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Can Cydia download for iOS 9.3.5 - iOS 10?

2016.09.24 17:14 rayanclarke Can Cydia download for iOS 9.3.5 - iOS 10?

Cydia Mate provides you latest updates, news and direct download links of jailbreak tools which supports for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Cydia is the biggest 3rd party App store including with tons of apps, themes, tweaks etc. Also now you can watch latest movies free with [MovieBox Download]( app supports for iOS.

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2023.03.21 02:20 MiddleOfVortex Top players

This is a message for top players, but when I say top players, we all know that actually it means top spammers. A few days ago I play against PESEP. He scores from a counter and then plays tika taka between his DFs and DMs, waiting for me to attack, so he can return the ball to his GK. He is a better player then me for sure, after all I play this game just for a few months. But he is a worm. A very unhappy worm who feeds his mental health issues by acting like a moronn in game.
Today, as any other day, I face a opponent who is playing with 5 strikers. His one touch through ball just goes through my defence, then he scores a goal and celebrates for 1 minute. I out dribble his defense with Mbappe, but somehow his Van Dijk out runs my Mbappe, and crushes him like a train crushing a snail. I press X to play pass, but my player passes the ball after 2 seconds delay and falls down while doing so.
I have up to 1000mb/sec broadband.
So I delete the game since Konami devs are amateurs who can't provide a functional server. They only want your cash and that's it. But no more euros from me. I'll rather wipe my arse with my cash then give it to Konami.
To all of you Div1 spammers and no life worms, you didn't really win and you know it. We all know it. Your one touch through pass play and curle shots are the only way you can win. You are not good at this game. You are just a cheater, a real loser. You don't win, you use spam to cheat. Do yourself a favour and do something with your life. Don't waste it doing the same thing over and over while lying to yourself that you have some kind of football skills.
You don't.
To all of you fair players who really enjoy football, I wish you many wins and I hope Konami improves the game so you can enjoy it like I did for a while.
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2023.03.21 02:19 Temptingheart97E 2005 Spielberg I made in a Roblox game called build a boat for treasure

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2023.03.21 02:19 chickenrisker 29 [M4F] Midwest/Online/Anywhere - This Must Be the Place

You can listen to this post, and listen to my voice, here!
It's been a particularly tough couple of years to be a teacher, but now that we've at least hit spring break, I've been able to catch my breath a bit. Lately I’ve been catching up on reading, workouts, and those recipes I’d bookmarked who-knows-when ago, but I’d like to start catching up on my social and dating life too, and I'm looking for people who want the same.
About Me:
About You:
About Us:
Looking forward to talking with you soon!
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2023.03.21 02:19 Shacrow Built a custom keyboard with Colemak layout for the extra motivation. Don't make the mistake to buy cherry profile like me. Get XDA profile keycaps

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2023.03.21 02:19 Economy_Club_8179 50% Off MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets Heat Transfer Paper Compatible Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for Mug, Light Fabric, T-shirt (3.5"X9") m4

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2023.03.21 02:18 Due_Channel4386 50% Off MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets Heat Transfer Paper Compatible Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for Mug, Light Fabric, T-shirt (3.5"X9") kg

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2023.03.21 02:18 jeremylyons500 I’m finished who wants free rewards!!!! 1/8

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2023.03.21 02:18 Usual-Hall7513 Hey guys Sophia_Farts is 55% OFF for the next 5 days she does face farting on her boyfriend and you'll be happy to know he takes it like a champ check out picture 2 and especially 3 to she what goes on in there that dog lead treatment is hot as fuck her onlyfans link will be in comment section 👍📽

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2023.03.21 02:18 StaviaNZ Hey guys, 4 * Waffle or Mainframe?

Hey guys, 4 * Waffle or Mainframe?
Screenshots attached
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2023.03.21 02:18 No-University-7185 Ariel Pink Live in San Antonio TX March 18, 2023

Setlist playlist
6:32 Ariel Pink 01- Dazed Inn Daydreams 2:48 Ariel Pink 02- Interesting Results 2:54 Ariel Pink 03-White Freckles 2:59 Ariel Pink 04-Are you going to look after my boys? 3:18 Ariel Pink 05-I wanna be a girl 3:09 Ariel Pink 06-Every night I die at Miyagi's p1 1:39 Ariel Pink 07-Every night I die at Miyagi's p2 5:59 Ariel Pink 08-Artifact 3:16 Ariel Pink 09-Put your number in phone 4:47 Ariel Pink 10-Another Weekend 4:54 Ariel Pink 11-Hardcore pops are fun 4:37 Ariel Pink 12-Flying in circles 2:52 Ariel Pink 13-Mature themes 5:51 Ariel Pink 14-Round and round 4:34 Ariel Pink 15-Lipstick 6:03 Ariel Pink 16-*Encore: For Kate I wait 4:50 Ariel Pink 17-*Encore: LifeBeforeToday(Pink Slip) 5:01 Ariel Pink 18-*Encore: Among dreams 4:46 Ariel Pink 19-*Encore: Baby
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2023.03.21 02:18 Ok_Ordinary1884 $3,800 for a direct cremation?

My bf's mom passed away suddenly in December. She had moved to a small town in the mid US with her sister as they were having financial difficulties with securing housing. My bf lost his brother 3 years ago at 25 due to an infection from a tooth, so he was the only heir. His aunt, his mom's only sibling, was living in a small apartment with her. He got the call that she had been admitted to the hospital at 7am and by 4pm she had passed away. The sister has mental health and substance abuse issues and was lead by a friend to a funeral home the following day. We were unable to travel the 1,500 miles and we're informed that the funeral home had told her it would be $3,800 for a direct cremation. No service, no anything except the cremation. He grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home and they later ended up homeless but he felt compelled to stay with them bc was the "parent" figure for both his mom and aunt. He never even had a driver's license until he turned 30 last year. I spoke with the funeral home and I explained that I had recently been laid off (I made most of the money) and he was only working part time. We later discovered that she had a life insurance policy for $5,000. The sister got a ride to the funeral home and showed them the paperwork she found in his mom's belongings. His mom would have wanted him to have a car and start his life as an adult that had only recently broken his traumatic bond and was living as a functioning adult. The life insurance company ended up sending the $5,000 to our address and I knew immediately that he should have a car. I knew someone selling a Toyota Camry for $1500 that needed a little work but was a reliable starter car. I contacted the funeral home again and told them that I would send $3,200. I sent a cashier's check via 2 day priority mail and they received it on Friday. Today I called and a different guy answered the phone and said that there was a remaining balance. I explained that I had spoken to another person last week and again reiterated that her son had bought his first car and he was planning to go out to retrieve some of her belongings. The man said that he would look into it and send the remains after speaking with his colleague. I feel as though he was way overcharged for the service and by the time he had a chance to process what was happening, the funeral home had her cremated the day after she arrived from the hospital. I'm sorry for the long rant, I just feel like he was taken advantage of and God forbid there are any issues with the remains being sent out, (ie: you owe us $600) I just might explode. Her sister is on very heavy duty medications that are generally reserved for end of life care and I am quite certain that it didn't go unnoticed at the funeral home. She had no means of paying for a stamp, let alone $3,800. Any thoughts?
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2023.03.21 02:17 throwaway245455555 Update: The remorse has worn off, now I'm the evil one, and blameshifting has begun.

Tl;dr Prior post - walked in on my wife (~1 year married, serious committed relationship for 12) cheating on me w one of our closest friends 1 month ago. Turns out of they’d been off/on sleeping together for 1.5 years and a deep emotional/limerent affair. While OBS was pregnant/infant at home.
It's been a couple weeks and things have definitely made a turn for the worse. WW had been staying at friends/family for the prior 6 weeks, I'd made it clear she needs to move out in January when we last spoke but I'd kindly store her stuff in a spare room. She'd packed it up but left it there. We'd communicated a few times via text strictly logistics only and was cordial.
I sent an email about a month back asking to plan out logistics of separation - financial accounts, pets, furniture, who gets house etc. Expressed interest in amicability and just wanted to move on, heal, and process on my own.
WW sent a response 3 weeks ago and love bombed the shit out of me. I left it in the air for a couple days planning - then she announced via text that she's 'coming home' with the tone that this temper tantrum was over and I was going to listen to her and at least live together while we figured it out.
I told her absolutely not, crystal clear in my boundaries. I booked a therapy session with a mediator which has turned out to be a godsend. WW expressed desire to reconcile, and that we are so much bigger than this affair. That she has been 'made homeless' (making 2x what I make and staying with friends and family) and unfairly displaced these last two months.
I told her flat out I want a divorce and this isn't fixable, and the mediator backed me up. Logistically, I can't afford the house we are renting anyway, and she can have it - told her I'm aggressively looking for a place for Apr 1 and that I'll move out in April. I'm staying at a friends house until then (I can't even be at my own place without crazy anxiety anymore) and think I have a great place bagged. We're trading off a few days at a time so I can keep an eye on pets and stuff.
I told her that I told our landlord that I'm leaving - need a rental reference - and she lost it on me that I'm going to get her evicted (lol, she can afford this place twice over.) She called me last week and lost it. I'm abandoning her in her time of crisis. I'm running away. I'm just punishing her.
Had another therapy session this week - she said how unnecessary and mad she was that I'd thrown away stuff in the house while she was gone. Guys - I threw away her AP + OBS's wedding gift to us. And a baby planning book because it gave me a breakdown (we were trying to have kids before this went down). Yeah. Unreal.
I think we made some progress emotionally - I am just a broken record wrt my own boundaries, and it's definitely helped them land for her when they are reflected by a third party that calls her out on being delusional.
But she's clearly hysterical and I need her on board so we can get a financial plan in place and logistically exit this with grace and dignity, which is what I'd asked for weeks ago.
But holy shit she's gone off the deep end. Just completely selfish... there's no longer empathy for what she did to me. Everything that's happened after the affair was found out is decoupled in her mind as not consequences, just injustices done to her - and while these sessions give structure to what we discuss inside and out of it (and that's really crucial right now for my own emotional safety) she just clearly sees everything as being done to her to spite her now.
I'm moving out in two weeks and holy hell I can't wait to get out of this. I'm trying the patient route hoping for a better (less expensive) financial outcome, but am worried she's going to lose her actual mind when I get another lease.
Silver lining - definitely put a bullet in any last thought I had for reconciliation before divorce.
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2023.03.21 02:17 Quick_Pomegranate253 why is my Ventura update stuck? its been a couple hours now and reset number 4

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2023.03.21 02:17 thomasthetrainmane Steals Rolex, gets DUI, borrows Ferrari, stolen Richard Mille, joins Grant Cardone cult. Busy 30 days Anthony Farrer

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2023.03.21 02:16 autotldr Ban on imports of animal hunting trophies set to become law. Thoughts?

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)
Plans to ban imports of animal hunting trophies to Great Britain are set to become law.
As it has the support of the government, the Hunting Trophies Bill is likely to become law.
After the government accepted two of their proposals - to establish an advisory board on hunting trophies and to limit the power of the secretary of state to add new species to the list the ban would apply to - the pair dropped their other demands for further changes to the bill.
Animal welfare charities have rejected this, arguing that hardly any of the revenues from trophy hunting ever reach local communities.
Environment Minister Trudy Harrison told MPs: "I do recognise that some of the income from trophy hunting has contributed towards the protection of habitat and the prevention of poaching."But to bring [back] the body parts of endangered species is not the way forward.
Including the Democratic Unionist Party's Sammy Wilson, also raised concerns Northern Ireland could become a "Back door" for hunting imports as the law would not apply there.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: hunting#1 bill#2 species#3 trophy#4 back#5
Post found in /Hunting, /worldnews, /EndangeredSpecies and /ukpolitics.
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2023.03.21 02:16 Shacrow English 10k helps so much with the progress!

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2023.03.21 02:16 AQuestionAnswerer The itemization and skill tree are not a concern, they are good.

I'm making this post because I have seen enough people not understand the diversity of the skill tree and itemization.
There were a ton of legendarys available even in the beta, before level 25, let alone all the affixes you can unlock from the dungeons. Then as far as stats go, there are a ton. Mana cost, cooldown, stat gain, damage vs x (vulnerable, stunned, immobilized, etc), movement speed, basic damage, core damage, + skill, etc.
One of the first sorc builds I am going to make is going to be a lightning / ice sorc. I am going to use the ice blades + 0.5 second stun on cooldown use enchantments. The rest of the build is irrelevant but I am going to be looking for stats, movement speed, damage vs stunned, cooldown reduction, core damage, + skills, and a few others.
If you can't think of ways to use all these in a min max method, that is a you problem. There is a + stat for pretty much anything you could need.
Skill tree:
By level 50, you will have 63 stat points allegedly.
Lets hypothetically say you max out every basic attack in the barbarian skilltree. That would take 32 skill points. If you wanted to max out every core skill, that would be 46 skill points.
If you want to make a build where you get 1 level of every skill in the tree, it is going to be shit. There are enough skill points to min max 1 maybe 2 skills / passives per branch.
Let's be a little more positive shall we?
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2023.03.21 02:16 ATSCoupe What pixel equation should i use to downsize thousands of iPhone photos.

Hello, I am doing a photo inventory of a large model car collection. I've taken thousands of shots, and offloaded them to a (Mac) laptop folder. Average size per image is 1.2mb. I'd like to downsize them without losing quality or original dimensions/resolution to save space and make browsing/opening them faster. Question. I know there are countless pic resizing apps and sites BUT.. what specifically do I want to set as the "new" pixel numbers. The end usage is sharing them on like, an online gallery, even Amazon Photos - to show to collectors and prospective buyers and/or for appraisal. I don't know what might be a good "standard" to use for the resizing.... I also have questions about how to re-title these from their generically randomly assigned iPhone camera titles, to descriptive titles for each. I have 4 or 5 different angles for each model. I need to go through all 3500 or so shots, and title them in a way that identifies what they are -- and just using the manual "rename" process of doing this on a Mac will be cumbersome and time consuming. How would i like, batch-title each unique set of an 'assembly line' fashion so i'm not having to type in the same "ID" title for each shot within each set of 4 or 5 shots pertaining to each individual model? I've seen batch renaming apps, but so far those have seen kinda daunting and i'm searching for some stupidly-simple interface that lets me do this relatively fast. Hope this makes sense: ) THANKS for any help! Sorry in advance if these are very elementary questions!
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2023.03.21 02:16 cbold84 Stomach bug

I have a 2 year old and 5 month old in daycare. I have had a stomach bug basically every 2 or 3 months for the past year and a half. Is this normal? Does anyone else catch every single stomach bug? I can only clean so much!
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2023.03.21 02:16 supercoolandverygood [WTS] Crazy J’s Spring Cleaning Bonanza - Dots, Lights, and Budget Build Bits

The Goods
Garfield may hate Mondays but you don't have to! Come get that sweet, sweet dopamine hit that comes along with buying gun parts online.
Prices are Paypal F&F, add 3% for G&S. Shipping is a flat rate of $5. Whether you buy one thing or you buy everything, just slap 5 on it. Open to reasonable offers and bundle pricing, Dibs>PMs.

RMScalarworks Bundle - $480 FDE Trijicon RM06 - 3.25 MOA - $400 Scalarworks LEAP 04 RMR Mount - $100 Model: SW0410
SilencerCo ASR Single Port Brake, 1/2x28 in 9mm - $45 Model: AC2628
SilencerCo ASR 3 Port Brake, 1/2x28 in 5.56 - $60 Model: AC142
Plain Lantac Dragon Brake, 1/2x28 in 5.56 - $50 Model: DGN556B
Olight Mini Odin w/ charger and tape switch - $90
Olight Mini Odin w/ charger but NO tape switch - $80
Amazon angled pic rail adapter for light - Free to whoever wants it with flashlight purchase
Olight Pic Rail Adapter - $10
MAF Tac Chime Upper - $200 - Never started this project and it has so far only decorated my closet. Includes an extra bolt chime!
MAF Mac Chime Upper - $250 - Ready to go for your next MacDaddy or Mac n’ Cheese build
Sig OEM P365/P365XL grip (no manual safety cutout) - $30
Sig OEM P365/P365XL grip with manual safety cutout - $30
SB Tactical FS1913A Folding Brace - $150 - Mounted but never left the safe
Canik TP9SFX/TP9SFL Standard Match Barrel - $40
Odinworks Ambi Safety - $30
PSA 12” Slanted M-Lok Handguard - $25 - Missing tightening screws and barrel nut
15” Key-mod Handguard - $20 - Uncertain but I think it’s the “AIM Sports AR-15 KeyMod GEN II Handguard”
2x Mil-spec charging handle - $5 ea.
Unknown salty buffer tube, buffer, spring, castle nut, and end plate - $20
GBRS Hydra Clone Mount - $25
Thoroughbred Arms Stripped Upper - $75 Model: M4 Upper V2
PSA Flash Can (Loudencer) 1/2x28 in 5.56 - $5
PSA branded SBA3 - $40
Irregular Defense FEER SB3.75 Riser - $50 - GAFS catch and release
Magpul M-Lok Extended Cantilever Scout Mount - $10
Salty Rattle-Canned SB Tactical SBA3 - $5 - Needs strap
Modlite FDE ModButton(Pic Surefire) - $65
Holosun HS403B - $120 - New, mounted but never fired
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2023.03.21 02:15 thexrayhound Best way to train to avoid quad soreness?

I’ve been biking for around 3 years with no goal truly set in mind, but this year I finally went to college and have been more focused on improving my watt output.
I’ve seen around a 20% improvement in the last 5 months and can now do around 210 watts for an hour (70 kg, 19 year old male) but recently I’ve been struggling a lot with perpetual soreness in my quads even though I average around 100-105 rpm.
I feel as the problem comes from my training regime. I bike 5 times a week for an hour each time, and I just try to give it my all each time. I’m honestly kind of a rookie when it comes to actually training and was hoping to hear suggestions as to what I could change to minimise soreness and improve as quickly as I can.
Time wise, I have around 5 days To bike a week, 1-2 which can probably be for longer amounts but like I said I’ve been clueless with what to do so if anyone could suggest a routine I would really appreciate it
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2023.03.21 02:15 beer_mee [WTS] PRICE DROP! Parts bin clean out! Complete upper, sightmark, red parts kit, plenty of stocks!

Hello GAFs! Bear with me, this is the first time I've tried to upload on here. Up for sale is a parts bin clean out! Prices are shipped and I'll eat the goods and service fee. I also have venmo but I'm not sure if my flair is high enough yet. Call dibs and then send me a PM, No Chats! All images should be at the bottom.
I will ship out items around 4pm tomorrow afternoon when I get off work. Thanks for looking!
Complete 5.56 Upper:
I got this as a trade from a friend. He shot under 200 rounds with it. He swapped out the hand guard and barrel nut for me and it's been in the safe ever since. No rounds shot from me. This is a mostly PSA upper components besides the hand guard.
-- PSA Upper (Previously sprayed tan but the paint has been removed. It is not quite as shiny black as the hand guard, if that matters to you.
-- 8" mid length barrel with a 3" PSA fluted flash can. No marks on the barrel from what I can see.
-- brand new no salt mlok handguard
-- BCG and CH do not have any identifying marks on them
-- $300 $250 (willing to trade for a decent light setup, preferably surefire but will consider others and black in color)
Sight mark green dot with cover. Has different reticle options and 5 brightness levels. 1 tiny safe rash on the top, very clean glass
-- $50 $45
6" KEYMOD rail with barrel nut, spray painted tan
--$50 $45
Picatinney AFG, no salt
-- $15 SOLD
Spartan complete 8 piece anodized red parts kit, brand new
-- $65 $60
Black SB3 brace, no salt: $45 $40
Tan SB Tactical, no salt, with sprayed tan pistol buffer tube: $50 $45
Tan Magpul MOE, no salt: ~$45 $40
New black battlelink minimalistic MFT, no salt: $45 $40
Spray painted tan basic one (not sure the brand): $20 $15 or Free with any purchase (just let me know if you want it)
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