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[YAVP] 3 rune KoSu^Sif - Finally a Summoner win!! + Second win ever

2023.03.25 05:39 _m1ndl3ss [YAVP] 3 rune KoSu^Sif - Finally a Summoner win!! + Second win ever

Morgue: https://crawl.kelbi.org/crawl/morgue/UnderM1nd/morgue-UnderM1nd-20230325-040412.txt
Phew! God it took so many splats to do this - probably not as many as I had to take for my DrTm^Gozag win, but still a lot. Seriously, going from playing a big beefy tanky boi to a tiny lil dude that gets shredded in 0.2 second by half of the enemies in the game REALLY forced me to change up my tactics, lol.
The first, and perhaps hardest obstacle was getting used to how summon aggro works. It's... weird. There's specific positions you can move to relative to your summons in order to have the enemies ignore you and attack the summons instead, but a number of things can go wrong - very smart enemies might say "fuck that" and go for you anyway, ranged enemies might just shoot over your summons, you can still get tormented and bolted and smote, etc.
The second obstacle was learning what to do when dangerous enemies manage to get in melee. I started playing KoSu runs since before attacks of stupidity opportunity were added, so what I would usually do back then is just run and kite them back until I got a chance to summon. After AoOs became a thing I had to think of something else - if you get to that point you probably mispositioned in the first place (or maybe just got unlucky), but if you have a summon nearby you can try to weave around it so that it's between you and the enemy. If not you'll need to summon one first which gives them more time to hit you. Or, y'know, you can just Blink if you have that. I had Blink and PoG this game but I barely had to cast the former and the latter wasn't cast even once.
Clearing Shoals and Elf was an absolute power trip because I had Call up by then, yet I also had the two closest calls of the run on those two areas as well. In Shoals, I ended up getting netted in LoS of like 5-7 mermen who were all in spear range and stabbing me, plus a faun shooting at me. I had like 30 HP left, and couldn't use ?blinking obviously since netted. Thankfully, I had a !invisibility handy and noticed that none of these guys have SInv. I also had Call up, so seemed like my best bet to just pop invis, chug healing, and pray the dragons murder them all. That's exactly what happened. Then in elf I ran into Zenata in the HoB (don't ask me why I even opened the HoB, I... honestly don't know. I think it was lack of rHubris, lmao). I had to TP away from Zenata and her dancing weapons with low HP like, 3 times. But eventually she got killed by dragons before she could summon 10 million dancing weapons at me. !invis saved my lucky ass real hard against her too. Honestly, !invis was probably the most valuable consumable of this run aside from some timely ?blinking saves.
I've had many more close calls thoughout the run though none as scary as the above - I honestly feel like my DrTm-infested brain still had me making a dumb play or two now and again, lol. But all the amazing spells Sif dumped on me saved me real good. Speaking of Sif, I actually tried KoSu with several different gods. I actually started with Sif, then someone suggested me to try Kiku and learn some necro spells early on top of summoning ones, which I did try, and I also tried Yred later on. All of these gods felt like strong choices and I feel I could have gotten solid wins with any of them with enough persistence, but ultimately I went back to Sif because I just love how Sif showers me in MP and useful spells so I can get all the good summoning spells nearly guaranteed and then spam them with imputiny every fight if I need to.
Summon Hydra is amazingly good BTW. It carried me SUPER hard throughout Lair, late Dungeon, and Spider. As soon as I got that I knew I'd just have to stop training everything and laser focus summoning to get that castable ASAP. Defenses suffered a bit but it was very worth it. Later did the same with Call, again a risky move but again it paid of. Having a ring of wizardry to be able to spam Call earlier than usual was also a huge factor, by the time I went to Shoals it was already up so I just steamrolled through the place mostly.
As always, I was wracked by indecision as to what third rune I would go for. I felt I had solid chances with any of them - had plenty of regen for Abyss, had all the good consumables to deal with TRJ, and had more than enough firepower to try a stab at Vaults:5. Thankfully, the game made the decision for me by giving me a trove asking for the slimy rune. So I just waddled over to slime pits, managed to get down to slime:5 astonishingly fast (every single up stairs was in sight of a down stairs lol). Popped Call, made a bunch of noise, TRJ came to see what's up. Popped !Lig and read like, three ?Torment. Then I just read ?Immolation while having a ring that gave me rF+++. TRJ blew up in hilarious fashion, much unlike my last attempt (see my latest post in this sub). It DOES work... if you torment it first that is!
I honestly felt so strong I felt I could even go for a 5 rune for the style points. But I didn't let my lack of rHubris get to me, and went straight to Zot after getting the slimy rune (and looting the trove that asked for it - it had like, nothing useful to me other than an acquirement that wasn't even that good, LMAO).
I also feel like crazy amount of good equipment I got this game was also a big factor. I had so many good rings, helms and boots lying around I was constantly indecisive as to what to wear. Seriously, check out the resists on my gear, that stuff's NUTTY. Had both Regen and MPRegen from very early in the game (I love that buckler ngl), and the only resist I felt I was missing at some point was rPois for Spider - but I had a ring of rPois in an orc shop, just went farm Shoals 1 for the gold, got the ring and went to Spider, no problem. Rare are the games where I don't struggle with some resist or another, so feelsgoodman.
Now I feel like trying a Gnoll of some kind, they seem to have a very fun and unique playstyle. GnWr? GnFi? I also want to try and see if I can get it to worship Lugonu - idk, GnFi^Lugonu or something similar sounds like a blast to me. If only Abyss Knight was still a thing...
DrTm and KoSu were the ones I wanted the wins on the most though, so I'm very happy I managed to get it, though much like my DrTm win I feel like it was sloppy and I could have played it much better. Cheers!
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2023.03.25 05:24 LifeguardNo309 Looking for an R&B/Rap Song

My boyfriend and I heard someone BLASTING this song at a gas station within the last year or so, and it's become an inside joke for us. We're dying to figure out what it is.
The vibes were a low-key rap or possibly R&B with a heavier beat. We thought it may be Juice Wrld, something along that style. I remember the lyrics repeatedly saying "got me feeling like ooh, ooh, ooh" or "got me feeling like you do, you do", something along those lines. I'd bet it was a more recent song just based on style, it was slower, but really heavy bass, auto tuned vocals probably.
I know this isn't a lot to go off of, but hoping it may ring a bell to someone!
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2023.03.25 05:07 Deranged911 Alone on a Dark Road: The Terrifying Night I Was Followed by a Phantom Car

I was driving alone on a remote, winding road late at night. I had driven this route many times before, but this time felt different. As I drove deeper into the woods, I started to feel like I was being followed.
At first, it was just a feeling of unease, but then I saw a car in my rearview mirror. The car was a few hundred feet behind me, but it was following my every turn and maneuver. I couldn't make out the driver or the license plate, and the car was driving with its headlights off.
I started to panic and tried to shake off the car by driving faster and taking turns more sharply. But no matter what I did, the car stayed right behind me, getting closer and closer.
Finally, I saw a gas station up ahead and decided to make a run for it. I pulled into the station, jumped out of my car, and ran inside. I told the attendant what had happened, and he called the police.
When the police arrived, they found the car that had been following me parked nearby. The driver was nowhere to be found, and the car was completely empty. It was as if the driver had vanished into thin air.
To this day, I still don't know who was following me that night or what their intentions were. But it's a scary reminder of how vulnerable we can be when we're alone in remote areas
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2023.03.25 05:02 Background_Log_2365 The Daily Check-In for Saturday, March 25th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

*We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!*

**Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!**

I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.

Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.

It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!


**This pledge is a statement of intent.** Today we don't set out *trying* not to drink, we make a conscious decision *not to drink*. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!

What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.

**What this is:** A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.

**What this isn't:** A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.


This post goes up at:

- US - Night/Early Morning
- Europe - Morning
- Asia and Australia - Evening/Night

A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.

Greetings Sobernauts! We made it through this week and now we are off to the weekend. I want to thank all of you for being so awesome and considerate this week. It has been a great experience hosting the DCI. A major thank you to u/sainthomer for guiding me this week. If you are thinking of hosting and have 30 days or more of sobriety, reach on out to u/sainthomer. You are all so inspiring to me. I am grateful to this group for providing me a place to 'show up' and not feel so alone on this journey, the sober path.
I am a little out of gas from a long work week and I am so excited to go to sleep! For those of you just waking to the sunrise, I hope this day brings you peace and calm. IWNDWYT!!
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2023.03.25 04:54 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Contractors 14.13 - Pour one out for the fallen

First, Previous


Jethriss giggled and tried to line the pitcher up with her mug up for a refill, but was having a hard time. She'd put down more than her fair share of the local ale, which Meatball had dubbed "Good" for some reason, even though it was only "okay", and she was struggling a little bit. Actually, she was drunk off her ass. "The boys", as she thought of them, had spent days hiding in the woods, then spent all of yesterday assaulting and then securing and scouring the last stronghold of the Grekthitch Cartel. Then they spent most of today asleep, and now they were all at the bar partying as hard as they possibly could to blow off the steam. Rosco, sitting to her right in the booth against the back wall, noticed her struggle and took the pitcher away and filled her mug all the way up to the top.
"You ass!" she giggled.
He grinned "I expect you to work too!"
"Every time that ship flies in atmosphere I end up with work! It's a spaceship, not an aircraft."
"Oh, boo hoo!"
Jethriss worked her beak into the mug and slurped and spilled enough beer out to safely pick it up, and listened to Meatball loudly telling about the time they'd raided some cartel growing operation and how Wiggles had ended up literally biting a skink's head off because he couldn't reload fast enough, and not realizing he'd done it unti the head fell out of his mouth and landed on his feet. When the laughter subsided Wiggles added that he'd had to ride back to their compound in the cargo bed of a truck, in the rain, because he'd ended up so dirty, then recounted a fight in this very bar where Meatball had gently slapped an awrok unconscious, and then made up a hilarious and ludicrous story about how afterward Meatball had received vigorous sexual gratification from the same awrok. Meatball had just grinned and explained that he'd only done so out of desperation, since Wiggles had never been a satisfying lover in the first place. There were more drunken guffaws, then Gratorf and Attrull recounted the time they'd had to track down and apprehend a peasant admirer who had managed to infiltrate the harem of their previous employer, the Lady Elissa of House Ganthul. The mention of her name caused much jeering, the bitch had nearly gotten the boys killed, but the story was hilarious. Attrull had to go undercover as a new concubine to find the guy, and had nearly been roped into fucking his boss (who of course, was too self-centered to recognize a member of her own security detail), and had ended up causing a near stamped right in her pleasure chamber when he tased the imposter before he could violate the Lady.
They drank and smoked, told stories and laughed. Skeethrow told about how he'd joined Rosco's group. Years ago, not long after Jethriss had joined Rosco, he'd been in a pirate crew and they'd booked passage on a bulk freighter, intending to hijack it. Well, things kicked off and they were making a move to secure engineering, and they got into a firefight with what they thought was security. Turns out, it was another group of pirates that Rosco had fallen in with who were also planning to hijack the ship! By the time both sides realized what was going on, it was just Skeethrow and two other members of his team left, and while everyone was reloading he heard this human yell out "Hey! You fellas want a job? We just had a few positions open up!"
This was followed by cheers and a toast to Rosco, who laughed, then Rex told a story about the time they'd been janissaries for the Gunchow Combine, and one of the nobles who had singled their regiment out for a suicide mission had mysteriously found himself hospitalized with severe food poising and missed a key planning meeting because someone (he said, pointing his mug at Rosco) had managed to somehow contaminate his food with fecal matter.
The table roared with laughter. Normally when the Gallowglasses got this rambunctious the bar tended to empty out a little, not that the owner minded given that they drank more than enough to compensate, but it stayed busy tonight. Jethriss didn't really pay much heed to the group of skinks that had walked in and stayed by the bar up front, other than the fact that Rosco seemed to be paying more than passing attention to them.
She opened her beak to tell the story about the time Rex had to up act like a Orrick chieftan's pet in order to steal his treasure horde, but it turned into a surprised squawk when Rosco put his hand on top of her head and harshly jammed her under the table.
The sound of gunfire and bullet impacts filled the air. Some of the impacts sounded... wet.
The table flipped as the Gallowglasses jumped up and... she didn't know what they were doing. She wasn't much use in interpersonal violence, she was no coward, she was just a pilot. She stayed on the floor, curled up in a ball, as the seconds dragged by and the shooting subsided. She remembered she had a concealed pistol and drew it, before looking around the edge of the table.
Meatball and Thriktikt had picked up rifles from somewhere and were shooting out of a nearby window into the street, Charge was in the doorway firing a pistol while his left arm dangled, damaged.
Wiggles was crawling toward the door, dragging a leg that bent the wrong way behind him, and added his own pistol fire once he got there.
Keelath was sitting against a wall, applying a tourniquet to his leg. He was covered in blood.
Trilth and Trakkow were holding a third skink down and doing... something first aid related while he thrashed and screamed.
Rex was yelling into his radio. Jethriss couldn't understand his words.
Gratorf was lying on his back, bulging eyes staring at the ceiling. She ran over to him and rolled him over to bandage the wound that had produced a small puddle of blood under his head, and his scrambled brains fell out as his skull fell apart. She turned her head and vomited.
She saw a skink bandaging a nasty scalp wound on Frank Tippery, and Robert Johnson walking between fallen skinks, shooting some of them in the head.
Rosco was on his knees, his right forearm broken open halfway down from the elbow, chewed meat and jagged bone poking out and leaking blood, right hand flopping as he tried to use it to put a meatpatch on Skeethrow's chest. He was yelling, telling Skeethrow not to go anywhere. Skeethrow's face and head were covered in the blood that poured and sprayed from his mouth with every cough, ragged chunks of pink mixed in with the red. She pulled a tourniquet out of her cargo pocket and walked over in a daze. Skeethrow spasmed again and went still, she hadn't noticed his strained gurgling breath against the background din until it stopped. Rosco howled and shoved a broken stool under Skeethrow's feet, and tried to start chest compressions but his broken arm confounded him. He shoved Jethriss away when she tried to slip the tourniquet over his arm, until eventually Rex got done on the radio and between the two of them got the thing on and the old rooster's bleeding stopped.
The gunfire in the bar had stopped, but elsewhere in the city, fighting was still raging.
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2023.03.25 04:53 BubblegumFish2 Twice-Exceptional? Gifted and ADHD or just Gifted and Lazy? Please help.

I apologize in advance for this being so long. A TL;DR is at the end. If this kind of post is not allowed, I apologize as well.
I was wondering if anybody had any advice regarding whether it is worth seeking out a diagnosis, as I think that I might potentially have ADHD. However, at the same time, I don't really know if I do. I could just be lazy. I'm going to list some examples of things that I do that maybe could be caused by ADHD, and if anybody has insight that would be incredibly helpful. I am a minor so I would need to talk to or ask my parents about getting a diagnosis, but they are kinda judgy and are sort of the type of people that believe ADHD is just a label for problem kids and not something that could ever possibly impact their child.
I do tend to lose/misplace things reasonably often, though not super often.
I do tend to lose my train of thought more than I feel I should.
When I was younger, I apparently made disruptive noises in class and the teacher told my parent that they considered sending me to the principal's office (they didn't actually though). However, I got a new glasses prescription and apparently that caused me to stop being disruptive? However, in that same grade the school admin also created a special plan for what to do with me when I finished all my work early because I am "gifted" (gifted is in quotes because I feel like half the people I know are designated "gifted") and would finish all my work in half the time. So maybe it wasn't ADHD but just a bored gifted kid acting out.
I used to interrupt people quite a bit when they were talking. I have been working on not interrupting people over the past few months and think I have made very significant improvements and don't really interrupt people anymore. If this is something I have been able to mostly resolve myself, then maybe I don't really have ADHD?
I have mentioned my concerns somewhat to my mom in the past (in passing, I didn't want to deal with her judgement if I actually said that I thought I might have ADHD) and she expressed the sentiment that "all smart people are like that -- our brains just can't work at such high levels all the time" (I'm paraphrasing) and expressed the sentiment that she somewhat felt the same way. I know ADHD runs in families, so either we're both normal, or maybe we both have ADHD and my never-diagnosed mom is now dismissing me because she thinks it's normal?
***The biggest problem I have is a complete and utter inability to force myself to sit down and work most of the time, i.e. do homework or study. I used to LOVE school as a younger kid but have always hated homework. I had very little homework in elementary school, so this was never a problem, but since middle school I have been steadily getting more homework. Something that happened today is that I came home with a plan to get a ton of homework done (I created a whole list of what assignments I was going to do when this weekend -- I often create lists of what I need to do and when I should do it) and instead I wasted the last 9 hours doing absolutely, positively nothing productive. I could have just gotten 9 hours of homework done, and I didn't. I feel extremely guilty. The same thing happened over spring break. I had grand plans to be super productive, and I got next to nothing done despite having ample time and having made a plan. I just didn't follow the plan. And I feel guilty. I know one of the common signs of ADHD is bad grades, but my grades are actually still great. I have straight A's, quite a few AP classes, and am ranked near the top of my class. I got 99th percentile scores on both the ACT and SAT without really trying (I did a couple free online practice tests, but that was it). The problem is that I don't have very much time for extracurriculars or fun things because I waste time on random unproductive things I don't even care about, making it so that my little remaining time has to be spent on homework, and I don't have much time to do fun things. This sort of procrastination has been a problem for at least the past 3 or 4 years (I know ADHD is present from birth, but it's possible I just didn't have enough responsibilities/things going on for it to be problematic before then -- if ADHD is even what I have), and I feel like I've wasted my high school experience because of it. HOWEVER, (barring distracting people talking while I'm trying to focus, etc.) I tend to have to trouble focusing in class (unless it's boring, but most people zone out a little when it's boring). If I can focus in class but not at home maybe I am just lazy. Or maybe the pressure to appear like a good student to my teachers (gotta love seeking external validation) outweighs the ADHD? A lot of my teachers think I'm the bee's knees (giftedness outweighs the lack of studying) and I don't want to disappoint them. Anyways, I hate how much time I waste and the guilt I feel for knowing I'm capable of more, but just being unable to force myself to do anything about it.
I generally work far better with strict time limits, i.e. the test proctor says we have 60 mins to complete the section and I know that I actually only have 60 mins. Saying "I will finish this worksheet in the next 30 minutes" does me no good.
Sometimes I sit on chairs weird. Like, I'll sit criss-cross apple sauce on chairs.
I am largely unable to filter out external noise/other people talking, making people talking while I'm trying to work extremely distracting. I also don't like complete silence.
I've gone though some phases of being obsessed with double-checking/making sure all my assignments are perfect. I don't know if this is an ADHD thing or if it's a result of being a gifted kid that teachers expect lots from. I feel like ADHD generally (?) results in more sloppiness and mistakes, so IDK. I feel like my "giftedness" and related factors might mask/modify a lot of traditional ADHD symptoms.
Once when I was pretty little I saved a cookie all day because I wanted to eat it at the beach when we got to the beach. I feel like this is contrary to ADHD's supposed lack of impulse control. But maybe early maturity due to giftedness outweighed the ADHD?
Edit: I also just remembered that when I was little (I don't really do it much anymore) I used to flap my arms really fast by rotating them at the elbow and letting my wrist be lax. I don't really think I ever did it at school though because kids would probably think I'm weird. So IDK if it counts as stimming if I could shut if off at school. Also, I used to (and sort of still do) rub my palms with my thumbs sometimes. IDK why/haven't specifically noticed any correlation.
TL;DR: Read the paragraph marked ***
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2023.03.25 04:41 Prestigious_Gas6140 [REQUEST] [DISCUSSION] What's my ideology?

Social Policy
I am pro-choice up to viability.
I support funding for planned parenthood.
I support gay couples being able to adopt.
I think health insurers should be required to offer free birth control.
LGBTQ+ should be protected under anti-discrimination laws.
I support the death penalty, but the burden of proof should be raised.
Transgender athletes should not be allowed to compete against athletes that differ from their assigned sex at birth.
Government employees should be required to go through racial sensitivity training.
State governments should not be allowed to display the Confederate flag, propaganda of our enemies, or any traitorous material.
Assisted suicide for the terminally ill should be allowed.

Domestic Policy
I think there should be some more restrictions on the process of buying a gun, like having to get a license and getting liability insurance.
Victims of gun violence should be allowed to sue manufacturers and dealers.
I oppose an assault weapons ban, but I would not mind a voluntary gun buy-back.
I think every school should be required to have armed security.
Weed should be made legal nationwide, but other drugs should be kept illegal.
I oppose term limits in all offices.
I support the Patriot Act.
People on the no-fly list should not be allowed to purchase weapons until they are removed.
It should be illegal to burn the American flag.
The NSA should be allowed to collect metadata for citizens' phones.
I support net neutrality.
Redrawing of congressional districts should be controlled by an independent, non-partisan commission.
The government should regulate social media sites to prevent fake news and misinformation.
I oppose affirmative action.
I support eminent domain in cases of national emergency
The government should not cut funding or raise the retirement age for social security. It should only do those things if they have to save the program, like in France.
Traitors to the country should be locked up at ADX Florence
The Jan 6 rioters should be locked up for life.
Edward Snowden should be brought back to the US and locked up for life.

Environmental Policy
I think there should be more environmental regulations.
I support the Paris Climate Agreement.
Disposable plastics should be phased out over time.
I support nuclear energy
The government should give tax credits and subsidies to nuclear, wind, solar, etc.
We should not construct any new pipelines, and we should move pipelines that are near native American land.
I oppose fracking.
The US should not expand oil drilling.
We should increase spending on environmentally friendly public transportation.
The government should build a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the country.
I support a carbon tax and a gas tax.

Science Policy
I think there should be a vaccine mandate for all vaccines for all citizens within my country. Those who can not get them for health reasons are exempt.
We should increase funding to NASA, begin colonizing the moon and mars, and bring our military further into space.

Immigration Policy
More restrictions should be placed on our current border security policy.
I think the US should build a bigger and stronger wall across the US-Mexico border.
Immigration from countries that could be deemed a terror threat should be more scrutinized.
DACA children and future illegal immigrant children should be granted citizenship.
Working illegal immigrants should be given amnesty the rest should be deported.
End catch and release.
Immigrants should be required to pass a citizenship test, but it should be made more simple.
The US should increase the number of temporary work visas given.
I support dual citizenship.

I think we should increase funding to all law enforcement agencies across the US.
Every police officer within the country should be required to wear a body camera.
Police departments should continue to militarize.
I support mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug dealers.
Drug traffickers should receive tougher sentences.
I oppose private prisons.
I support qualified immunity for police officers.
Convicts should be allowed to vote after completing their sentence.
I support CCTV cameras being used by police with facial recognition.
Make fines proportional to income.

Health insurers should not be allowed to deny people who have a pre-existing condition.
Illegal immigrants should not have access to government healthcare.
Medicaid funding should be decreased and preferably repealed.
Medicare funding should be kept the same.
Most of Obamacare should be repealed, but some things from it should be kept.
Drug prices, for the most part, should not be regulated except in some rare cases.
The federal government should be allowed to negotiate drug prices for Medicare.
The government should increase funding for mental health treatment.
I oppose single-payer healthcare.
The government should increase funding to the WHO.
While Medicaid is around, people should be required to work to receive its benefits.
Veterans should have free healthcare and be able to see any doctor of their choice.
Businesses should be allowed to ask customers about their vaccination status.
Medical boards should penalize doctors that give health advice that contradicts contemporary scientific consensus.

Foreign Policy
Military spending should be increased.
There should be two years of mandatory military service for all able-bodied citizens.
I support NATO and believe it should be expanded from just the north Atlantic to cover the whole world, that way, nations like Japan, and South Korea can join.
I support the UN for the most part.
Enhanced interrogation techniques should be allowed.
The government should attempt to influence foreign elections in countries that do not ally with the west.
We should conduct strikes against Iran.
The president should be able to authorize military force against any terrorist group without congressional approval.
I support drone strikes.
Foreign aid spending should be increased, but more should be done to keep it out of the hand of the wrong people. Foreign aid to some countries should be ended.
The US should continue to support Israel with more aid and support.
We should conduct strikes against North Korea.
We should mobilize the US military against Mexican Drug cartels
We should continue providing military supplies to Ukraine and increase the amount.
Russia should be designated as a state sponsor of terror.
After the war, Ukraine should join NATO.
We should not have withdrawn from Afghanistan.
The US should sell military weapons to India to counter Russian and Chinese influence
The military should upgrade Air Force One.
One day allied nations and militaries should unite into one country.

I oppose President Biden's student loan forgiveness program.
I support the concept of common core.
I oppose the open for learning recovery benefit program.
I support charter schools
I support school vouchers as long as they don't go to a private religious school.

Economic policy
Cut most taxes and mostly deregulate except for some industries and things.
If taxes have to be raised to pay for some of these things, the tax that should be increased is the income tax, but overall I'd say make it a flat tax and remove deductions and loopholes.
Tie the minimum wage to inflation
Businesses should be required to provide maternity leave.
Reduce the national debt.
Welfare recipients should be tested for drugs.
Lower corporate tax to 15% but also eliminate deductions and loopholes.
If most of the jobs were taken over by automation, I'd support UBI
There should be more restrictions on current welfare benefits.
I think labor unions are good.
Lower capital gains tax.
I oppose economic stimulus unless we are in a 1929-type depression.
Lower the estate tax.
To combat tax evasion, increase the size of the IRS and the number of audits.
I support NAFTA
I support the TPP
I support total free trade with allied countries
Increase Tariffs on China and countries opposed to the US
Penalize businesses for operating within countries that are opposed to the west.
I support farm subsidies.
I support the federal reserve but believe it should be audited by congress.
Offer tax breaks to individual companies to keep jobs in the US.
I support increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco as well as legalizing weed and taxing it.
I support increasing pension payments for government workers when we can.

I support voter ID, but it should be free.
Voting should be compulsory, and everyone should be registered once they turn 18.
The electoral college should be abolished.
There should be a limit to the amount of money a candidate can receive from a donor.
Politicians over 75 should have to pass a mental competency test.

My preferred style of government
A unitary government with a parliamentary system. I would also be open to having a constitutional monarch.

I am sorry for making this so long thank you to anybody that decides to read through this and respond.
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2023.03.25 04:36 PappyStrangeLife The Man from Capernaum

God said to Abraham, "Kill me a son"
Abe say, "Man, you must be puttin' me on"
God say, "No, " Abe say, "What?"
God say, "You can do what you want Abe, but
Next time you see me comin', you better run"
Abe said, "Where do you want this killin' done?"
God said, "Out on Highway 61"
The radio, a martyr’s relic from a bygone era, sounded half as faded as I was.
I reeked of vodka and middy weed. I didn’t care. This lonely stretch of highway belonged to no one as far as I was concerned, and you gambled taking the curves in the dark.
It was your fault if you choose to gamble with me. Least, that’s the way I saw it.
Texas felt so far away.
Well, Cowboy Dan's a major player in the cowboy scene
He goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean
And he's gonna start a war
He's gonna start a warrrrrr
And he hops in his pickup
Puts his pedal to the floor
And says, "I got mine
But I want more"
Because Cowboy Dan's a major player in the cowboy scene
He goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean
He goes to the desert, fires his rifle in the sky
And says, "God, if I have to die, you will have to die"
I hacked up what felt like part of a lung. My hand was stained, the oxidized rust of old blood mixed with a fresh coat of red, a fresco that highlighted a life poorly lived.
What happened to Bob Dylan?
Or was it Johnny Cash?
Wasn’t I just listening…
Gaps in time. I prayed I hadn’t taken the ketamine.
That was for later.
If you want proof time is just a strongly worded opinion, just slip into a k-hole.
That was for later.
My eyelids felt heavy.
There were no stars.
Endless pines, only shadowy outlines in the dark, still cover for the night’s starving predators, were all I could make out.
I just guessed at where the road kinked and turned and straightened.
I was playing a game with God, and I wanted to lose.
I wanted us all to lose.
“Dance, Dance to the radio
While the, Devil takes control,
Dance, Dance to the radio,
While the, Devil takes control…”
The warm hug of oblivion, a feeling like endless cookies and Saturday morning cartoons, began slipping its infinite arms around me.
Come and See, and I saw.
It was still the witching hour when I woke with a startled gasp. I could feel the claws of need, withdrawal, dragging up my arms, burrowing into my skin, making the back of my eyeballs vibrate.
Every day the need grew stronger, and every day, I killed off a little bit more of me.
One is too many, and a thousand is never enough.
I was in a ditch.
This wasn’t new or news. I tended to wake up in a lot of ditches. Beats Motel 6. Fewer roaches and you could smoke in every room.
My truck wouldn’t start.
Not even the wheezing gasps of a machine trying to cling to artificial life. Just a click and utter silence.
The battery couldn’t be dead. I checked my watch.
5:55 A.M.
I figured I’d tried to hit the eternal snooze button around 3 A.M. It had only been a few hours. Battery should be fine.
A cursory inspection showed no external damage. No blown tires, no misbegotten wires or missing spark plugs. Hell, it seemed like I’d just slowly cruised into this dark little corner of the universe.
It was as though the truck just gave up the ghost and said, "I’m done." The thirsty horse dropping to the ground in an endless desert, done with the death march.
I bear crawled up the small ravine and onto the highway.
A generous term for a lonely road in whatever the Hell backwater burg America had shit out here.
All I could see were outlines in the dark.
Fitting, I thought.
And then an explosion stole my vision.
Let there be light.
And there was.
And it was good.
Especially good.
Because it was a bar.
A ramshackle of a spot, dive joint meets biker meth hangout, from the looks of it, and it was just powering up.
Shit, if you couldn’t drink on Sunday morning, were we really free? Were we really God’s children at all?
I started ambling toward the light, my eyes adjusting to the deep gloom.
“The Man from Capernaum.”
Hell of a name for a spot in the middle of BFE.
Hell of a name.
Hell, I needed a drink.
My watch read 6 a.m. but it was 5 o’clock somewhere, and this place had electricity buzzing it had to pay for and didn’t much strike me as the sort of establishment that probably saw the law as anything more than a nuisance.
I sauntered up to the door, my black boots clicking loudly against the rotten wooden porch.
Into the lion’s den we go.
Unsurprisingly, it was empty as a church on Friday night. Why kill the Son if you can’t have the sin, after all?
But it was unlocked and music was softly crooning from somewhere.
“As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that Good Ol’ Way
And who shall wear the robe and crown
Good Lord, show me the way”
Fantastic. No bartender and proselyting in a shit joint. That’s just what my migraine and itchy skin called for.
I considered hopping the bar and grabbing a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, but this struck me as a place where your head might become acquainted with a shotgun right quick and nobody would kick up much fuss.
I was going out, a lamb among wolves, but on my terms. I’d had enough violence. I wanted to feel the void swallow me whole, not feel a hole swallow my head.
Plopping down on an empty stool, I risked lighting up a smoke. Certainly they wouldn’t get bent out of shape over a cowboy killer or two.
And shit, who was there to kick up dirt anyway? A ghost town without the spirits, save the ones just behind the bar and out of reach.
The tantalizing fruit in the garden.
God, I need a cold one, now.
“Till armageddon no shalam, no shalom
Then the Father Hen will call His chickens home
The wise man will bow down before the throne
And at His feet they'll cast their golden crowns
When The Man comes around”
The hairs on my arm stood up.
That wasn’t the gentle croon of some A.M. gospel channel. That was someone singin’ in the bar.
In the furthest stool at the left end of the bar, a wild looking man sat, intermittently taking greedy gulps of amber beer and singing loudly, his other arm flailing frenetically as though conducting an unseen orchestra.
Ah, good, a ninja crackhead. That’s just what I need.
He looked over at me and I leapt from my chair and damn near outta my boots.
Ancient as the hills, this man looked like he’d just come down the mountain from communing with the darkness itself.
God damn.
A wild, grey, patchy beard splayed out in every direction, as though the hair itself was trying to escape the vessel that grew it.
The crown of his head was bald but the rest was shaggy white hair, matted in some places, errantly sticking up in others, as though it couldn’t choose between electrocution and submission.
He wore what looked like a white robe, but it was stained with all manner of mess. Copper, brown, yellow, black. Blood, shit, piss, and Heaven only knows what. A fetid robe of many colors.
Tattered, rudimentary sandals held in dirty feet with long, yellowed toenails.
The man reeked worse than sulfur. Worse than death. It was like the pungent stank of the human stain clung to him with reckless abandon.
He was chubby and withered and maddened.
But none of that held a penny to his eyes.
Orbs of the purest white, ringed with seared, blackened flesh around the edges.
Nothing but endless, empty white that somehow felt like it saw nothing but what we all couldn’t see. Nothing of this world but everything we hide in it. Our lies, the horrors behind the masks, what we do in the dark, this tattered, horrible amalgam we have the audacity to still call “a soul.”
Fuck this.
I went to run but found I had no will to do so.
My boots had become one with the earth, like the leather was finally gonna join the cattle that had to die for me to feel like a man.
A crash of thunder stole my hearing, a tiny whirlwind began lifting and smashing bottles from behind the bar.
The seals of the bottles came open, spraying spirits everywhere.
The bar was alight with white fire and a light blasted through the bar that would embarrass the Sun.
Then all was silent and still.
“Nice hooves,” the man said in a velvety baritone.
I looked down at my black boots and back up at him.
There is probably a drug cocktail somewhere in existence where, if mixed properly and taken with utter scientific precision, probably unlocks the gates to Heaven in the human consciousness.
I think I might have found the one’s that unlocked Hell’s.
The man wore a wide, warm grin. Authentic and inviting, the jovial visage of every TV grandfather. Creature comfort. He no longer looked like a raving maniac.
Far from it.
The man was now young, maybe late 20’s.
Golden, feathered locks elegantly curved just behind his ears.
A black cardigan, dark jeans, and new Grecian sandals graced a well-kept temple, a body of with seemingly perfect porcelain skin.
Sapphire blue eyes, pools of painful beauty, the kind that feels like a knife twisting your gut, looked at me with compassion.
I could smell lilac and some spice that seemed reminiscent of a world long gone by but made me what want to curl up with a blanket and read a good book by the fire wafted my way.
A single, marred tattoo of a small cross ran down the index finger of his left hand.
The man sat down and said, “why don’t you and them hooves join me, Pappy?”
I go by a lot of names to keep myself safe in this shithole world, but I hadn’t gone by my real name since I beat a kid black and blue in elementary school for mocking me for it and my daddy had told me he was proud of me. Put a cigarette out on the back of my neck later that same night after a few too many for causing trouble.
The duality of man or whatever the Hell the academics prattle on about, I guess.
“They’re boots,” I snarled, playing at bravery, bluffing like I did every day of this wasted life, hopin’ it might but him back on his heels.
I didn’t know if I was messing with some damned creature not of this world or was just higher than a kite and seeing nonsense. While the latter seemed far more likely, I wanted to prepare for the former.
“Sure,” he said kindly, “sure.”
I sat down on the tattered stool.
“Where’s the bartender? And how the Hell do you know my name?”
“Calm down, son. You look like you could use a drink of the old blood. Sure beats those poisons you keep sticking in that body we gave ya.”
A wine glass appeared before each of us, filled to the brim. The man, or whatever it was, sipped away, humming some forgotten hymnal.
“I ain’t much of a vino fan. Got any Irish whisky?”
He lifted his glass as though to toast me and said “Sure. And you certainly will need that later. For now, the grapes of wrath, as it were.” A soft chuckle left his lips.
I sipped the wine. No sense bucking the bull when you don’t know how big or angry it really is.
It tasted like nothing I had ever had before. An indescribable, wicked deliciousness.
It warmed me up and filled me with light and hope and covered up all the dark holes that had punched through me by others.
Even plugged the ones I’d punched myself.
The man took a small sip. “Sorry?”
“You said ‘the body *we* gave ya. *We*.”
It was only then I noticed he was crying.
There were no sobs, no audible gasps, no tremors or shakes, just slow, steady tears of blood dripping from those perfect blue orbs.
“Name’s Arah. I’m an Angel.”
Arah downed the goblet of wine, flecks of his bloody tears caking the glass’s rim.
“Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.”
This obvious machination of my drug addled brain chuckled louder this time, a slight slur and anger tinging his words.
“I’m even less for all that religious babble than I am for wine. Though this shit’s pretty damn good, I gotta admit.”
“LIAR!” Arah screamed, shaking the whole bar. His eyes were wide and obsidian and his chest heaved heavily.
“Liar.” This, a quiet whisper.
“You spent your whole life in church.
You soaked up every hopeful word, every promise of redemption and fixing, and the truth of that still rattles around inside you.
You can stick all the needles you want into that arm so you can lie to yourself and take away the pain you were meant to bear, but you can’t lie to me. We see everything, for we are many.”
Arah refreshed his glass with a small flourish of his hand before downing it again, his disposition getting slightly wobblier.
“DRINK!” he screamed, and when the world stopped shaking and those eyes turned blue again, I sure as shit started pounding the fermented fruit.
Ain't the time to be picky.
“You aren’t having a bad trip. I'm having a bad trip.”
The endless tears of blood fell quicker, like a swift red river coursing from a deep blue waterfall.
Small pools of it began forming of the bar. A slight acrid smell was on the air, barely noticeable behind all the wonderful aromas.
I felt warm and real and firm. I felt human again. My glass had been refilled and I downed another.
Okay, so I was getting wasted with an angel. Admittedly a first, even for my winding and warped road, but getting blitzed on Jesus Juice sure beat pissing off some emotionally unhinged cherub motherfucker.
“I can’t find Him. I can never find Him.”
Slight groans left Arah’s lips and he gulped down another glass.
With a minor twitch, the glass flew and smashed against the wall.
A nanosecond, if even, after the sound of shattering, it reappeared anew, full of the deep blood wine, before him, and he slurped it down his gullet.
I was trying to keep pace with him.
Shit I could drink a fifth of whisky and make it home alive but something in this good good had me slippin’. A part of me knew I should be petrified to ask, but the rest of me was too faded to care.
“Find who? What brings you here, cryin’ tears in yer beers?”
Now I was the one slurring.
“Take them.”
I looked down at the bar.
A belt. A syringe full of something brown and beautiful.
All the gear.
And six shots of what I prayed was Jameson.
“But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.”
Arah was slurring hard now, slowly spinning in his chair, laughing and crying.
“Have a taste. At least there’ still manna.”
I shot the whole thing and downed that beautiful Irish whisky. Warmth and light filled me up and stole me away from this putrid rock.
Somehow, as wrecked as I was, I felt I could see Arah all the clearer, like the Sun pushing out the remnants of a storm. His hands looked withered, and those blue eyes looked heavy and tired.
“I miss Him. God. Father.”
I began to mumble some apocryphal question, but a raised hand silenced me.
“We’re taking communion here, son, an act of contrition, of grief, celebration and loss. I’m not giving about to give you a seminar on the finer points of how you all bungled what we gave you and called it ‘religion.’ Just shut the fuck up and drink.”
We downed a glass of wine in unison, a broken human and clearly a broken angel, performing a ritual at the alter we were left with.
“You wanna know why I’m here drinkin’? I know you do. I can hear it rattling around in that little rat brain of yours, gnawing, gnawing, gnawing.
Well, here’s why. GOD LEFT.
You remember your Bible.
Like a schizophrenic mother when the voices just crept too far in, he drowned all his children in the bathtub. He felt regret.
You apes can’t come to terms with the fact that it isn’t cognitive dissonance to be perfect and make mistakes. Your binaries and absolutes are the pathetic crutches you rest on, the prisons you build for yourselves. You think you live in the grey but you don’t. You are the simple minded mistake of something far greater than you could possibly fathom.
Hell ain't nothin' but a door locked from the inside.
He was right to drown all of you, ya know.
You’re an abortion that didn’t take.
You’re the science experiment gone wrong.
You’re the motherfucking poisonous residue left over when the manufacturing process goes the slightest bit awry.
He TRIED. He gave you EVERYTHING. And you chased him away.
He wanted to put you all down. Wipe the slate clean. Shoot the wolf with the broken leg caught in the trap. Mercy. But He had made those fuckin’ rainbows, and He kept his word.
You all sit and pout and scream and gnaw and gnash and blow each other up. Always the same shit in this horrible flat circle.
"My god is real, your god is fake! "
You never once consider you’re all talking about the same damn thing, and more to the point, you're spend your entire lives debating His existence. What a catastrophic waste to be so far from the mark.
Is He real? Is He a fairy tale?
Is there a big bearded man with a sword in the sky or is it just what some primitive apes told themselves to explain the lights in the night sky, a mechanism of control and purpose in an entropic and meaningless world?”
I felt frozen listening to Arah rant.
Somewhere, between the distant sound of brutal words, I heard that radio kick on.
The Third Planet is sure that they’re being watched
By an Eye in the Sky that can’t be stopped
And when you get to the Promised Land
You’re gonna shake the Eye’s hand”
“You won’t.”
Arah spoke quietly and sipped and audibly sobbed.
“I…I won’t what?”
“Shake his hand. He’s GONE.
You all fight with words and books and swords and shells and atoms about whether he exists. It’s your relentless, simpleminded addiction to dichotomy. It would be so boring if it wasn’t so sickening.
You think He exists, and if He does, He is here and He loves you and hears your stupid little prayers about football and bone cancer and bank accounts and AIDS.
And if He doesn’t exist, well, it’s just a bunch of conmen working over some fools with a fairy tale.
Any of you shitbirds ever consider He exists and LOATHES you? That he cut the cord to that existential phone line and ain’t nobody on the other side of that line anymore?
You live in an infinite universe that is forever exploding and expanding. He exists outside of even that.
You think you’re special? You’re one tiny experiment among so fucking many, I couldn’t make the smartest mathematician in the history of this planet understand how infinitesimally numerically irrelevant you are.
The question isn’t, is God real or is it all a hoax, a self-delusion?
The salient question, Pappy, is whether He’s here. And He ain’t.
He kept his word and let you all live and fester and replicate and mutate like the virus you are. The fruit that ate itself.
But daddy split. Went out for smokes and He ain’t never coming back. Moved onto a new family. Just like He's done again and again and again. And I'm guessing will keep doing 'till He decides He got it right. Ain’t been here for a long time. Long, long time.”
6 glasses of wine appeared before Arah and he downed them all with lightning speed, spewing blood, sobbing and gasping and drinking.
His hair greyed and whitened and fell to the floor.
His nails began to decay and yellow.
The smell of shit and piss and bile crept up and began to make me nauseous.
“And you know who got really fucked? US. The angels.
God gave us instructions and we followed it. We knew what we had and we didn’t deviate. We did our duty. And He left us behind, too.”
Arah’s clothes began to whiten and dirty.
The enrapturing blue of his eyes began to fade, growing paler and lifeless. A wild, twisted beard and belly began to sprout.
“Then it goes and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it will also be with this evil generation."
Arah began shrieking.
"Fucking humans.
Arah leapt up and grabbed me by the throat, lifting me on high.
Fire scorched his eyes, leaving empty pale pools singed to a blackened crisp at the edges.
The wild, infested thing I’d seen before held me as though I weighed less than the judgment feather.
He was sobbing.
“I…I just did what I was told.
Do you know what Hell is? There’s no fucking lake of fire or torture rack with goats.
It’s this.
An endless existence having tasted God’s grace and love and then forever being separated from it, eternally searching for that one drug you know you can never find.
'Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely: and pined his loss.'
This, this place, is Hell.”
All the opium in the world couldn’t save me from the stark terror of this celestial’s tortured judgment.
I was quaking and pissed myself.
“Now I got ya shakin’ in your boots. Nice hooves.”
He threw me and I slammed against the wall and I felt every ounce of wine and heroin and whisky spill out of my body and onto the floor.
In that moment, I felt the unmitigated suffering of absolute sobriety, and I’ve been sober every moment since.
This wild, unfettered thing inched closer to me.
It was only then I noticed the tattoo on his finger more closely. It was…clearer to me now. Everything was. That little cross on his finger was upside down as it faced me.
“What does your name mean, Arah? What did you do that made God leave all his angels behind?”
Arah opened his mouth and two snakes, one a viper, the other a colorful coral, slid out of his mouth and began encircling his head and neck, never striking, never squeezing, simply coiling infinitely.
Arah, this manifestation of man’s worst nightmare, leapt at me, blood spewing, snakes dancing, the bar shaking and burning and reeking.
Alas, Babylon, for me.
Inches from me Arah froze, held still by some unseen force, his mouth snarling words that only came out as unintelligible, wet squelches.
A voice from the bar’s door whispered a single word.
In the first tongue, 'Arah' meant ‘World.’
At the door stood an older black woman with the kindest eyes I’d ever seen.
She wore a bracelet of thorns and a dress made of every flower my mind could conceive.
Golden eyes flecked with amber looked at me lovingly.
She quietly sauntered up to Arah and shook her head wistfully, a disapproving but loving mother wishing her child would just behave.
“You would do well to accept your place here, Arah. The Father may be gone, but this is where you and your lot stay. It was not man’s fall that bound you here.
Tell him what you did...Angel.”
Arah fell suddenly to the barroom floor, all the strength clearly sucked out of him.
“I..I did what I was told. I followed the orders I was given. It was for Him, Uriel.”
Uriel tutted her tongue as though an impudent child had told her a silly, obvious fib.
“You can lie to yourself all you want, Arah, but you cannot lie to me.
You, who whispered endlessly to Herod.
You, who dwelt in Caligula.
You, who served Qin Shi Huang.
You, who sought refuge in Robespierre .
You, who possessed Mengele.
‘And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.”
Uriel helped me to my feet, brushed me off, and lightly put her hand on her cheek. It was the only moment in my life I knew what the word “home” meant.
“And you won’t lie to Man, either.
You remember the deal you begged for, Arah? Let remind you:
'They began to entreat Him, saying, “If You are going to cast us out, send us into the herd of swine.'
You had the gall to call his creation, however staggeringly imperfect, swine.
You got what you asked for, then.
And you will have it for all time.
Get behind me.”
Uriel picked me up as though I were a mere baby and carried me to my truck. She laid me gently in the passenger side and started the engine.
The radio kicked on.
I’m a rolling stone
All alone and lost
For a life of sin
I have paid the cost
Take my advice
Or you’ll curse the day
You started rollin’ down
That Lost Highway”
As she pulled away, I looked back at The Man from Capernaum one last time.
It was consumed in fire and the squeals of pigs shrieking carried through the cool night air.
“Do not pity him.
‘You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons.’
God may have left this world but let the Demon burn.”
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2023.03.25 04:31 ImaginationSea3679 Peaceful Alternatives! Nature of a Giant Chapter 7

It’s been a long time since I updated this!
I hope you enjoy!
Memory Transcription Subject: Tarlim, venlil civilian
Date: [Standardized human time] August 17th, 2136
My blinds flew up letting the light of our star fall onto an empty bed. Ha, missed me! I woke up early on my own!
Anyway, what I packed should be good for the time on the station.
My pad sounded with a message.
“Ah’ve decided! Ah shall be wearing a space suit!”
My tail wagged as I exited my apartment. His accent is starting to break through the translator, poor thing. “Oh really? And what led to that decision?”
“Ah am going into space, to meet an alien race in person, while on an alien space station. Me wearing a space suit is just as natural to me as water flowing down a hill. It simply MUST happen! I’ve already sent my measurements to a suit printer, so it should be ready by tonight! When you get to the station, just look for the crazy guy in a blue space suit with my state flag on the chest.”
“Shall I expect a ‘ten gallon’ to be included in this outfit?”
“You are absolutely teasing. Ah’m representing! Not stereotyping. Still, I wish you luck on your registration!”
My tail wagged as I tucked my data pad into my shoulder pack.
By the gods, there were so many more people around than there were on my last trip! I hadn’t been here since my last medicine refill. In fact, I would say thar are more than even before the humans made contact!
Thar? By the gods, Jacob is right. The infection is spreading!
I had already refilled my meds. Now for something special. Very special. The next Claw of the day shall be spent at the Fur Salon!
Paly’s Fur Salon.
I ducked into the building and my eyes landed on the light brown Paltan chasing after the grey Venlil she’d been working on. That girl is quite persistent in keeping away from her. Wait, is she trying to?
She is!
“STOP HER!” The Paltan yelled, “She hasn’t PAID!!”
As the dasher tried to spring past me out the door, I quickly grabbed her tail. A bit of a improper action under normal circumstances, but the glares being directly toward the dasher suggested it was deserved.
The Paltan ran up. “She’s been complaining the whole appointment about this not being worth the price, and I KNOW you are not worth a Stampede!” Her tail waved a greeting, “Hello Tarlim.”
I returned the gesture. “Hello Paly.”
Paly the Paltan. I could guarantee there were none in the Galaxy as skilled in fur care as her. Got herself styled so her fur is in flowing braids. Looks like a field of grain. An angry field at that as she lectures the dasher and forces him to scan his print for payment. I had been tuning out the words as it wasn’t mine to listen to, but the look of renewed fury on Paly as she marched away got my attention again.
Paly returned with an electric fur clipper in her paws. Her other employees and customers were staring at her in expectant amusement. “Hold her still.”
The dasher whimpered.
As she cut away, we conversed about how our lives were going. Play was ecstatic to hear that I was meeting a human. She mused about how humans cared for their small patches of hair.
As Paly finished cutting the last bits, I couldn’t help but serve a sour drink to the dasher. “Oh, and by the way, I shall be paying for Full Care up front! I insist!”
Play’s tail eagerly wagged. “How generous of you! So good to have such considerate customers!” She shut off her clippers, “Before we start, would you mind tossing out the garbage?”
“Oh, certainly madam!” I exclaimed with exaggerated politeness.
Upon the streets of the Dawn Creek commercial district, a rare creature appeared. Built like a Venlil but nary a scrap of fur upon them. It had been ages since one was last seen, and many a Venlil would be eager for a picture as proof of the sighting.
Paly turned to the employee collecting their client’s payment, “Maslel! Come help me clear a space for the big table!”
“Yes, Madam Paly!”
I handed my pad to Paly as I sat on the table to remove my braces. She looked confused at my pad being ready to submit payment. “What is this for?”
“I was not joking when I said I would pay up front.”
“I thank you for your generosity.”She said smiling. “By the time we’re done, your fur shall shine in the dark and be so soft the clouds will weep with envy!”
With that, she picked up a sprayer and began to douse my fur. Oh, for a working man to live in the lap of Luxury! The washing, the combing, the different shampoo, conditioners, and oils for the different parts of my fur! Before I knew it, it was almost over.
“We’re just about done! Boys!” She called over to her employees, “grab some dryers!”
Once the dryers were done, Paly began the final brushing to smooth out my fur. Making sure my head and chest properly flowed, bringing my tail pomf to a proper tip, just the final touches. Once done, I was wheeled to face the mirror with a “And we are done!”
Who was this Venlil in the mirror? Their coat was as black as Darkside cloud, yet it seemed to shine nonetheless. The fur seemed like a mane around their head with only a slight curl in the hairs giving it life. They were strong, they were confident.
They were me!!!
“It’s… it’s amazing.” I nearly whimpered.
“Oh, I did my-“ Paly didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence as I scooped her into a hug and a torrent of thankful words flowed out of me. She gave my snout a rub and silently berated me for smushing my hair. “I am glad you approve. I hope you take care,” she said one I put her down.
“I will,” I replied, putting my leg braces back in place. Their light blue looks nice against my leg fur. “I will be certain to ask the humans what their fur care is like.”
“Tarlim, you are too kind.”
I wagged my tail as I gathered the rest of my things. All that was left was to report to the Magistrate.
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2023.03.25 04:31 Aggressive_Deal9654 Mazda 3 or Used Tesla Model 3?

I really like both cars. Now surprisingly they are both kind of similar in price, with a decked out new Mazda 3 and a used Tesla Model 3 both floating around in the ~$30K range. I like the idea of not paying for gas though with the Tesla Model 3, as there are superchargers around me, and my work has free EV charging stations as well. I also think I get a tax credit too with the Model 3. Doesn't it make more sense to get the used Tesla then?
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2023.03.25 04:24 jejujeju Department of the Navy & Department of Defense & DoD ID Card

I have my DoD Id card because I currently work in the department of the Navy.
The Dod card gives me benefits such as using the Navy Exchange and the NEX gas station, etc.
If I get a job in the Department of Defense (DCAA), can I still have a DoD Card and have those benefits?
Thank you for the advice!
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2023.03.25 04:09 CornSquashBeans Chaos from Blackheart

I was always told keeping headphones in when in a fight was a bad idea. That was a goddamn lie as long as you were me. Lucky and sly. The reasons I'd never die.
I pressed the play button and shuffled around the sunlit street. The intro played and I hummed quietly along and switched between rubble for cover. I peaked my head and arms from cover and the lyrics started. I raised my carbine to meet the new meat and the thrill of the boom shuddered in my arms, matching the first words of the song.
"Whoa, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam.
Whoa, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam.
Black Betty had a child, bam-ba-lam.
The damn thing gone wild, bam-ba-lam" the band sang.
The meat went from skulking to scrambling as soon as the first shot went off. The first one went down over a corpse it was eating when a nice lead flower found a home in his spine. Next was one running for cover before a hole appeared in their gut. Their successor was the same, to which I chastised myself for being repetitive. The music went on until the best part started again.
"I said oh, Black Betty, blam-ba-lam.
Whoa, Black Betty, blam-ba-lam.
Whoa, Black Betty, blam-ba-lam.
Whoa, Black Betty, blam-ba-lam." the lyrics rang.
With each bam, another bullet left my baby and ran for a target. A felt the wind from bullets whizzing by as the meat started firing back. I stopped paying attention to the music and ducked back below cover before grabbing two grenades from my belt. I yoinked out the pins and jumped up to toss them towards the slabs.
“Boom boom bam-ba-lam, bitches!” I yelled.
Both of the metal balls went in different directions. One hit the ground and the other landed in the hands of one of the poor fools.
“What is this?” the slab asked.
I broke into a chortle from hearing his last words before the grenades went off and sent blood spray all over. A disembodied hand landed on the ground next to my cover and that only made me laugh more. It made a glopping noise as it bounced to the ground. I pointed and cackled at the hilarity of their deaths. The dumbells were too dumb to know that grenades went boom.
After laughing my ass off for a while, I finally got up. I picked up the nice handy and cut a claw off of it as a trophy. Even after getting my fill of violence, however, I still felt an itch of curiosity from what I’d learned about the slabs. They LOVED eating people and that seeded the idea in my head. With only a little hesitation, I lapped up some of the blood dripping from the arm and took in the taste. Still, it wasn’t my cup of sauce. The blood was so iron rich that it tasted like pencil lead. I threw the hand at an injured meat chunk that was holding in it’s intestines.
One by one, I shot every last body just to make sure they were dead. Double tapping was something I always remembered to do when I got the chance. It probably counted as a war crime, but nobody was watching me here. I was free and murder was easy.
Getting back to my music, I put on another song as I got onto walking, looking for another place to clear of slabs and to get my blood fix. The song wasn’t anything too killer, but it worked. Something about boots and truth and not much else. Being dumb old me, I smiled and listened to the lyrics without paying attention to much else. I felt a sudden shocking pain slam against my back and I was forced to the ground. My rifle fell away. Before I could flip myself over, a foot stepped over my leg and pressed in with enough force to bruise me good.
“OWWW! Motherfucker!” I screamed.
“Surrender, or face a bullet, human.” the meat man ordered.
“Fuck you! Let me see your face, coward! I won’t surrender unless I do!” I replied.
The target practice didn’t respond with words. Instead, it decided to manhandle me by lifting me up to my feet. It wrapped a talon right under my neck as a measure of safety. The only problem was that it’s talon was aimed at my collarbone and wouldn’t do any damage. Dumbass.
Looking over the slab, it was covered in a menagerie of beautiful looking scars and burns. We had that in common. Two battle marked warriors with something to prove in with deformities and death marks.
“Hehe. Nice scars, meat.” I snidely said.
The flesh looked over me and my marks and replied.
“You have some good ones too, human. What are the stories for your’s?” it asked.
I smiled a cruel smile, glad to have the idiot on the hook. I slowly fiddled with the knife behind my back as I started talking. The bag of guts was none the wiser and that’d be the reason he earned his last scar today.
“Well, let’s see. The eyebrow one was from getting a bottle slammed over me in a bar fight. Hehehe, gotta a nice few months of latrine duty for that one. The nice hole shaped ones are gunshot wounds from my fellow apes. The burn’s recent. Got it from some dumb Gojid whore with a flammenwerfer. Bitch got what was coming to her. A nice shot of 5.56. I got a few more, but those are hidden under all this and I ain’t getting funky with a lizard.” I declared, motioning to my armor and uniform.
The moron seemed impressed. I managed to fiddle my knife out of the sheath on my belt without his notice.
“So what about your scars, scabby?” I questioned.
The scab covered wretch smiled and jumped like a dog at the opportunity to speak. He was enjoying the idea of having a friendly conversation with a fellow killer. He started to point to various burn scars and scratches as he spoke.
“Krakotl with a plasma rifle. Harchen with a torcher. Harchen with a plasma rifle. A thing called a Yotul with a black powder rifle. This one is the newest. A Tilfish with a syringe. The bugs may still have some predatory instinct left from when they were actually sapient.” the slab declared while pointing to a torn up patch of scales where raw chunks of flesh could be seen sticking out.
“All good ones, dumbshit…” I muttered.
“TIME FOR ONE MORE!” I screamed in an instant, swinging a knife from behind me and towards his throat.
My eyes opened wide with bloodlust and a tinge of pain hit my brain as he tried to stab into my neck. It didn’t work and all that his attack did was tear a little chunk of flesh from above my bones. I couldn’t wait to slam the finish off another. He jumped back and I felt so sure, but then his arm backhanded into me. I felt a feeling like a wooden board against my face and fell with a flip to the ground. My nose was crunched in and bleeding profusely. I smile up at him with blood leaking over my teeth.
“Good one.” I chuckled.
“That was quite rude.” he replied.
“Fuck you.” I replied back with a nasal influenced tone.
“Not even in your dreams. Goodnight, human.” the slab taunted.
I tried to move before the butt of the rifle could slam into my head, but that didn’t work out and the world went all purple and black. Still, I wasn’t dead. I didn’t dream either though. I just slept for what felt like a few minutes, but was probably a few hours. Eventually, I woke up inside of an iron-walled cell. My broken nose was bandaged and casted. I laughed a little, realizing that my luck was still at full.
The dummies thought they’d put me in a cell, when all they’d really done was lock a bunch of targets in here with a crazed monkey who loved throwing rocks twice as much as the average monkey. Still, I did wonder where the cell was. Instinctively, I asked.
“HEY, GRAYS, WHERE THE FUCK DIDYA PUT ME?!” I yelled towards what looked like a door.
No answer came. I felt annoyed at the idea that they were refusing to talk to me. My response was to scream louder. I could hear the subtle breathing of something outside.
“You are in a prison, human, now shut up.” a translated voice responded. The voice was the same as the one belonging to the Arxur I had tried to stab.
“Scabs, is that you, buddy?” I sarcastically asked.
At first, no answer came. Silence resounded for a few moments.
“Yes. I have been stationed to guard you unfortunately. Can you be quiet now?” the meat asked back.
“Oh come on now, Scabs. I really thought we were making friendly progress back there. What’s a little stabbing anyway? Just a minor thing, yeah?” I inquired.
The slab sighed as a response to my annoying talking.
“My name is not Scabs, first of all. Secondly, you are an annoyance even if you are beautifully violent. I do not wish to talk to you after that Venshit you pulled.”
“Ha! Beautiful? Don’t be slobbering over me, bud. So what is your name then, Mr. No Talky Talky?” I queried.
“Uggghhh, you need to silence yourself. My name is Kakars. Now, be quiet!” the slab ordered.
“Well, Khaki, I’m Bill. Nice to meet you and sorry bout that bout of violence, since you’re so worked up about it. I’ll shut up now” I laughed.
“Thank the Prophet.” the door muttered.
I allowed a minute of silent pause for maximum effect before letting a cheesed grin overtake my face. I thought of a song to pester him further and opened my mouth to sing it out.
“Say, Khak, ever heard a human sing? I got a good song for you.” I blurted.
“NO!” the door yelled.
“Yes!” I yelled back.
“There is a house in NEW ORLEANS!” I yelled to the agony of the Arxur.
He screamed in response. This was going to be fun. If I couldn’t make him bleed myself, I would make him claw out his eardrums. All the same in the end. Both would bring me a sadistic sense of joy.
AND GOD, I KNOW I’M ONE!” I screamed aloud.
This story is meant to connect to The Same in Time as this character will become part of the ending of that story. Other than that, it's entirely unrelated and I created this because I found the idea funny.
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2023.03.25 03:49 Opposite_Weakness789 Am I Overreacting?

So I put some gas in my car today and it overfilled a little bit and a tiny bit of gas got on the dorsal side of my hand (I don’t think any got my finger tips but it’s a possibility). So I wiped it off my pants. Very little got on my hand. Not even enough to visibly change the color of my skin.
I was going to wash my hands when I got home from the gas station. Afterwards I went home and saw my mother got me some food (chicken tenders and fries) so I went upstairs and started eating. Temporarily forgot about washing my hand and I used that hand to eat some of the fries. Then I washed my hand before I ate the rest.
Now I’m worried I have gasoline poisoning. I don’t have any of the symptoms but I know it can take months before anything happens. I had a similar situation to this happen to me in the past (a few years ago) and I was fine but don’t wanna take any risk.
Should I see a doctor or am I overreacting.
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2023.03.25 03:45 Raxis Finished the anime, my thoughts on that ending

So first off, my first post on this subreddit was this:
Clearly I did stick with it, and I'm very glad I did.
The actual leadup toward the end started to drag (the fights involving Hugo were just completely awful), but basically from the moment Wrath appeared things started improving sharply. Sophia started demonstrating to her character than just being kinda snooty and mocking Shun for being an idiot, Wrath himself got a pretty good debut, and the scenes of Sophia and Wrath fighting together were pretty great.
Then of course, Episode 24 was an excellent ending to the anime (in context, anyways). Kumo's long-awaited arachne form was animated very nicely (in general Kumo's movement was always animated quite well, which is impressive given she's a spider, but her arachne form is much larger in basically all directions and yet her movement held up pretty well) and provided some pretty clever powers and drawbacks (I liked how she wasn't used to being so bulky since she's spent the entire series as a dog-sized spider and had to adjust to being 3 or 4 times larger on the fly). I also liked how the anime was careful to make Kumo's spider half (particularly the head) still part of her and not just an accessory to her human half (cough cough Rachnera...) The scene with Potimas's high tech command station kinda ruined the reveal that he's got high tech, but eh.
Anyways, back to the context I mentioned earlier. I haven't read the LN yet (I liked the anime enough that I've already ordered the first volume. Yeah, I could try to find it for free online but I'm at the stage where I have the disposable income for it and I'd like to support the creators) but everything in the last two episodes (particularly the final shot in the anime) gives me the strong feeling that the battle for the elf village wasn't a climax in the LN but instead a point in the story that re-contextualizes everything we've seen from the demons (Sophia's motivations and real character, the fact that Ariel has more than just one reincarnation on her side, the fact that Potimas and the elves are the real villains, where Kumo's been all this time) and the story from here probably focuses more on what followed from Ariel and Kumo making peace with each other.
So yeah! Pretty nice anime with some animation and pacing issues toward the end, but the final episode did an admirable job tying it together. Curious to see how much better the LN is.
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2023.03.25 03:39 NT7000 My turn for Free Stuff Friday (Sony KV-34XBR800)

My turn for Free Stuff Friday (Sony KV-34XBR800)
Long time lurker, first time poster, I recently found this on the sidewalk in front of a gas station in Peachtree City, GA, near where I work. I was at the gas station to get a drink when I saw it chillin' on the sidewalk. Walking by it I noticed it was a widescreen set, made by Sony, and has a DVI port on the back. -Realizes what it is- Yosemite Sam's voice "SAY NOW, THAT'S NO NORMAL BOOB TOOB!". I go inside to grab a drink and a snack, and ask the clerk about it. They said "It wasn't here last night, someone must have dropped it off overnight". I asked "Do you want me to dispose of it?", to which I was given a thumbs up. Now, I wasn't exactly in the correct vehicle to do CRT recovery, so I ended up placing it in the trunk with it sticking halfway out, and gently driving back to work, where I left it until this Monday, when I brought a truck with me to retrieve it. I got it home, it's currently set up in my bedroom for now. My plan is to set it up for use with 480P consoles, since I don't currently have a display that can handle 480P properly. Supposedly this fella can do 480P, 720P and 1080I natively, I wonder what other resolutions it can handle. It does have some minor issues, nothing too crazy. First, this thing is STUPID HEAVY. The manual suggest a little over 200 Lbs, and I believe it... I can barely walk (waddle?) with it by myself, takes a little work to get it into my power zone. I don't have access to other able-bodied folks around the house, so getting it on the stand was sketchy, to say the least. Next, it has the typical geometry and convergence issues. I have some convergence strips coming, I plan on doing a proper cleaning and servicing when those arrive. Last, the anti-glare coating is coming off. I want to remove it, but I need to remove the bezel to do it properly. I'm unsure if it is actually removable or not, hopefully someone can chime in on that. So, how did I do? (PS. If you were the one who left this at the gas station, I thank you!)
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2023.03.25 03:36 Verastahl They take away your nightmares. But the price is too high. Part Seven.

Part Six
We’d made it back through the maze of downtown to the side opposite from the gym, but it didn’t matter. Not only were the ones from the gym still after us, along with a few more dreamers they’d picked up along the way, but up ahead was another group of fifteen or so men and women were running towards us with impromptu tools and manic grins that both flashed murder with each bouncing step closer. They were practically skipping towards us as they guffawed and giggled, and it might have been funny if not for the dead ice in their eyes.
“Jesus. We…In here!” I’d spotted the garage door of an old-fashioned service station across the street—it was propped open a foot by a cinder block, and while it might have been a trap set to lure us in, I didn’t really think the people of Braxton had had the time or the sense to arrange it so quickly. These people…they didn’t move or look right, and not just because they were crazy and trying to kill us. They all looked off somehow. Maybe it was the way they moved, or the loose way the skin hung on their cheeks, even when pulled back with their fishhook smiles. They were becoming something different, though whether it was less or more, I couldn’t say.
All of those thoughts were in the back of my mind as we rushed over to the door and I tried to pull it up further for Mrs. Graves and Mr. Holliman to crawl under. The door only budged a few more inches before it let out a protesting rusty squeal and would go no further. Graves had already rolled through the gap, leaving a smear of blood in her wake, and Holliman was grunting as he sucked in his stomach and pulled himself past the door. Gasping with exhaustion and terror, I looked over my shoulder to see how far away the crowds were. The one cutting us off was still some distance away, though they were moving fast, but the ones behind us since the gym were thirty yards at most. I dropped to my belly and rolled through the gap, kicking the cinder block free as I went.
It all happened in a few harried seconds, but as I was getting to my knees I already realized the problem. The block had been so easy to kick away because the door hadn’t dropped back down when I let go to scoot under it. It was stuck, and as I stood up and started pulling on the other side, it immediately became clear that neither me nor Holliman’s frenzied yanks and kicks were doing much good.
“Back here! There are tires! Wedge them under!”
Mrs. Graves’ voice was soft but strident, cutting through my panic as I followed her words to the back wall of the garage. There were several stacks of old tires back there, including several truck tires big enough to block the door gap if put end to end. Holliman ran with me to the back, yanking tires down and sliding them across the concrete floor to jam them into the space between the ground and the edge of the door. They were on the other side, clawing and pounding and laughing their heads off as they told us to let them in, but either they didn’t catch on that we were plugging the hole they could crawl through or they just didn’t care. A couple of minutes later we had five tires jammed across the opening, with the last bit of space partially blocked by a heavy-duty hand truck we stuffed into the corner and ran through with chain to the last tire so it wouldn’t be easily removed.
Yet for all that, I knew it would only take a few minutes for the mob to dismantle our defenses, and that’s assuming they couldn’t force the door up themselves. I looked over and saw the same worries on the faces of Holliman and Graves.
She looked past me and nodded towards the far corner. “There’s a door back there. You better go close it in case they come in that way.”
Turning fast, I saw what she meant—an open door that seemed to lead to the store part of the gas station. Heart in my throat, I went to the door and peered through it. The store itself still seemed empty and intact, but I could see more and more people gathering outside. I jerked backward, afraid they might see me through the glass despite the darkness inside the store, but peeking back out a few moments later, there was no sign that they had. Still, they’d seen us go in here, right? Why weren’t they coming in after us?
Stepping back through the door and closing it behind me, I quietly slid over a mechanic’s creeper and propped it under the knob before turning back to my employers. Holliman had managed to tourniquet Mrs. Graves’ upper arm with her belt and bandage her forearm with a strip from his shirt, and while the strip of cloth was already turning red with blood, it was definitely an improvement from how she’d looked a few minutes earlier. Other, of course, from the fact that she looked as terrified as I felt.
I walked back over to them, keeping my voice low. “Why aren’t they coming in? There’s more around on the store side, but they weren’t even really looking in through the windows. It’s like they forgot we’re in here.”
Holliman grimaced and gave a nod. “That’s probably exactly what has happened. We need to be very careful to not make noise or let them see us.”
I frowned at him. “But how does that work? Are they like so crazy or brain-damaged that they don’t remember chasing us in here just now?”
Graves shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. Based on what we’ve seen and what we know, they may be insane, but they retain a large degree of sophistication. I think this is just…well, a measure of protection we’re being provided by our service, even here.”
I felt a flare of anger at her carefully chosen words. “Oh, so more magic from ‘our service’? And what exactly do we serve again? Because I seem to always miss out on that part.”
Holliman started turning red. “Clint, now is not…”
I raised my hand and cut him off. “Fuck it. Just save your bullshit. You’re actually right. We’re about to die, and I’d rather focus on that not happening. Any ideas?” I glanced between the two of them. “Either of you?”
A look passed between them and then Holliman glanced toward the shadowy back corner of the garage. “I don’t think there’s another way out of here, but even if there was, they’d just be after us again as soon as we ran. But if they’re that discombobulated…Clint, how many do you think are out there right now?”
I shook my head. “Shit, I don’t know. There were probably thirty or forty following us, right? And another twelve or fifteen trying to cut us off.” I glanced back toward the store side of the gas station. But when I was closing the door I could see out the windows pretty good and…yeah, there are still more coming.”
Holliman fluttered his hand in frustration. “Yes, I understand. But how many? By your best guess?”
Scowling, I gave a shrug. “I don’t know. Probably a hundred or more if none of them are leaving again.”
He gave me a grim smile. “Good. That may be enough.”
“Enough for what?”
Wiping his forehead, he gestured up at the fluorescent light sullenly illuminating the dingy garage we were in. “Have you wondered about the electricity? Not every place has power it seems, but some do. And where is that coming from? Is there an active power plant within the bubble of this place, filled with giggling electricians and engineers that are keeping the lights on? Or are there power lines running outside the bubble to where time and nature move differently? Some kind of life line to the world outside this…” he waved around at the garage, his face contorted with disgust. “This insane hell?” He waggled a finger. “No. Neither. The thing that has taken this place and its people is keeping the lights on. Keeping the people asleep until now, feeding on their dreams and using a bit of that power to maintain certain things for whatever reasons. Perhaps to more easily lure in the occasional traveler, though that’s just a guess. And it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it takes resources, and the more dreamers we take from it, the weaker it will become.”
I rolled my eyes. “Well, no shit. But I don’t think these fuckers are going to let us get near them with the eyedropper. And they don’t look too sleepy either.”
Holliman started to give an angry reply when Mrs. Graves put a hand on his arm and my own. “When they were in that dream state, the Elixir was the only way to end that connection. If we had simply gone around and killed them, their deaths would have provided a powerful boost to this thing, perhaps more than just letting it feed on them until they could no longer be sustained. It would have been akin to a ritual sacrifice.”
I felt my stomach twist as I saw where this was heading. “And now?”
She let out a long, tired sigh. “Now? Now it has had to wake up part of them. Sacrificing the power of their dreams to create a standing army to eliminate a threat—us. Unless and until they sleep again, that power is lost.”
Holliman cut in. “And if you’re right, and there are a hundred or more out there, and given those we’ve already dosed, we could move past the breaking point in one fell swoop.”
I stared at her. “You’re talking about killing them, aren’t you? Murdering a hundred people.”
Graves shook her head. “No. Not murder. Self-defense. They will kill us eventually, and in horrible ways. This place…we’re trapped here. Hard as it may be to hear, it’s going to be either them or us.”
Holliman snorted. “Enough of this. We can moralize after we’re no longer in danger.” He pointed to the abandoned sedan sitting in the far corner of the garage. “Clint, go look for gas and oil. If you can’t find much, see if you can syphon some from that car. I’d guess we’ll need at least twenty gallons to spray them all down.”
I backed up a step. “What’re you talking about? You’re going to walk out there and what? Spray them down with oil and gas and set them on fire?”
He chuckled. “No. That’d be suicide. Don’t be an idiot.” He pointed to a skylight above the sedan. “I’m going to have you pry that open and we’ll go onto the roof and spray it down on them. If we’re careful and they don’t see us, they may just let us do it until it’s too late. But first you need to find something liquid that will burn.”
I looked back at Graves. “And you’re okay with this?”
She looked on the edge of tears. “I’m not okay with any of this, but we don’t have a choice. We have a job to do, and they will kill us otherwise. Please Clint.”
Holliman looked ready to argue further, but I cut him off. “Save it. I’m doing this because you’re both right, but that doesn’t mean I like it.”
He nodded. “I appreciate that. I feel the same way. Will you please go find us some flammables while I stay with Gracie?”
“Sure…I…yeah, sure.”
The garage was big enough to hold two cars at a time, but with only the one slot occupied, I didn’t think there’d be much to really search. Most of the walls were lined with tools, and there were miscellaneous pieces of equipment along the perimeter, but it wasn’t until I started around the car that I saw something of interest.
It was a pair of feet.
I let out a gasp and started to back away, but something stopped me. This…wasn’t right. The feet were laying at a weird angle and looked…lifeless. Taking a couple of steps forward, I could see more of the man’s body.
He had clearly been dead awhile, though it was to tell how long in this place, and it wasn’t hard to see how he’d died. A box cutter still lay clasped in his withered hand, stained from the gash he’d put in his own neck at the end. I thought about the cinder block at the door and wondered if he was the one that had put that there, maybe hoping someone else would come along and rescue him for a time before he gave up hope.
Tears springing to my eyes, I looked over at his other hand. It was a plastic grocery bag, and inside were the dried ruins of what had probably once been half an ice cream cake, along with plastic plates, candles, and other party supplies. Jesus. This looks like he was going to his kid’s birthday party.
I stumbled back a step before my eyes caught on a large metal drum in the corner. Black painted letters were stenciled along the side, with the first line saying “50 gal”. Below that, was a longer line. “Waste Oil.” Stepping cautionly by the poor dead man, I gingerly rocked it. It felt most of the way full. Sighing, I looked back down at the birthday bag.
When I came back around, Graves and Holliman were looking at me with expectant desperation. I nodded. “I found a drum back here. I think it has like thirty or forty gallons of old oil in there.” I threw a small plastic bag at Holliman’s chest. Flinching, he fumblingly grabbed it and looked at it before giving me a sullen stare.
“Party balloons?” His face split into a grin as he began to laugh softly. “Oh, I see. Yes. That should work well. Yes, yes.”
“Yeah. Let’s just…let’s hurry and get this done. Come help me get the barrel out.”
Easing up from his spot next to Mrs. Graves, he bustled over past me, still chuckling. “Sure thing, chief. Time for a fire tonight!”
Frowning at him, I turned to look back at Graves, her eyes wide and more fearful than when we’d barely escaped the mob outside. She was mouthing something to me, lips trembling as she tried to enunciate each word clearly across the shadowy space.
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2023.03.25 03:34 cl2121 Advice

So, I’m a 19f and I’ve been lifting for around a year and a half now. I’m at m second gym since I’ve started my fitness journey , it’s a widely known commercial gym with memberships starting at $10/mo. Today I went at an irregular time for myself, late afternoon. I’m usually an early morning gym goer, but my schedule was a little off today. Meaning unfamiliar faces and a little bit more of an immature crowd(not everyone but more teens/ not people going to work in the am that are as serious at 7am)Besides the point I put on my normal gym shorts and large r shirt; my shorts are I guess a little shorter than the last time I’ve worn them, probably because of my leg gains if I would have to guess. Anyway, I started doing my squat warmup with the bar and my whole backside was facing the leg machines and trash can, they’re in line with me but a little bit of a distance away. I noticed in the mirror a man near the trash can/leg machine with his phone facing vertically up towards me , so I could see his back camera towards me in the mirror. He then or is phone down normally and started laughing wit the people he was with, almost as he was watching a photo or video. For context I was trying low bar squats today, obviously the form is a little different looking than normal back squats. I don’t want to make any accusations so I didn’t say anything, but I have this weird pit in my stomach about it. I’m aware it’s a public gym so filming anyone is technically legal, but this makes me feel degraded as a woman. Should I be concerned? Should I reach out to the gym to report him? Or am I maybe being over dramatic? I’m sorry if this isn’t the normal post in this group, I just feel as though I don’t have many other support options on this
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2023.03.25 03:31 snitchesgetstitchess We Ran Into Eachother 🤦🏼‍♀️

We were on and off for ten years, he broke up with me about two months ago, and we’ve been no contact three weeks.
I never saw him in public while we were dating, but today we pulled into the same gas station at the same time. As if. He checked out in line right before me and he gave me an angry look when he left. Yet he’s the one who cheated on me and is now in a relationship lol.
Just really odd how things happen sometimes.
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2023.03.25 03:28 Grouchy-Ad-6187 Feeling so depressed and heartbroken. I don’t know if I will ever get over her.

I(m29) have trust issues and feel like the girl(f25) im seeing is using me for money and manipulating me
I live in the US and met this girl(call her emily)who lives in Poland, online
She would randomly ask me for money and I would send some. Eventually we stopped playing games bc she said her laptop broke. We agreed that I should fly over to see her so we can meet and see if things work.
I fly out this past October. One night we go the the bar and she talks to a guy for 30 min and doesn’t include me in the convo. I get jealous and tell her I’m going back to the Airbnb. She follows me and we get into an argument bc I took this whole trip to see her and it felt like she flirted with someone else right in front of me. She said she was being nice and they exchanged phones bc he said she spoke good English and offered her a job opportunity. We both cry and talk and apologize and she stays over at the Airbnb and we have sex(im the second person she has ever did it with bc she got raped by her ex).
Next morning she leaves. We are supposed to hang out later that day, but she texted me that her grandma got sick so she took the train back to her hometown and can’t see me rest of of trip. She also told me that she only sees me as a friend and nothing more. So in my head, I thought maybe she was using that as an excuse not to hang out with me the rest of the trip. I got home sick so I flew back home.
I tried to make conversation with her on WhatsApp, but her responses were very short or one worded so I felt like she needed space. So all I said was I hope everything gets better with your grandma and your family. All she responded was with OK. I felt like she tried to end the conversation so I didn’t respond back. A week later, she texted me that she’s very disappointed in me for not checking up on her because her grandma died. We get into an argument and I say I did wish her the best but I wanted to give her space and that I’m sorry to hear about her grandma. We slowly started talking on ‎WhatsApp again and we decided that we should be friends still but I told her that this friendship should have no money involved in it.
I saw her playing a game online and asked her to play the next day and she said her laptop just broke today. A few days before Christmas. She starts messaging me a lot, so I get my hopes up that maybe she’s into me so we text back-and-forth all day but at the end of the day, She asked me if I could help her pay rent. I initially tell her I don’t feel comfortable since we said our friendship shouldn’t be revolved around money, but she keeps begging. I ask her for her TikTok because I wanted to add her and she said her username is the same as all of her other socials. Instead, I find her instagram and I start looking through it and then a minute later she puts it on private. I find it kind of suspicious. We argue. Either way, she promised she’s not hiding anything and she keeps begging for the money so I sent it to her. Also before I sent the money, she said she wants me to fly back up there to see her again so she has a clear mind this time to see if we are compatible. So I book a flight for this April coming up. The next day, She starts texting slow and I ask her, “Hey what’s happening”? And responds with an excuse her mom just had ankle surgery so has been busy with family. Again we are texting slow until one day next month she starts texting me fast. Again the convo ends with her asking for help with rent money and I send her some. Again she text slow the next days and has another excuse why.
February’s comes and the process repeats.
Now it’s the beginning of this month. I message her on WhatsApp and she gets on the app but doesn’t open my message for a long time. I get upset and cross the line. Before I tell you what i say, I know i shouldn’t have said this or assume but I messed up. I assumed her type was Korean even this she told me she didn’t have a type. So when I get mad about her not opening my message but being on the app, I say something along the lines of “isn’t it cool when you send a message but the person is on app and doesn’t open the message? And I feel like you lied to me about your type and you like Koreans”. Emily responds with stuff like where the hell did that come from and why would you say that? How dare you think I’m a girl obsessed with Korean guys. I said that bc I didn’t want to waste both of our times if I wasn’t her type. So i feel bad and respond with many apologies. She doesn’t open my message for 5 days and then finally says she forgives me. I then promised her to never do that again.
Then next day she messaged me saying she will message me later bc her mom and her got into a physical and verbal fight so she is staying wit her friend for now and she doesn’t have a charger. Day after she sends me picture of her bruises. She then doesn’t message me until way later the next day but in Snapchat instead of what’s app saying her phone got stolen at train station so she is borrowing her friends phone.
Last week she messages me alot again one day and ask for money again. I sent it and the next days she starts texting me once every 20 hours again. I ask her why she disappeared and she said she feels weird and sick so she has been sleeping all day. The next day she said it was covid. She has been texting slow the whole week saying all she has been doing is sleeping but I see her on social media. I start getting upset so I ask if she can talk on the phone for 5 minutes and she says why do you need to talk? I get more upset and say bc every time you need money, you talk to me a lot. Then after I send money, something always comes up where you can barley talk. It feels shitty and i don’t know what to say. She responds and gets mad saying you always question what I say and do, and I’m tired. Im tired of always having to reassure you. Like you Promised you would stop. I apologize again and she says “You always promise you’ll stop and when you say something, I get mad and you apologize bc you are scared im gonna leave and that’s doesn’t feel sincere to me. I don’t wanna build anything with anyone who can’t trust me or questions everything I say”. I apologize again but she hasn’t opened my Snapchat since I sent it 24 hours ago. She hasn’t blocked me either.
My trip to see her is in 13 days and is not refundable. My sister and friends tell me i need to stop being insecure but also she is using me. Im soo sad, I feel like I messed up any chance at this relationship. I feel like she will never open my messages and is done with me based off her last message of not wanting to build anything with someone who can’t trust her. If she is done with me, why hasn’t she blocked me?
TLDR: I have trust issues and always needs reassurance from her. I feel like she is using me for money. I get upset when she texts me alot I’m the days she needs money but the days after there is barely any communication
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2023.03.25 03:25 QuantumMick WeskerBeard pt5

Hello all, I hope you've been well, this story is going to lean more into WeskerBeard's darker machinations, so as you can tell this is going to be something a bit more of a "against the wall worthy" story. The cast mainly consists of me, Sapphire and WeskerBeard, but it does have a few others that were mentioned in prior stories.
Soooo, gather one, gather all as I tell you a strange tale of a rather fetid person, who could churn your gut like a milk maid does to milk. This retelling is from a time when the three of us decided to go out to a pub in the town, where WeskerBeard made my skin crawl like I had maggots writhing under it.
This tale starts much like the others in where I meet up with Sapphire and WeskerBeard at his parents house, surprisingly on this visit my interactions went well with his family, until his brother opened his stupid mouth. As I entered the house I greeted Trotter and Hog who dwelled in there own squalor almost merging with their chairs, as they sat staring at different screens only a meter or two away from one another they merely gave a grunt of acknowledgment, if I wanted to interact with these beings I'd have to get closer to them, close enough I could smell something that the smoke had covered up, as I got closer to Trotter the tainted air around him was, foul, like someone who would rather wash their hair with piss than shampoo, as they was afraid of dissolving away down the plug hole. This is when the boss of the house, or so he thought, decided to grace the room while spewing his verbal diarrhoea.
RB: Oh hey Mick, what are you doing here?
M: I'm just waiting for WeskerBeard and Sapphire to be done, as were going out for a bit.
RB: (Trying to push my buttons) 'how can you be friends with Sapphire knowing she gets shagged by WeskerBeard'
Well before I could retort with a remark that he sounds jealous and is probably getting bored of his hand with a dick shaped rut in it, Hog spoke up and shut him down.
H: RAGEBABY!, Don't be so disgusting talking about a woman like that.
Then Trotter added to the outburst.
T: How many times do I have to tell you to watch your mouth!?.
Ragebaby looking slightly deflated gathered his food, and slunk off up to his hovel to probably argue with kids in forums, or masturbate to something on the Internet.
Thankfully, WeskerBeard came down not to long after Ragebaby had skulked off with his food, as he entered the kitchen he gave me a flourished greeting and called me to head upstairs with him. I gave his parents a quick nod and said bye. Walking onto the stairs I dodged around clothing and other items that were just left on the floor, it felt like I was avoiding explosives in a minefield.
Walking passed the rooms that held their inhabitants I quickly looked in at Hermit gave him a wave as I passed, walking into his room feeling the carpet crunch for unknown reasons. Greeting Maniabeard I walked over to the other side of the room towards WeskerBeard's side as his brother followed me with his head as I walked on, not being subtle in the least as he craned his necked to hear us talk better.
S: I'm nearly ready, you look nice Mick.
M: 'Thanks, you're not too bad yourself' I said with a playful tone
M: What are you going out in WeskerBeard?
WB: Oh, my coat and this
By 'this' he was refering to his old dirty hoody that stank to high heaven, it had holes and multiple stains, and his jeans stains were trying to compete with the ones on his hoody, I nodded as I wasn't going to say anything. Sapphire told me that she had asked him to "put something clean on", but he decided that going to a pub full of people, smelling like he was unable to wipe while looking like he couldn't eat properly was the correct attire for a public setting.
After we were all ready, we set off for the bus stop, not having to wait too long for our bus to arrive. Within a few minutes we were seated and on our way into town. Unfortunately this time the traffic was heavy making the journey much longer and with WeskerBeard's wittering, he gushed on about Sapphire's RDR roleplay character, how she was "sexy" in one breath, then quickly changed to whining about how her character wasn't instantly fucking his character's brain out, not that he had that much to lose as it was. Sapphire retorted back to him "she'll go for who she finds the most interesting, that could even be a random stable hand you never know", WeskerBeard frowned at the thought of his Girlfriend's pretend character getting railed in the stables, I laughed at his agitation to Sapphire's statement. Looking over at me he asked my thoughts on the roleplay, so I answered him and talked to Sapphire also until we arrived in town getting off near our pub of choice.
Heading over to the large wooden double doors I pryed them open and held it for Sapphire, with WeskerBeard trailing in behind her after moaning he couldn't have a smoke yet as we had wanted to get some drinks in first, the pub was full of the normal types you could expect in an english pub, heading over to a few seats and getting settled in before going to the bar and getting a few drinks, after the first round WeskerBeard started to loosen up and talk more, freely, and these were things he should of kept to himself, like how he was getting aroused with Sapphire and just wanted "bend her over" he still had this idea in his head that we should have a threesome, I didn't know what to say to him with this.
M: Mate I like her, but I'm not going to do something she doesn't want to.
WB: Laughing, 'well yeah of course not' he said fiddling with his hands.
Feeling uncomfortable from how he spoke about my friend, I took a large gulp of my pint and told him I needed to use the toilet, quickly getting up I headed towards the bathrooms. As I passed Sapphire she told me she was "heading outside" with WeskerBeard. So, after finishing up I set a course for the outside seating area.
Getting through the doors I noticed WeskerBeard was smoking while sitting next to Sapphire, noticing me she waved me over trying to keep away from the smoke. I sat down next to WeskerBeard, I was handed a drink, I thanked Sapphire and turned to WeskerBeard who was desperately taking large drags of his cig like it was his only life line.
After a while Sapphire pardoned herself to go to the toilets and abandoned me to WeskerBeard. He had by now drank enough to get loose lips, turning to me he muttered.
WB: 'Hey Mick did you know, that Axel had a little brother'. In case you didn't know Axel was his anthro wolf character.
M: looking over at him a bit confused 'um, no I didn't, don't think you mentioned it before mate' I replied as I took another swig
WB: Checking over his shoulder then turning back to me, 'yeah he does', sometimes he gets a few of Sapphire's potions, an age potion and a sex change potion, he gets him to drink them then fucks him'.
He said this to me with a shit eating grin on his face, like he thought I would enjoy what he said, but no, no I did not like it. What he told me, fucking disgusted me.
From talking to Sapphire later on, she told me that her character wouldn't have those type of 'potions', as she had no "need for them", and the whole his "brother" idea, it was a lie as Alfie was just a small drawing that Sapphire drew one time and gave it the name. WeskerBeard had taken the character on as an incestual younger brother, without Sapphire's knowledge but this wouldn't be the only time that he would act this way, but Sapphire may have to fill you all in with that at a later time.
Getting back to that night though, my blood ran cold, as a chill ran down my back like I had just dove into a pile of snow in the nude, I couldn't get any words out as I was in shock at what just assaulted my ears, as these may have been just imaginary characters, but these were his thoughts and they were as fetid as his teeth.
As I was recovering Sapphire came back and took a seat near us, I wanted to tell her but couldn't find the time to do so in the night and still feel guilty to this day for it, (although Sapphire says she understands it was a hard thing to talk about).
We headed back inside not too long afterwards, we took up some space near the jukebox system and played a few personal favourites, like Rob Zombie's 'Dragula' (my choice as the new Twisted Metal trailer featured it). Not too long after WeskerBeard pushed Sapphire against the pillar that the system was attached to, he held her face and gave her a large kiss, this pissed her off as she dislikes PDAs, seeing this irritated me, as if he hadn't just told me about his twisted fantasy.
The rest of the night went well, then as we had drunk enough for this outing, we decided to get going back to our homes.
This next part isn't long enough to fit into a story of it's own, but I'll just squeeze it in here as more evidence of him being sick in the head.
This takes place in the same location just on a different night, we were a few drinks in by this time, sat in the corner at the back away from most people. We started talking about adult things, as close friends sometimes do we were discussing our 'kinks' not to long into the convo, Sapphire had gone to get WeskerBeard and herself another drink leaving me alone with him as she couldn't trust him with the bank card, as he was hopeless at times, by this I was told that if he had 'control' he would spend all of their money, on games.
Yet again he chose this to be the best time to lean in and tell me more of his little secrets.
WB: Hey Mick can I tell you something?
M: Moving to lean in to hear him better and nodding, 'Yeah sure, what is it?'
WB: Glancing around ' I like kids' he chuckled as his breath hit my nose smelling like he'd just eaten old carrion.
M: Snapping at him as people were near by, but thankfully not close enough to hear him 'What the fuck do you mean you by that?' I said with a growl behind my words
WB: Noticing my tone panicked 'urm, I-I mean like 17 year olds you know'
Even though I had a few drinks in me I wasn't drunk enough to let this comment slide, this time and when he stalked off to the toilets, I informed Sapphire of what he had said when she came back. She couldn't her me properly over the music playing and she had developed a small ear infection thar dampened her hearing. I chose to tell her when we went outside where there wasn't as much noise.
Unfortunately WeskerBeard came back and for some unknown reason, he was glued to her hip all night, making it hard to let her know, but I managed to do so while out of ear shot from WeskerBeard, to which Sapphire looked in total shock. I was informed that later on, when we parted ways. She had given him both barrels, as he rightfully deserved.
Well this is it for this part. I hope I gave you a good enough, anger endusing tale of cringe, that might of got him against "The wall", with that said.
Keep well and stay safe, your OP Mick.
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2023.03.25 03:22 BadTakeBrian Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential

Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential
I should start by saying that the search for a company like Enterprise began under the following pretense: I have a bearish view of where I think broad markets are going by the end of 2023 and wanted somewhere to hide out while still maintaining the potential to double my investment under any broad market scenario.
Enterprise Group fits that bill. The Company is a niche energy service company that provides site infrastructure services to remote western Canadian production sites for pipelines, construction and oil and gas sectors in western Canada. I believe Enterprise is a fantastic and deeply overlooked company fit for retail investors (like me) who have the ability to enter a position ahead of institutions catching hold of the name.
The core thesis on Enterprise is:
- Low correlation to broad markets
- High growth and 30% cash flow yield
- Healthy balance sheet providing ~$20M in dry powder for potential non-dilutive M&A
- Share buyback in place to support stock
- Unique low-emission fleet of equipment to grow market share
- Structural market expansion

Enterprise was founded in 2004, though as it stands today, is a much leaner and higher growth business compared to what it was in the last bull market for energy in 2008-2014. Where many competitors went out of business during the bear market between 2014-2021, Enterprise wisely divested from lower margin business units, preserved its balance sheet and due to its unique fleet of equipment – was able to maintain cash flow positive during this time. M&A is part of the corporate DNA of Enterprise and has had a successful track record on that front.
While others were still reeling from previous years downturn or still trying to repair their balance sheets in 2020/2021, Enterprise was able to utilize the strength of its balance sheet and positive cash flows to countercyclically invest into new business units to position themselves for the eventual return of energy markets we are now experiencing. A great example of this is the launch of Evolution Power in 2022, which offers a fleet of low-emission microgrids that power the entire production site with natural gas, replacing diesel generators. In doing so, EP reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, gives Enterprise higher margins, is safer and more efficient for the customer. As one of the few “green options” in the energy sector, they are becoming the first choice for larger oil and gas clients subject to Canada’s “heavy emitter” penalties.

The large majority of Enterprise’s sales are derived from western Canadian energy producers, with a greater share of natural gas producers compared to oil producers within its book of clients. Though Enterprise profits have less commodity risk than their actual producing clients, the Company nevertheless is derivatively exposed to energy prices (though I believe there are some factors that reduce the correlation that I will get into later). After years of producers not investing into large exploration projects due to ESG mandates, regulations and low prices, the outlook on energy markets looks extremely promising for producers and has already begun to see a notable uptick in production levels that are expected to continue for a market that looks undersupplied in years ahead.
More specifically to Enterprise’s western Canadian market, there are some very visible demand drivers on the horizon based on new pipeline capacity that provide a near certain increase in demand for services like Enterprise. This demand is structured within tens of billions of dollars of sunk infrastructure capital to provide a roadmap of oil and gas (mostly gas) production expansion in western Canada. Beginning in 2023 with the completion of NGTL network expansion (gas) and TMX pipeline (oil), there will continue to be major new export capacity to come online nearly every year this decade, with recent first nations LNG projects advancing on the west coast.
For Canadian gas producers, the pipelines will allow them to access higher priced Asian markets, where prices are often multiples of those received in Canada or the US. You can bet there is going to be prompt increases to production to ship whatever they can to those markets, given the preferred economics.

Enterprise just recently released their full year 2022 financials March 20, 2023, where they posted fantastic results. Rather than do a deep dive into financials today, will simply share some important highlights and suggest reviewing their financials below: (https://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?lang=EN&issuerNo=00020838)
Additional items:
- Bought back 1.8M shares in 2022
- Secured US OTC listing to increase access to US investors
- Renewed buyback program
- Available tax losses of $0.17/share
- Purchased $5.6M of new equipment
- Subsequently signed one of largest contracts in company history in Jan 2023

Share Structure
Enterprise currently has 50.3M shares outstanding, with another 5M options exercisable at $0.45. Notably, management/board were buyers in the open market over the last few years and now hold over 40% of all shares outstanding.
This is where I think it gets uniquely attractive for us retail investors.
Since the last energy cycle, nearly all of the research analysts that covered the sector have moved on, meaning the few analysts left covering the space are focused on large-cap players and there are none covering companies the size of Enterprise. There is a window for retail to build a position in a hugely profitable company with a tight share structure subject to a potential squeeze before institutions begin to take notice.
Finally – and maybe most importantly – 2022 saw a unique trading dynamic occur due to a large shareholder selling down their position. This shareholder accidentally accumulated a >10% ownership position, unknowingly triggering a requirement to file any purchase/sale of stock (see sedi filings to confirm). That shareholder then spent the entire year reducing their position below 10% but because there was not a large float of shares trading hands, effectively put a ceiling on the stock the entire year and single-handedly compressed the multiple. This does not appear to have been done with ill intent but explains why the stock bounced between a floor of around $0.38 (supported by the buyback) and $0.42 (where the shareholder was selling) despite everything going right for the company operationally. In January, the company bought back the final tranche of shares needed to get that shareholder below the 10% threshold, thereby clearing the way for share price to better track the improving cash flow of the company.

Enterprise is currently trading at a deeply discounted valuation and historically low multiple, which is ironic considering this may be the best market they've ever operated in. As a particular point of reference, a comparison below for the 2020-2022 periods for EV/EBITDA and some other metrics that could influence the deserved multiple such as growth, profitability, and credit risk. I’ve also already listed a few reasons to be bullish on their future market (pipelines coming online beginning this year), which is consistent with management’s outlook from their MD&A that “…customers have indicated they will continue to operate at increased activities through the remainder of the year”. Though a 10-11x multiple shouldn't be expected moving forward, you can see the impact of having a large shareholder exiting with a small float and how a lack of share price movement can lose investor attention. Over the course of a year, Enterprise added over $5M in EBITDA (+175%) and barely saw its valuation change at all!

*2022 year using current share price
At a current 4.2x EV/EBITDA, Enterprise is trading far below the 6x it has traded in previous cycles and which seems very reasonable as a base case scenario. It would take very little notional buying for that re-rate to occur and for those able to establish a position at these prices, it would represent a 74% return.

Finally, if Enterprise is seen through a different valuation lens**, the company just released in their earnings that equity holders would be due $0.68/share ($0.39 current share price) if the company simply sold all of their equipment at book value.** Multiple arguments to show that Enterprise is undervalued.

Enterprise has a strong outlook on market fundamentals to support top line growth, increasing pricing power to maintain/increase margins and new revenue potential coming online with equipment additions.
Given history of M&A activity, balance sheet flexibility and the fact some targets are still not fully recovered from 2014-2021 period, it would be very surprising if the company did not make one or more acquisitions in the near-future. Management has said as much on their recent twitter spaces interview.
Fortunately for equity holders, management does not have to dilute shareholders while its equity remains undervalued. With $20M in unused credit at their disposal (their current market cap), they would have the ability to make a material acquisition without needing any equity at all. Even if they were to make an even larger acquisition, their debt providers are Ninepoint Partners (via Waygar Capital), who are home to none other than Eric Nuttall, who is the largest and most bullish energy fund manager on earth. You can bet that if the right target came along with the right assets/cash flow, Ninepoint would be more than happy to increase the size of that facility if they aren’t able to secure some seller's financing. If we assume a slight liquidity discount on a PrivateCo acquisition, $20M at 3x EV/EBITDA could buy around $6-7M of incremental EBITDA, effectively doubling the “cash flow” of the company before considering any synergies. Prospect of cross-selling new rental equipment would be high.
If something like this came to pass and they grew to a $15M EBITDA business, there would undoubtedly be a whole new supply of small institutions that would be interested and could be an attractive buyout candidate for private equity, who they’re currently competing with for acquisitions.

Commodity Risk:
This being the most obvious risk to the company. If we were to go back to the dark ages (2014-2021), there would be a material impact on Enterprise financials. I believe commodity risk for Enterprise is mitigated for 3 reasons:
  1. A decade of underinvestment in global energy supplies has the entire spectrum of energy prognosticators projecting supply deficits for oil and continued growth in global natural gas demand. Continued regulatory hurdles, ESG capital restrictions, end of US shale hypergrowth, and return-of-capital mandates by EnergyCo shareholders make it less likely we see reckless supply additions. Adding to that, we’ve now got China reopening, OPEC defending prices, and US supposedly refilling the SPR at some point (we’ll see).
  2. Infrastructure Developments: Canada has abundant reserves, with some of the cleanest and lowest-cost natural gas in the world with a painful lack of export capacity. A number of pipeline and LNG export facilities are set to come online, incentivizing a production increase to fill that pipeline. To me, this is the most powerful reason why I believe Enterprise has much lower commodity risk and has been repeated by recent research put out by RBC on the prospects of NE BC natural gas outlook.
  3. Tier 1 Client Book: Enterprise’s clients are some of the largest energy producers in North America, meaning they plan their development programs with a multi-year outlook that is less sensitive to short term price action. Further, many of its clients are actual providing the supply for LNG Canada (Sinopec, Petronas,
Market Downturn:
No doubt we are entering a period of uncertainty, with global liquidity being reduced and the risk of recession on the horizon. I think this should be viewed in two ways:
  1. Operations: Looking back, more often than not a significant global recession is more likely to reduce the rate of growth in oil demand rather than actually reducing demand. Natural gas is mostly used for heating and electricity generation, making it relatively inelastic as well. Global GDP is also more evenly spread between OECD and non-OECD, meaning growing countries like India will be less responsive to tightening financial conditions.
  2. Share Price: Enterprise is tracking towards a trailing 4x EV/EBITDA, with structural growth catalysts on the horizon (ie. pipelines) and excess cash flow available for buybacks. Even in a market panic, it is likely cash flows can continue to grow, providing continued support to the share price via buybacks.
  3. Recent meltdown in energy markets had almost no impact on Enterprise share price and would suspect that increased buybacks would be there for support if share price were to slide further.
It is the risk-adjusted return with fundamentals to back it up that make Enterprise special within the micro-cap space.

  1. Operating conditions look very strong for the company based on energy cycle and the foundation of new pipeline-related production increases in western Canada.
  2. Enterprise is a pure-play on western Canada with major well-capitalized nat gas clients poised for growth.
  3. Small size and cap structure provide potential for significant torque in share price.
  4. Enterprise has debt flexibility such that they don’t need to dilute equity at these valuations if M&A opportunities arise.
  5. Extremely profitable with 30%+ cash flow yield and optionality for buybacks or further investment in expanding equipment fleet for evolution power.
  6. Significant selling pressure from large shareholder has now ended after tendering shares to treasury in January 2023.
  7. A single large new shareholder has potential to re-rate the stock to base case of 6x EV/EBITDA multiple.
  8. Equity re-rate and M&A could see this company become very large, very quickly – drawing further flows of capital to the name at sufficient scale or be a prime takeout candidate for PE.
I own shares in Enterprise. This is not financial advise. Please do your own due diligence.
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2023.03.25 03:22 Blursed-Penguin No Rest for the Wicked 20



In keeping with the long-standing tradition of militaries around the world to never actually finish doing anything, the end of the initial invasion of Omen was declared on that day. Not the end of hostilities, nor of combat, nor even of major combat operations. The end of the initial invasion. The backs of their forces on-world had been broken, but they were far from done fighting.

Darren wasn’t too enthused.

The order to scramble came just as he finished unloading crates of supplies from the newest freighter into the system. Sighing, he grabbed his rifle and ran for the hangar deck of the Bunker Hill, donning his armor on the way. The Dark Sparrow sat fueling on the deck, about half of the platoon already aboard. Once on himself, Darren learned the circumstances of what had happened.

A number of servicemen had gone rogue while on duty in Omen’s capital, holing up in a building and detonating a canister of chlorine gas. Dozens of civilians were already dead, and they had warded off all attempts by military police to apprehend them.

“Brainwashed?” Darren turned to Pavlov.

“Yeah, definitely.” Pavlov said, consulting a flash card containing the signs of Poslushi neuroforming. It had been noticed that the brainwashed had an eerie calm about them, but were otherwise hard to detect, being nearly identical to their prior selves. Darren wondered when the government would stop panicking about national security and declassify the whole thing about brainwashing.

The helicopter lifted off the ground and started the somewhat short flight towards the capital, apparently named High Unlerin. It was already visible on the horizon; for a major city, it wasn’t very large. Then, Darren saw that it actually blended into the surrounding forest, concrete and metal fading into lumber and dirt roads. The city center was built in the flowy, vibrant style of the Poslushi; the previous had probably been demolished to make room. However, the Poslushi were far more regular in their construction than the Ovinis, making the Rangers’ jobs easier.

Poslushi cities were built in a honeycomb style, which made them horrendous for automobile traffic but otherwise efficient for saving space. It made sense, considering the Poslushi had no wheeled vehicles, using nimble, legged machines in the place of cars. Each city “block” was its own building, constructed in a rough spire shape, sometimes with a statue or similar art piece to top the towers.

This particular one was bright blue, with a structure composed of multiple parts that stretched upward and melded together like wisps of flame. However, it was partially obscured at the ground level by a cloud of sickly yellow-green gas, and a multitude of dark, limp forms lay strewn about. The whole block had been cordoned off, with barriers and hazard-suited guards abound.

“Jesus. Why would they kill their own citizens?” Pavlov mused, gazing down at the numerous corpses below.

“My best guess is scorched earth or maybe trying to induce some sort of terrorism to make our jobs harder.” Simmons proposed, shrugging.

“Well, it isn’t anything we can’t solve with a little bit of elbow grease and judicious application of firepower. Nothing like 8.5mm to dissuade the bad guys, eh?” Sparrow remarked.

“Nothing indeed.” Darren said. The helicopter hovered over the building, its doors sliding open and the lights on the roof flashing green.

“Go, go, go!” Pavlov barked, donning his gas mask and leaping from the Dark Sparrow. The rest followed shortly after, Darren’s heart leaping into his throat before his jetpack kicked on and sent him gently drifting into the asphalt. The gas mask was hot and not well-ventilated, but it was better than the water in his lungs turning to hydrochloric acid and dissolving him from the inside out. At least it wasn’t VX or some equally-terrible nerve agent.

Darren loaded and primed his rifle, finding the rest of his platoon and regrouping. Once gathered, they split up into their combat teams, spreading out to cover all entrances to the building. Darren, Pavlov, and Simmons went to the south doors, while two six-man teams breached the other, more heavily-trapped entrances. Darren ran his hands over the door, checking for anything that could indicate a trap or mine. Nothing.

Cringing, he mustered his courage and ripped the door open, expecting the entrance to explode. It didn’t, somehow. Darren leaned over, rifle brandished–

Thwip. A bullet whizzed past Darren’s head, the shot sounding a fraction of a second later. Yelping, Darren ducked back behind the doorframe as Pavlov discharged a shot from his grenade launcher. The shell exploded in a burst of light and sound, and Darren entered shortly afterward, setting his sights upon the blinded shooter and firing twice. The soldier staggered back, then collapsed. Darren methodically advanced down the hallway, keeping an eye to each side in case someone emerged from there.

This place was quiet. Too quiet. Their intel showed that there were at least a dozen rogue men in this building, but where were the gunshots as the other two teams encountered their own enemies? Surely they wouldn’t guard one entrance and abandon the others?

“Hey, there’s a note.” Pavlov said, stooping down to grab a small, lightly-bloodstained piece of paper from the ground next to the corpse. Darren kept an eye out as he started to read.

To the esteemed units of the United States Armed Forces, or whomever else may find this,

My name is Sgt. Philip Halloway, and I am most likely dead. I am alone within this building; it has been arranged for the numbers to be bungled to increase the urgency of your response. I have chosen to hasten my exit from this world by firing a warning shot; if I had intended to hit you, you would not be reading this. Don’t worry about me. I’ve nothing left to lose anyways, and I’ve chosen this task for myself.

The events of the last few years, namely the Contact Wars and the recent outbreak of hostilities with the Poslushi, have left many embittered, including me. You may know us as the Mankind Defense Home Guard, or the MDHG for simplicity’s sake. You will most likely hear more from us in the coming time.

“The hell does that mean?” Pavlov squinted at the text.

“Go on, keep going.” Darren urged him.

First things first, we do not believe that humankind holds any special place in the cosmos, that we are any form of “master race,” or the like. For that, contact any of the dozens of nationalist, jingoist, or downright neo-Nazi groups out there, to which you will find us far preferable. However, that is not to say that we do not believe the alien to be an existential threat to our way of life and/or survival as a species. Like any threat, they are to be neutralized with efficiency and without sentimentality, up to and including the great taboo of genocide, should it become unfortunately necessary.

This unsavory act was an important step in the preparation of mankind for a thousand more crimes like this, done so that no greater atrocity need be committed. Think of this as sowing salt in the fields of war. One day, you’ll thank us for our insight when your children walk the stars freely and without fear, and violence is an evil long forgotten.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: Check my chest. No secret keeps forever.

Darren inspected the vest of the dead soldier, the blood-drenched graphene augmented with a strange pouch not present on the standard-issue model. Inside was… oh, no.

A tiny webcam, a little red light on its side blinking, probably still broadcasting. And it had heard Halloway’s entire speech. Darren picked it up and clicked a button on its backside twice to switch it off. Then, he activated his radio.

“Platoon, we might want to relay this to command. Looks like we just participated in one hell of a publicity stunt.”

“Director Hoover? We’ve got a Colonel Jasper here to talk to you. It seems important.”

“Send him in.” the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency spoke into the phone. The door to his office creaked open and a hulking soldier entered, in his old dress blues, his chest festooned with medals of all kinds. He had an imperious, authoritative air about him, but it was not something the head of the most feared intelligence organization in the world would let sway him.

“Director Hoover.” Colonel Jasper saluted.

“Colonel, you mind telling us precisely what your underling was doing gassing a number of civilians on Omen? You’re lucky we found you before the Hague did.”

“The perpetrator undertook this action on his own and with no intervention from us, even if we were mentioned. We don’t control what people do in their downtime.” Jasper shrugged.

“Well, you should, if they’re going to do this. We’ve been trying to establish good relations with the populace and your little maverick’s just set us back severely. You had better hope he acted alone, or your group’s going on the list we use for terrorists. And you don’t want to be on that list, no matter how tough you think you are.”

“If you’re trying to intimidate me, it won’t work.” Jasper said, narrowing his eyes and leaning over the desk. “I’ve fought in the Anathema Encounter, what makes you think I’ll–”

You will not mention that incident!” the Director shouted, slamming his palms on the desk and standing up. Supposedly, Director Hoover was one of the foremost “agents of regime correction” in the service before his appointment, and Jasper could see the killer in him as he postured himself almost predatorily. Then, he collected himself and spoke with measured calm.

“It’s bad enough that you know about Anathema. Do what you must, if you believe that you can rally the people to your cause. But the moment we find any evidence that you ordered this, you’re going away for a long time. And if you so much as say a word about Anathema to anyone, you’ll be in a blacksite before the week’s out. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Jasper sighed. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now leave. Next time, I’m not going to be nice.”

Hell on Earth wasn’t a really accurate way to describe war. War was a lot worse. In Hell, things were uniformly terrible, and no one was there without cause. In war, things got better just long enough to leave one complacent when they got worse, and it was filled with people caught inside by plain bad luck.

These notions were unknown to the United States Air Force. From so high up and so far away, war was impersonal. You didn’t have to look the man you shot in the eye. No scream of terror, no keening of anguish could carry twenty kilometers into the air, after all.

The bomber squadron was near-serene as it shot over the landscape of Omen. The only sound was the consistent whine of jet engines and the occasional peal of thunder from storms that appeared on the horizon in a flash and vanished as quickly as they came. The blackness of space was readily visible above.

The remainders of the Poslushi garrison had long since seen the settlements of the planet as a lost cause, retiring to the hamlets of the forests to continue the fight. It was a shame; many of the airmen had been looking forward to a tropical paradise to vacation in.

The pilot of the B-60 in the lead turned to the weapons systems officer. “Get ready to drop the payload.” the WSO nodded, tapping a set of buttons on his control console. In the bomb bay, the electric fuses of the dozen bombs activated simultaneously. All the while, the bomber shrieked towards its target at Mach 6.

Three hundred kilometers out, the squadron dispersed, each bomber flying to its own target. There was no longer any worry of enemy interception to be had; the brave pilots of the Bunker Hill had all but annihilated the already small air forces of the garrison.

A minute later, they were within two hundred kilometers. Hypersonic aircraft were, true to their name, rather fast.

“Drop our speed and pop open the bomb bay.” the navigator ordered. Rapidly, the aircraft descended to Mach 3, the great doors in the plane’s belly sliding open. If they opened the bay doors while at cruising speed, the immense change in air resistance could tear the bomber apart. Still, it was moving fast, far too quick for the manually-aimed Poslushi air defenses to track.

“Three… two… drop.” the pilot counted. Nodding, the WSO pressed a button and the payload began falling from the plane at regular intervals. One bomb every two seconds, a dozen bombs total, leaving a trail of falling bombs twenty-four kilometers long. The payload plummeted towards the ground for a few short seconds, and then the tiny explosive charges in the casings detonated, blowing the bombs apart and leaving in their place a whirlwind of swirling, falling papers. Written in the language of the Ovinis, they were a warning, telling any civilians in the area to vacate immediately before the worst happened.

It was no empty threat. Twenty-four hours later, they would repeat this route with a far different payload. The Poslushi would also do well to heed their words, because this time they would be carrying napalm bombs, and a lot more than twelve of them.

War was not hell. It was far worse. However, mankind knew how to make war seem like hell, more literally than not in some cases.

(AN: Forgot to celebrate #10, so let's celebrate #20! Woo! Anyways, I don't exactly like war, as you can see. However, it makes exploring the consequences of a fictional war quite interesting. Just wait until things really start to escalate!

Love 'ya!)
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