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Request references for all sorts of drawing needs.

2014.03.06 18:13 tuncOfGrayLake Request references for all sorts of drawing needs.

This subreddit is meant to act as a channel for artists to ask others for reference material or share their own collections with the community. If you're making a drawing and you need someone to pose in an exact manner and snap a picture for you, then ask for it. If you are looking for a sci-fi gun collection, then start a thread! If you have a giant album of wide variety of trees and you want to help artists, share it!

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This subreddit is dedicated to the Craftlang Minecraft server where the game is a platform for constructed languages.

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An electric community dedicated to sharing and archiving the best of liquid sound https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid_rock

2023.06.09 01:07 jeweliaghoulia How do I (f26) let me toxic ex best friend go (f23)?

Ending a friendship then wanting to reconcile?
About two years ago this girl and I became fast best friends. At the time I was 24 (f) and she was 21 (f) We both worked at the same diner except she was new to the restaurant and new to town. We really hit it off as friends although I was hesitant to become her friend at first because I’m an extremely guarded person. We hung out at her apartment and I met her husband and her roommate who happened to be her husband’s best friend. From the very beginning of our friendship, I noticed that she made little comments regarding my appearance insinuating that I was her husband’s type and I sensed a little bit of jealousy. Regardless we are both quirky people and complemented one another well. Her husband was also a chill guy but I did notice some narcissistic tendencies and tension brewing within their relationship. Within a month of hanging out we were calling one another each other’s best friend. We went shopping, vegged out on food/drinks, had tons in common, and genuinely had fun every time we hung out. We really opened up to one another and I hadn’t had a female best friendship like this since childhood. But something was always a little bit off.
We had so much in common regarding values and interests (drawing, art, interior design, singing, same aesthetic) that a subtle competition between her and I brewed. She felt she had to compete with me as her husband continuously asked to have me come over and compared us constantly. She has a very petite physique and I’m taller and curvier. Her husband is an extremely tall guy and made her feel terrible for being short. I could tell she resented me for this but I didn’t know how to approach the problem. Terrible on my part but I enjoyed the attention
Although our friendship continued there was always tension due to the fact her and her husband’s marriage wasn’t doing well and I seemed to be a factor. At work, she was always trying to one up me but it didn’t matter to me because our connection was more important. She was constantly seeking attention from men at work, men whom I already had friendships with and she was always trying to undermine those relationships. She was very subtly manipulative but had a sweet innocent demeanor so her behavior was confusing. She seemed jealous when other men wanted a relationship with me, even though those same men adored her as well.
Fast forward two months and a new guy started working at the diner as a line cook. We were servers. For context her and I had spoken in depth about what our type was. She described her type as her husband to a T; tall, blue eyes, light hair. My type was tall dark and handsome minus the tall as height has never mattered much to me. Said new guy was exactly my type. Both her and I instantly had a thing thing for him but I figured she would back off since he wasn’t her type and she was also married. They seemed to hit it off even tho him and I initially felt a connection as well, and I became insanely jealous. They started hanging out after work and she even introduced her husband to him. Her husband shook his hand then went back to bed, while they made out on the couch at her apartment. The two of them eventually slept together and I didn’t find out until their affair was cut off. She said they couldn’t be intimate with one another anymore but that she still wanted him as her best friend. He blocked her and started pursuing me. He made it known that initially he was into me but she went out of her way to make herself the center of attention and seduce him even insinuating that she would leave her husband for him.
Flash forward a few weeks, the night of our restaurant’s little employee christmas party at an old bowling alley/bar. Her and her husband had supposedly worked out the affair she had with the new guy but we were all going to be in the same place at the same time. Her and I met at the bar and started drinking, the new guy was following me around trying to talk all while her and her husband were right next to me. She obviously still was in lust with this man and I was getting increasingly mad about it. Her lies weren’t catching up to her but I could tell she was miserable on the inside and i was a part of the equation. Emotions were high, both her and I were nervous as we both were in lust with the same man. Her husband didn’t say a word to him the entire night despite knowing what happened. Even though the new guy blocked her she was convinced he still wanted her. Eventually we went to a friends for an after party type thing and her husband made a comment saying I looked way better in her dress she let me borrow than she could ever look in it and put his hand on my inner thigh while she was sitting right next to us.
After this I began spending more time with the new guy and my friend and her husband continued to struggle in their marriage. I began dating the new guy and she tried her best to pretend she didn’t care. She began hanging out with another girl at work. Said girl worked at our diner and so did her boyfriend. All four of them attempted to Go on double dates but she didn’t seem enthused. We were still friends although we were starting to grow apart. I made it known that her husband was making me uncomfortable and our other coworkers also told her he was an asshole. But this whole time she was playing the victim despite cheating on her asshole of a husband. I was over it but still wanted her friendship as she made me feel seen and understood and her husband did as well.
One night in February, she invited me out to a bar. She didn’t tell me that her husband would be there but he was. We got drunk and had a great time but she insinuated that she wanted me to invite my boyfriend. The constant triangulation was pissing me off like no other. we headed back to their place but as we left the bar we both slipped on the ice and got immense bruises from it as we would find out later. it felt like karma for all the bs we were putting one another through rather than prioritizing a true friendship. When we got to their apartment, her husband made a jab at my appearance and I had the urge to cut off the friendship because I wasn’t going to start taking his emotional and verbal abuse as well.
After that I distanced myself from them even more. They came into the restaurant on Valentine’s Day and he stared at me from their booth the entire time while I served tables. She kept making comments towards my appearance and relationship while we worked shifts together so I made sure we had completely different schedules.
I cut her off completely and we didn’t talk anymore. The next month i got pregnant and she got pregnant as well and we never talked about it. We had our babies in the same month last year so both of our babies are seven months old now. I’ve tried to reconcile by messaging her and she completely ignores me. I know I’m with the man she had an affair with, so I understand but I don’t get why she won’t engage with me whatsoever. Our friendship wasn’t perfect but now being seven months post partum it would be amazing to be friends again since our sons are the exact same age. She is now best friends with our mutual coworker and I feel so rejected and lonely and really want more mom friends.
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2023.06.09 01:06 Mission_Bear9543 Swappa

Has anyone bought an iPhone from swappa with the same experience? The iPhone has arrived with a screen protector on. I went to remove the screen protector and saw scratches on the screen. I used one of those clothes for eye glasses to remove it but it didn’t help. They aren’t large scratches but this phone is supposed to be in mint condition (pristine condition according to swappa). I contacted the seller and he said if the screen protector looks new they won’t remove it to assess the grading. This seems ridiculous to me. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Any sellers here that have this policy or thoughts on this?
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2023.06.09 01:05 LoveMangaBuddy Read It Looks Like I’ve Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game - Chapter 83 - MangaPuma

When I opened my eyes, I was in a different world.I had become the game's villainous princess who was feared by all.Not to mention... Completely naked men I didn't even know were approaching me left and right!“Are you cold? Shall I warm you up with a hug?”“Oh? Have you not had enough yet?”Seriously, what’s up with this situation?And just how the hell am I going to get out of this freaking game?! ... Read It Looks Like I’ve Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game - Chapter 83 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/it-looks-like-ive-fallen-into-the-world-of-a-reverse-harem-game/chapter-83
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2023.06.09 01:05 sophielano love triangle

I (F 17) am in love with a guy who feels unworthy of love because he is conventially unattractive and has never been loved before. I can't be 100% sure if he knew how much I liked him, but we had instant chemistry and we just get each other. Right before I was planning on telling him, this girl Kate suddenly began to take interest in him. So Kate was a new student at school this year and I was assigned to be her helper. I did absolutely everything I could for her, helping her to settle in and make friends. I was so kind to her and she was sweet. We became good friends and she would sit on one side of me in most of my classes, with him on the other. Maybe I should have told Kate, but he and I were clearly into each other. I should have told him sooner; I wish I did. And I think the only reason he hasn't told me how he feels is because he thinks I'm "out of his league" whatever that means. But then I went away for a week, and Kate was all over him. He is insecure (but even that I love about him), so I think he was just enjoying the attention. He didn't really reciprocate, but he didn't stop her either. When I returned, everything was back to normal, but Kate would jump at every chance to flirt with him and I could see her eyes trail longingly after him. Just to be clear, I'm not someone who is bound by society's standards and I don't see myself as more valuable than anyone else, but (respectfully) Kate was probably more "in his league" if you get what I mean. To complicate matters, he and I had a mutual friend (let's call him Leo) who used to have a crush on me. I turned him down kindly and now he is dating someone else. Although I can't help but wonder if he is jealous because Leo won't stop encouraging him to ask Kate out, which, after weeks, he still hasn't done. Now you're all probably going to tell me to just talk to him and tell him how I feel, but I still really care about Kate. And I care about him, so I don't want to put either of them in an uncomfortable situation and I don't want to lose our friendships. I know talking to Kate about it is an option, too, but I'm not sure if we're close enough and I don't want to create drama because I'm not sure how she would react. I can't really talk to Leo about it either because he would probably just cause more trouble. At the moment, I'm just trying to be kind to everyone, but it's difficult because I love him so much. He deserves everything and I just want to help him and be there for him. I know this sounds like a typical immature teenager caught in a love triangle, and I guess it is, but if anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated. If I talk to anyone about it, I'm not really sure what I'd say. I know it sounds trivial and stupid and you're probably questioning whether a seventeen-year-old can even fall in love. I know I sound turbulent and chaotic, but I really care about people. Just know that more than anything, I want to do the right thing and I would rather suffer than hurt anybody else, but I just don't know how to navigate this.
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2023.06.09 01:05 bingbunhllvr dreamt that I got posessed by my own worst version

So I had this dream last night. For context, I usually have pretty elaborate dreams, so it's not like I'm unused to this. They mostly have to do with stuff I'm going through, and I mostly only remember dreams when I'm having a paticularly rough time all over. I usually tell all about them to my mom, who's pretty interested in these sort of things, but this time all she said was that 'it's probably just stress'. I don't really think about my dreams all that much, but this one just keeps haunting me. I haven't been able to think about anything else this whole day.
So as I said, the dream itself is pretty elaborate. I'm not sure from where on it starts being relevant regarding the way it ended up, but it started with a shorter scene, where I had to pay for a very expensive family dinner, which we ended up having to eat on some stairs in front of the building of my old high school. I was feeling very anxious about how much it was already costing, and people kept ordering more. (this was probably because I've just recently been to a very expensive wedding, and it's still on my mind.) That feeling prevailed, but the scene itself changed to a beach. It was a pretty normal, retro-looking beach, and I was sitting by a small, floating building that was a bakery. I knew that the reason why I was there was because we were celebrating my birthday, and that there was supposed to be a jacht somewhere waiting for us with a lot of my friends on it. Then something happened, something important I can't recall, and me and a couple others were drowning in the sea. I remember seeing a very tall boy with dark hair in our group, and he looked almost helpless. we finally found shelter around what looked like a public phonebooth sticking out of the water, but we couldn't call for help, because the only thing you could use those for was to order cakes from the bakery. then the water became shallow, and we walked towards the shore. there were now lifeguards with whistles waving around for people not to go deeper, but I knew that I had to, since I had to find the jacht and my friends. so when the guy wasn't looking, I snuck around him. just before him, there was a class of middle aged asian women doing water gymnastics (I study chinese in my free time, so probably something from an educational vid stuck.) and I suddenly saw a rosary floating by me in the water. I picked it up, and saw that where the beads met and the cross was, there was a piece of porcelain decoration, about a quarter of a palm in size. it was shaped like a rounded triangle, and on one side, it had two snakes in the shape of an infinity sign, in gorgeous shades of green, and on the other, an almost black ouroboros. a couple of the women came walking towards me, but they never looked me in the eye. I gave it to them because I didn't know whose it was, and then walked around the guard. by then, the sea around us had changed into a big swimming pool, and there were dirtroads cornering it with a lot of green plants everywhere. I kept walking, and reached a small group of trees, behind which I could see water. there was a small set of stairs to the side, along a wrought iron gate leading to an old fashioned building (the sort with tube flats.). as I walked down, I saw a young girl sitting in the grass on the other side of the closed gate, looking at me and taking photos of me. she showed them to me, but all of them were blurry, and on the last one, the only one where my face was entirely visible, it looked as if a whirlpool was about to swallow me. we agreed that she'd take some more, and I turned my back to walk further to pose, but from the corner of my eye I saw her mouth widen, her smile too wide and too sharp, like in those movies, but not as cringe, and honestly just. scary enough, and I saw her nails sharpen (she had beautiful nails, whitish-see through, with vine patterns on them, and I saw that she was raising it, about to swipe at me or get me. and I looked at her in disappointment, and the grinned almost sheepishly, seeing that she couldn't get me. after that, I walked deeper into the water, and saw three or four other people, all middle aged. one of them was a fat, balding man, and another a curly, frizzy-haired woman with audible speech issues, who asked me if I "wanted some" of whatever she had in her coffee mug. all of them were completely dressed, even though they were sitting in the greenest water ever, submerged to the shoulders. I politely declined and she nodded at me, saying that maybe that was the right choice, since it had spiders in it anyway. she then spat something back into her mug. (once, I almost drank a spider that was drowning in a cup of milk. I still remember the wild movements of its legs in my mug.) she started walking alongside me, and we soon reached the other side of the small lake, no bigger than a block. we walked on asphalt now, and she was telling me about something important, but I was looking back at the girl's house,and wasn't paying attention. I could very dimly see through a window the vague outlines of a kitchen. it looked very sad, in a british way. I looked away. I asked the woman if she knew where the jachts were, and she pointed in a direction, where there really seemed to be water. I walked alone. I entered a building that was all too-dim lights and gilded furniture. I walked through empty halls and corridors. a relatively short corridor was filled with mirrors. they were hanging everywhere. everywhere. I looked in them as I walked by, and my own face looked back at me. it was horrifying. it was me, but my worst features were amplified. the way the dark circles look underneath my eyes, and the way one of my eyes is bigger than the other, the way one of my cheeks is softer than the other. I knew what I was seeing was It. the thing. I walked along, knowing that it was only a part of me, and that it couldn't hurt me. I walked into a salon, all dark wallpaper and ebony furniture, and a half-set-up funeral in the middle. where the urn was supposed to stand, there was a headless dummy dressed in black velvet and a white lace collar around its neck. the room had three doors both from the side I'd come from and the direction I was headed. going forward, all thre led to the same smaller hall. eventually, I made my way out, and I found the jacht, although from closer up it became a huge catamaran, with up to five boats passengers had to sit in in single rows, almost like on airplanes. by then I knew that I was looking for a particular friend, and there she was, in all her glory. a girl I knew from school was sitting in the boat closest to me, and she tried to explain that there was much more space inside than it seemed. we said goodbye, and left to go back. this sea seemed much bluer, much colder than both the previous ones. while on out way back towards the scwry building, I was starting to suspect that my friend wasn't my friend at all, but much rather an alternate version of 'It'. I didn't say anything, but I was getting more anxious, and I picked up my pace. I was in a hurry, and didn't pay attention to go back through the same doors that I initially came through. I missed a door when entering the funeral scene, which by then looked almost completed, and I knew that was when I fucked up. I felt as my body was posessed by 'it'. we walked back to the mirror hall, and I knew that it had been with me ever since I left there, clung to me, waiting for me to make a mistake. it looked into each of the mirrors, grimacing, and I grimaced back at it. it looked horrible, disfigured almost, and I knew all it was was the worst version of my subconscious. my own worst version. now its image was a constant in the reflections, not just resurfacing from time to time. I felt like I was drowning in my own head. I could feel that it was thinking of doing things I would never do, planning things - and then I realised, that I could also cling. I could also wait until 'it' made a mistake. and then I could--- before I could think it through, I felt like drowning. then darkness. for a long time. then I woke up.
what could this mean?
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2023.06.09 01:05 specu12 (SELLING) cheap movies - $2 and up

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2023.06.09 01:04 coresamples my version of enhanced/circled Las Vegas backyard video

my version of enhanced/circled Las Vegas backyard video
I just disagree with the other thread and the size of the being seems appropriate for this size of head plus the frames before dont have that shape
The eyes are pretty freaky and god only knows what dat mouf do
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2023.06.09 01:04 betakarotene Irrigation hurts so much, is it supposed to? Does it get better?

I got all 4 wisdom teeth (3 impacted, 1 erupted) out 7 days ago, and today was my follow up check up.
My surgeon flushed out my bottom extraction sites with a syringe, and holy hell it hurt, like my eyes were tearing up from the pain and I was clenching my hands on the chair. It also bled a little after (though my surgeon said that was normal) and continued to hurt for 30-45 min before it subsided. It’s almost 8hrs later, but my extraction sites still feel very tender and achy, and throb a little.
I haven’t eaten yet because I’m scared to flush again :(
Did anyone else also have pain when irrigating? Did it go away the more times you irrigated? Should I just eat liquids, yogurt, and pudding for 2-3 more weeks till it heals (and do saltwater rinses?)
I don’t know if I’ll be able to properly irrigate bc of the pain
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2023.06.09 01:03 TheBoolMeister Has anyone here successfully gotten rid of their floaters?

This is by far my least favorite symptom and I don't have a few here and there, I have full on cob webs in bright light.
I've seen several doctors and none of them have said there's anything wrong with my eyes.
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2023.06.09 01:03 OuterLightness So all converts are just magically adopted into the Tribe of Ephraim. So why do we need Temple sealings and special dynasty adoption ordinances to to tie us back to Adam, if we are already tied to Ephraim and through him to Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham?

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2023.06.09 01:02 RI_Curious QC - CF - Rolex GMT Master II BLNR

Hi everyone! Hoping to get a few more eyes on this in case i have excitement goggles on and am missing something. Overall, looks pretty good to me right now.
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2023.06.09 01:02 UnDead_Ted Daily Comfort Thursday, June 8th 2023

“Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and prayed.” — 2 Sam 7:18
We can get before the Lord anywhere–by shutting our eyes to the world and looking up into our Father’s face. Even in a crowd we can be really alone with God.
We can commune with him, too, in his works:
Sweet wayside flowers whisper to us tender thoughts of God.
The sea tells us of his power.
The deep blue sky has its suggestions of God’s peace.
The mountains speak of his stability and unchangeableness.
But there are other ways of going in before God.
We open our Bible, and look into its pages with reverent heart and with open ear; and as we read the sacred words, God talks to us.
When we enter into our closet of prayer and shut the door–we are in a very real sense sitting before him. We bow in prayer; and we are lying at Christ’s very feet, so close to him that we can reach the hem of his garment, and feel the touch of his hand upon our fevered hearts. How near we get to our Savior in such moments, and how his touch thrills us!
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2023.06.09 01:02 Chemical-Price286 Just wondering… can men over 60 get it up?

Last night I went on a first date with a 64 year old though I do think he was closer to 70. During the date I just got the ick because he was visually undressing me with his eyes over dinner and kept asking to hold hands.
Without even talking about allowances etc.
I had asked him ahead of time then he said he wanted to talk about it over dinner. He never brought it up. And tbh I thought it was tasteless and lost interest in him. (Maybe I’m too picky idk)
But anyways I was telling a friend and she said that he probably would have trouble getting it up anyways at his age. Do you girls come across that issue a lot? Does sex usually last for hours with 55+?
submitted by Chemical-Price286 to SugarBABYonlyforum [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:02 TrafficSad945 My (28f) mother in law (50something f) thinks I’m trying to alienate my husband (35m) from her

Alright so buckle up because this is gonna be a long one. I’ll start at the beginning. My husband and I started dating 2 years ago, got engaged a year ago and just got married 4 months ago. We just had a baby 2 months ago. I have an almost 5 year old from a previous relationship. From the beginning, my in-laws have been nothing but amazing. They’ve accepted my daughter as their own and always say I’m the best thing to happen to their son (their words). My husband and his family love going out, having some drinks and socializing which I enjoy as well. Once him and I started getting serious, the amount that my husband went out started decreasing, just because he was spending time with my daughter and I. We still went out with them at least 2x a week though, my husband sometimes more if I had my daughter and he was invited out. Now long story short, trust issues due to some situations arose in our relationship (not cheating) and so I wasn’t comfortable with my husband going out without me there. Again, this was still 2x a week. This seemed to have my in-laws thinking I was just some controlling person or something, nothing was mentioned but they always seemed upset when my husband said no but we never explained our relationship issues. Fast forward to me being pregnant. We stopped going out with them as I didn’t really care to spend time in bars while pregnant. However we did go watch the football games with them every Sunday where I felt extremely left out as I was uncomfortable, nauseous and they seemed to just exclude me from conversations and things due to this and just not being able to drink. My husband would get so drunk and not even care how I felt, we would end up arguing and he would go to another bar after the game with his family while I went home. He would come home after the bar closed and we would just fight. This happened multiple times and it seemed his family would be upset with me for getting mad at him or not wanting him to go to the next bar to keep drinking. (Again we also have trust issues) Fast forward to now, baby is here and him and I seem to be doing very well. Not really fighting, no running off to the bar. This seems like the best our relationship has been in a long time. However his mom brought up she didn’t think she would be as close to our kids as she is with my sister in laws(39f) kids. We have tried reassuring her and letting her know this won’t be the case. She lives about 25 min away from us and expects us to bring the baby to her, and is uncomfortable with coming to our house. Mind you, we rent our house from my husbands parents. She also thinks we’re trying to be closer with my parents and lying about how often my parents get to see the kids. I’ve been very strict on some boundaries regarding germs and posting the kids on social media which they respect but have made clear that they don’t agree with. She seems to think my husband is pulling away from them. They had family in town for a week and they did something at some of the local families houses almost every day during the week. We went to 2 events with the kids and his parents went to 4. One event fell on Memorial Day and we showed up around 6 due to my family being in town as well and spending the early afternoon with them. Keep in mind we have a newborn(who mind you is very colic) and being in large groups and with me still healing is kinda uncomfortable with me. But we still made the effort to go to 2 events. She seems upset we came so late to the Memorial Day and then rolled her eyes when she asked if we were actually going to be at the second event we agreed to attend. Now I’m not sure what to do because I don’t want any bad relationship with my in-laws. My husband is at a loss as to what to do as well. I tried reassuring her, talking to her more, sending more pics of the kids and it’s not making a difference. She seems to still be cold and uninviting to me which is so different than how things used to be. How would you handle this if you were me? Should I talk to her again or just let it run it’s course and continue to do what we want without the extra effort?
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2023.06.09 01:01 WillSing4Scurvy Eye-rolling aplenty at politicians' ram raid select committee full of tit-for-tat point scoring

Eye-rolling aplenty at politicians' ram raid select committee full of tit-for-tat point scoring submitted by WillSing4Scurvy to ConservativeKiwi [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:01 TheBoolMeister How to get rid of eye floaters?

Has anyone successfully done this?
Also I have seen an eye doctor, he said my eyes are fine.
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2023.06.09 01:01 devydev_83 Care Questions for Click Beetle

Care Questions for Click Beetle
This is Roger, I think he's a western eyed click beetle from the Okanagan region in Canada. I found him with a damaged wing and despite many attempts on his part he cannot fly. I set him up in a vivarium with sticks, leaves, water with some oatmeal and fresh cut strawberry to eat. I read online they usually eat nectar so I also gave him some flowers and sprits the enclosure a bit with water so he can drink the dew in case that's how they drink. I have never owned or taken care of any insect before and wanted to ask a few questions to make sure I'm doing right by him. 1) Will the wing ever heal or is this permanent damage? 2) Could he survive in the wild without the ability to fly? I don't want to deprive him of life in the wild if I don't have to. 3) I got him in a 5 gallon but I do have one much larger if he'd enjoy more space, so should I put him in that or will he not care much? 4) Do I have him in a good set up and/or what would you recommend I change or add? 5) Do these or other insects drink water from a dish or do they drink dew off plants? 6) do they like warmer or colder environments? I've got him out side right now and it's about 90F inside his enclosure which is a little cooler that the air outside. I won't lie I'm a little afraid of him and prefer to keep him in a nice shady spot outside. Since he came from outside I wasn't too worried that anything bad will happen as long as he's not in the sun, but if it's better for him inside I'll bring him in.
I am fully willing and capable of taking care of him till he passes naturally, so if that's his only option for survival I'll do it. Any advice or tips on what I should do for little Roger would be very appreciated.
submitted by devydev_83 to insects [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:01 i-fart-butterflies SA Makes me not want to go anywhere alone

I started developing social anxiety around the time that I developed idiopathic scoliosis in my preteens. It’s very severe. I’ve had it treated, but it didn’t work. With most people, you can’t tell they have it, but you can with me. Since I had spinal fusion, I move really stiffly and I walk funny. Everybody notices and points it out. I’m told that I come off as extremely confident, almost cocky Because people often expressed that they feel like I need to be taken down a peg And all my flaws pointed out in glaring detail but I’m actually really self-conscious And hyper aware of every single one. To be honest, most days, I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror.
When I have someone with me, usually people don’t bother me. I blend in a lot more easily. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends in the immediate area. The closest person I know is 30 minutes away. It’s not like I can just call them to go with me to the grocery store or something. When I’m alone is when I can feel their eyes on me and definitely not in a nice way.
It doesn’t matter whether I’m in a place that is suspicious to be alone or not. I could be on the bus on my commute to work, out getting my mail, shopping, or just out on the biking trail, and everybody fucking looks at me. I hate leaving the house for any reason unless I have somebody with me. I know that’s pathetic for somebody in his late 20s but I hate all these people looking at me. It makes me hate going to work, and On my days off, I don’t like leaving the house. Even interacting with my roommates in the common area. When I have to leave my room to cook makes me so nervous I feel like vomiting.
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2023.06.09 01:01 AD-Majestic8575 AITA for telling my best friend her boyfriend confessed to me before we had senior prom?

Never posted on Reddit before but...here I go. I (18F) was recently confessed to by my friend (17F) boyfriend (18M). We're going to call her B and her boyfriend V since I don't want to put out names.
I will be honest I already feel like my friends have a right to be upset with me. I have always been the wing woman when it came to helping the guys with their girlfriends. Mostly because I was close to them and as you know girls, they complain whenever something goes wrong. I give my input and send them on their way. However last week V had texted me. "I have a question but I would like to keep it between you and me. Is it bad for me to have feelings for another girl? I still love B a lot and want to know if this is normal?"
I told him yes, it's normal. However if he really loved B then he would stay with her. Crushing and cheating are two different things. As long as you don't act upon that crush while dating a current lover. At least, that's how I see it. I got curious and asked if this was a girl he saw in one of his classes and of he interacted with her a lot or if it was only brief. Or if maybe this girl was similar to B.
He tells me "yeah. She's similar to B but tbh B is one of a kind. I don't flirt with her. We just talk. But being completely honest? I have no game at all haha"
I asked if it was someone we've seen before. If it was a girl we all knew kinda well it would be awkward. I wouldn't stop him, but it would cause tension.
"It's possible you might know her. If I tell you, you won't tell the others will you? Not even B?"
I didn't respond around this time because I was in a class.
"She's also pretty hot. B is first on my list but she's a close second." I started to get nervous. He was being very cheeky with his information. I asked if it was one of my lesbian friends as a joke. Obviously that wasn't it.
It wasn't until thirty minutes later he texted "her name is ___(my name)".
My heart stopped and I froze. I have bad anxiety. I personally hate it because it interferes with my day and makes it hard for me to function normally. This confession knocked the cool, calm facade I had that day. I couldn't respond. I knew what to say but for some reason I didn't send him a "yes it is bad because it's me. You know I have a boyfriend and that B is a very close friend of mine. What are you thinking?"
I still went to his class to help him and another friend of mine (17F) we'll call her T with our lesbian friend (17F) who we'll call H. H helps T with math while I help V. I kept everything normal with just less friendly, joking personality. I remained neutral. Even after seeing how I treated him, he continued to text me.
"So in conclusion this is about you. I'll ask again, is it wrong for me to have feelings?"
I still didn't respond. He continued to text me throughout that night. My brain raced with many questions, scenarios. Why would he try and see if a close friend of his girlfriends would reciprocate? why does he keep pushing the topic? Should I keep this from B? If I do and she finds out later, will everyone hate me for not being honest? What do I do?
Next morning, no text. Nothing. I went to my counselor and told her what was going on. She thought it was unbelievable as well, suggesting I go and tell B what happened and leave it to her. So that's what I planned to do. I texted B, and waited to meet with her in the counselors office. Only to find out from the counselor that V was with B. I told her something came up through text and that I would have to find another time unless she wanted to come see me after school.
B was very confused as to why I suddenly backed out. Texting and asking me what was going on. I told her I just needed to tell her something that was bothering me. Apparently, this stressed out V and he eventually told her that day. When B comes up to me, the look in her eyes was dull. I asked if V has already told her. She confirmed it, fidgeting and clearly upset. "I'm sorry you had to hear this." "It's fine" was all she said.
Clearly it wasn't. Weekend goes by and Monday rolls in. I avoid the table to go take some time to think and work on an essay. Met up with the counselor again and told her what happened. She told me to drop it from here on out. So I did.
The next day, everyone's acting strange when I sit down. As if uncomfortable. We talked about how the school gave us too many pages for signatures. "I'd have one for each friend. T, T's boyfriend, H, and B gets two pages because she's so special." V said.
An uncomfortable silence filled the table. Ah. Apparently he's trying to make up for it. I wasn't surprised with him not considering me a friend. It didn't really hurt. But his behavior was childish and made me roll my eyes. This continued. Either comments or him getting up and just leaving. Unless B was around he was pampering her. If it was just him, he'd leave the second I came near. I never complained to the girls, T and H about much except asked them if they saw me a particular way with how they were acting. They said no but their facial expressions said otherwise.
I ended up going to H about how I wanted to ask B if me and her were okay, and possibly talk with V but without excusing his actions. Later that day H told V about my comment on him being a man child.
While on the phone with my boyfriend, I hear a voice. "Hey you! I need to speak with you! " I turn to see V. He was running towards me. I got hopeful. Was this it? The chance for us to talk and clear the air?
Suddenly he's screaming and cussing at me. "F-you! F-you you stupid Btch! You like talking sht about me?"
Meanwhile H stands a yard away from him, watching this all go down. My boyfriend is on the line, shocked. "V I'm on the phone with my boyfriend can you not...do that." I was shaking. He continued to scream at me until I began to break down in front of a bunch of people. I asked him to please leave me alone, fear had taken over my body and I was ready to run. Girls behind me were cackling. I was humiliated.
I made one comment. Apparently once H told him, he told T and H the comments I made when I was upset with them about something a month and a half ago. What I said was in a rage, I don't even remember what it was I said until it got repeated back to me by them word for word. V had memorised everything I said. I told them the truth. That yes, that is what I had said. It wasn't okay and I was incredibly sorry.
However. It was made known to me that he told them because they had ASKED. Why, I had no idea. But they made this worse than what it should have been. Me and H talked in private. Our conversation was confidential. The fact she told him and T had asked "well what have you and ___ said about us just so you two aren't using it as ammo to get us to choose sides."
Excuse me? None of that would have ever happened. Ever. Because it has nothing to do with T and H. The fact that they felt like that was important, sucked. I already lectured T and M about it and how that was an extremely low blow.
I'm supposed to get into a limo with these guys and go to prom. Other than my three girls, I have no one. I have tried talking to V this morning, he is not receptive. Once again dropping an F bomb and walking off. I feel like if I hadn't said anything, this wouldn't be Happening. Prom is in two days and nothing is going right. B isn't upset with me other than that I went into detail about how I felt about the situation and why I think V is in the wrong to H. However I feel like the biggest asshole for even saying something because of how I've been treated. So... AITA?
submitted by AD-Majestic8575 to FriendshipAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:00 donthenewbie “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” submitted by donthenewbie to LibsOfSocialMedia [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:00 LolbitClone Where The Bodies Went, and also the origin of the nightmare staffbots (possibly)

Where The Bodies Went, and also the origin of the nightmare staffbots (possibly)
A big question hanging over SB, at least for me, has always been this: Since so many people died in the events preceeding SB, where did their bodies go? They werent all found, only one therapist of both patient 46 (aka gregory) and vannessa, considering the talk of "disappearances", and the whole "Local Residents Continue To Disappear" thing.
So, my proposal:
A place where trash is being compacted directly into walls and ceilings by who-knows-what:
A place where people rarely come in, and not always come out of:

Image by CathuresArt!
The sewers. And what do we also find here?
A nightmare staffbot, with parts missing, that is not quite finished but already has the characteristic glowing eyes and tear streaks. It is connected to a battery, someone is MAKING these things. Not only that, they are making a lot of them, and putting them to use. Who? Well, seemingly vanny. They only actively appear in 3 locations: The sewers themselves, buried in rubble, the staffbot silo with the staffton table, and:

The server room under fazerblast, directly below Vannys hideout.
In fact, the bots under here are actively used by vanny, to destroy glamrock freddy (or try, anyway). Additionally, they are protecting the giant server room, seemingly under control by vanny.
So here is the idea: The nightmare staff bots are energized by the remnant/emotional energy/whatever soul juices might be present of the people that were thrown down there by vanny and her army of bots. These are then modified by her, and used for Vannys own purposes.

submitted by LolbitClone to fnaftheories [link] [comments]