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National Football League's Draft Of College American Football Players!

2023.03.25 02:57 kingjasko96 Jaden Hardy: The Biggest Steal of the 2022 NBA Draft

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2023.03.24 19:41 yousmelllikebiscuits 2022-2023 r/baseball Free Agent Prediction Contest: Winner Announcement

With the final domino of Jurickson Profar signing with the Colorado Rockies, that will conclude our 2022-2023 Free Agent Prediction Contest. That means a hearty congratulations to Cowscar who correctly identified 10 of the 45 available predictions! They correctly predicted Profar to the Rockies which broke a 3-way tie with ThePlasticMan1 and Eagleswonsuperbowl52. Below is the final scoreboard for our top submissions (7 or more correct):


1 Cowscar 10 10/45 22.22% (01) Judge, (03) Correa, (04) deGrom, (22) Walker, (28) Manaea, (36) Profar, (37) Drury, (40) Kiermaier, (42) Clevinger, (50) Kimbrel Toronto Blue Jays
2 ThePlasticMan1 9 9/45 20.00% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (05) Verlander, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (34) Stripling, (35) Brantley, (37) Drury Houston Astros
2 Eagleswonsuperbowl52 9 9/45 20.00% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (08) Swanson, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (22) Walker, (35) Brantley, (38) Bell Philadelphia Phillies
4 depressed_doorhinge 8 8/45 17.78% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (08) Swanson, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (12) Abreu, (30) Conforto, (35) Brantley New York Mets
4 bellhorndingers 8 8/45 17.78% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (09) Nimmo, (19) Rogers, (25) Segura, (35) Brantley, (38) Bell, (44) Jansen Boston Red Sox
4 Zigmanjames 8 8/45 17.78% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (10) Contreras, (12) Abreu, (17) Benintendi, (22) Walker, (29) Kluber, (40) Kiermaier New York Mets
7 bobmekoeltoro 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (05) Verlander, (08) Swanson, (09) Nimmo, (12) Abreu Philadelphia Phillies
7 Jurassicpork3 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (05) Verlander, (15) Eovaldi, (28) Manaea, (35) Brantley Seattle Mariners
7 OnlyHereForRangers 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (09) Nimmo, (12) Abreu, (30) Conforto, (35) Brantley Texas Rangers
7 Andeeeezy 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (07) Rodon, (08) Swanson, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (47) Haniger Philadelphia Phillies
7 Tripdeck5__ 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (07) Rodon, (09) Nimmo, (12) Abreu, (15) Eovaldi, (35) Brantley New York Yankees
7 Coreyj12 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (08) Swanson, (15) Eovaldi, (21) Taillon, (25) Segura, (30) Conforto St. Louis Cardinals
7 account23dh 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (12) Abreu, (32) Cueto, (39) Wacha Houston Astros
7 NR1288 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (02) T. Turner, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (17) Benintendi, (35) Brantley, (42) Clevinger Detroit Tigers
7 Metscubingkid 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (03) Correa, (08) Swanson, (15) Eovaldi, (17) Benintendi, (18) Senga, (35) Brantley New York Mets
7 WWEGuy458 7 7/45 15.56% (01) Judge, (04) deGrom, (05) Verlander, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (28) Manaea, (44) Jansen Boston Red Sox
7 golden_tater_tots 7 7/45 15.56% (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (05) Verlander, (07) Rodon, (09) Nimmo, (28) Manaea, (35) Brantley Texas Rangers
7 PhatPurpleCow 7 7/45 15.56% (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (08) Swanson, (09) Nimmo, (10) Contreras, (25) Segura, (28) Manaea Oakland Athletics
7 Tpoitras25 7 7/45 15.56% (02) T. Turner, (04) deGrom, (10) Contreras, (12) Abreu, (22) Walker, (35) Brantley, (47) Haniger Philadelphia Phillies​
Tiebreaker goes to the entry with the highest ranked correct prediction.


1. Aaron Judge, OF, Age 31* New York Yankees 201 / 339 42.77% San Francisco Giants 32%
2. Trea Turner, SS, Age 30* Philadelphia Phillies 197 / 339 41.91% Los Angeles Dodgers 14%
3. Carlos Correa, SS, Age 28 Minnesota Twins 28 / 335 5.96% Los Angeles Dodgers 19%
4. Jacob deGrom, SP, Age 35* Texas Rangers 112 / 335 23.83% New York Mets 43%
5. Justin Verlander, SP, Age 40 New York Mets 36 / 336 7.66% Houston Astros 56%
6. Xander Bogaerts, SS, Age 30* San Diego Padres 1 / 335 0.21% Boston Red Sox 28%
7. Carlos Rodon, SP, Age 30* New York Yankees 20 / 332 4.26% New York Mets 19%
8. Dansby Swanson, SS, Age 29* Chicago Cubs 35 / 335 7.45% Atlanta Braves 39%
9. Brandon Nimmo, OF, Age 30* New York Mets 99 / 336 21.06% Colorado Rockies 13%
10.Willson Contreras, C, Age 31* St. Louis Cardinals 80 / 338 17.02% Houston Astros 24%
11. Clayton Kershaw, SP, Age 35 N/A: Los Angeles Dodgers 0 / 338 0.00% Los Angeles Dodgers 92%
12. Jose Abreu, 1B, Age 36 Houston Astros 44 / 337 9.36% Chicago White Sox 28%
13. Anthony Rizzo, 1B, Age 33* N/A: New York Yankees 0 / 337 0.00% New York Yankees 69%
14. Chris Bassitt, SP, Age 34* Toronto Blue Jays 12 / 333 2.55% New York Mets 22%
15. Nathan Eovaldi, SP, Age 33* Texas Rangers 13 / 332 2.77% Boston Red Sox 46%
16. Tyler Anderson, SP, Age 33* N/A: Los Angeles Angels 0 / 334 0.00% Los Angeles Dodgers 34%
17. Andrew Benintendi, OF, Age 28 Chicago White Sox 13 / 328 2.77% New York Yankees 19%
18. Kodai Senga, SP, Age 30 New York Mets 9 / 329 1.91% Chicago Cubs 13%
19. Taylor Rogers, RP, Age 32 San Francisco Giants 17 / 329 3.62% Philadelphia Phillies 9%
20. Martin Perez, SP, Age 32* N/A: Texas Rangers 0 / 333 0.00% Texas Rangers 56%
21. Jameson Taillon, SP, Age 31 Chicago Cubs 18 / 332 3.83% New York Yankees 17%
22. Taijuan Walker, SP, Age 30 Philadelphia Phillies 11 / 331 2.34% New York Mets 14%
23. J.D. Martinez, DH, Age 35 Los Angeles Dodgers 5 / 330 1.06% Boston Red Sox 14%
24. Justin Turner, 3B, Age 38 Boston Red Sox 2 / 327 0.43% Los Angeles Dodgers 48%
25. Jean Segura, 2B, Age 33 Miami Marlins 20 / 330 4.26% Philadelphia Phillies 17%
26. Jose Quintana, SP, Age 34 New York Mets 8 / 330 1.70% St. Louis Cardinals 18%
27. Noah Syndergaard, SP, Age 30 Los Angeles Dodgers 5 / 329 1.06% Philadelphia Phillies 20%
28. Sean Manaea, SP, Age 31 San Francisco Giants 16 / 327 3.40% San Diego Padres 11%
29. Corey Kluber, SP, Age 37 Boston Red Sox 18 / 330 3.83% Cleveland Guardians 12%
30. Michael Conforto, OF, Age 30 San Francisco Giants 13 / 333 2.77% New York Mets 12%
31. Trey Mancini, 1B, Age 31 Chicago Cubs 17 / 328 3.62% Baltimore Orioles 34%
32. Johnny Cueto, SP, Age 37 Miami Marlins 8 / 328 1.70% Chicago White Sox 19%
33. Andrew Heaney, SP, Age 32 Texas Rangers 6 / 328 1.28% Los Angeles Dodgers 17%
34. Ross Stripling, SP, Age 33 San Francisco Giants 8 / 325 1.70% Toronto Blue Jays 23%
35. Michael Brantley, OF, Age 36 Houston Astros 83 / 319 17.66% Toronto Blue Jays 7%
36. Jurickson Profar, OF, Age 30 Colorado Rockies 10 / 321 2.13% San Diego Padres 28%
37. Brandon Drury, IF, Age 30 Los Angeles Angels 13 / 323 2.77% San Diego Padres 15%
38. Josh Bell, 1B, Age 30 Cleveland Guardians 6 / 323 1.28% San Diego Padres 17%
39. Michael Wacha, SP, Age 31 San Diego Padres 8 / 325 1.70% Boston Red Sox 17%
40. Kevin Kiermaier, OF, Age 33 Toronto Blue Jays 10 / 328 2.13% Tampa Bay Rays 10%
41. Chad Green, RP, Age 32 Toronto Blue Jays 8 / 321 1.70% New York Yankees 20%
42. Mike Clevinger, SP, Age 32 Chicago White Sox 13 / 323 2.77% San Diego Padres 13%
43. Matt Carpenter, IF, Age 37 San Diego Padres 2 / 325 0.43% New York Yankees 33%
44. Kenley Jansen, RP, Age 35 Boston Red Sox 12 / 324 2.55% Atlanta Braves 24%
45. Omar Narvaez, C, Age 31 New York Mets 9 / 319 1.91% Milwaukee Brewers 16%
46. Christian Vazquez, C, Age 32 Minnesota Twins 4 / 317 0.85% Boston Red Sox 23%
47. Mitch Haniger, OF, Age 32 San Francisco Giants 17 / 320 3.62% Seattle Mariners 28%
48. Joc Pederson, OF, Age 31* N/A: San Francisco Giants 0 / 322 0.00% San Francisco Giants 48%
49. Zach Eflin, SP/RP, Age 29 Tampa Bay Rays 7 / 323 1.49% Philadelphia Phillies 25%
50. Craig Kimbrel, RP, Age 35 Philadelphia Phillies 8 / 324 1.70% Atlanta Braves 8%​
As always, here's a link to the scoreboard and picks
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2023.03.24 17:00 kerryfinchelhillary Player of the Day (3/24/23): Giancarlo Stanton

Born: November 28, 1989
Jersey Number: 27 (both teams)
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: RF/DH
Drafted: 2007 by the Marlins, Round 2, Pick 76
MLB Debut: June 8, 2010
Teams: Marlins (2007-2017), Yankees (2018-present)
TwitteInstagram: @giancarlo818
2022 STATS:
Games: 110
Batting Average: 0.211
OBP: 0.297
SLG: 0.462
OPS: 0.759
Runs: 53
Hits: 84
Doubles: 7
Home Runs: 31
RBIs: 78
Games: 1434
Batting Average: 0.264
OBP: 0.354
SLG: 0.537
OPS: 0.890
Runs: 815
Hits: 1383
Doubles: 272
Triples: 11
Home Runs: 378
RBIs: 971
Stolen Bases: 42
2022 AWARDS:
All Star
All Star Game MVP
NL MVP - 2017
All Star - 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017
Home Run Derby Participant - 2014, 2016, 2017
Home Run Derby Champion - 2016
NL Hank Aaron Award - 2014, 2017
Silver Slugger - 2014, 2017
Marlins MVP - 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017
NL Player of the Month - May 2012, June 2015, August 2017
NL Player of the Week - 8/16/10, 8/27/12, 6/15/15, 7/10/16, 8/13/17, 8/27/17, 9/24/17
AL Player of the Week - 9/26/21
Walkoff of the Year - 2013
He played as Mike Stanton in 2010 and 2011.
He led MLB in home runs and RBIs in 2017.
During the covid pandemic, he was involved with getting face shields distributed.
After getting hit in the face, he started the All-Star Smiles Foundation to help provide needy children with dental care.
He was on Team USA in the 2013 and 2017 World Baseball Classics.
He also played football and basketball in high school.
The homer that got him All Star MVP
He sent the Yanks to the ALCS with a three-run homer
He helped make the Yankees the first team to hit a walkoff grand slam one game and a first inning grand slam the next
His 100th homer as a Yankee
Highlights from his MVP season
He walked off for the win in a no-hitter
He's a good player and does good work in the community.
11/14: Mike Trout 11/15: Jose Ramirez 11/16: Julio Rodriguez 11/17: Michael Harris II 11/18: Sandy Alcantara 11/19: Framber Valdez 11/20: Justin Verlander 11/21: Shane Bieber 11/22: Clayton Kershaw 11/23: Paul Goldschmidt 11/24-11/25: Break 11/26: Aaron Judge 11/27: Spencer Strider 11/28: Oscar Gonzalez 11/29: Lars Nootbaar 11/30: Brendan Rodgers 12/1: Daulton Varsho 12/2: Brandon Belt 12/3: Trent Grisham 12/4: Corey Seager 12/5: Myles Straw 12/6: Sean Murphy 12/7: Christian Yelich 12/8: Nico Hoerner 12/9: Joey Votto 12/10: Bryan Reynolds 12/11: Dylan Cease 12/12: Andres Gimenez 12/13: Luis Arraez 12/14: Bobby Witt Jr 12/15: Miguel Cabrera 12/16: Francisco Lindor 12/17: JT Realmuto 12/18: Victor Robles 12/19: Steven Kwan 12/20: Shane McClanahan 12/21: Alek Manoah 12/22: Adley Rutschman 12/23: Kiké Hernandez 12/24-12/26: Break 12/27: Mookie Betts 12/28: Jake Cronenworth 12/29: Brandon Crawford 12/30: Zac Gallen 12/31-1/1: Break 1/2: Cal Quantrill 1/3: Ryan McMahon 1/4: Cal Raleigh 1/5: Patrick Sandoval 1/6: Nathaniel Lowe 1/7: Cole Irvin 1/8: Corbin Burnes 1/9: Liam Hendriks 1/10: Josh Naylor 1/11: Ian Happ 1/12: Nick Lodolo 1/13: Oneil Cruz 1/14: Byron Buxton 1/15: Riley Greene 1/16: Triston McKenzie 1/17: Brady Singer 1/18: Carlos Carrasco 1/19: Aaron Nola 1/20: Jazz Chisholm 1/21: Keibert Ruiz 1/22: Anthony Rizzo 1/23: Amed Rosario 1/24: Tyler Glasnow 1/25: Matt Chapman 1/26: Cedric Mullins 1/27: Rafael Devers 1/28: Matt Olson 1/29: Rich Hill 1/30: Josh Bell 1/31: Jesse Chavez 2/1: Ty France 2/2: Alejandro Kirk 2/3: Jeff McNeil 2/4: Marcus Semien 2/5: Luke Jackson 2/6: Mike Zunino 2/7: Christian Walker 2/8: Walker Buehler 2/9: Jose Trevino 2/10: Nolan Arenado 2/11: Mitch Haniger 2/12: Yu Darvish 2/13: Logan Webb 2/14: Daniel Bard 2/15: Trey Mancini 2/16: Taylor Ward 2/17: Seth Brown 2/18: Willy Adames 2/19: Seiya Suzuki 2/20: Hunter Greene 2/21: Michael Kopech 2/22: Andrew McCutchen 2/23: Jhoan Duran 2/24: Eric Haase 2/25: Salvador Perez 2/26: Vladimir Guerrero Jr 2/27: Yandy Diaz 2/28: Ramon Urias 3/1: Trevor Story 3/2: Zack Wheeler 3/3: Jon Berti 3/4: Lane Thomas 3/5: Willson Contreras 3/6: Jose Abreu 3/7: Spencer Torkelson 3/8: Xander Bogaerts 3/9: Pablo Lopez 3/10: Cody Bellinger 3/11: Jacob deGrom 3/12: Adam Frazier 3/13: Max Muncy 3/14: Andrew Benintendi 3/15: Tyler Anderson 3/16: Christian Vazquez 3/17: Max Scherzer 3/18: Jesus Aguilar 3/19: Rhys Hoskins 3/20: Chris Bassitt 3/21: Zach Eflin 3/22: Trevor Williams 3/23: Chris Taylor
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2023.03.24 15:32 Grouchy_Tiger_5140 Bo77 Scouting Report: Clemson DT Bryan Bresee

Bo77 Scouting Report: Clemson DT Bryan Bresee
Here's the latest scouting report from the lair of Bo77, covering a high upside, but checkered injury history defensive tackle: Bryan Bresee from Clemson.


Bresee was a highly-touted recruit coming out of Damascus High School (Maryland). He ranked as the #1 overall recruit in the class of 2020 according to 247Sports Composite. A very lofting billing to live up to.
He ascended into Clemson’s lineup quite quickly, starting 10 games as a true freshman in 2020, racking up 4.0 sacks and 6.5 tackles for loss from the interior defensive line. He earned Freshman All-American honors from several publications, such as ESPN and The Athletic.
However, his sophomore season was not the next step forward many hoped it could be, largely because Bresee tore his ACL early in the season and was out for the remainder of the season.
Some of the lack of on-field production certainly should be given a slight asterisk from 2022, noting the immense family challenges that the Bresee family went through, losing Bryan’s 15-year old sister, Ella, to an aggressive form of brain cancer. The link provided above is an ESPN Gameday production talking about Bryan and Ella’s relationship, and the difficulties of that loss.
Bryan left the team for a short period, just after a win over Furman and was out for a few games spending time with his family. He then had his own scare in October, a diagnosis of a kidney infection. Between the two incidents, Bresee was either absent or battling infection for the first half of the 2022 season.
However, Bresee rebounded quite well in the offseason process, having a stellar Combine performance that reminded everyone once again why he has been such an intriguing commodity, which is his quick twitch ability at defensive tackle.
To read the strength's and weaknesses of Bresee, please click here. I am adding my overall thought to it below though. Short of it, I liked Bresee on film a lot more than I expected. There still some significant concerns that would make passing quite okay, but I am more intrigued than expected. Here's the full write-up on that:

Fit with the Detroit Lions

I have to admit, I think my stock on Bresee is up following this. Looking into his background, Bresee really only got:
  • A shortened and chaotic 2020 season with COVID complications throwing everyone off.
  • Three and a half games in 2021 due to an ACL tear.
  • Eight or so games in 2022 due to bereavement and other injuries.
Thus, the experience here is actually quite low, and thus the lack of polish to his game is a bit less detrimental in my opinion. Now, the checkered injury history does raise concern, especially given the Lions are in such need at defensive tackle due to injuries effectively keeping Levi Onwuzurike from contributing. However, medical details are beyond my scouting purview, and it’s one aspect I tend to leave exclusive determination to the team on. Which is short to say, if the Lions feel comfortable with their medical evaluations on Bresee, I’m quite content to go along with it.
Now, as to the fit, I think it is actually really good. Bresee’s best attributes right now are his power and explosiveness, two things Holmes has tended to covet in defensive linemen. He demonstrates them best when disrupting opposing rushing attacks, but as mentioned, the tools are there to become a quality interior pass rusher at the next level. He’s agile and mobile, he can chase down the line, and he can anchor against double teams. That’s an ideal duo for a run stopper.
As to the Holmes mold, the emphasis for defensive tackles did tend to fall more on “disruptive pass rusher” than it did on “disruptive run stopper”, but again, Bresee certainly has the tools to be developed into a quality interior rusher with some experience. That’s his biggest weakness is that he simply was unable to stay on the field enough to really take a step forward after an excellent 2020 season at Clemson. If he can stay healthy in the NFL, I have a lot of belief he will become a very good football player, and he fits a lot of the boxes Detroit would likely want checked off.
Right now, I think Bresee is an excellent fit for what the Lions want in a 3-technique paired next to Alim McNeill (who realistically can start at either 3T or 1T depending on who Detroit brings in alongside him).
Overall, the question is when would the Lions add him, and that becomes the tougher part. Personally, I think the Lions probably have to take him at 18th overall if they want him. I myself would love that, though I imagine many are not thrilled with that idea. The issue is with teams like the Saints (29th and 40th), Eagles (30th), Steelers (32nd), Cardinals (34th), Seahawks (20th and 37th), and maybe even Browns (42nd) all sitting in between the Lions second first-round pick and their first second-round pick, the odds of Bresee sliding to them at 48 seems quite low. Ideally, Detroit would be able to manage a trade back from 18 into the mid-to-low 20’s and take Bresee there.
And so this is probably the best way to put it: I am very confident in Bresee reaching his ceiling, especially in Detroit. I think the majority of the issues are easily solvable with time and consistency and experience. But that becomes the biggest drawback. Can you trust the medical evaluation on Bresee that he would stay healthy? Again, we just saw that explosive defensive tackles with elite tools do not workout when they are chronically injured and doing rehab. If the Lions feel comfortable with their medical evaluations on Bresee, I would love to see him end up in Detroit, but ultimately, I would totally understand passing, as the checkered injury history is a concern, though that clearly has not stopped Holmes before.
UPDATE: Wrote this on Tuesday and scheduled it to publish so need to go back in and change the Browns at #42 bit there.
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2023.03.24 04:08 AC_the_Panther_007 Rebooking WrestleMania: Part 7 (WrestleMania 36 to WrestleMania 38)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

WrestleMania 36 (April 4 to April 5, 2020 at WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida):
First Night:
Kevin Owens (Raw) won by last eliminating Angel Garza (NXT) - 30-Man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (Raw) def. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) (c) (Raw) - WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match (TITLES CHANGE)
King Corbin (SmackDown) def. Drew Gulak (SmackDown)
The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) def. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso), The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy), and The Miz and John Morrison (c) (w/Maryse) - Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
Becky Lynch (c) (Raw) def. Shayna Baszler (NXT) by Submission - WWE Raw Women's Championship Match (with Ronda Rousey as Special Guest Enforcer)
Xavier Woods (SmackDown) def. Sheamus (SmackDown), Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown), Daniel Bryan (SmackDown), Cesaro (SmackDown), and Sami Zayn (c) (SmackDown) - Six-Man Pack Challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) def. Rusev (Raw) by Technical Submission - Loser Leaves WWE Match
Roman Reigns (SmackDown) def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (c) (SmackDown) by Knockout - Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Universal Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
The Undertaker (WWE Legend) def. AJ Styles (Raw) - Boneyard Match

Second Night:
Bianca Belair (Raw) won by last eliminating Sonya Deville (Raw) - 30-Woman Battle Royal for the WrestleMania Women's Trophy
Ember Moon (SmackDown) def. Bayley (c) (SmackDown) (2-1) - Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
First Match: Extreme Rules (Bayley by Pinfall), Second Match: Ladder Match (Moon by Pinfall), and Third Match: Steel Cage Match (Moon by Escaping the Cage)
"The Demon" Finn Bálor (c) (Raw) def. Seth Rollins (Raw) - WWE United States Championship Match
The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) (w/Bianca Belair) (Raw) def. The Bludgeon Brothers (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan), The O.C. (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) (Raw), and The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) (c) (w/Sarah Logan) (Raw) - Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
Charlotte Flair (Raw) def. Rhea Ripley (NXT) by Submission
CM Punk (w/AJ Lee) (Raw) def. Montel Vontavious Porter (Raw)
Goldberg (WWE Legend) def. John Cena (WWE Free Agent)
Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) (SmackDown) def. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (SmackDown)
Edge (w/Christian and Beth Phoenix) (WWE Legend) def. Randy Orton (Raw) 7-6 by Pinfall in Sudden Death Overtime - 60-Minute Iron Man Match
Drew McIntyre (Raw) def. Brock Lesnar (c) (w/Paul Heyman) (Raw) - WWE Championship Match (with Rob Gronkowski as Special Guest Enforcer) (TITLE CHANGE)

WrestleMania 37 (April 10 to April 11, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida):
First Night:
Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown) won by last eliminating Mustafa Ali (Raw) - 30-Man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy
Bobby Lashley (w/Montel Vontavious Porter) def. The Miz (c) (w/Maryse and John Morrison) (Raw) and Drew McIntyre (Raw) by Technical Submission - Triple Threat Elimination Match for the WWE Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) (SmackDown) won by last eliminating Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) (Raw) - Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
Cesaro (SmackDown) def. Seth "Freakin" Rollins (SmackDown)
AJ Styles and Omos (Raw) def. The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) (c) (w/Big E) (Raw) - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)
Paige (SmackDown) fought AJ Lee (SmackDown) by Double Disqualification
Braun Strowman (Raw) def. Shane McMahon (WWE) - Steel Cage Match
Damian Priest (Raw) def. John Morrison (c) (w/Maryse) (Raw) - WWE United States Championship Match (with Bad Bunny as Special Guest Referee) (TITLE CHANGE)
CM Punk (SmackDown) def. Christian (w/Edge and Beth Phoenix) (WWE Legend) by Submission
Bianca Belair (SmackDown) def. Sasha Banks (c) (SmackDown) - WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)

Second Night:
Ember Moon (Raw) won by last eliminating Bayley (SmackDown) - 30-Woman Battle Royal for the WrestleMania Women's Trophy
Randy Orton (Raw) def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss (Raw) - 2-on-1 Handicap Mixed Tag Team Buried Alive Match
Kevin Owens (SmackDown) def. Sami Zayn (SmackDown) (with Logan Paul as Special Guest Timekeeper)
Sheamus (Raw) def. Riddle (Raw)
The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) (SmackDown) def. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) (SmackDown), The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) (w/Bianca Belair) (SmackDown), and The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c) (SmackDown) - Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
Asuka (Raw) def. Rhea Ripley (NXT) by Submission
Paige (SmackDown) def. AJ Lee (SmackDown) - Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match
Apollo Crews (SmackDown) def. Big E (c) (SmackDown) - Nigerian Drum Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
Charlotte Flair (Raw) def. Ronda Rousey (c) (Raw) by Submission - WWE Raw Women's Championship Match
Roman Reigns (c) (w/Paul Heyman) (SmackDown) def. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown) and Edge (w/Beth Phoenix) (WWE Legend) - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Universal Championship Match

WrestleMania 38 (April 2 to April 3, 2022 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas):
First Night:
Madcap Moss (SmackDown) won by last eliminating Apollo Crews (Raw) - 30-Man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Usos) (c) (w/Paul Heyman) (SmackDown) def. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (w/Lita) (SmackDown) - Title vs. Career Tag Team Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Ricochet (c) (SmackDown) def. Happy Corbin (SmackDown), Drew McIntyre (SmackDown) vs. Sami Zayn (SmackDown), Aleister Black (SmackDown), Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown), and Cesaro (SmackDown) - 7-Man Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz and John Morrison (w/Maryse) (Raw) def. The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) (Raw) (with Logan Paul as Special Guest Enforcer)
Braun Strowman (Raw) def. Omos (Raw) by Knockout
Cody Rhodes (w/Brandi Rhodes) (Raw) def. Seth "Freakin" Rollins (Raw)
"The Demon" Finn Bálor (Raw) def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (Raw) and Damian Preist (c) (Raw) - Triple Threat Match for the WWE United States Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE Legend) def. Kevin Owens (Raw) - No Holds Barred, No Disqualification Match
Bianca Belair (Raw) def. Becky Lynch (c) (Raw) - WWE Raw Women's Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)

Second Night:
Doudrop (Raw) won by last eliminating Dana Brooke (Raw) - 30-Woman Battle Royal for the WrestleMania Women's Trophy
RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Matt Riddle) (c) (Raw) def. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) (w/Bianca Belair) (Raw) and Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) (Raw) - Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
AJ Styles (Raw) def. Edge (w/Beth Phoenix and Christian) (Raw/WWE Legend)
Naomi and Sasha Banks (SmackDown) def. Carmella and Queen Zelina (Raw) and Rhea Ripley and Paige (Raw) and AJ Lee and Bayley (c) (SmackDown) - Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship (TITLE CHANGES)
#DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) (NXT) def. The Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode) (Raw)
Shane McMahon (WWE) def. Austin Theory (w/Mr. McMahon) (Raw) (with Triple H as Special Guest Enforcer)
The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E) (SmackDown) def. Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Pete Dunne (SmackDown/NXT) - Six-Man Tag Team Match
Ronda Rousey (SmackDown) def. Charlotte Flair (c) (SmackDown) by Submission - WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)
Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) (c - Universal Champion) (SmackDown) def. Bobby Lashley (w/Montel Vontavious Porter) (c - WWE Champion) (Raw) and Brock Lesnar (Free Agent) - Triple Threat Winner-Takes-All Match for the WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship (TITLE CHANGE)

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2023.03.24 00:35 McTime50 Deep Dive of Team Needs/Contracts and Possible Draft Prospects at Each Position

Feel free to correct me on ANYTHING and bring up any draft names, player details, or any important piece of info I might've missed or got wrong.

Hope this sparks conversations! Used PFF and Sportrac for a lot of references.
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Sam Howell 22 2026 5th round selection in the 2022 draft. I'd be lying if I said Howell didn't spark excitement. Once upon a time, he had a 1st round grade and then played a year at college without any of his weapons. Very limited sample size but right now he's number one on the depth chart. It's his job to lose.
Jacoby Brissett 30 2024 Jacoby was the bridge at Cleveland while the team waited for "You Know Who" to be allowed to suit up. In that time, Jacoby actually performed admirably, with a 2:1 TD/INT and an 82.6 PFF grade. He'll bring proper competition at training camp and should Sam Howell not show up ready for the NFL, we'll definitely be seeing more of Brissett.
Jake Fromm 24 Reserve/Future Signed when Carson broke his finger just so we had a QB3 rostered. Will be fighting for a roster spot come training camp.
Needs - It's expected that Sam and Jacoby battle it out in camp for the number 1 spot. Look for Washington to find a solid QB3 to wait in the wings however, whether it be Jake Fromm or a day 3 draft pick
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Brian Robinson 24 2026 Brian Robinson got shot twice in the preseason, then proceeded to play week 5 onwards and become a headliner for our running game. B. Rob had already been looking to leapfrog over Gibson on the depth chart before the incident, and now that he is 100% it stands to reason that we're gonna see bigger and better performances this season.
Antonio Gibson 24 2024 Oh, Gibson. A dynamic playmaker that had a small fumbling issue that spooked fans and evidently the coaches as well. I think Gibson is a very underrated back and is an important part of the offense. Hard to say if we re-sign him after this season, however.
Jonathan Williams 29 2024 Didn't see much action till weeks 16-18. Great motor and ran hard those weeks. Not quite a needle-mover and at 29, might not get another contract.
Needs - With McKissic unlikely to return and Gibson's contract coming up, it makes sense for Washington to pick up another Day 2-3 RB to be RB3 or even eventually replace Gibson.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Logan Thomas 31 2025 Logan Thomas hasn't been quite the same since his injury in 2021. He was shaping up to be an underrated gem at the TE position for us and then had a down year. The hope is that Bienemy can utilize him better.
John Bates 25 2025 4th round selection in 2021. Better blocker than a passer, but is good for a splash play here and there. Solid talent on the field.
Cole Turner 23 2026 5th round selection in 2022. Barely saw the field, but his potential to be a receiving threat is there. Look to see more of him this year.
Armani Rogers 25 2025 Undrafted QB-turned-TE. His athleticism at the position really impressed the coaches, and they're willing to let him show them that he can handle more.
Needs - Logan Thomas isn't getting any younger, and between two largely unproven talents in Cole and Armani, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Washington adds another piece to Bienemy's favorite position on day 2 and onwards.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Terry McLaurin 27 2026 Scary Terry. Our WR1.
Curtis Samuel 26 2024 Samuel missed 2021 with soft-tissue injuries but had an actually decent bounceback in 2022. A lot of flashy plays and his change of direction is no joke. Looked electric on the field. Perhaps too much emphasis was put on using him by Scott Turner, but it's clear that Samuel has a lot of value. The question is if it'll be enough to re-sign him in 2024.
Jahan Dotson 23 2027 1st round selection in 2022. Stud. Finds the ball and makes plays. What more do you want out of this kid?
Dyami Brown 23 2025 3rd round selection in 2021. Deep threat that has yet to truly break out in the NFL. Had a couple flashy TDs against TEN this year. Hopefully reuniting him with his college QB in Sam Howell will spark something.
Dax Milne 23 2025 7th round selection in 2021 draft. Punt return duties in 2022. Kid did not pass the eye test whenever he tried to return the ball and consistently had the team starting at the 10 or 15.
Marcus Kemp 27 2024 Signed to replace Cam Sims.
Needs - WR is likely Washington's second-deepest position group. It should be noted however that both Curtis Samuel and Marcus Kemp's contracts are up after this season, and between Dyami Brown not quite breaking out just yet and Dax Milne being a very underwhelming receivepunt returner, I don't think it'd hurt to add another young guy who could either develop to replace Curtis or become an instant impact starter of special teams over Milne. Possibly a round 3 selection using the compensatory pick.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Charles Leno 31 2025 Starting LT. Decent tackle that looked worse than he was due to horrid interior play. Gave up 8 sacks on the year. The team should be looking to find a younger replacement.
Cornelius Lucas 31 2024 Backup that played at RT. Did decently.
Andrew Wylie 28 2026 Signed in free agency to be the new starting RT.
Drew Himmelman 26 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Trent Scott 29 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Needs - Not a particularly young group. Andrew Wylie comes in to play RT, so I believe Washington would look for some to play on the left if they go the OT route in rounds 1-2. However, it should be noted that prior to 2021, Wylie played OG. Getting a RT of the future and moving Wylie inside isn't an insane idea. Lots of ways to go about retooling the offensive line.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Nick Gates 27 2026 Signed in free agency. This dude can play G or C. Should Chase Rouiller be unable to, I can see Gates snapping the ball in the Wes Schweitzer role. Otherwise, competing with Norwell for LG.
Sam Cosmi 24 2025 Cosmi at guard???? Coaches think he can do well in that role, and with Wylie taking over RT duties it seems like Cosmi will be your new starting RG to replace Trai Turner.
Chase Rouiller 29 2025 Starting center that missed a lot of time to injury. The same injury has been nagging him for a while, which is unfortunate because when healthy he was one of PFF's top centers.
Andrew Norwell 31 2024 Started at LG last year, but is gonna see some competition in camp. Might be relegated to depth.
Saahdiq Charles 23 2024 Depth guy that filled in weeks 4-7. Only gave up one sack in that span. PFF grades were Not Great.
Tyler Larsen 31 2024 Backup center. Took over for Chase until he got injured himself. Performed inconsistently in the position.
Chris Paul 24 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Saw the field once in week 18.
Needs - The offensive line was one of Washington's biggest problems last season, so expect to see them address it all throughout the draft. Free agency addition Nick Gates alongside Sam Cosmi (now inside!) may help, but I wouldn't say precludes Washington from even trading back up the first and picking up a guard or a center in the second/third.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jonathan Allen 28 2026 Stud.
Daron Payne 25 2027 Stud. Got his bag this offseason after a career year.
Phidarian Mathis 24 2026 Unfortunately had a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season. Hopefully a good comeback season in 2023.
John Ridgeway 23 2026 Picked up off the Cowboy's waiver wire, this dude has motor like no tomorrow. We've all seen him wrestle move Damien Pierce against the Texans. Good young guy to have on that line to develop.
David Bada 27 2024 International player signed to a 1-year deal. Good depth guy.
Needs - After the Payne re-sign, and Mathis/Ridgeway coming in last season, DT is undoubtedly the deepest position group on the roster. I don't foresee Washington drafting another one (but you never know with this FO).
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Chase Young 23 2025 2nd overall selection in 2020, he had a stellar rookie year, got injured in his sophomore, then proceeded to take most of 2022 before seeing the field again. Once he trusts his leg again, he should have a FULL bounceback season.
Montez Sweat 26 2024 26th overall selection in 2019, Montez has been a consistently good EDGE. Watch for him to have a career year with his contract coming up a la Daron Payne.
Shaka Toney 25 2025 7th round selection in 2021. Backup. Played 7 weeks in 2022 and did just ok.
James Smith-Williams 25 2024 7th round selection in 2020. Rotational player, backup. Did ok.
Casey Toohill 26 2024 7th round selection also in 2020. Made a nice tandem threat with James Smith-Williams.
Efe Obada 30 2024 Depth guy.
Abdullah Anderson 27 2024 Depth guy.
Benning Potoa'e 26 2024 Depth guy.
Needs - Montez Sweat is the next big re-signing on the horizon for Washington. Coupled with (hopefully now 100%) Chase Young, the EDGE group is shaping up to be pretty strong this season. However, if you take a look above, a LOT of backups are out after this season, so a day 2-3 pick is in the realm of possibility. There needs to be stronger talent beyond just Young and Sweat.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jamin Davis 24 2025 Drafted to be MIKE but worked better outside. Improved heavily as the year went on.
Cody Barton 26 2024 Signed in free agency to replace Cole Holcomb, who had been improving at the MIKE position for the team.
Drew White 24 2025 UDFA picked up in 2022, never saw the field.
Khaleke Hudson 25 2024 5th round selection in 2020, saw the field only 5 weeks in 2022. Special teamer.
De'Jon Harris 25 2024 Special teamer.
David Mayo 29 2024 Special teamer and back-up LB.
Nate Gerry 28 2024 Practice squad guy.
Needs - Jamin Davis was drafted in the 1st round to be a MIKE. Didn't work out. Holcomb took a big step up in the MIKE role last season. Got injured and left in free agency at the season's end. Cody Barton signed on a 1-year deal. Beyond Jamin Davis, LB is still one of Washington's most anemic position groups. Jack Del Rio's scheme puts more emphasis on CB than it does on LB but it would be nice to see this group get just a bit beefier.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kendall Fuller 28 2024 CB1, Kendall Fuller has been really good at corner for us. Contract however is on the horizon.
Benjamin St-Juste 25 2025 CB2 who had been improving more and more until he had an injury in 2022. Look for him to continue his upward ascent in 2023.
Danny Johnson 27 2025 Did a little special teams and stepped up a little during regular play. Did pretty well!
Cameron Dantzler 24 2024 Picked up in free agency on a prove-it deal. Look for him to prove it or leave next year.
Tariq Castro-Fields 24 2026 Barely saw the field in 2022.
Christian Holmes 25 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams. Look for him to have an expanded role in 2023.
Needs - Kendall Fuller's contract is coming up and there isn't an enormous amount of talent beyond Benjamin St-Juste. A corner has been heavily mocked to us in the 1st and/or 2nd, so I would expect to see one go in those spots. Another point I want to bring up is zone vs. man. Jack Del Rio's scheme is predicated more on Zone than Press Man. Kinda the reason why William Jackson struggled last year and got traded. Now if the talent and tools are there, they may pick up another press prospect but I would look more into zone guys.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kamren Curl 23 2024 PFF highest rated safety. Kam Curl had a breakout season and is only gonna get better
Darrick Forrest 23 2025 This dude had not 1, but 2 highlight interceptions in 2022. Darrick Forrest always seems to be where the ball is and the secondary could always use more of that.
Percy Butler 22 2026 4th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams and likely going to be a starter in 2023 as Kam movies into a Buffalo Nickel role.
Jeremy Reaves 26 2024 You all know the story. All-pro special teamer.
Needs - Kam Curl has really come into his own as well as D. Forrest and all the other young safeties. PFF had them highly rated a bunch last season. Kam is up for a contract extension at the end of this season and I would expect the dude to get a huge bag. Somewhere in the $15-19m AAV range. I would expect day 3 picks here, just because you can never have enough good special team players with upside and the young core here is already pretty good.
Possible Draft Prospects
Special Teams
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Tress Way 32 2025 The perennial Washington MVP.
Joey Slye 26 2024 Big leg, hits some long ones, but man does he miss ugly some times. Brought stability in 2021, and then got inconsistent in 2022.
Camaron Cheeseman 24 2025 Get you a man who snaps the ball to you the way Cheeseman does to Tress.
Needs - Joey Slye's contract is coming up and is inconsistent at inconvenient moments. They could draft a round 7 kicker, but I wouldn't count on it.
Possible Draft Prospects
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2023.03.23 23:21 Pareo141 The Ringer 2023 NBA mock draft Updated
Updated 3.23
  1. Victor Wembanyama - Trail Blazers
  2. Brandon Miller - Pacers
  3. Scoot Henderson - Rockets
  4. Amen Thompson - Spurs
  5. Cam Whitmore - Piston
  6. Jarace Walker - Hornets
  7. Ausar Thompson - Magic
  8. Taylor Hendricks - Wizards
  9. Gradey Dick - Magic
  10. Nick Smith Jr. - Raptors
  11. Keyonte George - Jazz
  12. Anthony Black - Pelicans
  13. Cason Wallace - Knicks
  14. Noah Clowney - Lakers
  15. Jett Howard - Hawks
  16. Jalen Hood-Schifino - Jazz
  17. Brice Sensabaugh - Thunder
  18. Rayan Rupert - Warriors
  19. Dereck Lively II - Rockets
  20. Jordan Hawkins - Nets
  21. Kyle Filipowski - Heat
  22. GG Jackson - Nets
  23. Colby Jones - Trail Blazers
  24. Kris Murray - Kings
  25. Maxwell Lewis - Pacers
  26. Sidy Cissoko - Grizzlies
  27. Dariq Whitehead - Hornets
  28. Leonard Miller - Jazz
  29. Julian Phillips - Pacers
  30. Jaime Jaquez Jr. - Clippers
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2023.03.23 22:19 ianthekorean_ [OC] What an Expanded 24-Team WBC Could Look Like

The 2023 World Baseball Classic came to a thrilling end on Tuesday with Japan taking the crown, and the tournament has been an undoubtable success in its ability to spread the popularity of baseball to a broader global audience. The MLB clearly knows this, and probably wants to expand the WBC so it can become a more global tournament. With the excitement of international baseball still fresh on people's minds, I wanted to try taking a stab at creating a viable format and schedule for an expanded, 24-team WBC for its 2026 iteration.
If you don't want to read all the explainer below, here's the TL;DR version of the whole spiel:

Expansion Qualifiers

Since 16 out of the 24 teams in the next WBC was already decided based on the results of this year's Group Stage, we will need to fill out the 8 remaining spots with the upcoming qualifiers.
Following the 2013 and 2017 WBC's qualification process, the 2026 WBC Qualifiers should take place in 4 groups of 4 teams in a double-elimination tournament, except this time TWO teams from each group qualify for the Group Stage. Although I personally believe a round-robin format is probably more appropriate, I am presuming that the organizers of the WBC Qualifiers have their own reasons (e.g.: logistics) for sticking to the double-elimination format.
I've seeded the qualifiers based on the most recent WBSC World Rankings as well as geographic considerations, with preference given to countries that have a prior history of playing in previous WBC Qualifiers:
Pool A (Asia) Pool B (Latin America) Pool C (EMEA A) Pool D (EMEA B)
Taiwan (Host) Nicaragua Germany (Host) Spain (Host)
China Brazil (Host) Belgium France
Pakistan Argentina Austria South Africa
New Zealand Colombia Ukraine Croatia

Group Stage (First Round)


For the First Round, the 24 teams will be split up into 4 groups of 6 teams each, where every group will have 4 teams that automatically qualified for the 2026 WBC and 2 teams that made it from the Qualifiers. The top FOUR teams of each group will qualify for the Second Round, and much like previous WBCs, the last-placed team in each group will be relegated down to the Qualifiers.
While one can certainly argue that 6 groups of 4 teams (like the Euro's Group Stage) is a better-suited format for a 24-team tournament, I believe the proposed format is better since it offers a more diverse array of matchups between different countries. As well, the increase in number of matches played in the Group Stage provides a larger sample size that should better reflect the skill level of each team, meaning there is a lower chance of standings being decided by ridiculous tiebreakers like Group A this year.
Speaking of tiebreakers, any ties in standings should be resolved by run differential (Team Quality Balance) instead of least runs allowed if head-to-head is not an option.

Host Cities

With each group now having 6 teams and 15 games to be played amongst each other, having all the group stage games in one venue is simply unviable given the constrained schedule of the tournament. As such, each group will now be hosted by two host stadiums, with what I believe are the most viable venue groupings listed below:

Tokyo, Japan and Fukuoka, Japan

With Tokyo Dome being an absolute lock because Tokyo Dome, I was debating between Fukuoka and Sapporo but ultimately went with Fukuoka, who have previously hosted the 2013 WBC Group Stage.
I personally prefer Sapporo over Fukuoka since they have the Sapporo Dome (Capacity: 42,270) and the newly-built Es Con Field (Capacity: 35,000), Fukuoka is probably a better location due to their warmer and not snowing March weather and better accessibility from other parts of Japan. That said, Toronto's Skydome Rogers Centre (Capacity: 41,500) has hosted the 2009 WBC Groups despite being a winter city, so you can certainly make an argument for Sapporo.

Taichung, Taiwan and Taoyuan, Taiwan

With Taichung and Taoyuan having the highest-capacity baseball stadiums in Taiwan, these two were going to be the obvious choices. Should the delay-plagued Taipei Dome finally be completed by this year as officials claim, however, the venue would replace Taoyuan as the second host venue.
But What About Korea?
Although it would be great to have Korea return as a WBC host, Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome (Capacity:16,744), which last hosted in the 2017 WBC, feels too small to justify giving hosting rights to a growing tournament. More importantly, it is simply too cold to play outdoors baseball at March in Korea -- without another domed ballpark with a larger stadium capacity, Korea unfortunately doesn't seem viable as a host country. Thankfully though, there are plans to build more domed ballparks including a 35,000-seat domed stadium in Seoul and one in Incheon with at least 20,000 seats.
So while Korea will be missing out hosting rights for the 2026 WBCand probably knockouts too seeing how dogshit they've been the past three tournaments AAAAAAHHH I'm fine I swear , they should be considered as a host nation for future iterations of the tournament.

Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California

I don't think I need to do much explanation here -- both Pheonix and San Diego have an extensive history of hosting WBC games, and they have the added benefit of being close to Spring Training facilities and players.
If the tournament was to ever expand beyond 24 teams, it would be great if the MLB considered Seattle and Toronto as future hosts. With Seattle capturing the Canadian audience coming from Vancouver and Toronto covering the American crowd coming up from the Midwest and possibly the Northeast, the two cities would be a great opportunity to bring the WBC to the north.

Arlington, Texas and Houston, Texas

Probably the most wild selections in this list, I think Texas have been slept on as potential hosts for far too long, and with the expanded WBC, now is the perfect time to bring international baseball to the region. Houston and Dallas are both homes to some of the largest Hispanic and Latin American communities in the US, and there is no reason why Texas wouldn't be able to replicate the attendance levels seen in California.
But What About Miami or Latin American Cities?
A notable omission is Miami, which hosted the 3 previous WBCs including all stages of the 2023 WBC. Rest assured, LoanDepot Park (Capacity: 36,742) will be included in the later rounds. Although Miami would've also been great hosts for the group stages as demonstrated by this year's WBC, the city suffers from the same problem as Korea where they don't have a city with another domed stadium within its vicinity (and no, I'm not considering Tropicana Field (Capacity: 42,735 25,000) as an option). Whenever the Tampa Bay Rays decide to finally deal with their stadium issue, Miami and Tampa should be obvious locks as future hosts.
I know a lot of people wants to see Latin American cities come back as hosts, but I'd presume the MLB prefers hosting WBC in US cities with large Hispanic and Latino communities over hosting in Latin America since they're able to charge more per event in higher-capacity stadiums. That said, if the WBC were to return, there are no shortage of options available, namely Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey (Capacity: 27,000), Estadio Hiram Bithorn (Capacity: 18,264, Estadio Quisqueya (Capacity: 14,469), or even Estadio Alfredo Harp Helú (Capacity: 20,062) in Mexico City for some Coors Field-style chaos.


Unlike the FIFA World Cup, where teams are seeded based on FIFA Rankings, the MLB used the following criteria to determine the Team Rankings for each group in the 2023 WBC:
  • First, the Federation representing each Pool’s host country will be assigned.
  • Second, the team(s) that participated in the final four of the 2017 World Baseball Classic will next be assigned as top seeds for each Pool
  • Finally, the remaining teams will be assigned based on December 31, 2021, WBSC rankings in order to guaranteed competitive balance. Commercial, geographic and geopolitical considerations may also be applied to this process.
Basically, it's pretty much full of shit and almost completely up to the Commissioner's discretion. Regardless, I tried drafting up what the groups could possibly look like based on the criteria above:
Group A (Taiwan) Group B (Japan) Group C (PHX, SD) Group D (DAL, HOU)
Cuba (Final Four) Japan (Host; Final Four) Mexico (Final Four) United States (Host; Final Four)
Taiwan (Host; Qualifier #1) Netherlands Puerto Rico Venezuela
Korea Australia Canada Dominican Republic
Italy Great Britain Panama Israel
Czechia Qualifier #1 Qualifier #1 Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2
Note: For the purposes of this grouping, I assumed Taiwan would be able to make it through the 2026 WBC Qualifiers. In the extremely unlikely event that Taiwan fails to qualify, I would suggest Korea as alternate hosts for Group A.

Knockout Qualifiers (Second Round)


All three previous WBCs featured a Second Round after the group stages, where the remaining 8 teams were split into 2 groups of 4 to compete in a Double-Elimination Tournament (2009, 2013) or another Round Robin (2006, 2017). With the Second Round expanded to 16 teams, however, playing another 3 games on top of an expanded group stage may present some scheduling issues and probably draw the ire of MLB teams hoping avoid any player injuries from the tournament.
To resolve this issue, I propose using the "Play-In" Format used in the NBA Play-In Tournament, which works like a Double-Elimination Tournament but the bottom 2 teams are seeded into the Loser's Bracket and both finalists qualify. I recommend reading the linked article to get a better explanation on the format, but here is what a list of games in a bracket might look like:
  1. Group A #1 (Home) v. Group B #2 (Away) - winner advances to knockouts
  2. Group A #3 (Home) v. Group B #4 (Away) - loser eliminated
  3. Match 1 Loser (Home) v. Match 2 Winner (Away) - winner advances to knockouts; loser eliminated
As much as I would prefer to have another round of Round Robin for the Second Round, I believe the "Play-In" format is best-suited since each team only has to play an extra game or two compared to 3 additional games under a Round Robin format. As well, each group only needs to play 3 games in total which contrasts with 6 total games with Round Robin, which can go a long way in reducing the number of days required for this round in the constrained tournament schedule.

Host Venues

The list of hosts is basically a trimmed-down version of the Group Stage host venues, but with the addition of Los Angeles and Miami.


As a reminder, the top TWO teams of each group advance to knockouts.
Group E (Taichung) Group F (Tokyo) Group G (Los Angeles) Group H (Miami)
Group A #1 Group B #1 Group C #1 Group D #1
Group B #2 Group A #2 Group D #2 Group C #2
Group A #3 Group B #3 Group C #3 Group D #3
Group B #4 Group A #4 Group D #4 Group C #4

Knockout Stage

Similar to this year's WBC, the Knockout Stage is an 8-team Single-Elimination bracket, with the games and host cities listed below:
  1. QF: Group E #1 v. Group F #2 (Tokyo)
  2. QF: Group F #1 v. Group E #2 (Tokyo)
  3. QF: Group G #1 v. Group H #2 (Los Angeles)
  4. QF: Group H #1 v. Group G #2 (Miami)
  5. SF: Match 1 Winner v. Match 3 Winner (Los Angeles)
  6. SF: Match 3 Winner v. Match 4 Winner (Miami)
  7. Grand Finals (Miami)

Hypothetical Schedule

With all that said, here is what the 2026 WBC could look like under the proposed format:
As you can see, we would only have to add an extra week to the existing WBC schedule and still provide enough buffer room to give players time to rest up before Opening Day. The teams would be playing a maximum of 10 games, which is only a 3-game increase from the current WBC format.
What do you think? I would love to hear more about your thoughts on an expanded WBC! Rob Manfred please hire me
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2023.03.23 20:08 saintlouisarch Finding the Best Value at Catcher by PAs

We all know the feeling of missing out on the top 3 or 4 guys at the C position and throwing a dart with your last pick or some random guy off waivers. Even worse is when your catcher sits out for 2 or 3 games in a given week (at that point, it's probably best to just dump the C position and use that roster spot to stream another pitcher in points leagues, but that's not what this post is about).

If leagues didn't have a C slot in the lineup, most of these guys wouldn't be drafted within the first 150 picks. The bottom line - when you're picking your catcher, you want someone who is going to play. We've determined that it's suboptimal to roster more than 1 catcher, so the best way to get value out of the position is to maximize the amount of PAs you can get from the catcher position.

Below is a list of the top 18 catchers along with the amount of PAs they got in 2022, their projected PAs in 2023, and their average ADP courtesy of Fantasy Pros. The projected PAs is an average of The Bat X and ATC, as they're commonly the top projection systems.

Player 2022 PAs Projected 2023 2023 ADP
Daulton Varsho 592 552 52.4
Adley Rutschman 470 551 65.8
JT Realmuto 562 550 34.8
Salvador Perez 473 544 72.8
MJ Melendez 534 544 113
Sean Murphy 612 542 126.8
Will Smith 578 527 58.8
Willson Contreras 487 517 103.8
Tyler Stephenson 183 510 163.4
Alejandro Kirk 541 487 105.4
William Contreras 376 473 131.8
Cal Raleigh 415 453 193.8
Keibert Ruiz 433 446 208.4
Jonah Heim 450 406 314
Danny Jansen 248 405 218.4
Christian Vazquez 426 388 271.2
Travis d'Arnaud 426 385 218.8
Yasmani Grandal 376 375 295.6

It's clear that guys like Will Smith and JTR can do more with their PAs than the rest of the group here, but once we get past the first 4 or 5 catchers, I'm going for as much volume as I can.
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2023.03.23 18:43 draoi22 Countdown to Kickoff 2023: OL Reign

Countdown to Kickoff 2023: OL Reign

#ReignSupreme 🦁
You can check out the the original post with links to all other write ups for this year here.
Head Coach: Laura Harvey
Harvey's been coaching at top professional level since 2002 when she joined Birmingham City as an assistant and would become head coach four years later in 2006. She also joined the coaching staff of England's Girls YNT (U17, U19, U23) as an assistant from 2005-2011. Her last stint in England was with Arsenal where she was assistant 2008-2010 and head coach 2010-2012. With Arsenal, she won: x1 FA Women's Premier League 2009–10, x2 FA Women's Super League: 2011, 2012, x2 FA Women's League Cup: 2011, 2012, and x1 Women's FA Cup: 2011.
She moved across the pond in 2013 as head coach of Seattle Reign FC where she won two shields, made two championship finals, and won two NWSL Coach of the Year awards. She left Seattle in 2017, made a quick stop as an interim for USWNT U20s, and then landed at Utah Royals from 2018-2019. From 2020-2022 she was in the US system for the U20s and USWNT. In 2021, she was hired by her former team, but under the new name of OL Reign, after the firing of Farid Benstiti.
Harvey has yet to win the NWSL Championship and is certainly set up with her current team to make a strong run for it this season.
General Manager:
Currently vacant, if you're looking for a new job.
Captain: Lauren Barnes
As one of the most decorated players in NWSL history, Barnes is a the two-time NWSL Best XI First Team (2015-2016) and two-time NWSL Best XI Second Team (2014, 2019) selection, leads the league in appearances (189), starts (185), and minutes played (16,369) – nearly 1,000 more minutes than the second-most player – becoming the first player in NWSL history to reach the milestone of 15,000 minutes played. Barnes is wearing the armband for the 7th season. She has spent time on loan in both Australia (Melbourne Victory) + Melbourne City)) and Sweden (Kristianstads DFF).
Stadium: Lumen Field
After stints at Stafire Sports, Memorial Stadium, Cheney Stadium, OL Reign is now full time at Lumen Field which they share with the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Seattle Sounders FC (MLS), and Seattle Sea Dragons (XFL)).
Ownership: OL Groupe
In January of 2020, Reign FC was purchased by OL Groupe, the parent company of Olympique Lyonnais owned by Jean-Michel Aulas. OL Groupe bought an 89.5% stake in the new operating entity, while former Reign FC majority owners Teresa Predmore and Bill Predmore took a 7.5% stake in the club, and Tony Parker, former NBA champion, held a 3% stake. The team was then renamed to OL Reign before the 2020 season, after only one year with the name Reign FC (and a kickass crest).
Mascot: N/A
No mascot for OL Reign other than the lion in their logo.
Kits: We’ve Got Some Mixed Opinions
Based on overall fan reception, I'd say both kits are above average compared to the rest of the league. Black Future Co-op Fund continues as front of shirt sponsor.
Purpose (Home) - Dual blue geometric print kits with red trim debuted in March 2023 with the caption "Wear it to play. Wear it with pride. Wear it with Purpose" and a dope video.
Honor (Away) - "The Honor kit was designed to honor a decade of Reign excellence and world-class soccer, along with the players who have helped to develop OL Reign into the club it is over the last ten years. The body of the kit is solid white, with a red and blue stripe down the front of the kit that features the names of Reign players who have represented the team since its inaugural season in 2013." watch the cool video.
Inspired? Buy one!
Supporters Groups: Royal Guard
Straight from them: "We are a volunteer-run nonprofit whose purpose is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all fans of OL Reign—creating and displaying tifo and flags, cheering and singing during matches, and watch parties for away matches. The Royal Guard is committed to improving the visibility and standing of women's sports in the Seattle-Tacoma area and beyond."
Read all about their history, rituals, and how to get involved here.
Subreddit: Reignfc
Relatively active community posting the latest big news items around the staff and player. What are you waiting for—go join!
Key Twitter Follows for Team News + Insights:
2023 Season Opener: Sunday, March 26th, Washington Spirit @ Audi Field
2023 Home Opener: Saturday, April 15th, San Diego Wave FC @ Lumen Field
Full 2023 Schedule
  • NWSL Championship Runner-Ups: 2014, 2015
  • NWSL Supporters’ Shield: 2014, 2015, 2022
  • The Women's Cup: 2021
2022 Season Review
Always the Bridesmaids, Never the Bride
The Reign were a bit of a surprise Shield winner last year. Not that the team wasn't great and certainly deserved it, but a surprise tie between Gotham and Portland on the last day of the regular season pushed OL to the top of the league to win their third Supporter's Shield. But similar to 2014 and 2015, they couldn't replicate their regular season success in the playoffs. They lost to Kansas City in the semi-finals 2-0 with one of the team's worst overall performances of the year.
Overall, the team lacked consistency in the final third finishing the season with an xG 6-7 goals higher than total goals. If Harvey et al. want to finally put their hands on that Championship trophy, they'll need to put teams away early instead of letting them hang on for ties and late losses.
Players Out
  • Sinclaire Miramontez, DF - Waived after 2022 and retired in the offseason.
  • Jodi Ülkekul, FW - Signed initially in 2022 as an NRI before a full signing in August for the remainder of the season. She was waived after 2022.
  • Tobin Heath FW - Your guess is as good as mine. Not with OL Reign or seemingly any team in the league? Current Free Agent.
Players In
  • Luany, MF - Transferred from Brazilian club Grêmio) for an undisclosed fee
Drafted: No 2023 draftees signed a contract for the upcoming season. Harvey is very outspoken about her dislike for the draft system and historically does not rely on it.
  • Elyse Bennett, FW - Acquired from KCC, along with the No. 23 pick in the 2023 NWSL Draft, in exchange for $150,000 in allocation money
  • Emily Sonnett, DF - Acquired from Washington Spirit in exchange for the No. 32 pick in the 2023 NWSL Draft and the natural first-round pick in the 2024 NWSL Draft
OL Reign has announced its 26-player roster ahead of the 2023 season
Goalkeepers (3): Claudia Dickey, Laurel Ivory, Phallon Tullis-Joyce
Defenders (9): Lu Barnes, Ryanne Brown, Alana Cook, Sam Hiatt, Sofia Huerta, Jimena López (INT), Alyssa Malonson, Phoebe McClernon, Emily Sonnett
Midfielders (9): Angelina (SEI), Olivia Athens, Marley Canales, Jess Fishlock, Rose Lavelle, Luany (INT/NYR), Quinn, Nikki Stanton, Olivia Van der Jagt
Forwards (6): Bethany Balcer, Elyse Bennett, Jordyn Huitema (INT), Tziarra King, Veronica Latsko, Megan Rapinoe
INT – International Slot NYR – Player has not yet reported SEI - Season-ending injury list
Predicted Preferred Gameday XI
Formation: No doubt OL will setup in their usual 4-3-3 this season with little updates from last year across all three lines. If Rapinoe is fit and ready to go, you have to assume she is getting the start over King, especially with the World Cup just around the corner. The only question mark for this Starting XI is around the addition of Sonnett. Harvey's been using her in the 6 during pre-season games, but if Quinn is fit and healthy, it is unclear if Sonnett remains as the DCM or bumps Hiatt off that backline.
Likely Top Bench/Subs:
  • Tziarra King
  • Jimena Lopez
  • Quinn/Hiatt (whoever Sonnett displaces)
  • Olivia Van der Jagt
  • Elyse Bennett
  • Veronica Latsko
  • Luany
Returning Players (Almost Everyone):
The Reign returned 24 players from last year. The only new players are Bennett, Sonnett, and Luany.
The Vets
Barnes, Fishlock, and Rapinoe are the clear veteran leaders on the team. All three have been in the league for a decade and spent their NWSL careers with the Reign.
Something to Prove
  • Emily Sonnett: After being out last year a bit due to injury and with a World Cup roster selection imminent, Sonnett will need to prove herself on a stacked roster to showcase why she not only deserves to be in Laura Harvey's first eleven, but also in the 23 for Vlatko in Australia
  • Tziarra King: A bit quiet since her showing as rookie for Utah Royals, King is still looking for her breakout season and will have a big opportunity to prove herself during the World Cup window when she will certainly be in the starting lineup.
  • Jimena Lopez: Similar to King, Lopez is most likely to fill the gaps left by World Cup players and will have a chance to show what she can do in a position she is clearly being groomed for at LB.
  • Alana Cook: Not for her spot at OL, but for a spot for USWNT. With Davidson seemingly back in the mix and the team historically taking 3 natural center backs, Cook needs to be too good to be left out.
Out for the season
Angelina is on month 8 of her ACL recovery and is expected to be back at some point this season. Otherwise, we love a healthy team!
Realistic Best Case Scenario: 1st Place
They have the players to win every game if they are playing at their best. They are a proven team with tons of chemistry and almost no roster turnover from last year. Players should be familiar with one another and anticipate passes and runs. The additions of Sonnett and Bennett make their roster stronger and a midfield of Fishlock and Lavelle must be so frustrating for every other team. Add in a great manager like Harvey and it is very, very easy to see how OL Reign could defend the Shield.
Realistic Worst Case Scenario: 4th place
There could be slip ups throughout the season, especially with the parity we've seen over the years. Losing a few games to KCC, Portland, and San Diego wouldn't be a shock, but it's hard to imagine OL Reign dropped games to teams like Chicago and North Carolina this year. But even if it happens, they'll pick up points with wins over top teams. It will be very surprising if they fall out of the top 4 this year.
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2023.03.23 17:10 Grouchy_Tiger_5140 Scouting Report: CB Deonte Banks

Scouting Report: CB Deonte Banks
Recently finished writing up my top-five cornerbacks in this class, and that includes Maryland CB Deonte Banks, with a specific section on his fit with Detroit.


It is also nice seeing guys stick around where they are from and become stars at their in-state school, and that’s the case here for this former Baltimore defensive back. Formerly a three-star recruit, he signed with the Terps in 2019 and ended up becoming a starter by the midway point in the season.
His 2020 season was obviously shortened by COVID, and also the Big Ten’s decision to cancel than restart their season. Of the five games that year, he made three starts, and then was injured for the other two. Banks’ unfortunate injury run continued into 2021 however, as a shoulder injury kept him off the field for the majority of the season, starting just two games before a season-ending injury.
He returned to the lineup healthy and ready to go in 2022, starting every game as a senior and having a terrific season. He tallied one of his two career interceptions against Indiana this past season, but largely was a coverage specialist who was not thrown at very frequently.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - To view the rest of this scouting report, click the link here - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On my Substack, Motor City Football, you can find scouting reports on the following players:
And then also we have an extensive list of upcoming scouting reports on the way, so be sure to like and subscribe:
Also forgot to add Clemson EDGE Myles Murphy, but he'll get worked in there as well.
Also have a handful of Predictive Mock Drafts, NFL Roster Building Trends, and Lions Draft Fits coming down the road as well.
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2023.03.23 17:01 kerryfinchelhillary Player of the Day (3/23/23): Chris Taylor

Born: August 29, 1990
Jersey Number: 1 (Mariners), 3 (Dodgers)
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: IF/OF
Drafted: 2012 by the Mariners, Round 5, Pick 161
MLB Debut: July 24, 2014
Teams: Mariners (2012-2016), Dodgers (2016-present)
Instagram: @ctaylor_3
2022 STATS:
Games: 118
Batting Average: 0.221
OBP: 0.304
SLG: 0.373
OPS: 0.677
Runs: 45
Hits: 89
Doubles: 24
Triples: 3
Home Runs: 10
RBIs: 43
Stolen Bases: 10
Games: 861
Batting Average: 0.256
OBP: 0.332
SLG: 0.433
OPS: 0.765
Runs: 422
Hits: 716
Doubles: 171
Triples: 29
Home Runs: 89
RBIs: 352
Stolen Bases: 68
All Star - 2021
NLCS MVP - 2017
Dodgers Heart and Hustle - 2021
NL Player of the Week - 7/25/21
Play of the Week - 8/9/20
His initials are CAT. However, he does not appear to have a cat. He does have two dogs though.
He got married this offseason and went to Australia for his honeymoon.
He likes golfing and playing MarioKart.
He played baseball at University of Virginia and is in their hall of fame.
He was also a wrestler in middle school and won a city wrestling championship.
His father and grandfather were wrestlers for Virginia Tech.
He was part of a double steal
He was part of a seven-run inning
A good catch
A good grab
He hit three homers in an NLCS game in 2021
His NLCS MVP was well deserved
He's a good player, he has nice blue eyes and he signed my baseball once.
11/14: Mike Trout 11/15: Jose Ramirez 11/16: Julio Rodriguez 11/17: Michael Harris II 11/18: Sandy Alcantara 11/19: Framber Valdez 11/20: Justin Verlander 11/21: Shane Bieber 11/22: Clayton Kershaw 11/23: Paul Goldschmidt 11/24-11/25: Break 11/26: Aaron Judge 11/27: Spencer Strider 11/28: Oscar Gonzalez 11/29: Lars Nootbaar 11/30: Brendan Rodgers 12/1: Daulton Varsho 12/2: Brandon Belt 12/3: Trent Grisham 12/4: Corey Seager 12/5: Myles Straw 12/6: Sean Murphy 12/7: Christian Yelich 12/8: Nico Hoerner 12/9: Joey Votto 12/10: Bryan Reynolds 12/11: Dylan Cease 12/12: Andres Gimenez 12/13: Luis Arraez 12/14: Bobby Witt Jr 12/15: Miguel Cabrera 12/16: Francisco Lindor 12/17: JT Realmuto 12/18: Victor Robles 12/19: Steven Kwan 12/20: Shane McClanahan 12/21: Alek Manoah 12/22: Adley Rutschman 12/23: Kiké Hernandez 12/24-12/26: Break 12/27: Mookie Betts 12/28: Jake Cronenworth 12/29: Brandon Crawford 12/30: Zac Gallen 12/31-1/1: Break 1/2: Cal Quantrill 1/3: Ryan McMahon 1/4: Cal Raleigh 1/5: Patrick Sandoval 1/6: Nathaniel Lowe 1/7: Cole Irvin 1/8: Corbin Burnes 1/9: Liam Hendriks 1/10: Josh Naylor 1/11: Ian Happ 1/12: Nick Lodolo 1/13: Oneil Cruz 1/14: Byron Buxton 1/15: Riley Greene 1/16: Triston McKenzie 1/17: Brady Singer 1/18: Carlos Carrasco 1/19: Aaron Nola 1/20: Jazz Chisholm 1/21: Keibert Ruiz 1/22: Anthony Rizzo 1/23: Amed Rosario 1/24: Tyler Glasnow 1/25: Matt Chapman 1/26: Cedric Mullins 1/27: Rafael Devers 1/28: Matt Olson 1/29: Rich Hill 1/30: Josh Bell 1/31: Jesse Chavez 2/1: Ty France 2/2: Alejandro Kirk 2/3: Jeff McNeil 2/4: Marcus Semien 2/5: Luke Jackson 2/6: Mike Zunino 2/7: Christian Walker 2/8: Walker Buehler 2/9: Jose Trevino 2/10: Nolan Arenado 2/11: Mitch Haniger 2/12: Yu Darvish 2/13: Logan Webb 2/14: Daniel Bard 2/15: Trey Mancini 2/16: Taylor Ward 2/17: Seth Brown 2/18: Willy Adames 2/19: Seiya Suzuki 2/20: Hunter Greene 2/21: Michael Kopech 2/22: Andrew McCutchen 2/23: Jhoan Duran 2/24: Eric Haase 2/25: Salvador Perez 2/26: Vladimir Guerrero Jr 2/27: Yandy Diaz 2/28: Ramon Urias 3/1: Trevor Story 3/2: Zack Wheeler 3/3: Jon Berti 3/4: Lane Thomas 3/5: Willson Contreras 3/6: Jose Abreu 3/7: Spencer Torkelson 3/8: Xander Bogaerts 3/9: Pablo Lopez 3/10: Cody Bellinger 3/11: Jacob deGrom 3/12: Adam Frazier 3/13: Max Muncy 3/14: Andrew Benintendi 3/15: Tyler Anderson 3/16: Christian Vazquez 3/17: Max Scherzer 3/18: Jesus Aguilar 3/19: Rhys Hoskins 3/20: Chris Bassitt 3/21: Zach Eflin 3/22: Trevor Williams
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2023.03.23 13:43 alpha_bionics Basketball News - "I was like, 'That ain't no foul,' and Austin Reaves was like, 'Nah, it wasn't,'" Paul explained after the game.

"I was like, 'That ain't no foul,' and Austin Reaves was like, 'Nah, it wasn't,'" Paul explained after the game. College stars like Chris Clemons (5-9), Carsen Edwards (5-11) and Tremont Waters (5-10) struggled to find a place in the league. “I do, but I can’t guarantee that, you know, but I do expect him back. ”With that being said, the Sixers are not going to push him. Brooklyn, however, is two games back of the Knicks, but are tied with the Miami Heat in terms of games behind first-place. The incident was not the first, proven or alleged, involving Morant and a firearm. “They were rough, bruh,” Tee Morant said of the last few days in his family. The model enters Week 23 of the 2022-23 NBA season on a stunning 69-36 roll on all top-rated NBA picks this season, returning nearly $2,900. He scored 34 points, while grabbing four rebounds, blocking four shots, and dishing out two assists in a 121-107 loss at Oklahoma City on March 14. While we're just six years removed from Isaiah Thomas' MVP-caliber season, the NBA has not been kind to most players under 6 feet in recent years. In 65 starts on the year, he is averaging 21 points, 5. 9 assists and 4. 5 rebounds. Despite that, New Orleans isn't a lock to cover the Hornets vs. Pelicans spread. In 62 starts this season, Mitchell is averaging 27. 4 points, 4. 6 assists, 4. 2 rebounds and 1. 5 steals in 35. 5 minutes of action. In 35 games, all starts, Ingram is averaging 23. 5 points, 5. 1 assists and 4. 9 rebounds in 33. 1 minutes. In Sunday's 117-107 win at Houston, he scored 26 points, while grabbing six rebounds and five assists. He's a deflection machine with long arms and quick hands, using great anticipation to come up with steals or blocks. On offense, passing is Black's strong suit. Poetically, Nowell helped lead the Wildcats past Kentucky, with Ulis on the sideline as a graduate assistant. Before joining The Athletic, he was the senior writer for RocketsWire, a subset of USA Today Sports Media, and also contributed at ESPN 97. 5 Houston. In a draft class headlined by 18- and 19-year-olds, Nowell will be 24 on Christmas. Tipoff from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N. Y. , is set for 7:30 p. m. Facundo Campazzo (5-10), the NBA's shortest player entering the 2022-23 season, was waived one month into the year. Big difference. ”(Photo of Tee Morant (right): Justin Ford / Getty Images)Get all-access to exclusive stories. Subscribe to The Athletic for in-depth coverage of your favorite players, teams, leagues and clubs. "I don't care how you slice it, it's happening too much," Williams said. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.23 13:27 TheRed_Knight Full 7 round post-FA mock draft, no trades, v1.0

1st time doing a full 7 round mock, tried to put together a semi plausible draft imo but I'll be the first to admit the later rounds ended up less than satisfactory due to lack of familiarity with the prospects/lack of in depth team scheme familiarity, looking forward to the feedback! To anyone who does this semi-regularly I salute you.
1st round
  1. CAR- CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State
  2. HOU- Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
  3. AZ- Tyree Wilson, DE/EDGE, Texas Tech
  4. IND- Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
  5. SEA- Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
  6. DET- Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
  7. LV- Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama
  8. ATL- Jalen Carter, DE/DT, Georgia
  9. CHI- Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
  10. PHI- Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon State
  11. TENN-Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern
  12. HOU- Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia
  13. NYJ- Paris Johnson, OT, OSU
  14. NE- Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn. State
  15. GB- Myles Murphy, DE/EDGE, Clemson
  16. WSH- Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina
  17. PITT- Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
  18. DET-Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
  19. TB- Luke Van Ess, EDGE, Iowa
  20. SEA- O’Cyrus Torrence, OG, Florida
  21. LAC- Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College
  22. BAL- Jaxson Smith-Nigba, WR, Ohio State
  23. MINN- Jordan Addison, WR, USC
  24. JAX- Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
  25. NYG- Quentin Johnson, WR, TCU
  26. DAL- Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee
  27. BUF- John Micheal Schmitz, C, Minnesota
  28. CIN- Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
  29. NO- Calijah Kancey, DT, Pitt
  30. PHI- Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama
  31. KC- BJ Olujari, EDGE, LSU
2nd Round
  1. PITT- Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Miss. State
  2. HOU- Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma
  3. AZ- Mazi Smith, DL, Michigan
  4. IND- Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State
  5. LAR- Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia
  6. SEA- Keion White, DE/EDGE, Georgia Tech
  7. LV- Brian Branch, S, Alabama
  8. CAR- AT Perry, WR, Wake Forest
  9. NO- Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State
  10. TENN- Will Macdonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State
  11. NYJ- Steve Avila, OT/IOL, TCU
  12. NYJ- Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M
  13. ATL- Derick Hall, EDGE, Auburn
  14. GB- Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah
  15. NE- Michael Mayers, TE, Notre Dame
  16. WSH- Cody Mauch, IOL/OT, North Dakota State
  17. DET- Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa
  18. PITT- Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson
  19. TB- Clark Philips III, CB, Utah
  20. MIA- Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M
  21. SEA- Tuli Tuipulotu, IDL, USC
  22. CHI- Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE/DL, Northwestern,
  23. LAC- Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia
  24. DET- Sydney Brown, S, Illinois
  25. JAX- Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State
  26. NYG- Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas
  27. DAL- Daiyan Hensley, LB, Washington State
  28. BUF- Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA
  29. CIN- Sam Laporta, TE, Iowa
  30. CHI- Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse
  31. PHI- Chris Smith II, S, Georgia
  32. KC- Siaki Iki, IDL, Baylor
3rd Round
  1. CHI- Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee
  2. HOU- Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina
  3. AZ- Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami
  4. DEN- Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State
  5. DEN- Keeanu Benton, IDL, Wisconsin
  6. LAR- Jordan Battle, S, Alabama
  7. LV- Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland
  8. NO- Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati
  9. TENN- Joe Tippmann, IOL, Wisconsin
  10. HOU- Gervon Dexter, DL, Florida
  11. CLE- Colby Wooden, IDL, Auburn
  12. ATL- Eli Ricks, CB Alabama
  13. NE- Jammie Robinson, S, Florida State
  14. LAR- Luke Wypler, IOL, Ohio State,
  15. GB- Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State
  16. IND- Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State
  17. PITT- Nathaniel Dell, WR, Houston
  18. DET- Tanner McKee, QB, Stanford,
  19. TB- Tank Bigsby, RB, Mississippi
  20. SEA- Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU
  21. MIA- Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State
  22. LAC- Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State,
  23. BAL- DJ Turner, CB, Michigan
  24. MINN- Kyu Blu Kelley, CB, Stanford
  25. JAX- JL Skinner, S, Illinois
  26. NYG- Tre’vius Hodge-Tomlinson, CB, TCU
  27. DAL- Zach Evans, RB, Mississippi
  28. BUF- Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse
  29. CIN- Jia’yir Brown, S, Penn State
  30. CAR- Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane
  31. PHI- Andre Carter II, EDGE, Army
  32. KC- Rashee Rice, WR, SMU
  33. AZ- Olusengun Oluwatani, IOL, Michigan
  34. WSH- Henry To’oto’o, LB, Alabama
  35. CLE-Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma
  36. SF-Blake Freeland, OT, BYU
  37. LV- Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina
  38. SF- Jartavius Martin, S, Illinois
  39. SF- Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas
4th Round
  1. CHI- Byron Young, EDGE, Tennessee,
  2. HOU- Andrew Voorheen, IOL, USC
  3. AZ- Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia
  4. IND- Michael Wilson, WR, Standford
  5. NE- Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama
  6. DEN- Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon
  7. LV- Riley Moss, CB/S, Iowa
  8. ATL- Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma
  9. CLE- Parker Washington, WR, Penn State
  10. NYJ- Demarvion Overshown, LB, Texas
  11. ATL- Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M
  12. CAR- Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford
  13. NO- Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee,
  14. GB- Byron Young, IDL, Alabama
  15. NE- Nick Herbig, LB, Wisconsin
  16. WSH- Jarrett Patterson, IOL, Notre Dame
  17. MINN- Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame
  18. PITT- Emil Ekyiyor, IOL, Alabama
  19. JAX- Zach Picchens, IDL, South Carolina
  20. KC-Jaqueline Roy, IDL, LSU
  21. SEA- Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn
  22. BAL- Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse,
  23. LAC- Kobie Tuner, DL, Wake Forest
  24. CLE- Dorian Williams, LB, Tulane
  25. JAX- Moro Ojomo, IDL, Texas
  26. NYG- Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan
  27. DAL- Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU
  28. BUF- Dontavion Wicks, WR, Virginia
  29. CIN- Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland
  30. CAR- KJ Henry, EDGE, Clemson,
  31. CHI- Mike Morris, IDL, Michigan
  32. KC- Ronnie Bell, WR, Michigan
  33. NE- Andrei Iosivas, WR, Syracuse
5th Round
  1. CHI- Kei’trel Clark, CB, Louisville
  2. BUF- Jaxson Kirkland, OT/IOL, Washington
  3. IND- Isaiah McGuire, EDGE, Missouri,
  4. DEN- Nick Broeker, IOL, Ole Miss
  5. CLE- Jay Ward, S, LSU
  6. LV- Braeden Daniel, IOL, Utah
  7. CLE- Yaya Diaby, EDGE, Louisville
  8. NYJ- Charlier Jones, WR, Purdue
  9. LV- Ryan Hayes, OT, Michigan
  10. CAR- Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama
  11. NO- Kendre Miller, RB, TCU
  12. TENN- Trey Palmer, WR, Nebraska
  13. CHI- Cameron Mitchell, CB, Northwestern
  14. GB- Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU
  15. WSH- Ivan Pace JR., LB, Cincinnati
  16. SEA- Ventrel Miller, LB, Florida
  17. DET- Habakkuk Baldanado, EDGE, Pitt,
  18. TB- Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State
  19. SEA- Alex Austin, CB, Oregon State
  20. SF- Jon Gaine, IOL, UCLA
  21. LAC- Terrell Smith, CB, Minnesota
  22. BAL- Ali Gaye, EDGE, LSU,
  23. MINN- Jalen Redmond, IDL, Oklahoma
  24. ATL- Puca Nacua, WR, BYU
  25. NYG- Antonio Mafi, IOL, UCLA
  26. HOU- Rakim Jarrett, WR, Maryland
  27. IND- Darrell Luter JR, CB, South Alabam
  28. CIN- Ricky Stromberg, IOL, Arkansas
  29. SF- Zack Kuntz, TE, Old Dominion,
  30. NO- Josh Whyle, TE, Cincinnati
  31. KC- Rashad Torrence II, S, Florida
  32. LAR- McLendon Curtis, IOL, Chattanooga
  33. AZ- Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia
  34. DAL- Davis Allen, TE, Clemson
  35. GB- Daniel Scott, S, California
  36. LAR- Chase Brown, RB, Illinois
  37. NYG- Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma
  38. SF- Mekhi Blackmon, CB, USC
  39. LV- Jaren Hall, QB, BYU
  40. TB- Nick Saldiveri, OT, Old Dominion
  41. IND- Henry Bainivalu, IOL, Washington
  42. LAR- Carter Warren, OT, Pitt
6th Round
  1. KC- Dewayne McBride, RB, UAB
  2. TB- Ronnie Hickman, S, Ohio State
  3. AZ- Alex Forsyth, IOL, Oregon
  4. TB- Juice Scruggs, IOL, Penn State
  5. LAR- Tyler Lacy, IDL, Oklahoma State
  6. DET- Keondre Coburn, IDL, Tecas
  7. NE- Rezjohn Wright, CB, Oregon State
  8. JAX- Jose Ramirez, EDGE, Eastern Washington,
  9. TENN- Will Mallory, TE, Miami
  10. NE- Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma
  11. HOU- Brenton Strange, TE, Penn State
  12. LAR- Brenton Cox Jr. EDGE, Florida,
  13. CLE- Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas State,
  14. LAR- Yasir Abdullah, LB, Louisville
  15. NE-Asim Richards, IOL, North Carolina
  16. WSH-Max Duggan, QB, TCU
  17. DET- Dontas Demus Jr. WR, Maryland
  18. DEN- Demarco Hellams, S, Alabama
  19. TB- Anfernee Orji, LB, Vanderbilt
  20. MIA- Dee Winters, LB, TCU
  21. SEA- Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pitt
  22. BAL- Brandon Hill, S, Pitt
  23. LAC- Warren McLendon, OT, Georgia
  24. HOU- Mohammed Ibrahim, RB, Minnesota
  25. JAX- Richard Gouraige, OT, Florida
  26. HOU- Mahamoud Diabate, LB, Utah
  27. LV- DJ Johnson, EDGE, Oregon,
  28. BUF- Mike Jones Jr., LB, LSU
  29. CIN- Keaton Mitchel, RB, Eastern Carolina
  30. NYJ-Jerrod Clark, IDL, Coastal Carolina
  31. JAX- Jonathan Mingo, WR, Mississippi
  32. NYG- Ochaun Mathis, EDGE, Nebraska
  33. NE- Jadon Hasselwood, WR, Arkansas
  34. MINN- MJ Anderson, EDGE, Iowa State
  35. DAL- Drake Thomas, LB, NC State
  36. AZ- Raiqwon O'neal, OT, UCLA
  37. LV- Evan Hull, RB, Northwestern
  38. WSH- Chris Rodriguez, RB, Kentucky
  39. SF-Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB, UCLA
  40. KC- Jake Andrews, IOL, Troy
7th round
  1. CHI- SirVoccea Dennis, LB, Pitt
  2. PHI- Lonnie Phelps, EDGE, Kansas
  3. LV- Isaiah Land, LB, Florida A&M
  4. IND- Cameron Young, IDL, Miss. State
  5. SF- Dante Still, IDL, West Virginia
  6. LAR- Camerun Peoples, RB, Appalachian State
  7. ATL- Hunter Luepke, RB, North Dakota State
  8. ATL- Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia
  9. JAX- Earl Bostick Jr., IOL, Kansas
  10. NO- Chandler Zavala, IOL NC State
  11. TENN- Elijah Higgins, WR, Standford
  12. CLE- DJ Dale, IDL, Alabama
  13. HOU- Nesta Jade Silvera, IDL, AZ State
  14. LV- Jalen Cropper, WR, Fresno State
  15. GB- Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky
  16. WSH- Anthony Johnson, CB, Virginia
  17. PITT- Jarrick Bernard-Converse, CB, LSU
  18. GB- Cory Trice, CB, Purdue
  19. IND- Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State
  20. SEA- Chamarri Conner, S, Virginia Tech
  21. MIA- Sidy Sow, OT, Eastern Michigan
  22. LAC- Tiyon Evans, RB, Louisville
  23. NYG- Clayton Tune, QB, Houston
  24. PITT- Caleb Murphy, EDGE, Ferris State
  25. GB- PJ Mustipher, IDL, Penn State
  26. NYG- Jacob Copeland, WR, Maryland
  27. DAL- Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville
  28. NE- Brodric Martin, IDL, Western Kentucky
  29. CIN- Robert Beal Jr, EDGE, Georgia,
  30. SF- BJ Thompson, EDGE, Stephen F Austin
  31. PHI- Mikel Jones, LB, Syracuse
  32. KC- Myles Brooks, CB, Lousiana Tech
  33. KC- Nic Jones, CB, Ball State
  34. LAR- Aiden O'connell, QB, Purdue
  35. TB- Latavious Brini, CB, Arkansas
  36. SF- Jeremy Banks, LB, Tennessee
  37. NYG- Kaevon Merriweather, S, Iowa
  38. SF- Deneric Prince, RB, Tulsa
  39. GB- Cam Jones, LB, Indiana
  40. NO- Jordan Howden, S, Minnesota
  41. CHI- Travis Dye, RB, USC
  42. HOU- Noah Gindorff, TE, North Dakota State
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2023.03.23 09:39 nuddrfuggncount Is this what you guys really want? "Appease Everyone Mock Draft" 2nd wave free agency

Is this what you guys really want?
  1. Christian Gonzales (CB): The consensus Falcons pick. Likely the BPA. Great at everything, yet still oversized. A lockdown CB2, pushing Hayward, a pro bowl/all pro corner, to CB3. Even if Hayward got injured again, we would play nickel nearly every down I'd imagine. A true no fly zone, the Falcons could have a historic secondary with these 5. I doubt anyone this offseason would dispute that we have the best secondary coming into 2023.
    Trade: #44, 2023 2nd, etc, traded to LAC in exchange for #21 and #125. Trade slightly favors Chargers in points chart.
    1. Nolan Smith (DE): You say our edge needs speed more than power? Who cares when we get Nolan Smith. This is the rusher who closed the championship game against Alabama. Team captain, very hard worker.
    He can put on that extra 20-30lbs in muscle needed by the playoffs next year. Every DL pick past Myles Murphy is developmental, but Smith has so much talent that he can still contributr year 1.
    Our edge goes from terrible to slightly above average with this move. Our interior is top 5 though, so I guess it evens out. 75. Kayshon Boutte (WR): OK listen, we did a poll last weekend and this appears to be the best 3rd round wideout. When is Reddit ever wrong? He reminds me of Amari Cooper. Just a consistent catcher. He's on time with his routes, he's got size, speed, hands, nothing freakish, but he's consistent. 110. Karl Brookes (ED): This is one of those pickups that happen on PFF that really shouldn't fall down this far. Clearly a silly part of their algorithm, but people see A+ and think "oh smart" so I'm putting him on here. Manhandled by OL prospects, needs strength, just like every other day 3 trench pickup. 113. Parker Washington (WR): This was Popeye right as his steroid addiction began. Juiced up, catches everything in his path. Not crazy fast, small, but has that spark a little more than Zacchaeus, and is much stronger. 126. KJ Henry (ED): You can never have too much edge. I posted about him before. Similar skillset to Nolan.
    More depth after this, enjoy what should be a reddit pleasing mock draft. I like these picks, and really don't care about you haters.😁 Tell the mods to make a new stickied draft thread so that I don't have to keep doing this.
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2023.03.23 04:23 transizzle Ages of the top 5 picks from 2019-2023.

Not trying to make a point with this or anything - I just got curious and thought it was interesting to see. For 2023, I googled a couple of mock drafts and grabbed the consensus top 5 - it probably doesn't end up with Cam at 5 but man is he young.
Player Birth Date Draft Age
Cam Whitmore 7/8/2004 2023 18
Scoot Henderson 2/3/2004 2023 19
Victor Wembanyama 1/4/2004 2023 19
Jabari Smith 5/13/2003 2022 19
Amen Thompson 1/30/2003 2023 20
Brandon Miller 11/22/2002 2023 20
Paolo Banchero 11/12/2002 2022 20
Chet Holmgren 5/1/2002 2022 20
Jalen Green 5/9/2002 2021 21
Jaden Ivey 2/13/2002 2022 21
Cade Cunningham 9/25/2001 2021 21
Patrick Williams 8/26/2001 2021 21
LaMelo Ball 8/22/2001 2020 21
Anthony Edwards 8/5/2001 2020 21
Scottie Barnes 8/1/2001 2021 21
Evan Mobley 6/18/2001 2021 21
Jalen Suggs 6/1/2001 2021 21
James Wiseman 3/31/2001 2020 21
Isaac Okoro 1/26/2001 2020 21
Keegan Murray 8/19/2000 2022 22
RJ Barrett 8/14/2000 2019 22
Zion Williamson 7/6/2000 2019 22
Darius Garland 1/26/2000 2019 23
Ja Morant 8/10/1999 2019 23
De'Andre Hunter 12/2/1997 2019 25
There's some funny stuff here, like Brandon Miller being 6 months older than Jabari Smith, Keegan Murray somehow being born the same week as RJ Barrett, or De'Andre Hunter as a hilarious outlier. He's a full two years older than 2018's Jaren Jackson Jr.! Anyway, just wanted to share.
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2023.03.23 02:23 PaleoclassicalPants [Post Game Thread] The Denver Nuggets (49-24) defeat the Washington Wizards (32-41), 118-104 behind Jokic's 31/12/7.

118 - 104
Box Scores: NBA - Yahoo
Location: Capital One Arena (16508), Clock: Final
Officials: Derrick Collins, Mark Lindsay, and Kevin Cutler
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Denver Nuggets 31 24 39 24 118
Washington Wizards 29 28 16 31 104
Denver Nuggets 118 42-83 50.6% 15-32 46.9% 19-21 90.5% 11 45 28 18 7 10 2
Washington Wizards 104 44-87 50.6% 4-26 15.4% 12-16 75.0% 10 45 20 15 4 7 4
Michael Porter Jr.SF 30:44 21 7-16 6-9 1-1 2 5 7 2 2 0 1 1 28
Aaron GordonPF 30:44 12 4-6 2-3 2-2 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 28
Nikola JokicC 33:36 31 12-16 2-3 5-5 5 7 12 7 3 0 2 1 28
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG 29:27 6 2-9 0-4 2-3 0 3 3 4 1 0 0 1 6
Jamal MurrayPG 33:08 17 7-13 3-6 0-0 1 5 6 8 0 0 2 2 22
Bruce Brown 29:07 14 5-10 0-1 4-4 2 4 6 2 0 2 2 3 5
Christian Braun 16:06 0 0-3 0-3 0-0 0 3 3 2 0 0 0 3 -7
Jeff Green 14:32 11 3-6 2-3 3-4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 -8
Zeke Nnaji 11:40 2 0-0 0-0 2-2 0 2 2 0 0 0 1 3 -8
Peyton Watson 02:44 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 -6
Thomas Bryant 02:44 4 2-3 0-0 0-0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 -6
Ish Smith 02:44 0 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -6
Vlatko Cancar 02:44 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 -6
Reggie Jackson 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DeAndre Jordan 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Collin Gillespie 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jack White 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Deni AvdijaSF 31:41 16 7-9 1-2 1-2 0 8 8 6 0 0 4 1 -23
Kristaps PorzingisPF 22:14 25 11-17 1-3 2-2 0 3 3 2 0 0 1 3 -18
Daniel GaffordC 28:33 6 3-6 0-0 0-0 2 3 5 0 0 1 0 5 -14
Corey KispertSG 30:34 9 3-10 1-7 2-2 1 2 3 2 0 0 0 0 -12
Monte MorrisPG 24:43 8 4-10 0-3 0-0 1 1 2 5 2 0 1 0 -16
Jordan Goodwin 17:21 12 5-8 0-3 2-2 0 4 4 1 0 0 1 1 -4
Taj Gibson 11:26 0 0-2 0-0 0-0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 -9
Delon Wright 20:33 7 3-6 0-1 1-2 1 3 4 2 0 2 0 1 -4
Johnny Davis 23:21 7 3-9 0-3 1-2 2 1 3 0 1 0 0 4 14
Anthony Gill 10:16 3 1-2 0-0 1-2 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 -1
Kendrick Nunn 08:21 7 3-4 1-2 0-0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -1
Xavier Cooks 03:39 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 6
Quenton Jackson 03:39 2 1-3 0-1 0-0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 6
Jay Huff 03:39 2 0-1 0-1 2-2 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 6
Bradley Beal 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kyle Kuzma 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Isaiah Todd 00:00 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
rnbapgtgenerator by f1uk3r
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2023.03.22 22:21 imaginationimp ImaginationImps “outperform at ADP” list continued. This group i see as out performing but more risks. See my other post for how i assess

Here are some of the terms/abbreviations i use:
Sc (or SC) = Statcast
BA = batting average
Speed= has demonstrated enough speed in the past to get more SB due to rule changes
Park = home baseball park played in
L = left handed, gets help from shift ban
ADP = generic term for “cost” in draft so for example a decent SC with a very low ADP can mean value while the same statcast isn’t good if a high ADP
Context or lineup - used interchangeably. For pitchers means chance for wins. For hitters mean chances for rbi/runs
Apologies- list isn’t in a particular order! Long story as to why but simply it isnt —————————————
Oneil Cruz - SS - SC, speed, L, Risks: lineup, BA, park isn’t great
George Springer - OF - SC, lineup, speed, park. Risks: age, injury
Nestor Cortes - SP - SC (except fastball speed), context, Risks: slow fb
Devin Williams - CL - k rate, SC, context, Risks: bb rate
Justin Turner - 3b - position, park, SC for ADP, Risks: injury, lineup
Riley Greene - OF - L, minor league pedigree, park changes, SC growth during 2022. Risks: sophomore, “betting the come”
Luis Garcia - SP - SC for ADP, context, park. Risks: slow fb, pitch clock and changing “rocking” motion from pitch
Vinnie Pasquantino - 1b- L, bb/k rate, SC. Risks: park, sophomore slump
Lars Nootbaar - OF - L, Sc, bb/k rate, Risks: even with good sc, bad ba. Shift ban should help but will it? Crowded outfield
Nathaniel Lowe - 1b. L, SC, lineup, risks: park
Lance Lynn - P - numbers looks low due to return from injury, Context, Fully healthy. SC. Risks: injury, age
Anthony Rizzo - 1b - L, some speed, good SC for adp, park, lineup. Risks: injury, age
Louis Severino - SP - right time post TJ, context, k rate, Risks: poor Spring training (very minor risk)
Alexis Diaz - CL - Sc, No committee, risks: park, and short track record
Glassman. I mean Glasnow. - SP - SC, true ace when playing, park. Risks: INJURY , context for wins
Jared Kelenic - OF. L. Speed, Sc. Risks: ba as cant hit an off speed pitch. If he learns how he’s a superstar.
Blake Snell- SP - park, k rate, context, swstr % improving. Risks: BB rate, length of starts
Ok. I don’t have time to write all the details. Here is the rest of the list:
Matt Olsen
Ozzie Albies
Justin Verlander
Max Fried
Tyler ONeill
Wander Franco.
Anthony Santander
Rowdy Tellez
Joe Ryan
Garret Mitchell
Jorge Polanco
Hayden Wesneski
Christian Yelich
Jesus Luzardo
Pablo Lopez
Jake Fraley
Cal Raleigh
Sonny Gray
Andres Munoz
Anthony Rendon
Chris Sale
Joc Pederson
Will Myers
Danny Jansen
Joey Gallo
Reid Detmers
Oscar Colas
Spencer Turnbull
Jimmy Herget
Jon Berti
Will Brennan
Clarke Schmidt
Will Smith (Cl potential Texas)
Edward Cabrera
Jared Shuster
Domingo German
Braxton Garrett
Nolan Gorman
Michael Massey
James Outman
Elly de lA Cruz
Christian Encarnacion-strand
Sal Frelick
Blake Sabol
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2023.03.22 21:49 yangenomics Tales from New London: The Engineers Protest (Fan Fiction)

In the heart of New London, amid the biting cold, the gurgling steam pipes and the towering tenements, a weary engineer named Dr. Arthur Harwood laboured tirelessly in the First Workshop. A once-renowned scientist and inventor from Cambridge University, Dr. Harwood had been one of the brightest minds of his generation, a pioneer in the field of robotic automation. But now, relegated to the role of a mere craftsman, he toiled away in a dimly lit assembly room with a handful of other lost souls, crafting prosthetic limbs for those who had fallen victim to the merciless frostbite that plagued the city.
The First Workshop was a veritable menagerie of mechanical marvels, from the high-powered steam cores in various levels of repair, to intricate fabricators that could churn out the essential glow worm electrical lights that each citizen was instructed to wear when they left their homes, to replacement parts for the Silver Scot, the city's last remaining automaton.
As Dr. Harwood worked, his fellow engineers laboured alongside him, their once-brilliant minds reduced to mere cogs in the great machine that was the Glorious City of New London. There was the intrepid Dr. Leonard Macdonald, once a famous theorist of electromagnetism hailing from Oxford, and the ambitious American fluidic systems engineer Dr. Elizabeth Conley. Among them was also Dr. Percevel Leclair, a French astrophysicist with a long history of dabbling in robotics, and Professor Heinrich Schmidt, a German scientist who had once been hailed as the father of modern steam power. Together, they formed a motley core of a crew of New London’s finest intellects, bound together by their shared indignation at the demeaning work that had been thrust upon them.
After periodic demonstrations in the Central District organized by the working class of New London, the engineers of the First Workshop were surprised to watch the Brotherhood of the New Order sanction a series of meetings with Major Wilkins to revise the colony’s labour policy. There were celebrations in the street when the Mad Captain announced that the fourteen-hour workshifts that had persisted since the city’s founding would be reduced to a more tolerable ten hours a day. The engineers, traumatized by the draconian rule of the New Order, took heart that perhaps the months of emergency conditions were coming to an end.
It seemed the Wilkins administration could hew to reason, if only enough citizens could come together to demand it. Conversations ran long in the First Workshop and at the pub after hours about how even with the reduction of work hours, the people of New London were working themselves to death without a single day of rest. Conversations with the medics at the infirmary only confirmed their worries, as they counted the number of work accidents and deaths of despair and realized they were ticking up. Besides this, the engineers loudly criticized City Hall for misappropriating their unique talents in their mission to survive.
But the proposals of further reform by Dr. Harwood and the other engineers were swiftly crushed when the Wilkins administration announced at a morning roll call that talk of further protests had been noted by the secret informers of the New Order. He told everyone gathered there that there would be no further reduction in work hours; the city did not have the population yet to sustain it. Furthermore, they would all do well to not balk at any of the sawdust food additives in their soup that week. Angered, but also deeply concerned for the colony, Dr. Harwood, Dr. Macdonald, and Dr. Conley took their grievances to the Propaganda Centre that day after their maintenance work of the formidable Silver Scot was completed.
Dr. Macdonald, a tall and lanky man with wiry glasses and a perpetual frown etched upon his face, had drafted the formal inquiry, detailing their grievances and their hope for a more equitable work environment. He led the delegation down Coal Street one afternoon, the long windy Arctic night hiding any sign of the passage of time, and marched bravely into the looming Propaganda Centre, its awesome exterior and red banners striking fear into their chilled bones. It had been some time since either of them had entered the building, as to do so without permission by the Guards was an easy way to end up on a watch list. Dr. Harwood gulped heavily, then pulled back the imposing double-reinforced steel door to let his peers take the first steps inside.
Upon entering the lobby of New London’s Propaganda Centre, the engineers were met with silent stares from the guards posted besides the front desk, who gripped their bayoneted rifles with the seriousness of the King’s Guard. The three dusted off the snow on their boots and Dr. Macdonald tried not to gawk at the dazzling sight of the administration’s clerks, Ms. Abigail Green and Ms. Megane Black, beautiful and poised in old world work dresses, their nails painted red and their hair in good fashion, seeming to flaunt their comfortable working conditions.
Dr. Macdonald, his voice wavering slightly, stepped forward slowly, saying, “We, your humble fellow citizens from the First Workshop, have taken it upon ourselves to provide a statistical analysis and series of practical recommendations to help inform the policy choices of the city administration.” He brought the sheaf of papers that was the First Workshop’s inquiry to the secretaries’ desk, his eyes pleading for understanding.
The two clerks, however, seemed to regard the engineers' request with scorn, their faces twisted into mocking sneers as they scanned the first page. They exchanged derisive glances, then Ms. Green dropped the sheaf unceremoniously onto a stack of papers beside her. She turned to their leader, her voice dripping with disdain.
"Good sir, do you truly believe that your pitiful pleas will be heard by our esteemed Major Wilkins?" she asked, her eyes narrowing. "You should be grateful for the work you have been tasked to complete by the New Order. Many are not so fortunate to work all day indoors under a steam vent."
The engineers’ faces flushed with anger and humiliation. Ms. Green reached for a dreaded clunky switch behind her, which would instantly trigger the facility’s radiogram, summoning more guards of the City Watch. The men on either side of the front desk watched with bated breath. The threat was clear: any further dissent would be met with swift retribution. Dr. Harwood’s courage failed and he turned hastily for the door. His two coworkers muttered apologies and they departed.
The following day, as they returned to their workshop, they found their workspace patrolled by stern-faced guards from the City Watch. The engineers surpassed their daily production quota of prostheses and made significant headway on finishing their blueprints for enhancements to the Generator’s overdrive couplings. Yet, their disgruntled conversations only continued late at night in the alleyways behind the pub. Dr. Leclair and Dr. Schmidt were oblivious to the three’s lackluster behavior at the Propaganda Centre. Meanwhile, Dr. Macdonald and Dr. Conley blamed Dr. Harwood in private for not standing strong in their convictions.
One evening, as Dr. Harwood and his colleagues made their way home through the frosted streets of New London, they discovered a pamphlet in the snow, only one side disfigured by a wet boot. The paper was coarse and the typewritten text faded: it was clearly the result of an illegal printing press somewhere in the city. The pamphlet spoke of revolution, of overthrowing the New Order and the Wilkins administration, to forge a new, better future for the people of New London. The engineers were not alone in their continued discontent!
The engineers gathered in secret that night at a cousin’s bunkhouse at the cold side of the Steamshires, their voices a low murmur as they debated what to do with the incendiary literature. Dr. Macdonald, his eyes alight with a newfound fire, urged his colleagues to consider joining the rebellion, to fight for the rights and dignity that had been stripped from them.
"We have been silenced for far too long," he declared, his voice trembling with passion. "If we do not stand up against the injustices that have been heaped upon us, who will? Are we to remain mere cogs, our lives and dreams ground to dust beneath the heel of the Mad Captain?”
Others, however, were more cautious, their eyes darting nervously to the shadows that seemed to press in around them. Dr. Conley’s cousin, a stout soldier-cum-miner by the name of Geoffrey, spoke up, his voice trembling with fear.
"Leonard, I understand your frustration," he began, his eyes pleading for understanding. "But we have families to consider, friends to protect. Do you truly believe that joining this rebellion will make things better? Or will it only bring more suffering upon us all?"
The engineers continued to argue amongst themselves, their voices growing louder and more heated with each passing moment. Dr. Conley disagreed with her cousin and was eager to throw their lot in with the rebels. Their two European colleagues also were impatient to fight for a brighter future. Dr. Harwood remained steadfast in his belief that the price of rebellion was simply too high; they'd already seen what had happened to poor Thomas Winslow’s uprising, to say nothing of the night of terror during the Great Storm at the Battle of the Scaffolds.
As the debate raged on, the young Dr. Conley stepped forward, her eyes bright with determination. "We cannot allow simple fear to dictate our actions," she declared, her voice clear and strong. "Yes, there is risk in joining a rebellion. But there is also risk if we let Mad Bill work the entire colony to death! If we do not fight, who will, and when? We have no time to waste."
Her words seemed to strike a chord within the hearts of the engineers, and as they stood there, huddled together in the darkness, they made a silent vow to one another. A spark had been lit. And as the engineers returned to their labors the next morning, their hearts burned with newfound purpose.
The next night, their discussions took a different turn as they met with hushed voices at the snowblown far corner of St. George’s Square. The question to be resolved moved towards whether to make an attempt to contact existing rebels or wait for the rebels to make another move.
"Patience, my friends," urged Dr. Macdonald, his eyes gleaming with steely resolve, as Dr. Harwood nervously rubbed his hands. "We must bide our time and wait for the right moment to strike. The rebels will show more evidence of their activity, or even contact us when they're ready. We will join our forces with theirs to bring about the change we all desire."
"But how long are we to wait?" asked Dr. Leclair, his impatience clear in his voice. “A week? A month? I’ve seen people that can barely put a spoon to their mouths in the mess hall, we’re so overworked! We will not survive at this rate.”
Dr. Harwood found the City Watch at the First Workshop the next day and nearly shat himself out of fear that they had been caught. Instead, the hard-nosed lieutenant simply informed them of their need to oversee and hasten the construction of the city’s new industrial hothouses. They did their best to hold back their disappointment. They would miss the steam vents above their work stations and their heated water closets.
Yet, as they were guided to their new posts far from the Central District, the engineers knew this could be an opportunity to spread their message to the working people of the city. Arriving at the construction sites, arranged around a single roaring steam hub, they were met with a cacophony of hammering, sawing, and the grunts of exertion, punctuated by the occasional expletive or barked order. Yes, it would be an opportunity indeed.
The engineers would soon meet after hours with stories recounting their marvel at the construction teams’ willingness to toil for long hours in the snowy winds, to hoist up enormous pillars of steel and carefully position the fragile panes of thermal glass. The workers, most British nationals with the odd handful of Americans and Europeans, seemed emaciated, filthy, their bodies even twisted by the requirement of their hard labour, but they nary stopped for a break outside of a brief respite for a quick lunch of hard tack and fish soup. To Dr. Conley, she was filled with empathy which fueled more exasperated calls for action. Dr. Harwood, on the other hand, argued that perhaps they misjudged and the common people had more energy than they expected.
One day, a worker, a burly man by the name of Hugo Walsh with a bushy beard and the calluses of a lifetime of labor etched into his hands, approached Dr. Harwood.
"Oi, Doc," he rasped, his voice gravelly from years of inhaling the icy air, "I hear it's you lot wot built them crank-powered prosthetics. Saved me mate's life, that did. He'd 'ave been a goner otherwise. So, thanks for that, guv."
Dr. Harwood, touched by the sentiment, replied, "It's our pleasure, sir. We're here to help our fellow citizens in any way we can."
Overhearing the conversation a man named Freddie Hudson limped over, "Here to help, aye? While we break our backs buildin’? Must be nice, workin' in them fancy workshops for months at a time. All them heaters an' hot water on tap. Ain't like out 'ere in the bleedin' cold." He spat on the ground and walked off.
Dr. Harwood’s face reddened with anger at the ungrateful comment. Hugo frowned and looked at the ground, ashamed at the fellow’s rudeness. An outspoken woman on the team by the name of Sylvie Pearson had watched the scene and promptly marched over.
"Give 'em no mind, sir. It's only complaints that come outta that one's gob! Harwood, is it? I can't wait to get inside these gardens an' see 'em grow," she said, her voice full of wonder. "Imagine, a place right 'ere in New London Crater with lamplights to make things grow right in the dark winter! I've 'eard tell them plants already sprouted in the two we already built. Ain't it a miracle?"
The inventor’s ego was still bruised and he lashed out at Sylvie, “That’s Dr. Harwood to you, madam. And grow lights are no miracle, they are simply yet another gift from the arduous project of science. You lot would be wise to acknowledge the fact that without our educated minds, survival in this wasteland would be a fool’s dream!” He stormed off.
Yet, the other engineers were not so dispirited. Dr. Conley won that night’s debate at Geoffrey’s tenement that they could spare no more time. They had at least the responsibility to win the construction workers over to their side, while they had the chance.
The next day, the engineers assembled together at the steam hub and gave each other courage. Dr. Macdonald took leadership once again and approached a burly worker nearby named Dylan Lee. The doctor's hands shook slightly as he proffered a carefully folded and sealed parchment, detailing their concerns and ideas to reduce work hours and improve the lives of New London's laborers.
"Read this, Mr. Lee," Dr. Macdonald whispered, his voice trembling slightly. "It contains thoughts on how we might make things better for all of us."
Dylan hesitated, his eyes darting to the parchment in Dr. Macdonald's hand, then to the other workers toiling nearby. He looked back at Dr. Macdonald and, with a steely determination, called out to the others. "Oi, gather 'round! The doc's got somethin' he wants us to read!"
The workers all stopped, curiosity piqued, then set down their tools and shuffled closer.
Dr. Macdonald winced, unprepared for such a public display. Dylan took the letter, unfolded it, and began to read aloud, his voice rough and unpolished.
As the words filled the air, a mixture of hope, skepticism, and confusion began to manifest on the faces of the workers. The air around them crackled with tension, the cold wind blowing down from above the Crater as they listened to the engineers' proposal.
"What do they know?" snarled a thin, wiry man by the name of Keegan. "They ain't never had to lift a finger in their lives, and now they think they can tell us what's best for us?"
"Wait a moment," interjected Sylvie, as she rubbed her hands furiously to keep them warm. "Perhaps they're just tryin' to help."
The site erupted into mutters and shouts. The engineers, unaccustomed to the raw, unfiltered emotions of the workers, began to stammer out explanations, trying to assuage their concerns.
Dylan cut through all that with his voice booming over the others. "We can't risk it! Rebellion would cost us everything. You ‘eard the Captain, it’s only obedience that’ll save us in these tryin' times!"
The man’s gaze fell upon a pair of guards who happened to be walking nearby, their boots crunching on the frosty ground. He called out to them, his voice urgent and powerful.
"Guards! Over 'ere, we've got some troublemakers!"
The guards exchanged glances before swiftly making their way toward the gathering. The engineers, sensing the danger, immediately began to protest, their voices rising in a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of their well-intentioned plan.
"Wait, you misunderstand!" Dr. Macdonald implored, his eyes wide with alarm. "We only wished to help the Major see reason and improve life for everyone!"
"'Improvin’ life?" Dylan snorted. "By bringin' unrest an' questionin’ orders?!"
One of the guards, a broad-shouldered man by the name of Lieutenant Murray, looked at the engineers sternly. "Let me see this letter," he demanded, his hand outstretched. Dylan handed it over as Dr. Harwood’s heart filled with dread.
The guard's eyes flicked over the parchment, scanning the words quickly before he passed it to his companion. The second guard read it, his face betraying no emotion, and handed it back.
"It seems you've been inciting dissent," Lieutenant Murray said sternly, his voice cutting through the frigid air. "You'll be coming with us."
"No, please, you must listen!" cried Dr. Harwood, his hands shaking. "We never meant to cause trouble!"
The guards paid him no heed, instead producing iron cuffs and securing them around the wrists of each engineer. Their faces were impassive, as if the act of arresting these men held no more significance than any other daily task. As they prepared to lead the engineers away, a hush fell over the crowd of workers.
"Please," Dr. Harwood tried once more, desperation etching lines into his face. "We were only trying to improve things. Our letter makes that very clear! Can't you see that?"
The guards remained stone-faced and unyielding, turning the engineers around to march them off to jail cells. The workers watched, their expressions a mix of fear and resignation, as their foremen were led away. They returned back to their tasks in the half-frozen muck.
In the cold, dank depths of Gridiron Prison that night, the engineering team huddled together in a lower jail cell, their spirits sinking with each passing moment. The stone walls seemed to close in around them, and the imposing guards patrolled the corridors with a relentless, watchful vigilance. The air was heavy with despair, and the only sounds that echoed through the cells were the soft moans of misery and the idle clanking of the pipes.
Suddenly, the cell bars slid open, and Major Wilkins himself strode in, a wolfish smile playing on his lips. He surveyed the engineers with a predatory gaze, his eyes dancing from one disheveled figure to the next.
"Well, well, well," he drawled, his voice smooth. "The great engineers of New London, brought low by their own misguided ambitions."
Drs. Schmidt and Conley, their faces gaunt, immediately began to protest the gritty dregs they had been given for dinner. Major Wilkins merely chuckled at their outrage, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.
"Ah, yes," he said, smirking. "I imagine prison food is a far cry from the victuals served at the mess hall.” "You know, it's quite ironic," he went on, his voice dripping with amusement. "Here you are, the finest minds in New London, and yet you find yourselves behind bars. I must say, I expected more from the brilliant creators of our steam-powered prosthetics and those ingenious electric lamps."
The engineers bristled at the Major's mocking tone and his feigned ignorance at the full record of their accomplishments as some of the brightest minds in a generation. Dr. Harwood, his jaw clenched and his eyes flashing with defiance, shot back, "We were only trying to help New London survive as you commanded us to do. You've been working our people to the bone!"
Major Wilkins laughed, a rich, dark sound that echoed through the prison. "Ah, yes, your noble intentions. But, in all your genius, do you really believe you can change the world with your pitiful attempts at rebellion?" he asked, his voice scornful. "The New Order is here to stay, and you’d be wise to learn your place in it is to obey."
The Mad Captain paused for dramatic effect, then continued, “But fear not, my dear engineers, for I have a proposition for you."
The engineers exchanged wary glances, their hearts pounding. Major Wilkins leaned in closer to them in the jail cell, his voice low.
"You are far too important to our city to remain here," he whispered, his words like honey. "We need your skills, your expertise, to ensure the success of our hothouses, our factories and ongoing industrialisation. Still, let us not forget the gravity of your actions… after all… that little letter of yours, well, that could be grounds for execution."
The engineers stiffened, their bravery faltering as the weight of their predicament settled upon them.
"However," Wilkins continued, drawing out the word, "I am not without mercy. I am willing to overlook your misguided attempt at insurrection, on one condition. You will swear your loyalty to me and the New Order, and you will work tirelessly from now on to ensure the success of our endeavors. ALL OF OUR ENDEAVORS AS YOUR COMMANDER SEES FIT! In return, you can return now to your homes and your work tomorrow."
Though they had been staunch critics of the Major, the engineers found themselves doubting their earlier convictions. Dr. Harwood thought that perhaps the Mad Captain could be reasonable, after all. With heavy hearts, they agreed to Major Wilkins' terms, and he smiled in his victory.
As the days passed, the engineers continued to work on the hothouses, their doubts and fears gnawing at them. Once the structures were complete, they even joined the work teams to plant row upon row of potatoes, broccoli, turnips, kale, radishes, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Not another word was spoken of dissent with them, but any friendliness that existed before had been extinguished, as their fellow citizens wouldn’t dare talk to them for long.
The engineers, however, remained torn by their consciences during that long night of New London’s first winter. Dr. Conley was adamant that the rebellious printers of that godforsaken pamphlet had to be out there somewhere. Dr. Leclair opined that the workers assigned to the hothouses must have been hand-picked for their loyalty. They would try again to raise the working conditions of their colony, but this time would operate in an even more secret matter, speaking with only the most trustworthy souls they could find face-to-face in the shadows of the night. Dr. Harwood was more quiet than ever during their whispered debates, but they set their plans into motion nevertheless.
Dr. Macdonald spoke to a foreman at the coal mine. Dr. Schmidt made contact with a group at the steelworks that had flirted with the idea of a work stoppage. A few engineers at the Wall Drill finally gave Dr. Conley the time of day to win them over to the cause and she proved most persuasive. Slowly, although reports always had to be questioned for fear of misinformation, the engineers of the First Workshop detected the number of their supporters were growing.
One evening, back in Geoffrey’s tenement, the engineers gathered with a group of representatives from the discontent to discuss their strategy.
"Friends, we must rally the people," he declared, his voice firm with conviction. "We must make them understand that at the current rate of malnutrition, accidents, infections, and frostbite, our lives in the Crater are at risk. If we don't act soon, we will all perish."
Dr. Conley, nodded in agreement, adding, "The Wilkins administration hoards supplies, dreading the worst, but we have already been pushed to the brink. We need more food, adequate rest time, and it’s high time the New Order return the right of all good Christian men and women to worship as we please!"
Their message resonated with the beleaguered workers. They expressed eagerness to join the protest and make their demands known. A coal miner named Samuel Holmes spoke up, his voice quivering with emotion. "Major Wilkins has no right to keep us living like this. We deserve better. We deserve to live, not just survive!" An engineer from the industrial tools factory, a woman named Margaret Palmer, chimed in. "Yes, we've been pushed too far! We must stand in unity and make our demands known!”
The group's resolve strengthened with each passing day, and finally, the night of the protest arrived. The engineers, coal miners, steel workers, toolmakers and lumberers came streaming out of their homes towards the Central District. With Leonard and Elizabeth leading the charge, they marched past their enormous steam-belching Generator toward the Propaganda Centre, their voices raised in unison.
"We demand better conditions! We demand more food! We demand the right to worship!"
The air was thick with tension as the protesters came around the corner, to see that Major Wilkins and the Brotherhood of the New Order were waiting for them en masse. Someone had informed the administration of their plans! The militia were even there, standing in rows like a regiment, wearing red armbands to illustrate their loyalty. A horn blast came from beyond the infirmary, and the protestor’s chants faltered as they saw the Silver Scot take up a position beside them, four guards with rifles standing at attention atop its steel back. They braced themselves for the confrontation that was sure to come, their hearts pounding in their chests.
The engineers stood at the front of the crowd of protestors, locking eyes with Major Wilkins, neither side willing to back down. With a deep breath, Dr. Macdonald addressed the Major, his voice filled with resolve.
"Major Wilkins, we stand before you today not as enemies, but as fellow citizens of New London, united in our desire for this glorious city to survive. In light of our people’s deterioration from months of exhausting work schedules, we demand fair treatment, proper nourishment, and the right to worship as we see fit."
Major Wilkins stared back, his eyes cold and unyielding. "Ah, a veritable League of Extraordinary Protesters! Well, let me enlighten you, my international friends. Survival requires sacrifice, and I'm afraid your little tantrum only serves to delay the progress we desperately need."
The protesters took heart as a couple of children began to bang on makeshift drums. The crowd shouted their slogans again, and Dr. Conley stepped closer to the Mad Captain, her voice ringing with conviction. “Sir, we cannot ignore the suffering of our people. The methods of your administration have been harsh and unsustainable. We need change, and we need it now.”
"You dare to question my attention to the survival of humanity?" Wilkins bellowed, his voice booming across the Central District. "I have worked tirelessly to ensure our city's survival, while you waste time on this foolish protest! How many times must I explain that we cannot afford a single extra moment of delay? There is much work to be done, and your doubt only hinders us!"
"Major Wilkins," Dr. Macdonald started, his voice wavering, "we believe that work hours should be reduced to eight per day, with construction projects continuing in the evening only on a voluntary basis. This would be suitable."
Elizabeth chimed in, tripping over her words in her haste, "A-and we d-demand Saturdays a-and Sundays off, too! To give the people a needed rest! A-and…"
The Mad Captain raised an eyebrow, a sly grin spreading across his face. "So you want to work less and rest more, do you?" He paused, letting his words sink in before continuing, "Tell me, my dear engineers, how will New London survive if we all laze about like it's a never-ending holiday?"
Some of the workers who had joined the protest began to waver. Major Wilkins went on, "Perhaps we should send you all to the Propaganda Centre for re-education. It seems you haven't quite grasped the concept yet of the New Man."
As the debate raged on, the drumming and slogans from the crowd began to fade, replaced by a tense silence as they listened to the verbal duel. Major Wilkins, unfazed, continued to mock the protest leaders. A crowd gathered then, as New Londoners were drawn to the spectacle unfolding in the Central District in the full view of the City Watch and their lone automaton.
The engineers began to exchange panicked glances, struggling to find adequate responses to their charismatic leader. The crowd, sensing their uncertainty, began to laugh and jeer.
Major Wilkins' eyes twinkled with mischief as he turned his attention back to Dr. Macdonald. "Tell me, Doctor," he asked with condescension, "do you consider yourself more intelligent than an Apis mellifera?"
Dr. Macdonald blinked in confusion, caught off guard by the unexpected question. "I-I'm not sure I-I…”
Major Wilkins smirked, clearly enjoying the famous theorist's discomfiture. "Why, Doctor, I'm surprised at your ignorance! Surely a man of your intellectual prowess is familiar with the Latin name of the humble European honey bee?"
As Dr. Macdonald's face reddened with embarrassment, Major Wilkins continued his lecture. "You see, my dear engineers, even the simple honey bee understands the importance of hard work and cooperation in the face of adversity. They labor tirelessly, each one playing their part to ensure the survival of their hive. They do not complain, nor do they demand rest and leisure. They work because they know that their very existence depends upon it."
The engineers shifted uncomfortably in silence. Major Wilkins, sensing their weakness, pressed his advantage. "Now, if a tiny insect can grasp this fundamental truth, why is it that you, with your esteemed educations and lofty ideals, cannot?"
The crowd, once sympathetic to the protesters, began to murmur in agreement, swayed by the Major's persuasive rhetoric. Dr. Conley raised her voice again, stammering, "Y-you must take into account th-the rising number of work accidents, the malnutrition, the-”
“Oh, I have taken everything into account, rest assured doctor! We all have our role to fulfill and I have not fallen short as you have tonight. But, fear not, my esteemed debaters, for I have a solution!" The biting wind whistled its way through the streets of New London, a ghostly reminder of the icy world beyond the city's confines. Major Wilkins, standing tall amid the swirling snowflakes, sensed the tide of the crowd turning in his favor.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I understand that, in the past, I have spoken admiringly of General Napoleon for his force of vision and strength of will. I know that some of you may not approve, given the long years of war fought by our grandfathers against that tyrant. However, perhaps you would be more amenable to the ideas of the French leaders that came before Little Boney, the Jacobins.”
The crowd leaned in, curiosity piqued by the Major's dramatic shift in tone. He continued, "You see, the Jacobins sought to sweep aside the traditional systems of the past. They recognized that God had no mercy for humanity, even without the Great Frost as proof of his cruelty, and that the old ways, such as the seven-day Christian calendar, were holding them back. They understood the need for change, for progress."
Major Wilkins paused, allowing his words to sink in before delivering his proposal. "I believe we should adopt a new calendar, a ten-day calendar, much like the French Republicans of old. We will call it the New London Calendar, dated from our arrival here to honor the founding of our Glorious City."
The crowd murmured to each other, even the guards of the City Watch, wondering aloud where the Mad Captain was going with this. He raised his hands for silence before continuing. "By my calculations, eighty-nine days have passed since my arrival in the Crater with the vanguard group of the Arebates. As such, tomorrow shall mark the ninetieth day, a fitting time for us all to rest and reflect upon our sacrifices and progress... those who can be spared from vital labors, of course."
Cheers went up from the crowd and the engineers were stunned to see Dr. Leclair clapping in support. Drs. Macdonald and Conley stared at each other in disbelief. Well, that was something, at least. Would it be enough? Dr. Schmidt muttered about the need for new calculations of caloric expenditures.
Major Wilkins continued, his voice booming with authority as he raised up his hands to look around at the faces in the crowd, "From this day forth, the last day of each week of the New London Calendar shall be your day of recuperation and recreation!"
A band, having set up hastily nearby with trumpets and drums, struck up a lively military tune, their instruments cutting through the cold air and infusing the crowd with a sense of camaraderie. The music brought smiles to many the faces of those who had gathered, casting aside their worries. The engineers, realizing that they were losing the crowd's attention, made one desperate last plea for more generous working conditions. They shouted over the music, their voices hoarse and strained, but their words were lost in the cacophony.
Major Wilkins cut them off as the music’s volume increased. "My dear citizens," he shouted, “I know these are trying times. Which is why tonight,” the crowd leaned in, eager to hear, “Tonight, the last remaining jugs of moonshine shall be opened at the pub for all to enjoy.”
A cheer erupted from the gathered throng, their previous concerns momentarily forgotten in the promise of a night of revelry. As the jubilant crowd dispersed, Major Wilkins stepped towards the disheartened engineers, a wolfish grin upon his face. He draped his arms around the shoulders of Drs. Macdonald and Conley as he addressed them. "Ah, my esteemed colleagues, what an unfortunate series of events. it seems you have failed to fulfill your promise of loyalty to New London, to its people and more importantly… to me.”
The Mad Captain tightened his grip on their shoulders, a sinister glint in his eyes. "However, I have to admit my generosity sometimes exceeds my good sense. I shall grant you a chance to redeem yourselves. You see, there is a vital task that requires your attention – the improvement of the locomotive efficiency of the Silver Scot. You shall begin at once and work through the night and the holiday."
The engineers gulped as dread overcame them. Major Wilkins walked over to the automaton, peering up at the guards above, their rifles gleaming coldly in the light of the Generator. "Gentlemen, we’ll pass your drinks up shortly. You are to ensure that our respectable peers remain properly motivated during their labors. Understood?"
The engineers exchanged a resigned look, knowing they had no choice but to comply with the Major's orders as the militia stared on. As Dr. Harwood started to follow his colleagues to the city’s automaton, Major Wilkins stopped him with a firm grip on his arm. "Not you, Dr. Harwood. You have crossed no line, and your loyalty remains unblemished. In fact," he said, a warmth creeping into his voice, "I would like you to join me for a drink at the Swan & Plough. I find myself in need of some intelligent conversation."
Dr. Harwood hesitated, his eyes flicking to his departing friends, who looked back at him with fierce eyes accusing him of betrayal, a swirl of emotions washing over his face. Major Wilkins' smile widened, knowing that the young engineer was torn. "Come now, Dr. Harwood. One drink won't hurt, and we may even find ourselves discussing matters of great importance to the future of New London."
With that, Major Wilkins steered the reluctant Dr. Harwood towards the pub. The militia departed, eager to begin their house searches to find every calendar of the old world that now had to be replaced. As the snow continued to fall upon the city, a blanket of white grew thick upon the rooftops, and the citizens of New London reveled in their fleeting moment of respite, unaware of the trials and tribulations that still lay ahead of them.
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2023.03.22 18:24 hallach_halil Halil's top 10 wide receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft:

Halil's top 10 wide receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft:

Week two of our positional draft rankings is here. After breaking down the top running backs and linebackers in this year’s class, it’s time to talk about these wide receiver prospects. Once again, these are simply my personal rankings, without taking team fits and needs into account. So these boards will look a lot different depending on who you ask and especially with this position, I believe there will be a lot of variance for how teams have guys stacked up.
I believe there’s a pretty clear top tier, which includes four names we’ve all commonly seen get mocked in the first round. I don’t believe there’s a Ja’Marr Chase in this class or that this is as strong a group as we had last year, with Drake London and the two Ohio State guys. However, all four of these names should go on day one. After that, there’s a significant gap to the next group, which is where I have a few names mixed in, who I rarely hear being brought up. The rest of the top ten will all be top-100 prospects for me and at the end, I talk about one more guy, who I really struggled to find a place for. The real strength of this class however is the abundance of day-three targets, where altogether I watched more than 30 prospects with a chance of contributing at the next level.
Let’s dive into this:

1. Zay Flowers, Boston College

5’9”, 180 pounds; SR

A three-star recruit in 2019, Flowers carried the ball more than he caught it as a true freshman (22 vs. 27) for just over 500 yards and four touchdowns total. While he did still get involved on some sweep and end-around plays, he did primarily focus on doing damage through the air from year two on, hauling in 178 passes for 2715 yards and 27 TDs over the three ensuing seasons. He earned first-team All-ACC accolades in the latter one and now leaves Boston College as their all-time leader in receiving yards (3056). I believe he deserves a ton of credit for sticking with a BC program that went 3-9 and had highly inconsistent quarterback play during Flowers’ time there.

+ Shows great acceleration off the line and that extra juice to pull away from safeties when matched up with them down the post, And you saw him run away from top-tier athletes like Clemson’s Andrew Booth in 2021, even if the ball wasn’t quite there for him in that matchup
+ Ran a bunch of post routes and deep crossers, where he could run away from whoever ended up being matched up with him – Getting him matched up with a safety as #3 in trips is a recipe for failure, because of the way he can put them on their heels with a vertical stem and then hit another gear as he flattens across the field
+ You clearly see that defensive coordinators circle this guy on the whiteboard, when you watch DBs bracket him vertically with leverage from both sides – There are so many plays where he’s used as a decoy, opening up space underneath – his conditioning/stamina must be off the charts
+ Also has some good moments using head-nods and body leans to set up and turn around defenders as a route-technician
+ Extremely shifty out of his stance to avoid jams in press and reduce the near-shoulder, to not be impeded in his route stem
+ Does a great job of really pushing the corner vertically and then creating separation as he sits down to break back on the ladder (deep curls and comebacks), where he regularly makes guys overrun that point
+ Bends off the either foot without any delay and can eat on those easy-access throws on slants or speed outs after putting his head down for a couple of steps, to get corners in back-up mode
+ Was open constantly, but the quarterback either didn’t have enough time or could place the ball where it needed to be

+ Shows some pretty impressive late adjustments to the ball in the air
+ Makes a lot of challenging catches where he has to dive for low balls on comebacks and deep outs
+ And for a guy of his height, he does a great of positioning his body and attacking the ball in the air, resulting in a contested catch rate of 58.3% last year
+ Put on 11 pounds since the end of season and looks muscular at 183 lbs
+ Once he catches ball deep down the field, he can put on the breaks and make safeties look foolish, who charge in on him
+ Can stick his foot in the ground and juke around defenders out in the flats off quick completions, to turn them into long gains
+ Yet also swipes down the arms of defenders reaching out for himself and has the strength in his lower body to bounce off hits, when he’s catching the ball on the run
+ Doesn’t cheat you with any lack of effort as a blocker, throwing his body into defenders and finding ways to wall them off
+ Only took part in one Shrine Bowl practices, but it just looked different to the rest of the group, gliding by and breaking a strong group of DBs

– Has a tendency of wanting to beat his man quickly on the route and because of that allows defenders to re-enter the picture with the way he makes the break later down the field
– There’s a lack of manipulation prior to and some excessive steps at the break point vs. off-coverage, trying to set up routes versus DBs who are able to stay square to him, as he runs himself into contact
– His limited catch radius does show up at times, when it looks like he’ll sky for high passes, but he is only just able to get his finger-tips on them (only 29 and ¼-inch arms)
– Had nine drops and four fumbles in 2022

This kid has some pretty insane quick-twitch to beat defenders in any direction. I truly believe he can play inside and out, win on all three levels and he has the speed to pull away from anybody before or after the ball gets into his hands. Flowers already flashes some highly impressive moments of leaving defenders behind in the dust as a route-runner. If he can do that more regularly, he’s going to be an extremely tough cover at the next level. Now, with his height and arm length being in the bottom-eighth percentile, there are some limitations in terms of catch radius and ability to shield the ball with his body, but as he continues to work on his craft, defenders aren’t going to be able to put hands on him and he can strike fear in the hearts of opposing coaches, if he actually has somebody that can deliver him the ball accurately.

2. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

6’1”, 195 pounds; JR

A top-five receiver in the 2020 recruiting class, this guy only caught seven passes as a true freshman, before exploding in year two. Really all you need to know about this young man’s talent is that neither first-rounder Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson led the Buckeyes in receiving yards, but Smith-Njigba did, with 1606 and nine TDs on 95 catches. That earned him third-team All-American recognition. Unfortunately he didn’t even finish one full game this past season due to suffering a hamstring injury, which basically cost him the whole season (five catches for 43 yards trying to go in two other games).

+ Consistently threatens vertically off the snap, with no wasted movement out of his stance, pads over his knees and arms pumping hard
+ Very detailed route-runner, who understands the intricacies of the position
+ Can be deceptive with his eyes and body-language to freeze defenders and almost surprise them out of his breaks, throwing in some nasty trigger steps as he approaches the top of the route
+ Has very flexible hips and ankles to just roll off his feet and bend his routes, when not wanting to lose any speed in his breaks
+ Shows the ability to run by his defender on slot fade routes with a subtle hesitation off the line before getting to top gear
+ Incorporates different tempo in routes to trigger defenders his man, but also to work his way through zone coverages – you almost see him circle around hook defenders and catch the ball between guys over the middle on several occasions
+ Understands when he’s on the backside of the passing concept and can add some shake to his route, to make use of that extra time
+ Effectively widens defenders carrying him down the seams, in order to open up the post for himself as bends that way
+ Realizes when he needs to slow himself down as he’s approaching ancillary zone defenders
+ Just went off against Utah in the 2021/22 Rose Bowl, as the Buckeyes came back for a 48-45 win and this kid caught 15 balls for 347 yards and three TDs

+ Tracks the ball very naturally and displays high-level body-control as he adjusts to it down the field
+ Doesn’t seem fazed by having to reach behind himself and snatching the pass as the defender is allowed to re-enter the catch point, displaying strong hands on several occasions
+ Realizes when it’s better for him to body-catch the ball as he enters tight windows or approaches a linebacker
+ So good at using late hands on over-the-shoulder catches to not allow his man to rake the ball out
+ Turns upfield basically simultaneously with when his hands touch the ball and he routinely pulls himself forward after catching passes at/around the chains
+ Has the burst to consistently end up running down the opposite sideline from where he started on in-breaking or crossing routes, Plus he does an excellent job of swiping down the reach and keeping defenders from slowing him down as they seem to have an angle on him in pursuit
+ Can give a little shake to make guys miss who have him squared up or reduce the surface area to hit, plus sometimes it looks like JSN is covered in grease, when would-be-tacklers slip off him
+ Really good at sliding inside of safeties trying to drive on him as the ball goes there underneath
+ Reminded people that he’s still part of this class at the NFL combine, when he put up the best marks in the three-cone (3.93) and short shuttle (6.57) of anybody in Indianapolis, and he had one of best field workouts I’ve ever seen from a wide receiver, just being so clean out of his transitions and catching every ball with ease

– Spent 83% of his snaps with the Buckeyes in the slot, rarely having to deal with press-coverage and as part of a system that presents a lot of favorable opportunities to produce at a high level, with a ton of space to work with
– Lacks top-tier explosiveness and long speed – you don’t quite see him put safeties on their heels as he’s pushing at them
– Had a below-average 35-inch vertical jump and there isn’t a ton of evidence that he’ll be much of an asset winning in jump-ball situations
– More of a passive blocker in the run game and there’s a certain wind-up with his punch
– Missed all but three games with a hamstring injury last season

Even though two Ohio State receivers were drafted within the first 11 picks of the 2022 NFL Draft, Smith-Njigba might be the most talented and could potentially hear his name called as early as either one of them, as the current favorite for WR1 of this class. He has weirdly been getting punished by people for playing in the slot I feel like, without realizing his skill-set simply made most sense for that spot and the Buckeyes didn’t need him to line up outside, with all the other receivers they’ve had there. While I don’t quite see the same potential, the conversation around JSN very much reminds me of Justin Jefferson coming out of LSU. I don’t believe he has the top gear to be a legit deep threat at the next level and I do think he’s best-served to play mostly in the slot, but he may also catch 100 balls in multiple years and move the chains for you every week, if you let him roam between the numbers. There’s not much on tape that you don’t like, even though he may not blow you away.

3. Jordan Addison, USC

5’11”, 175 pounds; JR

A four-star recruit in 2020, Addison immediately became a valuable contributor for Pitt, touching the ball 69 times for 724 yards and four touchdowns. As a sophomore, he caught exactly 100 passes for just under 1600 yards and he led the nation with 17 receiving touchdowns, which he was named the Biletnikoff winner and a first-team All-American for. He decided to transfer and pair up with Lincoln Riley and eventual Heisman winner Caleb Williams at USC in 2022, when he only played in 11 games and was “limited” to first-team All-Pac-12, but still up just over 900 yards and eight TDs on 63 touches.

+ Was a dynamic play-maker for the Panthers, who can make things happen on designed touches and winning down the field as somebody they routinely moved around the formation, At USC it felt much more like somebody truly winning as a route-runner
+ Quickly gets up to full speed and can open up the field on deep post routes across the field, creating space between the safeties and the underneath layer of the coverage
+ Very disciplined with staying straight in his initial stem, before fading around his corner on the sideline
+ When leverage dictates that he has to release opposed to the break (direction), he still has that extra gear to get to the point where he needs to be, as his QB puts it there
+ With the way he threatens off the line, he consistently is able to make corners overrun the break point on hitches and curls for easy-looking completions, and he aggressively works back down the stem
+ Has a knack for manipulating DBs and getting them lean against trigger-steps and head-nods
+ Consistently freezes defenders on breaks to the inside by giving a sudden shake, but can also make that hard one-legged plant to get out to the sideline on a 90-degree cut
+ Does a great job of tilting back into the space of defenders and stepping on their toes, as he makes his cut
+ Effectively rolls off either foot to flatten out his routes and being friendly to the quarterback on the fly

+ Makes challenging catches, where he makes having to fully extend for the ball look easy, by slowing its momentum with his fingertips
+ While he does recognize when he’s approaching/being led into a hit and turns his body away when needed, there’s no reluctancy to attack the pass in the air, You see him go airborne over the middle of the field and snatching the ball above his head on multiple occasions
+ Pretty unfazed by arms of defenders restricting his vision on the ball and understands when to not extend his arms too much for the catch
+ For a smaller build, Addison maintains space in the boundary for the ball to arrive and uses his body to shield the ball, while instantly pulling it into his body, so it can’t be dislodged late
+ Had an incredible play against Virginia, where a DB basically had the interception already, but Addison came back to the ball, took it away from the defender and took it for a 60+ yard TD
+ Uses the momentum of the ball to turn through either shoulder and get vertical
+ Brings some deceptive body-language and great start-stop ability after the catch
+ Has that innate feel for bodies around him once the ball is in his hands and can incorporate different footwork on the fly, to make defenders stop their feet and create angles for himself

– Rather unproven working against press-coverage or being challenged in his stem altogether, with how much he’s put in the slot and off the line generally – those Oregon State corners were able to make him adjust a bit by getting physical with him
– Would benefit from selling the break on stutter-fades and similar route more intensely, to get the DB to react
– There’s room for improvement in Addison’s feel for drifting towards open space or just getting to a secondary route more quickly
– Had 21 drops over his first two years, just taking his eyes off the ball a little too early at times
– Doesn’t mind putting hands on DBs, but isn’t actively seeking out or controlling guys and his team was better served used him as an fake bubble option or having him sell vertical routes

This is not the kind of receiver, who you roll out onto the field and he stands out above the group physically. Running a 4.49 at 173 pounds at the combine was a bit disappointing, but you turn on the film for Addison and he’s just making DBs look slow. Nobody in this class manipulates the guy across from him and is able to create separation as a route-running specialist as effectively as this guy. At Pitt, to me he appeared like more of a big-play threat, but when he got to USC, his ability to win before the ball is in his hands, really was on display. And for a guy of his stature, Addison is tremendous at coming up with the ball on contested catch opportunities. He’s ready to go week one more so than anybody else in this class.

4. Quentin Johnston, TCU

6’3”, 205 pounds; JR

One of the top-100 recruits in 2020, Johnston was a first-team All-Big XII selection in 2021, thanks to 33 catches for 612 yards and six touchdowns. He averaged 19.8 yards per catch in his first two seasons with the Horned Frogs, with basically the same per-touch output as a freshman. This past season that number slightly went down, but he more than doubled is career-receptions (60) for 1069 yards and six TDs. That earned him first-team All-Big Ten accolades for the second year in a row.

+ For being a big-bodied wideout, Johnston rapidly gets up to full speed with the long strides to win down the field, He ran a ton of vertical routes as the Horned Frogs X or Z receiver, either clearing out space on the front-side or being a real threat on backside alerts versus solo coverage
+ Can slow-play his release and then blow by his man, Even against outside shades, you see him stutter or jab inside and then display the explosiveness to beat them to the far shoulder
+ Very sudden in short areas and already pretty good at swatting away the hands of defenders as he works across their face, and consistently gains a couple of steps on his name on drag routes
+ There’s a few deep comebacks on tape, where he makes the corner overrun the break-point by like five yards because of how he scares guys with his ability to run by
+ On curls you see him sort of sell the take-off without actually getting past the outside shoulder and use his arms to slightly push off
+ Can put safeties on their heels when pushing vertically out of the slot and create large passing downs breaking either way

+ His ball-tracking down the field is next level and you don’t see him distracted by DBs trying to pin his near-arm, making a couple impressive one-handed grabs with the other one
+ Shows the ability to sky for the ball and swallow it with his palms over his head, Yet he also brings the focus in tight areas to stomach the ball and make sure it’s not being punched out, In the 2022 Kansas State game, he was really working the middle of the field and looked unbothered by bodies around him
+ Had a couple of “big-boy” plays against Oklahoma in 2021, once skying for a sideline grab with bodies around him and running away from the pursuit for a TD, plus a moss-like catch, where he truly ripped the ball away from the corner on a goal-line fade
+ Has the speed to catch a crossing route and defeat pursuit to the opposite sideline
+ However, if he catches a curl or dig, he packs a rapid spin move the other way to defeat the defender driving down on him, plus then he possesses the frame to have tacklers slip off him
+ And the way he can start-stop in the open field for a guy his size is kind of scary – forced a missed tackle on nearly every third catch last year (19 on 60 receptions)
+ In the run game, he will add in some hesitation off the line to get corners on their heels and then land his hands inside their chest
+ You see Johnston have to crack back or adjust to safeties, as they try to shoot through a lane, and get a solid piece of those, to spring the ball-carrier to the outside
+ Had a monster performance in their win over Kansas in 2022, with 14 catches for 201 yards and a TD, but my favorite highlight on the day of his was him blocking both DBs to his side, in order to set up a long touchdown on a screen to one of his fellow receivers
+ Only did the jumps at the combine, but showcased his explosiveness with a 40.5-inch vert and a 10’5” broad

– Didn’t run many intricate routes, mostly going across or down the field at full speed
– Has room to improve how he tilts in his routes down the field opens up space for himself, to just bend of one foot on seven- and eight-routes (particularly out of the slot)
– Barely cracked 100 receiving yards through the first month of the ’22 season, before having his breakout game against Kansas, and was completely taken out of the National Championship game, catching just one pass for three yards in the 65-7 blowout loss to Georgia (although he might’ve had a touchdown on a shallow post route out of the slot, if the ball was thrown his way)
– Allows the ball to get into his chest and leaves his feet unnecessarily on way too many occasions as he approaches the catch
– Doesn’t utilize his size in contested situations nearly enough, hauling in only eight of 23 of such opportunities last season

In contrast to what I said about USC’s Jordan Addison, Johnston is exactly the type of receiver that makes DBs’ knees shake as he jogs out of the huddle. His explosiveness and deep speed, combined the way he can stop his momentum and run away from guys as he sticks his foot in the ground, is pretty insane. The skill-set is absolutely there to be an alpha X-receiver at the next level. Unfortunately, he’s still far from realizing that potential. The way he can set up defenders as a route-runner, how he approaches the ball on a consistent basis and the fact he just doesn’t use his physicality when he’s battling for the ball with smaller defenders, are all underwhelming. I’m not sure if he’s the most natural catcher of the ball and therefore I can’t put him at the top of the list, even though I believe he has the highest ceiling of the class.

5. Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee

6’0”, 180 pounds; JR

A top-200 overall recruit in the 2020 class despite being listed at a miniscule 153 pounds, Hyatt put up very similar stat lines in his first two years with the Vols, combining for just over 500 yards and four touchdowns on 41 catches, before breaking out in 2022, when UT was lost now-Bears receiver Velus Jones Jr. to the draft and their top guy coming into the season in Cedrick Tillman was missing time. Altogether he caught 67 passes for 1267 yards and 15 touchdowns, making him a unanimous All-American and winning him the Biletnikoff award, given to the best receiver in the country.

+ This guy has legit track speed – his 100- and 200-meter rally were faster than 98% of D1 wide receivers, That combination of blazing speed and ability to track the ball down the field makes his dangerous deep threat
+ He does a great job of creating space towards the post, as he threatens the outside with the vertical stem and then takes his speed up a notch as he sticks his foot in the ground to bend towards the middle, often combined with giving a nod towards the sideline
+ When matched up with guys one-on-one in the slot who give him a respectable cushion, he still has that extra gear to gain a couple of steps on them, And you regularly see him split the corner and safety, who end up trying to bracket him in quarters coverages
+ There were plenty of vertical option routes, where Hyatt displayed the ability to make the right decisions on the fly
+ His speed was also used regularly to create space for fellow receivers on wheel routes (off motion), although Hendon Hooker hit him for several big plays when defenses didn’t pass him off accordingly as well
+ With the way he can threaten vertically, he can create plenty of space as he snaps off routes and create easy access towards the middle of the field, where he can just run away from guys
+ Has the ankle flexibility to roll through cuts and turn his body fluidly

+ Put on about ten pounds in the 2022 offseason, to be able to beat press-coverage and break tackles more effectively, which we did see come to effect in his breakout campaign
+ Shows no fear to attack the ball at its earliest point and extending away from his threat, even though he knows a hit is imminent, as he goes over the middle
+ Unlike many deep threats, Hyatt tracks the ball and extends his arms accordingly, to not miss an opportunity to cash in (only five drops across 72 catchable targets last season)
+ Consistently was able to deal with screen passes and hitches being thrown over his head and having to adjust his approach
+ Catching the ball on the run, Hyatt can blaze by anybody and defeat pursuit angles along the way
+ Uses swipe-downs with his arms effectively to knock away the reach of would-be tacklers
+ Despite still certainly lacking some size, Hyatt does not shy away from mixing it up with bigger corners and safeties
+ His big moment of 2022 was scoring five(!) touchdowns against Alabama on six catches (for 207 yards) in Tennessee’s huge upset win, running by several future pros

– Not the most refined route-runner, who wins largely on a vertical plane – seams/slot fades/posts and wheels – the NFL may look at him as a pure vertical slot
– There’s a little too much sauce when Hyatt’s running pretty simple in- or out-breakers underneath, and he doesn’t stop as well as he starts
– A lot of his production did come from coverage busts and his 17 screen passes caught
– Has only faced 62 total snaps against press coverage in his career, and on those of those he was put in stacks, where they would cross-release anyway
– Hasn’t show much of an ability to win at the catch point through contact, He only had three contested catches in 2022 – although that is largely about him running away from people

Hyatt’s role at Tennessee was almost comical. It was all vertical routes out of the slot, hitches and screens. Unfortunately we don’t have any agility numbers on him (yet), because the ability to stop and turn are what I question in terms of how his future team can expand his route tree when he gets there. You love the speed and ball-tracking, but at this point he’s a pretty one-dimensional receiver. What he provides right now can certainly be valuable for his future offense, using that speed horizontally and vertically, but how high his draft stock may rise will be dependent on what coaches can envision him to become. To me that’s not quite worthy of a first-round pick.

6. A.T. Perry, Wake Forest

6’4”, 200 pounds; RS JR

This former three-star recruit caught just 19 passes for less than 300 yards (and two TDs) through his first two years, before exploding onto the scene in 2021 with 71 grabs for just under 1300 yards and 15(!) touchdowns, earning himself first-team All-ACC. He repeated those honors this past season, with slightly worse numbers in one fewer game, whilst not having starting quarterback Sam Hartmann available to throw him the ball for stretches.

+ Very quick feet for a guy his size and he’s so good at manipulating corners off the snap
+ Can gain inside leverage against corners shaded that way by quickly hopping towards the sideline and then jumping underneath, or nodding inside and creating more room for himself down the sideline
+ While elusive and flexible for a big receiver, he can also become the enforcer on his releases and attack the DB’s chest, in order to give himself a clean runway
+ Continues to work the hands trying to stack guys vertically and will extend the inside arm as DBs try to pin it
+ Perry may need some room to build up, but once he’s rolling, he can run by corners on post routes, when getting matched up with them down the field, And he does a great job of opening up that area of the field for himself with the way he stems vertically
+ Will change up speeds on the fly and be deceptive with his body-language
+ There’s not many 6’4” guys who teams ask to run blaze-out as drive-starters – Perry is one of them
+ Does well to pro-actively lean into contact, to create separation with subtle chicken-wing moves at the break point – really eats over the middle of the field on dig routes that way
+ Is able stop his momentum by sitting in the chair better than almost any receivers his height – Runs beautiful curl and comeback route, where he really sells that take-off down the sideline and then sticks his foot in the ground as the corner flips his hips, before actively working back down the ladder
+ Such a fluid mover and was asked to run some pretty intricate double-moves, where he could naturally sink his hips and come back out
+ Against zone coverage, he slightly drifts to eliminate ancillary defenders frequently

+ Tracks the ball exceptionally well arriving across the inside and towards the outside shoulder on those touch passes from QB Sam Hartmann
+ Presents a massive catch-radius with the wingspan that would amount to the average 6’10” person and plays above the rim as well as anybody in this class (hauled in 11 of 25 contested catch opportunities)
+ Fluidly pirouettes around for back-shoulder catches, snatching and pulling it into his body, combined with a subtle swipe-bay of the defender
+ Understands where hits are coming from and how to turn away from them, to protect the ball, really pinning it against his chest at times when needed
+ Instantly gets upfield for positive yardage after the catch and seems to have those eyes in the back of his helmet, with the way he gets around that safety driving down on him as he hauls in the pass, The same is true on dig routes, when he reverses back out to the sideline as the corner tries to chase him down
+ Perry has a real knack for drawing flags, not only by forcing DBs to grab cloth against him running routes, but also the way he makes them engage in contact at the catch point – he got four huge ones in the Clemson game, which allowed them to take that contest to overtime, where he scored the touchdown that initially put them ahead
+ Watching him against Army last season, they basically bracketed him on every single snap when he was the single receiver from the second quarter on
+ Chooses good angles and breaks down in space to shield defenders in the run game
+ Consistently is able to gain the inside position and force corners to workm around him, if they want to make an impact in that regard
+ Surprised a lot of people in a positive sense, with a 4.47 in the 40 and an 11’1” broad jump (96th percentile among WRs)

– Presents more of a gangly frame and I’m not sure how much muscle he can still pack on
– Lacks that extra gear once the ball is in his hands to run away from the defense
– And that also shows up when he can’t hit that last notch, to get under those high-arching passes that appear to be a step too far out in front
– Wake Forest’s odd offensive system certainly played its part in this, but Perry doesn’t bring the same type of urgency on every single route and blocking assignment
– Slightly leaves his feet on some passes he really doesn’t need to and can drop the ball because of it (eight drops on 89 catchable targets last season)

Perry is a pretty unique guy in this wide receiver class. He doesn’t the top-end speed to just run by people or dances around defenders after the catch necessarily, but he has enough of both to be effective and he’s an extremely savvy player. His suddenness to win off the line at that height, how he creates separation later in the route and the way he can win on high-point passes are all tremendous. I don’t think he’s dynamic enough to be a legit number one, but if he’s your secondary receiver option, who can play either outside spot and win through contact to start or finish, I think he can be a very productive player. For a really small group of receivers this year, he brings some qualities you don’t really find otherwise.

7. Josh Downs, North Carolina

5’9”, 175 pounds; JR

One of the top-100 overall recruits in 2020, after catching just seven passes (and turning three of those into touchdowns) as a true freshman, Downs was a first-team All-ACC selection in 2021, hauling in 101 passes for 1335 yards and eight TDs. He missed a couple of games last year (11 played), but still caught 94 balls for 1029 yards and 11 TDs, making him a second-team All-American.

+ When he’s asked to threaten vertically, Downs has that burst off the line to open the eyes of defensive coordinators
+ If they put a safety on him in man or in match quarters, he can burn them quickly, Plus when he forces those guys to give him extra cashion, in-breakers become more dangerous
+ However, this guy is really good at changing up speeds or step-sequencing and allowing concepts to develop properly, attacking areas of the field as they’re being cleared out and maximizing the space as he makes that secondary break, such as drag-and-up routes and deep ovebender variations, where he just shows a certain feel for how to navigate around bodies
+ You give Downs those free releases as the inside guy in bunch sets and his ability to break either way, becomes very dangerous, particularly if the middle is cleared out and he has room to run, with the safeties having to make a tough tackle
+ When facing defenders in soft press, he can give those guys a bunch of different looks off the line, to keep them off balance
+ His agility in tight quarters and the way he varies his foot speed along with leaning one way, to create angles for himself against defenders, is tremendous
+ Understands how to manipulate DBs with deceptive body-language at the top of routes and his Tarheel QB Drake Maye was consistently able to hit him on curls, square-ins and outs right out of the break, where defenders hadn’t been able to redirect forward yet
+ Regularly asked to sit down in the hash area and make those five-yard catches to stay ahead of the chains, plus if safeties shoot down too recklessly, he can make them miss and quickly pick up yardage
+ What I really like in that regard is the way he sells that little extra burst just before stopping as somebody sinks with him and forces that guy to give away vision on the QB, before attacking back towards the ball and snatching it
+ Showcases an advanced understanding for route adjustments against zone coverage, slowing down how he comes out of breaks and sliding towards the open space

+ He’s had to deal with some odd angles of the ball arriving on those bubble screens out of bunch sets and having to adjust to off ball-placement on those
+ His drop total went from ten in 2021 to just three last year on basically the same amount of catchable targets
+ Attacks the ball in the air better than many guys, who have four or five inches on him – hauled in 13 of 18 passes in contested situations last season (only 3-of-14 in 2021)
+ Generally, Downs’ has that bursty running style with the ball in his hands, being able to kick into another gear and beat pursuit defenders across the field, but also to cross them up in the open field, Plus he has slipperiness to him, to pull through wraps
+ Displays excellent awareness for where he is on the field and the bodies around him and adjusts his upfield-turn dependent on where defenders are coming from and turns the near-shoulder away from contact effectively
+ Used as a gadget element by this offense, running fly sweeps, backside bubble options, etc., On those he also does a great job hesitating, nodding one way to set up his blockers and slice through lanes opened up for him – averaged 7.5 yards after the catch in 2021

- His short arms (30 and 3/8) do come into play when you think he’d pluck a ball on the run, but he has to slow down or has to go off one hand
– Almost exclusively operated out of the slot for UNC and if guys are able to actually land jams playing on the line, his size may become a real issue
– Also, his exaggerated start-stop route-running may not really fly in the NFL
– Tends to get too enamored with want to juke defenders, when there’s no space and he should just try to drive through contact for another yard or two potentially (averaged just four YAC last season)
– Simply lacks the size to really set the tone as a blocker, mostly just throwing a shoulder into defenders who need to go through him and not actively approaching them

Receivers like Downs are very fun to watch. Unfortunately a lot of guys in that role regularly struggle to find a place on an NFL field. What makes him a little different to many of those super-quick slot receivers is how advanced his understanding for how to find space against zone coverage already is and how big he plays at the catch point. I think he’s a slot only and for teams that ask those guys to come tight into the formation or peel back on bigger bodies on plays out to the perimeter, he won’t be a fit. Yet, with the way he can consistently get open against man or zone, along with the make-you-miss ability after the catch, he may become his future quarterback’s new favorite target. He just needs to become more efficient once the ball is in his hands.

8. Marvin Mims, Oklahoma

5’11”, 180 pounds; JR

The rest of the analysis can be found here!

9. Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State

6’2”, 205 pounds; RS SR

10. Nathaniel “Tank” Dell, Houston

5’8″, 165 pounds; RS SR

What to do with him?

Kayshon Boutte, LSU

5’11”, 195 pounds; JR

The next names up:

Michael Wilson (Stanford), Cedric Tillmann (Tennessee), Rashee Rice (SMU), Jayden Reed (Michigan State), Parker Washington (Penn State), Tyler Scott (Cincinnati), Demario Douglas (Liberty), Ronnie Bell (Michigan), Jalen Moreno-Cropper (Fresno State), Puka Nacua (BYU), Jonathan Mingo (Ole Miss) & Dontayvion Wicks (Virginia)

If you enjoyed this breakdown, please consider checking out the original piece and feel free to check out all my other video content here!
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2023.03.22 17:03 kerryfinchelhillary Player of the Day (3/22/23): Trevor Williams

Born: April 25, 1992
Jersey Number: 57, then 34 (Pirates), 32 (Cubs), 29 (Mets), 32 (Nationals)
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: Pitcher (done both starting and relief)
Drafted: 2013 by the Marlins, Round 2, Pick 44
MLB Debut: June 14, 2016
Teams: Marlins (2013-2015), Pirates (2015-2020), Cubs (2021), Mets (2022), Nationals (2023-present)
Twitte Instagram: @MeLlamoTrevor
2022 STATS:
Games: 30
Innings Pitched: 89.2
Wins: 3
Losses: 5
ERA: 3.21
Strikeouts: 84
Games: 159
Innings Pitched: 715.1
Wins: 38
Losses: 44
ERA: 4.27
Strikeouts: 590
Complete Games: 1
Shutouts: 1
He co-founded Project 34, which gets equipment for people with spinal chord injuries.
He wore #34 in honor of a teammate who was paralyzed in a collegiate game.
He has four kids.
He is a big Star Wars fan.
He played baseball for Arizona State.
He likes reading science fiction.
He once went undercover at Pirates FanFest.
He got eight strikeouts in four innings of relief
Another strong relief appearance
A strong start
He sealed an 8-0 win
He once threw six hitless innings
His first K
He's a good pitcher and it's cool that he's had success as both a starter and a reliever.
11/14: Mike Trout 11/15: Jose Ramirez 11/16: Julio Rodriguez 11/17: Michael Harris II 11/18: Sandy Alcantara 11/19: Framber Valdez 11/20: Justin Verlander 11/21: Shane Bieber 11/22: Clayton Kershaw 11/23: Paul Goldschmidt 11/24-11/25: Break 11/26: Aaron Judge 11/27: Spencer Strider 11/28: Oscar Gonzalez 11/29: Lars Nootbaar 11/30: Brendan Rodgers 12/1: Daulton Varsho 12/2: Brandon Belt 12/3: Trent Grisham 12/4: Corey Seager 12/5: Myles Straw 12/6: Sean Murphy 12/7: Christian Yelich 12/8: Nico Hoerner 12/9: Joey Votto 12/10: Bryan Reynolds 12/11: Dylan Cease 12/12: Andres Gimenez 12/13: Luis Arraez 12/14: Bobby Witt Jr 12/15: Miguel Cabrera 12/16: Francisco Lindor 12/17: JT Realmuto 12/18: Victor Robles 12/19: Steven Kwan 12/20: Shane McClanahan 12/21: Alek Manoah 12/22: Adley Rutschman 12/23: Kiké Hernandez 12/24-12/26: Break 12/27: Mookie Betts 12/28: Jake Cronenworth 12/29: Brandon Crawford 12/30: Zac Gallen 12/31-1/1: Break 1/2: Cal Quantrill 1/3: Ryan McMahon 1/4: Cal Raleigh 1/5: Patrick Sandoval 1/6: Nathaniel Lowe 1/7: Cole Irvin 1/8: Corbin Burnes 1/9: Liam Hendriks 1/10: Josh Naylor 1/11: Ian Happ 1/12: Nick Lodolo 1/13: Oneil Cruz 1/14: Byron Buxton 1/15: Riley Greene 1/16: Triston McKenzie 1/17: Brady Singer 1/18: Carlos Carrasco 1/19: Aaron Nola 1/20: Jazz Chisholm 1/21: Keibert Ruiz 1/22: Anthony Rizzo 1/23: Amed Rosario 1/24: Tyler Glasnow 1/25: Matt Chapman 1/26: Cedric Mullins 1/27: Rafael Devers 1/28: Matt Olson 1/29: Rich Hill 1/30: Josh Bell 1/31: Jesse Chavez 2/1: Ty France 2/2: Alejandro Kirk 2/3: Jeff McNeil 2/4: Marcus Semien 2/5: Luke Jackson 2/6: Mike Zunino 2/7: Christian Walker 2/8: Walker Buehler 2/9: Jose Trevino 2/10: Nolan Arenado 2/11: Mitch Haniger 2/12: Yu Darvish 2/13: Logan Webb 2/14: Daniel Bard 2/15: Trey Mancini 2/16: Taylor Ward 2/17: Seth Brown 2/18: Willy Adames 2/19: Seiya Suzuki 2/20: Hunter Greene 2/21: Michael Kopech 2/22: Andrew McCutchen 2/23: Jhoan Duran 2/24: Eric Haase 2/25: Salvador Perez 2/26: Vladimir Guerrero Jr 2/27: Yandy Diaz 2/28: Ramon Urias 3/1: Trevor Story 3/2: Zack Wheeler 3/3: Jon Berti 3/4: Lane Thomas 3/5: Willson Contreras 3/6: Jose Abreu 3/7: Spencer Torkelson 3/8: Xander Bogaerts 3/9: Pablo Lopez 3/10: Cody Bellinger 3/11: Jacob deGrom 3/12: Adam Frazier 3/13: Max Muncy 3/14: Andrew Benintendi 3/15: Tyler Anderson 3/16: Christian Vazquez 3/17: Max Scherzer 3/18: Jesus Aguilar 3/19: Rhys Hoskins 3/20: Chris Bassitt 3/21: Zach Eflin
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