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2023.06.09 01:10 ARDYouGladImAnSLP Negative behaviors in my 5 year old— help please

My 5 year old daughter has been out of control, and I’m at a loss of what to do for her.
She has a lot of attention seeking behaviors such as acting like a baby, getting so over the top rough with her 1 year old sister that she hurts her, sometimes intentionally pesters her sister because she likes to hear her 1 year old sister cry, and intentionally lies (like saying someone called her dumb when they didn’t because she later told me she lied about it and said she lied for attention).
I already feel that she/we need therapy but the wait lists are insane so that’s a waiting game. I’ve tried giving her 1:1 time, mommy/father daughter dates, and so many disciple methods from gentle parenting to corporal punishment and time-outs. I hate that corporal punishment seems to be the only thing working right now because otherwise she pushes the limits further or mocks me.
My daughter is so incredibly smart, beautiful, helpful, and kind but at the same time she makes stupid choices, causes me so much frustration, and is so mean to her little sister that it breaks my heart.
Someone please give me some ideas so I can make it through this summer at home with both my girls. 😭
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2023.06.09 01:09 72madhatter New Student

Hi everyone!
I am an international student from the United States and will be studying abroad at KU Leuven (Faculty of Science) in the spring semester of 2024 as a junior (third year). I had a couple questions and would love some advice!
First, how do exams work at KU Leuven? The final exam period is much longer than my university's period; do classes here only have one exam total - the final?
Second, I know this is probably different for every class, but what does homework/assignments usually look like?
Third, any recommendations on where to live, residence hall or otherwise? It's a little tough to navigate and would love some advice.
Fourth, any general advice you have about Belgian culture! I will be doing a ton of reading up on it before studying in the country but hearing it first hand would be great.
Thank you so much for any assistance, I really appreciate it :)
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2023.06.09 01:09 _silentlaughter Action Shot!

Action Shot!
His head is so still but his body is moving so fast lol.
I posted a little while ago about this lil man that I recently adopted. Thanks to your recommendations he now has a much bigger cage with lots of toys and a sand bath. He is so happy! It’s amazing how much such a small animal can come to mean to you in just two short weeks!
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2023.06.09 01:09 boatz4helen BRICS country South Africa is failing as a state right now.
We can, and should, expect the same outcome in the other member states.
Russia is deflecting it's internal problems by going out to conquer. It's an age old strategy.
China has been drumming up nationalism for years now. The CCP really want their citizens to focus on Taiwan instead of the crumbling economy and the genocides.
India is ruled by a fascist dictator. Very little mainstream news is coming from India.
Brazil has changed leadership, and the Amazonas are not getting raped at quite the rate we were used to during Bolsanaro. But you would be hard pressed to to consider Brazil a thriving nation.
South Africa is already KO:d.
Here's the takeaway: contrary to the late techno-utopian Hans Rosmark (fellow Swede, yay), BRICS are not converging on becoming like the West. In fact, the complete opposite is happening. The West is becoming more like the BRICS states every day.
So why is this? Two words: Energy crunch. It just hits differently. And why do we have an energy crunch? Because of degrowth due to climate change, shrinking habitats, peak oil, peak other resources and resource wars. Turns out we can't bootstrap a "zero emissions" economy on what we have.
Keep your eyes on the BRICS. This is the future for us in the privileged West.
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2023.06.09 01:08 darkrolatina2023 Hello 👋 so I have a question? Where do you guys store all your spicy content?? & Is drop box a good one? Does it hold a significant amount of content? Any Suggestions or advice with this would definitely help (:

so I have been creating multiple Emails for spicy content. An they are all now full....I've been filling up space on my phone because my emails are full. I have moved a majority of my pictures to my computer. But I do most of my posting right off my phone. I'm worried that if I clear all my emails of pictures & phone that I will only be able to post from the computer which is a little harder being I work all the time. So it's just easier to do on my phone. But I am running out of space very quickly lol.
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2023.06.09 01:08 Necessary_Call_3293 close friend (m19) and i (f19) ended up cuddling and he has a gf

some backstory to this: i (F 19) met my close friend (M 19) this year and we instantly clicked. we’ve been friends for about 8 months now, and whenever we are together we’re both very goofy and have a good time. he doesnt know but i had a little crush on him, but a few months into being friends i found out he had a gf so i didnt do anything to show or tell him i had a crush on him, and eventually my feelings for him went away. now we’re just really good friends.
now that school is over his gf went back home and theyve been long distance for a few weeks. we’ve been hanging out a lot recently and just last night we were hanging out and he asked if i wanted to watch a movie. so we went in his bed because he doesnt have a couch, he went under the covers and i stayed on top. but then he was like “you can come under too” so i did and we ended up cuddling. and after a while he reached for my hand and we ended up holding hands. when that happened he did say something like hey i just like physical touch just so you know. i thought that was kinda weird but i let it slide because i let my feelings for him come back to the surface, and i felt really guilty after. I really dont think he has feelings for me though, he seems to be really happy and obsessed with his girlfriend so this recent cuddly behavior took me by surprise.
i dont know what to do and i dont want to mess up our friendship or his relationship. How can I talk to him about this in a healthy way?
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2023.06.09 01:08 -PlotzSiva- My doctor discontinued all medications.

So for a little context I work with a neurologist with JWM as it’s one of the few neurology and epilepsy clinics in my state. I was on lamotrigine and about go on keppra as my seizures weren’t fully controlled, out of the blue my neurologist discontinued all of my medication and didn’t give me a reason they won’t give me a call back, I only have 3 weeks of medication and before i started it I had 10+ seizures a week, I tried getting another neurologist but I’m on a 11month waitlist and there’s no other option I’m fucking terrified and I don’t know what to do any suggestions at all would be helpful. Please help…
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2023.06.09 01:08 SweatySleeping Question about yielding on a heavy warehouse street.

I was driving down a business dead end street today. One where there’s a bunch of semi trucks going to a dozen different warehouses. And I had a stop allllll the way at the end.
Well. Halfway down there’s a semi literally parked across the street perpendicular to the flow of traffic. It looks like he’s having a little bit of trouble maneuvering to his dock… taking his time and he stops completely for the 5-10 seconds I’m driving up to him. There’s just enough space for me to squeeze by on the left and I shoot on through. This asshat jumps the truck at me right when I pass him. I give home a friendly honk and I make my delivery
Now on my way back out this guy runs out into the middle of the street… flags me down and says. Something like you know that was a real dick move what you did back there I just wanted to let you know you should wait for me to clear the street before you pass.
I kindly responded with a single question “how much money do you make”. … “more than you” is the response
And yah know what I said next? I said exactly! I got places to be and stops to make. You wait for me dick.” And then I drove off as he asked me to get out and fight lol
Like does anyone here really think we should be yielding to semi truck drivers making twice as much money as us? Like if dudes gonna sit in the middle of the street not moving I’m going to drive around you. Why do I feel in the wrong now?
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2023.06.09 01:08 Nat_Log3982 [BOTW] A Happy Little Accident = Zelda Macarons

[BOTW] A Happy Little Accident = Zelda Macarons
I was trying my hand at vegan macarons and they turned out a bit rougher than I wanted, so I just started decorating and I ended up with these... Not two hours after sharing them on Snapchat, I had multiple friends telling me they looked Zelda- inspired.
I can see the Zonai swirl now, lol
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2023.06.09 01:07 neugamer Beeman 1357 after tune

Picked this little bullpup up about a week ago, from factory it was shooting 10.5 grains at 1070fps and had a steep cliff and only about 25-30 shots from 3000psi to 1300psi ending around 640fps. For the last 5 days ive put about 800 or so pellets through it tuning it and the results are pretty good. Changed out the hammer spring a few different times and did a little work to the hammer itself. Did the bstaley oring mod and now getting 110 shots from 3000psi to 2000psi avg 766fps with a standard deviation of 11fps and extreme spread of 47 not the most power but I'll take that from a none regulated airgun with a 135cc air tube.
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2023.06.09 01:07 CommunicationGreen58 How do cold ones turn other species into cold ones?

I've been having this question for a while, since I've seen cold ones destroy villages, look back a little later and there's more of them. Inheriting the traits from the normal inhabitants. Does anyone know?
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2023.06.09 01:07 SirSquidsonthe1st Server problems but no offline

So ik its been said alot around the internet but why did they not add offline if they knew server issues like this would happen. Yes I understand it could make it harder to pirate but if you have server issues to this level lag and such why not just add offline. It would save time and if you have to work on servers we could still enjoy the game we paid 60 or 100 plus dollars to play. Just a little disappointing and I hope it gets implemented soon.
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2023.06.09 01:07 SmooYou2 Lifting weights… and hunger.

So I just started my 4th week on the .25 (Wegovy) with little side effects - usually nausea the day after the shot. ANYWAY- I decided to start working out which has increased the hunger. I’ve also not lost anything this week- probably due to the new workout regime. A part of me wants to stop working out because I always seem to run into this with dieting and working out. Like I can’t seem to do both. I also can fully see this is a classic thought distortion. Maybe I’m just wanting to post this because I want someone to be my champion. 🤣
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2023.06.09 01:07 lmRobin Creating OCs can be Fun and Help Past Time!

Creating OCs can be Fun and Help Past Time!
Was a very slow day at work... and decided... why not? I'll start drafting out an OC Replika!
Unit role and name was based on my own username (which originated from Xbox's randomly generated usernames 12 years ago!)
Turns out nearly 3 HOURS had passed as I configured abbreviations/ acronyms, translations, purpose/role, and persona!
Hopefully some day I can get a Replika ID for this unit!
(Please excuse the absolutely terrible handwriting, let me know if you want to read a certain part and elaboration!)
Basic concepts:
A night specialist security unit that guards the facility/area surroundings. Keeps in the Gestalts who don't want to work for the glorious Nation. (basically a secondary security technician force but outside the facility) Keeps out Gestalt protestors wanting to ruin the facility or break out their fellow Gestalts. Keeps out Gestalt extremists or Empire espioniage personnel wanting to steal property or collect intelligence from the Nation.
Based on how European robins sometimes hunt for food at night and that certain ones have very aggressive territorial behavior.
And yes, it wall have long majestic legs. They will be tall enough to yeet the smol Kolibris, but not as tall as the STCStorch units! Or perhaps the Replika will be a smaller unit to help remaim covert and stealthy?
...and now I'm realizing... the ABBREVIATIONS/ACRONYMS are based on the German translated name! Not English!!!
Still... I had fun creating a draft and now I will be passing more time by creating the abbreviations/acronyms based on the German version of robin: "rotkehlchen." And now, Rotfront- And now, rotkehlchen.
Thanks for reading on my little dumb ideas for a OC Replika during my work shift! Perhaps you'll see fleshed-out information and art in the future?
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2023.06.09 01:07 chromeOSisAwful Issues displaying iTunes upon launch, only displays 1 pixel

Brand new to anything Linux, currently only have access to a chromebook and chomeOS seeming has little compatibility with anything. Decided to try Linux and use Wine to run iTunes as I need to backup data from my phone immediately. Get all the way through running the iTunes installer, but after iTunes launches, it displays as 1 black pixel. Not sure how to fix it, I've tried different methods of installing iTunes thru wine, and yes I have mono and gecko installed as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 01:07 jocie809 HELP - Trying to learn how to garden, but very little time

HELP - Trying to learn how to garden, but very little time
Hi all - new to this sub. I am trying to learn how to fix some things in my garden but have young kids and very little time to research, so I'm hoping the experts on here can save me some time haha. This photo shows an area where the weed barrier that the past owners put in is exposed and torn. I know we need to put more mulch down, but do we need to layer more barrier down on top of what is already there? Do we tear the old stuff up? Or can we just add new mulch and carry on? This is an area I would like to have covered with some kind of mossy ground-cover, because it's a pretty large space, but I'm not really sure where to start. And and all advice greatly appreciated!! (BONUS POINTS FOR TIPS ON A ROCKIN' MOSSY GROUND-COVER SPECIES!)
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2023.06.09 01:07 MokaByNone Set 9 Utility Units

Set 9 Utility Units
A lot of options for sunder, shred and anti-heal this set can save you from having to build certain items. In addition all of a sudden 'knock-ups', 'wounds' and even 'chill' have synergies to think about. To help organize them and keep them in mind I hope this little graphic I made can help!
Original posting on our site:
Some other challenger players and I are going to be working on creating more helpful resources and guides over on the site so check it out when you get the chance. If you're interested in helping make guides or other content join our server or just DM me on discord: MokaByNone#7598
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2023.06.09 01:07 shrimp_vein_salad Please discourage me.

It's hard to know where to start this. I know I have a problem, but I feel entrenched in an environment where it seems like people depend on me to have this specific problem.
"High functioning" feels like a stupid way to describe myself. As a 35m the longest I've gone dry was three months. Lately I'm proud of five days, but I always run back.
I rent cheap rooms to people, we have six asses on one toilet near Pittsburgh, US. It's stressful, people come and go. I like to describe it as "our own little boat in an ocean of bullshit" or say things like "this is a stepping stone for everyone, nobody will grow old and die here."
But when I have my little sober vacations, take time to myself and disappear behind my own door, people feel ill at ease. We have a solid crew here, I'm something of a hands-off dictator with democratic policies.
My kids are 10f and 14m, and I charge 300 USD (all utilities included) per person. All leases are month to month, in ten years I've only had to evict two people, and those were.. extraordinary circumstances. But, legally done.
When I'm sober, I say very little to anyone. They know this, they accept it. But I'm the person people confide in. They know I dislike conflict, but when they get frustrated with each other I always knock a few back and "get ready for whatever comes"
The proceeds from rent go to bills and my child support. I make more than anyone here, at my own job, but not by a great deal. I accept their habits and won't prohibit anything, but I reserve the right to sit back periodically and do my introverted recovery thing.
If I don't drink, I dont intercede as necessary. If I do, I'm just as likely to become the type of problem I want to fix for others.
Feeling stuck. Any suggestions are welcome. For reference, I'm happily divorced and my kids live in a much more expensive area. My job doesn't travel. I want to do better, but I feel like I'm stuck between two worlds and I don't want to stay stuck drinking the difference.
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2023.06.09 01:07 awfulreviews20 Transformers: The Last Knight

throwback thursday to my drunk rambling review of Transformers: The Last Knight
What the fuck did I just watch? I mean convoluted mess is just the start of the many ways to describe this piece of shit. Lets see how else would I describe this fuckfest, its mind boggly awful, its a fucking shitshow, a trainwreck of abortions, a weird combo of garbage,shit and vomit that is then dumped all over you. I’m pretty sure 2 girls 1 cup was easier and more enjoyable to watch this diarrhea on film. I really went full retard for sitting through this eyeball raping movie and the worst part was the fact that I knew it was gonna be a truly awful experience. Yet somehow this was even worse then I fucking thought it could be. I do want to know whos fucking idea is to keep making this fucking things. Sure it started off great with the original movie but that was 12 years ago (jesus fucking christ that feels like an eternity ago) but ever since then the films have been god awful (and that is putting it very lightly). I thought Revenge of the Fallen was a 37 car pile up with multiple fatalities and couldn’t get much worse but boy oh boy was I wrong. Whatever the third one was called was somehow even worse, I have blocked everything that has happened in that from my memory but I know it sucked a lot of dicks. Then there was the dinosaur movie again another fucking awful movie but at least the dinosaurs were cool I guess. If I do recall the final battle in that one was solid enough. I mean everything about this flaming dumpster of dog crap that is the movie is fucking terrible but imma try and get in depth of some stuff
The story: Yeah this is a fucking shit show of a story. In fact I question if there is even a actual story going on. I knew this was gonna be a shitshow when one of the opening lines to the film is “Where the hell is your Magicician Merlin” I knew I had made a massive error in judgement. So Merlin gets a weapon from a Transformer and blah blah blah, basically the weapon is key to bringing Cybertron back to life or some shit. There was also 12 autobots that were at the round table of King Arthur and they vow to protect earth or I think. This also involves a secret society that keeps the weapon hidden, Whalberg somehow becoming a knight (something to do with a talisman that can also transform and run around), oh and the best part is that the earth is somehow a transformer. Yeah they call Earth a unicorn or unicon (its something close to one of those words), but yeah its not exactly clear what the fuck is going there (they just kind of threw it in there so fuck if I should care about it) but im pretty sure earth is a autobot. Oh yeah also with the talisman the Decepticons and us government decide to team up and find it. Then the government basically lets Megatron pick his team and they release a whole lot of really bad Decepticons to help in the search. Why does the US governemnt always do dumb shit like this in movies. Like for real you are gonna release a murderers and let them loose, what kind of ass backwards retarded thinking is that. Why would you trust them to not fuck you over and not try to kill everyone, its like they have never watched a movie before.
The writing: Hey guess what this movie is poorly written. Now take a break after that shocking bombshell I just dropped on you about it being poorly written. I mean their comedy attempts are just awful. Case in point the drunken Merlin who was all sorts of not funny. Marky Mark’s lame attempts at humor was a very hard swing and a miss. Then there was the annoying dude from the first one, he was the head of Sector 7 and is now exiled in Cuba. Just cause you talk fast and have wise cracks doesnt make you funny. So mix the awful corny jokes and combine them with a awful plot and you have the beginnings to very awful shit sandwhich.
Everything: I mean everything here is just the watery shits. Michael Bay is a terrible director. This is not breaking news since he has done all of these movies and somehow continues to make them worse. The action scenes are as lifeless as a corpse. The characters are annoying as all fucking hell. They are also dumb as fuck. Case in point kids break into the quarantined Chicago to see if the autobots are real. Now these kids were old enough that the transformers have been around their whole fucking life. So there should be A) plenty of fucking video evidence since you know everything is recorded nowadays and B) these retarded little turds should still have the memories of you know their whole fucking city being leveled. All the robots outside of Prime and Bumblebee are annoying as hell as well. So basically everyone deserves to die in this movie series.
The good
Uuuhhhhhhhhhhh I guess Optimus Prime had 15 seconds of badassness when he killed 7 Decepticons with one sword swipe. Outside of that 15 seconds then the remaining 2 hours and 10 minutes is just a assault on your eyes and ears.
All in all do not watch this shitass movie and don’t watch anything outside of the first one. I am not even doing it justice on how awful it is to watch. Michael Bay should be banned form making movies. Now with that being said I am still excited to see Bumblebee because that doesnt look like a complete waste of time unlike this fiery trainwreck of abortions. 1/10
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2023.06.09 01:07 SilverbackMD [positive] u/pikachamp

Bought a nice little package of cards, would recommend. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 01:07 jeweliaghoulia How do I (f26) let me toxic ex best friend go (f23)?

Ending a friendship then wanting to reconcile?
About two years ago this girl and I became fast best friends. At the time I was 24 (f) and she was 21 (f) We both worked at the same diner except she was new to the restaurant and new to town. We really hit it off as friends although I was hesitant to become her friend at first because I’m an extremely guarded person. We hung out at her apartment and I met her husband and her roommate who happened to be her husband’s best friend. From the very beginning of our friendship, I noticed that she made little comments regarding my appearance insinuating that I was her husband’s type and I sensed a little bit of jealousy. Regardless we are both quirky people and complemented one another well. Her husband was also a chill guy but I did notice some narcissistic tendencies and tension brewing within their relationship. Within a month of hanging out we were calling one another each other’s best friend. We went shopping, vegged out on food/drinks, had tons in common, and genuinely had fun every time we hung out. We really opened up to one another and I hadn’t had a female best friendship like this since childhood. But something was always a little bit off.
We had so much in common regarding values and interests (drawing, art, interior design, singing, same aesthetic) that a subtle competition between her and I brewed. She felt she had to compete with me as her husband continuously asked to have me come over and compared us constantly. She has a very petite physique and I’m taller and curvier. Her husband is an extremely tall guy and made her feel terrible for being short. I could tell she resented me for this but I didn’t know how to approach the problem. Terrible on my part but I enjoyed the attention
Although our friendship continued there was always tension due to the fact her and her husband’s marriage wasn’t doing well and I seemed to be a factor. At work, she was always trying to one up me but it didn’t matter to me because our connection was more important. She was constantly seeking attention from men at work, men whom I already had friendships with and she was always trying to undermine those relationships. She was very subtly manipulative but had a sweet innocent demeanor so her behavior was confusing. She seemed jealous when other men wanted a relationship with me, even though those same men adored her as well.
Fast forward two months and a new guy started working at the diner as a line cook. We were servers. For context her and I had spoken in depth about what our type was. She described her type as her husband to a T; tall, blue eyes, light hair. My type was tall dark and handsome minus the tall as height has never mattered much to me. Said new guy was exactly my type. Both her and I instantly had a thing thing for him but I figured she would back off since he wasn’t her type and she was also married. They seemed to hit it off even tho him and I initially felt a connection as well, and I became insanely jealous. They started hanging out after work and she even introduced her husband to him. Her husband shook his hand then went back to bed, while they made out on the couch at her apartment. The two of them eventually slept together and I didn’t find out until their affair was cut off. She said they couldn’t be intimate with one another anymore but that she still wanted him as her best friend. He blocked her and started pursuing me. He made it known that initially he was into me but she went out of her way to make herself the center of attention and seduce him even insinuating that she would leave her husband for him.
Flash forward a few weeks, the night of our restaurant’s little employee christmas party at an old bowling alley/bar. Her and her husband had supposedly worked out the affair she had with the new guy but we were all going to be in the same place at the same time. Her and I met at the bar and started drinking, the new guy was following me around trying to talk all while her and her husband were right next to me. She obviously still was in lust with this man and I was getting increasingly mad about it. Her lies weren’t catching up to her but I could tell she was miserable on the inside and i was a part of the equation. Emotions were high, both her and I were nervous as we both were in lust with the same man. Her husband didn’t say a word to him the entire night despite knowing what happened. Even though the new guy blocked her she was convinced he still wanted her. Eventually we went to a friends for an after party type thing and her husband made a comment saying I looked way better in her dress she let me borrow than she could ever look in it and put his hand on my inner thigh while she was sitting right next to us.
After this I began spending more time with the new guy and my friend and her husband continued to struggle in their marriage. I began dating the new guy and she tried her best to pretend she didn’t care. She began hanging out with another girl at work. Said girl worked at our diner and so did her boyfriend. All four of them attempted to Go on double dates but she didn’t seem enthused. We were still friends although we were starting to grow apart. I made it known that her husband was making me uncomfortable and our other coworkers also told her he was an asshole. But this whole time she was playing the victim despite cheating on her asshole of a husband. I was over it but still wanted her friendship as she made me feel seen and understood and her husband did as well.
One night in February, she invited me out to a bar. She didn’t tell me that her husband would be there but he was. We got drunk and had a great time but she insinuated that she wanted me to invite my boyfriend. The constant triangulation was pissing me off like no other. we headed back to their place but as we left the bar we both slipped on the ice and got immense bruises from it as we would find out later. it felt like karma for all the bs we were putting one another through rather than prioritizing a true friendship. When we got to their apartment, her husband made a jab at my appearance and I had the urge to cut off the friendship because I wasn’t going to start taking his emotional and verbal abuse as well.
After that I distanced myself from them even more. They came into the restaurant on Valentine’s Day and he stared at me from their booth the entire time while I served tables. She kept making comments towards my appearance and relationship while we worked shifts together so I made sure we had completely different schedules.
I cut her off completely and we didn’t talk anymore. The next month i got pregnant and she got pregnant as well and we never talked about it. We had our babies in the same month last year so both of our babies are seven months old now. I’ve tried to reconcile by messaging her and she completely ignores me. I know I’m with the man she had an affair with, so I understand but I don’t get why she won’t engage with me whatsoever. Our friendship wasn’t perfect but now being seven months post partum it would be amazing to be friends again since our sons are the exact same age. She is now best friends with our mutual coworker and I feel so rejected and lonely and really want more mom friends.
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2023.06.09 01:07 frogteethz White borders around top icons

White borders around top icons
Hi everyone. I'm new here and was hoping to get some assistance. I have a Samsung GalaxyBook Pro and for some reason, whenever I open up Chrome, it has a white border around the tops icons which irks me a little bit. On my PC and work computer, it's not like this at all and was hoping someone would be able to help me out. Thank you so much!!
TLDR; Need white borders from Chrome removed
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