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2023.06.09 01:19 GuaranteeUsual 25 [M4M] Weekend fun

Down for fun this Saturday/Sunday morning or night..
Me: ✓ 25 ✓ VTop ✓ Average looks ✓ Average to stockt body type ✓ from QC ✓ Vanilla to soft dom ✓ Above average dick
You: ✓ Tops or Bottoms are welcome ✓ 21 and above ✓ can either travel of be near QC ✓ better if we can be constant fubus ✓ no body preference
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2023.06.09 01:18 Corviak Fixing a failing GPU.

Go to last paragraph for TLDR
If you want the full details:
I bought the 2070 Super back in mid-2019. It had been serving me well since then up until today. I was playing Diablo 4 until my screens froze and I noticed some slight artifacting in she shapes of O and X. After making the possibly disastrous decision of hard shutting down my computer, I rebooted and was greeted with small purple lines running horizontally across my primary display. Those lines remained to my desktop, and I promptly shut down my computer again. Reseated the GPU, cleaned it with some air, and plugged it back in.
I get to the boot menu. Hallelujah - no lines. I get to my desktop, and only my primary display is working. I go into the device manager. Disable, then re-enable the GPU. Eveything seems to be back to normal.
I boot Diablo 4 again, thinking that the problem has been fixed, or at least delayed for a few more months. My screens freeze again. This time, no artifacting. Audio remained for a few seconds and my computer restarts itself. I reboot one last time with the card installed to try to figure out what's going on. Instead of booting up Diablo again, I boot up Destiny 2: a much less demanding game where I haven't faced any issues. Screens go black and I'm rebooted again. All this with HWMonitor open to check my temperatures. I didn't go above 85C.
I shut down the computer while I think about what could be happening: GPU seems like an obvious choice, but it's an expensive part to replace. It could be a faulty lane on my motherboard, or the power supply is shorting out: anything other than the GPU.
My brother comes home, I tell him what happened, and he offers to test it his system to see if it is the GPU for sure. Meanwhile I put in an old 970 in my system and run a stress test.
It's 100% the GPU. This is especially bad because I'm an artist, and my tablet is connected to it with a USB-c cable. I've looked around and that seems to have been removed from cards nowadays due to their lack of use.
TLDR: Do I attempt to fix the card myself: i.e. replacing thermal paste or something? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new graphics card?
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2023.06.09 01:18 Anon827531 Boat Rental Discrimination

I recently booked a quick boat trip my myself and a few friends on (similar to AirBnB) to take a small electric boat out for an evening. This was my first time booking and I looked all over their website as well as the boat owner’s specific listing for rules about dogs. I didn’t see anything saying they don’t comply with ADA or that dogs weren’t allowed so I booked the boat.
I typically like to disclose the fact that I have a service animal when I book things just for transparency. When I disclosed this to the owner after booking, he said no dogs were allowed on his boat. I told him she’s not a pet, she’s a trained service animal. He said he was concerned about the wood floors on the boat and wouldn’t accommodate for me. So I very politely asked for a refund. He refused since his policy is no refunds after 5 days out.
I reached out to and they basically said they can’t help me or refund me themselves because I already paid him.
This has to be discrimination right? Is this something worth getting a lawyer for? I feel so defeated, so sad and am out a good chunk of money.
So just some advice, NEVER EVER book with Get My Boat. They will do absolutely nothing to help and truly discriminate against those of us with disabilities.
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2023.06.09 01:18 twa243 Hey all, Long Time Lurker here. Just wanted to say I appreciate this group and what it's all about.

I'm not an RSO, but I've lurked here since early 2022, and it's really changed my perspective on RSOs, and, in a way, helped me through a bad time, so I figured I'd at least say something and tell a little bit about what brought me here.
I won't go into detail, but, to make a long story short, there were some stupid and careless things I did as a teen/younger adult, that I, once I became mature enough to actually reflect on my behavior, felt intense shame and guilt over for quite some time. Whether or not I actually crossed any illegal lines at any point, I honestly don't know, but that uncertainty was enough to also cause me to spiral into a nearly constant fear of it coming back to bite me in one way or another, including getting arrested and being forced to register, grouping me with some of the worst people in society. I feared everything from the arrest itself, to how it could affect my family and friends, and even thinking I'd be killed in prison. It was at it's worst in early 2022, when I started lurking here. Needless to say, I felt like an awful person on one hand, and on the other hand, the thought of worst-case scenario consequences put the fear of God in me. I do suffer from anxiety disorders and paranoia, so that's probably part of why it got so bad, and well, if any of this sounded irrational, that's why.
When I came here though, it changed my perspective by a lot. I went from seeing RSOs as little more than Society's Monster, to seeing mostly humans, who made a mistake or a bad decision of some sort and are repaying their debt in some way. I also saw a bunch of well meaning people who help each other out, and are doing their best to carve out a good life despite the label. There's definitely people here that I can respect for striving to become better people, and helping others who are going through the same situation. And well, you guys, even if indirectly, helped me come to terms with myself and my own guilt, as well as helped me realize that even if the apocalyptic worst-case scenario were to happen, there would still be hope for me to rebuild.
So, yeah. I apologize for the long first-time post, and I'm sorry if this all sounds stupid coming from an outsider, but, I appreciate you guys, and I can say that this group has my support. Godspeed.
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2023.06.09 01:17 curiosfinds Carrington Prepping

Anybody else been prepping for the next Carrington-level event?
I have been prepping for over a few years now and am starting to get jittery over the recent solar cycle. I think nobody is prepared enough. I’ve moved all my supplies to the garage to quickly move it outside in case of a fire.
The recent Canadian wildfires even prompted me to think deeper about smoke preparation when and if all our houses go on fire.
Here’s how I see it going down in my head:
We’re informed by a few hours but they don’t shut down the power grid. The power lines pick up all the current and channel it into our homes forcing breakers to flip but it’s not enough. Transformers explode and current bridges the gap in our homes and unplugging things is useless because the current is overloaded in all of our home circuitry. Two grounding rods is for the main current from the supply but not enough for the whole house. Homes everywhere go on fire and the air is filled with toxic smoke in dense areas. Food supply is short. You know the rest.
Here’s my plan. - Turn off the main breaker but leave everything plugged in to use any excess current - [New Plan] Plant three grounding rods around my home and plug in a heavy duty extension cord into three outlets spaced around the exterior to those grounding rods - Fill up all tubs and vessels with water for as long as the water grid has supply and hope my grounding rods spare my house - Move my makeshift Faraday cage outside in the back of the yard to it’s own grounding rod. It’s a double lined garbage pail with electronics (metal over plastic). It contains. - Move my tents, water, and food outside. Separate any metals from everything else to avoid sparks starting fires. - Prepare my smoke masks for the family and wait outside away from everything
I am curious if my grounding of the main load bearing outlets, which is my latest plan, will help at all.
I believe we are overdue.
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2023.06.09 01:17 Opposite_Ad9119 Verbal insults to

I’ve been in a major dilemma for a long time now. The main story is too long to really explain so I’m going to keep it brief. I moved out from my husband back in February, I lost my job so moved back in around May.I hate him but I’m in a horrible financial state right now and we have a 2 year old so it’s extremely difficult.
Today’s situation: after work I decided to go to my old apartment to get the rest of my things before my move out date. My husband met me there- The first thing that was said was him joking about me coming back to “ daddy” and how I thought I could leave but came back to him…” then there was a discussion about some minor things of his that he has there and for him to collect them so I can try to organize, he seemed agitated and gave me a look. Our son was crying so I asked him if he could help me take out the trash so we can make this process quicker for our son. His comment was “ oh my F*ing God, which F*ing one”? I asked him why he had to cuss at me and he just reasked the questions without the F word but more aggressive like he was being bothered.
We are getting ready to head out back to his apartment and I’m carrying a 50 inch tv while my son is crying for me, he was carrying an air conditioner to our cars as well, our son wasn’t listening to his commands and frustrated him, I tried to talk with him about not to get too frustrated about it and this was the rest of the conversation:
Him: shut up Me : don’t do him like that, and why are you telling me to shut up for? Him: shut up with your weak ass Me : what? Why are you saying that? Him: hurry up with your biscuit arms and your weak ass Me: why are you insulting me?
He said some more insulting things and then left. ( we both drove separately). I can never wrap my head around why he’s cruel to me. I honestly didn’t even understand what the problem was, he just started forming an attitude once I asked him to help me with the trash. I called him on the way home and asked him “ why did you have to insult me? “ and he screams “what do you want?!” I replied “ I just asked it”. And then he hangs up on me. I’m honestly now very nervous because I know how he can get and I’m afraid on how this will play out emotionally.
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2023.06.09 01:17 04HondaCivic Running Hot but not Overheating

2007 GMC Canyon 3.7 I-5. 4x4 Z71
tl/dr: replaced thermostat, water pump, clutch fan and radiator cap. Had coolant system flushed. It now runs above normal temps and activates clutch fan. Clutch fan won’t release even after cooling down until after driving several miles.
Truck has been throwing a temp sensor engine too cold code (I can’t remember the exact code) for a long while. It would come and go. Before it started throwing a code, during the cold months it would struggle to get to temp even at idle. It might get to between 1/4 and 1/2 on the temp gauge. I attributed it to a thermostat stuck open. Last summer it would slowly heat up to 1/2 but at idle and 85° ambient temperatures it would creep to between 1/2 and 3/4’s, the clutch fan would come on and stay on even after completely cooling down. You could hear it roaring during any acceleration but would often finally release after several miles of driving. Drive-ability was never affected and it never overheated nor lost coolant. I had previously changed the water pump and hadn’t had issues until last summer.
Last winter it started throwing the temp code. It would take several miles to heat and while the heater would eventually get warm it never got truly hot if the ambient temp was below 20°. The heat would stay a constant warm temp so I know it was cycling through the heater core it just never got HOT.
Another symptom I noticed is that during the warm up cycle, before it fully came to temp but after driving several miles, if I floored it to merge onto the highway or gave it throttle, I could watch the temp gauge drop dramatically as if someone poured cold water all over everything. The heater would cool noticeably. Then the temps would slowly creep back up.
Two weeks I changed the thermostat, water pump and clutch fan. The code hasn’t returned. However it gets to temp really quickly. Like within a couple miles of driving. The heater is now HOT. It may be that because the ambient temps are now in the 70’s that it just feels HOT. What concerns me was that it runs slightly too warm. While driving it hovers about a notch about 1/2 and while idling it creeps to almost 3/4. It never gets hotter. The clutch fan will come on and won’t release even after cooling completely. The clutch fan never comes on while driving. It’s only if I sit in park and idle for several minutes. It will also come on at startup if I’ve driven it and parked with the clutch fan being released; I believe this is because it is running warm and after shutting off the engine the residual heat soak increases the temps enough the lock it on. If that makes sense.
I had the coolant flushed several days ago thinking there might be air still trapped and I’m still running into the same symptoms. It gets to temp quickly, holds temp but will get warmer than I think it should be. It never overheats.
What are the the next things I should be looking at? My thoughts are my thermostat is not opening soon enough and is too hot of a thermostat. I know there are different temps and perhaps I got either a bad one or one that is opening at too warm a temp.
Parts that are new: Thermostat Water pump Clutch fan Radiator cap Recent coolant flush
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2023.06.09 01:17 MarchingArtsBTN Hey fellow score nerds - I built a new website called bandScores as a place to host historical scores for every activity within the marching arts. Come check it out!

Hi everyone! I’m here to share an exciting (and very massive) data project I’ve been working on over the past year.
Some of you may remember that I started a project last year called Marching Arts by the Numbers. My first project that I shared with the community was a dashboard/web app for scores from the 2022 DCI. The dashboard was updated daily throughout the season with new scores, recaps, and other metrics as the season progressed. Last fall got really busy for me, but I picked up data work again in the winter and built similar dashboards for the 2023 WGI guard and percussion seasons.
I’ve decided to rebrand a bit and rename my project to bandScores. I’m also really excited to share that I’ve launched a new website at For the longest time, I’ve wanted one central place on the web where I can look up current or historical scores for any activity in the marching arts and more easily compare scores and recaps across shows or seasons. Having yet to come across anything like that, I decided to build a site myself!
The site is still very much in its infancy with a lot of work yet to be done on future projects and pages. But I’m happy to share the work I’ve done so far. Here is a list of some of the different pages that are currently published:
Some of the projects I’m planning for the near future:
All together, between scraping and cleaning the data, building the dashboards, and building the website, I've worked on this project for probably close to 1000 hours, if not more - and I’m still only at the tip of the iceberg with work that I want to put into this! I’m simply doing this as a fun passion project and as something to give back to the community. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have and hope you enjoy this new website and resource!
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2023.06.09 01:17 yunniCC Looking for sublease from now to Sept 1st

I will be interning in Santa Clara this summer. I’d like to find a sublease near SCU from June 10 to September 1. If anybody knows a discord server for rental in this area, could you send me the link as well. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 01:16 Visual-Demand4005 [Letter]

Dr. Peterson,
Thank you for your thought-provoking podcast. It keeps me company on occasion while I am working.
I have heard you mention recently, that you have or are developing an AI based on the text of the King James Bible. In the context of these discussions, you wondered if having it write additional stories based on the inputs would be eye-opening. Immediately The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan came to mind. I think this is an excellent example of storytelling in that manner, and it was written nearly 500 years ago. I do not believe it has a parallel as far as biblical allegories go. Add times in the past, I have read it to my children as a bedtime story.
Thank you for the insights and I am looking forward to more excellent content on your podcast.
Jason Burton
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2023.06.09 01:16 Kinxxyz Pomeranian health

Whenever my dog is shaking as if he’s releasing the stress off his body / shaking water off his body. I can hear water near his genital area or his abdomen. Is there any way to distinguish it before going to the vet for checkup? If so what are the remedies.
Theories are it’s either his balls shaking that is creating this water sound or something is going on inside my dog. Any ideas?
It has gone on in a month and this time it has making me worry because other dogs don’t make the “water shaking” noise when shaking off.
His digestive track is okay, feces are fine, he eats normally. What could this possibly be?
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2023.06.09 01:16 missexsomeone Am I wrong for needing a break sometimes?

So context- I am a stay at home and default parent. My husband sometimes works 60 hours. Last school year I took our 2 year old to a sitters once a week while older child, 7 was at school so I could do house chores in peace, get shit done, go to my appts, etc.
The end of December I suffered respiratory failure because I’m asthmatic and caught the worst strain of the flu going around this past winter. Recovery was absolutely hell. Once husband went back to work (he was able to stay home with us and take care of me for ~a week, which I am very grateful for), our toddler was between the sitter and my MIL for about 5 weeks. Every week I was able to slowly decrease the days he went as I gained back my strength, mobility, mental clarity, etc. I went back to taking him one day a week however because I was still quickly exhausted and had even more doctors appointments and just need to REST. Yesterday, I took our toddler to the sitter after having not for 3.5 weeks so my older son and I could have a day just us. He doesn’t get much individualized attention and I feel it’s only fair that he gets a day every once in awhile with just mommy because that was his life for 4.5 years before our toddler came along. We watched some shows and snuggled, built a couple of Lego sets, played Spider-Man (he loves costumes and playing pretend). I also got some laundry done and put away. We had such an amazing day together and I felt so good about it. Toddler was at the sitters for ~7 hours.
My husband was completely upset and pissed off because I’m a stay at home mom and shouldn’t be taking our son to a sitter. This upset me deeply because it makes me feel completely unappreciated and unseen. I do all of this by myself. He doesn’t help take care of the house or dogs (2), he does help with the kids. I am a fucking stress case because of issues going on between us. I am highly anxious to the point of throwing up almost every day. Even if it was to just take him to the sitters and fuck off all day (which I’ve never done; I’m always taking care of the house, catching up on chores, doctors appts, etc) am I undeserving of a break? Is everything that I do of so little value that I do not deserve some time to myself? Some quietness and stillness? I spend my days taking care of and worrying about every other god damn thing in this house and have always put myself last to the point of crippling depression in the past.
All I wanted was a day to focus on my oldest. I felt so great about the day we had and how I was able to be present with him, which admittedly lately has been very difficult. I have felt mine and my oldest connection slipping and I wanted to reconnect with him without the interruption of his little brother constantly needing me.
Please do not get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful that my husband works his ass of for us. He is very tired often because of the long hours he works. I appreciate that. I let him sleep nearly all day on his days off, if I ask him to do anything, it’s 1-2 small things like load the dishwasher or change the trash. He has made me feel unseen and unappreciated so much in the past and I thought it was better. He used to say he was so happy for me that I got some time for myself and it helped improve my mental health greatly. But now I feel like he’s back to disregarding everything I do, like it’s nothing and I don’t need and am not deserving of a break (which again my breaks are not true breaks). How did he go from happy for me that I was able to have and make some space for myself to make me feel like I’m a rotten person for taking my toddler to the sitter so I could have a day with my oldest?
I’m a stay at home mom so am I not deserving of that? Are only working moms deserving of a break? Is what I do not a 24/7 job?
I feel so damn worthless and defeated right now.
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2023.06.09 01:16 Agitated_Medium5844 Cold Intolerance

I’ve been running into cold intolerance this summer since recently starting up hot yoga again. Each time I drink soda with ice or sit in air conditioning for too long I start to get too cold and shivery. It’s an experience that’s strange because it’s not cold on my skin but like by bones are cold. I can even wear a jacket but I don’t want to be that weird person with a jacket on all summer long when it’s 80 out. Does hot yoga mess with your bodies temperature regulation or is this just me?
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2023.06.09 01:16 Dull-Cryptographer80 AITA: “Outed” at work

 On Tuesday, a Coach was showing a potential new employee around. Upon meeting me, he was told in a low whisper by the Coach that I’m gay—when I was standing near him. I hope the potential new hire wasn’t uncomfortable. I’m 37; he’s in his late teens. At first, I was obviously mad but I was trying to see the flip side. The next day, I spoke with my Team Lead because I wondered when was his first day. She was angry and told me no one should say that about a person. I can see both sides. Now, I have been out at work for about a year. The Coach (and most everyone else by now), knows I’m gay. But he, as a potential new employee, didn’t until he was told. It was unnecessary. It’s not like I’m going to jump him in the meat cooler; the age range is too great, and we’re at work! But the Coach also could have told him to see if he’d care about that stuff, to prevent his hearing it from someone else, and/or to break the stigma that one does work with gay people nowadays, as well a thinking my being gay wasn’t a big deal—except it’s MY decision to tell him or not! Am I the asshole for being angry at my Coach for outing me to a potential new hire? 
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2023.06.09 01:15 ransomUsername Ad Astra: 13 - The Escape

The next day came and went in a blur, both Igor and Kartha throwing themselves into their final preparations. She needed to pack, decide what she wanted to keep with her and what she could afford to leave behind. Maybe write a short note that she would be leaving and not coming back. It was.... a big step into the unknown, but she just had to take that risk. Everything would be better than staying here and slowly dying inside..... right?
Igor was just as busy, although with other things: He was removing all digital traces of their presence at the academy. Submitted essays, report cards, all videos or photos in which they could be identified. He pulled a copy of a few last relevant datasets and then started the timer that would shut down the entire computer system for a few minutes. Dinner would end at 7:30, Kartha would appear around 8:00 perhaps - the others would be long gone by then, their movie was going to start at 7:00 - and then they would have another hour until it would be time to go.He didn't bother with packing, the only important things he had here were his little gravity engine project and the companion he had built.
Neither of them went to class that day either. Igor cited a desire to tinker with his current project instead of sitting in 'interplanetary politics' and that was enough to calm down his totally-not-girlfriends. Kartha simply stayed away; it wasn't that uncommon for her to do so, she had to admit.
Before long, the time had come. Humming quietly, Igor strolled back to his room one last time. In his mind, he went over everything one last time. The ship was prepared - as in, he had chosen which one to use and looked up how to fly it. Power and cameras were wired to turn themselves off on a generous schedule. His luggage stood ready next to the door. So now all he had to do was wait and think everything through again and again.
A while later than he had planned - but still well within the timeframe - Kartha showed up at his door with a large backpack. As he had promised, he was the only one in the room, apart from a small flying robot that was moving clothes from several open cupboards and drawers onto a pile in front of the bed. There, Igor was sorting, folding and packing whatever was brought to him.
"Hey Kartha," he called over without looking up, "we still have some time until everything's ready. Take a seat, maybe grab a drink or something. It's gonna get hectic soon, so you better get everything out of the way now."
"A-Alright then..." She closed the door, set down her backpack and sat down on the bed. Certainly not the welcome she had been expecting. "So.... who's the little one?"
"Hm? Oh, yes. That is Sasha. I made it to get things for me. Program into memory banks what is where, teach it basic concepts and tell it to get something. Observe:" He proceeded to say something in his native language, something he had tried to teach them the basics of, but failed. The only word she really recognised in the short sentence was 'Sasha', the name of the little construct.
After Igor was done giving Sasha its new order, it dropped off the small stack of clothing next to him and flew towards the kitchen. Shortly after, it returned with a bottle of water and set it down with the stack of clothing.
"See? Simple as that. Might have to refine the concept of where to put everything later, but for now it does its job well."
"No surprise you wanna leave, if you made that yourself..." Kartha mumbled.
The room descended into a mostly comfortable, if slightly tense silence. Igor was humming quietly, as he did so often as he finished his packing.

After a few minutes, three short beeps cut through the silence, startling Kartha out of her thoughts. Igor was already on his feet and reaching for his backpack.
"Come on, we need to move quickly. I'll explain everything that's happening once we're gone." The robot was ... sitting? on his shoulder and he was checking the time every few seconds. "Okay, on my mark, we go out and you follow me. Keep up. We're on a tight schedule if we want to do this properly. Okay?"
He didn't wait for any kind of acknowledgment or even look back to see if she was ready to go. Without any warning, the floor trembled briefly and the lights went out. Faint red emergency lights turned on shortly afterwards, only to fizzle out as well.
"Now!" Igor called out, pulled open the door and headed onto the hallway at a brisk speed. Sasha whistled on his shoulder, a brief melody that indicated everything was in order. Very good.

Where was he taking them? Kartha was pretty sure that this wasn't the direct way to anywhere, but it at least looked like Igor knew what he was doing. To his credit, they were pretty much alone for the entire journey and the few people they did come across barely noticed them over their own attempts to find out what was happening.
At last, they ended up at the hangars. They were a lot busier than the hallways they had taken so far, but again, nobody seemed to pay attention to the two students marching straight towards one of the shuttles. 'As long as it looks like you know what you're doing, you're basically invisible.' One of their instructors had claimed at one point. Apparently, that was right (the relative darkness helped as well). Igor simply connected his 'pad with the shuttle, pressed a few buttons and the hatch opened up.
"Come on, inside first, answers a bit later." He stepped in, threw his backpack to the side and headed straight for the cockpit. "And close the door once you're in!"
Suddenly the hangar got a lot more hectic. They must have noticed the flight preparations or something. Someone came running at her, telling her to stop whatever she was doing and get out of the shuttle. She couldn't really see who it was, but it didn't matter. With a bit more force than neccessary, she hit the control panel to seal the doors, turned away and headed for the cockpit too. Kartha set her bag down with a bit more care than Igor had shown his own.
If there was a way to describe what was going on in the cockpit, it was 'organized chaos'. As soon as she had closed to door, Igor had been shouting at his robot and now she could see why. He was a blur of motion; his head snapping to the various displays seemingly at random, he flicked switches, pushed buttons and pulled levers (partially without even looking) and throughout all that he was all but yelling at Sasha who zipped around to all the places Igor couldn't physically reach. "Sit down and strap in!" He snapped at her at some point during all of it - she wouldn't admit to losing track of time just watching him work.

As soon as his companion was even close to properly seated, Igor engaged the engines with a quiet "I hope this works" on his lips. Sure enough, their shuttle shot forwards, out towards freedom. Noone stopped them, and how would they? The blackout effectively cut all communication outwards, and they were moving too fast to be effectively stopped by any kind of handheld anti air weapons.
"Alright..... course is already set.... off we go." Were the first words Igor said since takeoff. Kartha had been quiet as well, but where he had been focused on flying them away from the planet, she had needed time to process everything that had happened including the fact that she had actually done it. She had left the academy. It wasn't until they actually made the jump that she regained her wits.
"So... where are we going?" She asked at last, once Igor had relaxed a bit. It was a good question, he had never said anything about that after all.
"Oh, right, answers... We're headed towards Earth, but after that we can go wherever we want." Wherever they wanted, huh...? "Oh, and about what exactly went down at the academy: I'm sure you know that we have a backup power generator in case anything happens, yes? It gets tested every month to make sure the system works without any problems. For that, the central computer turns on the generator and then switches the entire power grid over to it. Usually, that happens in the middle of the night so nobody even notices if something goes wrong. I managed to get into the computer and trigger that cycle manually. Usually, something like that wouldn't do anything since the generator obviously works, however....." He paused to catch his breath, it was a lengthy explanation after all. "However this time there was nobody to oversee the whole process so if someone were to take out the generator shortly after the power grid switches over to it.... everything would stop working. That was the explosion you heard. I set up a little device to detect when the central computer no longer draws outside power as the fuse. It was only a small explosive, enough to destroy the generator, but not much else. That's why the power went out. ....I also deleted our files, so we're truly free to go wherever we like."
"Okay.... I.... think I'll just go and lie down in the back...." It was a lot to take in at once .... also it was getting rather late, so Kartha unstrapped herself and turned to leave the cramped cockpit.
"Got it, I'll keep an eye on everything over here." Igor got up as well and quickly kissed her on the lips before she could leave. "Good night, Kartha."
"Good Night Igor." Kartha quickly left the room, a bright blush burning on her face. It would take a long time before she could finally fall asleep.

So, here I am again. Sorry it took so long, but I tend to have the problem that while I know what I want to happen, I simply don't like the words I find for it. Anyway, I will be back soontm with Chapter 14: Answers.
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2023.06.09 01:15 Few-Clothes7435 Why…

…aren’t there like any gay guys near me? Like fr all I want is a boykisser near me so we can kiss like all boys should. It’s really unfair. I think tht we need to make a campaign to get bois to move here
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2023.06.09 01:15 PokingDogSnouts 32 [M4F] New Jersey/New York — Where have all the flowers gone?

I'd like to find somebody thoughtful, someone who isn't superficial. Somebody who appreciates the rich vastness of our shared multicultural past, and freely follows her curiosity in exploring it. Somebody who is trying her best to adhere to the guidance of her inner moral compass, and isn't so easily fooled by the distractions and illusions of the world.
One such illusion, that must immediately be mentioned (this is important, because it's led to a break for me, in the past): religion. Religion is man-made, and not of any higher authority. The Bible and the Quran all permit slavery—in addition to countless other horrid and divisive ideas—while claiming to be eternal wisdom, and that is indefensible. I still like to believe in the idea of some permeating higher morality, that imbues us with our general sense for justice, fairness, and empathy...but, I know that without outright proof, even my holding of such a notion can be deemed a flight of fancy, a residual remnant of a system so entrenched. However, it seems to me that life is often more than just what's on the surface. Um, but now, then—back to the person I wish to know...
I'd also love it if she were artistic. Singing, sketching, painting, writing, composing, creating. Someone who is trying to nurture their talents and passions. I know it can be difficult...
As for me, well... I adore music. Mostly voices from the past (the 1960s would have to be my favorite), because I find them to be humbler and more from the heart, at least in popular music. I’ll just give an example of something I’ve looked into, and this is nowhere near representative of my wider taste, but if you go back to early 1920s country music... (Here's an aside: a lot of what people think of as "country" today is a long cry from what the genre is actually like, historically. If you are into folk music—Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan—it is indelibly linked to "country", and if you'd like a popular example of a song that originated within the genre, look no further than the universally recognized "You Are My Sunshine", from 1939!)
Anyway. If you go back to that early period, where undiscovered niches of music were still sought out and first put to tape... a lot of those artists had no idea about anything to do with recording—no ego, no attempt to sound "cool". What came through instead was a bare expression of the life that had been lived—the inner beauty of their own personhood, and I love hearing that. It's so honest. A vulnerable and piercing expression.
So if you're into history or the beautiful music of decades (and centuries) past, if you have any aspirations for creating as a method of changing the world for the better, if you'd like to play games and watch movies together, if you'd like an accountability partner—or all of the above...please message me. I don't mind the chat function, either—in fact, it's probably easier. Also, to get this out of the way: this is what I look like.
I love beautiful things. Nature, music that tugs at your heartstrings or is so honest you're enraptured, experiences that heal. More specifically, here are some of my current interests:
To close... I suppose I should say I've been afflicted with long-COVID for over two years. It'd be very nice to keep each other company, especially if we share any of the interests up above—we could watch favorite films, have shared listening sessions on Spotify, and it'd be a godsend to find somebody up to play on PS4 and Switch! Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 on the secret hard modes, maybe? Or sculpting our own world from scratch in Minecraft? Or maybe we could act out Ocarina of Time's storyline using all the options available on Smash Ultimate!
I'd really like to know an intelligent person with a unique identity...who puts forth effort—though at the same time, no pressure on reaching out. If you are this type of person, but can currently only muster up a few words because, hey! Life is tough, and grueling, and we don't always have a ready-made letter in us to flip out of our pockets—don't be scared away by my tower of words. I absolutely know, firsthand, what it's like to want to communicate, yet not currently have the energy or the mindpower for it. Life can really sink you... I promise I will not judge. Please send me a chat message, if you're at all interested in chatting.
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2023.06.09 01:14 Caterpillar997 Guy 25M ghosts(?) me 25F after work trip?

I met this guy on a dating app around 3 months ago. We talked/texted everyday. This is new to me as I was in a really long relationship (8 years) and I wasn’t really interested in dating (started dating 3 years after the breakup) until he came along and caught my attention. He told me he was also really new to dating as he’s always been really shy and it’s hard for him to put himself out there. However, he went on a work trip to a work conference which was in another country. He was going to be there for a week and the first three days he was sending me pictures and updating me about his day. However, one of the days right after he sent me a picture of him hanging out with his co workers, my messages stopped being delivered (WhatsApp) . I decided to wait until the next day and my messages never got sent. I called him and it sent me straight to a “number can’t be reached”. I really thought he had blocked me so my roommate tried to call him (they never met) and it sent her to that voice mail too. He doesn’t have any social media and I never met his friends so there’s no other way for me to contact him. He never came to my house so he doesn’t know where I live either. I checked the dating app where we started talking and his location changed to the place where he went to on the work trip and hasn’t changed back (we’re still matched).
Im so confused and Idk what to think but now it’s been over a week and it just seems like he disappeared out of thin air. Any advice? What could have possibly happened?
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2023.06.09 01:14 idrinkdolphinmilk Weird guilt/sadness in my chest is bubbling up again

My mom is the narcissist but dad is the enabler. He has some narcissistic traits I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older but he was always the calmer more approachable fun parent. He’s my bio dad and he married my nmom when I was about 6.
I went no contact last year for 6 months. Only really communicating with my Dad, trying to have him understand why I don’t want to be around her, trying to invite him to join my now husband and I’s court wedding but he refusing cause I wouldn’t want my Nmom there he just didn’t listen and I understand that’s his wife, but it hurts.
Anyways came back from no contact cause I wanted to see my little sister they wouldn’t let me see and see the good parts of my dad. I recently moved across the country with my husband cause of Air Force and I feel so sad when he texts me. I want to talk to him everyday and FaceTime him frequently but I know if I did it wouldn’t just be him and I and my little sister. It would be my Nmom involved too. I feel sad. I know he is grown and probably doing fine but it hurts my heart. I know he misses me, he cried as I said goodbye.
It’s hard growing up. It’s hard standing up for yourself and doing what’s best for your mental health. It just sucks cause I can’t communicate my feelings about her with him. It’s a double edged sword and it’s tearing at my heart tonight. AHHHH. Just want to scream into the void.
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2023.06.09 01:14 itspoppop98 Debating on buying the Blackstone 36’ advertised at walmart right now…has anyone used grill mate attachments?
I was looking for a gas grill/griddle combo and thought i’d found the perfect one…The Camp Chef FTG 600 but it’s sold out near me and online. I’m bummed it’s sold out as that was just such a nice grill. They don’t have anything like it and their normal products just have gone way too up over the years.
The one thing that I really enjoyed using a gas grill for was to toss some oysters on them lol other than that I see myself cooking way more on the griddle. Has anyone ever used those grate griddles above? I’m interested in just buying one of those plates and just tossing some oysters on. Obviously I could do it but what do you think? From what I have read these griddles get plenty hot (500+ degrees).
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2023.06.09 01:14 kmw_idk Kakariko Village

So I just killed the monsters near one of the ring ruins for the side Quest Codger’s Quarrel. There is a hot air balloon, a spring, the lion head thing that shoots fire and a torpedo. I have no clue what I am suppose to do with these. I put the lions head onto the spring with the hot air balloon on top to shoot it into the air. And then tried the lions head with the balloon on a metal platform and got on. I’m just not sure what to do. I did read the tablet for the quest A Trip through History.
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2023.06.09 01:14 mtvcribz1210 Mesprit or Uxie Raid

Hey if anyone has access to a Mesprit or Uxie Raid they haven’t really been spawning near me, I’d appreciate an add :) 0834 0807 4652 thank you! Lunarraida
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