Who can decontrol cui

Seghe su VIP / Jerk off on VIP

2022.07.21 11:12 Cekko__092 Seghe su VIP / Jerk off on VIP

-📣 📝 🇮🇹 Pagina dedicata a chi ama segarsi sui Vip italiani o stranieri. Qui potete trovare Vip su cui segarvi, ma soprattutto con chi segarvi. Ogni proposta è ben accetta, purchè rispetti le regole. Buon divertimento !! 😉. -📣 📝 🇬🇧 Page dedicated to those who love to jerk off on Italian or foreign VIPs. Here you can find VIPs to jerk on, but above all with whom to jerk off. Any proposal is welcome, as long as it respects the rules. Have fun!! 😉.

2023.06.09 01:02 Ok-Beyond4683 Has anyone felt so miserable about a job they just started?

I was laid off for 3 months ago and I accepted a job that wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It's a remote job, but it's a production job. I've been deeply depressed since starting it and I'm on my third week and I'm not sure how long I can do this. The person training me trained me for two days and that was it. She pretty much talked at me for 6 hours and then I was assigned 10 files each day the first week which was rough because I had no idea what I was doing and now I'm assigned 36 files and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm so confused and overwhelmed with the job. I feel absolutely alone and wish I never took this job. I won't say how many breakdowns I've had, but I guess at least I get to cry in the comfort of my own home while on the clock, lol. I'm just looking for other people who have felt this way and if it ever got better.
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2023.06.09 01:02 AutoModerator [Get] Perry Belcher – Association Domination Masterclass Download

[Get] Perry Belcher – Association Domination Masterclass Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-perry-belcher-association-domination-masterclass-download
Discover How You Can Own The World’s Most Recession Proof…



My Selfish Confession Frankly, my reasons for releasing this system are incredibly selfish.
Bottom line. I need smart educated partners and no one else teaches this stuff.
I hope to meet you someday and possibly do a deal with you. I have so many ideas, brands, and high-level domains set aside for association businesses that I cannot possibly get to them all without knowledgeable partners.
That’s why I created the Association Domination Community and System.
My first experience teaching about associations was at a $1,000 per person live event in Las Vegas in late 2021. The recordings were never sold; they were only available to those who attended the live event.
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2023.06.09 01:02 ArchaicDream looking to start a writing group (LGBTQ+ edition)

Looking to start or find a writing! Hoping to find those in my community! So if you like to write queer stories, welcome to my silly little post.
I just started Brandon Sanderson's writing lectures for the fourth time now? I've tried finding writing groups in the past, to no avail.
Some of these posts have made me the most excited I’ve been about writing in a long time.
I’m looking to start a small group, perhaps 3 or 4 of us total.
I don’t expect this to be a quick or easy process, starting a group of any size takes time. Really just looking for the right fit.
What I’m looking for;
A lifetime writing group. People to become real friends with, to hold one another accountable and egg each other on to be better, to keep growing. Reminding each other about the passion that brought us all here in the first place.
The philosophy of; Your success is our success.
Those in the fantasy writing genre, in the early stages of writing a novel! Whether this is your first or your tenth, you’re welcome!
I’m currently working on an outline/writing the first act of a fantasy novel. really early stages! Interested to see others working on neweearly stages as well.
In search of those who don’t mind popping in once or twice every few weeks to talk about where we’re at, why we’re stuck, or simply to keep each other updated.
And yes, this means, presenting something we’ve written over the weeks.
It doesn’t matter if you share dialogue between two characters, or the 7th most random chapter to your first novel.
This is a judgment free space.
I’m looking for those at least in their twenties or older, other than that it doesn’t matter.
We can make our own rules or goals from here,
A little about me:
My name is Sorin, I'm 22, gay, and I just moved to North Carolina in the beginning of the year. It's been a big adjustment, and I'm honestly just excited to get back to writing regularly again. I love anything and everything fantasy, being a big PC gamer and avid reader.
My favorite book is The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
I've been on and off writing since I was 12.
I keep trinkets in my pockets, and I collect bugs. I buy books more than I read them, and I’m working to get certified in dog nutrition.
Tell me a little about you, and what you’re working on and we can go from there,
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2023.06.09 01:02 slfricky Seth isn't the only one who can appear in an Anthony Mackie project! Joe proving the new ROH is way more mainstream than the Dead Fed!

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2023.06.09 01:02 JohnnyGuitarFNV 26 [M4F] Netherlands / Europe - Looking for friendly gf who wants to game with me

Hello I'm 26 years old from the Netherlands. I work as a programmer from home right now and it's nice :) I look tall and kinda skinny, and apparently younger than my age. I think i have a laid back personality, and I like being goofy a lot. I guess I'm a bit weird, i don't really fit with normal people here.. I don't really like my country either. Too many problems and I think I will move somewhere else in the world eventually
Ideally I would like a gf who is patient and caring and who understands me. If you like silly memes, some offensive humor and a bit of banter we could get along. In real life I'm a bit socially oblivious and awkward around new people but online I do better! I just want to be with a girlfriend and relax together, like as if we're best friends but in a close comfy loving relation. If you're looking for a traditional 'serious manly man' that always takes charge and takes the lead in everything, i'm not for you.
i'm pretty shy at first, if you're able to put in effort in conversations from the beginning it'll be fine. it's okay if you have mental illness. nobody is perfect. just be honest about it. I get kind of clingy, and if you're like that as well that's perfect. I want to be devoted and have someone devoted to me.
my dream would be to have a relationship where we can call eachother and text anytime, share memes and stories, play games on pc together or watch one another play, goof around like having nerf gun fights, watching movies, and go out anywhere as well. my love language is spending time together and touch. just don't pull me into a bar or nightclub pleasee
How you look doesn't matter that much, I prefer you not to be overweight though, and please be in europe too. A nice genuine smile is very cute! I don't like big time zone differences, it makes me really sad, and please consider if it's realistic that we could meet up and develop stuff, being stuck in an LDR for multiple years with no end in sight is so sad
So if you like this post, feel free to message me and tell me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for :) I'm open to exchanging pics soon if you want
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2023.06.09 01:02 AHImusic Bill Simmons says “this Nuggets team is the best team I’ve seen in person in 5 years”. I assume that would include the 2019 Raptors Championship team. Let’s have a discussion about it. Everyone healthy, I’m obviously putting my money on the Raps.

Bill Simmons says “this Nuggets team is the best team I’ve seen in person in 5 years”. I assume that would include the 2019 Raptors Championship team. Let’s have a discussion about it. Everyone healthy, I’m obviously putting my money on the Raps.
As Raptors’ fans we’re probably gonna have an adverse reaction to this take, and while I don’t agree with it, I think it’s worth having some light hearted conversation and breakdowns about it
Have the Nuggets had too easy of a path to the finals? Kinda the benefits of being first in the regular season, so they earned it.
I think the only way to analyze this is to assume everyone is healthy.
How much impact does Marc Gasol have on Jokic?
Who on Denver stops Kawhi? Aaron Gordon?
Lowry is still influential in the finals right now, and we all saw what a younger healthier Lowry can do. I don’t know if the Nuggets have that kinda leadership on the court.
I’m taking Lowry of Jeff Green any day, lol.
OG would also have to be healthy for that match up, because it’s simply about the teams, but if you prefer to leave him out you can.
It would also be interesting to see who you guys would rank as the top 5 of these 9 teams in the pic above.
Is Denver actually the best on this list? Does anyone, including us, beat a healthy 2019 Warriors?
Picture source: https://youtu.be/x52YMtVDAAM (start at 4:09 min mark for Bill Simmons quote).
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2023.06.09 01:02 Playful_War_7263 Ways to improve missionary

Hello everyone, I have been with my girlfriend for a few years. She really loves missionary, and while I love it, it can be boring sometimes. I am curious how everyone here who prefers missionary makes it better! TIA
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2023.06.09 01:02 eza2510 Drawings Featuring Face Masks - Beauty in Obscurity ♡ [2023.06.07]

Drawings Featuring Face Masks - Beauty in Obscurity ♡ [2023.06.07]

Drawings Featuring Face Masks
A face mask might be something very common, especially nowadays, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! They can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors; they can even have multiple colors or patterns and designs. In fact, we'd go so far as to say they're a fashion staple now, especially in Japan!
And looking at the illustrations on pixiv, we're definitely not the only ones who think so. Take a look below to see how a mask can complement your outfit!

「蒸れる・・・」 by 大嘘@Twitter新垢

「蒸れる・・・」 by 大嘘@Twitter新垢

OC by れりん

OC by れりん

隣席の同僚 by 海凪コウ【KOH】

隣席の同僚 by 海凪コウ【KOH】

雑誌の表紙の女の子が目の前にいる by らんぐ

雑誌の表紙の女の子が目の前にいる by らんぐ

✴︎🌸✴︎ by 米白粕

✴︎🌸✴︎ by 米白粕
Please feel free to check the original article over at pixivision to view the rest of the artworks for this gallery.
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2023.06.09 01:02 Inesa_uTest Hiring] [uTest Gig] - George Bush Intercontinental Airport - In-Terminal Credit Card Testing [USA]($60+)

Welcome to uTest, by Applause! We are a company that helps businesses test the accuracy and usability of their websites, applications, and hardware through freelance software testing and feedback. You can get paid to help us shape the digital landscape!
Planning on traveling through an airport? Get paid to test!
For this payment testing project for a financial institution, we are looking for testers who are planning to travel through a specific airport(s) within the next few weeks, or those who work at an airport and / or have credentials to go through TSA.
Qualified participants will make a small purchase at select merchants (restaurant, bookstore, etc.) at an airport and verify the transaction flow works as expected. The purchase amount will be reimbursed within a limit, and the item is for you to enjoy!
Currently we are testing specific merchants at the following airports:
Project details:
Sign up and Apply here.
For more information please visit us at www.utest.com, www.applause.com, or UTEST. Do you want to learn more about how uTest works? We have prepared this video for you!
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2023.06.09 01:01 SwingModern Vintage Kennedy toolbox

Any toolbox collectors who can estimate date of manufacture? Thanks
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2023.06.09 01:01 RefrigeratorKey1518 Instead of suicide I wanna do a life reset starting next week? Any tips?

I ruined my 20s by actually thinking prioritizing school was the top priority and that eventually relationships could naturally follow if I tried. What an absolute mistake.
I can’t end it because my parents would be sad for a bit. The only possible bright spot in my life is that I graduated w my doctorate last month and I’m starting a really cool work form home job next month.
I ruined my life tho. I’m a 25 M virgin who has weight struggles despite trying. I want to date more than anything and a chance to show a girl a good time. None of the dating apps work, cause looks come first on there and I’m brown, fat and 5’7. I always am the one making plans w my friends too, and they always cancel last minute to spend time w other friends or their gfs.
NOW: I just want a life reset.
Starting next week, I wanna make a even harder gym routine and be strict about every calorie, if I can’t count it I vomit it. I want to find new friends even though as a male after college and at a work from home job, it will be impossible, no clue where to start. I want to go to therapy and a dietician once I get paid. I want to get one girl’s number before I die.
Any help w any of my reset things is appreciated? It’s this or suicide.
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2023.06.09 01:01 EarthInternational9 Argument on Microsoft Start Fox news article isn't even me. I can't respond to comments, but my enemy can owing stock in Microsoft? They WANT corporate welfare, but I think companies getting gov't $ CAUSED issues for people who work jobs in USA. Why? Many books exist. RESEARCH.

I forgot that TROLLS post things online for me to respond to so they can get people ANGRY AT ME.
My name is posted to comments that I can't see. Have fund, FOX NEWS. They support "purge" for people who don't work? have fun, New America of 2023 featuring unlawnessless and dishonor!
People who don't want to house and feed homeless ARE UN_CHRISTLIKE. Once people are homeless, it's harder for them to get working. Every American leader should address that problem FIRST. Prevent homelessness, because it can happen to anyone, not just drug addicts like popular stereotypes go.
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2023.06.09 01:01 PuzzleheadedBonus351 Intermountain is hurting healthcare in Utah

Throwaway random account for privacy reasons.
I'm an Intermountain provider, we just got our annual pay notice. 3%.
Three lousy percent.
The C-Suite stuffed suit says this is "more in line with previous years raises" but acknowledges "there continues to be labor shortages and inflation". So inflation is 4.9% so far this year, interest rates are up, and the economy keeps adding jobs despite the feds' best efforts to increase unemployment - AND there's a significant shortage in the medical and mental health fields.
So we are getting a raise that is essentially a pay cut after accounting for inflation and interest rates?
Lick my hairy crack, you greedy C-suite fucks. Intermountain's stranglehold on medical care in Utah is why you have to wait so long to get into see someone. It's why your nurse looks so tired and overworked. It's why medical mistakes happen. It's why you can't see a therapist for the next three months and can't get a follow up appointment for at least another 4 weeks.
This is the second year in a row that our pay hasn't kept up with the cost of living. Intermountain is busy buying companies, and for the last four months has been moaning about "cashflow". But hey, thanks for the cheap backpack or pencil case.
It's no accident the "caregiver appreciation gift" (usually some cheap garbage) is delivered right before the third party worker satisfaction survey - which closes right before they announce this bullshit.
Now you know why they spend so much time in new employee orientation hammering "we don't need a union, we're all so happy here!" Now you know why people who rock the boat by pointing out high turnover, lack of communication, and overwork cause errors and high expenses suddenly start getting bad reviews, writeups, and fired.
Yeah, I'm on the inside and I've seen it happen. Good people trying to take care of patients and keep them safe report dangerous understaffing - 8 weeks late they are gone, either quit because they were getting written up, or told they can quit or be fired. These people did nothing wrong, they tried to protect patients instead of covering for management's short-sighted decisions.
The people who take care of you deserve better. You deserve better than Intermountain.

This is a throwaway account - I'm burning it after I press "post"
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2023.06.09 01:01 AD-Majestic8575 AITA for telling my best friend her boyfriend confessed to me before we had senior prom?

Never posted on Reddit before but...here I go. I (18F) was recently confessed to by my friend (17F) boyfriend (18M). We're going to call her B and her boyfriend V since I don't want to put out names.
I will be honest I already feel like my friends have a right to be upset with me. I have always been the wing woman when it came to helping the guys with their girlfriends. Mostly because I was close to them and as you know girls, they complain whenever something goes wrong. I give my input and send them on their way. However last week V had texted me. "I have a question but I would like to keep it between you and me. Is it bad for me to have feelings for another girl? I still love B a lot and want to know if this is normal?"
I told him yes, it's normal. However if he really loved B then he would stay with her. Crushing and cheating are two different things. As long as you don't act upon that crush while dating a current lover. At least, that's how I see it. I got curious and asked if this was a girl he saw in one of his classes and of he interacted with her a lot or if it was only brief. Or if maybe this girl was similar to B.
He tells me "yeah. She's similar to B but tbh B is one of a kind. I don't flirt with her. We just talk. But being completely honest? I have no game at all haha"
I asked if it was someone we've seen before. If it was a girl we all knew kinda well it would be awkward. I wouldn't stop him, but it would cause tension.
"It's possible you might know her. If I tell you, you won't tell the others will you? Not even B?"
I didn't respond around this time because I was in a class.
"She's also pretty hot. B is first on my list but she's a close second." I started to get nervous. He was being very cheeky with his information. I asked if it was one of my lesbian friends as a joke. Obviously that wasn't it.
It wasn't until thirty minutes later he texted "her name is ___(my name)".
My heart stopped and I froze. I have bad anxiety. I personally hate it because it interferes with my day and makes it hard for me to function normally. This confession knocked the cool, calm facade I had that day. I couldn't respond. I knew what to say but for some reason I didn't send him a "yes it is bad because it's me. You know I have a boyfriend and that B is a very close friend of mine. What are you thinking?"
I still went to his class to help him and another friend of mine (17F) we'll call her T with our lesbian friend (17F) who we'll call H. H helps T with math while I help V. I kept everything normal with just less friendly, joking personality. I remained neutral. Even after seeing how I treated him, he continued to text me.
"So in conclusion this is about you. I'll ask again, is it wrong for me to have feelings?"
I still didn't respond. He continued to text me throughout that night. My brain raced with many questions, scenarios. Why would he try and see if a close friend of his girlfriends would reciprocate? why does he keep pushing the topic? Should I keep this from B? If I do and she finds out later, will everyone hate me for not being honest? What do I do?
Next morning, no text. Nothing. I went to my counselor and told her what was going on. She thought it was unbelievable as well, suggesting I go and tell B what happened and leave it to her. So that's what I planned to do. I texted B, and waited to meet with her in the counselors office. Only to find out from the counselor that V was with B. I told her something came up through text and that I would have to find another time unless she wanted to come see me after school.
B was very confused as to why I suddenly backed out. Texting and asking me what was going on. I told her I just needed to tell her something that was bothering me. Apparently, this stressed out V and he eventually told her that day. When B comes up to me, the look in her eyes was dull. I asked if V has already told her. She confirmed it, fidgeting and clearly upset. "I'm sorry you had to hear this." "It's fine" was all she said.
Clearly it wasn't. Weekend goes by and Monday rolls in. I avoid the table to go take some time to think and work on an essay. Met up with the counselor again and told her what happened. She told me to drop it from here on out. So I did.
The next day, everyone's acting strange when I sit down. As if uncomfortable. We talked about how the school gave us too many pages for signatures. "I'd have one for each friend. T, T's boyfriend, H, and B gets two pages because she's so special." V said.
An uncomfortable silence filled the table. Ah. Apparently he's trying to make up for it. I wasn't surprised with him not considering me a friend. It didn't really hurt. But his behavior was childish and made me roll my eyes. This continued. Either comments or him getting up and just leaving. Unless B was around he was pampering her. If it was just him, he'd leave the second I came near. I never complained to the girls, T and H about much except asked them if they saw me a particular way with how they were acting. They said no but their facial expressions said otherwise.
I ended up going to H about how I wanted to ask B if me and her were okay, and possibly talk with V but without excusing his actions. Later that day H told V about my comment on him being a man child.
While on the phone with my boyfriend, I hear a voice. "Hey you! I need to speak with you! " I turn to see V. He was running towards me. I got hopeful. Was this it? The chance for us to talk and clear the air?
Suddenly he's screaming and cussing at me. "F-you! F-you you stupid Btch! You like talking sht about me?"
Meanwhile H stands a yard away from him, watching this all go down. My boyfriend is on the line, shocked. "V I'm on the phone with my boyfriend can you not...do that." I was shaking. He continued to scream at me until I began to break down in front of a bunch of people. I asked him to please leave me alone, fear had taken over my body and I was ready to run. Girls behind me were cackling. I was humiliated.
I made one comment. Apparently once H told him, he told T and H the comments I made when I was upset with them about something a month and a half ago. What I said was in a rage, I don't even remember what it was I said until it got repeated back to me by them word for word. V had memorised everything I said. I told them the truth. That yes, that is what I had said. It wasn't okay and I was incredibly sorry.
However. It was made known to me that he told them because they had ASKED. Why, I had no idea. But they made this worse than what it should have been. Me and H talked in private. Our conversation was confidential. The fact she told him and T had asked "well what have you and ___ said about us just so you two aren't using it as ammo to get us to choose sides."
Excuse me? None of that would have ever happened. Ever. Because it has nothing to do with T and H. The fact that they felt like that was important, sucked. I already lectured T and M about it and how that was an extremely low blow.
I'm supposed to get into a limo with these guys and go to prom. Other than my three girls, I have no one. I have tried talking to V this morning, he is not receptive. Once again dropping an F bomb and walking off. I feel like if I hadn't said anything, this wouldn't be Happening. Prom is in two days and nothing is going right. B isn't upset with me other than that I went into detail about how I felt about the situation and why I think V is in the wrong to H. However I feel like the biggest asshole for even saying something because of how I've been treated. So... AITA?
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2023.06.09 01:01 youngb0ystr8 20 [M4M] first read the whole post. University Dom looking for sub online (DM OPEN)

Hi guys, Im a str8 university student Dom, Im BRA and Im 20 years old. I m currently single, I recently broke up with my girlfriend because several things happened. One of them was that I was betrayed and so I decided to break up and with that made me want more and more to enter the world of domination, I love when they obey me and do everything to make me happy even if he is not. I'm trying with guys s some time but haven't found any for long term or TPE, most that just sessions and honestly I don't really like sessions.
So I'm looking for guys who were born to be sub, their only intent is to please someone, looking for an obedient and loyal guy who will do whatever I say and wherever I want. I'm looking for str8 guys, military, married, fiancé, boyfriend, newbies or guys addicted to stroke/cum who need control.
As for body type I want lean, muscular, fit guys, I don't really like chubby but if you think you might be a good sub, send a body pic you might be accepted.
My kinks are chastity, humiliation, orgasm and bladder control, cbt, swearing, denial, edging, cumplay, assplay, toys, TPE, among others.
I like to command everything about you and be obeyed, many times I can be rough and rude, but if I deserve it I know how to be affectionate and give compliments I want to maybe talk about everything.
No, Im not here to exchange nudes with you, being used for my pleasure is reward enough. So as I said in the beginning Im not looking for sessions, so if you want that don't message me. Don't waste your time or mine. One more thing I'm not one to chase after anyone so if you just view my message or wait for me to send you something, you can forget about me because I found someone else. So be willing. If you think you fit the profile, send me a DM with an introduction about yourself, your kinks, limits, asl, pictures of yourself and tell me more about it. I hope to hear from you my (maybe) future little boy.
I will reply as soon as possible
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2023.06.09 01:00 AutoModerator [mod] Self-post weekend is active - Introduce yourself and make friends!

Welcome to teenagers's self-post weekend. Self-post weekend is when we, the moderating team, disable link posts for the period of the weekend to encourage more discussion and less memes during our higher traffic period of the week.

In this thread we also encourage you, the community, to introduce yourselves. Post a parent comment reply, and let us know who you are, what your hobbies are like or maybe a weird quirky fact that could work as an icebreaker. In addition, we'd like to remind users not to include any personally identifying information.

Get to know one another more and Remember the Human behind that username! We encourage all users to comment and reply to each other's parent comment replies to meet the interesting members that comprises this community.

Looking for even more specific places to meet new friends and a sense of community? Visit our Discord server, where you can talk to each other in real time with a variety of topics that occur! Our Discord server is one of the top active servers you can join to participate, so never feel as if it's empty to join and discuss!


- teenagers moderating teams
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2023.06.09 01:00 Dazx00 Why not align the sight with the random shots?

Why not align the sight with the random shots?
I'm not talking about removing the bullet spread or bloom, but that the scope aligns with the direction in which the shots come out. To be more specific, when you use a red dot sight you can see tracer bullets that don't go where the red dot was, why not line up the red dot in the direction of those random shots? I think the gunplay would feel more "heavy", it would force the players even more to do small bursts.
Ironically, those who prefer the bloom mechanic use the RM68 24/7 because it is the weapon with the lowest spread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2023.06.09 01:00 Alert-Pen5722 I think my daughter might be gay

I am just unsure how to deal with this whole situation and was wondering if anybody could help with any advice as I am certainly in uncharted territories also throwaway since my daughter follows my main So basically the last week I came home one after work and I just go into the kitchen as I normally do and start cooking presuming my daughter (16F) (named Alice for the purposes of this) was just upstairs studying/ playing video games in her room as this is normally the case whenever I get home. I finish cooking and head up to her room to let her know that dinner was ready for her and when I open the door (yes my bad for not knocking) I saw her and her best friend both on her bed doing what seemed to be making out with added spice and of course in bras. I was nonetheless quite shocked but I tried to remain the cool sex positive mom and just apologized and left the room for a couple minutes for them both to get dressed before coming back in and telling Alice dinner was ready and offering for her friend Lily (Fake name) to be able to stay for dinner if she wanted, maybe that was silly of me I was just tryna be cool. Lily refused and just quickly left the house which to be frank I can understand. if my mom walked in on me getting up to stuff with a boy I'd be the same. However it's the reaction of my daughter that's the most concerning I tried be nice and cheery and not really mention the incident. However I'm a little concerned that she hasn't mentioned it since or even talked about the fact she seems to be into girls. We are a very supportive household and would totally be in support or any conversation she wanted to have. While I am surprised about it she definitely didn't "seem gay" to me or anything but that doesn't matter I'm still perfectly happy with her whomever she likes but I just wish she'd speak to me about it. I don't want to initiate the conversation since I feel like that may just be too embarrassing for her and I don't want to push her away more. Just wondering if I am doing the right thing here? and if not what is the correct way to handle this kind of thing? She's sixteen she's independant and I know that her sexuality and who she is attracted to is quite frankly none of my business however I still wished she felt comfortable to talk to me
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2023.06.09 01:00 AutoModerator Questions Thread - June 08, 2023

Questions Thread
This is a general question thread on. You can find the previous question threads here.
Remember to check the community wiki first.
You can also ask questions in any of the questions channels under the "help" category in our official Discord.
For other discussions, please find the Megathread Directory at this link.
The idea is for anyone to be able to ask anything related to PoE:
No question is too big or too small!
We encourage experienced players to sort this thread by new.
We'd like to thank those who answered questions in the last thread! You guys are the best.
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2023.06.09 01:00 ItaloSvevo111 The connection between German Romanticism's engagement with German Idealism and the poetry/fiction they wrote.

Hoping you guys can help me. The scholarly consensus on the great German writers/poets of the romantic era (Novalis, Hölderlin, Tieck, Friedrich and August Schlegel, etc.) is that there was a philosophical underpinning their work, namely a contentious engagement with the work of Fichte and Reinhold, specifically their attempts to ground Kant's Critical philosophy in a first principle. Anyway, I want to know how this philosophical work might have informed the actually poetry and criticism these romantics wrote, as I'm having difficulty seeing it on the page. To me their stuff doesn't seem all that different from French and English writers of the same period who hadn't the vaguest notion of Fichte. I was wondering if anyone on this subreddit with a dual love of german philosophy and poetry might be able to connect the dots for me on this. It's kind of an important question for my course of studies because these Romantics more or less set the tone for German literature.
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2023.06.09 01:00 SinisterJo Who you gonna call? - PS3

Anyone else need "Who you gonna call?" on the PS3? It is the last achievement I need for the PS3 version of the game. I read that it can be done with 2 people if each has an extra controller because the PS3 version is limited to 2 player splitscreen.
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2023.06.09 00:59 kingchoco7 [Tenant NY] Bad risk management to be the sole tenant on lease with girlfriend?

My girlfriend of 5+ years is planning on moving into my apartment later this summer. We're both in our mid 20s, and chose to take our time before proceeding with a move to ensure we're both aligned and ready for what we view to be a significant decision. We get along well and have no significant relationship issues.
It's a 2 bed apartment that currently rents for $4k a month. I currently live with a roommate and pay $2k a month. My TC is ~$145k, I save the majority of my after tax income, have no debt, and live relatively frugally. I am working towards FIRE. My girlfriend's TC is ~$40k, but she receives financial support from her parents who fully fund her cost of living. Upon her moving in, we would split rent evenly and both pay $2k/month.
The main issue I'm facing is that building management refuses to approve her as an applicant due to her income. They also refuse to accept her father as a guarantor, despite meeting the guarantor income qualifications (yearly income greater than 80x rent), due to his retiree status (they won't budge on this, we've tried extensively - we'd have to find a new guarantor for her).
Management is willing to accept me as the sole tenant in the apartment as I meet their applicant criteria (income greater than 2x rent), and have my gf be an occupant in the apartment. However, I strongly dislike this option as it would leave me solely liable for the apartment should there be damages, our should our living arrangement not work out in future and we choose to part ways. My preference is to have both of us listed on this apartment lease so that we are both accountable in figuring out how best to proceed in the worst case scenario. As proper risk management, I do not want to be left stranded paying for a $4k apartment (beyond my means given FIRE ambitions) by myself should the worst happen, nor do I want to be solely responsible for finding a new roommate.
My girlfriend is understanding of my hesitation, but her father is pushing for me to be the sole tenant for convenience purposes so they don't have to involve other family members to be her guarantor. My gut feeling and intuition is telling me that should she move out in a breakup scenario, that her and her father would not continue to pay half of the rent in the apartment for the remainder of the lease - despite my girlfriend saying she would. I can understand this given it would not be exactly rational on their part to do so, especially if things go sour - as she wouldn't owe me any favors. I'd imagine they would anticipate that I should either find a new roommate, or pay for it in full myself given my TC would allow for it.
My rationale for expecting them to honor any rent payments in absence is because this is an apartment that I would only rent under the pretenses of my SO and I splitting the cost. Otherwise, I would never rent a $4k apartment by myself, and would instead reside in a 1bed or studio apartment in the ~$2k range.
We've floated ideas of her dad paying 6 months of her rent up front as reassurance of good faith, but I still don't think it's a wise decision to make as I would be putting all my faith in a handshake agreement. I also do not want to sign a contract with specific terms/contingencies with her and her dad, it feels slimy and I know that I wouldn't want to nor feel good about taking an ex to claims court. Would love input from others here to pressure test my thinking, and perhaps offer advice on what they would do in my situation. TIA.
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