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2017.01.13 05:36 swim1929 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Dedicated to all things related to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch.

2020.12.12 09:57 PortlandCanna delta 8 memes

delta 8 memes

2023.03.25 05:08 tyronpiteauvl Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download

Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download
Live Traders – Professional Trading Strategies Download (10.30 GB)
What You Get?
PTS has transformed the accounts of countless traders, taking them from literally burning money with failed strategies (aka gambling), to mastering money management and technical analysis.
“After trying several educational options, I have found that LiveTraders provides a clear and personal approach to trading success. After taking Professional Trading Strategies my break even trading became profitable almost immediately.” – Brandon R.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Candle Sticks & Trends
Chapter 3: Essential Patterns
Chapter 4: Pattern Boosters
Chapter 5: Gaps
Chapter 6: Super Plays
Chapter 7: Order Entry
Chapter 8: Money Management
Chapter 9: Trade Management
Chapter 10: The Business of Trading
Chapter 11: Psychology
Chapter 12: Pre-Market & Early Charts
Chapter 13: Putting It All Together
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2023.03.25 05:08 iii11qq Karyn Bayres la super fisicoculturista Argentina se la traga profundamente a la enorme polla de Nacho. Su sudoroso y apasionado clímax culmina con semen caliente en su robusto culo.

Karyn Bayres la super fisicoculturista Argentina se la traga profundamente a la enorme polla de Nacho. Su sudoroso y apasionado clímax culmina con semen caliente en su robusto culo. submitted by iii11qq to Timloa [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 05:08 Expensive-Lock5523 Picked these up on a trip! Also that Milano was sealed for only $100, couldn't pass it up

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2023.03.25 05:08 marcooooz Processo de luto

faz cerca 2 meses desde que minha ex terminou comigo, me sinto bem triste e me sinto meio vazio até, de vez em quando vem umas lembranças da época que nos conhecemos e me dói bastante lembrar que aquela pessoa já não faz mais parte da minha vida. Já faço atividades físicas, estudo bastante, tento fazer coisas que gosto mas mesmo assim esse pensamento intrusivo chega e me derruba. Gostaria de algum conselho para deixar menos doloroso esse processo de luto e desde já, agradeço a atenção :)
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2023.03.25 05:07 bot_olini Mujeres protestan cerca de Bellas Artes por caso de abuso; se enfrentan con policías

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2023.03.25 05:06 F14_Huracan Mexicano enfermo en Chicago

Buenas noches, solicito su apoyo para mí cuñado, él emigró hace ya varios años al gabacho, actualmente tiene 55 años, desde hace un par de meses su salud se deterioro y en este momento le están realizando hemodiálisis,; obviamente el dinero ya se le terminó, nunca arreglo papeles, quisiera trabajar pero por lo de las diálisis no puede asistir diario y está. buscando chamba por la noche, la situación la tiene muy muy complicada, Nosotros acá no conocemos nada del sistema norteamericano, y no sabemos cómo poder apoyarlo o por dónde buscar. De antemano gracias
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2023.03.25 05:02 Dexxtrip Hey Reddit! (Read Comments)

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2023.03.25 05:02 AutoModerator [NA Event] Akihabara Explosion! The City of Wishes and the Sculptures Engraved with Love ~ Day 09

[NA Event] Akihabara Explosion! The City of Wishes and the Sculptures Engraved with Love ~ Day 09



Tower-type Event Tips

  • For the vast majority of quests, you will be using your own party with no support pick. The minimum number of party members you can bring is 3, and you can bring up to 6 servants to each encounter.
  • If you want to speed through the event as quickly as possible, bring 3 servant parties. If you want to maximize bond gain, bring as many servants and event CEs as possible. I personally recommend doing the latter, as there is basically no better bond yield than what this event has to offer. With two weeks to complete the event, there is no need to rush and you are incentivized to take your time with the event CE.
  • The difficulty of the shopping quests will increase as you do more of them. You can expect a boss encounter at every 10th quest. The amount of bond gained for completing quests will also gradually increase.
  • Fatigue: Servants will go on a six-hour cooldown after you complete a quest with them. Withdrawing or failing a quest will not trigger the cooldown. You may place your servants in a Resting Place to bring them off cooldown in three hours. Servants will also have different affinities towards different resting places; putting them in one that they like will bring them off cooldown in two hours.
    • Taking Advantage of Resting Places: Using the resting places strategically can make a big difference. For instance, you can place Berserkers, Support Casters, and/or your strongest AoE NP servants there knowing that they'll be useful for most scenarios. Alternatively, you can put your favorite servants there. Assuming that you are diligent with playing the game every two hours to make full use of the reduced cooldown, this lets you field them exclusively for much of the event, thereby giving them all the bond points gained from those quests as well.

New features to this event

  • There are story quests every 10 levels. The first few will have fixed parties, but later on you are able to field your own party along with a friend support. As such, it is recommended that you put Chaldea Teatime on your event support lists.
  • Reverse Akiba Quests
    • Every 5th level, a special quest (10 AP) will open with restrictions on who you can put on your party. For example, the first special quest at Store 5 only allows you to field Male servants. Servants you use for these quests will go on cooldown. You do not have to complete these quests to continue climbing the tower. It is recommended that you look up the gimmicks for the ones that come later on, as they can be challenging if you go in blind.
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2023.03.25 04:59 pave_fe Whiskey Library, Portland, OR

Whiskey Library, Portland, OR
Mind boggling selection 40 pages of Whiskey and they had them all. From Mellow Corn - $9 to Pappy Van Winkle - $300.
Really nice place and helpful staff.
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2023.03.25 04:56 Tu_tio_usa_redditt Personas con gustos similares

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2023.03.25 04:53 UnknownGhost24 Is this tactic good?

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2023.03.25 04:52 Diamanti_NYC Streak 36: día irregular

Hoy tuve un día irregular. De hecho, tuve la oportunidad de responderle a mi cliente en español. Tuvimos una conversación sobre la vida, ya que nos hemos acercado después de nuestro viaje a España por trabajo. Ojalá podamos hacer ese viaje otra vez. Además de esto, escribí para practicar los subjuntivos. Para mí, la mejor manera de practicar es crear oraciones en español que puedas relatar. Tener conversaciones con tu tutor y otras personas sobre las cosas que quieres decir es importante para practicar.
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2023.03.25 04:48 Thekeakae My man went too deep

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2023.03.25 04:47 tbc2008 Not my game anymore

Everything comes to an end...
Playing this game from it´s 95 version (as a teenager with an 386sx pc) up to this years edition (as a grown man in it´s mid 40ties with a PS5), today is the day i thought would never come...i completly lost my love for the game, which has accompanied me for more than half my life.
The fun is gone, there´s nothing more to play for...i´m sick of these shitty glitch goals , the ballerinas, the poke check spammers and players circling behind thier own net with after a one goal lead...
Today i tried Hut champions the last time...8 out of 10 games 86 base gold players flying by my whole team (most of my players are 93 an wheels activated) from the start of the game on...i never could catch up. Furthermore my 92 Weber bounced of player types like Kane or Gaudreau every time i tried to hit Not at all..
I also have to play half of my games on the PK, because EA fucked up the hybrid controls this year. Gunning for a rebound: slashing penalty almost every time. Setting up a one timer: Slashing penalty half of the time, because the passing player hacks his opponent after passing the puck, while I`m hitting the shooting button for the one timer...Annoying, frustrating, and never fixed. And before you ask...after nearly 30 years of playing this game pusing buttons to shoot, hit oder pass, my brain ist ot old (and slow, and dumb) to get used to the skill stick controls...big fail every time i try it...can't get it going...
So the onlie modes are quite fucked up and never really fixed by EA...
So what's left?? The offline modes??
Hut rush - was fun until this they have super-human goalies even at rookie to make it frustrating to reach the fun?? Gone
SB - Winnig every game 15:1 isn't really it*s a boring grind for new packs every Not really
The contend / events:
Mostly the same as the years feels like EA does a copy and paste job here...nothing more...
After all, this game went from a varied enjoyable hockey game to a boring, grind fest which leaves me in a bad mood most of the time after playing...
So I decided to take a break from it and all my tradable players are on the market at the moment...i step down from this game after all this years, maybe I´ll give it a try next autmn, maybe not...
We´ll see...
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2023.03.25 04:47 nabarigo Nearly got roped into a...cult? Con? Multi-level marketing scheme...?

Story time
So about a week and a half ago I was browsing the internet and saw a poster for a group looking for volunteers. The poster looked legit and so I applied, and on last Friday I took an interview. Everything looked and seemed okay, and they said they would have an information session today, so my kind, wants-to-help-others soul decided to go...
And what a story it made for
So first when I got there, there was two other people, an American and a person from the Democratic Republic of Congo and we all got to talking, nothing special.
A couple minutes later a spiffily dressed older Korean man comes in and starts shaking our hands, etc and gives me a business card at which point I begin to suspect SOMETHING is off...its written all in Chinese and the man calls himself the CEO of the GMAEA (medical aesthetic association)
He goes on rambling for a while about wanting to create a 지구촌 and creating an international partnership of youth so we can all be this point I thought "odd, but maybe hes just overexcited" and nodded my head while waiting for the guy I interviewed with to take the reigns
But OH BOY it all went crazy when the actual orientation started...we get in there and the presentation starts with a video on the GMAEA: lots of pictures of super fucking hot models, lots of clips of the grandpa being with said super fucking hot models, lots of clips of the grandpa wearing a tux and generally being respected...
At this point we were all being filmed and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable but honestly the mood was oppressive and I felt I couldn't just leave so I sat there nodding my head along to his idea of "a new UN, for all 8 billion people in our 지구촌“
Then the last straw happened. He handed out a magazine for the GMAEA and included within it was PAGES UPON PAGES of near naked said super fucking hot models posing with the this point I decided NOPE
When I said I had to go to the bathroom the super fucking hot model videotaping us all said she would go with me (I almost wanted to accept) but I said I knew where it was, and after leaving the room proceeded to literally RUN AWAY interesting saturday morning?
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2023.03.25 04:47 Pomegranate926 Pregnant and live alone.

It’s my (30f) first pregnancy and me and my partner (36m) are very excited. My due date is Halloween. We currently live separate and plan to move into together when my lease is up at the end of September. I look forward to living together the last month of pregnancy as I think it will be super helpful. I am wondering about others experinces who lived alone during pregnancy. I am only 8 weeks and really struggling with feeling alone. The sickness, the fatigue, my emotional fluctuation. Not to mention, climbing up to my third story apartment is so tiring, especially having a dog I have to let out several times a day. I see my partner for a few hours 1-2 days a week. It’s just been really hard. And I feel like it’s only going to get harder. Any advice, or encouragment from those who had a similar living experience while pregnant?
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2023.03.25 04:45 VirtuaPT Fiz outra parte do meu site sobre investimentos com ajuda do chat GPT-4. Desta vez sobre Crises históricas!!

Continuação de criação de output que considero de qualidade por parte do chat GPT-4. Nesta altura já "só" falo da máquina porque continuo maravilhado com a qualidade dos outputs (e sim, até foi ele que criou os links para a maioria das fontes alternativas para quem quiser explorar mais aprofundadamente algum assunto dos artigos, assim como as recomendações dos livros em que só tive de alterar um porque o recomendado não tinha qualidade suficiente).
Tenho tipo pouco tempo livre mas penso melhorar estes artigos com gráficos no futuro. Deverei colocar +/- dois artigos sobre crises por fim de semana durante o próximo mês (fazendo um total de 8 a 10 artigos).
O tema destes artigos é "As crises que originaram os reguladores americanos" ou seja, 1907 -> FED e 1929 -> SEC e FDIC (entre outras mas acho estas as duas mais importantes para o comum dos mortais). Como normal, tenho este site como apoio à minha comunidade e partilho aqui porque acho suficientemente interessante.
O projecto ainda está na sua génese e em desenvolvimento contínuo. Se acham que falta algo ou têm uma crítica construtiva é bem vinda.
Temas planeados-> "Crises inflacionistas", "Bolhas tecnológicas", "Crises do século XXI" e "O pai de todos os crashes"
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2023.03.25 04:45 radsparks8 Welcome your new AEW tag team champions a debuting Shelton Benjamin and Chad gable

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2023.03.25 04:44 Pugwhip Panic attacks have returned - what to do?

I’ve had anxiety for years but no panic attacks in yeaaaaaars. However panic attacks have returned in the last 8 weeks and they’re awful. I forgot how bad they are. I’ve been reading deep breathing and breath work doesn’t super help and I know that to be true - but what else do you do during one? Do you just focus on your breathing however it is? How do you calm down the panic attack? The physical symptoms are awful!
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2023.03.25 04:44 repentless02 ¿Cómo hago amigos?

Yo en el colegio tengo muchos amigos, incluso novia y no sé cómo lo hice y no me acuerdo, después de la cuarentena perdí la habilidad de hacer amigos, a mí no me da pena o nervios hablar con alguien siempre ando calmado pero no sé cómo continuar con la conversación, llegó a un punto y de ahí no avanzó, por favor alguien ayúdeme.
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2023.03.25 04:43 Pistachio113 [WTS][ON] GHK TTI TR1 and APFG MPX gbb

GHK customized JW2 TR1 with 4 GHK gen 2 gmag,Vortex Strike eagle 1-8
GHK customized cerakote TTI receiver , Custom Race Trigger , VFC BCM style flash hider, BCM handguard , BCM stock, BCM grip , BCM fore grip , BCM buffer set , BCM QD , RA tech naps nozzle, Ra tech sai gold steel bolt, TNT hopfull set, Vortex Strike eagle 1-8, Repro Geissele scope mount
Super rare piece to find. Only a 50 unit were made in the entire world.
Looking for $3800 for the GHK
APFG MPX GBB with 4 mag
Sig Sauer handguard, Sig Sauer Stock — two of them, Sig Sauer magwell (not in the pics), Tracer Unit
Looking for $5000 for both of them (not looking to sell the mpx alone)
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2023.03.25 04:42 minhquan2001 Hey guys, did anyone try this on Nintendo Switch mod ?.

Hey guys, did anyone try this on Nintendo Switch mod ?.
Hey guys, did anyone try this on Nintendo Switch mod ?.
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