Baseball hats custom embroidery

Pair of Tickets by the Jays Bullpen available! June 7 and July 2

2023.06.02 20:40 Punkyhunky Pair of Tickets by the Jays Bullpen available! June 7 and July 2

Have sold before here. I have 2 pairs of tickets by the Jays bullpen available. Really good chance of getting a baseball and interacting with the pitchers.
June 7th MLB Hat giveaway day.
Section 137 B row 2 $110 for the pair
July 2nd
Section 136 row 1 $220/pair
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2023.06.02 20:24 sahmummy1717 Baseball hats & sunglasses

Please explain!!!
How are these people (more women specifically” wearing cute baseball hats and sunglasses?? I don’t have a single pair of sunglasses I can wear with a baseball hat. They all hit the brim of the hat before they’re halfway up my nose. So it’s either a hat or sunglasses but not both. My eyes are sensitive to the sun so I have to wear sunglasses in the summer most of the time. Is it my sunglasses? The shape? Size? Even my smallest ones don’t work 🤣🤣
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2023.06.02 20:17 psychosisadjacent Is it appropriate and respectful to sell sewing patterns for Jewish symbols with all revenue going to local synagogues?

My apologies for this being less what this sub is used for than the other questions, I just wanted to ask a lot of people to make sure I didn't miss anything important. Also, I am autistic, so the social rules and customs that might have been obvious to most people aren't to me. That's part of the reason I'm asking directly; I can't pick up on the nuance of rules and facts when they're stated, so I need to ask everything I think is important.
I am not Jewish, but a statistically unlikely number of people close to me are, though the ones I’m closest with are currently reconnecting with Judaism and their Jewish heritage. I am an artist who designs and sells patterns to follow for cross stitch and embroidery, and I work another full-time job with a low wage.
Would it be appropriate and respectful for me to sell patterns of Jewish symbols at pay-what-you-want and donate 100% of the revenue equally between the 4 synagogues and 1 community center in my area?
If the answer to that is at all yes, are there designs I should avoid selling (i.e. the current designs I have in mind are a Magen David silhouetted against a pride flag, a gold Magen David that looks like it is textured with ornate patterns, and a simple cross stitched Chai.)? Are there certain disclaimers I should put in the product description to prevent other gentile sellers from selling similar designs in an ill-mannered way?
I would like to donate to those places but I am trying to fund my own life; those patterns are something I would never want to personally profit off of, so there’s no reason for me to keep the money, and selling them gives people two things: a way to represent themselves, engage with their community, etc., and a direct donation. Is this a respectful and appropriate thing for me to do?
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2023.06.02 19:59 CuriouslyGlum Cat in the Hat

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2023.06.02 19:55 ZachTF Anywhere you would suggest to buy multiple styles of hats for people with large heads?

I’m looking for a nice fedora and a good baseball cap. The problem is that I’ve always had a big head. Big enough to where usually I have a very hard time finding a hat that fits me. What stores have extra large hats for people like me that I can go to in person?
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2023.06.02 18:08 joeebats Jimmy Key - 2004 Topps Signature Edition (1987 Topps buyback)

Jimmy Key - 2004 Topps Signature Edition (1987 Topps buyback)
One of the best, if not the best, Blue Jays lefties.
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2023.06.02 18:00 LabB0T Weekly r/homelabsales Summary - 2023-06-02

The last weeks [For Sale] posts in homelabsales
Posts that have not met the rules of HLS or have completed are not shown.
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2023.06.02 17:08 360boothniagara Essential Features for Photo Booth in St. Catharines

Essential Features for Photo Booth in St. Catharines
When it comes to event planning, photo booth in St. Catharines have become a popular choice. Their convenience and affordability make them a go-to option for capturing special memories. Whether you're organizing a birthday celebration, a wedding, or a corporate gathering, setting up a photo booth can provide a fun and unique experience for you and your guests.
Photo booths come in different styles and offer customization options. They provide an opportunity to create lasting memories of joyous occasions. Your guests will treasure the fantastic moments captured in their hearts forever. To ensure a memorable event, consider enlisting the assistance of professionals to set up a photo booth in Niagara. Their expertise will help you capture unique and unforgettable moments.
Setting up a wedding booth is a must to entertain your guests and enhance the overall experience. These booths come with a range of special features, allowing you to customize backgrounds and props. Dress up with friends in silly costumes and wacky props, transforming ordinary events into enjoyable experiences. A wedding booth in St. Catharines is an excellent choice for capturing cherished memories of your special day.
Wedding booths offer unique and exciting features, such as custom props like wigs, hats, and frames. By setting up a wedding booth in Niagara, you'll obtain priceless keepsakes that immortalize the memories of your big day in photographs and videos. One of the major advantages of a wedding booth is the instant availability of photos, eliminating the need for additional editing. With unique digital templates and large touch screens featuring customizable graphics and animations, wedding booths have become increasingly popular among couples looking to add fun and personalization to their celebrations.
The emergence of 360 booth technology has taken event experiences to a new level. Its interactive capabilities allow guests to fit into frames from various angles and levels. Additionally, 360 booth technology optimizes the user experience, providing superior audio and video quality. It offers high-resolution images in less time compared to traditional setups. With its ability to create unique multimedia presentations, setting up a 360 booth in St. Catharines has become a preferred choice for special gatherings. Consult professionals, such as those at 360 Booth Niagara, to explore a range of interactive experiences that can't be achieved through traditional methods.
To add an extra touch of fun to your event, incorporating creative props in your photo booth is essential. By consulting with professionals from 360 Booth Niagara, you can ensure that your photo booth not only adds a personal touch to your special occasion but also brings joy to you and your guests. By considering these features and seeking professional assistance, you can set up a photo booth in St. Catharines that will create unforgettable memories and make your event truly remarkable.
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2023.06.02 17:02 Mattrapbeats How to become important to your customers Marketing

This is part 2 too this post
I started by talking about how to keep your emails out of spam, but this post is about how to get your emails to be deemed as important to your customer's email service provider; ultimately pushing your emails to the top of the inbox.
Let's get into it, lists seem to be a clear way of organizing information so I'm going to make another list where we'll go through 6 things you need to know to optimize your chances of your emails being opened.
  1. Write good subject lines- I touched on this very briefly in my last post but I'm going to go into depth here. Writing a stand-out subject can be very difficult and the results are often very hit or miss. There are 2 simple ways to create a subject line that will always do well. The first one is showcasing a really good offer in the clearest way possible. When you run a sale mention the largest % customers will be able to save and mention the duration of the sale. If you've read cashvertising you'll know that being direct is a timeless method that will always work. The second method is creating curiosity. I work with a hat store, he gets celebs buying his hats all the time. One day Swae Lee came, bought some hats, and took a picture with 1 on in the store. The next day we made an email about it, The subject line was "What do you and Swae Lee have in common?", this was the highest open rate we got all quarter. People were genuinely curious to find out what they had in common with Swae Lee. We could have just said "Swae Lee stopped by, check out what he picked up", Who cares? People care about themselves and are actively looking for a reason to feel special every single day. Saying a celeb was in your store might make your store seem cool but it's not about you. Insinuating that average customers might have something in common with a popular artist; now people are listening. Emojis are also a good addition to subject lines in moderation. They add a bit of color and make things pop in the inbox.
  2. Personalize emails- Everyone uses first names, but think outside of the box if you want to stand out. Here's an example: You could just say FREE SHIPPING, but it would hit a lot harder if you said "Hey {first name}, it's you're lucky day! For the next 48 hours we'll be doing free shipping in {your city}"(using a merge tag). Now the customer is there thinking "Wow, free shipping in Rochester! What are the odds?" see what I did there, you just brought emotion into marketing. Now the customer feels lucky, and the emotion associated with feeling lucky is happiness. Happy people buy things! Sell with emotion as often as you can, and make the reader feel something. Your goal is to do whatever you can to make people feel special, that is the easiest way to gain leverage in literally any relationship. Try it on your spouse and reply with the results! Make people feel special and they are more likely to do what you want them to do, This training has multiple uses!
  3. Write like a friend, not like a business. Friends ask you questions and care about what you think, businesses message you when they need you to buy something. Who are you trying to be perceived as? To expand on this point, asking questions in emails is an extremely underrated method to improve your deliverability. The more replies you get to your emails, the more important your emails appear to your customer's email service provider. Get enough replies and your emails won't even end up in the promotions tab, you'll be in the main inbox with your customer's real friends.
  4. Pick a voice for your emails and stick with it for the majority of your emails. If you're pretending to be Sally from customer service stick with that and make the sender name Sally from X Store. Emails should feel like an ongoing conversation. Sally is reaching out to you because she didn't want you to miss out on the sale. Not X Store is reaching out to you because they really want you to buy things. Good positioning and a little bit of personality will make customers more likely to engage with your emails. P.S There is absolutely nothing wrong with just being yourself and emailing people as the CEO.
  5. Ask customers to whitelist your emails. This is simple and straightforward. If you are whitelisted, you're an important sender and your emails are much more likely to appear at the top of their inbox.
  6. Give customers a reason to open your emails. All of our thoughts are biased based on our personal experiences. So if your customer is used to getting boring general sales emails from you every week, eventually they will just stop opening them. Here are a few things that will make customers more likely to look forward to your emails, humor, talking about things you know they like, teaching them about something they are interested in, and surprising them with something that they weren't expecting.
At the end of the day, the way your customers view you as a brand is very important when it comes to how much they engage with your emails. With that being said their engagement with your emails will further screw your visibility in their inbox. Ever heard of the 1% rule? It's basically just a theory where if you can improve by 1% in a bunch of different related areas you will be able to stack all of those percentages and become a lot better than your competition at one specific thing. I'm giving you the tools to improve your email game by 1% in a bunch of different areas so your emails will rank higher than your competitors. You don't have to do this to be successful but tweaking a series of small things brings consistently big results over time. So consider tweaking your approach and if you don't have time consider hiring an expert to do it for you.
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2023.06.02 16:55 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C11

It’s the little things of that sort that made life on Earth…life. I swear, if I weren’t keeping my journal of observations, I would completely forget that I was still enrolled in a doctoral program gaining what might potentially be one of the most important degrees in the galaxy.
I’d very much… what the humans say ‘gone native’. Which is the whole point of studying like this, to immerse yourself in a people and learn to appreciate their ways on their terms.
I just never expected when I began that it would be… something more, something so much more, to me or to so many others. But now here I was… and before I go into the days after Michael’s return, I hope you’ll forgive me for a little self indulgence… trust me, it will make the near future far clearer.
By this point, even though I’d only been on Earth for about ten percent of my intended time, by now my degree was going to be a given. I could have returned to University now, with just the work I’d done thus far, presented my findings, and gotten my degree to become ‘Doctor Bailey Walker’ and been done with it… if the rules allowed for that kind of thing.
Because I’d gotten into the various…shenanigans, that I did, because I’d been so heavily involved in so many important events in one way or another from the day of the battle of Waterland Park…as it was so ridiculously and melodramatically called to this day, (much to both my and Fauve’s annoyance), all the way up to the present, I was in a unique position.
I had ties to the highest levels of both governments through two ambassadors, and ties to the leaders of commerce and industry thanks to controlling one of the largest gambling and sporting enterprises on the planet…both of which by dint of my ties to xenomedia expansion in the Barnum Cooperative, meant I was building ties to other planetary governments.
In short… If I didn’t know the right person, I probably lived with one who did. William’s control over my space station project and the display of human engineering was drawing attention from potential allied worlds, while the Methuselah Initiative his wife was a leading researcher for was drawing global attention as the first gentle strides proceeded.
Incidentally… My big sister was on excellent terms with Rebecca Walker and had put her in touch with the D.S.A. the Dlamias Science Academy, where our finest genetic researchers worked… given that Bau was nominally a fugitive, I can only imagine she did this surreptitiously. But once the chain was forged, further cooperation was inevitable.
My people seem to be unable to help ourselves when it comes to humans, if we’re not man’s best friend five years from now, I’ll eat my hat. And if I do not have a hat, first I will buy one, then I will eat it.
All that is to say in long form that, out of all the students on Earth, and out of all the Dlamisa who were now visiting or residing on Earth, out of all the other aliens who were expressing interest in the rising power…I had stumbled my way into being the best known, best positioned, the absolute wealthiest, and the most intimately connected with all the right people.
So… with all that out of the way, let me continue.
Weeks came and weeks went, and I? I enjoyed them. William and Rebecca returned from their work, the Methuselah Initiative continued to progress and the space station continued to expand while the first vessels were built.
Fauve returned from her trip to Japan and we were up late enjoying coffee while the rest of the house slept.
I’d been apart from my human for longer than usual, but we slipped back into our routine without missing a beat.
It was rich, strong stuff that we drank, something she brought with her from her trip. The light was dim and the house was silent save for the little sizzle of coffee dripping down for our inevitable refills. We still had a relatively modest, ‘middle class’ home. Strange for me to say it that way, since I was saying ‘we’. But they were family, now, and it felt right even if legally I owned none of it.
Some have remarked that it was strange that Fauve still hadn’t moved out, when it was not uncommon for humans to leave their homes as they enter adulthood. But the reality is simple, departure is typically undertaken because of stress, a clash between the adult parent and the adult child and the former wanting to continue to rule the latter, while the latter wants to do things their own way.
But that contesting dynamic did not exist between the Walkers. William and Rebecca didn’t press their daughter to let them control anything, they would offer advice, and she did pay a little ‘rent’ to contribute to household expenses. A nominal sum that was more a symbol of independence than anything else. But she otherwise controlled everything about her own life. As they loved and cared for one another and considered their family to be a singular unit, a ‘team’ such as it were, they saw no need to separate themselves.
I like to think she also didn’t want to move since she’d miss me and I was more or less obligated to maintain a single residence for the next fifty years… but that’s just speculation on my part.
Regardless, here she was and so was I, and we could enjoy the comfort of one another’s presence. We simply sipped our first cups, and savored the moment. And for the first half of the cup, we were silent, just enjoying each moment in our amiable existence.
That was our custom, to just enjoy presence for a little while, it was a chance to gather our thoughts and consider what, if anything, there was to say.
Sometimes there wasn’t, we’d just sit in quiet company until our cups were empty, content that nothing need be said and mutual presence was enough.
It’s funny how much humans can say while saying nothing at all. In a very real way, they may be the most competent communicators in the galaxy.
But… tonight would not be a silent night.
When the coffee maker clicked off on the dim light of the kitchen, Fauve chose to speak. “So I got an offer for a diplomatic job.” She said it as if she were mentioning it might rain… this human of mine is the most unflappable person I’ve ever met…I swear.
My tail started to wag and I took a quick sip before saying, “Tell me about it.” She launched into a full story of touring Japan, first, which was to be expected, and I thoroughly enjoyed the recounting before she got to the part I asked about.
“You know how I’ve been handling all these media deals… and… remember how we spent that year on The Red Spark, during the Silent Civil War?” She asked.
I looked down my snout at her. “Tell me that’s rhetorical.”
She cracked a smile, “Well, one of the guys I used to eat lunch with was appointed to the Department of Interplanetary Relations. He was in New Kyoto for a conference on Interplanetary Tech… forget that, it’s boring,” she waved a dismissive hand and went on, “Anyway we were at the same hotel on the day I closed a deal for distributing your league broadcasts…” she paused and tilted her head, “Did you know that the Leonids have a reputation for stubbornness?” She asked.
I nodded. “Worse than ours.” I agreed, and it was no exaggeration. On Dlamias we said that you could convince a mountain to move before you could convince a Leonid to do so.
“They’re not so bad, I just had to keep reframing things until I found what worked, but we got a deal. So I told Marcus about it, and he said he needed someone like me on his team.” She should have smiled, but she didn’t.
“What?” I asked.
“Bailey, listen…”. Fauve’s voice became grave, “Marcus had a few more than he meant to and he let something slip… the Praeda species are a lot more afraid than anyone thinks. If what he told me is true, media relations will be the least of my concerns… a real war is a very clear possibility.”
“Shouldn’t you have led with that?” It was a stupid thing to ask, but still…
She sat up straight, “It wouldn’t be more or less likely, based on where I put it in conversation, and this way you heard good things first. if I waited, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy those properly.”
It was as absurd as it was practical.
“So then the job is…?” I prompted.
“There’s going to be an attempt at diplomacy first. The Rogue World is a long way off, and everybody is going to start gearing up for war, but in that span of time we have a shot at deescalation.” She looked at me for a very long moment.
“I’ll talk to my world’s ambassador. He won’t be happy that word slipped out, even to a reliable resource. Maybe we can create a joint envoy?” It was a tentative thought. More likely it would set the Rapax class species on edge if it looked like we were negotiating a separate peace…
I could see the wheels spinning in her mind when she said… “Maybe suggest we think bigger… anyone left out might feel like a target.”
She wasn’t wrong. “I’ll reach out to him in the morning. In the meantime… one more cup?” I asked.
She handed me hers as I stood, “Yes, please.”
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2023.06.02 16:41 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.02 16:35 ProvenStrange The Ultimate Disguise

I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but I don’t know where else to go for help. I know that after I describe the events that just happened, the ones involved may come looking for me. I have decided it’s worth the risk though. I’m still pretty shaken up, but I’m going to do my best to recall everything exactly as it happened. If something similar has happened to you or anyone you know, and you could advise me what to do next, I would really appreciate it. It might actually save my life.
Last night wasn’t the first time I had been woken up by a sound coming from the wall behind my bed. It sounded like something LARGE and HEAVY sliding along the other side of the wall. It was especially odd, because I didn’t think there was anything on the other side of that wall. I thought I had heard it several nights before this one, but was never certain if I had dreamt it or not. This time though, I knew I was awake. I was lying in bed next to my husband, Jason. I had my eyes closed, while trying to fall asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fight Jason and I had a couple hours before. He told me in the five years we had been married, he had never seen me like this— a complete shell of the person I once was. He told me that I had let my paranoia completely consume me. I could tell he was deeply concerned, but also frustrated with my lack of effort to dispel it. I knew that even if I was honest about what I was worrying about though, he would not understand.
I slowly sat up in bed, straining to listen for another sound. Maybe it was some kind of animal? It sounded much too large to be a raccoon though, and bears are not common in our area. As I slowly leaned in closer to the wall, my heart jolted as I heard a very loud, THUMP THUMP. It sounded like a deliberate pounding on the other side of the wall, almost as if it was trying to get my attention.
In a low whisper, I immediately called out to Jason as he slept next to me. How could he have slept through that? He didn’t even stir, so I called his name again and tried touching his shoulder. He continued to sleep like a baby. I was about to call his name one more time when I remembered that my paranoia was the main reason for our fight earlier. Would he even believe me? I sat in the dark for a few more minutes before deciding to get up and investigate myself.
As I made my way downstairs, I caught a glimpse of a photo of the two of us from our honeymoon. Although it was from only five years ago, Jason and I looked so much younger. It was probably due to the fact that we were smiling so big. I have been trying so hard to be that happy girl in the photo for him and for me, but recently, I haven’t even come close.
I decided to start my investigation of the mysterious sound with the garage, since it is located directly under our bedroom. I flipped the light on and scanned the room from wall to wall, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Everything looked the way it was supposed to. Our car was parked out on the street that night, so the garage was just a large, echoey room. Gardening tools, storage containers, cleaning supples and various pieces of sporting equipment packed the shelves along the far wall. There was also a small stockpile of food and water Jason liked to keep just in case of a disaster. Remember, being paranoid is my thing though…
I made my way over to the shelves to see if anything could have made a noise like the one I heard. As I was halfway across the garage, I heard a loud SLAM come from above me. My eyes darted up to the attic door in the ceiling and the pull string that dangled from it. The string was slowly swaying from left to right.
Great. That’s normal, right? I never realized that our bedroom shared a wall with the attic until now. I thought hard about running upstairs to get Jason’s help. That would be the most logical thing to do, but just as I was about to do that, I had this feeling. I had a very faint idea of what could be the source of the disturbance, but knew that it would defy logic. I also knew that based on the five weeks we had been together, if there was even the slightest chance that my suspicion was correct about the source of the noise, Jason would not understand— nor would he even be willing to help me deal with it. If I was going to be able to protect the both of us, I knew I had to deal with this myself.
I walked over to the attic door and grabbed the pull string. With a loud CREEEAAAAK the door slowly swung down. I grabbed the ladder attached to the door and unfolded it down to the ground. I directed my attention back up to the ceiling, and stared into the black hole that was the attic entrance.
My eyes strained to make out anything inside, while I waited for something— anything to come out of the darkness. I turned to the shelf next to me and grabbed a flashlight. After pointing it toward the black hole in the ceiling, I still couldn’t make out anything, so I contemplated my options. Less thinking, just do, Mel. I knew that if I waited any longer, my thoughts would scare me into complete paralysis, so I began to climb. With each step, the ladder let out a painful creak. This ladder was as old as the house, and I have no idea if it was ever inspected. The way it would bend under my very minimal bodyweight made me realize the very real possibility that it could give out at any time. We really need to have this thing inspected…
The black hole grew bigger and bigger with each step. I held my breath the whole time, ready for either the ladder to crumble beneath me or something to emerge from the darkness. Thankfully, neither of those things happened. Once my head breached the attic opening, I remembered to breathe, and drew in a large breath of stale, musty air.
I scanned the attic with my flashlight. It wasn’t really a room— more just a storage space between the ceiling of the garage and the roof of the house. The ceiling formed a triangle with the highest point being only five feet tall. As I slowly panned my flashlight across the space, its beam revealed various objects in storage— an old dollhouse, a large shop vacuum, a full-sized scarecrow, a snow shovel, a vintage suitcase, a pair of kayak paddles, several boxes, and lots of Christmas and Halloween decorations. The holiday decorations appeared pretty unsettling in the beam of the flashlight…probably because a lot of them had faces that were looking back at me. The witch especially gave me the creeps with her pale, green skin, hands covered in warts, and open mouth full of yellow teeth. Oh and don’t forget the random Christmas elf’s detached head just resting on top of a box with its single, beady eye reflecting back at me! Why does it only have one eye?? Why is its head not with its body?? Why do we even have this thing??
After doing a full scan of the space with my flashlight, I reached behind me to turn on the attic light. The second the light turned on, I jumped as I heard the sound of movement coming from the pile of junk in front of me. I held my breath and stared long and hard, while looking for any sign of movement. THAT WITCH BETTER NOT MOVE, I SWEAR. After a long minute of waiting, nothing had moved in the slightest.
Just as I was letting out my long awaited exhale, a loud, “BWAK BWAK BWAK,” erupted from my right side. I whipped my head around to reveal a plush toy of a chicken lying on the floor on its side.
BWAK BWAK BWAK,” its electronic voice box cried out again. I looked around, wondering what could have caused it to go off. The floorboards beneath me creaked as I crawled my way over to the plush chicken and picked it up. I stared into its black, soulless eyes. There was something about this chicken. It felt too personal for some reason— almost like it was a taunt. Then, I heard the sound of movement coming from the pile of junk again. I looked back and could have sworn one of the objects had moved. Was it the witch? The scarecrow? I couldn’t tell for sure.
I waited several seconds before directing my attention back to the chicken. That’s when I noticed something behind it. About 4 feet up from the floor, there was a very small hole in the wall about the size of a pea. I put my eye up to it, and my stomach lurched. Through the hole, I could see right into my bedroom. I couldn’t see the bed so well, but I could make out pretty much anything at eye level. Whoever or WHATEVER was in the attic could have been watching us this whole time. From inside the bedroom, the hole was positioned just under one of the framed pictures hanging on the wall. The shadow from the frame must have concealed it all this time. I could feel my heart rate begin to drastically accelerate. I turned back to the pile of junk, since whoever or whatever was in the attic with me must be hiding somewhere in that pile.
That’s when I noticed what had changed. Earlier, the scarecrow was sitting upright with its back against a box, but now it was slumped over with one hand extended out toward me. And was it closer?? I stared at its still, faceless head hidden in shadow beneath the brim of a wide, black farmer’s hat. I looked for any sign of life in its body, which wore a red flannel shirt covered in hay and stained khaki pants with patches on the knees. I began to hyperventilate. Come on, Mel! If you have a panic attack now, you are done for!
I slowly backed away from the scarecrow until I heard a loud CRUNCH under my feet. I looked down and saw that I had stepped on an empty plastic water bottle. I gasped in horror as I noticed several other empty water bottles along with empty food cans and a pile of blankets resembling a makeshift bed. SOMEONE WAS LIVING IN OUR ATTIC.
Before I could react, I heard fast stomping coming right toward me. I looked up and saw the scarecrow LUNGING for me. I fell onto my back with my eyes closed, and braced for the inevitable. I heard the sound of movement, the creaking of the ladder, and then all was silent. My eyes slowly opened. The scarecrow had vanished.
I crawled over to the attic entrance in the floor. The garage light below had now been switched off, so the way down was nothing but a black void. I grabbed the flashlight and pointed it down into the garage. I let out a gasp as I saw the scarecrow standing directly at the bottom of the ladder facing up at me. I wanted to scream, but nothing was coming out. It stood there perfectly still…almost too still for a person to be inside of it. Was this a person?? I waited and waited until…it CHARGED at the ladder, making its way toward me.
I frantically dove toward the pile of junk and grabbed a paddle to defend myself. When I turned back to the ladder, the scarecrow was gone. There was only the rickety ladder and the black void below me. I gave myself a few seconds to catch my breath. If I was in fact dealing with what I suspected I was dealing with, I had a right to be scared out of my mind. I also knew that I couldn’t let it get to Jason first. Whatever this thing was, I had to stop it.
After taking a deep breath, I made my way down the ladder. I held my flashlight in one hand and the paddle in the other. I made sure to alternate the flashlight between the steps below me and the rest of the garage. If the scarecrow was able to knock me off the ladder, I would be done for. When my feet finally touched the concrete floor, I wanted to let out a sigh of relief, but I knew the fight was still ahead of me….or maybe behind me. It was so dark, the scarecrow really could have been anywhere.
If I could just make it to the door to the house, I knew I could flip on the light, spot the scarecrow, and charge it with everything I had. I walked as fast as I could toward the door, whipping my flashlight in all directions. I only got halfway through the garage when I heard a loud squeaking noise to my left. I knew I wasn’t getting the chance to make it to the light switch. I slowly turned my flashlight to reveal the scarecrow slumped over and sitting on an old, red Radio Flyer wagon.
This was it. I knew that the element of surprise was all I had.
I charged at it with everything inside of me. I swung the paddle again and again with all of my strength. I wouldn’t let this thing ruin the life I had worked so hard to obtain. I didn’t stop swinging until the scarecrow was completely facedown on the ground. My rage turned to fear as I slowly sensed something was off. I realized the scarecrow’s torso had become completely separated from its legs during the beating. My heart nearly stopped when I finally realized that there was nothing inside of the scarecrow but hay.
I poked its body a few times before I noticed a trail of straw leading away from it. Wherever this trail led to, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. As I followed the trail of hay with my flashlight in one hand, I shakily held my paddle in the other, ready to strike again. The trail curled away from me until it ended at A PAIR OF BARE HUMAN FEET. I let out a quiet scream as I tilted my flashlight up as fast as I could and—WHAM! I could barely make out the image of a metal baseball bat whirling toward my head before everything went black.
I woke up only a few seconds later on the garage floor with my head throbbing in pain. My vision was fuzzy, but I could see there was a shape standing in front of me. It was backlit by the light of my flashlight, which had rolled away from me. It took a few seconds for my eyes to focus on the pair of bare, dirty feet in front of me, covered in hay. As I slowly tilted my head up, I could see those feet were attached to a pair of legs wearing tattered pants. Those legs were attached to a body with two arms— one holding a metal baseball bat. The body was attached to a head, and on that head, was a face. It was exactly the face I feared I would see. It was the face of a woman with the exact same face as me— the face of Melody Bennett.
“No,” I gasped. “How did—“
Melody stared at me with rage in her eyes. Pieces of hay covered her hair.
I turned my head to the side and looked at the scarecrow’s lifeless, empty body next to me. Then, I turned and looked at Melody’s hay-covered feet.
I have to admit it now. Wearing the scarecrow as a disguise was a brilliant strategy. She really took a page from my book of deception and used it against me.
“Your life was mine,” I began to cry with eyes full of fear. “I took it from you.”
“I’m taking it back,” she declared and raised her bat high.
I tried to let out a scream, but it was too late. She was already on top of me. Whaling on me with the speed and aggression of a wild animal. She struck my head with the baseball bat again and again. With each blow, I could feel my face start to change out of the face of Melody and back into its natural form. First, my mouth morphed away, followed by my nose, and then my ears. Just as she was about to swing what would have been the killing blow, I threw my hand up and grabbed the bat. Both of us were now struggling for control of the bat. That’s when I could see my true face reflected in Melody’s eyes. My two eyes were wide and bulging, completely filled with terror. My other features were completely gone. Smooth skin was now in their place. I looked into Melody’s eyes as we struggled with the bat. This was a woman that would stop at nothing to take back her life and be rid of me. I wasn’t going to win this fight. I had to escape.
My fear somehow gave me enough adrenaline to throw her off of me. I knew I only had a second before she would be on top of me again, so I booked it out of the house as fast as I could.
I didn’t stop running until I was across the street hidden in the shadows of a neighbor’s tree. I turned back to see Melody standing in front of her house blocking any hope I had of going back there to her beautiful, lovely life— a life, which she had taken for granted until now. She had the last five weeks to think about it as she was living in the attic. All that time, she watched helplessly behind the wall of her own bedroom as I, an imposter wearing her face, tried my best to pass as her. She had all that time to watch me, study my weaknesses, and devise a plan to take her life back.
From across the street, I watched as she took in one last big breath, smelling the fresh air and appreciating the world she had once taken for granted. She slowly exhaled before walking confidently back into her house and locking me out for good.
I can’t tell you how frustrated I am that this one didn’t work out for me. I thought for sure that I had killed Melody before I had replaced her. I thought for sure that I was going to get to live in her place forever. I won’t make the same mistake again. Next time, I will make sure the person I am replacing is actually dead.
I know most of you reading this will probably think I’m just a normal person making this story up to scare you. I was counting on that. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that there are many like me living among you.
To those of you that are like me, please let me know if you have had a similarly frustrating experience. Besides the very obvious mistake I already mentioned, what can I do differently next time? If you have any advice or know anything else I did wrong, please tell me.
I just want to find a nice life and be happy like everyone else. Why does it have to be this difficult?
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2023.06.02 16:33 orphan-cr1ppler Shut up, Fatshark didn't rip you off. Darktide was an amazing deal. Hadron would turn you into a servitor on your second day.

There's always a few whiners everywhere, but this subreddit has an alarmingly high concentration of suck-ass whiny little snivelies. I've seen post after post going essentially:
"it's predatory that they make us walk by the cosmetic shop"
Shut up. Don't make false accusations. Predatory means exploiting a basic human need or weakness, like addiction, hunger or loneliness. Your desire to look cool for while you purge heretic scum is not a basic human need, so it's not predatory to offer you completely optional cosmetics. Yes, even if they are offered to you several times a day. I used to have to walk by McD's several times a day, was that predatory?
Or posts that go: "I paid 20$ for Vermintide 2 and played 100s of hours and Fatshark was ripping me off then and now I paid 40$ for Darktide and played 100s of hours and Fatshark is ripping me off now. Why does Fatshark hate their customers generally and me specifically?"
Shut up. You're being whiny and ungrateful. They didn't rip you off. They obviously put hundreds of thousands of hours of work into this game that they sold half the price of other big releases. The impact animations in particular are the best I've ever seen. Once as an ogryn I punched an enemy off his feet and my friend hit him out of the air with a swing of his massive hammer like we were playing heretic baseball, it looked smooth and realistic, and we both saw the same thing. It was amazing. It's a standout as one of my favorite gaming moments ever.
I've played 100s of hours and what I have to say is: thanks Fatshark, 40$ for 100s of hours of fun with my friends was literally one of the best deals I've made in my life, gaming related or not. They sell games with great gameplay and graphics for cheap. I've never felt pressured to buy anything I didn't want. Even the extra maps in VT2 you could easily do for free with randos. Fatshark must be so confused that you think they're ripping you off? What the flip do you expect out of them?
And I'm not saying you shouldn't complain or criticize. Did Fatshark overpromise? Possibly, but it's easy to have loads of ideas and people are optimistic. Are they late? Sure, but you know what they say about fast, cheap, good, pick two? Like a servitor hooker, Darktide is good and cheap. The release could've been smoother, but it could've been worse. It was honestly average compared to similar games.
And I don't mind if you say the game is ass, you're entitled to your wrong opinion. But when you say the devs are ripping you off with their 40$ price tag or are being predatory with their zero pressure cosmetic shop, that's not a complaint, an opinion or a criticism anymore. That's an accusation. And I just like to imagine you whining this much to Hadron, you would be a floating skull within 48 hours.
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2023.06.02 16:21 _Punko_ Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Right next to my copy of \"Boulevard of Broken Dreams\"
Projects. I was a project engineer for more than 3 decades. I brought countless projects to life, saw them to completion and closed them out. Projects start; projects end.
Work Projects that is. I also have countless personal projects, usually of a creative sort, that have never been completed, let alone closed out. I have a large graveyard of abandoned projects.
Generous folks have claimed it is because I am always in pursuit of perfection, but I know that it is due to many factors - most often a combination of dissatisfaction, change of heart, or loss of direction. Sometimes it is stumbling upon something else that seemed more exiting.
Projects all start the same: rush of an idea blooming, creative thoughts bouncing around like hailstones. Initial progress is rapid, first challenges smashed through without even a bump, each one an opportunity for creativity, imagination, and skills to shine. Glorious feelings lead to late nights, skipped meals, a real sense of accomplishment. Then a pause. A wait on materials, a missed opportunity, an emergency task, something trivial that pulls our attention away and we just don't ever seem to get back around to the project.
They'll sit waiting for us, pushed to the back of the desk, the bottom of the pile, or the garden shed. sometimes we do get back to them. Maybe a spark causes a second surge, but rarely does this happen a third time.
  • geodesic dome greenhouse for my mother. All the metal work was still stacked neatly in the garage when Dad sold the house a couple of years after my mother died (started in 1992)
  • my wood scale model of HMS Bounty sits on my bookcase, but noticeably missing her masts, standing rigging, and sails (started in 1989)
  • my 3D printed celestial dragon - fully articulated with working claws, limbs, and sinuous body - lies slumped with a spinal design problem next to a box of 100's of body pieces, discarded leg sections (started in 2020)
  • my custom inflatable exterior Halloween display - complete with it 8-foot diameter extra-dimensional wormhole and purple tentacles all sewn by me (Mrs. taught me how) lies in a large bag awaiting final assembly and testing (started in 2018)
  • My screenplay for a TV series about a near-lightspeed ship heading out of our solar system towards an exoplanet, where the A.I. seems to be becoming more unstable before ultimately revealed to be a human embedded in another part of the ship acting as the navigation system, kept awake and conscious for the hundreds of years necessary for the generational ship to reach its target. Just 3 episodes out of 15 outlined, with the pilot 50% drafted (started in 1997)
  • Far too many smaller projects to count.
So how about you? Do you have skeletons of uncompleted projects hanging out in your closet? Are there zombie projects waiting in a state of undeath?
This past week normalfreak gave us the weekly theme of "memorial" and we had several posts tagged with the weekly theme flair. My two favourites:
flowers are placed at a memorial outside Oslo by essen11 Something so simple can carry such a heavy message
War Memorial, Vácrátót, Hungary by LordJim11 Brilliant memorial design carrying a poignant message of loss
Also this week, a special call out to ecdolphins for his Member Essay post about total adblock and the scary dangers of zombie subscriptions.
For this week, I feel we should focus on the negative. You know, those things that everyone has had in their lives that they'd like to forget about and wish that never happened. No, not little sisters, but FAILURE ! There have been thousands of ways these things have been showcased from poor decision making, to sliding on the ice, to baseballs to the groin, if only to serve as warnings, but a literal army has been formed to highlight their awful majesty.
Please interpret this theme in any way you can and post them using the Weekly Theme flair. We always give additional credit to unusual approaches and for this week we're offering DOUBLE credit for interpretive dance.
So, see you in the comments!
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2023.06.02 16:19 YungRicket Altes Beezy Merch?

Jo Freunde, hat jemand altes Money Boy merch zu verkaufen? Hittet mich gerne mit allem up. Falls jemand nen custom styrofoam cup von ihm hat, wäre extra krass
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2023.06.02 15:51 damrasslin 20+ games into offline franchise, here’s my takeaways

I am exclusively an offline player. I play around ego 55. Here are my main takeaways after my first 23 9 inning games played of Super Mega Baseball 4:
-That said, the new player models themselves mostly look like trash. Fat guys, we can have fat guy now, great. It warps the logos on the jerseys and they look awful. It doesn’t detract from the gameplay, but the uniforms look like garbage, especially on our new fat friends.
I’m hoping some patches make some QOL improvements. But this is still a great game. I feel all of my negatives are things that a new player wouldn’t even notice. I would recommend 4 to any new players wanting to jump in to SMB. If you are a hardcore and super particular about some things or are in it for customizations, maybe wait for a sale or patches and keep enjoying 3. I don’t play online but from what I’m seeing they have some major bugs to work out there. This isn’t a must upgrade over 3 right now if you are perfectly content with 3 and not interested in the mlb players or franchise tweaks. Much like at release, 3 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade over 2, but in the long run I feel the consensus is it was. I have a feeling same will be said here.
Right now, I’m playing 4 on Xbox Series S, and I plan on keeping SMB3 on my switch for when I travel.
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2023.06.02 15:46 marketingfleksa Wie ein Online-Reservierungssystem die Restaurantbuchungen revolutioniert

Im heutigen digitalen Zeitalter hat sich die Art und Weise, wie man ein Restaurant bucht, erheblich verändert. Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen man anrufen und auf eine Bestätigung warten musste. Mit dem Aufkommen von Online Reservierungssystem haben Restaurants eine neue Ära des Komforts, der Effizienz und der verbesserten Kundenerfahrung eingeläutet. In diesem Artikel wird untersucht, wie ein Online-Reservierungssystem die Restaurantbuchungen revolutioniert und warum es zu einem unverzichtbaren Instrument für die Branche geworden ist.
In der schnelllebigen Welt, in der wir leben, ist Zeit das A und O. Restaurants wissen, wie wichtig es ist, ihre Abläufe zu rationalisieren und ihren Kunden einen reibungslosen Ablauf zu bieten. Ein Online-Reservierungssystem ist eine Softwarelösung, mit der Kunden über eine Online-Plattform Tische in ihren Lieblingsrestaurants reservieren können. Es hat die Art und Weise, wie Restaurants Buchungen abwickeln, verändert und macht den Prozess effizienter, bequemer und zugänglicher.

Vorteile eines Online-Reservierungssystems

Bequemlichkeit für Kunden

Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen die Kunden kostbare Minuten am Telefon verbringen mussten, um mit einem Mitarbeiter des Restaurants zu sprechen. Mit einem Online-Reservierungssystem können Kunden mit nur wenigen Klicks einen Tisch in ihrem bevorzugten Restaurant reservieren. Sie können rund um die Uhr und von jedem beliebigen Ort aus auf das System zugreifen und nach Belieben Reservierungen vornehmen. Dieser Bequemlichkeitsfaktor hat wesentlich zur Beliebtheit von Online-Reservierungssystemen bei den Kunden beigetragen.

Effiziente Tischverwaltung

Für Restaurantbesitzer und -manager kann die Verwaltung von Tischen und Sitzplätzen eine schwierige Aufgabe sein, besonders zu Stoßzeiten. Ein Online-Reservierungssystem bietet einen Echtzeit-Überblick über die verfügbaren Tische und hilft bei der Optimierung der Sitzordnung. Es verhindert Überbuchungen und Doppelbuchungen und stellt sicher, dass die Gäste bei ihrer Ankunft sofort einen Sitzplatz erhalten. Dieses Maß an Effizienz verbessert den gesamten Restaurantbetrieb und steigert das Restauranterlebnis.

Weniger Nichterscheinen

Das Nichterscheinen von Gästen kann für Restaurants ein erhebliches Problem darstellen, das zu vergeudeten Tischen und Umsatzeinbußen führt. Online-Reservierungssysteme haben jedoch dazu beigetragen, dieses Problem wirksam zu lösen. Durch die Implementierung von Funktionen wie Reservierungsbestätigungen, Erinnerungen und Vorauszahlungsoptionen können Restaurants die Zahl der nicht erschienenen Gäste erheblich reduzieren. Dies führt zu einer besseren Auslastung der Tische, zu höheren Einnahmen und zu einem reibungsloseren Essenserlebnis für Kunden und Personal.

Gesteigerte Kundenzufriedenheit

Wenn Restaurants ein Online-Reservierungssystem anbieten, steht die Zufriedenheit ihrer Kunden an erster Stelle. Die Möglichkeit, einen Tisch online zu reservieren, gibt den Kunden die Gewissheit, dass ihre Reservierung bestätigt ist und ihr Tisch bei ihrer Ankunft bereit steht. So wird die Frustration durch lange Wartezeiten vermieden und ein reibungsloser Ablauf des Essens gewährleistet. Außerdem können die Kunden während des Buchungsvorgangs Sonderwünsche und Vorlieben angeben, so dass die Restaurants ihren Service individuell gestalten und die Erwartungen der Kunden übertreffen können.

Rationalisierung des Buchungsprozesses

Benutzerfreundliche Schnittstelle

Ein Hauptmerkmal von Online-Reservierungssystemen ist ihre benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche. Die Kunden können einfach durch das System navigieren, das gewünschte Datum und die Uhrzeit auswählen und die Anzahl der Gäste bestimmen. Der Buchungsvorgang ist intuitiv und unkompliziert, so dass Verwirrung und Frustration auf ein Minimum reduziert werden. Eine gut gestaltete Schnittstelle ermöglicht es den Kunden auch, verfügbare Tische zu sehen, so dass sie eine fundierte Entscheidung treffen können.

A vailability und Echtzeit-Updates

Einer der Vorteile eines Online-Reservierungssystems ist die Verfügbarkeit der Tische in Echtzeit. Die Kunden können sofort sehen, welche Zeitfenster offen sind, und die beste Option wählen. Darüber hinaus aktualisiert das System die Verfügbarkeit in Echtzeit, was genaue Informationen gewährleistet und Doppelbuchungen verhindert. Diese Transparenz fördert das Vertrauen zwischen dem Restaurant und dem Kunden.

Anpassbare Reservierungsoptionen

Online-Reservierungssysteme bieten Flexibilität in Bezug auf die Reservierungsoptionen. Restaurants können ihre Buchungsparameter, wie Zeitintervalle, Gruppengrößen und spezielle Anforderungen, individuell anpassen. Dies ermöglicht eine bessere Kontrolle der Tischverfügbarkeit und optimiert das Restauranterlebnis sowohl für kleine als auch für große Gruppen. Die Kunden schätzen die Möglichkeit, ihre Reservierung auf ihre speziellen Bedürfnisse zuzuschneiden.

Maximierung der Effizienz und des Umsatzes

Optimierte Sitzordnung

Ein effektives Tischmanagement ist für Restaurants, die ihre Effizienz und ihren Umsatz maximieren wollen, von entscheidender Bedeutung. Ein Online-Reservierungssystem verschafft Restaurants einen Überblick über ihre Sitzplatzkapazitäten und ermöglicht es ihnen, die Tischzuweisung zu optimieren und die Lücken zwischen den Reservierungen zu minimieren. Dies führt zu einer besseren Auslastung des Raums, kürzeren Wartezeiten und letztlich zu höheren Umsätzen.

Bessere Koordination des Personals

Ein Online-Reservierungssystem ermöglicht eine bessere Koordination zwischen den Mitarbeitern des Restaurants. Mit Echtzeit-Updates zu den Reservierungen können Gastgeber und Hostessen eingehende Gäste effektiv verwalten, Tische zuweisen und einen pünktlichen Service bieten. Dadurch werden die Abläufe im vorderen Bereich des Restaurants rationalisiert, Kommunikationsfehler reduziert und ein reibungsloser Arbeitsablauf für das gesamte Team gewährleistet.


Online-Reservierungssysteme können mit Upselling-Funktionen integriert werden, die es Restaurants ermöglichen, während des Buchungsvorgangs zusätzliche Dienstleistungen oder Sonderangebote anzubieten. So können den Kunden beispielsweise Optionen für spezielle Menüpunkte, Zusatzleistungen oder exklusive Essenserlebnisse angeboten werden. Durch die Nutzung dieser Upselling-Möglichkeiten können Restaurants ihren Umsatz steigern und das Gesamterlebnis für ihre Gäste verbessern.

Integration mit anderen Systemen


Zur Rationalisierung der Betriebsabläufe können Online-Reservierungssysteme in POS-Systeme (Point-of-Sale) integriert werden. Diese Integration ermöglicht eine nahtlose Kommunikation zwischen dem Front-of-House- und dem Back-of-House-Bereich. Wenn eine Reservierung vorgenommen wird, kann das POS-System automatisch die Tischverfügbarkeit aktualisieren, Bestellungen verwalten und Zahlungen abwickeln. Dies macht die manuelle Dateneingabe überflüssig, reduziert Fehler und verbessert die Gesamteffizienz.


Die Integration von Online-Marketing-Tools wie E-Mail-Marketing-Software oder CRM-Systemen (Customer Relationship Management) kann die Kundenbindung verbessern. Restaurants können diese Tools nutzen, um gezielte E-Mails, Newsletter und Werbeaktionen an ihre Kundendatenbank zu senden. Diese Integration gewährleistet eine konsistente und effektive Kommunikation mit den Kunden, was zu einer erhöhten Markentreue und Wiederholungsgeschäften führt.

Inventar- und Lieferkettenmanagement

Einige fortschrittliche Online-Reservierungssysteme bieten eine Integration mit Bestands- und Lieferkettenmanagementsystemen. Diese Integration hilft Restaurants, die Verfügbarkeit von Zutaten zu verfolgen, Lagerbestände zu verwalten und Beschaffungsprozesse zu rationalisieren. Indem sie sicherstellen, dass die erforderlichen Zutaten für Reservierungen verfügbar sind, können Restaurants Enttäuschungen vermeiden und ein konsistentes Speiseerlebnis bieten.

Tipps für die Auswahl eines Online-Reservierungssystems

Bei der Auswahl eines Online-Reservierungssystems für Ihr Restaurant sollten Sie die folgenden Tipps beachten:
Funktionen, auf die Sie achten sollten: Beurteilen Sie die Funktionen des Systems und stellen Sie sicher, dass sie den spezifischen Anforderungen Ihres Restaurants entsprechen. Achten Sie auf Funktionen wie Tischverwaltung, Echtzeit-Updates, Kundendatenerfassung und Integrationsmöglichkeiten.
Preisgestaltung und Supportoptionen: Prüfen Sie die Preisstruktur des Systems, einschließlich Einrichtungsgebühren, monatliche Abonnements und Transaktionskosten. Berücksichtigen Sie auch die vom Systemanbieter angebotenen Support-Optionen wie technische Unterstützung und Schulungen.
Nutzerbewertungen und Erfahrungsberichte: Lesen Sie Nutzerbewertungen und Erfahrungsberichte, um die Zuverlässigkeit des Systems und die Zufriedenheit der Nutzer zu beurteilen. Achten Sie auf Bewertungen von Restaurants, die in Bezug auf Größe und Betrieb mit Ihrem Betrieb vergleichbar sind.
Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass die Integration eines Online-Reservierungssystems den Buchungsprozess in Restaurants revolutioniert, da es den Kunden mehr Komfort bietet, den Buchungsprozess rationalisiert, die Effizienz und den Umsatz maximiert, das Kundenerlebnis verbessert und wertvolle Daten und Analysen liefert. Trotz der Herausforderungen und Überlegungen überwiegen die Vorteile bei weitem die anfängliche Investition. Durch die Wahl des richtigen Online-Reservierungssystems und die Nutzung seiner Funktionen können Restaurants ihren Betrieb umgestalten, mehr Kunden anziehen und in der wettbewerbsorientierten Gastronomiebranche die Nase vorn haben.
Erfahren Sie mehr: Tischreservierungssystem
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2023.06.02 14:47 P0kaP0ka PokaPoka - Palo Santo

Here is something from me!
Palo Santo is a Free improvisational solo piece lasting 22:12 cut in two parts (because of bandcamp restrictions) played on prepared drumset. In this piece I was trying to play as non-idiomatic as I could, as to play "without an ego". You can be the judge on how did that go, but I think it turned out alright!
Everything recorded live, no editing in post, some EQ works only. No compression and no effects added in post.
Pearl Export four piece set (floor tom from old Sonor set) Single Pedal (from old Sonor set) Beatroot Tongue Drum Paiste Master 22" thin Jazz Ride K custom 20" Crash Wuhan China 14" Found from old studio of ours hit-hats 14" 10" Bell Assortment of planks, bells, wooden objects and chains to add texture 7A Sticks / Mallets
Free improvisation sonic attack against conformity of music!
submitted by P0kaP0ka to freejazz [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:31 LanesGrandma It Should Have Been A Three Hour Tour

If it weren’t for a killer urban legend, Tina and I would celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th
Honestly, I was enjoying a bit of human company after several hours of driving alone, four years ago. Correction. I was trying to enjoy human company. I couldn't identify what was out of sync about Ernestburgh and its inhabitants so I wrote it off to me being picky. I am picky. That's why I was looking this far away from home for the location of my much needed warehouse. I wasn't about to spend the money demanded for run down buildings in my hometown. My odometer assured me I was 114 miles from home. In Ernestburgh. Which isn't in my GPS or on any online map I called up.
Cindy the gas station cashier dropped the cash into my hand and wished me a happy day. Then, haltingly, as if going off script and unsure about doing so, she asked, "What brought you here?"
"Good question," I said, jamming the change into my jacket's inside pocket, "I'm in the market for a warehouse, around 1,000 square feet. Anything like that in town?"
"Let the young lady be on her way," a deep voice boomed behind me. My stomach jumped, although I think I remained calm on the outside as I turned around. A tall, muscular man was nodding at Cindy and me. "Don't mind her, Miss, sometimes we forget our manners here, being we all know each other. You know how that is." He chuckled, although his eyes never smiled. To me, he looked smug. I didn't appreciate that.
"Where are my manners?" I laughed, sticking my hand out to start a handshake. "I'm Lydia from the next town over. And you are?"
He stared at my hand for several seconds before taking it in a quick handshake. "Name's Hopper, Miss Lydia, good to meet you. My wife Cora tells me I need to socialize more and work less, but, you know how it is, I'm sure." He released my hand.
He sounded like he looked, smug. Part of me wanted to egg him on. But I took a breath before speaking and told him I was looking for a motel room for the night. His demeanor softened. "The Deu Lake Inn just reopened after renovations. Go right from our parking lot, left at the second stop sign. Ask for Room Number 103. It overlooks the Lake. Hope you're an early riser. Sunrise over the Lake is unforgettable this time of year!"
Ernestburgh didn't have street lights so the stop signs were a little hard to see but I managed to find the dirt road that ended at Deu Lake Inn's parking lot. That clicked for me. If I landed MoonDoor's warehouse here, the Inn and the entire old school vibe of Ernestburgh would be an easy sell to increase tourism. Especially to boomers.
Annie McIntosh greeted me at the front desk and offered me 10 % off on my stay, which I gratefully accepted. Annie called in Enzio Morton to take my 'overnight bag' to my room and make sure the air conditioning was working. I said I wasn't worried, since it was February 9 and I would rather the room was heated. Annie's response was the a/c was just installed and it being such new technology, staff needed to make sure it worked. I chuckled a little then noticed she probably wasn't joking so I stopped, rather awkwardly.
Annie busied herself with paperwork and actively avoided talking to me after that. Knowing that someone named Enzio had to accompany me to my room, I checked out the only photo on the wall. It was a black and white photo of a man who looked eerily familiar. He wore an odd white bucket hat with the brim pushed away from his face. He had dark hair with full, choppy bangs, eyebrows raised over large eyes opened wide, a nondescript nose and mouth open as if he was either talking or gawking.
It hit me: That was Bob Denver, when he was Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, a 1960s sitcom.
A document attached to the photo frame was titled "Official History and Lore of Our Founding Father". It explained 'Captain' Johnny Ernest spent his entire life in Ernestburgh. His parents raised him on their local farm, before the town existed. Deu Lake Inn was built over his family's farm property. He was orphaned at the age of 11 and lived alone for the rest of his life. He spent 25 years building the earliest homes, post office and stage coach station for what became known as Ernestburgh. Since his death, he returns every year to eat the living being he names. The town would not and could not exist without him, according to the document.
What the hell.
"Miss Annie," I asked, unwilling to be taken in by a local prank, "is that all there is to this story?"
Annie lifted her head, smiling widely. "Yes," she said brightly, "that's our Founding Father, Captain Ernest. Once a year he returns, eats whatever living being he names, then he returns to his beloved lake until the next February 10th."
'Eats whatever living being he names.' I felt fear without knowing its origin, something I don't often experience. I turned to face the Inn's entrance so I could avoid both Annie and Captain Ernest. Enzio appeared soon after. He got me to Room 103, confirmed the a/c was good, and I was left on my own for the night.
I opened the sports bag of spare essentials I always left in my vehicle. It stems from having to be prepared to run for my life when I was younger. Some habits are hard to break. It allowed me to change into a t shirt for that night. I grabbed the remote and jumped into bed.
Covers up to my neck, horror movie marathon playing quietly in the background, I was ready to relax. That's when I remembered my odometer. Part of my being picky is me recording my mileage at the end of every journey. My odometer registered exactly 114 miles from home to Ernestbugh. Based on memory, I'd travelled mostly westbound from home. And online maps clearly showed a large, well-known city 40 miles west of my place. Seems likely I would have noticed that city, had it been in my way during my travels.
Also, traveling no more than 50 miles per hour, my trip should have taken two and a half hours, three tops if I slowed down, got stuck in traffic jams or stopped a lot. That wasn't how my drive went at all. I left home at 10 a.m. and drove non-stop until I arrived at Ernestburgh nine hours later, just before 7 p.m.
Once again, what the hell.
I called up my dashcam footage and fast forwarded through the day's journey. There was scenery I recognized, close to home, then about five hours of static, then scenery that I recalled driving into Ernestburgh. The first time I watched it, I didn't believe it. Had to be a technical glitch. The third time I watched it, my muscles tightened for fight or flight. As much as I wanted to leave immediately, I realized I'd do better to wait until morning. I set my phone alarm for 6:45 a.m. and plugged in my phone to recharge, then spent a long time staring at the ceiling.
My alarm rang a bit too early for my liking and I didn't remember setting the ring tone to 'growls and groans'. The time on my phone was 5:45 a.m. so it wasn't my alarm. For a second I attributed the noise to the horror movie marathon I'd selected for the room's TV. Nope. TV must have shut itself off while I was asleep.
I heard it again. A growl, thunderous and a bit muffled, coming from the back of the Inn where my window faced. Expecting an incoming thunderstorm, I opened the curtains a bit and stared for a second or two at a huge bubble sitting on the lake. A face smiled at me from inside the bubble. A face. In a bubble. On a lake. Smiling at me. So much wrong.
After the fastest shower ever, I shoved all my gear into my sports bag and threw on my coat. I ran to the back of the Inn with all my gear and my phone (charge cord still attached, alarm shut off) at the ready. The beach, such as it was, was about a two minute jog from the back of the Inn and extended for quite a bit before meeting the water. There was a large bubble sitting on the water's surface, a significant distance from the shore. This was the same bubble I'd seen out the window. It kept getting larger, as did the face in it.
I was trying to focus my phone's camera when I heard someone speaking behind me. Annie, the front desk clerk, asked if I was ready to check out.
"Um, Annie, do you see that?" I said as gently as I could, pointing at the bubble. As soon as I looked at it, I couldn't look away. Annie didn't answer my question but she did keep talking. She said check out prior to 11:25 a.m. was fine but I had to pay now. I asked her how much and she didn't answer, which prompted me to look directly at her.
The growling started again. Of course it was much louder than I'd heard in my room. Annie frowned but stood firm, hand out, palm up. I looked back at the lake and the bubble had moved much closer to shore, almost touching dry land. It was huge, and the face now had a full body with arms and legs. Still smiling, it pointed at me with its left arm.
My blood ran cold. I heard Annie's voice but couldn't understand the words. The bubble drew ever closer. The growls were so loud, I clamped my hands over my ears but still couldn't stop staring at the face. It seemed so familiar.
Annie might have stopped talking, I don't know. All I could hear with my hands on my ears was muffled growling. I knew she was still there because she had grabbed my right arm with both hands and pulled fiercely. Even so, I kept staring at the bubble that had stopped rolling when it made land.
The growling continued.
Annie tugged until my right hand fell away from my ear. She screamed it wasn't her time as she released my arm. At that time I didn't know if she stayed or left because I was still watching the bubble.
A crack formed, splitting the bubble in half vertically. Within a blink or two, the bubble split open and the growling changed to a low, gravelly human voice. "Annie! Annie McIntosh!" the being said. Its finger no longer pointed at me, but to my right. I felt compelled to glance beside me and sure enough, there was Annie. Her hands were balled up into fists, pushing on her temples. She was crying and shaking, and I felt genuine terror just looking at her.
"Annie McIntosh, it is your time!" the being announced as it took two steps towards her. I'm ashamed to say I felt a brief moment of relief that the being wasn't aiming at me before I realized it appeared to be hellbent on getting Annie. She was now screaming wordlessly, seemingly unable or unwilling to run.
In that moment, two things occurred to me. The being was an exact replica of the black and white photo of the town's founding father. And if the urban legend was correct, 'Captain' Johnny Ernest can only eat one person per year. He names that person before eating them. Since he'd already named Annie, I figured I was safe at least for that year, and tried to distract him. Maybe Annie could escape and live another year.
I screamed at him, "Captain, you're dead, you don't need to eat anymore!" It was the best I could think of at the time. I put my hands on Annie's left arm and tried to drag her away with me. No luck, she felt like she was cemented to the spot.
Meanwhile, Captain Ernest continued to take huge steps towards us. I'm used to living with and around weird things, but this went beyond weird. Gilligan wanted to eat someone and he seemed focused on Annie.
Something in me broke. I screamed I was sorry to Annie and took off at a full run. I didn't stop running until I got to the back of the Inn. Maybe it was guilt, maybe it was morbid curiosity, but I had to take one last look back.
Captain Ernest was still at least two of his steps away from her when he grabbed her.
She was still screaming when he dropped her into his mouth.
I folded two ten dollar bills under the phone on the Inn's front desk then jumped into my car and peeled out. When I got to Ernestburgh's main street I turned left. A right turn would have taken me back to Ernestburgh and that was a huge nope for me. As soon as I saw something resembling a freeway, I took the eastbound route and didn't stop until I was home.
The trip home took two hours and added 114 miles to the odometer. My dashcam worked just fine that whole time. The previous day's footage came up as 'corrupted' when I tried to access it. I spent the next four days in bed, waiting for Tina to return from her mother’s.
Tina's mother recovered quickly and Tina came home on day five. She asked me to retrace my steps with her in the car. No matter what we did, we couldn't find Ernestburgh. I searched for obituary notices about Annie McIntosh until Tina said I might be reaching unhealthy levels of 'need to know' when, in fact, I don't need to know. And she was right.
But every February 9th and 10th since then, she and I spend those days together, at home, without guests. We stay in bed, watch our fav horror movies and eat whatever we want. It's our customized version of Valentine's Day.
Author's note: Find me at LG Writes, Odd Directions and Write_Right
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