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2023.06.04 07:23 IndyAnnaDoge Leave at door: Break dance

I’m in a terrible mood, the kind where I would normally just go home. But I lost my freaking debit card and relying on the dasher direct card to eat right now. I did Lyft most of the day cuz orders just weren’t coming in but I was like damn I gotta do some dashes to get some money on that card (obviously this is a temporary situation so please don’t come at me-shit happens).
Sooo I’m sitting in a parking lot, waiting. Finally an order comes in …which is right on the borderline of the minimum of what I would normally take. I’m like screw it, something to do. I accept, go to check the drop off address. And see “leave at door: break dance”.
Now, I know a lot of people think these little things are funny and If you do, by all means dance your heart out and go on about your day. And I’m all for living life light heartedly BUT I’ve always hated these!! I just see them as “dance monkey dance”. It feels so disrespectful and just a total lack of awareness for what we dashers are out here to do…make money and survive.
Ohhh and the pick up restaurant which was in the same parking lot happened to have a medical emergency in front of it with several fire trucks, EMS and police right in front sooo there was that. I just said “oh please fuck right off” and cancelled.
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2023.06.04 07:22 BerryTinkle I don’t know what to do

My boyfriend and I both work in pack singles and I honestly think this job is causing him to lose his sanity. Out of nowhere one day he just started saying things like “these other AAs are slamming totes (which is people just letting the totes slide down the ramp loudly or are too lazy to squat to put the tote on the floor) because I’m not helping with heavy totes. Every time I do a lot of smalls they start slamming. I don’t know how they expect me to but they don’t have to be passive aggressive since they never trained us on how to see through the totes and tell which ones are heavy or not.” I’m just so confused because we literally just have to pack whatever tote comes to our ramp so I tell him that he’s thinking too much into it but he gets mad and says that “I just don’t get it.” He claims that the Ops and PAs are all in on it and are strategically assigning people next to him to make him “pack heavy items”. He also believes that this guy was following him when we all were going to break but we all park in the same parking lot so idk what he means. Another day he stated that there were some guys popping dunnage to piss him off since he wasn’t “helping with the totes” He never spoke to any of these people so I truly don’t understand why he thinks literally everyone at the facility is out to get him. He’s one of the top packers at the facility and gets praised for it but yet he takes the praise as them “trying to get something out of him.” It’s gotten to the point where he reported it to HR no evidence just feelings. Now he’s trying to drag me into it saying I’m a witness which I’m not. I’ve been telling him he’s too much in his head but he just won’t listen. Another associate he spoke with about this told him that he’s overthinking but he still doesn’t think he’s out of his mind. He doesn’t want to leave this job but he complains about it all day every day and I’m not exaggerating.
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2023.06.04 07:21 softlikestatic [A4A] Falling Asleep With Your Lover After Moving In [Established Relationship] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Nicknames] [Being Cute] [General Wholesomeness] [Possible Sleep Aid] [L-Bombs]

Notes: This script is okay for monetization. Can be used on Patreon, just let me know if you do. If you use it, please give credit. You can change pronouns if preferred but otherwise please don't edit the script. My scripts are meant for adult audiences and all characters are 18+. For clarification on the format of the script, any place that says (Pause) is a place for the Listener's response. Anything in \asterisks and italics** isn't meant to be read aloud, it's there to either hint at the tone or provide context that might help the script make more sense.

Summary: After a long day of moving into their new apartment, Listener and Narrator decide to wind down by cuddling in their bed.

Word Count: Approximately 1,153 words (Not including any actions or cues left in asterisks and italics)

Writer’s Notes: Moving is exhausting work tbh. Just a short little script the clear out some dust.
Script Below:

\After a long day of moving, Listener lays in their bed, barely half awake as they wait for their lover. The door to Listener and Narrator’s new bedroom opens and Narrator steps inside, their hair still wet from the shower. Seeing how groggy Listener is, Narrator chuckles.**
“Well what do we have here? You said that you were gonna wait up for me, but it looks like you’re already halfway asleep. Did I really take that long?”
“Hey, I showered as quick as I could! It took forever to make sure I washed all the dust and cobwebs off of me. It felt like they were clinging to me and you know how much I hate that sticky stuck-in-a-spider-web feeling. Seriously, I know the guy we’re renting from said the last couple moved out a couple weeks ago, but there’s so much dust you’d think we moved into an abandoned building.”
\Narrator chuckles.**
“But at least now we’re both all clean and ready to go to bed. I knew moving all our furniture would be hard, but I didn’t expect it would make me sweat like I was running a marathon. I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my arms by tomorrow. Or any part of my body, for that matter. But at least now, we can finally sleep.”
“Well it’s our reward for such hard work. A solid twelve hours of sleep, and then we can wake up and enjoy our new apartment.”
“Mm, you’re right. Twelve hours won’t be anywhere near enough. What about fifteen hours? Does that sound better, my adorable little sleepyhead?”
“Still no? Hm… Then how about this; we sleep for fifteen hours, then we can just stay in bed and rest for the entire day. The only time we’ll have to get up is so we can get some donuts from the place down the street before we come back here and watch movies or something. Does that sound good to you?”
“Perfect. Then why don’t you scoot over a bit so I can get into bed with you?”
\Playfully pleading** “Oh, come on, snugglebunny, let me get into bed! I’m so tired! And now I’m all clean and showered so I smell nice, too!”
“Well what if I say please?”
“What if I say pretty please?”
“Then, what if I offer you a kiss?”
\Playful, amused** “Oh? You look interested in that. Are you gonna take me up on my deal?”
“More than one kiss? Hmm… Well, how many kisses would make it an even trade?”
“‘As many as you want?’ Why, that sounds like you’ll be stealing several kisses from me, and I’ll only be getting to sleep in the bed! That doesn’t seem fair at all!”
\Pretending to consider it** “Oh, so I’d also get to cuddle you? Now that is a pretty good offer.”
\Narrator chuckles before leaning down to kiss Listener.**
“There, consider that a down payment. I accept your deal. Now can I finally get into the bed?”
“Aw, thank you. Now scoot, I’m tired and getting cold and I wanna kiss my cute little snugglebunny.”
\Listener scoots over, allowing Narrator to get under the blankets with them.**
“Yeah, that’s much better. So warm~”
\Narrator kisses Listener.**
“That one was free of charge. Just saying thank you for keeping the blankets warm.”
“What can I say? A warm bed is worthy of a kiss.”
“Well, I did just make a deal with you saying that you could steal as many kisses as you want, so sure, go ahead and take some from me.”
\Narrator and Listener kiss a few times.**
“Alright, fine. Maybe the kisses are a reward for both of us. But now I want some cuddles to ease my aching muscles and broken heart.”
“The aching muscles are from moving all of our stuff. The broken heart is from not getting to hug you all day because I was so sweaty.”
“You still should’ve hugged me! Hugs are what keep me healthy!”
\Flirty** “You know, I think you might be onto something there. Kisses might work just as well. Maybe we should give it a try, hm?”
“Then lean over here and kiss me.”
\Listener and Narrator kiss for a while.**
“Why, would you look at that! I’m suddenly feeling better. Seems like kisses are the best medicine after all.”
“Alright, now let’s not push it that far. I don’t think I could get out of bed without my legs giving out, let alone drive to get us some food. How about we just settle for the pizza that we left on the end table?”
“Yeah, of course it’s cold, it’s been sitting out for like, five hours now. Unless you want to get up and go to the kitchen to get something else?"
\Listener bluntly says they'd rather not, making Narrator laugh.**
"Yeah, that's what I thought. I don't blame you. Even just thinking of trying to get up right now is making my legs shake."
\Flirty** "Well maybe kisses are good for more than healing muscle aches."
"What I'm suggesting is that maybe you can satisfy your cravings by kissing me more. It's worth a shot at least, don't you think?"
"Mhm, exactly. Now c'mere."
\Listener and Narrator kiss for a while. They break apart with a chuckle.**
“Okay, we need to stop kissing now. My mouth is the only part of my body that isn’t sore, and if we keep this up, I’m not sure how long that’s going to be true.”
“I mean… If you insist, then who am I to deny my snugglebunny?”
\Listener and Narrator kiss a few more times.**
“Okay, now really, we gotta cut it out or my lips are going to be too sore to talk or eat when we wake up."
\Listener says that they should keep kissing Narrator so they can steal Narrator's donuts tomorrow morning. Narrator gives an exaggerated gasp.**
\Playful, pretending to be offended** "You would really kiss me until my mouth hurt just so you could steal all the donuts for yourself?! You’re so mean!"
\Listener kisses Narrator.**
"Okay, fine, maybe it would be worth it if I got to keep kissing you. But come on, you've gotta be sore too; we've both been moving stuff around all day, you can’t tell me that you don't ache all over."
"My point exactly. Now why don't you spare my mouth any more exhaustion and let me cuddle up to you so we can finally go to bed?"
\Narrator and Listener move closer to cuddle, pulling the blankets around them.**
"Mm, that's good. You’re so warm. My own personal little furnace~"
\Narrator chuckles happily.**
"You mind if I lay my head on your chest?"
"Aw, thank you snugglebunny. You’re just so comfy to lay on."
"If that's the case, then I'm just gonna wrap my arm around you and hold you even tighter."
"Hey, you wanna do me one last favor?"
"Can you rub my back for me?"
"Mm, thank you. You're the best."
\After a few quiet moments, Listener gets Narrator’s attention again.**
\Sleepy** "Hm? What is it?"
"Ugh, still?! I thought I got it all! God, those little styrofoam pieces are impossible to get rid of, I swear. I'm gonna try showering again tomorrow to see if I can get them off."
"Yeah, it can wait. I'm too tired to deal with that now."
"Mhm, definitely. Hey, would you mind rubbing my back until I fall asleep?"
"You're so good to me. I promise, I'll pay for donuts tomorrow. As many as you want."
"Yep, any flavors. It's all up to you. Whatever you want."
"Aw, I love you too, sleepyhead. Now let's try and get some sleep. I’m warm, happy, and have you right here with me. There’s nothing else I could ask for besides a good night’s sleep."
"Yeah, right, 'and a donut.' But that can wait until tomorrow. Right now, you're everything I need and more."
"Love you too, snugglebunny. Sleep well."
\The audio can either end here with one last kiss, or can continue on into a sleep aid with ambience sounds/breathing sounds/etc.**
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2023.06.04 07:21 Faded_and_crumpled Shopping in Japan - Collected Notes

Shopping in Japan - Collected Notes
I recently went to Japan. What do you do with a few spare days, in a country that is awash with amazing denim and has an amazing public transport system? You go nuts, all over the place.
I benefited greatly from discussions in this forum and elsewhere. Here is a consolidated list of my notes for the next travellenutcase.

New Denim

You can find a list of denim stores here:
Here is my map of places of interest: Note the list is as of May 2023, it is not continually updated.
Shops in Japan typically open late (10 or 11am or even later) and close late (7pm or later). Some are closed on random weekdays, so check opening hours on Google Maps before going. Some, but not all, shops offer tax-free shopping. You get 10% off, but you must be able to show all the items you bought on the way out of the country, so plan accordingly.
It is common to take off your shoes before entering the change room. Some places will ask you to try on t-shirts without taking off your t-shirt. Some shoe shops will give you a pair of socks to put on before you try shoes (so wearing your skin-tight jeans might be problematic ;)
If you visit multiple stores, you will see lots of things you want. You need to be strong and pace yourself, but you also need to keep track of your finds. After a while, it all becomes a delightful indigo-infused blur. I took pictures of the 'maybe' items, including with the tag showing the style, size and price, to be able to go back if I decided to buy it.

Raw Denim in Tokyo

PBJ, The Flat Head, Edwin, Fullcount, Studio D'Artisan and Japan Blue are all in the Harajuku area and you can visit them on foot in one afternoon.
Hinoya and Amerikaya are in the Ameyoko district of Ueno, a delightful rabbit warren of small shops built under the rail lines. I found 2 more denim shops in the maze which I cannot remember the names of anymore. Go in and have fun, and don't be afraid to ask.
Jelado, Warehouse and Evisu the Tokyo are relatively close to each other in the Ebisu area. I enjoyed Evisu - the seagull paint is not my style, but the store had a good stock of lovely denim, not a drop of paint in sight (they can add paint on request).
Evisu, minus paint

Special Note on Iron Heart

The Iron Heart Tokyo store is on the outskirts of Tokyo, nearly 2 hours by train (and train, and bus, and walk) from the centre of Tokyo. Their Osaka store is also in the suburbs, but a comparative stone throw from the centre, about 30 min by train.
I visited the Osaka store and I loved it. The store is quite small, but they had good stock levels. I spent 1.5 hours there, and way more money than I would care to admit. I will definitely make the pilgrimage to the Tokyo store next time I'm there. Is it obvious? I am a fan.
Iron Heart Osaka

Special Note on Socks - An Unexpected Pleasure

I visited many shops and tried on many jeans, looking for that perfect pair. And one pair was my limit. So, as a consolation prize for myself and the shop attendant whose time I just wasted, I bought socks in most stores. They are all made in Japan, of excellent quality, and nice and thick, perfect for boots.
As a result, I now have a collection of The Flat Head, Fullcount, Evisu, Iron Hear and Redwing (I know, I know, but you see the connection) socks to last me until the next trip.
Socks, socks everywhere!

Second Hand Shopping

Japan has an amazing re-use culture, and their second hand shops are a delight to visit. They also have an obsession with American/vintage/military clothing that reminds me of the obsession some of us, me included, have with Japanese clothing. Independent vintage shops in inner-city areas of major cities (Harajuku in Tokyo, the centre of Kyoto, etc) tend to stock imported clothes, so you will find racks of used Levis and Wrangler, army surplus, and mainstream designer brands.
To find more locally-made clothes, including raw denim, I resorted to visiting used clothing shops in the suburbs.
Kindal and 2nd Street are 2 chains of second hand clothing that have shops in many cities.
There is a group of ' Off' shops: Mode Off specialises in clothing. Some (but not all) Book Off shops have clothing, especially if they are called Book Off Plus. Off House and Hard Off might also have clothing. Look at in-store pictures on Google Maps to see if they have clothes.
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2023.06.04 07:21 ConsciousGarage9250 One week later..

So this time last week was when I took a bottle and a half of the zazas silvers and destroyed my life as I know it. I usually would dose the reds that way but bought silvers as they were out of reds. I had no idea what the phenibut would do to me. I blacked out and when I came to family members and cops where in my house and I became very aggressive and breaking shit.afyer the cops left my wife was gonna leave so I decided I would jump in my truck and leave first... Well I went out at some point doing 80 to 90 mph they say and flipped my truck 8 times untill I hit a pine tree 15 ft up in the air not wearing a seatbelt...walked away with a broken nose and two black eyes. I've been battling this for almost a year been cought by my wife several times. Just been stuck in the tia cycle. So when I was released from the hospital I went back to our destroyed home and played there detoxing for four days with zero sleep until a cop served me with a court date for a restraining order from my wife... At this point I have moved in with my business partner and his family and am trying to rebuild. My wife told me she was filing for divorce today. Which is day 7 no tia. I'm past the physical stuff besides pain from the wreck... But mentally I am totally broken and still not sleeping. Anyone reading this please stop taking this shit now before you end up like this.
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2023.06.04 07:19 absurdmeatpuppet A Small but Fun Surreal Encounter

Hello there, this may be perhaps a bit odd but I suspect some of you may have a good laugh at what occured to me today or perhaps something of interest to add to thoughts of my own.
I recently decided to read this book finally, mostly due to curiousity as I seek to understand as aspects of this strange little world we find ourselves in, but also a means in which I would like to accurately depict within my own musings and writings of those who would identify themselves as such Satanists. I am an extraordinary skeptical individual by nature/nurture, and thus I have mostly labeled this incident as pure coincidence as opposed to some sort of sign, however in reading what I have thus far I may seek to change that.
After I finished volunteering today at my local farmers market, within a church (nonbeliever) I headed to the park a city over, a truly magnificent day; the soft breeze swaying the Willows along the river, listening to it and the various sounds of wild life and people enjoying life is quite a delight from time to time, and a wonderful ideal to read one of my various books I keep putting off.
In this instance I suspect you are capable of deducing the book of choice; I have briefly caught up to perhaps half way through, I recall semi where as it was moving towards the mystical elements of "spell casting" and such, primarily around the aspect of how various people use what they have to better suit themselves for the type of "magic" they use, basically just manipulation and using your assets as it stands thus far to myself as I have yet to complete the book and refuse to pretend to know it all and I seek not to ruin or dissaude any. I digress.
This passage I was on was how woman would best see to using their looks and whatever else was said (I write this now past midnight as I am drifting to sleep) for their use of said magic, when I was taken out of my reading suddenly as two decent looking younger woman (appeared early 20s?) approached myself (m28). They were of course pleasant enough as they introduced themselves as they are both missionaries for said local church, which I suddenly found myself looking forward and gently laughed under my breath and smiled, connecting some very obvious apparent and ironic dots.
Here I sit, learning about how these woman are attempting to manipulate myself (through the lense of this book unfinished) into possibly joining their religion while I sit with this book that stands very well in counter to their own, perhaps, misguided beliefs. I am not sure what set myself over the others that were sitting at other benches, perhaps they did ask the others as I was just lost in the clouds at the time and did not notice and I was simply next in line. But here we are.
I smiled and turned back to both of them and raised my hand better for them to see what I was reading - the one was locked in on me while the other behind her noticed first and watching that face of realization set into her was truly satisfying in a way I have not experienced in some time.
Continuing to smile, I believe I said something along the lines of this; "I appreciate what you're doing here but I already volunteer at a church, and I won't have any interest in this. I wish you both well." At this point I can't recall exactly as I honestly don't care, but I know it is likely to last within them as the look of shock and awe and pure dissociation was very present as they kindly departed not seemingly able to find a word to say.
A silly thing, perhaps just a strange bit happenstance, but fun none the less to get to experience seeing these two ladies that happened to pick one of the only guys at the park to be reading this lmao
I am curious what you all think of such a seemingly mundane interaction? As I haven't read completely and am curious of course of other personal experiences such as this. Was just such a wonderfully absurd moment of it all.
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2023.06.04 07:18 Advanced_Zucchini_58 Question about rabies in dogs

So 8 months ago around summer of 2022, my dog scratched me near my upper tigh and it was very close to my buttocks. Anyway, the same day I felt sick and went to the doc and they said I had some sort of bacteria eating stuff inside of me. The symptoms I've felt was a slight burn and an itch near my buttocks. The scratch and all the symptoms have dissappear since. It wasn't until this week when I started to feel the same way I felt when I got scratched. My dog has never shown symptoms of rabies or had never been sick. He's been vaccinated and has only had one rabbies shot. He did came in contact with a lot of dogs when he was in Mexico, but he has never shown symptoms of rabies. My question are. Is rabies like an std where it stays hidden for years or months and it randomly shows up? Did the scratch gave me some sort of infection? And finally, can a dog/person carry rabies without knowing?
Or the bacteria is probably not related to the scratch and I'm just over reacting.
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2023.06.04 07:18 Public_West8947 Straight talk, ACP, and Safelink attempted to hack a Cybersecurity Specialist Apprentice (there will be opinions);

This is the report I created and wont edit it because I want everyone to get the full picture,
I asked myself if it was unethical to doxx his handset credentials but honestly im pissed and if he does it again, everyone will know its a scam.
I wrote a review for consumer affairs and will attach it below to briefly explain the uncomfortable experience I had with my APC information and interaction below my long description of the shady phishy shit that just happened to me with employees of safelink and straight talk.
After I saw the straight talk "personalized" email I received about acp (which I opted out of), I began applying because at the time; I thought you could get a cell phone service discount from acp, and then have discounted internet from lifeline; I was obviously wrong but was elated to see that considering i had covid turned walking pneumonia so the financial impact has hit me pretty hard. Covid three times too, anyways;

although I have always been weary of straight talk but have kept them for so long because they were the lowest cost for service; I enrolled knowing the enrollment process would be quick due to me already being approved through acp.

That took no time, then once I was approved I received an update on my straight talk account that said I was enrolled; but in order to begin receiving the acp discount I would need to call an 800 number and give them my card number.......

I did it because I trusted that the information being displayed to me FROM the straight talk site was not a scam.

I called the number (had an accent), verified my credentials after like 15 minutes of attempting to get through, and the man told me I was already enrolled so I didnt need to give him my payment method as "it was already working". I even read out what the straight talk prompt was displaying to me to him. He said I was fine and good to go. Told me to wait for the next month to reflect the $30 dollar discount. Next month arrives and I see I was charged the full amount. (mind you, when I look back; it does not show this now) I called them again questioning this and reminding them that this could be because the other man didn't listen to the instructions prompt that the straight talk site had previously warned me was requiring me to complete BEFORE it could go into effect.

Same thing happened, he told me I was enrolled and everything was fine; that I would receive a refund for the $30 I was billed for the full amount/it would automatically do this. I said ok but I think something is wrong here so I will call again.

SAME thing happened again but now I was not able to transparently see my purchase history, and order history from the individual device properly due to them changing the site.

And you can only go back three months every time, the search is displaying different receipts from what I had previously seen in the last two months but school was ramping up and mid terms were near so I said ok again I will wait, but if I get charged again I am reporting this and canceling this acp account because I NEVER had this issue with blackfoots' acp benefit, EVER.

So it took me a few months (yesterday) to catch this because it was finals and right before that I had covid turned walking pneumonia. I even fell behind on school work to take care of my health and figured if they were charging me full price this entire time, I would just call back for a refund dating back to January because I had proof of the phone calls and times (but not conversations).

After FINALLY finding what I thought was an overcharge (reversal of 124 dollars that was labeled phone services) yesterday on an account that was NOT the payment method I had confirmed was my primary payment (first phone call I fact checked and asked him if and when I do get charged the 5 dollars; if you're not going to accept my card payment; will it be deducted from my primary payment method then? He said yes), I called them and took me another 15 minutes to get on the phone with them, they said they are not not showing ANY payments from me.

So then I started to freak out because I thought the 124 dollars was back pay from them attempting to overcharge me from a reversal payment of the incorrect payment amount!!!! He told me due to the high call volumes, he instructed me to call back when I was in contact with my bank to figure it out on my end.

I called for this issue and they told me those transactions were not from straighttalk or a phone service provider at all, and it was a completely separate thing.

She also told me that she did not see any payments reflects to them, and I said good because I never requested them or authorized them to take payments out of an account that didn't work.

So I begin to freak out even more,
I call them back thinking that I really didn't pay them since January and had been somehow receiving service for this long.
I called them to get this sorted out asap, and allow me to pay them back an unexpected debt I didn't know I had.

I told them this is outrageous, I have always paid my bills with them on time and have had them for years, after him continuously telling me that they are not reflecting on their end that I made a payment at all since January, I asked them to hold on the line while I prove FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT (another one, the one I authorized originally) that they had overcharged me, and I HAD been making payments... and THATS why I was receiving service all this long.

All of a sudden the call drops in the middle of me telling him i'm signed in and heading back to January to find the overcharge.

HE hangs up on me. NOT ONLY THAT though, I receive a suspicious error I had never seen on my phone at the same time;
due to working in cybersecurity I immediately screenshotted it and attempted to call back.... now furious.... I cannot receive calls or texts and I receive a text that my service has been drained; and I need to refill; at 0.

NOW i'm enraged. Before I could prove I paid, he cut off my service; I was receiving very weird prompts and the error I took a screenshot below gave me a gut feeling.

I looked it up and of course, it claims that its my phone's nearby cellular tower or ITS MY PHONE,
NEVER had that issue before and I was receiving ONLY straight talk texts claiming I needed to refill my service of 35$ The full amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

furious that I had been duped like this, I call my mom to use her cell phone and receive another text that I PAID MY SERVICE, and my refill is next month. I was so suspicious that during the time the call dropped, I was signed into my straight talk account and I was watching him attempt to change my address, name, and all account information;
so I immediately deleted my payment method and edited my account info with a pin that signed him out.

My zip code still displays a weird headset number as my account number, and displays my zip code as Florida. NEVER been to Florida.

I call them back and tell my mother that my identity was just stolen,
I deleted my payment method before he could refill my service with it so either he used the old account that would deny the payment;
or he used a credit card on my account that is NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ME. I call them and demand that they tell me what my purchase history reflects on their end because in straight talk, my account doesn't show any transactions, but my phone now works.

The guy was snarky to me and attempted to tell me that everything's fine, my service wasn't deleted, that it was just a dropped call, and that he wanted me to test my phone and give him my credentials to make sure it worked. Mind you, he sends me a verification code FROM straight talk, so I know they BOTH work there. So I allowed him to test it out and he asked me if I wanted to proceed with the refund portion, or contact acp and get my account active for future references.

I said refund because i'm not finished updates my latest payment method to reflect a card that will work,
because he is telling me that I was never billed for a second service amount and my phone was never deactivated. He ALSO tells me that he is only tech support and not billing or acp........................

at this point i'm very uncomfortable and suspicious so I tell him I have finished updating my primary payment method so transfer me to acp.

HE GIVES ME A PHONE NUMBER AND TELLS ME TO CALL IT BECAUSE HE CANT TRANSFER ME OVER LIKE THEY JUST PREVIOUSLY DID, MOMENTS BEFORE. Mind you this is the SAME straight talk phone number I had called previously so this was not another scammer, it was straight talk.

Instead of immediately calling a suspicious phone number I fact check the phone number on google and its the phone number for SAFELINK, not acp or straight talk.

I call and explain the situation, he immediately tells me he needs to transfer me again to escalate it to Safelink tier 2.....

so now its a woman. (also every one of them gave me false names like the man before this woman was named Alexa-us.... he almost caught himself.

The woman answers and immediately asks for my approval number from acp, so I said hold on I have to sign into my acp to get it.

She tells me well I need the last four of your social now.

I told her exactly why I would not give it to her and said let me get the approval code so you can verify my identity a different way.

she scoffs at me and tells me uhmmmm no I cannot help you or give you anything until I have the last four of your social.

I said, the other man and EVERYONE at straight talk sends me a verification code to confirm THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE FIRST, I said I would like this to be done first before I give out this type of credentials to a suspicious number.

She laughs and tells me again, there is nothing I can do until I get the last four of your social, then to be even more rude she pipes up and says; also now I need your birthdate as well, full birthdate please.

I said so you cant send me a verification code first, you don't want my approval acp number then she interrupts me and says she already has everything about me (SOMEHOW BEFORE I GAVE IT TO HER, probably, just simply by my phone number BEING the account username), and she needs my birthdate (to be an ass), social, and full address (then snickers again like i'm psychotic).

So I give her my social and tell her that's all she is getting,
she tells me again there is nothing she can do until she receives ALL THREE.

So I give it to her (and begin recording her for her to clearly hear the record button turn on). She said, "Good news I already found you! So when you receive that verification code let me know", and snickers again.

I attempt to tell her my service may be off so I didn't receive the previous one the tech support guy was waiting for but then it popped up and I gave it to her.

The first thing I ask her, and explain to her that I am going to start off simply with three questions, what does MY purchase history display going back to January, I told her mine it not reflecting correctly and I need to know whether I have owned you a bill since then. I explained to her briefly that I just got told I have not been making my payments since January but my service has been on. (didn't want to give her too much information but assumed she already knew).

I said I NEED to know what payment methods were associated because I fear I was billed again without my knowledge or consent, on an account that SHOULD have blocked the transaction...

I said so my phone will not work and I will get over drafted.

I said, AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY ACTUALLY MONTHLY PAYMENT IS, because on my end; I have been getting billed the FULL amount.

She told me as confusingly as possible that there is a 30 plan for the acp, that excludes five dollars a monthly but you have to go into your account and accept it.

I said, ok so this is the first i'm hearing of this,
I said I have PROOF my original enrollment reflected my bill would only be $5.00 a month. I said and every month I called, I verified that with straight talk and then said everything is fine. Then I explained to her what the guy said about I would be billed the 35$, and then refunded 30.

I asked her if this was all connected?

She paused and nicely explained to me that this is an upgrade to the original acp account that pays 30$ yes, as a credit monthly for your bill. (still confused as shit)

I said so if I do not accept that, which I never have, then I should only be billed 5 dollars a month correct? I said I have not, as far as I can see on my end.

She said correct, but she said the lowest amount is 30 without data and that covers the full 30 we credit to you.

I told her, I USE data, I chose the 35 dollar plan to pay an extra five for gigs because I use mobile data for my job.... I fucking work in IT. (I didn't say that lol) but I said I use it for my job.

she was about to spout off bullshit again (nicely now and sweet.. she's actually really intelligent other than that type of cold hearted attitude like i'm fucking dumb something fishy is not actually going on with her),
I interrupted her and said ok well its good that it sounds like my bill has been covered since January, and I don't owe you anything? Because I was freaking out about an unexpected bill I cant afford, that was over charged, she said yes it covered.

So I asked her, ok spell it out for me I NEED to hear it (on recording), I don't owe you anything, and i've been making monthly payments still since January, but through benefits that acp is covering?

she said yes.........


so I asked her ok those two questions are solved.
I KNOW I was being overcharged, I SAW IT, and CALLED ABOUT IT TWICE previously, and I said and the man on the phone whom had confirmed my payment method with me AGREED I was being billed 35 dollars monthly, AFTER my acp was approved.

But I didn't want to hear her excuse so I said well I can always attempt to confirm that with all my payment methods unless it was being charged from an UNAUTHORIZED and UNKNOWN payment method. (I wish I had the wit to remember those big words but said something more laymen but similar)

I said ok the last question is;
WHAT card or payment method was used for my service now,
I didn't authorize a payment but I received a message that says i'm paid up till July 4th,
and that pretty much my phone works now.

She then explained to me that its working because my acp has been approved, and never went out.... or something similar so me wanting to bash my head against the wall to get questions about VERY SUSPICIOUS interactions occurring answered,

I said well if I don't owe you anything and I will not be billed in the future because the full amount is paid through this benefit then I think i'm good, that's all I need to know. (I wanted to get off the phone so bad to begin looking at EVERY credit card and bank account number I had, to begin reporting this and locating odd transactions.

and honestly I have been suspiciously been getting so many spam calls lately, who knows; maybe since the beginning of January, that I was already going to change my number anyways.

The tech support man kept telling me to look at my bars,
and they have been bouncing around ever since.
I honestly want to chuck this phone that IM CONVINCED they ported into, alongside my fucking straight talk account.

How they collect information is very phishy, They directed me to at least seven people in which I had to give my credentials from my ACP benefits approval form. Having me call at least four separate phone numbers in order to answer THREE questions which should be transparent, AND displayed TO THE CONSUMER about their personal information/transactions. All seven of them had different answers as well as attitudes towards me, none of them gave me their real name. ALL of them asked for the authentication code either first, after social security/address/birthday, in between, or not at all. I didn't feel safe because of it, and after five hours I got my three questions answers.

I will also note that the tech guy kept asking me to look in my mobile data settings for config tabs that did not exist,
and yes he got my IMEI and ICCID

I also attached below proof of the messages from straight talk claim my account fill or whatever they call it was depleted,
and then reinstated

please please investigate if they are stealing phone plans or syphoning one day from one customer, and then one day from another to combine them into a service plan they can sell off as a scam or some evil backhanded thing like this

I even got the impression that they were lead listing my credentials

not to mention my ip kept popping up weird links (mind you I have all the stops, and pop ups disabled)
when I scanned it with a vpn it claims the link was malicious, this was after this insidious debacle
and I NEVER CLICKED A LINK or pressed a button

During this I also told him that my phone had mdm, because I work in cybersecurity; so whatever feature or tab or he was gonna try (to fix).. wouldn't work
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2023.06.04 07:18 BriansWench Dealing with the pain and pushy family

Hello all: Sorry in advance for the long rambling post.
I lost my life partner, my best friend, my family and my care giver Brian on May 19, 2023. Heart attack. I've suffered loss but nothing like this; he was only 58. We had plans, we were just getting back on our feet.
I am struggling to just get through the day. We were in notice because our apartment was a mess, Brian was a hoarder and "non-standard" as he put it. He always pushed it and disliked authority which is great when you live rural but not in the 'burbs. He was just coming around to accepting that we had to follow the rules of the building when he left. Thank goodness for friends that have helped me clean and destash to where about 75% is done, just have to seperate donations from keep and store.
The hardest part of it all is his family. The day after he passed his cousin got his belongings from the hospital and collected his truck. I wasnt given the chance to collect my belongings and they would not give me his keys- our keys to everything from home to storage to mailbox, and some keys from residents here he was helping to move things into their stirage units.
The next day his aunt told me they wanted to come down and invade my home to look for his papers and belongings, and to go through our storage unit. She thought both were only in his name; I informed her she was mistaken. I asked her not to make the 1 hour trip here because I was not ready to deal with them. They came down anyway 2 days later and were denied entry to the building by management and storage by the owner. So they instead arranged for his cremation and had a private memorial, without telling or inviting me. Someone told me about a post and picture on social media, which is how I found out. I never got to say goodbye.
Now that I have his papers, pictures, and other personal belongings I have texted the aunt to come to recieve them and give me back our keys. Its been 5 days with no response from her. My needs are greater than hers so now she is making me wait.
And still I grieve the loss of my everything. Because we didnt marry I am not family. I have some rights but not many, which is why the aunt took charge. But I have found out that although my state doesnt aknowledge common law relationships the VA does, if i can prove to them that we lived as a committed pair for a certain legnth of time I have rights to some benefits and some dignity in regards to his wishes and being declared his family.
This went on longer than I had planned. I am lonely and lost. I want to wake up from this nightmare but its not a bad dream, its real. I'm just am so lost and I know he wouldnt want me this way. I wasnt taught what to do after you lose a partner and I just want to curl up and hide.
Thank you for reading this far. I dont feel any better but I feel like maybe someone is listening and you understand how I feel.
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2023.06.04 07:17 StaticEquilibrium It’s not that I want to die, it’s that I’m tired of living

I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety I for years and have spent years fighting it. Well over 6 years in therapy and psychiatry. Was on medication for a while, but lost access to psychiatry last year and decided to stay off medication for various reasons. I’ve struggled with my sexuality greatly. Had to work through a lot of baggage from growing up in a pretty religious environment. I was bullied relentlessly in school and church which really affected my self esteem and pushed my bad body image issues to new heights. Even my mom told me that “if only girls could get past your looks, they’d fall in love with you”. I don’t need girls to love me, but damn does that comment make me feel ugly. I’ve had a number of near death experiences (including some car accidents that gifted me some pretty bad ptsd.) It feels like the word is actively trying to kill me and I secretly hope that the next time it tries, it succeeds. I can’t deal with anymore trauma and am tired of the pain. I spend my life trying to make sure that people around don’t have to feel like I have. I’m open about my struggles with mental health, self harm, body image issues, sexuality, substances, suicidal thoughts, etc. and that means a lot of people are comfortable talking to me. Unfortunately, the only time people think about me is when they don’t feel like they can talk to anyone else. I meet them without judgement. I don’t overreact. I can relate to them and offer up coping mechanisms that have helped me in the past which seems to be helpful. I love doing that for people, but that is all they come to me for. They never think of me or include me in life celebrations and that sucks. I’ve been fighting for years. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and my body image issues are still going as strong as ever. I’ve become more outgoing and way less closed off but I’m still really alone. I feel like I’m destined to be a supporting character in other people’s lives. The person they go to when they need support but otherwise is forgotten about. I’ve done a ton of work in therapy, but every time I work through something, two new things come up. Professionally I’m a mess. I have two degrees (engineering and computer science) but work for $9/hour and can’t seem to convince people that I actually have skills that are valuable. I’ve developed and honed my skills, worked on personal projects, and sold my soul to a company that constantly looks over me. At the end of the day, I rarely think about killing myself (maybe 5 times in my life), but I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of putting in this much work when it never seems to make a difference. No matter how good of a person I try to be, I always feel like a bad person. My brain won’t stop telling me that. I feel like I could always be doing more even if I’m completely emotionally and physically burned out. I feel pretty much unloveable and that I’m destined to live a life where my only interactions with people that I don’t initiate are when they need my support. It all just feels so pointless and hopeless. I feel like no matter how much progress I make, something new will take its place. I’m not in enough pain to want to end my life, but I don’t see the point in living if this is life. I feel like even though I’m still fighting to be in a healthier place, I’m just waiting around to die.
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2023.06.04 07:17 NefariousnessCrazy35 Records with both DnB and Downtempo

It always seemed strange to me the there's such a strong division between DnB and slower genres. After all it's all electronic music, so why DnB artist rarely (if ever) experiment with those genres?
I was wondering if there're records that have both DnB and downtempo tracks on them. Or maybe you know artists that have both pure DnB and pure downtempo albums. Please share your finds.
The closest I've heard an artist to trying to mix those genres are:
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2023.06.04 07:15 Wobbly_Whirligig I'm constantly grieving over things I haven't even lost yet.

I have always really struggled with loss and grief. Most of my childhood, or at least what I can recall felt like a cycle of finding out someone I loved was sick, taking care of someone I loved that was sick, and then losing someone I loved that was sick. And then there's the grief involved with losing important friendships, losing opportunities, losing the love and attention of people who were supposed to be nurturing me. So much loss.
I wish I could say that it made me a better person, but instead I've spent my entire life just trying to maintain the illusion that I have any control over myself, my environment, and my relationships. It's made me horribly avoidant of forming permanent attachments to pretty much anything. My inability to maintain intimate interpersonal relationships is wearing on me, and I feel like there are so many things I'm missing out on. The attachments that I have formed come with a near constant vigilance for illness, conflict, etc. Anything that could lead to a loss. I feel like if I just pay more attention or become more knowledgeable, I can prevent painful experiences. I know that's ridiculous and impossible.
My mom is getting older, and I can't stop thinking about what I'll do if and when she passes. She's not even sick yet. But I'm afraid that I might not be able to handle taking care of another sick loved one, or the grief that follows. I really think I might genuinely lose it this time.
Ultimately I know I'll be fine - I literally always am. But I'm scared all the time, and I don't want to be scared anymore. I just don't know where to start.
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2023.06.04 07:14 Harry0706 New Card Recommendation (template used)

Hi everyone, looking to decide on a long-term game plan on how I pick my new CCs in the future to be most efficient with rewards programs.
Current Cards:
DiscoverIT: $4,950, opened Aug 2018
BoA Cash Rewards: $2,000, opened Aug 2020
Chase Freedom Flex: $4,400, opened Apr 2021
Apple Card by GS: $3,750, opened Aug 2021
Citi Simplicity (product changing to CCC in a few days when it's eligible): $2,000, opened May 2022
CapOne SavorOne: $8,000, opened Nov 2022
FICO Score: TU 729, EX 755
Oldest Account: 4 yrs 10 months
Cards Opened in 6mos/12mos/24mos: 0/1/3
Income: $67,000
Categories: ok with category cards and rotating categories
Avg Monthly Spend:
Rent: $1200-$1400/mo starting next month
Dining/Bars: $300-400 at most
Groceries: $200-250 at most
Gas: $40-60 at Costco
Travel: $100-$150 on Uber maybe
No plans to travel abroad right now but would love to in the near future and passport ready
Memberships: Costco, Amazon Prime, Verizon PostPaid (has Disney+ bundle and Apple Music), I bank w CapOne/US Bank for depository accounts, already applied to Global Entry so the credit isn't super appealing to me until renewal time
Business Cards: I would rather not
Purpose: I just want nice rewards to use mainly for travel as I have a decent CB setup I think, and I want to start traveling more soon. I have potential for a lot of work travel but everything is booked on company AMEX, although I can still earn airline/hotel points and have Plat Elite at Marriott right now. I don't have a preference on airlines/hotels, but have recently been flying American and staying Marriott for work if I do have travel happening.
Cards appealing to me: Would like to begin getting AMEX cards potentially, or maybe expand in Chase but I don't think any Chase cards are a good option for me (correct me if I am wrong). Been looking at the Venture X as well as I will def be making at least 1-2 personal flight trips a year domestically and could use the credit, also scared Cap1 will deny me if I get more cards before the VX so idk if I should try to get it now. Also thinking about applying for the BILT card for rent points, will definitely be renting for next few years to come.
Any insight is appreciated, tysm!!!
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2023.06.04 07:13 Long-Caterpillar3598 Turned down a >30k summer job and now I’m here

I don’t even know what the essence of this post is. But I’m so defeated. Maybe I need someone to talk some sense into me.
Everyone has their reason for being here. But mine makes me feel stupid. I turned out down a job offer that would have paid me significantly over the summer because it seemed toxic and took a near minimum wage position instead. Now I have to live at home as a grown woman with my toxic family all summer.
I’m going to be well off considering my career path. I’ll probably be at the top 10 of earners by my first year out of graduate school. But I messed up big time turning down that offer. So I joined SA to try to find a way to leave my home for the summer.
I don’t even want to be there. Half the people there seem to think I’m excited by basic stuff when I’ve travelled all over the world and had a good life. Or they can’t even offer near to what I’ve experienced in life. Id rather just listen to their problems, fuck and get paid for my summer place.
I actually have never experienced suffering financially. But right now I need to leave my home and I have no support to do so because I have a “home” so why do I need to live elsewhere. But it’s toxic. I’ve lived in boarding school all my life. Anyway this is what I’ve come to. And it’s not even working out well.
I know I sound like a privileged spoiled idiot rn. My mental struggles can’t compare to what people are going through. Maybe that’s what I need to hear, or to get off the SA, or suck it up. Idek. Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.04 07:13 SergeantJaeger Do I put in a claim through my auto insurance?

Just bought a new truck two months ago. My girlfriend borrowed it tonight as she was performing at an event, and needed the truck bed for her gear. While she was parking, she clipped a fence post in the parking lot and scratched up and dented one of my rear quarter panels pretty good.
She's not on my insurance, and I'm fairly certain this is on me and my insurance. I don't even know where to begin on this. Any advice would be really helpful. Is this something I can even open a claim for or do I have to pay out of pocket for repairs.
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2023.06.04 07:13 YellingHusky I Survived: Memories, Nightmares, and Pretending

TW: light abuse mentions, educational neglect, language, religion
So, picture this—I spent my entire schooling years being homeschooled. My remarkable mother decided to revolutionize education by starting these fabulous hybrid homeschool religious schools in sunny SoCal. You know the ones, right? Two days of "classroom" time and three glorious days of being stuck at home every other day. Ah, the memories. It's been nearly 25 years since that grand adventure began.
Now, let me tell you how much I adored every single moment of my homeschooling experience. It was an absolute dream, truly. I just couldn't get enough of those fantastic days, being taught by my mom's dear friends. They were quite the unique bunch. They had this incredible ability to either conveniently ignore the bruises or graciously contribute to them. Oh, what a joyous time that was!
But wait, there's more! Let's not forget about the top-notch education we received. It mainly consisted of having textbooks hurled our way, followed by the expectation of finishing tasks week after week, month after month. It didn't matter if we understood the material or not because, hey, our beloved teachers (the other homeschool parents, of course) sure as shit didn't have a clue either. Oh, and let's not overlook the highlight of our academic year—the mandatory summer reading list. Nothing screams "fun" like being forced to devour a stack of books while everyone else is out enjoying their summer break.
I recently discovered that a friend of mine is enrolling their child in a similar homeschooling nightmare on the opposite side of the country. Can you believe it? Turns out, these homeschool religious schools have formed a glorious network with about a dozen branches across the good ol' US of A. Oh, the excitement! It's just marvelous to know that the abusers I witnessed and experienced firsthand are now in positions of power within this illustrious network. And the best part? Since they aren't considered "real schools," no one needs a pesky degree or even a simple background check. Who needs qualifications anyway?
Oh, how I adore the fact that this delightful tale is a part of my life story. It brings me immense joy to be well-versed in the intricate details of this peculiar system. It's truly a privilege that, even after a solid decade since bidding farewell to that charming town and another remarkable fifteen years since my graduation, these treasured memories continue to resurface. It's like they never want to let me go!
I found this group and couldn't resist sharing the burden of these "delightful" homeschooling memories. Thanks for listening and letting me dive into the extraordinary world of pretending I lived through it. It's been quite the "pleasure."

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2023.06.04 07:13 csm474 How do I (19F) fix my trust issues with my boyfriend (19M)?

Me (19F) and my boyfriend (19M) have been together for nearly 8 months now. This is my second serious relationship, and my longest lasting yet. We are extremely compatible, we share the same goals/values, and are most likely in love with each other. He's one of my best friends and there isn't a doubt in my mind that we have something special. And although we have a lot of relationship milestones ahead of us, it's fair to say I'm deeply committed to him.
However, despite all of these things, I cannot bring myself to trust him completely, and it took a couple conversations for me to be able to open myself up to him emotionally. I'm confused, because it's not like this is a problem with my friends or family. I would even say that I trust people with things about me a bit too much. But with my partner, I find myself wanting to check his phone, being paranoid about his faithfulness, and retroactively jealous over the women he's been with before me. For the most part, I think I hide it well, but maybe he's noticed. Part of it may come from how we have such similar career goals that I sometimes think of him as competition, making me unable to feel comfortable.
Not so long ago, we had an argument over a past fling which I happened to find out about through some mutual connections. There are several details I'm leaving out, but it boils down to me not respecting his privacy, which I understand is wrong.
I want to take some steps to fix this side of me before I do something I cannot take back. My partner is my absolute dream guy: he checks off basically every box. At this moment, he's the person in my life I'm most scared of losing, and I fear it may happen if I keep bottling up my negative thoughts until I can't conceal them anymore. My love for this amazing, crazy boy means that I must take steps to change myself to be better a better partner for him.
Sorry for the rant, and TL;DR if anyone has tips on how to begin trusting your partner (and stop seeing them as competition) I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 07:12 chouxe Tax strategy for a leisure car by renting it out

Hey all,
I don't need a car so the right financial decision is not to get one but I would like to own one at least while still young and while my financials are ok. I am not looking at expensive vehicles but not exactly a beater. I just plan to go car camping a few times a year. A road trip or two. Start going to Costco instead of expensive downtown groceries. Renting or Carsharing will probably end up being cheaper but my location isn't very convenient for that (I would have to transit to a nearest rental agency)

Current financials:
31M, annual gross of 150-200k

Theoretical Strategy
Short summary: I plan to rent it out on Turo as I will probably not even put 3-5k a year on the vehicle.
  1. Finance a vehicle with budget of 30k to 40k at 4% over 60 months (Monthly payment estimate of 600-700)
  2. Set up either incorporated or sole proprietorship and apply for peer 2 peer insurance policy (200-300?)
  3. Rent a parking spot (200)
  4. Rent out the vehicle on Turo (Conservative low end income stream of 300-400 a month as I won't be offering things like bringing vehicle to the customer and whatnot due to my full time job)
  5. Write off parking rental, insurance premium, vehicle maintenance, interest payment, and capital depreciation based on total km driven by me / total km for tax purposes (Estimating about 3:7 personal to business mileage)
  6. Put my cash in RRSP for something to return 5-6% annum
I don't plan to make money off Turo but given I am at marginal rate of 45% and soon to be higher, the tax break seems like it could soften the blow. Given that my "business" is theoretically operating at loss, does the tax write off apply to my total income or just my business income (in which case this whole strategy is moot).
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2023.06.04 07:12 ContestSalty9164 Out of cage

I just got my budgies a fee days ago and i am ready to start letting them out of their cage and around my room, but they still seem really fidgety and afraid of me whenever i go near their cage. I am afraid that if i let them out I wont be able to get them back in? Does anyone have any advice? I would like for them to be able to fly freely around my room and such because a cage seems well, like a cage for them. Ive been trying to train them with millet and they are starting to get used to me now bc of it, but they still seem afraid. How can i balance letting them out of their cage and still be able to put them back in when i have to go to work etc.
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2023.06.04 07:10 webkinz-altlol What the Nesting update would look like if I was able to make it

I know that nesting is apart of the planned features of Path of titans, but I spent an hour thinking in bed about how the mechanics will work, so I decided to write this for others to look at. :) Let me know what you think of it, if you think its balanced or not.
The Mating Process
The mating process will require a male and female of the same species. Two different species cannot mate. Get close to a partner, and send a mating request. It will pop up like a group invite - "Player is requesting to mate!"
Accepting the mating invite while within close range to the player will begin the family friendly mating animation, and will last 5-10 seconds. If attacked by an enemy during the mating animation, it will be interrupted and another mating invite will have to be sent. It's recommended to mate in a safe area because of this. Players cannot move during the mating animation, so if not done safely, it will be easy for an enemy to get an easy first bite. Look at your surroundings before you begin to ensure you don't get jumped.
Once the mating succeeds, the female receives the "Egg-bound" buff. This buff will stay until the eggs are laid, or until the female dies. A female with the "Egg-bound" buff will receive a quest on the side of the screen, in purple text: "Gather materials for the nest." These include sticks, succulent, lakeweed, lake sponge, etc. Depending on the Dinosaur, a certain amount of nesting materials is needed. For smaller Dinos like Deinonychus, will only need 20 pieces of nesting material, while larger dinosaurs like T-Rex, will need 80 pieces of nesting material. Everybody in the females group receives this quest, and it acts like a group quest, where anybody can help gather nesting materials. If the male wishes to no longer associate with the female after the mating process, he doesn't have to. Leaving the females group (if he was in one) will remove the nesting quest, as well as anyone else who was in the group as well. Only the egg-bound female is required to complete the quest, and cannot get rid of it unless she gets rid of the egg-bound buff.
The Nesting Process
Once all nesting materials have been gathered, the female can now lay her eggs. You will get a quest - "Lay your eggs!" Choose a good place to lay them, because once they are laid, they cannot be moved! Choose a safe spot like a cave, or if you're a flying creature, up very high in order to keep your eggs as safe as possible. Make sure you lay them on a flat surface so your baby's don't fall out of the nest immediately after hatching. Pressing and holding the K key (configurable) will build a nest and lay the eggs underneath the female. (Must be held for at least 3 seconds!) Keeping the eggs warm is not necessary, just staying near them and protecting them is good enough. The eggs will then be marked on your map, so if you happen to die, you can go back and find your nest so long it hasn't been ransacked. The eggs will then gain a timer of 30 minutes (configurable) until they will hatch. You can also manually hatch them if you want. The size of the nest and the eggs differ depending on which dinosaur laid them, and the amount of eggs also varies between dinosaurs. Smaller dinosaurs such as Deinonychus can produce up to 6 Eggs in one nest, while a T-Rex can only produce up to 2. This is for balancing purposes. Once the female lays the eggs, she is able to log off, walk away, and do whatever she pleases. She no longer has obligation to care for the eggs. If she doesn't wish to have anything to do with the nest after its laid, then she is allowed to decide that. Any dinosaur can take care of the eggs if the mother doesn't want to, but the mother is the only one who can manually hatch the nest. Otherwise, the timer needs to expire for the eggs to hatch. It will be very likely the eggs will not make it if the mother lays them and then leaves them, but on the off chance they do hatch, the hatchlings will be on their own. It would be an amazing brag to have hatched from an abandoned nest and survived to sub-adulthood. Maybe that can be a challenge for some!
Any mammal dinosaurs (ones that cannot lay eggs) will go through the same process, however the buff they get will be called "Pregnant" and they will not lay eggs, but they will give birth to a small creature bundled in leaves. It will still take 30 minutes for the baby to emerge. Depending on the dinosaur, multiple bundles can be birthed.
Sea creatures
Any sea creatures that can only lay eggs underneath the water, will lay their eggs in the form of Roe instead of eggs. This means that the minimum fish eggs a sea creature can lay will have to be higher then 1. Gathering Nesting materials is not needed! Semi aquatics such as Sarcosuchus will go through the same process as land walkers who lay eggs, and lay their eggs on the surface.
Hatchling Creation
During the 30 minute egg timer, players can join the nest through the Nest tab in the Socials menu. Mothers can invite players, lock nests to friends only, and open nests can be joined by players. It'll basically function like the grouping system but in the form of nests instead. Players can choose how they look upon emerging, or they can allow the game to decide how they look. They will not be able to choose the dinosaur they emerge as however, since that depends on the mother species.
If players choose manual character creation, players will notice that there are 3 new skins are available. These are Hatchling Skins! These skins are acquired by hatching from a players nest, and surviving until Sub-adulthood. Once this is accomplished, the skins are available for purchase with Marks just as normal on that dinosaur species. Once the hatchling has been created, the player then must wait until the nest hatches, or until the mother hatches them manually.
The hatching process
Once at least one player has joined the nest, the player will view the egg from a third person view as if they are playing as the egg, but cannot move. They are able to turn the camera and view the world around them however. The mother has the option to manually hatch the nest, which can be done through the Nesting tab in the socials menu. This means the mother can be as far or as close as she wants, and still allow the eggs to hatch. Another way to hatch is to let the 30 minute timer expire, and any eggs in the nest will hatch automatically. Any eggs that have not been player claimed will simply disappear upon hatching, but the player claimed ones will turn into hatchlings. If none of the eggs in the nest are player claimed, manually hatching the nest or letting the timer expire will simply despawn the eggs. Any players who hatched out of the eggs will have the location of their hatch spot marked on their map until sub-adulthood. This is to help hatchlings who have wandered far away find home again, unless the family decides to move.
Hatchlings cannot be trampled or attacked by family members until sub-adulthood. This is to ensure players don't make nests just to kill the babies.
Living as a hatchling
Living as a players hatchling is much more difficult and can be challenging, mostly because, if you die before sub-adulthood, the hatchling is erased from your played dinosaurs. Starvation, being attacked, thirst, falling from a height, etc. This is because in order to unlock the hatchling skins, you must live from hatchling to sub-adult in one go. Death will erase the character, and you will have to start again anew. However once you hit sub-adulthood, you are free from the games clutches and you forever have that dinosaur as playable no matter if you die or not. Safe logging off the server before sub-adulthood will still allow the dinosaur to be played. Parents, protect your kids! They rely on you to help unlock those skins and survive. If the hatchlings mother logs off, it will be up to the other parents or group members or even siblings to help protect the hatchling. Hatchlings can walk around, do quests, attack and all that stuff just as normal dinosaurs can, but it is heavily recommended for the hatchling to have a body guard until at least the Juvenile or Adolescent stage. If the guardian was the only group member and they log off, it is recommended for the hatchling to stay hidden until they come back, log on as a different dinosaur in the meantime, or find a trustworthy Dinosaur to help protect and raise them, as dying before sub-adulthood will render the hatchling no longer playable. Any Dinosaur, Carnivore or Herbivore can raise a hatchling of any kind. Herbivores must take caution when raising a carnivore however, for obvious reasons. Most realism servers would most likely have a rule against Herbivores raising Carnivores as they do now with roleplaying babies.
Eggs are food too
Any carnivore, including the parents, can eat eggs, player claimed or not. Larger dinosaurs such as Sarcosuchus and Allosaurus can pick them up with their mouth and swallow them much like meat chunks and fish, but smaller dinosaurs and scavengers such as Deinonychus and Thalassodromeus must SWIPE the eggs first! If they can carry them and get away, then they are free to put them on the ground and eat them. They cannot start eating unless they put the egg down on the ground first. Once an egg begins to be eaten, it can no longer hatch. If a carnivore or scavenger picks up the egg and then drops it somewhere outside the nest, the egg can be put back into the nest to continue incubating, so long as the scavenger hasn't taken a bite already. Any Dinosaur can remove and replace eggs from any nest, even if it doesn't belong to them. Eggs can be taken from one nest, and put into a different nest. This means an Allosaurus egg is able to hatch within a Stegosaurus nest, but it must come from an Allosaurus nest. The Allosaurus in question is still tied to their mothers egg timer, so it will not hatch alongside the Stego eggs, and will hatch at the same time as the Allosaurus eggs instead. The only difference is the location they're in, and so long an egg is in a nest of some kind, it is able to hatch. However, the mother or guardian has the ability to cull the egg that does not belong to her nest, or if she doesn't realize the egg doesn't belong to her, cull the baby upon hatching. Mix nesting is not recommended due to this, but can be fun if everyone agrees to be nice!
With Roe, those eggs can hatch where ever they want underwater as they don't need a nest to incubate. Once a creature that lays Roe finishes mating, the eggs can be laid immediately, skipping the gather nest materials quest. But once a carnivore begins to eat the egg, the egg becomes unhatchable. If the Roe is taken out of the water, incubation pauses until it enters water again. Land nests cannot be laid underwater, and mammals cannot birth underwater (Unless it is an fully aquatic mammal, which in that case will need to have a separate birthing system)
If a player claimed egg is waiting to be born, but is eaten by a carnivore, the death screen will display and take them back to character selection much like if they were to die normally, but they won't lose anything.
Herbivores cannot eat eggs.
Eggs count as MEAT so Omnivores who have Meat as an option in their diet tab can eat eggs. If an egg is larger then half of a Scavengers body size, they cannot eat the eggs at all, because they cant pick them up. This is to prevent smaller faster dinosaurs from one-biting eggs to make them unhatchable, because that's mean and annoying and people will definitely do it. Eggs can ONLY be eaten if they are picked up first.
It is absolutely possible for a Thalassodromeus to swipe a Deinonychus egg and put them in their own nest. Don't let your kids get dino-napped! Who knows what will happen to them...they could just be food for the rest of the Thaloss nest! Or, the Thaloss plans to raise the Deino as one of her own...who knows? Roe cannot be put inside land nests, and land eggs cannot be put underwater with Roe. The incubation simply stops. Birth bundles will drown if underwater for too long. Mammals should avoid giving birth in areas with shallow water, so that the baby doesn't drown. The only reason to steal roe out of the water is for a snack, but if an aquatic is smart, she'll lay her eggs deep in the ocean where even some semi-aquatics can't get to.
That about does it for the Nesting update and what I would like to see out of it once it comes around!

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2023.06.04 07:09 AwShitHereWeGoAgain7 Did 3.5 PE for my first time, it was amazing.

I’m gonna try to make this as quick as possible so here goes
I took 1.8 and made the foolish mistake of “This ain’t shit, I need more” so did another 1.8. It took a long ass time to kick him but it started while I was looking at a fire with my friends. My stomach started to feel very odd, I wouldn’t say nauseous but it just felt like very fuzzy. Then I started to feel weird all throughout my body, from my head, to my stomach and finger tips. I remember my buddy telling me at the fire that this was normal and I was about to trip balls. And I did. It started off with the ground moving, patterns all over. The sky had almost like northern lights going through it, every single letter and app on my phone was fucked up, all squiggly and shit. I remember looking at letters on those little bathroom messages that would say stuff about having a “bright day” but the letters were just gone, like they were completely off the frame of the picture. I was dying of laughter most of the time thinking this was the coolest shit ever, I remember seeing myself in the mirror and I just burst out in laughter as I looked funny myself.
As I began to come down a little bit I just remember feeling so good, I was just slumped against a wall playing with the fuzz that came out of pillows, just so happy. As I told my friends who were more experienced in this later that week They were shocked I took that much of Penis Envy my first time taking shrooms and was fine, they started talking about Ego death and all that but I mean I was completely fine.
I did 1.5 of golden teacher by myself the other night and it was not nearly as intense, just small little patterns and smiling creepy looking faces on my carpet (I wasn’t really bothered by it) just a little unsettling because I was alone so no one to talk with.
So does it really just depend on the person? I’m 6’1 200lbs, does that have something to do with it?
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2023.06.04 07:08 Numerous_Program1060 Time blindness or hyperfocus?

Because of the weather I mowed my lawn and did other yard work early. I wore a watch so I know it took me an hour and 50 minutes. My usual routine would be to shower and and meditate.
My intention was to work on a renovation project on my house that I've been at for a long time. It's a basement bathroom remodel that I tore down to the studs and building back. I have done it all myself. I learned to tile and got better at plumbing. Doing the framing and drywall I was always pretty good at but somehow seven or eight years post-diagnosis I learned to pace myself better and do a better job.
Today I was doing electrical work. I put new lights in and outlets. I ran new circuits because I didn't like the way the basement was originally wired. I actually installed the new breaker while the panel was hot- I have electrical engineering degrees and high voltage certification so I'm really comfortable working on hot circuits - do not ever go near a hot circuit unless you are trained and confident.
I took a break and ate dinner with my family and then went back to work. That might all be out of order, but the whole point is that I forgot to put on a watch before I started working on the basement. I was thought it was like 5 or 6:00 pm but my wife appeared and asked if I was okay. She told me it was 10:00 p.m.
I guess that's why I usually wear a watch because I will hard stop at a reasonable time to hang out with my kids or whatever. I just lost time but the ideas were flowing and I am so incredibly proud of the elegant and very safe way I laid out the network and ran the wires. I even redid something that I knew I didn't do correctly and could not guarantee safety.
tl:dr; I went into a whole hyper focus event and have no idea how I accomplished as much as I accomplished all because I forgot to wear a watch.
Lastly: the real downside of this is that it will affect my sleep and I'm probably going to be really sore tomorrow but I guess I made a lot of progress so I have that going for me.
ADHD is weird.
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