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2023.03.25 04:50 Adam_Zapple California gender marker change

Hey guys. So I live in Missouri, but was birthed forth in the great state of California. I changed my name four years ago and would now like to change my gender marker on my birth certificate so I can get new MO documents and such. I’m a little confused as to what i need to do, if I need a court order, etc. Can anybody who had their CA birth certificate changed while living in another state chime in and help? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 04:49 wompywompwom favorite white chocolate brands?

I used to use the Walmart allergy free one, but I haven’t been able to find it in stores for a couple months now. So, does anyone have any recommendations for brands that make good vegan white chocolate?
I live in the U.S (California) btw & I’m fine with ordering things online!
Much thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 04:47 RKConsultants On March 25, 2023 ASLM Investments Inc. and affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection in the District of Central California (Case No. 23-11778). The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

On March 25, 2023 ASLM Investments Inc. and affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection in the District of Central California (Case No. 23-11778). The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors. submitted by RKConsultants to Ch11Bankruptcy [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 04:47 Senior-House-9084 Lost in Translation Part 1

David, Alice, and Frank watched the white, featureless and glowing - oval ship silently approach and then hover a few feet above the desert. As a door appeared in the side and dropped down to create a ramp – Frank said: “The algorithm worked! We just made contact with aliens!” A moment later he muttered to himself: “I wish we had thought about what to do if we did contact aliens.”
The aliens exited the ship with circular disks floating over their heads. After making some indecipherable gestures, they set up an odd looking device that then hung in the air. They then said something that sounded like breaking glass. When they finished the device said: “Trickery can't smell video games.”
David replied: “Uh . . . Hello?” The device then made more sounds like breaking glass and the aliens turned and – looked at each other? Did they even have eyes? Then another one spoke and the device said: “ A baked potato stands on somebody else’s Legs!”
In an attempt to defuse the situation Alice stepped forwards to shake the closer alien’s arm? Tentacle? Not a body part at all? Just as she took hold of it - something made a squishy crunching noise from under her foot. The alien let out a loud “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” noise and Alice jumped – producing another squishy/crunchy noise from the appendage she was holding. The device then said: “” Alice backpedaled while two other aliens started waving devices that were shaped like the letter ‘N’ in what was presumably a threatening manner. One of them announced: “ A sickeningly prodigious profile is often pregnant!” while two others helped their injured comrade back to the ship.
After they were aboard, the door closed the alien ship shot upwards – creating a sonic boom that knocked them to the ground and blew out the windows in the truck and the RV.
The dazed trio lay on the ground for more than a few moments and Frank was the first to speak: “What . . . just . . . happened?”
She was reading her grandchildren a bedtime story when the phone rang. She apologized to the kids and promised them two stories tomorrow, then went to her office to answer it.
She answered the phone: “General Abrams.” “Ma’am – Major Johnson, duty officer. We have an incursion. Mojave Desert, California, 15 miles north of . . . a town named Ludlow. I have placed the QRF on alert.”
“Get the QRF in the air – we can always recall them if it turns out they aren’t needed. Contact the nearby airbases and find out if any of them can get aircraft overhead to feed us video of what’s on the ground. Recall the staff – I’m on my way in.”
Alice sat up and then decided that she was going to wait a few more minutes before trying to stand up. Looking around she couldn’t see David or Frank in the dark and called out: “Are you guys OK?” Frank replied: “I don’t think I’m badly hurt, but when I tried to stand up, I just fell down again.” David answered with: “My head’s still spinning a bit but not as bad as a minute ago.” Then he asked: “What happened to the lights?”
In a blinding flash of hindsight Alice realized that the reason it was dark was because the lights were out. “Must still be a little loopy after whatever that was hit us.” she thought.
By unspoken consensus they decided to just lie there until they felt they felt good enough to stand up.
General Abrams walked up to the doors to the Operations Building. As she approached the steps, a calm and quiet voice announced: “Halt.” She stopped – being careful to ensure that her hands remained visible. “Who is there?”
“General Abrams”
“Advance and be recognized.”
She took three more steps and:
“Halt” then: “Fencepost” General Abrams congratulated herself for looking up the password before she got out of her car and replied: “Handbook”
“I recognize you General – you may pass.”
The General thought: “The duty officer posted extra security – that’s not a good sign.” She then entered the building without ever getting a glimpse of the sentry. Something she approved of.
Alice finally felt good enough to stand up and pulled out her phone for more light, looked down at it and . . . nothing. She then looked around and discovered that she could see – not well. but see well enough. David said: “it’s dark and I can still see – did the aliens do something to us?” Alice knew the biology here – but this was the first time she had ever actually used it. She said: “It’s natural, in the dark our eyes produce ‘Rhodopsin’ a chemical commonly referred to as ‘visual purple’ that triggers phototransduction in the rod cells and . . .” Frank interrupted her: “OK - in the dark our eyes make a chemical that lets us see better in the dark.” Alice argued: “Well it’s not that simple.” Rolling his eyes Frank sand: “It’s close enough. Lets start figuring out what works and what doesn’t.” David gave a sigh of relief at avoiding a 15 minute lecture on the biological and chemical processes behind our ability to see in the dark.
General Abrams walked into the operations center and looked at her Chief of Staff: “What’s the bad news?” At the same time wondering how he always not only managed to get here before she did – but had enough time to get a good picture of the situation also.
Captain Halsey (US Navy) called forward Captain Ryker from US Space Force. “Ma’am – when we looked at the records over the past several weeks, we discovered that every Friday and Saturday night a beacon sending data using some kind of advanced algorithm had been active at that location. And it was active tonight.”
“Did our deep space surveillance detect the ship?” “We didn’t detect it coming in but when it left it made no attempt to hide. Once this crisis ends, we’ll spend some time looking into how it evaded the deep space surveillance network.”
“Good job – carry on,”
She then turned and looked at the Operations Officer – who had just arrived and was getting briefed. She got his attention and when he turned his attention to her, she said one word: “Ready?”
“I have the most important stuff. QRF went wheels up 5 minutes ago. Flight time to target location is 40 minutes. Augmentation force has just called in and stated that they can be wheels-up on three minutes notice. Aliens were not detected when inbound but were detected outbound.”
The general: “OK the situation is worse than we expected. Launch the augmentation force with orders to take control of the target location and to secure it. QRF is to parachute in and capture anybody they find, then set up security until the augmentation force arrives. Once the augmentation force arrives, they are to return with any people they located and anything unusual that they find. Talk to Captain Ryker – he'll give you the bad news.”
She then turned and called out: “Air Ops – when are we going to have eyes on the target?” A Captain in an Air Force uniform put his hand over the receiver of the phone he was using and replied: “I’ve got two Marine F-35s and a C-130 tanker practicing air refueling ops 150 miles to the south. The F-35s are enroute and I’m working on grabbing the tanker in case the V-22s need fuel.” Estimated time over the target for the F-35s is just over 15 minutes.”
Satisfied that that her staff had things well in hand and that it would be a few more minutes before she needed to do anything, she decided to get a cup of coffee and stay out of their hair until then. She walked into the break room. She poured a cup, took a sip and . . . An angry voice bellowed from the break room: “Who let Navy make the coffee?”
“Well, the good news is that the problem appears to be that every battery we have is drained completely. We do have a small solar panel that we can use to charge the battery on the truck enough to get it started. Then we can jump start the RV and get out of here.” “Oh – and now for the really good news.” He pulled out a chemlight, said “Let there be light!” and snapped the vial inside it. A moment later he said: “I thought it would be brighter.”
Alice listened to Frank’s report as she put down the meager amount of sticks and brush she had managed to locate. She then said: “Well it appears that gathering firewood in a desert in the dark is just about as difficult as we expected.”
David came and placed his pile of sticks and dried brush and sat down and started spinning a stick between the palms of his hands. Frank came over and asked: “What are you doing?”
“Spinning a stick. The friction will heat up the tip and we can use that to get a fire started.”
“Why don’t you use the matches in the RV?”
“We have matches?”
“We have eyes on the target location. Sending the imagery to the center display.”
The thermal imagery showed three people sitting around a campfire, a pickup truck and an RV. When the pilot switched the display from ‘white hot’ to ‘black hot’ the previously invisible tables and what appeared to be radio components showed up against the warmer sand underneath them.
“Is the QRF seeing this?” asked the general. The Air Ops officer replied: “They’re piggybacking off of our feed.” And in anticipation of her next question: “QRF is 22 minutes out and will deploy via parachute upon arrival.”
The fire had burned down and the only light was coming from the chemlite. The trio had finished a snack of toasted marshmallows and were now drinking some hot chocolate Alice had made. “Good thing propane stoves don’t need electricity.” Alice said to ease the feeling of gloom that was setting in. David says: “All in all – it looks like we’re lucky that nobody but us knows about this.”
The video from the second F-35 came on – showing the Special Forces team land, discard their parachutes, don gas masks, and then - using nothing but hand signals - form up into an inverted V formation and move out towards the target.
******** Frank: “Well, I think that we might as well go get some sleep. We are going to have to make sure we get the glass out of the bedding though.”
In response to Frank’s comment David added: “Yea – looks like the worst is ov . . .” Then: “What’s that?” as objects landed in the sand on either side of them.
David suddenly couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, and his eyes and ears hurt.
Both video feeds showed the same thing. The Special Forces team stunned the three people with flash bangs – then one ran towards each of the three people, yanked them out of their chairs and threw them face down into the sand. They then bound their arms with zip-tie handcuffs and put bags over their heads. The other three provided cover for the first. Once the three were immobilized two commandos kept watch on the trio while other four cleared the RV and the truck.
Then the team sent their first and only radio message: “Bastion – this is Predator Three. Objective secured, three persons detained, continuing mission – out.”

“OK – the good news is that we have determined that you have not been exposed to some alien supergerm that can wipe out all life on this planet. The bad news is that I Hate You. Friday night I was with my boyfriend, and he was about to propose – when I got the recall message.”
The annoyed nurse continued: “The exit doors are unlocking. Take a shower and put on the coveralls. You are no longer my problem!”
David: “What she means is that we are now somebody else’s problem. Somebody who can send a military team to kidnap us.”
Alice: “And has a Level Four Biosafety laboratory to use as a quarantine area.”
The Nurse: “Actually this is a Level Five facility.”
Alice: “What’s the difference between a level Four and a level Five?”
The Nurse: “A Level Five is one that would automatically flood the entire facility with Chlorine Trifluoride if any of you got sick from an alien pathogen.”
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2023.03.25 04:43 Fit_Campaign_7636 VidCon Baltimore

Have the brothers Green mentioned anything about being at the new VidCon in Baltimore this fall? DC based here and it would be a dream to finally meet them at VidCon! I'm also going to be in southern California 3 weeks before the Anaheim VidCon and am sooo tempted to just extend my stay a few weeks haha
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2023.03.25 04:42 jdslayme Premiere of "Prom Pact" held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre on 24 March 2023 in Los Angeles California

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2023.03.25 04:38 Mylan2011 Vacate order during divorce

In California
The judge ordered my ex husband to vacate the family residence but he refused. The house was confirmed as my separate property. Mortgage is in my name only. What are things I can do to make him move out? He wants to force it into foreclosure since he knows financially I cannot handle mortgage and paying rent on a separate apartment, where I now live with the kids. Also, I can’t sell it bc he won’t allow showing. Thanks for any input
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2023.03.25 04:36 stickylozenge HOA management won’t release CC&Rs to condo owner

I own and reside in a condo in California. I have damage from the recent storms in the Bay Area and am attempting to repair the water damage in my residence. The damage might also affect common areas. I no longer have access to the CC&Rs from when the condo was purchased and I need the CC&Rs to know what is defined as a common area for my condo. I contacted the HOA management company and they don’t know what is a I am responsible for because they are new to our building. My insurance asked my to provide the CC&Rs to figure this out. The HOA management company stated that they cannot release the CC&Rs to the me, the condo owner, because they might give me the wrong ones and I could use them to sell my property and that would cause problems. They stated that they only release CC&Rs to law firms and to insurance companies. However they offered to sell me a copy of the CC&Rs.
They contradict themselves every other sentence and I’m not sure that I can believe anything that they say.
Researching this online and some sources claim that CC&Rs are public record. If this is the case why would the HOA management company just say this and direct me to access the public records.
I’m stuck unable to start repairs to my unit because contractors say that they need to know what I’m responsible for and what the HOA is responsible for before starting a quote. We have more rain coming in a week and this will cause more damage to the condo without repairs.
Am I entitled to view the CC&Rs for the condo I own? Is the HOA management company required to provide them to me?
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2023.03.25 04:33 rockbeatslizard 19(MTF) Looking for someone/something to kinda talk about or kill time with. I could technically VC as well...

Hello there, I'm attempting to look for someone to kind of talk to or attempt to get along with while I stay hidden in my room. I live in California, but I sleep semi-early, so if I don't respond, I apologize. Uh right, things about me, I'm a transgender female who has no real direction in life, and I'm not looking for anything too overtly positive, it feels like obscuring the harsh truth. So far, I suppose I enjoy dnd to an extent, writing, video games, and just hearing random things that are intriguing. I have a strange fear of public places, especially uttering words there... If you'd like to talk, well um, feel free to leave a message? Funny jokes/puns would be great, my humor is shattered and tattered...
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2023.03.25 04:33 blubori [chat] i think me and my bf are the first successful relationship from here lol

we just met in person after dating for a year :) he’s from england im from california, he’s the love of my life and i can’t wait to marry him, my two weeks in england have honestly been the best memories i’ve made so far. life seems like it’s going so well, and i’m just so happy. that’s not to say you should date ppl on here tho or interact sexually it is not poggers. just make friends, and who knows you might meet your person that way. anyways anyways if you wanna hear me babble about my trip or just talk that’d be pretty poggers as well (i’m so sorry). just thought this was cool info to share
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2023.03.25 04:33 n00dle_l0ver New job at the airport

tl;drI met a cute girl I'll never see again.

While waiting for a boss of somesorts whom I had to meet at Terminal#3 to sign some papers and then go home, I saw a girl sitting on the floor waiting for the free shuttle to arrive. I didn't just want to stay with the what if? so I eventually approached her and we started chatting.
She's from California -to which I replied- where the grass grows greener. And smiling she said "you know the saying!" (Could anybody confirm what is the actual FULL saying? -- I was just referencing a song a really like)
Not sure if it is her favorite, but she showed me a band called Khruangbin. (Listening to said band at the time of writing this text)
I eventually had to leave because aforementioned boss had arrived.We told eachother ours names, and (hesitantly?) offered me a hand shake.What I remember the most is how she thanked me for talking to her.
I just looked up the band she told me about. When I pressed random-play on spotify "So We Won't Forget" started playing. Just before that, when I was laying in bed I saw a funny instagram reel of a relationship between a porsche and a ferrari who randomly meet. (It might have been a lamborghini. I don't think it's relevant)
I don't mean to sound creepy. I'm just having this memory on repeat inside my head.
Personal reasoning:
The reason I didn't ask for her socials or maybe her phonenumber is becauseReality is often dissapointing.
*I met her at the airport while she was leaving from her Vacations in Cancún.*What I think would probably have happened is that we would follow each other on Instagram, and then maybe have a few chats about What's it like over there? and a few Hope to see you around! conversations which would eventually fade to obscurity.
I think this memory has more value onto itself than anything that could have possibly come out of it. And that haunting What if? that I've been left with is still more exciting for my wandering brain that the previous reality-check I shared.
I wish this Pointless story had ended in just enjoying the love movie playing inside of my thoughs and not just falling face first into the more pessimistic side of things.
edit2: I just wanted to say. I am not feeling pain. I just wrote down my entire train of thought In a way I would find it interesting to read.

edit: I've put the TL;DR at the top.
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2023.03.25 04:32 sadhurtday4thebois hey! found this by a creek in california, any clues as to what it is? thanks

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2023.03.25 04:30 sadhurtday4thebois hey! found this by a creek in california, any clues as to what it is? thanks

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2023.03.25 04:25 Denzel_Smokee are california cultivation licenses transferable ?

I got a guy trying to sell me some land in California for cultivation and he says his license will transfer to me with the property , is this true ?
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2023.03.25 04:25 blubori i miss my boyfriend

we met in person after a year of dating. we met on this app actually, which is cringe i will admit, but i think i met my soulmate. i love him. i flew from california to england, and i had the best time of my life honestly. i met his parents, his dad tried to teach me how to play pool, we spent three days building a lego set, he took me to see london, i met his coworkers that we play xbox with (and their dogs hehe) and i got to wake up to his pretty face every day. i was so nervous to meet his parents knowing that one day i’d like to marry their son and i’m so happy to hear that they like me. id do anything if it meant i get to spend the rest of my life with him. walking into the airport was probably one of the worst pains i ever felt, i hugged him and i cried and i cried and cried all the way up until the flight came honestly, and even then i still cried pretty much the whole way home. they had to search a bucket because i had a tablet in it and the build-a-bear he bought for me and helped me make was in the bin and i was freaking out, the lady asked me if i was okay and i said i just wanted my bear back lol she probably thought i was like a lost child lol. i just miss him and i really hope that one day i get to be his wife and living over there.
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2023.03.25 04:23 bhagen26 College student moving into town from California

I am a single (29/M) moving into El Paso from California (as title suggests), and here are some facts as to what I will do: I will be enrolling into EPCC with Teachers Certification, and later transfer to University of Texas El Paso Campus I will be coming in between late September and early October
Here are some questions: How far in advance should I look for housing and jobs to do, and should I start now (in late March) or wait a bit (until when)? Since I am expatriated currently, should I wait to get my DL until I come in, or get it now while overseas? Which sites or resources should I use when looking for housing, and what to look out for, so I do not get scammed? I will most likely seek room-mates to help out with the rent prices, which type of listing should I look for? What district is ideal for college students, and for someone who is coming into town for the first time?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 04:13 MugShots Second suspect in deadly Las Vegas shooting arrested in Southern California

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2023.03.25 04:12 bambin0 Layoffs in California Stall Employment Growth: San Francisco and Silicon Valley Hardest Hit

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2023.03.25 04:12 See-Photos Premiere Of "Prom Pact" At The Wilshire Ebell Theatre In Los Angeles, California

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2023.03.25 04:11 Glittering_Craft6111 Dating after long relationships and being old

With ex for 6 years, 22-28 and were going on7. The hardest part to swallow from it all was we bought a house and the fact it was very blindsiding and had not seen it at all until the end was evident via boss man sent his dick when had her phone in my hand. Ouch. Online dating. Scammed by everyone everywhere. Fake profiles. No hits. No nothing just the website and or person wanting money spent for this and that. Real life age 30 being with someone until 28. My good friends have all moved out of state, started families or unfortunately have passed away or just vanished because it's what happens when your old. have my 3 best friends I've known since 8 years old. That's a long time...but 2 are single and don't have shit really going for them bc they make it that way (sigh) 1 is with his wife who he met in 6th grade, same with her and myself, and he's now living in California while she had lots of friends through school and even college, she's got the friends that are like mean girls kinda people and have their own clique and if she wasn't around none of them were. Minus her 2 best friends of which have done my time with and are both now married with kids (imagine that) which leaves me pretty empty handed. Ihave friends still outside them but its a blue moon to hear let alone make plans with others who have kids and 9-5 jobs an executive chef) but what really happened is from 22-28 here am buying a house. Getting rid of my sports car for and SUV and taking a job that pays well enough for said stuff...i. was building for my future while my California friend was married already, I truly in my own head thought by the age I'm at today l'd have 1 kid working on 2 and in my Own house with the woman adored more than anything ľ've ever loved in my entire life, I'm sure I missed out and also neglected past relationships of a younger age but went out all the time still and saw everyone usualy did see but n I'm not in the element was before and left my little tow. Nobodv leaves there it's a hiahschool reunion everytime l'm visiting there no matter where you go you find someone else you grew up with but now in various forms Imao.
So closing in and focusing on my life then not only made things and life complicated today but it's dawned on me that I've not even found a female to ask on a date let alone talk to for more than 3 days. Nor do know where to look or how to approach it bc it's been so long from the last time have thrown myself out there and furthermore i never once had an issue with this in my life so it's like oh shit what is happening what's wrong with me kinda deal. It's scary as shit. Collectively it's going on 10 years now that in that time my ex is the only one l've been intimate with, went after, won over or simply just even stopped in my tracks going holy shit whơ's that and I need to know. I've lost all hope in humans as they are just monster like people it seems moreso than ever and the fact of the whole online everything but also onlyfans is destroying dating culture at an extreme measure. Shit to do anything now it's like wait you have an onlyfans and i need to sub to it for a chance to even ask you out wtf is that. Real life problems. I'm also coming off and very very impressed in my self about this one; the worst depression I've even been in a form of experience with, PTSD and a nice anxiety diagnosis after a stint in the hospital bc checked in personally with what head and brain i had left at the moment. I didn't have the best come ups as a child and definitely went all south fast when literally lost everything had known for tbe last 6 years and nobody tk help or turn too. That's a fragile line to walk when your bej g trigger by unknown and forgot feeling and memories that are just regressed so deep that it's not even a idea of anything in your head even though it is. My point in being is this, this whole internet everything, stay indoors don't leave at all , closing everything early as shit (especially when your off at 10 and work at 12...) And then looming ww3 and the excitement it brings..., dating is and it's a real concern. People aren't having kids. Everything is different and changed from the times of the 90s which seems to be the last generation of anything sentimental that's not technology.
skipped and then the single people that go through the one break up that just leaves you with the "yep never again that's tbe last time" feeling in your stomach. It's not good for us or the future. The good ones are alone. The bad ones schenming on onlyfans. And girls well, they are making money via internet connections everywhere now and you'd be surprised to see who you know that's actually does have OF or other sites.
Dating is broken. The pool has shit in it beyond cleaning. Lack of remorse and values is dealing us a hand we can't win against. Yet here we are worried about the moves everyone else makes and living virtual reality like lives in the real world. It's heartbreaking and sad. It might be a blessing in disguise. Loneliness is growing heavy but normal. Isolation is now common and wished for. It's a hopeless romantic kinda world we live in these days.
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2023.03.25 04:11 beautifulconcern72 18f from CA looking to [chat] with girls my age! (16-19 pls)

(GIRLS ONLY PLS). A little about me:
- 18f from California (originally from North Carolina)
- White (a tiny bit of Chinese & Filipino blood)
- I like playing the piano, working out, watching movies, and learning!
- Very much right-wing/conservative/republican (but not overtly political)
- I'm sorta tall? (5'8'') with slightly curly blonde hair and I have two tattoos (you can ask to see them but no face pics); sort of athletic/well built but not super buff
- Favorite subjects are math & history
- I plan to study architecture in college!
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2023.03.25 04:11 beautifulconcern72 18f from california :) anyone up to talk?

(GIRLS ONLY PLS). random stuff about me:
- 18f from California (originally from North Carolina)
- White (a tiny bit of Chinese & Filipino blood)
- I like playing the piano, working out, watching movies, and learning!
- Very much right-wing/conservative/republican (but not overtly political)
- I'm sorta tall? (5'8'') with slightly curly blonde hair and I have two tattoos (you can ask to see them but no face pics); sort of athletic/well built but not super buff
- Favorite subjects are math & history
- I plan to study architecture in college!
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