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[Be A Pro Season 1] Everyone with a character please read this 🚨

2023.06.04 05:26 Paiimei [Be A Pro Season 1] Everyone with a character please read this 🚨

What’s up gang.
From now after every round of simulations (the 3-5 year ones within each save) you will need to confirm your character and request your page be updated.
Because we have quite a few people inactive in the game and with the detail and presentation I’m trying to provide those people can hold the save back substantially. Not uploading the data of the characters not engaged at all or as much as others will provide a better and faster experience for everyone else.
After every round of simulations I’ll create a post saying that they’re done and I’m beginning to upload data. You will then have 48 hours to request your player profile be updated.
Your data can be updated in the next round. You could even just request it all at the end if you wanted to.
With that said, I’m at my computer for a few hours and I’m going to get started.
Post below if you’d like your page updated, make sure to add your characters name ✌️
The next round of simulations will begin 48 hours from now
✨3:30 AM June 6th (UTC)✨
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2023.06.04 05:24 Electronic_Try_5246 Am I being scammed by doordash or is this a new thing customers are doing?

Got an order for TBell and McDonalds going to the same person, $10 for about 15 miles round trip. Immediately after accepting I get a text saying the McDonalds part of the order got cancelled. It still showed $10 for the TBell order, but I thought maybe they put the whole tip on the TBell order and 0 for McDs. I still felt suspicious so I screen shot it all. Sure enough, I drop it off and only $3.50 pops up. Whopping $1 tip.
Now I know customers can cancel part/whole orders obviously, but are they able to get refunds every time to make this worthwhile? Or what I'm starting to think is that doordash themselves are using this tactic in order to trick drivers into taking orders we lose money on? I immediately messaged support and they told me to wait 1-2 hours so that's what I'm doing now. If it is dd doing this, is it even legal?
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2023.06.04 05:17 peaked_in_high_skool My professor just broke up with me

I can't believe it happened. All I wanted was for him to round my D- to a B+ (not even an A)
He said he's been lenient throughout the quarter but it's not working out anymore and that I need to actually study if I want to pass the course. So much for love!!
I always sat on the front bench, always went to office hours, laughed on his unfunny jokes, clapped after every lecture. And this is how he pays me back.
I even tried to have make up sex with him, but he said that he has a "loving wife" and "children"?? And that I'll be "reported under Title IX"??
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2023.06.04 05:13 formeralbertan Fishing advice in Salt Lake City

Hi all, I’m a Las Vegas local and in a week and a half I’ll be heading up to Salt Lake City for my MEPS processing for the Air National Guard. I’ll be staying for an extra day afterwards with my girlfriend and I was wondering where a good place to shore fish would be. I’m looking for something hopefully not too far but I’d be willing to drive an hour or so, and I won’t have a boat so nice scenery and accessible fishing would be a plus. I’m not picky about what fish either as I’m planning on catch and release, although a nice trout would be tempting. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 05:10 maddogg25 My elderly father killed himself on Wednesday.

My dad spent the past month and a half in the hospital. His body was filled with cancerous tumors. At 76 (would have been 77 in Aug.) it was a hard fight. The tumors were so bad, some were wrapped around blood vessels. After the first round of chemo, he seemed a lot better than before. Although we did not think he would make it thru aggressive treatment. Unfortunately he spent over a month laying in a hospital bed. He was weak. Barely able to walk anymore.
He originally was diagnosed with lymphoma in about 2012. Went thru radiation and entered remission. Never saw it coming again. My dad was extremely active for his age. He loved traveling and hiking and feeding wildlife. He always made sure he walked at least 1 mile/per day. He was even still doing this a few weeks before ending up in the hospital. He had been depressed for the past few years. Had a bunch of his intestines removed and ended up with an ostomy bag. He let it destroy his happiness. Felt too embarrassed to do the things he loved, never went hiking anymore. Said he was afraid the bag would leak in the middle of a trail. Stopped traveling as well. He used to spend the winters in Arizona so he could continue hiking. (We live in Michigan)
He was out of the hospital for less than a week. Myself or my siblings were dropping by everyday. He needed help with his medications. He started falling down a lot. I visited him on Tuesday for about 2 hours. He fell down answering the door for me. Told me he had fallen the night before and crawled to bed. This broke my heart. 2 months ago he was walking around completely normal. Said all the time he was ready to leave this life. Felt very fulfilled, like he had done all he wanted to do. He used to tell me he never understood what his dad meant when he’d say stuff like that, but now he did.
Woke up Wednesday morning to a group text sent to myself and my siblings from him. Said he was sorry but he couldn’t continue on like this and that his body was in the bathtub.
He shot himself in the head. My world turned upside down. I know he would want me to be okay. I know he would not have been happy living a life depending on other people. He had me pretty old, I’m the youngest of 8. I am 27 years old. Never really dealt with death before. Every day I have had a conflict of trying to just be happy with the long life he lived. I just think it’s a sad ending. I’m the last one to see him so I feel a bit of guilt as well.
RIP dad. I’ll spend every day missing you. Love you. I hope you are at peace. Please visit me soon in my dreams.
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2023.06.04 05:09 formeralbertan Fishing advice and good cruise speed

Hi all, I’m a Las Vegas local and in a week and a half I’ll be heading up to Salt Lake City for my MEPS processing for the Air National Guard. I’ll be staying for an extra day afterwards with my girlfriend and I was wondering where a good place to shore fish would be. I’m looking for something hopefully not too far but I’d be willing to drive an hour or so, and I won’t have a boat so nice scenery and accessible fishing would be a plus. I’d also like to know what a good cruise speed would be on my way to Salt Lake since I’ve heard the Utah troopers can be pretty strict. Thanks in advance for your advice!
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2023.06.04 05:07 Sayyedain 06/03/2023

So I haven’t wrote or talked about anything since two weeks ago but I’m here and I want to write about my experiences. I can feel myself slipping away from prayer, I always miss because of the silliest of reasons and I know Allah swt looking down in shame right now but I still don’t know why I don’t do anything. But I am grateful to my lord (Allah swt) who has given me the best experiences in my life in the past 3-4 weeks. I’ve made new friends and have gotten quite close to some old ones. Hadia and I have developed something more than the kind of friendship we had previously, it feels like a true friendship, someone who is there for me and someone who I can be there for. We don’t want to have relationships or anything like that because that’s not really the way either of us want to roll but we have developed something of a brother-sister relationship, a bond that I cherish a lot. I don’t think I’ve been this close to anyone in a while, especially considering the fact this is my first friend (who isn’t related to me) since Kazim that I’ve become close to. Because of this, Hadia has Introduced me to some new people. Maha was someone I already knew but I only hung out with her once but she is a very nice girl, hilarious, and is basically an aunty. She might be a little wild and stuff but she’s also very genuine and kind. Someone new that I’ve become good friends with is Tehreem, she is really cool. It’s like, we have everything in common. She likes Spider-Man, I like Spider-Man. Her and I are both weebs and love Attack on Titan, we both love Eren. She even worked at CVS, like it was scary how much we had in common. I’m very happy that I’ve become friends with her because now I have someone who has similar interests as me. Raheem is someone I met at Umrah but I hadn’t hung out with him until I went to Six Flags. He’s pretty funny but I don’t take him too seriously. He’s a goofball but he’s a good guy too. He’s also a hooper, it’s pretty cool. I also met Maha’s little sister Yumna, she’s 14 but she’s a little baby. I’m not really sure why Dua hates her because she’s very adorable. I also recently met a new girl named Hamail. I heard of her before but then I found out she’s a girl from London Terrace. She’s pretty nice, we both are pretty similar in the spiritual stand point, she takes good care of her soul, as do I. She combines her spirituality with Islam and it reminds me of myself. She’s nice, I didn’t realize we had so many mutual friends to be honest. When I hung out with Hadia in the beginning of May, I had a lot of fun because we just talked for hours and ate food. It might’ve sucked because everything was closed but I enjoyed hanging out with her. Then we went to Six Flags with Maha, Tehreem, and Raheem. That was a lot of fun actually, I really enjoyed that day because me, Hadia and Maha just hung out for the rest of the night talking about life. Then when they came back from Puerto Rico, we went to iPlay America and had a ton of fun with Hamail and Yumna, but Raheem couldn’t come for some reason. Laser tag was fun and go karts too. I also ate good sushi for the first time, that was fun. I don’t think I’ve had this much of an experience with friends honestly, I love all of them so much. I wish that our friendships last until we die and transcend onto our future generations. Alhamdulillah!
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2023.06.04 05:04 oobanooba- Venlil Metal Ch.2 - We’re not all bad

well, we're back again. now with more characters! Enjoy.
Thanks, u/SpacePaladin15 for the universe And u/VeryUnluckyDice for implanting a tumor into my brain, go read his story 'Playing by ear' if you haven't already!
Memory transcription subject: Anaw, Venlil citizen Date [standardized human time]: October 23, 2136
It was one of those brief moments when I was on my own. Just after I separated from my working herd but before I joined my familial herd. I bought some nice fruit salad from a place down the street. As I made my way to my way to the plaza I saw that musical duet was performing there. The duo was made up of a venlil and a Krakotl. And they were performing a popular pop song by some band, ‘I love you like the Herd’ by ‘The Sneeples’ I think? To be honest I wasn't too familiar with the current trends in music, I've always listened to what my mother listened to. Never gave it much thought really. I noticed how many people had stopped to listen to them play.
I want people to see me like that! It would be so cool! To be a star, to guide the herd instead of just following it? Wouldn’t that be spectacular? Or even impress Vemly…
I figure I should find a seat, realizing there isn’t any room in the plaza itself. I have to search Elsewhere.
I look round the corner to see… a human! I have never seen one in person before but here? the closest shelter is a city over. And they seem to be alone. Which seems unusual. They don't seem to notice me so that's good. My curiosity getting the better of me, I made my way to a seat where I could watch the predator without being noticed.
The human was holding their head in their hands, their gaze presumably cast down toward the concrete tiles of the plaza though I had no way to be sure thanks to the glossy black mask that covered their face. They didn't seem to be moving aside from one of their legs bouncing seemingly in time with the music.
My meal was almost finished when suddenly the predator rose from their seat and started walking towards the buskers. At their full height, they were quite tall, but maybe my shorter-than-average stature was to blame.
Their approach caused the gathered crowd to scatter most people. those that remained kept their distance. When the human arrived at the buskers' setup the krakotl singer faltered and forgot the lyrics. The human tilted their head at this and seemed to study them for a moment before pulling out their pad and touching it to the tip receiver before turning to leave.
If a predator can appreciate our music they can’t possibly be so bad right?
Someone must have called the exterminators because exterminator officer Ezin and two other officers arrived on the scene.
The exterminators showed up almost too quickly. usually, they’re really slow, like that time when-
The exterminators raised their flamethrowers toward the human
“Predator! You’re coming with me” Ezin yelled at the human.
The human raised their hands and was quickly restrained by the two officers, with the head exterminator turning to the crowd.
Ezin addressed the crowd
“Civilians! Thanks to my hard work the predator has been restrained and you are safe once more!”
It doesn't seem like the predator didn't do anything wrong… why are they being taken away?
My need to find out what is going on overriding all my better judgment I decided to follow the exterminators to the Deep Lake office.
But first I’m finishing my fruit salad.
Yummy yummy!
I arrived at the exterminator's office and headed up to the front desk. There was a snowy white venlil at the counter.
“You here about the recent incident?” she droned, without even taking her eyes off her pad.
There has been an incident?
“No I'm just here about the human from the plaza” I responded
“Just saying yes would've wasted much less of my time sir” the venlil responded, only now seeming to have found the time to look up from her pad.
“Just wait here and someone will be with you in a moment” She pointed to the seats set up at the side of the room. They were all empty.
even I couldn’t find any more reason to talk to this person so I sat down at the end.
These chairs really aren't very comfortable… no matter, ill be through in a jiffy.
Maybe I’ll have a look at these pamphlets to pass some time.
I reach over to the stand picking out the first one available,
‘What to do If a predator moves into your apartment?’
No thanks, I've had enough stress already.
‘Top 10 signs that your human is actually plotting to eat you!’
In the future even the pamphlets are clickbait. Go back to writing bleat posts.
‘Rainbow socks to be banned in Deep Lake Area’
What are socks?
I spun the stand around and spotted a hand-drawn-looking pamphlet. My curiosity piqued I opened it up.
‘Exterminator Ezin for emperor’
The Venlil don't even have a president. How can you get a role that doesn't exist? And I'm pretty sure you won't become emperor by winning an election.
Anyway, what time is it? I feel like I’ve been waiting for more than a claw, I should really be home by now.
“Anaw, come on up” It was the senior exterminator Koll. I have seen him a couple times on the local news giving important announcements. If you've ever seen a buff venlil, you haven’t. Not until you have seen Koll. It's been said that he once fought an entire squadron of armors, bare-paw, on his own, and won. After which he retired to live a more peaceful life on venlil prime. Though that’s hard to believe, When I saw him in person, standing in Infront of me? I could believe it.
Koll asked me to give a brief rundown of the whole incident, a request which I had no trouble complying with.
After a moment of contemplation koll spoke “Well, That does it then, the incident was clearly bogus and the human will be free to go.”
Koll gestured for me to follow him. We walked down the hall and then to the cell where the human was being held.
The predator looked up at Koll and then at me. Prompting Koll to start inputting the code on the cell, Koll broke the silence.
“Well predator, looks like a witness showed up and your stories match, you're free to go, get out of here.”
The senior exterminator left the room, leaving me with the predator… alone.
The predator rose to their full height. Turning their head right at me.
I've actually never met a human before. What do I do? Are they plotting to eat me? Maybe I should've read that pamphlet.
“Hey, thanks.” the predator spoke softly. Their voice was bassy and smooth, not nearly as loud as I expected.
I thought predators were supposed to growl or be aggressive! They probably don't want to scare me. I'm still really afraid though. Is that rude? Am I a bad person for being afraid?
They continued in their soft inflection.
“I don't think Sargent Fluff for brains would've let me out any time soon, so seriously, thanks for the help”
Sargent fluff for brains? Are they talking about Exterminator Ezin?
I finally mustered up the courage to speak to the human
“n-no p-problem h-human”
The human lifted one hand to their mask, presumably where their chin would be. This gave me a chance to get a good look at them. The flesh of their paw, which I think they call hands, was a smooth pinkish-white, each finger being topped by a wide flat claw that was pink almost to the tip of their finger. Where they became white. Their glossy black mask covered their face entirely but left the back of their head exposed. the human had wavy yellow fur that reached all the way to their shoulders. They were wearing a thick top garment in navy blue, it had sleeves that reached all way to their wrists and had a hood that the human wasn't currently using. Their bottom garment was the same color but seemed to be made out of a rougher material.
The human stuck out their hand In what I recognized to be a greeting gesture.
“I’m Colton by the way. It's nice to meet you”
I placed my paw in their hand and they shook it up and down very gently as if they were unsure about the action themselves.
“I- I’m Anaw” my voice quivered
“It's nice to meet you, Anaw, though I have some belongings I have to collect”
Colton began walking to the front desk of the building. Curiosity once again won out over my need for sleep and I followed the human as they approached the desk. The white venlil was still there, and still seemed to be distracted by their pad, doom-scrolling Bleat probably. The attendant looks up from their pad and looks completely uninterested in the predator staring down at her. She looks back down making a clear effort to ignore the human.
“Can I get my guitar back now?” Colton asked the attendant.
“Confiscated weapons will be kept as evidence.” the attendant droned.
“My guitar is not a weapon! It's a musical instrument. It's personal, I need it.” pleaded Colton.
This finally made the lady look up from her pad with curiosity. Apparently thrown off by the human's response.
The human wants an instrument back? That means that this human must be a musician!
At that moment Exterminator Ezin stepped out of his office, Now that he was out of uniform the full mass of his grey was on display. He wore a bandage around one of his paws. Seems like his shift was over and was on his way out.
How do you even pack so much wool into an exterminator uniform?
The Exterminator must have been listening in on the conversation because he smirked almost predatorily.
Ezin spoke “Predator if you can somehow prove that primitive club isn't a weapon,”
Venom laced his tone, “Then you can have it back.”
The exterminator raised his bandaged hand toward the human.
“But I doubt you'll be able to.” Ezin gloated with the confidence of someone who knew they were untouchable.
Colton didn't give the exterminator the chance to goad them further and made for the exit. Shoving their clenched fists into their pockets.
If the human is a musician, then they must know a lot about music! Vemly is really into human culture, if I could learn all about human music or even learn to play some then she would definitely be impressed!
I followed Colton out of the exterminator's office and steeled my nerves. I have to ask them if they could show me some human music! And then I can ask them to teach me? Before I could change my mind I yelled out.
“Colton! Wait!”
The human stopped.
“C-can you show me?.. Your Human music?”

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2023.06.04 05:01 Extreme-Painting3081 Lake of Death (2 hour-long special)

but still a GA fan!!!
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2023.06.04 05:00 Comprehensive_Look51 I don’t think people understand post round sasaki

I just reread the poseidon vs sasaki fight and i think that people honestly overhype him cause they don’t understand his ability. 1. he’s not as fast as poseidon his ability is more related to knowing the future like let’s say a plane going 500mph is coming to hit me but ik it a hour earlier so i can easily dodge it. does it mean im faster no. that’s essientally what he did with poseidon he saw his attacks 40 steps ahead 2. post and pre round sasaki have very little difference. he didn’t increase his speed exponentially or power or nothing he just was able to read poseidon better and poseidon is kinda a glass canon so not a lot of strength 3. unless the gods cocky like poseidon sasaki can’t read them fast enough he won’t be 40 steps ahead cause he already fought poseidon it showed that each person he fights is anaylze individually so since he can predict one fighters move doesn’t mean he can predict others my point is even if post round sasaki fought a god like hades or something if their serious off the bat he loses
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2023.06.04 04:57 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's & Women's Singles Round 4 Day 1 🐢

Splitting the matches into the daily schedule this round, Monday's matches will go up tomorrow (hopefully this lets me get this stuff up before play finishes for the day). Women's and men's matches are below :

WTA Singles :

Pavlyuchenkova vs Mertens :

After an extended stretch of middling results, Pavlyuchenkova appears to be back in form. She’s been taking the long route to the finish line, requiring third sets in the last two rounds, but wins against Samsonova and Potapova are really high quality stuff. She’ll have a chance at another great win in the next round against Elise Mertens, who is collecting her own Pokedex of big names. Mertens beating Osorio in two was a good sign, but continuing her dominance against Pegula puts her near the peak of her performance results-wise. Generally, I’d like Mertens against Pavlyuchenkova, but I’m not sure how much weight to put into the Pegula win. Jessica really wasn’t at her best, and it seemed like she was fighting off the ball rather than directing it. Pegula hits a very flat ball so if she’s struggling with her timing on clay things can go bad quickly. Mertens played solid but I felt like it was a team effort with Pegula playing poorly to complement Mertens’ play.
Pavlyuchenkova has a more traditional swing production and hits the ball very hard. Mertens is faster, but Pavs has a way of keeping the ball out of her opponent’s strike zone and her weight of shot can be effective against someone like Mertens who is more about skill and accuracy than power. There’s really no way this won’t be close. I’m cheering for Mertens but I think Pavlyuchenkova has gotten through higher quality matches thus far and she might be slightly more experienced at this level. Pavlyuchenkova in 3.

Muchova vs Avanesyan :

This round, I guess unsurprisingly, contains a lot of very solid baseliners. I expected Begu to get to a third set against Muchova, but it was evident early that Muchova’s speed around the court was going to play a major difference. There have been a few matches in the past round where lateral speed (or slight lack thereof) was the deciding factor (Hurkacz/Varillas, Fritz/Cerundolo, Tauson/Avanesyan) and that was the case here. For Muchova, this is a very welcome run at a major event. She’s had some huge almost-results at majors, and her results have suffered a bit afterwards. Here is another chance to make the quarterfinals, and she’s a pretty heavy favorite. But is she?
Avanesyan seemed outmatched early in her match against Tauson, and Clara was able to hit through her a good portion of the time. Avanesyan had trouble defending her serve, and plan B went into effect. Luckily for her, outlasting Tauson worked. Elina dug in and Tauson started to force the issue, making dropshot errors and sending forehands long. The third set was competitive but Tauson’s narrative about her legs being tired had become fairly public, and she was forcing the issue an awful lot. It’s possible, but it’s really tough to come up with a whole set of offense on slow clay. Avanesyan dug in, and to her credit there was a good 30 minute stretch where she actually didn’t miss the court. The result was pressure on Tauson’s serve, and they traded a number of breaks until ultimately Avanesyan got through.
Muchova having proper stamina means she can win where Tauson ran out of gas. I think it’ll be a lot tougher than the -400 pricetag indicates though. Avanesyan has a heavy forehand, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that she barely missed a shot in her last set of tennis. Working against her is the 12 hours she’s spent on court this week, and Muchova possessing a lot of variety in her offense. It’s just a tough opponent to play for the first time, but given what we’ve seen from Elena so far she’s likely to play her best. Muchova in two, with the second set likely being the closer one.

Svitolina vs Kasatkina :

Svitolina played Blinkova a week ago in the finals of Strasbourg. The odds were even for both. It was a blowout. They played again in the third round, which Svitolina coming in at -340. This time, she barely won in a marathon 3-setter. The quick turnaround runback on tour produces some of the wildest deviations in pricing and results, but it seems like Blinkova’s familiarity with Svitolina’s patterns allowed her to make adjustments. She was a bit more aggressive, and seemed to be a half-step ahead of Svitolina during rallies. The question for Svitolina here is how much she has left. Elina is 6-0 against Kasatkina, although none of the matches are within the last 3 seasons. That type of dominance is due to their similarity. Svitolina and Kasatkina are both extremely consistent, and win from making it clear to their opponent that they’re not going to end the rally. Forcing the issue is tough against them because they have great speed and good defensive skill. The big difference is Svitolina hits the ball very hard, and Kasatkina gets through with finesse.
Kasatkina is nearing her best level this week and that makes her a favorite in this matchup for one of the first times ever. She had a very easy match in the third, since Peyton Stearns made a number of errors and seemed to get rattled by the occasion and the scoreboard. She’ll be the fresher player since Svitolina is coming off a title run, but overcoming a player who has always beaten you, and who has an easier time scoring points during neutral rallies can be really difficult. Svitolina’s serve isn’t likely to score a ton of points here, but it’s stronger than Kasatkina’s. This is a bit like the Gauff/Andreeva match to me because I’m a bit more excited to see it play out than I am confident that I know what’s going to happen. Svitolina is Gauff in this one, a bit faster, bringing more power, but not as technically sound with her groundstrokes. Kasatkina is Andreeva, tremendous skill and consistency, but it’ll be hard to end rallies. If Kasatkina wins, I expect it to be in straight sets. Svitolina in 3 is what I’m expecting though.

Stephens vs Sabalenka :

I thought Rakhimova might give Sabelenka a little trouble, but my worry that her old form might return is unfounded, like most worries. Rakhimova went up an early break, but Sabalenka is crushing the ball this week and the slow courts are giving her plenty of time to set up. Having a huge serve is a big boost in this next match, because Stephens is also thriving in these conditions. Sloane doesn’t really play with a sense of urgency, but she’s such a good athlete that she’s able to run down most shots. Putintseva extended rallies and was really effective at working multiple shots and remaining patient until she could employ a dropshot, but overall Stephens was having success while doing less. When she gave up a short ball or was out of position, it felt like Putintseva was under immense pressure to try to end the rally right there. When the same opportunities came for Stephens, she was able to just hit heavy forehands and usually wound up well inside the baseline on the next shot if the ball came back at all. It’s a benefit she won’t have in this matchup, and I’m having a hard time imagining her winning this match.
Stephens’ defensive ability and power will let her play even against Sabalenka in a lot of rallies, but a lot of the points she created against Putintseva won’t be here in this one. Sabalenka having power doesn’t make her any better technically than Putintseva, but it means she doesn’t have to focus as much on depth on these returns. Stephens should be competitive but I think she’ll lose by a break in each set. Sabalenka in 2.

ATP Singles :

Khachanov vs Sonego :

This is going to be really good. Generally, Rublev is regarded as a better player than Khachanov. He has had higher rankings, more titles, and his game is more flashy since his groundstrokes are huge and his noises are notorious. Here though, Khachanov is likely a tougher test for Sonego. Sonego was going uphill against Rublev, but he was the player getting more benefit out of his serve. Rublev earning his points is fine, but against a server it can create some pressure over time. Khachanov’s delivery is at least as good as Sonego’s, so it comes down to which player is more solid from the baseline. For me, that’s Khachanov. He has a better backhand, and his forehand is a bit more about arm & muscle than technique but he hits with a heavy Western grip that works well on clay. Sonego is much more efficient in the frontcourt and his dropshots are tremendous, but he’s going to need a mercurial performance here to win.
These two have split matches on clay, with Khachanov winning the most recent one. They’re obviously not the same players they were in 2019, but both have made similar amounts of improvement so I think there’s a good chance that the Rome 3-setter is a decent data point. Since Kokkinakis was able to win a set and be competitive in the others, I expect that Sonego’s similar serve/forehand combination can make inroads. Khachanov doesn’t deviate from plan A, and periods where his opponent redlines are acceptable to him and his team. I think Sonego will win a set or two, but the quantity of offense he’ll need to come up with against Khachanov may see him come up a bit short. Rublev has bigger groundstrokes, but his lateral movement is poor compared to Khachanov so I think defense beats offense here. Khachanov in 4-5.

Djokovic vs Varillas :

Djokovic needs to be careful here. Varillas has appeared completely overmatched in every single match in this tournament, and that seems to be when he strikes. Hurkacz was ahead early and looking solid, but I didn’t think it would last. Varillas was putting a lot of returns in play, and Hurkacz makes a lot of rally ball errors on his backhand. I’d say he’s up there with Madison Keys for casual swings that sail long. It’s good to remember that most guys his height can’t even come close to his baseline prowess, but for Varillas the slight inability to escape baseline rallies meant he got worn down as the match went on. Varillas moves the ball extremely well and rarely misses. The 3/5 format seems to really suit him, and having better results as majors is a really good thing for a young player on tour. I can guarantee that he’ll be down in the scoreline again against Djokovic. Can he come back?
No. For ADF fans, this was the best chance for him to beat Novak at a major. He played the match of a lifetime, and he didn’t win a set. The best quality matches on tour seem to negate the server’s advantage, and this was no different. Djokovic and ADF combined for 12 breaks across 3 sets, 3 sets which included a 6-2 blowout and still took 3 and a half hours. This was great tennis, and ADF acquitted himself well, but what was clear in this match is that it is extremely difficult to score on Djokovic. Most of the breaks and momentum shifts occurred at changes of ends. The south (if you’re watching TV) side of court Philippe-Chatrier seems to be way more worn at the baseline, and Djokovic and ADF both struggled a bit there in the slightly windy conditions. Something to keep an eye on if you’re betting as there are break markets I suppose.
Varillas is going to treat fans to a gutsy performance, but he’s been winning thus far by outlasting his opponents, and he’s not going to be able to do that here. Add in that those heroic performances mean he’s played 15 sets of tennis already, and he’s likely going to display a lot of heart but quietly be ready to accept the loss also. This is a great moment for an extremely deserving player, but Novak’s level thus far tells me only Musetti/Alcaraz can really compete with him. Djokovic in 3

Alcaraz vs Musetti :

If you have Alcaraz futures, this is going to be a tough sweat. So far this tournament, Alcaraz has looked ridiculous good. I won’t disparage the hard work pros put in, but when you see guys like Alcaraz the mind goes to how good everyone could be if they all took their training to the next level. He has natural gifts of course, and speed can’t be taught, but Carlos has been training harder and playing harder than everyone else on tour for a good 2-3 years now, and it makes it really hard to catch up. You can elevate your game to compete with him, but it becomes the Nadal question of how long you can stay at that level, and what the mental effect is of watching them pull away as you choose between going to a more conservative approach (likely the right choice but equally likely to be a losing effort longterm) or continuing to exert and losing to your own errors. Shapovalov gave us a great show, but his red-line game almost appears to be a fun treat for Alcaraz to play against. The slow conditions are really good for Alcaraz, because he has the ability to generate his own pace and the ultra slippery courts (dry conditions) mean that dynamic movement is a big key.
When I’m done gushing about Alcaraz, there is somehow a legit contender waiting. Lorenzo Musetti flies under the radar for big chunks of the season, but here he is one of the few people who can win the title. His defense is tremendous. He is extremely quick around the court and has great skill and depth on his gets. The part that really gives him a chance here is that he has the ability to infuse power at any time. Alcaraz is a rhythm player, and seeing difference paces leads him into the one aspect of his game (besides the serve) that is still less than optimal at times, decision-making. He is suffering a little bit from success lately, and the bailout dropshot or ornate volley/winner for the crowd is entering his game a bit. Carlos is good enough to get away with it, and he is actually good enough at tennis that he still makes a big percentage of these attempts. So wild that occasional highlight reel shots is considered a leak, but it’s hard to find them with Alcaraz so you take what you can get. Criticizing shot selection almost feels a bit absurd here, because pretty much every player from the Spanish federation has exceptional decision-making on the court.
That paragraph was supposed to be about Musetti, so I’ll try again. Musetti rolled Cam Norrie in round 3, and he won the previous meeting against Alcaraz, a three set thriller in Hamburg. Alcaraz has made improvements, but Musetti should still be able to hang. Physically he’s there. He has a good enough serve, he has enough power, and his one-hand backhand presents an interesting challenge for Alcaraz because most one-handers on the tour aren’t that good at this stage; it’s a shot Carlos doesn’t get to train against much. The slow courts and balls mean both players will have a hard time hitting past the other, and that means we’re going to get treated to what I expect to be the best match of the tournament thus far. I don’t think Alcaraz can win this in straight sets, but Musetti has taken losses this year on clay and Alcaraz has pretty much solved every single problem that has presented itself. Alcaraz in 4-5. If he can win this in straights just hand him the trophy.

Ofner vs Tsitsipas :

Sebastian Ofner is in the top 100. This has been a long long long time coming. If you look at the best performers on the Challenger tour for the past few years, his name is at the top of the list. The other guys like Stricker, Bergs, Sachko, etc have gotten their shots on tour though, while Ofner has mostly grinded away. He’s currently ranked 70 in the live rankings though, which means direct entry into Wimbledon and the USO. Ofner is at his best on clay, but he has a big serve and a great work ethic so there’s a good chance he can rack up more points in the North American hardcourt swing. Ofner will have a tough time continuing his run here, as Tsitsipas is playing great tennis. He’s also fresh after a fairly simple match against Diego Schwartzman. Diego battled as usual, but his lack of a serve meant that Tsitsipas was never really in danger. Ofner presents a tougher challenge since he has a great serve, but he got past Fognini through determination and being the slightly more consistent player. Against Tsitsipas, he’s outgunned in the serving and stamina department, and Tsitsipas has a heavier forehand also. It’s no knock on Ofner, but all his specialties here are eclipsed. This section of the draw is shaping up for this to be one of the best majors in a long long time. Tsitsipas in 3-4.
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2023.06.04 04:44 anti-her0_ AITA for BD ignoring me for 5 hours to drink

AITA for being mad at my BD (and recent ex of 3 months) for drinking and lying to me about it then ignoring me for 5 hours AFTER switching days with our daughter to drink and when I told him I was feeling sad?
BD asks to switch days with our daughter whom I have custody of and says he needs to handle some things. To which I ask what, and he tells me fixing his car, caring for his mom (who recently OD’d) and absolutely hates me because he’s chosen me our whole relationship, typical toxic family he has, and then coke 7pm, he completely ghosts me and his daughter. They have a FT call for usually around 1/2 hour 45 minutes each night typically around 8:30 pm and we called, my daughter was waiting and crying for him. Then I text him saying “WYD, she’s waiting” he said he’s getting his mom medicine around 8:45 when he finally texted back. He then called when I said “call me quickly” and he refused to FaceTime yet he said he was with his mother at the pharmacy getting meds. Then I was casually insistent because it seemed like he was trying to hide something and he still refused. Then he texted saying “I’ll be home in 20 mins”
The time was well over 9:40 and I texted my displeasure saying “long drive, huh” then again about 50 mins later saying “that’s what I thought” and then proceeded to call him a liar saying we aren’t even together anymore and there lies are damaging the coparenting relationship we worked so hard for these past months (he wants to be with me but I refuse because he is bad for my peace). He stayed saying I was crazy and that he just fell asleep (after he finally texted again around 12:40pm and called me asking if I was ok). I repeated the sentiment that he doesn’t have to lie to me but when he starts lying to me, I can’t talk to him. Fast forward to next day, he brings me a coffee and a bagel when he picks up our daughter and says he’s sorry by trying to hug me and show affection. I told him to piss off then texted him saying drive safe with our daughter. Then he finally admitted to lying but only that he said he took an edible and got drunk and was purposely ignoring me that night. Mind you, he said he had just met someone days before all of this stupid ass behavior.
Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.04 04:41 Zlpv7672 Danganronpa: Despair Disaster Ep 4- Part 2

< Ep 4- Part 1
Based on the fourth round of the elimination contest
Spoiler tag only for basic character spoilers
[Team Looming Lions]
Kaito: Alright Lions we're winning this one again today, right?
Nekomaru: Absolutely! Of course I'm not sure which of us will be performing.
Kokichi: Well, Kaito's a bumbling moron so he's out.
Kaito: Hey, what the heck man! I mean sure being the Ultimate Astronaut isn't that impressive for a show but so is your talent.
Kokichi: So true Kaito! Glad to hear you didn't refute the fact of you being a moron though. Nee hee hee.
Kaito: Why you little-
Angie: Calm down, Tyler. Atua has foreseen what will lead us to victory. I shall take the lead and create a beautiful masterpiece in the name of Atua.
Mondo: Okay, so Angie's doing art. What are the rest of us supposed to do to perform along side?
Mahiru: I could take some action shots of her work. Though I'm not sure how impressive of a performance it will be.
Hajime: Your ability to take perfect photos is still impressive in its own right, Mahiru.
Mahiru: Hajime…
Celeste: So it's decided. Angie and Courtney will be performing with some artistic photography
Angie: Nyahahahah, wonderful though if we're doing artistic pictures, would it help to provide something more visual. Body models for example?
Mahiru: Absolutely not! These boys don't get to see anything like that. Speaking of which, how about you boys pitch in on the performance?
Celeste: Well, we've already established Max and Tyler are out. How about you, Trent. You could hit some tennis balls to add to the action shots.
Ryoma: Sorry, but I've sworn off using my talent ever again.
Celeste: Oh really, then how about a threat. Perform with the girls, or when we lose we'll vote you off immediately!
Ryoma: Go ahead, like this competition means anything to me anyways. This is merely just prolonging my time out of prison.
Chihiro: Stop it. Both of you. Celeste, I think it's clear Ryoma won't do it. Of course, I won't be much help either. Not without some kind of computer to work with.
Mondo: If I had a bike, I could do some tricks around Angie while she makes her art.
Nekomaru: Alright then I guess it's up to me. I'll be the manager to keep the show going and make sure we do it PERFECT!!!
Kirumi: If you need me, I could also be your assistant for the performance and clean up afterwards.
Mahiru: Then let's get started. Time to make something at least mostly coherent.
[Team Ominous Octopi]
Maki: So, who wants to volunteer for this talent show?
Korekiyo: I believe it's pretty obvious that Kaede and Ibuki should perform as a musical duo.
Ibuki: You got it! Izzy and Sky-ede here are gonna rock this camp!
Kaede: Sure, but that's only two. We need a third.
Chiaki: If I had a big screen and a console, I could play video games with you playing the music to it. Too bad they don't have any of that here.
Akane: I could do some flips over you two.
Taka: Too dangerous. Plus we don't want any of you to get hurt.
Maki: Then I guess killing someone to music is out, huh?
Taka: Absolutely!!!
Maki: I was kidding anyway.
Kaede: Haha, wow Maki, never seen that side of you before.
Maki: Don't push it. What about you, Shuichi?
Shuichi: Well, unlike Kyoko I'm not even that talented a detective, but I'm not certain how you'd perform that talent.
Korekiyo: I could give an archaeological lesson with a pleasant backing track by these wonderfully talented ladies.
Maki: No way, after that stunt you pulled with Kaede, I don't trust you alone with her again even with Ibuki there.
Ibuki: How about DJ do the robot to our music. Ha ha, get it!
Keebo: Hey, that's robophobic to assume I could do such a stereotypical dance.
Akane: Well can you?
Keebo: No, I can't dance, however I could sing with them if you'd like?
Kaede: NO!
Shuichi: No way!
Maki: Not happening.
Korekiyo: Oh please, anything but that.
Keebo: Wha….fine.
[Team Nasty Narwhals]
Junko: So let's see talent…talent…which one of you losers has the best talent.
Sakura: I think it has less to do with best talent and more to do with talents that can perform with each other.
Sayaka: If that's the case, I'll volunteer to sing for this talent competition. You guys can make the show more exciting with your talents.
Tsumugi: I like that. I could make a costume for your performance though I'm not sure how much is that me performing with you.
Junko: Besides Beth, if anyone's going to make Ella fashionable it should be me.
Toko: We get it, we have costumes down b-b-but that still not get any closer to who's performing.
Miu: Well it's obvious the moody writer and clumsy nurse shouldn't perform.
Toko: Not like I wanted to in the first place.
Mikan: I'd probably just get hurt either way and embarrass our team.
Junko: Then how about the boys then?
Rantaro: Well, I'm not even sure what my talent is but I could try singing with Sayaka if you need me to.
Gonta: Rodney could bring bug friends on stage to perform with Ella.
Miu: Guess that leaves you and me, baby gangster.
Fuyuhiko: Like I'd do anything with you and what about B and Himiko?
Miu: Washboard chest is too mopey to do anything, and I still have no idea what Big B's deal is.
[They look over at him, but Imposter merely shrugs]
Miu: Besides you should be grateful that I'm offering my genius for the performance.
Sayaka: Okay Miu, what can you do to help my performance?
Miu: Well I'm glad you asked Pop Princess. Behold first up I have a fantastic voice amplifier perfect for singing into.
Sayaka: Oh wow, that actually might be helpful. I'm surprised you came up with something so normal.
Miu: Of course it was originally meant those wild nights when you want your moans and cries to really shake the bed. Hoo Yeah!
Tsumugi: And there it is.
Sayaka: Okay but with me singing, what will you be doing during the show?
Miu: Why adding a little flair to the show. Get ready for your outfit to practically explode for the audience. [Points an invention at Sayaka] Literally I might add.
Sayaka: W-wait, what are you-Agh! [Miu shoots the machine and Sayaka is enveloped in a flash of light] Ugh…why does it feel cooler……. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!
Tsumugi: Quickly cover her up!
Sakura: You boys didn't see anything, right?!
Fuyuhiko[Blushed smirk]: Uh…no not all.
Gonta: Rodney shall not look at the indecency for he is gentleman.
Miu: See, what'd I tell you. Quite the show stopper really! Be glad you didn't go commando today.
Tsumugi: Miu, how is Sayaka supposed to perform when she's left in her underwear?
Miu: Well, four eyes, I thought this is where you'd throw her into a different outfit like the Ultimate Cosplayer you claim to be.
Tsumugi: It's not like I can dress her in an instant. She'll still be seen.
Miu: Well that's for you to work out then dip[bleep]. I merely just provided the genius with my inventions.
Sakura: It's alright, Sayaka. Let's just think this idea through.
Sayaka: I don't want her inventions near me ever again!
Miu: Pfft, your loss then.
Sakura: I really, and I mean really hate to admit it....but Miu might've had something going there with her idea. The act of changing Sayaka's outfits while she's performing would be an impressive display. If only there was a way she wouldn't be seen during the swap.
[Team Looming Lions]
Nekomaru: Alright, Angie so how this is going to go is I throw tools to you and you work your artistic magic.
Mahiru: And I'll make sure to capture it all on film.
Angie: Absolutely, I shall let Atua guide me.
Celeste: Please dear, enough about Atua this time. Just perform your own talent.
Angie: Oh, but Atua is the one who blessed me with this talent so every work must always be an offering to him. Remember that Lightning and Courtney.
Mahiru: Sure gotcha…
Mahiru: I don't want to disrespect Angie's beliefs but relying on her God for everything even just a simple talent show may be a little much. But it's fine we have this performance in the bag. Chris is going to be blown away by my photography skills.
[Team Ominous Octopi]
Makoto: So run it by me again why I'm playing with Kaede.
Nagito: I'm not sure I'm cut out for play the bass guitar either.
Korekiyo: Well Kaede and Ibuki are going to teach you two the routine and with your luck you'll each learn it and play a beautiful duet.
Makoto: I'm not sure that's what being an Ultimate Lucky Student will help with.
Akane: No time to worry about it now we've got two hours left. Besides when we rely on both of you we win…well at least we don't lose.
Miu: Hey Cockoctpi, quit hogging the stage. Some of us have a performance to practice.
Korekiyo: Sorry, but we were here first. You'll just have to wait your turn. Whenever that will be, kehehehe.
Junko: Look, I understand that you need all the practice to not suck complete balls, but right now we need an empty stage, so Sayaka's not seen in her underwear too much.
Sayaka: Junko?!
Makoto: W-w-what? Sayaka's going to be performing in her underwear?
Junko: Oopsie, did I let that slip. My bad!
Tsumugi: It's more we need to work out how a quick change would work on stage, but uh she might still be seen in her underwear while rehearsing.
Sayaka: Will you all please stop talking about my underwear!
Akane: A quick change performance, huh? Good luck, even when I was wearing the skimpiest outfits for gymnastics, it still took a good thirty seconds to change.
Shuichi: Sounds like you'd need a miracle to not be seen then.
Sakura: Wait…a miracle…or magic. I'll be right back.
Miu: What's gotten into the orge?
Junko: Nevermind all that, we still need a stage to perform on.
Maki: Well then you're going to have to get through me, so unless you want to die, I say go practice over on the side of the camp like the Lions.
Junko: ………Fine Miss Assassin, you win. But I won't forget this. Come on team we're leaving. [Narwhals follow her reluctantly]
Kaede: Thanks for that, Maki. Okay Makoto, let's just try a simple scale.
Ibuki: And Harold, how about we try an A-chord.
Hiyoko: Hey, what's the big idea hogging the stage?!
Korekiyo: Here we go again.
Sonia: If it wouldn't be much trouble friends, we'd like to use the stage to practice our act.
Keebo: Is Hiyoko going to dance in her underwear too?
Hiyoko: Ew, gross! What are you saying you perverted robot!
Keebo: Sorry, I just assumed that was how all the girls were performing these days.
Maki: Ignore him, like we told the Narwhals, we were here first.
Byakuya: While I commend your fighting spirit, just know that no matter how much practice you do, you'll never be able to force talent onto those two.
Hiyoko: Yeah besides, we at least have our routine planned out and everyone with actual talent who's going to perform.
Korekiyo: Really, and what would that be?
Leon: Like we're going to tell you guys. Just give us the stage so we can practice already. We need to use the wood backdrop of the stage anyway.
Akane: If that's all it is then-HIYAH! [she breaks the backdrop in half and tosses it to Kazuichi] There, practice with your backdrop somewhere else.
Kazuichi: Seriously…well fine. Let's go Rhinos.
[Cut to Himiko sitting by herself. Sakura approaches]
Sakura: Mind if I sit down with you?
Himiko: Nyeh sure…I'm guessing they called you over to make me help them.
Sakura: Actually, I came over of my own volition. But I am curious if you'd like to help. Sayaka could really use your expertise in magic.
Himiko: Yeah I get it, you just want to use me for my talent but when I'm no longer useful you'll just vote me off the team. Just like how they treated Tenko.
Sakura: I understand why you're upset. It seems the Octopi weren't committed to understanding Tenko; she was a person you comfortably called a friend. Why couldn't anyone else do the same?
[Himiko doesn't respond but gently nods]
Sakura: Well, I'm not forcing you to do anything. I'm just trying to understand your feelings. In the end, it's your decision whether you want to be part of the team or not and I'll respect that decision.
[Himiko still doesn't respond but gives a side glance to Sakura]
Sakura: However, if you do decide to participate, we could honestly use your magical talent to save Sayaka from embarrassment. I've seen your shows, you have a knack for misdirection. It would help to provide misdirection when Miu attempts the wardrobe change. But of course, that's if you decide to help.
[Himiko looks forward again still in silence]
Sakura: Well, that's all I came over here for. I'll be getting back to making sure Miu doesn't embarrass the rest of the team. I hope you feel better, Himiko.
[Himiko quietly watches Sakura get up and leave, before looking forward again in deep thought]
Himiko: Nyeh, Tenko always believed in my magic but she believed in me as a person too. How can I guarantee the others see me as a person and not just the magician girl. Maybe I really can't…nyeh.
Junko: Well look what the Princess dragged in. You Rhinos got kicked off the stage too huh?
Hiyoko: Beat it, you skank. We're trying to rehearse and we've wasted enough time as it is.
Junko: Hey, I'm just trying to empathize with a fellow team. Those Octopi jerks shooed us away too. If only there was some way to get back at them. [Stares down Mukuro]
Sonia: Sorry Junko, but we need to practice right now, so no more distractions.
Junko: Fine fine, guess we should probably step away then. Don't want Sayaka's underwear to be a distraction.
Kazuichi: Wait, Sayaka's going to be singing in her underwear?
Sayaka: Stop telling everyone that!
Mahiru: Hey, would you other teams keep it down.
Nekomaru: Yeah, Angie needs complete concentration to work!
Sayaka: Ugh, let's just give up already there's no way Miu's invention is going to work without me being utterly embarrassed.
Miu: It could if you could change faster.
Tsumugi: And how do you suppose we do that. Hide her from plain sight everytime you shoot her.
Himiko: Sounds like you could use a little magic then.
Rantaro: Hey, Himiko's back. You feeling better?
Junko: Oh Staci, I knew you wouldn't let your team down.
Himiko: Nyeh…I didn't really want to do it for you but I'd feel awfully ashamed if I could've helped and didn't. So what's going on?
Miu: Well Shimplette, Pop Princess here is going to be zapped by my clothes cannon. It'll make it easier to change into a new outfit, but she's worried about everyone seeing her pink little panties.
Himiko: So you need a distraction to allow you time to change, huh? Okay, I can do that, just follow my lead.
Sayaka: Oh Himiko thank you so much, you're a lifesaver!
Kazuichi: Great you have your act figured out; now can we please have some room to practice?
Kazuichi: It took a little bit of creative thinking but with Hiyoko, Gundham and Mukuro we finally had an idea. Mukuro is going to throw knives around Hiyoko's dance while Gundham's hamsters do some tricks on the knives that get stuck in the backdrop. Pretty brilliant, right. I bet Miss Sonia thinks so!
Kazuichi: Hiyoko, are you ready to begin?
Hiyoko: I was born ready, dummy. This is my talent after all. [She begins dancing]
Kazuichi: Okay Mukuro, now aim carefully as not to hit Hiyoko and strike the backdrop with the knives.
Mukuro: Sure, no problem. [Starts throwing knives around Hiyoko]
Hiyoko: Eeee! [She jumps a little every time a knife whizzes past her, stabbing into the backdrop making little platforms]
Kazuichi: Alright Gundham, you're up!
Gundham: Hmph, while this may be a mockery of your power, for the good of our team do not disappoint me my Dark Devas of Destruction! To the left San-D. The right Maga-Z. Jum-P, the high one. And of course Cham-P, harness all your power and get to the low one there. [They each take a knife pedestal] Now switch it up! [They begin leaping from knife to knife timing it to Hiyoko's dance]
Kazuichi: Yes, this is working. Now Mukuro, just a few more knives to bring home the finale. Just aim true; you've got this.
Mukuro: Aim true, right…
Mukuro: I'm supposed to play dirty, right? I've never been more confident in my accuracy…and yet.
Hiyoko: Just throw it already, my dance is almost over.
Mukuro: *deep breath* [she eyes a slit through the backdrop and sees Kaede and Makoto at the piano] HIYAH!!!
[The knife speeds past Hiyoko and she feels the motion] Hiyoko: Hey, watch where you're throwing you clumsy-
Sonia: Oh no, Octopi, watch out!
Ibuki: Harold, come on, it's just a simple pluck and strum like this.
Nagito: Like this [strums his bass guitar. Immediately a string breaks near the top and whips Makoto in the arm]
Makoto: Agh! [He falls from the piano bench in pain] What the heck was that for?!
[As he falls, the knife flies passed and ricochets off the piano]
Kaede: Woah! What the? Makoto, look out!
[The knife comes flying back towards the Rhinos]
Peko: I got this. [She take out her sword and deflects the knife away]
Yasuhiro: Watch where you're throwing that thing, you could've hurt someone.
Mukuro: Apologies, it must have hit a weak part of the backdrop. I'll be more careful nex-
Peko: Uh oh…
Mahiru: My….my….my camera!!! [The knife finally came to a stop lodging itself directly into her camera lens]
Nekomaru: HEEEEYYY!!! What happened over here?
Mondo: Yeah, what the [bleep] did you just do?
Mukuro: Oh crap…
Kazuichi: L-listen it was an accident, alright. We just had a mishap with the knife throws.
Kaito: You took out one of our performers!
Mukuro: I deeply apologize. It won't happen again.
Byakuya: You're right it won't because you're sitting this one out now.
Mukuro: What?
Aoi: Byakuya, please it was an accident. Besides, we need her for this.
Byakuya: Do we? Every time we rely on this incompetent soldier we either come in last place or second to last place. You're clearly putting too much faith in her. I don't care if we are in the same class, she's only become a detriment to the team even more than the little loudmouth.
Hiyoko: Hey!
[Mukuro looks over to Junko who simply gives a dismissive smirk]
Sonia: Byakuya, we don't need to be so harsh. Maybe Mukuro just needs a little break, if we just-
Mukuro: No, it's fine. If you don't want me anymore, I won't try to help you guys. See you later.
Byakuya: Finally, the girl gets the memo.
Sonia: Mukuro please, you don't have to do this.
Leon: Well, that's just great, so now who do you expect to perform for our team?
Byakuya: Figure it out yourself, and stop relying on one person to solve all your problems. I bet the swordswoman could do just as well. She hasn't been pulling her weight that much.
Yasuhiro: Dude, you can't just call her fat like that!
Byakuya: How about it, Pekoyama? Knives are just like mini swords, right?
Peko: If this is really how you want this competition to go, I'll give it a shot.
Aoi: But just know if we lose, we're blaming you for this, Byakuya.
Byakuya: Typical peasants. Putting all your actions into your emotions rather than your logic.
Sonia: Byakuya, that is enough. Even I, as a woman of nobility, know this is not how you should treat your friends!
Byakuya: So the Princess finally has a backbone.
Sonia: That's right, and I intend to use it and not let my friends be bullied around by you.
Kazuichi: You tell him Miss Sonia!
Byakuya: Fine then bring back the soldier girl but you better hurry because your time is up.
Leon: What do you mean?
[Loudspeaker feedback]
Chris: Attention all campers. Your three hours of preparation are over! Please join us at the stage. Narwhals you're up first.
Peko: Looks like he's right. It's fine, I'll do my best. Just know we're not afraid of you.
Byakuya: The feelings are mutual.
Sonia: Ooh, that Byakuya. First driving away Mukuro then thinking he can just boss us around. If I weren't trying to be so proper I'd call him a…call him… a [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] with a [bleep] [bleep] in his [bleep] [be-
To be continued
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2023.06.04 04:39 summer10419 Long post but desperate for advice

So recently I’ve had a few issues come up with my NF regarding expectations, roles & responsibilities, and boundaries. Full disclosure we don’t have a contract (I’ve been with them for 3.5 years) I know bad move on my part but I didn’t stumble onto this thread until probably a year ago so didn’t realize this was a thing. Context follows for those who want it. If not, skip the next paragraph.
I’m salaried (still get time and a half after 40 hours) and some weeks I may only work 25, making this a pretty good gig. Full transparency, i make roughly 30k/year taxed. We landed on this after I told my NF I wasn’t making enough to live so I could either drop down to set hours to get a second job or I would need to be paid more. My hours are weird (6:30am-8 some mornings to bring kids to school) and then the afternoons and some weekends. Their biggest concern was having care when kids were sick from school, working through holiday breaks, date nights, etc. so the expectation was that I would make this set amount and be available up to 40 hours a week. I also started coming in to do moderate house cleaning (kitchen, living room, vacuuming) and do weekly grocery shopping (going to 3-5 stores every week) This has since become somewhat of a nightmare. I never have a set schedule made before the start of a week so often I’m getting my hours the day prior (including weekends) so my ability to make plans in advance even in my personal life is nonexistent.
This past week, dad texted me about babysitting for a date night, told me the reservation time was 6:30 and asked if I could work “until” to which I agreed. Previously mom said she had to work that day, but given conversation with dad afterwards, I was under the impression that 6:30 was new time they needed me. Mom texted me the night before to confirm I was coming in at 8am. Very confused I mentioned I thought the reservations were at 6:30. She said she had to work and that me being with the kids all day was priority number one. I explained I understood, was just confused based on conversation with dad. She then proceeded to tell me “just know he has no idea what’s going on with the kids at anytime so in the future, reach out and double check with me to confirm final schedule” followed by “and if you can’t do tomorrow, that’s okay. I’m really tired I wouldn’t mind an excuse not to go” Honestly, the whole interaction made me super uncomfortable because I felt that mom was in a way asking me to fall on the sword so she could skip her dinner without upsetting him and blame it on me not wanting to work a 12+ hour day. Additionally, it’s putting a lot of the responsibility on me to work out my own hours and coordination of schedules because they don’t communicate with each other beforehand, during, or after asking me to do things? It’s a lot of “check with him and figure it out” or “check with him and tell me what he says” I feel like they should be speaking with each other and then asking me for the things they need once they know the schedule.
I get to work the next day and I’m asked to do all of the laundry from a 10 day vacation (both child and adult on top of the normal laundry that was at the house—four loads total) which took me off guard because typically I’m asked to not wash adult clothes (she has certain things that are delicate etc) but I do that happily because I want to be helpful. This week I was also asked to do a grocery run to get “essentials” with no list so their fridge would be stacked when they got home from vacation and do a two hour round trip drive to go get their dog from boarding.
They end up going to dinner and 5B has epic tantrum right before bed, which is not out of the norm as he has some pretty moderate to severe behavioral struggles. They ended up coming home around 8:30 and mom went up to do damage control because he was still crying and upset and I was folding/putting away laundry. She came back downstairs and made it a point to tell me that 5B said “he didn’t think I should be their nanny anymore and that I don’t love him”. I know kids say things they don’t mean all the time but the fact that she would make a point to tell me that…. I don’t know if it felt like a threat that I might lose my job but more so a jab to insinuate that I’m a bad nanny. I’ve tried numerous times to have discussions with them about how they want me to handle his tantrums because he will scream at me and tell me to get out of the room he’s in, go away, hit me, tell me he hates me etc and on top of that will refuse to do anything i ask (including bath, bedtime routine, etc). I have never been able to get a solid answer or feedback on this and it’s left me feeling very helpless.
Finally today I get a text of a pile of food on the floor (all stuff she asked me to buy specifically for her over the last few weeks) and a text that says “All of this is expired…please always feel free to toss out anything expired”. Cleaning out the fridge has never been stated as one of my responsibilities, although from time to time I will take it upon myself to clear out leftovers I know are old and am always on top of making sure the kids aren’t eating moldy fruit or expired yogurt. I respond and explain I’m usually hesitant to throw away the adults stuff (do you guys throw away like $50+ of food out of your NF’s fridge????) but said if she would like me to add that to my list of weekly responsibilities, I’m happy to do so. She leaves me on read and later sends me a second full grocery list to do tomorrow. Did I mention I pay for their groceries and have to wait to be reimbursed by dad? He still owes me $300 from the grocery trip two days ago. :)
I feel frustrated because there seems to be a lot of animosity around me not doing specific things that I’m unaware are expected of me or doing things in a way they don’t agree with. They don’t take the initiative to address things (unless it’s something really big) and now I feel like I need to call a meeting or something to clear the air and address the backhanded comments. The work environment is starting to get so uncomfortable it’s making me question if I want to continue with them.
If anyone has advice on how to handle this, how to ask for a meeting, if I should quit, AITA, literally anything is appreciated.
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2023.06.04 04:31 No-Safety6093 Flex out of jail after snitching on 72lilvon 😳😳😳🐀🐀🐀🐀

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2023.06.04 04:28 chbmg Easy Fixes To Make Survivors and Demons Happy – Saber, Please Read

NOTE: This is a very long post. There’s a tl;dr summary at the bottom
This is coming from a long-time lurker, first time poster, and an Evil Dead fan for decades. For background, I have previous game dev experience, including Unity and Unreal, so I’m (mostly) not talking out my ass, and I've played both sides of this game roughly equally for more hours than I’d care to admit (primarily solo q, sometimes survivor with friends, and otherwise just playing demon when survivor queue times are high, as they have been many times since release). Usually, I just play whichever side has the lowest queue time.
Despite its flaws, this has been one of my favorite games of all time. The original development team was clearly passionate about the Evil Dead. The art, audio, and overall atmosphere are excellent and have superb attention to detail. I love all the random chatter from my survivor, the feeling of rushing through the woods as the Kandarian demon, and the intensity of a close game regardless of who wins. However, most of us would agree that this game has been held back by very poor "balancing" patches since release, as evidenced by polls on this subreddit confirming it is indeed the most frustrating problem.
We've endured shemps duping, brokenly OP characters, fear looping, and many other game-breaking exploits throughout. Bugs can be tolerable and are even to be expected, but the "fixes" almost always cause new issues and take far too long. It is painfully obvious that there has been very little time or effort expended on these issues by the post-release support team. Some patches have been so bad that they shouldn’t even make it to QA, let alone production – I’d be ashamed, esp. given that some of these issues can be fully and precisely patched in a few lines of code. I don’t need to see the source code to know that – even a rat’s nest of blueprints and disorganized C++ code can’t justify it.
I can only hope the skeleton crew that's continuing support for this game will take a few hours to address these issues. More importantly, I hope someone higher-up will recognize that this game still has millions of copies floating around and a lot more opportunities for profit, so it’s worth it to invest just a little time/thought into balance to keep new players and veterans happy. Frankly, each issue could be hammered out in minutes by someone familiar with the codebase, but I know it takes some time for building and testing across multiple platforms - days is fine, weeks/months is insane, esp. given the current state of the game.
I think it is important to first precisely define how the game is unbalanced, and how this imbalance can ruin the fun of many matches. Based on previous posts and my own personal experiences playing with friends and family at various skill levels, the following pattern becomes clear:
3+ Bad/Low-Level Survivors – Essentially 99% Demon Win
2+ Bad Survivors, All Others Decent to Excellent – Heavily demon-sided (~90% Demon Win)
1+ Bad Survivor, All Others Decent to Excellent – Somewhat demon-sided (~70% Demon Win)
All Survivors Decent, Not Very Cooperative/Sharing – About Equal (~50/50 on Win)
All Survivors Decent, Mostly Cooperative – Somewhat survivors-sided (~70% Survivor Win)
All Survivors with Good Skills/Teamwork/Knowledge – Heavily survivors-sided (~90% Survivor Win)
All Survivors with Excellent Skills/Teamwork/Knowledge – Essentially 99% Survivors Win
Note: Skills/teamwork/knowledge are not necessarily related to prestige level nor gameplay style, though usually survivors with prestige levels have stuck with the game long enough to at least be “decent” (even if they’re still not perfectly cooperative/sharing/etc.). This pattern is only somewhat altered by the demon’s skill level – new/low-level demons skew much more to higher survivor win rates in every scenario, and excellent high-level/prestige demons playing the current “meta” demon skew toward higher demon win rates. Any level 45+ demon that’s decent to good and usually plays non-meta demons like the current versions of Warlord or Necro (that’s me) will likely not skew these results.
I believe my personal experience is a microcosm of the overall balancing issue, and we’ve seen posts on this subreddit that consistently confirm the above pattern. It should be painfully obvious by now to anyone who’s played both sides long enough, and it should also be even more painfully obvious to any developers/publishers pouring over analytics data for the game. What adds insult to injury is that, at the more extreme ends of the pattern, a lot of toxicity emerges. Many survivors go into flashlight-clicky mode when they have the upper hand, and many demons retaliate by dancing with possessions over corpses or other means, whether it’s in the current match or against some innocent victims in the next match (I’ve sometimes been guilty too – I usually just take a break when toxic matches get to me and I turn toxic, but I’m truly sorry to anyone who’s had to deal with any of this crap from me)
Anyway, what will happen if the above pattern continues over time? Well, newer players who are consistently getting absolutely destroyed and possibly taunted at the same time (as either survivor or demon) will either (a) quit the game, or (b) get better. Now, run through that scenario while looking at the pattern and assume the game remains roughly in the current state. There will be more and more new/”bad” survivors quitting the game entirely, and a smaller portion that will only stick with the game if they level up and “git gud” over many hours (becoming good to excellent players). The same thing will happen to demon players. What happens when all we have left are good to excellent survivors and good to excellent demons? Well, check the chart again. Every match will be at least heavily survivor-sided if not a guaranteed win. Survivors get bored, even most masochistic veteran demon players give up, queue times for survivors reach new heights, and the game “dies.” This sequence of events has happened at various times in the game’s lifecycle, but I fear it’s headed toward extremes that will eventually make the game unplayable.
Obviously, it’s no fun to win virtually every time and it’s no fun to lose almost every time. Competitive games are most fun when you have close matches – ideally, there’d be a win rate of about 50% for either side. “But wait,” you say, “the pattern above indicates that there already IS a roughly 50/50 balance for that scenario!” And yes, that’s true. But how many matches are actually like that? How many matches have you personally played that felt close and competitive the whole time? It certainly wasn’t common when we had strong SBMM, and it isn’t common without SBMM either. Why? Because players who stick with the absolutely brutal intro to this game today are almost guaranteed to at least become good/high-level players with solid game mechanics/knowledge (though some will still become toxic/uncooperative teammates or toxic demons). Those who don’t become competent players are virtually guaranteed to quit in frustration, some after just the first several matches where they are either getting consistently annihilated by all the veterans, or clearly being “allowed” to win if the other side takes pity. In essence, the game is just plain brutal for HOURS on end for newer players and can become stale for solid veteran players. For veterans, we have survivors who team up with 3 other veterans (boring due to easy wins, low challenge), demons who can only win by repetitively attacking an inanimate stationary book (boring due to minimal ability to challenge survivors throughout match), or demons who see 2+ bad survivors and have to decide whether to let them win or immediately stomp them to move on (both of which can be boring due to low challenge, and frankly feel bad if harassing beginners). I absolutely LOVE any close matches, win or lose, but they are unfortunately exceptionally rare.
Clearly, the goal of balancing patches should be to make as many matches as close as possible. How? Well, it’s very simple – give beginners a chance and give veterans a challenge. Specifically, force or incentivize gameplay that elevates beginners, challenges veterans, prevents toxicity, and basically “evens the playing field” so that the chart above reads more like “20% through 80%” win rates for survivors rather than 1% through 99%. Thus, the fixes below mostly take aim at mechanics that are abused by veterans of the game or seek to better prepare beginners. Additionally, nearly each of the fixes below can be implemented with the equivalent of just a few lines of code.
I fully believe that this game can achieve a decent balance as a 4v1 asymm. It only seems impossible because the patches for balancing have often failed to address root causes and/or caused new issues. The game can be more welcoming for newcomers (both survivors and demons alike) while still having a lot of the same learning curves and leveling systems to reward higher level play without it becoming outright oppressive to either side.
Anyway, based on a lot of previous posts and my own observations, here are some easy fixes for the next patch:
1. Revert demon traps to their previous behavior (i.e. make it so possessed survivors can be walked into a trap) and fix the fear looping mechanic for SchemeBaal specifically
The latest "fix" for this had a workaround from the community within hours to fear loop survivors anyway and nerfed all other demons for no reason.
This can be easily resolved by reverting to the previous code/blueprints/whatever (or hell, going back to the previous build if necessary), and then implementing a simple solution for Schemer. This solution requires a scalpel, not a sledgehammer, so it should apply ONLY to Schemer. I can think of two easy possibilities, either of which would only need a few lines of code.
First possibility: If a survivor has set off a trap that was set by using the Schemer's special ability, then that trap now has a normal cool down and cannot be "reset" again by Schemer's current use of the special ability. This would allow Schemer to set a trap manually, possess a survivor, run them into it, get the trap reset immediately by their special ability, but then only run the survivor into the same trap a 2nd time. Thus, Schemer would still be the demon associated with traps and fear, but wouldn't be able to loop a survivor in one spot endlessly. A survivor that's slightly separated wouldn't necessarily immediately die, but a demon could still down a lone wolf by harassing, lowering health, raising fear, and then doing this method.
Second possibility: The trap setting special ability of Schemer could be disabled when Schemer possesses a survivor. This may nerf Schemer specifically a tad bit too heavily, but is still a far better fix than what we've got. It's also super easy to program with something like the following pseudocode:
If (demon.ability == true && == "Schemer" && demon.possessing == true)
demon.ability = false;
2. Implement a stamina cost for vaulting windows/railings (e.g. the stamina cost could be the same as dodging)
This helps keep gameplay fair for both sides. It's clearly unfair and unfun to have a demon that can easily fear loop a survivor to death even if their teammates aren't far away, and the same holds true for a survivor that can "loop" a demon and never die. Survivors can still use objects, dodges, and other means to postpone death if they're alone (as I've done myself and seen done as demon) but it's at least possible for a demon to get in an occasional hit and whittle down health (i.e. it cannot be done indefinitely, at least if vaulting also uses stamina). Alternatively, at least give demons the ability to vault all the same objects as survivors, such as railings, so a 1v1 chase is fair – it just doesn’t feel great when a survivor jumps over a porch railing and looks back to flashlight click your possessed unit, knowing that there’s somehow zero threat in this 1v1 encounter in a 4v1 game due to a simple exploit. Personally, I think just adding a stamina cost would be fine to try at least, and many others in this community seem to agree. Plus, it should again only be a few lines of code to adjust the stamina bavariable of a survivor whenever he/she vaults.
3. Edit the text for the "hints" when a match is loading. There are absolutely no CLEAR tips about giving the right resources to the right players, nor hints about any newer demons (i.e. the hints have never been updated)
Regardless of which side we've played, we all know solo q for survivors is a total crap shoot. None of us started playing this game knowing that we should be gathering supplies for ourselves AND our teammates, dropping shemps for support, dropping ammo for hunters, etc. Many players quit before learning these things and there is no in game explanation for them (besides one single vague tip I can remember about how you can share resources with teammates, but no clear indication of sharing based on class).
I think the lack of instructions for basic team play is one of the major causes of low player retention for the game. The tutorials are helpful for basic controls, but there needs be a lot more emphasis on the basics of this game that many of us on this subreddit take for granted.
I’d start by making sure the following tip text is the first to be shown to all players for a few matches after this is patched in:
“Stay close to your teammates and focus on the current objective to survive. Going off to loot alone is very dangerous”
(yes, veteran players can often get away with this, but man, it feels terrible playing on either side and watching someone just wander off to loot the whole game)
The other tips could be a lot more direct:
“Players should stay within the blue aura of leaders whenever possible to get additional buffs”
“Warriors should generally be given the best melee weapons but do little ranged damage”
“Hunters should generally be given the best ranged weapons but do little melee damage. Drop ammo for them if they ask”
“Support players are generally weakest, but can heal or shield all their teammates by using shemps and amulets near them. Drop spare shemps for support”
Now, the above “tip texts” at the loading menu are super quick and easy to add to the game. However, if the developers would like to go a little above and beyond, it would be amazing to add some additional text boxes within the game to warn players about bad choices. For example, there could be blinking text in the center bottom half of the screen for awhile if you’re carrying another survivor’s specialty weapon and they don’t have one (or if yours is a higher rarity). Also, there could be similar warning text that you’ve wondered more than, say, 100m from your team. Again, just trying to give simple, clear instructions to beginners (and those that are somehow still selfishly playing after reaching level 25+). And yeah, there are always arguments and exceptions to be made about how to play optimally, but some updated/clear tips could go a long way.
4. Implement a bonus XP on the results screen after a match is over that gives each side a bonus based on how many points the other side gained. Also, fix demon leveling based on survivodemon level
This one sounds a little weird and complicated, but it's really not. What I'm saying here is that veteran survivors should be rewarded for taking it easy on a baby demon, and a veteran demon should be rewarded for taking it easy on baby survivors.
Basically, regardless of which side you play or if you win or lose, I believe you should get a bonus XP based on how the other side did. For example, let's say you're a veteran pup player that gets matched to novice survivors and down them all with a power possessed basic before they even get the first map piece. In this case, those survivors will have very little points after the match (maybe even under 1000 per person) and the demon should get no bonus reward. The survivors here should at least get a bonus for enduring the slaughter and staying in the match. Let's say the demon takes it easy on them though, let's them progress, maybe even just throws AI at them (hell, I've personally spawned a boss and walked them to good crates when they're clearly new and can barely take on bots). Let's say they get 10k points per player this way - the demon now gets bonus XP for good behavior.
I'd say that there should be a bonus XP for each player if the other side reaches a certain point threshold, say 30k, or if the survivors are wiped before first objective (as in, survivors get a bonus for enduring such a match and demon gets no bonus). This would help discourage immediately stomping new players and help retain them (remember everyone, this game will die if it's just a few hardcore people with long queue times all doing cheesy strats and stomping anyone who dares try joining as a newbie).
Anyway, in psuedocode, something like this could work:
If (survivor.totalscore >= 30000)
demon.bonusxp = 3000;
If (demon.totalscore >= 30000)
survivor.bonusxp = 3000;
[Loop thru survivors to apply bonus to each - obviously, these values can be tweaked]
Obviously, you may have survivors or demons who go AFK and then it may make it impossible for the other side to get a bonus. Therefore, there could also be some basic code for checking if someone is AFK (i.e. hasn’t not moved more than a certain small distance in a decent amount of time, hasn’t set a trap or possessed anything in a certain time, etc.). Frankly, I have no idea how we still don’t have AFK checks – just about any other online game I’ve ever played automatically disconnects you if you’re not playing.
As a bonus idea to this bonus idea, you could also cancel ALL XP points for a player for a round in which he/she is toxic, such as a check for repetitive flashlight clicking. I find this irritating whether I'm a survivor or a demon (and I def didn't deserve a bunch of XP the few times I've been guilty of it when I felt a demon was being toxic). I don't think there's an easy way to detect all toxic demon behavior with code, but it would be trivial to keep track of flashlight clicking in code. Maybe if a demon is "hovering" (dancing) directly over a dead body too long with a possessed unit or survivor, then they also have their XP completely canceled for the round - that would also be easy to check via code. The key to promoting good, non-toxic behavior would be to implement these checks without specifying precisely how many flashlight clicks count or how long dancing over a corpse counts – just note that specific toxic behavior will result in zero XP for the round for the offender and automate it in code.
Finally, as another incentive for fair play, the leveling up of demons should be dependent on the level of the survivors they are harassing AND on the demon’s current skill tree level. In other words, there should be modifiers so that new, low-level demons get leveled up more by the same actions as high-level demons, such as downing a player, and there should also be modifiers so that high-level demons cannot get leveled up as much by harassing low-level survivors, such as constantly downing a newbie, but can get slightly more leveled up by downing a high-level survivor. This goes back to the idea of elevating beginners and challenging veterans, esp. since it’s incredibly frustrating to be constantly singled out as a brand-new survivor. This could be something like:
Lvl 1-24: x1.5 for demon leveling up
Lvl 25-44: x1.3 for demon leveling up
Lvl 45: x1.1 for demon leveling up
P1+: x1.0 for demon leveling up
Survivor (being attacked, hitting traps, or otherwise affected by demon):
Lvl 1-24: x0.5 for demon leveling up
Lvl 25: x1.0 for demon leveling up
P1+: x1.1 for demon leveling up
Specific examples:
Lvl 10 demon somehow downs a P3 survivor – demon levels up 1.5 x 1.1 = 1.65 times as much as now
Lvl 45 demon downs a Lvl 4 survivor – demon only levels up 1.1 x 0.5 = 0.55 times as much as now
P5 demon downs a P5 survivor – demon levels up 1.0 x 1.1 = 1.1 times as much as now
5. Disable the ability to start both the dagger and pages objectives at the same time
This "split cap" method is usually only used by high-level teams and can be almost impossible to counter by anyone who isn't a very experienced demon, at least on certain maps or when these objectives are at certain locations. I've managed to counter it myself most of the time as demon, but it can be very hard to deal with, esp. given that survivors are resurrected after either objective finishes. Depending on the map and RNG (esp. light sources at objectives and other variables), it can be impossible to counter.
Basically, if the timer is running on either objective, it should be impossible to start the other objective. This still allows creative play by high-level coordinated teams (e.g. maybe Pablo hides at the next objective waiting to kick it off immediately while waiting for others to race there by car). It also feels a lot more fair, particularly to less experienced demons.
Again, this could be fixed in just a couple lines of code. Literally, just check if a timer is running for daggepages and if so, don’t allow interaction with the other objective.
6. Add a call out in the in-game communication wheel to say "demon is on me” or “I need help” for survivors
We know from polls on this sub that most people are dropping into solo q most of the time (I’m sure Saber’s own analytics could prove this too). Also, many people don't have or don't want to use a headset. These are just common facts for most online games.
I know some people have resorted to using the "need matchsticks" chat option to indicate they're being attacked by a possessed unit but this is frankly absurd. We need a simple chat option for survivors for this. Honestly, if the text for “I need matchsticks” were simply replaced with “I need help!”, I'd be satisfied because I often need help fending off a possessed unit or boss a lot more than I need matchsticks in solo q.
This should be easy to add to the game (it’s more than a few lines of code and would require minor image/text adjustments and possibly kicking off existing voice lines, but should still be doable). I’m pretty sure that most characters already have a voice line recorded that could work (I picture Scotty already literally saying “I need help”) and if not, we’ve already been shown that voice lines don’t really have to match their context anyway (I picture Mia saying “fire’s lit. Anybody needs fire, it’s here” when turning on her flashlight – so hell, just make that what she says when she uses “I need help” on the wheel – we’ve already accepted she’s crazy anyway and the text would be clear at least).
7. Keep car possessions consistent on all maps. Demons either can't possess them until they "spawn" when survivors are near (like Castle Kandar) or they can possess them at any time anywhere
Personally, I think that it should only be possible to possess cars when survivors have "spawned" them by being close to them like on the Kandar map. The method of flipping all cars on a map at the start of a match is generally only used by a few high MMR demons and feels cheesy to me (I also feel it's cheesy to drive 3 cars to each objective, but cars are always going to be divisive and they can also be used to cause a lot of damage at objectives at least).
I think car possession should've followed the lore of AvED, kept survivors inside, and done something different like having both driver and demon fighting for control of the vehicle, like maybe survivor controls keep randomly reversing while demon controls it normally and the driver tries to counter the demon driving until infernal energy runs out - survivors take a little damage whenever the car crashes. However, this idea is complex, so I'll stick to easy fixes.
No matter what, it just seems like the ability to possess cars should be consistent across all maps and it should be easy to implement, esp. since there's already code/logic for the two scenarios.
8. Add a single menu option at the main menu when choosing a game mode to select "random"
This could immensely help queue times. I know there are others like me who just want to play and don't care about whether they're survivor or demon.
This may take a tiny bit more work to implement than some of the pieces above (e.g. need a little artwork for the button, menu programming, some matchmaking programming, etc.) but it would help queue times, which have been problematic at various times in this game's life cycle.
9. Adjust RNG based on the overall levels of survivors
Again, this goes back to elevating beginners and challenging veterans. I’ve been in too many games with all prestige survivors that can split up and loot a large portion of the map without fear of consequence until each character has his/her own purple/gold specialty weapon (which also goes back to looping/vaulting endlessly and depends on map, demon character, etc.) – those games are a wash for demon. On the other hand, I’ve been in too many solo q matches where people are bringing grey weapons to defend the book and hobbling in without shemps knowing it’s just a slaughter. I’d really like to be in more balanced matches where veteran teams don’t all have perfect weapons for an easy win, and novice players don’t all hobble around with garbage for a guaranteed loss.
As a simple fix, it would make sense to simply increase the odds of chests being purple/gold if 2 or more survivors are under P1, and decrease those same odds if all survivors are P1 or above (in all other cases, odds can remain the same). And yeah, I know prestige does not perfectly equal pure skill, but odds are you’re at least “decent” at the game if you’ve made it that far (if not good or excellent). This RNG adjustment for chests could be multiplied by whatever Ed brings to the table. For example, if the decrease for all prestige players is to have 0.75x the amount of purple/gold chests and the increase Ed brings is 1.5x, then there would still be slightly more purple/gold chests on the map than normal even for all prestige players (and a lot more good chests for new players, who definitely could use the boost).
10. Give out more XP/SP – we need more double XP/SP events and there should be a bonus given to any low-level players (say, anyone who hasn’t gotten a single character to P1) to get and retain new players
This last point shouldn’t need much explanation. The community obviously overwhelming voted to have more double XP/SP events. It would take such an incredible number of hours to P5 every single character that I’d imagine only those who have literally played non-stop for thousands of hours since release could have done it already. For some, like me, who only took a brief hiatus from the game since release, it feels like a herculean task to even get 1 or 2 characters to P5 on either side. Such events literally help with balance by elevating beginners and they also give a reason for veterans to return. Queue times were noticeably lower during the last event, even though it was poorly announced, clearly timed to try and mess with TCM (which is just a bad look, esp. since there was nothing for this game’s own anniversary), and wasn’t even VISIBLE in the game menus. Despite all this, it was still a success. Saber, unless you’re actively trying to eliminate your player base, it makes no sense to not do these regularly. And since you timed it to try to pull attention away from TCM, it would seem as though you want to retain players (or you’re just petty, but I’m guessing you’re more motivated by profits than such emotional considerations).
Anyway, more XP/SP please. Also, please put some kind of indication that an event is planned and/or is actively occurring in your game. I mean, it could literally be a freaking sprite on the main menu screen with some text announcing a double XP event and the duration – this is really basic stuff.
Finally, I don’t think anyone here would argue with giving away a large number of spirit points to every newish player the next time they open the game. I think a one-time bonus of at least 100K would be very reasonable for anyone who has not reached P1 for any character. I personally know several people IRL who would be back to playing the game if this were done (and almost certainly give you money for DLC when they get a chance to actually enjoy the game in a semi-competitive way) – these people just don’t have the time or patience to grind through hours of straight losses to even have a chance.
Closing thoughts:
I know there are a lot of other great ideas from the community on future content for the game (maps, characters, etc.) so I've just tried to stick to simple, easy to implement fixes for the developers.
Saber, this game could still generate a lot of (mostly passive) revenue if you support it well. There are many of us who are ready to throw money at any random DLC or cosmetic (myself included as a huge Evil Dead fan). However, the fans will only stick around to throw money at the game if the basic fundamental gameplay is somewhat balanced and glaring exploits/bugs are addressed. Seriously, if it's tweaked to feel good to play either side without major exploits being used by anyone, I (and many others) would keep throwing money at literal outfit accessories that could be crafted by a single 3d artist - it should more than pay for servers and labor, at which point you're just watching the money roll in.
Anyway, I've tried to stick to easy fixes that could improve the game for both novices and veterans. It would be easy to just say "buff the other side" whenever queue times are long for one side. At this time, it's obvious that average to excellent demon players are at a disadvantage when compared to equally skilled survivor players (as evidenced by queue times). I also remember times when demon queue times were long and I just played survivor because a certain demon was overturned or using cheesy exploits, so more people wanted to play demon.
However, I've been honestly sad that playing either side has just not felt good lately. It doesn't feel good to sit in a long queue for survivor, and it definitely doesn't feel good to crush noobs or get crushed by full prestige teams on coms. I can count on one hand the number of fun/close matches I’ve played in the last several dozen – I’d love to play more like those. Even if none of the changes above happen, I'd at least enjoy receiving some love for the older demons so they're at least fun to play and a challenge to go against (Plaguebringer Witch getting her original movement speed back, Necro and Warlord getting some minor buffs in any areas since they're pretty universally considered weak right now, etc.) – I mention these buffs in case you want to fall back on the tired old “just buff the other side” method.
Saber, please implement some quick and easy fixes for this game . Even if you're just in it for the money at this point, I'm literally here wanting to throw more money at this game, but only if some basic balancing changes are made. If the next patch surgically tweaks some major pain points rather than bludgeoning fundamental gameplay elements, then I'll be here waiting to throw money at any random DLC you've got. Otherwise, I'll sadly have to find another game (as many others have or will, given the overall sentiments after this latest patch and some patches before it). You can still turn the ship around - you have 3 million copies of this game floating around. That's literally millions of fans who likely want to return to the game and throw money at DLCs if the gameplay experience is fun. It's up to you now.
Tl;dr Summary:
The game can be balanced by elevating novices and challenging veterans. Here’s how…
  1. Revert demon traps to their previous behavior (i.e. make it so possessed survivors can be walked into a trap) and ACTUALLY fix Baal specifically
  2. Make vaulting cost stamina
  3. Edit/create hints for new players at the match loading screen that are clear and direct
  4. Give out a bonus XP for "good behavior" (not demolishing newbies), cancel XP for “toxic behavior” (flashlight clicking as survivor, dancing on corpses as demon), level up demon based on levels of victims
  5. Do not allow dagger and pages objectives to run simultaneously
  6. Add a call out in the in-game communication wheel to say "I need help" for survivors
  7. Keep car possession rules consistent on all maps
  8. Add a "random side" menu option to be able to play either survivor or demon, whichever happens to get matched first
  9. Adjust chest rarity RNG based on the overall level of survivors
  10. More XP/SP events. Also, give a bonus 100K+ SP to anyone with zero prestige characters
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2023.06.04 04:27 commiepissbabe How to get syringes at pharmacy?

I want to get clean syringes and I've heard you can pick them up at pharmacies but I'm sorta nervous to just go to cvs and ask. Do i need a prescription for something or can anyone get them? If not are they gonna ask me what they're for? Also around how much do you have to pay? I have blue cross insurance Mass idk if that does anything.
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2023.06.04 04:21 pressure_machine Am I in the wrong?

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing well! If anyone is still in finals season like I am, I wish you the best of luck with finals!
First off, I want to make it clear in my post that I totally understand people get really busy and that a lot of us on here definitely and understandably may have other commitments that take up more time and/or are important to them than being a Resident Assistant. I definitely don't mean to be dismissive of that, and I believe it's important for me to acknowledge this.
I get that with all of the schoolwork, other jobs, and extracurriculars a lot of us are a part of that it gets tiring. I totally get that some nights, doing rounds on duty absolutely sucks, especially when we're running low on sleep, or that going to a meeting sucks, etc. I also definitely think a lot of us RAs, at least at my school, are overworked and there needs to be higher pay and/or more hours off.
But at the same time, I feel that given that a lot of what we do really changes what residents are going through that what we do is important, and I feel like a lot of my coworkers don't see it that way.
Almost every time I'm on duty, the other RA I'm on duty with doesn't wanna do rounds at all or wants to split the rounds with me, even if we're supposed to do them together. I don't want to force someone to do something they don't like, so I don't force them to do it with me, especially because the other person wants to do school work, go to work, go to a party, hang out with their friends or SO, etc. Sometimes, the RA on duty before me won't even return the duty bag that I need, and I have to chase after them to get it, which is super frustrating, which wastes a ton of time for me, and furthermore, this usually happens when they're outside the area, which makes me wonder what they would do if a resident in our area needs help and they can't make it in time, so it's not good for them, it's not good for me, and it's not good for our residents.
The reason I want to do every round as how I see it is that if I'm on duty and something goes wrong, and I am not there to help someone who needs it, not only am I responsible for them not being able to get that help and have guilt of my own to handle, but that resident can't get as good of a help they would as if I was there. And I wanna make sure they can.
A lot of my coworkers, while they are nice to me about this, I can tell they definitely disagree with me, and it's gotten to the point where a lot of them don't want to hang out with me outside work because they see me as someone who "cares too much about the rules" and things of that nature, even though we all get along during work. And I can't blame them for this because I realize I definitely am not as cool as they are, and I totally get that a lot of them have friends outside our team and are closer to them than they are with me.
I also feel like a lot of my coworkers are starting to realize my willingness to do things like this, and they may be starting to take advantage of me because when people need to trade duty shifts and/or desk shifts, if I can fit it into my schedule, I try to trade because I know it's super bothersome when something comes up and you need to trade, and people won't. But because of this, I'm starting to become the first person people come to when they need that, and it's making things really hard because I feel like people have higher expectations of me, and one mistake is costlier to me and makes me feel super anxious.
At the same time, I can't help but feel like this has really cost me my ability to be friends with them and get closer to them which sucks because at the beginning of the year, they truly seemed like awesome people I'd want to be friends with but the more time passes, the more I can feel myself getting distant from them. They've been the best friends I've had at my university so far, and I just hate this is making me grow more distant from them. I've often heard from others that if it seems like everyone else in your life is something doing wrong, it's likely a sign I am doing something wrong, so it's something I've been keeping in mind and I've been looking for the ways I'm messing up here, but I honestly can't see it, and I don't know how to see it, and I think I needed to ask other RAs to get a wake up call if that is okay with you all.

I know this was super long, so to everybody who read this through, thank you, and I really appreciate you taking the time. Again, I'm very sorry if I'm making a big deal out of nothing, and if I deserve to be called out for that, please don't feel bad for doing so. I realize I have a tendency to take things too seriously at times, and I realize it is something I need to work on.

Thank you all so much, and I hope you all have a good day/night!
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2023.06.04 04:14 bedhead_budge Pup currently in hospital, but diagnosis hasn’t been confirmed… any ideas?

Female spayed corgi, 11.5 months old
We took our dog to a lake today today to hike and swim (her first time ever swimming). At 12:00 she had a regular bowel movement and peed. We got to the lake around 12:30, she dipped in the water and actually swam 3 times, wasn’t super interested in swimming so we went and sat at a picnic table for about an hour.
At the picnic table, when I wasn’t looking, she had chomped on black locust saplings (Rubinia pseudoacaccia). I pulled her off, didn’t think she ate enough to affect her really and didn’t think much of it. Gave her a bully stick to gnaw on while my husband and I ate lunch. Halfway through the bully stick, my husband noticed her head kind of bobbing around. We thought she was just super tired fighting sleep. Then when my husband got up to go to the trash can and she stood up with him, we noticed she was swaying, full body swaying back and forth.
We packed up and got in the car for the ER immediately, at this point it was about 2:00. She was near unresponsive in the car, we were fighting to keep her awake. Called poison control line who gave us the referral for the ER, they took her in at 2:55.
ER Vet did blood, urine, and recreational drug tests, all came back “perfectly healthy.” An x-ray showed a fully belly. They pumped her stomach and did a follow up and still found a fully belly, this time with a large obstruction with air all around it. We didn’t see her eat anything recently that would fit the bill.
So she’s staying at the ER overnight for monitoring and to see if this obstruction moves on it’s own. The ER vet is perplexed because her only symptoms are neurological (flinches/lethargy/unsteady on her feet) but the only thing that came up in testing is an abdominal obstruction with no vomiting/diarrhea.
Any other ideas? He’s told us whatever it is is likely treatable , whether that be surgery or just further monitoring. But I’m terrified.
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2023.06.04 04:09 blodgute Obsession Boss Rework Proposal

I hate to say it, but the Focused Fault sucks
The good thing is that it now sucks in a completely different way than the way it sucked before the rework. The bad thing is that it lost almost all of its uniqueness.
I have an idea for how it could work, but first I want to break the old fights down.
TL;DR at the bottom.
What sucked about the old boss
The old Obsession was nigh unbeatable unless you knew how it worked. Puzzle bosses are fine, but puzzle bosses where you lose 3-5 hours of playtime on a failed attempt? Bit too demoralising. Now that might just be due to poor tooltips, but the boss doesn't give you any visual clues as to what is going to happen either. My first two attempts I tried to kill all the eyes at once until I got outplayed by dodge coin flips.
Even if you knew how it worked there were two more problems: speed and dodge. If the eyes rolled higher than the hero you wanted to kill them with, they will evolve and become harder to kill. Eyes also got dodge tokens, which isn't a problem per se but the fight was tuned so tightly that a single miss could spell disaster.
What sucks about the current boss
Can you kill the eyes fast? You win. It's just a damage race. You're better off focusing on targets because they still get bigger, but since they start big it's more like a damage cap/heal.
The eyes no longer seem to target any specific rank, so taunt/guard is your only counterplay. And having a single mark is the difference between 30 dmg per turn or no damage per turn.
What's good about other bosses?
Most bosses test something about the player or their current team.
The Shackles test your target priority - your ability to pick which lock is most threatening to your team and remove it, while also working out which lock you want to remove last .
The Seething Sigh tests your ability to damage other ranks - you need to be able to damage all ranks to beat the boss. If you've been relying on plague grenade to kill rank 4s all run, you're going to have a bad time.
The hands test your flexibility - each stage has different resistances, along with big damage and the ability to shuffle your team.
The old Obsession tested your ability to Google the solution, your ability to shuffle yourself (until taunt returned as an option), your ability to bypass block, your ability to deal with stress damage while stalling for the puzzle, and then your ability to nuke the Fault before it murdered its target.
The new Obsession tests whether you can kill the eyes before they mark you, then nuke the Fault before it murders anyone.
The old Obsession tested a whole bunch of things, and the new one is just a bit boring. So for my proposal I'm going to focus (ey) on how the fault can test the player, which involves bringing back the old mechanics but less bullshit.
The New New Proposed Focused Fault
Stage 1
There are now four different Eye enemies: one with 1 eye, one with 2, one with 3 eyes, and one with 4. Perhaps the current stage 3 eye could have it's little stalk chopped off for Eye 3, or a new Eye 4 could be made. At the start of the fight, Eye 1 spawns in the front rank, Eye 2 in rank two, etc. All eyes have 12 health, no dodge, no transformations, and leave a corpse with 8 health.
If you use the ancestor's view on an eye, you will see that it has one skill, Observe, which it can use FROM any position and can target ONE position on your side. Eye 1 can only use Behold on your rank one, wherever it is, Eye 2 can only target your rank 2 and so on you get the idea.
At the start of each turn, if there are any spaces not occupied by an Eye, a new Eye will spawn according to that rank.
Let me give an example:
Team PD-OCC-HWM-MAA is fighting the boss, Eyes 1-2-3-4.
All four eyes get to go first. Eye 1 marks the MAA, eye 2 the HWM, etc.
When the player gets to go, they kill Eye 2, clearing the 'Seen' token on the HWM. Then the OCC uses daemon's pull on Eye 3, pulling it into position one and removing the corpse.
At the start of round two, the Fault has this positioning: 3-1-4-# As nothing is in rank 4, a new Eye 4 spawns in that rank, making it now 3-1-4-4. Once that new Eye gets a move, the poor PD will now have two seen tokens on her. Not the best choice!
If the OCC had not used daemon's pull, the eyes would be positioned 1-#-3-4, so a new Eye 2 would spawn in that position. Once that new Eye gets a move, the player is stuck right back where they were last time. Hopefully reading this you can work out what you'll have to do to deal with the boss.
Once there are four seen tokens on your team at the start of the round, the real boss spawns.
The idea here is to recapture some of the spirit of the boss, bringing back the puzzle element of wanting to get the eye to focus obsessively on one character. Cutting out the dodge and transformation from the eyes is designed to make it so that mistakes don't ruin the fight - so long as at least one Eye is dead at the end of a round, the Fault doesn't spawn and the player can try to fix it. Visually changing so that each eye is distinct, as well as the academics view allowing you to see their abilities, will also help to make the boss less of a confusing shitshow.
I don't think the first phase of the fight should be able to kill anyone really - perhaps Behold could keep its stressing capability.
As for the Fault itself, I think it could be spiced up in a few ways - perhaps it has a few variants of Limerance, which might add Vulnerability to the target, or Stun, or force it to repeat it's last move, in exchange for slightly less damage. anything that makes it more than a big damage stick which will kill you if it crits too much.
Focused Fault bad. Bring back the puzzle and unique targeting behaviour but not bullshit. Make more obvious how the eyes work and easier to kill.
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2023.06.04 04:07 rustyyryan Thats too long commute

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2023.06.04 04:03 raven21633x Is it possible to get into a hospital before being certified?

I am a retail tech and am currently studying for my CPhT, but they've cut our hours severely in the pharmacy, to the point that I have been picking up hours on the front end.
Now, however, we've had 2 people come back from vacation, and the rumor is they've cut hours on the front end as well. As a result, I have 4.5 hours on the schedule for the next WEEK. (and this isn't the first time).
Sorry, but I have rent to pay and groceries to buy (dude, I gotta live). One of our local hospitals is advertising for a pharmacy tech 1 position, and though it say's certification isn't required, I'm wondering how realistic it is to apply to a hospital without certification?
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