Don't let him go lyrics

Don't let him have all the fun.

2014.07.04 05:59 mcd900 Don't let him have all the fun.

Are YOU part of the Ops Team?

2016.07.14 02:34 WhitTheDish Bitchy Cats: Made of 'Tude

Cats are made of attitude; don't let it go to waste.

2013.01.22 14:26 When bad dates happen to good people

Don't let that bad date go to waste, share all your cringy, nasty, gut-busting dating stories.

2023.03.25 05:29 PleiadesNymph technically a sports injury... technically

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2023.03.25 05:29 Upstairs-Ad8724 AITA For Not Going On The Family Disney Trip But Still Sending My Kid

My (26 f) FIL has been wanting to take all the grandkids to Disney once they all turned 5. He wants to do it big for 7 days and he wants to have a great time. He wanted 3 parks on 3 days and the rest of the time would be a family vacation. Well the time is now. I’m a Disney adult. I’d tell my child’s name but it would be a dead give away if they read this. Anyway. FIL has stated he wants to pay for the kids and if the adults want to come we can pay for ourselves. I thought this was very fair. I told FIL & MIL that I’d love to come chaperone and would even help with the planning. Now my husbands family has friends who own a hotel in the area. We would get a great deal on the hotel so he would take care of the room. No one asked for this. He just offered. We just have to let them know the dates so they can secure a spot when we want to come. We had specific dates in mind and the time of planning was around 9 months out. I told them from the beginning that I think it would be best to plan for an entire year because Disney can get expensive. But they insisted this is enough time. Everytime I talked to MIL I asked her if she checked on hotel to secure it and she said no each time but the dates we wanted would be fine. I made a planning guide with loads of info on restaurants, travel info, genie plus, lightning lane, prices, and more. Time has been dwindling down and I called a family meeting to get out the official Disney information because all the parents decided that wanted to join as well and it would be a big family Disney vacation. I make another PowerPoint detailing things and all of a sudden my MIL & FIL said that they no longer want to do a week (sat-sat like we originally agreed upon) but they want to do Thursday to Sunday. And just take the kids on a one day park hopper. Me being confused, i asked why. He said he doesn’t think it’s necessary to take them the entire time because even one day at Disney will be good enough and they will just be happy to be there. I said okay but this isn’t what we originally planned and now that it’s 2 months out because you didn’t properly plan you want to change it. I was heated. When he was telling me he wanted to take the kids to Disney he would hype it up and say I’d like to do Disney but also other fun things in Florida like Fun spot, mini golf, old town, different activities and hyped the entire thing up but now he just wants to stay a weekend. In the last family meeting I mentioned how he said he’d be paying for the rooms and MIL said she wasn’t aware of this. He then backtracked his statement and said it depends on how many days we’d be there for. I decided to just stay quiet and made the decision I was no longer going. Im still sending my daughter because he stated he wanted the trip to be for the grandkids. So I just won’t be there to chaperone and exert energy where im clearly not needed. So AITA. I feel like im missing details so if something doesn’t make sense I’ll happily clarify.
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2023.03.25 05:28 Sharp-Tap-9925 Anon convinces her mom she is a woman

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2023.03.25 05:28 s0ulmates Is it normal for men to call each other sexy?

My boyfriend's friend is in town. He asked him to hangout to eat, then they ended up going to a comedy club. My boyfriend showed me some text and I realized his friend had called him sexy, and asked him about it. He said that's just how he talks. I saw other messages where the friend had said similar things, so I asked him if the friend was into men or something. He kind of gave a weird answer, laughing then saying he's "had girlfriends before."
His friend then asked him to go out next weekend too. My bf has been gone for around 4 and a half hours leaving at 7:15pm(his friend was fasting due to ramadan). I don't mind him spending time with his friends at all but my first thought was something was strange
Is that normal??
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2023.03.25 05:28 Chirpy74382 Hey, Sorry About That, Babe

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2023.03.25 05:28 Heyoka_Poet VR Apps on the XR

Hi all. I've only ever owned a Gear for VR before but have now decided to go much more top-end. I narrowed my choices down to the XR and PSVR2, deciding in the end to go with the former because I want to use VR for more than just games, which isn't really an option on the PS. I have lots of 360 photos I took when I had the Gear and I'd really like to look through them again, as well as using Google Earth and things like that. But looking on Viveport it doesn't seem like there's anything on there that would let me do either of those things :/ I know it's a real noob question (which is what I am more or less), but will I be able to do the things I mentioned or stuff like it on the XR? I'd really like to know this before spending all that money then finding out that I can't. Many thanks.
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2023.03.25 05:28 Soft-Chocolate-8132 Can/should GS cut to front of group1?

Regardless of the answer I will post the details because I’ve been sitting on this for a few hours and going back and forth if I should’ve said something.
For starters, this was my second time flying United. First was in august Polaris from Tokyo it was great and loved it, but I am a delta boy.. needed to go from MSP-ORD and the organization chose United cuz it was cheaper.
Anyway, left the United club a few minutes after boarding notification. Saw both lines moving so got in line 1 (my bp said 1). People were taking turns from 1 and 2. Woman with small child walks up next to the front of line 1, asks the guy in front of me “is this group 1?” And he says “yes but they are taking turns.” The woman says thanks and kind of stands to the side. Then the guy goes up, and then the lady goes behind him, and then this guy from the side/behind me starts to go up. I say “oh actually I’m in 1.” He brushes me off rudely and says we’ll I’m global services so. And points to the woman in front. (Grandchild maybe). My first thought is wow I always get passed up mostly by white men in priority lines and I usually assume it’s because I’m young ish and Asian.. but I bit my tongue. I then commented to the couple in line 2 oh he could’ve just said something instead of trying to push in front of me (or something, I was very flustered) and then I tried to let them go because I didn’t want to be behind him but they ended up letting me go. I kept my distance on the jetbridge
Once onboard (still flustered, getting teary ray this point bc I was still processing) I whispered to one of the FA “do global services always snap at the other passengers..?” She was like oh I’m sorry and then the lead shouted down the aisle “THEY DO BE LIKE THAY SOMETIMES LOL” as I walked to my seat. That cured me for some reason but anyway
Crew was great as usual short flight no service screens weren’t working but again it was short. Impressed with United overall. But are gs really supposed to do that? There were only 1 or 2 people in line 1 behind me so I was thinking they would just fall in line.
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2023.03.25 05:27 peachteaxx Tsukishima vs Byakuya’s Discrepancies ?

sorry folks i’ve recently re-watched their battle and many aspects of it still doesnt make sense to my dumbass???
Despite the somewhat op abilities of BoTE which he managed to inflict on byakuya (via surprise attacks), tsukishima is still limited to a body & stats of a HUMAN fullbringer, and should be no match against a proficient shinigami like byakuya, especially one who is still determined to fight him despite his memories & past being manipulated (which is a huge factor to overcome for his ability)
In a nutshell, its remains illogical to me how tsukishima got the upper hand & was constantly taunting byakuya (to try all his kido etc) just bc he knew all his techniques & weaknesses since he ‘helped developed them’
BoTE doesnt grant any power negation afaik, so how is he so confident he could counter everything else (apart from senbonzakura’s ‘safe-zone’) without the aforementioned stats to do so - His speed, strength, reiatsu etc should still be greatly inferior to byakuya’s & thus how the hell is he gonna for eg tank a simple hado #4 straight to his chest (instead of the grabbed senbon blades) or break out of a rikujokoro or even just avoid a senka blitz & let alone counter freaking hakuteiken like he mentioned???
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2023.03.25 05:27 thenumber88 28M I had a dream about you again, where I wait outside until you let me in (VC)

Its that time again, really just looking for people to pass the time as I’m feeling chatty. Preferably over discord!
I’m big on indie/pop/punk/alt rock. So if you like that stuff and enjoy randomly breaking into song lets go. Also bonus points if you get the next part to this song.
My hobbies are mostly indoors. Trying to do more outdoors but I’m kind of an introvert.
I cook/game/watch shows/read/currently growing a plant. An oregano plant. For cooking.
Anyways hmu with your favorite band/artist currently and we’ll go from there!
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2023.03.25 05:27 InsideWriter1074 Long Head Of The Triceps

Many individuals will generally zero in on building their biceps for tastefully satisfying arms. While this is smart, don't disregard the rear arm muscles as they assume a critical part with regards to the general look of your chest area. Your rear arm muscles make up somewhere around 66% of your upper arm. Consequently, dismissing these muscles would be an error on the off chance that you need greater arms.
The rear arm muscles, otherwise called the rear arm muscles brachii, are comprised of three sections; the average head, sidelong head, and long head. Each of the three muscles assume a significant part in helping with elbow flexion and elbow augmentation, whist offering help to the elbow joint.
Suggested Perusing - 7 Straightforward Parallel Head Rear arm muscle Activities To Detonate Arm Definition
Enacting each of the three rear arm muscle health nuts through different designated practices is an incredible method for assisting you with building a proportionate and solid upper arm. Notwithstanding, the long top of the rear arm muscle is biggest of the three. Understanding the long head rear arm muscle and its capabilities is critical to adding bulk and expanding strength.

What Is The Long Top Of The Rear arm muscles?

The three tops of the rear arm muscles cooperate to build the strength and security of the arm. The rear arm muscles join from the elbow and shoulder joints going about as an extensor for the lower arm muscle at the elbow joint. It's significant that the primary muscle answerable for this development is the average top of the rear arm muscles. As the long head likewise associates with the shoulder joint it additionally assumes a little part in assisting with both shoulder expansion and adduction.
The long top of the rear arm muscles is the piece of the muscle that frames a horseshoe shape. It is the most noticeable of each of the three heads. The three heads join into one ligament at the elbow, however all continue from various focuses at the shoulder. The long head likewise assists with balancing out the adducted humerus at the shoulder joint.
While undertaking your rear arm muscle exercise, there are procedures that better invigorate the long head. These activities are testing, yet are most certainly worth the effort for generally speaking arm development. By changing the place of your upper arm while working out, you can successfully put more accentuation on the long head.
The 8 Best Lengthy Head Rear arm muscle Activities
In no specific request, these are probably the best rear arm muscles practices you can integrate into your preparation to assist with building the arm muscles.

1. Close Grasp Hand weight Seat Bress

While customarily a chest work out, the standard seat press is an extraordinary activity to work the rear arm muscles. In any case, by essentially changing your grasp width you can actually focus on all muscle bunches inside the rear arm muscles. Similarly as with all activities, slow and controlled structure is fundamental for work the right muscles.

The most effective method to Perform Close Hold Hand weight Press:

Lie level on a seat, guaranteeing you withdraw your scapula and 'dig' your upper back into the seat
Grab hold of the free weight guaranteeing that your grasp is marginally smaller than shoulder width. Keeping your wrists straight, hold it straight out or more your chest.
Bring down the free weight gradually towards your lower chest until you simply reach at around 90 degrees.
Stop at the base briefly prior to pushing the bar back up towards the roof.
Guarantee you don't totally lock your elbow joints at the highest point of each and every rep, by doing this you will restrict joint wear and keep strain on the muscle guaranteeing greatest rear arm muscle initiation.
Hand weight presses for more rear arm muscle initiation might be successful with appropriate structure. Grasp the bar excessively close, and you might lose equilibrium or put superfluous weight on your joints. Grasp it excessively far, and you might actuate a greater amount of your chest muscles removing accentuation from the rear arm muscles.
The advantage of this exercise is that you can quickly expand your heaps as your design and strength get to a higher level. Start with lighter burdens to collect your design preceding forging ahead toward critical weights. We endorse including incomplete plates to achieve consistent headway. Unsure what a Fragmentary Plate is, we made a helpful helper for you here.

2. Above Hand weight Extensions

This is a fledgling obliging movement to foster backbone and mass to the long head. You need immaterial equipment and this is a staggering action for broadening the back arm muscles. It will in general be done either arranged or standing.
The Best Method for playing out An Above Extension:
Sit on a seat with your feet hip width isolated. Using a seat is better than playing out the action staying as it separates the chest region from the legs and gives you a helpful resting position for your free weight
Lift the hand weight onto your knee
From here you should have the choice to 'kick' your benefit while simultaneously lifting the hand weight into position. Your elbow should move 180 degrees from close by your body to over your head
Using your other hand, hold the completion of the free weight and the handle in a Rakish shape
Keep your palms gazing upward towards the rooftop and your wrists as per your body
Progressively lower the free weight behind your neck until your elbows are at a 90 degree highlight your back arm muscles
Make sure to keep your elbows wrapped up all through and don't allow them to emit out as this can cause wounds
Keeping your head straight and chest up, slowly raise the heap back to over your head, inhale out as you do thusly. Go over the best number of reps.
Finding the genuine hold and overwhelming the system of getting the free weight into position can be a test during this movement. Use the hold you maintain that should do gem or triangle push-ups and support the lower part of the free weight with your fingers and palm. The focal issue is to keep your wrists straight all through to authorize the back arm muscles fittingly.
If you feel off-kilter then change it up by dropping the heap down to something to some degree more reasonable and playing out a single hand free weight extension. Make sure to change to the following hand to comparably isolate both back arm muscles. Doing this can help with additional growing long head muscle complement.

3. Valuable stone Or Triangle Push-Ups

Numerous people consider this one of the most mind-blowing exercises for zeroing in on the back arm muscle muscles, especially the long head and sidelong head. A triangle push-up looks like a standard push-up, but your arms ought to approach a gem shape under your chest. The defense behind this hand course of action is that it facilitates burden on the pectorals rather putting weight complement onto the back arm muscles.
This Is The Most ideal Way To Play out A Jewel Push Up:
Start in a fundamental board position, with your toes tucked and center steady and tight.
Position your hands straightforwardly under your chest and set up your fingers to frame a triangle or precious stone shape.
Lower yourself gradually from your high board position, as in an ordinary push-up. Make sure to keep your center tight, your spine straight, and your elbows wrapped up.
Stop at the base for greatest muscle consume, then leisurely press back up.
Assuming that you feel elbow torment, change your arrangement until you feel the consume in your rear arm muscles. Elbow torment is normally a sign of unfortunate structure or stance. If you have any desire to look into the advantages of the Precious stone Push Up we composed a more nitty gritty article here for you.

4. Slant Free weight Rear arm muscle Payoffs

The grade free weight payoffs are one of the best activities to focus on the long head. By situating yourself on a grade, gravity can take care of its business and press your rear arm muscles. Moreover, utilizing a slope assists with dependability permitting you to more readily zero in on your arms.

Step by step instructions to do a slope rear arm muscle payoff:
Set a flexible seat to a grade position, lay on it chest overcoming onto the cushion.
Holding a free weight in each hand, twist your elbows so your arms are at 90 degrees. Keep your elbows wrapped up all through the activity.
Gradually expand your elbows until your arms are straight and lined up with your body. Press your rear arm muscles at the top for most extreme withdrawal.
Bring down your arm gradually back to its unique position.
During the activity, your elbows should stay lined up with your body, and your arms remain locked to your sides. Assuming your elbows drop further, you lose most extreme compression, which invalidates the point.

5. EZ Bar French Presses

French presses consolidate skull smashers and above augmentations. With a French press, you get a drawn out scope of movement that underlines the long head. With the EZ bar, reiteration is more basic than a significant burden. This implies the more reps you can do, the more powerful it is.

Step by step instructions to Play out The EZ French Press:
Sit on a level seat or a movable seat with a 75-80 degree slope and snatch an EZ bar utilizing the tight overhand hold.
Stretch the bar above and keep your elbows tucked.
Gradually lower the EZ bar behind your head while keeping your upper arms straight. This follows a comparable development way to that of the above expansion.
When your elbows are at roughly 90 degrees, hold for two or three seconds prior to increasing current standards back over-top head.

6. Slant Hand weights Above Augmentations

This is a really difficult development when contrasted with the ordinary above expansion work out, the grade above expansion considers more shoulder flexion. Any activity that permits the shoulder to flex to its greatest will assist with extending the long head. The slope above expansion puts considerably less weight on the shoulders.

Step by step instructions to Play out An Above Grade Augmentation:
Lie back on a seat with a grade of around 30 degrees hanging on a free weight in each hand.
With your arms completely expanded, push the free weights above keeping your arms straight and up towards the roof.
From here, gradually twist at the elbows bringing down the load behind you.
Press your rear arm muscles once you stretch around 90 degrees and gradually raise the load back above.
Rehash the ideal number of reps.
With this activity, reiteration is a higher priority than significant burdens. Utilizing significant burdens can put an excessive amount of tension on the elbows. Center around building your structure all things considered, and utilize moderate loads for this activity.

7. Link Above Rear arm muscles Expansions

Like the free weight above expansion, these apply significantly more stretch to the long top of the rear arm muscles. The above link expansions are one of the best activities for accentuating the long head.

Step by step instructions to Do An Above Link Rear arm muscle Augmentation:
With your back to a link machine, grab hold of the connection. Ordinarily, a rear arm muscle rope connection ought to be situated to the highest point of the machine.
Expect a split position like you're making a stride advances. This position will assist you with keeping up with your equilibrium all through the activity.
With your hands behind your head, keep your elbows at right points.
Pull the link forward by expanding your elbows while keeping your position. Keep away from any body developments for most extreme impact to the rear arm muscles.
Gradually permit the load to haul your hands back behind your head and rehash as wanted.
  1. Weighted Plunges
One of the additional provoking activities to execute, plunges are the absolute best activities you can take part in. Likewise, weighted plunges are a compound activity that can steadily beef up the rear arm muscles long head. In the event that you're a novice to this exercise you can begin with only your bodyweight and do halfway plunges until you gain strength.

The most effective method to Do A Weighted Plunge Exercise:
Select your weight (except if doing just bodyweight), fold the chain or weightlifting belt over your midsection, and attach it.
The plunge handles ought to be limited and somewhat underneath your shoulders.
Grasp the handles of the plunge bar and lift your body by fixing your elbows
Gradually twist your elbows to a right point to bring down your body. Keep your feet under you all through.
Push your body back to the top by getting your rear arm muscles while driving down into the handles.
A typical misstep is the point at which somebody inclines forward bringing about their feet being situated somewhat behind them. While this isn't really inaccurate, it will remove accentuation from the rear arm muscles and put it onto the chest muscles.

Tips for Long Head Rear arm muscle Activities
It is testing yet compensating to Stress the long head. In any case, it can likewise appear to be useless, particularly in the event that you're not hitting your structure right. Weight burden can rapidly move from the rear arm muscles into different spots where they are not needed. This implies keeping a legitimate structure is urgent to building the long head. It's likewise worth recollecting that there is no particular separation exercise to work the long head alone and you will constantly work different muscles of the arms.

Doing the right number of sets and reps is additionally essential. While there are various ways of thinking on this, there ought to be a cutoff. The quantity of sets you in all actuality do ought to be all things considered 10, and your reps ought to get continuously more diligently towards the end. Likewise, recall that occasionally toning it down would be best with regards to the weight load.

The significance of both compound and confinement practice with regards to building the long top of the rear arm muscles couldn't possibly be more significant. Accentuating the long head will most likely influence different muscles of the arms and body. Be that as it may, rear arm muscles development significantly comes from weighty compound squeezing development.

Practices like the above rear arm muscle press will accomplish more for your long head than push-ups. You can steadily and altogether over-burden compound squeezing practices with loads. Contrasted and confinement works out, they can significantly affect the long head. Contrasted with free weight, your body weight assumes a huge part while building your long head.

Center around doing 3-5 arrangements of grade free weight above augmentation and slope rear arm muscles payoffs in your week after week schedule. These activities have demonstrated to be more compelling in stressing the long head. On account of the size of the long head, it needs adequate stretch to develop. While doing these activities, center around the time under pressure instead of the loads. The more you feel the consume, the better the outcomes
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2023.03.25 05:27 Minirth22 Art-fueled Bad Cinderella would be so good

Spoilers for actual plot points. I blame this post linked in my comment for eating my brain and consuming my Friday night with the glorious vision of what could have been. All hail u/I-am-ajpowell
Start with that brilliant idea of Cinderella as a graphic artist transforming the town throughout the show. That makes the set dynamic, it would be changing throughout. Now make art the throughline.
In the opener, establish the town with her as the lone blight. But then they realize there is too much graffiti for it to be just her. Oh no! A group of 3 or 4 young teens have started copying her and doing their own graffiti and dressing in a different aesthetic. (Not like Cinderella, but unlike their parents.) The angry townsfolk that mob her in Bad Cinderella are angry parents. She's bad because she's showing their kids that they don't have to conform.
Then the teens seek her out and we realize that she's even alienated from these young artists she's inspiring. She's in so much pain that she can't accept their admiration as genuine.
Plot plot plot, Queen tells Sebastian he must choose a wife at the ball. He decides to try honesty, and tells Cinderella he loves her. She's overwhelmed and rebuffs him, singing at him “That was one cruel lie too many/ that broke the camel's back”. He is horrified and tries to tell her she is wrong about him, but she runs away. That's why he goes through with the ball, he hurt the one person he loved. He sings “look what happened/ when I stepped out of line” as he dresses for the ball.
The fairy godmother is the unequivocal villain, who convinces her the source of her pain is her stubborn desire to be different, and Cinderella has a despairing number in which she gives up being herself because she thinks it will make the pain go away. And THAT'S why she succumbs. And instead of her mothers necklace, she gives up her art supplies and renounces the life of an artist. And then the ball, and Sebastian doesn't recognize her, and she realizes it was all for NOTHING.
Intermission. Act 2 I’m not sure of the setup. Quickly get to Charming’s return and reveal. But after his big number and the Queen has declared there will be a royal wedding with 2 princes, Charming stops everything cold and addresses his brother. Charming sings “look what I almost missed/ by not stepping out of line”, Sebastian echoes “out of line”, and Charming convinced him to “find your courage/ break the line”. Duet a la Agony from ITW.
As Sebastian searches for her he collects the teens, who are plotting to cover the Fairy Godmother’s shop in graffiti during the wedding. They are her as the source of town’s obsession. They find Cinderella at the Fairy Godmother’s shop, but she is there to steal her art supplies back. He and the teens have a big number about living truthfully, and swears his only lie was not admitting he loved her sooner. Then in a long crazy duet, he leads her to realize she's in less pain being herself, and realize that these younger kids see her as a muse, that like her, they have been repressed by their families and the beauty-obsessed town. And that she's their HERO for coloring outside the lines and living her truth. Then her big number is about realizing she's not alone.
And then she and the gang have a glorious number about celebrating your own beauty through art and decide that instead of graffitiing the shop, they cover it with a beautiful murals. Big closing number after the wedding at the shop that unites the town in a celebration of beauty, freedom, and love, with a refrain of “Color outside the lines!” that becomes the triumphant closing line. Dancing and bows Immediately follow. Everyone goes home happy. Ok, weirdos who like Moulin Rouge and the Gene Kelly parts of Xanadu and Into the Woods go home happy.
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2023.03.25 05:27 Repulsive-Monk-8253 Trans joy as an education worker

I am an elementary school education worker who takes care of school children during hours outside classes, like mornings before classes, lunch time between classes, and evenings after class before parents can pick up their children. I'm also a substitute, so I often get to work with many different classes. Earlier today, a girl walked up to me during recess, pointed at my purse with my pride pins and asked if I was also transgender. I of course said I am! I don't hide the fact I'm trans, though I only let the kids know if they ask me or figure it out on their own. Anyhow, the girl then told me "I was born a boy but I want to be a girl too!" I put my hands on her shoulders, dropped to my knees to look her in the eye, and then told her : "We're already girls, and beautiful ones at that!" She then gave me the biggest hug a kid has ever given me at school. She was so happy to finally meet another trans girl. She kept on going, saying "You're just like me!" She was so happy. She excitedly told her friends "Mrs. [insert my name] is trans like me! Just like me!" I was so proud. She's the first trans student I've met so far in my time doing this job, and I was so happy she felt safe coming out to me. I never had that irl representation as a child and I'm so happy I can be that representation for her. We need to be there for trans students and children in this time where their rights, especially in America, are under attack. If only those heartless lawmakers could see the smile on that girl's face, they might gain the empathy necessery to not deny her that joy of living. Stay strong everyone, and always remember that trans joy and pride will always prevail and make us remember why we transitionned in the first place.
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2023.03.25 05:27 Sea_Mud1534 Everything feels hopeless and I wish my life was over

First off, I'm sorry but I hate being trans. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
My whole transition has been halted by insurance snafus, health scares and moving back home. I feel at my lowest now. All I want is to live my truth and be the complete me but there are so many obstacles in my way that keep me from fully being the woman I know I am and I'm angry and depressed.
My life hasn't been an easy one and only seems to have gotten rougher as the years go by and I'm drained, totally drained.
All my life I've watched on the sidelines while cis people got the relationships. So wanting love is a profound yearning for me because it's been denied to me over and over again.
I wasn't allowed to have crushes on boys or date them or fall in love with them; so I just want that experience. But that's never gonna happen.
Just like me successfully transitioning seems like it's never gonna happen. I want to be loved as a woman so badly but how can that happen while I'm stuck forever it seems in man form, which brings me back to my hatred for being trans.
If I had been born cis girl, I wouldn't have to transition and go through insurance just so I can get surgeries and all that shit, I could be a woman and have been through a few relationships by now instead of this loveless, purgatorial existence. Who knows...I could be married and had children by now---the fact that I may never get pregnant breaks my heart more than anything else.
I'm so tired of my desolate existence. I'm so tired of being bereft of hope. I feel a tad bit suicidal because I feel like nothing will ever improve, especially the love situation with men.
I hate being trans and having nothing but challenges finding love and that wouldn't go away even if I was successful in transitioning. I wish I was a cis woman so I could have one less thing to serve as an obstruction; not saying that finding love is easy for cis people but they don't have being trans to serve as an impediment.
I just want to be loved by the man of my dreams: a handsome man with big muscles and an even bigger heart. But that's never gonna happen. No man is gonna look at me as I am and love me. And I'm never gonna complete my transition because of my bullshit insurance, so I'm hopelessly stuck. I might as well just die.
I'll never know love. That's one of the experiences I long for out of my dismal existence. It was denied me as an adolescent...maybe forever.
I'm not the type of person who can live without it. If that experience can never be mine because of who I am, then I'd rather be dead because there's no point for me...absolutely no point.
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2023.03.25 05:27 jolie12328383 AITA for reconsidering my friendship with a girl after going through her messages

I 23f have been friends with “Maria”, 23f for seven years. We met in high school and have been in the same friend group, but the two of us are especially close. I have always had a problem with punctuality, so for context I have been very late to every party/ group hang. A year after I join the group though I’m out with a friend I’m not too close to and I notice a whatsapp group of theirs that I’m not in. Over the years this has caused me a lot of distress and self-blame; It got worse and worse as I would often see instagram stories of them hanging out. One night we were all out and while drunk I broke down sobbing with her. I felt closest to her in the group at that time, so it felt safe to talk to her at least. She assured me that the only reason they why they wouldn’t invite me was that I was always late, but that they didn’t really use it anymore, that she was sorry she’d never pushed them to include me more. Fast forward four years and we’ve gotten very close, we go out a lot (though it’s important to note that it’s always me inviting her, although when I think it’s me suffocating her she says to keep asking that’s because that makes her feel wanted) and I’ve stayed at her house when mine was rough and saw how she was also not too confortable in her home with her family. Her family and a friend had a new years trip planned though and she was gonna stay with her boyfriend’s family though so I had to leave for a few days. One day we’re all in a group hang and she tells me the code to her phone so I can order food, and with all the uncertainty that’s going though my head I decide to search my name in her whatsapp, and I find texts to her bf around the time of new year’s where she tells him about how clingy I am, and how her family was going on a road trip insted of the one they had planned (they even stressed about plane tickets in front of me several times) and when her bf asked her if I was coming she said “No. She doesn’t even know it’s a road trip. We don’t want to invite her 💀”. At this point my vision is blurry and my head is spinning. Everything that comes to my head is the countless hours on facetime, the compliments, the times I asked her if I was too much and she said that “my life was an inspiration” (my family is in a better position financially, she made it clear that she wanted all the things my privilege gave me; she came on adoring or nonchalant, which is why I was so unsure about whether she felt the same was about me as I did her). Anyway, I’m reconsidering a lot about her. We have almost a decade of friendship going and while she’s very sweet, attentive and one of my closest friends I’ve decided to stop calling her or sending her tiktoks and she hasn’t reached out to me other than liking my story on instagram sometimes. It seems like when I don’t ask her out we don’t go out.
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2023.03.25 05:26 Superb-Appearance-18 Should I text me ex 3 months before she gets married?

In Nov 2016 I met this girl through a groups of friends. Our group had some really fun parties and game nights. Those are fond memories. She was dating this guy at the time. But a few months into the new year she broke up with him and we started hanging out one on one very soon after. I think it was obvious to everyone in our group that we had a crush on eachother even when she was dating the other guy. It's impossible to explain through text but we really vibed. We were both in grad school. At the end of that spring she graduated and moved ~3 hours away for a job. I was getting my PhD and had 2-3 years left (what sucks even more is that around that time I was becoming disinterested in my studies by I continued anyways). We travelled to each other a few times after her move. Then at the end of that June I went on vacation with my family, and when I came back things started to crumble. The distance just messed everything up.
The memories are fuzzy. But I think she felt that I didn't give her enough attention when I wasn't physically with her. I do tend to unintentionally neglect people when I'm not physically near them. Then I think once I felt the relationship slipping I convinced myself that the distance probably isn't realistic. But neither of us definitively said, "I want to break up with you" or something of that sort.
I don't think either of us really new what happened. Sometimes you just hit an awkward snag and the relationship doesn't recover. I have gone on dates here and there since then. But I haven't been in a serious relationship since then. We would text once or twice a year, amicably. We had an extended text convo around Christmas 2019, I think. Dare I say, it actually felt slightly flirty at one point. We even both said something along the lines of "Sometimes I wonder how you're doing" and she mentioned how she was fed up with dating. Then sometime in the following spring she texted me out of the blue with a Death Cab song. We both bonded over Death Cab and we intended to see them in August of the summer we broke up.
A week ago I found out that she (32) is getting married at the end of June. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I cried. All these years later and I cried. Should I have quit my Phd that I was no longer passionate about anyway and move with her and wing it for a job? Maybe I wouldn't have a well-paying job like I do now, but maybe I would be happier? The most recent text we exchanged was last October for her birthday. She thanked me and then I asked how she was. She didn't respond. In hindsight I could conclude it was because she was engaged at that point. But to be honest I also know that tends to be her texting habit. Some people put the phone down and forget it. Of course wishful thinking has me more convinced of the latter.
I feel the need to text her now. But not to convince her to call off the wedding or anything crazy like that. I need to know how she remembers things. And also to establish if she's ok with continuing to talk even though she is marrying someone else (I would have to tell her I found out about her wedding though). I'm 31, which isn't that old, but I can feel time flying by and I am starting to fear that I missed an opportunity. It is heartbreaking to think that we won't have conversations like we did when we were dating ever again.
PS: Regarding the parenthetical statement, I'm thinking of initiating the convo with a half-truth. It might backfire if I tell her that I found out she is getting married because it might seem stalkerish. Instead I want to tell her that I recently moved (new beginnings yada yada) and it caused me to reflect on the past. Also, I was thinking of texting her during the workday b/c I don't want her being around her SO when she reads it.
PPS: A really personal but very probably important detail. We actually never had sex. 3 reasons:
  1. For some reason my younger self was convinced that girls want to wait a stupid amount of time (like months) before having sex in a serious relationship. I've done this in other past relationships and the older I get the more stupid I realize it was.
  2. She told me that she prostituted herself to support her and her son. She was a single mother of a 5 year old and I guess was feeling financial pressure. I felt like this was probably emotionally damaging to her, and like the former reason, I felt like waiting would be best.
  3. I think I was desensitized from watching porn. At that time I had watched porn/masturbated probably almost everyday of my life since early high school. Forcing myself to be honest here, this is probably the biggest contributor.
I never told her these reasons. I think she was under the impression that I was just prude. Idk, it might be way too emotional to bring up those up now. But then again, life is too short to not tell people how you feel?
TL;DR Please read the whole thing, but basically: I dated a girl 6 years ago, things seemed to end prematurely due to distance, she is getting married soon, should I contact her and talk about the way things ended?
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2023.03.25 05:26 joeytuff69 UPVOTE 4 UPVOTE! Comment when done. Lets go

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2023.03.25 05:26 mango_magoo3 My cat Stumpy shenanigans

I got no cat advice but maybe a story about my fat cat will make you laugh My cat Stumpy is a fat football shaped cat and his arse looks Iike he crapped so hard part of his tail exploded. I tells him he getting big but he pays me no mind, and vet just put him on a diet few months ago (16 pounds currently) He's been cranky as sin and rattles his bowl at me n the whole nine yards. Some time ago when I went to work I left the coat closet open by mistake. This is where the food bag is, and he will wait by the closet when its food time. Now I was tired early morning and I must have only left it open a sliver no bigger than vouple hairs. This thing manages to open it anyways, even though before this he would get confuses when bathroom door closed. I comes home there is dry food all over the floor, vomit, and he is sleeping on the floor. I says STUMPY YOU DOUGHEAD YOU'LL BE STOGGED UP FOR DAYS! WHat has you done! Gone was a couple months a food and made a mess everywhere. I was rotted, I tried to be talking in my best angry voice but fat arse knew he was cute and just purred and burped. So this week I use the big dog food plastic container. Apparently he is a genius at finding his way into food. Dont even get me started on the turkey incident at me moms.
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2023.03.25 05:26 FatDalek What's this weapon? I want one.

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2023.03.25 05:26 kmdig You were different.

Normally my love for people is very lustful in its passion. While I am not a prude nor ashamed about this by any means, there is something special when the primary feeling is deep yet childlike romantic attachment. I fantasized more about us in a meadow together than us making love. Though I loved you deeply, I had to let you go when you continued hurting me and refused to change. I thought you would remain my friend for life, but you betrayed me in the worst nonviolent way I have ever been betrayed. You found out my weaknesses, then used them to argue with and discard me.
I did what I could to win your affection back; you repaid me by agreeing with your online friends that it was an insult to compare someone to me and mocked me with them. You knew it pushed me close to suicide and didn't apologize. I guess an eating disorder and poor mate selection are really that big of moral failings. I am still waiting for your apology. Fuck you, Ben, and I love you. I always will.
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2023.03.25 05:26 Both_Relationship445 Headon being a fairy

Headon being a fairy
In the beginning, Rachel called Headon a "fairy" that she read about in a storybook which makes me wonder who is Headon? because in mythology Fairies are evil yet beautiful creatures described as assuming the guise of an animal which makes me think that headons current form is not his original one also about the tower itself it doesnt make sense the shinsu or water in this case has more pressure the more you go up the tower yet there is air in the tog universe so does that not mean that they are going in the wrong direction if they want to go outside the tower , where there is air? I dont know my science may be wrong plus this intrigued me when bam and rachel first open the door it looks like they are going down rather than up
Also when they first meet headon it made me think where was the cave that bam was in? like it lead directly into the tower so where are they from? I know SIU said Racheal was from the tower but where is the cave that bam lived in his entire life? and if the cave is not apart of the tower then where does racheal want to go?
About fairies, there are some fairies who are dangerous—so dangerous that, for centuries, they were called “the good folk,” “the little people,” or “the neighbors” also the faires served god... maybe an OUTSIDE GOD meaning the Headon can have a connection to the outside god maybe he is the one who lead arlene to the god that revived Bam but I don't know this is just a theory of mine
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2023.03.25 05:26 Strangled_With_Halos How do I deal with an older sister that keeps telling me I'm not doing anything?

Everytime she gets asked to do something, she would always bring the topic to me "why don't you ask him to do it instead?". Mind you, I always clean in the house, I fix her bed, I mop the floor, restock empty items, I clean my own dishes since I always finish first, etc. maybe she just don't notice me doing these.
But everytime she would be asked to do anything by our father, her response would always be something like "why always me? My brother has not done a thing forever" or "___ why don't you try it doing something about it, maybe you'll like it", I don't really dislike cleaning and stuff but her talking like this makes me not want to do it. I've always wanted to say "are you blind" but it's too rude and might backfire.
That's about it I guess...
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2023.03.25 05:26 Southern-Bite6150 Every issue I have with bonelab

This will be a long post and will go over every single issue with bonelab note this is not to be taken as fact
  1. Mods
Bonelab was announced with many features, a big one being modding in game, while to a lot of people it is an easy task modding is not accessible to some people. to mod the game you have to link your headset to your pc, and edit a text file, just copy and paste. the issue is this shouldn’t have to be done, the in game mod browser should work without this having to be done, it should be ready to go from installation, and should have been since launch. after all it is a core feature and the only other ways to mod the game are harder than this, one needing a phone and the other a pc, where you manually install mods into the game, and there is no way to disable or uninstall mods in game so the only way to do it is to go into the files. and let’s not forget the navigation see when you get the in game mods working you think the hard part is over no it isn’t. see when you’re in the mod browser you can’t search, you can’t even loop from 1-last page. there are zero convenience features for the menu but when you finally start downloading mods, eventually you will hit a wall where you can’t download anymore mods, and the only way to fix this is to restart the game. Slz really put zero levels of stress into making this part of the game.
Bonelab is a game about creating things, slz doesn’t seem to agree, but why do I say this? because you can’t save a game or any creations. so you can build a nullbody skeleton chimera, and you can build the biggest fort ever conceived, but you can’t save it. some people ask well what if slz just isn’t going for that, clearly that’s wrong because the campaign saves, and other game modes save scores, with saving games you could create your own story, and combined with bonelab fusion you could have a full scale dnd campaign. whole games could be recreated in bonelab. But what’s the point in a game about creating if you can’t save what you make
3.the snowball effect
So why is this section called the snowball effect, well because when little things add up they become a big thing. to start let’s say you download a 100% save mod well those progress meters in the void, they aren’t quite at 100% because it’s a mystery what they actually represent, and say you download a big map, well the nimbus gun only goes so fast and you would think just use two for double the speed the problem is, if you hold two they completely glitch out and send you flying in random directions. it isn’t only this tool either you can’t forget the board gun, because you better not try to make a board on something mid air, because it will just attach to the air and the object receiving the board oh, and if you attach one to your hand attaching boards to the air and another object makes behave as if it was still attached to your hand. avatars aren’t safe either because I find my self playing as a big avatar, then out of nowhere I just get flung all over the place. lastly the constrainer I still don’t know what entangle velocity does, and there are enough constraints for the average person however if you wanted to make a car or airship you can’t because of a lack of thrusters any hover devices or motors (to my knowledge)
Now I have given this game quite the shitting but I’m not saying it’s a bad game it just needs improvements
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