RECentral "No Device Detected" - FIXED

AVerMedia GL310/LGP Lite - RECentral
I own a GL310 and I could not get it to be recognized no matter what I did. Different cables, manual driver updates, uninstalling and reinstalling software, restarting and updating my computer, etc. etc. etc.
I was able to finally fix this issue after some exploration of AVer's website. So to spare someone else who may not know why their GL310/LGP Lite isn't being recognized and/or can't find the driver in the Device Manager, here is my guide on how to troubleshoot and fix this common issue.

  • First go to AVerMedia's website. At the top you should see "Products", "Workspaces Solutions", "Embedded Solutions", "Support", and "Store". Hover over "Support" and select "Downloads and FAQ" from the drop-down menu.
  • At the bottom there is a program called "Assist Central". Hit download and run the EXE. This program will help troubleshoot your devices if they stop working later as well as provide you driver updates for even the older models of capture cards.
  • When you open Assist Central it will begin scanning for your devices. If it is unable to detect any, it will show you this message:
Screenshot from AverMedia's Assist Central program showing failure.
  • Long story short, as soon as I plugged the USB cable into the 3.0 slot, the proper drivers installed themselves and my capture card was finally recognized by both the RECentral AND OBS Studio as a virtual camera.
  • You'll know you've done it correctly when the ring on the GL310/LGP Lite turns a solid blue and the Assist Central screen looks something like this:
Second screenshot showing success.
I hope someone finds this useful so they don't have to spend hours troubleshooting like I did. I MISSED MY STREAM, MAN!!! Jk, I'm not mad about it. I'll do my best to answer any questions, but I'm not a professional or anything. Good luck!
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2023.03.25 04:47 Lost__Scientist Sprouts only shows $15 no-tip orders and an hour long delivery.

theres a Sprouts grocery store where i live (south fl). and EVERY day EVERY SINGLE order at this store are around $15 (no tip, always boosted) and go to super tall "rich people" miami condos an hour drive from the store.
so imagine taking a boatload of groceries through 1 hour in traffic (its only 25 miles away but the traffic makes it long), then up 40 stories in an elevator for $15, no tip, to some smug rich asshole, and now youre an hour away from where you started. ive never taken these orders but they clog my screen all day, and this store exclusively only shows me this type of order.
any way to block a store? also how terrible can people be that they dont tip on such orders when they can clearly afford it AND their order is the most demanding type of order requiring a monumental effort from the shopper
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2023.03.25 04:47 Joukisen Options for VR Co-Op in same house?

Topic. I wasn’t quite sure how to even search this particular question. I decided to get a Quest Pro and so was going to get rid of my Quest 2, but my gf has really taken a liking to VR games plays more than I do, and I want to try playing some VR games together at home. However, I’m thinking it may end up being impossible without her getting more involved. She currently plays on my account, am I correct in assuming that we won’t both be able to connect to the same computer at the same time, and that she would have to have an account and buy whatever compatible game in the Oculus Store while I, say, have it in Steam where I tend to buy everything?
Also I suppose if anyone could give good VR couples co-op game recommendations that’d be nice. She’s a huge scaredy cat so horror games are a no-go along with most shooting games, so the ones I usually play with friends are a no-go
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2023.03.25 04:47 jayashuklaa Ghagra choli for kids

Ghagra choli is a traditional Indian outfit that is typically worn by girls and women. It consists of a skirt (ghagra) and a blouse (choli). If you're looking for a ghagra choli for kids, there are many options available online and in stores that specialize in Indian clothing.
When shopping for a ghagra choli for kids, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Size: Make sure you know the child's measurements before buying the outfit to ensure the best fit.
  2. Material: Choose a fabric that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Cotton and silk are popular choices for ghagra cholis.
  3. Style: There are many different styles of ghagra cholis available, ranging from simple and elegant to ornate and heavily embellished. Consider the occasion and the child's personal style when choosing a ghagra choli.
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2023.03.25 04:46 ExploringOz myKamus: A Free and Open Source Indonesian Translation Program

G'day all!
Today I am here to showcase my first public open source program (which is VERY simple but very useful or anyone like me)!
If you try to clone it, take note that one of the files is over 700mb so it is stored on the github large file service.
myKamus is An open source instant translation software for Indonesian that provides the userwith complex Indonesian-English translation capabilities.To run the program you cna either do it from inside an IDE of your choice, or with Python installed either:
a) Run clipboard_monitor through IDLE
b) Launch a Powershell session through the directory and run clipboard_monitor through it
It utilises several open source bitext corpus to provide access to over 50 million example sentences and words forthe purposes of translation.The program is free to use for academic and non-commercial applications, if you wish to use it for something elseemail me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). There will be no cost involved for a license to use in a corporate, governmentor military environment, it is so we can discuss any needs you might have for updates, specific vocabularyor language requirements. Again, it will be free but a representative from your organisation must make contact withme first.

If you like this program and have found it useful for your work, feel free to email with your success story or anyimprovements that you might suggest.
A link to the program can be found here:
I am happy to take suggestions on how to improve the program, but I have only been working on the for a few hours now. At some point I would like to build it into a GUI and use pyInstaller to actually make an executable for the program, but I can't work out how to use pyInstaller on a project with multiple py files and have it also include the dependent translation files which at over 700mg in size.
submitted by ExploringOz to indonesian [link] [comments]