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The community of interest for man at his best.

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2009.05.11 23:10 rmbarnes Strength Training

Discussion of all topics related to strength training, this includes but is not limited to strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, picking up heavy stuff and putting it back down again and more! We only allow video posts of personal record lifts, form check videos, videos of users lifting, and self posts of long form program reviews. All other posts will be removed. All other content should go into the weekly thread. Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in the sub.

2023.06.02 20:04 undercoverpanter Hvor mange lag maling efter 2 x grunder?

Vi er i gang med at male et sommerhus indvendigt, som skal grundes to gange for at spærre for knasterne, så de ikke bløder igennem med tiden. Både vægge og loft. Grunderen er hvid, og har nærmest dækket træet helt efter de to lag. Vi maler med pensel.
Selve malingen er knækket hvid, og efter første lag oven på de grundede overflader ser farven ud, som den skal. Mit spørgsmål er så, hvad andet lag egentlig gør godt for i dette tilfælde? Gør det væggene mere slidstærke og holdbare i længden, eller er andet lag hovedsageligt for at dække ordentligt farvemæssigt? Hvad er jeres erfaringer?
Det er pisse hårdt at male vægge og loft i et 90 m² sommerhus med pensel x 4, så hvis vi kan spare fjerde lag uden det har nogen negativ indvirkning, ville det være kærkomment!
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2023.06.02 20:04 stickyy_ Your easy go to meals for someone who hates cooking?

I don't mind cooking when others are benefiting from it but if I am just feeding myself I can't be bothered and i just dont eat then i complain. 😂 I have been working out for 3 months now and I've lost 10 pounds and I'm very happy! I need to lose 80 more pounds but I know diet is more important than exercise. What are your easy go to meals that doesnt seem like a lot of effort to make?
I hit weights after a cardio warm up when i go to the gym. Do I need to eat more than I think or can I still lose weight if I keep my meals light and low? I don't want to lose muscle but I know they need to be fed.
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2023.06.02 20:04 apriljackalope Whippet Weight

My boy is 6 months and 30 pounds. Does that seem really big? Curious about r your adult male whippet weights
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2023.06.02 20:03 sugasugachaaaan 32 [F4R] Online/Anywhere - Accepting cat name ideas and looking for people to talk to

So there's a random orange cat that has been hanging out on my porch. It's a male, very sweet and I think he's asking to be adopted. Unfortunately, I already have 2 boys so I've been keeping him outside, feeding him etc. Anyway, I need a name for him, please give me idea.
Now that's out of the way...
Hi! How are you doing? I'm bored equally looking for bored person to be bored together. Bit about me, I'm a policy researcher and I work 80% of the time so I'm used to be up in the weird hours. I'm accented and coming from the southern hemisphere. I love staring at my washing machine and get too excited over food.
I'm definitely looking for a friend, or just a random stranger to talk and game with. I've been playing ToTK and I think it's one of the best games I've played. I like to ruin Jackbox party by singing in using names like "ass eater" or "buttcheek". Other than that, I'm super friendly.
So yeah, send message if you're keen!
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2023.06.02 20:03 lunalita_99 NLP: word2vec and logistic regression

Hi all, I am new to NLP and would like to know if my logic below is correct.
Context: I have a dataset containing the "Reviews" of products and an indicator column indicating whether a product is discontinued.
What I have done:
  1. First, I preprocessed my text data to strip any punctuations, turn words into lowercase, and tokenize the text
  2. I train a word2vec model with my own data with w2v = Word2Vec(df["tokenized_text"], vector_size=10, window=10, min_count=2, epochs=2)
  3. I also did some truncating/padding and indexing. In the end, I was able to get the embeddings for each of the words. For example, let's say observation n has review ['weight', 'long','red'] -> [[-0.1293, 1.203, -0.314,...], [-1.35, 0.32, -0.1353,...], [1.0294, -0.564, 0.134]]
  4. Now, I want to input this into my logistic regression model to predict whether a product is discontinued. But my input has a very strange structure. For example, if I have 2 observations, then, the input looks like this:
[ [[-0.1293, 1.203, -0.314,...], [-1.35, 0.32, -0.1353,...], [1.0294, -0.564, 0.134]]
[[-0.53, 1.201, -0.17361,...], [-1.093, 0.43, -0.305,...], [1.019, -0.721, 0.1039]] ]
I read that I should take the average of the embeddings of each word. I'm wondering if this is what I should do. If
averaging -0.1293, 1.203, -0.314,... = x1
averaging -1.35, 0.32, -0.1353,... = x2
and so on...
Then, I will obtain
[[x1, x2, x3]
[x4, x5, x6]]
Now, I can feed this into the logistic regression model. Can anyone tell me if this makes sense? In general, if I want to use text data for classification tasks, is getting the word embeddings and averaging the embedding vector for each word a good approach? Could someone in the field of NLP give me some suggestions of things I can do with the embeddings (e.g., visualization, interpretation)?
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.02 20:03 swiswiioo How can my wife and I find a dynamic that works for us?

Writing on behalf of my wife and I - we have been married for three years. We have struggled a little in the bedroom, but we've been working on it and steadily improving over the past two years. One of the main culprits being the fact that we come from a very conservative and religious country, and my wife has internalized some self-limiting mental and physical habits when it comes to her sexual desires. Now that we are married we are "restriction free" from a cultural standpoint, but there has been a bit of a learning curve.
I've gotten her to open up bit by bit, and what we've discovered is that my wife is a submissive. This was helpful to find out, but still kind of vague in a practical sense since submission is so broad. Upon more work we found out the following:
I personally have not had any fantasies surrounding domination, but I'm more than willing to engage in what my wife enjoys. The only fetish or kink I have myself is centered around feeding. I love seeing my wife overeat and gain weight, which she enjoys too, just not in an explicitly sexual way like I do. Generally though love her body. She is very voluptuous like a plus-size model, with very large breasts I can't keep my hands off of (and of course I love her personality and the rest of her as well, just noting the highlights of sex from my perspective).
Taking all of this into account, three things I'm struggling with are:
  1. Helping my wife paint a clearer picture of her desires as a submissive. Her understanding and expression of things is still a bit vague and unsure at times. From what I've gathered though, it seems her understanding what kind of submission she likes is important for figuring out how exactly she behaves in our dynamic (my wife is very shy, very passive, and very very introverted).
  2. Figuring out what I should be doing. There is a lot of elements to what she likes that I'm not sure how enact with my dominance. Although naturally I am dominant in relationships, it's in a more gentle/nurturing way and I've never explored it in a sexual sense.
  3. Lastly, figuring out how to blend our desires together into something cohesive. If I were to use an analogy: right now our sex life is like having a bunch of ingredients for a cake but no recipe. I've noticed many couples in kink/fetish communities have a very clear and cohesive relationship dynamic. Right now for us sexual interactions are fragmented rather than than a continuous dynamic influencing our flirting, teasing, romance etc.
Thanks in advance for any help! Please let me know if there's anything that needs clarification.
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2023.06.02 20:02 UnDead_Ted Faith's Checkbook Friday, June 2nd 2023

Faith's Checkbook Friday, June 2nd 2023

Immediate Freedom

Now I will break their yoke from your neck and tear your shackles away. — Nah 1:13
The Assyrian was allowed for a season to oppress the Lord’s people, but there came a time for his power to be broken. So, many a heart is held in bondage by Satan and frets sorely under the yoke. Oh, that to such prisoners of hope the word of the Lord may come at once, according to the text, “Now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder!”
See! The Lord promises a present deliverance. “Now will I break his yoke from off thee.” Believe for immediate freedom, and according to thy faith so shall it be unto thee at this very hour. When God saith “now,” let no man say “tomorrow.”
See how complete the rescue is to be; for the yoke is not to be removed but broken; and the bonds are not to be untied but burst asunder. Here is a display of divine force which guarantees that the oppressor shall not return. His yoke is broken, we cannot again be bowed down by its weight. His bonds, are burst asunder, they can no longer hold us. Oh, to believe in Jesus for complete and everlasting emancipation! “If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” Come, Lord, and set free Thy captives, according to Thy Word.
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2023.06.02 20:02 Bitter_Research8890 At what point will my confidence be seen as confidence rather than youthful arrogance?

This is an age old topic in our industry. Most chefs have some degree of arrogance to them, even the nicest and most humble. To be a chef, you need to have enough confidence in your ability to order, prepare, process, and create ideas from scratch onto a plate that will fulfill your customers. Etc, etc.
I won’t disclose my age, but I would say i’m quite young relative to the average age within our industry. I’m not sure what that average is, but for arguments sake let’s say it’s 35.
My confidence comes from experience, that’s a bit of a contradiction though right? Because I’m so young, it seems impossible in most chefs eyes to have more than perhaps 4-6 years of experience for someone my age
The answer here comes from my father, the principles in my life and a lot of the decisions regarding how I was raised came from my dad. He, being somewhat of a titan in the industry himself, has had me following him around kitchens since I was a child. Following my mothers death, this was exacerbated greatly. After school, in the office or kitchen with dad at one of his locations. Constantly absorbing, learning, being told X, Y, Z, and that I would need to know all of those things one day. His industry buddies always “joked” that so was gonna surpass my old man one day, right? I won’t list off his resume or accomplishments so as not to out him or myself, but surpassing him in his career is a hell of a tall order.
That being said, having spent 2 years in catering en mass, (no less than 200 people per event,) 2 years running one of my fathers cave kitchen, and 2 years at an upscale bistro, Sous and Social media/marketing manager with help of the FOHM. I’ve got about 6 years of tangible experience, plus this life of essentially being raised to be a chef.
All this wraps around to mother new restaurant I’ve joined, I had a tough beginning because everyone there knows my father and had a slight distaste for me simply because I was confident, they tended to lean towards the idea that I was arrogant just because of my dad. I tend to not throw his name around, because I want to make it clear I’m skilled on my own as it is. Initially, the Ownechef wanted me to do a mystery basket as my entrance test. His CDC said that would be too easy for me, instead I just got one day to learn the entire menu and saute station, (12 burners, 2 ovens, 2 salamanders on sauté alone. grill produces 4 items to my 16) On an 80 person night, Im feeding 60 of them. I’ve now been there a month, proven myself well and never had to have anybody step onto my station to assist. All other kitchen staff is significantly older, more experienced, and still sees me as an annoying, arrogant prick.
I’ve really done my best to keep my head down and just work, oui chef, 2 minutes, thank you chef, silence. etc
Whats my move? Bite my tongue and keep taking the hits until i’ve earned it? Or have I already earned it? Do I lean into it?
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2023.06.02 20:02 Lanky-Till Do i have agp or am I cisgender man with dysmorphia

Okay I'll say this i had a fetish for gender transformation stuff, body swapping, and such. But i enjoyed it more when the guy is attractive and becomes humilliated by it. Like the whole concept of a man becoming a girl and him not enjoying it is what I found hot. I didn't really saw myself in him but rather in another fantasy idealization im the one just being a girl, i wake up and I'm a very average woman, the same hobbies everything. But I'm just a cisgender woman or what I pictured to be myself as a woman with more of short cut, but still somewhat cute that could have a boyfriend. Still only the fetish humilliation thingie arouses me, but i haven't masturbated a single time in my life because i really don't know what to do with my cock, i feel so scared of doing anything with it, i don't like it.
I'm very nonconforming in mind. But i present masc/apathetic with the only trait of having long hair. It's really fucking depressing being so tall and having huge fucking shoulders, it drives me nuts how much of an ogre i look like, but i still cope with saying that I'm a female that is just living in a gender bend story, where instead of hot gay sex.. I'm just downright miserable everyday. I don't know if it's true... Because i don't remember doing feminine stuff when i was a kid. I really preferred playing with girls, but then i also played with boys, i didn't have particular hobbies apart from watching cartoons, and playing platform videogames, i HATED shooters and the whole boyish games. But apart from that i don't think i was particularly feminine.
But then i don't know if it's just that i look at myself and think that my shoulders are gigantic and incredibly unpleasant to look at... I sometimes think i could live my life being androgynous, but these shoulders fucking kill every single hope for it.
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2023.06.02 20:02 walkertim660 33[m4f] Energy Corridor - Work Wife Wanted

Hello! I’m a 33 year old male looking for a woman to chat with and get to know. I will be up front and say that I am married and have kids and definitely not looking to change that. Between my wife handling the kids and me working, we don’t always talk a whole lot during the day so I’m looking for someone to fill that void. If things go well I’d be interested in meeting up for lunch if everyone is comfortable. I do split the week between working from home and working in the energy corridor. If any woman is interested in chatting please shoot me a message. I hope you have a good day!
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2023.06.02 20:02 hunjjik 100 days tomorrow

And, I really wish I could say that I feel great, see improvements, and don’t have cravings, but the reality is that none of those things are true.
I feel so disconnected from myself, like I’m going through the motions of everything. I have to force myself to do everything, even things that I used to enjoy.
I had blood work down shortly after quitting and everything was fine, which makes me question whether or not the criticisms of smoking are really accurate.
My lungs don’t feel any better … they didn’t feel bad in the first place.
My cravings are still very strong and go on for hours and hours. It’s maddening.
Physically I feel much worse because I have put on weight. It is much more difficult me to climb the hill I have to climb twice a day.
I have a good diet and exercise regularly.
I am wondering if there are some people for whom smoking in moderation isn’t better than a life of misery.
I’ve hesitated to post here because I don’t want to discourage others for whom quitting might be less difficult.
But, seriously, when or will I ever feel normal again?
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2023.06.02 20:01 andjump Smith Scabs Kool elbow pad sizing for big arms?

I have bigger arms, especially my upper arms are proportionally bigger to the rest of my arms than is average. Seems like smith scabs has the biggest size range for elbow pads.
Anyone with bigger arms have experience with the sizing of these pads? I am between getting XL (13”-14”) or XXL (15”-16”).
My measurements are 13” at the elbow and 15-16” above the elbow. So technically XL would be my size based on the size chart since their measurements are at the elbow, but then I am afraid they will not fit my upper arm.
If anyone has any experience or opinions, let me know!
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2023.06.02 20:01 AutoModerator What are the benefits and side effects of Ashwagandha?

What is ashwagandha?
The ashwagandha plant is one of the most powerful herbs. Various parts of the ashwagandha plant are used for medicinal purposes, with ashwagandha extract mainly being used in supplements. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, a natural agent that reportedly helps the body cope with stress. As a result, it’s believed to be effective at helping reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It may also therefore potentially help with anxiety and depression too.
What does ashwagandha do?
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Ashwagandha is known to help reduce stress and anxiety. One way it does this is by reducing levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress. Additionally, ashwagandha has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function, both of which can be negatively affected by stress.
Enhances Cognitive Function
Ashwagandha has also been shown to improve cognitive function. One study showed that it improved memory and reaction time in healthy adults. Another study found that it improved task performance in people with ADHD. Additionally, ashwagandha may help prevent age-related cognitive decline.
Boosts Energy Levels
Ashwagandha has been shown to boost energy levels. One study showed that it increased stamina and reduced fatigue in people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, ashwagandha may help improve exercise performance.
Additionally, ashwagandha may also help improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation. These effects can all contribute to enhanced energy levels.
Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
Ashwagandha has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. One study showed that it improved insulin sensitivity in people with type II diabetes. Additionally, ashwagandha may help reduce fasting blood sugar levels and improve symptoms of diabetes.
Additionally, ashwagandha may also help lower cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease. These effects can also contribute to improved blood sugar control.
Lowers Blood Pressure
Ashwagandha has been shown to help lower blood pressure. One study showed that it improved blood pressure in people with hypertension. Additionally, ashwagandha may help reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can contribute to high blood pressure.
Is ashwagandha safe?
Ashwagandha is generally considered safe for most people. However, it can cause side effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting in some people. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, it's best to avoid ashwagandha.
What happens when you take ashwagandha daily?
As a sleep aid, ashwagandha may help people get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer. It is also used to promote male potency. Ashwagandha has a variety of health benefits, including reduced blood sugar levels, inflammation, mood, memory, stress and anxiety relief, as well as an increase in muscle strength and fertility. Depending on your requirements, dosages vary from 250 to 500 mg per day for at least one month.
When it comes to stress relief, ashwagandha may be as effective as some prescription medications. A 2010 study found that the herb was just as effective as lorazepam (Ativan) in reducing stress and anxiety. click the link below to learn more about abhwagandha, and its real health benefits.
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2023.06.02 20:01 dasxce [FLASH] 10323 PAC Man Arcade (2 spot limit) - 69 spots at $5/ea

Approved by u/stollba
Item Name Set Number: 10323 PAC Man Arcade
Lego Price: $270 + $17 tax
Timestamp and pictures of box: https://imgur.com/a/rGKTXK2
Shipping: $58 from 22181 to 98597 (8lbs, 25in x 20in x 6in with insurance for $287)
Raffle Total/Spots: $345, 69 spots @ $5 each
Price justification: lego.com
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: 2 spots
Duration of spot limit: first 30min until my announcement. Over limit requests before my announcement will be given up to limit.
Location(Country): Washington DC, USA
Will ship international: N. HI and AK pays difference in shipping
Description: Brand new, sealed 10323 pac man arcade. Set will be shipped in box from Lego store itself!
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling, 5 minutes for any drama.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info: DM me for its info
Cash App Info: https://cash.app

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 55
Number of unpaid users: 9
Number of unpaid slots: 14
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
9 pma99999
21 mrxscarface
22 ssj3dvp11
24 CalicoRosePawIsland
25 Bosskz
28 ssj3dvp11
29 mrxscarface
35 pma99999
37 stollba
50 Bosskz
52 jhartz_
60 yo-Marie-yo
66 stollba
67 ShuckleStorm

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2023.06.02 20:01 FriedFreya Tokyo Ghoul or other listed fandoms roleplay (M4M)

Hello, I am Kayden / Adrian. I am 22 years of age, and I would like to request a roleplay partner. My pronouns are neutral, my gender is irrelevant. I have 8 years of experience in roleplay, but I am quite rusty as I have taken a long hiatus. I’m looking for a compatible partner to join me in some romance or angst together. I have a couple original characters and am beyond willing to play most any canon male from the series I’ve mentioned below.
Requirements: ⠀» MUST be 18+ years of age! NO exceptions. ⠀» Descriptive: 700~100 words minimum ⠀» 3rd person POV only, no exceptions. ⠀» Have a good time! :)
Fandoms: ⠀» Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel ⠀» Tokyo Ghoul (Desired) ⠀» Black Butler ⠀» Steven Universe ⠀» Gravity Falls ⠀» Sonic the Hedgehog ⠀» Yu-Gi-Oh! (1st series) ⠀» Boku no Hero Academia ⠀» OCs and original stories
I’ve listed fandoms in no particular order or preference, but I will mention I am very comfortable playing Tsukiyama Shuu and Sebastian Michaelis, my two most commonly requested. There’s other media I am familiar with that I may have failed to mention, so feel free to come at me with other suggestions.
Feel free to DM me or respond to this post if possible, I’d love to plot with you sometime. I personally prefer to leave plots up in the air, as it’s generally a lot more fun to discuss these things in person. Have a great day!
(I hope this formatting is okay, and I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my post!)
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2023.06.02 20:00 Nextgengameing Where to focus my applications?

So I have a 3.86 cGPA, and I’ll be rewriting my mcat end of July. Graduated last year and have used a gap year to make some money, travel, and rewrite my mcat while volunteering. As of right now I’m averaging a 130 in cars and around 128 every other section. Ive been volunteering at a hospital for about a year, volunteering in an online crisis call centre for a year, volunteered at my university in adjudication meetings, played high level competitive sports all my life, work at a restaurant for over 6 years, and participated in a few fundraisers. I’m also a psyc major so I don’t have any bio courses or second year chem courses like orgo for prerequisites. I’m in Ontario.
Not sure where to focus my applications so any guidance is very appreciated!!
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2023.06.02 20:00 Eatmorrchiken Financial Accounting and Reporting 3305

I'm a transfer student coming in this fall as an Accounting major, I've been accepted to McCoy. I see that I can't just jump into Intermediate Accounting 1 as TXST now requires students take Financial Accounting and Reporting with a "B" or better before taking Intermediate. I met with an advisor and he explained to me this was because many students were having a hard time getting a "B" or better in Intermediate 1 so this class was added a few years ago to help with the material. Thus, I have a few questions.
Does this mean that there is less material in Intermediate 1 and 2 now? From my understanding, what makes these classes difficult is how much material is crammed into them, does FAR take some of that weight off? Also, when I recently registered, I saw that there were only 2 professors available for this course and they didn't have good reviews on rmp although I take this with a grain of salt as I understand rmp isn't always accurate and is sometimes just young students who want good grades handed to them, so for those Accounting majors who've taken this course, what was your experience with the professors? I know this is a lot but I'd be super grateful for any info
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2023.06.02 20:00 gobblingoddess 32f just here to give a opinion of a woman, to anyone who cares...

I don't generally like looking at dicks anymore, I'm kinda repulsed by the dicks of strangers.... But I wanted to let you all know that a good 50% of the posts here don't look small to me, they look average. Some of them even look thicker than average 😅
And even the ones that are smaller still are beautiful, for dicks! Size only matters to people who haven't had someone give them pleasure any other way. It's a tragedy of how most men don't know how to bring women to orgasm.
Most of my partners have been average.. and a couple of them below average... The only reason the one who had a huge pp was better than most of them, was because he learned my body and how to help me reach orgasm.
My current partner is of average length, though he thinks he's small, and he has given me the best orgasms of my life. And I still remember the intensity of some of my first ever orgasms. Size doesn't matter to the people who matter.
And uhh, sorry if this post doesn't belong here... I just hate the way men's genitals and bodies are attacked constantly and very few people stand up for them.
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2023.06.02 20:00 benevida USB 3.2 Gen 2 Dock Convert Earlier USB?

I've got what I think is a tricky problem. I need to connect the USB C port from the back of the computer to a hub 100 ft away. In researching this, I found 2 options:
1) run a fiber optic cable and use a converter at each end to translate from USB to fiber 2) run a USB-C AOC cable over the whole distance.
The converters I would have to buy are waaaay too expensive for me, (between $1,200 and $1,500). I decided to purchase a USB AOC cable. The next problem I came across is that the cable needs to be bidirectional, (I believe - though I'm not sure - that the unidirectional cables are for monitors and devices with data only going in one direction) and needs to be capable of all version of USB devices, (i.e. USB 3.2 Gen 2, USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 2, etc.).
I found the Tripp Lite USB-C Fiber (10 Gbps) Data Cable, USB 3.2 Active Optical Cable, Male to Male, Black, Plenum-Rated for in Wall & Ceiling Installations, 98 Feet / 30 Meters, (U420F-30M-D3) for $200. It doesn't provide power, so it needs to be powered, and it only connects to USB 3.2 Gen 2 devices.
Then I purchased a StarTech.com 4-Port USB C Hub - USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) - 3x USB-A & 1x USB-C - Powered, to connect to the other end.
The problem: it doesn't work! When I plug the cable and the hub into the computer, the computer detects the hub. However, if I plug any devices into the hub, (I've tried a Bluetooth radio, a webcam, and a Keyboard USB dongle) they are not detected by the computer. If I swap the AOC cable for a regular USB-C cable, it works like a charm and all of the devices are detected.
My conclusion, is that because the devices I am plugging into the hub are older USB specs, (USB 2) that the cable is not sending the signal. I had hoped that the hub, being a USB 3.2 Gen 2 device itself would handle converting the USB devices plugged into it to a signal recognized by the cable.
Is there a hub / dock out there that does what I want? Is there something that will allow me to plug any USB device into it and then send it along a USB 3.2 Gen 2 only cable?
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2023.06.02 20:00 I-Passed6789 Thanks for mansplaining me body weight daddy

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2023.06.02 20:00 Longjumping_Can_2988 I told a gay friend I’m Bisexual yesterday. He hasn’t replied. Did I make it weird?

I’m an “out” bisexual male married to a woman and we have 3 kids. I quote out because from the outside it’s not obvious I’m bisexual. I wanted to tell my new gay friend for a while that I am bisexual. I should have when we were hanging out but I never did. Then yesterday I thought it’s pride month. I’ll Wish him a happy pride and tell him that I also celebrate. There has been no reply. Did I fuck up? What do I do now?
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2023.06.02 20:00 Affectionate-Ad-3234 How is 1.4 days the answer?

The manufacturing process for producing a widget has five steps and each step in the process takes one day.
What is the average number of days needed to manufacture each widget using a pipelined process to produce 10 widgets?
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