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Everything in & around Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the greater Hampton Roads/TidewateCoastal Virginia region.

2023.05.29 02:53 fourleggedtable Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 14 (Also Delayed)

Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 14 (Also Delayed)
Good evening,
Early in the morning of 14 May 2023, in my opinion late at night on 13 MAY 2023, a triple shooting occurred on the 2700 block of Killam Ave. This incident resulted in the death of Davrion King, 20 years old.

After about 1/3 of a year with no data points in the western part of the city, there have been two this month.
A few observations:
- Davrion King was the second person killed in May. His death puts the monthly average age at 22.5, as the only other person killed was 25 years old. The worst month of the year so far was April, with 6 murders.
- King's death puts the average for the year at 30.2. The number continues to drop during the warm weather months; thru March, the average age was 40. Also staying steady is the preponderance of men. 12 of the 14 persons killed have been men.
- Along with the first three months' average age being 40, the average age for April and May so far has been 22.8. This reversal would be fascinating if it wasn't quite grim, too.
- Why the sudden double-incident near ODU? I have nothing but guesses. Perhaps ODU PD has less of a presence now that students are out of session? Perhaps incidents are more likely when one has occurred nearby, like April's two incidents up in Norview? Does a temporary of non-students (who may be back home) lead to a higher likelihood of issues? I have nothing to go on, it's just weird.
- A commenter on the last post suggested to me trying to put these on a Google Map. I may try that next time, or maybe I won't. I don't know, it sounds like extra work, but I also shouldn't be fussy about change.
Be safe! Make good decisions!
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2023.05.27 00:12 fourleggedtable Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 13 (Delayed)

Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 13 (Delayed)
Good evening,
Late at night on 11 MAY 2023, two people were shot inside the 7-11 Store at the corner of 26th and Hampton Blvd. One was an employee, who survived, but the other was Walter Painter, a 25-year-old man. This feels like a weird situation that could use more details, but the initial Pilot article below barely gives any facts beyond what I have above. The WAVY article has an interview with his mother, but it mostly talks about how she has no solid information about what happened.

This shooting was the western-most of those in 2023.
A few observations:
- I must firstly apologize for the delay in the latest update. This incident happened two weeks ago but I am just now posting on it. This was a result of being out of town for a couple weeks. It looks like another murder occurred on 14 MAY, so I will be looking into that next.
- Walter Painter was the 13th person killed in Norfolk in 2023, and the first in May that I found. If anything else happened besides 14/15 MAY 2023 on Killam Ave, please post it in the comments.
- As April ends, it was the worst month of the year so far, with the first four months as: January - 2, February - 3, March - 1, April - 6.
- Walter Painter's death at age 25 takes the average age for the year to 31. As this was the first of May, that average stands at 25, significantly older than the early 20s of April, though with a sample size of one.
- Gender trends continue over the year, as men represent 11 of the 13 killed in 2023.
- I will withhold much further commentary until the next post, which will cover the shooting on 14 MAY 2023.
- Separately, arrests were made in two incidents logged in 2023. First, a suspect in an April murder in our Huntersville hot spot was arrested after a police chase.
- Also, a suspect was arrested in the case of one of the two women killed this year, also during April, your northern-most data point.
Be safe! Make good decisions!
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2023.05.20 14:11 awakeonemore Virginia ABC reports 'statistically abnormal' results of recent bourbon lottery

How does this even happen?
Shocked at the number of bottles per brand they had. GTS 770 bots.
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2023.05.02 23:41 Loud-Nature Unlicensed contractors a concern for Virginia Beach residents with tornado damage - News 3 WTKR Norfolk

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2023.04.29 23:46 fourleggedtable Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 12

Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 12
Good afternoon,
Late last night or early this morning, at around 5:00 a.m., 18-year old Jabari C. Smith was found dead by police. Police were called to an address on Norchester Ave but they figured out that the shooting actually occurred in 3300 block of E. Princess Anne Rd, about 1/2 mile away. This is roughly the intersection of Princess Anne Rd. and Ingleside Rd. It was difficult to look up even possible info/background on him, in great part because he shares a name with an NBA player.

A few observations:
- Jabari Smith was the 12th person killed in Norfolk in 2023 and the 6th in April. Not to be too obvious, but April (6 murders) has now equaled the first three months of the year.
- The average age of those killed in the city now is at 31.5. Ten of the twelve have been men.
- Again, the April average is quite different than the first quarter of the year. The April average is at 23, even lower if you only count the men (21.2, since the oldest person of April was a woman).
- This could be seen as a geographic outlier from earlier incidents, but I would make the case that it may not be in a human activities sense. The proximity of the Wawa and the Waffle House both could act as late-night / early-morning magnets from the areas further west that have been hot spots in the past. Or it's just the outlier that it seems, I don't know. I don't mean this as a dire warning against those facilities; I go to that Wawa all the time.
- If we are looking for good news, there has not been a killing logged in the Southside (Campostella/Berkeley) since the middle of winter, and still nothing in the southeast and northwest corners of the city.
Be safe, and make good decisions.
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2023.04.24 19:18 Bright-Hat-6405 What happened to 12 year old Sean Daughtery?

This is my 1st time doing a write up and my 3rd attempt at posting - HERE WE GO
Ruled a suicide, the death of 12 year old Sean Daughtery of Yorktown, VA has left those familiar with the case wondering how a seemingly happy straight-A student was found suspended lifelessly from his family’s backyard swingset.
Anyone who takes the time to read about this case will gain at least a sense of doubt about the authorities decision to rule this case suicide. Understandably, his family wants answers.
On his last day of life on April 14th, 2022, Sean arrived home from school and met his mother Ramona, his grandmother Vija, and his 2 year old brother. Sean's step father, Jared, was hours away doctor’s appointment with their 5 year old autistic son. Sean's older sister, Maria, was at school. According to the family, everyone was in high spirits having returned from a trip to Disney World the week prior.
Ramona was in a rush to take Vija to her own appointment and she hurriedly gave Sean instructions to watch over his 2 year old brother who was still napping. From the car, she called him and told him to be sure to complete his chores and homework. Sean reportedly happily agreed, he mentioned he was excited to play video games with his friends afterwards, and set off to do his homework. Sean submitted his assignment electronically at 3:09pm. The submission included a photo of him holding up his assignment. This would be the last photo seen of Sean still alive.
Sometime after Ramona left, Jared called her to tell her the 2 year old toddler would need to be woken up from his nap soon. He had been asleep for at least 2 hours and if he didn't wake up soon, it would be difficult to get him to sleep that night. Ramona called Sean to relay the message. Sean answered from the bathroom and, laughing, told his mom "I'm pooping!" They shared a laugh and Sean confirmed he would wake the toddler up.
Ramona called Sean a third and final time at 3:27pm. After rushing out the door and handing off last minute plans and a toddler to her son, she thought of a way to make the best of it. She suggested to Sean to set the toddler up with an iPad. This way, Sean could start playing his video games as soon as his chores were done. Sean eagerly obliged. First, he would get a snack, wake his brother up and situate the iPad, then all he had to do was finish his chores. Though that would be the last time any one from Sean's family heard from him, it was evident he was successful in at least grabbing a snack and starting his chores.
On Ramona’s way home from Vija’s appointment, she received a call from Maria. Sean was not answering the door. Ramona suggested Maria call her brother, advising that he was likely playing video games by now and might not have heard the door. Ramona remembers almost all the traffic lights being green on her journey home, all lights except for the very last one. As she sat at the red light, her stomach dropped when she saw an ambulance and firetruck turn down her homestreet.
According to Maria, Sean was found suspended from the swing set with a "shoe lace" type string. Covering his head was a motorcycle bag (Jared later confirmed the bag came from the family garage. The string found on Sean was originally part of the motorcycle bag). Confused, she noted how the string was found under his CHIN and not his neck. Maria was able to remove the string using just 3 fingers and by lifting the string over his head. Unable to rouse him, Maria called 911 at 4:54pm.
Before she reached the driveway, Ramona could see the commotion in her backyard. The ambulance and the firetruck lined the front of her house. In the backyard, Ramona found EMTs surrounding Sean and Maria screaming hysterically. After a brief moment of shock, she remembered her 2 year old and ran into the house to find him. First, she found a peach (one of Sean's favorite snacks) sitting in the bowl on the counter. Second, she noticed the empty trash bin and, nearby, two full trash bags, placed as if they were set to be taken out. Next to the trash bags were Sean's upturned shoes. Ramona noted Sean always wore his shoes - even in the house. When she found her youngest son, he was under a pile of clothing “limp and out of it” but otherwise unharmed.
Sean, on the other hand, was found with his hands strapped to his sides with a belt. The EMTs struggled to remove it and remarked how tightly the belt was wound around his body. His broken glasses were found nearby. His sister thought that with as poor as his eyesight was, he could not have seen well enough to navigate through the backyard AND hang himself from the swingset. His feet were bare, but clean, despite his legs being close enough to the ground to stand up if he wanted to.
Alarmingly, the police took no interest in the fact that Sean was dressed in clothing that did not belong to him. He was dressed in a man’s dress shirt instead of the red t-shirt he had on for his homework assignment submission.
Once Sean was taken to the hospital, Ramona was called in to pay her final respects. She noticed blood on Sean's hand and thought maybe that would lead to the assailant. It was then she noticed the dress shirt her son was clothed in belonged to her husband. Looking closer she also found her son was wearing her husband’s underwear. She reported this to a physician. Upon returning home, she found Sean's underwear on the floor of her bedroom. She also found an adult sized handprint in the kitchen on a window near the rear door.
The only "witness" to any events taking place inside the house was the 2 year old toddler. When asked about his day with Sean, the child responded, "A friend came over and was punching Sean," then made punching motions with his fists.
A landscaper working on a house neighboring the Daughteries responded in the negative when asked if he saw anything suspicious while working outside that day.
The authorities are treating this case as a suicide. The family is hoping a petition to get the FBI or VBI to reinvestigate this case will yield the answers. No matter the cause of death, the family begs for closure through a second investigation. They are currently working with LE to obtain a FOIA request. The family has a facebook page where they post updates. Both pages are accessible through a google search.
RIP Sean
Edited to add step father's whereabouts
Edited to change DOD - corrected by FB page
Edited to add this link which has almost, if not all the same information given from the family's facebook page
Edited to clarify the motorcycle bag and family's desire to utilize FOIA
Edited to add quotations around the word "witness"
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2023.04.23 06:00 toadete Read the room

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2023.04.17 20:58 Q-BASE-Noob Skysha Nettles, The Chesapeake Police Officer charged with forging a suspect's signature on court summons will likely not see the inside of a jail cell. https://www.wtkr.com/news/chesapeake-officer-charged-for-forging-summons-enters-plea-deal

Skysha Nettles, The Chesapeake Police Officer charged with forging a suspect's signature on court summons will likely not see the inside of a jail cell. https://www.wtkr.com/news/chesapeake-officer-charged-for-forging-summons-enters-plea-deal submitted by Q-BASE-Noob to OkBuddyPoliceOfficer [link] [comments]

2023.04.17 19:33 ausdis Builders name $130 million Hampton development 'Trilogy,' mayor says it would help meet growing housing needs - News 3 WTKR Norfolk

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2023.04.14 22:47 runup98 Defense seeks plea agreement for mom of 6-year-old accused of shooting Richneck teacher

In a new update about Deja Taylor, the mother of the six year old that shot his teacher, Abigail Zwerner, at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, she claims that she suffered from post-partum depression due to an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage in 2021.
She maintains this series of events is what led to the January 2023 shooting.
Also according to her, the father is in the picture. They are in a "commited relationship." Yet, it is still unclear why he wasn't charged with neglect.
Here is the article that explains in full detail: https://www.wtkr.com/news/defense-seeks-plea-agreement-for-mom-of-6-year-old-accused-of-shooting-richneck-teacher
Flairing: Policy & Politics as this is a hot button topic in the world of teacher safety. This mom continues to dig a deeper hole with excuses, but this can only end in good results if stricter laws and policy changes in public schools can be passed regarding safety for teachers and students alike.
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2023.04.04 03:30 Hot-Plum-874 I understand that it may be difficult to win a lawsuit against the school, but why are licenses not being yanked.

Ebony Parker, the AP who ignored the problems -- why is her license not being yanked.
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2023.03.23 12:24 BigShotProducer NEWSHEALTH 40 cases of drug-resistant fungus currently in Virginia, health department says

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2023.03.01 20:16 BPBAttacks3 MARCH 2023 - - LIST OF PIT BULL ATTACKS/FATALITIES (ongoing)

This is a list of pit bull attacks and fatalities documented by the media for the month of March 2023. This list will be edited throughout the month and after as new incidents are reported.
For non-fatal attacks not listed here but part of total count, please see Social Media Edition - March List

March 01

ANIMAL FATALITY - Killeen, TX - small dog attacked
Columbus, GA - pit attacked woman who lost part of her leg as a result of the attack, man also bitten - Link to Article, Link to Article
Cleator Moore, UK - dog attacked by 2 XL Bullies - Link to Article
High Wycombe, UK - woman hospitalized after staffie attack - Link to Article

March 02

ANIMAL FATALITY - De Queen, Arkansas - bull mauled to death
ANIMAL FATALITY - Phillip Island, Australia - Animal attacked by pit - 6
ANIMAL FATALITIES (2) - Coral Springs, FL- 2 dogs killed
Essex, UK - Dog attacked by staffy - Link to Article
Magoffin County, KY - pit attack on 32yo man, severe injuries - Link to Article
Waukesha, WI - woman attacked with multiple bite injuries - Link to Article
North Watford, UK - dog attacked and woman's hand bitten by pit - Link to Article

March 03

Tamarac, FL - woman walking her dog attacked by pit mix - Link to Article
Cozumel, Mexico - policewoman attacked by pit - Link to Article
Bragança, Pará, Brazil - woman attacked by pit - Link to Article
Gorakhpur City, India - child bit by neighbors pit - Link to Article

March 04

ANIMAL FATALITIES (4) - Mexico City, Mexico - four dogs on the same street killed by pit bulls
Surrey, UK - horse with a rider attacked by Staffie type dog - Link to Article
Goianésia, Goiás, Brazil - Pit invades house, kills dog, injures 5yo - Link to Article
Shaker Heights, OH - Yorkie attacked by pit - Link to Article

March 05

ANIMAL FATALITY - Pontotoc, MS - cat killed and cat owner injured
Flint, MI- victim hospitalized after pit bull attack (attack 1) - Link to Article
Flint, MI - victim hospitalized after pit bull attack (attack 2) - Link to Article

March 06

ANIMAL FATALITY - Liverpool, England - schnauzer killed by 3xl bullies
South Memphis, TN - child attacked by 5 pits - Link to Article
Messina, Italy - 3yo girl bitten by family pit - Link to Article
South Windsor, Ontario - two pugs attacked by pit mix - Link to Article

March 07

ANIMAL FATALITY - Vanceboro, North Carolina - miniature pinscher killed by pit
ANIMAL FATALITY - The Bronx, New York - dog fatally mauled when neighbors pit entered their home
Gainesville, FL - officer attacked by suspect’s pit - Link to Article
Leicestershire, UK - swan attacked - Link to Article

March 08

ANIMAL FATALITY - Miami, FL - Pomeranian fatally mauled by pits
ANIMAL FATALITY - Santa Rosa, CA - French dog killed by 2 pits
Louisville, KY - victim attacked - Link to Article

March 09

ANIMAL FATALITY- South Korea - Maltese mauled to death by pit
Natal, Brazil - labrador attacked by pit - Link to Article
Deventer, Netherlands - small dog attacked by pit , dogs owner was also injured in the attack - Link to Article
Bronson, FL - Woman and dog attacked by neighbors pit - Link to Article
Varghina, Brazil - pit attacks drivers - Link to Article

March 10

ANIMAL FATALITIES (5) - Central FL - 2 pits killed 5 animals in total

March 11

ANIMAL FATALITY - Ormskirk, England - shih tzu killed by American bulldog
Surat Thani Province, Thailand - man attacked by nephews pit - Link to Article
Magnolia, AR - 2yo child attacked by German shepherd and pit bull - Link to Article
Los Angeles, A - shelter worker attacked - Link to Post

March 12

Campobasso, Italy - dog attacked and seriously injured by a stray pit bull - Link to Article
Tiratore, Italy - 2 children attacked by pit bull - Link to Article
Norway - Youtuber injured after breaking up "dog fight" with neighbors Staffordshire bull terrier - Link to Article
Itanhaém, Brazil - pit attacked dog - Link to Article

March 13

ANIMAL FATALITY - Thelma, Kentucky - dog fatally attacked by pit - 5, 6
West Midlands, UK - man bit by his own XL Bully, forced to hide in tree - Link to Article
São Gabriel do Oeste, Brazil - owners attacked by pit - Link to Article
Rivoli, Italy - 9-month-old boy bitten by family Amstaff - Link to Article

March 14

HUMAN FATALITY - Veranópolis, Brazil - 78yo woman killed by her own pit
ANIMAL FATALITY - Ciudad Juárez, Mexico - dog killed by 2 pits
ANIMAL FATALITY – Longview, TX- 2 Pomeranians attacked by pit , 1 did not survive - 6, 7
ANIMAL FATALITY - Philadelphia, PA - dog fatally attacked by pit - 1
South Oropouche, Trinidad - 2yo boy bitten by grandparents’ pit mix - Link to Article
Palatka, FL - pit attacks both of its owners, woman airlifted - Link to Article
Nova Descoberta, Brazil - stray dog attacked by pit - Link to Article
Istanbul, Turkey - 13yo boy attacked - Link to Article
Barrow-in-Furness, England - small dog attacked - Link to Article

March 15

ANIMAL FATALITY - Rio Grande da Serra, SP, Brasil - dog 'Pingo' killed by pits
ANIMAL FATALITY - Parma, Italy - 16yo girl and her dog attacked by pit, the girls dog died
Virginia Beach, VA - juvenile attacked by pit - Link to Article
Campos, Brazil - 4yo child's ears torn off after a pit bull attacked while visiting family member - Link to Article
Guarantã do Norte, Brazil - 60yo man attacked by 4 pits - Link to Article
Yoro, Honduras - 4yo boy and his mother were attacked by a pit - Link to Article
Grimsby, UK - whippet attacked by Staffordshire terrier mix - Link to Article
São Francisco de Itabapoana, Brazil - 4yo girl attacked by pit and was left in serious condition - Link to Article
Richmond, UK - cavapoo loses eye after being attacked by XL American Bully - Link to Article
Trinidad, CA - woman, man, and dog all attacked by pit - Link to Article
Louisiana - 3yo girl attacked by recently adopted pit mix - Link to Article

March 16

HUMAN FATALITY - Osvaldo Cruz, Brazil - 90yo man attacked by pits and later succumbed to his injuries
Fern Rock, PA - 61yo woman attacked by pit and transported for treatment - Link to Article
Beaumont, TX - 57yo man mauled by 2 pits and transported to the hospital with serious injuries - Link to Article
Monte Quemado, Argentina - prosecutor bit by pit - Link to Article
Trencsén, Slovakia - woman attacked by Amstaff and sustained injuries to her face - Link to Article

March 17

ANIMAL FATALITY - Urmston, UK - chihuahua killed by pit
ANIMAL FATALITY - Rustenberg, South Africa - small dog 'Varkie' died after being attacked by pit bulls - 14
Wylie, TX - 48yo man injured after being attacked by two pit bulls - Link to Article
Soure, Marajó, Brazil - pit bull attacked man working in backyard - Link to Article
Bahamas - woman attacked by 6 pits - Link to Article

March 18

Ijuí, Brazil - man attacked by his neighbor's pits - Link to Article
Vitória, Brazil - pit and another dog fought - Link to Article
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - 1yo girl attacked by uncle’s pit bull which mauled her face - Link to Article
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - police officer bitten by pitbull during arrest - Link to Article
Pereira, Colombia - 5yo girl was severely attacked by pit - Link to Article
Taichung Wuri, Taiwan - Shiba Inu attacked at a pet show - Link to Article

March 19

ANIMAL FATALITY - Glasgow, Scotland - Cavapoochon fatally attacked by pit bull
ANIMAL FATALITY - Saint George's, Grenada - dog killed
Rome, Italy - a man and his dog were bitten by a pit in Piazza Mazzini - Link to Article
Panola County, MS - woman attacked by pack of dogs, pits involved per victim's family members - Link to Article

March 20

ANIMAL FATALITY - Jacksonville, Florida - dog attacked and seriously injured by pit
ANIMAL FATALITY - Currumbin Waters, Australia - dachshund killed by pit - 6
ANIMAL FATALITY - Nottingham, Maryland - dog named 'Bailey' mauled to death - 15
ANIMAL FATALITY - Jardim Carioca, Brazil - dog killed by pits
ANIMAL FATALITY - Port Alberni, British Columbia - dog 'Zuko' killed
Argentina - 12yo girl seriously injured by loose pit - Link to Article
Dekalb County, GA - 70yo woman attacked by neighbors 2 pits - Link to Article
Sarnia, Ontario - person bitten by pit - Link to Article

March 21

ANIMAL FATALITY - Yorkie murdered by neighbors pit -02
ANIMAL FATALITY - Cat killed by pit
Elizabeth, NJ - 3 women were attacked by pits when 1 tried to break up a dog fight - Link to Article
Chhara, India - woman attacked by pit - Link to Article
Ventura County, CA - woman bit - Link to Post

March 22

HUMAN FATALITY - Tulsa, Oklahoma - man killed after pit attack
ANIMAL FATALITY - Edinburgh, Scotland - chihuahua mauled to death by 2 pits
East London, South Africa - 9yo child mauled by neighbors pit - Link to Article
London, England - horse attacked by American Bully - Link to Article
Alachua County, FL - victim bit multiple times and severely injured - Link to Article
Coventry, UK - donkey attacked by off Staffie - Link to Article
Trinidad, CA - dog attacked by pit, man & woman both injured, man lost his fingertip - Link to Article

March 23

ANIMAL FATALITY - Florida, US - shih tsu killed
Oklahoma City, OK - 3 people attacked by 2 pits - Link to Article
Greater Noida, India - Child attacked by pit - Link to Article

March 24

ANIMAL FATALITY - XL Bully killed another small dog in the same house
ANIMAL FATALITY - Balaguer, Spain - Two pits maul a woman and kill her
HUMAN FATALITY - attack added to March but fatality added to April (04/06/2023)
Enfield, NC - 14yo girl attacked by pits while waiting for the bus - Link to Article
Jaboticabal, Brazil - 12yo attacked by pit at school - Link to Article
Boa Vista, Brazil - 46yo man attacked by pit - Link to Article

March 25

CHILD FATALITY - Harare, Zimbabwe - 9yo girl killed
HUMAN FATALITY - Mexico City, Mexico - 23yo woman killed by her own pit
HUMAN FATALITY - Arequipa, Peru - 60yo man killed and three others attacked by pit
Cherokee County, AL - 2 women working at an animal rescue shelter attacked by a Pit - Link to Article

March 26

HUMAN FATALITY - Harare, Zimbabwe - 68yosecurity guard mauled to death by 4 pits
São Pedro do lvaí Parana, Brazil - Boy attacked by pit - Link to Article
Carrington, UK - 6yo girl attacked by multiple pit - Link to Article
Petah Tikva, Israel - 15yo girl attacked by pit - Link to Article
Mazatlan, Mexico - 2 small dogs and their owner attacked by pit - Link to Article

March 27

ANIMAL FATALITY - New Jersey - Dog named 'Comet' fatally attacked by pit - 02

March 28

HUMAN FATALITY - Bonteheuwel, South Africa - 88yo woman mauled to death by two pits
ANIMAL FATALITY - Texas - Yorkie killed
ANIMAL FATALITY -Nashville, Tennessee - Golden 'Stacey' killed
ANIMAL FATALITY - Bloomington, IN - dog killed
Ross County, OH - Pomeranian disemboweled - Link to Article
Centurion, South Africa - 2 women attacked and seriously injured - Link to Article
Getúlio Vargas, Brazil - 6yo boy attacked - Link to Article
Tahiti - 2 - jogger bit, girl disfigured - Link to Article

(Continued - see comments)

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2023.03.01 01:16 hat-trick2435 News 3 WTKR Norfolk: Chesapeake School Board votes 'After School Satan Club' can stay

This makes me very happy. I'd like to see a bunch of kids attend this club. Maybe if it runs for a few years and people see that the kids don't come out of it wanting to sacrifice their pets to Satan, some of the Satanic Panic will subside.
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2023.02.20 19:00 AdUpstairs7106 If you have a good idea both sides of an issue can support it

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2023.02.18 22:19 starfishpounding https://www.wtkr.com/news/nra-gun-control-groups-find-common-ground-on-gun-safety-bill

https://www.wtkr.com/news/nra-gun-control-groups-find-common-ground-on-gun-safety-bill submitted by starfishpounding to guncontrol [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 22:24 AUWarEagle82 Student brings handgun to Little Creek Elem. in Norfolk: Police

Student brings handgun to Little Creek Elem. in Norfolk: Police
This evidently happened in Virginia and in North Carolina in the last day or two. One of the NC incidents may have been an airsoft gun.
Tell me this isn't driving by media reporting? Elementary kids are suddenly experiencing an epidemic of murderous stupidity?
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2023.02.17 15:15 BigShotProducer Remember that wipe you flushed down the toilet? This could be it now

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2023.02.14 19:05 Emp_has_no_clothes We are a nation were The Satan Club is the voice of reason and tolerance.

Godspeed TST,
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2023.02.10 13:52 Plenty_Ad7850 First time posting, pretty sure ballen spent some time down in vb during his time with the military, thought you guys would like this

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2023.02.07 01:15 BZBMom How many more teachers are going to have to be shot or hurt before Administrators start actually doing their jobs?

It is truly disgusting that the building level Admin did nothing the day that Abby Zwerner was shot. 4 times they were warned the kid had the gun. Other kids saw the gun, reported it, and still nothing was done. WTF is wrong with Administrators that they do nothing when it comes to violence and disruptive behaviors? If you haven't, read the local news story where Abby Zwerner's lawyer wrote a letter to the Board and Superintendent. It will make you angry that all the signs were there, but not one thing was done by building level admin. Nothing. That AP needs to spend some time behind bars for her part in this shooting - because, she did play a part in that teacher being shot. Yes, definitely not all building level admins are bad- and some actually do follow through with consequences beyond a "talking to and candy or a teddy bear" - but sadly, those admins are few and far between. https://www.wtkr.com/news/richneck-elem-school-shooting-was-entirely-preventable-says-attorney-for-abby-zwerner
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2023.01.18 18:39 someoneLeftUs Iran condemns police killing of African-American man in California by shooting with a taser on him to death for 1 minute long over typical "drug usage" accusations


Another day and another Black man is mercilessly killed in the United States.
Nothing screams louder about White supremacy in the country than the endless cycle of violence by trigger-happy law enforcement agencies targeting Black Americans and the pervasive impunity for it.
This time, 31-year-old high school teacher Keenan Anderson, who was involved in a traffic incident, was pinned down in the middle of a street by Los Angeles police and tased to death.
The body cam footage released by police shows Anderson walking away from an officer who asks him to get on his knees. He then pleads for help as a group of officers handcuff him.
At one point, he angrily but helplessly shouts, "they are trying to George Floyd me".
Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man, was murdered in a similar fashion by a White police officer, Derek Chauvin, in May 2020 in the US city of Minneapolis. Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground with a knee on his neck as he repeatedly said he could not breathe.
Floyd's tragic killing became a symbol of police brutality in the US and provided a fresh impetus to the movement for racial justice. Anderson's murder again proves that lessons have not been learned.
Anderson, the cousin of a Black Lives Movement co-founder Patrisse Cullors, is heard asking for help in the body cam footage. "They are trying to kill me," he screams. "Please don't do this, sir!"
Simply put, what the high school teacher was saying was “don’t kill me.” It is indeed shocking that a person has to fear for his life for simply being involved in a traffic incident.
However, the fear that Anderson displayed at that fateful moment is commonly found in people of color in the US, especially among Black men. They live on the edge and constantly worry about becoming the next victims, reduced to cold statistics.
Before Anderson was repeatedly tased by the Los Angeles police, which led to his death, two other Black men – Takar Smith and Oscar Sanchez – were fatally shot by police in just over 24 hours.
There are a plethora of reasons why Black men in the US live in fear and die in fear.
They are three times more likely than White men to be killed by police during their lifetime, according to a 2020 study by researchers at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.
Other studies reveal more reasons why Black men in the US are particularly wary of the legal system in the country, as they are more likely to be charged and convicted of crimes and more likely to serve longer sentences in jail than their White counterparts.
A study by the New York University in May 2020, found that Black drivers were 20 percent more likely to be stopped by police than White drivers across the country.
Black people are also over seven times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder in the US than their White counterparts, as per a report by the National Registry of Exonerations, a University of California Irvine project, published in September 2022.
And they are 80 percent more likely to be innocent than others convicted of murder.
Also, Black Americans convicted of a crime received sentences 20.4 percent longer than their White counterparts, and in some US states such as Virginia, Black men were handed sentences 50 percent longer than their White counterparts, according to the UN Sentencing Commission and the Virginia State Crime Commission.
This is a system where clearly the color of one’s skin, determines if he or she is stopped, arrested, sentenced, tortured, abused, bullied, or even executed.
The settler colonial American society is finding it difficult to shake off its hideous history of stealing and exploiting lands and resources of the weak and vulnerable, and the terrorism inflicted on Black people.
These excesses, which were widely common during the period of slavery when millions of Black people were kidnapped, enslaved and shipped across the Atlantic to the US to help White European descendants create wealth and prosperity for themselves, have taken new forms and dimensions today.
The terrorism unleashed on the Black American community is brazenly justified in the name of law enforcement activities or judicial edicts, when it's clearly and precisely terrorism rooted in racism, which is covered in a veneer called liberty and justice.
On Monday, Americans marked another Martin Luther King Day, remembering the legendary civil right activist as well as the anthem of the civil rights movement in the 1960s - “We Shall Overcome”.
The iconic song states “we shall overcome someday". If it implies “overcoming the racist policies” of the US towards its Black citizens, truly we still are nowhere close to that point.
Instead of overcoming, Black Americans continue to repeat “Say His Name” for their compatriots murdered by the country’s police on flimsy and false pretexts, with killers getting away with their crimes.
Families of Black men continue to fear for their lives, worried about their safety, worried they might leave home and never return. This uncertainty has turned life itself into a living hell.
This is an everyday reality for Black families in the US, even in 2023, as they know the fate of their compatriots caught in the vicious cycle of police violence — while working, while driving, and while doing mundane jobs.
Being a Black American is in itself a criterion for getting in trouble or even getting killed.
Anderson's brutal murder, which has revived the horrifying memory of Floyd's killing, almost three years ago, is a moment of reckoning for the racial justice movement in the US.
It's time to say "enough is enough".
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