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2020.07.26 16:20 mythologue DragRaceHolland

Do you have what it takes? Only those with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent will make it to the top! Start your engines...and may the best drag queen win! ------------------------------------------------------ Heb jij het in je? Alleen diegenen die 'Charisma', 'Uniqueness', 'Nerve' en 'Talent' bezitten zullen de top bereiken! Start je motoren ... en moge de beste vrouw winnen! Dé subreddit voor ieders favoriete drag queen tv-programma .

2015.12.24 14:13 Quindi Ask A Therapist

A supportive community to ask questions and engage in discussion about mental health-related matters with therapists on Reddit. This sub does not replace seeing a therapist and the information provided is for resource and entertainment purposes only.

2011.06.09 03:29 o_Oskar Professional eSports in a Bar

----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal](http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904070604576516462736084234.html) ----

2023.03.25 06:36 AtmosphereStrider 23 [M4F] Tennessee - Tall nerdy guy looking for someone to laugh with

Night shift work is difficult. Not because of the hours for me, I love the nighttime but everyone is asleep during the day. I'm ultimately looking for someone to make my nights less lonely, though it would be nice if you were near me as I hope to make a real connection.
Now just some personal details. I'm 6'2, and I'd say I have a somewhat average build. I am mixed, with a white father and a black mother. I have very light skin but my hair is a very fluffy afro that everyone wants to touch. I definitely don't mind.
I am pretty nerdy, I love marvel and certain anime but I'm not a super fan. I write short stories and do other creative projects in my free time and I'm always looking for more. I'm also looking to start hiking and doing more outdoor activities as well. Chattanooga is a beautiful place for it.
If you saw something you liked, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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2023.03.25 06:36 DaviJohnsYT How do I know if they are abusive?

When I read these posts, I just feel horrible, because my situation isnt nearly as bad, but im in so much pain. My dad hasnt beat me for atleast 6 months. And even then, I didnt bleed.
He’s said he doesnt love me, and was on the brink of giving me away. When I opened up about it recentlyish. He just told me that I was a horrible person, and deserved it.
Currently im grounded because of crazy homework expectations.
And he just yelled at me, over and over. Now im sitting in my room, with my power turned off, guarding my door, because Im afraid he will take or break my stuff.
All because I couldnt complete all my homework, “on time” (his time, not the teachers) because he has given me crazy expectations. That I did not agree too, yet he says I did.
He keeps calling me a brat, and that Im just victim blaming. I cant do this anymore. I hate it here.
He also just dismisses my social anxiety, that am I was diagnosed with. And just says im making shit up.
I dont want to feel anymore.
Life isnt worth it, im happy for like a month. And then everything crashes and burns for 6.
I cant believe im back to venting on reddit. I cant believe the government consistently makes things worse for millions of people. I deserve it, but the others? The others who are abused or in a horrible situation. I cannot believe the government allows this. I might as well become a socialist, because capitalism sucks. Its such a broken torture system.
No one should have to vent on reddit because they have no one to vent to, or nowhere else to vent. People shouldnt be in such a bad spot that they kill themselves.
No one should even begin to think about offing themselves.
Yet so many people just say that mental health isnt a real problem. And so many people are manipulated by the crazy mentalities of the republican party.
Idk where this is going. Sorry. Please tell me what classifies as abuse. So I can see if im just being a bitchy teenager. Because that is probably whats happening. Im probably just overreacting. Fml.
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2023.03.25 06:35 abjectadvect six months ago, several months before my bipolar dx, i got a new therapist who happens to ask all her clients to track their moods. i just now tried plotting my data for the first time. in hindsight it's uh... pretty obvious lol

six months ago, several months before my bipolar dx, i got a new therapist who happens to ask all her clients to track their moods. i just now tried plotting my data for the first time. in hindsight it's uh... pretty obvious lol submitted by abjectadvect to bipolar [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 06:35 IdeologicamenteFalso ¿Consejos al momento de arrendar una pieza en Santiago?

En el sur está mala la cosa en el área en la que me desenvuelvo y he estado evaluando volver a vivir a Santiago al menos por un par de años. Me ubico más o menos bien ya que viví toda mi vida allá, pero igual han cambiado muchas cosas.
¿Qué recomendaciones le darías a alguien que busca arrendar una pieza?
Por ahora el plan consiste en trabajar lo máximo posible y estudiar en los ratos libres ya sea en la pieza o en una biblioteca, además de ejercitarme en algún lado para despejar la mente y no caer en el guatonismo.
Y no, no he tenido suerte con pegas remotas. Están pagando una cagá de plata en todos lados. :/
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2023.03.25 06:35 learnkolkata How To Choose The Right Home Tutor For Your Child's Needs

How To Choose The Right Home Tutor For Your Child's Needs
A home tutor gives a student proper guidance and personalized support to score good academic marks. By appointing a home tutor, a student can get a one-to-one attention and personalized learning approach that can't be found in school learning. But to provide your kid with a bright future, you must select the right tutor for them. Now Choosing a perfect Home Tutor according to your child's learning style can be a difficult task, but not impossible.
If you are looking for Home Tutors in South Kolkata or Home Tutors in North Kolkata, then you can reach out to Learn Kolkata. We are one of the best Home tutor proving institutes in Kolkata, and we provide teachers of all subjects from KG to Postgraduate level.
Read More....
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2023.03.25 06:35 ithinkiamalesbian Am I overthinking this or should I be concerned?

I (25f) have been in a relationship with my gf (also 25f) for nearly 7 months now. So, like the stupid thing you do when you love someone, we have discussed and dreamed about a future. To the point of discussing having kids someday. I am a POC and she is white. Sorry this is going to be long.
Here are a few things she said which are bugging me:
She said that if the day comes we want kids the she wants the potential doner to be of my ethnicity, and it should be the same doner if we decide to have more than one kids. So, I mentioned that way if we ended up using my egg, and the donor is of my ethnicity than that kid will be totally my ethnicity. I would like our kids to look a bit like both of us. Then she said that they can’t have a white donor because than the kid might be totally white, if we ended up using her egg. We settled the topic saying, it doesn’t matter because we will love the child no matter it’s ethnicity.
But something felt odd so I kept pushing a bit and asked why can’t we just have a white doner, and then she said that people might judge me if I go out in public with a white kid, however they might not if she goes out in public with a kid that’s not white. Then she reiterated that we will love the kid nonetheless. And that it’s a far off topic we are just together for 7 months, we have a long time to think about this.
Another incident,
she usually takes sleeping pills at night, so we were about to go to bed and she took her pills. And she usually gets a little silly after taking those pills, so somehow we started discussing that how I couldn’t have graduated high school at 18. I not from US and so it was never emphasized in my school the age you graduate. And I realized I graduated early at 17. But instead of it being a silly conversation she kept asking me to show a proof of my age. It felt like it was all in good humor so I ended up showing her my passport as a proof. After looking at my info page, she flicked through and even saw my visa stamp page. (I always keep my passport on me because I am an international student here in US.) Anyways that did feel weird but we laughed it off.
Those are the points that have made me feel a little bit uneasy and the more I think about it the more it bothers me. Apart from this, she is amazing and we are really good together. So, it confuses me, am I overthinking this? Or should I be worried about her behavior?
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2023.03.25 06:35 2222wwww1 Me siento en la cara de mi novio después de que me agarra las nalgas

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2023.03.25 06:35 KinderSmock When the Pears Rot: A Discussion on the Second Power Outage of the Week

What did we witness as Pies fans? We witnessed greatness. This is a team that finally has learnt how to condemn teams to a fate darker than night from the first quarter. Port Adelaide were wiped off the deck through brutal, intense kicking.
With so much focus on the guernsey debate, it is easy to forget what the boys set out to do. A record crowd for a Collingwood v Port Adelaide game was drawn, with little teal to be seen in the crowds. And arguably on-field as the Power seemed to leave the G as it did at the Gabba a night before.
This was a team effort, against a side that just last week had dominated Brisbane, a team that should win the flag. At least on paper. The 135 points scored was Collingwood's surpassed Collingwood's highest total of 125, set last week and added 30 percentage points.
  1. Nick Daicos has announced himself to the competition and managed to inverse the tag Port had on him. How do teams stop Daicos' dominance? Is he the best draft selection of the 2020s?
  2. Had Collingwood been more aggressive under Buckley, would we have won a flag?
  3. Is Josh Daicos the pick of the 2016 Draft?
  4. With Gawn falling last night, will the decision to trade Grundy come back to bite Collingwood?
  5. Jordan De Goey had less of an influence. Is the depth of Collingwood's squad its biggest weapon?
  6. Tim Taranto chose Richmond ahead of Collingwood. With the ruthless style that the Pies are playing, will more players begin to request trades to the Pies?
  7. Any changes for next week?
Almost a century ago, the Machine Team was dominating Victorian sport. 94 years later, Collingwood is playing in a similar fashion. Richmond awaits next week and something tells me that Mason Cox is plotting a special performance.
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2023.03.25 06:35 sad_Kleemain37 How do I convince my mother to not work in the farm fields?

Tldr: Mom is hellbent on working on the field to gather mahua fruits (Madhuca longifolia in english) even tho she is fasting due to navratri. And I don't want her to work seeing her current conditions.
My family is a tribal family from a very small village and lives near jungle, we've been here since my father's childhood days. My grandfather cut down trees of the forest and took possession of that land and made it agricultural land. And we've been growing all sort of crops for our own consumption and maybe commercial purposes too if it exceeds our needs. This motherfucker mahua which i speak of were either grown by my grandfather or uncles, i don't know but they have lots of trees, they give fruits anually and we collect it, dry it and sell it for money. And right now it's time to collect the fruits. My uncles divided trees and we got 5 trees from which we can collect it, or not collect it with our own choice. My mother daily spends 5-6hrs collecting this, I help her too sometimes but not everyday. The problem is her condition she is old and in her late 50s and even struggle to walk sometimes yet goes there everything to collect it, yesterday she sprained her ankles while she was collecting fruits. I'm more worried about her falling unconscious due to heat stroke because it's so hot during noon and that's the time when she goes to collect it because if we go late everything will get eaten by the cattles.
I don't like her doing this, this doesn't even earn us any good amount of money compared to efforts it takes to collect and dry it. Last year me and my sister did it for whole moths because we wanted something, after everything we didn't even earn 5k. And when i asked her why does she do it when it doesn't even earn us good money she tell me it's because everyone is doing it and she can't sit at home. It's sad to see her work.
So what can I do to make her stop or atleast make it easy for her to collect those fruits? I've suggested her plastic sheets so she don't have to pick each manually but she refused the idea saying it's not worth it.
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2023.03.25 06:34 ComplexNo8986 Chantries

So I’ve been reading about chantries and the horizon realms, and I just feel kinda dumb. My fellow awakened please tell me if I got this right. The penumbra is just like the dreaming in changeling where the Near realm reflects the mortal world to an extent. And those are where the Chantries are which are like freeholds where mages can use magic without being bogged down by paradox. Quintessence powers the chantries and are formed around places of collective ideas. Is that right?
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2023.03.25 06:34 Complete_Dinner_293 I don’t think my dogs a dog . Skinwalker?

I think my dogs not a dog… skinwalker? Egyptian god, scooby doo sht here
Sorry if this is hard to read I dropped out 3-4 times. .. I don’t know if my dog is a dog… or fully a dog. I saw him standing over me…. I’m currently living in MN, I am 21 living with my roommate, and had a extremely scary and confusing experience with my German shepherd husky.
I adopted my dog from my sister about a year and a half ago. I raised him from a pup, He’s extremely intelligent and an amazing dog. I love him to death. But sometimes I’ve questioned if he’s really a dog… I know I sound insane. But he’s unnaturally smart. He learned to open doors before he was one. I lived in hotels for a while and I couldn’t leave him alone as he’d open the doors and chase after me.
If you talk to him, he almost seems as if he knows exactly what you saying. His eye movements his mannerism his body language. I know I sound crazy but he just is… to human or not a dog… I can’t explain it. I can talk to him like a homie and he understands and when you look into his eyes they don’t look like dog eyes sometimes, Almost human
… but the other night as I was dozing off I felt a presence in the room looking at me… I rolled my head over to the left, and I opened my eyes, to see my dog… he was standing over me, just looking at me. had a humanoid like body, but had his dog head, but was enlarged he was about 7-8 feet tall and was standing over me, on two legs just looking at me.
I layed there for what felt like 5-10 seconds but probably was no more then 1, I instantly panicked and yelled “oh fk!!”, proceeding to kick really hard at him, or the entity. It vanished right in front of me. After kicking, my foot was tingling really bad and it felt hot almost. But soon subsided. I assumed it was my nerves but it was only on the bottom of my foot
I believe if it isn’t my mind driving me insane, that I made contact with it. I didn’t look for my dog in my room that night. I have a small room no bigger then a dorm room. but was to scared to look at the edge of the bed or near my door. I went back to sleep praying for a white light to protect my body.. if that would even do anything..
I still have my dog I take care of him as usual but I haven’t been able to see him the same sense. I don’t know if it was sleep paralysis or if it was a dream or a real encounter. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing. As I was writing this he jumped on the bed and sat in front of me and pawed at me. Just looking again. But obviously looking like a normal dog. I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s one of my manic episodes again..but those are always emotional never schizophrenic, drg psychosis or auditory or visual or anything of that manner. This happened randomly. I do have native ancestry So? Comments
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2023.03.25 06:34 WolfOfWigwam Has anyone else ever seen an NPC commit suicide by jumping in his campfire?

I was near the end of my second play through when I went to investigate campfire smoke in Lemoyne. A sleeping NPC jumps up and starts yelling at me, as they often do, but then the dude runs straight into his own campfire and sets himself on fire. He starts screaming, falls backwards, and then sets his tent on fire too. I never pulled out a weapon or said a single word to him. I just sat on my horse and watched him kill himself and burn down his tent as his horse ran away into the wilderness. Anyone else ever seen this happen before?
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2023.03.25 06:34 jkraycray72918 Why does projection happen so often?

Finalizing certain things in my journal to try and get things off the brain and onto paper has me wondering... what really causes projection? Why does it happen? Why would she call me names, say I acted a certain way (when I didn't really) etc. that all really were reflections of herself?
My ex was undiagnosed, but fit nearly all traits, and I remember early on in the relationship, my first moment of acknowledging "projection" was when we were doing arts and crafts together. We were having a great time until she suddenly got seemingly sad and looked at me and said that I'm "needy" and "too accessible to her."
I was shocked because, she was the one who was always reaching out to me. She was the one always showing up outside my house, unannounced, purposefully wanting to see me. She was the one always wanting to hangout and get disappointed if I couldn't hangout with her, etc.
I remember telling my family about that and before I could even say what I thought (which was that she was talking about herself), my family even said it... "Why would she say that? When that is what she is doing to you all the time? Being "needy".
In that instance of her saying that, I remember saying to her "I'm feeling like you're a bit off base here, you're the one constantly wanting to see me? Sounds like you have things reversed." To which she then apologized, acted sad, and then left and said she'd see me another time.
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2023.03.25 06:33 JorenHg Estudiar Ing. en sistemas Utn Ba.

Buenas, comence a estudiar programacion y me intereso la carrera de sistemas. Teniendo 30 años lo estoy poniendo en duda, queria preguntarles algunas cosas.
Hay dias que se cursan en medrano y otros en lugano, yo puedo elegir donde ir? vivo en Turdera y creo que lugano esta mas a mano.
Las materias se cursan todas en un mismo turno? o hay materias que se dan de dia y otras de noche?
Se puede cursar los Sabados?
Estoy loco en meterme en esto a los 30? sean sinceros.
Estoy pensando en la UAI también, si saben algo cuenten. gracias
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2023.03.25 06:33 Puzzleheaded_Lab1614 Just read death note first time, questions and my opinion

One of the best animes I've ever watched. I'd say the ending is probably my biggest disappointment
I won't say near and Mello are bad just L was amazing.
And my biggest 2 complaints is nobody figured out half the death note stuff and the way light was caught made no sense.
Mello was convinced that misa was not ever the second kira and knew nothing???
They never got info on forgetting the notebook How many notebooks there are What happens to those that use it Ect
If anything they should of believed the person who used the notebook was pissed by kira ect.
The other is the ending...my opinion of a ending is as of ep 25 we should be able to figure out the ending....
But for light to loose the way he did is dumb???
His plan was perfect basically lol he won.
His Allie disobeyed his order...which I think was out of character for him...he trusted kira to do literally everything, to disobey and order like that is????
Mello sacrifice for near??? Completely against his character??? If anything he'd wait for near to die then try
Near knew kira woukd kill the hostage himself....yet later says he dosent have any peices of the notebook anymore??????
And they were able to forage the book....in a day.....and fool a damb microscope...? Lol wtf
To me it's just disappointing. If anything near didn't solve the kira cause he just caught light by luck lol
The whole time there's more evidence that light was helping kira then actually being him....
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2023.03.25 06:33 Huertao92 quien tiene de ella

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2023.03.25 06:33 ArtContent5336 Alguien que me pase fotos de putas de televisa dm

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2023.03.25 06:33 nperazzo1 My SO may be manic

I am looking for advice. My husband of nearly 10 years has asked for a separation, has started talking to other women, using drugs, and says that he is "no longer in love with me". We have our problems, sure, but this escalated extremely quickly. Just last week he was saying how much he loves me and maybe we just needed couples counseling.
He is diagnosed bipolar I and is on medication. He sees a psychiatric NP but not a psychologist or therapist regularly.
A few months ago, his NP diagnosed him with ADHD and put him on stimulants. After she upped the dosage about a month ago, this is when things really started to escalate.
His speech is rapid, he's all over the place, he tells me I have no idea what is going on in his head. I think this is possibly a stimulant-induced manic episode.
I've been trying to give him space, like he requested, but I'm so worried about him. My question is, should I tell him that I think he's manic or should I inform the friend that he's staying with that I think he's manic or should I just let it go, give him space, and wait it out? I'm afraid he's going to do irreparable damage to our marriage.
Please let me know if you have any advice. I'm devastated.
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2023.03.25 06:32 Low-War-958 [F22][M23] does it sound like my boyfriend is cheating on me at work?

F22 m23. He got a job in a different city 45 minutes away and about 2 weeks into it things just have felt off. Been together a year currently pregnant with his twins and live with him n his mom.
  1. I know he multiple Snapchats 2.he used to be like a bunny rabbit and easily erect now he's never in the mood unless I feel like it's pity sex cause I complained.
3 .he started his job and now is high 24/7 . 4.his job closes at 4 but sometimes he doesn't get home until 6:30 frequently
4.if I stand near his phone when he's texting he gets very irritated 5.he came home his belt was unbuckled today. 6.i tried initiating a bj tonight, he said no no he doesn't want it after I had put my mouth on it. His dick literally left a weed taste in my mouth. It's never done that before he used to get hard when I started sucking, he didn't. I smelt fishy on his dick to.
5.everyday there's a excuse why he got home late "somebody's tire flew off on the interstate" "I had to help someone fix a flat"
Affection is eh.. it's like he doesn't hear me talk. He's always high when he's home and on his phone playing games or watching videos .
One day he just said he smoked weed with his friend Larry for an hour and a half in the parking lot. I've met Larry. Bad people. Tonight I accused him at one point he got so mad he put his hands on my throat choking, saying I didn't fuck anyone else. I just have this feeling. I have his phone password but obviously he could delete stuff I don't know his other Snapchats though. He's lied to me before. He's good at lying. But seriously why did his dick taste like weed lol.. The sex is sooo completely different since he started his job. I never see his money either and we have two babies on the way..
Tonight he was unexplainably angry and going to his car to text.
In his room, after we fuck he uses a paper towel to wipe off, throws it on the floor after so there's just cum paper towels spread out.. unless I clean it .. but I was in his car, (tonight he was protective over) and one time about a week ago I was trying to help him clean his awful messy car while waiting in it and noticed a bunch... Bunch of paper towels just spread out . One was really slimy. It was gross. I didn't say anything. He came home today and had bought me my favorite drink, he never does that. his mom visited him at work today and said he seemed very "flustered" she asked me if I wanted ride with her maybe she knows something? He bought himself new shoes lol irrelevant but he was serious about it
He used to shower once a week, now he gets up every morning before work and showers.
If I wear makeup for him he's like 'who are u wearing that for '
He says he will call me on his break but like today, he didn't he said he would. I called him when I knew he was on it, no answer..
He said he had a very bad day at work today
Should I suprise him at work tomorrow?
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2023.03.25 06:32 Maleficent-Move-3763 Busco alguien que estudie Maestría en Inteligencia Artificial

Estoy considerando iniciar la maestría de Inteligencia Artificial Aplicada, pero antes me encantaría platicar con alguien que pueda contarme su experiencia: qué le ha gustado y que detestan, cómo consideran que cambia la experiencia el hecho de que sea en línea, y si opinan que ayuda a generar buenas oportunidades profesionales.
Si tienen experiencia con este posgrado o conocen a alguien que pueda orientarme, me encantaría invitarles un café a la distancia si platican un rato conmigo al respecto :)
¡Gracias por leerme!
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2023.03.25 06:32 WerewolfOn394 I (22F) want to break up with my BF (32m) of 4 years. What should i do?

Hello, this is my first ever reddit post, while i didn't essentially made a reddit account to seek help on this matter, but i have heard that this seems to help a lot of people, so please hear me out, it's gonna be a long one.
My BF is a first born, he has one brother who is four years older than me. His activities includes going to work and playing video games in his spare time (i begged, on multiple occasions, for him to spend some quality time with me). He is glued to his phone, and can't seem to do anything without it (even on the rare occasions when we go on dates). He can be sweet and thoughtful at times, and i can somewhat depend on him for things. He doesn't understand the concept of mental health, or just talking to each other because apparently it's boring, and he gets irritated easily.
Now on to the story.
Him and I have been dating for almost 4 years now, we met when i was working at a store that he was already working at, and although at first he didn't even acknowledge me for 2-3 months (literally, for the first week or so, i would be asking for some help on a task or trying to find something because i was new and he didn't help me, even though he was not doing anything at that time. He only glanced at me, and he went back on his phone), after the fourth month, he began to be friendly to me and that eventually led us to becoming closer and closer to the point that by the fifth month we had already semi lived together. (I know, i know, huge red flag when i think about it now. But what has been done is done.)
Throughout the years we had our ups and downs (obviously), but we have never played with the notion of breaking up, unless we had tried all of our resources to solve the problem. And the topic of breaking up only came up twice, with the promise that he would be better at listening to me, and not run away from every uncomfortable situation we face as a couple and i would try to not be too emotional from every little thing. (he used to do that all the time, would drive me insane. I understand people need their time, but he just wants to act like the things that happened, just never happened. He wouldn't talk about it, he'd just keep it bottled up. And i also understand that sadly it's a common thing amongst men, especially in asian societies)
From the time that i was working at the store to where i am now, my life has improved significantly. I'm now in contact with my family (i ran from my parents' house a month before i got the job at the store, and so i cut contact with everyone in my family, oh how i missed my sister and grandmother), i went back to law school (still studying rn, hoping to graduate next year), found a comfortable place, adopted a cat, etc.
Fast forward to now, i'm studying, having quality time with my family (making up for lost time in my childhood), repairing the parent-child bond that was nonexistent 4 years ago (on january i actually cried on the phone to my dad because of administration problems at my school and he said "whatever happens, i'm here, because i don't want to lose you again" AND GURL let me tell you, i was bawling harder), and still living with my BF.
A little background on our living situation. My dad pays for the place that we live in, he pays for the utilities too, essentially he pays for everything. My BF only helps out when i ask, like if the electricity is out and it's not near the time my dad usually buys it (we use tokens, so it pre paid, and if it runs out we have to top up the credits), or when we have to do our laundry, or like general stuff we use (tissue paper, soaps, stuff for our cat, etc.), basically he's been living with me for free (out of the goodness of my heart and my raging abandonment issues).
But lately, i've felt a little bit "stuck". I don't know the word for it, but i've been feeling like i can do so much more, and so much better (not in the relationship aspect, just life in general). I've been more involved in church choirs (i still am pretty much an atheist, but singing just gives me so much joy, and doing it with friends and family while singing beautiful songs makes it even better), i've been more involved with my parents and sister, i've been making great progress on my studies, i don't break down as much, etc.
I feel like in a way he's been holding me back(?) by not giving me the support that i need (emotionally, he's five steps away from being a literal wall). I don't feel like myself anymore (i used to have an eyebrow slit and dyed hair in crazy colours), i feel like he doesn't listen to me, or bother to remember anything i tell him, neglects to tell me about the important things going on in his life, and he tried to gaslight and mansplain things to me several times, etc. Every time those things happen, i try to address it to him at the end of the day, i tell him what bothered me and what we both can do to to stop that from happening, and every time we end up going to sleep crying cuddling together.
Now this is my problem. Every time those "talks" happen, i get super emotional (with the tears and all), and i think that's why i still stayed with him (again, raging abandonment issues). Even though i fully understand that i can, will, and have successfully lived on my own (in worse conditions than this), i'm still so afraid of the emptiness that's going to inhabit my room and life.
Not having anyone to look forward to seeing every day, not having anyone there to hug, the photos in my phone, and ofc all of the happiest moments of my life happened throughout the four years we've been together. It has all been apart of me, and i'm just scared to take the first step and be stern enough, but not heartless, in telling him that i want to break up. Is my reason solid enough? i'm scared that he's going to think that i'm asking to break up over nothing.
So, please, what should i do?
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2023.03.25 06:31 Acrobatic_Click9645 proyecto de vida

Alguna ayuda que me puedan brindar en el proyecto de vida ?
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