2022.08.25 19:42 HelloPpl_____ Xjiemomo

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2023.05.10 07:42 LunaTheMoonSpirit JIAFIAN BIBLE!!! Jiafianity is a new flop religion still in the works! Read up thoroughly this month is the month of Xjiemomo and the fall of the very first Patriarchy

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2023.04.17 00:04 kimkuglycries fun fact, actually really really sad fact

as we all know as of now, a civil war has begun on floptok between oldgens and newgens.

according to oldgens, the earliest signs of the civil war was the beginning of meifei's debut, then began to snowball with beifei and other "fei remakes". while jaydeith and deborah ali williams were accepted with open arms to oldgens, pooja was shunned by oldgens (despite being an international stan twt icon since 2019). then came the chinese teachers teaching mandarin (molly is the og, everyone else came because molly caused hype).

for a short history lesson for the newgens (especially the ones that came since da boyzzz attacked us), march 7 was a traumatic event for the community with new guidelines being implemented on tiktok and the assumption that floptok will die in 2022. it didn't fortunately... until recently.

oldgens are beginning to leave/retire floptok as the community has been oversaturated by the overuse/abuse of slang by newgens, lack of originality from newgens, and "icons" introduced by newgens like some sitcom show where there's new characters every season. in other words, oldgens blame newgens for the potential death of floptok. newgens on the other hand believe that floptok is thriving (some even believe that it's thriving even more than old floptok) and call oldgens dramatic, uncreative, and unoriginal. in one case, a newgen claimed the beysment started since 2021 (like sis-). my friend and i (him and i are old gens; him since deeptok and me since stan twt) came to believe newgens were in fact part of da boyzzz under the disguise of flops, hence the sudden influx of "icons" and citizens in floptropica.

da gurlzzz is not original, it's a rebranding of da boyzzz. we dont care about cacafei or any watered down renditions of previous icons. we just want to go back to the good ol' days, where we get mysterious twitter links, the many battles and leaders of the badussy war, aesthetic warnings, cropped vids, xjiemomo kidnapping people in queen elizabeth ii's pussy, girl yess comments, and traumatized by the haunted house.

it's been nice witnessing floptok's life from the beginning, but unfortunately newgens are destroying the very creation we as a community have made since 2020. as general cardiovascular bronchitis (cardi b for the newgens who came after the badussy war) once said, "i wish you well... in hell hahahahahahahaha"
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2023.04.12 16:49 Tox_2003 Xjiemomo Interview (Where can i find them?)

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2022.11.02 06:34 Sagdz Leaked Ultimate skin: Jiafizz, the Flopleague Icon

Ultimate theme: https://youtu.be/f63oc8d8mIM
Passive : Skinny Walking Jiafizz is such a skinny queen that is able to walk through units and get reduced damage from autos. https://youtu.be/48Yb2cAeKLQ
Q: Trend Strike Jiafizz dashes through his target, dealing magic damage and singing a random remix of her base theme.
W: Fire Trident Jiafizz’s attacks bleed her enemies, dealing magic damage over several seconds. The flop icon can empower her next attack with a scream that deals bonus damage and empower her further attacks for a short time. https://youtube.com/shorts/8O323SehUNs
E: Playful / Skinny queen Jiafizz hops into the air, landing gracefully upon her spear and becoming untargetable because she’s a skinny queen. From this position, Jiafizz can either slam the ground or choose to jump again before smashing back down.
R: Chum the floptok Jiafizz tosses a product of her collection in a direction that attaches to any champion that touches it, slowing the target. After a short delay, a Xjiemomo erupts from the ground, knocking up the target and knocking any nearby enemies aside. All enemies hit are dealt magic damage and slowed. If the enemy is a skinny flop like a yordle, it gets eaten or kidnapped.
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2022.08.30 23:18 Another_krispykreme worship jiafei

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2022.08.25 19:42 HelloPpl_____ r/Xjiemomo Lounge

A place for members of Xjiemomo to chat with each other
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2022.03.04 18:12 HelloPpl_____ XJIEMOMO BONKS THAT VEGAN B*TCH

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