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cursed screenshots of kids in roblox doing stupid stuff

2023.06.02 20:02 Eastern_Slide7507 My Nvidia GPU is refusing to output high framerates

And I'm not sure why. I'm on Manjaro (Linux 6.3.5-1) and was previously on Manjaro (Linux 6.1.31-1).
Until a bit over a week ago I had my Ryzen 5 3600 paired with an RX 5700. Not a super powerful card, but with low enough settings, this pairing was able to put out >100 FPS in Cyberpunk at 1080p and easier games like RoR2 ran at 144 FPS flat at 1440p.
I switched to an RTX 3080, assuming that there should be some performance benefit, yet my performance is significantly worse than it was before. And it's not just a lack of performance - even lowering settings drastically (and I mean Cyberpunk at 1024x768 on lowest settings with FSR or DLSS on Performance mode) I'm looking at sub 60 FPS. In RoR2 I'm at 100 now, frequently dropping below 60. It's the same in basically every game that I've tried
This makes zero sense to me.
I figured that it might be an issue with the installed driver, so I went ahead and got a fresh install and tried several Nvidia driver versions, namely video-nvidia and video-nvidia-470xx as suggested by mhwd, as well as version 525 from Nvidia's own website. Same results across the board.
My next step was to consult the wikis, namely Arch and Manjaro wiki. However, there wasn't much there. The Arch Wiki did have a section about performance issues but after verifying that direct rendering is enabled, that ended up a dead end, too.
Casting my net wider, I tried various different search terms. Stuff like "low fps rtx 3080 linux", you get the idea. There wasn't much of substance. The fact that a lot of Windows users seemed to have performance issues with their 3080s and took over my search results didn't help my case as all of that information obviously did not apply to me.
One last thing I tried was to try and figure out how my graphics card actually behaved. With my RX 5700 I had the issue that the fan speed would be locked in at about 1300-1400 RPM and wouldn't change no matter what, obviously leading to thermal throttling. I circumvented this by using fancontrol to set the fan behavior manually. Since the 3080 didn't show up for me using the same method, I never set the fan behavior manually.
So just to be sure, I observed the fan speed, temps and utilization with watch -n 1 nvidia-smi to see if I could find anything out of the ordinary. Nothing there, though, the fan speed increased with temperature and the throttling temperature of 95C/203F (according to Nvidia X Server Settings) was never reached.
The power draw was also consistently between 300W and the 320W limit, with utilization sitting at >90%.
This all seems normal, but the sub 60 framerates I'm getting do not.
So I'm at the end of my rope here. I've checked all the things that I know about and it all seems fine, except for the end result.
And lastly: to rule out that it was a hardware error - I bought the card used after all - I slotted in another SSD running Windows and booted from that. Downloaded some games and the performance there is what it should be. So that isn't it.
Does anyone else have any ideas? Let me know if I've left out any crucial details and I'll add them.
Full hardware specifications: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 GPU - RTX 3080 RAM - 16 GB 3200 MHz memory PSU - Gigabyte UD750GM (750W, 80 Plus Gold)
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2023.06.02 20:02 onigiri_dorkk Theorizing about Mikasa’s death via AOE doesn’t make you a bad person, and anti’s crying about Eren killing Mikasa and NOT about Mikasa killing Eren is contradictory.

Something interesting today is that I’ve seen EMs cry about how unfair AOE would be if Eren kills Mikasa—like there’s an outcry about it of “how could he do that? He made her feel loved, he wrapped the scarf around her, what kind of message would that send if he kills her for freedom?”
The weird part of this is that there was no same outcry from those fans when—wait for it—Mikasa kills Eren in canon.
Where were the “how could she?! She loved him, he saved her life… What kind of message does this send for her to kill him?!” complaints? It feels rather contradicting.
At the end of the day, I know these are users who haven’t actually read through the theories. Unfortunately this means they just see AOE believers (like me) as people who just want Mikasa to die for the hell of it? Because we would be happy at her death??
But what bothers me is that correlation. Just because people are theorizing and potentially foreseeing Isayama’s intended ending, it does NOT mean all of us necessarily want it or think that’d be a happy ending. I think it’ll be even more tragic. I think it’ll put Eren into more of a villain arc ending. But that’s just… it? It’s a fictional story and it can end however it wants.
The “how could they wish for her death?!” cry is just so bizarre to me. We don’t (all) wish for it for her death; it is only a byproduct of what would be a really fuckin cool original ending.
I have more thoughts but i’ll stop now lol. I have way too many EMs on my socials 🥲
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2023.06.02 20:01 Dry-Pen9429 AITA for cussing out my BIL??

A few months ago, my partner was in an incident that left them… changed. It’s not my place to comment on what happened since I wasn’t there, and I don’t know all the details, but what I do know is that my partner changed over-night from someone I loved immensely into someone who was upset to be in a room alone with someone, especially me (I was told it wasn’t personal, but it did hurt a lot at the time). We had a mutual friend stay with us whilst they needed it, and another to stay when my partner didn’t want me around, and things eventually settled down, but we remained careful.
I feel guilty saying this, but I think it got to a point where I felt like I only still loved them because of who they once were to me, because they’d changed into someone I hardly even knew. And that wasn’t fair on them, it wasn’t their fault what happened or what that resulted in for them. I couldn’t expect them to stay the same after that, or even remain the person I wanted them to be, even if the incident never happened. That said, we have bonded again over the past few months. They’re still not the same as they were and I doubt they will ever be, but I like this new version of them too. They’re a little jumpy and things can be rough at times, but they’re more eager to try some things together than they were before, even if it is at the expense of their desire to do things we used to enjoy. I’m falling inlove with them again, and it’s both the best and worst feeling in the world, but I can’t wait until I can love them again the way they deserve to be loved.
Other people still struggle with them, however. It’s not going to be easy to adjust to their personality taking a complete 180, but they’ve been very patient with all of our friends with the transition period, and things are getting better, even if some friends have distanced because of the personality change.
We went to dinner with their parents yesterday, like we used to every Thursday, and some business associates were there or whatever, but it was a sense of normality that I think we had both been lacking. However, despite my warnings and me telling the in-laws in advance to be careful with my partner doing certain things because of triggers and things that generally make them uncomfortable, their brother still rushed down half-way through the dinner, when I had gotten up to get drinks, and tried to get my partner in a chokehold as was their typical (albeit rather irritating) greeting pre-accident. I would usually pass this off as forgetfulness, but knowing my BIL it was probably just to get a rise out of my partner, as that is the kind of humour he has. My partner freaked out, as I had warned, and rushed out of the house for air and privacy.
Now, me and my brother in law don’t get along at all. He’s always been an ass and everything, and said some nasty things during the past few months about how I’m only staying with my partner for ‘brownie points for putting up with the emotionally damaged one’ and similarly awful things, so I already had a lot of pent up rage towards him.
I will admit I said some rather nasty things to say to my bil, and very loudly at that, before rushing outside to make sure my partner was okay, but I didn’t really regret any of it until the next day, when my partner came up to me with their phone, crying about something and trying to get me to talk instead. It was my MIL, who was raving on about how it was an inappropriate setting to have ‘such a row’, and how I had scared my BIL (which was bullshit) and ruined business of theirs over something as ‘small’ as it was. I don’t care about what they say and everything, but my partner has been insisting that I apologise because their brother didn’t mean any harm, and work was a boundary that was a little too far to cross. I agree with them of course but I also know how non-confrontational they are now, and even if they did think it was the right thing to do, they’d stick up for their family to avoid an argument. Their family can get a little mean occasionally over things because ‘image is everything’
I will apologise, of course, since that’s what my partner wants, but I want to know if I was in the wrong in the first place?? Like I get how yelling at someone isn’t great, but I had warned them all what would happen if they did things like that. (This isn’t to be all ‘I told you so’ to my partner, I just genuinely want to know, because I kind of feel guilty for thinking I was justified when no one else seems to agree)
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2023.06.02 20:01 Comfortable-Towel438 Anyone else sad about the changes in society in terms of the shifting of acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community??

I have been thinking a lot about this past few days and I’m just so scared and sad. Seen at Target got so many threats against their employees. They had to take out most of their pride really really saddens me. I understand the decision because their employees were definitely in danger. But the whole thing it’s nauseates me.. 😞😞😞😞😞
I live in southern California and a city that is pretty open and excepting. My ex girlfriend that I just broke up with after dating a year and a half lives in Houston Texas. I went to visit her and she shared with me that it’s not safe to hold hands or kiss in public at zoos aquariums the places we went. They shocked me. You definitely will get random comments for showing public affection, such as holding hands here. But all in all the gay community is widely excepted.
In the name of trying to keep this post short, I won’t let the other things that I’ve seen the society that are shifting (states banning drag queens dressing in “female attire (which sickens me because l believe clothing it’s just a way of expressing yourself, and has no gender)
I’m scared… I’m scared of what’s next. Will gay marriage be banned again? lm completely distraught.
Thoughts? Feelings?
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2023.06.02 20:01 MidtownMomster Agents Misrepresented Square Footage

Our child is buying a small duplex condo for the first time in a very high cost of living area where buying real estate is still competitive due to the shortage. Young adult, thus wanted to handle most of the search and contract themself without parental micromanaging/oversight. We trust them given their usual good judgement. Both agents (their buyer's agent and the seller's agent) said the unfinished basement was not included in the square footage verbally. In a competitive housing market, our young adult overbid on the amount due to time crunch in getting out of rental lease, weary from the search, and thus they overbid and overpaid a huge 15% earnest money deposit which was all of their cash savings, and in their signed purchase agreement contract waived all their contingencies (inspection, appraisal) etc. We, the parents, were going to make a family loan to help them buy this place, so we are the mortgage lendebank essentially. Drum roll please: Found out by happenstance when I forwarded the listing to family, that the MLS says the unfinished basement makes up almost a quarter of the listed square footage in glossy brochure. The MLS has the livable space divided up more accurately between the upstairs and the unfinished basement, but child never saw the full MLS and trusted the two agents to represent the square footage. We thought that over time, they could spend some money to dry wall the basement and make it "livable" but there are no windows, the ceilings are 7' tall, and basically could never be really converted to livable space. We believe the current seller was confused when they bought this place 6 months ago, overpaid in their transaction back then, and that is why is selling this unit less than a year later. Note: In this part of the country, apparently unfinished basements count as square footage if it has climate control. I believe they knew about this confusion and were trying to pass on this to a naive buyer. What recourse do we have at this point?
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2023.06.02 20:01 Small-Respect-7492 Redrew Apandah’s T-Shirt Competition Art

Redrew Apandah’s T-Shirt Competition Art
I really liked the design and wanted to have it in higher quality. Here it is for anyone else who liked it (The original still looks better though lol)
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2023.06.02 20:01 madmagic008 My 24V DC power adapter gives almost 30V without a load, would this be bad for a Sonoff SV?

i want to use the SV to switch some 24V led light strips, but without the leds, the adapter gives just under 30V, the SV is only rated upto 24V and was wondering if this could be a problem. when the leds are connected, its very nicely 24V load.
i dont know how much the SV draws itself, so if it would be in the "off" state and the leds are not connected, i worry the higher output voltage from the adapter might be bad for the SV. Maybe its designed with this in mind, but i really dont want to risk it.
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2023.06.02 20:01 clareparkesportraits Feel really sad

That’s it really. I just feel so sad this evening ☹️ scared of the unknown, fearful of the gene testing, missing how I felt before all this. My friend died a couple of weeks ago from cancer she had no idea she even had, and it’s just so scary and horrible having this growing in me. My little boy is being so wonderful today, and I’m doing my best to hide how anxious I feel. Sorry, just had to type this out to people who get it.
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2023.06.02 20:01 FriedFreya Tokyo Ghoul or other listed fandoms roleplay (M4M)

Hello, I am Kayden / Adrian. I am 22 years of age, and I would like to request a roleplay partner. My pronouns are neutral, my gender is irrelevant. I have 8 years of experience in roleplay, but I am quite rusty as I have taken a long hiatus. I’m looking for a compatible partner to join me in some romance or angst together. I have a couple original characters and am beyond willing to play most any canon male from the series I’ve mentioned below.
Requirements: ⠀» MUST be 18+ years of age! NO exceptions. ⠀» Descriptive: 700~100 words minimum ⠀» 3rd person POV only, no exceptions. ⠀» Have a good time! :)
Fandoms: ⠀» Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel ⠀» Tokyo Ghoul (Desired) ⠀» Black Butler ⠀» Steven Universe ⠀» Gravity Falls ⠀» Sonic the Hedgehog ⠀» Yu-Gi-Oh! (1st series) ⠀» Boku no Hero Academia ⠀» OCs and original stories
I’ve listed fandoms in no particular order or preference, but I will mention I am very comfortable playing Tsukiyama Shuu and Sebastian Michaelis, my two most commonly requested. There’s other media I am familiar with that I may have failed to mention, so feel free to come at me with other suggestions.
Feel free to DM me or respond to this post if possible, I’d love to plot with you sometime. I personally prefer to leave plots up in the air, as it’s generally a lot more fun to discuss these things in person. Have a great day!
(I hope this formatting is okay, and I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my post!)
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2023.06.02 20:01 pineapplemagick stuck in the game

hi, im gonna feel really stupid but still need to ask cause i can't find anything online. where is the mmemorial? it's mentioned in every walkthrough but i honest to god can't find it, i've looked everywhere in the garden and the cave and i still have no clue what it's referring to. help, please?
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2023.06.02 20:00 AleMi1304 Recommendation Muay Thai Gyms during study abroad stay

Recommendation Muay Thai Gyms during stay in Bangkok
Hi Guys!
Im a avid Muay Thai practionier and I want to elevate my skills to the next level during my time in Thailand (approx. 6 Months). This is also my first time in Thailand in general. I will study at KMITL (King Mongkuts institute of Technology Latkrabang) and take my courses on max. 2-3 consecutive days and i’m not so sure right know about my accommodation (maybe in a dorm on campus or really just in Bangkok e.g. Sathon, Bang Rak, I’m open for other recommendation).
In any case, can you give me a some recommendation for Muay Thai gyms? If I left some relevant information out just ask me.
Thanks in advance!
Excuse my English lol
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2023.06.02 20:00 Sneaky_Peaks I Tested Forced Update Claims

Okay, so last night I decided to test out some claims of game updates occurring despite having the setting turned off. I have had auto-updates turned off for a while now, and I'm still on 1.1.1, and so I am taking a bit of a risk. Here are my findings thus far. Please keep in mind, I can't test every claim. Oh, and, I have the physical copy, in case that matters.
  1. Some have claimed on YouTube comments, other reddit threads, etc, that playing a different game, and then going back to TotK, forced an update on the game despite having auto-update turned off. This is false. I took the risk, and played another game for a few minutes. Went back to TotK, and as usual, I was able to select "Start Software," thus remaining on v1.1.1! I'm guessing those individuals unfortunately selected "Download" by mistake, or simply didn't notice "Start Software." It is in an odd location compared to the "Download" and "Cancel" options, so I can't entirely blame them if they missed it. I DID switch over to a digital game, so I decided to try playing a different physical game as well. Same result. Playing a different game DOES NOT FORCE UPDATES.
  2. I thought that maybe the issue involved updating a different game. Like, if updating one game will force updates on others. I haven't touched Pokemon Violet in a while, and an update was available, so I downloaded it. I can still select "Start Software" when I boot up TotK. Updating a different game also DOES NOT FORCE UPDATES.
  3. Usually, my Switch stays in sleep mode, so I shut off my Switch entirely, to see if booting it back up would force a game update. Nope. Turning off your Switch and then turning it back on DOES NOT FORCE UPDATES.
  4. Someone on another thread claimed that their game crashed, and then an update was forced upon them. I can't easily test this, though I doubt it's true, unless Nintendo has some sort of fail-safe in place, in which a crashed game will auto-update if one is available, in case said update prevents crashing in the future. This seems unlikely. I never experienced a crash, and played over 140 hours(though this is a biiiiit inflated due to leaving the game running while I went and did other things-- unintentionally) so I don't see a game crash happening anytime soon.
  5. I recall someone in another thread claiming that updating their Switch forced the update. My Switch is on the latest firmware version so I can't test this, at least, not yet. Though I also doubt this claim. While it is POSSIBLE, it would be an EXTREMELY scummy move by Nintendo, and they would only bother to do so if they had a REALLY good reason to force game updates with a new Switch firmware version. The individual also claimed that they can no longer turn off auto-updates at all, saying that the setting is gone. Either they don't know where the setting is and couldn't find it, or they're just lying.
In summation, everything I tested had the same result. As long as you have auto-updates turned off, you can select "Start Software" to avoid updating the game. Playing a different game, updating a different game, or turning off your Switch will NOT FORCE UPDATES. Do take care to not double press A when selecting the game as you would end up selecting "Download." Just be careful and aware of what you are doing, and you'll have nothing to worry about. Happy duping/Fake Master Sword-ing!
If you have any other ideas as to what I should test out, please let me know! I want to get to the bottom of this so the TotK glitch fans/speedrunners will be able to play on earlier versions without any concern! Because that's what the claims have done. Cause concern. I want to fix that.
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2023.06.02 20:00 GhostWatcher0889 Dinobot is such a great character

I am rewatching the whole show again and it's really wonderful how they chose to protray dinobot. There's a real uncertainty in the entire first season about him. The maximals, especially rattrap, were not sure about his intentions. The episode victory really hits home when rattrap says: "he is only with us because he knew we would win, not because he believed in what we stood for." It's such a strong statement about dinobot like halfway into the first season. Rattrap still doesn't trust him.
There's so much uncertainty in dinobots motives. As early as episode 4 he's also lying to Optimus about cheetor being destroyed so that they can destroy the predacon base.
The culmination of the maximals finally trusting him then dinobot having to redeem himself after he hands over the golden disk.
Rhinox, rattrap and cheetor all rightfully so give dinobot crap after he briefly rejoined the predacons in season 2. It's such great writing that they no longer trusted him and how it too so long in season 1 for them to do so. It's also much more realistic since yeah they would have serious trust issues if he betrayed them.
It's light years ahead of anything other kids shows were doing and of course the original transformers, where once a character joins the good guys they are just considered good and no one questions them.
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2023.06.02 20:00 ryanthellama NPD: Boss TW-1 / State of the Board

NPD: Boss TW-1 / State of the Board
It’s probably pretty apparent but I am a big Boss gal. I just got this TW-1 to replace a Maxon AF-9 I had on the board for a little while. The AF-9 was nice but it was difficult to get the filter to open without playing pretty hard and I wanted to be more dynamic. I’m loving the TW-1 so far—the filter is great and it has a nice wet, drippy sound. The sweep of the filter isn’t quite as wide but I think it’ll be more usable for me than the AF-9 was. The only Boss envelope filter I haven’t tried by now is the AW-2, but of the TW-1, FT-2, and AW-3, the TW-1 is definitely my favorite.
The FZ-2 is pretty new to the board too and it’s been a lot of fun getting that to sound really nasty. I’ve really been enjoying the Fuzz I setting on there for just absolutely massive fuzz sounds.
I use this board in several bands so I need a wide variety of sounds, but I’m generally playing alternative/pop/rock.
Signal chain is a bit convoluted so: Cry Baby > NS-2* > LM-2 > FB-2 > Polytune
*In the loop of the NS-2: JHS Clover > CS-2 > TW-1 > Digitech Harmony Man^
In the loop of the Harmony Man: FZ-2 > OC-5 > JB-2 (with JHS Red Remote) > OD-3
In amp effects loop: PH-1R > HF-2 > VB-2W > SL-2 > Vox Time Machine > CH-1
CE-2 is non-functional and has been repurposed to serve as an on/off switch for the chorus channel of my Roland JC-40
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2023.06.02 20:00 shiftless_wonder News: a woman accused of luring her estranged husband to a deadly ambush in a central Edmonton apartment has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Really grim story.

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2023.06.02 20:00 elgreco927 First timer here, would appreciate some help!

I recently got some houseplants, and I've never had to take care of plants before. First, I'd love to confirm the types of plants I have. I think one is a Peace Lily and one is a Spider Plant (or Snake Plant? Not sure!)
Also, if you see in the 2nd picture in the album, there's the brown leaf that definitely was not there when i bought it a couple weeks ago. Am I already killing it? I did a little reading, and set up a "cachepot" setup, where I set the original pots into decorative pots (and put something in the bottom to boost it off the bottom by an inch or so, and allow extra water to drain).
These are all getting indirect sunlight, I hope that is OK. I'm not really sure how often to water them. This newbie would sure appreciate any advice or tips, thanks!
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2023.06.02 20:00 TheBaney Greg Serrano plsssss

Starting a rewatch of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and I just need more Greg Serrano vibes in my life. Not really sure what it says about me that my dream guy is that guy but yeah gimme all the funny, smart, sarcastic, self deprecating, "realizes he's a second choice and willing to wait you out", "adjusted to his maladjustment" MMC's you've got.
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2023.06.02 20:00 Much-Rich-8671 Gary fisher trek marlin xbiking

Gary fisher trek marlin xbiking
This is my build to pay homage to 90s mtbs I love but in a 29er. Picked up this Gary fisher trek marlin for $200 and I have a back stock of a few fox 32’s so I threw on a QR fork. Honda CRF250 bars stripped down. State bikes Grateful Dead seat. Currently building out a 10 speed rear wheel with a thumb shifter. Not the lightest bike anymore but it absolutely rips.
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2023.06.02 20:00 I-Passed6789 Thanks for mansplaining me body weight daddy

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2023.06.02 20:00 -ACM- 30 [M4F] Germany/Online -Would like to get to know new people

Hey there :)
I would love to meet some new people and see how it goes so I felt like it’s a good idea to post here.
A bit about me: my name is Pascal, I’m 30 years old and from Germany. I work as a software engineer and in my spare time I like reading, going for walks, cycling, yoga and recently started meditation too.
I hope I can find someone to chat with on a regular basis and maybe even get into a LDR if we get along well. I don’t really mind about the distance or anything ☺️
If you’re curious what I look like, that’s me:
So, if you’re interested in getting to know each other please send me a message, preferably also with a picture included 🤗
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2023.06.02 20:00 MrFlaptastic ONESHOTS - Aubrey

Hey fellow Hotline Miami enjoyers, I've come to you with Aubrey lore.
I've created a new level in the ONESHOTS series starring the third most well-known pig mask-wearer (behind Jacket & Martin of course), Aubrey! With it, I've also made a music track which you can download and install if you please.
The level itself can be found here: Link The custom music mod (Heracles) can be downloaded here: Link
Level cover:
Bonus! Level cover progress:
Campaign cover (filled with bullet holes, thanks to Aubrey's relation to guns):
AUBREY: Coming back from a relatively ordinary campaign serving his country, Aubrey sought a peaceful life where he could live comfortably and have a family. That ideal is exactly what he found, all thanks to a wonderful wife who gifted him with two children. He even opened up a bar, and despite it's occasional violent issues that he had to deal with, it was a way to support the ones he held close to his heart. Aubrey's peaceful life was eventually interrupted when he began receiving messages on his phone instructing him to put his combat skills to use once again. With the threat of his family's safety being put at risk, he shoots his way through opponents with deadly efficiency. Though he's a hardened veteran, some would say that life outside of a war has left him feeling soft.
WHITE LINE (April 12th, 1989): Aubrey is sent to deal with a major drug operation conducted by the Russian Mafia in the best way he knows how: with lots and lots of bullets.
CANON CONSIDERATIONS: We get to see Aubrey in the original Hotline Miami, and he's given a minor role. We can see that he has at least a little self-preservation and isn't particularly loyal to 50 Blessings. He's most likely being manipulated into doing their dirty work, so I decided to give him a family for his motivation.
I never noticed this before, but his bar has a 50 Blessings logo and a phone booth. It seems like this could be a meetup spot for other operatives.
Aubrey appears to be wearing a green military shirt, making a military background likely.
Though there's a back door in Aubrey's bar in the first game, it is locked and we never get to see what's behind it. I've decided to add a little back room in.
Aubrey's ability makes guns more common in the first game, and gives him a shotgun in the second. He's obviously a fan of guns, possibly from a mix of his military background and desire to protect his family. He's got a gun table and a mounted gun in the back room to reflect this.
You might notice that he doesn't have a scar (yet...)
I've paid special mind to not include what I believe to be his nametag on his sprites. I don't think it's a good idea to advertise your name when you're going on killing sprees 😳
Aubrey's mask can be obtained on Overdose in the first game, so I've incorporated that level in his story.
NOTES: Like before, the spritework is simple. If you wish to see Aubrey's full outfit, death sprites are your go-to. Aubrey wears a green military shirt, black work pants with a towel tucked in, and brown boots.
Minor spoiler for the level, but I've color-coded the floors, with a carpet on each one being the next floor's color (or first floor's color on the third floor).
FINAL THOUGHTS: Thanks for checking out this level! I enjoyed making this one. It was fun to make each floor's layout unique within the confines of the building. I also think I've done a good job with the music this time. Feel free to voice any comments, complaints, or suggestions!
Next up in this series will be Earl! 🦦 (yes i know that's an otter emoji but a walrus emoji doesnt exist yet and the seal emoji is blank for my OS, please have mercy on me)
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2023.06.02 20:00 JustinGitelmanMusic [Monthly Thread] New Beer Releases!

This is a monthly release thread for all the latest beer releases in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. Have insight in to a local release coming out? Tried a recent release and want to throw down your opinion on it? This is the thread for that!
Couple quick rules:
Please keep things civil and constructive!
MOD NOTE: This will be a monthly post on the 2nd of every month.
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