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2023.03.25 06:05 Bpree Just tried upgrading my thermostat, ended up losing power or connection to my air handler/heat pump.

Just tried upgrading my thermostat, ended up losing power or connection to my air handleheat pump.
Not sure if this lead to the issue; I mistakenly wired common wire into "B" socket as I thought I read this was acceptable - only to find out this model of thermostat doesn't take any kind of common wire opting instead for batteries.
I feel this caused some kind of short in my system because the heat/fan never turned on after I initially wired it. Even after removing C wire from the new unit. I can't seem to find any issue in the air handler (besides a tangle of wires), as there isn't a discernable circuit board to check for a blown fuse or to verify proper wire placement in the thermostat.
Breakers never flipped to "off" position when I finished wiring and turned them all On again.
I tried to reinstall the previous unit so we could get the heat on but the display never appeared when re-wired. Really just at a loss here.
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2023.03.25 05:51 Particular_Ad_7388 Heat Pump Recs O'side

Furnace packed up and looking to replace with air source heat pump. Struggling to find local reputable business who install them.
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2023.03.25 05:28 Might_Time Finding radiant heat experts?

I am in need to find experts on radiant heating systems around Washington area (seattle). Are there recommended websites for companies or technicians to come give me second opinion?
Issue: I have air gurgling in my system and it was diagnosed to a faulty manifold that looks rusted in 1 of loops (it was wet to the touch) it is assumed that it is causing air to get introduced to system and pressure to drop in system since it is leaking (more like wet to touch the rusted part, no drops or mold around or under area)
Problem is they want to charge 1k + labor to replace a copper manifold that costs about 40 dollars on parts websites. I am pretty sure this manifold alone won't fix all problems (maybe some) and by then if issue is not resolved it will be too late to back out and I will be stuck paying thousands to find the issue.
I hope you can point me to what I can do or how to reach experts so that I get second opinion
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2023.03.25 05:27 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-03-25

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.03.25 05:09 CantDunkOrSk8 Ended up getting the filters done too, needed badly, for a discount after this quote. Ground bolt took 1hr with a free wash.

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2023.03.25 05:07 From_TheGecko Positive IUD experience

I spent years reading stories and building up the courage to get an IUD and I wanted to give back! I want to present my experience as a possibility - no matter your experience I'm proud of you for taking care of your reproductive health!
Before I have researched, built up certainty, and chickened out repeatedly for over 5 years. For BC I started with Yaz, which I took for 4 years, I thought Yaz killed my libido so I switched to Ortho tri-cyclin (after enduring some teasing from my PCP...who soon after stopped being my PCP), I hated the constant spotting so I switched after 2 years to nuvaring, which I didn't hate and used for 4 years. I brought up switching to an IUD with my PCP and asked a million questions. She was very helpful and coincidentally was the clinic's de facto IUD expert. I highly recommend asking every question you can think of. Her confidence definitely boosted mine.
Procedure It just so happened that my appointment was scheduled for 4 days after I removed my nuvaring at the usual time and day 2 of what is usually 4 days of flow. My placement was in the afternoon, so I ate a good lunch and drank a ton of water (I think because of nerves). I took ibuprofen before as directed by my doctor. Deciding which one was one of the harder parts of the process. Shout-out to my PCP who started the conversation with "do you want kids?" and suggested the longest-lasting options. I don't know why it threw me so much when I was told to undress from the waist down - probably just habit from pap smears. The PCP inserted the speculum and cleaned my cervix - awkward but not a big deal. Next she measured my uterus. I'll be honest - this hurt worse than I expected but it only lasted 5 seconds and I focused extra-hard on my breathing. I'd describe it like being jabbed with a hot poker. Insertion was a less intense repeat of measuring. I did reach a moment where I thought "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take" and then she announced she was done. Again, I focused on taking slow, deep breaths.
After I did drive myself home (although my husband was on call to come get me if I needed) I had a moment where I thought "I could probably go back to work" but I didn't since I wasn't sure if I would start feeling worse. Once home I cuddled up with a heating pad and took a power nap. I didn't have much appetite but I did eat supper. The next morning I would say I felt 95% of normal. At work I was extra whiny but the pain didn't interfere with doing my job. I definitely had multiple times where I had intrusive thoughts of "that's not supposed to be there" and "just pull it out" I felt probably 98% of normal the next few days. I had mild cramping for about 2 weeks, especially when I would sit for a while or didn't have something else to think about. I had a breakout of cystic acne but it's cleared and seems more balanced I had one day of heavy spotting then nothing.
As of now I'm so glad I went through with the procedure.
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2023.03.25 04:52 devequt Don't forget to eat your leek greens!

I have seen a few posts on this subreddit on people advising others to throw away the dark green parts of a leek: DON'T THROW IT AWAY! It hurts my heart and head just thinking of the amount of waste that happens with it!
You just need to trim the tips, but you can actually consume the dark parts of the leek. You just need to sauté them in a frying pan a bit longer than normal, and they even caramelise quite nicely after being thinly sliced and in hot oil on medium heat. They aroma of sauteing leeks in a kitchen evokes homeliness for me.
You can use them in your quiches and frittatas. You can use them as soup stock (if you didn't sauté your leek greens). You can put them in pasta with good butter and pecorino cheese. You can even make my favourite Jewish holiday treat, "keftes de prasa" or leek fritters! Just don't throw away your leek greens, and consider using them.
If not, if you live in the Northwest Coast of Canada, send them to me!
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2023.03.25 04:47 Senior-House-9084 Lost in Translation Part 1

David, Alice, and Frank watched the white, featureless and glowing - oval ship silently approach and then hover a few feet above the desert. As a door appeared in the side and dropped down to create a ramp – Frank said: “The algorithm worked! We just made contact with aliens!” A moment later he muttered to himself: “I wish we had thought about what to do if we did contact aliens.”
The aliens exited the ship with circular disks floating over their heads. After making some indecipherable gestures, they set up an odd looking device that then hung in the air. They then said something that sounded like breaking glass. When they finished the device said: “Trickery can't smell video games.”
David replied: “Uh . . . Hello?” The device then made more sounds like breaking glass and the aliens turned and – looked at each other? Did they even have eyes? Then another one spoke and the device said: “ A baked potato stands on somebody else’s Legs!”
In an attempt to defuse the situation Alice stepped forwards to shake the closer alien’s arm? Tentacle? Not a body part at all? Just as she took hold of it - something made a squishy crunching noise from under her foot. The alien let out a loud “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” noise and Alice jumped – producing another squishy/crunchy noise from the appendage she was holding. The device then said: “” Alice backpedaled while two other aliens started waving devices that were shaped like the letter ‘N’ in what was presumably a threatening manner. One of them announced: “ A sickeningly prodigious profile is often pregnant!” while two others helped their injured comrade back to the ship.
After they were aboard, the door closed the alien ship shot upwards – creating a sonic boom that knocked them to the ground and blew out the windows in the truck and the RV.
The dazed trio lay on the ground for more than a few moments and Frank was the first to speak: “What . . . just . . . happened?”
She was reading her grandchildren a bedtime story when the phone rang. She apologized to the kids and promised them two stories tomorrow, then went to her office to answer it.
She answered the phone: “General Abrams.” “Ma’am – Major Johnson, duty officer. We have an incursion. Mojave Desert, California, 15 miles north of . . . a town named Ludlow. I have placed the QRF on alert.”
“Get the QRF in the air – we can always recall them if it turns out they aren’t needed. Contact the nearby airbases and find out if any of them can get aircraft overhead to feed us video of what’s on the ground. Recall the staff – I’m on my way in.”
Alice sat up and then decided that she was going to wait a few more minutes before trying to stand up. Looking around she couldn’t see David or Frank in the dark and called out: “Are you guys OK?” Frank replied: “I don’t think I’m badly hurt, but when I tried to stand up, I just fell down again.” David answered with: “My head’s still spinning a bit but not as bad as a minute ago.” Then he asked: “What happened to the lights?”
In a blinding flash of hindsight Alice realized that the reason it was dark was because the lights were out. “Must still be a little loopy after whatever that was hit us.” she thought.
By unspoken consensus they decided to just lie there until they felt they felt good enough to stand up.
General Abrams walked up to the doors to the Operations Building. As she approached the steps, a calm and quiet voice announced: “Halt.” She stopped – being careful to ensure that her hands remained visible. “Who is there?”
“General Abrams”
“Advance and be recognized.”
She took three more steps and:
“Halt” then: “Fencepost” General Abrams congratulated herself for looking up the password before she got out of her car and replied: “Handbook”
“I recognize you General – you may pass.”
The General thought: “The duty officer posted extra security – that’s not a good sign.” She then entered the building without ever getting a glimpse of the sentry. Something she approved of.
Alice finally felt good enough to stand up and pulled out her phone for more light, looked down at it and . . . nothing. She then looked around and discovered that she could see – not well. but see well enough. David said: “it’s dark and I can still see – did the aliens do something to us?” Alice knew the biology here – but this was the first time she had ever actually used it. She said: “It’s natural, in the dark our eyes produce ‘Rhodopsin’ a chemical commonly referred to as ‘visual purple’ that triggers phototransduction in the rod cells and . . .” Frank interrupted her: “OK - in the dark our eyes make a chemical that lets us see better in the dark.” Alice argued: “Well it’s not that simple.” Rolling his eyes Frank sand: “It’s close enough. Lets start figuring out what works and what doesn’t.” David gave a sigh of relief at avoiding a 15 minute lecture on the biological and chemical processes behind our ability to see in the dark.
General Abrams walked into the operations center and looked at her Chief of Staff: “What’s the bad news?” At the same time wondering how he always not only managed to get here before she did – but had enough time to get a good picture of the situation also.
Captain Halsey (US Navy) called forward Captain Ryker from US Space Force. “Ma’am – when we looked at the records over the past several weeks, we discovered that every Friday and Saturday night a beacon sending data using some kind of advanced algorithm had been active at that location. And it was active tonight.”
“Did our deep space surveillance detect the ship?” “We didn’t detect it coming in but when it left it made no attempt to hide. Once this crisis ends, we’ll spend some time looking into how it evaded the deep space surveillance network.”
“Good job – carry on,”
She then turned and looked at the Operations Officer – who had just arrived and was getting briefed. She got his attention and when he turned his attention to her, she said one word: “Ready?”
“I have the most important stuff. QRF went wheels up 5 minutes ago. Flight time to target location is 40 minutes. Augmentation force has just called in and stated that they can be wheels-up on three minutes notice. Aliens were not detected when inbound but were detected outbound.”
The general: “OK the situation is worse than we expected. Launch the augmentation force with orders to take control of the target location and to secure it. QRF is to parachute in and capture anybody they find, then set up security until the augmentation force arrives. Once the augmentation force arrives, they are to return with any people they located and anything unusual that they find. Talk to Captain Ryker – he'll give you the bad news.”
She then turned and called out: “Air Ops – when are we going to have eyes on the target?” A Captain in an Air Force uniform put his hand over the receiver of the phone he was using and replied: “I’ve got two Marine F-35s and a C-130 tanker practicing air refueling ops 150 miles to the south. The F-35s are enroute and I’m working on grabbing the tanker in case the V-22s need fuel.” Estimated time over the target for the F-35s is just over 15 minutes.”
Satisfied that that her staff had things well in hand and that it would be a few more minutes before she needed to do anything, she decided to get a cup of coffee and stay out of their hair until then. She walked into the break room. She poured a cup, took a sip and . . . An angry voice bellowed from the break room: “Who let Navy make the coffee?”
“Well, the good news is that the problem appears to be that every battery we have is drained completely. We do have a small solar panel that we can use to charge the battery on the truck enough to get it started. Then we can jump start the RV and get out of here.” “Oh – and now for the really good news.” He pulled out a chemlight, said “Let there be light!” and snapped the vial inside it. A moment later he said: “I thought it would be brighter.”
Alice listened to Frank’s report as she put down the meager amount of sticks and brush she had managed to locate. She then said: “Well it appears that gathering firewood in a desert in the dark is just about as difficult as we expected.”
David came and placed his pile of sticks and dried brush and sat down and started spinning a stick between the palms of his hands. Frank came over and asked: “What are you doing?”
“Spinning a stick. The friction will heat up the tip and we can use that to get a fire started.”
“Why don’t you use the matches in the RV?”
“We have matches?”
“We have eyes on the target location. Sending the imagery to the center display.”
The thermal imagery showed three people sitting around a campfire, a pickup truck and an RV. When the pilot switched the display from ‘white hot’ to ‘black hot’ the previously invisible tables and what appeared to be radio components showed up against the warmer sand underneath them.
“Is the QRF seeing this?” asked the general. The Air Ops officer replied: “They’re piggybacking off of our feed.” And in anticipation of her next question: “QRF is 22 minutes out and will deploy via parachute upon arrival.”
The fire had burned down and the only light was coming from the chemlite. The trio had finished a snack of toasted marshmallows and were now drinking some hot chocolate Alice had made. “Good thing propane stoves don’t need electricity.” Alice said to ease the feeling of gloom that was setting in. David says: “All in all – it looks like we’re lucky that nobody but us knows about this.”
The video from the second F-35 came on – showing the Special Forces team land, discard their parachutes, don gas masks, and then - using nothing but hand signals - form up into an inverted V formation and move out towards the target.
******** Frank: “Well, I think that we might as well go get some sleep. We are going to have to make sure we get the glass out of the bedding though.”
In response to Frank’s comment David added: “Yea – looks like the worst is ov . . .” Then: “What’s that?” as objects landed in the sand on either side of them.
David suddenly couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, and his eyes and ears hurt.
Both video feeds showed the same thing. The Special Forces team stunned the three people with flash bangs – then one ran towards each of the three people, yanked them out of their chairs and threw them face down into the sand. They then bound their arms with zip-tie handcuffs and put bags over their heads. The other three provided cover for the first. Once the three were immobilized two commandos kept watch on the trio while other four cleared the RV and the truck.
Then the team sent their first and only radio message: “Bastion – this is Predator Three. Objective secured, three persons detained, continuing mission – out.”

“OK – the good news is that we have determined that you have not been exposed to some alien supergerm that can wipe out all life on this planet. The bad news is that I Hate You. Friday night I was with my boyfriend, and he was about to propose – when I got the recall message.”
The annoyed nurse continued: “The exit doors are unlocking. Take a shower and put on the coveralls. You are no longer my problem!”
David: “What she means is that we are now somebody else’s problem. Somebody who can send a military team to kidnap us.”
Alice: “And has a Level Four Biosafety laboratory to use as a quarantine area.”
The Nurse: “Actually this is a Level Five facility.”
Alice: “What’s the difference between a level Four and a level Five?”
The Nurse: “A Level Five is one that would automatically flood the entire facility with Chlorine Trifluoride if any of you got sick from an alien pathogen.”
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2023.03.25 04:45 Silly_Finance404 How to balance existing registers

Hi everyone, I’m an HVAC tech in SoCal and I had an install where homeowner remodeled home and replaced their furnace with variable speed heat pump and air handler.
I was given access to some of the walls and ceilings so I was able to make some modifications but it wasn’t the best result. I was honest with homeowner several times and provided him with realistic expectations. System has been running for a week and although I exhausted everything I could do during install, I’m wondering if there’s anything that can be done with the existing registers and ducts that are not accessible.
The registers closest to the air supply plenum are obviously the strongest and noisiest. Is there some special modification or some way to install a damper in existing registers or ductwork that can provide an actual solution.
4 ton system with undersized ductwork. I was going to enlarge the main flex duct into the living room, dining, office, kitchen, breakfast nook, and 1 living room register; however, his building contractor came in before me and installed a tiny 10” duct to supply all these rooms and then framed the entire home around it so there was no way to make it larger. I had to run an 8” flex into living room to help and it supplies plenty of air but I couldn’t add anything else to help balance out the pressure.
Homeowner is aware that he’s “screwed” because he went ahead with general construction work before having me come in. Now it’s just playing catch up to try and fix what he already has.
I have two problem bedrooms and two bathrooms with too much cfm and noise that I need to find a way to balance.
Any help would be great! Can provide more info if needed.
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2023.03.25 04:42 logicalcliff How does dry air diffuse in humid air?

Recently I got a dehumidifier, and it made me think about properties of water vapor or lack thereof.
If I run the dehumidifier in one location, how quickly does the dry air mix with the rest of the air in the house ? Would it have cylindrical distribution or spherical distribution clipped by the ceiling and the floor?
For heat, the things are clear - it rises. Also, there are pockets of cold and hot air in the home. But I am not clear about humidity, specially the rate of diffusion of dry air. Your insights appreciated.
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2023.03.25 03:40 mrsdunbar Likely ice dam what to do once dry.

I have a two story house and likely an ice dam directly above this spot where there is some moisture. There was no moisture on the insulation and no leaks to the interior of the house. Just a somewhat wet frosty spot in the attic.
This roof is part of an addition. That is the old roof it was built over to the left. The dam is inaccessible to me, and I suppose I could have someone remove it, but with the radiant heat from the sun and it being so close to spring here in Canada I've been cautioned having that dam removed would be needlessly expensive because the pitch is so steep the contractors aren't keen on getting up there, and it is likely to melt in the next week or so anyway.
I've starting running a fan to keep the air cool and dry the spot and put some poly down to catch any water just in case, but like I said it was more like a damp frost patch. Is there anything else I should be doing?
What do I do once it is summer? Should I have the roof checked out in that spot for damage? The shingles are 6 months old. There is no other visible moisture anywhere in the attic.
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2023.03.25 03:24 summerjoe45 World Championships Men’s FS Live Discussion Thread

We’ve got hopes for another first time back to back Japanese champ and the first ever Korean medalist but the QuadG0d will have a base value like no other and hopes to extend the US medal streak to 5.
Notable Quad Count: QuadG0d (6), Shoma (5), and 7 skaters with 3.
It’s only 10 points between 1st and 6th and with 47 planned quads, chaos is bound to happen.
Schedule (UTC +9)
Free Dance: 12:30
Men’s FS: 17:20
Starting Orders/Results
Time Zone Converter
Official Schedule
Master Post
Post Event Discussion
Streams (Click the flag!)
Official ISU YouTube you may need a VPN!
🇺🇸🦚 USA Network will also be showing portions of the event live and recorded. Replays remain unknown.
🇨🇦 CBC Sports will be streaming all events for free.
🇬🇧 BBC will be showing all free skates live.
🇫🇷 will have the whole event live
🇫🇮 YLE will have the whole event live
🇨🇿 Czech TV Sports will have the whole event live
🇮🇹 RaiSport will be airing select groups and the gala live.
🇯🇵 Fuji TV will be streaming live and broadcasting both live and delayed.
🇰🇷 SBS Sports will air delayed coverage.
🇨🇳 CCTV5 will be airing a delayed broadcast.
EuroSport will have live coverage. Depending on your location, it may also be on Discovery Plus.
As always, have fun and be respectful to everyone (fellow chat participants, skaters, judges, and tech panel included!)
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2023.03.25 03:23 kir1213Peco How much should I be worried about this?

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2023.03.25 03:17 shade725 Finally picked up these birds with the correct artist.

Finally picked up these birds with the correct artist.
WOTC promo master set almost complete
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2023.03.25 03:15 LogicalMaybe 2BD/2BA at Zinfandel Village in Rancho Cordova

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle and I’m currently trying to apply to a 2BD 2B apartment at Zinfandel Village in Rancho Cordova. I’m looking to move in by late March / early April.
Rent split would be around $810/month not including utilities depending on room sizes and the deposit split would be around $250. I’m looking for one person to take over the second bedroom. If you’re interested in applying to this place together, message me!
About The Apartment: in-unit washedryer, centralized heating and air, package lockers, fitness center
About Me: A 23 year old program coordinator for a youth development program. I enjoy board games, painting, and baking breads and pastries in my spare time. I have a dog and a cat who are both well behaved and up to date on all vaccinations. Take some time to warm up to people, but are friendly.
Rent split would be around $810/month depending on room sizes and the deposit split would be around $250. I’m looking for one person to take over the second bedroom. If you’re interested in applying to this place together, message me!
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2023.03.25 02:58 summerjoe45 World Championships Free Dance Live Discussion Thread

Scores are close enough for some movement! C/B are hoping to be the first US champs since 2013, to continue the US medal streak to 8 years in a row and make IAM home to 7 of the last 8 world champs.
G/F are hoping to win the first silver medal for Italy since their coach in 2000 and G/P are hoping for their best ever results. This is also setting up to be the oldest ever podium at any figure skating event!
Schedule (UTC +9)
Free Dance: 12:30
Men’s FS: 17:20
Starting Orders/Results
Time Zone Converter
Official Schedule
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Streams (Click the flag!)
Official ISU YouTube you may need a VPN!
🇺🇸🦚 USA Network will also be showing portions of the event live and recorded. Replays remain unknown.
🇨🇦 CBC Sports will be streaming all events for free.
🇬🇧 BBC will be showing all free skates live.
🇫🇷 will have the whole event live
🇫🇮 YLE will have the whole event live
🇨🇿 Czech TV Sports will have the whole event live
🇮🇹 RaiSport will be airing select groups and the gala live.
🇯🇵 Fuji TV will be streaming live and broadcasting both live and delayed.
🇰🇷 SBS Sports will air delayed coverage.
🇨🇳 CCTV5 will be airing a delayed broadcast.
EuroSport will have live coverage. Depending on your location, it may also be on Discovery Plus.
As always, have fun and be respectful to everyone (fellow chat participants, skaters, judges, and tech panel included!)
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2023.03.25 02:54 RealisticPrimary5353 Flea market finds

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2023.03.25 02:48 VeryStab1eGenius Hybrid/heat pump water heater install price

I’ve been getting quotes for a swap out of a 50 gallon electric water heater for a hybrid/heat pump model of the same size and the prices I’ve gotten have been pretty mind blowing. There is already 240v service and a sump pit 36” away where the air conditioning condensate drains so I thought this would be pretty cut and dry but the first quote was $5300 and the second was $4800. The first guy told me the water heater itself was $2500 and when I questioned him on the $2800 for installation he just kind of hemmed and hawed. I’m in the NE United States. Can anyone share the install price of their hybrid water heater? TIA
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2023.03.25 02:18 korean_labor_law Thermal throttling of stock ssd.... using chassis as heatsink

Long story short, I go the G14 in December of last year (Linux Reborn OS-> G14-Linux Arch) and the system was "jittering". Thought it was lack of ram, expanded by 32gb (now 40Gb), same problem, then upgraded stock 500Gb ssd to Hynix Platinum P41 SSD (2Tb) and... it got worse, much worse. I realize now the original issue was caused by the stock ssd having a very thin sheet of what looks like to be maybe zinc? as the heat sink for the stock ssd. The Hynix P41 will easily go towards the 7Gb transfer speed and that is nice in short bursts but if you have any file indexing system you will quickly have your system throttled when it hits about 70 C (and that is a good thing really) so...

I have realized that the chassis of the G14 (and others) are mangiest alumni alloy... thin but if it is used as part of the SSD heat sink it should help...

Chat GPT question...

premise: if there was Fujipoly/ mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pad a layer of 1mm copper then another layer of Fujipoly/ mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pad to ensure that contact was made with the under body of a ROG Zephyrus G14 GA402RJ to use the magnesium aluminum alloy as an additional heat sink estimate the W/mK of the system and compare the difference if Fujipoly/ mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pad was to be replaced by the GELID GP-Ultimate thermal pad. Present the the differences in configuration with the assumption that the SSD would be 80 Degrees C, what would be the estimated thermal reduction.

assume that the Q rating for the SSD is 100

GPT response...

Scenario 1: Fujipoly/mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pads R1 = 1mm / 17 W/mK (thermal pad) R2 = 1mm / 400 W/mK (copper heat sink) R3 = 1mm / 17 W/mK (thermal pad) R4 = 2mm / 100 W/mK (laptop chassis) Scenario 2: GELID GP-Ultimate thermal pads R1 = 1mm / 15 W/mK (thermal pad) R2 = 1mm / 400 W/mK (copper heat sink) R3 = 1mm / 15 W/mK (thermal pad) R4 = 2mm / 100 W/mK (laptop chassis) Now, we calculate the equivalent thermal resistance (R_eq) for both scenarios: Scenario 1: R_eq1 = R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 = 0.0588 + 0.0025 + 0.0588 + 0.02 = 0.1401 m²K/W Scenario 2: R_eq2 = R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 = 0.0667 + 0.0025 + 0.0667 + 0.02 = 0.1559 m²K/W k_eq1 = T / R_eq1 ≈ 35.69 W/mK (Fujipoly/mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pads) k_eq2 = T / R_eq2 ≈ 32.06 W/mK (GELID GP-Ultimate thermal pads) Now, we can calculate the temperature difference across each system (∆T) using the equation: ∆T = Q × R_eq, where Q is the heat dissipation rate in watts. Assuming the heat dissipation rate (Q) remains the same for both scenarios:
∆T1 = Q × R_eq1 ∆T2 = Q × R_eq2

assume that the Q rating for the SSD is 100

Using the provided heat dissipation rate (Q) of 100W, we can now estimate the reduction in SSD temperature for each of the thermal pads. Calculate the temperature difference across each system using the equivalent thermal resistance (R_eq) we calculated earlier:
∆T1 = Q × R_eq1 = 100W × 0.1401 m²K/W ≈ 14.01°C (Fujipoly/mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pads) ∆T2 = Q × R_eq2 = 100W × 0.1559 m²K/W ≈ 15.59°C (GELID GP-Ultimate thermal pads)
Determine the temperature of the laptop chassis (T_chassis) for both scenarios: 
T_chassis1 = 80°C (SSD temperature) - ∆T1 ≈ 65.99°C T_chassis2 = 80°C (SSD temperature) - ∆T2 ≈ 64.41°C
Estimate the temperature reduction by comparing the chassis temperatures for both scenarios: 
Temperature reduction = T_chassis2 - T_chassis1 ≈ 64.41°C - 65.99°C ≈ -1.58°C Using the provided heat dissipation rate (Q) of 100W, the estimated reduction in SSD temperature when using GELID GP-Ultimate thermal pads compared to Fujipoly/mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m thermal pads is approximately 1.58°C.

Please note that these calculations are based on idealized assumptions and do not take into account factors like surface roughness, air gaps, or manufacturing variations. The actual temperature reduction may be different from the calculated value. However, this should give you a rough idea of how the two different thermal pad configurations may affect the cooling performance.

Ok, so basily it is SSD -> Thermal Pad (it looks like the Gelid will be fine considering the $ difference)-> 1mm Cu -> Gelid -> Zephyrus Chassis... Before I do this I would like to ask if anyone has tried to use the chassis of the G14 as part of the heat sink? It looks like the venting around the ssd area is only passive (very little active airflow and what is sucked in is really going to the cpu/gpu). The real question I have is what is the gap in mm between the top of the stock ssd and the internal face of the bottom chassis. I do not have a pair of calipers that can measure the clearance. I will be using the 1mm Cu plate, for sure, and the really about 1mm from the SSD controler (it is apparently 1/2 mm lower than the ram part of the ssd) and 1/2 mm on the ram components so between the SSD ->Thermal pads -> Cu, it would be about 1 1/2 mm about the stock configuration. I want to use the chassis as part of the heartsick so how thick should the thermal pad be between the Cu heat sink and the chassis? Any help would be great, if some one has calipers and can take measurements of the stock configuration that would be great. When I get this done I can do some stress tests but right now Recoll and KDE Indexing Service cause the system to grind to a halt because of thermal throttling.
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2023.03.25 02:17 -RoSe-2020 Recommendations Monteverde

Recommendations Monteverde
We've been loving our stay in Monteverde at a very affordable air bnb with hotel "Claro De Luna" our host Ericka is super sweet and breakfast is included!! The gardens on the property are SO peaceful and we even have a sloth hanging out at the moment!! **Also, I went on a trail ride with "El Rodeo" and HIGHLY recommend the sunset ride!!! The horses are well mannered healthy and well taken care of!! (Not just trail horses that will blindly follow anywhere and get overworked daily). This is a business that I am very happy to support! Our guide pointed out different plants/ trees and wildlife while riding .. absolutely a highlight during our stay in Monteverde 💗💗
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2023.03.25 02:07 Saturdead The Drainpipe Siren

The summer I turned 10 was the best time of my life. For years I’d had trouble making friends with other girls, and out of nowhere I was accepted into a group of boys. We would ride our bikes everywhere, play games, and sit up all night just talking about superheroes. I loved it, and I started enjoying coming to school.
That summer was the first summer we went to Everett’s cabin. We biked up there with his dad and spent three days hiking, fishing, telling stories, building a treehouse, and chowing down on hot dogs. It was amazing, and probably the first time in my life where I truly felt like part of a group.
For the next few years, we went back up there every summer. Sometimes we’d get another member, sometimes we’d lose one. People came and went, but we biked up there every summer nonetheless.

They became my best friends. I was one of the “original members” alongside Everett and Sam, but one year we had Lewis, another year there was Owen, and so on. But me, Everett, and Sam? We were always there. The originals.
By the time we all turned 14, there was another girl joining the group; Sam’s girlfriend Josslyn. I’d had some trouble getting along with other girls, so I was a bit hesitant about having Josslyn come along. But I was hilariously wrong. Within a couple of weeks, Josslyn became my best friend. She was like the sister I never had.
The year we turned 16 was the last time we would go there as a group. By then, everyone was growing up. Some were going to college; others were getting a job. Hell, Sam and Josslyn had just broken up and could barely be in the same room. Spending the summer in Everett’s cabin became one of those things that you just stop doing. We promised we’d go back there someday and celebrate summer the right way, knowing full well that would probably never happen.
And then, nothing. And as with all names and faces, they started growing distant. We kept in touch every now and then, but Sam, Everett and Josslyn all went on with their lives. I did too.

That was until a few years ago, when we all turned 30.
By then, Sam was about to move out of state. His startup company had gained some traction, and they were moving their main office. He was hitting the big leagues.
Josslyn was planning a move to Scotland. She’d met this guy at the university that she fell head over heels in love with, and the two of them’d had a long-distance relationship for close to a decade.
Everett, well, he’d tried to play the family man. He had a four-year old son and a two-year old girl with a woman who was divorcing him. Oof.
And me? Well, I wasn’t dealing with my aging very well. I’ve had anxiety all my life and haven’t celebrated a birthday since I was 14. I can barely look myself in the mirror, horrified of the possibility of seeing a grey hair. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, truth be told, and I imagine feeling all kinds of cramps and pains because of my age. And yes, I know 30 isn’t that old. Doesn’t matter.

But that summer, Everett sent us a message out of nowhere. His family was selling the cabin, and he figured one more trip down memory lane would do us all some good. The whole area was being sold off to a logging company at the end of summer. Personally, I just think the divorce was getting to him.
At first, I wasn’t going to accept. But after seeing both Sam and Josslyn agreeing to come, I couldn’t say no. Maybe it would distract me from turning 30.

So one sunny day in late June I drove down from Morgantown back home to Juniper (WV), not knowing what to expect. I figured I might get a nice weekend out of it.
And as I met up with Sam and Everett, it was as if nothing had changed. They hugged me. We laughed, we joked around, and we laughed some more. Everett had rented us mountain bikes. I got the blue one.
Sure, they looked a bit different. Sam had put on a few pounds and had a thick pair of glasses. He was already sweating. Everett, who used to have dreadlocks, had this short and neat office-type haircut, and his eyes looked darker. But that was all just appearance; they were the same guys. Same humor, same smiles, same favorite superheroes. Wonderful.

We stopped at the supermarket. I was comparing beef jerky prices when Sam walked up to me.
“Josslyn went on ahead,” he explained. “The roads are all dug up, so we’re taking the tunnel.”
“The Rosewater tunnel? By the railroad?” I asked.
“Yeah,” nodded Sam. “Shouldn’t take long. Josslyn is already up there.”
Made sense to me. Josslyn was the outdoorsy type. She was probably up there making a fire by rubbing sticks together or something. But just in case, I bought myself a Firestarter. You never know.

And then we were off. Riding bikes with the same people, down the same roads. Sure, it all looked different, but it really wasn’t. After all these years, I was still just me and the guys. For a moment, I felt this surge of optimism; like everything, somehow, might turn out all right.
Everett took point. We followed a trail deep into the pine forest, sweating under the summer sun. The canopy was a blessing, hiding us from the afternoon heat. It took us a bit over an hour to find the railroad tracks. We followed them north. Sam was sweating like he’d never even seen a bike before.

Then we got to the tunnel. The old Rosewater tunnel wasn’t long, but it was old. Everyone knew about it, but it was the kind of place that parents refused to let their kids go near. The place was probably covered in mold. Still, biking through it wouldn’t be a problem. You could feel the draft coming through.
The tunnel had a slight curve to it, so we couldn’t see the other side. Still, Everett took point and howled with joy as he entered. The echo bounced off the walls, reaching into the mountain. Sam followed suit, shrieking just as loud. We dove deep into the dark with the rhythmic thumping of the railroad tracks beneath us.
Our bike lights shone as bright as they could, but the tunnel swallowed them. It was getting colder and colder, almost to the point of my breath showing. Little dust particles danced in the weak light. The sound of spinning bike chains and thumping wheels echoed, and the air tasted like old moisture.

Suddenly, Everett stopped. Then Sam. And soon, I could see why.
We were in the middle of the tunnel, and there was something covering the ground.

We were all standing there dumbfounded. Snow? In late June? That didn’t make a lick of sense.
“That’s just weird,” said Sam. “Let’s keep going.”
“Wait,” said Everett.
He stepped off his bike and walked around for a bit. I leaned against my handlebar, feeling the weight of my backpack. I hadn’t even noticed how out of breath I was. Everett leaned down, looking at the snow.
“What’s up?” Sam asked. “We going?”
“Yeah, yeah,” nodded Everett. “It’s just… I dunno.”
“Dunno what?”
“Like… where’re the tracks?”
“You’re sitting on ‘em” I added. “What’s the deal?”
“No, Josslyn’s tracks.”

Now I could definitely see my own breath. And Everett was right, the snow was undisturbed. Josslyn couldn’t have come through there, unless the snow had recently settled. But what, an inch and a half of powder snow in late June, in less than a day? Nah.
Everett got back on his bike.
“Let’s just keep going.”
We biked through the snow. About ten minutes later, we got to the edge of the tunnel.

It’d collapsed in on itself.
The ceiling had caved in and filled the entire tunnel with a steep slant of solid rock chunks. It didn’t look recent either.
We just turned around. There was no reason for us to keep pushing forward, so we decided to just go back out and follow the (if somewhat broken) main road instead. We had bikes, we could go pretty much anywhere. Still, I couldn’t help but notice how Everett seemed a bit distraught. We all were.
On our way back through the snow, I got the sense that something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. But right then and there, I was just happy we were leaving.

Except we didn’t get far.
The path we came in through had also collapsed.

“Did we make a… a wrong turn?” Sam asked. “I thought this… this was just a straight line.”
“It is,” said Everett. “This, uh… this doesn’t make sense.”
“I didn’t hear anything,” I gasped. “I didn’t hear a goddamn thing.”
“This is old. There’s dust. It didn’t just collapse, this is… ,” insisted Everett.
“So we must’ve gotten turned around somewhere,” smiled Sam. “So we backtrack.”

It took us about 45 minutes to move from one end of the tunnel to the other; but both ends were definitely collapsed. How we entered in the first place was mind boggling. It didn’t make sense.
At some point, we just stopped. We stepped off our bikes and sat down. Sam used his phone as a flashlight, illuminating the dancing dust particles. The air tasted stale.
“No bars,” Sam said. “Tunnels suck.”
“It doesn’t make sense!” groaned Everett. “We got in, we can get out!”
“How?!” I asked, throwing my arms out. “I’m not seeing any exits! It… it fell!”
“That’s impossible!” spat Everett. “There would be a… a goddamn ear-bursting pressure! There’d be so much dust we… we wouldn’t be able to breathe! And there wouldn’t be goddamn snow all over the ground!”

We tried to get our phones to work. We tried moving the rocks, but the thick moisture in the air had frozen; making them all stick together like bricks and mortar. There was no way.
We wasted hours, and the temperature just kept dropping. I’d started shivering, and Sam’s breath had frozen into little icicles in his beard. Everett paced back and forth, trying to come up with a plan.
The snow was either expanding, or we kept coming back to it. Either way, it was everywhere. And the temperature kept dropping; fast.

At one point, that strange feeling in my stomach came back to me. I removed my bike light and used it as a torch. I noticed something in the snow.
I could see our tracks. Both from our bikes, and our shoes. But there was something else; a slight impression. Two thin parallel lines, running next to the wall. They twisted and turned at times, but I couldn’t make out what it was supposed to be. I called Sam and Everett over to help me, but we suddenly got distracted.

Somewhere deep in the tunnel, I heard something.
A voice.

“You should be helping me.”

It came from further in. Without a doubt in my mind, and after all these years, I could still recognize Josslyn’s voice. We tried to pinpoint where it came from, but the tunnel made it impossible.
“Joss?” Sam called out. “Joss, you there?”
Nothing. We looked at one another. It took Everett a few moments to even attempt to accept this.
“Joss!” Everett finally called out “Josslyn!”
Still, nothing.

We looked for her. I could feel myself growing more desperate as the air got colder. My teeth had started to chatter, and no amount of rubbing my arms changed a thing. My hairs were standing at attention, as if listening for warmth.
Sam and Everett kept calling out to her, but we got no response. And all over the snow I kept seeing these two parallel lines, just barely scraping the top of the snow. Either they’d been there for a while, or whatever was making them were something extraordinarily light. But there was no way of telling where it came from.
I have no idea how many hours we spent walking up and down that freezing tunnel. At some point, we all gathered in a circle and wrapped ourselves in sleeping bags. I tried to use my Firestarter, but we didn’t have much to burn. We piled up some of our extra clothes and spent the better part of an hour setting it on fire. It burned for less than ten minutes.

At some point, we just stopped trying. Our hands were raw, and I started having cold sweats. We’d turned off the lights to save on battery, but my restless eyes kept moving. I could feel myself going cross-eyed, my mind confused by the pressing dark.
There was too much ground to cover. There might be some side tunnel that we might’ve missed, but we were losing hope. I didn’t know what to make of it. Sam and Everett had gone through several cycles of arguing, making a desperate effort, being anxiously hopeful, and then back to arguing. Now they were just quiet.
I would’ve preferred an argument.

“You… should be helping me.”

We all looked up. It was distant, but not as distant as last time. I could hear Sam shuffling as he got up. He called out to Josslyn again and again, but there was no response. Sam was growing more and more desperate, and his screams got louder. At some point, he stopped calling out to her; he just screamed.
The arguing started again as Everett tried to shut him up. But I heard something. I looked up, concentrating on the sound. There was a slight reverb, like the sound bouncing off something metallic.
I put my bike light back on and looked up, letting the bright cone answer my question.
There were drainpipes running along the ceiling of the tunnel.

“Some… some kind of drainage, or a run-off,” said Sam, looking up. “That’s gotta… wait. This wasn’t at the entrance.”
“So it started further in,” I said. “Maybe there’s a maintenance area.”
At that, Everett got up.
“Yeah,” he nodded. “Yeah, that makes, uh… that makes sense.”

We followed the pipes, and I couldn’t help but notice that the parallel lines in the snow that seemed to be going the same way. They were roughly following the way the pipes were running in the ceiling. Sam and Everett didn’t seem to notice.
“There might be another way out,” said Sam. “Like a… maintenance entrance.”
“Yeah,” agreed Everett. “They can’t have people running in and out of here when the trains are coming, right?”
My stomach turned. The stress was getting to me. I wasn’t usually the quiet one of the group, but crawling around in the dark just weighed my entire mind down. It wasn’t supposed to be cold. It wasn’t supposed to be dark. We were supposed to be making hot dogs by the cabin.

There was a faint tapping sound. Something banging against the pipes, somewhere up ahead. Sam and Everett pushed forward.
And there it was. A maintenance door.
We all got excited. We ran up to it, and the moment Sam put his hands on the handle, I shouted at them to stop.

They just looked at me, barely illuminated by our combined electronics. I could see the parallel lines running in the snow leading into the maintenance door. I pointed it out to Sam and Everett, who didn’t pay it no mind. Sam thought it was water drops from condensation. Everett didn’t care.
It couldn’t be water drops. It was too cold, and too consistent. Something in me screamed at me to just… not go further. This was bad.

But the door flung open, and we stepped inside.
There was an awful smell in the air. Chemicals; mostly ammonia. It took some time getting used to, but we pushed on. There was a small corridor leading us further in, branching into maintenance tunnels that were so small that we had to move sideways to fit.
We explored, as a group. We couldn’t find an obvious way out, but we could make an educated guess. We just had to find a way that pointed us either straight forward, or straight back; following the curvature of the Rosewater tunnel.

At one point, we hit a dead end. As we turned back, I was suddenly first in line. Then we heard it again.
“You should… be helping me.”
This time it was just down the hall. It was so close it chilled me more than my freezing breath. And for a split second, I could swear I saw something move just at the edge of the light. Something that retreated into the dark with a rhythmic sound. And it was leaving behind those strange parallel lines in the frost-covered floor.

We got back to one of the maintenance hubs. The drainpipes coalesced, leading us further in. We stopped for a while, as Sam was out of batteries.
“They will come looking for us,” said Sam. “We should just go back and wait.”
“We’ll freeze,” I said. “It’s absurd, but we’ll freeze.”
“She’s right,” agreed Everett. “We… we gotta push.”
“Then I go second. I don’t have a light.”

We agreed.
And as we turned around, there was Josslyn.

We could barely make out her shape at first. She looked taller, and her hair clung to her face like she’d crawled out of a cold bath. She just stood there, barely keeping herself upright. Sam and I stood there in shock, but Everett burst into action. He sprinted forward towards her.
In a whiplash-like motion, Josslyn was pulled back into the dark. She didn’t make a sound.
I noticed two things.
One, that her legs didn’t move.
And two, that her feet barely touched the ground; leaving parallel lines in the frosted floor.

Everett rushed after her, screaming her name over and over like a desperate parrot. I was right behind him, and Sam was trying his best to keep up. We ran, seeing whiffs of her hair disappear further and further into the darkness. She was moving, fast, and we could barely keep up. Just seconds later, as we came to a four-way junction, she was gone.
Everett fell to his knees, panting. I stopped short of tripping over him.
“She… she’s here,” Everett panted. “S-something’s wrong.”
I spat and tried to stay in motion to keep my sweat from freezing. The salt stung my eyes.
“Why… why is she doing this?” he asked. “What’s going on?”
“Wait,” I said.
I turned around.
“Where’s Sam?”

We backtracked. We tried to mentally map those labyrinthian halls, but we just came up with dead end after dead end. Sam was gone. Disappeared into the dark.
And somewhere, far ahead, we could hear something again.

“Yooooouu~ should be… helping me.”
But this time, in Sam’s voice.
Sam’s broken, drawling, drawn-out half-voice. It made the drainpipes reverberate, shaking with excitement.

This time, we turned the other way. We couldn’t keep getting pulled further and further in. We made a silent agreement that whatever was in there was something we didn’t want to see. We had to keep going, and once we got out, we could help.
“We… we have to follow the pipes,” said Everett. “They have to lead outside at some point!”
“Or they’ll just… just lead us further in!”
“We can’t keep running in circles! We pick a path, and we stick to it!”
He grabbed my shoulders. Even with barely functioning light, I could see the panicked size of his pupils. I nodded. Whatever it took for us to stick together.

We must’ve walked for hours. And finally, it opened up into another junction. This one with only two adjoining corridors. But by now, we’d moved around so much there was no way to tell what was north, south, or in-between. We could only guess.
“You pick,” said Everett.
And I did.

We followed one of the halls, and I could hear my footsteps growing louder. The echo was increasing. Moments later, the halls opened into a kind of hub area where all the drainpipes coalesced. It was much large than expected, with solid concrete walls and floors. Dozens of pipes lead us here.
Everett was about to rush forward when I put a hand on his shoulder. I looked around for a bit, but he brushed me off and kept going.
“Wait!” I called out, pointing.
There was something up ahead.

It was impossible not to recognize Sam. His body hanging limp, inches off the ground like a stringed-up puppet.
His skin white as snow, with icicles hanging from his beard and hair. He didn’t move.
You shooooould… be helping me,” his body groaned, without ever moving his mouth.

The shadows behind him moved.
The very dark of the room; it moved.

And at that moment, I realized there was something oil-slick and dark slithering along the pipes; holding Sam up like a ventriloquist dummy.

“Sssssshould. Sssssshould be.”

I could see Josslyn’s bike, snapped in half and thrown into a corner. Strange flowers grew along the edge of the wall; like little sunflowers, frozen and blue.
I could see Josslyn’s backpack torn open and thrown across the floor. The hot dogs, trampled and abandoned. And there at the very edge of my light, I could see Josslyn’s frozen hair splayed across the concrete in a pool of frozen blood.
Unnatural hands crawled across the drainpipes, causing a rhythmic thumping. And just as the horror of this vision sunk into me, my mind exploded into panic. It was like watching through my eyes like a passenger, surrendering completely to whatever power would get me out of there. My mind lit up the world with fear, as a real and tangible threat started coming our way; and it was dragging Sam along.

I bolted back out the door. Something was right behind me, but I didn’t know if it was Everett or… that Sam-thing. I didn’t care. I didn’t care the slightest.
I turned a quick corner. Everett followed. The Sam-thing couldn’t keep up, and whatever held him just tossed him aside. I could hear his body shattering like a gypsum statue; his body frozen solid.
Another corner. A quick turn.
Too quick.

I tripped on my own feet. I fell, and Everett fell right after me. We ended up on our sides, lying face-to-face. Something in my elbow broke, and I couldn’t get up.
Then, Everett stopped. I did too. I held my breath, waiting for whatever pain there was to come. Everett looked at me, slack jawed.

His breathing stopped. A long mosquito-like appendage had extended down from the drainpipes, piercing the back of his skull, like popping a water balloon. It was sucking out his warmth, making his skin lose its color. Eyes sinking into his skull, freezing. Nails and tongue turning black. Skin cracking like porcelain. Membranes shriveling into nothing but dry meat.
“Yooooooou~ “ it started. “… yoooOoou… heEeeeeEelping me. Help. Helping meeeee.”

I couldn’t look away.
But as my light dwindled, all that was left was the cold of his touch, and his words; frozen in time.
“Shhhh… shhhhoooOo… should be. Be. Be.”
As my light went out, all that was left was one desperate plea. And for a moment, it sounded just like him.
“Helping me. Helping. Helping me. Helping… me.”

I must’ve stayed there for hours, growing colder by the minute. I just lay there, listening to him slowly learning how to talk with Everett’s body. My tears had frozen my eyelids shut, and my shivers had subsided to a deep throbbing pain.
At some point, Everett was lifted off the floor. And as a cold spike poked against my skin, I realized I could barely feel it. I was too cold.
The creature must’ve thought the same thing, as it left me there. I had no warmth left for it to feast on.

I was no longer interesting prey. I’d accidentally strained my elbow as I fell, and I could barely feel my legs. Further and further away, I could hear the rhythmic thumping as the creature moved along the drainpipes. The pleas of what remained of Everett grew more confident, and distant.
At some point, it wasn’t interested anymore. I fumbled down corridor after corridor, trying to keep my eyes open.
And out of nowhere, the tunnels just seemed to... open up.

On the other side of the Rosewater Tunnel, the light blinded me.
The sun of late June promised me that I was finally safe.

Now, this was all about… five years ago. Law enforcement insist that we were “urban explorers” who messed up. There had been reports of rockslides near the Rosewater Tunnels, and they figured that Sam, Everett and Josslyn got caught in it somewhere deep in the abandoned side tunnels. They didn’t take any other report or indication of wrongdoing seriously. That I had frost burns in late June didn’t seem to bother them.
I’ve been holding off on writing this story as it was technically open for investigation until last September. They finally closed it, officially classifying it as a kind of spelunking expedition gone wrong. They swear they’ve investigated the tunnel, but I have yet to see a single squad car anywhere near it.
I don’t think this is over.

I’ve since left it all behind. The town, the people, the past.
And whatever future I have left, I will cherish.
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