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2009.07.07 06:19 takali Spiders

All things Arachnid: articles, photos, videos, and ID requests are welcome. PLEASE INCLUDE A GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION WITH ID REQUESTS

2013.06.10 10:04 Rhavo Skem

What do you love about Skem or what do you hate? What are your fondest memories growing up? Where did you go as a kid and what did you do? This is a relaxed and socially responsible community. Come on in if you have something to say.

2010.09.01 00:21 soxfanpdx Bug identification! All insects, spiders, crustaceans, etc. welcome!

Bug identification! All insects, spiders, crustaceans, etc. welcome!

2023.06.09 00:39 ceiling_terms9 My mental health is near rock bottom. Is the answer just for me to do things even if I don’t want to do them to keep myself busy?

To note: I AM NOT at risk for harming myself. I am not considering doing that at least not now.
Anyway… my mental health is so bad. I need help. I go to therapy weekly and it helps me process a lot of things but there’s still so much I’m dealing with. I don’t have a job right now which probably adds to my depression? In many ways: feeling useless/ worthless, feeling like a leech, and also just being too ‘free’.
Theoretically speaking, all this free time should give me so much opportunity to do ‘things I love’ - except I have crippling depression and literally nothing interests me.
I’ve been trying to force myself to do SOMETHING even cleaning the whole house, just so I don’t rot away on the couch or in bed.
People say ‘get a hobby’ - except I don’t want to do anything, so do I just force myself to do a hobby I don’t even like? I’m willing to if that means I can feel better. I just don’t know if that would help or worsen my issues… I hear people say ‘focus on yourself’ except I haven’t disclosed that I have severe depression and it’s a struggle to even get off the couch and make a hot pocket in the microwave once a day as my only meal. I wish it was that easy to start a hobby and be happy. I just wish.
It’s so hard to do something/ anything. I’ve lost some weight just due to how I’ve been feeling the last several weeks as well (I joke that that’s the only unintentional positive thing here). I don’t feel like doing anything…. But do I just need to force myself to?
I have absolutely little to no self identity. It sucks and I realize that, and I want to change, and be confident in my identity and my desires. But my depression has such a hold on me, it’s not possible. I just focus on living day to day. Just getting through this day and hoping tomorrow will be a miracle happy day, except it doesn’t happen.
What more can I do? How can I help myself get out of this hole? I haven’t felt this way since I was a teenager where I did want to end my life. I don’t want to end my life, but I also fantasize a disaster would happen where I could sacrifice myself and that would be the end of me.
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2023.06.09 00:39 MyYorky-is-a-dorky Appropriate veg time?

Hi all!
I took in my 18F niece who got kicked out of independent living and respite care. She has been in a stable home as a foster kid by a distant relative for about 8+ years prior to February 2023. She left the home to go back to foster care due to strict rules and abusive language. Some physical abuse has been mentioned, but unclear if it's true because I heard from other sources that they never knew about it. I'm not doubting her but just explaining. Anywhoo... We got back to my house Wednesday evening 5/31 and I am completely aware, trying to be patient and sympathetic that her entire world came crashing down BUT I told her she has until Monday 6/5 to veg out and then it's applying to 5 jobs (3 of which I gave her as a suggestion) and I've been taking it slow giving her one task per day (one task that only takes a few minutes). She lived in a different state and is now away from her boyfriend that she's been dating for about 2 months, but they've been friends for a few years and that seems to be her only concern about relocating. Never mentions friends or anything besides the bf. She's on video chat with him any time we are in the house and if I'm driving she's constantly taking selfies and sending him snaps so she gets plenty of time with him still. My problem is she's not taking care of any responsibility I ask of her unless there's a consequence or reward involved. I'm having a hard time because I think she's lazy and unmotivated. I myself was homeless at 17, had to work and go to school, had my own room that I rented, had to feed myself, wash my clothes, catch the city bus everywhere, keep good grades for my scholarship etc. And I wanted better for myself so I did what it took to survive and try hard. Am I asking too much? I just want better for her. I want us to be successful and have a good relationship so I just need help adjusting my focus I guess. Thanks for any input!
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2023.06.09 00:39 duke_of_germany_5 M4GM surgeon husband goes underground.

I worked for us, you and i started working a lot more and my job was a hospital’s surgeon and i had the best nerves for a surgeon, i had a decent wage but nothing too luxurious as times got harder though, i lost my job and i was depending on you for money.
I got a call from my phone and i was told of a more…lucrative job for me to do and i accepted the job, i helped out whoever was paying me the most and how i could help.
I had helped people who were shot, stabbed, burned, anyone could use my services and i had seen a lot of miraculous attacks from getting shot in the eye, to getting stabbed or ran over.
I was raking in hundreds to millions in cash from my swiss bank account and i had paid off my bills and i didn’t even need your help with paying the bills.
I spoiled you with whatever you wanted, new clothes, a new phone, a better house, anything and everything was yours in a heartbeat.
I took some time off work to spend some time with you, i had kept my job a secret and i claimed that i was still working at the hospital but at a higher rate.
The hospital i worked for is now shut down and its rotting, i built up a property portfolio and i got back to work when i spent a month with you.
I got a message from my work phone that had zero vulnerability’s and i answered the request to help out someone who got shot in the chest.
I picked up my tools and i left my house, keeping most of my tools with me and i was heading to the surgery spot which would be an unmarked house that was decaying.
I was told i would be paid $750,000 when i finish the job and i entered the house and i walked to my clean surgery room and i changed into some scrubs and a apron.
“This won’t take very long.”
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2023.06.09 00:38 Dry_Duck7672 Appointed-Volunteer Positions at University

As a student RA, I am provided an 'In-Kind Support package'. We are paid in credits that are only valid for Food on campus and given housing. We are deemed Appointed-Volunteers but Guaranteed Workers Compensation insurance. Since we are required to engage with tons of students all the time, there are a number of us who get sick while working. I am curious what situation would this insurance even kick in and what it would look like since we are not paid a wage - additionally our payment are non-transferable and nonredeemable credits. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 00:38 Far-Childhood9338 6000 people are waiting for evacuation from the flooded left coast of the Dnieper. Occupation authorities do not allow volunteers to save residents.

The database of volunteers collecting applications for rescue from the flooded zone contains about six thousand people, the "svobodnieslova" (Вёрстка) telegram channel calculated.
According to journalists, these people are scattered over 1,700 addresses in at least 12 different settlements. Most of the applications from the city of Oleshki, as well as rescuers, are waiting in Kardashinka, Malaya Kardashinka, Solontsy, Right Solontsy, Naked Pristan, Saga, Kokhanykh, Nechaevo, Peshchanovka, Novaya and Staraya Zburyevka.
Volunteer Ekaterina told reporters that about 10% of the points are urgent cases, people are waiting for rescue on the roofs of houses. According to her, there are about 500 such people.
"A large number of the elderly, including people with limited mobility, remain in the city. The Ministry of Emergency Situations does not organize the evacuation of people, and therefore there is a real threat to the life and health of a large number of people living in the flooded area," the appeal says.
The legal mayor of the city, Yevgeny Ryshchuk, told "Current Time" that approximately 90% of the city's territory was flooded, and the occupying Russian authorities did not help residents with evacuation. So far, nine deaths have been reported due to the floods.
"The occupying authorities simply ignored this situation, abandoned people. For two days now people have been on the roofs of houses. Yesterday, until night, people were taken out. Before that, all boats were confiscated, because of this there was a problem - where to get a boat in order to help people. <...> This all happened even earlier, when the Antonovsky bridge was blown up and the Russian troops went to the left bank. And then they massively took away watercraft from the population. "
“The local authorities interfere with us very much, the Ministry of Emergency Situations interferes. There was a case on a critical street, which is located in a lowland. Five boats were sailing today, a lot of applications were received from there, five boats were not allowed in by the Ministry of Emergencies, they turned around, ”said Yaroslav Vasiliev, coordinator of volunteers, to Layout. According to him, we are talking about Lower Street in the city of Alyoshki (Oleshki in Ukrainian). “Then [from there] there were reports from relatives that [the whole] family was dead. And such messages come every 30-40 minutes,” Vasiliev added.
A large number of victims are spoken not only in Alyoshki, but also in other settlements. So, in the village of Solontsy, Tatyana's mother-in-law from Nikolaev drowned. “She had two strokes, she is 85 years old and it is clear that it was impossible to go upstairs to the attic,” Tatyana said. - She wanted to go to the dam, such a hill. And it turns out that at first they started to raise it in the wrong direction, and the water went sharply and that’s it. And she stayed there to swim. She was 85 years old"
According to Tatyana, there are many other victims in the village. “Right Solonets was completely flooded, there were people who were not independent, they all drowned, everything,” said Tatyana. The residents of the neighboring Left Solonetsy also need help. “People are also screaming for help, there is a grandmother’s son. They moved to a two-story house there and are waiting for evacuation, but they have been waiting for three days, but there is no one, ”Tatyana added.
Telegram: currenttime
Telegram: svobodnieslova
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2023.06.09 00:38 LateAd7832 AITA for not telling my husband my issues with his family

For a bit of background I (30) had a first few tough years of marriage (south Asian) with controlling in laws and extended family that basically outcast us for moving out and ‘abandoning’ his parents. When all his family cast us out and bullied us the rare occasion we did see us, there was one family who lived a few hours away that reached out to me. They invited us to visit. I was weary because I had such a bad experience with his whole family but I gave them a chance. It was a wonderful time.
My husbands aunt and her daughters stayed up all night laughing and crying. It turned out she had been treated the same by my mil and her mil. Everything that happened to me,happened to her. My heart broke for her because so many years had passed but I could tell she had never gotten closure and leave. She was still hurting. I grew close to her eldest daughter particularly. When we bought our first house, they bought us an amazing house warming present. They were the first to wish us well and ring when we had good news. Years we stayed regularly in touch.
Until a few months back. The eldest daughter was more like a sister to me as foolish as that was looking back. So when she stopped responding to my messages and viewing them all together I was heartbroken. Upset turned to anger and then disappointment. The cousins and family who didn’t acknowledge them all their life until a year ago she was messaging in the group chat fine but ignoring me. I know she didn’t like me recently placing boundaries around some of her toxic family members as she’s a huge people pleaser.
She’ll be coming to our town and my husbands cousins are all gathering in a few weeks and she recently decided ti just now to respond to my message. A little sis with the timing since I’ll be seeing her soon. I’m thinking of i goring her message. I know it’s petty but she hurt me a lot and I don’t see us being the same unless she reaches out to me. I’m wondering if ITA for thinking of doing this and also not telling my husband with the recent cousin meet-up coming
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2023.06.09 00:38 somewhatweirddude What should i do with this plant?

What should i do with this plant?
This plant is growing on the side of my house next to my fence and a concrete slab. i am not sure what kind of plant it is but i would like to replant it in a better spot.
my questions are: what is this plant? is it possible to remove without killing it? how deep does it grow?
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2023.06.09 00:38 tacopartyinyourmouth I've found my anger, and it's in the shape of a cast iron pot.

Two weeks ago, my (now ex) boyfriend blindsided me. While I was at work, he packed his car, drove to a completely different state seven hours away, and broke up with me over snapchat. We had been together for almost 4 years, were planning to move out of state together, and were looking at buying a house. I was (and still sort of am) absolutely devastated by the sudden end of what I thought was an amazing relationship. We never fought. We confided in each other, and we were each others rocks through some tough hardships.
I've spent most of the last two weeks confused and hurting, coming to grips with the fact that he had to have been planning this for a while. Today, I finally realized that my blue dutch oven, which I bought for myself nearly a decade ago, is gone. Hell has no fury like a woman whose cast iorn has been fucked with.
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2023.06.09 00:38 enkisthrowaway Taking care of a narc parent after their surgery.. any personal stories any one wants to share?

I didn't really know how to flair this.. it's both a rant, but I also do want to hear others' personal experiences. I'll be taking care of a nparent after their surgery. I live with them.. and I technically don't think I have a say since I'm not independent in terms of my housing (I'm an adult).
Some background info why I'm really adverse to doing this (all the emotional abuse aside), a few years ago, this parent scheduled a COSMETIC surgery during my finals week in college, and I told them 4 months in advance that I wouldn't be able to take care of them post-op & that they would have to figure out other arrangements. I have struggled with procrastination/depression since I was a child, and knew I would need every single minute to put forth my best work.
They said okay, and then on the day of the surgery, they come back with nobody - no nurse or friend called in to assist. Basically, completely disregarded my word and dumped a responsibility onto me that I didn't agree to. During this entire process, the were being extremely difficult and exaggerating about their circumstances. Refusing to take the pain meds / antibiotics on time, refusing to accept the food I would make, asking me to do physical things on their behalf that were uncalled for.. I intuitively felt this way, as I know quite a bit about health and take care of others - but it was even confirmed when the nParent asked me to call the surgeon & nurses for assistance and they politely told they the nParent that they were exaggerating & needed to stop calling the assistance line. After that recovery, I told the nParent I wouldn't ever take care of them again.
Fast forward now, and they are getting a medically necessary surgery this time around. Instead of asking for my help, they kept calling all their acquaintances & siblings when I was around, telling them how they need someone to take care of them. When these people asked the Nparent why I wasn't going to take care of them, they would tell them "i haven't asked my daughter yet" .. basically completely avoiding the actual truth. Alongside this, they kept hinting to me that they could potentially die (even though it's a commonly performed surgery & rarely has complications). To my regret, I actually fell for this, caved in, & told them I would just take care of them. A week later.. I am seriously regretting it & realizing how I was manipulated into this. Several months ago, this parent also told me I would become their maid (with a smirk), after I have recently failed to job search post-grad..
I'm thinking of just refusing to do this, even at the risk of becoming homeless.
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2023.06.09 00:38 eyeonchi Requesting Medical Records

Hi everyone I have a medical records question. It may not be strictly legal but I imagine some folks working in malpractice law might have more experience requesting complete medical records.
My cousins was diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer in the beginning of April 2023. She's only 31 years old. She was diagnosed at Northwestern hospital in Chicago and so far the medical team has been awful. Meetings with oncologists and surgeons have been delayed and because of an error during her original screening in April they forgot to a second biopsy of a lump in lymph node (even though it was ordered) - the error was caught last week and the second biopsy scheduled right away and cancer was identified in the lymph nodes, so now her mastectomy which was planned for next month (also crazy that her surgery was scheduled three months out from diagnosis!) Has to be postponed to immediately start chemo. If the issue wasn't caught she would have had every single lymph node removed and the cancer is spreading so quickly it may have gone to other organs by the end of June when the surgery was originally planned.
Now she's looking to possibly switch hospitals and wants access to hard copies of her complete medical records from northwestern to have on hand for a new team to review.
The northwestern website lists a fax number and email address that one should write to request their own medical records and images: nwrecords
My cousin wants to get all possible records including doctors notes, test results, mammogram results, scans, blood work, biopsy results, etc... But given how horribly corporate her treatment at Northwestern has been so far I'm assuming highly specific wording, like how a good subpoena or FOIA request is written, may be necessary to actually get everything she wants. Does any one have a template or examples of wording she should use when requesting her complete medical records file?
Thank you in advance for any help!!
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2023.06.09 00:37 Deep_Assistance_714 Staging help.

I need something to stage furniture. I have nowhere in my house to do it. It has to be outside. Anybody have any tips? Trying to sell my first flip but realized the photos I took are horrible. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 00:37 pickypollyanna Is my boyfriend (33M) toxic or is he going through a rough patch? I 22F have an avoidant tendency to walk away after confronting him about these things, but it’s getting extremely exhausting and annoying! I feel like we don’t have the same standards of cleanliness. We’ve been together almost a year.

Is my boyfriend toxic or is he going through a rough patch? I have an avoidant tendency to walk away after confronting him about these things, but it’s getting extremely exhausting and annoying! I feel like we don’t have the same standards of cleanliness. We’ve been together almost a year.
I 22 F got new job in a town 30 min away for a nice pay increase. Currently still working part-time since I just graduated college. I live with my bf 33 M and he’s supportive but lacking some roommate duties.
Update: I’ve lived with my BF of almost a year for about 8 months now.
I have noticed on days where I’m off the next day (weekdays) he totally trashed the house and doesn’t have anything to do with putting away clothing I’ve washed, any dishes, leaving trash out. He also drinks EVERY day and I cannot converse about that considering he’s a veteran and him saying “I’ve only had 2 beers”
Anyway, I live in his house and I’m looking at apartments closer to my new job. I pay for groceries, water, WiFi, and everything for the dogs. It all equals out. After graduating and trying to get a better job, he hasn’t been contributing as much. I feel like he’s just spending his money on booze. I’m still wanting to be with him, but I don’t think living here with him is good for my mental health because it’s always “I won’t do that again, I must’ve forgot” or “I’ll get that when I get home” but I’ve asked him a few times and he always blames it on his tough job!!!
Also, he always hits me with the “it wasn’t me” if there’s trash in the yard or a huge mess in the fridge. In the summer he works with kids so he’s pretty drained but it’s like I don’t even want to spend time with him anymore because I’m so turned off with his lack of trying. I’m so torn because I love him but the lack of effort and being ridiculously lazy is such a turnoff, I don’t even want to be here anymore. I’ve poured a lot of time and money into the house we live in the past year since I didn’t start off paying any bills, but I feel like I’m ready for something that’s my own living space.
Am I being ridiculous? Should I move out? How can I approach it? Any advice is helpful, I refuse to tell my family members since they may form a bias against him. TIA.
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2023.06.09 00:37 Tino_R [TotK] why did Zelda hide the Champions leathers ?

You can find her journal at your old house in Hateno and it says she made upgrades to the champions tunic as a surprise for Link but in the beginning of the game when Zelda and Link are exploring under the ruins of Hyrule Castle Link is already wearing the upgraded tunic until of course everything goes wrong and you start of in your underwear again.
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2023.06.09 00:37 Pink_butterfly- I deserve a better mother then the one I got

I’m going to therapy for about 3 months now and it made me realize this. I know it’s a bad and selfish thing to blame my mother for how terrible my Life has come to be but I can’t help it I feel guilty and disgusting but I think I’m starting to lose any type of love I have for her at all. I’m not blaming my therapist in fact she defends my mom I just think i have more of a clear head now.
So first my childhood wasn’t great. If I bring something negative up about it my parents dismiss it call me crazy and get mad. My dad was an addict he’s recovered now. But I remember him laying in a dark room all day for years unemployed afraid to wake him up because he’d go crazy. I remember him throwing things and calling my mom fat. I remember him twisting my wrist, pulling my hair, slapping me in the back, throwing shoes, chasing me around the house as I tried to hide, I remember locking myself in the bathroom when I was 11 screaming and crying afraid he was gonna kill me as he tried to break In. Only a couple months after that I had my first ibs attack and panic attack. I remember when i was 13 and he pushed me off the top of the bunk bed and I fell on the wood floor. I remember I had a kitten when I was 9 and he sprayed it with bleach and kicked and beat it for multiple days and it died and then my mom tried to convince me it didn’t happen, I remember last year he threw a movie projector at my back and I have a scar on my spine. I remember my whole childhood my dad catcalling women both to call them fat and mock them , or making sexual jokes. And I remember every single time my mom telling me all these things were my fault , that I’m aggressive and disrespectful, that I can’t keep my mouth shut, that I don’t know what’s happening , that I’m a child with no say even now in my 20s and of course the one that’s been most consistent my whole life “it takes a lot to make your dad mad like that so you must have really been carrying on”
I hate my dad. We live together but we have no relationship. My mom on the other hand didn’t work for years to take care of her kids and was branded a great mother by everyone around us even my siblings. The more I grow up the more I feel it’s. Mask and I hate that. She’s it’s my dad and knows he’s irrational so she takes her frustration out on us and I call her out she gets mad . She constantly compares me to my friends and when I point out they had an upbringing away from an abusive man and a mother who supports him she tells me I just don’t know how to take responsibility for myself. I was on the verge of dying less then a year ago. I lost my friend I can’t see extended family without triggering myself, I lost school and work. My mom moved me out of the only town I’ve ever known. I’m lonely and behind everyone and I feel like I’m drowning. My dog just died and my dad relapsed with his gambling part and my family’s account had been under 10 times this year. I’ve given my mom every penny I have. And when I bring up I do help cause she calls me lazy she through back the money she used to support me in recovery which I’m just over a month in now. Our trip is being cut and the time we are gonna be there that my uncle is paying for will be with the people who trigger me through most and it will be all swimming and eating so I’m dreading it. My sister makes fun of my body and Ed all the time and my mom doesn’t step in until I say something about her body. I try and explain her calling me fat in recovery is different then saying to to just a nom Ed person it’s really intense and makes me feel worthless and small and useless and sets me back .
But I often think my mom reacts a way she thinks a mother should , not my mother should . I think SHE’S A mom not OUR mom, I wonder if it’s just societal is that what she wanted or just what women do ¿ to me it seems she never wanted kids. Just photos stories bragging rights and societies approval . I do think I’ll ever really get better in this house no matter how hard I try since every time it isn’t recovery wins or innocent sick victim begging for help and crying silent hears I’m. Called evil or a manipulator or being threatened to be sent away. I’m lazy or useless or not doing enough. I’m never doing enough for anyone. I think my moms narrsistic and doesn’t really care about me at all it’s honestly how I feel and people get mad at me when I say it. I just don’t think she should of had kids in a non emotionally stable non financially stable house and she should take accountability instead of saying I have to many excuses like my Ed or my bipolar or my anxiety depression ocd. Living in my head and body is hell everyday for me.
I’m sick of “what about me.” Or “me too” or “you don’t do as much as me so you shouldn’t feel that way” when she tells me to confide in her and I do and she doesn’t like what I say. Now she’s threatening to not feed my siblings dinner just to try and trigger my bulimia even though I am clean 3 months. I know she’s gonna feel them but I just tried. Fear food no was saying it when she yelled at me and she knows it’s a trigger. I hate myself and I hate that I wish I had a different mom. When I was young she use to throw in my face how I took up more of her time cause I was sick then my siblings and I use to feel overwhelming guilt and sh. Now it’s so much worst since developing an Ed. I think back to when I was 4 and at a st Patrick’s parade with my cousins and wonder why it had to be like this. I can remember happy moments but I can never remember being happy at least not the last 10 years. What a waste of life and family
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2023.06.09 00:37 StarzFamouz Bird Poop

Does anyone have any advice on bird poop removal? In this specific case we're looking at a vinyl house that we tried to wash and the customer was hoping we could get it off but I didn't want to destroy the vinyl/the paint on it. Any advice?
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2023.06.09 00:37 ivitrola Miserable without a car but currently in a bit of debt with no license and no savings.

Hello, I'm 20F and I just feel so stuck in life right now. I have had my own place for about 2 years now but I have trouble saving money and I was never taught to drive by my mom. We didn't have the best relationship during covid so I left when I turned 18. We have talked a little and we're on neutral terms now.
I'm so sick of ubering and really want a car but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I'm about to get my permit so I can actually learn how to drive. My mom has offered to teach me but the past few times I've tried to set up plans with her she cancels last minute. I actually paid ~$200 so she could fix her car up and she still canceled so I don't want to ask again. Haven't asked for my money back either since she's not too well off financially either. Apple doesn't fall too far... My coworkers have offered to teach me but I don't trust them enough to teach me. I don't have anyone else who could teach me.
I have $2k in debt (no interest) and no savings currently and I'm not sure what to do first. Driving lessons would probably cost around $1k since I've only driven once before with an ex-friend who didn't really give me any pointers.
Transporting to work and work only is ~$600 a month and that's pretty much a car payment, I can't go anywhere else really because uber is expensive and I want to save but it's difficult. I live alone and work as a server so tips are decent (take home wages + tips are around $4k a month, bills and everything are $2,900). I could probably cut down on food expenses, etc. It's just hard not to spend money if I'm home anytime I'm not at work I guess. I could up my shifts to 5 or 6 days a week or get another job 3 days out of the week somewhere else? Not too fond of my current job but it pays the bills working 4 days a week so getting another job is in mind. I do have stores like walgreens or other restaurants within walking distance near my house hiring. I'd be willing to take out a personal loan to get the lessons but that will mess up my credit score (~700 but low credit history) and make my car loan interest rate higher I believe.
Any advice?
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2023.06.09 00:36 bstapleton76 Keeping the chin up

I'm a few weeks away from car dwelling with the pup. I've done plenty of research into surviving this hiccup in my life. So much prep and studying that it feels like my move out date is now a test date. Luckily I've contacted all the local resources in the DenveBoulder area and I think I can manage this situation while still maintaining my full time job without them finding out my living situation.... shhhhh
My question is this: even with all the prep I still feel its difficult to maintain a positive attitude.. I mean obviously.. how do you all whom are homeless and those of you that survived keep your chin up and keep moving towards housing and a better life? Staying positive seems like more than half the battle.
I'm pretty naive given the topic of homelessness and to be honest positivity.
Let me know how you've kept your mind strong during these hard times.
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2023.06.09 00:36 tkdeveloper Renting Condo at a loss and moving provinces

Hi Folks,
My partner and I purchased a 1+1 Condo near downtown in mid 2021 for $700,000. This also included a locker and underground parking. Our mortgage payment is $2,980 + $520 Condo Fees, and interest rate is 2.29% fixed until mid 2026. Currently owe $640,000 on the mortgage.
My partner and I are thinking about moving back to our home province and are trying to figure out what our options are. Initially we were looking at selling, but given the market and some recent sales in our area we would be looking at taking a loss.
What we are considering now is renting out the unit. We would also be moving in with some family in our old province that just built a house to give us time to save for a downpayment there. Based on other units renting in our area, we should be able to get around $2,800. This immediately puts us at a ~700 out of pocket each month. Then when we add in property management, tax, insurance, it would like be around ~1,000 out of pocket each month.
However that would still allow us to save money quicker while continuing to build equity. Our household income is about $210,000. Based on renting our unit we should be able to save around $6,000 per month after all monthly expenses.
Wanted to see if this makes sense.

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2023.06.09 00:36 Walk1000Miles SSDI_SSI Post Flairs

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Canceled or Reduced SSI
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CE - Consultive Examination
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Concurrent SSDI and SSI
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2023.06.09 00:35 tsdkf BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Dancing in the Dark

BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Dark Soul Music
"Dancing in the Dark was written under duress!" Bruce Springsteen tells us. "I had no interest, whatsoever, in writing any more. I had been killing myself for a year and half or two years just to write what we had, much less trying to write another song! All I could do was write another song about not wanting to write another song".
"I get up in the evening / And I ain't got nothing to say" - By 1984, Bruce Springsteen had been recording songs for his album Born in the U.S.A. for two years. He felt the album was finished, but producer Jon Landau told Springsteen that the album still didn't have a lead single. "I've written 70 songs for this album," Bruce responded. "You want another one, you can write it yourself." Two nights later, back in the hotel after a recording session, Bruce sat on the bed with an acoustic guitar and played Jon Dancing in the Dark - he'd written the song in just 40 minutes. They went into the studio the next night with the E Street Band and cut the song in just a few takes: "When you have a great song sometimes they can be the easiest to record," Jon tells us.
"I ain't nothing but tired / Man, I'm just tired and bored with myself" - Kieran Leonard's mum was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. He remembers her putting his music on loud to clean the house on a Saturday (and to force the kids out of bed to help) but he could never connect to the music himself. Through his twenties Kieran felt stuck and lost and Springsteen's lyrics started taking on new layers of meaning. After he lost his mum to cancer, he paid tribute to her by performing Born in the U.S.A. (dressed as Bruce) in full on stage. Singing Dancing in the Dark live became a celebration of his mum's life and gave Kieran a new sense of drive and focus.
"You can't start a fire / You can't start a fire without a spark" - Ian Gravell was driving to pick up his daughter from nursery on a snowy evening when a lorry appeared out of nowhere. He spent weeks in the hospital recovering from the crash and thought he might never walk again, until hospital staff played his favourite Springsteen album in the physiotherapy room and the lyrics compelled him to his feet.
'Messages keep getting clearer / Radio's on and I'm moving round my place' - Musician Lucy Dacus talks about playing the song on stage with her dad and the genius of Springsteen's lyrics.
"There's something happening somewhere / Baby, I just know that there is" - Artist Holly Casio found huge comfort in Springsteen's music as a young person growing up gay in a small town in West Yorkshire in the era of Section 28. It gave them reassurance that somewhere out there was acceptance, joy and queer community. She talks about getting out, finding her people, and what Bruce Springsteen's music has meant to her then and now.
"This gun's for hire / Even if we're just dancing in the dark"- when Jackie Heintz brought a Springsteen record home as a teenager, she never imagined that her mum Jeannie would become a huge fan – following Bruce on tour through her 70s and 80s, and dancing on stage with him aged 91. After the death of her husband, the lyrics offered Jeannie huge comfort and since Jeannie’s death in 2020 they now do the same for Jackie.
Produced by Mair Bosworth and Caitlin Hobbs
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2023.06.09 00:35 frankp2491 Pest Control Help (Ants red& black), silverfish & burrowing bees

Hey all! My wife and I are new homeowners and I have no knowledge of pests. Previously we have had some bad experiences with places we have lived. We live in South East, NJ USA. We live in a densely wooded area preserved mostly by the state wildlife laws. I had an exterminator come out to my house 2 weeks ago for HUNDREDS of ant colonies in my backyard. The number of ant colonies I was told was "greater than anything I have ever seen" by the technician who sprayed. No activity has been seen in the house yet *knock on wood* but after 2 weeks I am still seeing more ants than I would like.
Can you help me figure out what products/ techniques would work best? I have 0 grass in my backyard currently it's all weeds and sand patches so I am ok if the chemicals are going to kill the grass. I plan to start fresh this Fall.

I thought these might be good (but please LMK your thoughts).
1) granular
2) Spray
3) Spray (option #2)
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2023.06.09 00:35 count_____duckula Thought my neigbors were going wild spraying a fragrance in their home and it was seeping into mine. Turns out its phantosmia

Lived abroad for a few years. Every so often my house would smell of strong fragrance. I worried I'd done something that merited it but it was always gone the next day. Moved back home and the same thing happened, with the exact same fragrance. Either it's a crazy coincidence or it's in my head.
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