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Easy Application & Registration Fssai Food License

2023.03.25 05:53 hite-Cranberry-1998 Easy Application & Registration Fssai Food License

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2023.03.25 05:53 tsilver33 Nobody cheers for me.

I play competitive video games. Specifically, Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of our local tournaments has a nice, cozy player base of a dozen or so very consistent players. Everyone is generally warm towards each other.
Today, I won the tournament. It's the first time I've won in nearly two months, and only the second I've won since I went on a years long hiatus back when the last game in the series was out. During the event, I lost in winners finals to another player. He's a nice guy, we're quite friendly and our matches are always fun. We tend to trade matches back and forth with fair regularity. I won loser's finals, and got to play him again in grands. I won our first set in grands, but as the tournament is double-elimination I would have to win again in order to win the event.
I lost the first two games in the reset match. Each were very close, as most of the match had been. They were good games. But in spite of being down 0-2 in a first to 3, I still felt great. I was playing very well, and was fully confident in my ability to win the event. The last few weeks I've been seeing dramatic improvement in my play, and in spite of not winning any events, I've been quite proud of my advancement. Sure enough, that confidence payed off, and I won the remaining 3 games, winning the event 3-2.
I don't pop off, or otherwise celebrate. I do what I usually do, win or lose, smile, give my opponent a fistbump and a good game, and put away my things. All was well, and I was feeling great. But then, another player began talking with my opponent, and he tells him "You were not prepared for our pop off if you won that."
Everyone had been watching. Everyone knew I was on losers side, everyone knew he was the one who had sent me there and that I'd be on the backfoot the entire match. But in spite of all of that, not one of them celebrated when I won. No one was excited. No one grabbed my shoulders and told me great job, or well done, and I just don't understand 'why'.
It's left me feeling... somewhat alienated, I guess. It's not like it'd be the first time this player would win a tournament, it's not like it'd be his first time beating me, and it's not like I routinely win any of our events. As far as I know, it's not even like he's anymore friends with the general community than I am, let alone 'all' of them.
I don't know, perhaps I'm just being a bit of a baby. It's not like anyone 'needs' to celebrate me or my victories. It's just hurtful to know that for some reason I always seem to be the bad guy in these events, and I really don't understand why. I don't treat anyone disrespectfully, I try to help out when asked. I try to be a positive, supportive member of the community. But it just... doesn't seem to matter. No one cheers for me when I win, seemingly no matter what the circumstances are.
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2023.03.25 05:53 Alarmed-Emotion-6520 Visa Agent Recommendations for NYC office

Anyone have recommendations and expected cost for visa agent that could submit and pick up my application for me? I live nowhere near New York so I feel like getting an agent to do it probably better.
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2023.03.25 05:52 CelesteMooon Finally!

I've been on Reddit for nearly 3 years and FINALLY, I'm able to post comments! Idk why, but the site kept telling me my account was too new or that I didn't have enough karma points to post. All I could do was read posts. No response from the moderators. Either way, if any moderators are reading this, thank you. I'm not a bot, I promise. :)
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2023.03.25 05:51 learnkolkata The Impact Of Home Tutoring On Student’s Achievement

The Impact Of Home Tutoring On Student’s Achievement
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Our experienced and dedicated Home Tutors can help to shape your child’s career. Our teachers’ expertise and teaching qualities can significantly contribute to a student’s achievement.
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2023.03.25 05:51 Necessary_Praline_63 what am I doing wrong?

I've tried 3 different pendulums. Dalmatian jasper, quartz, and lapis lazuli and ample time (months) with each of them. Using, wearing, being near and bonding my energy with them. I always ask to speak with my highest spirit guides or ancestors with my best interest at heart. Charging/cleansing with the moon, sun, soil, moon water, intention and personal energy etc. Meditate and ground myself in nature often. I've cleansed myself and my space multiple times. I have no issues otherwise but when I attempt to divinate with a pendulum I get the same spirit that refers to themselves as "troll" merely for the fact of lying/tricking so much. Draining and gets me nowhere. I always start eith protection, imagine a surrounding light etc. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if anyone has any experience / advice or tips that might be useful? Thank you so much in advance. 🫶✨
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2023.03.25 05:50 DistributionNice9453 Pros and Cons of Seizing Alone

Thinking about this primarily in the context of being at school/work (I am a grad student in a biology lab).
My professor has told me he wants me to inform him or a lab-mate if I feel unwell (i.e. like I’m going to have a seizure) and to stay near other people in case I need help. I’m kind of torn between wanting and not wanting to be alone when seizures happen.
Pros of being alone: — Avoids embarrassment. — Avoids disrupting anyone else’s work or stressing other people out. — Avoids an ambulance. I had to develop a seizure response plan with my university’s disability office, and the policy they came up with insists that 911 be called every single time I have a seizure. No exceptions. They told me I can always refuse transport if I’m worried about the cost of the ambulance and ER visit, but this is only true if I’ve recovered enough by the time EMTs show up to coherently communicate.
Cons: — Since I’ve been explicitly told to alert someone if I think I might seize, I may get in some kind of trouble (academic or interpersonal) if I try to hide it and someone finds out anyway. — There aren’t many places to go that afford privacy. My best bet is the nearest single-occupant restroom, and the thought of seizing on the floor of a public bathroom is just…gross. — Coming to alone is more disorienting and scary than when there is someone there to talk to me during the recovery phase. — There may or may not be some increased physical risk. My seizures are strongly suspected by my neurologist to be PNES, not epileptic. Therefore, it is highly unlikely I am at risk from the seizure itself (i.e. no danger of SUDEP or status epilepticus). However, there have been times when I’ve fallen, knocked my head against the ground, vomited while not fully conscious, or had my breathing either become very labored or paused (leading to a drop in oxygen saturation). These are reasons people have told me they don’t want me to be alone during episodes but, given the lack of an epilepsy diagnosis, I’m on the fence as to whether there is any real physical danger.
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2023.03.25 05:50 vinehangingover Need Advice, BASC

saw a post here about a before/after school care service and I have a question about something happening at the BASC i work at.
About a year ago some of my coworkers andI raised some of our concerns regarding a child to our boss verbally, which it felt like he blew off until I detailed everything over the past few years with the child in an email, including that it had been raised with higher ups at the school, and suddenly it was all "taken very seriously" and actioned on.
I was told a report was made and came back telling them to monitor not report, but I tried to do the thing on child story and it wouldn't let me as I don't have an email attached to the service. I was told it was taken to a high up in the school that I've had issues with before as I believe he obfuscates his responsibility when it could cause an uncomfortable conversation with parents. I was told it would be taken to the parents of the involved and the student care team, but conversations I've had with those parents have made me think that's not true.
The same pattern of behaviour is emerging again but I've been put in an area of the service separate from that, where I was previously I was told to monitor the child closely and position myself near them but I know new staff in that area are not being given any information or instruction about this. I've made a point of telling them but I feel like I'm the crazy one harping on about it sometimes as a lot of people are way more lenient about it.
I'm a casual and there's a clause in the contract I remember signing but can't find that's basically like they can fire me whenever and I'm technically only employed at the start of each shift until the end of each shift. I feel like I've been getting fewer shifts and fewer higher paying shifts that I'm qualified for, even though other people who were qualified for them have left and there's now fewer of us. I don't think it's gone to the principal and I'm considering contacting them and the DCJ phone line but I'm worried if I bring it up again I'll be given fewer shifts or fired and I can't afford that financially and I also love my job a lot. I also babysit for a large number of families in the service and know I'd be asked about it by them if I were to get fired and I don't know what I'd legally be allowed to say and fear further retribution from that.
Does anyone have any advice or help wrt this, I don't fully understand where I am legally with this.
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2023.03.25 05:49 ThrowRA-Attempt-7978 I (21M) just found out that I'm an AP of my GF (26F)

TLDR: I (21M) just found out that my GF (26F) is married, got kicked out and is now living with me. I don't know what to do.
Hey guys. I've been lurking and listening to reddit stories for a while but never figured one day I might add one of my own.
I'm a 21M college student. I work for a company known to employ lots of young, good-looking students like myself, and it leads to a lot of hooking up between colleagues. I usually go out with one or two female colleagues every week. It's always casual, like a one big FWB group. It's not frowned upon by company policy btw.
Then a couple months ago a new girl was hired, "Laura" (26F). She is gorgeous and had a smile that melts hearts. I was assigned to train the new employees, and it was hard not to stare at her. We chit chatted after the training day was done and exchanged instagrams. Her profile had several pics of her wearing bikinins and lingerie, doing poses, etc., so I figured she was another aspiring IG model (we have lots of those working here). Later that day, after work, I DMd her and just said "wow".
She responded quickly ("That's all you have to say?") I lold and we started chatting. She was smart and witty, and I got to know her better. She said she lived with her mom and was saving money for college in the near future. We texted each other all night.
That very same week I asked her out and we went to a bar near work. We drank, and she was very flirty, so I stepped up and invited her to my flat, which is also near. We hooked up and it was AMAZING. She was so intense, so into it, she looked like a caged beast being set free. After an hour or so she got up, got dressed hurriedly and said she had to rush home because her mom would be worried. We kissed goodbye and off home she went.
After that night we started hooking up almost every day. We just went to my place straight after work, and clothes flew off. Even after she was back home we would text each other all night.
Even though we never actually discussed being a couple, I stopped seeing other girls, and I figured since we were seeing each other every day and texting all night, well, there couldn't be anyone else on her side as well. I was slowly falling for this girl.
We kept this up for a month or so, when I decided to bring up our relationship. I wanted us to be official. She was shocked at first, and then looked a little sad. I asked if she did not feel the same and she mumbled that she likes me but is avoiding commitment until she can leave her mom's house and get into college. I said I was fine with waiting, that we could keep seeing each other as we were. She reassured me I was her only guy and went home.
A couple weeks later, she didn't show up at work. I DMd her, but no response. She didn't call in sick or anything, so I was worried. I went home that day and later that night she showed up at my place.
She was carrying a bag and was crying, saying that she got into a fight with her mom and got kicked out, and she had nowhere else to go. Of course I allowed her to stay. I made us some tea and she went to bed. That was actually the first night we actually slept together. I woke up several times due to her crying.
The next day she was up early, and I woke up to the smell of breakfast. She had already made scrambled eggs and coffee. I must admit I felt like proposing to her right there and then. We talked, she was calmer, and I told her she could stay for as long as it takes for her to make peace with her mother, but since her disappearing act the day before, I actually asked for her phone number because I got worried (yeah up until this point we only communicated through IG).
She called in sick and I went to work as normal. I was feeling pretty good about having Laura living with me, and wondered all day if this could lead to somewhere serious down the road. My friends commented I had a silly smile all day. When I got home, I found it clean as it never been before. The house smelled like homemade dinner for the first time (I can't cook to save my life). I jokingly said "Honey, I'm home!" and she came to me, embraced me and asked about my day. I said "I think we just skipped dating to actually being married..."
That gave her pause, but she agreed, and for the first time we exchanged "I love you".
I was in heaven for a week. That's how long my honeymoon lasted.
In that week things seemed to have settled somewhat. Laura and I went to work every day, became official to our colleagues and started hanging out together.
Laura seemed happy, but every now and then would fall back into tears. I asked her to talk to her mom, to make peace, but during these crying outbursts she barely responded to me, so I gave her space.
Last night, she was crying in bed again, so I just hanged in the living room playing on my phone. I checked IG and there was a suggestion to follow a contact of mine ([at]LauraHerLastname). I thought for a moment it had to be a secondary backup account because IG models get banned every now and then. Thing is, that profile was private, and the only visible photo was of her with a man I've never seen.
I wanted to talk to her right there and then, but decided against it, because she was still so emotional. What I did instead was to dig deeper, and I found her Facebook. It's old and outdated, she hasn't posted anything in years, but in her FB photos there it was: wedding photos. She has a husband.
I never asked. She never wore a ring. Never mentioned another man. But suddenly everything fits. Having to rush home, never sleeping over, never inviting me to her place.
I'm crushed. After reading so many stories here I've grown to despise cheaters, but I love her. She never cheated on me, I think, but she is cheating on her husband now, and he probably found out and kicked her out, and that's why she's here.
Does she love me? Or am I just a backup plan? If she leaves him for me, will she cheat on me?
I don't know what to do. I will confront her tomorrow, she's asleep now. Do I support the woman I love? Or do I kick her out? I want SO HARD to believe that I'm missing something, that she's divorced, or he's gone.
Sorry for the long post, I have a lot on my chest right now. Please feel free to ask anything and give any advice you can.
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2023.03.25 05:49 Absolute_-Unit [WTS][MI] Heavily Upgraded LCT EBB AK-12, Upgraded SVU With ETU

Edit: ak-12 price was way too high bc of copy and paste lol
recent firing video for the AK-12:
I'd be happy to take more detailed/specific pictures, take shooting videos, provide timestamps, etc.
Would accept an offer for SRS parts + cash
Not really looking to trade the AK-12, (definitely interested in a silverback MDR or Double Eagle Sako TRG or M66/Pro 700 though) except for some GBBRs and NGRS models, but feel free to offer whatever you want
......... AK-12:
This is a build I made around late December 2021. It's in great condition externally and internally since I'm the first owner and it hasn't seen a single game (I've only been to one game since I built it, but used my scorpion evo since I don't have extra mags for the AK-12 ;-;)
Despite having a chonky bolt, the trigger response on this is snappy, and with the mass of the mock bolt, it's pretty fun to fire. You won't be able to trigger spam it with the EBB set up (the steel EBB piston installed) because the Leviathan would prevent it before completing a cycle, and because the system literally couldn't cycle that fast without causing PME issues. With the EBB installed, I wouldn't recommend pushing the RoF past 85% (adjusted with the Leviathan app through Bluetooth.)
The EBB can be disabled by just removing the LCT piston and replacing it with a standard V2/V3 piston, and swapping the gears to a standard ratio/ non-high torque (unless you want to run a different half-rack piston for some reason.)
Like I said before, it's in great/ near-new condition (standard wear like the usual AK selector switch mark and marks on the dust cover rail paint from installing and removing optics.) Throughout the testing, I noticed almost no internal wear, surprisingly, since I had heard that previous LCT EBBs would wear the gearbox shell down. I did take some precautions like smoothing the machined edges on the rear of the mock bolt piston pickup tang, and greasing the top and inside of the GB shell well, so that might have something to do with it.
Parts list:
-Warhead 35k brushless motor - $150
-Lonex enhanced hopup unit - $20
-Lonex mushroom double o-ring cylinder and piston heads - $30
-Extra LCT EBB steel piston (so 2x in total. Both are modified to lighten them a bit and to reduce friction) - $38
-SHS 32:1 steel gear set - $30
-Lambda 6.03 x 420mm steel tbb - $37
-G&G green bucking flathopped - $6
-Angel Custom 6.03 flat hop patch - $3
-Matrix M120 irregular pitch spring - $10
-RA delay chip - $4
-RA skeletonized flat-faced CNC aluminum trigger - $15
-PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock - $45 (original AK-12 stock included, but not recommended for use because of battery space limitations)
-LCT PP-19 vityaz motor grip - $22 (original AK-12 motor grip included)
-PTS EPG cut to a short length - $12
-Leviathan rewired to the rear with 16 ga silver wire - $8
Total: $985
Asking $675
Exps3 not included
...... Upgraded SVU
First off, this is almost completely functional, it just needs a new sector gear, although I'd recommend getting a Begadi CNC SVD gearset if you can.
This is a project I started a while back and kind of dropped off. The project part was mostly trying to create an EBB function by cutting guides in the gearbox shell and using a steel guitar string to move the mock bolt when the piston cycled. While it did work well, I wasn't able to get it to function smoothly with the dust cover installed, so I just kind of lost interest as I already hadn't been playing airsoft for a while at that point.
Before that, though, I put a lot of work into moderately upgrading the internals, namely creating a mosfet/ETU with cycle detection to get the most out of the dmr platform. It pretty difficult, but worth it, since the Perun ETU++ I used allows for a good amount of programming options, other than the cycle detection. Wired to mini deans and completely rewired with much better 16 ga silver wires and Gate signal wires. I wired an inline programming button to the ETU, which is stored in the handhuard with the ETU++ and battery.
Internally, it has an SHS gold MP5 o-ring aluminum air nozzle sanded down and polished to fit the SVU, Retro Arms full steel rack SR-25 piston modified to fit the SVU gearbox (half tooth piston), aoe corrected, shimmed, greased, Teflon taped cylinder head (only option available), etc. I think I also put a Maple Leaf 70° Mr hop bucking and lonex flat nub in it, but I can check to make sure if you'd like.
Externally, I removed the mock suppressor and bipod, added a PETG printed muzzle break, then installed a metal optic rail that mounts level and securely to the handguard and rear sight block. The mock suppressomuzzle break device and bipod are included. Also includes three 80 round midcaps and one 120 round highcap.
In new condition and has never been used in a game.
Asking $275 + shipping
Again, feel free to message me with any questions/offers - I'm always happy to help.
Thanks for looking
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2023.03.25 05:49 DistributionNice9453 Pros and Cons of Seizing Alone

Thinking about this primarily in the context of being at school/work (I am a grad student in a biology lab).
My professor has told me he wants me to inform him or a lab-mate if I feel unwell (i.e. like I’m going to have a seizure) and to stay near other people in case I need help. I’m kind of torn between wanting and not wanting to be alone when seizures happen.
Pros of being alone: — Avoids embarrassment. — Avoids disrupting anyone else’s work or stressing other people out. — Avoids an ambulance. I had to develop a seizure response plan with my university’s disability office, and the policy they came up with insists that 911 be called every single time I have a seizure. No exceptions. They told me I can always refuse transport if I’m worried about the cost of the ambulance and ER visit, but this is only true if I’ve recovered enough by the time EMTs show up to coherently communicate.
Cons: — Since I’ve been explicitly told to alert someone if I think I might seize, I may get in some kind of trouble (academic or interpersonal) if I try to hide it and someone finds out anyway. — There aren’t many places to go that afford privacy. My best bet is the nearest single-occupant restroom, and the thought of seizing on the floor of a public bathroom is just…gross. — Coming to alone is more disorienting and scary than when there is someone there to talk to me during the recovery phase. — There may or may not be some increased physical risk. My seizures are strongly suspected by my neurologist to be PNES, not epileptic. Therefore, it is highly unlikely I am at risk from the seizure itself (i.e. no danger of SUDEP or status epilepticus). However, there have been times when I’ve fallen, knocked my head against the ground, vomited while not fully conscious, or had my breathing either become very labored or paused (leading to a drop in oxygen saturation). These are reasons people have told me they don’t want me to be alone during episodes but, given the lack of an epilepsy diagnosis, I’m on the fence as to whether there is any real physical danger.
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2023.03.25 05:48 jello1717 Need an effective way of nerfing my archer followers (Inigo specifically)

I normally don’t use followers, but have tried some recently (Sofia, Lydia, Inigo, Lydia and Inigo together), but they’re too strong. I’m using Vile’s Cursed Rings of Enfeeblement and giving them the 80% weaker rings. What they do is adjust the wearer’s Attackdamagemult stat. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for magic (so I can’t use Sofia), but my research says that it should work with 1 handed, 2 handed, unarmed, and bow attacks.
My current character is my 1st battlemage and I need a ranged follower as Lydia and other meleers keep getting in my way. So, I’m using Inigo as an archer. I removed his default ebony stuff and gave him much weaker gear. Even with lots of mods that make enemies tougher, I saw Inigo kill a giant with 3 iron arrows shot from an unenchanted Orcish bow with his 80% reduction ring (the same giant took me nearly a minute to kill solo).
So I did a couple of tests and he killed a cave bear with 2 arrows and a Sabre cat with 1. I took away his arrows, gave him an Orcish waraxe, and told him to fight in melee. It took him 9 hits to kill the Sabre cat and nearly 20 to kill the cave bear (the bear even made him take a knee before Inigo could recover and kill him). This is what I’d like, but with a bow.
For me, at least with my LO, it appears as if the attackdamagemult rings work beautifully with melee weapons, but don’t work at all with bows. Is there some other way to nerf his bow damage?
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2023.03.25 05:48 toskieapp Top AC Installation Services in Hyderabad Toskie

Top AC Installation Services in Hyderabad Toskie
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2023.03.25 05:48 Voxy-1w War criminal with 50k upvotes

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2023.03.25 05:47 Psychological_Yam_77 marriage counselor keeps excusing my husbands behavior as “stupid man brain”

We started counseling and we’ve been twice. Things really aren’t that bad, we just had a couple nasty fights and thought we ought to get ahead of it.
The first session I brought up how I need him to help me with the mental load of the house (grocery lists, meal prep, making appointments, hiring sitters, etc.). I am a full time law student, work full time, and we have an infant. He works full time too, from home, but never over 40 hrs and often has 3-4 day weekends. I do ~80% of the house work. He does ~60-70% of child care right now, but all the “mental load shit” has been 100% me for seven years.
Her response? Men are hunters; woman are gatherers. I’m just going to have to help him figure it out because his “stupid man brain” just doesn’t work that way. And that while he should be helping more, I have to be realistic about my expectations because it’s just “not natural” for men.
Seriously. Like near verbatim.
Today we discussed how I need him to be more romantic sometimes because he treats me like his buddy or roommate too often. I’ve communicated this a hundred times, it never sticks.
Again, her response was that I’ll just have to “train” him because of his man brain.
Please tell me this is BS and we need a new therapist. I’ve never been to counseling before and he’s only ever had bad experiences. He thinks I just want to find someone else because I’m not hearing what I want to hear.
Tl;dr counselor tells us my husband’s not being romantic or helping with housework because he’s stuck with a “stupid man brain”
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2023.03.25 05:47 nothing_1999 Expected to stay after scheduled out time

I started working as a hostess at a local restaurant recently. I trained for five days and needed to complete a few “classroom” sessions which included the service manager talking me through this workbook. So the other day my manager says I need to do the classroom session before leaving. I said ok, we arranged for her to talk with me but she said to give her a minute. I remind her about an hour before I’m scheduled to leave (at 4), she says she will get to it. 4 o clock comes and she still hasn’t made it to the front, so I left. A few days later I’m calling her about my schedule and she mentions that I skipped out on her the other day, and I said it’s because I was schedule to be off at 4 and had planned my day around leaving at that time. She says it was my responsibility to do it regardless of the schedule and just make sure I do it next shift.
So yesterday im working the lunch shift and when the rush is over I ask about the classroom. She says “well right now your shift is still going on” .. duh, that’s why I’m still here? I guess she saw my expression cause she followed that with I’m going to finish up back here and make my way to the front so we can talk. She reinforces that it’s my responsibility to finish my training and goes “mkay? Thank youuuu” all condescendingly. This was at peak down time, no reason she couldn’t have made the time before I was scheduled to leave. So nearly two hours later she comes to the host stand ready to do the classroom. Apparently she thought she had scheduled me until 4 but I was actually scheduled until 5. That’s when I realized she intentionally came out when she thought I was supposed to be off. Lol.
When the out times were brought up in the office I just said ok cause in my head I knew I was leaving at 5 anyway. So I decided not to argue, I was just gonna have to show her better than I could tell her. What really got me was the fact that she bullshitted for a full two hours solely so that I might leave after my scheduled time so that she could prove her point. Now I have a few tests to finish but for the most part I’m done with training. I’m wondering how I should go about getting those done since she doesn’t seem to want me to complete them while my shift is going. I guess I’ll just offer to complete the tests at home or during downtime. Because if I’m scheduled to leave at 4, surely they can’t force me to stay to complete the training? Has anyone had a similar experience?
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2023.03.25 05:46 Electronic-Front4581 Accidently backed into my coworkers car

I was leaving work tonight and was parked in front of one of those cement blocks that have light post placed in them so my only option is to back out to leave. The parking lot light is well lit. As I backed up I was looking in my camera at the body of the car behind me to make sure I was not getting too close, then all of a sudden I felt a little bump. I pulled forward and was a little shocked because I didnt think I was anywhere near the car but then had to do the whole forward and reverse to not hit the back of the car parked directly to my right because the car behind me practically wedged me in.
Nobody was outside and I'm not sure if theres cameras or not. I looked out my window and didnt see any damage to the car and left. When I got home I inspected my own vehicle and there was no damage.
Guilt and anxiety kept filling my head so I decided to drive back over to work to one, see if the car was there still and two just pull up in front of it to see if there was any damage. Again it's a well lit parking lot and I did notice that this truck was actually pulled up really far forward in their spot which explains why I couldnt see their dark colored bumber in my camera and why I was wedged in so much that I did bump it - I was more so paying attention to the body of the vehicle I could make out in my camera
I drove right up in front of it (twice to be sure) and looked out my drivers side window. It's a white truck and I couldnt make out any damage to the paint or the bumber the two times I drove around looking at it.
I work with a lot of people(in a restaurant) and know that this would be someone closing for the night at our place of work but I'm not sure who's car it is for sure. I know who is closing from our schedule so I can always see if they are there another day to figure out who's vehicle it is. And plan to next time I see it maybe just park near it and casually check the front in the day time more throughly to double, triple, quadruple check.
But I feel like I really didnt leave any damage especially since I was looking at the car as I backed out slowly. I just get really bad anxiety and cant stop thinking there may be some damage I couldn't see. I guess it's better that I probably work with this person so I'm sure it can be handle nicely IF there is damage to any part of their vehicle and most likely because I couldnt visibly see anything having been harmed on it - so I'd be surprised if they cared or even noticed by the time they leave work tonight.
I would have been far too embarassed to go in and ask around to find out who's car it is so that's why I drove back to check. But again, I saw nothing and there was nothing on my car.
I still feel a little guilty and know I should have probably gone in and asked around but if theres no visible damage- is not saying anything ok?
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2023.03.25 05:44 Complete_Dinner_293 Help… am I insane? I think my dogs not a dog… I need something anything… info

Sorry if this is hard to read I dropped out 3-4 times. Can you please help me.. I don’t know if my dog is a dog… or fully a dog. I’m currently living in MN, I am 21 living with my roommate, and had a extremely scary and confusing experience with my German shepherd husky.
I adopted my dog from my sister about a year and a half ago. I raised him from a pup, He’s extremely intelligent and an amazing dog. I love him to death. But sometimes I’ve questioned if he’s really a dog… I know I sound insane. But he’s unnaturally smart. He learned to open doors before he was one. I lived in hotels for a while and I couldn’t leave him alone as he’d open the doors and chase after me.
HEAR ME OUT… PLEASE… I genuinely need closure
If you talk to him, he almost seems as if he knows exactly what you saying. His eye movements his mannerism his body language. I know I sound crazy but he just is… to human or not a dog… I can’t explain it. I can talk to him like a homie and he understands and when you look into his eyes they don’t look like dog eyes sometimes, Almost human
… but the other night as I was dozing off I felt a presence in the room looking at me… I rolled my head over to the left, and I opened my eyes, to see my dog… he was standing over me, just looking at me. had a humanoid like body, but had his dog head, but was enlarged he was about 7-8 feet tall and was standing over me, just looking at me.
I layed there for what felt like 5-10 seconds but probably was no more then 1, I instantly panicked and yelled “oh fuck!!”, proceeding to kick really hard at him, or the entity. It vanished right in front of me. After kicking, my foot was tingling really bad and it felt hot almost. But soon subsided. I assumed it was my nerves but it was only on the bottom of my foot
I believe if it isn’t my mind driving me insane, that I made contact with it. I didn’t look for my dog in my room that night. I have a small room no bigger then a dorm room. but was to scared to look at the edge of the bed or near my door. I went back to sleep praying for a white light to protect my body.. if that would even do anything..
I still have my dog I take care of him as usual but I haven’t been able to see him the same sense. I don’t know if it was sleep paralysis or if it was a dream or a real encounter. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing. As I was writing this he jumped on the bed and sat in front of me and pawed at me. Just looking again. But obviously looking like a normal dog. I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s one of my psychotic episodes again..but those are always emotional and manic like never schizophrenic or auditory or visual or anything of that manner
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2023.03.25 05:44 No-Tomorrow8686 I'm not okay

I've never been good at expressing myself or how I feel due to the stigma and outlandish nature and severity of some of my issues. But in the short 19 years I've been alive, I've never told anyone the things I've done, or the things others have done to me in an attempt to take them to my grave. But seeing as I outlived the life expectancy I imagined, I figured typing it out would allow me to let go of it and feel better because I feel horrible. So, without further stalling, I think I'll just hop into it, starting at the beginning.
When I was little, I lived a life similar to what I'm accustomed to now. Alone and fairly lonely, the few friends I had were due to being more well-adjusted or, at the very least, less fucked up. In addition, one of my friends was the child of my mother's best friend, and we were about the same age. The earliest memory I have is when I was 4 years old and something I can't remember happened. I was upset about something, and my mom left me in the room to cry while she went and played with my friend. While this situation has little relevance today, I think it's a good example of the catalyst that drove my behavior all through my life to what it is now, mainly my relationship with my mom, along with others we'll get to later.
My mother was not the nicest to me, and as I grew older, I would learn how much of an understatement that was. So skip forward a couple of years due to my memory and the irrelevancy of them to the story. Basically, I was a normal-ish kid with a few friends here and there who occasionally got in trouble, for which I almost always got my ass kicked, but who didn't? Jumping back in at around 9 years old, I was in the third grade, probably my favorite year in school due to having met my best friends and getting along with most other kids. The abuse had already taken hold at this age; I was already pretty apathetic to most feelings and never smiled. It was so noticeable that when I finally did smile, a girl at lunch pointed it out like she had seen a unicorn. But I wasn't depressed; I was just angry and didn't know how to express myself.
As a result, I got into more trouble, some of it BS, some of it not, such as my music teacher sending me to the principal for mouthing curse words while quietly talking to myself. In my defense, I wasn't talking about her; I was all the way in the back and didn't know the ambiguous individual could read lips. In fifth grade, I had a female teacher and her assistant whom I disliked because the teacher, in my opinion, was a dick and her assistant would constantly misinterpret what I said as if I were speaking Japanese. She asked me for a paper, and it being a round table, I didn't want to bend all the way across the table to slide her the paper. So I slid the paper gently across the table, and, as anticlimactic as it sounds, the paper slowly made its way to her, and she did not even attempt to grab it or stop it. Instead, she let it fall on the floor and claimed I "threw" it at her. I got sent to my homie at this point, the principal (she wasn't my biggest fan either).
These two incidents led to some of the worst ass beatings I've received at this point in my life. I would later come home to my mom, who is about 2.5 times bigger and stronger than me, and she was furious. I was punched in my chest and thrown into a stool on the ground, followed by a merciless beating with a belt, and left alone to stare at a wall, wallowing in my sadness. I think I could have handled the physical abuse, but the most damaging was the mental and verbal abuse. I would be forced to strip down to my t-shirt and underwear and stand at the door for hours. while she faked phone calls to my relatives, telling them to come get me and that I'd be leaving, before telling me to go sit down. I was constantly threatened with my life if I didn't comply, told I was a worthless "father less individual", etc. I would yell and scream so loudly that apparently our neighbors could hear it, which led to DCFS being called.
How it was explained to me was that the lady next door was crazy (even though we knew her kid, who was like 2 years younger and went to the same school), and the DCFS agent would take me away to a horrible place, a foster home. My mother told me that if that were the case, I wouldn't be placed with my other family members; nope, straight to the government. She came in my room a week before the agent to "warn" me of the dangers I might face if I snitched on her. She made me watch an hour-long documentary about people who were abused by the staff of foster homes, drilling into my head that if I ended up there, the other kids would pick on me and steal from me. That the staff would repeatedly molest (she had a weird thing with this one; I was asked about it every other day if "someone was playing with my butt" completely unprompted from 3rd to 6th grade) me and my toe would be eaten by mice as she claimed happened to my cousin (apparently he needed his toe graphed back on but I never confirmed this with him).
All of this terrified me, so when the time came to nut up or shut up, my nuts retracted back upstairs, and I most definitely shut up big time. Unable to process my emotions, they started manifesting in anger, which led to me being excluded from certain events at school like the outdoor fun day. I had to stay inside while everyone else played. The principal told me that she was going easy on me, and had she been following the rules, I'd have been expelled from elementary school already (I did get suspended though). When it came time to visit the middle school near the end of the year, I had to beg them to let me go because apparently my reputation preceded me, and the middle school principal knew who I was and asked me not to come because of my behavior. My mother had an overwhelming amount of control over my life and others that I would only learn about when I was older (she was responsible for me being in the same class as my best friend 3rd through 5th grade and making sure they served food I would eat on an out-of-state field trip so I wouldn't starve). (It's not really negative, but it sets the tone for how it would soon turn negative.)
Sixth grade rolled around, but this time I got to stay with my great-grandmother in the south. The entire time away from my mother and I improved significantly; I made a lot more friends (probably because of southern hospitality) and overall had a good time (trust me, it was an oddly cool school with equally cool teachers) except for a couple other issues that came with living with my grandma. I returned the next year to mom and a new middle school. All that progress from earlier, yeah, went straight out the window almost immediately. My anger had subsided, and what was left developed into a deep depression and resentment for people, my mom included. I thought people were worthless, making friends useless, so I went out of my way to avoid most people for the longest time. Until I succumbed to my social urges and made a few friends by avoiding the lunch room and eating in one of the science classes with some kids I had other classes with. During this time, I was reluctantly in "therapy" (I had been there since elementary, just talking to social workers, but nothing came of it until now).
Trouble would always seem to follow me; anytime a message was relayed from the school to mom, it almost guaranteed an ass beating. I would seemingly get in trouble for nothing, and my teachers would unknowingly be sending me on my way down death row to meet the executioner. Once I got in trouble for "throwing" another paper. I didn't realize we needed it and put it in the recycling, but the teacher saw it and told me to keep it, so I put it under my seat, and it fell through the bars of my chair basket while I wasn't looking, and she was mad at me for it. I also told my math teacher to "stop harassing me" because every 5 minutes she was hounding me about completing some work I had no intention of doing. That mistake was damn near fatal because, for some reason, I wasn't allowed to feel harassed, and telling my teacher that was apparently way out of pocket. I should also mention I had good grades up until I eventually began failing them.
All of this leads to more violent abuse. I was shoved into a wall, which hurt my arm so bad I needed an ice pack (and had to lie to the nurse about why I needed it). The next day, I was repeatedly hit with a broom, picked up by my collar, and slammed into walls before being thrown on the ground. The physical pain would subside in hours, but because what was done and said to me never left, I would almost always be left to sit and stare alone with my thoughts, and because of this, my mental state would degrade rapidly. Nothing else could bring me to tears like the pain of the person responsible for your entire life, who was supposed to love you unconditionally, constantly tormenting you. Her words would pierce and sting, while the same thing said to me by anyone else would roll off me like water off a duck's back.
Unable to escape the constant beratement, and depending on the severity, this would send me into suicidal spirals, and when I hit emotional rock bottom and couldn't feel any worse about myself, it was the only thing I looked forward to and all I thought about for months. When people asked me, "NT (Me), what are you going to be when you grow up?" or "NT, you're getting older. Have you thought about what you're going to do when you reach x (usually 18+) years old?" I had no idea, no answer. In my mind, living to be older than 16 seemed impossible. They were right when they said time would fly by. Back at school, the stress was getting to me. During a random game of Uno, I broke down and expressed some of my feelings, along with the fact that I was almost getting my ass beat with random objects on a weekly basis.
This ultimately led to no improvements in my life, just more people in my business. The process of them trying to help was akin to getting a law passed, full of procedures and red tape they had to follow because there was no physical evidence—I had no cuts, bruises, or wounds they could see. All they had to go on was the testimony of an emotionally disturbed preteen. They recommended I be placed in a mental hospital. I stayed after school while they called my dad to pick me up, and the car ride was silent until we arrived at the hospital. He asked, "Do you want to go in?" I said, "Yeah," and he couldn't figure out why he said I had it easy as a child. Because all I had to worry about was school and I had no bills to pay, I shouldn't have any reason to kill myself. I was essentially overreacting to him. So we went home.
Because I'm about to enter the next arc of my story. I'll share some extra fun facts that aren't directly related to the story, but I'd be remiss if I didn't. Our principal told us we had too many students for what the building was originally intended for. One day, while walking up the narrow stairs in between a crowd of kids rushing for their lockers, I was knocked over and trampled. I had at least two feet up my ass, one in my back, and one on top of my head, and I couldn't get up because no one could see me. Not long after, a teacher had to stop them from walking up the stairs so I could get up. When I got to my locker, the person whose locker was next to mine casually mentioned the trampling, and to be honest, it had only happened 30 seconds before, so I was pretty blown when she said that (I looked at her like, yeah, ambiguous individual, that was me y'all were just stepping on) and I told her, "Yeah, that was me." But let's not forget the time two of my classmates were fucking around playfighting and threw each other in such a way that the dude kicked me in the face. I sat in the same spot on the wall while waiting for my teacher, and, believe it or not, lightning does strike twice, because they were fucking around again and kicked me in the face in nearly the same way. This was an advisory class we had only once a week, and to make a long story even longer, I learned not to sit next to that wall anymore.
I began high school at the age of 14 and remained largely unchanged during this time. I still couldn't talk to anyone and dealt with the stress of going home to my mom, which significantly impacted how I behaved and how my grades would turn out at first. I had almost all A's before spiraling downward; at that point, I stopped caring what others thought of me and did whatever I could to make myself feel better. I would sleep in hallways on the floor, skip class, and do little to no work. I couldn't concentrate and wasn't worried about the consequences of my decisions until I graduated. The food in my house would run short, and my mom always told me if I ate it all before she went back to the grocery store, she wouldn't buy any more. I started skipping meals and eating less per meal to stretch the food we had, and at times I couldn't move without being doubled over in pain.
I was confined to my room almost constantly. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere but school, a couple of nearby restaurants, and back home. I couldn't leave my house if I wanted to hang out with friends (if only I had any) because I had to be in her presence at all times. I hypothesized about going to hang out with a female friend and was told I wouldn't be allowed to without her following behind us (I was 17 when I asked). If I wanted to hang out with a male friend, they had to go through a background check of sorts (it was easier to get a gun card than to get some friends I could hang with). I had to get their parents' phone numbers so she could talk to them, and then she would decide whether or not I could go, which wasn't even a guarantee. Imagine you're in school, and a kid who wants to be friends with you tells you they need your parents to talk to each other and give their permission. That's embarrassing. I would imagine I'd be laughed at and made fun of, or they wouldn't go through all the trouble for someone who was already known as an incredibly strange individual, so most of the time I never tried out of fear of this.
I had no way to cope surrounded by people, and knowing what some of them might think of me, I would put my head down for weeks in every class because at this point I was genuinely terrified of people. I had developed selective mutism and would not talk to 98 percent of students and about 80 to 90 percent of staff; when I did, it was in short, vague sentences and almost only when spoken to. Up until I was 15, the abuse continued the same as before, but as I got older, it became more Physical I had mostly stopped getting hit with belts, and when I did get hit, it was in the arm and chest, with the occasional hit in the mouth. I'd be backed into a corner while my mother yelled the most vile and hurtful things at me. I was told I ruined her life and that I kept her from having a life. If I ever lost my keys, I would immediately be in trouble, but if I lied about it, that was even worse. My mom worked from home before it was cool to work from home, so she was almost constantly home. If I had lied about having my keys, I would have been locked out of the house for hours until she finished working, rain or shine; snowing and cold; hot and humid; it didn't matter. But that mostly stopped when the damage it did to me became apparent, and I had a psychotic episode.
My mother was upset with me for some reason and was yelling loudly about how worthless I was, that she wished I was never born, and so on. (At this point, I was the most miserable I'd been in a long time. My mental state was comparable to the fragility of a ceramic plate: solid, sturdy, and functional. Just pray to God you don't drop it if you'd like it to remain intact.) I became late because I had misplaced my hat, but when I told her I had it in my pocket, she said, "Let me see it then; why is it not on your head? Put it on!" So I began looking for my hat in my bookbag, and when I found it, she snatched it from my grasp and smacked me on the head with it. I felt something click inside me, like a light switch being turned on. Without warning, I began having a psychotic breakdown. I put my hands on my head and started screaming as loud as I could uncontrollably, "I can't take it! I can't take it anymore," repeatedly while frantically shuffling like a chicken with its head cut off in front of my mom. I had no control over my actions, and my mother stopped me and pulled my hands off my head, but I wouldn't stop screaming, and she had to calm me down in order for me to stop. It was terrifying for the both of us because I think it was the first time she had ever seen anything like that, and it was the first time I ever did anything like that. The feeling was terrifying almost indescribable the closest comparison I could make is to the tea cup scene from get out. I felt like I got yanked out my body while simultaneously remaining in there like my soul was trapped behind my eyes and all I could do is watch.
After that experience, my mother began to soften her stance toward me, and the big 19 began, so I had virtual classes for about two years that I never finished, but I persevered and eventually graduated (while failing a significant number of classes), and when I did, I was enrolled in an alternative school. When I was eighteen, me and my mom got into an argument because I didn't want to go back to school. It was boring and sad because there were only two or three kids in my class, and we did elementary school work all day. There were no phones, we had to wear uniforms, and free time was scarce. The only slightly good part was that we worked a couple hours a day and they paid us. But it was only four dollars an hour, and we worked two hours each day unless you were in the special work program, which meant you worked two extra hours after school. With the long cab ride there, I'd get home around 5:30 to 6:00 every day, only to wake up at 8 a.m. and do it all over again. But we agreed that if I found a job before school resumed, I wouldn't have to go. I had a week and a half to do it.
I applied everywhere and even made it all the way through orientation at one place, but I was in a factory doing 12 hour shifts and about 4 miles from my house, so I turned it down because I was scared and had to be realistic because walking multiple miles through areas I'd never been to daily was just too much for me. I was told I had to leave if I wasn't working or going to school, and I couldn't stay the night. I was kicked out after calling my grandparents, who said I could stay with them. I packed two weeks worth of clothes and walked over there. The first few weeks were weird, but I finally saw the light at the end of the world's darkest and longest tunnel. For the first time in years, I knew what it was like to not be abused and verbally assaulted on a daily basis. But, unfortunately, I was beyond repair, at least on my own. I searched for a job and tried to enroll in college, but I was never taught or allowed to do that growing up. I was raised indoors and was never taught the skills needed to survive outside. I still didn't know how to talk to people, and I was terrified of them. I would have panic attacks a couple times a month and rely on others to feed and clothe me. I was wearing the same two weeks worth of clothes for several months until my great-grandmother sent me more.
Around this time I started smoking weed, and it was amazing how those first times getting high were the best and made me forget all about my problems and truly relax. But I didn't know what I was getting into and developed an exponentially growing habit. I started taking fake Xanax and getting slumped while I went about my day high as a kite. Just to forget about the majority of what I did the following day. The only reason my Xan problem didn't get out of hand was that I kept losing all of the pills after a few times, so I stopped buying them. But it was too late when I exhausted the small amount I had and began withdrawing. Let me tell you, like anyone else who has dealt with Xan withdrawals will tell you, they are not to be played with; hell isn't even a good enough comparison. It's something I truly wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. (My mom excluded.) I had severe paranoia, extreme agitation, a splitting headache that wouldn't quit, and panic attacks frequently (plus a strong urge to KMS as well, which is normal at this point). But I was lucky: Xanax is the only drug that can kill you by going cold turkey, and if your body became physically dependent, you were more than likely to have multiple seizures coming your way.
My replacement for Xanax was fake Mallinckrodt pills, aka dirty 30s, blues, perc 30s, or whatever name you used or knew they were synonymous with fentanyl or worse. (Believe me when I say they most definitely make things worse than fent) I'm confident I got worse because they didn't test positive for fent, which means its something the test couldn't detect. I turned full junkie and was smoking them off foil before I was 19. I overdosed twice going to sleep, and I was never confident if I was going to wake up. The opioid withdrawals are 100x easier than the Xans, and I was smoking drugs stronger than fentanyl. I quit those, and not too long after, I was taking fake ecstasy pills and Molly capsules, which, aside from the slight stimulant psychosis and vomiting, were probably my favorites. They let me experience happiness for the first time and gave me the ability to communicate and interact with other people. It felt like I'd been missing something my entire life.
Now I'm 19 on the cusp of being a broke "adult" with no real skills, aspirations, or anything positive going for him. This year I discovered while in high school I was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ODD, social anxiety disorder, and antisocial personality disorder, all while attending school, and nobody ever told me or hinted at it to me in the slightest at all. I guess they just wanted me to cruise through life ignorant and struggling. I'm constantly reminded of how much of a burden I am because I can't do much more than take care of myself. I hide it somewhat well due to my lifelong fear of being mistaken for insane, but it takes an enormous amount of effort to even get out of bed and make something to eat. In order to keep the invasive thoughts and feelings away, I have to keep myself entertained and amused all day or else the feelings come rushing back. I honestly hate my life. I have little to look forward to and regret my almost entire life due to me ruining any chance at fun I had growing up because of how I behaved. I can barely leave my house, and if I go anywhere beyond a couple of blocks, I have panic attacks and get extreme anxiety that effects me physically. I feel my ability to comprehend and understand things slowing down. It's harder to focus and pay attention, and I feel almost like an alien when I'm around other people.
Recently, I had a phone call with my mom and had a panic attack (we haven't spoken in 2 years since I was put out). It was just like old times, when she was mad at me about a misunderstanding and was yelling and screaming about how I don't care that I'm wasting her money. (she bought my phone as a gift on a payment plan when I turned 18) As an adult I felt extremely disrespected by the things she said so before my mental health suffered anymore I hung up mid sentence and blocked her. The next day my phone was bricked and completely unusable, as it was technically not paid for, so somebody had to get me a new phone. Today I feel extremely hopeless towards any chance of repairing my life. I don't know what to do and I wish I did. I wish I could shake this dead man walking feeling I've got. Throughout the day, life doesn't even feel real at times. I feel as though if I keep hanging in there, eventually someone's going to find me hanging from somewhere. I don't know how my relatives do it. I could never imagine being their age. This isn't everything that's ever happened to me (I know it's hard to believe), but I feel I've described my story as concisely as possible in a semi-chronological order. Anything else would just be extra or I'd be repeating myself. With all that being said, my think noodle is hurting, and I think (clearly I do too much of this) I need to find it some dopamine. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this fully because, as God knows, I can't tell a living soul who knows me this. Night. -NT
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2023.03.25 05:44 crash1179 34 [FTM4F] UK, South East. Soft Daddy seeking forever princess 💖

Hi! I'm an FTM (Transman) Daddy, located in the UK, about an hour away from London.
I'm 56kg, slim build, but squishy "dad bod" type. 5"6ish. Blue/grey eyes. Dark blonde/brown hair, I usually have facial hair or a full on beard. I'm happy to share selfies in dms :)
Seeking a monogamous relationship that would be a mix of vanilla and 24/7 ddlg/cgl dynamic. My preference is ciswomen, preferably my height or shorter (though not a deal breaker at all!), and I do want children some day.
Some of my interests are videogames, movies, animation, true crime, psychology and music, who doesn't like music? :p I also adore animals, so if you have any pets I always love to be spammed with cute pics!! I am 420 friendly and smoke regularly, stoner littles are welcome lol
As a Daddy I am naturally protective and affectionate. I love taking care of my princess, doting on her and showering her with attention and praise throughout the day. Feeding, dressing, bathing, colouring, tea parties, teddy bear picnics, watching cartoons in a pile of stuffies, and all of that good stuff! Oh, and all of the headpats and forehead kisses!! 💖 I always try my best to encourage, praise, and nurture my princess and make sure she knows just how special she is 💖
I'm not particularly strict, but I enjoy taking a disciplinary role when it's required/wanted. Rules, routines and punishments/funishments is something we can arrange together if my princess wants them. And appropriate after care ofcourse!
Kinks we can discuss later down the line. I am very open minded and respectful of limits. Though it isn't everything, the sexual aspects of the dynamic are important to me. I do have a high sex drive, and I like to please lol
Ideally I would like something long term and serious so I'm happy to take things slow with the right person. I do not expect to jump into a ddlg/cgl dynamic right away!
I like to take things at a natural pace and get to know each other as friends before diving into things.
I use discord, no kik or snap sorry! Obviously getting to know each other online is expected, but I would like to develop a real relationship over time with the intention of meeting eventually so please be comfortable with sharing photos or video calling to confirm identity early on :)
UK only sorry! South East or near London is best. Long distance doesn't work for me unfortunately, I don't drive (no one does in my city lol) and not being able to give headpats hurts too much :(
I hope to hear from you soon! x
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2023.03.25 05:43 babesrights24 Where to bury item from ritual?

I just nearly completed a ritual from Gallery of Magick. I’ve had success with their rituals and really appreciate them. For the very last part of this most recent one, it says to bury the item I’ve worked on, “anywhere that isn’t a graveyard, preferably on my property”.
My issue is, I live in an apartment building and I’d be worried that a neighbor would see me digging in the courtyard garden, or worse, dig up the material (that contains a name). I’d feel better with it closer to me, but both options definitely rouse anxiety. I went to bury it in the park today but it didn’t feel right. So my options are, my house plant or the barren garden in my apartment courtyard (that will likely get dug up soon to make room for spring flowers).
I’m likely overthinking this but any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.25 05:40 redpierrr Slenderman... Jr.?

FINAL DRAFT: To post to Subreddits.
Slenderman has always been an internet rumor of sorts. You know, the sort of thing that you only see in videogames, videos of creepypastas, let’s play, et cetera, et cetera. This was how I believed Slenderman, just a sort of internet rumor of sorts. That was, until I changed my belief of Slenderman after I had an experience of sorts with him.
I remember I played Slenderman a lot as a kid and was only scared by it at first because I do not get scared easily, but one day I discovered a new story of sorts that changed my belief of Slenderman as only a game. An internet advertisement when I was watching let’s plays told me that Slenderman was watching me, and this scared me a little bit but again it did not scare me a lot because it is very difficult to scare me. Just for reference I did not even get scared when a bee or even a wasp landed on my bare skin.
I clicked on the advertisement because of curiosity, and it directed or redirected my browser to a website of sorts that displayed nothing more than a black screen with hyperrealistic blood and Slenderman in the middle surrounded by hyperrealistic blood and guts and disgusting bits. Of course this was very disturbing but because I was not scared I clicked on Slenderman because I believed it could have been a game of sorts or a “ARG” which I saw a video about a little bit ago.
When I clicked my mouse on Slenderman I heard suddenly a very loud noise of sorts that was very high pitched and was also extremely disturbing. Even I was taken a-back and had to take off my earbuds because it scared me so badly, which does not happen often even when wasps land on me. When I looked back at Slenderman on the screen there was a smaller Slenderman next to the normal Slenderman also covered in hyperrealistic blood, and he told me that he is “Slenderman Jr.”. Of course this was some sort of joke or if it was not it was very scary.
At this same time the website that this advertisement led me to was closed all by itself. In fact at this time I was not even putting my hands anywhere near my iPad because I was too busy covering my ears because of the noise of sorts that had just played through my earbuds. After the website closed I saw on my iPad screen “1 out of 8 websites discovered.” I muttered under my breath this is no joke because this could not be a game or “ARG” or anything other than a Slenderman curse, or a curse from Slenderman Jr. because Slenderman only works with pages, Slenderman Jr. works with websites of sorts, a different type of “pages” of sorts.
I immediately began to look for different advertisements but there were 7 to be found and I was also a little bit scared that Slenderman Jr. would find me on the websites which would be a jump-scare of sorts which I saw in many of the let’s play videos I watched. I tried calling the police officers because at this time I was so scared but instead of going to voice-mail instead I think it was Slenderman Jr. who picked up because he told me you can not hide until you have discovered all 8 of the websites. Ok, what?
As I browsed YouTube for more advertisements the YouTube 666 glitch occurred and my YouTube began to be covered in hyperrealistic blood with weird noises of sorts that disturbed me and created a desultory feeling inside of me. Even though there was blood everywhere and it was even possible that at the same time I was being cursed by the Devil or Slenderman Jr. with his powers of sorts I still was happy because these brought me more advertisements. Before I knew it I even found the second website from an advertisement that showed Slenderman Jr. holding me as a hyperrealistic body with hyperrealistic blood, too.
Very quickly I found many of the rest of the websites but because Slenderman Jr. was a trickster of sorts like a fox or another fairy tale character he put fake websites to deceive me these websites also were deadly because Slenderman Jr. made eye contact with me even though he has no eyes he could still see me through the screen somehow. Or maybe he was not seeing me through the screen?
After I found the sixth website I was called by the police officer. I am saved I thought until I picked it up and realized how boned I really am. Slenderman Jr. said he killed the police officer and I was next if I dared to collect the pages and see his story. I dropped the phone really hard and began to look for the last websites. I also heard a noise inside of my house which I believed was my parents or older brother because what else would it be?
It was not my parents or older brother because when I found the 7th page a tall man of sorts teleported to me in my bedroom through the door. He was probably heading for the source of the pages which was my iPad. At that time I was about to scream Slenderman but I noticed it was Slenderman Jr. because he was covered in realistic blood and also was shorter than I remember Slenderman from the games and advertisements I saw.
When I saw Slenderman Jr. I remembered always look away because if you look at Slenderman or now Slenderman Jr. it could be the last thing you ever see so I had to shut my eyes tight and leave the room to go outside to collect the final website. It felt like I was now in the let’s play videos I watched because at the same time I walked around with my iPad outside trying to find the last website and not look at Slenderman Jr. or I will sort of die.
Just as I discovered the final advertisement I was about to direct myself to the website but I heard a large scream of sorts that sounded like my mom. I was about to end this but thought I must save my mom. I ran back to the house when I realized blood was everywhere and no where were my parents only Slenderman Jr. in the corner of my eye he was about to destroy me. Uh oh. I ran to my parents bed room and they were there and safe too so what was the scream was it Slenderman Jr. being a trickster of sorts?
This was answered when I clicked on the final website and 8/8 websites discovered. However Slenderman Jr. only got more mad when he said 8 out of 8 websites discovered… how many websites have you completed? He grew a smile so big that it finally made me so scared I could only scream as he demolished me forever. Slenderman Jr., son of slenderman.
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