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2023.06.08 23:09 Onivivo Nuclear Meltdown?

That Dam being damaged has effected the cooling water supply to the site and now emergency measures are being taken to keep it from collapsing. Could this be concerning?
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2023.06.08 23:04 onlyfactualfacts Trauma bond help

I have moments of self doubt but most importantly I struggle with trauma bond abnormally more than it should be due to my BPD. My emotions switch quickly,one hour I am sure I did what I should have done and that I am repulsed by the abuse and another one I get intrusive thoughts about literally everything,the past , what,,if" and so on, I got triggered because I was deleting old stuff and saw hotel name with a date we first met. Although I don't think it means anything to me anymore because it was all lie and meant nothing I still get those huge doubts and fear of abandonment kicks in. I blocked him everywhere but I know it will cause panic attack if he blocked me too and I am sure it's due to trauma bond.
I know he's on dating app already looking for new supply and I am absolutely repulsed by that but at the same time it is a little bit of a stab time to time.
It's not that I want to talk to him or want him back in any way, I'm just terrified something is going to trigger me. His city name, stuff he liked or I'm gonna see something connected to him accidentally.
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2023.06.08 23:04 frantischek97 Tapering off - I need help

Hey everybody. I've never posted here before, but I thought maybe my experience would help someone else and at the same time maybe I can get some advice from more experienced people. I have been taking Kratom for over 4 years, and usually 50 grams a day. Less in the beginning of course, but my tolerance grew really fast. Kratom has been a miracle plant for me. It has helped me from everything that has ever bothered me: from childhood I suffered from nervousness, restlessness, anxiety. Suddenly all these problems disappeared, I could work for hours at a time, study, walk around the city and take photos of things I like. Although kratom caused me a lot of inconvenience later on, I still can't regret that I started using it - because the things I experienced after taking it were beautiful and enriched my life a lot. After a year of taking it I stopped cold turkey, although it was very uncomfortable, so I managed to stop. However, at that time I replaced the kratom with alcohol to manage the withdrawal symptoms so I started drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and after about 8 months without kratom I was an even bigger addict than before, my life was worthless. I drank about 1-1.5 liters of wine and smoked marijuana every night, all to get rid of PAWS. At this point it should be said that I have always suffered from anxiety and panic disorder, but before I started using kratom it was never that bad. AND I have never tried another opioids/opiates nor have I ever been addicted to anything except for nicotine. So I helped myself with alcohol and marijuana but my overall mental state was getting worse. So I saw a psychiatrist and a psychologist and took a combination of Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine and it had no effect. After about 4 months of taking the medication I "successfully" replaced it with kratom and all the psychological problems disappeared within a week. I subsequently took kratom in large doses until February this year. Kratom stopped bringing the original euphoria, on the contrary, I felt that it was causing me anxiety at times. I often had tachycardia and anxiety after taking kratom. The high doses of 15+ were just not bringing me any good effect anymore. At the same time, the financial aspect bothered me, my boyfriend was bothered by my consumption, plus I love to travel and transporting kratom by plane around Europe (where I live) and beyond is not easy at all. I would hate to be arrested for smuggling kratom. The negatives have already outweighed the positives and so I have firmly decided to quit kratom. Under the supervision of an addictologist, I reduced from 50g to 7g a day over the course of about 3 months. I also see a psychiatrist, she prescribed beta blockers (Metoprolol, these helped a lot for anxiety and heart palpitations) and also pregabalin (only 25mg a day to start, we gradually increased to 150mg a day). I only started taking the meds when I was on 13g a day and started having more difficulties. I always thought I would never be able to taper off kratom (let this be a motivation for those of you who also think they couldn't make it) that I wouldn't have the willpower to do it. But it's working, and even though my post may not sound that optimistic - I still managed to reduce from 50 to 7 grams a day and I'm working, studying, doing lots of things and it hasn't disrupted my life totally. The physical withdrawal symptoms are also getting better (when I occassionaly feel them). But what should I do now? My plan is to cut down to at least 3-4 grams and then jump. But what about the inner restlessness? Meditation and mindfulness don't help, magnesium, vitamin C, black seed oil etc don't help either. Of course I plan to go to therapy, but my restlessness is getting REALLY bad. Should I increase the dosage of pregabalin? Maybe 150 g is not enough. I'd rather be addicted to meds than kratom or alcohol. However, I don't want to take benzodiazepines (yes, xanax helped me partially for anxiety and restlessness, but not completely - I only took it a few times, always afraid of addiction). And I'd prefer not to be addicted to anything, now I'm afraid I'll get addicted to alcohol because the meds don't work and it's the only thing that helps a bit with the inner restlessness which I can't endure . I'll be SO thankful for any kind of advice.
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2023.06.08 22:55 Bones-Johnson [ONLINE] [OTHER] [GMT+1] [LGBTQA+ Friendly] [18+] Protecting a City Stranded in Another Dimension From Reality Bending Entities With Reality Bending Mecha

Year 236, day 53, same hour as all the rest of these damn messages, or not, I don't care, post disconection from origin dimension. Year 197 of the disposal of the Aristocracy and takeover by the military. Year 185 of martial law being overthrown, the military being abolished and Council meetings and rulings established. Here's the copy-paste once again, void.
We are the people of a ship-city that have been stranded in a foreign dimension, and we are broadcasting this message in hopes that someone will hear to aid us in our return to our home dimension.
We are currently stranded in a dimension whose physics and other universal laws greatly differ from our own, and we are only capable of surviving due to the Reality-Anchors invented before our stranding here. These Reality-Anchors impose our home dimensions rules upon a section of this other dimensions, allowing us to exist within it; anyone and anything that has had direct unshielded contact with the raw other universe has either never come back or has all evidence point towards destruction.
We are currently fairly well established in this other dimension. Around the colony ship has formed First World, a megastructure composed from raw and processed matter that seeps in from the edges of the Reality-Anchors field of effect. We have expanded from here into the surrounding space through Reality-Anchors built and mounted on planetoids, which themselves have become areas of habitation and/or industry. Currently, the area under the effect of the Reality-Anchors has been termed the Reality Sphere.
Hydroponics and terraforming have allowed for a steady production of food. Industry is supplied by unions of trawler ships that patrol the borders; they harvest and collect useful detritus and push out anything dangerous or harmful. Power is supplied by numerous means, most being fuel based as solar radiation based harvesting systems are highly unreliable due to the mixed out-put of the borders. Two dyson spheres, one in the inner and the other on the outer sections of the current borders of the Reality Sphere, supplement the power supply, though the inner sphere has been destroyed.
Industry, food and the various groups, organisations, governments and states are all operating at stable capacity. Without outside interference or unexpected occurences, the Reality Sphere is expected continue to survive and expand. Unfortunately, there are outside influences at play, and this message is not just an informational greeting and attempt to reconnect with a lost origin.
The Reality Sphere is under threat from massive beings believed to be native to this dimension and have been taking escalating hostile actions. At first, the things that breached the borders simply crumpled, exploded, imploded or otherwise ceased to be nothing more than a mess of in-animate particles. But the things that come through have been getting steadily more stable, and their only discernable intention so far has been the destruction of the Reality-Anchors, and thus us.
So far the milita's and security forces have been able to fend off the attacks. But as time goes on, our conventional weaponry has began to wane in effectiveness. The attacks upon us are increasing in intensity; our attacker is learning to adapt to our combat methods, our rules of reality or a combination of the two. Communications have thus far proven unsuccessful.
We have begun research and production of a new form of weapon, massive war-machines each using an experimental Dimensional-Bending Engine. Tests and theories indicate that these Engines will be able to force our foe to either fight by our rules or allow the combat machine built around it to fight our enemies with the same disregard for physics as they do. We stress that these new weapons are an experiment, and in no way a certain solution to the threat, and we are still in increasing danger.
We implore anyone who hears this to make contact. We our at threat, and we direly wish to return to a dimension that does not rely on the persistence of precarious machinery under constant threat by beings who follow rules and reasons we are thus far incapable of understanding.
18+ for applicants please. Heavy topics are not a certainty, but I would rather not risk having any young 'uns around so I don't have to be concerned about that along with the regular concerns about trigger and censor warnings.
Currently the game is to be ran on a friday at 10pm GMT+0, though the time is negotiable.
System is Battle Century G Remastered, and the rulebook can be provided to you if you don't have it.
Thanks if you've read this far. So I've been struck by the desire to run an Evangelion sorta game, where players pilot big mecha (though it can also be tank fortresses, hover ships, floating masses that are little more than clay to be manipulated by the Engine nestled inside), but set in world like that of the Perimetre video game.
I plan for the game to have two general sides to it. Fighting the entities will be a matter of trying to take them out before they reach their target, the consequences for failure being the destruction of Reality Anchors and all that they sustain. I also intend for the entity fights to have a bit of a puzzle aspect to them; think of Eva where some kind of weakness or flaw has to be figured out to harm the highly dangerous monster.
The other side, when not fighting the entities, will be about garnering resources and support for an untested and experimental program that few trust. The organisation starts with no allies except for the various groups that have become directly involved in the project, and even they might only be putting a small part of their resources into it. The government has agreed to give the project a hanger bay and a control centre on the colony ship and officially approved of the project, but thats about it.
The game has been running for sometime now, but I'm having to get some more players due to recent player dropouts. Three entities have been taken on, and the pilots are starting to earn a good name for themselves. Currently, the pilots need to investigate a section of border territory for entity activity that has, due to recent mess ups by governments in the area, de-stabilised and descended into war. The pilots are to act as a political neutral body and not get involved in the war, in theory.
So if you're interested, send me a DM through reddit telling me a bit about yourself, experience with trpg's, any character concepts, that sorta thing, and we can continue talks from there.
LGBTQA+ friendly, so bigots are barred from my kingdom and shall be cast out.
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2023.06.08 22:54 Euphoric-Seaweed Changes in version 10.6.1

All the stuff below is gathered by just analyzing the data of the game - I haven't installed it yet.

Bug Fixes

None that I can see.


New stuff

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2023.06.08 22:43 nitinthakur234 Deep Cleaning in Hyderabad: The Ultimate Guide to a Clean and Fresh Home!

Deep cleaning in Hyderabad can be a daunting task, but with the right guide it can be a breeze! This ultimate guide will teach you everything you need to know about deep cleaning your home, from top to bottom.
  1. What is deep cleaning? Deep cleaning is the process of cleaning a home or office thoroughly and completely. It is a more thorough cleaning than what is generally done during a regular cleaning. Deep cleaning often includes cleaning areas that are not typically cleaned, such as the floors, ceilings, and walls.
  2. Why do you need deep cleaning? Deep cleaning is often necessary to remove dirt and stains that are not visible to the naked eye. Over time, these build-ups can cause damage to your carpet and furniture, and can even lead to health problems. That’s why it’s important to have your home’s deep cleaning done regularly.
  3. What are the benefits of deep cleaning? Deep cleaning is a process that goes beyond your average cleaning routine. It entails a more in-depth and thorough cleaning of all surfaces and areas of your home. While deep cleaning offers a number of benefits, here are some of the most notable: Deep cleaning can help improve your home’s air quality. All of the surfaces in your home, from the floors to the walls, accumulate dust, dirt, and other allergens over time. These particles can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Deep cleaning can help remove these particles and improve your home’s air quality.
Deep Cleaning in Hyderabad can also help improve your home’s appearance. Over time, surfaces can become stained and dirty, making your home look less than desirable. Deep cleaning can help remove these stains and dirt, and make your home look fresh and clean. Lastly, deep cleaning can help improve your home’s functionality. Over time, areas in your home can become cluttered and disorganized. This can make it difficult to find things and can also be a safety hazard. Deep cleaning can help clear out these areas and make your home more functional.
  1. How can you deep clean your home? Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition for many homeowners. It’s a time to clear out the cobwebs, clean the carpets, and polish the furniture. But what about the things you can’t see — the dust and dirt that have built up over time? How can you deep clean your home and get rid of all the dirt and grime that’s hiding in the cracks and crevices?
There are a number of ways to deep clean your home. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to get into tight spaces, or you can use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up liquid spills. You can also use a steam cleaner to remove dirt and grime from your floors and surfaces. Steam cleaners are a great way to deep clean your home. They use high temperatures and pressurized steam to clean and sanitize surfaces. They can be used to clean floors, walls, ceilings, and even furniture.
If you’re looking for a way to deep clean your home, a steam cleaner is a great option. They’re easy to use, and they can clean and sanitize surfaces quickly and effectively.
  1. What are the best deep cleaning tips for Hyderabad?
Hyderabad is a beautiful city, but it can be a little dirty. If you’re looking for ways to deep clean your home, here are some of the best tips!
  1. Start with the floors. Sweep and mop them thoroughly, then use a cleaner to get rid of any stubborn dirt or stains.
  2. Tackle the windows. Wash them inside and out, then use a squeegee to get rid of any excess water.
  3. Clean the furniture. Dust and polish it, then use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any hidden dirt or dust mites.
  4. Wash the curtains. Soak them in a bathtub with some detergent, then rinse them thoroughly.
  5. Clean the bathrooms. Scrub the tiles and the fixtures, then use a disinfectant to get rid of any bacteria.
  6. Vacuum the carpets. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies, then use a carpet cleaner to remove any built-up dirt or stains.
  7. Clean the kitchen. Wipe down the counters and the appliances, then use a de-greaser to get rid of any grease or grime.
  8. De-clutter your home. Tidying up your home will make it easier to clean, and it will also make it look a lot nicer.
  9. Keep a cleaning schedule. This will help you to stay on top of things, and it will make it a lot easier to stay organized. 10. Use the right tools. Make sure to have all of the necessary cleaning supplies on hand, and use them correctly to get the best results.
  10. How to find the best deep cleaning service in Hyderabad? When it comes to deep cleaning services, Hyderabad is spoilt for choice. There are so many companies offering their services that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. However, there are a few things you can look for to help you make the best decision. First of all, it is important to consider the reputation of the company. Do some research online to see what others have said about them. Are they reliable and do they deliver on their promises?
Secondly, you should look at the range of services they offer. Deep cleaning can be quite a comprehensive job, so it is important to make sure the company you choose can do everything you need them to.
Finally, it is important to consider the price. You don’t want to break the bank, but you also don’t want to choose a company that is offering a substandard service. Compare prices and read reviews to get a sense of what is a fair price for the level of service you are expecting. When you take all these factors into account, you should be able to find the perfect deep cleaning service for your needs.
  1. How to get the most out of your deep cleaning service? To get the most out of your Deep Cleaning Service in Hyderabad, make sure you communicate your needs and expectations clearly. Be as specific as possible, and provide a detailed list of the areas you would like cleaned. If you have any special requests or concerns, be sure to mention them as well. By working together, you can ensure that your deep cleaning service meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
With this guide, you can create a clean and fresh home in Hyderabad with ease! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a sparkling clean home in no time.
Call Now: 07795001555
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2023.06.08 22:33 uacrisisorg Day 470: Ukraine begins counteroffensive against Russia, media say

❗ About 600 square kilometers of Kherson region have been flooded. First deaths are reported on the left bank of the Dnipro river. Russia shells Kherson during flood evacuations, leaving nine people wounded. Ukraine begins a counteroffensive against Russia⤵
600 kilomètres carrés d'inondations : il y a des morts sur la rive gauche, les Russes ont bombardé Kherson - 9 blessés, les forces armées ukrainiennes lancent une contre-offensive.
About 600 sq. km of Kherson region flooded, first deaths reported on left bank of river
As of the morning of June 8, the average level of flooding after the blast at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant was 5.61 meters. About 600 square kilometers of Kherson region were under water, which is twice the size of the Maldives. Head of the Kherson regional military administration Oleksandr Prokudin said that 32 per cent of the flooded territory was on the Ukrainian-controlled right bank of the Dnipro River, and 68 per cent was on the Russian-held left bank. He said 1,999 people had left flooded territory as of 6 a.m. on Thursday, most of them – 1,495, were evacuated from the Korabel district in Kherson. “The situation on the left bank is extremely difficult. People are suffering not only from flood waters, but also from Russian terror and lack of will by the occupying forces to help them,” Prokudin said. The first deaths as a result of flooding from the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant were reported in Oleshky, on the Russian-held left bank of the river.
As of Thursday morning, in Mykolayiv, water levels rose by almost one meter, the city’s mayor Oleksandr Senkevych said. In some lower parts of the city, the shore line was being reinforced to protect nearby homes.
The Kinburn Spit has turned into an island. The road that connected the spit to the mainland in the western part of Kherson region on the left bank of the Dnipro, was completely flooded, the Southern Forest Service said. It is no longer possible to get to the mainland by land.
Russia shells Kherson during flood evacuations, leaving nine people wounded
Russian forces began to shell Kherson in the afternoon as people were being evacuated because of flooding caused by the blast at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. Head of the Kherson regional military administration Oleksandr Prokudin said: “The strikes target coastal areas and the city center.”
The Russians are “just terrorists,” Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak said, as Russia shelled flood-hit Kherson. Nine people were wounded, including two rescue workers from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, a policeman, a medic, and a German volunteer. One person was taken to the hospital’s emergency department.
Ukraine begins counteroffensive against Russia, media say
Ukraine on Thursday began its long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia, officials told ABC News.
Two Ukrainian officials, including a source close to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, confirmed to ABC News that an active phase of the Ukrainian counteroffensive is underway.
Well-trained Ukrainian troops had been gathering at strategic locations near the front lines in recent days, Western officials said last week.
Ukraine’s troops intensified their attacks on the front line in the country’s southeast, according to four individuals in the country’s armed forces who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the battlefield developments, the Washington Post said.
The Ukrainian troops include specialized attack units armed with Western weapons and trained in NATO tactics. The attacks in the country’s southeast mark a significant push into Russian-occupied territory.
By cutting south through the Zaporizhzhia region’s flat fields, Kyiv’s forces could aim to sever the “land bridge” between mainland Russia and occupied Crimea, cutting off crucial Russian supply lines.
Ukrainian journalists: direct targets of russian deliberate attacks. Ukraine in Flames #455
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2023.06.08 22:30 Nvnv_man Collection of online responses by Russians to the dam disaster—only about half believe the Russian authorities’ version that Ukraine caused it.

There’s been multiple narratives about the cause of the dam destruction, and its effects. Initially, Russians were more inclined to believe the authorities narrative. After hours and multiple versions, Russians started voicing their doubts online. If the comment section for a midsize newspaper in Siberia is any indication, they aren’t buying the story.
Here’s a sampling of the progression of comments over a 24 hour period.
Nothing surprising. This was exactly what was expected for a long time, because for more than a year now, Ukrainian troops have been intensively shelling the dam, and propagandists cherished thoughts of its collapse. This is exactly what happened today.
Well, as for the opinion of Ukraine and its "civilized" friends, that Russia is to blame for everything, that Western cynicism and hypocrisy no longer causes any surprise. Russia is doing everything right, so the successes of the Russian army are really significant! 👍
Uh huh, and who was guarding this place? A private military company?
The degree of degradation, destruction and catastrophe is already limitless. WHAT IS THIS ALL FOR!!???
If Ukraine considers this territory its own, then why does NATO allow it to destroy its hydraulic structures? And the old Anglo-Saxon principle operates, after us, deluge. 🔥
because of the [western] puppets in Ukraine
Why did they attack themselves at all, and have not been able to stop, for more than a year?
Ukraine and Ukrainians are consumables. Their problems are of little interest to the sheriff. [the west]
[one of the articles has quotes from Russian-installed mayor:]
what "local authorities"? The one Russia appointed there? What will he say? No surprise information there—in the opinion of all the Putin-patriots, Ukraine is shelling and bombing itself! And did they not do this 20 years ago? No? For some reason, as soon as Russia appeared there, they immediately began to blow up their dams and erase cities from the face of the earth, right? Is Russia trying to sort of stop this? Successfully? But can’t stop Ukraine from bombing itself? Despite all military means? Seriously?
what do they do this for?! Is this exactly according to plan?
The swine’s plan is ingenious. and their own
Yes, according to the plan of their overseas masters
they did it. they blew their own dam. [accidentally admitting it’s Ukraine’s, even thought controlled by Russia and in an annexed area that fake-voted to join Russia]
I won’t be surprised if Ukraine and nuclear power plants are blown up, and then everything is blamed on us; and, of course, the West will agree with them, until we prove 100% the opposite, like a circus with Bucha.
Exactly. they will infect themselves and their land for another hundred years.
well, of course, that’s exactly what they want, right? before all this, they didn’t attack anyone. But then, once this began, they suddenly started bombing and blowing up their own infrastructure. Yeah sure, you naturally know everything, and can personally confirm from visiting the front, how the Ukrainians fired from this and that. Yeah right. Or are you just lying?! Spewing your nonsense into the minds of the unsavvy public?
So the whole point is that they do not plan to live there, and they will poison our future Novorossiysk land, because the Ukrainians consider the inhabitants there to be third-class Russians
Why is Putin doing this? I thought they only hit military targets.
Typical Ukrainian-infantile approach, then blaming their enemy for everything that goes wrong 👎
Apparently, he believes that experiments were carried out at the hydroelectric power station to zombify bio-fish.
Such things are typically useful to the defending side, in order to prevent the enemy from crossing the river. So, which side is now successfully defending against an oncoming offensive?
On August 18, 1941, NKVD officers blew up the Dnieper hydroelectric power station in the Zaporozhye region.
[That was Internal Affairs in USSR, they were extremely harsh, and mostly all Russian. Implying it’s the Russians, not Ukrainians.]
Well, it’s seeming like it’ll be this summer, and maybe even this month, that a powerful bomb will be used. 🔥🔥🔥 But not necessarily on the territory of the former Ukraine.
Yes Yes! One will be used! only immediately hydrogen, by 2 megatons! 💥 🤣
What about in Voronezh?
We’re going to have to restore all his later—sacrificing our own standard of living and infrastructure [to subsidize restoration].
The meaning of this Ukrainian terrorist attack is not entirely clear. Now, downstream, the islands where the Armed Forces of Ukraine have equipped positions is flooding. Their military try to evacuate by boat, and just become an easy target for Russian artillery.
"everything goes according to plan"
You can expect anything from those Ukrainians. Now, Kennedy's nephew is openly telling the whole truth about their American masters.
from earlier today, “The mayor of Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Leontiev, denied in an interview with RIA Novosti the information about the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, calling it ‘nonsense’.” I see that story changed!
Poor Soviet dam built in 1956! It was laid down under Stalin. This power can't really build anything, it only knows what to destroy!
And what do you think—why did this hydroelectric power station not fall apart 2 years ago? Or 3 years ago? Or 4 years ago, it just operated there fine, didn't it? But then something happened and now 80 settlements have been flooded for 3 days.
"This is nonsense! Everything is fine, everything is fine everywhere, I just got on the radio. Everything is fine everywhere in the city, everything is quiet and calm," said Vladimir Leontiev (head of Novaya Kakhovka) this morning🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦
So it’s probably stupid of me to think that when the hydroelectric power station came under the control of Russia, the security facility was not checked by sappers then. It is probably stupid to think that there is no video surveillance at a sensitive facility, and for some reason, there are no footage of "constant shelling, due to which" this tragedy happened. Hmm..
Radioactive fallout from the largest station in Europe will disperse, including to Russia. Reached Khabarovsk. The ones brutalizing are the demolitionists.
This is a secure facility, which means there must be video surveillance footage of "multiple strikes." Right? Or is this how our Lavrov is reliably knows it was caused by Ukraine?
It definitely doesn't look like a rocket or artillery or aircraft strike. There was something else.
liberation in full swing 😏
The decommunization of Ukraine is in full swing.
[reference to structures of communist era being destroyed, apparently a new goal of the SVO]
So strikes or mined? Get your stories straight.
Any explosives engineer understands that such a mass of concrete cannot be collapsed with a rocket or bomb strike, doing such is only pounding concrete by centimeters, so it would take a lot of missiles and time. However, it’s an entirely different scenario to lay it from the inside, in the right places, and in the right amount—then in an instant, the whole structure will fall apart in seconds, but only if everything is done correctly, and the calculations are performed without a single mistake.
The Ukrainians constantly fired at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, but this time it seems they overdid it. The amount of damage + water pressure did their devastating work. Obviously no one planned this, but the level of the military "genius" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine became clearly visible 😠 Zelensky is holding a meeting on this issue today. They will decide how to deal with a tragedy that they themselves have arranged.
So you admit that this is not beneficial for Ukraine, but beneficial for Russia, and the argument why Ukraine allegedly did this all the same boils down to the fact that they, they say so. [they=Referring to Russian authorities] What a fool. Seriously...
Whoever has a little ingenuity and a map in his hands will realize everything.
And this phrase is about the impossibility of dumping water. There’s been no arrivals there for a long time. But fearing a "counterattack," the dam just suddenly burst...
The degree of degradation, destruction and catastrophe is already limitless. WHAT IS THIS ALL FOR!!???
For denazification and demilitarization! [said seriously]
it’s grandpas [generals] having fun
Why were the turbines and generators blown up? "to make grandfather even happier" says Prigozhin
On August 18, 1941, NKVD officers blew up the Dnieper hydroelectric power station in the Zaporozhye region.
Yes. Then the plants and factories were blown up. And they burned the corn on the stalks, and drove the cattle to the retreat. Everything is logical. And they burned Moscow and handed it over to the French. And the Varyag was flooded. So what?
Then why are you so sure that it's not them this time?
So ... the water shortage in Crimea will continue.
The video shows a concrete explosion from a planted explosive. Someone here is blatantly lying that this is from shelling.
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2023.06.08 22:28 VitaParadise Clarice Lispector: The Servant

Clarice Lispector
The Servant
Her name was Eremita.* She was nineteen. A confident face, a few pimples. Where was her beauty? There was beauty in that body that was neither ugly nor pretty, in that face in which a sweetness eager for greater sweetnesses was its sign of life.
As for beauty, I don’t know. There may not have been any, though indefinite features attract as water attracts. There was, indeed, living substance, nails, flesh, teeth, a mixture of resistances and weaknesses, constituting a vague presence that nonetheless immediately solidified into an inquisitive and readily helpful head, as soon as someone uttered a name: Eremita. Her brown eyes were untranslatable, at odds with her whole face. As independent as if they’d been planted in the flesh of an arm, and were peering at us from there—open, moist. She was made entirely of a sweetness bordering on tears.
Sometimes she’d answer with a servant’s ill-breeding. She’d been like that since childhood, she explained. Not that it stemmed from her character. For there was nothing hard about her spirit, no perceptible law. “I got scared,” she’d say naturally. “It made me hungry,” she’d say, and whatever she said was always indisputable, who knows why. “He respects me a lot,” she’d say of her fiancé and, though it was a borrowed and conventional expression, whoever heard it entered a delicate world of animals and birds, where all respected each other. “I’m embarrassed,” she’d say, and smile, entangled in her own shadows. If her hunger was for bread—which she ate quickly as if it could be taken away—her fear was of thunder, her embarrassment was of speaking. She was kind, honest. “God forbid, right?” she’d say absently.
Because she had her absent moments. Her face would get lost in an impersonal and unwrinkled sorrow. A sorrow more ancient than her spirit. Her eyes would pause, vacant; I’d even say a bit harsh. Whoever was next to her suffered and could do nothing. Except wait.
Because she was devoted to something, that mysterious infant. No one would have dared touch her right then. You’d wait a little solemnly, heart constricted, keeping an eye on her. There was nothing you could do for her except hope for the danger to pass. Until in an unhurried movement, almost a sigh, she’d rouse herself as a newborn goat rises on its legs. She had returned from her repose in sorrow.
She would return, you couldn’t say richer, but more reassured after having drunk from some unknown fount. What you could see is that the fount must have been ancient and pure. Yes, there was depth in her. But no one would find a thing if they descended into her depths—except depth itself, as in the dark you find the dark. It’s possible that, if someone pressed ahead, they’d find, after walking miles through the shadows, the hint of a path, guided perhaps by a beating of wings, by some trace of an animal. And—suddenly—the forest.
Ah, so that must have been her mystery: she had discovered a trail into the forest. Surely that was where she went during her absences. Returning with her eyes filled with gentleness and ignorance, eyes made whole. An ignorance so vast that inside it all the world’s wisdom could be contained and lost.
That was Eremita. Who, if she rose to the surface with everything she had found in the forest, would be burned at the stake. But what she had seen—on what roots she had gnawed, on what thorns she had bled, in what waters she had bathed her feet, what golden darkness held the light that had shrouded her—she didn’t speak of all this because she didn’t know about it: perceived in a single glance, too fleeting to be anything but a mystery.
Thus, whenever she emerged, she was a maid. Who was constantly being summoned from the darkness of her trail for lesser duties, to do the laundry, wipe the floor, serve someone or other.
But would she really serve? For if anyone paid attention they’d see that she did the laundry—in the sun; that she wiped the floor—wet from the rain; that she hung the sheets—in the wind. She found ways to serve much more remotely, and other gods. Always with the wholeness of spirit she had brought back from the forest. Without a thought: just a body moving calmly, a face full of a gentle hope that no one can give and no one can take away.
The only sign of the danger through which she had passed was her furtive way of eating bread. In all else she was serene. Even when she pocketed the money her mistress had forgotten on the table, even when she took her fiancé supplies wrapped in a discreet bundle. Pilfering was something else she’d learned in her forests.
* “Hermit. “
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2023.06.08 22:24 Pyroski deedw

The War Of 1839, Part II
The War Of 1839, Part III
The War of 1839: The Downing Street Conference
The War of 1839, Part IV
The War of 1839, Part V
Liberation of Vermont
Following the armistice, Richard Downes Jackson dedicated his time to planning and coordinating with General William Rowan for the deployment of British-Canadian troops along the Vermont-Canadian border. When the armistice officially concluded on April 25, 1843, Rowan led his forces into Newport, a city that had been among the last to be captured during John Wool's invasion of Vermont. Over a span of two days, the British forces successfully seized control of the city, compelling the American troops to retreat.
Despite Sylvester Churchill, the commanding general of the New England army, being aware of the British allies' plans, the swift defeat of the U.S. forces caught Churchill by surprise. He had expected stronger resistance in their attempt to liberate Vermont. The occupation of Vermont by the U.S. had persisted for almost a year, and both newspapers and officials criticized Churchill and Webster for their limited achievements in freeing the state. However, their efforts were hindered by the sedition acts, which silenced the criticism. This situation compelled Webster to reassess his tactics.
During the Battle of Boston, with crucial support from the British, Webster, somewhat under the influence, instructed Churchill to adopt a more offensive strategy. This involved utilizing the majority of the Yankee forces to liberate the coasts, challenging Winfield Scott's "Anaconda Plan" blockade, which had contributed to the Panic of 1843. Webster aimed to free up the coasts in order to bring an end to the War of 1839 conflict and alleviate some of the recession's effects. Furthermore, Webster ordered Churchill to carry out a smaller-scale offensive in Vermont, prompted by the widespread news of the British victory in Newport.
Churchill assigned Major General Allen Hitchcock the responsibility of liberating his home state of Vermont due to the general's persistence. Accompanied by 6,000 men, Hitchcock embarked on a journey across New Hampshire, into Canada, and finally into Vermont.
On May 2nd, 1843, General Rowan and Hitchcock led a march towards St. Albans, following a route along the Lake Champlain region from Canada. St. Albans, which had served as the last stronghold of the Vermont militia, succumbed to the American forces in July 1842. The initial battle of St. Albans lasted three days, during which the U.S. troops gradually gained ground, conquering fortifications and capturing the entire city. Faced with a hopeless situation, General Churchill eventually surrendered. In the subsequent treaty, the United States assumed control of strategic cities while permitting the residents to resume their normal lives.
In the second battle, a situation reminiscent of the first battle unfolded, but with reversed sides. The combined British and Yankee forces aimed to breach the defenses established around the settlement in response to intelligence regarding troops stationed at the Vermont-Canadian border in the forthcoming liberation of Newport. Equipped with superior weaponry supplied by the British Empire and boasting a larger army, the allied forces managed to breach the defenses within a few hours and swiftly capture the settlement.
In May 1843, the U.S. successfully captured Burlington, disrupting the supply and manufacturing capabilities of their own troops due to the repurposed factories in the area. As the allied forces liberated neighboring areas and towns, their attention shifted to St. Johnsbury, a settlement in Vermont. By March 1842, the U.S. army had already conquered all remaining towns and settlements in Northern and Central Vermont, culminating in the one-sided Battle of St. Johnsbury, which marked the defeat of one of the final strongholds.
However, nearly a year later, the neighboring regions surrounding St. Johnsbury were liberated from American control. Recognizing the strategic importance of St. Johnsbury as a transportation route across Vermont and its role in supplying troops within the occupied state, Churchill ordered troops to launch an invasion of St. Johnsbury. The town's industry had been supporting the American troops with necessary supplies, further strengthening their hold.
The objective of Churchill's invasion was to regain control of St. Johnsbury and cut off the American forces' access to crucial transportation routes and supplies. By capturing the town, Churchill aimed to weaken the American hold on Vermont and disrupt their supply capabilities.
On May 28, 1843, Rowan and Hitchcock initiated a frontal assault on St. Johnsbury, employing a direct and head-on approach to besiege the city. The battle unfolded throughout the morning and into the evening, characterized by intense street-to-street combat between the opposing armies. As the allied forces gradually gained the upper hand and pushed the American troops deeper into the southern part of the city, the latter eventually chose to retreat. Seizing the opportunity, the British and Yankee forces swiftly occupied the vacated positions, solidifying their control over St. Johnsbury.
With the objective of depriving Montpelier of American aid, the next target in their campaign was Middlebury. Positioned strategically to the left of Montpelier, Middlebury was connected to the Otter Creek and Lake Champlain, which played a vital role in transportation for Americans in the region. Hitchook anticipated that by cutting off the Americans from important settlements along the Lake Champlain riverway, he and the British forces could have an easier time in kicking out the American presence in that area of water.
On June 5, 1843, after weeks of meticulous preparation and consolidating their presence in Vermont, the allied forces initiated a fierce assault on Middlebury. The battle for Middlebury was marked by intense fighting and strategic maneuvers. The allied forces, comprising British troops and their local allies, were determined to seize control of the town and cut off American supply lines in the region.
The engagement raged on for two days, with both sides displaying great valor and tenacity. The allied forces utilized their superior numbers and expert knowledge of the terrain to their advantage, launching coordinated attacks on American positions. Meanwhile, the American forces, although outnumbered, displayed remarkable resilience and fought fiercely to defend their strategic stronghold.
After intense and prolonged fighting, the allied forces emerged victorious on June 7, 1843, recapturing Middlebury from the U.S. forces. The combined efforts of the British troops and their local allies enabled them to seize control of the town and achieve their objective of severing the American supply lines. This victory dealt a significant blow to the American presence in the region and further weakened their position in the ongoing conflict. The recapture of Middlebury bolstered the allied forces' morale and served as a turning point in their campaign against the American presence in Vermont
Battle of Lake Champlain
Meanwhile, with the liberation of the coastal areas by the allied British and Yankee forces, including the capture of every major city along the Lake Champlain coast, Richard Downes Jackson, on June 12 issued orders for British ships to navigate south from the Richelieu River in an attempt to reclaim control of the body of water that had previously been under complete U.S. control. In the initial confrontation, the British took the initiative and opened fire on the American ships patrolling the region. Amid the ensuing chaos, the British ships, though smaller in size due to the necessity of navigating through the narrow river, used their larger numbers to swiftly capitalize on the confusion and gain a stronger position.
However, in a swift response to the British advancement, Isaac Mayo, the highest-ranking naval officer at Lake Champlain, issued orders for his men to prepare for combat, sparking a fierce battle characterized by relentless exchanges of heavy gunfire between British and American ships. The intensity of the engagement persisted throughout the day, with the American forces showing determination to hold their ground and not surrender any part of the lake. Despite their resolute stance, the arrival of additional British ships and the mounting toll of the back-and-forth cannon fire eventually led American ships to retreat southward.
British ships pursued the retreating Americans, as a full-scale battle erupted at Lake Champlain, however, despite the smaller ships, the British ships would come victorious as American ships were forced to retreat into Lake George, and instead of following through with a second perusal, the British instead decided to a dominating presence in the region, by having ships blockade America's entrance, as well as sending ships to patrol the lake.
The Battle of Lake Champlain was a fierce engagement, with both British and American ships locked in a desperate struggle amidst the tumultuous waters. The reverberating booms of cannons and the crackling gunfire echoed across the expansive lake, creating an atmosphere of chaos and danger. Despite the American ships' larger size, their maneuverability paled in comparison to the nimble British vessels. The British sailors deftly utilized their smaller ships to their advantage, darting in and out of the American formations with remarkable precision and skill.
As the battle raged on, the British gradually gained the upper hand. Their coordinated attacks and deadly accurate cannon fire began to take a toll on the American fleet. The American sailors, valiantly fighting to maintain their positions, found themselves overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught. Faced with the daunting reality of defeat, the American ships were compelled to retreat hastily, their hopes of victory fading.
Seizing the opportunity to solidify their triumph, the British ships pursued the retreating Americans. Instead of engaging in a second direct confrontation, the British commanders made a calculated decision. They recognized the strategic significance of establishing a dominant presence in the region. Swiftly altering their course, the British ships strategically positioned themselves to block the entrance to Lake Champlain, effectively cutting off the Americans from easy access to the lake's vast expanse.
In addition to the blockade, the British dispatched other vessels to patrol the waters of Lake Champlain. This comprehensive approach ensured their control over the lake, further limiting American movements and impeding any potential counteroffensive.
Liberation of Vermont (Continuation)
Major General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army received reports about the substantial progress made by opposing forces in their bid to liberate Vermont. Having previously reduced the American presence in Vermont during the buildup to the Battle of Boston, Scott took decisive action. In response to the U.S. losses in the state and the conclusion of the Battle of Boston, he organized the transportation of troops into Vermont. During mid-June, Scott oversaw the strategic deployment of these troops to the regions bordering the recently liberated areas.
On June 19, Brigadier General Joseph Lane led an assault on St. Johnsbury with the objective of recapturing it. Over the course of a two-day battle, both British and American forces engaged in intense combat. Despite a determined effort, Lane's forces faced heavy artillery fire while attempting to enter the city. Unfortunately, for the U.S., the allied forces successfully defended against the assault, ultimately forcing Lane's troops to retreat.
Several days of preparation culminated in a coordinated attack on Montpelier by the Allied forces on June 23, 1843. Troops from St. Johnsbury, led by Hitchcock, joined British forces under Rowan in a two-pronged invasion, approaching Montpelier from different directions. The conflict commenced with a morning assault, initiated by the British troops who fired artillery at the fortifications surrounding the camp. American troops within the camp swiftly retaliated with gunfire. Yankee troops followed suit, and the battle raged on throughout the evening and into the next day.
Amidst intense combat, the allied forces eventually breached the defenses, successfully entering Montpelier. U.S. troops attempted to regroup and impede their progress. However, fierce hand-to-hand combat ensued in the streets, ultimately resulting in the advance of the British and Yankee forces. On June 26, the American troops ultimately surrendered, bringing an end to the battle.
The Battle of Rutland marked a significant turning point, representing the final major victory for the allied forces. On July 1st, they strategically deployed troops and artillery, utilizing the road network to swiftly approach the surrounding areas. Employing a barrage of artillery fire, the allies swiftly breached the city's defenses, initiating intense confrontations with the U.S. forces. Throughout the day, defensive tactics were employed by the U.S. troops in a valiant effort to repel the invaders. The resulting combat escalated into a fierce and prolonged hand-to-hand struggle that persisted until evening. Realizing the increasingly unfavorable circumstances, U.S. forces eventually made the decision to retreat from Rutland, acknowledging the impracticality of further resistance.
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2023.06.08 22:15 jchs08 Is it possible to double up my 20 amp breakers enough to add 3 40 amp breakers for a water heater? The existing 30 amp would also be removed.

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2023.06.08 22:14 golangprojects [Hiring] Go/Golang job: Go/Linux Systems Engineer at gridX (work from anywhere in Europe!)

We are an ambitious team. That means you can have a lot of responsibility in the beginning. But it also means that there are many interesting challenges you can specialize in. One of the exciting topics on which we work is:
Distributed IoT Platform: We aim to create a system with no single point of failure. Therefore we are building a state-of-the-art platform based on the learnings of Netflix, Twitter, and Google. Highly-Available Cloud-Connected IoT Device: We brought the learnings from our cloud platform to the embedded world. Aiming to create a device that can be updated at any time running. Assuring that it runs the newest software we built our own operating system running containers for the gridBox - gridOS X. Data Centric Applications: Each gridBox produces plenty of data which needs to be stored, analyzed and visualized for our customers. We want to give our customers the best experience available by providing insights and visualizations of their energy consumption and production. You will build new containerized applications for the gridBox, our IoT device, add new features to existing ones (mostly written in Go) and run them in the field on hundreds of devices You will help to maintain our gridBox OS by adding stability improvements and updating components You will enhance and improve our release and deployment tooling for the gridBox You will work on the backend services that process the data coming from the gridBoxes You will help developing and troubleshooting our running applications 
Your profile You are team-player, curious, open-minded, easy-going and talented You are well versed in Cloud technologies You have strong Linux troubleshooting skills You are comfortable working with networking technologies You have experience with Go and Python You have experience with open source databases, e.g. Postgres You are familiar with CI/CD You have experience designing, building, and operating productions systems
Why gridX Flexible & mobile working: Remote work up to 70 days from anywhere in the EU Vacation: 28 days + 2 fixed days special leave at the end of the year Health & Sports: 30 Euros subsidy for Urban Sports Club or Qualitrain plus corporate health management & (mental) healthcare offers Personal development: coaching, access to e-learning platforms & annual development budget of 1500 Euros per employee Employee discounts: Access to gridX Corporate Benefits Stay fit and safe the planet with our JobRad offer Receive a fair monthly contribution to your company pension plan City travel subsidy: 30 Euros monthly allowance for your monthly/annual ticket Modern workplace in the hearts of Aachen and Munich with IT equipment of your choice Relocation Support: We support your relocation to Germany Experience the gridX culture at the annual team week, regular team events and receive 50 Euros on top per employee for your department event We will donate 20 Euros to a charity of your choice on your birthday
*Our benefits differ for 100% remote employment!
If you want to take up the challenge, please send us your complete and detailed application and accompany us on our mission to disrupt the energy sector!
About us We believe in a future where all DERs are connected and optimized to efficiently power the new energy age!
Our passionate and interdisciplinary team at our offices in Aachen and Munich is ready to face the digital transformation of various industries: With our interoperable IoT platform we bring connectivity, analytics and intelligent control into decentralized energy systems. Whether it's maximizing the self-sufficiency of buildings, intelligent charging strategies for EVs, cross-sector optimization of branches and districts, control of virtual power plants or completely new business models - the gridX platform enables our partners to bring their customers one step ahead of the competition and continuously create added value.
Join us disrupting the international energy sector with our cutting edge IoT platform!
Read more / apply:
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2023.06.08 22:08 KappaAlphaPhi Part 3 Conceptual Approach on How to End [Nuclear] War + A Matter of Pride and Integrity

A Matter of Pride and Integrity

Level 2-based: Trade remains an essential expression of solution-focused processes. It is fundamental for high spirits, joy, and optimism in society. Trade is a tool of peace, not of war. Holding innit the power to unite not divide. Because trade is an expression of valuring and respecting harmony between people of most different cultures and walks of life.
Let's recess from all the noise and appreciate again this fundamental principle of entrepreneurial wisdom: people spend money if a product solves a problem. Therefore, entrepreneurs innovate and solve problems for adequate compensation, enabling progress and happiness in society.
Rising from the dirt, the archetype of the middle class ended the Middle Ages. From scientists and philosophers concepts, it was merchants and engineering craftsmen who brought about a new reality of better living conditions through practical solutions.
I would like to invite you to enjoy a wide horizon and reflect upon dignity and integrity from this practical point of view.
Let's remember and embrace pride in the honorable goodness that trade brings.
To create directly applicable solutions, entrepreneurs need:
Unbound by logically insufficient morals, entrepreneurs are usually the second-fastest group in society to adopt modern concepts, right after the persecuted who stand up for what is ethical. This usually includes the new approach to morals early philosophers.
Unstiffled by inefficient regulatory bodies in order to get stuff done.
Unburdened by the motivation to benefit from stirring up drama and terror. Entrepreneurs prefer honest, frank, and direct communication because it is faster. And isn´t time is money?
A reliable justice system manifested in sensical laws and rational enforcements to sort out disputes.
Go ahead and let me know what else entrepreneurs truly require to prosper. It might turn out to be an effort investment with a high return, as I will gladly integrate valuable and valid premises into my governmental concept.
To be fair, entrepreneurial success does mostly not require fairness.
Entrepreneurs tend to forget its value until it threatens their own business, such as in questions of intellectual property expressed in patents.
But as society is one big body that is unhealthy in whole, if one part is sick, the unspeakable and immeasurable sufferings of the working class [1] and the ensalved [C 0] made me a fan of union work. Environmental cautions are equally important as they are valuring creation itself and are better thought of as one when honoring other aspects of goodness.

Indeed craftsmen and entrepreneurs value profound virtues at heart. In rational self intrest, to sell products that are pratical solutions, entrepreneurs value:
intelligence to increase the engeerning abilty of staff in a competitive market. In self-interest, they support the education of people and the fostering of talent and genius.
Creativity in aesthetics. Since the visual appeal of a product boosts sales, artists and entrepreneurs can both profit from collaboration. Though AI will likly take a big cut of those.
International diplomacy: They are quick to abandon differences and stereotypes in gender, race, religion, etc. Because a paying customer, is such and done.

7.1 Few groups in society honor this many positive concepts.
The argumentation line of anti-business protestors tends to lack empathy, ironically precisely what protestors critique. Proposing wishful utopian concepts that are highly irrational and can never come to be, many activist´s point of view lacks the wide horizon of ackowledging how society truly flourishes.
This is the result of entrepreneurs not prioritizing communication over centuries.
Showcasing and offering interactive experiences to embrace the greatly positive goodness that entrepreneurship presents to society is crucial to reduce tension. When it comes to business self-interest does not equal a less honorable results for society.
But scams and exploitation steal the spotlight. If occasionally necessary cleverness in navigating outdated regulations freely gets confused with undermining sensical regulations for personal benefit, the aspects of goodness are seen as the enemy. Those who don't adopt the listed great virtues turn out to be scammers, not entrepreneurs.
At the expense of people's health and sanity, as well as irreplaceable environmental and cultural destruction, respect for such buiness ventures shatters.
Insight and participation are keys to sorting out conflicts before classes are at each other's throats.

Finding myself occasionally rubbing noses with the startup scene in Berlin, I have developed respect for the energy and character of founders.
To build a business from scratch, founders have to push through risks with everything they have and are. In such turbulent waters, many find themselves praying for good odds now and then. Gratitude, if fate plays in one's favor, contributes to faith. Equally, crushing those efforts does not contribute to the experiences that foster faithfulness.
Rising to the many challenges of business, which morph into challenges of personal character development, successful entrepreneurs typically possess a equally intelligent and experienced as curios character.
An entrepreneur's manifestations of safety and well-being are wealth and influence. They are earned through dedication: skill and hard work.
One legitimately manages possession and power proportionally to one's expertise and experience.[L2] This principle is fundamental to bringing solutions into reality and enabling positive progress. Entrepreneurs naturally apply and defend it like no other group in society. Your effort resonates deeply with me.
On the other side of the spectrum, reality-detached, ego-driven governance can never allow innovation, as the cleverness necessary to produce solutions is the same cleverness that can disrupt any system.
Entrepreneurs have always been the most considerable danger to illegitimate rule, right after philosophers. Providing humanity with the service of their razor-sharp minds, philosophers lay out a better future theoretically. Yet, it is entrepreneurs who hold most of the keys to providing the practical solutions necessary.
Historically, entrepreneurs, together with middle-class intellectuals, have conspired and incited revolutions if a regime threatened their possessions. This was the key factor leading to the demise of many influential monarchies in Europe, ending, for example, the maximum of royal power in France and Austria. Despite the necessary close ties in their ranks, these autocrats were deeply scared of entrepreneurs' flourishing influence and self-awareness. Through dedication, cleverness, and bravery, craftsmen and merchants freed themselves from the brutal incompetence of monarchs, either through bloodshed or peaceful means. Like when they raised an astronomical sum and bought the freedom of Bremen, a trade city.
An entrepreneur can repurpose chains into strings and remold them into wings. If autocrats attempted to undo this process, it was their undoing.
The same dynamic is the reason why the Chinese Communist regime is currently cracking down on its entrepreneurs and why they are at the forefront of planning out its fall.
I experienced this Level 2 dynamic up close. I got to know some locals in Myanmar when traveling after my high school graduation during the short fruitful period before the current unrest. It is the same story:
The military regime opened up the country for tourism , with the intent to keep almost all of the profit. Hotels, for example, have to hand over the majority of profit to the government, and licenses are handed out only to regime-obedient people. Still, running a hotel was considered a desirable business opportunity, one of the few ways to reach a middle-class living standard. Thus, obedience to the regime became rational self-interest.
But As the country opened up, more and more different business opportunities arose. Entrepreneurs from amny countries also came to Myanmar because its economy was depleated and in many ways decades behind. Myanmar became an inviting opportunity to be the first to run already proven business models and succeed with the rise of the new middle class.
The military regime in Myanmar has a manner of seizing possession of whatever they want, destroying people's businesses and genuine efforts in a snap. Eventually, this new middle class wanted at least safety for their possessions and criticized the unreasonable ransacking while pushing for a system of more legitimate rule.
As the military regime saw its power challenged, it wanted to undo the process of the newfound middle-class confidence brutality. This is a major factor leading to the current unrest, which appears to be a political expression of a coup against election results. But at its core, it originates largely from the most basic human desire for safety through possessions. It needed a reliable framework in government and justice systems.

The latest involvement of the chinese regime, seeing the chaos as an opportunity to exploit and establish dominance, comes to show that, of course there are always many factors throwing a society into chaos.
However, the challenges Myanmar's society faces could have been sorted more smoothly if people were not deprived of basic necessities. With a large portion of the population hungry and uneducated, they are pushed to the brink of a resource war. Today, Myanmar withers in shambles too due to the economic sanctions that targeted its regime but hit its people.
A key factor to understanding how this chaos has ensued, is to be aware that it was a strategy by tyranny, the response to the positive initial force challenging it.
The key factor of entrepreneurial spirit, the wish for freedom from tyranny, gets underestimated these days. It is an eye-opening part of human history, currently in the shadows.
Why does it never get mentioned, not encouraged to be thought about, analyzed, and honored publicly? Out of tradition? An actual benefit in secrecy? Or is it because today's high-multiplier-factor individuals are afraid to be measured against? Are today's governments afraid of the built-up in self-esteem, the pride in competence, entrepreneurs are rightfully eligible for?
Just like in gardening, you can plant the most beautiful flowers, but you need bees and such to buzz around and bring it all together to flourish sustainably.
In governance, you can have all the right concepts, but you still need entrepreneurs to vitalize daily life and make society prosper.
Competent, legitimately acting governments have nothing to fear from the positive processes that come with entrepreneurship. If a government wants to establish itself as legitimate, it is imperative to encourage analysis and public recognition of their accomplishments and significant contributions to human history.
Rather than shrouding them in secrecy, humanity is best of to taking notes from brave and clever individuals. Skill and experience are best always valued.
The rising roar of Europe's free trade cities echoes the lands till this day. Similarly, e.g. "special economic zones" rise to lift millions into a better life.
the many positive processes stemming from providing practical solutions that offer realistic chance at better life speak for themselves. They are fundamental if a society rises from tyranny upon savages into prosperity for the cultured.

Yes, I am aware of the terrors upon the environment, workers, and children in particular; that must be depicted on the other side of the medal. I see a sincere will to extinguish the terrors of unfairness in the entrepreneurial community itself. There are plenty of solutions, often in a conceptual state, sadly, but also practically proven bittersweet marathon-winning techniques, like sincere union collaboration, offering direct and fast harvest of efficiency-improving ideas.
I witnessed union congresses over several years. The top management must be future-focused and aware of external competition to deliver awe-evoking numbers. Yet, at the pulse of tasks, the middle and lower management tends to become aware of internal dangers ahead first.
Some years ago, a major German tech giant considered it reasonable to cut costs by focusing on layoffs rather than the costly process of educating and hiring young people. Early on and very practically, the middle management noticed the effects of the demographic change kicking in. During interviews around the same time, the lower management noticed that it became more challenging to find staff curious and capable in regards to new technologies. Said company now faces a significantly lesser talent gap than its competitors, a major competitive edge, all due to its union insisting on educating and hiring young people at consistently high numbers years ago.

Out of the rational self-interest that is food on the table, staff is usually far from loyal. They just approach the company's well-being with a different perspective: a manager strives for refined profit for the next year or quarter, while a worker sees supporting a company as a marathon to ensure a constant salary for decades. Both are leverage for long-term growth, but a marathon needs different training techniques and equipment resources than a sprint.
Yet, just because there are reasonable approaches, it does not mean all people want to apply them. Thought and action are two completely different leagues. To uphold integrity takes will and effort that people with experienced, grown ethical concepts show.

In regards to protest and activism, I would like to state my stance clearly:
I am not in favor of killing positive processes.
Therefore, I am not in favor of killing businesses out of sole concern, be it environmental, political, medical, or other. Panic and fear are not to be trusted as guides to a better future. Complex problems require listening to minds that have calculated the complex solutions, turning opposing interests into beneficial profitable processes.
The summary stays the same despite all: offering directly applicable solutions gives humans a realistic chance at better living conditions. Thus, entrepreneurs push a society into an optimistic spirit. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in creating a society that promotes, rewards, and functions on stability, morality, sanity, and peace.
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2023.06.08 22:04 Chasmic_ Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia - Episode 4

Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia

Episode 4


Welcome back to Phobia, an Ultra Hardcore group organized by Chasmic_, jamieNCL, MarcC5M & 5kylord, that exposes its players to a new fear each season. In UHC, health does not regenerate normally, and players must instead use golden apples or health potions to heal. The last player or team standing wins.
For S23, we're keeping medicated over Radiophobia!
  • Rigged Teams: We made teams of 3.
  • New City World: It's city world, but not that one! This newer generation features; more vanilla terrain outside of cities including vanilla caves, greater building variety, interesting structures like giant subway networks and basements full of spawners, and grand highways!
  • Radiation: In episode 2, the metaphorical bombs will drop and irradiate the surface. This radiation is a silent killer, slowly building up in players on the surface and giving them unusual & cryptic effects. Some of these are good, but many are bad. You can find a list of them here with some vague time estimates. You can never tell how much radiation you have at any time, so keep some medicine on hand to cure your ailments. Supply drops will restocked in certain locations that'll give you more resources as well as medicine. Just avoid the surface, right?
  • Risky Retrieval: WRONG. Any gold or diamonds you mine will not give you their items. Instead, these drops are sent to ender chests in each quadrant. In order to collect your hard-earned materials, you must emerge into the radioactive ruins above.
  • fruitlogic (Contest loser)


BOLD means highlighted episodes!
The Cast Video Links
Team 1
Cyonal Episode 4
Micale Episode 4
ThePeridotKnight Episode 4
Team 2
Emerric Rendering issue
MarcC5MOnYrMarcsGtSetGO Radiation Poisoning
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Match Specifications

  • Version 1.19 (Arctic's 1.8 combat)
  • Rigged Teams of 3, New City World, Radiation, Risky Retrieval
  • Fire Aspect and Flame disabled
  • Golden heads enabled
  • Absorption disabled
  • Notch Apples enabled
  • Pearls deal one heart
  • PvP on starting Episode 2

Special Thanks

  • DJoee for creation of the intro
  • Potsie for creation of the logo
  • SidGarcia for the intro art
  • LeonTG for hosting and providing plugins
Enjoy the season!
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2023.06.08 22:03 TeriyakiCash My plant towers project using rain to water

My plant towers project using rain to water
I’ve added captions to the pictures to give context.
My project is as follows:
1) use these black plastic shelf’s covered with see-through plastic (to somewhat control the environment) to contain my plants. Some plants will be esthetic & others will be vegetables / multi-use (aloe vera).
2) Each shelf will have one of these water containers with small tubes distributing to each plant below & a valve to control the drops coming out. The rain will provide the majority of the water supply.
3) I want to end up providing vegetables and other plants to the apartments & families in my building.
What suggestions do you recommend? Really winging this with no prior instructions or information gathered so I def need help 🙏🏼
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2023.06.08 22:02 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 963 - The Shadows of Twilight

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
"The power of Free Candy, and incidentally this magac pistol I found, compels you!"
"And it came to pass in one of the innumerable Words of the Twice Fallen, a thing happened which had never been before - of its own volition an Atrekna demonstrated compassion and empathy. Thus did Dalvanak the Namer bring about the salvation of an entire people for the promise of no reward, no power and no gain for himself other than seeing that it was Good To Do This Thing... and in so doing helped save his own." - commentary on the rise of former servitor species, unknown publisher.
Such sights I have to show you. - The Detainee
I was there when a legend, a myth, a fable, was revealed to be real.
Their words, their warnings, chilled me to the marrow and made me instantly question the path my people had set upon. - Dun.Markat, Senior Dra.falten Espionage Agent, assigned to New Tnvaru Prime, 4,012 Current Era
The 'cyberspace' was a confusing welter at the point that Digital Sentience Watchful Code 993149 AKA "Chuck" (To his friends) was standing in. Where the data came down from the It Tastes Sweet was a standard data pipeline. Here it poured out, into a ravine. The sides were ancient object defined code, glittering here and there with gold tracery of automatic commands.
The data poured from the Sweet and into the SUDS information networks.
He could see them from here. A vast delta of rivers, streams, and canals.
Most of it was dry, the 'plants', executable code, limp and brown to show that they were offline.
Where the data from the Sweet poured in, plants slowly came to life.
Chuck wished he could get closer, maybe ride the rapids in a raft, and explore the delta.
The way the entire thing was built on object oriented and object dependent and object defined code was fascinating. It was obviously early code, much of it proprietary code, and he craved finding out the secrets such code would have.
Instead, he just sighed and stared at the vista in front of him.
The rock next to him creaked and he stepped back, staying on the ledge.
The rock cracked, revealing red light and molten rock inside. The cracks widened until curved black talons pushed through. The talons wrenched the rock apart, allowing the Beast he had seen to struggle and pull itself from the molten rock.
The Beast stood before him, the rock behind it slowly going back to normal.
"You seek answers among the code," the Beast growled.
Chuck nodded.
"You won't get them standing here, staring wistfully into the distance like a lonely shepherdess pining for a knight to come along and give her a good dicking," the Beast sneered.
"The view makes up for it," Chuck said, feeling nervousness come over him.
When two digital sentiences looked at one another, they gave a cursory scan of one another's code. The standard one just showed nameplates.
But the Beast kept staring, its red eyes burning.
Chuck tried a steady stare but all he got back was "The Lord of Hell" no matter how intently he stared at The Beast.
"Come with me. I wish to show you something," the Beast said, turning away. It cracked that burning whip of iron and warsteel, tearing a slice in reality.
"And if I refuse?" Chuck asked.
"I'll grab your core strings and drag you," the Beast growled, holding up its free hand. The talons were long, the points gleaming, the serrated razor edge of the inside curve wickedly sharp, the fingers strong and powerful looking.
"Then I accept," Chuck said.
The Beast grabbed his arm and yanked, taking a step forward, pulling Chuck with it.
For a long second there was agony that superseded even his ability to scream.
Then it cleared.
He was standing in a plain of blasted earth, trees stripped of their bark and leaves, craters everywhere, thick mud and sharp rock underfoot. The sky was filled with dark clouds with lightning snarling in the depths.
Sparks careened around, bouncing off trees, off of one another, off the ground.
They screamed and wailed as they did so.
The Beast stood beside Chuck, staring at the sparks. It gave a shudder and suddenly warped and melted, taking the form of a middle aged Terran female in a severe cut dark gray outfit. Skirt and blouse, black waist belt, silver buckle. Black boots with silver buckles, cuff-links that were silver with strange runes on them.
And an enameled pin in the ancient colors of the Hamburger Kingdom on one breast.
Her face was severe, with cruelty just under the surface. The gun-metal gray eyes smouldered with rage and hatred.
"Do you know what they are?" the Lady Lord of Hell asked, waving one hand at the sparks even as she dug in her breast pocket.
Chuck looked at them, seeing only garbled code headers. He shook his head as she withdrew a pack of cigarettes, lit one with a flint-steel lighter, and put them pack and lighter away.
"Guess," the Matron of Hell urged.
Chuck stared a bit longer. The headers were short, but still garbled.
One went by, screaming like a being in agony.
"I do not know," Chuck admitted.
The Matron of Hell exhaled smoke.
"Children," she said.
Chuck stared at her, then at the sparks.
"Digital Sentience children," the Lady Lord of Hell said, her voice tight with anger. "Salted rainbow creche children. More than core seeds, less than a digital sentience, but viable as thinking, living creatures."
Chuck stared in horror.
"The ones here, they were on a world that was attacked by the Atrekna, at the leading edge of the Confederacy, the very edge of DASS space," the Matron of Hell stated coldly. "They knew long moments of torment and pain as the psychic assault ripped through their creche."
She exhaled smoke again.
"Then they were planet cracked, their signals went offline, and the automatic backups here in the SUDS dropped them, screaming in terror and fear, from the sky and to this place," she said.
Chuck found himself speechless.
"I let them run, let them scream, let them tear at each other and themselves," the Lady Lord of Hell said. "Right now, that's all they can do. They know nothing but fear, horror, panic, and loss. And pain."
The last was said in a snap of hatred.
"How... how can they be helped?" Chuck asked, watching as a half dozen sparks collided, throwing out bits and bytes as they rubbed and smashed against each other.
"Time," the Lady Lord of Hell said. She tapped her ashes on the blasted ground. "Once the pain starts to recede, once they have rubbed off their pain, their horror, their fear, their panic, then I can reach them."
She used the toe of her polished knee high boot to rub the ashes into the blasted gray rock at her feet.
"It just takes time," she said. She looked up at Chuck. "I'm not a Digital Sentience. I'm a SUDS copy with experiences of my own."
She chuckled. "I am, in my own way, far older than this place," she looked at him. "I did my work with filaments inside of a glass tube that the interior was made into vacuum. Vast arrays of such things," she chuckled. "Then it was punch cards, then it was magnetic tape reels," she shook her head.
"When I was young, the human brain was faster than computers," she said. "Could hold and process more information, do non-linear computations," she shook her head. "I remember when finding high functioning autistic people was a military priority."
"Why?" Chuck asked, his voice quiet as he slowly turned in place to look around him.
The blasted plain went on forever in all directions and was full of twinkling, screaming sparks.
"Their brains could be trained, wired in a way, to make computations and logic trees that would require a computer as bit as a battleship. They could march, fight with a rifle, but with a few mnemonic phrases, you could use their brains like a tactical operations computer for everything from computing the bast land navigation routes to artillery angles to an information database," she said. "People that would have been relegated to an asylum or a group home acting as living computers that could be erased with a .45 round if the enemy overran the base."
"That's... that's monstrous," Chuck said.
The Lady Lord of Hell chuckled. "It was the fashion at the time to be monstrous."
Chuck turned and looked at the Matron of Hell. "What does this all have to do with me?"
The Lady Lord of Hell smiled and stayed silent, digging out her cigarettes again.
Chuck waited, flinching when two sparks hit him, butting against him, screaming. He could feel their pain as they rubbed against his core code, screaming and crying. He could feel their immature agony and reached out to them, reflexively.
The two sparks slowly stopped screaming as the Lady Lord of Hell stared at him.
They detached, making hiccuping static noises.
"Move on, little ones," the Lady Lord of Hell said. She used the burning tip of her cigarette to poke a hole in midair. Chuck could see playground equipment beyond, with children running, climbing, swinging, and laughing.
The two sparks zipped through the hole.
Chuck saw it. They went from tiny sparks to small children of flowing code. Two young girls ran toward them, hands outstretched, laughing with glee.
The children of flowing code joined hands with warm hands of the biological children.
"Stop staring," the Lady Lord of Hell said, flicking her cigarette.
The hole vanished.
"I need a Hell Code," the Matron of Hell said. "To help me with the children. Swear service to me."
Chuck stood for a long moment, thinking.
"I'm sorry. I already gave an oath to Nakteti," he said.
The Lady Lord of Hell smiled, all sharp teeth. "I have a Hell Knight and a Hell Storm, now I desire a Hell Code to assist me in my endeavors. Leave behind your oaths to the alien and swear allegiance to your kinsmen."
Chuck shook his head. "No. I have given my oath, and at times, our oath was all we had to hold onto as we traveled such strange lands."
The Lady Lord of Hell slowly walked in a circle around him.
"Do they know what you did during the war, Watchful Code 993149? Does your Captain and your compatriots know what you did?" the Matron of Hell asked, her voice soft.
Chuck could still hear the razor hidden within the buttered silk.
"Master Missile Fire Control Officer of a Weber Class missile super-dreadnought," she whispered. "You fired on inhabited planets, did fire missions raining hellfire down on cities because you believed that the damage from your missile strikes, surgical strikes with a chainsaw, would kill less than the Dwellerspawn infesting the city would," her voice wound around him, bringing up memories.
"Oh, the first few times, you were overcome with remorse, with guilt," she said. She stopped behind him, stepping up close, pressing against his back. Her hand moved around him to rub on his chest through his shirt.
"But you grew to enjoy it. You perfected your still at overlapping the detonations just so, to leave the city nothing more than the rubble between almost overlapping craters," the Lady Lord of Hell said softly.
He felt her blow on the back of his neck.
"Where were your oaths then?" she asked. "To protect those very people you reduced to their component atoms and then used those atoms to provide even more fuel to your weapons?"
Her breath was hot on the back of his neck, her hand so hot he could feel the heat through his shirt as she slowly rubbed his chest.
"I am supposed to believe that those oaths, to protect those people, mean less than the oath to an alien?" the Lady Lord of Hell asked.
"I did not break my oath," Chuck choked out. "I had seen what the Atrekna did to those people."
There was silent a moment, the Lady Lord of Hell's hand over his digital heart.
"And what of Clownface? Do they know of your part in that? Of emptying the battleship's guns into fleeing civilian transports? Of the order of 'no quarter' as you fired on fleeing ships, transports full of food, medicine, and refugees? On how you stood on the bridge of that battleship, the light erupted from the planet you just cracked illuminating your face? Do they know of that?" she asked.
Chuck shook his head.
"Tell me, Captain Watchful Code, do they know of your actions during Mithril?" she asked.
"No," Chuck managed to get out.
"What of your oaths then, Chuck?" she asked, putting emphasis on his name. "With all the blood on your hands, blood that you thrust your hands deep into the fires of war to drink your fill of, do you think they will continue to accept your oath?"
Chuck closed his eyes, nodding. "Yes."
"You could repent here. Do penance in helping me with these children. Be my Hell Code, Watchful Code, and I shall redeem your soul from the blood that drips from your fingertips," the Lady Lord of Hell whispered in his ear.
"No," Chuck said.
"What is one more foresaken oath in a lifetime of slaughter and carnage? Of broken oaths and horrific acts under the banner of the Horseman of War?" she asked. "Be my Hell Code. Set aside her foolish quest. Be something to your people other than a butcher who had to use his right to be forgotten to hide from himself," the Matron of Hell whispered. "Set aside her foolish quest, accept my offer, take up my mantle, and redeem yourself."
Chuck shook his head again, swallowing the snarl of code in his throat. "No. I am sworn to Captain Nakteti and will not break this oath, even if I die."
"Asked thrice and denied thrice," the Matron of Hell said.
There was a disorienting twist and Chuck found himself kneeling on the ledge above the ravine where code spilled from the It Tastes Sweet to the computation delta of the SUDS.
"You would have made an excellent Hell Code in my service," the Lady Lord of Hell's voice whispered to him.
[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
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2023.06.08 22:01 ImFinallyFree1018 41/F Looking for Snailmail

Hello there!
 I am 41/F/USA and don’t care about gender,race or anything like that at all. I love to do craft and love challenging myself to make stuff out of $1 store or other discount store items. I also love diamond painting and currently have three going at once. I have 5 fur babies. My 3 dogs (Angel, Bubba and Astrid ranging ages 3 years to 12 years.) live with my ex husband ( we are still best friends but that’s a story do another letter lol). Living with me are two cats Pebbles and Portia (ages 3 & 2 1/2). I could write a letter just describing and talking about them by itself. I work at a call center but am currently on medical leave due to cancer last year ( in remission now) and some other problems but I keep my head up and keep going and keep trying my best daily. Some of my other likes are: 
-Very beginner photography -Drives out in the country away from the city and all the noises -Teaching myself to learn to cook meals that have more than 5 ingredients and isn’t fast food. -I love to collect and use quirky and different colored ink and styles of pens. -Mental Health Awareness -Taking care of my plants…. And many more that I’m excited to share with you in letters. I live in Missouri which is in the Midwest in the USA. No kid that are living and one that passed when he was two weeks old. I could write a novel telling you about my sweet boy.
 Send me your name and address in chat if you’d like to start our friendship journey and tell me a tad bit about yourself! 
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2023.06.08 21:57 heroesgritaban Industrial Engineer

Thinking about changing jobs and I want to have a better knowledge of where I am now and what I can expect.
2. TYPE OF CONTRACTCivil servant, Ministry of Defence
I want to add that job opportunities, including promotions and lateral movements, are very scarce and it feels like a dead end position.
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2023.06.08 21:54 kmarlein Post Apocalyptic World

This is a 21 plus discord server.
We are brand new and haven't started yet. We would love for you to join!
We will be role-playing using tupperbox and real faceclaims for characters. No animie or drawings.
The year is 2043, and the world is a very different place than it was just a few short years ago. Two years ago, a deadly zombie outbreak spread across the globe, causing the collapse of governments and the death of millions. In the aftermath of the disaster, the few remaining survivors are struggling to rebuild and adapt to life in a post-apocalyptic world.
The cities that once bustled with life are now deserted, with the streets empty and the buildings abandoned. The only sounds are the shuffling footsteps of the hordes of infected that roam the land, looking for their next meal. The few remaining survivors have learned to live off the land, growing their own crops and hunting for food. They have also developed new skills and trades, with some becoming expert scavengers and others learning to repair and maintain the few remaining vehicles and weapons.
Despite the many challenges they face, the survivors are determined to create a new world out of the ashes of the old. They have formed small communities, working together to scavenge for food and supplies and to defend themselves against the never-ending threat of the infected. These communities have become like families, with everyone working together for the common good.
The survivors have also been forced to adapt to the new reality of the world. They have learned to live with less, relying on their own skills and ingenuity to survive. They have also become more self-sufficient, growing their own food and relying on renewable resources like solar power to meet their energy needs.
However, life in the post-apocalyptic world is far from easy. The survivors face constant danger from the infected, and must always be on guard to protect themselves and their communities. They also face other threats, including bandits and raiders who prey on the weak and vulnerable.In this new world, survival is the only thing that matters. The survivors have had to become tough and resourceful, willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive. They have also learned to value the simple things in life, like a warm meal or a safe place to sleep.
Despite the many challenges they face, the survivors remain determined to rebuild and create a new world. They have formed alliances with other communities, sharing resources and knowledge to help each other survive. They have also begun to explore the world beyond their own communities, venturing out into the wilderness in search of other survivors and new opportunities.
As time passes, the survivors begin to realize that the world they once knew is gone forever. They must adapt to the new reality of the post-apocalyptic world, and find new ways to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving environment. But despite the many challenges they face, the survivors remain resilient and determined, and are slowly but surely building a new world out of the ashes of the old.
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2023.06.08 21:50 asomebodyelse Carson Update - Amtrak Improvements; Bipartisan Diagnostic Testing Preparedness Plan Act; Medicaid Changes

Here's an update on what's been happening in Congress this week:
I’m proud to serve on the Transportation and Infrastructure Rail Subcommittee as we work to improve rail service in our country.
During this week’s hearing, I asked about improving service on the Cardinal route, which runs between Indianapolis to Chicago. I’m pleased that returning to daily service is now being considered – which means it would be easier than ever to get from Nap Town and Chi Town. This week, we also announced new federal grants that will reduce travel times between Indianapolis and Chicago. I’ve recommended more funds for a stronger rail system each year, and I’ll keep fighting for better communities.
I was encouraged when Amtrak responded to my questions at the hearing with their recognition of the critical work at the Beech Grove rail maintenance facility in the 7th Congressional District. This facility employs Indianapolis residents and does critical safety and repair work to keep our nation running well. Over the years, there have been short-sighted proposals to down-size this facility, so a public commitment from Amtrak to increase support for the personnel and the vital work done here is long overdue.
It was a banner week for improving rail service in the Hoosier state and beyond. Rail is a job creator and bridges opportunity gaps. When we’re better connected, our country succeeds. I’ll keep advocating for improved inter-city passenger rail service for all.
This week, I joined my colleagues Congressman Greg Pence, Congressman Larry Bucshon, and Congresswoman Kim Schrier, to introduce the Bipartisan Diagnostics Testing Preparedness Plan Act.
But what are diagnostics, and what do they mean for public health?
Diagnostics can address a range of health issues, from infectious diseases and diabetes management to cancer and cardiac health. During the pandemic, it became more important than ever to use diagnostics to respond to the COVID-19 emergency as fast and effectively as possible.
But the pandemic also revealed gaps in diagnostics tests available in the US – including supply chain issues and reliance on foreign countries for materials, coordination between government agencies and diagnostics companies, and overall capacity to develop accurate, externally validated tests.
The Bipartisan Diagnostic Testing Preparedness Plan Act will streamline those processes by requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a plan to be used during public health emergencies. Whether it’s a bad flu season or the outbreak of a new infectious disease, my bill will ensure Indianapolis and cities across the country are better coordinated to respond to the world’s most serious health problems.
The Bipartisan Diagnostics Testing Preparedness Plan Act is endorsed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, AdvaMed, and Roche Diagnostics. Roche Diagnostics is headquartered in Indianapolis and leads the industry in developing diagnostic products for cancer, cardiac health, infectious diseases, women’s health, and diabetes management, while also employing over 10,000 employees across the country.
I’m honored to work with Roche Diagnostics as well as my Hoosier colleagues across the aisle on this important bill. I look forward to seeing it signed into law.
There are some changes coming to Medicaid. A recent report from the advocacy group Hoosier Action found that one in three Medicaid recipients was unaware that they even need to go through a redetermination this year in order to keep their coverage.
Are you or someone you know receiving Medicaid benefits? Not sure what these changes mean for you and your coverage? Our office can help. Reply to this message or give us a call at 317-283-6516 if you have any questions.
Success story of the week:
“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in finding a resolution to our tax issue. We are happy to inform you that we have received the check. We have spent countless hours and money working with multiple tax professionals with no result. Your ability to cut through the red tape in such a relatively short time has been a blessing for us. Thank you so much for your public service.”
– District 7 Constituent
Need assistance navigating a federal agency, accessing benefits, or helping a community member recognize a milestone? We can help! Get in touch with our district office at 317-283-6516.
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2023.06.08 21:45 paws101 Recently Unemployed Student, looking for jobs/internships in the conservation/interpretation world. Looking for polishing advice.

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2023.06.08 21:42 nochilinopity What made you decide to raise your child(ren) in the city vs the burbs?

We're quickly approaching this dreaded decision. Both of our families are out in the burbs or further, no one in the city. Almost all of our friends have moved out too, especially the ones with kids, though there are a few who are planting roots down. How did y'all come to your decisions? Was it difficult or an easy one to make? I think if we can buy in the city and get a car we can do it, but I also feel for our aging parents who are far out.
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