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My current support dog may have cancer

2023.03.25 06:13 Helle_Valencia My current support dog may have cancer

Biopsy hasn't come back yet, but the vet sounded certain. He is young, only 6. But I rely on him to just look forward to waking up in the morning and coming home from work.
He has never been a lone pup (always had other pets around) so I had been planning to get him a companion prior to this. Now that she's here he has started "training" her. When I am overestimated, my boy growls and gets her to lie down near me but not too far away. When treats don't coax her to walk on the leash he goes behind her and she now walks almost perfectly on leash.
Despite this I feel really guilty. If biopsy comes back as cancer i already decided keeping his quality of life is more important than treatments. (May require removing his jaw bone) so me and my partner agreed to palliative care so we can let him enjoy life until he is ready. But like, she's here. She's a whole gift and i feel like my boy is trying to make sure I will be OK. But I worry about the time I may not have with him. I also know that without that fluffy support I tend to spiral horribly.
I guess I need reassurance that I'm nit an idiot for getting her. He loves her, me and my partner adore her. And she is learning the ropes so fast. But I know my depression makes him worry a lot and I don't want to stress him with being lonely, I also don't want him to be stressed if he does get worse.
1: Getting her was a decision made with my mom and partners advice. I will need that support when/if he passes.
2: he has NEVER warmed up to a puppy so fast in his life.
3: I am hoping beyond reasonable hope that he just has a bad tooth and not a SCC as the growth in his mouth shrunk over the last couple days, and he's a morkie. They are notorious for bad teeth.
4: the puppy is very respectful of HIS space. He says no bed, she lays down in her crate. He needs attention, she goes to dad and respects that.
5: she is NOT a replacement. But it feels like my boy is trying to give me someone to turn to all said and done.
6: We are opting palliative care because (per my grandmother's experience as a vet tech with this specific cancer) treatments are very painful only to get a couple more months, most spent in recovery.
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2023.03.25 06:11 Alexc872 I want to like Reikland

But I absolutely hate the Imperial Authority system. I feel like you’re basically forced to start the game with a massive ball and chain on your ankle, I can’t go and conquer any of these settlements near me because I’ll make everyone angry so I was wondering…
Can I just completely ignore the Imperial Authority system and just declare war on everyone I want and take their land? Or will the penalties for ignoring Imperial Authority be so bad that it wouldn’t even be worth the time doing it that way?
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2023.03.25 06:10 cs-shitpost Is a comfortable retirement going to be a luxury in the near future?

Hey all. This is just a casual post, thinking out loud. There's no real claim here but I wanted to know your thoughts on our future since w're the nerds who actually think about this stuff.
I've been casually browsing this sub for a bit, and lately the economic situation around the world really has me thinking that a comfortable retirement will become a sort of luxury.
Another Redditor posted a retirement calculator that factors in future inflation, and I was shocked to see that even a high earner's projected $4M retirement shrinks to around $1M after accounting for inflation.
$1M (in today's dollars) sounds like a comfortable retirement, but you'd have to be a really high earner to get there ($4M in 2060), and considering the fact that young people won't have access to as many of the benefits (social security) that today's retirees do, this raises a question: Is a comfortable retirement going to become a luxury in the near future?
Not only will we have less advantages in terms of social services, but presumably we will also be expected to pay down the federal deficit, and that's going to be a huge problem given the fact the national birthrate is collapsing.
This is all before even taking into account that most American homeowners won't see meaningful equity in their homes for at least a decade, if at all, if they bought in extreme markets. And many more have traded several year's worth of retirement savings opportunities in exchange for a brand new SUV.
Am I crazy or are we Millenials on a fast-track towards an era of extreme financial hardship in their later years?
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2023.03.25 06:10 learnkolkata How Can Home Tutoring Support Homeschooling?

How Can Home Tutoring Support Homeschooling?
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2023.03.25 06:08 ItsTheDon_ Man tried to snipe me, so i gave him The People's Elbow

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2023.03.25 06:07 koi_fiish Told my parents about my sh

It was very stressful I was so scared. My mom made me give her all my razors and we talked for hours but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Looking into therapy now? And trying to get rid of scars, any tips??
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2023.03.25 06:06 sapphic-vibes 3 successful days in - sudden 0 rating?

I’m sorry if the answer is obvious, as I am new. I started this week, made nearly $300 so far. 35 or so deliveries.
The first two days my rating said something like “not enough data yet”, makes total sense. There was no number.
Tonight, I had a difficult delivery. My rating now says 0 instead of “not enough data”. So I take it this was the first time someone rated me?
Even if all my ratings were as low as possible, wouldn’t it say 1 star, instead of 0?
Does any of this put my account at risk? Or is this too early and nothing to worry about?
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2023.03.25 06:05 MyFavShadeOfPurple How do you figure out what you want?

First off, thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and offer your insights. It feels ridiculous, but I'm hoping that maybe strangers on the internet might be able to help me figure out who I am.
A brief background and description of me: I've been a proud ally my whole life and have always identified as a cishet woman. However, for most of my adult life I've believed that, if it weren't for all the toxic societal "norms" baked into our world, most of us would be born just sexual: if it feels good, it's good. In real life, I've never felt the same aroused attraction towards someone presenting female as I do to people presenting male. And when watching porn, cocks are what get me going, not tits or vaginas. The only exception is that seeing genuine pleasure from any gender with any genitalia is the MOST arousing thing. No penis needed when someone is quivering from pleasure.
(On what I think might be a related tangent, I can remember when I first heard about people "with both parts" as a fairly young kid and becoming so aroused by the idea of someone with both boobs and a penis. "It's the best of both worlds!" I thought.)
On the non-sexual side, I'm currently getting divorced and possibly completely changing my career after realizing I had people-pleased my way into every aspect of my life thus far. A very tough realization to go through, but I'm grateful I can see it now. Unfortunately, a big side effect of living your entire life with the goal of making everyone else happy even when it goes counter to your own needs is that you completely disconnect from your own wants and needs. I've spent the last year hoping to find that internal compass and figure out what I want from life, but I honestly still feel clueless.
I'm nowhere near wanting to get back out into the dating world, but long before I get there, I want to figure out what it is that I need from my life partner. Which made me start wondering: if I truly believe that we would all just be naturally sexual if it weren't for societal norms, shouldn't I feel more open to the idea of dating someone fem? And honestly, when I imagine having someone that is important to me, the idea of making them feel pleasure and of them being attracted to me, is exciting even if I try to imagine it being with a cishet woman. But just imaging a woman naked does nothing for me whereas thinking about a naked man does.
So what could that possibly make me? Pan? Bi, but only demi towards women? And how would I feel towards a trans partner? I'd love to know, but I also realize I probably can't figure any of that out for sure without going on some dates. But I really hate the idea of going on a date with someone who is looking for love and here I am not even sure whether I'd ever be attracted to them and potentially just stringing them along. Especially with how out of touch with my wants and needs I am; how far would I need to go before I felt confident in whether I actually wanted anything other than heteronormity? Then again, what if I've stuffed my needs and wants so far down that I've pushed myself into comphet my whole life?
Ugggh....any advice or pearls of wisdom would be extremely welcome.
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2023.03.25 06:04 Specialist_Bag_4582 Fluid Art Workshop

Those staying near New Bel road/Sanjaynagar & Sadashivnagar, would you be interested in a fun fluid art workshop today? Message me for the registration link.
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2023.03.25 06:04 Nek0Pi Missing toes

His appointment to the vet is Tuesday. Im just worried. So my gecko Marty is five years old. Never had a problem shedding until four weeks ago, he stopped eating as much and his shed would get stuck in his eyes. I the last two weeks I’ve been so preoccupied with his eyes. He can finally see that his feet were neglected, i failed to notice small skin. He shed again Tuesday and this time lost several toes. I mean… I couldn’t get it off. I soaked him two separate days for 15 minutes each with a warm heat pad under. I’m not sure how the vet will help but a gecko with no toes depresses me as an owner. I failed him. The weather change has been drastic and the storms probably what caused his change in behavior. Should I put him down on Tuesday? Can he live a comfortable life with no claws? He loves to climb….
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2023.03.25 06:03 CaptPeteMitchelll Recently moved to Hyderabad

Hello! I recently moved to Hyderabad for a few months, I’m looking for a fully furnished 1bhk serviced apartment near secundarabad or begumpet! Please help me out with some suggestions and leads thanks!
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2023.03.25 06:03 Complete_Dinner_293 I don’t think my dogs a dog

I think my dogs not a dog…
Sorry if this is hard to read I dropped out 3-4 times. .. I don’t know if my dog is a dog… or fully a dog. I’m currently living in MN, I am 21 living with my roommate, and had a extremely scary and confusing experience with my German shepherd husky.
I adopted my dog from my sister about a year and a half ago. I raised him from a pup, He’s extremely intelligent and an amazing dog. I love him to death. But sometimes I’ve questioned if he’s really a dog… I know I sound insane. But he’s unnaturally smart. He learned to open doors before he was one. I lived in hotels for a while and I couldn’t leave him alone as he’d open the doors and chase after me.
If you talk to him, he almost seems as if he knows exactly what you saying. His eye movements his mannerism his body language. I know I sound crazy but he just is… to human or not a dog… I can’t explain it. I can talk to him like a homie and he understands and when you look into his eyes they don’t look like dog eyes sometimes, Almost human
… but the other night as I was dozing off I felt a presence in the room looking at me… I rolled my head over to the left, and I opened my eyes, to see my dog… he was standing over me, just looking at me. had a humanoid like body, but had his dog head, but was enlarged he was about 7-8 feet tall and was standing over me, just looking at me.
I layed there for what felt like 5-10 seconds but probably was no more then 1, I instantly panicked and yelled “oh fk!!”, proceeding to kick really hard at him, or the entity. It vanished right in front of me. After kicking, my foot was tingling really bad and it felt hot almost. But soon subsided. I assumed it was my nerves but it was only on the bottom of my foot
I believe if it isn’t my mind driving me insane, that I made contact with it. I didn’t look for my dog in my room that night. I have a small room no bigger then a dorm room. but was to scared to look at the edge of the bed or near my door. I went back to sleep praying for a white light to protect my body.. if that would even do anything..
I still have my dog I take care of him as usual but I haven’t been able to see him the same sense. I don’t know if it was sleep paralysis or if it was a dream or a real encounter. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing. As I was writing this he jumped on the bed and sat in front of me and pawed at me. Just looking again. But obviously looking like a normal dog. I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s one of my manic episodes again..but those are always emotional never schizophrenic, drg psychosis or auditory or visual or anything of that manner. This happened randomly. I do have native ancestry So? Comments
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2023.03.25 06:01 Madification Just a thank you

To the enforcer who checked on me while I was crying against the wall near the bathrooms today.
Received a text from home today that my childhood cat was in the last hours of her life. There was nothing I could do so I did the only thing that I could and that was cry. I was embarrassed.
You were very kind and professional. Thank you for being a caring human being
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2023.03.25 06:00 ittybitty_goals I think Tufts just changed my life

Ok, I don’t know where to put this but I literally do not believe I am in reality and putting it in writing will make it feel more real. I was accepted to Tufts a week ago and I was already in shock because I didn’t think this was possible for me.
I was always a great student and very driven, but my mom’s drug abuse, and my own mental health and physical health nearly took everything away from me. I was hospitalized for months, had to relocate, and finished my Junior year early due to my illness. My senior year I transferred to an online school and had to spend, up until very recently, majority of my time on recovery and overcoming my chronic pain and ptsd.
Anyhow, all is to say I didn’t think I would make it through high school and was very disappointed in myself for my failures. I never took the SATs, but worked hard to keep up my grades and work on my art portfolio as I dreamed of becoming an artist.
Skip to today, long after submitting my essay and art for review. I took a tour on campus and asked if I could enroll as a double major in BFA and Biopsychology, and I talked to the director of admissions. He goes into depth about how much he was impressed by my work and writing and says he will cover everything ASAP! I am in shock he had such nice and in-depth commentary to say on my portfolio. He tells me to check my financial aid package when I get home.
I have five years of college in a top institution completely debt free. I have been crying for hours because I could never dream this would be a reality. I am so grateful for their policies on need-based scholarship. I came from believing I would never get out of the cycle of addiction and abuse to earning TWO degrees from an accredited institution, chasing my dream, and making my family proud 💗 :,)
TLTR: Went from low income home with drug abuse and severe illness to getting a free college education and cannot stop crying
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2023.03.25 06:00 MercuryFoix 19/TM4T/ Now actually sure I want a relationship!

Hi, it's Mercury again! I've realized a relationship actually sounds nice right now, so I'm gonna shoot my shot again! I'm 19, I live in Oregon, so if you're near there that would be cool. I can be pretty hyperactive on account of having ADHD, also probably have autism, I'm working on getting evaluated. I like to spend time with my partner, but online is also fine.
I like hugs and talking about the things that make you happy. I tend to go on some pretty wild tangents, but I try to make them interesting! I enjoy crafting, primarily crochet but I dabble in a lot of different things. I am disabled, but I'm hoping to get a set of crutches soon so I can be more mobile.
I'm not sure what kind of person I'm looking for, I haven't had a healthy relationship since middle school basically so I haven't really figured out who I vibe with. If you wanna talk send me a message and I can give you my discord handle as it's easier to reach me there. Hope to talk to you soon! :D
Edit: forgot to mention again, I'm asexual, please keep that in mind, and if that might be an issue it's probably best we part ways from here!
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2023.03.25 05:58 Fun_Delay7223 My girlfriend flirted with my friend and got angry at me

Hi, a situation occurred a few weeks ago between my girlfriend and I, where a close mutual friend of ours disclosed to me that my girlfriend had been flirting with him.
This all happened in the span of a few hours, my friend had not been super close to either of us, and was mostly unaware of us dating. Though between my girlfriend and I, things were completely official. I had received a message from my friend while I was typing an essay, and I got on my phone for a quick call. They asked if I was in a serious relationship, I was confused, but I said yes. They asked if either of us were polyamorous, and my immediate response was a big no. Then he laid out the worst news, my girlfriend had been flirting with him. It wasn't full on kissing or anything, but it was passing remarks, the one that hit me the most was she told him how "kissable" he looked, and that she 'would have dated him in the past.'
I was in complete shock and near denial until I was given all the evidence for it, I was heartbroken. My friend was very sweet about all of this, and was expressing deep sympathy, and told me that I deserve better.
I had a conversation with my girlfriend, and it did not go over well. Initially she was very apologetic and said she didn't mean what she said. But then she got mad at me. She said I was questioning her loyalty, that I didn't trust her, and of course she didn't like him at all. I've been very confused about all of this. I do not know if I can trust her, and I forgave her too quickly.
In hindsight I believe I can forgive her if it doesn't happen again, but I just feel awful even talking with her anymore. I don't know where to go or what to do.
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2023.03.25 05:58 R0B10Z3R The Doppelgänger

I was a college student at Yale. I work as a part time in nearby Macdonalds. I live together with my girlfriend near the collage and me and her split the rent. We can afford rent sometimes. I study in Law Firm while she study doctoring. Nothing was new for us. Just a typical lifestyle. One day I saw my girlfriend in ragged clothes sitting below the old bridge. I was confused why she was there. I got closer to check but a car passed by and she disappeared. I thought I was hallucinating since I didn't get much sleep last night because I had sleep paralysis. For about a week everything was fine. But then one night I got one of my sleep paralysis. It was typical for me so I thought nothing of it. But then I saw someone with a kitchen knife coming out of the kitchen. I thought it was hallucinating. However it looked exactly like my girlfriend. And I saw it furiously stabbed my girlfriend sleeping near me. Blood spilled everywhere but I can't move. I was frightened. And then it looked at me. Dead in the eyes. It made a creepy smile and knocked me out with a baseball bat. That's all I remembered. When I woke up my girlfriend was fine. No blood nor anything. I thought it was a dream. But then after I ate my breakfast I saw a little bit of blood on our bed sheet. I asked her and she nervously said her period started. I was confused since her period was over 2 weeks ago. But I was late so I rushed to my lecture. When I got back home she acted weird. She acted happy, then she acted concerned. I thought her period was making changing her emotions. 2 Weeks later, I have more nightmares. Everyday I wake up sweating from all the nightmares. But dreams aren't real so I didn't think much of it. One day she said her mom is sick so she had to go to her mom's house for a week. I was tired to I said fine and she left. That night however I realized her mom is dead for a year now. I thought she was cheating on me with an another guy. I was furious and called her. She picked up and said "You realized didn't you, it's your time to die" with the voice from the devil himself. I was confused. I thought she is pulling a prank on me. That night however, it was a rough night. I heard banging on my door and with a creepy voice it said "Open the door, honey. I'm back" I didn't opened the door since I read too much horror book that I don't want to be the victim. I closed all the curtains and covered the door with the wardrobe. I peeked through the window and saw my girlfriend with ragged clothes just like I saw her below the bridge. Her eyes were red, she had a creepy grin. Then I noticed something dripping on me. I looked up and I saw a letter written in blood saying "Time to die". The door opened with a bang. The wardrobe fell and I saw her. She was holding a rusted pipe. I ran out of my apartment into the hall. I knocked on my neighbor's door. It opened and I saw my girlfriend's mom. She was holding a kitchen knife with her devil grin. I ran out of the house. I saw a car rushing towards me. I thought I was dead. Everything was over. I got hit by the car. Then I immediately woke up. I was fine on my bed. My girlfriend wasn't there. I thought it was all over my but then I looked at the mirror. She was back with her ragged clothes but her eyes. They were red. They are coming out of her eye sockets. She grabbed me. I screamed for help. While she was grabbing me I couldn't move. But out of sheer luck my friend came in. She disappeared. I friend asked what happened. I just said I stubbed my toe. That night, I became the victim of the Doppelgänger. I wrote this before I over bleed and die. If you see me, kill it. I'm not me......
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2023.03.25 05:56 crisis_connoisseur 18F - come force me to be productive or therapise me, do your worst, i dare you

well, here we are again. it’s nearly 5am and i’m either feeling too much or not enough at all, you decide. come talk to me if you hate the sound of crowds before a concert, or if you regularly paint your nails just to pick off the varnish as a nervous tick (or is it tic?), or even if you just really really like the smell of petrol. please don’t just greet me with a “hi, how are you?”, if i wanted to be bored, i’d watch some football. come talk to me about nice things or awful things, dealership’s choice, and i don’t care about what your gender or sexuality is, just be good conversation babe. i think this is the bit where i talk about my hobbies? i like reading, knitting, baking, watching movies, and listening to music - just generically nice things, i suppose. see you in my dms, if you dare.
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2023.03.25 05:56 Occams_Flathead 32 [M4F] Spooky Nerd Looking For Same

Hello reddit. Winter is nearly over and I can relax just a little bit now that work is getting back to normal. Fall is always my favorite time of year but as always it passed far too quickly and before I knew it the Christmas frenzy had begun. I can keep watching my horror movies and bingeing through horror audiobooks but the energy just isn't the same. I often feel a little melancholy this time of year and I guess it's making me wish I had a new solid companion I can chat with.
A little about me. I'm a mail carrier and a union steward. I work a lot but I generally love my job. Once I leave the office I spend my day listening to different podcasts and audiobooks while I work. It's turned me into a big fan true crime.
I'm also a horror fanatic. I can't stress that enough. If you like horror we should talk. I love horror movies, novels, podcasts, haunted houses, ghost stories, cryptids, you name it. I also moved out of a house recently that had some very creepy experiences. So if you like that sort of thing I'll tell you about it.
I'm a nerdy guy. I game on Xbox and PC and switch. But honestly my biggest passion is tabletop gaming. As a former theatre kid it really scratches that improv itch and I love the world building and roleplay.
Honestly I just would love to have a bit of company and get to know you. I'm happy to talk about anything that you like. I'm not shy, so if I sound interesting or fun, hit me up. I'm happy to talk via reddit chat, messages, or preferably to me, discord. I hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.25 05:55 Asphaltjungle33 Bartender was incredibly rude to my fiancé and I at the bar yesterday so I tipped $0.00 on a $10.30 bill. I checked my card statement and she charged my card $20. So she gave her self a 100% tip. Is this fraud/illegal?

So long story short, my fiancé and a couple of friends went to the bar yesterday and the bartender was being particularly rude and dismissive of nearly every patron there. A random guy there looked over to me and said “I don’t know what this lady’s problem is but she’s extra pissed today” when i tried to get a drink for my self and my fiancé, it took 20 mins and when the receipt came out she said nothing and threw it at me. I was flabbergasted. So I tipped her $0.00 on the receipt. The total bill was $10.30. Sure enough, I check the statement the next day and there’s $20 charged to the card. I know it’s only $10 bucks but that doesn’t seem right. I’m going to go back tomorrow to talk to the manager but I want to know if I have any ground here. Also, not sure if this matters but I live in Ohio
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2023.03.25 05:55 Maleficent-Mousse962 Commute with little kids

My older son is nearly five. What is a reasonable distance he could cycle every day without it somehow harming him/ his growth? Our commute to school is 6km each way, currently he cycles this himself one way 2x a week. I was hoping to increase this to every day (one way) by September (his little brother will be on the childseat on my bike). Is that reasonable/ safe? On the way there my husband has a follow me, so we could get one for my bike too (but then he just sits there and he always wants to use it, so not ideal..).. 95% of path is completely separated from cars, the rest he cycles on the pavement.
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2023.03.25 05:54 awqueenbee24 How to trust my partner and feel confident and comfortable again

Hi everyone,
My husband (23M) and I (23F) have been together for nearly 6 years. When we first met we were both physically fit and attractive teens and despite having been on birth control for 4 years already that decreased my desire to have sex, I was still very sexually attracted to him. Over the past few years we have both gained a significant amount of weight. I was recently diagnosed with cushings disease that contributed to my 100lb weight gain. I am currently seeking treatment and have lost 30lbs but I hate myself more than ever. We have completely stopped having sex at this point because I have no desire to be seen naked or engage in sex. But I also feel it’s because I can’t be comfortable with him. In 2021 I discovered that he had watched porn which we had discussed was an absolute no in our relationship. I felt betrayed and violated, we went through couples therapy and I am still in individual therapy to deal with the trust issues. Our sexual encounters greatly decreased after that. I haven’t really found therapy together or separate to be very helpful for me. I have always had body dysmorphia and earrings disorders and finding porn on his phone only made that worse. It also made me feel I’m attracted to him period.
I want to fix this but I don’t know what to do other than losing weight and getting plastic surgery to improve my physical appearance. All advice is welcome but please be nice to me I am fragile.
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