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just tired. (and in love)

2023.06.04 05:08 soggyhandshake just tired. (and in love)

I'm (25F) in grad school for health profession. Just started my 3rd and final year of school with a hospital clinical that is mon-fri unpaid 40 hours a week for the next 9 weeks. This past year I got into my first relationship, and I couldn't be happier about it, it absolutely came out of nowhere at a time I was fairly certain (and kind of happy) about the fact I was going to be on my own for the foreseeable future.
I've always been pretty independent and enjoyed doing things for myself, being alone never bothered me much. Sometimes I thought it might be nice to have a partner, but once I was settled into the peaceful quietness of my parents basement with a decent sized bowl of ice cream and a new episode of my favorite show or video game queued up to relax, I couldn't imagine enjoying anything more. I'd go out to bars/club or other social settings with friends for dancing, fun, and socialization. flirting was fun but I always wanted to go home alone to my own clean bed and not have to worry about staying over somewhere else or having to deal w someone else in the morning. I lived my life very much to my own enjoyment specifications and never felt I was missing out on something. I received all of the socialization I needed from my friends and I was satisfied with that. I always thought I had a decent grasp on how to be a good partner but never cared enough to pursue a relationship just because it seemed like a burden to some degree, I have to make time for them, spend money on them, manage their emotions as well as mine, and in a way if the relationship becomes long term have a part of my identity reside with them which seemed scary. It never felt like something I needed, I planned my next 10 years under the impression of continuing on single as I had my entire adult life.
This is all to say I could not have been more wrong.
The person I fell in love with is the most perfect thing on the planet and I'm not sure if I could ever be as happy as I was alone again, now that I know what this kind of happiness feels like. This is a person that makes my day better just on sight. They are just good. It sounds boring I know, but I don't know how else to describe it. They're so kind and thoughtful and their heart is just so... good. Their love and attention is the most beautiful feeling to experience. And she's a complete badass, I genuinely don't know what I did to deserve this person. I feel incredibly safe and comfortable w her (even though she still makes me a little nervous in a good way sometimes), and I know I could tell her anything (for reference I've never been big on telling people anything personal outside of normal conversation, I've always been very private). We don't have every single thing in common which is honestly great, I love hearing her talk about things she loves that I don't know about, and our values and expectations of life are synchronous. She makes me laugh. We have a really wonderful sense of trust and understanding between us. I want to do everything for her, I want her to fall asleep with me and to be able to hold her in the morning. The way she smells and feels when I hug her makes it nearly impossible to let go. I want to buy everything for her I think would make her happy (even though I probably can't afford it anyway, and we do have a pretty equal way of splitting things). I want to do all of the stuff I did when I was single but with her (shocking revelation, I know).
Cuddling with someone you love while watching your favorite show is better then anytime I've spent out at a bar or other social setting. It's completely euphoric. I love making time for her and will drive anywhere to see her (sometimes we're over an hour apart and I currently work early 7 days/week). I get sad when I cant see her, I still love being alone, but it's not as fun when I am. I think about her the entire time. I love learning everything about her whether it's emotionally tough or otherwise. I've never been prouder to be associated with another person, and I want people to think of her when they see me and vice versa. Oh my god and on top of all that she's absolutely stunning, beautiful, gorgeous. It's objectively undeniable, I thought that before we even became interested in each other. I mean I never saw myself as particularly ugly but I'm a complete scrub next to this person. I know this isn't big news and most people have known all of these things since they started dating as teenagers. But it's been a big deal for me, and it's really exciting. I honestly just assumed I didn't have the ability to feel those feelings. Now my life feels completely different.
Back to the original point of this post though, it's that I'm tired. Clinical has me waking up earlier than I usually do and the hospital setting is draining physically and emotionally, it takes up most of my day and I practically drop when I get home. Not a lot of time or energy left over to do the things I enjoy. No relief on the weekends either I still have to wake up early sat/sun for my paid job. I know some people have it worse, but all of that wouldn't matter to me if I didn't have someone perfect it was keeping me from. I'm about an hour and 20 from this person at the moment, and it's difficult to get to her when we have to wake up so early the next day-- Usually I wouldn't care about going to work tired but this clinical demands my active attention and I just operate better if I can get at least 7 hours. Now the solution isn't so obvious that she come and stay with me more often, she also has a clinical with similar hours closer to where she's currently living. So travelling back and forth over the week becomes cumbersome for both of us, especially after hobbies and such. Because I work on the weekends too, and live with my parents at the moment to save money, she has to wake up early with me on what's supposed to be her day off those days and drive all the way back to her appt, which I feel terrible asking her to do. But I love and appreciate when she does (and I let her know).
I'm not looking for solutions I know this issue will all be over in 9 weeks, but it's just really bumming me out and I wanted to get it off my chest (and wanted to talk about how much I love her for a bit). This person makes me so happy, and it's hard seeing her stressed and tired on top of me also being stressed and tired. We see each other only once a week right now which is a stark contrast from when we saw each other everyday in class, and when she lived closer (was only 30 mins away from my home at that time, we called ourselves spoiled about it). I'm not concerned about drifting apart or anything like that I'm just sad about the time i'm missing being with this person. but I know there will be more to have in the future. Not to brag but I feel like I kind of absolutely nailed it first try with this person, I don't think I'd mind at all being with her for a very long time. I know I sound incredibly naïve saying all this about my first relationship but I don't mind that criticism. It might be true I'm being naïve, but if she is how my heart gets broken one day, I'll always be thankful she showed me what a healthy love looks like and I feel pretty secure about that. In all the time we've been together now it's never become easier to say goodbye to her, and the absolute burning fire in my heart for her as only become larger... but maybe calmer. Whereas the initial falling in love feels unwieldy and beautifully uncontrollable (which is an amazing experience on its own)-- developing our relationship over the months has made the fire functional, capable of warming a home and feeding a village. Large, beautiful, and sustainable. She makes me feel so sure, so secure, and so happy.
I appreciate anyone who reads this or gets this far. I ended up writing much more than I thought. I've been having a hard time in general with other factors in my life and this entire situation has just felt heavier. It's depressing working everyday and only really having free time to eat, shower and sleep. simply wanted to write it out somewhere to unweight a bit and spill it out somewhere in the bowels of the internet.
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2023.06.04 05:03 Onion_Person_ My frustrations with Infantilization (repost)

I am a 19 year old female.
My personality is very bubbly and optimistic.
Besides that I am diagnosed as Hybrid ADHD.
sadly, with all of these combined people for some reason infantilize me. Recently I had found the courage to leave my old friend group due this constant babying. When I even started trying to speak anything slightly sexual or have more mature themed conversations with the rest of the group they seem to always be like "*name* YOU CANT BE IN HERE!! YOU ARE BABY!!!" or some other form of coddling for me to leave the conversation.
TBF I've always been the youngest in that group of friends, and they have known me since I was 14. so due to those reasons I always assumed those were the leading causes. After leaving them I have been chatting and making friends with some smaller online groups I wanted to try and take baby steps into finding a new friend group. I have made many new friends thankfully!! But the infantilization has not stopped...
I was flirting with a guy who seemed really cool and nice. there was less than a year age gap and I honestly was genuinely liking this guy until we called for the first time... he started treating me as a kid and calling me "child" and other stuff... I asked why the sudden nickname.. and he just said it felt right, and continued to prove it by me eating ice cream and another sweet food I had that day.
There have also been times where people out of no where decide I need to be protected from of the more "brash" or "crude" friends we have. Which honestly is nice sometimes, to have people have my back. But when we are just joking around its really.... weird...
besides that with a very specific guy, I must've not realized he was trying to flirt with me, so instead he tried another approach..He started calling me the local gremlin/weird little guy/local weirdo which i guess is fine? It was fun at first but now its kind of weird since now he goes out of his way to make people agree with him.
feels like an off brand form of infantilization...
Is this something I am always going to deal with?? Do I have to take away my kindness or act more sultry to be even considered to be taken seriously?? Its just... so annoying!!
(sorry for the repost i forgot to add the flair-)
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2023.06.04 05:01 igzebiche Don't hide ice cream under coffee. #undercoffee

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2023.06.04 04:59 kkoala289 Apple pie and ice cream

I’m sorry but I can’t stand her accent in the apple pie video. Listen to how she says “pie” and “ice cream” in the beginning, and then her actual voice when she’s ordering at McDonalds. 🙄
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2023.06.04 04:56 Moha0733 I don't enjoy my toddler as I used to.

I have a almost three months old, since having number two things have gotten worse with number 1.
She turned three last month. She whines almost everytime she talks. Whines about wanting things now. She wants to go to the park and we explain to her there's a heat warning and that it's dangerous to go. We show her the temperature on our phone and tell her it's too hot and that we will burn and not feel good. Still cries and whines she wants to go. We explain many times and she keeps at it.
Or it'll be night time and she wants to go.
When we do end up going when it's nice out she whines about getting dressed, takes forever to get ready even though she's been dying to go other days. Comes back very whiny and rebellious as well. Everything I tell her not to do and do this instead she just says no.
Like she will chop on her toothbrush for example and I tell her that's not how we brush we brush like xyz. She just says no and keeps doing it.
She'll try shoving her whole hand in her mouth sometimes and I tell her hand don't go in the mouth, you'll get bacteria and get sick...etc. No. Continues doing it. Or whines.
She doesn't want to go to bathroom before we head out and whines the whole way. I give her choices sometimes. Like do you want to hop to your room or hold my hand...etc. she'll just say no, none. In the end I tell her since she isn't choosing I'll choose. Then she throws a tantrum.
I know the lifestyle has changed with second one now. I also know she isn't getting as much attention as she used to which could be why she's acting out.
Im exhausted and don't enjoy my time with her like I used to and I feel terribly guilty of how disconnected from her I feel. It's extremely heartbreaking. We used to go on girl dates to cafe and walks to ice cream shop...etc. im far more exhausted with a second one now...
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2023.06.04 04:55 DazzlingDig What is your favorite Red Velvet title track? (Losers Round 3)

What is your favorite Red Velvet title track? (Losers Round 3)
Losers Round 3:
  • One Of These Nights vs. Ice Cream Cake [poll]
  • Peek-A-Boo vs. Power Up
  • Red Flavor vs. Feel My Rhythm
  • RBB (Really Bad Boy) vs. Dumb Dumb
Red Velvet Title Tracks Tournament (Losers' Bracket)
Check the Red_Velvet's favorite title track tournament bracket and its progress here!
Voting Length: 1 Day
View Poll
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2023.06.04 04:51 Glass-Tomatillo9707 Ice creams from Fantasticks

Recently had been to an ice cream place called Fantasticks that serves base icecream on stick and toppings. Looked and tasted very good! I tried Mangonada (mango + paprika) && a chocolate ice cream with mint and chocolate drizzle.
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2023.06.04 04:51 MasterRose88 Anyone know where I could get a copy of this? Asking for a friend...

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2023.06.04 04:50 k1234567890y Hose of my simself

Hose of my simself
I opened a new save for another game, in which the only people are pets(including Mayor Whiskers and Whitaker), Yama-chan and my simself. Other people might be added later or may never be added in this save.
This is my simself's house, it's a starter house, which is in newcrest, and only basegame items are used so far(I might buy the ice cream machine later). Since my simself is a loner and socially awkward(like me irl) and there's nobody else, there is no living room in the house. My simself may eventually move out of this house:
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2023.06.04 04:46 Zealousideal-Card-63 Tips?

Hi! I’m relatively new to hayday, been levelling up a lot recently, but I’m realizing I don’t have the money to upgrade all these things at the same rate (fishing boat, juice press, next level is ice cream maker) I wanna get ahead but unsure what the quickest way to do so is? Any tips are appreciated 😊
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2023.06.04 04:39 MissMeliss17 [Sell][Perfume][US]

I have some scents that don’t agree with my nose. All were received in swaps. Shipping is $5.50. Thank you, for looking.
**Arcana Wildcraft: *Glittering Black- (5ml bottle, full) $15 black amber, black musk, ice-coated black metal, motor oil, smoky vetiver, and just a hint of our Glittering White (an opening of cold peppermint settles into a heart of sugar cookies, marshmallows, white chocolate, and vanilla musk)
*Surfers on Acid- (5ml bottle, top of shoulder) $15 based on the deliciously beachy (and rather wicked) cocktail, with sweet coconut milk, pineapple, and absinthe
**BPAL: *Crossroads- (5ml bottle, full) $15 a chill twilit garden of blooms over dry earth mosses, heavily laden with incense and offertory herbs
*Day of Skulls- (Halloween 2013) (5ml bottle, to shoulder) $15 white sandalwood, beeswax, and frankincense crowned by hydrangea, rose, and kantuta blossoms, dressed with tobacco, cocoa leaves and flowers from the sacred Cactus of the Four Winds
*Hippie Ghost- (ParaNorman) (5ml bottle, half full) $10 a faded snapshot of patchouli-stained peasant blouses, soft suede boots, and smoke
*New Orleans- (5ml bottle, full) $15 reminiscent of hothouse blooms on a humid night, ripe, but touched with decay, sweet honeysuckle and jasmine with a hint of lemon and spice
*The Embodiment of Funeral Gloom- (Order of the Dragon II) (5ml bottle, full) $15 a shroud of black agar wood, cypress, myrrh, and upturned earth, scattered with crushed lavender and creeping with moss-smothered stone
*The Ides of March- (Anno Domini 2010) (5ml bottle, top of shoulder) $15 a mixture of springtime greenery and classical Roman cologne: dark musk, spikenard, bergamot, lemon rind and vervain with costus, benzoin, gray amber, cardamom, and white narcissus
**Haus of Gloi: *Scarecrow- (5ml bottle, full) $15 dried corn husks, dust, straw, weathered wood, and a ruffle of inky black feathers
**Nocturne Alchemy: *Halloween 2017- (frosted orange bottle) (6ml bottle, top of shoulder) $20 hallow’d coconut rind, black cardamom pod, custard accord, Bastet’s ice cream accord, vanilla bean, crystalline absolute, santalum gold, ghost-white rum, a touch of nutmeg and allspice, fresh wormwood picked during the witching hour and singed wormwood-oudh on drydown
**Sucreabeille: *Dead Ringer- (5ml bottle, full) $15 powdery violets, myrrh, smoke drifting through a crumbling cathedral, red musk, candle wax, black roses
*Stone Rose- (5ml bottle, full) $15 moss-covered stones warmed by the sun and shining with a recent rain. Wild roses, heather, tuberose, and labdanum blend with a drop of oakmoss
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2023.06.04 04:38 Gb_bud Vegan ice cream

Is the ninja creami worth the buy for a vegan eater? I’m worried about getting chalky ice cream or being stuck with sorbet based. Best case scenario I would have oatly level ice cream 🤔
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2023.06.04 04:35 karawritesstuff AITA for Asking my Kid What Color His Friends Are?

Am I the Asshole for asking my kid what color his friend are?
My son (7) isn't great at gathering a lot of information on his friends from school. He usually knows first names, but not last names.
We live in a small community that about 50% white and 50% Native American. I know most of the parents in our community, but not the kids by first name only. So, many times one of my first questions when playing "guess this friend" is asking my son what color of skin they have. That immediately eliminates half the kids.
A few weeks ago my son wanted to invite a friend over. I couldn't figure out which kid he was talking about and asked him what their skin color was. He has two friends with the same name. One is white, one is Native American. He told me, "maybe tan, like they were swimming at the lake. Or maybe white but not like ice cream" And whole lot of other examples that did not help.
Even though it didn't help me find the right child to invite over, I still thought it was funny and kind of sweet that he didn't know how to separate his friends by skin color.
I posted a little story about it on social media.
Most ppl laughed and gave me their "guess this friend" tips (super helpful). But one mother left mean comments and messaged me to tell me how racist I am and how I am hurting people. I delete the post but I still think about it a lot.
The skin color didn't matter at all, I just needed to know which mom to call. But is she right? Am I the asshole for asking my kid what color his friends are?
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2023.06.04 04:34 CrimeAndSong GVC Synesthesia

GVC Synesthesia
This snuck up on me. While I may not love the GVC aesthetic, then or now, it’s a time capsule. I see the pattern of the chair I posted and taste Boboli Pizza and New York Seltzer Black Cherry. The cream and crunch of a slice of Vienetta ice cream. Hear the yearning honk of Kenny G’s saxophone. None of it good—but somehow—all of it great.
Anyone else? For those from then, does GVC design unlock treasured (or reviled) sensory associations?
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2023.06.04 04:30 Eurypteriddle I graduated today!

Hi I graduated today!
I was nervous about it but it did go good and heres what happened.
First I did wore nice clothing a shirt with buttons and pants with a belt and its uncomfotable but I did it and then go to school and my parents go and sat down in the autitorium and I did go and stand in the behind the autitorium with my aid and the other graduatings people and its loud and but its ok you can wear your headphones until you go walk on the stage. And it was scared cause last time I go to school it was wednesday and I did threw up and was worried that people do make fun of me but says hi and its ok not make fun of me.
I was suppose to do wear a black hat square and big black dress but its scratchy and make me scream so I didnt have to do wear it. Its we lined up in front next to the doors to do go in and then all the normal people do line up after us to go walk in and im go in the autitorium and then I go sit down in front row and we all in the front row and all everyone else people behind.
They did started with saying good job congradulations on doing school its hard and you did it and your done now and then now its time to line up and walk on the stage and theres 8 of us and we do line up and im third up to go up and I did go to the edge of the stage and. But my aid cant come with me more but thats ok cause you just have to walk across the stage and then ill be waiting for you when you walk down the stairs. So they say my name in then I have to do take off my headphones and gave them to my aid and then I walk across the stage and loud clapping and the principal gave me a high five and a Certificate Of Completion and then I walked off and my aid walk back with me to my seat and I do then I am graduated!
And then I wait to do sit down at my seat until all of us 8 of us are done and then the principal says good job and we stood and the everyone there clapped for us and we did it. And then theres a announcement that a break and then there going to start the program with speaches and the other graduatings people. And my parents comes and says good job and my aid said that I we can do stay for the ceramomy if I wanted but itll be long and boring and loud and so its okay to do go home now cause the special Ed ceramony is done and so we left and on walking out eveyone says good job on congradulations for graduating!
And then I did got to go eat cookies and cream ice cream! And I got a present for graduating and its a trilobite and I like trilobite so im happy and then after that I did went home and to do rest cause that was a big day and im tired.
Did anyone else did graduating and how was it?
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2023.06.04 04:30 GrumpyKitten1 Date night

Local ice cream place does sample size. I can still go out with my husband for ice cream and a walk on a nice summery day.
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2023.06.04 04:23 LucyAvocado Ice cream in an ash tray

Ice cream in an ash tray
To be fair, it was the best ice cream I have ever had.
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2023.06.04 04:21 featherdance [Sell][US] Dior, Kaja, Fenty, Viseart, NARS, Hourglass, Becca, Rephr & more!

Payment: Paypal Goods & Services, I cover the fee.

Everything is from a clean, smoke-free home.
104 items sold in 32 separate successful transactions on Makeup Exchange so far!
Happy to answer any questions, thanks for browsing!
*BNIB means the item is brand new, never swatched, *and* the box is included. Other items may be brand new, never swatched, but no box so not marked BNIB.
*Never opened (ie., for liquid products) means the screw cap has never come off - which you can also visually verify because no product has touched the stoppers. Happy to take more detailed photos if proof is needed. :)

Individual Items (in album order):

>> Non-Makeup <<

>> Higher End <<

>> K-Beauty, Drugstore, etc. << (additional 20% off of purchase of 5+ items)

Freebies with any purchase:

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2023.06.04 04:18 SuperSneke 23 [M4F] #Tennessee #US - Looking for a nice girl to rizz up, and make her laugh

Hello there, stranger. It's me, a stranger that hopes I don't seem too strange. So you can probably guess that I am seeking a romantic relationship. Here's some stuff you should know before you decide for sure if you wanna chat
Info about me: I am a 23 y/o student who enjoys anime, photography, history, poetry, gaming, and more. I love strawberry ice cream, and am a hopeless romantic. I also have a pretty soothing voice, which you will look forward to hearing.
What qualities I'm looking for: Honestly, I have no idea what my "type" is. I mainly just want to be with someone who's 18 or older, has medium/long hair, affectionate.
Please include a * in your message so that I know that you read it before messaging me.
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2023.06.04 04:17 SuperSneke 23 [M4F] #Tennessee #US - Looking for a nice girl to rizz up, and make her laugh

Hello there, stranger. It's me, a stranger that hopes I don't seem too strange. So you can probably guess that I am seeking a romantic relationship. Here's some stuff you should know before you decide for sure if you wanna chat
Info about me: I am a 23 y/o student who enjoys anime, photography, history, poetry, gaming, and more. I love strawberry ice cream, and am a hopeless romantic. I also have a pretty soothing voice, which you will look forward to hearing.
What qualities I'm looking for: Honestly, I have no idea what my "type" is. I mainly just want to be with someone who's 18 or older, has medium/long hair, affectionate.
Please include a * in your message so that I know that you read it before messaging me.
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2023.06.04 04:16 CanadianDeathMetal Palagis Bell.

Everyone knows the signature Palagis ice cream truck bell that is famous around RI. They used to have a bell on the roof of the trucks. But it seems like they added a sailor type bell near the window of the truck as of recent. Still makes the signature ding ding sound. Does anyone know what kind of bell they use?
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2023.06.04 04:14 General_Technology_6 Help me determine the cause of my premature grey hair!

As a 20 year old Asian guy, I have a lot of premature grey hairs. In particular areas, I am around 15-30% grey, such as the top of my head, the back of my head around the neck region, and the temples. This started when I was around 16. I have done many things and changes to determine the root of my condition. Over the course I have spotted maybe a dozen hairs which have reversed their colour. I have:
  1. Checked my blood: showed no irregularities or deficiencies
  2. Removed stress: initially I did feel that this was the cause but after being totally stress free for the past months I still have new greys forming
  3. Taken multivitamins
  4. Good sleep
  5. Checked family history: I have ruled out genetics bc I have a sample size of 50 family members who all do/did not have premature greys
The only thing I have not ruled out is my diet. I consume tons of sugar and carbohydrates through sugary snacks, cereal, pop drinks, and ice cream. I do find that there is correlation with new greys and days when I eat a lot of sugary products. I also do not nearly eat enough vegetables. I also regularly masturbate and I found anecdotes of masturbation causing greys. What is your opinion of my situation? What other explanations could there be? What should be my next course of action?
Thanks a bunch
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